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(219.09 KB 1485x885 corona.PNG)
Coronavirus PB 02/29/2020 (Sat) 10:26:00 No. 1351
Is the coronavirus already in your country? What measures are being taken by your local governments to prepare or stop the spread of the virus? Did you or someone you know got infected?
Hungary is well prepared for it with decades of starving and dismantling public healthcare. Thankfully our government already mastered the art of "if we don't admit it, the problem doesn't exist", so we don't have coronavirus, only regular influenza. Since nobody is tested, nobody will die from it. Meanwhile the capital's chief pharmacist is sending out Facebook hoaxes as serious advice to the pharmacists of the city and the health minister claimed before that you won't get sick if you live by the ten commandments, so I am confident that we are in good hands. Nothing to worry about, we really should focus on "invading immigrants" and Soros György, those are the real issues.
>>1351 There was only one guy who got the virus So I think we'll be fine
>>1351 Only two cases, so we're probably gonna be okay for the time
>>1352 man, that sounds dreadful. Is it most of the government or are there groups calling out their retardation and warning ppl? >>1354 Lets hope so, but it is inevitable it will spread to your country. >>1355 How are they handling it over there? if the virus explodes in India I guess you guys will be very affected too.
Really'd like some statements from Italians.
>Is the coronavirus already in your country? I live in Peru so no, but that might change because we're right next to Brazil so that might change >What measures are being taken by your local governments to prepare or stop the spread of the virus? Pretty sure they sent out some advice which I did not read, but i'm sure if we all practice good hygiene, healthy dieting, plenty of exercise, and a healthy sleep schedule we should mostly be fine Also why is there no information from North Korea? They definitely have it being sandwiched between China and South Korea
France here, we get lots of thoughts and prayers from our sheltered Parisian elites and that's about it.
>>1359 they're gonna turn the Eiffel tower's lights off lol
>>1360 Wow. Brave, powerful.
There have been a confirmed case (ironically, an Italian woman that was traveling here). They are just saying to keep a good hygiene and to clean your hands after going outside. >>1360 For real? Yikes
(164.77 KB 500x700 pray4france.png)
>>1362 no, but I wouldn't put it past them they did after that Ariana Grande manchester terrorist attack and they also did it during another terrorist attack in France. That period of time years ago when everybody had a French flag was related to that same French terrorist attack
>>1363 a french flag on their facebook*
(47.83 KB 540x960 ER_Z47tXsAE9v2-.jpg)
Absolutely none.
>>1351 >Is the coronavirus already in your country? yeah >What measures are being taken by your local governments to prepare or stop the spread of the virus? A vaccine is being developed, but it’s for Porky consumption only. >Did you or someone you know got infected? No
>>1356 decent enough, two more cases have sprouted. They've shut down schools in Balochistan (province bordering Iran) for two weeks and schools in Sindh were shut down for two days.
>>1351 No, somehow.
There was a newly discovered case in NY lmao
>>1372 is that the part of NY with a lot of tourists?
We have two confirmed cases, students from Iran.
(155.42 KB 1502x886 corona.PNG)
updated map
>>1354 >There was only one guy who got the virus It went to 50 in a week. Fuck
>>1389 wow. It is that infectious. Comparing this new map from the one from less than a week ago really shows how mych it is spreading.
(10.50 KB 780x94 109.png)
>>1390 >it just went from 50 to 109 in a single day welp, I'm fucked
>>1391 jeesus. Thank god im on an island. tho our neighbors already got it from tourists, I hope it never gets here, but im not hopeful.
>>1377 We have 4 confirmed cases now, three from Iran and one from Milan. Bonus: the Serbian healthcare minister claimed that their first confirmed case likely got infected in Budapest, while visiting their sick Hungarian relatives. But there are no confirmed cases of native Hungarians. Really makes you think.
All student travels to France have been cancelled. oh boy
Can someone confirm if Vietnam was completely clear of it after quarantining the only 16 patients they had, but then someone from Europe bought it over? I heard that, but I have zero sources on it
>>1400 so basically >16 people in Vietnam had the virus >They were quarantined and no one died >Now they have it again How do these people even have the energy to travel to other countries doesn't it have similar symptoms to the flu
>>1402 >Yellow number; diagnosed >Blue number; Active >Green number; Recovered >Black number; Dead
>>1401 An infected person can have no symptoms for up to a month.
