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(56.27 KB 633x758 17f.jpg)
/bantz/ Anonymous Refugee 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:39:56 No. 1500
Diss the country above you
(130.69 KB 1000x1000 hat.jpg)
>>3199 real silly hats
>>3212 >Spain >that hat I hope you're kidding
>>3199 >onda vita >el conejo serapio
>>3232 >El guasón >La aguja dinámica
>>3235 >Don Pepe y los globos >Permiten a los Borbomes tener cabezas encima del cuello.
>>1946 you people sound like reggaetoneros lol
>>3336 you people sound like mariachis lol
>>3364 most of your people want to become an USA state lol (Bad Bunny is good tho)
pinochetardia, lol
>>3383 Slovakia
>>3671 baguettes love the smell of their own farts >>3336 >AMLO is a communist >Most people are against or indifferent to protesting narco-police killings aww shit, I wanted to roast my own country, but now I feel bad ;_; >>3382 haha ouchh
>>3673 cartels and mass rape
>>3698 I heard on twitter that you people use spanish generals from the 80 years war to scare off children in the netherlands like they're some sort of boogieman, lol.
>>3699 Still don't have Gibraltar
>>3700 How does it feels to always be in second place to America in the “most native people genocides” competition?
>>3707 Why did you guys do to Democratic Kampuchea what America did to you?
>>3733 If they want a war, they got a war. Also why is your country left so cucked politically that you elected dollar store Trump?
>>3735 your "communist revolution" was national liberation struggle all along
>>3777 ZOG
>>3777 How the plague and economy implosion btw Seppo?
>>3792 you lost a war to emus
>>3796 Your country’s left are utter idiots that are proud to not read any theory.
>>3797 Thanks for the shoes
>>3800 Croatia didn't let you have coast lol
>>3803 Yout best shot at socialism, in a stunning display of utter retardation decided to trust the army and take the few weapons workers managed to collect, only to be deposed by a military coup not even a year after. Talk about self cucking.
>>3804 > Spain Do I even need to say more?
>>3811 This shitty movement is never going to occur
>>4330 Fuck you
>>4331 You're Great Britain but with spicy food. Still a kingdom with most parties in power supporting unionism
>>5470 You're the only country that managed to switch sides 3 times in the same war
>>5473 Hehe Canada isn’t even a real country ya fucking loser
>>5483 says the fucking fake loser
>>5473 >>5483 >>5485 all three of you are cucks. We burgers may be insane, but at least we don't still worship some old hag across the sea
>>5489 You worship 7 old white guys that couldn't brush their teeth
>>5492 you worship deez nuts
>>5493 You're american
>>5494 Cartels run your country
>>5495 A Cartel in suits runs yours
>>5496 You're American
>>5507 You're the offspring of 2 different failed empires and an abusive husband that beats you every couple decades
>>5509 You salute the queen lmfao
>>1584 poland can't even get shat on lmfao
>>5511 you jerk off to weird ASMR channels because all the porns are banned
>>5512 discount wanna be France with Anglo characteristics
>>5514 another country cucked by a monarch
>>5515 The occupied half of an already shitty peninsula
>>5516 Shut the fuck up you moose fucking Hoser
>>5523 your pm did blackface lol


no cookies?