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中华聊 罗小立##sJ13ss 08/28/2019 (Wed) 15:24:36 No. 250
(766.84 KB 320x240 th.gif)
why do laowai eat rectum but pretend otherwise
it takes place in some places where it's a unique, and also is supposed to heat person up
but nowaday people have more anti animal cruelty so not that popular anymore
(61.83 KB 580x405 t.jpg)
Is it illegal to eat dog?
Is anime legal in China?
There are probably some titles that aren't licenced yet in the West.
Chinese weeaboos...can sometimes be similar to their western counterparts
If animation is made in china is it considered anime?
No, it's called donghua.
huh, thanks
No, fuck mao, long live Lenin
Uphold firmly Anarcho-Makhnoist-Maoism.
(18.19 KB 260x321 kcna_nov-14.png)
From the DPRK News Agency - KCNA Commentary
Access online news at https://kcna.kp
Based and red-pilled
Should I start planting bombs in the name of the DPRK now?
I just did
>>590 not chinese, but lots of chinese people online have watched anime and know characters like Hatsune Miku, she has even performed in China recently Also something being "illegal" isn't going to stop them, they still use things like YouTube
>>1215 酷炫
I could use some help in removing neoliberals here right now.
>>3925 big saem
(69.82 KB 750x750 image.jpg)
(412.35 KB 500x666 couple-image1.jpeg)
post qts
(100.03 KB 480x641 download.jpeg)
(25.29 KB 680x513 unruhe.jpg)
the hottest communist
http://www.bjcourt.gov.cn/cpws/paperView.htm?id=100910461275 Xi says "Trans Workers' Rights are Workers' Rights".
>>4669 idk why, but his outfit reminds me of Modi
>>4673 I can see it.
(61.09 KB 680x323 future.jpeg)
(788.59 KB 2000x2000 Lenin.jpg)
不明白为什么,不管怎样就是要回到了这儿。 都过的还可以吗,大家?
>>5337 Doing fine, how are you?
(75.82 KB 960x810 photo_10.jpg)
(172.96 KB 1768x1200 photo_8.jpg)
(478.04 KB 900x900 photo_7.png)
(167.25 KB 1128x1128 photo_6.png)
(108.46 KB 620x620 photo_5.png)
(140.05 KB 318x451 photo_4.png)
(202.02 KB 2048x1280 photo_3.jpg)
(421.05 KB 2835x1348 photo_2.png)
(81.71 KB 1072x1440 photo_1.jpg)
Does anyone else also think that people outside of China seem to erroneously analyze it as if it were always stuck at the 2000s?
>>5930 It was said that Mao liked hot peppers. Could moderators delete >> 5335, by the way?
(58.29 KB 460x457 52xat4o48wm51.jpg)
Happy belated 11/11 to all of the singles out there! And those too who aren't singles.
>>5930 Why is the diaspora so classcucked? Do stock options and degrees really make people into bootlickers so easily? How should this be fixed?
Here's a hot take. All the Maher type shitlibs are similar to the bureaucrats of Lu Xun's tales retold.
>>6139 The complaint over AA and the eternal labour aristocuckracy is probably why. Of course, the Swedes who kvetch about "duh Ivies are doing duh discrimination to Asians" are also the ones who defend "legacy admission" and downplay the actual increase of discrimination against Asians. That's besides the possibility that those parents went to college because of worker preferential admission in China.


no cookies?