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(1.32 MB 1600x1119 brodsky-lenin.jpg)
A global winter of discontent? Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 17:24:47 No. 99205
France, Haiti, Ecuador, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and now Chile and Catalonia too.

It looks like shit's gonna shit the fan real quick, at the very least we'll get a new 1968, and with any luck a new 1848.

Is revolution closer than we think? And how smug do you think the Invisible Comitee is right now?
as an male able bodied burgerlandi I really hope im not drafted into the new imperial core to put down fledgling revolutions
I'll defect along with you if that shit ends up happening comrade.
It's fucking happening honestly lads. Each of those protests is a challenge to international capitalism in some form or another: we are in an era of upheaval.
To the bloody fight, holy and right, march march forwards for the world's ours to win!
>Is revolution closer than we think?
Not the kind you'd want.
Yeah, I think we are in a transition period which mean upheaval at a global scale. The "end of history/TINA" neoliberal era is ending right now and I think if I had to pinpoint a date for the end of neoliberalism I would choose the start of the China/USA trade war.
It’s 1848 tier. Arab Spring was 1830 Revolutions. We need 1917
>tfw just old enough to not be part of the draft
<tfw still young enough to fight for the revolution
gonna be lit fam
Man, this seasons looking to be pretty good. i wounder what the storywriters are going to come up with next
>>99205 I turn 18 next May. How fucked am I? I think the decision If I am drafted would be to try and fuck up anything going for them. I don't want to this country be like Berlin In 1945 so porky can have some shit.
so 87 rpm to slow
>If I am drafted would be to try and fuck up anything going for them.
try figuring out how to doge the draft instead
TFW the actual popular protests are outnumbering the color revolutions (Hong Kong and Venezuela mainly)
(36.32 KB 655x527 1552486842106.jpg)
I have a theory as to why /leftypol/s usercount was decreasing for a while. It's because people started going outside and agitating, thus using the internet less.
yeah maybe us burgers should do something.
There are gonna be Chicago and NYC teachers' strikes soon.
I saw a thread on 4/pol/ about "commies filling the streets of chicago" yesterday. Anyone got any more info on it?
Really, what even is there for USA'ans to do about revolutionary sentiment abroad? What could an average lefty Amerimutt theoretically do to prevent CIA from doing some anti-Communist bullshit in LatAm and Asia?
draft dodging time incoming fellas fuck the imperialist hell hounds I fight for my southern brothers
Yeah, I think that is the same for /pol/, too.
Organize draft dodging, making anti-imperialist propaganda, organize strikes, go full RAF
^basically that timeline atm.
As for the NYC teachers' strike: my mate who is a teacher in the Broncs says it should start in the next couple of weeks: and there has been massive enthusiasm for it.
(63.67 KB 552x812 FB_IMG_1571710913007.jpg)
How do you dodge draft if they calls for you? Fake illness? Get admitted to uni?
tell them if you get put in a combat role you will frag every commander you get

our you can say you are a conscientious objector or something
Just tell them you got an RE-4 last time you joined. If they ask why, say you had a serious injury or mental disorder. RE-4 is one of the worst kinds of military discharge you can get in terms of re-enlisting.
(464.08 KB 480x254 dr evil quote.gif)
"last time i joined"
then they tell you to prove it and you cant because you never actually joined, then get used as artillery bait as punisment
Who knows, it might work if they don't have time to stick around your house and talk all day. Maybe some will make a mistake and just scratch you off the list.
Just be mentally ill
(31.10 KB 878x378 less dead trannies.png)
State that you are a transsexual who cannot wait to serve your country to the best of your ability
(don't actually do this)
mods pls edit bolivia into the list
This shit will be ignored when actual manpower is needed.
What’s going in there?
Ops meant to tag>>102287
nvm its a shitty color rev?

My dad is a schizophrenic and completely lost at this point. If I faked developing schizophrenia in my 20s or 30s I could probably get away with it. Otherwise I'm fucking off to Patagonia and not coming back.
(38.28 KB 658x276 localism.JPG)
No guys, we don't need socialism!
Warmer days always help. We'll see what next spring brings.
>Nasser choked Egypt, Baath killed Syria/Iraq, Algeria)
Did they though?
Yeah, bougies protesting lefty government.
Porky media is going to regret shilling HK protests so hard, the lesson people got from their coverage isn't "China bad" like they intended.
>lesson people got from their coverage isn't "China bad" like they intended.
Where the fuck you live mate? Everyone, from cons to libs to succdems are crying about China
but i thought posting is praxis
I think he means people wanting to rise up to mirror HK because everyone's life fucking sucks
>The Lebanese protesters are playing Bella Ciao
Based and Partisanopilled.
Are Socialism and localism not compatible?
Lolbert localism he means
localism is gay
idk how lolberts could ever call themselves localists. The appeal in things that are local is the sense of community and having towns that aren't suburbanized and colonized by walmart, both of which are inevitable results of capitalism.
LOL at how he said that ba'ath worsened arab countries like it doesn't have anything to do with the global imperialist superpower(s) breathing down their necks. Challenging the power of the US bourgeoisie causes conflict so it's best to just suck up to them and not cause any problems!
resident evil 4
we support the morales on that one tho
To /pol/, Hillary Clinton is a communist so take what they say with a grain of salt.
I don't know, my threads get deleted for asking questions by the mods making any fruitful conversation impossible.
Maybe this website sucks?
your threads are shite but i wouldnt know if you werent such an narcissistic name/avatarfag.
His threads are probably fine, not that i've seen them much of course.
You ok buddy?
buddy he made an entire thread asking whether the conversion from grams to atomic moles was 'materialistic'
This was after making a post about identifying a flag, nothing else
complete garbage
(120.95 KB 1280x1280 IMG_20191028_203422.jpg)
How could we spark similar protests to Chile in NYC, where the police are occupying subway stations with automatic weapons to crack down on "fare evasion"?
You can start looking at reform, like de-funding the judicial and education systems and lowering taxes(recommended). You can also get some people together with various overwhelming weapons/equipment and take a crack at whatever government forces await you(not recommended unless seriously prepared), your choice.

