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(620.39 KB 3000x3000 DEOpEphWAAIWJwo.jpg)
Mascot Anonymous Refugee 01/30/2020 (Thu) 04:44:13 No. 1263
This is the only semblance of a mascot I've seen /ref/ have. Do you guys have one?
Yes, Tania is our mascot. That particular image is from a set of images featuring the mascots and emblems of /GET/, /leftypol/, /ref/, and /luna/.
(496.49 KB 1800x1500 Tania.png)
>>1295 Cute! Tania doesn't get drawn enough.
(383.33 KB 2100x1500 Tania2.png)
>>1295 Another pic for /ref/ Otra foto de Tania para /ref/
>>1295 >>1303 sugoi abd yattapilled. very nice.
This board is just too slow. Why aren't enough posters around here?
>>1307 >Why aren't enough posters around here? probably because it has a stigma of being slow / dead.
>>1307 because you are a nigger
>>1308 Yeah, we need to get like a thread with a dececent pph and then we may get more people here
(1.78 MB 2048x2048 IMG_0753.PNG)
Found this in King's replies. Good shit
She cute :3c
>>1315 teh cutest
Wait, is this Tania or an earlier mascot, similar to /GET/ and Cirno
(54.17 KB 108x216 move.PNG)
>>1327 No that's cute Lenin. similar to Cirno for /GET/, yes.
>>1328 Are they a boy or a girl? I know Lenin was a dude, but I see them as a girl
(2.23 MB 2152x3048 p015.JPG)
>>1329 it's a boy. it's just lenin. It's from this page.
(2.77 MB 2148x3040 p013.JPG)
meanwhile this is stalin from the same book
(690.68 KB 914x768 1529395733677.png)
>>1333 She kinda cute


no cookies?