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/ref/ Suggestions, Feedback, and Information Anonymous Refugee Admin 04/20/2020 (Mon) 04:39:03 No. 2605 [Reply] [Last]
This thread will serve as the suggestions and moderation feedback thread, as well as a source of information on /ref/ itself. Please use this thread for anything related to /ref/, as /gulag/ is not our board and any suggestions there will be ignored. If you were banned and have no way of using this thread, feel free to use the equivalent thread on /GET/ to voice your concerns: >>>/GET/73417 Board info: If you're new around these parts, be sure to read up on the rules of /ref/: https://bunkerchan.xyz/ref/rules.html If you're interested in the history of /ref/ and GETchan as a whole, you can find most of the information you would ever want to know on our United Chans Wiki pages: https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki//ref/ https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki/GETchan If you want to keep updated, you can find our official Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/BunkerGET Our YouTube channel dedicated to posting communist music compilations and rare socialist songs can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/GETchan

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Can you add that Paris Comm. flag, too?
Cool, thanks.
>>5981 neat

(171.10 KB 980x788 IMG_6331.jpeg)
(410.67 KB 1506x2000 IMG_6330.jpeg)
(62.98 KB 680x680 IMG_6329.jpeg)
Local cuisine thread P A 06/05/2020 (Fri) 08:02:06 No. 3550 [Reply] [Last]
Give food
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Why does mold on cheese indicate that its is good cheese?
>>6241 I don't know but it adds a lot to the taste, like the crust on some cheeses. I saw somewhere a burger eating brie without the crust and I was sickened.
What is the toppings of choice for pizza in your country? Which one is yours?
>>6250 kebab meat and that sweet garlic sauce you get at pita places. I pair it with Italian sausage for a combination guaranteed to offend Muslims
(191.24 KB 1600x1067 toki_pompos.jpg)
>>6250 You can buy the usual ones, I'm not sure which ones are popular. There's "magyaros" pizza, which usually has kolbász, hot pepper, red onion and maybe bacon. With the usual tomato sauce base and cheese on top. It's pretty heavy. We also have this thing called "tökipompos", its dough is similar but you put on it tejföl (soured cream) as the base, and put szalonna (bacon), garlic, red onion and maybe cheese on top. It's pretty heavy.

Article by former /marx/ mod Anonymous Refugee 11/26/2020 (Thu) 11:10:35 No. 6251 [Reply] [Last]
Wait, is that Ismail?

(12.60 KB 267x189 Unknown.jpeg)
Say something good about the flag in front of you Anonymous Refugee 04/15/2020 (Wed) 15:20:08 No. 2456 [Reply] [Last]
This is the anti-/bantz/ thread start with me
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>>6240 William Z Foster is one of the most underrated communists.
>>6247 Your cunt is far from being the devil depicted in memes.
>>6254 one of the best cheese in the world
>>6239 What did you mean? Ganache maybe? Anyway >>6255 Sorry for colonization, but thanks for the food
>>6257 of all the imperial powers france is my favorite, beautiful women, and a deep apreciation for culture, even for countries like mine

(56.27 KB 633x758 17f.jpg)
/bantz/ Anonymous Refugee 03/15/2020 (Sun) 22:39:56 No. 1500 [Reply] [Last]
Diss the country above you
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>>6193 Israel with muslims
>>6195 America with moose
>>6218 America without moose
>>6219 You failed a communist revolution in a communist country
>>6226 whenever i argue against insane lolbertarians that think that all of latin america is communist, even countries that are 1 cm away from fascism like mine, they always love your country, i think it says a lot about it. Also, nazi gold

Anonymous Refugee 04/13/2020 (Mon) 21:45:00 No. 2408 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: post music in your native language This is a song about about a race car driver who died in an accident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0iylllfoT4 This one is about a blacksmith who married a beautiful woman but it turns out that her personality isn’t that great and he wishes that he didn’t marry her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz5RtnyBEEU Here the singer falls in love with a girl but she moves away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlVawFt-Xa0
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>>2523 not bad, actually
>>2408 Obligatory commie music : https://youtu.be/PYE__W1KXlE Other Arabic song : - https://youtu.be/UaDjFEqqInk - (fuck i love this one ) https://youtu.be/LQj_BkPPC9Y - https://youtu.be/K31Vsqp4PaU
>>2408 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH1Blpw8Ivs This is a hopelessly optimistic song about the dawn of dreams of a wagie in one of my native languages Don't really relate to the theme of the song but I like the upbeat feel. Btw your second song sounds dope. If you didn't say what it was about I would've guessed it was a energetic marching song

