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(365.78 KB 681x498 42756854.png)
The fuck is happening in Chile? Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 09:17:18 No. 98814
Chile's president, Sebastian Pinera, has declared state of emergency and has given the control of the police to the military

What has happened in Chile for this to happen?
Why all of this happenings? Syria/Rojava, Catalonia, Ecuador, and now Chile, lel
(68.27 KB 383x680 45326.jpg)
(58.49 KB 1024x768 546357.jpg)
Some photos.
Please tell me this Allende's revenge
> from public transportation fare hikes to a fully blown insurrection
Daily reminder that public transportation is praxis.
>Pink tide dies
>Red tide rises
>First Ecuador
<Now Chile
>Students fucking died
>Tanks and armored vehicles rolling into Santiago
<And it’s fucking silence from the western media
What a surprise. Can’t wait for the US to install another Pinochet to keep things in check.
(13.75 KB 630x473 big_thonk.jpg)
>Electricity infrastructure attacked
>A few weeks after we had a "hey kids" thread about doing this sort of stuff
i'm glad for them, a few years ago when people in my country had to protest like this they just kept their heads low
t. argie
Looks like South America is in upheaval. Sharpen your shit Latino anons, the specter is coming back.
watch the States invade if the domino falls towards socialism
Damn son
Allende's counter attack
Are all those recent upheavals + Venezuela resistance the sign that American hegemonic imperialism is coming towards its end? Because 30 years ago I think all those revolts would have been crushed by the CIA.
(598.91 KB 1300x400 Paper_Tiger.png)
I think the failed Vuvuzela coup was the main signal that US backed hegemony is falling apart. Though it would be nice to see a catastrophic war with Iran that would serve as 21st centuries Russo-Japanese war.
Also the leak about that failed meeting between Trump and Afghan Taliban was also quite symbolic.
the main signal was when trump tried to curtail china and they did not immediately capitulate
Ok can someone fucking explain what actually caused this?
(232.68 KB 800x764 happy agent.png)
Not even "this sort of stuff" the post specifically advocated attacking electricity infrastructure. I wish the site had a search function for inside threads so I could find it because it was quite specific.
It's probably multiple issues that are causing the revolts to happen. I thought that South America would remain right-wing for a long while to be honest. What with the election of Bolsenaro and how good the right is at coming off as manly.
It's as if like material conditions are more important that any "culture war" inanities. Really makes one think.
>>99197 has a whole Twitter thread on it, but the jist is that the government increased public transport fairs while wages are fuck all. It's been escalating since then, as every other grievance aired out.
fares*, even
I honestly did think that the culture war was important from a propoganda perspective though. Like nobody wants to be a soiboi leftist cuck or something like that. It's why the right is so popular with zoomers in the states
(31.05 KB 500x367 educate yourself.png)
The aspect of "culture war" that matters is the degree to which people recruit. The right wins because they recruit people while the left is too buys arguing over inane shit and canceling people. If you visibly can't function from an outside perspective as a movement, people are going to stay away.
(94.44 KB 185x213 marksismus.png)
like a lot of places, the right usually needs to cheat to win in LatAm. Bolsonaro win was a flat out coup. Lula would have beat him but a right wing legal scam put him in jail on trumped up bullshit so he couldn't run.
God i hope Brazlians can depose Bolsonaro before he does any more damage to LatAm in general. With him gone, the likelihood of successful revolution in Ecuador and Chile (and likely elsewhere too) skyrockets, since he's in charge of the biggest country down there.
Isn't Pinera a former Pinoshit minister?


>Daily reminder that public transportation is praxis.
Based. Santiago has a fuckton of metro lines, Rome has three - barely two and a half, actually. Chileans rise up. Italians keep cucking up.

Does this shit have the same name of the Italian Enel by coincidence? Both electricity companies, btw. I'm asking because the only news about Chile you get here on the Teletext are about this fucking place burning.

As I said above, only porky-tier concerns are allowed to go through.

Don't remember that post, even though I haven't been a regular in the last days/weeks. Anyway, it seems to me that building is not some actual energy infrastracture, it's just office space.

The icing on the cake would be if protests in Puerto Rico, Hawai'i and places like that starts with people waving Russian/Chinese/DPRK/Iranian flags. That's edgy, I know, I know...
(244.63 KB 1920x1080 stirner on workers' power.jpg)
Reminder that if you strike by working but refusing to take money, instead of denying porky your labor you directly deny him revenue while expending his resources. Plus, nobody can scab if you're still using the MOP.
(14.00 KB 1392x39 1.png)
based scabs
This is pretty fucking genius because you're not only not inconveniencing by striking you're making there lives better anyone so it becomes super easy to garner public support for the strike
Based nips
(645.44 KB 541x895 kyoko apple.png)
People keep bringing this up and while it sure is nice it's not like transportation workers in other countries simply WANT to disrupt people's daily commute. In most countries it's illegal to strike this way and thus they don't do it.
That and you're demonstrating to everybody you service that the company is superfluous and the workers are the ones responsible for rendering service.

>it's illegal
Friendly reminder that people were literally put to fucking death for wanting a 40 hour work week.
Is this CyberSyn?
Yup. Without Cybersyn, the strikes would've been much more disastrous for Chile's economy.
(63.44 KB 1024x768 9470c19268a6580789a92b106.jpg)
(38.97 KB 395x600 trotsky.jfif)
Fucking apologize.
is this the world revolution leon trotsky was talking about?
Trotskyists ruined Trotskyism. I have been on Trotsky's side this entire time, even though the Trotskyists betrayed him.
Nah this is the spontaneity Bordiga talked about.
each whence where.
The army has just declared a total curfew in the capital, holy shit.
this hasn't happened since pinochet's dictatorship
Are there any Chilean comrades here? How do you see it unfolding? Do you think a sort of cooperation can be built between the several popular movements happening right now across Latin America?
There's a bunch of Chileans on 4/pol/ talking about coopting the movement, or they're supporting the government.
Well, gusanos will always be gusanos.
theirs like a grand total of five shut ins, they aren't going to do shit
I just thought i should mention it. Everyone needs some good rage once in a while.
Chilean here.
People are looting stores and burning things all across the country, it's beautiful.
>cooperation can be built between the several popular movements happening right now across Latin America?
I thinks these protests are directly influenced by Ecuador's, many of the independent leftist press in Chile supported the insurrections.

If you see chileans on 4/pol/ supporting the government don't listen to them, they're edgy right-wingers who are comfortable in their rooms talking bullshit
Pic related is probably a unique way to strike since you are wasting company resources for no revenue. Also the commuters will like you more
You know looking back through that thread is much worse than initially assessed. are their any leaders in the riots?
tfw you live in the most cucked latino country
Based Chilean, try to not get killed
The goverment has made it's first mortal victim
Some kid that was going around during the total curfew was shot in the head and died inmediately.
He was just going out with his friends wasn't even a protester.
Holy fucking shit ACAB
Hope more people join the riots after this
holy shit that first video, nigga just shooting indiscriminately- the third one is really bad too literally shooting with shotguns wtf
More footage of the army firing at protesters.
Simón Bolívar "Maldito el soldado que empuñe su arma contra su propio pueblo",
Fucking shit. I always know that the modern Chilean government is still fascist at the core but I never knew it would be that bad.
3 are dead btw.
wheres western media? Oh yeah theyre too busy taking about the hong kong "protesters"...
so much this

