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🗑️ /ITG/ – Internet Trash General 💻 Anonymous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 02:55:49 No. 986104
Containment thread for the lowest forms of internet discussion: 💩 Social Media Screenshots 📞 E-celeb Gossip 🕸️ Internet Happenings
>>1010945 The first part yes, with a smooth jazz
>>1010945 Epic orchestral music is better for this one.
>>1010948 >>1010946 Can someone rip and upload, i can't rn.
alright wrap it up now Caleb
Twink revolution dropped a hundred dollars in the chat WTF
(499.17 KB 594x604 1506057463642.png)
Is this just a live audience for Caleb??? LMAO, I thought they were speakers.
>>1010965 >Implying CPI does not stand for Caleb Policy Institute
>synthetic left
(17.47 KB 509x411 4DuGJRe.png)
What if Caleb is actually a CIA agent?
>>1010985 I was just about to post that, I'm honestly getting spook vibes from him.
>>1010988 >I'm honestly getting spook vibes from him. Why?
>>1010985 As much as I love crazy theories, it is very certain, that he can't be a CIA Glowie: He already works for the russian gov't
Max is /ourguy/
Meanwhile watch this space tomorrow for (possible) new Ashleigh simp saga material
Who is Max? Did I missed something?
>>1011014 Nevermind, I know now
>>1011014 >>1010999 >>1011008 Hey guys, Max here. Your /leftypol/ correspondent to the CPI
>a way for Wall Street and London to stay at the center of the world MAUPIN IS ANTI-ANGLOPILLED
>>1011017 PLEASE introduce 1) Paul Cockshott theories 2) This place to CPI comrades.
>>1011017 Also you are a based legend.
>>1011017 You are doing a good job!
(56.41 KB 452x480 1599388343238.jpg)
>>1011017 How did you get involved? Do you glow in the dark?
Shouldn't be Mnar Muhawesh and Wilmer J. Leon also talk? https://www.cpi-usa.org/conference/
>>>1011030 Watched Caleb's streams and got disillusioned with street protests.
>>1010978 Caleb personality cult would be the most cursed thing ever.
>>1010985 His "roll call" shit in his streams is hella suspiscious imo
>>1010900 this is what happens when caleb drinks his unnamed diet soda so late in the day.
There is a baby crying in the background lol
Trying to fit in a Cybersyn/Automation question
>>1011062 Based
>>1011038 thats tomorrow
TUNE IN FOR THE EPIC INTERNATIONALE SAX 🎷🎷🎷 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifu5poH8PKA
That was beautiful.
>>1011062 a star is born.
Solidarity forever comrades. I played so loud it started hurting my mac's audio capabilities lmao.
>>1011072 🎷 Well done! Thank you!
>>1011079 BASED AS FUCK
(9.00 KB 300x300 Vaush.jpg)
>>1008654 Can someone explain to me why Vaush is so hated on this board? Isn't he one of the major leftist youtubers?
>>1011092 > vaush > leftist
(116.54 KB 888x444 RADLIBS.png)
Post the pic
>>1011092 >Leftist He is in no way a leftist
>>1011104 I know what you mean, but I don't have it on my drive
(22.49 KB 500x276 mao disgusted.jpg)
>>1011105 Where is this from?
(311.40 KB 738x335 2020-10-17_21-55-42.png)
man youtube tries to push me the weirdest propaganda
>>1011110 Anyone else get recommended videos by "Infographics" or whatever it's called? It glows. Hard.
>>1011112 I don't know, I get all sorts of anti-communist talks and shit pushed to me
(34.73 KB 500x336 socialism_explained.jpg)
>>1011118 They might have just framed him as one
>>1011122 why did he start jerking the other guy off? I don't get it
(106.84 KB 1280x720 NorthKorea3.jpg)
(115.40 KB 1280x720 NorthKorea2.jpg)
(104.88 KB 1280x720 North Korea1.jpg)
>>1011126 These thumbnails are hilarious propaganda
>>1011127 Based
>>1011105 This was embarrassing. Aside from being a leftist or not he does not even understand even basic words and clearly has no capacity for research. It is embarassing how burgers and zoomers hang onto his every word. How can we end his career, anons? Do you think he has anything incriminating on his hard driive?
