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(56.27 KB 633x758 17f.jpg)
/bantz/ Anonymous Refugee 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:39:56 No. 1500
Diss the country above you
>>1500 The German language sound silly
>>1501 Britbongers elected fucking Boris Johnson
>>1502 donal tromp
>>1504 Dead independence movement.
>>1505 >uh okay so... california, california uh LA! hollywood... umm... so celebrities... Yogi Bear! yeah ur flag is stoopid. couldn't even pick a cool animal pffft. BOOOM YOU JUST GOT <AVACADO TOAST'D😎
>>1507 poo in loo
>>1509 Just split already.
>>1510 Snowgook
>>1511 bruh your country lost a war against emus
>>1513 bruh your country lost a war to a country which ideology was inspired by one of your own citizens, also in a previous war your country sponsored that same country who would invade you because they thought that giving commies money makes they leave you alone, Germany just did a long term suicide
>>1518 I bet all that chocolate has sorely given you improper eating habits. i'm sorry for going dark but you swung low and i just had do it *boom* YOU JUST GOT TAKEN TO THE LOO, NOW SIT DOWN AND HUMBLE YOURSELF
(33.44 KB 319x440 1517855295752.jpg)
>>1519 India has an actually existing example of a rape culture. Rape is the fourth most common crime there (according to reported statistics, many rapes actually go unreported) and even cows are treated better than members of the fairer sex.
>>1521 Sweden yes!
>>1521 Woops, forgot to turn off VPN.
Finland is a really gorgeous country which I would love to visit, the language is hard to learn but is quite intriguing and the history of the country is fun to learn about
>>1525 Don’t really have much to diss about it, so yeah
>>1526 who do your woman all cover their faces? almost like their ugly
>>1527 you‘re literally known for nothing besides chocolate, genocide in congo and ripping our flag
(159.57 KB 748x486 GermansLandingInHelsinki1918.jfif)
>>1528 You are one of the reasons why our 1918 revolution failed.
>>1531 Forgot to turn off VPN again.
>>1532 One of the citizens of your country keeps forgetting to turn his VPN off, Also Scandinavia looks like a penis and Finland is the ball sack, your country looks like a ball sack
(42.00 KB 500x469 scanidinavia.jpg)
>>1533 proof
(136.07 KB 695x1041 Leopold_ii_garter_knight.jpg)
>>1533 >T. a country where the king used to literally own the whole territory of Congo as his private property. Private property, where I might add about half the population by worst estimates perished through direct and indirect means during his control of it while he raked in dough like crazy from all the slave labour that he was conducting.
>>1535 says the viking, shouldn't you love that shit?
(7.61 KB 166x114 nordic sea masturbating.png)
>>1534 The sea also looks like a man with a big pp >>1536 Your country was created to fill up the map
>>1536 We were never vikangz though, you're thinking of the Scandinavians. We were the ones who actually had to fend off their attacks on our coastline instead of going out and raiding others and plenty of archeological evidence supports that.
>>1538 oh, well dont i look stupid now, well.......... your girlfriend is ugly >>1537 your not even a real country
>>1539 >your not even a real country same could be said about you
>>1540 same could be said about you
(19.97 KB 474x394 trust no one.jpg)
>>1539 >>1540 >>1541 >>1542 >Belgian in-fighting
(163.48 KB 500x783 no u.png)
>>1545 (me) Oh fuck, I don't think this one works Well, guess you've beaten me
>>1545 okay i give up, you can have my hands and chocolate now
>>1547 >>1546 never mind i win
(88.95 KB 1280x720 obummer.jpg)
(2.54 MB 2152x3032 p027.JPG)
>>1553 those are totally natural eyebrows passed down from our taino ancestors )))))))))))))) also pic is my reply to u.
(235.92 KB 640x480 D4dAyH2WwAA4Sv8.png large.png)
(9.02 KB 235x199 Conflicted.jfif)
>>1539 Jokes on you I've never had a gf.
