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Say something good about the flag in front of you Anonymous Refugee 04/15/2020 (Wed) 15:20:08 No. 2456
This is the anti-/bantz/ thread start with me
I don't know much about Romania but I have had Romanians as friends before and I can say, you are very attractive and kind people
>>2457 >canada I like your flag, the maple leaf is aesthetically pleasing.
>>2458 talk about aesthetically pleasing, Tintin may be the greatest comic series of all time!
>>2459 you're flag is very symmetrical!
>>2460 The internet is a US invention.
>>2461 arab food tastes good
>>2463 Nashville chicken is real good
>>2464 every Pakistani I have met has been super chill
>>2465 you have nice toilets
>>2466 you have Dracula castle!
>>2468 I want to climb the Canadian Rockies!
>>2469 paprika is tasty but Jucika is tastier
>>2470 your people are know to be overly nice, so that is nice
>>2473 I don't know any belgian, which is great because I have social anxiety.
>>2657 Paella tastes great.
>>2660 Hamburgers are delish
(32.19 KB 389x593 Actual300Castro.jpg)
(15.41 KB 348x456 Actual300.png)
>>2671 Well, this is easy.
>>2676 u cheeky kunt u I dunno what I would do without the internet. thx a lot for that.
>>2678 I wish I knew more about Puerto Rico, your people seemed really cool in West Side Story.
>>2679 Canadian french is the most pleasant form of french
>>2681 Basically our nuclear fellow
>>2703 uuh... thanks for buying our tanks?
>>2704 dhangs for burger :DDD
>>2705 A lot of my relatives live in Miami - it seems like a sweet place
>>2731 Wonderful food when i was a student i was regular customer of a Pakistani run restaurant
>>2733 vary cool flag and naem.
>>2740 vary cool flag and naem.
>>2742 feel like shit just want ur flag back :(
You have nice bears
>>4556 you have nice spiders
>>4558 Paella is delicious


no cookies?