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Containment thread for the lowest forms of internet discussion: 💩 Social Media Screenshots 📞 E-celeb Gossip 🕸️ Internet Happenings
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>>1159124 Cucking a man is the ultimate domination and humiliation. And besides, most girls want to be made to submit and if her "man" isn't doing it for her someone else will have to.
>>1159143 As you say most women want that, but that includes powerful women
>>1159291 Dear Madam, Consider this OFFICIALLY NOTICED, NOTED and/or OBSERVED by the PEOPLE’S COMMISSARIAT OF NOTICING. Diligently yours, Mitchell N. Oticér Processing Officer, St. Louis Field Office People’s Commissariat of Noticing
>>1157256 i know but i really think she's hot and i dont like that i like her i hate it
>>1157237 Wow you're fucking sad lol.
>>1152056 Who is she
>>1157237 reminder that wasting hours of your life simping for a bimbo who fries your brain cells is 90x worse than wasting it making money at a wagecuck job. I pity you and may damballah have mercy on your soul.
>>1157870 Kek i fucking knew it
>>1157362 Tessa Fowler I didn’t ask for these powers...
>>1158484 The simpsons has been Democratic Party propaganda for a while now
(78.99 KB 491x750 suslov.jpg)
>>1158935 >sablin >>>/r/eddit
>>1159143 Bruh fucking a superpowered goddess isn’t getting cucked lmao By definition that’s not even what it means
>>1159291 Isn't tucker carlson supposed to be based?
>>1159547 Not anymore, he said there was no election fraud and got dropped by the entire right win in less than 2 seconds. So much for the tolerant right!
>>1159550 NAh I mean the dude is bitching about cartoons whenever the cartoons is the most softist shit and pansiest shit ever. It's fucking sad.
>>1159551 Getting upset about irrelevant shit is a cornerstone of postmodern fascism.
>>1159317 Haven't watched the new Animaniacs but Warner Bros cartoons were always better than that Disney crap IMO https://youtu.be/HibHeY4UiPU
No idea where to post this, so I'm doing it here. I wanted to donate to some relief regarded the impending famine and genocide in Yemen, but I'm afraid that I'm gonna get scammed. The Islamic Relief organization was recommended to me but on their website they portray the conflict mildly pro-Saudi and Germany, Israel and the UAE claim that they have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Can you help me out there
>>1159567 Ask Caleb Maupin I reckon he'd know
>>1159568 Who is Caleb Maupin?
>>1159570 >Who is Caleb Maupin? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=surq0zZvlFc Seriously though he always replies to superchats on his streams, or you might be able to dm him or @ him on twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/calebmaupin/with_replies
>>1152652 Because he is the closest thing to a poster on YouTube
>>1159575 >the tweet about Satanist holy fucking shit my sides
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIEoZ9_2DJA is even fucking NONCOMPETE getting redpilled on "breadtube"??? Luna oi doing some good work on him.
>>1159599 So Breadtube is definitely on the decline Pretty soon it’s gonna be Caleb Maupin on the one hand and agent Kochinski on the other
>>1159622 maupin is a breadtuber now apparently? chapoid
>>1159570 Caleb Maupin is a widely acclaimed speaker, writer, journalist, and political analyst. He has traveled extensively in the Middle East and in Latin America. He was involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement from its early planning stages, and has been involved many struggles for social justice. He is an outspoken advocate of international friendship and cooperation, as well as 21st Century Socialism. He doesn’t shy away from the word “Communism” when explaining his political views, and advocates that the USA move toward some form of “socialism with American characteristics” rooted in the democratic and egalitarian traditions often found in American history. He argues that the present crisis can only be abetted with an “American Rebirth” in which the radicalism and community-centered values of the country are re-established and strengthened.
>>1159636 Most importantantly in the context he was on a medical supply run to Yemen back in the day
>>1159622 Grifters like agent Kochinski are death knell of any community(unless there is constant stream of cash like rightoids receive), hbomb and contra, libs as they are, were not grifters.
>>1159633 More like One the one hand you will have Beardtube consisting of Caleb Maupin On the other Breadtube consisting of agent Kochinski faggot
(119.56 KB 750x717 matt1.jpg)
I love him
>>1159709 >>1159622 Love to see it.
>>1159575 >he always replies to superchats on his streams *annoyed sigh* *clicks pen*
>>1159570 Caleb Maupin is that voice, that professor, that sage you knew existed but never were lucky enough to meet.
>>1159762 Caleb Maupin is like... Is like the color red The very essence of red Its vibrance Its beauty Its eye catching nature When Caleb stands in the sunrise his fiery red hair shines like the brilliance of a burning campfire on a freezing cold night When Caleb speaks his voice rolls like the thunder of the stormiest day And when he fixes his collar and sips his glass of water (always pure water, Caleb’s body is a temple) you know it’s time to get down to business
>>1159622 If anything Maupin is part of BEARDtube, but i'm more inclined to see him as his own beast
>>1159793 That is perhaps the most beautiful poem I have ever read. I rate it ONE HUNDRED BUCKS/10
Vegan "Second Breakfast" Compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCeBdqj16Jg
>>1159793 >Caleb’s body is a temple YES
>>1159641 really? that's unironically based and kinda hardcore. source?
>>1160245 It's funny how him being a sperg and his weird dengist opinions means he's become a meme but he's probably done more and knows more history than any user of this site
>>1160296 Yeah he's goofy and has some weird opinions on stuff but he has probably done more actual organizing and reading than 95% of /leftypol/ users and actually seems to be in touch with many socialist and anti-imperialist groups around the world.
(2.54 MB 268x268 1568614031923.gif)
>>1160318 what a mensch!
>>1160318 >Happy music plays
How can one man be this based? https://youtu.be/S-GVgu3Zp5M
(145.53 KB 1280x720 komm.jpg)
Anybody here have the webm for Komm Suber Trump? It got deleted off utube, motherfuckers
>>1160209 :/ I wish I could eat that much without getting diabetes or getting fat. Also, second breakfast is based and hobbit-pilled.
What's going on with this guy called Kraut? Is he a Nazbol? He is always lumped in with Sargon of Akkad, although I don't think he is that retarded as Sargon(still retarded though)
>>1160575 he became a centrist but was then steamrolled by his ex fans
>>1160575 He's a pro-imperialist socdem
>>1153827 >This cough is so irritating, we're entering a content golden age as soon as I'm over this shit Voosh is saying he's gonna die!?
>>1159709 I unironickly dreamed that i found him on a university and we took pictures together lol i am not even an american
>>1160575 When I watched him (long time ago) he seemed like a left-leaning liberal. How'd he get lumped in with Sargon though? I have noticed a lot of those older red pill types have moved on and become pretty basic conservatives or libs
>>1159599 >>1159622 Liberals calling Liberals Liberal is hilarious. Like, most MLs these days are just social democrats in red. When you've got fucking Luna Oi saying Vietnam is Communist and MLs sit there nodding, what the fuck is the difference between them and Shaun or HBomberguy. MLs are too full of themselves, I'm a Maoist but I don't go around screaming blue murder that "breadtube has been taken over Liberals!" Yeah it has, but its not Shaun or Olly, its fucking Caleb "the rockstar Marxism of a Chinese Billionaire" Maupin.
>>1160871 Look up what Xi just did to Ma lad
>>1160875 But this is liberal thinking. Saying China is communist because the party didn't like the idea of one single capitalist becoming too powerful is like saying the US was socialist because it broke up Standard Oil.
>>1160871 >supporting AES against mass propaganda is actually the exact same thing as making everything about 80s movies, kids' cartoons and transgenderism
>>1160871 >Luna Oi saying Vietnam is Communist She's a literal member of the Communist Party of Vietnam and I believe she didn't call it "communist" but said it was a socialist republic. Vietnam claims to have a "socialist-oriented market economy" which isn't socialism but just its construction. I'm not gonna defend everything this Luna person said as I'm sure you can dig up dirt if you want but to be outraged at a Vietnamese communist calling Vietnam a project worth saying go fuck yourself. >MLs sit there nodding So I've only watched her video where she presents the Vietnamese textbooks about Marxism and she admittedly condenses a lot of the basics better than your average Breadtuber who took an undergraduate class on philosophy once. >is the difference between them and Shaun or HBomberguy For example, the lack of apologies for imperialism and regurgitating CIA talking points comes to mind.
>>1160890 China openly admits to being state capitalist and claims that it creates more fertile ground for socialism to emerge afterwards. The fact that they break up monopolies and punish corruption should be encouraging, it shows dedication to their goals.