>>1555 your feet is hairy :--DD
>>1558 me nether :(
>>1558 >>1562 just be each others gfs
>>1564 im not gay
>>1565 How does it feel being invaded twice by the same country
>>1521 That's true. It disgusts me when people deny it since I have been personally affected by it. I avoid all indian news because most of the time it is about horrific sexual assault on men, women,children, animals and it makes my heart sink. I fear every time people I love go outside of the house. It is the thing I hate most about my country and the world and I fear most that we will never make india a safe place for women.
>>1569 >animals even the cows?
>>1569 but on a serious note thats pretty fucked, hope no one you know ever gets raped
>>1571 thanks, i wish that for you and everyone else in the world. all we can do is be strong and stop if we see such injustices occurring and also be aware and inform others of the behaviors and beliefs that propagates and helps to create such awful actions.
>>1569 hang in there indian bro :(
>>1569 I hope things will get better >>1576 You stole our flag
>>1576 >>1577 we all have no other choice but to hang on to hope that things will get better and try to make it good as much as we can. stay safe and bye.
>>1581 the sheer audacity of being a brit and saying this
>>1584 indonesia more like indio NECIO xDDDD
>>1585 Decide already you fucks
>>1586 How does one manage to make an ugly flag out of a nearly-decent one?
>>1587 your flag isn't even symmetrical you not much better
>>1593 Belgium is just a partially French speaking Netherlands
>>1599 t. country flatter than my waifu
>>1600 Orban a shita Well, at least he believes in something, even if that thing is for all intents and purposes fascism, unlike the Australian PM who is by all definitions a corporate stooge whose entire existence is to perpetuate the religious doctrine of the "free" market to be blessed by its masters.
>>1599 your country for us is just a place we get our whores and weed from, your country is one big whore house, also you all sound funny, if you want to ever become a comedian just come to us and talk seriously, there is nothing funnier then a dutch guy threatening you >>1601 the citizens of your country are just the grandsons of criminals
>>1602 Belgium is not a real country and should be split up into Flanders and Wallonia. Also Belgian comics suck ass.
>>1830 Y'all cucked the fuck out to the Yankee cunts, get yo shit together!
>>1834 it's america
>>1838 Pakistan it's emmm... Pakistan(?) You where colonized by the britbongs, checkmate.
>>1859 you build our beetle and you have spicy food
>>1870 You will never get past ww2
(10.40 MB FUCK_YOU_TEXAS.webm)
>>1877 Take responsibility for starting WW1 you assholes
>>1878 As usual, the United States don't know geography, and thus, believe that hungary started the first world war when it didn't even exist in that time period as a political entity.
>>1879 spain was utterly cucked by a guy everyone called the napoleon of defeats
>>1879 >>1881 wait wrong country
>>1882 known soly for being the place where cocaine comes from
>>1926 Land of the unfree, says he us a puritan and snorts cocaine and inyects heroin all day and is going downhill everyday.
>>1928 in 1992 your country almost became cool, and then it didn't
>>1929 your country has always been a bootlicking simp to the British, even still having the Queen in your fucking money
>>1928 >says he us a
>>1936 >American calling anyone retarded
>>1936 >>1936 You guys live in the most degenerate country on Earth, half of your population wants to fuck two legged animal people. Most of your women glorify “sex work.” >>1939 Imagine fighting the Americans and their proxies for almost three decades (the french are an American proxy) just to then allow American corporations to do whatever the fuck they want in Vietnam. This is a level of cuckoldry that is unseen. You fight a guy, win, then let him sodomize you. What was the point of the fight? Millions died in that war, all for what? Ho Chi Minh City now is more controlled by American corporations and multinationals than Saigon ever was.
>>1930 I cannot possibly deny the truth of your words, so um. something something something US imperialism. >>1941 Singapore is probably one of the better examples of dystopia existing today in the world, having such a sharp class divide and complete disregard for democracy. at least you're not Indonesian, lmao.
>>1942 Canadians are Americans with a superiority complex and a smugness problem.
>>1943 1% of the population imprisoned. >>1941 its like sucking a dick for a buspass then walking home.
>>1946 More Puerto Ricans live in the US mainland then live in PR.
Why are some of the images in this thread 404?
