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Anonymous Refugee 01/03/2020 (Fri) 06:59:00 No. 1125
I just wanted to celebrate and i got this shit >>>/leftypol/194551 from leftypol. this is the first time i sincerely hate leftypol. is this a place where i can sit back and relax or are you guys going to call me a glowie again?
(2.48 KB 220x180 glow_stick.jpg)
>>1125 Nobody posts here.
(35.68 KB 450x410 kim il sung khamenei.jpg)
>>1125 >are you guys going to call me a glowie again? Yes.
>>1127 that's better tbh atleast i can have some peace here
>>1128 you know just because Kim Il Sung raised hands with khamenei that doesn't mean he supports what he's doing, it's just basic diplomacy.
>>1125 >(((you)))
>>1125 Kys Earnest wind gusano.
(94.45 KB 760x627 Screenshot_20200103-121711.png)
You have exactly 3 posts in your entire history before exclusively shilling anti Iran statements in that one thread, and all the evening during which the USA was attacking the airport already.
>>1133 that's because i use Firefox permanent private browsing mode which deletes all cookies upon browser exist
>>1134 idk if that's what actually causes this, also when posting from different browser i'm registered as a different user so maybe bunkerchan bug?
>>1135 also to prove that this is not just my history here's some of my older posts that i remember posting, try to see if they connect: >>>/leftypol/189281 >>>/leftypol/189282 >>>/leftypol/188462 >>>/leftypol/166007 >>>/leftypol/185986 >>>/leftypol/186729 >>>/leftypol/185810 >>>/leftypol/185817
>>1136 Its entirely based off IP. Does your IP change that often?
>>1138 idk i'm not a networking expert, under what circumstances does IP change occur?
>>1139 does it have to do with the Router?
>>1140 It depends on your ISP. Some isp's give each house a static IP and others give you one whenever your router restarts or whatever. Do you post on your phone or via mobile internet? It might be the network youre on.
>>1141 Oh that explains it since my router restarts pretty often thanks to the shitty electricity here, and yes i do sometimes post from mobile.
>>1125 Kys Isis "refugee"
glad /ref/ didn’t axed by BO
>>1149 to what, tax havens
>>1150 To calling him a glowie.
>>1125 Shut the fuck up, glowie.
He was a great soldier and a martyr against globalism, show some respect you little bitch.
At least the silver lining is that these events got the Iraqi parliament to vote in favor of kicking out all US forces
One of the few things even the leftypol retards get right and... you're mad over that?


no cookies?