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(219.09 KB 1485x885 corona.PNG)
Coronavirus PB 02/29/2020 (Sat) 10:26:00 No. 1351
Is the coronavirus already in your country? What measures are being taken by your local governments to prepare or stop the spread of the virus? Did you or someone you know got infected?
>>2646 >Is PR taking any proper steps to assert independence now take a big guess. Even among all this shit all they can talk about is the statehood referendum in november. >>2644 damn >>2649 does that law target catalanes as well? >>2652 oh no
>>2652 10 000? You are like a little baby Watch this 21 000 A ton of new cases compared with >>2600
>>2673 Jesus. What are the news saying about that? how's the government reacting?
>>2673 39,620 in the Golden State alone
Almost 9000 active cases and 300 deaths. fuggggg
>>2682 >39,620 yikes.
(104.41 KB 885x960 1587762875266.jpg)
Over 270,000 cases in my state and im in the city
>>2698 Fuuccccck, is it NYC?
the international fair of casablanca was transformed in less than 10 day into a hospital. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=871gmE4DMu8&feature=emb_title also 3758 cases. >>2682 >>2698 >>2683 Stay safe camrades
>>2698 fugg my state has bitch nigga numbers when compared to yours
(326.58 KB 1080x1083 RlLsR6h.jpg)
>>2699 yea. maybe not so ironic but there's a neighborhood not too far from me called corona. it's a working class mostly hispanic neighborhood and it's been the hardest hit place in the entire city >>2700 same to you
(58.27 KB 960x580 shit hit the fa.jpg)
>>2677 The health minister has declared in red alert all health facilities in the country. The president no longer does daily updates on the situation. People are still travelling by foot to places where they have somewhere to live (landlords have evicted people or they have leaved to save some money) In the north and 1 province in the jungle shit hit the fan I think. Like, there were 3 mecanical respirators precorona and now there are 15 but critical patients have to wait in the trees in the park of the hospital level. >>2683 >>2698 >>2708 Hope that there is a production of respirators comrades. Here is in diapers. 25331 infected and 700 dead.
>>2716 holy shit comrade
(56.39 KB 964x912 2dpwzw.jpg)
>>2716 >People are still travelling by foot to places >half the country without work >critical patients have to wait in the trees in the park of the hospital level. that's fucking terrible
>>2708 >there's a neighborhood not too far from me called corona. Im have family that literally lives near the same area. Hope they all die unironically tho Stay safe anon. >>2716 Holy shit. That's a recipe for a serious shitshow.
>>2717 I miss these niggas like you wouldn't believe
>>2719 why?
>>2737 Cuz they suck and treat me and my siblings like shit. Also they are copz and military christfag pseudo gusanos.
>>2741 I see. I hope for the same thing then lol
14080 CASES
(244.66 KB 1570x1010 desescalada.jpg)
(56.93 KB 859x536 Translation.PNG)
The central goberment has already anounced the deescalation plan (pics)
33 931 confirmed cases 943 deaths Some journalists have questioned if the death toll is real, IDL-reporteros saying that the real number can be more than a thousand. And the goverment, has addmited that yeah, it's pretty difficult have the real number. Today phrase: If you go to buy potatoes or lettuce, you are getting coronavirus as a bonus After 1 on 5 traders in a principal market in Lima test positive to covid.
(1.03 KB 24x19 1585733822652.png)
>>2781 What's the situation on protective gear for regular people like gloves or masks? Is there enough equipment to go around
>>2788 No, there are protests daily in the hospitals because of the lack of PPE. And about masks, there is a absolute scarcity of them. The gov. only gives basic masks, the health workers have to buy themselves the n95.
(83.62 KB 800x603 worry goncerned.jpg)
>one of neighbours has the virus
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7tpo2z Fights between cops and citizens who for the quarantine
Looks like people got bored with it, coronavirus is not cancelled.
