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(85.16 KB 484x484 doomer.png)
Anonymous Refugee 09/22/2019 (Sun) 22:08:58 No. 436 [Reply] [Last]
Why is my country so cucked?
Why even live?
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(603.33 KB 508x663 sqfxgZy.png)
>Suicide is for pussies
Continuing to live an utterly meaningless and stupid existence "just because" is for morons.
Suicide is merely a rage quit when one realizes the true nature of the game and how broken and boring it is.
>Additionally philosophical individualism which has been cultivated to reject any sort of group association entirely, and especially those who stand for anything.
Associating capitalist society with "individualism," (meaningless term) are you a fucking Liberal?
It's only boring if your brain isn't giving you the right chemical rush. For most, it's not so boring. Practice self-care or just off yourself, your call bro.
>Associating capitalist society with "individualism," (meaningless term)
Individualism does have meaning in that it's a rejection of group command over individual life, and a rejection of collective ends. It's associated with capitalism in the alienation and atomization of people that capitalism causes, but that's not even what I was trying to say. The impact of this rejection of group command over the individual and collective ends is a failure to organize, or a rejection of organization.
My country going to win in international cuckold cup. :D

(330.20 KB 2048x1405 523523.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 08/17/2019 (Sat) 16:37:03 No. 116 [Reply] [Last]
как же я скучаю по нему :(
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they seem pretty based
they like direct action, they've been showing up a lot on recent meetings in large numbers to oppose current regime
also they meet workers and talk to them irl
Чат в Теллеграме

Station Marx
Есть результаты выборы мосгордумы?
>he calls the neo-liberal capitalist democracy in Russia a regime.
Liberashka detected.
Russia isn't neoliberal you politically and economically illiterate gobshite, it conforms to classic nationalist corporatism. And regime is literally the correct term. Read a fucking book.

(30.19 KB 667x670 423.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 09/14/2019 (Sat) 16:22:10 No. 395 [Reply] [Last]
смерть полякам
(434.17 KB 1536x1357 07064005.jpg)
Пољаке у јараке

(290.48 KB 2400x1029 california_flag_bear.png)
California Flag Bear Anonymous Refugee 08/24/2019 (Sat) 21:25:26 No. 208 [Reply] [Last]
California Flag Bear
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i just like it, frankly. I think it's really aesthetically pleasing. Not a deff must have, tho.
Also, you have to give them credit for legalizing weed in the state.

And yeah, Texas has a lot of awesome shit. The food is dope, the culture is dope, the major cities are insane. there's always something going on.

Just not really where you want to raise a family. Not unless you are born into money, anyways. the suburbs are fucking crazy nice.
>i just like it, frankly. I think it's really aesthetically pleasing.
It’s just a green version of the “blue state flag with a seal” meme, though. I hate that half of states’ flags wouldn’t even be recognizable at the size they are on Bunkerchan. Texas’ flag actually looks like a country flag and wouldn’t look out-of-place at the UN headquarters. I like California’s as well, though it breaks some of the rules of flag-making like “simplicity” and “no words”, but I may just be biased because I grew up with it and I like the flag’s history. But any state flags that are just “seal on a blue background” need to be purged.

>And yeah, Texas has a lot of awesome shit. The food is dope, the culture is dope, the major cities are insane. there's always something going on.
I’ve never actually been, I just really like Texans themselves. Usually very hospitable people with a yearning for freedom. My roommate is actually from Texas, in fact. He saw Los Angeles in the movies as a kid and always wanted to come here. Cool dude.
I think the color is really nice, I dunno. .-.

Yeah, a lot of Texas can be javk asses though. Don't get the idea that it is a perfect state full of chill people. I mean, it is, but there's plenty of stupid cunts there. That being said, yeah, we are very hospitable people.
(14.15 KB 800x800 texasball.png)
Howdy pardner !
howdy :3


no cookies?