>>1943 Americans are Americans with a superiority complex and a smugness problem
>>1948 Bunkerchan was down for a while, so the effects could still be lingering
>>1948 >>1950 An admin ones tried to save some serverspace by using a script to delete images that weren't being used at the moment and accidentally deleted some images he didn't want to delete. He said sorry in /leftypol/s mod thread.
>>1950 Also, your country is filled with absolute morons.
>>1951 Can you link where the mod said that cause i can't find it also shut up your country is just France's doormat, the thing under German feet as they tried to invade france
>>1953 >Can you link where the mod said that I think it happened a week ago. It happened before the who postingID fiasko so it probably already cycled. Your country is the world's main sponsor of terrorism
>>1941 Nice meme you got from a place that got rich being a world tax haven. Any non-imperialist source to back that up?
>>1955 real worker’s paradise, what a great socialism,I have never seen such great socialism in my life, this is clearly worth fighting the Americans for https://archive.fo/00zM
>>1964 Your only purpose as a country is being a tax haven for porkies.
>>1965 Your "country" should have been split a long time ago. It took several mask-wearing Basque "terrorists" to kickstart the first Sp*nish space program.
>>1966 your country has the highest density of unhinged sociopaths of any place i've had to speak with, and that's saying something
>>1967 our Columbia is better than yours
>>1968 Una...pinche...hoja
>>1969 your people are way dumber than our people and that's saying something because WE ARE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY
>>1970 Your country is only known for their cocaine and their coffee and girls, but yeah. The FARC is your best Communist group, and even they deal cocaine lol
>>1971 actually that started around the 80s with reaganite policies, so thanks for that
>>1972 Colombian necktie
>>1972 >>1973 okay, y'all boring at this point. at least come up with something new if you're gonna go back and forth forever, jeezus
>>1974 Oh shit, I didn't see >>1926. I guess another Burger beat me to the admittedly obvious punch. Anyway, your prime minister is a liberal's liberal.
>>1975 our prime minister, dumb shit that he may be, at least seems to care more about quarantine than funny line. that's more than I can say about your president
>>1976 Stop dumping your hack musicians here
>>1977 Neil Young writes better music about Alabama then Lynyrd Skynyrd does, niggah.
>>1964 >dengoid country being dengoid Touché. >>1978 Your country left are full of larping retards. Also nice job with shilling Holodomor for Ukrainian fascists.
>>1978 He did, but he's still overrated. I don't know what Crosby, Stills, and Nash were thinking, or what Kurt Cobain was thinking when they were dealing with him. Free Québec from KKKanadian imperialism!
>>1980 sending Canadian artists to work in the US, alongside American musicians, is probably the only way we can get them off our own radio. you think you have the worst of us, but we had to keep Our Lady Grace! (this has devolved into self-deprecation, I can't help it lmao)
>>1981 your country chokes on burger cock harder than we do, and we are basically their colony
>>1982 las república bananera
(17.25 KB 350x350 imageService.jpeg)
>>1981 Yeah lmao >>1982 We degenerate your coffee into whatever this is.
>>1984 hey, you can make a nice cup of joe with instant coffee https://www.whiskaffair.com/indian-style-cappuccino/
>>1985 That "beaten" coffee is as beaten as the average wedded Pakistani woman.
>>1985 the two biggest neckbeards I knew in high school were the russian and the pakistani. I think the pakistani ended up being some kind of failed chess player?
>>1987 figures.
>>1985 >>1986 Oh, and that seems interesting. Might try it out later.
it is very difficult to have a genuinely angry country-insult thread, on such a comfy commie site.
>>1992 >difficult to be anything except polite says the Canadian
>>1993 >difficult not to be a cunt says the American
>>1993 Canadians are polite, yes. it's a mask for our callous and cold attitude towards all strangers. it's a much better mask than British passive-aggression, mind you >>1996.
>>1998 You fuckin backstabber. You're just jealous you still have for-profit ambulances in your hinterland.