(176.15 KB 1024x1001 ddr-DW-Bayern-Berlin-jpg.jpg)
Deutscher Faden Anonymous Refugee 09/05/2019 (Thu) 15:55:40 No. 316 [Reply] [Last]
möchte mal sehen ob und wie viele andere deutschsprachige es hier so gibt, was euch hier umtreibt, wie es um den Sozialismus in Deutschland eurer Meinung nach steht und was euch sonst so beschäftigt.
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>>3790 kannst niemanden infizieren wo niemand ist
>>3594 Frankfurt ist viel schöner als Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Köln, Düsseldorf, die meisten der ostdeutschen Städte...
>>5550 Who is this and what happened?
Kraut bros, how do you pronounce Z after words like das and dieses in Hochdeutsch? E.g., das Zeug, das Zimmer. Like English /z/, or English /ts/?

(74.57 KB 598x595 untitled2.png)
Anonymous Refugee 12/03/2019 (Tue) 21:42:10 No. 744 [Reply] [Last]
You may not like the idea of a Balkan union but it truly is peak performance
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(928.57 KB 849x688 EU4LARP.png)
>>744 lol that's kind of what my europa campaign ended up being.
>>744 if by "peak performance" you mean war caos and destruction then yes
>>744 It wouldn't work
>>745 1. Romania, Greece and Albania do not share similar linguistic styles with each other or the slavs. 2. The Balkan Union was literally Lenin's idea of like an "Anti-Imperialist Axis of Resistance" which would be allied with the USSR. 3. You could simply do what the USSR did and have a YugoSlav republic (or just split it up into the constituents if they kept fighting) a romanian republic a greek republic and an albanian republic all in federal union (with the potential of autonomous regions for hungarians in the north)

(53.28 KB 758x478 bandera-republicana-con.jpg)
/hisp/-tread en español Anonymous Refugee 08/07/2019 (Wed) 12:12:53 No. 29 [Reply] [Last]
>re-post de /GET/ Que tal camaradas. Viendo que esta tabla esta básicamente sin utilizar creo que seria una buena idea crear un hilo para los hispanohablantes de leftypol, ya que no tenemos ningún buen tablón de imágenes para hablar de políticas de izquierdas en español (el tablón de /pol/ de hispachan es puro cáncer y BAI es ch*lenocentrista texto de abajo)
Edited last time by anon on 03/31/2020 (Tue) 10:41:25.
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>>6221 Todavía si su razón de votar Trump fuera por aceleracionismo sería chistoso. Yo me pregunto qué salió mal, si esta persona se dedica a la docencia, y ese lado de mi familia es bastante izquierdista, pero supongo que cuando vives tanto tiempo en Estados Unidos inevitablemente sufres algún grado de lavado de cerebro. Me alivia un poco saber que uno de sus hermanos, que es de izquierda, hace chistes sobre Trump sin importarle que se ofenda, así que la próxima reunión va a ser interesante. >Que sean corruptos y lamesuelas como pocos no es ser socialista, son la otra ala del partido unico que gobierna EUA. Desgraciadamente, creo que sería imposible hacer que entienda eso en pocas palabras, o siquiera enseñarle el concepto de socialismo. >¿No se le ha muerto alguien cercano? Sorprendentemente no, tal vez porque toda la familia es relativamente sana, y los que están aquí en México son todo lo opuesto respecto al COVID. >>6222 Lo peor es que después de saber que a algunos familiares del otro lado de mi familia se les inundó completamente la casa (viven en una parte rural del sur, donde han sucedido inundaciones todo el mes), este familiar de California tiene el descaro de culpar a la gente que se ve afectada por tales desastres naturales de "elegir" vivir al lado de un río. Nivel Ben "si viven cerca del mar por qué no solo venden su casa" Shapiro.
>>6223 un mod en el discord ha dicho que volverá creo
>>6223 >En proceso de migración Parece que van a volver.
(208.26 KB 1616x1556 20201125_092406.jpg)
>>6242 Por Pedro Sanchez que basado

(132.19 KB 1080x1148 20201101_225416.jpg)
Anonymous Refugee 11/05/2020 (Thu) 18:27:34 No. 6011 [Reply] [Last]
Postead vuestros BasadoPedros.
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(1.07 MB 717x1024 Basado Pedro.png)
(489.79 KB 750x590 Hermano Sanchez.png)
(261.86 KB 450x290 Si Se Puede.png)
(284.20 KB 750x578 Si Sanchez.png)
(1.14 MB 750x945 Boliviarian PODEMOS.png)
(99.70 KB 1623x1080 20201113_125841.jpg)
(57.54 KB 720x384 20201124_105847.jpg)


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