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where is bunkermag Anonymous Refugee 12/27/2019 (Fri) 20:39:09 No. 1108 [Reply] [Last]
what happened to bunkermag?
>>1108 It has been dead for years

Esperanta fadeno Anonymous Refugee 08/17/2019 (Sat) 08:52:49 No. 111 [Reply] [Last]
Saluton, kamaradoj!

Ĉu iu tie ĉi parolas la internacian lingvon Esperanto?
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(78.81 KB 1104x1132 negxbatalo.jpg)
Feliĉan Zamenhof-tagon, kamaradoj!
(48.58 KB 608x464 mpv-shot0037.jpg)
Nun ekzistas esperanta bildforumo ĉe endchan: https://endchan.net/esperanto/
(67.56 KB 717x480 9886_n.jpg)
Ciferoj por esperanto!

(11.78 KB 311x162 images.jpg)
rebuild bunkerchan Anonymous Refugee 12/25/2019 (Wed) 11:36:16 No. 1103 [Reply] [Last]
Hay to the people who love the boards dead and tech. happy holidays https://bunkerchan.xyz/tech/ https://bunkerchan.xyz/dead/

(189.16 KB 1300x1300 ahds.jpg)
Hands around the world. PB 10/29/2019 (Tue) 19:56:28 No. 595 [Reply] [Last]
I hope this thread serves as a welcome to new /ref/ugees, and also for those who have been here a while to get to know each other.
Tell us something about your contry and about yourself.
Let's get all the flags we can in this thread!
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Hungary is a depressing place with no hope or future. I think about killing myself every day.
If Germany didn’t want American military bases in their land they wouldn’t’ve started two world wars.
The only reason Bavarians pretend they aren’t Germans is because they want to avoid Holocaust guilt.
if i wanted to do that i'd move to france
>>595 About me: I'm from Belgium (Flanders). I'm a student and active in a marxist org. Also enjoy running and playing theatre. I'm a bit of a chaotic person, often struggling to combine my activism with my free time. About my country: A strange place but I like it. Especially the people, the towns and the beer. Politically speaking, our government (or governments more precisely) is becoming more and more right-wing and that is concerning. But at the same time the 'far left' (PVDA) is growing faster than basically anywhere in Europe. This is because they are tactically very strong, using concrete problems and struggles encountered by workers, thinking on a European level, etc. So there is hope.
>>694 But don’t you guys have good food?

(38.31 KB 1280x853 UNflag.png)
One World Government Anonymous Refugee 09/29/2019 (Sun) 04:55:14 No. 456 [Reply] [Last]
Why are people opposed to it?
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being druk is easier then being sober
Funnily enough the last Emperor of Austria became the most vocal advocate for a worldwide unitarian government. Might have something to do with the fact he only reigned for 2 days before the Austrian Empire ceased to exist though.
Edited last time by yugo on 10/29/2019 (Tue) 02:32:02.
>brit flag
This is Anglo oppression, I'm Irish I swear ;-;
If a one world government were set up it would be used to prop neoliberal ideology as is the EU.
Because any actual world government would just be hypercapitalist in nature. And the conditions of late stage capitalism will lead to a one world government anyway

(74.57 KB 598x595 untitled2.png)
Anonymous Refugee 12/03/2019 (Tue) 21:42:10 No. 744 [Reply] [Last]
You may not like the idea of a Balkan union but it truly is peak performance
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try fixing balkan borders without just doing this
protip: you can't
We’re the best at making thing shity, now how about a baltic union?
no, that's soviet land
everything should be soviet land

(34.45 KB 720x534 IMG_20190128_073706.jpg)
H8chan gone Anonymous Refugee 08/06/2019 (Tue) 02:13:47 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
Is it really gone? I just want to shitpost with /v/
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NEIN, NEIN, NEIN !!!!!!!!!
Lmao gay
tbh since 8chan went offline my life has become increasingly normal. i got a job, car, apartment and gf. now im in lots of debt like a good goyim and on my way to having my first interracial child. i miss you faggots, but it seems like those days will never come back.