(193.26 KB 397x547 sakurako tea.png)
>>1400 > and a personal chauffeur
>>1412 Its not that expensive to hire one. specially if you're just staying in a third world country.
>first Corona Virus case confirmed here
>>1415 do you know where?
I fucking swear if the cases rise up after dumbasses touch each other on Holi and spread it even faster... I am going to cry. I don't want people to die ffs.
>>1418 in san juan It was an italian. >>1419 what's holi?
>>1419 Is there not enough cow shit cakes to cure everyone?
>>1420 it's a festival where everyone gets together and spread colours on each others faces and play with water pistols n shit. the night before everybody get together and burn old things and materials that we don't need or something like that. >>1421 >hurr durr cows XD Fucking people will die man. It's not the least bit funny. Even if they are dumb, the kids and old people are the most vulnerable.
(18.18 KB 254x203 1490579226204.jpg)
>>1351 >It has begun The usual hit songs have started playing. Everyone is dancing in the opposite building and laughing while being all pink, purple and green. It's all little children and girls my age. They have goddamn snacks and drinks too in the playground. Screw this virus. ALL I WANT IS SOME WOMEN TO THROW PRETTY COLOURS AT ME! and giggle with me. I'm going to take a shower and dance to this music and pretend I'm playing holi too.
>tfw you are a scared of stupid invisible particles and will never get HOLI'D by some qt 3.14 again this year I apologize for hornyposting. I will never do it again. I know the reputation my flag denotes. ~45 cases confirmed in india and don't know if the hospitals here have testing kits or not and about 50 people from Iran pilgrims landed here this morning. And iran seems to have a bad breakout of it. really hope humanity makes out of this safe. Fuck Corona. I don't want die without falling in love. my dumbass caught a cold from showering ;_;
>>1426 anon stop freaking out lol. Wash your hands, eat healthy foods so you're strong, and breathe. Humanity has survived through worse and you'll be better off in an age where everyone has access to information <3
>>1426 >about 50 people from Iran pilgrims landed here this morning lol our first cases are some university students from Iran and the government is really trying to blame the whole thing on them, because muh illegal immigrants. (They are exchange students, completely legally, but that does not matter.)
>>1427 Thank you anon. I'm gonna do what you say. Hope this virus doesn't kill any more innocent people. Stay safe and best of luck! >>1430 I haven't seen much blame but some dude was whining about kerela being the first state to have this virus because god is angry they voted for a communist party to be in charge. What an asshole. I don't like the government but for once I am hoping they don't fuck it up and contain this shit. Stay safe my dude.
>>1422 that sounds like a recipe for massive proliferation of the virus. >>1430 It was gonna get there anyways. Why is the Hungarian government like that?
Today they announced the state of emergency. >>1433 They need to keep their voters in constant rage otherwise they might find the time to realize that the government is responsible for the abysmal state of healthcare and vote for someone else.
>>1351 38 already. With one Bong tourist trying escape back to Britain.
(175.49 KB 1516x845 corona.PNG)
>>1388 updated map.
>iran went from 3,500 cases to over 10k cases bruuuuuuuuuuuh
>>1439 When were you when Svalbard gets Coronavirus?
I've just heard that some of my mothers colleagues have corona. >>1354 Welp, this post aged like milk.
Any moment now we will have our first few confirmed cases. >>1441 rolling greenland gets it next. >>1442 im sorry to say this but you might be infected son.
>BR president might have corona >His press secretary is confirmed to have it. >he met with donal tromp recently. big if true.
76 suspected cases, 21 confirmed. Holy shit.
(995.56 KB 500x283 a typical badly cut tumblr.gif)
One of my relatives was sent home from work today because a guy working in the same office building was confirmed to have the coronavirus...
Long live my country! 22 cases until now Short summary >Some days ago, a guy came back and started to have fever, they didn´t test him (in private clinics, because not even them had the test kit) >The guy gets sick, his family gets sick. There are 6, and a friend, case 7. >Other guy who lives in London gets sick coming here, goes to public hospital, the doctors protest because Public Healthcare has been defunded and no one is prepared. >Other 2 more that come from Europe. >Other 5 tourists and so on so on. >Now the president has ordered to cancel all concerts, protests, schools, universities, etc. >Panic and speculation begins.