>>1160890 I'm sure that's not the argument that anybody makes.
>>1160901 I keep saying that Luna Oi is based as hell and people don't realize it because she was making a lot of low effort content for a bit. Also because of literally just sexism, like is it really a huge deal that she's a vietnamese woman? I don't even listen to Emerican anymore. Her serious videos are high quality educational material.
>>1160893 There's nothing wrong with talking about 80's movies, cartoons or transgenderism. There is something wrong with saying "Vietnam is Communist, you can't say its not because we all have different definitions!", which is outright revisionism. She also engages in identity opportunism. Shaun and HBomberguy have never claimed to be Marxists, Luna Oi and Maupin do. >>1160901 Its not a socialist republic. Its a capitalist nation, with a dictatorship of a capitalist class.
>>1160871 Dude i shit on Dengist on every other post but claiming all of Marxist youtube is Dengist or that Mls are uncritical of China is bullshit. It's simply that Dengist channels on average get more visibility than pure Ml ones, but numerically there are more of the latter than of the former by far
>>1160919 Also >Implying Luna's videos on dialectics aren't among the best Marxist philosophy videos around (The Marxist projects one are a bit superior tbh but their channel is much more niche)
>>1160919 Vietnam may have markets and shit, but it still seems to do a good job for its people. Maybe there is more poverty/exploitation than I realize. And if you watch Luna's content, she does a great job of describing Marxism accurately, and I would not be able to tell that she is in a revisionist country. >>1160930 >the marxist project will have to look into it
>>1160922 >It's simply that Dengist channels on average get more visibility than pure Ml ones I believe, that dengist channels have a wider reach, because of the chinese nationalism bonus . Anyone who creates content which is in support of China, will automatically attract lots of chinese nationalists. I think this is the reason, why channels like BayArea415 have become pretty popular in a very short time.
>>1160930 I'm sure they are, but when someone engages in revisionism, they need to be criticised for it. That goes for liberals to, when they're just going about Biden or whatever, they should be still critiqued but not treated like some existential threat. Where should really be thoroughly critised and line should be made absolutely crystal clear is when they start misleading people about Marxism, such as agent Kochinski saying Marx, Engles, Lenin and Mao would've supported voting Biden or CuckPhilosophy saying Marx didn't advocate violent revolution.
>>1160919 >There's nothing wrong with talking about 80's movies, cartoons or transgenderism https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1913/jan/00.htm https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1931/x01/x01.htm What people miss in the translation is that Bolshevism merely means majoritarianism https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1939/x01/index.htm This work was a touchstone for Mao developing his work, and he did not get so anglo about the meaning of Bolshevism, he took it literally as intended Does talking about 80's cartoons seem like a majoritarian, which is to say a mass line?
>>1160901 >She's a literal member of the Communist Party of Vietnam She is?
>>1160939 These works are about a Communist Party, not independent people making videos. Also, we should critique everything, even cartoons because they are part of the capitalist hegemony. Ignoring culture is being a philistine.
>>1160942 She claims it. Now I can't fucking present evidence for this, can I?
>>1161043 As long I see no proof, I don't believe you. These days everybody can claim anything.
>>1160933 >And if you watch Luna's content, she does a great job of describing Marxism accurately, and I would not be able to tell that she is in a revisionist country. Yeah, reading Soviets works from the "revisionist era" even into the Pizza Hut administration are often the best Marxist textbooks out there. "Revisionism" while it can of course exist is a huge spook, which is why "anti-revisionists" often actively discourage you from reading stuff written by "revisionists".
>>1161053 I mean, does it matter?
>>1161053 Well she is Vietnamese for starters, lives in Vietnam, and the CPV has over five million members. So it's not impossible or something.
>>1161054 Anti-revisionists don't discourage people from reading stuff written by revisionists, they discourage people from believing it or parroting it. Like Luna is a revisionist, we know it. That rant she did about how Westerners can't say Vietnam isn't socialist because they have a different definition of socialism is pure 100% revisionism. Revisionists always like to retreat in nebulous statements rather than anything concrete. Its like Deng's "a cat is a cat" fallacy bullshit.
>>1161059 And we know Caleb Maupin is a revisionist because he literally Marxism says history progresses through "improvement of production and the *struggle for better living conditions*". No, history progresses through CLASS STRUGGLE, something he's obviously going to leave out in his article sucking off a billionaire.
>>1161056 Yes. If she really is a member of the CPV, she is representing the party and the government. She made in the past many stupid statements. I don't think this would be in the interest of her supposed party.
>>1161068 Too be honest, I don't think the CPV really cares. Because it is revisionist. In fact it probably approves of her statements if anything.
>>1161068 >>1161063 This post >>1161038 is also you?
>>1161077 No, though I agree *to some extent*. Hong Kong does have legitimate greivences, what I don't like is that I don't think the Josh Wongites are really the victims in any of it and its telling most the protesters seem to be bourgeois and not working class.
>>1161089 Obviously that's not the point in this thread though to get into that.
>>1161059 I know she has said some weird stuff, like that Vietnam always "was very socialistic in history" which clearly is just nationalism but I'm saying that if you watch her three theory videos about dialectical materialism you can't find revisionism in there. Seriously, find me a statement in there that isn't based on classic references to Hegel, Marx and Lenin and the occasional Ho Chi Minh quote. If this is the stuff she got from her Marxism textbooks, then you can't quite claim that Vietnam has completely succumbed to revisionism, can you? >>1161063 >history progresses through "improvement of production This is literally from the mouths of Marx and Engels. Productive forces shape the relations of production. When contradictions between the level of development of the forces of production and the relations of production intensify, class struggle intensifies to culminate in a rupture to usher in a new mode of production. "All history of hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle" is a slogan from the Manifesto, but it's not supposed to the alpha and omega of historical materialism. >>1161068 This is stupid. She makes her videos as "Luna Oi!", which started as a cooking channel, and not as "Official Press Release of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Northwest-Hanoi Branch". Democratic centralism doesn't mean that everything you say in public must be traced back to the party line as long as you don't present yourself explicitly as a party cadre. Like, she's shilling for intersectionality and stuff too. I don't think the PCV is very big on intersectionality and gender theory, just a guess.
>>1161073 Isn't one of the biggest accusations levelled at "revisionists" that they're supposedly stifling open discussion and inner-party democracy? If the CPV would purge Luna Oi! would they prove their worth by being authentic militant revolutionaries? What the fuck man, that's some dark shit. Her content isn't even directed towards a Vietnamese audience.
>>1161097 I don't have problem with that, as I said, her videos probably are very good. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Luna Oi is some evil Khrushchev that needs to be crushed, non-malicious revisionists need to be critiqued in earnest to help guide them on the right path, not to crush them. And my problem with Caleb's definition is that he left out class struggle. Class struggle is the principle mover of history, not the productive forces themselves.
>>1161109 >And my problem with Caleb's definition is that he left out class struggle I don't think the guy who went to Occupy Wall Street with a hammer and sickle flag is unaware of class struggle, I haven't seen him de-emphasizing it too much, if he does, then I'd criticize him for that too. And yeah the "Jack Ma is a Marxist rockstar" take was beyond retarded unless he wants to be some comical parody.
>>1161146 No I don't think he's unaware of class struggle, as I said, he left it out because the article he wrote that in was glowering about a billionaire. The biggest thing that indicates revisionists beyond nebulousness is denying class struggle exists in socialism. Now, Stalin did this, but that's because no-one really knew class struggle continues into socialism back then, which is why its not "his fault" the USSR became revisionist. But there's no excuse for it in my opinion after Mao.
>>1161165 ?? Stalin was one of the biggest advocates for not only prolonged, but intensifying class struggle under socialism. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intensification_of_the_class_struggle_under_socialism
>>1161176 Yeah but he also said "the struggle against the capitalists in the USSR is ultimately won". Which isn't really true because they were taking over the party under his nose. The biggest problem with Stalin was his externalism. Contradiction is primarily internal, but Stalin thought all the revisionists were foreign spies or Trotskyists, he didn't see that socialism itself was engendering these seedling capitalist relations within the party. That's why cultural revolution is necessary.
>>1161193 I think when he talks about capitalists here, he means actual bourgeois, as in owners of means of production. Those were fully expropriated. He does not mean "people who might adhere to capitalist ideology" in this quote. >That's why cultural revolution is necessary Carried out in China and immediately brought Deng to power. Can't purge your way to communism.
>>1161205 Really there's no difference between the two. Aspiring capitalists are as good as capitalists. No it didn't bring Deng to power, the Dengist clique was trying to take power and the Cultural Revolution was to remove them. Now, it was defeated, but that doesn't mean it isn't necessary.
