Effortpost about the hypocresy of content policing in breadtube II Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 16:52:37 No. 36029 [Reply]
So why exactly do breadtubers consider "nigger", "troon" and "faggot" to be slurs but "autist", "sperg" and "retard" no? they use such words quite constantly
This may seem like a quite simple question, thing is: it is not. This is an extremely complex social fenomena.

Probably the biggest amounts of hate towards disabled people originated in right-wing sites such as Something Awful, Kiwifarms/CWCforum, Metokur Forums and Niggermania, however, if we use René Girard's theory of the mimesis it is not so difficult why modern leftists behave just like modern rightists.
>inb4 "both sides"
We can also use the so called "Umberto Eco dichotomy of hatred" to define such negative stereotypes about disabled people.
>kikes are simultaneously weak and control half of the World (might makes right)
>faggots are simultaneously AIDs-filled stupid abominations and extremely-intelligent highly-seducing vampires
>spergs are simultaneously evil, unempathetic, hard-working, emotionless STEMlords that work at silicon valley making six figures and entitled lazy sexually-perverted manchildren.
>autists are simultaneously machine-like soulless dolls that will only hurt you and too innocent and too pure for this world, mere victims.

I am starting to notice that people, instead of being more empathetic and comprehensive to those with disabilities, are actually quite the opposite. It seems like it is quite socially acceptable to attack and libel collectives as soon as they are perceived as powerless, judging them way more harshly, instead of less harshly, trying to come up with all kind of pseudoscientific rationalizations for such behaviour.
You notice this quite often in radlib safe spaces such as r/neoliberal and r/stupidpol, where some posters frecuently advocate for might makes right and enlightened self-interest bullshit.
r/neoliberal loves to call r/stupidpol "succdems" (social democrat), fact is, they are pretty much the same, r/stupidpol is openly pro-antifa and anti-marxist-leninist.
There are sadistic undertones behind this, people with disabilities tend to be ignored by their families and lack close friends, which makes them to tend to use social media more.

Autistic individuals are by far the perfect target for sadists, as they are well-known to be quite easy to anger because many of them tend to have unironical PTSD and depression due bullying, sexual abuse by their caretakers, beatings, etc...

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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this is a quite liberal critic of anarchism
Yes, brother xir!
Anti psychiatry movement should be about fucking pronouns and hurt fee fees, and not about forced hospitalization and medication, scientific basis of DSM, the whole practice of psychiatric disabling drugs
Just like Marxism should be about more black female capitalists
No, this is historical revisionism. Stalin joined the fucking UN. He pulled support from the KKE to appease the west. He dissolved the international to appease Churchill. You're full of shit. He abandoned international revolution to save Russian national interests. You stalinists have the most utterly fucking pathetic excuses for your fuck ups. You ruined everything
(573.25 KB 1200x800 spurdo_stalin.png)
Containment thread >>15551
>what are nuclear weapons
There's another read possible on dissolving the comnintern, and that's to avoid fallout to other workers parties if the soviet union fell, recall that Stalin, Lenin, Trostsky et al all knew that according to theory the socialism soviet union was fucked, with Stalin and Lenin deciding to give it a shot because the people were enthusiastic and thought it was possible

(131.39 KB 1280x593 maxresdefault.jpg)
/e-celeb/ internet personality general Anonymous 08/19/2019 (Mon) 02:05:14 No. 34286 [Reply]
Edit: This is now the containment thread for breadtubers and other assorted liberal grifters, including but not limited to contrapoints, chapotraphouse, destiny, vaush, noncompete.

Why are radlibs and anarkiddies so popular on youtube?
Edited last time by Nox on 08/20/2019 (Tue) 14:51:07.
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muke was always a retarded leftcom
>None of them.
This. If there's anything Destiny has done that was good, it's pissing off these brainlets.
So does he just not get how brutal U.S. imperialism is or what?
He's acting like anything that China does is even in the same league.
The whole continent of Latin America is a testament to how that isn't the case. Also, how can you watch those videos of the Hong Kong protesters singing the U.S. anthem and not be at least a little suspicious is beyond me.
Will socialist youtubers ever be as popular as those "everythings fascist" neo liberal plot heads we call the figureheads of leftism on youtube?
he's a coward, they all are

(33.18 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
(17.91 MB fashyjordan.mp4)
/jordanpeterson/ Anonymous 08/19/2019 (Mon) 11:00:01 No. 34635 [Reply]
theres a JP voice emulator out there at https://www.notjordanpeterson.com/

have fun!
50 posts and 31 images omitted.
>should we continue this unfunny forced meme
>no fun allowed
At first I thought this was actually him. Technology is good enough now, audio recordings aren't especially reliable now
JP on JP. Doesn't go well. He's trying to say:
>Basically, for someone heroic, smart, strong, and invincible like me, getting lost in a labyrinth is, frankly, irritating.

(250.02 KB 1600x810 axisofevillilmao.png)
Modern Axis of Evil Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 22:30:16 No. 36489 [Reply]
Who are they?
15 posts and 4 images omitted.
At least you live in a poor corrupt shithole. I'm glad that NATO bombed you, it's only a pity that you didn't die.
Don't you have Germans to suck off?
Nice spooks nerd.
Memes aside:

>Saudi Arabia
-Also self-explanatory
-War crimes and denial of the genocide they did back in 1948
-What they are doing to Gaza
-Organ harvesting scandals
-Sex tourism
-How comes they even have nukes?
-Controled by pedophile elites
-War crimes and genocide denial during WW2 in Mainland China and Korea while playing the victim because muh two nukes.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Also Duerte
>not adding shit to Pakistan like breeding ground for Islamic terrorism (they trained , supplied and funded jihadists in Soviet Afghan war), drug cartels, run by oligarchy
>using /pol/'s talking points for India like poo in loo, not shit like becoming a right wing fascist state

Learn more, comrade

(71.63 KB 648x400 xr.jpg)
Extinction Rebellion Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 15:40:07 No. 31575 [Reply]
Have you guys joined your local XR branch?

I suspect some people will say it's too liberal, but as far as I can see it's the only chance we have of ensuring organised society even exists in the near future. Don't let purity burn us alive.
65 posts and 12 images omitted.
Psychedelics help break down the artificial boundaries we place on the world around us.
No more does someone see themselves as a lone ego in a hostile world, but a synthesis is achieved as someone realizes that as he/she is one with their body, their tools, their environment and the social connections around them.
Also, it makes people less dogmatic, which makes having open critical discussions about entrenched ideas easier.
doesn't water degrade lsd?
Distilled water (i.e. water with no impurities) is fine for LSD, but of course there's no public water system in the world like that.
Cl- in the water degrades it, yes.
Especially the chlorinated water like in the US.
Psilocybin, mescaline and other psychedelics should still work fine.
Or if you just use much, much more, or if you switch out their chlorination process...

(12.24 KB 284x177 download (4).jpg)
Comrade 08/21/2019 (Wed) 05:07:12 No. 552 [Reply]
Remember that time where Mossad bombed Hamas because they installed Windows. I remember that time.
This is your house on Windows.

(3.08 KB 188x188 ezln1.gif)
Zapatistas Expand Territory Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:10:53 No. 36651 [Reply]

Seems very promising tho I'm not a great interpreter of the significance of things like this. It does seem like a lot of people underestimated the vitality and potential of EZLN however, saying they had no real ambitions beyond hyperlocalized autonomy and fell to electoral politics or something. This seems like significant revolutionary activity.
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
What? By getting a bunch of leftypol users to seize a town with AK47's and M16's?
I hope they're well armed.
They're going to be need to be if this continues
Couldn't hurt.
Speaking of which, I heard the ETA dissolved last year.