>>1439 The map is from yesterday but my country has Coronachan since last Friday at least.
First death reported in india. Poor guy. He was from Karnataka and only was confirmed to have covid-19 after dying.
>>1351 THE PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL TESTS POSITIVE FOR CORONAVIRUS https://twitter.com/jornalodia/status/1238460383909773312
(175.84 KB 1518x873 corona.PNG)
UPDATED MAP https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/coronavirus-maps.html >>1447 jesus. >>1448 ... did you come in contact with them recently? >>1452 how many cases? >>1456 crossing my fingers he goes on and dies.
>>1453 im really scared for India. Im scared cases will EXPLODE over there all of a sudden.
>>1459 School's off for a week now
>>1459 confirmed? here we have had suspicious cases for over a week now, but the very smart ppl at the CDC are 2 slow to process the tests. it's the dumbest shit, it will spread like hell here.
>>1461 Suspected. Our healthcare sucks and I don't think that they cases are gonna be reported soon.
>2 cases confirmed Finally, an excuse to go full hikki.
>>1462 what a shitshow. >>1463 jesus, guess this makes this map >>1457 obsolete now.
>>1459 2 in mine anon. >>1463 Hope they contain it anon.
>>1466 >2 in mine anon. saem just confirmed.
>>1458 2nd death confirmed in Delhi. Old lady had diabetes and hypertension and got it from her son. I HATE THIS NEWS. At this point I feel like it has already spread and the government is just not testing everybody to keep the panic low. Are you guys depending on the USA for kits or you government has a better hold on it?
>>1468 yikes. like I said before. Im really scared for india. We depend on the US. and just today, after a FUCKING WEEK AND A HALF, we got our first confirmed cases.
(70.67 KB 500x433 1479185157483.jpg)
(49.25 KB 447x723 1476537138186.jpg)
(77.00 KB 405x540 1467731214079.jpg)
>>1469 damn it. hug your loved ones tight anon. that's all we can do it seems
>>1470 >hug your loved ones tight anon. uhh, no. that's the one thing you can't do lolmao. Also they just closed all schools and stuff here. And our health secretary just quit lol.
https://index.hu/english/2020/03/13/hungary_coronavirus_viktor_orban_announcement/ They are closing schools and banning Israel. We are at 25 confirmed cases now, yesterday it was 19...
(176.53 KB 1521x881 corona.PNG)
>>1457 UPDATED MAP >>1473 damn. I hope you didn't come in contact with that relative of yours.
Almost 100 cases now, government has declared national disaster, announced 4 lakh ex-gratia for the victims and the second trending hastag here is hindueconomicrights. These fucking dumbass. OH MY GOD Religious tribalism vaccine when? Also various states have shutdown down malls, theaters and etc. Oh please just go away corona.
>>1476 Be safe anon
Another five confirmed cases today. That is 11 new cases in a single day, going from 19 to 30! >>1474 We live in the same house lol.
>>1477 y-you too anon. be safe all 200+ people from italy and iran are arriving here 10 patients recovered. And 4000 people under surveillance
(177.93 KB 1507x882 corona.PNG)
>>1474 UPDATED MAP >>1479 oof >>1483 oh shit.
From what it seems, our goberment is having a macro civil war. PSOE and Podemos seem to not agree on what to do, and the right is calling for the aplication of the article 155 on Catalonia and the basque country since they are trying to confine themselves. Theorically we have the State of Alarm activated, and going outside without a good reason is fined. On the same note, the guy who has been put in charge of all the diferent police forces has been charged with torture before.
>>1487 what is article 155? >has been charged with torture before. yikes! is he a franco-era remnant or something?
The gringos started panicking and they rushed to all the Hispanic supermarkets and bought all the toilet paper. Send help.
>>1487 >the guy who has been put in charge of all the diferent police forces has been charged with torture before. Oh fuck, stay safe fam. >>1489 Are there still kitchen rolls left?
>>1489 what is it with the TP craze? Can they just not wash their ass?
We have the first confirmed case of death, a 75 years old guy died shortly after being transported to the designated hospital. A bit worrying. >>1487 How is life under curfew? I know people like to joke about imageboard users being shut-ins but my mental health will suffer from not being able to go for walks..