his followers are fucking retarded
I support Posadism for the memes. But yeah it’s pretty fucking retarded.
(65.86 KB 720x465 EHMoIiGW4AcVw6N.jpg)
>«If there is no bread for the poor, there'll be no peace for the wealthy».
They can’t have bread? Let them have cake!
Journalists are spineless fags
If they're so hungry they can eat lead.
The government have cut-off the water supply.
her teeth are scarin me dude she looks like a cannibal
daily reminder to agitate around everyday bullshit proles put up with instead of ideals or matters outside their immediate consciousness.
Sitting on leftypol is more comfier (and quite frankly, more realistic).
If you don't tell every service worker you interact with to unionize, you are not my comrade.
Well, the detonator was the rise of the metro fares. But there is deep discontent because quality of life is shit towards health, education, pensions, etc. The little to no involvement people have in their own governability has lead to these massive protests being the only way. Most of the country is in state of exception and the military is running the streets. Also curfew, that went pretty violently last night, we'll see what happens tonight.
t. someone living in Valparaiso
scary AF. I've participated in two manifestations already but this no fucking way
Sadly they are allowed to in this state of exception
Are you from Chile? Where at?
>Are you from Chile? Where at?
Mutualist outs himself as a fed
lol, maybe it was too much info, never been taken as a glow nigger before
>check ABC aus
>try refresh the page
<"Hong Kong protests attract tens of thousands"
Fuck mang shiet
The revolution will NOT be televised
>Using corporate media to get your news
That’s your first mistake.
There is any leftist group behind it or is a spontaneous revolt? Any right wing group try to infiltrate in the protests?
Can Chileans comment on this? How much of what is going on is being carried out by the organised left? How much of the agitation that lead to the insurrection was carried out by the organised left?

In Ecuador, if I'm not mistaken a strike in the transport sector kicked things off.

Also can we discount that, right after Ecuador fights and wins, Chileans begin with the same tactics? Seems like it can't be just coincidental, they must have seen the Ecuadoreans success and thought, well, we are up the same shit creek.

Is that a fair analysis?
The first steps were taken by the students. They are very much fucked by the system cause of the enourmous student loans. The organized left has yet to take a clear stand on this, there is not really a strong left to begin with. Some unions have decreted strike for tomorrow but the central union has yet to take a stand too.
Regarding the other topic, revolutionary energy indeed spreads, and takes on more synergy if a clear victory or a cruel outcome happens. This went from a call to evade metro fares last tuesday and now there's state of emergency and curfew in a huge part of the country.
It is a spontaneous revolt. Although most protesters are leftists, currently there is no large organized movement or political party of the left that represents the entire working class, as was the case in the 60s with popular unity and the MIR. All we have are socdems that may win the next presidential elections.
The best way out, for now, is for the president to resign and convene a constituent assembly to create a new constitution (the current one is illegitimate and created in the dictatorship).

>Any right wing group try to infiltrate in the protests?
Fortunately not, Chilean neo-Nazi groups are a living meme. The problem is the police and the army that are desperately making false flags to delegitimize the protests, infiltrating as civilians to shoot, etc.
>the current one is illegitimate and created in the dictatorship
This is a problem in every American-made “democracy”. Fascism is inherently ingrained into the system that will always reveal itself once the people regain class consciousness. The same will happen to most LatAm countries and Asia.
If you guys are legitimate and authentic good luck and Godspeed. Please be careful and know the ways to deal with weapons if you are not armed. If the Chilean government really is shooting at protesters protect yourselves and each other. If they are doing home raids it doesn't seem its going to be a social dinner with police and military. PROTECT AND DEFEND YOURSELVES
We are at it. You can feel the people's clamor, it chills the spine. People here have some culture of insurgencies so they kindo know what to do. Most importantly what you can't feel is fear.
Ni tanto miedo sabí!!!
Seeing posts by Chilean peeps on social media. Can’t understand shit but, damn shits going down there, isn’t it?
Yes, some serious shit is going down and there is no clear way out. I feel like the goverment will try to produce shortages in order to increase the mass hysteria. This will give them the justification to use even greater force.
Do you think there is a possibility of overthrowing the government? If so, what would replace it.
>"nationalist" /pol/yps all discuss which countries to flee to as soon as the going gets a little rough

Imagine my shock
10 dead
Do you think chile will fall into civil war over these actions? Do you think a revolution is possible?
Who pays for the gas and maintenance though?
not without leaders and organizations
Personally, I don't think it could happen. At best Piñera resigns and re-elections occur.
typical glow in the dark shit
seems like just a coincidence
Are you guys using social media or any kind of tecnology to organized the protests?

>Fortunately not,
You guys need to be cautious about that, in Brazil we had similar protests in 2013 that got coopted by the right and that was the start of the reactionary wave in here.
Luckily, I don't think that this will happen
The right wing is saying that the protests are a conspiration organized from Venezuela or something like that, while the ""left wing"" is actualy trying to use the protests in their favor
Our left wing consists principaly of socdems, so i'm glad that the people aren't giving them any credit
>The right wing is saying that the protests are a conspiration organized from Venezuela or something like that

lol some right-wing guy said Ecuador's was done by Venezuela
Also if this was done by Venezuela then everything is going according to plan same as Turkey leaving NATO
>Started 31 March 2019
>Deaths: At least 10 people (all suicides)
>Started 14 October
>Deaths: + 10 and rising
This should get a lot more coverage than it currently is, but since they are not gonna ban your favorite video game streamer. This really really bugles my mind, how can an insurrection get this little of attention compared to HK? Are we gonna see Piñera memes like we do with Xi? Or are we just gonna act like this is not happening at all??
Aren't the Chilean protests sympathetic to leftist ideas? Why would the media want to portray the them in a positive light? The revolution will not be televised
Deep down i know this, it just amazes me that in this day and age of information being greater than before, that media is still the number one propaganda machine that can lead masses to follow whatever agenda they seem fit. Even after electing Trump who popularized "Fake News", the masses are still not able to look at the media in a critical light.
Also seeing this with websites like Reddit and Twitter where propaganda and popularity points encourage users to follow status quo and not question the world around them.
Information is accessible, but it just seems to be about diverting the attention as to not give the proletarians any good ideas.
It all makes me feel very tired and hopeless tbh...
Dont worry too much about it, I feel like with the advent of the 2016 shitshow in burgerland at least people are trying to learn ideas outside their comfort zone. I mean I was a lib and ended up here, so that must say something about the current state of things lmao.
I mean the rise of political figures like DemSoc Bernie and Corbyn does have the advantage of planting the seed of radical leftist ideas, i hear from a lot of new far leftist that their original curiosity came from speeches made by Bernie back in 2015/2016, as well as Corbyn making a rise in Labor.
The thing is that these are just sparks that could ignite a leftist revolution, but we have a lot to fight against, if not media propaganda and red scare, then the literal military forces trying to suppress the proletariat as we see in Chile currently, and i think that's the depressing part.
As the worker class gets pushed more and more by the bourgeoisie then revolutionary tendencies will appear, it's just about finding out how to fuel this fire before it's squished under fascism.
We got to remember Capitalism will not tumble by itself, but by continuing action and revival of class consciousness.
(62.53 KB 1062x796 siw7k.jpg)
>>Deaths: At least 10 people (all suicides)
The company?
Any updates?
(88.18 KB 960x880 EHYMAw-WoAEjozr.jpg:large.jpeg)
You can get pretty frequent updates from twitter with the #ChileProtests and #ChileDesperto
A quick rundown of recent events:
President Piñera has declared Chile in a state of war against the protesters, with military action being taken in the major metropolitan cities
At least 12 people have been killed by police/military forces
More than 1.400 arrested & 100s are suffering from severe injuries
Reports of torture and police taking away people on the streets after curfew
Piñera is being compared to Pinochet, the people of Chile fear that this is a repetition of history.
The story is gonna evolve as time goes on, but i think it's important we keep a close eye on Chile and the upcoming protests the coming days.
If anyone here are from Chile and know of any way that we can help, please say so.
Chile is the model all latin american libertarians and neoliberals want to follow, there you have it