What happened?
I guess they got tired

(59.70 KB 473x629 IMG_20190820_154541_596.jpg)
Le epic Al Qaida gets defended by le guardian Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 15:46:04 No. 35992 [Reply]
Rebels withdraw in key Syrian town as pro-Assad troops advance


"Idlib has become the last redoubt of those who rose up against the Syrian dictator during the Arab revolts of 2011. As Syria’s towns and cities have been pummelled and the regime – heavily backed by Iran and Russia – has clawed back early losses, displaced populations from all corners of the country have ended up in the north-west province."

>this is the text they put under a map of Syria focussing on the area of "those who rose up agaisnt dictator Assad" it has an arrow pointing to this area saying: *Al-Qaida dominated area*

TL;DR The Guardian favours Al-Qaida rebels over "evil dictator" Assad.
18 posts and 3 images omitted.
they are likely less homophobic than al Qaeda also not everything is about you faggots
What nonsense is this, IS grew out of an American backed rebel group.
Good shitpost! Next time use this flag, to make it even more authentic!
as far as I know they grew out of these people

(563.19 KB 1627x693 CAPVSFEU.jpg)
Capitalism Vs Feudalism Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 01:42:11 No. 36739 [Reply]
Normie here, can one of you guys explain to me what is the difference between capitalism and feudalism, to me they seem same just one is with monarchs controlling the land and the other is capitalists. They also both use money. How did both economic systems come about. Also how do both of them affect culture and relations between people.
15 posts and 4 images omitted.
o k a y c a p i t a l i s t

Have you ever actually read Marx or Engels on this?

They both will admit that wage slavery is an advancement from serfdom and chattel. That's not an endorsement, but it's still true.
Only good answer. We have a board full of "leftists" who didn't read Engels.

OP, as you can see in your pretty picture, before capitalism production was individual and people owned their means of production. Under feudalism peasants didn't own their land, more like they were owned by their land: the knight, lord or king could not evict you; you and your plot were passed on as one.

Capitalism came about when thanks to steam the means of production became socialised: you needed a large number of people to work on a factory and nobody could claim the product as theirs, but the ownership logic remained that of the feudal past. And so on and so on contradiction and dialectics.

>Before capitalist production — i.e., in the Middle Ages — the system of petty industry obtained generally, based upon the private property of the laborers in their means of production; in the country, the agriculture of the small peasant, freeman, or serf; in the towns, the handicrafts organized in guilds. The instruments of labor — land, agricultural implements, the workshop, the tool — were the instruments of labor of single individuals, adapted for the use of one worker, and, therefore, of necessity, small, dwarfish, circumscribed. But, for this very reason, they belonged as a rule to the producer himself. To concentrate these scattered, limited means of production, to enlarge them, to turn them into the powerful levers of production of the present day — this was precisely the historic role of capitalist production and of its upholder, the bourgeoisie. In the fourth section of Capital, Marx has explained in detail how since the 15th century this has been historically worked out through the three phases of simple co-operation, manufacture, and modern industry. But the bourgeoisie, as is shown there, could not transform these puny means of production into mighty productive forces without transforming them, at the same time, from means of production of the individual into social means of production only workable by a collectivity of men. The spinning wheel, the handloom, the blacksmith's hammer, were replaced by the spinning-machine, the power-loom, the steam-hammer; the individual workshop, by the factory implying the co-operation of hundreds and thousands of workmen. In like manner, production itself changed from a series of individual into a series of social acts, and the production from individual to social products. The yarn, the cloth, the metal articles that now come out of the factory were the joint product of many workers, through whose hands they had successively to pass before they were ready. No one person could say of them: "I made that; this is my product."

feudalism is tied to land, capitalism is tied to markets.
Feudalism was basically a legal system with inequalities explicitly written into it. Nobles by law had a whole swathe of privileges which are inconceivable to us today, as did other sectors of society that were granted a set of rights. Even peasants had a set of rights and could exercise them with varying degrees of success. People crudely make it about land/aristocrat/serf thing but it was more subtle than that and there were many shades of it. Land for military service was an exception more than a rule. There were plenty of situations of free-holding peasantry or landless laborers working for a wage. A mobile pool of landless laborer were probably the worst off in rural society and had short pitiful lives. Rural people on paper could appear static but people always migrated to towns and such to escape serfdom to

/leftycraft/ Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 11:53:40 No. 27850 [Reply]
Thread for the new leftypol Minecraft server

go to https://aternos.org/

and to log in:
email: b7883488@urhen.com
user: Bunkerchan
Password: Bunker

When it's on (remember somebody needs to be playing for it to be active):
server ip: Bunkerchan.aternos.me
Version: 1.14.4 Vanilla
It's cracked so everyone can use it
244 posts and 38 images omitted.
Yeah I'm fine with that.
I'll just look for another MC server if I wanna be OP.
(60.21 KB 717x717 7tl56hse16d21.jpg)
better get off this board too, underage
what about red orchestra
Server is offline and I can't login. anyone can help?

(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091 [Reply]
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
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Why did I eat...
>can't sleep what do
<sleep tight
(255.18 KB 500x281 hehe.gif)
How does the email function even work on this website?
I see. So really the only person taking a risk is the one who puts their personal email in the email field, but it wouldn't be a risk to use you personal email to reply to someone's email here since you could be a random guy from any website. Makes sense. So throwaway emails only in the email field, but reply emails shouldn't worry about it.

Hong Kong General Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 22:52:25 No. 25794 [Reply]
What is leftypol's take on the situation in Hong Kong? Do you support the protests or the Chinese government? I'm suspicious of western coverage, but I don't think an international communist movement should just discard the demands of foreign workers either just because it they might weaken one of America's strongest adversaries.
495 posts and 112 images omitted.
Why the fuck do American conservatives think the HK protests are about gun control?
Because thats the only thing they think about?
>Dare I say the dreaded s-word? "State capit-something or other"?
Neoclassical Keynesian Capitalist. China hasnt instated universal healthcare (they had "barefoot doctors" traveling to the villages and towns courtesy of Mao Zedong), universal education, comprehensive social programs, unionisation, work rights and safety standards. It seems that the CCP keeps the emblems and terminology to quell any unrest from the rural areas as the rural people appear to revere Mao Zedong and Communism.
>Animal farm
Funny that. George Orwell was a socialist, thanks to outlets like infowars plenty of people believe that he wrote about the "evils of socialism" instead of fascism.
I have always admired the anarchists in Spain,but the statements from abad santillian have proved to me, that their movement was full of mistakes,
I guess what really matters is not repeating their mistakes and winning in the future

(11.68 KB 474x308 r5635563456234.jpeg)
Packet sniffing and interception via PAU06 Panda wireless Comrade 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:32:36 No. 547 [Reply]
So I bought this pandawireless wifi card for packet sniffing.
i managed too get it running and in monitor mode on my computer, but, my machine keeps yelling at me about airmon-ng already being installed under "iw" which is what I used to put my dongle into monitor mode, but, I am not seeing any applications with iw loike airdump that allows me to monitor traffic in the area.

