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(219.09 KB 1485x885 corona.PNG)
Coronavirus PB 02/29/2020 (Sat) 10:26:00 No. 1351
Is the coronavirus already in your country? What measures are being taken by your local governments to prepare or stop the spread of the virus? Did you or someone you know got infected?
>country I was gonna move back to soon just closed it's border's completely and all the people are under quarantine fuckmylifebottomtext I hope this clears up enough to allow me to fly back ;-;
>>1680 reveal the location brother and maybe the glowies here will file a flight plan with the agency
>>1678 Pretty good,with my cat and books. I don't have any supermarkets near home, so I didn't see the shortages. But they have been contained. And today the infected number has risen to 363. >>1679 Probably other places will follow the extension of the lockdowns. Probably here too. >>1680 Do as Hoxha says: "The castle of a worker is his bunker", at least until this ends.
(117.98 KB 738x960 gato socialista.jpg)
Socialist cat demands expropriation of the private healthcare system. Gato socialista demanda la expropiacion del sistema de salud privado.
>>1681 Peru and no the place is shut tighter than a nun’s pussy right now. I’m not going back until later this year which will hopefully be when this virus stops
>>1685 At least you didn't get left behind in the airport as so much stranded foreigners. The humanitarian flights can be counted with the fingers. And all the venecos, informales and ambulantes withouth an income, My Marx. The 2021 election is going to be very spicy.
>>1683 we must also not forget about the brave cats that will now have to tolerate their human pets even more so now since the quarantine started >>1685 yes
I'm scared
>>1692 everyday, it seems something new is announced
>>1669 Same shit's happening here except the mosques aren't being fully closed. These Muslim imams are such dumbasses that they're literally saying that by advising people to remain home to practice sunnah they've "done all they can".
(46.49 KB 838x886 rip.png)
(76.27 KB 1019x905 download.png)
>>1694 yeah same in Bangladesh, imams should be put to the wall also we are now at 113 cases
(3.46 KB 350x182 shqiperia.png)
>Only thing trending [scared]
>>1701 well, it does say "show more"
(37.13 KB 640x360 1477975230564.jpg)
India goes into lock down for 21 days
(207.99 KB 305x323 real shit.gif)
>there already are cases in my town
(39.92 KB 500x562 2uqypz.jpg)
>>1706 thats how i felt >coronavirus first appears <whatever >coronavirus starts to appear outside of china <not in america so fine >appears in America <not in my state so find >appears in my state <not close to my county but troubled >appears in county <uhhhh >appears in town one drive away from my town <fuck
(22.36 KB 633x758 shit nigga.png)
>one of my semi-distant relatives has corona >she's 82
>>1714 It's not a death sentence. She can survive.
>>1715 It's unlikely
>>1716 what is the death rate between age groups. I know older people are affected most, but do you know where I can get actual numbers
(271.34 KB 4500x2400 d9c6kr3s6mo41.png)
>>1716 >>1717 It's a dice throw.
(898.59 KB 4032x3024 poll.jpg)
Left poll: Do you think there will be mass infections in Hungary? > green: don't think so (22%) < red: probably (76%) Right poll: Do you think you will be infected by the virus? > green: don't think so (63%) < red: probably (33%) 🤔
>>1723 why
We've reached 1000 cases and people are still dumb enough to go out shopping and shit in Karachi (the most affected city)
We have reached 100 cases and a curfew has been implemented
>>1732 is it true that government is giving free food to your homes and all bills canceled and you don't have to pay loan for 6 months?
>>1733 That is still in the planning stage and hasn't been implemented yet
(163.57 KB 500x425 drugs.jpg)
>The virus has finally reached my small, out-of-the-way neighbourhood in one of the least populated areas of LA >Governor released a statement estimating 56% of Californians being infected >Have health problems that won't bode well with catching the disease It's not looking good, m8s.
>>1737 Yeah there are 251 cases in my area and I've got pretty bad asthma... and I'm overweight... very paranoid and scared honestly. Feel like I've done next to nothing with my life so far. Hang in there anon, maybe we will be one of the lucky ones.
>>1737 >>1738 Don't worry buds. We'll get through this. Shit looking bleak but we can't give up yet much love from the central valley <3
>>1739 Thank you comrade. <3
>>1739 burger a cute
>China gives Spain a list of authorised companies to sell coronavirus tests >Spain buys it from a company that's not on the list because they're cheaper <They don't work https://www.elmundo.es/espana/2020/03/26/5e7c7b68fc6c83a2118b46ae.html >>1715 It's alright, I don't know her that much it's just that this situation is so weird. >>1737 >>1738 Do you have some friends or someone that can help with buying your groceries?
>>1738 I hope you're right, but it's not looking good. All the best to you too, man. >>1739 Oh shit, didn't realise you were Californio without your flag on. I guess that's what the name "bear" is for. >>1742 >Do you have some friends You don't have to rub it in, Catalanon. ;_;
They just announced stricter quarantine measures here. Curfew will begin at 7pm, 2h earlier than before. Cars with certain license plates will be able transit only on certain days. Sundays are now total quarantine days (only medical and emergency and adjacent services workers will be allowed outside). Nothing will open.