>>1488 >what is article 155? Spain has different self-governing community, and article 155 is the article of the constitution that allows the central goberment that if a self-governing community does not fulfil the obligations imposed upon it by the constitution or other laws, or acts in a way that is seriously prejudicial to the general interest of Spain, the government may take all measures necessary to compel the community to meet said obligations, or to protect the above-mentioned general interest.. So basically it's that they can remove all of the autonomy that region has if needed >yikes! is he a franco-era remnant or something? No, but he was a judge during the transition, and helped the GAL (Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación, eg PSOE's anti-ETA death squads) Quoting from wikipedia; >Despite his explicit rejection of violence, he is attributed various tortures under his command. He himself classifies these events as "absolutely exceptional" and wanted to record that at no time "violence should be equated" and that "We cannot put these behaviors on the same table as ETA's murderous violence". There is not enough data to know the scope of said torture, since according to the European Court of Human Rights "the torture allegationst were not investigated well enough" >>1492 Well, it's only been a few days, in theory this will last 15 days or so, altrough it can be augmented if needed. On my mental health, I think I will be fine, I have a dog so I guess they will allow me to go outside for a walk I also live in a relatively small town so it probably won't be enforced as much. Or at least, untill we start getting cases nearby.
all out quarantine in effect here. curfew and all. >>1492 damn. >>1493 oof and yikespilled,
>>1495 Damn, take care PB!
>>1490 Dunno, didn't check because I already have plenty of those. >>1491 Fuck if I know. Things were fine until just a couple days ago. Then people (mostly white people, if we're being honest) started going out and buying all the stock in Hispanic supermarkets because I suppose their supermarkets had run out of stuff. So then of course now the Hispanics started running out and buying up stuff before the gringos can get to it all. >>1493 >Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación >de Liberación It feels like they can't decide if they're death squads or guerrillas.
<Today gov. Announced a state of exception >In sunday only, cases confirmed jump from 30 to 72 >Gov announces state of exception >Everything that is not a chemistry, food shop, bank or oil station should be closed. >In the next hours, the official norm will be published in the gov. Newspaper.
>>1506 >Everything closed. this can't happen soon enough here
>>1506 same here, everything but supermarkets, gas stations , pharmacies and banks is closed. >>1496 u too! >>1497 the situation over there is getting out of hand. >>1508 they should do it like yesterday.
(177.32 KB 1522x861 corona.PNG)
UPDATED MAP What are your thoughts on how the post-Corona Virus world will be.
94 CASES FUCK Holy shit
>>1497 <Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación de la vida >>1515 I've read somewere that if we keep growing at this rate we'll beat Italy in a couple of weeks. And people still have to go to work.
>>1516 what. there were just 53. are you same anon who had cases in his town? are you self quarantining?
>>1520 Same anon. Yea, I don’t go out much now. Well, I hardly went out before, so it isn’t really a different experience.
179 CASES HOLY FUCKING SHIT I also share some of the symptoms so FUCK
>>1529 Paki anon btw
>>1517 Spain is really getting it. How is it in your region. >>1529 holy shit. What are you gonna do?
>>1551 No idea, i’m just scared
>>1552 are medical services in crisis mode over there yet? if you keep feeling sick pls go and get medical care.
(21.43 KB 1423x694 bruh.PNG)
jesus christ Spain is really getting it.
Can this please be over now? Thank you.
>>1551 Well, catalonia as a whole has 1,394 cases as of right now. And if by region you mean more localy, a town nearby has had a couple of cases and one of my dad's coworker's wife has it. >>1557 Yeah, Sanchez said that we would reach 10.000 top, lol We're fucked
>>1560 no >>1561 lol when did he say that? What are they doing about that case with your dad's coworker's wife?
>>1560 Yes, please. Let this nightmare be over. >>1566 What does that say?
I feel sick today, coughing constantly and having a runny nose. I have a headache too. I would like to hope that it's a normal flu, but I haven't had that in like a year or so.