(63.96 KB 435x667 company socialism.png)
>>1159599 >anarchist >we need to overthrow the government >we need to abolish capitalism doesn't make much sense to me
>>1160919 >There's nothing wrong with talking about 80's movies, cartoons or transgenderism. you mean beyond being a waste of time that has nothing to do with socialism?
>>1161235 Well it does have to do with socialism because culture is a part of capitalism. Also, to say that we shouldn't give a fuck about trans rights because its "not part of socialism" is ludicrous.
>>1159599 >Luna using vietnamese commie seduction techniques to turn her radlib bf against the libtards based >>1160871 >um achkshyually vietnam is NOT REAL COMMUNISM begone infant
>>1161248 "UGH actually this country with literally capitalists running the show is socialist because it has a red flag and the government does stuff".
>>1161256 Vietnam is socialist, just like china.
>>1161256 Socialist projects can fail or fuck up and it doesn't make them not socialist. There is a difference between implementing a socialist mode of production and being politically socialist.
(143.57 KB 1080x1350 deng.jpg)
>>1161257 Well.... I mean not really unless you think the government doing stuff is socialism.
>>1161269 No, socialism is when the government works together with private companies in order to establish communism. Vietnam is less socialist than china, but is still socialist because they share the spirit of dengism. Vietnam and china both embrace market socialism.
>>1161267 Yeah but failing to the point capitalists run the country makes it not socialist anymore. I mean fuck, most of these countries MLs claim are socialists have go wayyyy further than Khrushchev ever did. All Khrushchev did was peg production to profit motives, these states have fucking stock markets, billionaires and extensive foreign investments and shit. Its capitalism.
>>1161239 you're peddling a load of cope to justify continuing to engage in non-political discourse, and pretending it is political so you can feel like you are doing or saying something relevant. culture being part of capitalism is trivially true, yet no analysis at the level of culture will ever challenge this, never has. culture follows, at best it can be instrumentalized by a political organ that precedes it. but that is not what any of these content hawkers are doing. meaning that wrt overthrowing capitalism, all of it it is inert. same with trans rights - politically inert, sterile. you cannot be serious about socialism if all you so is get trapped in these busy-boxes
>>1160936 Of course it's for this reason. (And that's why in the Beardtube thread me and more than one other anon are mulling to pull BayArea off our suggestion list, cause he talks too much Dengism and way little class)
>>1161302 Erm, no, you're the one trying to engage in non-political discourse. Everything is political, not just the things you want to talk about. You are the one trying to avoid discourse by saying "we shouldn't talk about this!". Gramsci criticised the culture of his time. Lenin fiercely engaged with media, especially movies and theater. This is anti-politics, not politics.
>>1161097 My theory is that she and Ej have struck some kind of backroom deal with Vietnamese tourist authority or shit (and let me say there would be nothing be in it):they literally work as Vietnam promoters on the Web
>>1161341 >Lenin fiercely engaged with media, especially movies and theater. yeah that's what made Lenin worthwhile, you utter imbecile. not the actual work of forming a vanguard party and seizing power, it was his power of posting that did it your moronic brain has been abducted into the dungeon of ideology
>>1161365 What. This is a strawman. I said engage and critique media, not turn the party into a fucking AV club. This is the standard fucking, liberal weird nazbol tactic, as if you can't pay attention to multiple things at the same time.
(415.68 KB 760x514 091.PNG)
>>1161406 lmao based christian weebs trolling
>>1161406 Ohj wow, repeating alt-right talking points. How very Marxist of you.
(391.77 KB 680x625 i,hypocrite.PNG)
>>1161417 That post didn't come from him, it came from this guy. A fascist with a statue pfp who celebrates violence against leftists. Yes, certainly someone we should be listening to.
>>1161434 If someone has a statue pfp, there is 99.999999999999999999999999999999% chance they're a fascist with all the standard mediocre brainlet shit that comes with like "tradition" and "western civilisation" and "your ancestors are watching you" bullshit.
>>1161438 Real fascists like the ones the yellow vests kicked out or the ones who couped Ukraine for the USA and protested in HK or the storesharter definition of fascist?
>>1161446 >my people are literally being conditioned into accepting their gradual eradication? Who exactly are "your people"? >>1161451 I mean this person is literally celebrating an anti-FASCIST leftist being battered by fascists and police. So, its a fascist and an enemy.
Apparently agent Kochinski's subreddit is pissed with Jason and the mods of it even asked Jim Profit for help who has dirt on Jason and he only agreed to help on one condition that they get some onlyfans fake leftist named Vylentine in on it who also is a fan of agent Kochinski but is apparently one of Jim's exes This gonna be a world war of autism lol
Is TheThingNoticer the same guy as the baboonposter on 8/leftypol?
>>1161712 >Jim Profit Holy shit now there's a name I haven't heard in years.
>>1161712 The fuck kind of dirt would Jim Profit have on Jason?
>>1161712 Forgot to ask, any link to a specific thread about it?
>>1161712 >Jim profit How is it a real name lol For the rest >Starting an autism competition <Against Jason Unruhe They've already lost
which group is more likely to be filled with pedophiles? Alt right or idpol wokies?
>>1161716 No, baboonposter was funny
>>1161738 alt-right
https://www.reddit.com/r/agent KochinskiV/comments/jz8hlp/tankies/ Bruh, the fuck did this nigga mean by this?
>>1161746 Kek, forgot about that filter lmao
>>1161744 really?? theres a lot of groomers in the trans community
(7.18 MB 396x420 mearsheimer trump.mp4)
Any Mearsheimer-fans here? I think this man should be invited to Jimmy Dore's show or something similar!
>>1161738 Alt-right by like a billion times. Like I've never seen an "idpol wokie" be a pedophile. Whereas on the right its pretty much standard, if not ubiquitous. Like, if you're making arguments that men are attracted to blushing cheeks and red lips because it proves women are younger and therefore fertile, you're almost certainly a pedo.
>>1161730 Jim knows about all the shit Jason has been involved with like as far as wannabe militias and shit Thing is he just doesn't care unless he can directly benefit from it which typically involves it hurting mods or getting him laid. In this case that might do both
>>1161752 There's a lot of rich people in the jewish community too.
>>1161755 ACH-SHOEONHEAD-LEE it's hebephilia...
>>1161760 I mean its absurd argument anyway, and its also a white nationalist one since, you know, humans come in all different colours and not all young people have red lips or rosy cheeks. And would this not apply to young white boys, who also have rosy cheeks and red lips? The more you dig into, the more fucked it becomes.
why are women so prone to woke idpol?
>>1161785 feminism is predatory towards young women and pretty much just turns them into woke-reactionaries
>>1161785 Well they should be because Marxism has always supported this. Like its not new.
>>1161778 My sexuality is if they gimme attention I'll probably give it back with my dick
>>1161793 No it hasn't sakoid.
Focault and Sakai? Goodbye!
>>1161820 >>1161828 At what point did ever mention Sakai? Don't be fucking stupid.
>>1161849 All wokies worship Sakai
>>1161854 No they don't. This is something you made up. Like I agree Sakai has points, I don't agree with him overall.
>>1161856 >Like I agree Sakai has points see, wokie
>>1161793 lel. Didn't feminist used to get kick to the side by the original marxist revolution?
>>1161857 He does have points. Its a historical analysis of the USA. Like if I said that historically British (or Europe in general) proletarians have not been the best friends to Irish Travelers or Roma people, like maybe they had done a *tiny* (by which I mean they regularly call for their death and post YouTube videos of them attacking Traveller people) bit of racism to them, just a little bit of being mean and that this way of thinking infects the way they interact with Traveler and Roma peoples, would you say that's wrong?
>>1161864 No, they didn't. Like this is one of the foundational myths of the /pol/ rehabilitated left. Marx and Engles literally never opposed feminism or women's rights. The IWMs association kicked one women called Emily Woodrow or something out because she was clearly a capitalist grifter and broke the rules of the IWM association, from then on every leftist anti-"SJW" has used this as an excuse to be a reactionary.
>>1161865 racism is harmful because of capitalism, not because of peoples attitudes. That fact that you even took note of that point shows your priorities.
>>1161870 >every leftist anti-"SJW" has used this as an excuse to be a reactionary. lol you outed yourself back to reddit
>>1161871 But capitalism creates racism. There is a solid economic basis for racism. And since the economic base influences people's attitudes, its makes them racist.
>>1161873 Yes, it is reactionary. Its basically nazbolism.
