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Anonymous Refugee 11/04/2020 (Wed) 08:30:13 No. 5992 [Reply] [Last]
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>>5992 irmão
(16.03 KB 838x503 shitflag.jpg)
>>6025 lol
(185.04 KB 1242x885 2Gf8dPx.jpg)
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(90.84 KB 1360x758 bote.jpg)
American Boat Day. Anonymous Refugee 11/03/2020 (Tue) 11:49:34 No. 5966 [Reply] [Last]
It's tiem. Today is the days that Americans get on the boat that will decide the future. Post about boating here. Serious dissusions only, ok?
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>>6006 jesus, it's really amazing seeing one of these ELITE HIGH SPEED SPECIAL OPERATORS™ get tied and paraded around like a kidnapped MSF doctor. why are they so physically small and skinny despite still working a security job? the venzuelans look like supersoldiers next to them
>>6008 >the venzuelans look like supersoldiers It could be the equipment, and also the captured thugs were probably not supplied properly by their imperial masters.
(355.39 KB 220x220 mj.gif)
>>6017 they were two ex-green berets leading dozens of trained people - their equipment seemed fine based on other photos and probably more sophisticated than what an individual Venezuelan soldier would have. one of them was a Qanon believer to a rather alarming extent. they were living in their own hollywood action movie in their minds. fucking nutjobs

(111.10 KB 479x330 no.png)
PUTANGINA Anonymous Refugee 11/03/2020 (Tue) 13:22:46 No. 5969 [Reply] [Last]
(472.33 KB 2000x1640 pat.jpg)
>>5969 patagonia

(376.84 KB 1600x1200 1*cjIPgShTIho3X6cYT7AE9A.jpeg)
Papi 07/27/2020 (Mon) 21:39:27 No. 4232 [Reply] [Last]
What are your thoughts on Indian Joker?
every edgy right-wing twitter account with a joker profile pic wishes to be him

(552.28 KB 1024x768 GeorgeSoros.jpg)
help Anonymous Refugee 06/29/2020 (Mon) 21:25:42 No. 3928 [Reply] [Last]
im new and dont know the boards very well, where would i head on this website to find the pictures of fat nuts thank you
o7 fellow liberal
Alright, heres the rundown. >>>/leftypol/ is where general politics is. >>>/tech/ is for all things tech related >>>/edu/ is for educational things, such as history, literature, math, science and etc >>>/games/ is for all things video games >>>/hobby/ For anything that isn't already a board, such as fitness and film, but not for shitposting >>>/GET/ is for all things shitposting and >>>/ref/ where you are at right now, is where all international posting is >>>/gulag/ for all complaints about bunkerchan >>>/roulette/ is random board. It used to be anime, but currently is nothing >>>/a/ weeb shit >>>/dead/ for anarchists who don't want to post in leftypol
pig balls, never pooped
poop balls
>>3944 /games/ is also for tabletop games btw

Anonymous Refugee 10/16/2019 (Wed) 16:26:05 No. 539 [Reply] [Last]
Is Kaban popular with the /ref/ugees?
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(582.94 KB 1000x800 1577893604597.png)
>>5398 Backpacker (lmao) from Pokemon
>>5428 Pokemon what
>>5459 oh sorry. Gen V and VII
(49.92 KB 512x362 unnamed-5.jpg)