>>1011137 I don't have headphones so what is he saying in that? Anyway, yeah Vaushites are really bad. I hope he's sort of a pipeline to actual leftism though. Like maybe they check out Marx, or heck even an anarchist writer and see he's full of shit. Best we can hope of for now.
>>1011142 He says >dictatorship of the proletariat doesn't _Literally_ mean dictatorship. which it does. He acts to pretend he is super smart and yet he outs himself as not even owning a dictionary...
>>1011105 El Ogro y la creatura
When you type into google "Vaush article gossip" you get this as one of the first results, despite Vaush isn't even mentioned in it. https://kotaku.com/when-your-favorite-streamer-turns-out-to-be-a-creep-or-1832734851
>>1011145 >>dictatorship of the proletariat doesn't _Literally_ mean dictatorship. Of course a market "socialist" wouldn't want the proletariat to have absolute control lmao. Yeah though we need to find more embarrassing shit. Like the picture of his girlfriend is funny but it's not like it would lose him any fans.
(464.82 KB 866x488 vaush-gf-ogr.png)
>>1011147 To be fair that article was made in february 2019 and Vaush was still on Twitch at the time I believe, also the things that we know now about him weren't really out in the open yet
>>1011161 awesome
>>1011163 It's still interesting to see, that the Google algorhythm is linking Vaush with this article, which isn't even mentioning him.
>>1011131 The infographics show is full of weird shit like literal ghosts and meme videos.
think i'm going to stop following anyone on the left/post-left/etc. on twitter and just use it for risque anime pics like the japs do.
>>1010003 and it was Peter the whole time
>>1009816 a face like a slapped bottom
>>1010985 Sleeper Agent Caleb a tr*t more likely than you think
>>1011297 Awooga Those tattas and that waist
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td6OmNEUM1k >How I Feel About The Jreg ""Community""
>>1011317 The owner of the ideology shop
>>1011296 oh my fuck larping retards like this are why people's brains shut down when they hear the word communism, fuck this autistic kid who thinks he's the next lenin look at how he's dressing like he's a russian peasant what is that fucking overcoat???, what an absolute cringelord fuck, literally a detriment to the left, I GAURENTEE this fucker has only ever been listened to seriously by like 100 total in his entire life people that already were on board with what he was saying, this guy has probably turned off THOUSANDS IF NOT TENS OF THOUSANDS SIMPLY BY EXISTING, people see this fucking cringe and that's their mental image of leftists, a larping retard this is why the left fails in the modern era, fucking CRINGE larps
>>1011326 There's plenty of reasons to criticize the guy, but complaining about the way he looks and dresses (which isn't even that bad) is just silly and petty. Criticize him for his past anti-semitism, criticize him for his reactionary defence of religion, criticize him for shilling odinism, criticize him for his view that rojava is nothing more than a nationalist movement, criticize him for his shilling of putin and his nauseating dengism. He's shit, but let's keep our criticisms of him more substantive than just "he dresses funny"
>>1011337 pretty sure that's a copypasta (hopefully)
>>1011317 why did you post any entire channel of cringe at me like that wtf warn me before that shit jesus
>>1010094 >making them think she's some prize woman when they could find a million women like that by just going outside Where the heck do you live that women with giant K cup tits are just that common?
>>1010079 >used goods Lol, there's zero women over the age of 18 in the West today that are virgins. Sorry to break it to you.
>>1011317 Jreg is more of a socialist then Vaush.
tbh large breasts are kind of a turnoff tiny tits + huge ass gang
>>1011391 gang gang
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZACZwZjQ0Ok this nimrod's starting to panic. >bidin's emails are BiGgEr tHaN WaTerGaTe.