>>2005 >jealous >of anglos
>>2005 I wish I lived in the US just so I wouldn't have to be under your dipshit queen. I don't care if they're more fucked than us
>>2010 your country’s entire “national identity” is based around being nice, this is some top tier cuck shit
>>2016 no, our entire "national identity" is based around being smug towards the US. your entire "national identity" is based around being subservient towards the US. what I'm saying is, we're both shit, but the same country is at fault.
(89.03 KB 600x842 sopa de macaco.jpg)
>>2018 I’m not going to insult your country, because it’s not a country and never will be.
>>1951 >>1952 >>1954 listen krout, your country is an embarrassment to the rest of europe
>>2021 you can't call other nations embarrassments and be from Australia. You have to pick one
>>2021 I find it hilarious how many more furries there seem to be in flanders versus wallonie. also, holy shit deutschland!
>>2022 >australia the american education system everyone
>>2025 >Implying that their is a difference between australia and new zealend
>>2021 Jesus Christ why are Indonesia and Philippines such degenerates? Did cucking to religion and imperialism broke their brain or something? >>2026 >immediate backpedaling to deny your stupidity As American as apple pie!
>>2027 >Jesus Christ why are Indonesia and Philippines such degenerates? Tech industry, Indonesia and Philippines are areas where software is offshored. >>2027 >Immediately backtracking to deny your stupidity When someone shows me how New Zealand and Australia are different I will make an effort to diffrenate between them.
>>2021 >69 furries in California you don’t make this shit up
>>2032 >>2031 different nationalities fight each other inside of your country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_Monument_of_Glendale
>>2033 That's just Glendale I kid, of course. Most places here have a rich history of minorities fucking each other over. If Silicon Valley is Porky's GDR, then New Zealand is Porky's Albania. When the swine hunker down there, I hope you Kiwi comrades, all twelve of you, go around sealing their exits off with more fresh concrete.
>>2040 t. California-anon btw
Nations are fairy tales You can't dis what don't exist motherfucker
>>2043 you ruined the bants
>>2032 >Antarctic furries Guess being isolated for months really do a number on the people stationed there.
>>2043 Basedtralia Nations are a spook.
beef tastes good
>>2062 Only in kebabs
>>2043 Based and Stirner-pilled
(424.83 KB 500x212 rggeger.jpeg)
>>2065 Once again, The United States is acting like it's the center of the universe.
>>2079 I miss you
>>2080 You guys almost don't eat but I still saw fat people on the street, how do you manage to do this?
>>2087 Why were the Basque natliberation movements much more assertive than the Catalan natliberation movements after the Civil War? Not even /bant/ing.
>>2091 your flag looks shit, it is not even symmetrical and you fuckers still pray to it everyday, i mean "swearing allegiance to the flag" is fucked up just in general
>>2097 how do you run a colony in such a fucked up way that you manage to make 'stack the bodies until they cover the sun' france and britain iffy about it
>>2098 how is cocaine grown
>>2115 >Gringos only knowing Colombia for cocaine Pathetic. Let me show you how it's done. >>2098 Venezuelan arepas are superior.
>>2116 >Cali flag >Calling other people Gringos okay Ronald Regan
(6.51 KB 230x172 dcfgvhb.jpg)
>>2121 you do realize California was a part of Mexico before the United States stole it
>>2122 >America dissing America
(159.04 KB 1572x1278 terra lliure.jpg)
>>2091 I guess that by "assertive" you're asking why they weren't Catalan armed groups. The think is that they were, it's just that they were less famous than ETA since they were less active. The most famous of them is terra lliure (pic related) ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_Lliure ) who contacted with ETA to help them train. Even though the ones that are most known are ETA and GRAPO are the most famous ones, there were lots of armed groups during the Transition. It's a pretty interesting subject If you're talking nowadays, if things don't change I'm pretty shure we'll start seeing more armed groups poping up since the idea of "som gent de pau" is starting to decay. >>2132 why don't you veto urself
>>2140 How did you even manage fail to be independent for more than 8 seconds
>>2140 Were the Catalans singled out for more assimilatory policies by the Francoist government? Or was there more of the opposite? From what I understand, the Francoist government had a strong Carlist undercurrent that advocated for regionalism. >>2142 Why you niggas maintain a king after Leopold II is beyond me
>>2122 most of California is tech nerds and people who can’t speak english or Spanish >>2132 take off that gay flag >>2140 >I'm pretty shure we'll start seeing more armed groups poping up since the idea of "som gent de pau" is starting to decay. Weren’t the armed groups a reaction to Franco banning local languages. That isn’t coming back. >>2144 >Why you niggas maintain a king after Leopold II is beyond me At least the British use their monarchy to create tabloid drama. The Belgians aren’t that innovative.