>>1161874 Do you believe white people should be blamed for their individual attitudes or as a whole for racism?
https://youtu.be/7I--oQrsVYE Caleb is streaming
>>1161878 "blamed"? Like what does this mean? Who exactly is directly blaming individual white people for racism? White people can (and are, generally) racist, it doesn't mean individual white people are responsible for racism as an institution. And no-one, not even Sakai, who I disagree with, argued this.
>>1161885 Kalib Maupeen
>>1161877 its only nazbol if you outright come out in favor of oppressing/genociding minorities.
>>1161887 In fact, to be clear, Sakai's argument is basically third wordism except he's extended the third world to minorities in the US. That's it. Like its no more shocking or deeply "wounding". Its just third worldism. Sakai is no different from Jason Unruhe except he extends the "non-revolutionary (though its more complicated than that)" bullshit to white US citizens. That's it.
>>1161887 >can (and are, generally) racist, Do you think racism is a purposeful outright hatred of minorities or do you think its saying uighur online and/or making some off color jokes with your redneck buddies?
>>1161895 and third worldism is idpol cancer
>>1161897 I mean, they're the same thing. Racism, at its core, is liberalism, the idea that you have the right to do whatever you want at the expense of others because of abstract morals.
>>1161902 Well yeah it is, but Sakai is not some scary monster. He makes good points (and Unruhe does), but his ideology is generally backward. Sakai is not like some boogeyman.
>>1161885 Like expected, he just skipped the superchat where he was asked about Thailand...
>>1161909 Kek what did it say?
>>1161912 Just what he thinks about the protests.
If you argue with people who defend Sakai you are just as bad as them. Don't take bait.
(3.02 KB 364x138 images-3.png)
What is the end goal for this?
>>1161921 At what point did I ever "defend" Sakai? Just because you were a fascist like 5 minutes ago doesn't mean you should argue like one. >>1161909 Because he's a revisionist and a socdem. That's it.
>>1161926 >fascist Fascism is a form of capitalism used to hold on to itself when it's about ready to fail, not when people say words that hurt your feelings.
(421.86 KB 719x725 Screenshot_20201123_102247.png)
>>1161946 There is a difference between fascism and people who make fascist arguments. Someone who is generally left wing but argues there's some kind of conspiracy to turn kids into gays is making a fascist argument. Someone who is arguing there is a conspiracy to turn kids in gays and that this a product of (insert minority) and we need totalitarianism to fight them is a fascist.
>>1161957 >Someone who is generally left wing but argues there's some kind of conspiracy to turn kids into gays is making a fascist argument. No left winger aside from a few nazbols has argued this. The majority of the arguing is about how trans people are trying to make leftism all about trans issues instead of class issues.
>>1161962 No, but they generally do make arguments like this when it comes to other groups like trans people, and they've done it in this thread >>1161406, citing someone who thinks its "based" leftists are violently attacked by the way.
>>1161968 that was a retarded christcom. same as a nazbol
I wonder how has having several billion people in the developing world get online with smartphones in the last decade changed internet discourse
>>1161950 But I think that 6 soy flavor drinking soyboy born here.
>>1152230 >Finally listened to TrueAnon, you niggas was right. This shit is based. thats right. Here's the patreon part of their episodes on The Great Reset
>>1161957 >conspiracy to turn kids into gays is making a fascist argument. the conspiracy part may be right wing, but Baudrillard did say something about trans being a consequence of the sexual revolution and hiroshima
>>1159119 I think it's just subverting the usual "communism no iphone" joke, not condemning the technology.
(472.61 KB 600x600 colegestudent2.png)
everytime /pol/acks start crying about IQ saying "name a better measure of intelligence"; My new answer is going to be: "people" that leave comments under porn videos. The only comments on porn should be >source? or >who is this? Anyone that comments shit that amounts to "i'm honry" has reached qualitatively less intelligence. There's no spectrum, it's a binary.
>>1162545 I'm honry
>>1162545 Pic related it's the last thing a good honest white working class miner (pickaxes only) sees before death
>>1162545 i wanna fuck her
>>1162545 Someone give this person a Nobel Prize.
Wow... I think I’ve finally found the absolute worst; most cretinous, petty booj infested sub on reddit, only ones worse are the main glowie subs Like, holy shit, whenever I read a comment here half the time I genuinely wanna kill the commenter, and also the mods, and also myself Why can’t this shithole be banned?
>>1162545 >Name a better measure of intelligence Well If someone is posting on here they are, by definition, mentally deficient https://www.reddit.com/r/PurplePillDebate/
>>1161793 Literally Russian revolution started with comrades hijacking a feminist rally and BTFOing them lol
(72.05 KB 361x564 IMG_20201123_183622.jpg)
Is it true
>>1162749 lemme guess, reddit?
>>1162749 >Zhukov >Stalinist generalissimo
Economic Update: What Capitalism's Decline Means https://youtu.be/kMIho9ah9wc
>>1162749 Is that Rokossovsky?
>>1162941 no one wants to go out with a broke nigga, especially not in this economy. I haven't seen anyone on /leftypol/ deny this.
>>1162545 Well, source? Who is this?
>>1161923 A government of action that fights for working families. Duh!
>>1159651 >hbomb and contra, libs as they are, were not grifters. Hbomb maybe because he made ZERO videos to do with socialism to beginw with. But contra? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Even a worse grifter than agent Kochinski.
(214.45 KB 420x533 tfw detox.png)
Announcement: BEYOND ORDER: 12 More Rules for Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu635BJxBQE ooooh, boy 12 more rules incoming, bucko
>>1163178 Why is he making his lips look like buttocks and arousing me?
>>1163191 >doomed man. The only thing your negativity and contrarianism will kill is yourself.
>>1162418 King, I've been listening to them all week thanks to this thread.
A revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no private interests, no affairs, sentiments, ties, property nor even a name of his own. His entire being is devoured by one purpose, one thought, one passion – the revolution.
>>1163109 agent Kochinski is literally fbi contra is just a pseudo intellectual lib full of herself
>>1163218 yes that's what I told your mom before leaving for rojava
>>1163218 I think you misunderstand that proclamation. A revolutionary is a man who chose to be doomed, abandoning all ties to commit to the revolution. Incels can't really make that choice, since by the way or narrative they portray themselves, they already have nothing. I doubt you even have an ideology to commit yourself, judging by your posts, much less anything to sacrifice it to.
(10.31 KB 279x200 Dele.jpg)
>Spend 14 hours a day on computers from age 11 making me severely Aspergic- minor autistic >get upset cause I can't talk to ppl and therefor get with the ladies >Get even more autistic by spending 19 hours a day on computer and posting on anon forums >forgot about wanting to fuck Its a self-serving problem, you have to go deeper into the autism
CHAD non-sex haver: Got nothing to lose, will fight for a better world because anything is better than what he's got, no mercy for their enemies because no mercy was shown for him, doesn't discrimate in who they mow down unlike petty booj "leftists" in a revolution. VIRGIN sex-haver: Oh no my family! Oh no my responsibilities! Ummmmm, I can't do that because it's against social etiquette, I will gladly die for some pussy and put everyone in danger! MUH KIDS MUH WIFE I CAN'T DO REVOLUTION, I AM SENSIBLE MAN WHO WANTS STABILITY. MUH MORTGAGE MUH PROPERTY. Is there even a debate? Come on now.
can we cool it with the incel shit, please?
Why are there so many incels? Is really not that hard to get laid.
(290.24 KB 600x615 1555259574492.png)
>>1163248 Imagine LARPing this hard on an Korean rain dance forum. What will probably happen is you shaming every other leftist for not being the true Revolutionary(TM) like an inquisitor to feel better about yourself and gives you an excuse to wallow in your impotency, political and sexual.
>>1163292 yes niggah
>>1163248 I think it's very funny that you imply the moment you have sex you will become part of the second group and all the revolutionary potential you claim to have will die because your biggest problem in life and the reason you want communism is that you can't get coochie.
They lash out against the growing tide of incels. You cannot shame the rising waters, only watch as it consumes.
>>1163294 If you’re saying people should feel like shit for not getting laid, why mock them for it? Shit like this is why men wind up finding purpose in war.
>>1163302 maybe he's empathetic and would keep fighting until everyone's had sex
>>1163346 We're saying that you shouldn't make having sex be the most important or only objective in your life. The only one considering that not having sex means you're a shitty person is yourselves
>>1163357 90% of "leftists" join "leftist" orgs just for pussy anyway, don't preten your average radlib (which represents western leftism) is any better lol. How many of these fucking orgs has some sex pest cult leader at the top fucking all the young whores who join? Way too many. What a joke.
