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South Asia Thread Anonymous Refugee 09/07/2019 (Sat) 05:44:44 No. 331
Anyone else here?
Redpill me on the 1988 coup attempt.
(683.04 KB 885x759 victory day 2017.png)
The coup attempt was led by some businessmen who wanted to establish a more liberal regime in contrast to the autocratic rule of President Gayoom who was also veering the country towards Islamic fundamentalism. They asked a splinter group from the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) known as the PLOTE for help. Unfortunately they fucked it up and ended up shooting more random civilians on the streets than actual security personnel.
The government requested help from the Americans, British, and Indians, and was saved by an Indian intervention which was praised by Thatcher and Reagan. Today the anniversary of the coup attempt is celebrated as "Victory Day".
So was it legit or just liberal garbage, then?
It was mostly liberal garbage. The coup was hardly a workers movement and the men behind it were a handful of prominent businessmen and army commanders.
Many years later, the main leader of the coup attempt declared in an interview that he is a supporter of the liberal MDP party and that they were doing a good job.
Disgusting. In that case, what's an actual good workers' movement to look out for when it comes to the Maldives?
Hi, South Asia Comrades.
There are barely any such movements unless you count a minor socdem party.
Communism is of course considered "anti-Islamic" and no communist party or organization would be allowed to exist in the current conditions. It is required by law that every citizen should be a Muslim and anything considered "anti-Islamic" is not allowed. The idea that the country is and should be "100 percent Muslim" has been firmly ingrained into nationalist rhetoric.
South Asia usually seems fairly woke when it comes to communism, so that's a bit discouraging to hear. To be honest, the Maldives is almost never in the news here, and when it is it's always over alleged human rights abuses and rising concerns for tourists over Islamist policies taken on by the Maldivian government. And yes, obviously ">US media", but from what you're saying these concerns don't seem to be too far-fetched.
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Nepali's son here
>Maldives anon
(724.46 KB 1249x927 maldivian isis fighters.jpg)
Yeah it's not that far fetched. Islamism has been growing in power here for a long time.
So far there hasn't been much of a threat to tourists from the Islamists though aside from a failed bombing in 2007. They are more content to push for Maldives adopting Saudi style policies and to leave the country to go fight in Syria. And to occasionally murder people who speak out against them.
>US media
They probably aren't going to lie that much against their allies like Saudi Arabia and "neutral" countries with friendly relations to them such as Maldives.
Is Modi and the situation in Kashmir as bad as people are saying?
>President Gayoom
Ayy, yahan pe koi hindi ya urdu bolne waleen heen kya?
>>331 Just saying your language is pretty cool


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