>Spain has nationalized all of its private hospitals as the country goes into coronavirus lockdown https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-spain-nationalises-private-hospitals-emergency-covid-19-lockdown-2020-3 >>1566 Dunno, it was like a week ago I think She's in quarantine and he will also stay in quarantine for like 14 days or so and then he will be tested. >>1573 It's also shows the english translation "ALL UNDER CURFEW-STAY HOME" >>1574 I remember hearing that runny nose wasn't a simptom, if that makes you feel better
>>1578 i'm so goddamn dumb
>>1578 >only the private hospitals weak. >>1573 its only beginning! >>1574 oh no :((((((((((((((((((((((
(181.64 KB 1534x875 corona.PNG)
>>1515 UPDATED MAP >greenland
One of the states here has started to "mark" people who are quarantining themselves. It scares me. I saw some bad pictures of the place in which some kids were quarantined who traveled and are separated by their parents. I kinda understand why some of them ran away. It's still an awful thing to do but I get why. Some are saying the government is now tracking every single citizen through their systems. Goddamn it. No option but to comply to stop this virus and live. People are going to lose more control when we get out of this situation. Another death sadly. 137 cases 14 cured/discharged and 3 deaths. Please let such low cases be because we somehow are stopping this virus and not because of a lack of testing kits.
>>1588 wow that kinda sounds kinda fucked. some harsh measures. Are you scared thing in india will take a draconian turn?
>>1589 Of course. Ya just hate to be put in situations like this where you got no option but to do whatever the government says.
>>1588 Is that ink? Wouldn't it come off while showering?
(4.92 MB policia.webm)
Apparently some people decided to throw a party in Zaragoza, the police detained 3 of them. Vid related
(177.70 KB 1512x864 corona.PNG)
>>1583 UPDATED MAP >>1592 Ohh wow
(13.57 KB 456x247 oh nonono.PNG)
Wellp, looks like if we keep going at this rate we'll be in the podium today! how wonderful
(21.53 KB 470x324 3.PNG)
We did it reddit!
California in lockdown starting today. We're not allowed to leave our homes for the time being with some select exceptions. >>1594 Always wondered why the colouring on these maps are slightly off-centre of the borders.
>>1633 Is going to work one of these exceptions?
>>1645 No. California already instituted special unemployment benefits for those who can't work because of the virus about a week ago. As of yesterday, all businesses have been ordered to close down for the time being, save for essential ones like hospitals, banks, and supermarkets. The exceptions I mentioned are stuff like going directly to the supermarket to buy food and returning home immediately, going to the pharmacy to get essential medication, or going out to walk your dog.
army is deploy in my country and a curfew is declared
(163.26 KB 1510x875 corona.PNG)
UPDATED MAP the map was changes to represent the number of new cases instead of the total number of cases. Also here our first recorded case became our first recorder death. An old italian lady. >>1633 >Always wondered why the colouring on these maps are slightly off-centre of the borders. they fixed it. >California in lockdown starting today. oof. >>1631 >>1632 damn. Are you nervous about getting infected? >>1650 what cunt?
(32.00 KB 745x221 1.png)
>>1631 >>1632 Be careful, I think burgerstan is trying to take your spot in the limelight.
>>1652 Morocco
>>1592 some fucko has killed a soldier with a motorcicle in a highlands town. >>1632 Dammit Podemos. >>1650 In my country we are in the 6th day of obligatory selfquarantine and 4th of lockdown. >markets are only open from 6 to 1pm >lockdown is from 8pm-5am >only people allowed in the streets after that are health personel, markets suppliers, army and police. >People who are in the streets withouth the special pass are taken to the police station. <Around 3 blocks from my house is a army patrol, the neighbours give them fruit and water, and same in other areas of the country. 6th day now, 9 more to go! <Total using the president speech:318 infected (55 today) and 5 dead.
>>1655 Stay strong comrade, take care of the speculators.
(46.59 KB 732x258 ddddd.jpg)
Most in my country already hate the rich. And they are very close to radicalization because of this virus. But how tf do you exactly awaken comrades without making them sleep with theory and shit. They scurry away at the mere mention of the C word.
>>1664 Indiabro. Do you think leftist movements have any chance in India in the coming years? I cant imagine how difficult it would be to overcome all the hindutva shit. Well, here if you just switch hindutva with rabid consumerism the situation is not so different. Hope things work out well around the world for everyone though as always
Police enforcing the curfew and the lockdown because people can't fucking stay the fuck in home also intercity travel is banned. god lord we don't have the bed nor the manpower to manage more 300 - 500 cases at max, nationwide we only have less than 300 intensivists
>>1665 I have as much knowledge about indian leftist politics as you do australiabro. Sorry. Thankfully due to multi party system. We have many lefty parties but don't know what goes on once they form coalitions to form a government. There is also the naxal movement but most of which I only know of through wikipedia. hinduvata crap has been going on for ages they tell me. I hope it works out for you my man. I feel religion is trickier to tackle but best of luck. >>1666 hoooly shit
>>1666 Of course if it was about slowing down the spread of the virus, they wouldn't run as a pack to beat up people. Are they going to kettle them too? Do they think the virus is intimidated by their authority or by the batons?