>>1163357 I’m not the other anon nor a virgin But you know nothing Without the love of a woman and the possibility of a family; a man has nothing What’s the point of living without the core of human life since before we were even recognizably human? The only other love to be found is the love of the battlefield; the blood, the flesh, the death; there are two sources of warmth I didn’t become a communist because I wanted to live
list of breadtubers and e-famous twitter users who subscribe to idpol which disqualifies them from leftism Shaun badmouse Lindsay Ellis Contrapoints Voosh Destiny Jack Saint creature_maria Badbunny badempanada Caleb Maupin Jason Unruhue Id say shoeonhead but shes anti idpol. Her problem is shes just a liberal who defends pedos like voosh
>>1163178 He ran out of money for his drugs so he needs to make some more fast
>>1163178 The fact that people take this charlatan seriously says alot about the current intellectual state of Western society
>>1162418 Thanks! I listened to the first part this morning. But couldn't find part 2 due paywall
>1163504 >Caleb Maupin >Jason Unruhue Wha?
>>1163565 Jason is a MTW which is idpol and Caleb constantly talks about minorities and shit
>>1163569 >Jason is a MTW which is idpol Incorrect >Caleb constantly talks about minorities and shit I don't see how he talks about that more than usual
>>1163569 >constantly talks about minorities and shit is this the fabled white fragility?
>>1163628 >Incorrect MTW believe that the proletariat in the third world is more important than that of the first world. Literally idpol.
>>1163504 Add Hakim to your list. He's now whining that Aladdin had a sexy princess in it
(1.16 MB 1091x581 occupu.PNG)
(187.27 KB 383x247 The chairman.PNG)
(63.82 KB 500x333 caleb-maupin1.jpg)
>>1163504 You can't disqualify Caleb Maupin from leftism HE IS LEFTISM
>>1163504 People who sit around making enemies lists of people are creeps. https://youtu.be/jMo_HcRBnUY
>>1163646 >reddit spacing >"NOOOO THAT'S IDPOL!!!!" instead of a real argument please return whence you came
(86.03 KB 832x1000 chad.jpg)
>>1163230 >>1163248 >>1163295 >>1163338 Can you guys get laid or beat off and stfu. Its not that hard to get pussy. A relationship is harder I'll grant you but there's plenty of broads nowadays that like no attachment hook ups. Hell I got laid last week from some thot I met in a car and I'm still underage lmao. Put on a comb over, work out, get your shit together, talk to ppl and it will happen.
>>1161828 >focault
>>1163647 lmao where
(100.89 KB 700x622 13009.jpg)
>>1163684 How about no, instead I will post autistic screeds online.
>>1163670 it is idpol though
>>1163687 On his channel
>>1163689 Again no argument
>>1163688 Your choice comrade, just miss me with the incel shit.
(17.48 KB 110x151 smol.jpg)
>>1163698 As you can see I don't incel post. I advance the dialetic to postcel
>>1163696 idpol distracts from class issues and has resulted in the horrible situation the left is in right now.
(104.41 KB 1200x550 noticed.jpg)
was inspired to make this
>>1163647 loool what is this? I'm just watching it, it's hilarious! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLQrkNIbF64
>>1163702 >class issues don't exist in the third world, they're just a monolithic brown blob
>>1163730 I'm slowly starting to loose my respect for the guy. He is still one of the best Marxist Youtubers out there, but come on... wtf is this? Maybe he is a worse Sakaiist than I thought
>>1163684 >Can you guys get laid or beat off and stfu. Its not that hard to get pussy. Tell that to 1/3 of guys Getting laid once isn’t anything to write home about anyway
>>1161383 >as if you can't pay attention to multiple things at the same time <we can do both! yet you haven't
>>1163711 my sides lmaoooo
>>1163248 based and nechayev pilled
>>1163684 You’re probably just a tall cracker
Unrelated, but are there any good Booktubers or is this Niche just a pile of Trash?
>>1163929 At what height are you tall?
>>1163984 booktubers? about what? there are a lot of good philosophy channels.
>>1163990 Name some
>>1163987 6’0 Tbh this is all so maddeningly to me I know for a fact my looks are almost the sole reason I’ve ever gotten women hence my honesty with incels and my own disposition Yet people here wanna lie so they keep coping what’s the fuckin point? Obviously dating and sex are hard as shit to obtain and I say this as a dude that wasn’t particularly struggling before the ronas
>>1163987 5'10''
>>1163987 No one over 5'7 posts on this website
>>1163684 It is extraordinarily difficult for some and incredibly easy for others. Okay. Ymmv by a fuckton. If it was easy I would have tripped and fell in some at any point in my thirty-four years.
>>1164007 Well I'm 6'1 so there you have it >>1164009 Damn Bro...come on. Not even am ugly one?
>>1164021 >I’m 6’1 So fuck off with your shite Along with <White You basically got all it takes to make dating childishly easy So don’t pretend to understand even normal guy’s struggle Much less some incel’s Fucking hate the Zoomer menace, my god....
(173.59 KB 601x374 Ash and findom earle.png)
not even defending reply guys but jesus christ
>>1164021 Pictures or you are 5'4
>>1164026 Why are you lashing out on me? I didn't even say anything rude
>>1164036 Because shit like this >>1163684 Annoys the piss out of me You fundamentally can’t relate to the average man but have the audacity to insult people like this
>>1164031 Not a pic, but a painting of me
>>1164036 On top of that everyone hates humblebragging
>5'10'' Manlet >6'0" Delusional Manlet >>1163987 >At what height are you tall 6'4" exactly. No one shorter will EVER get pussy without coercion like money or personality. Its science
>>1164048 I just stated my height. How is that bragging, if I'm not even able to controll that shit
>>1164059 >I just stated my parents income, I'm not even able to control that shit
>>1164059 Not that dunder nuts I’m talking about “hyuck hyuck i fucked some bitch i just met in dad’s car fuck yea!” It’s annoying as shit when niggas haven’t even got a hug since ronas began, knock it off
>>1164021 >Damn Bro...come on. Not even am ugly one? Lmao no, I'm just not desperate. I am a lot less frustrated about it now than I was 10 years ago.
>>1164027 Why the fuck is negging working on them even if they are aware? I guess it shows how huge their egos are.
>>1164086 its bpd
>>1164086 >>1164088 Negging isn’t working as in making them intrigued, they have big egos so they can’t ignore a retard attacking said ego in the DMs
bpd bpd findom earle has bpd bpdoo and bpdow findom earle should blow my chode
>>1164097 /leftypol/ has no standing to talk about ignoring obvious bait
>>1164063 You good? You seem mad for whatever reasons
>>1164138 uighur im always good
>>1164140 That's good to hear
>>1164026 >Fucking hate the Zoomer menace, my god.... same, they are freakish and inhuman
>>1164180 I just can’t handle people whose brain cells have been annihilated by tiktok and fortnite
>>1164180 >>1164184 I'm a late zoomer. Born late 90's. My brain is fried from 15 minute youtube vids and gaming. But my God I'm practically a fucking thespian compared to the adverdge young gen zer (Post 2005). I do childcare for kids this age and they are without exception practically autistic thanks to the internet (particularly the boys). I can't even imagine what the generation after them will be like.
>>1163684 >I'm still underage Stopped reading there.
Everyone that cries about incels just do it for MUH DICK and humble brag. I've NEVER seen a good rebuttal to what incels say, just LMAO VIRGIN or BRAH I FUCKED 2 CHICKS LAST NIGHT NIQQAH. So that's why I keep spamming incel shit because it's funny to rile people up. In fact, I don't even need to do it much anymore because others are doing it for me, I just watch the threads roll on and people argue for me.
(65.94 KB 720x720 image0.jpg)
love me some prageru
>>1164250 The fact rightoids and americans in general always shield Hitler by claiming he's not as bad as socialist leaders is very telling
>>1164250 >Democrat Socialism lmao
>>1164208 Probably pretty hardcore psychos and probably pretty gritty and gruff too Consider the following: Collapsing economy Skyrocketing crime Continuing pandemic International tensions Ecological collapse
Dude what the fucking hell, I hate Twitter. I’m a fucking moron, a total dipshit, I take Ritalin, play video games and stare at my filthy apartment that I can’t seem to keep clean, and I read this and I feel like I’m being made fun of or something. How was this a revelation, why do people like this have podcasts that pay them thousands a month? What the fuck. I thought this tweet was a joke but then I realized he is serious. The epiphany here looks obvious. How did he read all of the big texts by Marx and not come to a conclusion like that earlier? I wouldn’t care at all if it wasn’t the case that this guy has been on my timeline fairly frequently criticizing other people’s interpretations of Marx, or recommending secondary texts for understanding Marx, and then he just says some shit like that. Did he think Marx wrote 3 volumes of material analyzing and modeling capitalist political economy and introduced changes to Ricardo’s theory as a joke? Just because he thought it was all bullshit? Of course he though political economy as such was bullshit to rationalize the present society, but he used his analysis of capitalism through the lense of political economy to show how unstable and exposed to social upheaval it was. Like, how is it not blindingly fucking obvious that Marx was both an advocate/activist for communism and theoretician of political strategy, AND effectively an economist that criticized the myopia of political economy by using the language of the discipline as it existed at the time?
