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(18.46 KB 1152x648 guess what it is.png)
Historian 02/29/2020 (Sat) 15:16:58 No. 113
let's play a game someone draws a historic event in paint and other people try to guess what event that person drew
(56.70 KB 1200x1353 Untitled.jpg)
>>114 i'm not good at paint btw
>>114 Battle of Inchon?
>>116 Nope, not a battle
>>117 can you give a hint?
>>118 Immigrants
(105.33 KB 1251x812 0.png)
>>114 >>119 Muslim immigration to India? >>120 The first fish walking on land? Also that drawing is pretty impressive for something that is made in paint. Do you draw regularly?
>>121 Muslim immigration to Pakistan, Hindu/Sikh immigration to India. 1947
(64.71 KB 1903x985 pew pew.png)
>>123 Fuck I forgot the name, but it's was a very quick war that was fought between the British and somewhere in Tanzania
>>123 >>124 the anglo zanzibar war?
>>113 Why does noone want to guess what mine is?
>>124 >>125 nope >>126 sorry man 2obscure4me looks like some star wars shit
>>123 Holy fuck I know what this is. During the Ottoman era, the British besieged Athens. The Ottomans stockpiled tons of explosives in the Parthenon. The British shot at the Acropolis from Piraeus and fucked up the Parthenon big time. Lord Elgin then came and took parts of the Parthenon back with him to England.
>>128 sorry nope lol
>>126 Sorry man, I tried to think about it but couldn't figure it out lol
>>128 Hah, I've seen those parthenon bits. They really don't look very good just as a jumble in the British Museum, they should be given back. I had a funny leaflet from there but can't find it now, but anyway, it said something like "history is important, and it belongs to the whole world, everyone should have the right to access the shared cultural heritage of humanity', or something like that, and I was just like, ha, that's pretty funny, so that's why we hoarded all those archeological/historical treasures, for the benefit of the world ay?
>>123 The Brits burning down DC during the War of 1812. >>120 >tfw no gf because you're the first of your species to walk on land >>114 The lads pissing through an electric fence. >>113 That I time I pooped in my hand and tried to offer the pile of turds to an emperor.
>>131 "The World" is obviously only what can be seen from your London flat. Everything else is some globalist shit, bro.
>>123 Something to do with Irish independence
>>132 >That I time I pooped in my hand and tried to offer the pile of turds to an emperor. They're meant to be eggs from some sort of creature.
Hey guys, should we advertise this board on 4his?
>>136 personally i don't think we should advertise yet.
>>123 The bombing of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
>>132 >>138 nope >>134 this guys on the right track
(87.84 KB 800x800 stefan.jpg)
>>135 eggs, you say?
(14.90 KB 1032x623 Insert Country here.png)
(81.28 KB 1444x1032 jhnjskgnjgvhnsg.png)
should be easy
(21.08 KB 1257x1032 die commie.png)
>>142 i made another, better drawing
>>143 The CIA's numerous incompetent efforts to kill Castro.
>>144 I don't think so, you can't draw Castro without his magnificent beard
>>113 >>135 The monks stealing silk worm eggs for the Byzantine Emperor in 6th century AD.
>>143 That time the nazis made a handcannon to kill Stalin but it blew up when they fired it and it blew the guy's arm off.
>>144 >>147 both wrong. but i do want to hear more about that stalin cannon.
(39.59 KB 680x510 c02.jpg)
>>148 The nazis had this grand plan to somehow recruit a soviet prisoner, purposefully release him, have him meet Stalin as part of a ceremony for escaping the nazis, and during the handshake the handcannon would go off. Of course it didn't work cause A: they couldn't recruit any prisoners(that tends to happen when you want to wipe out an entire race and people including their families), and when they finally got a guy after they set him loose he tried using it before he even got close to the Soviets and his arm just exploded cause nobody every thought of testing the damn thing. It was part of Operation Zepplin but it's a part that gets shoved under the rug a lot out of embarrassment.
>>146 yes, you've found it
>>139 The Helga and the shelling of Liberty Hall
>>151 right boat, wrong building
>>150 But why are they Chicom flagged?
>>142 Capture of the Reichstag of course
>>154 bingo
>>153 because I didn't want to make it too hard. And I don't know what the Chinese flag was during that time period
(11.26 KB 1152x648 1.png)
(191.47 KB 1306x757 a pleasant day in england.jpg)
>>158 The execution of Charles I
>>157 Caligula declaring war on the sea. Or god of the sea, I don't remember, deciding against it at the last second and having his soldiers gather up some shells cause he thought they looked nice.
>>141 The ass-ass-ination of Martin Luther King?
>>161 No. I'll give you a hint though: it's between 1945 and forever
>>141 gonna guess jfk assassination
>>159 Correct.
>>143 It's the pic of a South Vietnamese General executing a VC POW after Tet.
>>165 finally someone got it
>>143 >>166 Oh. I wouldn't have guessed that, because your stick figure looks entirely too non-plussed and/or currently orgasming for someone currently being executed.
>>163 No.
>>168 Allende?
>>169 Definitely not. Allende committed suicide.
>>152 The Helga shelling GPO
(254.20 KB 2100x1500 esrdctfgvyhbj.png)
>>172 gorbachevs pizza hut commercial
>>173 The Soviet Union ended because Gorbachev really wanted that sweet taste of Pizza Hut lmao
>>141 Occupy wallstreet
>>171 Correct, during the 1916 Rising
>>170 I mean he was still assassinated, he just chose not to be tortured to death first.
(9.02 KB 1113x747 numbers ss.png)
Not an "event" yet
>>178 Especially after Brexit and shit
>>178 >>179 the absolute state of the british education system
>>178 The Troubles?


no cookies?