(88.80 KB 800x449 lluis companys.jpg)
>>2144 Franco didn't allow any self-goverment as most of them were pro-republican and even executed Lluís Companys (guy in the middle), the leader of the Generality of Catalonia at that time. On top of that Catalan was also persecuted (although the repression started to decay as time passed) >>2149 >Weren’t the armed groups a reaction to Franco banning local languages. TLL started after Franco died. Besides, local languages being banned isn't a prequisite. >take off that gay flag Dude, look at your flag
>>2156 >Dude, look at your flag At least I’m being honest, the UN flag is gay because the person using it is trying to hide their flag, that’s why the UN flag is gay not because it looks bad (it looks mediocre) or because the UN is useless (it is though) but because it’s dishonest.
>>2163 ameriKKKa
>>2167 Gringos imperialistas. How did the Bahia de Cochinos invasion went? :DD
>>2175 silly you for assuming the yankee could read two words of Spanish. now he'll be stuck trying to figure out how to use google translate the whole afternoon!
>>2176 Liberals want to move there
>>2180 Your country will be one of the first to disappear
>>2182 Why do drug cartels hold so much power in Mexico? Didn't the government get pressured into letting Chapo's son free?
>>2183 your flag is ultra generic, their are 50 other flags that look exactly like it https://www.wikiwand.com/en/List_of_flags_with_blue,_red_and_white_stripes
>>2188 t. the one with red and white stripes, and the color blue
>>2189 At least these stars and stripes have meaning. You have a leaf on your flag because that's probably the most interesting thing in Canada
>>2190 you may be exactly correct and very hurtful, but you're also fat lol
>>2191 Your country has moose that walk into the city >>2190 Your country has things like "Heart Attack Grill"
>>2190 Trees are fascinating. Try visiting something other than Walmart parking lots and you might see one. >>2192 > Your country has moose that walk into the city That is very cool!
>>2193 How does it feel to be slowly but surely integrated into the EU by Orbán of all people?
>>2195 To be honest it feels more like the EU is being integrated into Orbán's pocket.
>>2197 Can you comprehend the Finnish language?
(668.71 KB 700x525 hungary.png)
>>2198 I never studied it so I can't. By the way it is a fashionable far-right conspiracy theory that we are actually unrelated linguistically and it was made up by the Hapsburgs to crush Hungarian dissent by associating them with the boring Finns instead of their true heroic ancestors, who spoke Turanian/Sumerian/Japanese/the original language from before the Tower of Babel. Orbán actually gave some money to his cronies to "study" alternative theories.
(62.66 KB 500x1498 Q13sGx7.png)
>>2199 >Turanian/Sumerian/Japanese/the original language from before the Tower of Babel what about Mongolian
>>2200 orange man bad
>>2202 you had East Germany but then something happened
>>2203 if your country was a person it would be a blond whore on drugs with clogs eating weed flavored cheese on a windmill
>>2210 Belgium is the bastard child of the Netherlands and France, so I imagine it would be a brown-haired poet addicted to meth and horse semen.
>>2211 imagine being the shitties part of the mughal empire
>>2212 Imagine being the shittiest part of the spanish empire
>>2213 India may be worse in many ways, but it at least has the Naxalites.
>>2215 imagine being a hippy
>>2225 Where is your flag?
>>2251 Monaco
Really makes you think.
>>2298 After losing in world war 1 you lost the most territory, and now you’re one of if not the most right wing countries in Europe. (On the plus side at least you’re not us)
>>2310 United.... Kingdom.....
>>2298 >Canadian provinces >American states >but no Mexican states this shit pisses me off.