(7.31 MB 1898x1078 video0_2.mp4)
>>1157752 >>1157689 >>1157769 >My issues is with the millions of women who are forced to live in a society where this occurs and they have to view sexy women being the (basically) only ones who reach success. Not only does it affect them directly, but indirectly through the males who see the sexy booba girl as a object of consumption too. Not to sound like an incel but on some level they are literally asking for it. Mexie is a good example of a woman that talks about politics on camera and doesn't get a million comments about BOOBAS. She's not unattractive either. Could she gain more viewers if she posted thirst traps and talked about being horny? Yeah but that's clearly not the kind of viewership she wants to attract. If you're a guy who's online all day, it might be difficult to believe not every woman is a thot. Since most women a man will remember paying attention to are the naked ones, but even if you add up all the thots you've ever come across its still less than 1% of 1% of the population of women. Most women like most people want to be judged primarily by a standard other than sex. So of course there aren't enough strong female role models. But to say that someone like Ashley or sh0e are victims of the patriarchy being forced to perform sexuality just to make it in the marketplace of ideas alongside men strikes me as a bit disingenuous to say the least. Most women in the west(and especially wh*te w*men) seem to be on equal footing to men in ability to live without involving their sexuality.
https://twitter.com/TheEpicDept/status/1330620875457105927 An effortpost from /leftypol/ is trending on Twitter right now and everybody thinks it's from 4chan. >how can somebody from 4chan write something this smart???!!!
>>1164489 That thing gets posted so often I’m getting deja vu from the exact wording of that tweet.
>>1164489 >and everybody thinks it's from 4chan. it keeps happening >>>/gulag/6967
>>1164489 Do twitterfags even know what a greentext is?
>>1164489 The world of Harry Potter basically does not make any sense. Let us set aside the moral objections. Class society and chattel slavery are going to persist alongside magic spells? This is only conceivable to someone who believes that "bad things happen because there are mean people." Slavery isn't a mode of production that is used to reproduce a pre-industrial society, it is merely an incidental aspect of the attitudes held by many people. This is truly bizarre-- in a world where automation is as simple as the right person saying "hocus pocus" in front of some objects, it does not make any sense for such exploitation to be commonplace.
>>1164528 Hence why my fantasy story centers around the idea that feudal magic saw magic held only among the literate elite who had originally rode in among the ruins of a central state to become military rulers and eventually lords. Magic was originally held by hereditary means even though many humans have potential for it, most who can use magic but are not lords are compelled to use their abilities for menial labor and the products of it as well as their blood is used as a tax and means to empower the rulers. The bourgeoisie “democratized” magic by letting anyone accumulate it, creating items allowing for much easier use than the archaic means, and used magic for industrial production. It’s historical materialist fantasy
>>1164489 >how can someone smart be on 4chan? >at least half the tweet replies are completely idiotic
(180.99 KB 1125x1530 EniwK8LVoAAf2l6.jpg)
For tankies that don't believe in russian imperialism.
>>1164594 >Heritage Foundation
>>1164594 I hate Russia and Putin, as any genuine communist should, but simply having a lot of troops stationed near bordering countries isn't imperialism.
>>1164594 Wow, those evil Russians are planning a military buildup on the US border!
What if God is a leftist and he created corona to help leftism and destroy the world economy?
Holy fuck, the comments simping for Franco lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6wKtV0z1cI
>>1164594 MLs are brain dead. At this point, they're just anti-western socdems. Like they'll support *anything* as long as its not being done in the "west". Like these people even Gonzalo evil for attacking a Soviet embassy in Peru decades after they themselves admit the Soviet Union had become imperialist.
>>1164611 The US border is the entire world
>>1164687 >MLs say Gonzaloids are shitheads for attacking other communists on weak reasoning Yes
(15.87 KB 468x186 yooo2.png)
(233.70 KB 444x484 yooo1.png)
>>1164689 They weren't communists. Like you can't Khrushchev was a revisionist and still say the USSR was communist after his clique took control of the party.
>>1164664 It's all true and his name is George Soros
>>1164694 He's got such a "Yeah, I'm gonna cum on this thing" face
>>1163178 isn't Peterson a teacher and a clinical psychologist? he should know better that you can only really help people if you do close and personal with them this is kinda like reading Hegel to a drug addict and expecting him to become addicted to the thought constructs it's a political problem not an intellectual
>>1164703 >isn't Peterson a teacher and a clinical psychologist? he is first and foremost a grifter
>>1164701 https://twitter.com/bignastyshrek https://www.deviantart.com/bignastyshrek/gallery "MUH DEGENERACY" being projection of the highest caliber confirmed
>>1164703 he is a psychologist but he's a jungian so he might as well be a retard
>>1163178 He got really fucked up by the benzos. I don't remember his teeth being this fucked up and his voice sounding this wilted. >Rule 6: describes the danger of attributing the cause of complex individual and social problems to single variables such as sex, class, or power lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
>>1163504 >Jason Unruhue I dont even like or watch this mf but if he isn't part of online leftism then who is?
>>1164594 Near russian border so they don't have to show the ones in italy and germany
>>1164721 Eh Jung's pretty good, if you're into nerding about how our brains work from the inside out
>>1163504 By idpol you basically mean "aren't racist, sexist or anti-transgender". The word "idpol" should be retired, it means literally nothing, identity oppertunism is a better word. You motherfuckers would have been calling Marx and Engles "idpol" because they agreed with fighting for women's rights.
>>1164764 Boring!
>>1164764 Women’s right to work is grounded in materialism retard.
>>1164779 So is racism, sexism and transphobia and ableism. Like even just ableism, the entire fucking reason for it just that capitalists do not like the fact there are people on this planet who they have to make adjustments or in order to accommodate them as productive workers, so their solution is just to let them die, rather than go through the hassle of accommodating them. That is the entire motive of ableism.
>>1164795 >So is racism, sexism and transphobia and ableism So you agree that underlying material conditions should be addressed and superficial posturing is meaningless idpol
>>1164807 Woah, addressing material conditions involves addressing these things and their origins. What are you on about.
>>1164817 >their origins. Material interest. What do you think the American civil war was fought over? The morality of slavery, or slave labor undercutting frontiersman labor?
>>1164827 >or slave labor undercutting frontiersman labor? I thought it was the other way round?
>>1164817 Identity politics are politics that consider identity fundamental, not auxiliary.
>>1164842 The south had a vast and intricate slave operation that allowed them to extract labor value more efficiently than the North. You can draw a parallel between then and Trump’s rhetoric about the Mexicans stealing jobs from American native norms. The North won and as a result was able to depress wages across the country.
>>1161730 Jason Unruhe claims to be a big Dragon Ball fan. Yet he didn't like the American DB movie!!
(3.61 MB 1920x1080 Little_secret.mp4)
(178.72 KB 700x224 spol.png)
>calls itself a Marxist community, yet half the commenters are right wingers that the mods pander to >constant chimpouts about "muh pee-em-cee libs" which inevitably devolve into shilling for the American GOP >little to no real discussion of Marxist ideals, instead an overt focus on American elections and stupid shit someone said on Twitter or Vice or some shit Stupidpol is an abomination.
>>1164594 > tankies > russia uhh
>>1164897 Based Unruehue
>>1165001 omg get new screenshots ive seen all these before
>>1164827 Yeah like no-one disputes this other than post-modernists. >>1164861 That's what it originally meant, now it just means talking about idenity.
>>1165001 Meh, fuck rightoids
so Hasan Piker is 100 percent an op right? I have watched some of his streams and he has categorically liberal views and yet insists on calling himself a Marxist
>>1165157 No he is a self absorbed millennial. He’s not running an op like v*ush
>>1164969 I remember that there is now a stupidpoleu sub because it was just filled with twitter screenshots or whatever. It's more like KotakuinAction now.