>>1011389 He really isn't. I dont think he believes in anything, but has great skill in making you think he is sympathetic to your Ideology.
>>1010003 This is why you don't message women online, kids. If you're going to meet women, meet them in person. If you're going to ask them out, do that in person and be direct. Fortune favors the bold. And don't spill your feelings to them either, women don't care. Just listen, nod, make eye contact, and ask her follow up questions to confirm that you're listening. Of course, if you're not already in a relationship, don't meet women in person at all until Covid ends, unless you're willing to risk death or permanent lung damage from the dry coof to bust your nut. Instead, use this time to reflect, lift, read and try out new hobbies. Buckle up and strap in boys, cause the latest realistic estimates are that Covid pandemic will probably last the next 5 years. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
>>1010003 >>1011613 Can I get a TLDR? And yes, good advice about not spilling your emotion to women (whining/crying), never do that if you want them to view you as a man.
(92.08 KB 894x894 enough.jpg)
imagine unironically getting attached to some random e-whore whose entire life revolves around begging internet people for attention. not even incels are that pathetic. simps need to be gulag'd ASAP.
(72.57 KB 1932x1756 poljak rules.png)
>>1011627 >Can I get a TLDR? Some random Twitter guy discovers that sending huge blocks of text spilling highly personal info in the DM's of a girl he has never actually met in person (or even made any concrete plans to do so) does not, in fact, make her attracted to him. Proceeds to cry "emotional abuse" because she at some point stops responding to him. Then posts the screencaps, perhaps as some sort of not-so-humblebrag ("yo Twitter, you know that big-tittied redhead lefty e-girl? I was totally THIS close to boning her dudes, I swear.") that's ultimately pure cope and delusion bc he was never even close to meeting her in person, much less actually boning her, and fucked up from the get-go with his long block of text DM approach.
First of all, I won't allow anyone to say "Ashleigh Coffin" without the title "Sheikha"
>>1011916 Yeah sorry but if anyone finds any of this surprising they are an incel. All of these social media whores (both male and female) are in it for the fame and paypigs. They are fake and deeply narcicistic. You only have yourself to blame if you simp an e-thot and then find out that, surprise, she has the personality of an e-thot.
>>1011978 The male ones are in it for the often underage pussy too.
>>1011978 I'm only reporting it: if you scroll at the beginning of this chat you see i'm the first to call for purging these people from our spaces.
(157.58 KB 940x545 Idea for meme.jpg)
>>1010443 Don't know if the anon who wanted to do the OC with "The Next Big Simp" is still there but here is the base idea as promised
>>1012018 sorry i should have clarified, i was speaking in general. wasn't directed at you
(101.44 KB 1125x1115 Ekl_oVfXIAAGJpQ.jpg)
(105.10 KB 1125x1138 EkmA_3nW0AAMWCi.jpg)
so this is the power of the "post-left"
>>1012246 None them hoes are "post-left". Not that i like post-leftoids.
(8.66 KB 400x400 An-MxMzN_400x400.png)
does anyone on /leftypol/ want to debate SocDoneLeft on reformism, gun control, theory, etc.? prove what a liberal he is?
>Now I make all my lectures public so that people who cannot afford LUMS can also benefit. This man is awesome.
>>1012302 The most based man on YouTube.
>>1012300 You tempt me...
>>1012304 I can set something up. Join the discord (not sure if I'm allowed to post the server link, but you can find it on his youtube video descriptions such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgiC8YfytDw )
>>1012246 lol the post left is voting for trump now, buddy
>>1010003 this is beyond pathetic lmao
>>1012304 DO IT!
>>1012304 You should also mention that you are from /leftypol/, this would make people aware of this place.
>>1012354 yes but do we really want more people from the socialism done left audience?
>>1012357 Off course we want! Otherwise they will never change their views!
