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(40.99 KB 704x169 sucking dick for a bus pass.png)
Anonymous Refugee 03/20/2020 (Fri) 00:55:31 No. 1612
Country Would you suck a dick for a bus pass and then walk home? >Palestine >Yes
>california >I would if it was a train
>>1614 >california Explains a lot, why are you people such Swedes?
>>1618 why did the gay modds censor fagg,ot
>>1618 Firstly, why do Indians want to fuck cows. Secondly, do you think bear is supposed to be interpreted in the gay way?
>>1612 no i'm gonna walk to my job when i get one but ac buses are so friggin dope >>1618 >>1619 because mods are based
(117.19 KB 591x480 1512748595470.jpg)
>>1612 Depends, whose dick are we talking about. If we are talking about some cute twink than definitely. But if we're talking about some American like pic related, than not in a thousand years. >>1619 >you're gay if you make fun of Sweden Nice proxy Sven.
>>1629 Would suck a cute twink's dick regardless tbh
>>1620 >why do Indians want to fuck cows pic related
>>1620 if you suck dick your gay >I’m a femanon their are no femanons on image boards
>>1636 Being anti-american in the 90s would be diplomatic suicide.
>>1637 sucking dick ain't gay bud
>>1640 okay fag
>>1644 why you gotta be so rude?
fuck I remember that. Was that really 6 years ago?
>Albania >Yes
>>1684 Based albanian
>>1684 >Albania based


no cookies?