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(227.43 KB 2289x1526 PicsArt_01-29-10.04.26.jpg)
The post-Xenoleft 01/30/2020 (Thu) 02:22:51 No. 1262
Opinion on this flag
It's too detailed
Too much text
What's the text supposed to mean? It makes next to no sense.
(59.00 KB 600x600 15067415029360.jpg)
>>1278 Pic is not bad, but my poor eyes are bleeding from such style in russian text. It has some(little) sense, but terrible style and mistakes ruin the message. I'd use english translation, or at least use russian in more proper way. It's something like: "Accelerate! Acceleration is idea, that the only way onwards, lies through deepening and overcoming." Or, if you prefer in russian: Ускоряйтесь! Ускорение - это идея о том, что единственный путь в будущее лежит через углубление и преодоление. That's really not much better, but initial text was bad, so I did what i can.
yikes! is all I can say. horrible flag.
>>1262 Words on flags are a terrible idea. You should know.
As a crest or banner or something, it could work, but you need to shorten your motto and do a better job of integrating it, or making it look deliberately disorder. Right now it has too much BOTTOM TEXT energy. But not as a flag.
>>1262 can't read/10
>>1262 It's good. Reminds me of the Makhnovia flag (which probably inspired by). The Text looks too digital though like you just typed on a computer. It'd be better if you made the writing look more natural.


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