(7.74 KB 261x216 pancelt.gif)
(96.24 KB 924x960 EbmhS6vWkAIf_Bf.jpg)
What is the Celtic League? 06/30/2020 (Tue) 11:46:15 No. 3937 [Reply] [Last]
Hi, I'm absolutely clueless about it and I was wondering what kind of people want independance for ex-celtic regions. Do young people of celtic origins larp as hard as /pol/yps? Are young people even interested in celtic culture revival? I recently saw a campaign for Welsh independance and it seemed very popular. Btw you can turn it into a celt general but I was just wondering about celtic activists for a story I'm writing.
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>>3937 CymRag here who came from rural area of Wales, didn't learn English until he went to school. Whole family speaks Welsh. Go to shop, speak Welsh. See friends, speak Welsh. Fast Forward 7 years later, move to more Urban area. Nobody speaks mothertongue, everything anglicised. Governments push for "diversity" means more and more English and Foreigners coming here and not bothering to learn the language or care about our culture. Basically home office is trying to finish the Job they started in the 18th century. Hurrah for ethnic cleansing.
(165.29 KB 1024x768 Y Ddraig Goch.png)
>>5497 Are you for Plaid? I heard they put forward an outline towards Welsh independence recently. As a burger plastic paddy, I think your language is super cool, way cooler than Irish even (and somehow still more widely spoken I believe in terms of both proportion and raw numbers).
>Hi, I'm absolutely clueless about it and I was wondering what kind of people want independance for ex-celtic regions. <Ireland The UK held a referendum and Irish Republicans won taking them out of the UK. UK took all the regions in the north of Ireland which had a very large amount of residents who were of Anglo-Scottish Ancestry (and had even invented their own dialect) and made a loophole that let Northern Ireland immediately "Declare independence" then Annex themselves to the UK and threaten to reinvade Ireland if they tried to retake it by force so Terrorism began to emrge in N.I >Scotland. Plenty of people from lots of different political perspectives support Scot independence and a lot of evidence shows if they were to hold another referendum at this point it would probably actually pass. The SNP is a "big tent" which will probably split in half and both become part of the Scottish Labour Party and Scottish Conservatives and LibDems if Scotland ever became independent. >Wales. Not nearly as an imminent issue as Scotland or Ireland but a growing concept. Plaid Cymru has been favoured very well in the welsh elections. >Brettony >Cornwall Absolutely dead lmao.
>>3937 irish here and most young people in my city (dublin) support taking back northern ireland from the britfags who are disliked by most. also, the Irish language is mandatory in all schools but no one bothers to learn it well.
>>3937 It's not really that popular in Wales. The nationalist movement has always been dominated by petty-bourgeois types.

(37.93 KB 707x483 lang.JPG)
The Great Language game. Anonymous Refugee 05/23/2020 (Sat) 00:39:42 No. 3215 [Reply] [Last]
sadly the site is dead, but the replacements are good too! Let's see who get's the highest score. https://greatlanguagegame.com/ https://lingyourlanguage.com/
Edited last time by pb on 09/25/2020 (Fri) 20:35:52.
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Quite curious, those of you that don't have a clue about it, how do you recognize / perceive Lithuanian? Does it have some sort of recognizable feature or a comparison?
>>5422 It's hard to say really. For me it in the not-russian camp. When I hear it I immediately hone in on Polish, so I go it's gotta be either polish or lithuanian if both options are presented.
I've come to realise that most times I try this, I end up getting a clip that's in either Swedish or Norwegian and with both as choices. It's literally a pure guess in that case. Pretty much the same for Russian and Ukrainian. I thought they sound more different from each other, but I guess there may be dialects that sound less alike, like in Swedish and Norwegian? Also, twice I've gotten Finnish where the speaker has a speech impediments of some kind. One is an infamous guy who pronounces R as uvular like in German or French who's on practically every site for Finnish audio materials (Omniglot replaced his audios only after several years), the other had a slight lisp. It isn't their fault, but it's kinda weird to include them in this kind of stuff. Has anyone noticed, do the clips in other languages also include speech impediments sometimes? It wouldn't be weird even if they don't, though, since so many Finns have speech impediments... even I kinda do tbh. So far in my dozens of attempts, I've gotten Czech right once! My impression is that it really doesn't sound Slavic in either phonology or intonation, it sounds more Indo-Iranian or like Armenian or Albanian or something than Slavic, but it's also more Slavic-sounding than actual Indo-Iranian languages or Armenian (to about the same degree as Albanian). I have no idea why. Is it always like that? Somehow I can't find a single video on Youtube with actual Czech speech in it (more than individual phrases), what the fuck. >>5422 There aren't any dead giveaways, but I think like "if it sounds somewhere between Slavic and Iranian languages, it's probably Lithuanian". The presence of [æː] is also a good indicator. Those do apply to Czech too, which is why I've gotten the two of them mixed up on this at least twice, but somehow I feel like Czech sounds even less Slavic in spite of actually being a Slavic language and more vaguely Indo-Iranian than just Iranian. Latvian, meanwhile, sounds slightly like Estonian but Lithuanian doesn't.
Because I'm a turboautist and have too much time, I tried on the "omniglot" mode... >first time First one I got wrong was Italian. The speaker pronounced R as uvular and one of the choices was Quebec French, which I've only heard once in a song so I have no idea how it actually sounds spoken, so I clicked on that. Second one I got wrong was Vietnamese, the only other choice was Khmer so of course I got it wrong. I have zero clue how to tell those two apart, or any Southeast Asian languages tbh. (Somehow I got Zulu right out of seven African languages. It was just a guess, it just sounded like how I imagine a language called "Zulu" would sound lmao... lucky guess.) Last one I got wrong was Serbian, I thought it was Bulgarian. I just heard some Slavic words and it sounded really Slavic, but as evident, I can't tell Slavic languages apart so I just guessed and got it wrong. >second time Technically the third time, but I misclicked on the wrong language knowing it was wrong the second time very early on so I'm not counting it. First one I got wrong was Shona, I clicked on Igbo. Honestly no idea how either of them sound, the clip didn't have those whistled sibilants Shona is famous for so I picked at random the one whose name I thought fit the sound the best. Obviously that's not a tactic that works most of the time. Second one I got wrong was Bosnian, I clicked on Ukrainian because it sounded like Russian but stiffer and "clearer".