Can anyone help me actually make use of my wifi cards monitor mode?

airmon-ng handles everything if the device is supported.

can you post result of airmon-ng check, rfkill, dmesg, lsmod and usual suspects? Also you might want to elaborate on what you are trying to achieve by 'packet sniffing'. Are you attacking WEP configured AP? Are you recording handshakes of WPA and bruteforce password? Do you know of any weakness in AP's rng& willing to decipher somebody else's WPA connection ?

user@user:~$ airmon-ng

Command 'airmon-ng' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install aircrack-ng

user@user~$ sudo apt install aircrack-ng
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Package aircrack-ng is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source
However the following packages replace it:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Lmfao, i'm stupid. My repository needed updating. That being said I still don't know what to do with monitor mode.

Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2019 (Tue) 18:59:31 No. 2512 [Reply]
Xyz's coming!
7 posts and 4 images omitted.
ironically enough trans were allowed to transition in the GDR first, it was the west that kept "pink lists" till late 70s even persecuting LGBT people
The GDR was a thorn on the side of the USSR. Stalin and Beria were Right.
(360.82 KB 2930x2234 mrmj1sjjcgsz.jpg)
Wasted digits
(367.95 KB 1561x882 capitalist prosperity.jpg)

(5.21 MB 2048x1536 prestes.png)
/brg/ - Brazil General Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 01:03:24 No. 18835 [Reply]
159 posts and 114 images omitted.
(15.50 KB 590x443 benjamin-steinbruch.jpg)
Só hoje soube que a revista VEJA, um dos maiores instrumentos dos interesses do imperialismo no Brasil, era de uma família de judeus chamada Civita. Concidencia? Além disso tem o Benjamin Steinbruch, banqueiro judeu da FIESP que praticamente defendeu o fim do horário de almoço. Será que tem muitos judeus no prédio da FIESP? Muitas concidencias...
Jesus. Its like that black rain that fell on hiroshima the day after the bomb dropped.

Essa posição contra os embargos é consenso entre os círculos da esquerda?
Não falo do exemplo da venezuela, que é claramente um embargo criminoso pelos EUA.

Assim, se a união européia começar a colocar sanções para o Brasil por causa da política ambiental do Bostonaro, eu deveria ser contra essas sanções? Mesmo sabendo que isso enfraquece o governo dele? Elucidem-me.
>Trump was voted into office just like Bolsonaro was voted into office.

Bolsonaro was elect with almost 40% of the total votes, they are a minority, but a big and a militant one.

Also, blanquism is only a option when you have the support of the army or a foreign power, what is not the case. My hope is that Bolsonaro will lead us to a revolucionary situation in the long term, like what happen in the military dictatorship.

> foi aí que notei que o brasileiro está tão esvasiado de poder político, intelectual( o cara estuda na USP eu nao sei como)
Não só aqui, essa incapacidade de conceber um futuro é algo global, é mais fácil imaginar o fim do mundo do que o fim do capitalismo.

Quer dizer que tudo bem o Octávio Frias emprestar o carro dele para operações clandestinas da ditadura ou o presidente da CNI falar que a jornada de trabalho deveria ser de 12 horas só porque eles não judeus?

>Será que tem muitos judeus no prédio da FIESP?
Eu apostaria com você que o número de libaneses é maior.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>Haddad's trial has been dragging on for 4 years
> "evidence" against him was a testimony
>according to Roman-derived legislative systems, testimony of a single witness ought to have little to no weight of evidence
>thanks to Moro, it has become not only acceptable but sufficient for conviction
>Moro made many putative courses and classes in America through the years, even before CW
>Haddad managed to prove the testimony was false
>judge throws that "evidence" away
>convicts him anyway lolololol

Had this happened before 2013, I would chalk it up to standard miscarriage of justice, but now, that's the least likely scenario.

Are you seeing why arming up might be a necessity? Even if we come out of the like-new age in one piece, the damage done -- not just by Bozo's circus, but by the entire Brazilian establishment since 2013 -- simply can't be fixed by elections.

(343.91 KB 646x567 1.png)
Cybernetic socialism general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 22:17:56 No. 10470 [Reply]
100 posts and 37 images omitted.
here's an Austrian's take on TANS:
as well as a leftcom critique by Derick Varn:
finally, there's Klimans critiques which were linked in the thread earlier. (as well as those 'power as capital' guys.
most of the rest of the critques of Cockshott seem to be from an Austrian perspective
original source?
its leftypol OC, the original art is from starcraft 1 concept art (from the game manual) see: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/30346.html#q31139
page 29 of that pdf to be exact

(73.38 KB 600x423 soviet_poster_0.jpg)
/QTDDTOT/ Questions that don't deserve their own thread Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 13:32:09 No. 11757 [Reply]
A thread for people - leftist or not - to ask questions above topics that don't deserve their own thread.
79 posts and 14 images omitted.
LARPing Maoists
But they're not Maoist, they're Hoxhaist.
RedGuards Austin are the larping Maoists.
American Party of Labor are larping Hoxhaists
I thought the Red Guards did genuine praxis like their serve the people campaigns.
maybe, but they were also an incredibly adventurist and stupid group who went out and fucked up other leftists out of sheer sectarian rage, so it's a pretty mixed bag.
(I say this as a Mautist myself.)

(53.80 KB 1000x700 gender.jpg)
The role of gender and race Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 16:13:52 No. 15551 [Reply]
Notice: This thread serves as the offical /idpol/ gulag. Direct all threads that are pure idpol here.

Original OP:
I want this thread to be about a couple of things:

- Sharing arguments for a more rigorous understanding of how gender and race act upon people today.
- Using this understanding to form strategies to more effectively organize the working class.
- Building strategies to use this understanding to effectively criticize false or inept strategies of organizing the working class.

I wasn't a part of the discussion in the mod thread about having a general on gender, but I wanted to make a new one anyways because I think it is important to have a thread about both gender and race. Ideally this will not descend into screeds about idpol, though it is inevitable some reactionaries will be drawn to the thread. I want to see quality discussions that make good faith attempts to convince others of positions on identity.

It is not virtue signalling to say this is an important topic of theory for the modern leftist movement. It is clear that identity has had a large role in left-adjacent and liberal politics for the past couple of decades, reaching a peak within probably the last decade. As much as many would wish that they could just erase this and go back to a raw working class politics of trade unionism, it is at this moment a historical fact that the role of identity has come to take a dominant role in much leftist discourse and it can't just be wished away by ridiculing or denying it. The social categories of race and gender are understood now in very particular ways, often very confused ways, by large swathes of the working class. So it seems to me that the goal should be to form convincing and coherent understandings of these social roles in capitalism, to analyze how they are currently being used by both the working class itself and its enemies to achieve/maintain political power, and strategies for directing this in the most fruitful way.

Of course feel free to share books and articles about the subject here too, or to use current events to explore how gender and race effect the working class today.
Edited last time by pask on 08/10/2019 (Sat) 15:55:57.
495 posts and 74 images omitted.
>the same could be said for race,
No it can't, what we regard as "race" are just phenotypes that are particularly striking to our sensibilities, you can't name me any "white" genes for instance, meanwhile women have a whole extra chromosome and can poop out kiddos.
>yet segregation by the category of race has been a huge failure,
can you see how that relates to sex as a category?
Haha another desperate attempt by transgender activists to equivocate racism with transphobia. Sorry, race was a social construct imposed on minorities by white supremacy, gender dysphoria is something trannies impose on themselves.
>"black people don't have blue eyes is as true" a statement as "women can't beat men in sports"
Hahahah having blue eyes or not is arbitrary compared to being able to give birth. This false equivocation is the only way transgender idealist non sense has any type of ground to stand on. You literally have to believe that someone having blue eyes, or curly hair, is the equivalent to someone that can give birth, and someone that can produce sperm lol.
>plenty of us are gender abolitionists and it's honestly just the more correct, materialist ideology.
No it's not, you'll never crap out a kid with your axe wound, how is believing otherwise more materialist lol
> "black people don't have blue eyes is as true" a statement as "women can't beat men in sports"
Hahahah having blue eyes or not is arbitrary compared to being able to give birth. This false equivocation is the only way transgender idealist non sense has any type of ground to stand on. You literally have to believe that someone having blue eyes, or curly hair, is the equivalent to someone that can give birth, and someone that can produce sperm lol.
Jesus Christ this arguments never gonna end.