Check out this great video I've just found!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QisMUsKU3-k
>>1012379 immagine willingly playing monopoly
What's with all the retards on Twitter with hammer & sickle emojis in their bio?
>>1012300 Who is that
>>1012302 That guy is great.
>>1012465 It just looks like a bunch of shitty Twitch clips and memes, what's so lib about it though?
>>1012300 >does anyone want to give more attention to a liberal Is there something to be gained from a debate? Does he have a viewership that is liable to be convinced by any of it? I saw his video arguing against V*ush about gun control and the comments were almost 100% making the relevant counterpoints. It's not like he hasn't been exposed to the information. He's wrong by choice or because he values stability/civility over solving the fundamental problems, i.e. he's pro-status-quo.
>>1012509 This guy sucks lmao.
>>1012379 Her voice is so sweet and playful, yet turns insanely erotic at the end. I know the [ASMR] is a meme but I wish she made it.
>>1012525 >Is there something to be gained from a debate? You can change his mind if you have the arguments with you
>>1012564 >Changing mind in debates] ye dis ngga blupilled
(1.31 MB poser.mp4)
Punk is dead and we keep kicking the corpse
>>1012300 >Give attention to a literal nobody Enough said.
(39.54 KB 410x598 BASED DEPARTMENT.jpg)
(34.12 KB 910x350 mg14mzco9wt51.jpg)
(55.23 KB 756x247 itg.png)
No other posts describes /ITG/ better than this except for the soyjak leftist e thot webm
(99.85 KB 604x604 1tp5z2.jpg)
>>1012589 >umm EXSQUEEZE ME I have a DEGREE in punk
>>1012589 Peruvians invented punk but I doubt she knows that https://youtu.be/3FYxDXAaJmw
>>1012653 Only people who say Latinx are West coast 25 year old white women
(5.50 KB 186x271 Baseddep.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0QoHiHs_7Y >"Im glad our fans aren't really like that guy Vaush's" <"Who dat?" >"He's like this really fat annoying neckbeard guy that got really popular whose like 'heres my tenth video on why racism is bad' like fucking WOW." >"Like he livestreams and makes videos every day over like Youtube comments under his videos and reacting to things" >"He also still literally does the 'current year' joke as an actual argument even though people stopped using that even as like a joke in like...2016 >"If you actually use the word 'take' or 'bad takes' or 'hot takes' in an unironic fashion i dont want you in our audience... unsubscribe..."
(61.84 KB 960x826 EkoJVjYXIAUiHjb.jpeg)
(19.34 KB 600x594 19d.jpg)
(278.76 KB 589x593 Screenshot_20201019_081416.png)
>>1012992 The glowie recoils lol
>>1012986 Ben noooooooooooooo!!!!
>>1013088 Hitler wanted to bulldoze all of Berlin and build the city of metropolis complete with Neo-Feudal estates for the upper classes while the proles lived in like Muh pod houses eating bugs and working themselves to death
>>1012763 Yeah, obviously the superior term is "Latine". >>1013088 You have a pretty weird obsession with that guy.
>>1013088 >ugly thing bad >Aryan race bootifull Yep, checks out
>>1013120 >>1013116 >>1013111 jannies pls don't delete TheThingNoticer. After the loss of the bonoboposter he can be the new resident Nazi.
Wow Marxism blown THE FUCK out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvPKTVK10JE
>>1013723 what does this has to do with marxism?
>>1013723 >muh property rights >proceeds to unironically quote Proudhon >Hitler = Lenin, Stalin pure shit
>>1013723 >Camus quote >Proudhon quote >Mises quote >Proceeds to imply Stalin was a literal ebil dictator ): What the fuck? I also just got recommended a video by the same channel about 1984. Glows very hard.
Why does no one bully Jimmy Dore for still talking about russiagate all the time but being too afraid to go after Zenzposting?
>>1014140 because "china stole our factories" is a very popular theme with left populists making them unlikely to countersignal anti chinese propaganda
>>1014151 I'm not asking you why Jimmy does that, I asked why does no one bully him about it when there are many non-lib people who watch and go on his show.
