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Historian 03/05/2020 (Thu) 03:30:28 No. 86
Reminder that this bad boy was responsible for modern international law. Say thank you.
>>86 How? Isn’t he the guy that got shot?
(56.00 KB 514x604 1564898946092.jpg)
>>86 Thank you based tzar Nicholas
International law is a tool used by great powers to justify their bullying of smaller powers. Fuck international law.
>>86 this dude's hair is dark brown and beard is blond what the fuck. did they used to wear fake moustaches in those times?? like wigs
Nicky II and his whole damn family deserved all they got. fuck the law and fuck the tsar
>>90 Fucking this. Learning international law made me hate this tennis playing faggot even more.
>>93 don't insult my boy puyi like that
>>91 Lol having different coloured facial hair is completely natural bro. I have brown hair but my beard is red. There is a reason they called Vikings things like "Redbeard". You think that happened if he also had red normal hair?
>couldn't even organise his own coronation party without a massacre >couldn't even consummate an heir >couldn't win a war >couldn't run an economy >listen to boomer uncle and run counter to the grain of history resulting in the destruction of ancient royal line. Nicholas 2 Haemophilia boogaloo is the biggest cuck in history


no cookies?