I blame narcissism. Everyone fucking focuses on themselves, you got gays going me me me and straights going me me me as if they're entitled to anything beyond basic human recognition. Noone fucking cares who you are, noone should fucking care who you are. People should judge you by how they perceive you and how they get to know you.
>implying that an LGBT person can reliably expect "basic human recognition" anywhere other than a liberal city
ay, there's the rub

(24.86 KB 500x476 received_406496543321587.jpeg)
(886.08 KB 1080x2000 received_368514953829206.png)
Quotographs / memes Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 02:23:36 No. 36763 [Reply]
/Marx/ had a quotograph / meme thread and that shit slapped, had very useful images for radicalizing and just quality memes, drop em pls I'm having withdrawals
23 posts and 67 images omitted.
(886.08 KB 1080x2000 received_368514953829206.png)
(3.66 KB 255x161 received_2922825141125344.jpeg)
(27.00 KB 888x499 received_1244991922338843.jpeg)
(77.96 KB 540x699 received_2413223539002530.jpeg)
(263.18 KB 636x960 received_401651923889817.png)
(38.56 KB 720x720 received_2387808244637963.jpeg)
(41.33 KB 546x640 received_696273010850919.jpeg)
(8.22 KB 255x220 received_426296714749222.jpeg)
(90.71 KB 664x960 received_1976895482410318.jpeg)
(913.08 KB 824x960 received_3006468332910607.png)
(31.69 KB 600x800 received_503462207151899.jpeg)
Forgive the duplicates

(131.30 KB 406x346 Capture.PNG)
What's /leftypol/s opinion on the google leaks? Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 20:33:23 No. 29106 [Reply]
Hey comrades, it looks like a bunch of internal documents for google got leaked by a fired employee, links are right here:
Opinions on this? Seems to show that google has a strong bias towards the liberal establishment in america and a bias against the right. Anybody willing to documentdig and see if they have a bias against socialism?
10 posts omitted.
(151.52 KB 331x453 1337146230477.png)
>project veritas
Isn't Project Veritas the same group who published the highly edited, out-of-context, 'exposé' of Planned Parenthood to frame them for selling human body parts?

As much as I hate Google, I would take their commentary on this with a pinch of salt.
Why did they filter out Yu-Gi-Oh comrades?

(3.20 MB 4075x5988 map of korea.jpg)
/dprk/ -- DPR Korea General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 14:04:23 No. 9051 [Reply]
Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.
Archive of first ~500 posts on original thread:
Subsequent archives:
Related archives:
174 posts and 51 images omitted.
I've read the past posts and I'm still not very convinced. What now?
The matter at hand was whether or not the DPRK is socialist. The definition of socialism is a platform that advocates the means of production, distribution, and exchange be owned by the community.

In the DPRK, most of the capital is not owned by the masses, but by a concentrated few in Pyongyang who have some relationship with the central government. The land is likewise owned by the state, who is not representative of the masses.

The mention of feudalism was not really that serious, more of a jab at the overt despotism and religious aspects of juche, making the proletariat closer to serfs of the Kim family than comrades with some vanguard party.
>definition of socialism is a platform that advocates the means of production, distribution, and exchange be owned by the community.
No. You could have all of these things, and still have a system which retains the underlying mechanisms of capital. Simply production being owned communally or distribution being communally directed does not define socialism.
>most of the capital is not owned by the masses, but by a concentrated few in Pyongyang who have some relationship with the central government.
>The land is likewise owned by the state, who is not representative of the masses.
>more of a jab at the overt despotism and religious aspects of juche, making the proletariat closer to serfs of the Kim family than comrades with some vanguard party.
These all seem to be conjecture without source. Also, while I take issue with some aspects of Juche, it is not religious in the slightest. Maybe somewhat idealist in regards to its view of man, but not religious. Actually read about Juche before making such comments.
Then read the archives.
You're not the first clever person to attempt to draw analogies from feudalism to socialist experiments. It distils an elementary misunderstanding of what a mode of production is, and how feudalism functioned.

>In the DPRK, most of the capital is [owned] by a concentrated few in Pyongyang
So now it's no longer feudalism, but super-capitalism. How so? If there's mainly production for exchange in North Korea, where's all the trade? Where are all the Pyongyang billionaires? If the won is just coporate money, these Pyongyang elite must have billions of dollars or gold that they don't invest outside the country despite that giving better profits. If it it a sovereign currency then these billionaires are exchanging luxuries among themselves, but luxuries inside the DPRK are limited.

(13.71 KB 400x300 jerry-seinfeld.jpg)
Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 04:17:29 No. 35581 [Reply]
What's the deal with slander laws?
You insult one single Jew and you get your ass sued, but you insult every Jew in the world and suddenly it's free speech?
Crypto-fascist, what'sup
(206.60 KB 1080x813 1554418302895.jpg)
Bait thread.
If you are in the USA neither of them apply. Politicians have been lobbied by bourgie aipac for years and unironically cuck and virtue signal to them along with Wall Street and other "donors". Pretty much idpol on steroids. There are some interesting reading material if you stay on the site as the good comrades have been compiling reading lists.
Thanks for stopping by.

/NEW/ Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 17:31:45 No. 12156 [Reply]
Did you just hear about us, bunkerchan.xyz, on reddit, twitter, youtube or from a friend of yours?
Did you come here as a /pol/raider and actually wanted to see what this chan is all about?
Did you get burned out by /pol/, and wanted to get into another Chan?
Did you just type randomly bunkerchan.xyz in your keyboard?
This thread is for you!

ITT (ITT means In This Thread) we will teach you about all of the stuff you need to know, we will answer every doubt you have about marxism, every doubt you have about capitalism, every doubt that you have involving the use of Bunkerchan as a whole.
First and foremost, you should read the rules of bunkerchan in here >>10706
Start reading what's in the /reading/ thread >>8537
If you wanna provide something for the board, go to the "development of Bunkerchan", here >>>/gulag/920
If you wanna get to know the ideological side of /leftypol/, go here >>9675

Please remain in this board, and remember to do the 3 G's:
>Get Read.
>Get Organized.
>Get Fit.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by stalin420 on 08/07/2019 (Wed) 01:36:09.
423 posts and 79 images omitted.
(40.67 KB 392x315 communistmushrooms.jpg)
You should rant about being a commie to your mommy.
Azerbaijan lol
I really like the song Yaxşi you
I feel for you anon.
Depending on the household
>You: Mum, Dad there is something I wanted to tell that has been on mind for a while
>Mum: Oh... Its okay sweetie just to let you know we are here for you
>Dad: Eh..well I didnt think you would be the type, I feel like I didnt do enough but its okay we are proud of you either way
>You: No-no, its not like that that
>Mum & Dad: Well, what it?
>You: I am a... I am a Communist
>Mum & Dad: *speechless*
>*brief silence
>You: Let me tell you about Marx

(1.96 MB 5000x2523 jEW1zyv.png)
/cumpol/- Canada, United States, Mexico Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 14:12:05 No. 19732 [Reply]
Edit: This is now the US politics general

Since the update deleted the US Politics thread I figured I'd make a new one, but be inclusive of other North American comrades since I doubt there are enough leafs or beaners on here to justify their own generals.