>>1165203 A pity that cunt didn't get a botched hanging at Nuremburg
(33.73 KB 813x308 Screenshot (220).png)
What is wrong with these people lmao
>>1165313 context?
>>1165324 No idea, they just tweeted randomly. I guess they think Biden is going to do a rightoid purge or something
>>1165324 As if they need any to be hysterical.
>>1164969 And people actually wanted /leftypol/ to let them have idpol discussions. APOLOGIZE
Mining salt I found out that reddit has a suicide prevention system where people can report users who are suicidal Found this out after /r/Conservative mods and users was crying about how le tolerant left was causing all of them to get a "Reddit cares" messages after literally being on SUICIDE WATCH LMAO You love to see it. How quickly the intolerant begs for tolerance once it is hit in the face.
just thought I would share this interesting and sad thread on /pol/ about a guy who literally just has severe OCD and is asking for help https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/292723063#p292739464 for me having severe OCD mental illness is what made me leftist. It made me realize that nothing is earned, nothing is deserved, most things especially hardships and difficulties are entirely random and not in your control.
>>1165383 what methods do you use to destroy OCD anon? i'm interested in learning the counter measures
Sexy Abby Martin: Empire Update: Afghanistan/Somalia Withdrawal Scam; Trump Weighs WWIII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-iE4fv2Pjw
>>1164594 >there's more Russian troops in Russia than there is US troops 10000 kilometers from USA Dang
>>1164696 Not everyone subscribes to the theory of “I don’t like you personally and also for internal political reasons” Idgaf what Mao thinks considering his clear chauvinism and alliance with US imperialism
Is Hakim turning into an average Breadtuber? https://youtu.be/DLQrkNIbF64
>>1165637 The CPC considers Kruschev's denouncement of Stalin to be the ultimate cause of the USSR's failure
>>1165682 So they reject materialism, nice
(103.62 KB 410x598 booba.png)
>>1165691 Ideology is very material Because of the announcement Stalin's Short Course on Socialism went out of print in the USSR
>>1165673 Hakim has always done this kind of breadtuby-like cultural critique videos and I honestly think it's a smart idea. They do very well and it's a perfect occasion to lure more people in.
>>1165691 They don't literally believe that the words he spoke killed the USSR, but that destalinization, the explicit policy changes that happened because of Krsuchev's split from Stalin, did. But who needs to know history when you can just fabricate excuses to rag on China all day, right?
>>1165673 Hakim is idpol, don't watch him. >>1165712 >muh 5d chess
>>1165724 >you shouldn't watch his videos about class because he does videos about idpol le based and redpilled stupidpoler has arrived! epic win!!
>>1165724 it's not "5d chess" to produce content that is popular and can grow your audience
>>1165731 Popular with screeching radlib teens
>>1165730 He doesn't do videos about idpol, he is idpol.
>>1165763 >>1165766 P.S. stupidpol, you can reply to multiple posts at once
>>1165772 You can have multiple dicks in the ass
>>1165797 noooo this is idpol im shitting and farting because ive got aspergers nooooo
>>1165673 Aladdin is pretty racist. That's not IdPol
>>1165673 What does he say in the video that's wrong? I mean the whining about making them look attractive and not wear 7 layers of robes is retarded but the movie is clearly racist
>>1165826 Not saying he’s wrong, more the whole >Imma talk about whether or not shitty movies are woke Thing
>>1165772 >there's no way more than one person can disagree with my perfect opinion >they must be pretending to be two people
>>1165833 Yes Go back
>>1165763 yes and if we keep attacking every attempt to reach them and keep doing the shit job we are doing they will remain screeching radlibs.
>>1165873 Liberalism
>>1165833 Does that trigger you?
>>1165876 You sound like a newfag
>>1165833 You know it's a stupidpolyp when smartass faggot posts like this start cropping up in defence
>>1164594 disturbing russian military buildup within russia itself
>>1164764 wrong
>>1165055 I guess real idpol has never been tried.
>>1165874 >everything I don't like is liberalism
>>1165956 Now you're getting it
(28.34 KB 480x360 hqdefault-2.jpg)
Anyone else fucking hate this liberal faggot?
>>1166353 What a gay shirt
(104.95 KB 828x920 1606225142656.jpg)
it's over
>>1166353 All surface level pop analysis channels(The Take, Nostalgia Bitch etc) are pure shite.
>>1165826 >Making a big deal over a children's fantasy cartoon being accurate or not Yeah, that's what we really need to focus on, not things like worker exploitation, climate change, or getting the working class better conditions. What's REALLY Important is focusing on weather or not a 30 year old fantasy cartoon made for children is "Racist"! That'll really change the world!
>>1166513 >making a meme edit of a flag is somehow disrespectful god I hate autists
(54.54 KB 505x494 cracker fanon.jpg)
>>1165673 >>1165712 >Hurr every complaint from poc that is not solely focused on class, makes me as a cracker uncomfortable and is therefore idpol first that Retarded MarxistSoccer Brainlet with his braindead liberal take on "Neutral religious law of the French state" And now this. People here genuinely retarded when it comes to anything not related to defending the USSR. Marx is spinning in his grave every time you guys describe yourself as a Marxist.
>>1166513 I mean, yeah - you have to be pretty off end the deep end of idpol and memeing to post that kind of shit unironically
>>1166513 >Complains about Lifestylism *looks at Twitter Icon* *Looks at twitter name* Ok
>>1166542 Exactly. It's all a LARP, like everything else on Twitter
>>1166513 >Petite bourgeoisie consumer mentality? I don't get the logic. How?
>>1166353 Nope, I think he's ok, his 2 part series on the topic of sexual assault on men was pretty good Would like him to have a more Marxist analysis on his videos however >>1166513 Only cringe about that is calling the DPRK "North Korea"
>>1166542 Clearly they are insecure about it and are lashing out
(167.15 KB 1049x925 jew.jpg)
>>1166534 doing 20 minute critiques on kids movies is retarded and if you take time to write a script for that type of thing you are also probably retarded or autistic
>>1166513 here we go with calling random shit i don't like petty bourgeois
(77.33 KB 638x960 abbymartin.jpg)
>>1165519 one day I will cease to simp but not today
>>1166521 You write like the rest of Hakim channel wasn't 90% focused on marxism.
>>1166619 yes so maybe he shouldn't take time to make garbage
>>1166534 Not sure why you quoted me (>>1165712), I liked the video
>>1166621 Unless you make videos yourself, you should seriously shut the fuck up about how he's doing things.
>>1166637 >tik tok you have to be 18 to post here
(17.50 KB 512x422 ughh.jpg)
mitch pleaseeee
(41.83 KB 1280x720 face.jpg)
>>1166667 FUCKED UP MY GET
>>1166670 never stood a chance
>>1166670 >>1166666 lets see what the get was
>>1166637 This is what 13 year old youtube simps say lol.
>>1166646 >Social media is only for kids Ok incel.
>>1166549 >>1166539 >>1166612 He's actually right, in general this shit is cringe and a detachment of communism from actual class struggle. It is a reflection of petty booj society where instead of fighting in the interest of your class you turn everything to be about your own 'special' identity. However to be this much of a dickhead about is, obviously, cringe as fuck, and the word 'juchechat' and the pp speaks louder than words. No Communist would cry over >muh perfect cultural symbols anyway.
I just learned Jackie Chan is anti-HK protest and pro china. Jackie Chan confirmed /ourgang/. As always, Vice seeething. https://youtu.be/3d_KzGfo2lU
What did Haymarket Books mean with this? https://youtu.be/GxVmTh9d-Zo
>>1166521 Hakim gets a slide here since the starting scenario that he describes in the video is pretty damn hilarious. That and it's not like he does the regular ass breadtube thing of talking about transhumanists and shit. Mostly about how the general middle east is clumped all together in that vidya. I mean even if he did become a breadtuber why even whine about it?
>>1166621 Breh we're literally shitposting and wasting time on an Albanian goat herding imageboard right now. Retarded argument.
(1.23 MB 1598x1745 "anti-idpol" left.png)
>>1166534 Reminder that leftypol is very selective over what kind of idpol they dislike
assuming a wrong board consensus, consensus cracking and forum sliding
>>1166782 Enchant me muse, with a story of a twisted man https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1727/1727-h/1727-h.htm
>>1165673 Haven't watched the video yet but the depiction of Arabia in Aladdin being culturally all over the place was mostly due to terrorist attacks that happened during the movie's production so they changed everything to be as burger friendly as possible in the last minute. Personally I think Emperor's New Groove is kind of a worse offender in Disney butchering other people's culture. The replacement of Kingdom of the Sun for that movie is the biggest tragedy in animation history.