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What's up in Burkina Faso as of now?

(2.24 MB video0.mp4)
/diaspora/ Anonymous Refugee 03/21/2020 (Sat) 12:39:52 No. 1651 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for children of immigrants or otherwise displaced peoples >Parent's original country or region >Country they moved to >Do you ever feel like going back? I'm from South America, born in the USA, and yes I do plan on returning soon.
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>>3023 >implying the UK's industrial progress wasn't from stealing the resources and labor of its old colonies >implying that the history of the UK isn't as contentious as Australia
Laotian parents who moved to the United States around the Laotian Civil War or Secret War. It'd be weird since I was born in the states, but I never really learned their language or culture, so no.
(421.05 KB 2835x1348 photo_2.png)
>>1651 Kazakhstan to US No, Theyre too cucked, plus we're Armenian and Kazakhs dont really like us too much
>>5918 Nuiuuuuuuuu But I like Booba!!!!

(161.98 KB 400x600 Colt45.png)
Anonymous Refugee 10/17/2020 (Sat) 01:29:26 No. 5662 [Reply] [Last]
Do you have forties (40oz≈1200mL beer bottles) in your country? I'd argue it's one of the greatest damn things Burgerstan has contributed to the earth. Drinks truly for the proles, with no bourgeois pretension about them.
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(339.24 KB 2880x2880 cervezaxibeca.jpg)
Here we have a 1L one wich goes arround for 1,30 € or so. Altrough if you're going full price per quantity then it migth be better to get a pack of cans, since the cheap ones can go for lower than 25 cents. Also heard than in Germany they can buy 50 cents 0,50L cans. Plus they get 25 cents back when returning the can
We do, same as you, but people prefer buying cheap 75c cans or alcoholic capri-suns
>>5662 Six pack of half litres at a little under 3EUR here. I don't really see the appeal of 1L+ bottles of liquor, doesn't the pseudo-fizz wear out by the time you're a little over halfway through? >inb4 lightweight
>>5676 For us at least it is used with paper cups at social outings and picnics and such.
In the glass bottle era the norm used to be 33 cl crown cap and 1 liter screw cap. Beer in can was artificially more expensive because of tax on the container. Now everything comes in either 33 cl or 50 cl can. The regulations state that the cheapest container must be the smallest so there's no incentive to deviate from these. >>5676 50 cl of 4.5 % lager goes at 2 € cheapest, with 0.15 c deposit. (Ganja is 20 €/g and speed is 35.)


no cookies?