How curious this isn't getting even 1/5 of the attention of the HK riots or Venezuela crisis.
It's because nothing is happening in chile anon, what are you talking about? look at those terrible chinese cops attacking the HK democracy fighters anon, fuck china they are evil anon we should go to war against them and liberate the chinese people :^)
This. Chile is the freest economy in south america. based helicopter man singlehandedly fixed the economy and made it a model of free market economics. It is a bastion against statism in the region, how could anyone protest such a government except bitter poor people who failed at life?
(405.68 KB 822x548 chile.jpg)
Pic related is Chile under a free market. It sends shivers down my spine imagining what it would look like with an "enslaved" market. Could you imagine all those poorfags having a decent life? Disgusting.
But how the protests are being organized? I know there is lot of anarchists in Chile, how there are reacting? What about the independent media? Are the protesters try to build some kind of organization or anything that could last after the protests are over? What about the composition of the protesters, are they mostly students or workers? Do you feel that working class is participating in the protests?
Sorry, if i am asking too many questions.
>water is privatized
Jesus fucking Christ. Milton Friedman is the devil
The meds for old people generally (or only, chilean anon pls correct me) brands, that are more expensive...is like the US but you don't have welfare :D
>This is the peak of the free market
And being poor is fucking terrible>>101524
"Acta general de Chile" a documentary of Chile under Pinochet that narrated (or like that) in the book of The adventures of Miguel Litin clandestine in Chile by Gabo.

All the water companies in England are private, Scotland, Northern Ireland renationalised theirs and Wales has a non-profit private limited company (no shareholders or share assets) in charge of their water.
(730.12 KB yNT2acPCTxcbgTNb.mp4)
we live in a society
getting the protest to be more kino is a revolutionary strategy now a days comrades?
Protests are getting more violent, the military has already killed 3 people and seriously wounded 8, some of them with serious risk of dying. There are already curfews for today in several regions, helicopters patrolling non stop and military on the street. What a time
That looks like ruins from a war.
Instragram is automatically deleting anti-piñera propaganda as it's uploaded.
Actually, I haven't seen that much videos from the protests in twitter, either, so...
(41.91 KB 474x474 el pueblo unido.jpg)
After the fall of the Piñochet softertorship will be revealed the Secret law of protection of Internet.
The state of the necrotic repression forces, to fight it's own people need to boost his brain in cocaine.

Remember Sudan and the 70 (or 40?) that were killed, raped and then their bodies later thrown in the Nile.
(68.56 KB 800x1066 d6tgz.jpeg)
>Milton Friedman is the devil
(58.10 KB 1048x576 maxresdefault-1.jpg)
Not even sbs Australia is so gay
(33.33 KB 323x408 EHUyoaIX0AcM6k7.jpg)
This will trigger the Burgers
(38.64 KB 430x474 le gulag face.jpg)
fuck argentia
not de hamdurbers!
Soros is blamed for backing rioters again.
The discontent by HK towards China is valid. Its just the neoliberal and neoconservative opportunists.

A dengist and neoliberal purge would be satifying

Free market is a failed project, it fails by itself without interference. Bitter poor people would find sweetness in destroying their exploiters and oppressors. Success.
Met some Chileans at a protest in front of the local embassy. Nice people, many of them exiles that fled Pinochet, or their descendants. A pretty socialist-heavy crowd, that is. We sang "El Pueblo Unido", among other things. And what I think was "Venceremos!"
t. Fingol

Anyways here's a defiant "Bella Ciao".
Shouldn't we meme this into relevance in Reddit?
I mean, the justice-seaking masses will just eat up everything that you throw at them meanwhile it has a "rebellion for liberty", that's why they ate up so much the HK protests, because it was everywhere in the news and because it had that romanticized taint of "freedom fighters" people so much enjoy.
Right now, 15 people have died in 3 days, and who knows how many people have dissapeared. I don't know about Hong Kong, but I haven't heard about any deaths coming from the chinese military (at the same time, I haven't been paying that much attention to the Hong Kong thread, so sorry if I'm wrong)
Also, look at that photo >>101528 , it looks like a fucking war zone. Just put that, put some guy in the Freedom Fighter attire, and then distribute it into Reddit with some quotation about how "this is not a meme 15 people have died at the hands of the military in Chile in the past 3 days" and they will eat it up and expand it.
Fucking kulaks burning my food!!!!!!!
Fash seem to love stimulates. Guess they're the perfect wartime drug(s)
Reminder: use throwaway randomly generated emails on Reddit and every other shitty social media you're on.
We all want kino but it makes the movement die out quicker
(5.99 MB 5b253b7.mp4)
>More cops/militaries snorting cocaine before killing protesters.
Absolutely disgusting. Solidarity with Chile.
>Shouldn't we meme this into relevance in Reddit?
We can try, but we don’t have access to Pentagon bots. So it’ll be a lat harder.
Reddit is still too busy circlejerking HK fren. State department doesn't want the sheep focusing on a Murican ally...
Not going to work anon. HK got traction because the media decided to focus all their energy on China as part of the new cold War. They won't spare even a fraction for Chile. The people follow what the media tells them, not the other way around.
(225.88 KB 1080x1109 Screenshot_20191018_131719.jpg)
>solidarity with Hong Kong
>I've never even heard of chili anon
>I'm sure it's not as relevant as the pro democry fighters in hk, we need to fight the ebil chinese dictatorship
>why yes I would like a bottle of soylent
>muh soy beta cucks kekistani xdd
Back to /pol/
t. soy sipper
go back to reddit faggot
nazis liked soy so nothing wrong with hating it
EU parliament refused to discuss Chile https://twitter.com/BotengaM/status/1186386568929517568
True that.
>Imperialist trying to cover up its puppet’s atrocities
What a surprise. These are the same fuckwads that equated Nazis to Communists.
>Reddit's top page is filled with anti-Evo Morales propaganda instead of news on the actually important chilean movements
(373.06 KB 398x586 EL PUEBLO.png)
>one of the most astroturfed site on the net is full of propaganda
You don’t say.
Based pic
Hehehe now that I was thinking, the american decline has been a little more strong (or the slip of latin america of their hands) has been more strong that let's say a decade ago (seeing that the Bolivarian Revolution is unable to support allied gov. Abroad).
It's almost like the socioeconomic system is doomed to fail without Papa USA
Fifteen fucking dead and the fucking news sites in my country would rather talk about Bolivia and "muh rigged election".
And 84 wounded by fire arms.
Personas detenidas = people arrested
Heridos por armas de fuego = wounded by fire arms
It's from the national human rights intitute
Same over here. It's getting more coverage than Ecuador, but that's not saying much.
>Meanwhile, at the conservative cesspool that is knowyourmeme.
>I-it wasn't real conservatism, he is actually a left-winger guys!
Capitalism is like the garden of eden, it’s the best humanity’s gonna get but it hasn’t been tried that’s all.
>not real conservativism
Can't make this shit up
are these fuckers beyond hope?
Its amazing. They blame everything on communism, literally EVERYTHING. EVEN CAPITALISM LMFAOO0
>America is crony communism
Is this what hell looks like?
Is there any chance of Bolivia, Venezuela or Cuba assisting the rebellion? Or would that be way too big of a move and sacrifice their position? I know especially Venezuela and Cuba right now are in a pretty vulnerable position.
I wish this were true but it feels like a "chairman xi fire the missles" meme

Did I here something about Chile getting a new constitution out of these protests?
>The best way out, for now, is for the president to resign and convene a constituent assembly to create a new constitution (the current one is illegitimate and created in the dictatorship).