>>1014185 Cause hes based
>>1014185 because bullying is childish and jimmy is still based. foreign policy is just a bit beyond him
>>1014217 Can you please be a bit more creative?
>>1013723 >12k likes Just wow I remember watching this guy when I had my Jordan Peterson phase. He is essentially the Right wing equivalent of Cuckphilosophy or Then&Now among the Philosophy/Politics Channels A lot of Nietsche and Jung ironically. So only Midwits like me 3 years ago watch him
(99.56 KB 584x479 grift.png)
Carls new grift, apparently. He must be running out of clout with the right.
Richard Wolff had a interview with one of the Serfs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne2u7Uq8ioI
>>1014337 Someone should remind Carl that youtuber eceleb faggotry isn't work.
(184.51 KB 1024x762 231318731_0ac1861cf5_b.jpg)
>>1013209 He is our beloved pet!
>>1014337 Should I know who this literal who is?
>>1014352 No you shouldn't, if you do it's a sign of a brain disease.
>>1014352 It's Sargon
>>1014354 >>1014356 Fuck me and my brain cancer ;_;
First tweet I see by him: >Critical race theory is a conscious attempt by Marxists to destabilise the West using race as a vector to create social unrest in order to establish conditions under which a revolution against capitalism can occur. I wish,, critical race theory is just a fake category made by lib HR staff to make money.
>>1014359 There may have been a time where critical theory was connected, but it's so divorced from it now it's plainly liberal. In fact, it might be fun to try and pinpoint where and who caused this break. I've always suspected there are glowie influences involved.
>>1014362 *connected to marxism
>>1014350 I'd tell him, but he kind of feeds on that attention.
>>1014371 Hope he talks about thailand
If you want brain cancer go on r/shitstatistssay
>>1014539 >>1014540 Good to see, that our little nazi monkey pet is also back again.
Contra is up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3Vah8sUFgI she talks directly to us on this one
>>1014585 Wow. The millionaire e celeb is advocating to vote for Biden. What a surprise.
>>1014597 she's right you know
>>1014585 >open video >hear Mozart playing >close video
>>1014598 She's not. Jimmy has debunked this rotten game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZy0rnXSpnw
just another day on twitter dot com
(2.77 MB Interesting.webm)
(286.60 KB 444x250 naziwink.gif)
>>986104 The most recent contrapoints video was pure liberal brain dribble
>>1014638 How so?
Friends I'm in trouble. I've fallen in love with an Aimee Terese knockoff. https://twitter.com/YesThatAnna/status/1315771947352031233 look at this she's absolutely adorable. I could fix her. She's not as far gone as Aimee
>>1014638 I think you meant to say "drivel" but the implication that it causes your brain to turn to liquid and drip out of your head also works.
>>1014647 I remember her, didn't she post the chad yes meme with her head?
>>1010566 >>1010578 Lol who would care enough about some Deng autist to make that account?
(1.84 MB 1555x939 cameo.png)
>>1014646 fucking 30 minute video of her just saying "vote Biden or I will feel bad" with catgirl nat just being like "reeeeee need revolution" strawman, she didn't even mention the existence of third parties, just complete Biden submission >>1014648 spelling is a spook
>>1014660 What's with all the Breadtube "anarchists" shilling for Biden? And why do Zoomers like them so much?
(67.75 KB 760x503 EaMi5ChQ.jpeg)
(273.78 KB 550x717 4237492739847.png)
(216.04 KB 546x601 487239847239847.png)
>>1014647 I'm impressed by the audacity of that. She writes for Human Events which is a conservative magazine owned by the UKIP dude from Beitbart that lists the Communist Manifesto as the deadliest book from the past 200 years. Both her and Aimee are funny because they clearly try to use Marxist lingo but don't know the actual meaning of any of the words, although Anna sometimes just gives up the game completely when she's spreading Falun Gong propaganda or cheering on a U.S. drone strike. Also Iran is bad and the enemy because radical Islam is idpol. I'm a Marxist.
