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Image boards in other languages Anonymous Refugee 01/22/2020 (Wed) 23:39:29 No. 1241
Share some imageboard sites in different languages
>>1251 Why do they block foreign IPs? Raids?
>>1252 Yeah I guess. I think you can send an email to them to prove that tou can speak spanish so that they let you post
>>1253 Damn this sucks. I just saw a CHI gringo that posted with an American flag, though.
magyarchan.net a hungayrian imageboard it has an /int/
I really want a Mandarin Chinese one, I know there's Taiwanese komica, but Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters not simplified.
>>1241 The home of spurdo spärde, apu apustaja and gondola right here. https://ylilauta.org/
(9.91 MB ylilauta.webm)
кто-то здесь знает белорусский имиджборд?
>>1241 indiachan is literally the worst one there is i used to mod it then the original owner left and somebody else bought it now nothing but pol and r9k imitation. replace race with religion and caste. most are turds.
bienvenidoainternet.org Spanish. Both textboards and IBs
>>1624 the homepage alone makes me want to spew
Any Italian ones?
>>2103 We should try and spread class consciousness on the pizza making forums. Would be sick


no cookies?