Are they actually going to do this?
I'm from Chile. One way you guys can help is getting the international media to report on what's really going on here. People are literally being killed by the police and military and there's video evidence of this. If we all mail them these videos, they'll have to report it.
Could you post link to the video?
The hardest part about getting the truth out is propaganda machine that is big brother watching the web. Plus don't expect the US mainstream media to report honest about the Chilean protests and the violence sponsored by the goverment.

But we can try but too many idiots are too busy with the chavist "protests" in HK while trying to dtir shit up in china for any dumbass lib to care.
>america is over 50% communist.
if only
Subscribe to this Telegram channel:


The specific video I was refering to is this one:

(296.86 KB 430x515 8777.png)
>Attacking the American embassy
Chile has really done it now...
Critical support for McDonalds in these dire times of unrest.
It's knowyourfuckingmeme. Of course it's beyond hope. Reactionaries love memes and use that shit because it's simple and easy to distribute, because their arguments are simple and easy to distribute. There is no chance the left wins the meme war, but that war is garbage and anybody who buys into it, is either a boomer or a zoomer. Both utterly useless.
It's not only the water distribution that is private property in Chile, it's the resource itself: it's trespassing to build a well to access someone else's groundwater, on the last drought there was not water in the city because cash crops paid better, and so on.
(62.09 KB 600x454 20191023_075502.jpg)
>42 deaths.
>12 raped women
>121 persons missing.
>Thousands of torture testimonies.
Is this actually real?
What the fuck.
(Cont) I've also heard that Chile had cut lff it's internet, at least somewhere, so yeah. Chile is a literal third world shithole.
Them cutting internet makes it pretty good since it means it'll be harder for the modern CIA to psyop the rioters into complacency, and also harder for people to distract themselves with le internet maymays.
pinche revolution jajjajaaj
Police kidnapping wounded protester from an ambulance.
(986.32 KB 3504x1913 homicide-rate.jpg)
Violent crimes are very common in all of Latin America, it's as bad as sub-Saharan Africa. Hispanics/Amerindians are a very backward and impoverished people, and their situation isn't going to improve any time soon due to their completely corrupt governments, the CIA, and IMF.
whitoids still hold the record with the great chimpout of 1939-45 sweety
(3.47 MB 1571610153505.webm)
>Shows chart of Homicide rates to say latinos are braindamaged.
>The country in question has a similar rate to the US, India.
Why'd they waste a good tv like that?
The only fair way to distribute it
Punish the lumpenproletariat!

> Satan-kun 22/10/19 (Tue) 16:56:31 No. 10272
Because at least half the deaths have been in lootings.
you r disappointing
i guess no they can't televise the revolution hehehe....:(
SEETHING /pol/cucks
TVs can be dropped from high places and blow up like a bomb. I'm sure there a better use for them than burning it.
(27.09 KB 552x367 FB_IMG_1571781879138.jpg)
(86.67 KB 800x600 US_male_homicides_1980_2015.png)
(33.11 KB 931x676 US_gun_deaths.png)
(267.05 KB 697x768 Povety_India.png)
>The country in question has a similar rate to the US, India.
USA has a large black population that were slaves, they were never given the land reform and reparations they were promised (40 acres and a mule) to have a more equal footing with the white settlers in the US capitalist economy, and they were still segregated and treated like garbage all those years after. So it is obvious why blacks are worse off than whites in USA, including in violent crime rate.
India is very poor and as a former colony their borders were carved out by the British Empire which in large part caused their constant state of war with Pakistan.
This is an improvised detention center of the military
Ok, so the ideas for a Constituent assembly and a new constitution are getting popular as a "solution"
Would this be based?
>Would this be based?
Absolutely, but that would mean a radical change in the system. So it would be difficult to happen for now, but not impossible.
Have any left-wing politicians/parties said anything regarding the protests?
(208.70 KB 814x942 Pinochet 1.jpg)
Do flat screens blow up like good old cathodic tubes used to? Do they project the same amount of shrapnel?
Great video. 10/10.
The presenter shills for Salvador Allende at some point and calls out the military as fascist pigs.
Chilean here, AMA. So far I can tell you this movement is unorganized, leaderless and apolitical.

It's beautiful.

The left has yet to show a clear stance on the matter. The chilean left is mostly composed of socdems and couldn't be more divided now though.
What about anarcho orgs? And communist parties?
i thought the major unions calleda strike?

are you saying its more like a yellow vest situation?
Kek, this was my city. Check this out, a little close up.

Not real. Officially it's 15 deaths.

That's fake also. Everyone has internet.
Chilean here. This is a good video.
https://represionenchile.com/ check this page guys.
(53.74 KB 1163x574 asamblea.JPG)
(61.73 KB 1175x580 anarcomunismo.JPG)
btw, here is a google graph showing the search interest about a Constituent assembly + the concepts of comunism and anarchism in Chile
I know this doesn't mean much, but its interesting to say the least ;)
(440.25 KB 1681x1170 EHTDgSxXkAAfQ0o.jpg)
tomorrow is the general strike all over the country, the syndicates and many social groups are going to protest.
Godspeed Chile!
(2.11 MB 1189x1189 happening.gif)
people in my area are also starting to wake up... Is it finally time?
And they say RT only produces garbage.
Sniff man is bringing down goverments with moral support
And you..are basically an armchair
How? Click in the link below
What area are you from anon?
>hong kong
Aaaaand ruined
>muh Hong-Kong
Sorry, sniffman but that's a big yikes from me.
literally who

Honk Konk and not Ecuador, I'm disappoint.
Catgirl drawgirl, you know the one who made our mascot? How much of a newfag are you?
I live in snow mexico (aka leafland) but the people around my (specific) area are super sympathetic to Marxism and socialism considering how autistic the government is.
>>103043 (cont)
also the transition from a resource exporting economy to a service economy is really hurting my Provence, so people are getting more anxious and more open to radical change

Brisbane Australia bus drivers did that years ago. Idk why everyone thinks this is so radical.
Mexicanon here. Are you okay Chileanons?
I wish you all good luck
(86.74 KB 512x288 Kaminas_signature_pose.gif)
(35.78 KB 600x337 decry-gl3.jpg)
Mexicanon here as well. The time for civil unrest is coming to México soon. I hope this marks the start of the Latin Spring. Arise workers! Arise from your slumber! We've got a world to gain and chains to lose!
Remember to stay safe! Keep reading! Keep connecting with worker orgs! Keep reaching out to other communist orgs, in your city, in your state, in your country and internationally! Keep growing your own org!

