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(161.98 KB 400x600 Colt45.png)
Anonymous Refugee 10/17/2020 (Sat) 01:29:26 No. 5662
Do you have forties (40oz≈1200mL beer bottles) in your country? I'd argue it's one of the greatest damn things Burgerstan has contributed to the earth. Drinks truly for the proles, with no bourgeois pretension about them.
You can buy beer in 1.5 litre plastic bottles here.
Best we can do is 75cl.
(2.10 MB 877x2362 Baltika.png)
(12.02 KB 458x458 Kruszovice.jpg)
>>5664 Stuff like this? Seems nice honestly. >>5665 Damn that's lame mon ami. I guess you got them fine-ass wines for cheap though. At least I assume, maybe good wine is just as expensive as anywhere else.
(102.09 KB 550x329 download (3).png)
we have the 1.6Litre beer. Korean beer is better than it used to be but still just meh. Also they (the ecology ministry) are saying the brown plastic bottle can't be recycled so they (the beer manufacturers) gotta change to a new bottle. So we might lose the 1.6L beer.
(339.24 KB 2880x2880 cervezaxibeca.jpg)
Here we have a 1L one wich goes arround for 1,30 € or so. Altrough if you're going full price per quantity then it migth be better to get a pack of cans, since the cheap ones can go for lower than 25 cents. Also heard than in Germany they can buy 50 cents 0,50L cans. Plus they get 25 cents back when returning the can
We do, same as you, but people prefer buying cheap 75c cans or alcoholic capri-suns
>>5662 Six pack of half litres at a little under 3EUR here. I don't really see the appeal of 1L+ bottles of liquor, doesn't the pseudo-fizz wear out by the time you're a little over halfway through? >inb4 lightweight
>>5676 For us at least it is used with paper cups at social outings and picnics and such.


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