>>2314 >formal name of america is united states of america >formal name of mexico is united states of mexico >people call america the united states >no one class mexico the united states
>>2314 I just realized that. Thats fucking stupid >>2323 You ever realize that the USA doesn't have anything original about it's name
>>2324 This. Based USAn leftists will have to unironically rename this godforsaken land the Industrial Commonwealth like De Leon would have wanted.
>>2337 >The Industrial Commonwealth of America I like the sound of that. Also your "country" has a meme flag
>>2338 >Also your "country" has a meme flag California isn’t a country so they are allowed to have a shity flag. regions can have shity flags, just ask liberia
>>2341 >USA Do I even need to say anything?
>>2342 I'll say. You're country's president literally fucked a chicken
(1.94 MB 4190x1827 U4AvnKo.png)
>>2341 California's flag was hastily designed in the onset of a revolution and yet it's still better-designed than the mountain of "seal on a blue background" US state flags. It was created during the Bear Flag Revolt and takes inspiration from the California Lone Star, the flag of California during the 10 years of independence from 1936-1946. Even if it's not like most traditional flag designs, it has history and symbolism behind it, on top of being iconic. That's way more than can be said about anything from pic related.
This should be easy mode. Do your worst.
>>2348 From the river to the sea Palestine shall be free
>>2350 we shouldn't have recognize you.
>>2347 at least those flags aren’t an eyesore >It was created during the Bear Flag Revolt and takes inspiration from the California Lone Star, the flag of California during the 10 years of independence from 1936-1946. Even if it's not like most traditional flag designs, it has history and symbolism behind it, okay nerd
>>2348 where did you get that VPN
>>2348 Your country's justification for its existence is like a monty python sketch
>>2354 Okay, flyover state.
>>2350 That's not even bantz, that's just the truth.
>>2359 fckn' zionists
(186.18 KB 475x475 101Electrode.png)
>>2363 A fucking Electrode
>>2363 Oh, nice! An indonesian!
>>2368 oh nice, a taliban
>>2371 says the number 1 terrorist organization
>>2372 says an unknown
>>2373 your flag is like the flag of liberia but shit, that's fucked up considering that THEY STOLE IT FROM YOU
(3.70 KB 324x216 fr-bz-gd.gif)
(2.23 KB 318x159 Unknown.png)
>>2375 >THEY STOLE IT FROM YOU cause it’s good, also why other countries’s got a similar flag
>>2348 We shouldn’t be buying weapons from you guys. The worst thing that we have in common with China is that both governments are fully supportive of Nentayahu and his gang of crooks.
>>2377 >Imagine thinking that Bretaña copied the flag of the Great Satan >>2380 Your goverment doesn't support any revolutions since the fall of the Khmer Rouge and are party friends of Great Satan.
(248.34 KB 500x492 effingleaf2.png)
>>2382 Don't care, didn't ask. Free Gonzalo!
>>2383 lucky you, Los Angeles has STP! oh and since this is bantz thread: thanks for giving Rifle-Robbin' Ronnie Reagan a ride to the White House, bitch.
>>2385 You have J. Moufawad Paul, jk, that guy is overrated. Have fun having a worse flag than a nation that has a fucking llama on its coat of arms.
>>2382 >great Satan Who’s that? Amerishart? >>2386 Your state is a hive of reactionary gusanos with most of it being worse than third world countries.
>>2389 Your country provides most of those gusanos. Hell, many giun stay in Vietnam cursing the legacy of Uncle Ho and your limpdick party won't even send them to trại học tập cải tạo like the good old days.
>>2390 *most=many
>>2391 haha look it's burgerland
>>2390 >send them to trại học tập cải tạo Man those were the days.
>>2382 >Imagine thinking that Bretaña copied the flag of the Great Satan
>>2425 Do I even have to? Burgers shouldn't be allowed in this thread.
>>2427 I agree. Anyway, that flag is shit.
>>2433 We should add Saudi Arabia
>>2436 >the irony.
>>2442 Imagine going from being the most based country in the world to the only thing standing between africa and freedom
>>2443 California is a better Cali, and the District of Columbia is a better Columbia.