>>1014655 >Lol who would care enough about some Deng autist to make that account?
(2.52 MB 2864x5240 UserConspicuous.png)
>>1014638 I would click to leave a dislike. But that would be engagement, and the algo loves that shit. The Simp legacy of UserConspicuous and the demise of Gramscigang will not be forgotten
>>1014679 E-celeb acusse other e-celeb of fucking in a room where they were sleeping in the september protests. The "agraviated" e-celeb claims she has some trauma about sex or something and that the girl who was having sex knew it, and she kept doing it. Looks like the girl accused of being a "ebil sexhaving woman" and not respecting other traumas is making a rebuttal. Claiming there was no sex, she was sleeping with the dude because he saved her life and scaped from the police while they (the sexhaver girl and the third friend) were working as medics. And now looks like there was some dogfight about who is right and who deserves to be thorn apart in classic twitter gladiator style.
>>1014694 Social media and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
someone please POST >PullTheLever.webm
(91.94 KB 894x894 xcc.jpg)
>>1014694 I was expecting fuckery but this is just a whole new level of pathetic.
>>1014679 >p1 she said i said she said i took a picture that i took of my but and not a real medic >p2 we got twitter donos for chest seals she said my picture i said she said >p3 we talked about my nails and how i couldn't remove them to be a medic >p4 small paragraph: there was no sex, larger paragraph: other girl is mean and rude I rate this apology 10/10
>>1014585 Those are things she claims "Hillary would not have done" - notice how it includes things like being mean to the press or pose as a macho.
>Based stupidpol sticking it to those heckin wokies and their opposition to gentrification I wish these faggots would fucking die https://www.reddit.com/r/stupidpol/comments/je4doj/what_is_with_the_woke_obsession_with/
>>1014832 >inb4 what's with the radlib wokie cucks and their obsession with opposing ethnic cleansing?
>>1014832 >>1014665 they're reactionary at this point. i thought it would be a good sub to make fun of liberal and conservative idpol but its just racist socdems that oppose actual worker movements. their reaction to the riots revealed that if an actual revolution happened, they would side with the government
>>1014834 It’s funny how “le concern for the true workers” goes out the fuckin window the second those workers are specifically non-white people being displaced from their own communities and housing due to the unceasing march of capital and the “people of college” the supposed despise taking these very same homes. Almost like these are actually all conservatard kulaks who at this point are only even very vaguely connected to socialism because they want healthcare gibs
>>1014838 shit didnt mean to respond to the anarchist dude
>>1014839 *they supposedly despise
>>1014665 It's like material conditions shape ideology but this time we get to see it happening REALLY fast
>>1014679 >We need to voot bloo no matter who cuz >Trump mean to Murdoch media news anchors >Pulled out of a pointless and toothless climate agreement that did nothing >Made people doubt that vooting is a universally good thing >Trump is literally a dictator (Thus why there as an open election giving us the chance to voot against him) >Macho Posturing This person sucks lmao Also all that Roe v. Wade does is say a state cant make abortion openly illegal. states in the south and midwest still make it de-facto illegal. Very much the same with LGBT protections It would take a genuinely popular and groundbreaking movement to solve any of these issues Biden whose sole policy is "im not trump" and Kamala "More female FBI agents" Harris will do nothing to fix any of this.
(5.11 MB 1118x630 34100959_1118x630.gif)
>>1010769 Is this our CARR guy? Or someone else? It's hard to keep track. Anyway, new one hot off the press today. https://www.radicalrightanalysis.com/2020/10/19/1-10/
LIVE IN 3 HOURS >The Progressive International sent a formal delegation to monitor Bolivia's historic elections last Sunday. Join us live from La Paz to meet the PI delegation, hear about their mission, and explore the lessons for popular movements around the world. https://youtu.be/-eRXIQUNIw4
>>1012690 They also synthesized Maoism
>>1014647 Aimee is rpilled.