(264.32 KB 1097x1300 Hindenburg_disaster,_1937.jpg)
after the mosque were closed fucking thousand people were in the fucking street crying Allah will protect us and "allah akbar" . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QycL6U_nGfM&feature=emb_title also around 42% of the population is illiterate and a fucking majority of people think that herbs, Essential oils and sorcery™ 100% works. >>1668 honestly the only way to keep stupid people out of the street is the fucking beating and then more beating.
it is 5pm and according to supreme leader everyone in the country is banging their plates with spoons to show support to doctors by annoying the crows on a sunday afternoon. some twat is also flaring horns and even goddamn fireworks. fuck me. Goddamn it. 15 minutes and they still aren't stopping. Anyways we did it reddit! india has stopped coronavirus on march 22 with Good vibrations© UniversalMusicPublishingGroup
>>1669 Cops need to practice social distancing, too. Use a water cannon or something.
>>1654 There is a little expression that we in America like to call "USA #1." American exceptionalism means having more Corona virus than any other country in the world and more deaths.
>>1666 That's normal for us. Awaiting to be develovep countries. What goverments do is lockdowns wirh the army because our health sistems are so fragile. Dammit morocan bro, stay safe and strong.
>>1670 At least other countries sing and play music. They don't have throats to sing ow what? Sorry for your ears indianon.
(22.44 KB 298x400 008.jpg)
theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk_M49u9-S0 >>1666 jesus. Situation there seems fucked. Stay safe anon. I hope all of you come out of this shitshow fine.
>>1675 ayy peru anon. how are you hanging in there? don't be sorry, the loud banging has made me aware of how many idiotas i am surrounded by people are going to drum their plates once again when they find out this PR "Janta care4u" is going to go on much longer
The state of alarm in Spain has been prolonged for 15 days. (It will proabably be prolonged even more) >Netflix and YouTube Cut Image Quality in Europe in Response to Bandwidth Strain https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/20/netflix-and-youtube-cut-image-quality-in-europe-in.aspx >>1652 I am not nervious about getting it myself for I will probably be alright. What worries me is the people who are in a potencially dangerous situation, for example, I have an asmatic friend who'se neighbour is in quarantine >>1654 Being realistic, USA probably has more cases than Italy or even China. >>1659 From what I have been reading it seems that PSOE is the one who is handling it worse >>1676 better theme; https://youtu.be/zG7KShvqg9A
>country I was gonna move back to soon just closed it's border's completely and all the people are under quarantine fuckmylifebottomtext I hope this clears up enough to allow me to fly back ;-;
>>1680 reveal the location brother and maybe the glowies here will file a flight plan with the agency
>>1678 Pretty good,with my cat and books. I don't have any supermarkets near home, so I didn't see the shortages. But they have been contained. And today the infected number has risen to 363. >>1679 Probably other places will follow the extension of the lockdowns. Probably here too. >>1680 Do as Hoxha says: "The castle of a worker is his bunker", at least until this ends.
(117.98 KB 738x960 gato socialista.jpg)
Socialist cat demands expropriation of the private healthcare system. Gato socialista demanda la expropiacion del sistema de salud privado.
>>1681 Peru and no the place is shut tighter than a nun’s pussy right now. I’m not going back until later this year which will hopefully be when this virus stops
>>1685 At least you didn't get left behind in the airport as so much stranded foreigners. The humanitarian flights can be counted with the fingers. And all the venecos, informales and ambulantes withouth an income, My Marx. The 2021 election is going to be very spicy.
>>1683 we must also not forget about the brave cats that will now have to tolerate their human pets even more so now since the quarantine started >>1685 yes
I'm scared
>>1692 everyday, it seems something new is announced
>>1669 Same shit's happening here except the mosques aren't being fully closed. These Muslim imams are such dumbasses that they're literally saying that by advising people to remain home to practice sunnah they've "done all they can".