* /\
/ \
/ /\ * *
/ / \ *
* / / /\
// / \ *
/ / \
/ / /\
/ / / \
/ / / \ *
/ / / /\ *
/ / / / \
* // / / \
/ / / /\ *
/ / / / \ *
/ / / / \
/ / / / /\ *
/ / / / / \ *
/ / / / / \ FINISHING MOVE!!!
\......................................../ GIGA... DRILL...
\...................................../ * BREAAAAAAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
\l O
/ || \
/ /\ \
/ ' ' \
haha Mexicans are dorks
Good luck bros
Well, shit. I've posted music for the thread in the liberal fight against other Socialist oriented countries thread.
Well, Los prisioneros- Ultraderecha
Solidarity from burgerland!
I'm actually kinda new to /leftypol/
Los Miserables - Declaracion de Intransigencia
Speaking of Allende, could his plan of CyberSyn worked if the US didn’t coup him?
(200.84 KB 1440x1440 fugg.png)
Not the guy you were talking to, but welcome to the bunker.
Sounds chaotic. Is there any person or group you think could step up and get things organised?
Welcome comrade! How did you find us?
thanks comrade
hey tovarich, I was from 8chan and I think i saw something in twitter about this site.
I'm from Ecuador, we are living very important times. I'm very up to date in latin american politics, it's very important for the leftist progressive to join forces against our common enemy.
Were you originally on 8chan's leftypol? Did a bunch of people get lost and not know about the bunker?
Also could you redpill us on Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia? Thanks, companjero!
It would be greatly appreciated if you can give us updates on the situation so we can help in any way we can. We are indeed living in very important times.
I was originally from pol, I just lurked in leftypol but not too much.

>Also could you redpill us on Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia? Thanks, companjero!
Of course, I'll attach today's CONAIE (biggest indigenous organization in Ecuador) open letter to the IMF and here you can read the latest news in English https://english.pichinchauniversal.com.ec/
it's the web page of a radio that was closed in the recent protests, it was the only air radio that spoke the truth and keep open mics to the ppl.

Thank you very much, it would be really helpful to keep in touch, things could go crazy again soon.
(144.63 KB 742x960 EHfUo2RX0AAhoLw.jpg)
(87.36 KB 742x960 EHfUo1nX0AAbYV_.jpg)
(36.71 KB 742x960 EHfUo2lXYAI555R.jpg)
>today's CONAIE (biggest indigenous organization in Ecuador) open letter to the IMF
>things could go crazy again soon
Did the protests create any sort of new left-wing orgs?
>I was originally from pol, I just lurked in leftypol but not too much.
How did you come over to the red side?
considering I'm latin american most of the ppl I knew when I was young were leftists even in my family so it's like a natural thing, most cultured ppl are left wing. I'm not a marxist but I like Chavez a lot and Bolivar and Peron ideas of a unified latin america.
I also lived many popular uprisings (3 overthrowed presidents in less than 10 years in the 2000's first decade) here and that's a thing you keep forever, there is a special energy in this place about overthrowing governments.
when Correa was president he dismantled most of the syndicates, created some of his own (which today are pro-Lenin Moreno) and he fought against the indigenous and leftist groups so the left is very divided.
In the recent protests all the left was "de facto" unified again and I hope that the leaders will start talking between them to overcome past grievances.
>I'm not a marxist
you should read Marx though, hes a good writer.
>there is a special energy in this place about overthrowing governments.
Based and dialecticpilled
Cile, Argentina, Venezuela and the others. The crisis of South America is the failure of the socialist project.

who wrote this garbage?
Some dumbass that got a master in journalism at the school of Il Sole 24 ore, the newspaper of Confindustria, the Italian industrial union. He writes for a bunch of "liberal" websites, it seems.
Yeah and Brazil is doing great
>implying universal suffrage shouldn't be fought for by the working class of Hong Kong
>implying the Hong Kong protests didn't start in working class areas
>implying that the bourgeoisie of Hong Kong is pro-US
>implying that Zizek isn't based
I've read the manifesto, could you suggest me an introductory book or some documentary?
I'm more into andean cosmology right now, they talk about the Sumak Kawsay (the path of the Well living) it's a life centered creed and it's very communal.
True, as a peruvian I can tell how you feel. This years have been pretty unstable, and how much rage the gov. Of PPK gave to the left is amazing.
The memes, the happiness and the glorious coward death of Alan «Lunch Box» Garcia were the peak of this 2 years. (That and the jail of Jarrita Fujimori Jr. And go-back-to-jail of Fujimori father)
Goddam, surely some Italian Bungabunga has burned his brain in cocaine.
I haven't see those Alan Garcia memes. For me it was another lawfare case idk if he was guilty or not but justice is being used as a weapon and he tried to make a statement on that with his suicide.
About Brazil:
>There's also the strategy implemented by the richest and most popolous country of the area: Brazil, where the Bolsonaro government is pursuing a pro-business and pro-trump policy, and unlike those from the left who defend an economic and humanitaria status without strong foundations, is seeking shelter under the populist discourse emerged after various cases of corruption.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to make sense, but ok.

Also on Bolivia he says that Morales did an attack on the constitution to be elected for the fourth term and then rule for life. Nobody complained about this when Merkel did the same exact thing.
I have only one right, and yes ,It's seen as a lawfare -by the affected-(as is everything related to Lavajato).
Here we have «preventive prision», for the narcos originally but since Humala was jailed for presumtions of corruption(the exleftist stabbed all his allies so he was alone) everyone has been getting jaild with this. Alan was going to go to jail, but since he had mental issues (bipolar I think, and some megalomania) he chose to kill himself (also, with his death, his judicial process was dead....until his personal secretary started talking last week about how his sons went to university in the exterior and how he bought some luxury houses)
I don't know if Germany had a constitutional clause about reelections
it's similar all around latin america, politicians spend most of their time fighting against each other and the ppl doesn't believe in anyone anymore, thus the current crisis.
And all the larping about "Sao Paulo Group castro-chavista global conspiracy" just adds fuel to the hysteria.
Jajaja, according to our autistic right the next congress will be RED and it will brinf GOMUNISM, and the soft socdems are really GONZALOITES that want to impose the GENDER IDEOLOGY AND MAKE BOYS AND GIRLS CONFUSE ABOUT THEMSELFS.
Are people actually buying this?
It’s the LatAm right, the most idiotic kind of conservative ideology. They claim to be nationalists while sucking imperialist cocks.
Yes, at least a 10% of people that are: Belivers in Capitalism, Hardcore Evangelical/Catholic Conseevatives and were supported in the Fujimori years. In that order.
>Normal day and normal accusations from them (add something about god and natural law too)
They could have shortened it to: “IMF, please fuck off with your neoliberalism”.
Chile so what the fuck is happening. The president will make the minimum wage a bit higher, raise taxes on the rich for a bit and make drugs cheaper.

Is this how cheap you will sell yourselves?
(993.99 KB 1024x1306 0pou9k6bjlqz.jpg)
As Lenin said:
Without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement.
Simple as that.
Only fachos will be satisfied with what was announced, most people will keep protesting
so why are you pasting lenin qoutes on the internet and not educating people


i hope so
Hope that an actual revolutionary force can arise from this grassroot movement. Without organization, this will eventually burn out.
Lmao that just means how weak the government are right now
Nobody is buying it retard
(34.02 KB 677x702 1498983515.png)
Damn son, that's one of the best diss tracks I've ever heard
como van las protestas en Ecuador? Es verdad que se han calmado?
I don't think apolitical is good. They might end up like yellow vest protests: co-opted by the right wing. Luckily the protests are generally class conscious but it's dangerous to have them radicalize to the left soon.
why would that be bad?
What are you talking about? The yellow vests were no coopted by right wings. Every fascist group was thrown out long ago from the protests.
The yellow vests were not co-opted by the right wing they pitched up in the very early days and got beat out, there are videos.
As a Latin American, I'd recommend Socialism: Utopian and Scientific to understand the philosophy of Marxism and the Critique of the Gotha Programme for the practical economic aspects.