>>1014703 1. The press are the enemy of the people. 2. The democrats disdain democracy, see democratic primarys. 3. >Constantly malignin the integrity of elections with no evidence. Bolivia Moment 4. Le climate change meme. Dems are terrible on this,fracking started and expanded under Obama, opened up the artic to drilling under Obama.
>>1014937 more like the glowing international
(49.78 KB 700x394 rupert-pupkin.jpg)
>>1012661 It really pisses me off seeing plebs reference Joker rather than the movies it ripped off right down to specific scenes
>>1014937 >explore the lessons for popular movements around the world The lesson is to have armed unions threatening to blow shit up if porky does anything stupid
>>1014984 Yeah, retardpilled
>>1012589 how does one academically study punk
(128.83 KB 2000x1125 image.jpg)
>I have returned home to Toronto after spending much of the last eighteen months in hospitals. I am hoping that my health has improved to the point where I can start producing original content again. Thank you to all who are watching for your support over the course of this trying time. I hope that you all are coping with the COVID crisis successfully. https://youtu.be/6_6zwVNn88o
>>1010003 >leaking walls of text instead of nudes Who gives a shit
>>1015056 FUCK why couldn’t he just die, I hate this faggot
>>1010507 I missed everything, anyone got a webm?
What do you guys think of dolan retweeting this schizo megachurch pastor who is calling trump a literal prophet and an "angel of god" and says "god speaks through Trump" Like at one point in these clips he literally screams "GOD IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT" with the ferocity of an ISIS member about to blow himself up. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1317964555658563584 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1317957885842747393 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1317957779781423105
>>1015079 I think there is too much lead in Burgerstani tap water.
>>1015079 I think it's great and he should do more of it.
(2.00 MB enver.mp4)
>>1015105 lol found this in the replies
>>1012986 Wait that can't be real
(63.03 KB 498x347 c4ss.png)
(255.66 KB 906x917 glow.png)
>>1015105 it glows so hard
>>1015134 They're home to many beanie guys who are obsessed with le red-brown alliances too.
>>1015134 Bookchin moment
>>1015134 So marksoc meme is a right-libertarian psyop? Who woulda thunk
>>1015151 What? Bookchin was never "libertarian left" in the AnCap sense
>>1014703 Okay let's take a look at that list >Filing the SCOTUS with Anti-abortion judges <Trump has appoint one judge that until now has a "states rights" position >Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord <Implying any country that has signed it has or had any intention of sticking to it >Attemptiong to revome non-discrimination protections for trans people <okay fair enough, though clearly the judicial system procteded trans people here, so on this matter it doesn't matter who's in office >Constantly maligning the integrity of the elections <after 4 years of russia-gate >Declaring the press "the enemy of the people" <Hillary was the first to use "fake news". Also, don't imply they aren't >Telling white nationalists to "stand by <He didn't. He sort of flubbed it but in his statement and his clarification later he was telling them to let the police do their job. Trump want to maintain control with the cops, not with dumb fat-ass militias. >aspiring to be an autocratic dictator <Complete hysteria. There are strong-man leaders in a bunch of democracies around the world. >Trivializing a deadly pandemic <Implying the american health-system is fit to deal with a pandemic in any way, shape or form no matter who is in office or what they say about it This is pure cope
>>1015164 He openly admitted he preferred lolberts to MUH AUTHORITARIANS
>>1014703 She would have caused a war in Syria which would have led to a confrontation between Russia and the US, which is entirely where the russiagate BS comes from, but let's just forget that I guess
>>1015178 No he didn't. He said he prefered libertarians, whom he did not consider right-wingers, to post-stalinist MLs, and then made clear that he did not include the likes of Murray Rothbard in this group. retard.