Society should honestly turn to anarchy real quick, everyone helps where they can and takes what they need, simple, efficient, less work and less stress, no currency, no trading, we all exist as a species on a planet. Let me know itt if you have questions.
I just mean that people don't have to die over a cause unless they really deem it necessary. Most government people would step down for a horizontal society at the risk of violence.

If you want to 'spark' a protest, I would take to social media.
fair enough
>virgin gas mask
<Vs the Chad Scrap of Imam Turban Cloth
The comment below says to put tear gas (canisters ?) into a jar with sand or salt and shake it, using ovenmits.

Isn't that kind of more difficult, then to kick it back where it came from with your foot ?
Adopt a religion and apply for CO status.
In certains countries (like France) you just risk your foot exploding by doing that.
Some tear gas are just exmplosives spreading toxic shit around.

How is this man such a politically illiterate clown
Trump comes out as an accelerationist
Big if true
This. 1917 was fucking great. Ancoms, succdems, demsuccs, Marxists, Leninists, and even the Narodniks joined together to overthrow the Romanovs. We absolutely need something like 1917 again.
(16.02 KB 303x328 Feels_good_man.jpg)
>mfw i get to blow up with roadside bombs, burgerland's zoomer shock troops who have been shitting up the internet for the past few years.
(2.77 MB 500x264 gomer.gif)
There's no hope for you zoomer. Your best shot is to go Full Metal Jacket on your Drill Sgt.
Anarcho-Nazbol-Posadist Pleiadians vs the New world order & the Annunaki
(93.63 KB 750x500 2.jpg)
I hope we will get revolution. As a Council Communist. Most of these protests are very much agreeable to my views. It seems like the rise of socialism is coming out to help the working people. May this revolution be a great one. May it bring hope and help to the working class and in courage them to fight the oppressors. May it as well bring fear to the bourgeoisie and/or capitalist class. Long live the workers. May the revolution continue
>tell them if you get put in a combat role you will frag every commander you get

On a serious note though, fragging officers should be known by as many people as possible, like jury nullification.
(65.87 KB 940x618 based yellow vest.jpg)
>Is revolution closer than we think?
Yes and no. The situation is very promising, but prepare for it to get worse before it gets better. We're moving in the right direction, but we need an international popular workers movement, and that's yet to emerge. I find it very likely that the reactionary moment we've been living through will intensify, but ultimately fail. The fascists are slaves to capital and the global economic order, and so far have achieved nothing but their usual thievery wherever they have taken power. Freak shows similar to the one in Brazil will play out all over the world, and rot away what little credibility the right wingers have.

The next logical step for the porky would be WW3, but I'm extremely skeptical as to whether they're even capable of pulling that off. WWI was possible partly due to the populations being completely detached from the reality of industrialized war, mostly having idealistic and romantic conceptions of what it would be like. Now the situation is the exact opposite, and porky can't really get the population behind even a much smaller war like Iran or Venezuela. Trying to get Amerilards or Europoors into some World War that's almost certain to end in nuclear incineration will more likely spark an immediate rebellion. All this leaves the porky with no real winning move.

The revolution is not as close as we'd like, but it's certainly closer than the doomfags think. The problem is that the revolutionaries of the 21st century will not look like those of the 20th. The socialists of our era won't be marching in formation, carrying pictures of Lenin and Stalin. They probably won't talk about the dictatorship of the proletariat or sing Internationale. The 21st century will give birth to its own movement with its own icons, rallying cries and revolutionary jargon. The Yellow Vest of the French proletariat has already risen as a symbol of the working masses, much like the red flag did in the 19th century, and it has proven extremely resistant to any reactionary attempts to appropriate it for the right.

Our great challenge now is to recognize the opportunities as they come, and translate our theories and experiences to the contemporary situation in a way that will speak to the contemporary working masses. But that too will happen.


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