They are both short books, you can read them in less than 2 hours.
(181.03 KB 787x1280 EHl99BZWkAEcslx.jpg)
(54.43 KB 878x1280 EHl99aHWkAAIEgy.jpg)
Actually, didn't the syrian civil war start like this? China only needs to give weapons to the protesters and make some parts of the army join the protesters and we might get or a CCW or a chilean Chavez, this is going to get lit
(46.38 KB 847x287 chile.png)
Anyone else lurk on neoliberal? Here's one user's take on Chile's situation for instance. Are they right? Is it unfair to blame neoliberalism for the current unrest?

Another more detailed take:
>R/Neoshiteral of all place
this is how it all starts, screencap this
libertarianism IS neoliberalism.
The Chilean right is already blaming the protests on cuban and venezuelan intelligence.
External intervention->Cuban/Venezuelan intelligence->Tactical support
rightists are schizos
Maduro is to gusanos what /leftypol/ is for /pol/acks.
Kek this shit is all over the place and is said as truth by many latino opionionists. I'd believe the influence of Cuba in the Venezuelan state, but to put them as organizing a massive plot to fuck up all Latin American countries when these countries are falling apart is ridiculous.

Their statements are just to make it seem like they're playing 4e99D chess.
Maduro outplays Trump in 4D chess.

In fact Maduro is playing some "trompo con gurrufijo in 4d Mahjong inside a Matroska" in Latin America.
debatable when the country is in such a shit state.
Did you know that Chile's Communist Party has the most members out of any political party in Chile?
(74.85 KB 500x375 EatTheSmall.jpg)

why doesn't the biggest party simply eat the smaller ones?
Is the Communist Party playing any part in the struggle?
Nah, they're just doing irrelevant shit at the congress.
are they actually based or just revisionist scum?
Here's the link to their site because you fecks are too lazy to even look for it.
yeah dude sorry but i can't speak spanish
They seem alright
(205.62 KB 816x428 eduardo-artés.jpg)
100% revisionist.
The real ML party you're looking for, is here:
Obviously not as big as the other, but they're hoxhaists and are actively participating in the barricades. They had their leader as a presidential candidate, that based old man in the pic.
(179.66 KB 443x431 tomo6.png)
>DPRK flag
The good old Comrade Artés, what a based man
(928.00 KB 388x250 what.gif)
i'm not surprised by anything at this point.
Hilarious how a fat bus driver triggered bootlickers this much.
>Their Hoxhaists
>DPMonarchyofKorea Flag
Read Hoxha then make them as well
>Argentina aka “Third-World nation getting raped by the IMF...the country”
>Chile aka “Actually existing lolbergism”
<Muh Cummunism caused this
absolutely disgusting. For the first time in who knows how many fucking years and they're basically "very strongly demanding" that minimum wage be above the poverty line and that students and gramps get free public transportation.
1.- Salario mínimo sobre línea pobreza, Ahora!
2.- Jornada 40 horas, ahora!
3.- Gratuidad pasajes estudiantes, adultos mayores y rebaja del pasaje general, y avanzar hacia la estatización del transporte público, ahora!
4.- Congelar alzar de servicios básicos, ahora!
5.- Subir Pensiones básicas, ahora!
6.- Congelar proyectos de pensiones y reforma tributaria, ahora
7.- Rebaja de altos sueldos de parlamentarios y altas autoridades, ahora!
8.- Ley de rentas regionales, ahora!
This is so fucking disgusting I can't even begin to describe it. Jesus fuck, I almost unironically wish that God enlightens them, that is the most weak shit I've seen.
People are being killed by the police, there's a military curfew, and they're asking "strongly" for better pensions and free rides in the metro? I can't help but think that the left is better off without them.
Oh yes clearly you living who knows fucking where know the material conditions and unique circumstances of the communist party in a country half way across the world
dangerous to *not* have them radicalize, my bad, typo.
What a way to dismiss other's opinions, asshole.
The demands are so weak they 1. will probably be eroded in a few months and 2. basically irrelevant to most people. This shit is borderline right wing considering the situation.
Truly the greatest bus driver
in October 13th an agreement was made between the indigenous movement and the govt in which the national strike was over and Act 883 (elimination of fuel subsidies) was repelled, everything returned to "normal" BUT the govt and the indigenous are going to make a new Act 884 and the talks are not going so well.
What is your suggestion then? Engage in people's war?
So what are they actually protesting about, and what are their concrete demands? I get that it's basically low living standards and probably the government selling out to companies, Pincohet's Neoliberalism, etc. I just dont know anything about it as a dumb american.
Hoxha and his followers are and always were massive train wrecks; apple doesn't fall far from the tree really.
It's more like the Pinoshits in Chile want to reinstate the dictatorship and decided to crack down on peaceful protestors for the lulz, because rightists can't not act like fucking chimps. When the president literally declares war on you, what are you a poor pleb supposed to do?

Chile's fascist leadership (literally, the constitution is written by Pinoshit) decided to step up the dictatorship to preempt any left movement spreading throughout the continent. The neoliberal project has no alternatives, and to a lesser extent they're following the United States' slide into despotism.
People’s war is outdated. A full scale armed insurrection in both the urban and rural area is the only answer.
>impyling peoples war only covers rural areas.

WRONG. It just means start in rural areas. It doesn't even really mean that, it just means get density anywhere capitalism is weak, then connect up these dense areas where you can, gradually encircling your enemy
Starting in the rural areas is precisely what I meant. Modern revolutionary movements need to start in multiple decentralized area in every class possible that is against imperialism (even the petit bourgeoisie can be of use, mostly to create a cover for more radical elements and later assets to fuel activities). Class war and class antagonism should only be pushed when the working class base is firmly established to follow the revolution.
The American imperialists have now created ways to neutralize the rural working class by increase of forced urbanization and Balkanization of the countryside under paramilitary corps. This is why early actions by the NLF of Vietnam and modern NPA in the Philippines is unable to spread further.
The theory was created for semi feudal society. The updated version is as you say, some kind of Urban Peoples War. Which probably means density by neighbourhood, but again, in this day and age in dense urban areas there is no such thing as a neighbourhood really
Un saludo a los compañeros chilenos en su lucha contra el neoliberalismo e imperialismo.
¡Que viva la patria grande, carajo!
I believe it is up to the Communist party of Chile to decide what the best response to this insurrection should be whether to support it not support it or offer an alternative to both sides
Do they even have that kind of influence? Also, why not support it? The protests are against a bourgeois government controlled by imperialists. They're definitely not a psy op.
<mAyBe tHe ComUniSt PaRTy ShOuldn'T SupPort ThE mOvEmeNt
What the fuck is wrong with you.
Civilians have been put in detention camps, military was turned against civilians, many innocent killed without ever posing resistance, who knows how many injured, clearly a fascist government, Pinochet's dictatorship is on everyone's mind, etc, etc and you support the fascist government as long as they give Chileans free metro rides?
You, along with the Chilean Communist Party can go fuck yourselves. You have no right calling yourselves allies of the working class.
Just checked their new declarations of demands, they dropped the demand for free metro rides:
Can you imagine that at this moment there are Chilean hippies who hug the police and play soccer with the military at the peaceful protests? fucking traitors.
You can't do shit if the volk isn't behind you, you only invite ferocious repression upon you.
And some volkscharacter as>>104978 points out is really weak, you can't blame the ccp for what it does.
Isn't the Chilean communist party revisionist?
It is
Is there a based on in Chile? I remember someone mentioned them somewhere.
(5.71 MB milicos.mp4)
Hippies start hugging the military telling them "love and peace, we're from the same side" and literally a minute later they start shooting (0:58), then the hippies start running and crying about how they were "doing a peace pact with them and now they're firing at us" lmao hilarious shit.
unironically good. bless that everyone has cameras now. I hope people finally understand that they live under fascism and will continue to do so until they elect non-revisionist socialists.
>30k members
That's a lot for an ML party in a liberal democracy damn.
>Hippies start hugging the military telling them "love and peace, we're from the same side" and literally a minute later they start shooting
Yeah that's a recurring theme.
>non revisionist
>participating in elections of a country with a constitution written by fascists
Pick one
thank you cops! very cool!
Everything is revisionist
Just fucking perfect.
Massive rally in Santiago, they say it's maybe 700.000 to 1 million ppl just in Plaza Italia. Massive rallies all over the country.