(90.22 KB 824x549 _MG_9462.jpg)
800 cases and 3 deaths Most of them are Bangladeshi expats who live in terrible conditions
(3.19 MB 5765x6400 c9y6vfym00y41.png)
For once I can say im proud of my country
Well, two more weeks of quarantine and the first businesses will be begin opening. <2057 deaths (official number) <72 059 cases of Covid19 confirmed >Some doctors have said in TV that we are entering the flattening, we will see in a week if it was true. >The medical unions have demanded the health minister to quit, because they didn't get the neceary support in the most affected regions. >he basically said : No, fuck you, I'm needed to make this ship get in port. >For the ones interested in peruvian politics. The UPP party in congress has divided. Now there is the UPP and the Patriotic Etnocacerista Front (now properly said and with Antauro Humala as a leader).
>>3029 Are they the ruling party or the opposition?
>>3029 >Antauro Humala as leader So I'm guessing that the Frente Patriótico Etnocacerista is more extreme than the UPP. Am I correct?
(240.60 KB 720x1202 peruviancongresshilight.jpg)
>>3030 Opposition, they had thirteen total seats prior to this chimpout lol. These guys are all Ethnocacerists, Peruvian Nazbols. The whole ideological conception of Ethnocacerism came from Isaac Humala whose sons wound up having wildly divergent political fates. The one Peruanon is talking about here, Antauro Humala, was a former army major that was imprisoned for attempting an insurrection that killed several cops back in 2005. He was so rowdy and violent in his original prison that the Peruvian state decided to transfer him to the max security prison housed within the Callao Naval Base—he shares the prison with people like ex-president war criminal Alberto Fujimori and Abimael Guzmán (Chairman Gonzalo of the Shining Path). So, the Patriotic Ethnocacerist Front is basically declaring that their party leader is a very unhinged inmate. Polite sage for peruANO politics
>>3036 *launching a failed insurrection
https://youtu.be/PY63yG4ai0s In the rich parts of Madrid people are protesting the lockdown and the "social-comunist" goberment or however they call it
WE DID IT BOIS WE REACH 100 000 CASES Well right now is at 99 405 or something, but we are growing 4000 a day. So yeah, we have risen up in the latinosphere.
(707.12 KB 3000x3000 trump pony.png)
>>3113 Amateur numbers. USA #1! gets more than 100,000 cases every week between Monday and Friday.
>>3114 USA number one indeed. We reached 100 000 cases. But they have reached 100 000 dead.
Now they will start reopening everything. Shit's gonna get real I'm telling you. >>3114 Nice job.
(26.14 KB 859x350 60y4b8juk.png)
It looks like we have reached the peak.
https://youtu.be/2H3vpkmE-6Q Vox (far-right party) made a manifestation today
(4.15 MB mani hoy.mp4)
>>3229 lol, the guy is screaming "Swede"
>>3230 kekeo bien durito con eso JAJAJAJA csm
(35.94 KB 759x367 cases.png)
Chile was doing okay and then fucked up because the dumb right-wing government was too cocksure and tried to play with partial quarantines for two months instead of a full one for two weeks.
>>3233 Ay bro, que decirte, seguro al proletariado y a los "clases medias" con un pie en el hoyo ya se les quemo los ahorros. Aca todos trabajan por su cuenta (70% no paga al estado), por lo que la medidas solo sirven por la fuerza que manifieste el gobierno. Pero entre capitalismo salvaje con sus amantes corrupcion y estado chico/desfinanciado nos fuimos al carajo. Bonos que no salen y si se entregan no caen a quien deberia, empresarios ratas (los progres de la republica son unas ratas), y un surplus de mano de obra (gracias a la desregulacion y la entrada a puertas abiertas de venezolanos). En fin, una mierda.
(213.81 KB 762x516 peru ahora.jpg)
172 000 As many, i barely care and care a lot. The neoliberal law and order is shit. The economy is going to shit. The sellers of medicines are greedy pigs. The goverment cannot do anything (the constitution forbids too much gov. intervention). Liberals are shit. FUCK THOSE FUCKERS WHO ARE IN FAVOUR OF BENEFITING THE PRIVATE HEALTH SECTOR INSTEAD OF THE PUBLIC ONE.
>>3456 >172 000 oof that sucks. Here they decided to reopen because of le economy and boom, 400 cases in a single day, biggest rate of infections for a single day.
(7.49 KB 272x204 kuma_shocked.png)
Apparently, someone my parents know got the Coronavirus. Got them more paranoid than they already were


no cookies?