>>2450 and South America is a better america
>>2433 >I agree you first
>>2455 your flag looks even more shit then ours
>>2472 Day of the waffle iron soon!
(232.24 KB 700x525 1514270315742.png)
>>2475 soon
>>2487 A literal European nano state can genocide half of the Congolese population.
>>2534 >says one third of the troiKKKa of Tyranny
(94.84 KB 628x250 20200417_162510.jpg)
>>2535 forgot pic
>>2536 You should be part of Mexico still, gringo Larper. :))))
>>2539 lmao we lost half of our territory
(157.16 KB 430x284 dsd.png)
>>2548 Your existence is literally one of the biggest reasons for why we don't have Socialism yet.
>>2552 Finland is situated right next to Sweden and Sweden fucking sucks
(757.94 KB 1920x1275 5a707b0c85600a1f376bf4bf.jpg)
>>2554 And you're situated right next to Afghanistan. Guess who used your territory as a training ground and safe haven in the 1980s for when they turned that place into the failed state that it is today? I'll give you some hints, it starts with M, ends with N and was funded & armed by the CIA.
>>2555 That is true, you know what else is true? While there have been multiple revolutions in Pakistan and pre-Partition India against dictators and the bourgeois government, what has Finland done in recent history that is even a tad bit revolutionary?
(394.94 KB 640x640 pepe think.gif)
>>2552 >Published February 2013 >Ukraine 2014
>>2557 8 second nation
>>2566 Roasting you it's beating a dead horse with a Jackhammer
>>2556 Fucking afghanfags
>>2570 Canada produces three useful things: timber, oil, and speculation on real estate.
>>2572 You forgot nuclear weapons for third-world countries
>>2582 >Canada >nukes this can’t be real
>>2589 >Canada >existing this can’t be real
>>2590 >Yankee go home! >Death to America! These two three-word combos are the rallying cry of all freedom-loving nations
(1.50 MB 248x380 tenor.gif)
>>2612 If your gonna post something anti-american, use a VPN, because posting anti-americanism with an american flag just makes you look stupid.
>>2767 what's wrong with being american and anti-american?
>>2768 It hurts his fee-fees
>>2768 More often then not it’s a result of daddy issues.
>>2778 Nah, they just realise how shit their country is
>>2842 Belgian identity does not exist.
>>2848 They haven't allowed Catalonia to have independence yet, they're still a monarchy oh yeah, and can't forget about Franco.
>>2852 We have better food than you.
(9.50 KB 294x172 whatlefug.jpg)
>>2852 >VPN is in Ireland >Flag is British
>>2853 Went to visit castilla once, well I actually went to a gas station. So I already saw everything relevant there. >>2854 Happened the same to me, but it was with a ucraine VPN and russian flag came out maybe it was Putin
>>2857 Do Catalans really try to literally beat the shit out of a log of wood for Xmas? That's fucking wild.
>>2867 California is in america. Boom, roasted.
>>2869 Your country is a Frankenstein monstruosity. The same level as Israel.
>>2873 Your country is filled with peruanos.
>>2874 You decided to rename the Louisette
>>2878 >Lithuania. Bruh
>>2901 Only existing flags are allowed to post here
>>2927 > 2020 < still a monarchy What the fuck
>>2928 >Hungary Do I need to say anything?
>>2939 Wannabe prussians lol
>>2942 I'd bet half of the posters here are older than your "country" lmao
>>2945 Time for an anal inspection bro, we can't let anyone with a weed suppository going through here.
How are you still in one piece after all of these years?
>>2945 Yes. What's wrong with it? The whole ceremony starts with men reciting a short poem that ends with asking women if they can be "watered". Women can refuse to participate. The video shows the question at the beginning with the women consenting to it, but for some reason it wasn't translated. It is also overdone here with the bucket, probably to entertain the tourists, in most places it's just a few drops of water, sometimes cologne is used.
>>2947 How are you still in one piece after all of these years?