EN VIVO | Continúan las manifestaciones en Chile

Inicia en Santiago la 'marcha más grande de Chile'

#EstadoDeEmergencia | Actualización permanente de la emergencia en diferentes regiones de Chile

Estado de Emergencia en Chile | EN VIVO - T13 MÓVIL

🔴 Transmisión 24/7: Estado de Emergencia en Chile
The "Biggest protest in Chile" is happening rn, estimates says that there are over 1 million people
(193.62 KB 900x531 EHwQ42UXYAA4k5c.jpg large.jpg)
>over 1 million people
That's just in Santiago. Every major city in Chile is protesting in parallel too
they say it's already the biggest march in the history of Chile
Allende 2: revolutionary boogalo
They need a fucking Allende right now
So one of my relatives who grew up under pinochiet, a "socialist" during that time, had to flee to Burgerstan, fucking hates these protests.

I kid you no, they think it's a giant psy op because the metro stations were burned, saying "they're fucking poor people over these idiot gang member lumpen".

Similarly, they said that the "socialism" of Chile has caused this shit because of them selling their resources out to china.

They, coincidentally, love trump and don't put any blame on the current government of pinera.

I don't know how the fuck this can happen. What about burgerstan makes people into such fucking boomers.
>""had"" to flee to Burgerstan
yeah he wasn't a socialist bro, sorry to tell you
he could've gone anywhere, and he went to the US, the capital of capital
Diaspora fags are worst
The Chilean diaspora in my country is fucking based. They are all socialists still.
Define revisionism?
(44.06 KB 720x723 0k4uudd2zfd21.jpg)
sorry to hear, that boomerism and terminal
that's 3 million in Hong Kong math
How was the march.
>They're creating fucking soviets
They are creating FUCKING SOVIETS
(181.28 KB 1307x1315 1554065569735.jpg)
(50.51 KB 200x133 Big hands Joe.png)
(7.38 KB 251x201 121985375.jpg)
K Keep me posted
(936.12 KB 500x281 6gRCnAr[1].gif)
(4.64 KB 268x188 GREATJOB.jpg)
(42.03 KB 444x794 gkivnduruk.jpg)
Ahahahaa! Yes! Yes! Finally!
best timeline
Also, does anyone have any updates on those councils? Are they going to collaborate?
Chilenoposter I summon you!!
Diaspora koreans here are a bunch spooked christian antileft rape apologists, and somehow getting along with the idea of North and South becoming one
I'll believe it when I see it
(60.92 KB 1032x581 IMG-20191026-WA0000.jpg)
In about 3 hours there will be one of these "councils" in the main square of my city and I will be there
Wish me luck bros
Good luck comrade.
Good luck comrade, tell us how it went when you come back
Always remember, these are your enemy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf0vqTWA4YY
Good luck and if you encounter anybody talking about consensus or doing jazz hands, shoot them. They are infected.
Good luck tovarisch.
Good luck comrade!
best of luck comrade
Good luck and stay safe my man
Good luck comrade. Take care out there.
What are you planning to bring up? Will you suggest trying to recruit soldiers to your cause to try and make soldier's councils or creating parallel govt structures?
Anyway, good luck in your fight for freedom!
LatAm Soviet Socialist Republic when?!?!
>you may live to see a United Socialist States of America that includes all of America
URSAL vive!
It comes to not surprise how literally the entire western media who are supposed to be obsessed with "human rights" and "democracy" are doing the impossible to ignore Chile and divert all attention to Hong Kong, hypocrite pieces of shit.
As a latin american I say no thanks, I don't want anything to do with the US who are our eternal enemies.
(4.04 MB 4128x2322 20191026_184311.jpg)
Ok so I had to go home before it ended but I got a good impression
We didn't talk about a offensive/violent plan against the police or the state becouse in this city we didn't have any major incident except for some barricades, but I guess that in bigger cities where the conflicts were more violent like Santiago, Valparaiso or Concepción they talked about a "offensive plan"
We talked mostly about politics, and like I said, it was pretty good. The only problem were with a group of volunteers and with their concept of poverty, they said that the poor were only the homeless, and everyone else agreed that the conflict was more between the elite and everyone else, after this the volunteers retired.
We talked about a lot of stuff, but the thing we said the most is that we need a new constitution to get the big changes we want. We also agreed that we need new leaders if we don't want the revolution to burn out, and that instances like these were ideal to form them, so as a group we will keep doing this.
I think that these "councils" have the potential to grow bigger, since today was improvised, for other councils we will invite more comrades. The people there were decently leftist, even with some admitted marxists
We also filled the square with cardboards with information and propaganda.
>We didn't talk about a offensive/violent plan against the police or the state
cringe but a good start nonetheless. Im really hoping you guys find leaders and start organizing an actual revolution
>even with some admitted marxists
interesting, were they university students?
They definitely should be careful and somewhat establish their council union and leaders before they get even more serious.
Yes, there were some ppl who studied philosophy and teacher studients
Venezuela seems like the boogey man of south america lately
It doesn't look like her work
>Gurren Lagann
Fucking based
How left-wing are these protests, really? on the chile subreddit (not the best place I know), while there's plenty of support for the protests, they seem to demonize the left quite a bit. "muh failed ideology", "muh VUVUZELA", etc etc.
>not absolutly filled to the brim with fed astroturfing
Burger “culture” has been molded for decades to destroy critical thinking and materialistic analysis by both alphabet soups.
Most people I know there are either complete libshits or conservatards.
>What about burgerstan makes people into such fucking boomers.
The media. Burger media is owned by Megaporkies who do a good job of promoting capitalist ideology. Their is no socialist or leftwing media in Burgerland besides a few small internet blogs and trot newspaper no one reads.
Ontology and phenomenology > materialism
(716.39 KB 2048x1536 IMG_20191027_000845.jpg)
People will say that the protests are ""apolitical"", but that isn't true, wath they mean by this is that they weren't organized by any party, but if you look their demands, they are ideologicaly to the left.
Not even feds, I doubt many of the posters there are even Chilean right now. Just a bunch of neolibs that have come there, since the story is hot, to explain why the people should "take all that energy and VOTE".
(69.22 KB 724x619 1348962871989.png)
I'm just sitting here hoping that Chile can start going socialist. My heart isn't ready yet for that.
Materialism is first and foremost an ontological position. To say that "Ontology is better than materialism" portrays your complete ignorance about the topic you pretend to be competent in. Leftypol isn't your teenage girlfriend you can easily impress with words you just grabbed on Thesaurus.