Discuss anything pertaining to domestic or international politics in Canada, the US, Mexico, Central America, or the Caribbean.
Edited last time by comatoast on 08/10/2019 (Sat) 20:12:09.
173 posts and 31 images omitted.
I've heard Ubuntu is compromised and not free as in freedom.
Can any Gentooposters attest?
It's already usable without ten layers of riceshit, but I don't wanna use CIAos.
I've heard Stallman complain about Ubuntu, along with some other Loonix users, about how Canonical is selling user data to Amazon,etc. So I do have an extra Arch OS that I update every other month but I don't really use it tbh. Although I plan on moving to arch as soon as Ubuntu becomes total shit which just doesn't really seem the case to me right now.
Trisquel OS is a GNU-aproved fork. Ubuntu has proprietary components like firmware, nvidia drivers and steam but honestly avoiding programs like chrome, discord in "web apps" that collect your data is far more important.
The section on this man in future history books is gonna be something special.
>Donald Trump, during a time of great economic uncertainty, suddenly decided the purchase the nation of Greenland, a member of the Kingdom of Denmark.

>After several long months, he eventually did purchase it, but it was soon in vein, as America was already on fire by that time.

(16.53 KB 300x100 red scarf banner.gif)
Banners Anonymous Comrade 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:04:53 No. 2607 [Reply]
Banner thread.
7 posts and 5 images omitted.
I really enjoyed that theme.
You weren't even around when PonyGET itself was a thing. You likely only liked it because it reminded you of efchan, traitor.
(32.05 KB 720x300 centipedes.jpg)
I saw the archive of it.
That's not the same as seeing it when it was getting constantly updated.
(36.29 KB 300x100 centipedes banner.png)
Also, thank you for this idea.

(387.01 KB 1241x887 EB2qOfOXkAArJEU.jpeg)
fashy zoomers Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 22:17:24 No. 27082 [Reply]
so is the generation zyklon meme true? is everyone under 25 fash now?

t. 28 year old boomer
145 posts and 48 images omitted.
>We have already passed the point of no return
Mabey is we all become cavemen and forget how to use machines.
>Please, no hard-green fearmongerig in my Albanian Hackers Taiwanese cartoons forum, thank you.
It's not a hot take out of my ass. Scholars and scientists who dedicate their lives to studying the climate are all saying the same.

>Are you the guy who spams Unabomber's pdfs?

>Aren't you fucked too according to your own metrics?
I'm not gen z. I've had a good run and am going to die before shit really hits the fan real hard.
Meme tier infographic
It seems like /pol/ is turning this story about 10 high school kids into meaning that most zoomers are fascists or something.
When I was in secondary school I used to goosestep and do the nazi salute for jokes with my friends.

Leftypol gaming Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 09:56:54 No. 27775 [Reply]
What games do leftypol play? I played through Stalker recently, I also like Deus Ex, Mount and Blade Warband, Dark Souls. I play supreme commander daily and generally enjoy strategy games.
91 posts and 35 images omitted.
Just got Wolfenstein: Youngblood

it kinda blows compared to the rest of the series but I'm chugging through to the end
(43.25 KB 563x556 1557777770577.jpg)
>Resetera radlibs are trying to drag Ion Maiden/Ion Fury through the mud with some year old discord screencaps that aren't even that bad.
This is why we can't have good things.
Day 46 onward will ramp up the difficulty a fuckton, with special ordeals and worse.
Have you done any boss fight already? you need to do them all to get to the last day.

you should play Zero-K

(295.15 KB 1600x1066 IMG_20190511_141158.jpg)
(130.57 KB 1600x1059 dnr-meeting.jpg)
Novorossiya Thread Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 22:12:37 No. 36452 [Reply]
So what do we think of Novorossiya and the ongoing war in Ukraine? We know for a fact their military and roots are remotely socialistic in nature, but many leftists are sceptical, some leftists support Ukraine in the War in Dombass whereas others declare Ukraine and its Armies to be Fascistic and dictatorial.

What do we think? Post arguments here.
27 posts and 10 images omitted.
Nice mental gymnastics.
Guis this one brigade is socialist (well not really some rando tankies like them) therefore ALL of the LNR and DNR are actually base communists!!!

Seriously do you guys even know the local socio-political context behind the succession? I.E: it had a lot to do with local political elites wanting to keep their positions during the Poroshenko purge?
As I said all of this is horrifically anti-materialist.
I hope you aren't supporting actual Nazis in Ukraine comrades
Just because he correctly identifies the separatists as capitalist doesn't mean he supports Ukraine or Ukrainian Nazis.
It's a honest mess there alright.
There's been a great number of literal Chetniks and "Holy Orthodox fighters" going there to fight in the name of Orthodoxy and Russia. Literal retards that posted pictures of themselves on their facebooks and got arrested afterwards.
For only five months before most of the KMT “nationalists” got their asses purged.
Ho was always communist first, nationalist later. The whole patriotic thing was just to pull the mostly apathetic people of the time.

(100.41 KB 506x359 Stevenmagnet.png)
(800.64 KB 1375x1892 Rodina Chibi 1.png)
(139.22 KB 303x283 14397714353.png)
Let's Confuse The Newfags Who Didn't Do Their Homework Anonymous Comrade 08/21/2019 (Wed) 01:56:35 No. 2674 [Reply]
Druže's Official Inner Chans Admin Tier List

Legendary Tier:
Steven - King and Steven are legitimately the best admin duo that early GETchan could have asked for. It's a shame we lost Steven along the line, as he was funny, charismatic, and most importantly he knew how to run a site. Basically everything Orange Blaze wasn't. There's a reason why this man is the only one to receive the "Hero of GETchan” medal so far.
King - The big man himself. Let's be honest, GETchan wouldn't even be here today without him. Say what you will about the guy, but running this hellhole for 8 years takes some real dedication.
Zeke - Basically Zeke is what happens when you have to divide brain power between the admins of Pchan offshoots, but just decide to give it all to one of them instead. Lunachan was the only Pchan offshoot I would say was good. (GETchan isn't a Pchan offshoot, don't @ me.) Truly the only person I actually see as a worthy successor to Steven.

Great Tier:
Anonthony - Did absolutely nothing wrong, Orange and his goons deserved it. Cool dude, shame he disappeared from chans completely.
Spike - Barely know anything about him, but Zeke seemed to trust him, so I guess he must be cool.

Okay Tier:
Cross Breeze & Doc Lee - They initially seemed to be the turning point for efchan, but it turns out that barely anything was accomplished during their time as admins and efchan just ended up getting re-absorbed into Pchan in the end. Not really bad admins, but honestly it doesn't seem like they did much to save the chan after BB stepped down.
Giygas - A mysterious man, quite fitting for the admin of Equestriachan, the Pchan offshoot that nobody remembers. Highly critical of Orange, but also of GETchan's democratic system at the time. Disappeared along with Equestriachan as a whole on one fateful day. He died as he lived, shrouded in mystery.

Shit Tier:
Mikie - A fascist sympathizer who thinks Pinochet memes are funny. Lets far-right ideology fester on Pchan. Not as totalitarian as Orange, but definitely authoritarian. Turned Pchan from a pile of shit into a pile of shit with swastikas on it.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(123.37 KB 485x500 horrible.png)
Who is King?
Who are you?
Probably some gaylord, lmao.

