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(364.86 KB 888x671 EU5MpjsUYAAd0q3.png)
Anonymous Refugee 04/08/2020 (Wed) 17:04:33 No. 2226
What has your country/state been watching? Also if anyone can find the one for Latin America, that would be great
>>2226 countries who share the same fetish often also share border, what does this mean?
>>2236 Netorare is inherently bourgeois.
>>2241 Netorare is more than just cheating, though. It's basically stealing someone else's girl under their nose with the raw power of your dick and making it so they can't live without you. It's like the most chad fetish there is, and I say that when it's not even my biggest fetish. >>2253 How so?
(57.44 KB 599x675 karen booty.jpg)
>>2256 >How so? read pic
>>2264 That image compares proletarians working against their own interests to cuckolding. Which I would definitely agree with. It says nothing about netorare being bourgeois.
(658.62 KB Booty.mp4)
>>2262 Albanians:
>>2226 whats ahegao
>>2236 >Only 3 of the post-Soviet states chose futa, though. Yeah but two of the ones who did are the only post-sovit states that matter
>>2270 Lithuania and Ukraine? :^)
>>2226 Holy molly, the germans are into some kinky stuff. The monster girl empire it's also quite strong.
what is going on in the channel islands
>>2279 I’d look it up, but I don’t want the NSA to know I looked it up.
>>2226 >North Dakota love incest Huh, how does that happen?
>>2230 At first I also dismissed it as cuckolding. I thought NTR fans liked to insert themselves as the cuck, and wondered who in the world would like to experience the dispair the protagonist goes through, that's why I always regarded it as one of the darker genres of hentai. But it turns out that it's not as bad as I though, and I ended up liking it a bit. You don't necessarily need to self-insert as the protagonist, maybe seeing his dispair is part of the fetish, and I admit that seeing the stolen girlfriend enjoying it is kind of hot. But I still don't fully get it. >>2236 >It's basically a cheating power fantasy. I think it only gets a bad rap in the West because it's disregarded as cuckolding, which is far from the truth considering the girl's partner doesn't even find out usually and often isn't even shown. It's just cheating + moral degradation and a potentially some mind break. Well, I think in those cases it's more Netori than Netorare (although one could still self-insert as the villain in the latter). Netori doesn't seem to be very popular, though. >>2273 I've heard the Germans are really into bondage. A kinky people indeed.
>>2226 > Year of the lord 2020 what's your excuse for not using e-hentai.org Patronizing an ad infected, paywall infested, commons enclosing, petite bourgeois run taiwanese erotic cave painting website is the ultimate form of cuckoldry.
>>2293 I was about to say this. FUCK FAKKU
>>2293 big agree.
(201.81 KB 354x375 smug aqua.png)
>>2293 >e-hentai.org Can't get past the panda, huh?
Please stop defending your disgusting cuck fetish. We can all read, we know its always from the cuck POV, your damage control only works on the blind.
>>2304 were you from bro
>>2305 somewhere undiscovered
>>2306 Nova Scotia?
>>2307 I think he's the malta anon
(179.40 KB 934x262 netorare netorase netori.png)
>>2304 Netorare is from the girl's perspective, netori is from the guy stealing the girl's perspective, netorase is from the perspective of the guy who's getting his girl stolen and is actually more like cuckolding. The guy getting cheated on is usually never involved and often does not even appear in the first two. Learn hentai terms any time. And yes, Fakku actually has all three tags. Pic related.
>>2309 Why is 95% of Netrorare and the like always have an ugly bastard. Like, why!?!?!? What's so appealing about it
>>2312 the humiliation and degradation of the woman
>>2313 This man gets it. And that's what the appeal behind NTR boils down to. It's about the moral degradation of a previously well-adjusted girl to the point where she becomes a slave to dick. That's the entire point of it being from her perspective. It has nothing to do with her partner who may not even be shown in the hentai.
Through girldick, unity.
>>2318 and yet you forgot futa
>>2319 It was so obvious that I forgot it lmao
(961.85 KB 2100x2100 smug_tania.png)
What is /ref/'s favorite hentai tag?? The new improved, /ref/ hentai tag poll! Now with 100% more girldick!! https://www.strawpoll.me/19746718
(321.68 KB 250x305 1561502417681.gif)
I personally apologize for making America's number one tag futanari
>>2321 my favorite tag isn't on there. no, I won't tell you what it is, plebeians.
(31.93 KB 354x512 okmjnb vcfd.jpg)
>>2349 I don't lmao
>>2241 But you’re not the one who’s doing the cheating part though
>>2309 >>2315 >That's the entire point of it being from her perspective. Not really. There's a lot of NTR where the protagonist is watching his gf cheat in pics or video (exactly like your pic describes), so it's certainly from the guy's POV, not the girl's. It is only NTR when there's a cuck and a jealousy factor. Otherwise it's not really NTR, but everybody these days misuses that and other hentai/anime terms. Netorase is the same but the guy is willingly getting cheated on, and planned it himself. That being said, I don't think liking NTR makes you a cuck, because you can just ignore the protagonist and pretend it's just another rape/corruption story. >>2321 >no multiple answers
>>2349 lmfao anon don't wank so much. you gotta ration that lotion if you want to keep up your devotion to spilling that special potion to the infinite futa ocean with commotion instead of uncomfortable motion. My fetish rarely even gets a tag for me to mess up the stats for my country. It's not even that weird or rare.
>>2384 Based India-anon
>>2384 >My fetish rarely even gets a tag for me to mess up the stats for my country. >It's not even that weird or rare. What is it?
Looks like /GET/ raided poll judging by the tag that got the most votes
>>2321 where is furry
>>2444 Its based on the most liked tags from all of Europe and every state in the USA
>>2430 Eh, there wasn’t a tag for femboys so I just stuck with that. Same shit.
>>2430 Or someone with many IPs
>>2384 absolutely blessed post. thank you
(33.75 KB 201x160 despair... but also!.png)
>>2226 The absolute state of world wide degeneracy.
>>2226 Fucking Bulgaria actually has vanilla as the most popular tag. Confirmed to be the most boring country in Europe.
>monstergirls great taste


no cookies?