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(28.10 KB 680x344 1507912679361.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 08/11/2019 (Sun) 12:42:05 No. 41 [Reply] [Last]
hello i am lost belgian boi someone pls halp
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>>55 not OP but im Flemish,is that bad?
>>1446 Yes. But not good at typing hindi in english letters
>>1449 >but im Flemish,is that bad? Het kon erger. We zijn gelukkig geen Amerikanen.
>>1454 Can you read nastaliq? Cause I can't write in Devanagari
>>1465 We can just use english man. It's simpler than all gazillion languages we got.

(227.43 KB 2289x1526 PicsArt_01-29-10.04.26.jpg)
The post-Xenoleft 01/30/2020 (Thu) 02:22:51 No. 1262 [Reply] [Last]
Opinion on this flag
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(59.00 KB 600x600 15067415029360.jpg)
>>1278 Pic is not bad, but my poor eyes are bleeding from such style in russian text. It has some(little) sense, but terrible style and mistakes ruin the message. I'd use english translation, or at least use russian in more proper way. It's something like: "Accelerate! Acceleration is idea, that the only way onwards, lies through deepening and overcoming." Or, if you prefer in russian: Ускоряйтесь! Ускорение - это идея о том, что единственный путь в будущее лежит через углубление и преодоление. That's really not much better, but initial text was bad, so I did what i can.
yikes! is all I can say. horrible flag.
>>1262 Words on flags are a terrible idea. You should know.
As a crest or banner or something, it could work, but you need to shorten your motto and do a better job of integrating it, or making it look deliberately disorder. Right now it has too much BOTTOM TEXT energy. But not as a flag.
>>1262 can't read/10

(34.02 KB 400x400 3464356.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 02/06/2020 (Thu) 19:14:46 No. 1298 [Reply] [Last]
Gente, ¿que opinais del iberismo? ¿A favor o en contra? ¿Como haríais una nueva nación ibérica?
Pues como idea, de puta madre. El problema es que el movimiento para hacerlo es inexistente. Aparte, seguramente si una unión ocurriese, seguramente se parecería mas a una anexión española de Portugal que a una unión igualitaria.
Por cierto, acabo de encontrar esta página https://www.sociedadiberista.org Tienen un manifiesto y todo lol
>>140 De cierta manera en contra por el simple hecho de que vería la unión muy desnivelada la pega que le pongo pero si los Portugués aceptan perfecto mientras sea de igualdad total entre sus mienbros

(236.27 KB 719x480 ZomboMeme 11092019164848.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 09/11/2019 (Wed) 20:30:15 No. 368 [Reply] [Last]
Czy jest tu jakikolwiek polski lewuk?(jestem samotny lol)
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Czołem wielkiej POlsce
(3.70 MB Dzień Świra.webm)
W sumie nie wiem czy postuję na martwym, ale co tam... Kto z was z #antykapitalizm z wykop peel?
>>1378 No elo Jebać Neuropę
>>1379 Jebać Neuropkę i kuców

(888.21 KB 2560x1440 471674-Miami.jpg)
(8.90 KB 340x232 north-miami-aerial-340x232.jpg)
Name the most reactionary area in your Country Anonymous Refugee 02/14/2020 (Fri) 23:53:11 No. 1316 [Reply] [Last]
I’ll start, Miami. Every Porky, no matter what region, or country they come from, goes and retires in the City.
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(108.86 KB 1200x630 ninove.jpg)
>>1316 Most reactionary or most bourgeois? The most reactionary as in susceptible to fascist politics would currently be Ninove (pic related), but it's not a bourgeois neighborhood, it's just a place where demagogues are succesfully tricking the working class. The most bourgeois, perhaps some rich village (Sint-Martens-Latem, Lasne, Hove, De Pinte...) or rich area/suburb of Brussels. Many of our porkies went to live in Switzerland or elsewhere anyways.
>>1336 Such beautiful people
>>1336 >that arm every fucking time
>>1339 Wtf, is that a normal thing?
>>1340 it’s normal for mentally disabled /pol/acks

Anonymous Refugee 02/16/2020 (Sun) 12:27:37 No. 1323 [Reply] [Last]
http://steen.free.fr/interslavic/index.html Что вы думаете о этом языке?
It seems cool and interesting.
Interesting, but what actual uses does it have?