(104.85 KB 837x803 1501117252661.png)
cybersocialist planning poll Comrade 08/11/2019 (Sun) 06:27:35 No. 365 [Reply]

answer some questions about how you would like the hypothetical open source software to be written.
61 posts and 11 images omitted.
>- Would have to rewrite Cockshott's program (~500 loc)
sure hope this is monospaced

the core harmony planning code is a relatively small part of the repo
what's the rest of the java code?
fucking bump
is there any repo I can contribute to? extra points if it isn't Java crap
This seems like a fairly odd process to arrive at a language for a communal project. Wouldn't it have been better to recruit dedicated competent programmers first, and then see what programming languages there were common competency in? I can't help but think that most individuals that participated in the poll have no intention of contributing.

(376.47 KB 648x900 etqEGoT.jpg)
(224.11 KB 1024x791 Irish_Citizen_Army_on_Rooftop.jpg)
/Kalashnikov/ Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 18:50:35 No. 12396 [Reply]
AKA: lefty /k/

/k/ got deleted edition

For discussion of weapons, milsurp and military transport and armour.

Post weapons, discuss weapons, post your own if you so wish.
123 posts and 166 images omitted.
I'm going to shooting range this weekend. What guns should I familiarize with if this is my absolute first time? Also is it worth practicing marksmanship? I always liked physics and dynamics subject at uni and willing to invest some time learning bullet ballistics if it is actually useful.
Try starting low calibre bolt action/semi auto rifles first to familiarise yourself with basic recoil

I was actually worried about it. I am somewhat fit but how powerful will the blows be? is it possible to affect trajectory (and accuracy) of bullet by failing to control recoil?
(976.12 KB 2016x1512 image1.jpeg)
Can anyone identify this magazine that I discovered?
Hell if I know

(1.68 MB 1080x1248 boomer meme.png)
Complain here about bunkerchan Comrade Board volunteer 08/05/2019 (Mon) 18:31:18 No. 757 [Reply]
Suggestions, complains, put them here
Technical questions about the site only, for questions about leftypol moderation please go to the moderation feedback thread on leftypol. This includes asking for more flags.

Post things you want to see changed on bunkerchan here.
>Missing features
>Suggestions in general
Edited last time by comraderat on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 18:13:34.
284 posts and 56 images omitted.
2 things:
<Can we get redtext
And can we have more threads shown per page? Iirc it was 10 on 8chan.
you guys didn't make my Warsaw pact thread cyclical and now my fetish for the infrastructure/looks at the life then,are in the archives. Why care so much for a DPRK cyclical that I love and should be there 100% but cant get behind an active Warsaw pact cyclical?
It must have gotten swallowed in the update. There was some data loss. I have been monitoring the catalog and afaik no threads have 404'd since the update.
Tbh can we have it so pinned threads only show the OP and newest post? It saves so much space.
>ancap colors
are you retarded

(155.17 KB 720x900 half the sky.jpg)
News 8/20/19 News Aon 3.0 08/20/2019 (Tue) 19:09:05 No. 36219 [Reply]
Italian PM resigns amid coalition turmoil and publicly attacks Salvini for putting country at risk
Giuseppe Conte said during a parliamentary debate on Tuesday afternoon that he would go to the president to resign at the end of the day’s sitting, adding: “This government ends here.”

MPs’ summer holiday over? Labour demands recall of UK parliament after dire no-deal Brexit leak
The UK Labour Party has called on PM Boris Johnson to cut British lawmakers’ summer holidays short and recall parliament, following a leaked government report warning of the grim consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

China could ‘render US military bases useless’ within hours of conflict in Asia, report says
American military described as ‘atrophying force that is not sufficiently ready, equipped or postured for great power competition in the Indo-Pacific’

Quebec’s new CAQ-authored chauvinist laws incite spike in hate crimes
Bill 9, the so-called “Act to increase Québec’s socio-economic prosperity and adequately meet labour market needs through successful immigrant integration,” slashes the number of immigrants Quebec will receive in 2019 by almost a quarter. It also adds new “cultural” selection criteria that will enable the government to exclude would-be immigrants whom it deems don’t share “Quebec values.”

Brazil’s Inequality Widens, Super-Rich Hold 28% of Total Income

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by krates on 08/20/2019 (Tue) 19:10:28.
26 posts and 4 images omitted.
>News Aon 3.0
News Anon 1.0 -> News Anon 2.0 -> News Anon 3.0 -> News Aon 3.0
Is this even your final form?
The iterations must continue until perfection.
Trump calls off meeting with Danish prime minister over Greenland comments

>President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he was postponing his scheduled meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in two weeks because of her lack of interest in his offer to purchase Greenland.

>“Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments, that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time,” Trump said in a post on Twitter.

>Trump, who is due to visit Copenhagen early next month, did not make clear if he was canceling the trip altogether.

jej, I hope Greenland doesn't have WMD.
>China could ‘render US military bases useless’ within hours of conflict in Asia, report says

I can believe it. The whole revenge for 9-11/make the world safe for freedom shit is played out. The only ones going into the military now are the desperate and the deluded. Anyone that isn't deluded gets out when their contract is up. The ones that stay are sociopaths that enjoy killing, because that's all that's going on in Afghanistan. The news doesn't talk about it because it's beyond an embarrassment. At least I'm Vietnam the US had the excuses of foreign support and the political excuse of not being able to invade the North. In Afghanistan there isn't a single element that isn't due to America's relentless fuck ups (if we're being charitable). The Taliban is not only still around, but on the verge of kicking the Americans out of the country. It was only a year or two ago that they nearly forced them out of Kandahar. Much like Vietnam, it's only their overwhelming air power keeping them holding on, from being unceremoniously thrown out on their asses.

The American military is like an aging prize fighter. They pack a punch, but the overwhelming strength they had in their youth wastes away with every passing day.

(23.67 KB 973x819 china.png)
(936.83 KB 2000x1334 1552407442809.jpg)
/prc/ - People's Republic of China general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:39:50 No. 8925 [Reply]
A general thread for all China related discussion
385 posts and 116 images omitted.
what's your favorite Chinese cartoon?
Steven Universe
(27.71 KB 392x308 lhh2.jpg)
maoist comics
Boku no pico
Jokes aside, Made in Abyss.
>The fact that the NATO imperialists and the media mouthpieces are lining up to support the "protesters" says it all.
CNN spending two minutes out of twenty four hours to say “protestors are good” don’t mean shit. These protestors have no money or weapons from the CIA. Their just a reactionary movement against Chinese social democracy that is part of Chinese internal politics. Not every political movement involves NATO,

(541.09 KB 415x562 professor.png)
OC Thread 4.0 Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 08:50:19 No. 8622 [Reply]
OC Thread 4.0
>New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

/leftypol/'s booru:
Edited last time by d011ars on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 02:41:33.
393 posts and 507 images omitted.
>I love how you fags
>always obscure any revealing details about who publishes this shit
Then you proceed to do the same as hardcore /pol/acks. I know you are trying to get me permabanned by getting me to react even the slightest and harass the mods into doing to shut you up. Textbook liberal ploy.
>Then you proceed to do the same as hardcore /pol/acks.

I literally revealed the source of that retarded image on antifa - it was some conservative site's post which only simplified Johnstone's actual position. They threw in a pic of Soros for good measure. I also haven't reported any of your dumbass posts, either someone else is doing it or the mods just don't like it when you post shitty right-wing propaganda like in that deleted post.
>either someone else is doing it or the mods just don't like it when you post shitty right-wing propaganda like in that deleted post.
If one cant discern propaganda from evidence, no matter the source, its a learning curve. If one is concerned about mere optics its a kangaroo court. Once Antifa and its offshoots get exposed, the damage control and cope would be delicious. Screencap this: I told you so.
>Any reading of Trump's victory that relies on his popular support or how much workers love him and his policies is objectively wrong. He got fewer votes. Fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Hillary fucking Clinton.