>>1164594 Another example of the most mighty minds of Amerikkka and the sheep and the contrarian sheep that follows them.
>>1166950 Most self-proclaimed Nazbols have no idea who Limonov is either.
>>1166949 >life unworthy of life
>>1166942 It's a b8 posting answer b8ing, can't we pretend that leftypol is not capable to avoid b9s?
New Evidence of Trotsky's Conspiracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjqKdN0MKBM the book is too large to upload: http://libgen.gs/ads.php?md5=2407620465C5C8C78888B5F8E5F86870
(129.69 KB 465x678 russiananti6posndfgponsa.jpg)
>>1166894 Fella, like we had 3 or 4 threads anout how religion is not marxist amd just a spook recently. Always remember.
>>1166967 furr is crazy
>>1166973 Crazy awesome
>>1166967 based trotsky
>>1166982 also what more evidnce is he providing?,he never provided any evidence
Attention gamers
>>1166513 based degenerate destroyer
>>1165673 Is it bad to grift liberals if it leads to them watching your other videos? I was a little surprised he didn't start critiquing the economy of Aladdin at the end.
>>1165519 She's getting old, she got wrinkles. Yuck.
>>1167524 She's a beautiful woman you nonce I'd marry her
>>1166967 I'll give a watch but Finbol's last major evidence about this vast Trotskyist conspiracy plotting to kill Stalin was that he sent a letter to his son, which is not very convincing. I'm a Maoist, I don't like Trotsky, but I really think at this point its become conspiratorial thinking to absolve Stalin of any faults.
>>1167799 >its become conspiratorial thinking to absolve Stalin of any faults. Based
>>1166983 Die western pig
>>1166513 Its funny because this is literally lifestylism. Anti-comsumer culture is like the most lifestylist petty-capitalist shit going. Every 12 year old who watches Paul Joseph Watson and has a Joker complex rants about anti-consumerism.
>>1167524 she had a kid this year, she looks really good
>>1167768 All news sounds like this after the revolution.
(459.85 KB 816x642 Screenshot 2020-11-24 181948.png)
Did you guys see that youtube took down Zero Book's video on the great reset?
>>1165423 not that anon, but there's no getting rid of OCD, you just develop coping strategies so it doesn't interfere with your life
>>1167890 >Did you guys see that youtube took down Zero Book's video on the great reset? Can i still watch it somewhere ?
>>1167899 >giving another example of some snowflake meltdown over a flag edit who gives a shit, if you are that desperate to keep your holy symbols pure you're not a leftist but a mysticist faggot who thinks the magic mojo will be weakened go kill yourself, retard
>>1167768 Hey Hoxhacoper! Have you finally recovered from getting your ass handled multiple times by everyone?
>>1167899 >Jyllandsposten Lel, them again, really?
>>1164687 Pretty sure everyone with a brain considers Cuckzalo to be evil for massacring peasants and fucking up communism in Peru. The autistic ultra dogmatism is just an extra
>>1167928 thanks
>>1167890 >Lasch deserved to be taken down tbh. Also Doug replies to all kinds of comments online so..Hi
>>1168008 what's wrong with psychoanalysis?
Pretty good video; Hauntology - Derrida's Specters of Marx https://youtu.be/TJr0NwXWb6Q
>>1168172 People like Lasch
>>1168172 Pretty much everything? It's considered outdated even by the largely liberal bouj psychology community
>>1168312 Disregard I suck cocks
>>1168316 Read Žižek nigga
>>1168339 Uhh no.
>>1168345 Okay, remain ill informed.
>>1168339 Can you point out some enlightening passages? I like Zizek but he seems like a more intelligent and principled version of stupidpol; more focused on converting nascent rightoids to socialism than developing any sort of unifying theory
>>1168355 >social darwinism is good when it comes to sex t. zizek
>>1168355 Zizek is about as far from stupidpol as you can get, he has plenty of talks on YouTube, articles online, and books and The Perverts Guide to Ideology is somewhat entertaining.
>>1168316 so is marxism tbh
>>1168355 This is like saying >can you point me to the paragraph where Marx is a communist? The whole body of Žižek's work is blending Hegel, Marx and psychoanalysis. > Seems like stupidol You definitely need to read his books then comrade, he's a very important thinker of our time, he plays an excellent part of 'dumbing down' things in front of the camera for people to understand. This is why people think he 'panders' to anti-communist propaganda too, but he is just speaking in a language people (not communists) can understand. The unifying theory is when his books come in, and they vary from pop-philosophy (man's gotta eat) to ball breakingly impossible Hegelian nonsense. For some actual groundbreaking revolutionary theory to be studied in our current period I'd say to understand Žižek's body of *real* philosophical work is invaluable.
>>1168355 https://youtu.be/TtIckkHsUQ4 This tries to condense The Sublime Object of Ideology, one of Zizeks earlier works that put him on the map, into one video.
>>1168355 What is it with stupidpol and this place? Did stupidpol piss in your cheerios?
>>1168355 If you're a complete baby in terms of Žižek thought I would thoroughly recommend his films though. >>1168372 This is decent also. It all depends on your background tbh of what you'll be able to understand. If you're your average breadtube enjoyer then it's unlikely you will gain much from his *real* work currently since he builds on so much knowledge (Kant, Hegel, Marx, Freud and Lacan). >>1168377 We do not like them or associate with them, they are cringe as fuck.
>>1167955 >having respect for something is mysticism rootless child
>>1168377 Stupidpol just represent what would happened if /leftypol/ indulges in anti-idpol and hate liberals for the sake of it. Also they are Rosa-killers.
>>1168446 So /leftypol/ a few years ago before the chapo invasion.
Breaking news Dumps of Hunter Biden's laptop and paler reportedly released on internet Developing story
>>1166763 didnt this guy beat his wife with epic moves or something
(74.84 KB 251x251 1394219536353.png)
>>1165673 >>1166925 The worst offender among recent disney movies being racist is easily The Princess and the Frog. All these notable African civilizations, all these interesting settings they could have picked to represent Africans, and the first black disney princess is a descendant of slaves, not even a princess, and achieves her dream by a generous white man voiced by John Goodman investing in her small business.
>>1168372 nice vid. Can confirm that plastic pills is one of the best youtube channels out there, as the vid claims.
>>1168519 and she spends most of the movie as a frog.
>>1168519 wasn't the big twist in that movie supposed to be that the princess wasn't actually a princess ? also i think its kinda funny that keith david sung in that movie
>>1168458 Are you saying Chapoids made us based?
>>1168365 >psychoanalyst Dropped
>>1166513 Like most of them can speak for Juche How many Unruhes does it take being wrong for tankies to stop tanking?
>>1168316 Why don't you give a fucking answer to the question you stupid faggot
>>1168519 >Tfw setting my movie sometime between 1900-1939 in the Deep South; basically no racism exists, no Jim Crow, no systemic poverty ravaging both black and white Southerners, no sharecropping system, no KKK, and everyone is cool as an ice cube meeting a black prince from Randomlandia Based anti-idpol Didney >>1168752 Keith David sings with the voice of an angel Named Lucifer
>>1166967 Time to go full schizo mode
>>1166925 AFAIK they replaced Kingdom of the Sun with...that...because they butchered Pocahontas so horribly Of course they only butchered Pocahontas because they chose to make “Poca-Hot-Ass” over what actually happened (when the original plan was to...make an actually serious movie where the natives spoke their actual language and there isn’t a gay Englishman who did all the bad things instead of the good Englishman who were just there for......”freedoml)
(347.29 KB 905x698 pope.PNG)
Based Pope of leftism
>>1168969 When is he doing his next exhortation to the faithful?
Is there anything redeemable that ever goes on in KYM? It's not as immanently hateable as 9gag or ebumworld nor does it have the occasional gold nuggets of wisdom that you occasionally find on 4chan, reddit, or even twitter even if they are all hellpits. KYM is less offensive out of all of them, but the website seems to curate the most boring and trite individuals possible, or what I would call the non-/co/ cartoon fanbase. A deluge of centrism upon miles of centrism. It really is the most milquetoast of websites, or at least their commentator base is.
(254.00 KB 1080x1007 Screenshot_20201125-105056__01.jpg)
New Aimee pic (she's the one on the right)
>>1169015 Shes gorgeous
>>1169022 You fuck junkies?
>>1169026 Only if their Twitter takes are good
Hot take: The real problem with incels is their utter inability to feel actual empathy which predisposes them to become lolberts


no cookies?