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/bantz/ Anonymous Refugee 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:39:56 No. 1500
Diss the country above you
>>2556 Fucking afghanfags
>>2570 Canada produces three useful things: timber, oil, and speculation on real estate.
>>2572 You forgot nuclear weapons for third-world countries
>>2582 >Canada >nukes this can’t be real
>>2589 >Canada >existing this can’t be real
>>2590 >Yankee go home! >Death to America! These two three-word combos are the rallying cry of all freedom-loving nations
(1.50 MB 248x380 tenor.gif)
>>2612 If your gonna post something anti-american, use a VPN, because posting anti-americanism with an american flag just makes you look stupid.
>>2767 what's wrong with being american and anti-american?
>>2768 It hurts his fee-fees
>>2768 More often then not it’s a result of daddy issues.
>>2778 Nah, they just realise how shit their country is
>>2842 Belgian identity does not exist.
>>2848 They haven't allowed Catalonia to have independence yet, they're still a monarchy oh yeah, and can't forget about Franco.
>>2852 We have better food than you.
(9.50 KB 294x172 whatlefug.jpg)
>>2852 >VPN is in Ireland >Flag is British
>>2853 Went to visit castilla once, well I actually went to a gas station. So I already saw everything relevant there. >>2854 Happened the same to me, but it was with a ucraine VPN and russian flag came out maybe it was Putin
>>2857 Do Catalans really try to literally beat the shit out of a log of wood for Xmas? That's fucking wild.
>>2867 California is in america. Boom, roasted.
>>2869 Your country is a Frankenstein monstruosity. The same level as Israel.
>>2873 Your country is filled with peruanos.
>>2874 You decided to rename the Louisette
>>2878 >Lithuania. Bruh
>>2901 Only existing flags are allowed to post here
>>2927 > 2020 < still a monarchy What the fuck
>>2928 >Hungary Do I need to say anything?
>>2939 Wannabe prussians lol
>>2942 I'd bet half of the posters here are older than your "country" lmao
>>2945 Time for an anal inspection bro, we can't let anyone with a weed suppository going through here.
How are you still in one piece after all of these years?
>>2945 Yes. What's wrong with it? The whole ceremony starts with men reciting a short poem that ends with asking women if they can be "watered". Women can refuse to participate. The video shows the question at the beginning with the women consenting to it, but for some reason it wasn't translated. It is also overdone here with the bucket, probably to entertain the tourists, in most places it's just a few drops of water, sometimes cologne is used.
>>2947 How are you still in one piece after all of these years?
>>2949 Have you ever been in Trianon? Its a nice place
>>2949 Oh you don't know water problem is ? don't you sea the problem ? Hey you just subscribed to shitty water puns We also have a month when we shoot eggs and water to everyone so yeah that's that >>2950 How are you still in one piece after all of these years? and gib andalucia
>>2970 How are you still in one piece after getting trampled and cut apart by Iberian’s in the longest running own’s in human history?
>>2975 Oi mate how spiderland doing
>>2977 "The (Moroccan) constitution grants the king honorific powers; he is both the secular political leader and the "Commander of the Faithful" as a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed" bruh
>>2979 Pakistani dudes post alcohol on social media as if its some kinda of dangerous illegal drug lmao
>>2995 >dangerous illegal drug Well, I mean it is technically illegal. Plus it's quite a taboo here for people to drink (it's more common for people to smoke weed than to drink) and it's mostly enjoyed by upper-class teens and awara-gard.
>>2998 You live in a real-life HOI meme nation.
>>3044 And you live in Israel’s cum sock
>>2995 >most popular Fakku tag: femdom Interesting...
Homer y Lobezno, no Homero y Uolverín!
(130.69 KB 1000x1000 hat.jpg)
>>3199 real silly hats
>>3212 >Spain >that hat I hope you're kidding
>>3199 >onda vita >el conejo serapio
>>3232 >El guasón >La aguja dinámica
>>3235 >Don Pepe y los globos >Permiten a los Borbomes tener cabezas encima del cuello.
>>1946 you people sound like reggaetoneros lol
>>3336 you people sound like mariachis lol


no cookies?