>>1749 Jesus
>>1749 My country just announced 13 more days of quarantine. And also we have 585 infected. 15 in ICU and 14 of those in mecanic ventilators. >At least I still have some savings.
>>1708 I can feel you brother. I was in the capitol when the outbreak started, and in the week prior to that the other countries were getting cases 1 by 1. When I was in the airport, it was overcrowded and nobody had masks and no checkups. Fuck, it was a mess. The day after I come, 1 case was confirmed. At least it was in the other part of the city. Now we have 9 if I'm correct.
They just announced the curfew. It will begin tomorrow and last for two weeks. The details are not public yet.
https://twitter.com/BorisJohnson/status/1243496858095411200 apology for poor english when were you when Boris Johnson dies? i was sat at home quarantined when pjotr ring ‘Boris is kill’ ‘yes!’
(9.10 KB 275x183 dxcfgvhbj.jpg)
>>1760 After this, I'm definitely sure that Trump has it as well
(430.33 KB 1200x1600 military hospital 2.jpg)
(681.11 KB 1600x1200 military hospital.jpg)
Forgot to say this, but the military is also deployed all across the country. I've also heard that old people who get sick with the virus don't get threatment and are just anesthetized and left to die. But I can't provide a source to that claim.
(1.35 MB spain.mp4)
>>1880 Theres this audio of a nurse talking about an audio talking about letting old people die
(40.49 KB 1134x420 Corona virus.PNG)
Well, we just beat china with cases and we will probably beat Italy soon
We're at 1625 cases now. fugggg
>>1753 Hi Peru-anon. How are the prisons looking there? Is there any chance that Guzmán can break out in the chaos, or is the situation under tight control? Also, what Mariátegui book would you recommend for a semi-proficient Spanish reader? t. 2nd-gen Peruvian-American
>>1959 As a good undevelovep country, our prisons are shit and overpopulated. Some of them violate human rights by existing lol (challapalca is a example i think, at least the sepa is closed and el fronton is in ruins since Alan bombed it to the ground). About Guzman, the only chance he gets out of prison is 2 plans: General Amnesty to all (war criminals of right to left) supported by Fujimoristas, Movadef and Etnocaceristas. Or the total breakup and anarchy in Peru. The "chinito" can't get out of jail because he has a similar criminal history to Guzman (human rights violation, murder, etc) and several law proyect with his name cannot pass because of this. Well, the most known and surely there is a traduction of "7 essays of the peruvian reality". Well, the introduction to the book "the forth sword" by Roncagliolo (i havent found an english traducction) put it this way: "The jail that locks Abimael Guzman was built especially for him, and it's the most secure in the world. To scape,Guzman would need to break walls of 40 cm thick made of explotion proof concrete. After that, he would need to face seven metal doors with custody and a wall of 8 mts with spiked metal and watched by many towers. The exterior perimeter is surrounded by a mine field. If he could surpass that, he still would have to run 200 m of swamps to the sea. If he goes to the other direction , he would find himself in the Callao Naval Base. In his more than 70 years and with problems of blood pressure, it's not very probable that he tries it." In a twist of fate for those that not know, the Callao Naval Base is home for the most known prisioners in Peru: Abimael Guzman (PCP-SL, founder), Victor Polay Campos(MRTA, founder), Vladimiro Montesinos "el Doc" (CIA agent in his youth, strongman in the 90's and leader of the National Inteligence Service) and "Artemio"(last leader of the armed SP guerrilla-terrorist forced in the Huallaga jungles-the Quispe Palomino brothers have denounced Guzman). So, Guzman has to talk with the people he wage war against for the rest of his life.
>>2034 Damn. I have heard a bit about the massacres at the prisons, but I haven't been made aware that El Frontón remains in ruins. I have heard of La Cuarta Espada before but I have yet to read it. I'll pick it up and read it now with the incoming lockdown in California, I guess. I'm trying to learn as much as possible of the PCP. How about the Narco LARPer offshoots of SL in the VRAEM? Or the FUDEPP? Is it true that the FUDEPP and the MOVADEF are playing a sort of War of Position and waiting it out for a future People's War?
>>2039 Well, the obed that remain sellong drugs have denounced Gonzalo, years ago. And their jistory to power is pretty mischevious. The brothers were lints. Of Feliciano, of the Proseguir (Continue) faction, but they decided to take control, so they negociated with the army the capture of Feliciano and, well, he is still in prison. The mayority of videos pos 2014 are from them, including a manifest in youtube to young men and women to enlist in the "Revolutionary Militant Comunist party". They were in the news some weeks ago before the Coronavirus lockdowns because they've killed some wannabe desertors and snitches, including a nephew of the high comand. About the Fudepp and Movadef, well you can see it that way. They haven't done more than ask to the gov politely to free Guzman and others. And make the gov send more snitches to the university, (sometimes when a leftwing scholar or demonstration happen, you will notice a gov snitch). The SL guys that enrole in Movadef still believe in armed struggle, contrary to the electoral left. But well, as others say:Maybe another 20 years will make the people forget the past.


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