This is correct

(387.68 KB 720x343 coomieblocks.png)
cockblocks Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 22:19:45 No. 36466 [Reply]
consider making a mod for minecraft to include a simplified cockshott planing system:

Players can contributes parts of the economic plan, and get labour-vouchers which can be spend on blocks and items
To simplify this, you could get "free" place-holder blocks/items that are put into the User Inventory, that can also be placed into the world
The placeholder blocks/items represent requests to the planing system, not real stuff so they are "gost-matter" players can clip through, the requests are full-filed by turning the placeholder-blocks into
actual blocks and items. The user will have to fullfill other parts of the plan (from a task-list) that contain an equivalent amount of average necessary labour time
to have the place-holder items be transformed, into actual blocks/items. Since this is all software, it's actually extremely easy to measure average necessary labour time.
Minecraft has a rather simple and limited amount of stuff that can be made, with a very small tech-tree,
which means it should be possible to implement for example cockshots harmony algorithm he published on github. I'm not sure how flexible mine-craft mods are, but there Still is the open-source version

A additional feature, could be a communal fund, that is funded via taxation. This could be used to give users communally subsidised beginner items, but also have communal building
projects, this could have a list with proposals, where users can vote on. To make a building proposal you can build with place-holder-blocks that are
linked to a such a list-entry, where other Players can vote for. The communal-fund-place-holder-items you build with are not visible to other users unless they
click on the entry of the communal project list, allowing them to inspect your proposal. If a proposal is approved by votes then the placeholder-blocks become visible to everybody and the economic
plan will be incremented. As soon as players work to get labour vouchers, the tax mechanism will divert some of the material inputs to the communal projects and real blocks will replace placeholder-blocks.
Placeholder-blocks could be made semi transparent version of their actual counterparts, so that you can see the progress of a project by how many transparent blocks are turned into opake ones.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

5 posts and 1 image omitted.
Sorry but this is just too autistic. You want to make a mod to allow a planning system specifically designed for large scale industrial production, which Minecraft lacks completely?
There is not enough scale in Minecraft to be able to calculate how long it takes to produce a diamond. There is no technology, resources or capital that can and needs to be mass produced to create new productive forces or end products. Crafting products themselves takes almost no effort or labour, except for smelting which can be expanded to be done so ridiculously cheaply that nobody ever needs to bother planning for it.

Find a better use of your time than trying to cram a system meant for planning large scale complex calculable economies into a litteral children's game that has more in common with an ad-hoc Amish commune.
(11.00 KB 250x267 sadlenin.jpeg)
So, anybody going to engage with the thread topic ?
To put my previous reply in short Marxist terms. Minecrafts mode of production isn't large scale industry. There is no capital which is needed to be produced to increase production, and the tools which you could argue for this description are too much based on chance to plan for.

I don't think creating such a mod would be practical or usefull, sorry. Perhaps if you had a game that functioned more akin to real life, with large scale plannable infrastructure, multiple possibilities which have to be weighed, high use of predictably producible productive capital, then it might be interesting. But Minecraft is just too small scale, too communal, too much based on random chance, too much lacking in labour increasing technology. Minecraft is either all manual or completely automated with no labour required, and the tools that are used for manual labour are basically insignificant to maintain once they have been produced.

As for the measurability of production being "easy", it isn't. Due to the tiny sample size in a Minecraft game of players, and the high impact of randomness, it becomes extremely hard to accurately measure the labour value of some product. Perhaps this could work in an mmo, but not in minecraft.
Besides, turning Minecraft into a litteral "here is a preplanned repetitive job" simulator is the opposite of what makes the game fun.
The idea is not really a game, it's just using the engine of a game.
I never played minecraft, but isn't a big part of the randomness due to where the resources are under the ground? In that case, this could be averaged away by an insurance system, that is the land-value tax.
Don't listen to this fucking naysayer. I believe in you op.

Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2019 (Tue) 21:27:31 No. 2564 [Reply]
> when boss gives you a bottle so you can piss into it during your 12 hour shift
>his boss doesn't give him free diapers

(335.06 KB 988x976 FullSizeRender21.jpg)
The Future of the Left Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 21:27:49 No. 36393 [Reply]
The Future of the Left.
By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Left envisioned itself as having reached an extraordinary degree of conceptual sophistication and organizational maturity. Generally, what was called leftism at that time was socialist, influenced to varying degrees by the works of Karl Marx. This was especially the case in Central Europe, but socialism was also intermixed with populist ideas in Eastern Europe and with syndicalism in France, Spain, and Latin America. In the United-States, all of these ideas were melded together, for example, in Eugene V. Debs’s Socialist Party and in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).
On the eve of World War I, leftist ideas and movements had become so advanced that they seemed positioned to seriously challenge the existence of capitalism, indeed, of class society as such. The words from the “Internationale,”“Tis the final conflict,” acquired a new concreteness and immediacy. Capitalism seemed faced with an insurgency by the world’s exploited classes, particularly the industrial proletariat. Indeed, given the scope of the Second International and the growth of revolutionary movements in the West, capitalism appeared to be facing an unprecedented, international social upheaval. Many revolutionaries were convinced that a politically mature and well-organized proletariat could finally take conscious control over social life and evolution to satisfy, not the particularized elitist interests of a propertied minority class, but the general interests of the majority.
The “Great War,” as it was called, actually did end amid socialistic revolutions. Russia established a “proletarian dictatorship,” premised ostensibly on revolutionary Marxist principles. Germany, with the largest and most ideologically advanced industrial proletariat in Europe, went through three years of Marxist-influenced revolutionary upheaval, while Bavaria, Hungary, and other places experienced short-lived insurgencies.
In Italy and Spain, the end of the war saw the emergence of great strike movements and near-insurrections, although they never reached a decisive revolutionary level. Even France seemed to be teetering on revolution in 1917, when entire regiments at the Western Front raised red flags and tried to make their way to Paris. Such upheavals, which recurred into the 1930s, appeared to support Lenin’s view that a “moribund” capitalism had finally entered into a period of war and revolution, one that in the foreseeable future could end only with the establishment of a socialist or communist society.
Edited last time by krates on 08/20/2019 (Tue) 21:32:09.
48 posts and 2 images omitted.
Thanks to the mod for fixing my formatting mistakes
It doesn't have to be this way comrade. It's a mistake to think of history in terms of inevitability. We have a choice to make as a species: do we embrace socialism or barbarism? Nothing is written in stone yet, even things are looking dire
Apologies for that. Having to fix all the spacing between words was a pain as it is.
yeah im not reading that.
You don't have to comrade. It's there for those that do

Esperanta fadeno Anonymous Refugee 08/17/2019 (Sat) 08:52:49 No. 111 [Reply]
Saluton, kamaradoj!

Ĉu iu tie ĉi parolas la internacian lingvon Esperanto?
Mi studis esperatnon iom antauxe, sed mi forgesis la plej parto da mia esperanto. Mi bezonas studi denove.
(559.08 KB 765x1881 EsperantoFadeno.png)
Mi kreis fadeno ekigxbildon por /leftypol/ je 8chan
(31.96 KB 400x348 1437786047949.jpeg)
Saluton, amiko, mi memoras la bildon vian. Ni povas helpi unu la alian studi tie ĉi, kaj eble konsentigi /leftypol/-on ke esperanto estas la vera vojo al internaciisma komunismo.
(174.26 KB 562x389 1564589839478.png)
Mi forgesis mian Esperanton!
Amiga pilko!