(46.49 KB 838x886 rip.png)
(76.27 KB 1019x905 download.png)
>>1694 yeah same in Bangladesh, imams should be put to the wall also we are now at 113 cases
(3.46 KB 350x182 shqiperia.png)
>Only thing trending [scared]
>>1701 well, it does say "show more"
(37.13 KB 640x360 1477975230564.jpg)
India goes into lock down for 21 days
(207.99 KB 305x323 real shit.gif)
>there already are cases in my town
(39.92 KB 500x562 2uqypz.jpg)
>>1706 thats how i felt >coronavirus first appears <whatever >coronavirus starts to appear outside of china <not in america so fine >appears in America <not in my state so find >appears in my state <not close to my county but troubled >appears in county <uhhhh >appears in town one drive away from my town <fuck
(22.36 KB 633x758 shit nigga.png)
>one of my semi-distant relatives has corona >she's 82
>>1714 It's not a death sentence. She can survive.
>>1715 It's unlikely
>>1716 what is the death rate between age groups. I know older people are affected most, but do you know where I can get actual numbers
(271.34 KB 4500x2400 d9c6kr3s6mo41.png)
>>1716 >>1717 It's a dice throw.
(898.59 KB 4032x3024 poll.jpg)
Left poll: Do you think there will be mass infections in Hungary? > green: don't think so (22%) < red: probably (76%) Right poll: Do you think you will be infected by the virus? > green: don't think so (63%) < red: probably (33%) 🤔
>>1723 why
We've reached 1000 cases and people are still dumb enough to go out shopping and shit in Karachi (the most affected city)
We have reached 100 cases and a curfew has been implemented
>>1732 is it true that government is giving free food to your homes and all bills canceled and you don't have to pay loan for 6 months?
>>1733 That is still in the planning stage and hasn't been implemented yet
(163.57 KB 500x425 drugs.jpg)
>The virus has finally reached my small, out-of-the-way neighbourhood in one of the least populated areas of LA >Governor released a statement estimating 56% of Californians being infected >Have health problems that won't bode well with catching the disease It's not looking good, m8s.
>>1737 Yeah there are 251 cases in my area and I've got pretty bad asthma... and I'm overweight... very paranoid and scared honestly. Feel like I've done next to nothing with my life so far. Hang in there anon, maybe we will be one of the lucky ones.
>>1737 >>1738 Don't worry buds. We'll get through this. Shit looking bleak but we can't give up yet much love from the central valley <3
>>1739 Thank you comrade. <3
>>1739 burger a cute
>China gives Spain a list of authorised companies to sell coronavirus tests >Spain buys it from a company that's not on the list because they're cheaper <They don't work https://www.elmundo.es/espana/2020/03/26/5e7c7b68fc6c83a2118b46ae.html >>1715 It's alright, I don't know her that much it's just that this situation is so weird. >>1737 >>1738 Do you have some friends or someone that can help with buying your groceries?
>>1738 I hope you're right, but it's not looking good. All the best to you too, man. >>1739 Oh shit, didn't realise you were Californio without your flag on. I guess that's what the name "bear" is for. >>1742 >Do you have some friends You don't have to rub it in, Catalanon. ;_;
They just announced stricter quarantine measures here. Curfew will begin at 7pm, 2h earlier than before. Cars with certain license plates will be able transit only on certain days. Sundays are now total quarantine days (only medical and emergency and adjacent services workers will be allowed outside). Nothing will open.
>>1749 Jesus
>>1749 My country just announced 13 more days of quarantine. And also we have 585 infected. 15 in ICU and 14 of those in mecanic ventilators. >At least I still have some savings.
>>1708 I can feel you brother. I was in the capitol when the outbreak started, and in the week prior to that the other countries were getting cases 1 by 1. When I was in the airport, it was overcrowded and nobody had masks and no checkups. Fuck, it was a mess. The day after I come, 1 case was confirmed. At least it was in the other part of the city. Now we have 9 if I'm correct.
They just announced the curfew. It will begin tomorrow and last for two weeks. The details are not public yet.
https://twitter.com/BorisJohnson/status/1243496858095411200 apology for poor english when were you when Boris Johnson dies? i was sat at home quarantined when pjotr ring ‘Boris is kill’ ‘yes!’