>>2949 Have you ever been in Trianon? Its a nice place
>>2949 Oh you don't know water problem is ? don't you sea the problem ? Hey you just subscribed to shitty water puns We also have a month when we shoot eggs and water to everyone so yeah that's that >>2950 How are you still in one piece after all of these years? and gib andalucia
>>2970 How are you still in one piece after getting trampled and cut apart by Iberian’s in the longest running own’s in human history?
>>2975 Oi mate how spiderland doing
>>2977 "The (Moroccan) constitution grants the king honorific powers; he is both the secular political leader and the "Commander of the Faithful" as a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed" bruh
>>2979 Pakistani dudes post alcohol on social media as if its some kinda of dangerous illegal drug lmao
>>2995 >dangerous illegal drug Well, I mean it is technically illegal. Plus it's quite a taboo here for people to drink (it's more common for people to smoke weed than to drink) and it's mostly enjoyed by upper-class teens and awara-gard.
>>2998 You live in a real-life HOI meme nation.
>>3044 And you live in Israel’s cum sock
>>2995 >most popular Fakku tag: femdom Interesting...
Homer y Lobezno, no Homero y Uolverín!
(130.69 KB 1000x1000 hat.jpg)
>>3199 real silly hats
>>3212 >Spain >that hat I hope you're kidding
>>3199 >onda vita >el conejo serapio
>>3232 >El guasón >La aguja dinámica
>>3235 >Don Pepe y los globos >Permiten a los Borbomes tener cabezas encima del cuello.
>>1946 you people sound like reggaetoneros lol
>>3336 you people sound like mariachis lol
>>3364 most of your people want to become an USA state lol (Bad Bunny is good tho)
pinochetardia, lol
>>3383 Slovakia
>>3671 baguettes love the smell of their own farts >>3336 >AMLO is a communist >Most people are against or indifferent to protesting narco-police killings aww shit, I wanted to roast my own country, but now I feel bad ;_; >>3382 haha ouchh
>>3673 cartels and mass rape
>>3698 I heard on twitter that you people use spanish generals from the 80 years war to scare off children in the netherlands like they're some sort of boogieman, lol.
>>3699 Still don't have Gibraltar
>>3700 How does it feels to always be in second place to America in the “most native people genocides” competition?
>>3707 Why did you guys do to Democratic Kampuchea what America did to you?
>>3733 If they want a war, they got a war. Also why is your country left so cucked politically that you elected dollar store Trump?
>>3735 your "communist revolution" was national liberation struggle all along
>>3777 ZOG
>>3777 How the plague and economy implosion btw Seppo?
>>3792 you lost a war to emus
>>3796 Your country’s left are utter idiots that are proud to not read any theory.
>>3797 Thanks for the shoes
>>3800 Croatia didn't let you have coast lol
>>3803 Yout best shot at socialism, in a stunning display of utter retardation decided to trust the army and take the few weapons workers managed to collect, only to be deposed by a military coup not even a year after. Talk about self cucking.
>>3804 > Spain Do I even need to say more?
>>3811 This shitty movement is never going to occur
>>4330 Fuck you
>>4331 You're Great Britain but with spicy food. Still a kingdom with most parties in power supporting unionism
>>5470 You're the only country that managed to switch sides 3 times in the same war
>>5473 Hehe Canada isn’t even a real country ya fucking loser
>>5483 says the fucking fake loser
>>5473 >>5483 >>5485 all three of you are cucks. We burgers may be insane, but at least we don't still worship some old hag across the sea
>>5489 You worship 7 old white guys that couldn't brush their teeth
>>5492 you worship deez nuts
>>5493 You're american
>>5494 Cartels run your country
>>5495 A Cartel in suits runs yours
>>5496 You're American
>>5507 You're the offspring of 2 different failed empires and an abusive husband that beats you every couple decades
>>5509 You salute the queen lmfao
>>1584 poland can't even get shat on lmfao
>>5511 you jerk off to weird ASMR channels because all the porns are banned
>>5512 discount wanna be France with Anglo characteristics
>>5514 another country cucked by a monarch
>>5515 The occupied half of an already shitty peninsula
>>5516 Shut the fuck up you moose fucking Hoser
>>5523 your pm did blackface lol


no cookies?