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Anonymous Refugee 08/22/2019 (Thu) 17:28:17 No. 149
Tu*k is white you guys!!
Lmao here is fascist "unity" in action. Muh mudblood italians/spaniards, muh asiatic slavs, muh stinky mutts etc etc. They turn on each other like dogs lmao
Literally a cult
(45.59 KB 380x253 g0723030.jpg)
Is varg just a really advanced troll, or do people (and himself) really believe the inane shit he says?
Wait is that Varg?
dunno, but it sure sounds like someone who ate up the retarded shit varg says.
This shit is funny beyond believe.
Haha, so it is really him. massive XD @ that.
He's not saying that t*rks are white.
What he is saying is that people with that phenotype are white irregardless of country of origin because geographical lines on a map are irrelevant and what matters is what you look like.
(15.62 KB 568x168 br.PNG)
turey is enemy now.
But does he consider Greeks white now?
What's with english speaking countries and obsesing about race, I remember going to ireland and beeing asked if I was jewish
He's now saying North American natives are white.
Angloid autisms.
(383.10 KB 740x1024 Elwood A. Towner.jpg)
>He's now saying North American natives are white.
That's not even a new idea
Sometimes I wonder what is going through his head. I think he once said that red hair was not an European trait.
(42.29 KB 600x400 3wgfwg4fe.jpg)
>red hair was not an European trait.
Europe has mostly green hair
Red hair is not a human trait
and what about blonde hair?
Hair in general is not a human trait
>>149 Lmao calling all Pakis and Indians "brown" or even white is so fucking delusional. There are a lot of pathans and kashmiris here, most of whom have a fair skin color. I'm a kashmiri myself. "Pakistanis" are made up of a fuckton of different people lmao, we aren't "white" nor are we "brown". Those are just shit labels made by chuds to classify us into understandable sects.
>>536 That's true though, it might be somewhat more common in certain european ethnic groups, but it is not European the way blonde hair is.
>>1211 >categories have indistinct borders, so they must be invalid! No, you silly liberal.


no cookies?