(40.10 KB 288x400 501098-trenirujsja-1.jpg)
Self Improvement General Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 02:43:14 No. 24570 [Reply]
Old self improvement thread is down, so long live the new one. Post advice on how best to work out and develop new skills with comrades, and give encouragement.

My major fucking problem is with discipline. I wasted another evening doing Jack shit when there's two projects for my org that I need to be working on. I've had the thought of just uninstalling my vidya, which is what's easiest for me to waste time on, but it always seems like I find something else to take its place. What can I do to teach myself the discipline that I need to keep plugging through anything really?
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It's over for autismcels. Really you just do not have the corretly developed brain for it, the best you can do is try to emulate it cosciuosly which is easier if you know theory about evopsych and if you can do praxis do it in environments as controlled and predictable as possible.
I don't think you have to be so pessimistic about it. I know some autistic guys who are doing pretty well for themselves socially. A bit quirky but still capable of having jobs, friends and partners.

fascists genuinely think mosley is some kind of god tier intellectual whos "too clever for nazis ecksdee I'm not a nazi I'm a fascist learn the difference ecksdee".

I swear to god if my grandfather was still alive.
But why

(219.27 KB 800x1102 800px-Malcolm_X_NYWTS_2a.jpg)
Malcolm X Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 21:13:24 No. 33820 [Reply]
What the fuck was his ideology? Was he a commie? A nazi? An ethnonationalist? Did he really hate the jews?
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Right, but Malcolm wrote this to Rockwell after breaking with the NOI:
>This is to warn you that I am no longer held in check from fighting white supremacists by Elijah Muhammad's separatist Black Muslim movement, and that if your present racist agitation against our people there in Alabama causes physical harm to Reverend King or any other black Americans who are only attempting to enjoy their rights as free human beings, that you and your Ku Klux Klan friends will be met with maximum physical retaliation from those of us who are not hand-cuffed by the disarming philosophy of nonviolence, and who believe in asserting our right of self-defense -- by any means necessary.
>that you and your Ku Klux Klan friends will be met with maximum physical retaliation from those of us who are not hand-cuffed by the disarming philosophy of nonviolence, and who believe in asserting our right of self-defense -- by any means necessary.
That's quite based.
Articles by Rahsid Johnson and the associated IWOC tend to slap btw
Rockwell looks doughy as hell in that picture.
Thank you comrade.
Yeah if I remember correctly that's a good paraphrase of what he said in a later section of the autobio, but I also remember it being phrased in a context that was unusually forgiving towards whites while hinting that maintaining a greater suspicion towards Jews was prudent. Has been almost a decade since I've read it however.

(160.79 KB 1080x1657 FB_IMG_1566342544372.jpg)
Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 23:10:22 No. 36579 [Reply]
Oh my fucking god, can these people get anymore dumber?
...is the implication here that "Antifa" is racist? I really don't understand what's going on here
"Antifa are the real fascists!!!! 111"
hell yeah
I'd wear that patch.

(81.15 KB 900x600 MLKP 13.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 23:29:05 No. 36612 [Reply]
Does Kurdistan and Rojava any fucking hope in hell of facing Turkey and living to tell the tale?
we already have a Rojava thread up, but it's difficult to tell. The population demographics show the Kurdish people outnumbering the turkish population in the future, so there's that. Even if Rojava is invaded, the militant groups will continue to exist but just as guerrila orgs.

(68.35 KB 998x655 ypgfighter.jpg)
Rojava Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 10:15:47 No. 35724 [Reply]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Isnt Erdogan banning tons of communist parties atm?
You have been visited by BASHAR THE LION. Pincer movements and encircled rebels will come to you, but only if you post “PINCH THAT LOAF BASHAR” in this thread.>>36114
Kurdish is a neat language, no idea it was Ind-European.
And I thought learning German was hard.
Revolution in Rojava with Debbie Bookchin and David Graeber

Tha nu punk rock Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2019 (Tue) 18:48:43 No. 2510 [Reply]
How can we fight against so much charisma and coolness?
(1.70 MB 1200x804 33433.png)
Punk was dead long before these faggots came along and started fucking its rotting corpse.
Oh, no! I'm scared all of them will come rounding us up! Muh chopper rides! Muh feeseecal removal time! Look at them! Muh CUNTerculture!
Btw, who the fuck are all those morons supposed to be?

[USA] Portland OR Happening Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 07:01:41 No. 30994 [Reply]
You guys think we're going to get shot tomorrow?

Portland is real spooky right now. They are shutting down roads, preparing national guard, weirdos everywhere. Proud Boys are roaming around. A bunch of civnat state assets just got picked up on felony riot charges too (Joey Gibson, etc) and some of them are allegedly hiding from marshalls.

The economy is doing shit, maybe there'll be a happening! Also LOL @ Oathkeepers backing out!
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Finally, now we can finally beat up liberal antifascists and know which one is which.

Red Bloc vs Banana Bloc when?
shoo shoo rightoid
The same porky funding the anti communist propaganda, Are you retard?

(18.58 KB 480x360 commieyoshi is love.jpg)
(24.79 KB 300x250 commieyoshi is life.jpg)
(57.46 KB 890x898 commieyoshi.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2019 (Tue) 16:07:25 No. 2425 [Reply]
Commieyoshi thread
lets spread this wildfire of a meme
(86.58 KB 680x680 uwillhappy.jpg)
Where is this meme coming from?
It has a lot of post-ironic potential.
Yoshi was accused of tax-evasion, does that mean that he is an opportunistic communist, abusing the failings of capitalism to gain money-power?

Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2019 (Tue) 22:56:02 No. 2593 [Reply]
Look, whatever you do. just don't post this man, okay? This man is a threat to international security and must be stopped at all costs. His eternal malice and incredible power manages to penetrate even the most resilient of hearts, giving him absolute control over those who gain knowledge of his existence. He's what you might call a natural leader, you probably know some such characters from back when you were in school. Anyways, if his existence ever leaks to the public, it could be grounds for complete global annihilation, performed quickly and painlessly within a matter of seconds. I repeat, do not post this man, if you know what's good for you.

(99.78 KB 683x767 gorbachev.jpg)
Gorbachev Hate Thread Anonymous Comrade 08/20/2019 (Tue) 18:07:03 No. 2483 [Reply]
Post your spiciest gorby memes.
/r/ing pizzahut.mp4

The Social Media Question Comrade 08/19/2019 (Mon) 15:11:52 No. 537 [Reply]
What is to be done about social media?
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But how will we deal with all the normies who are addicted to it?

give em better stuffs to do obvsly
Replaced with socialist media ofc
Look at it from a materialistic perspective: Social media is a capitalistic enterprise dominating society; monopoly.

What are alternatives to this? Tor, i2p, Zeronet, Freenet.

With out capitalism "social media" (which should really more appropriatly be called 'anti-social media' wouldn't exist as it wouldn't be able to constantly shove itself in our faces.

Furthermore, these things are the result of social alienation and with out capitalism social alienation would become a thing of the past.

I imagine people would go back to communicating through gophers and other random mediums; Facebook could also be socialized itself or collectivized; Become open source.
Facebook, Twitter, etc. would be nationalized and possibly merged into one, democratically controlled social media network free of all forms of corporate manipulation.

no cookies?