(9.10 KB 275x183 dxcfgvhbj.jpg)
>>1760 After this, I'm definitely sure that Trump has it as well
(430.33 KB 1200x1600 military hospital 2.jpg)
(681.11 KB 1600x1200 military hospital.jpg)
Forgot to say this, but the military is also deployed all across the country. I've also heard that old people who get sick with the virus don't get threatment and are just anesthetized and left to die. But I can't provide a source to that claim.
(1.35 MB spain.mp4)
>>1880 Theres this audio of a nurse talking about an audio talking about letting old people die
(40.49 KB 1134x420 Corona virus.PNG)
Well, we just beat china with cases and we will probably beat Italy soon
We're at 1625 cases now. fugggg
>>1753 Hi Peru-anon. How are the prisons looking there? Is there any chance that Guzmán can break out in the chaos, or is the situation under tight control? Also, what Mariátegui book would you recommend for a semi-proficient Spanish reader? t. 2nd-gen Peruvian-American
>>1959 As a good undevelovep country, our prisons are shit and overpopulated. Some of them violate human rights by existing lol (challapalca is a example i think, at least the sepa is closed and el fronton is in ruins since Alan bombed it to the ground). About Guzman, the only chance he gets out of prison is 2 plans: General Amnesty to all (war criminals of right to left) supported by Fujimoristas, Movadef and Etnocaceristas. Or the total breakup and anarchy in Peru. The "chinito" can't get out of jail because he has a similar criminal history to Guzman (human rights violation, murder, etc) and several law proyect with his name cannot pass because of this. Well, the most known and surely there is a traduction of "7 essays of the peruvian reality". Well, the introduction to the book "the forth sword" by Roncagliolo (i havent found an english traducction) put it this way: "The jail that locks Abimael Guzman was built especially for him, and it's the most secure in the world. To scape,Guzman would need to break walls of 40 cm thick made of explotion proof concrete. After that, he would need to face seven metal doors with custody and a wall of 8 mts with spiked metal and watched by many towers. The exterior perimeter is surrounded by a mine field. If he could surpass that, he still would have to run 200 m of swamps to the sea. If he goes to the other direction , he would find himself in the Callao Naval Base. In his more than 70 years and with problems of blood pressure, it's not very probable that he tries it." In a twist of fate for those that not know, the Callao Naval Base is home for the most known prisioners in Peru: Abimael Guzman (PCP-SL, founder), Victor Polay Campos(MRTA, founder), Vladimiro Montesinos "el Doc" (CIA agent in his youth, strongman in the 90's and leader of the National Inteligence Service) and "Artemio"(last leader of the armed SP guerrilla-terrorist forced in the Huallaga jungles-the Quispe Palomino brothers have denounced Guzman). So, Guzman has to talk with the people he wage war against for the rest of his life.
>>2034 Damn. I have heard a bit about the massacres at the prisons, but I haven't been made aware that El Frontón remains in ruins. I have heard of La Cuarta Espada before but I have yet to read it. I'll pick it up and read it now with the incoming lockdown in California, I guess. I'm trying to learn as much as possible of the PCP. How about the Narco LARPer offshoots of SL in the VRAEM? Or the FUDEPP? Is it true that the FUDEPP and the MOVADEF are playing a sort of War of Position and waiting it out for a future People's War?
>>2039 Well, the obed that remain sellong drugs have denounced Gonzalo, years ago. And their jistory to power is pretty mischevious. The brothers were lints. Of Feliciano, of the Proseguir (Continue) faction, but they decided to take control, so they negociated with the army the capture of Feliciano and, well, he is still in prison. The mayority of videos pos 2014 are from them, including a manifest in youtube to young men and women to enlist in the "Revolutionary Militant Comunist party". They were in the news some weeks ago before the Coronavirus lockdowns because they've killed some wannabe desertors and snitches, including a nephew of the high comand. About the Fudepp and Movadef, well you can see it that way. They haven't done more than ask to the gov politely to free Guzman and others. And make the gov send more snitches to the university, (sometimes when a leftwing scholar or demonstration happen, you will notice a gov snitch). The SL guys that enrole in Movadef still believe in armed struggle, contrary to the electoral left. But well, as others say:Maybe another 20 years will make the people forget the past.


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