(19.13 KB 240x240 240px-Lewica_razem.png)
Polska - wybory 2020 Anonymous Refugee 02/03/2020 (Mon) 03:22:54 No. 1284 [Reply] [Last]
Czy są tu jakieś polskie anonki? Jak myślicie, warto brać udział w wyborach prezydenckich?

(893.07 KB 755x840 1566455480094.png)
(154.68 KB 640x411 1566459319020.jpg)
(107.19 KB 728x537 1566464582609.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 08/22/2019 (Thu) 17:28:17 No. 149 [Reply] [Last]
Tu*k is white you guys!!
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Hair in general is not a human trait
>>149 Lmao calling all Pakis and Indians "brown" or even white is so fucking delusional. There are a lot of pathans and kashmiris here, most of whom have a fair skin color. I'm a kashmiri myself. "Pakistanis" are made up of a fuckton of different people lmao, we aren't "white" nor are we "brown". Those are just shit labels made by chuds to classify us into understandable sects.
>>536 That's true though, it might be somewhat more common in certain european ethnic groups, but it is not European the way blonde hair is.
>>1211 >categories have indistinct borders, so they must be invalid! No, you silly liberal.

中华聊 罗小立##sJ13ss 08/28/2019 (Wed) 15:24:36 No. 250 [Reply] [Last]
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I just did
>>590 not chinese, but lots of chinese people online have watched anime and know characters like Hatsune Miku, she has even performed in China recently Also something being "illegal" isn't going to stop them, they still use things like YouTube
>>1215 酷炫

(58.52 KB 315x500 2134555801_215ef69071.jpg)
Holiday Thread Anonymous Refugee 12/24/2019 (Tue) 12:42:31 No. 1101 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we're sharing local holiday traditions, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, May Day or celebration of independence or revolutions. Beginning with the obvious of the day, Christmas. At this day in many parts of Europe, the Christkind goes around bringing presents to the children rather than Santa Claus. This started out as a Protestant tradition kicked off by Luther, however it got popular with catholics too. In Poland, so i heard, there is the story that animals talk on Christmas Eve to entertain the children. and make them pester their pets with attempts of conversation. Share your peculiar stories of how you're spending your holidays.
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>>1122 Is the baby edible?
>>1157 Nah, it's usually made out of plastic or ceramic. The person who hosts the next party just uses the same baby from the previous year.
(4.37 MB 315x210 mindblown.gif)
>>1122 Weird, I grew up in Dallas an always associated this with black people and nawlins, not Hispanics. Also the baby was just good luck, not hosting another party.
>>1176 I've never actually heard of black people doing this. Interesting. I know it's a tradition from Spain, so maybe it's borrowed like how they made their own version of the menorah for Kwanzaa.
Might as well since it is tomorrow. Might vary across Chinese diaspora or mainlanders. Anyway every time when the lunar calendar restarts. Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. It begins on the eve whereby everyone has to come home to eat Reunion Dinner usually with their extended family. If you are married it would be the husband's extended family. Although sometimes they would have a similar dinner before that with the wife's extended family. The next day would be visiting relatives and wishing them happy new year with mandarin oranges, usually with a blessing in advancement in wealth, health or family. In return red packets are usually given in return. They are packets containing money. It is taboo to open in front of the person and no, turning around to open it still counts. The amount of money inside is actually a interesting social game. Too much and you are seen are flexing too hard and spoiling market, so little and people will think you are cheapstake. You also give in relative relationship to the person. A grandparent is going to give their grandchildren far more than a family's child. Hence Red packets are quite personalized to the receiver. The period of celebration 2 weeks. Over here expect pestering relatives, steamboat dinners, a lot of indoor gambling and the police closing one eye on it. A local SEA tradition is Yusheng (3rd pic related), where a collection of vegetables and meat is placed together with sauces and crackers. After some wishes and blessings, the people toss the food into a messy mixture using chopsticks making loud declarations of what they want to happen. The higher you throw, the more likely it is to happen.


no cookies?