Phenomenology has several inconsistencies and generally has a serious problem with explaining anything outside the mind, not to mention that certain strains within its field wish to return to premodern metaphysics, so good luck with all of that, Mr. Solipsism.
i wish i had a better grasp of what all this stuff means
Dont worry tankie the glorious vangaurd will cratle you through your intellectual needs!
Ontology is the field of philosophy that investigates the nature of being. The marxist view of ontology is that there are only two main branches of ontology, and in turn only to great branches of philosophy: materialism and idealism, where marxists favour the former. When marxists say that they are materialists they take a poition in regards to the nature of being. Therefore to place materialism as somehow opposite is stupid which bookanon points out. Hope this clarified.
Ontology is the field of philosophy that investigates the nature of being. The marxist view of ontology is that there are only two main branches of ontology, and in turn only two great branches of philosophy: materialism and idealism, where marxists favour the former. When marxists say that they are materialists they take a poition in regards to the nature of being. Therefore to place materialism as somehow opposed to ontology is stupid which bookanon points out. Hope this clarified.

I fucked up the previous post. Way too early for this shit.
Good luck and Godspeed
(69.22 KB 724x619 cri.png)

double cri
^Found a song about Victor Jara.
What are all those flag people are waving? I recognize the Chilean flag, but what are the others?
Wtf is up with latin rightoids everywhere on twitter and reddit accusing all these protests of being some Cuban/Venezuelan psyop?
The flag with the sun in the middle is the flag of the Mapuche: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mapuche
shill cybercommunism, direct democracy, and real defence organization
Rightoids will blame anything on foreigners as long as it makes them look better in comparison. We all know Chile is fucked up because of Penisshit and the IMF.
Quite similar how you neurotypicals will blame anything on autists as long as it makes you look better in comparison.
Seem like propaganda goes both ways.
They have fears of the hills going after them.
And will tell that the eternal commie is triying to bring them down (and not the righfull duty of the people who they screwed over.
(1.88 MB 500x281 kamina rise up.gif)
God I hope this unrest spreads North to burgerland.
Goddamn. Solidarity to our southern brethren. Please bring the leftist vision back for the rest of us. I wish I could march alongside you.
>twitter and reddit accusing all these protests of being some Cuban/Venezuelan psyop?
Florida froths at the mouth, goes full retard.
(198.80 KB 600x828 TrotskyCivilWar.jpg)
Their is only one question left to be asked? Will the Chilean Revolution be permeant?
I have never realized that the True meaning of that poster is that Blood Trotsky is triying to save Rasputin from some Chinese death squads.
Nigged and fagpilled
Nah, it's that the evil jew trotsky is using asiatic barbarians to kill honest orthodox christians.
Rasputin was honorable to the White Russians? I prefer my theory good sir
That's not Rasputin that's just a Russian monk.
According to comments...the strike goes on.
Also, full version of #Cacerolazo

These revolutionary memes are dank af
Absolute gold.
>piñera implementing more neoliberalism now that things have cooled off
kek leftcucks btfo
(452.75 KB 712x549 image.png)
What does it say?
We aren't left wing
We aren't right wing
We are the bottom and we are after the top
>We are the bottom and we are after the top
Yes, it indeed is faggotry
Anything wrong with that?
Apparently it's an anarchist slogan.
Covert rightoid faggotry
NYC anons should be taking note. With the NYPD occupying the subways and cracking down on "fare evasion", there's some potential to get a similar student and lower class metro strike going.
>anarkiddies doing shit
"The soldiers smashed his fingers and hands, then mocked him by asking him to play the guitar."

I hope the soldiers responsible, if still alive, are forever haunted by that singing that filled the Chilean night sky during the martial law curfew. Where is your bravado now? Gone, with your old bodies, to rot in the same ditch you threw Jara into. 46 long years ago you destroyed his hands and riddled him with bullets, but just the other night his music and voice echoed over your land as if you accomplished nothing.

We will win.
better translation would be
"we are the ones at the bottom and we are going for the ones at the top"
No tops nor bottoms, dicks everywhere unite!
<Made by versatile gang.

I don't like the "neither left nor right" nor "left and right collaboration". It's either non-revisionist marxism-[anything] or whatever was before but with a different brand.
>We aren't left wing
This why you don’t let radlibs and theorylets lead your movement.
(2.54 MB 2048x2016 Screenshot_20191028-204140.png)
How many guns and explosives do the Chilean people have? Do they stand a chance against the Carabineros ? I mean I'm one for reform but this sounds like it could hopefully lead to anarchy.
I mean, yeah, it's cool, but, when do people actually take control of production?

it's like.....ok revolution is happening....now what?
Most of the guns are in the hands of lumpen and gangs; civilians have at most some hunting shotguns and shitty handguns, and these people are probably reactionaries since having guns is prohibitively expensive for the average wagie.
Also, there was a voluntary disarming rally led by carabineros a few years back that was apparently a success.

Workers of the mining sector have access to water gel explosives, at least.
(72.30 KB 800x604 IMG_20191028.jpg)
from last night in my city
where are cops
fuck. I have no words.
Is it true that government officials are lining up activists to get killed?
The media in my country is saying that like 5 civilians disappeared all over night.
They were literally collapsed and the majority guarding the largest government building in the region from peaceful protests

I can't confirm that, but for now, there are no big names of activists commanding the movement

Probably the state of emergency come back this night or tomorrow
(7.26 MB nazi btfo.webm)
I don't know why the army guys didn't do anything
Too much coke, if you do just enough coke you can commit a massacre, too much coke and your hands and your head shake too much to pull the trigger
(1.25 MB 1236x956 low effort meem.png)
what a fag
Cringe and simultaneously based.
Chilean comrades need to step up NOW.
any news?
Anarchists literally started this. Anarchism has always been very active and relevant in social movements in South America. MLs have always been a running joke.
Look at this faggot trying to frame this as being anti-globalism. Why is the LatAm right so fucking pathetic?


>Chile needs more private entrepreneurs, not demonstrators. Over three decades, these entrepreneurs have gradually, though not completely, ended the country’s dependence on mining copper. In Pinochet’s day, copper represented the entirety of Chile’s exports; today, it’s one-half. This still-heavy dependency on one primary export explains the state’s financial difficulties, for copper prices are currently low. The fate of South American governments is too often decided by the price of raw materials—copper in Chile, soy in Argentina and Brazil, oil in Ecuador and Venezuela. Marxists should know this, but such materialist determinism would oblige them to acknowledge that only neoliberalism makes it possible to escape a fate determined by commodity exports. Marx himself, in his day, understood this and celebrated the creative function of the capitalist bourgeoisie. Of course, Chilean Marxists never read Marx. Perhaps they should.
based and deng pilled
>Pouring napalm into this dumpster fire will surely put it out
How fucking delusional can you fucking get.
time to make or find a new thread bois
I will not even put a view in that shit.
>Chile’s poverty endures because of the country’s mediocre public education system. Neither the socialist administrations since Augusto Pinochet’s departure nor two free-market governments improved public schools, principally because of powerful, leftist public unions. A neoliberal approach, one that privatized primary schools, could have improved results, but the unions prevailed in their resistance. Their success guaranteed that the poor remained uneducated and impoverished.
> some mod bumplocked this thread
Seriously why didn’t this thread turn into a cycle thread like the gilet jaules thread?
Haha holy shit, people who unironically believe shit like this should be shot.
(244.61 KB 887x487 Selection_281.png)
The mods are cointelpro.
there is apparently a difference they saw in the Chilean revolution that they didn't in the french one. One will go nowhere and the other one will. This is merely a attempt to silence important topics and ones that threaten the status quo.
You fucking retard all threads that hit 500 replies are automatically bumplocked. make a new thread, mongol, if you care so much.

but im sure you know this and just trying to stir shit for your own amusement, you pathetic waste of life
Since when are they concerned by what happens to civilians?
What the fuck


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