i have been checking the twitter regularly for updates on the site. besides 8chan i dont really post on any other social media websites so im pretty out of the loop. something i noticed is that the media and all these twitter posters are making this about this dumb "Q" shit. i never came across that often when 8chan was up, and when i did, i didnt even have to call them a faggot or a brainlet because most of the other posters were already berrating them. it never seemed to take much hold on the site, even nu/pol/ which i avoided like the plague post-election didnt seem to have more than one thread about it. i always thought it was a 4chan thing. why is everyone so focused on this?
Hey are you the same poster as >>25 ? glad to see that things are working out for you

And yeah it seems that 8kun will probably be just a big Qanon board
oh well that place was going to be a shitshow filled with /pol/ anyways

Btw, if you want to you can also try the /hobby/ board here, it's pretty slow but overall decent posts

(236.27 KB 719x480 ZomboMeme 11092019164848.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 09/11/2019 (Wed) 20:30:15 No. 368 [Reply] [Last]
Czy jest tu jakikolwiek polski lewuk?(jestem samotny lol)
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>Polska lewica
Nie jesteś samotny.
Oslo byłeś wczoraj walczyć z faszyzmem na ulicy? Bo ja tak xD
(1.94 MB 960x818 celadlamillera.png)
no elo
Czołem wielkiej POlsce
(3.70 MB Dzień Świra.webm)

(203.56 KB 1920x936 tutorial1.png)
(219.37 KB 1920x936 tutorial2.png)
(200.13 KB 1920x936 tutorial3.png)
How to Make /int/-Style Flags Like a Pro Anonymous Refugee 11/03/2019 (Sun) 23:06:14 No. 645 [Reply] [Last]
Made this thread on old /ref/, but that's gone now, so I figured it was time to go for it again on here. I've made most of the flags on this chan that use the /int/-style beveled/shiny effect, be it on /leftypol/, /GET/, or /ref/ and I'd like to share how I do it. Maybe there's simpler ways to do it, but I prefer this method as they end up more authentic to the original flags than other methods I've seen.

You will need the following:
-The flag you want to convert
-Base coloured flags (will post them ITT)
-An image editing software that isn't Microsoft Paint (I personally use Paint.NET and will be using it for this tutorial)

So to start off, we have solid-coloured flags that I put together from parts of other /int/ flags (except for the green one, which is simply the former flag of Libya). There's black, white, red, yellow, and green variants, which should be more than enough. For this tutorial I will be remaking the United Nations flag that's already on here. Don't know if it will be the same colours as the one I made before, but it should be close enough.

Pic 1 - First what you want to do is grab the image of the flag you want off the internet. Wikipedia usually works best for this as you can get the images in high resolution and usually based on the standard design. Once you have your flag, put it into your image editing software.

Pic 2 - Resize your image to 1600x1100. These /int/-style flags are 16x11, so you're going to want a clean multiple of that to work with. Theoretically 160x110 could also work, but this is what I use.

Pic 3 - Crop and edit if needed. Flags almost never resize perfectly if you keep the dimensions the same. You'll end up with a little more on one side, so crop off any excess. Plain tricolours and some other flags usually don't need to be cropped as resizing them without keeping the dimensions the same will give you the same result. But in this case, we're cropping off some negligible pixels from the side. Editing isn't needed in this flag, though you may want to make certain parts of some flags larger so they actually appear on the finished project when scaled down. Some things may need to be simplified, such as cutting down on a large number of stars.
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(68.09 KB 1600x1100 green flag BIG.png)
(34.36 KB 1600x1100 yellow flag BIG.png)
(126.06 KB 1600x1100 dark blue flag BIG.png)
Here's the green (flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya) that can be used for darker-coloured flags when the hue is changed, yellow which is basically another option for the red, and a bonus dark blue that works well for the kind of blue you would find on the British blue ensign used for countries like Australia and New Zealand.

I hope this tutorial was of help to anyone looking to make these /int/-style flags!
Thank you so much, this will help me a lot
we need an indian to make a video for this
thanks for the tutorial, will try
Thanks king

(78.60 KB 634x606 balconing.jpg)
Balconing thread Anonymous Refugee 10/29/2019 (Tue) 17:32:46 No. 594 [Reply] [Last]
Why do Brits like jumping from a balcony so much?
There should be some olympics for brits on tour sports like this and 'logging.


no cookies?