>>1014839 >be a teacher >earn 25000 dollars a year and in crippling student debt >going to college bad so these people are the enemy >meanwhile they simp for muh small business owners with 5 cars
>>1015183 >post confirming what you said but with the words changed >OMG RETARD Who pissed in your cheerios kid?
>>1015188 Lolberts -> Murray Rothbard -> Not the people Bookchin prefer Libertarians who are not right wing -> the people who Bookchin prefers Therefore Lolberts =/ the people Bookchin prefer wow that was difficult huh
>>1014585 >Contra is up <I remember leftists saying in 2016 that there was no real difference between Trump and Hillary. Some were saying Hillary was even worse. https://electronicintifada.net/content/hillary-clinton-more-dangerous-donald-trump/16316 Tbf to Rania, it did look that way in terms of American foreign policy. And some were taken in about Trump's domestic policies, too. Shortly after Trump's election victory he met with trade union leaders who said they'd had a very positive reception from him. Well, we know the good that did. >she talks directly to us on this one <TabbyChan: you're a famous YouTuber whose class interests do not align with mine <TabbyChan: Facebook and reddit ew She's definitely been on here! >>1014660 >she didn't even mention the existence of third parties Yea, that's where her argument falls down. Also doesn't really address TabbyChan's point about unions. Some union have won good gains for workers. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/opinion/win-fight-15-wage-bills-hit-n-y-calif-p-article-1.2585538%3foutputType=amp?espv=1 It's only slightly more effort joining a union than voting. Even if Contrapoints cynicism is well-founded and TabbyChan is a lazy member who just tweets all day, at least the union dues she pays help keep it going.
>>1015134 >An"coms" cooperating with fascists I'd say I'm surprised but I'm really not.
>>1015198 You do realize that in an american context, oftentimes "libertarian left" does in no way imply "AnCom" or libertarian socialist, right?
>>1015134 >>1015105 These crypto-porkies are sleazy as fuck, they make Rothbard look upstanding.
>>1014585 Ah yes millionaire says vote biden. Get fucked dumb ho
(1.60 MB 2230x1400 ziochin.jpg)
>>1015189 >“I have no quarrel with libertarians who advance the concept of capitalism,” Bookchin told the Koch Brothers’ Reason magazine. “Let me make it very plain that if socialism, which is what I call the authoritarian version of collectivism, were to emerge, I would join your community.”
>>1015198 They are not "com", they abhor any type of "collective" and religiously individualist.
>>1014585 Like every Contra video, the format is literally talking to a strawman.
>>1015202 agreed. libertarian left is just the political compass child's way of seeming cool
>>1015206 That quote is not taken from the article you posted. Here's the full quote REASON: If you won't comment directly on Murray Rothbard's theories, will you comment on the general idea of a capitalist society that is also an anarchist society? Suppose we had a free society whose people chose to divide their labor, specialize in producing certain goods and services, and trade among themselves? BOOKCHIN: I'd have no quarrel with them. I would say that that is not capitalism —though there are many different definitions. One would call that, in Marxist language—and there's a sense in which Marx does contribute to the fund of human knowledge, and we can no more dismiss him than we can Hegel or Rousseau or Spinoza or Darwin; you don't have to be a Darwinian to appreciate Darwin's views, and I don't have to be a Marxist to appreciate what is valid in a number of Marx's writings-and Marx would call that a form of simple commodity production rather than capitalism. But if you want to call it capitalism, do so. I don't want to get enmeshed in any semantic issues. My feeling is that whatever people elect to do, insofar as they don't deny the rights of others, every effort should be made to defend their right to do it. Now, what in the article you just posted indicates that Bookchin is a Zionist?
>>1014585 Let me guess. >Trump the fascist is literally genuciding trans people >Voot Biden or it's a voot for fascism
>>1015217 This plus claiming the far right is going to do a revolution any day now so we need Biden. Hysteria about far right used to justify status quo
I don't know why people are surprised that Contra is a liberal.
>>1015216 >Now, what in the article you just posted indicates that Bookchin is a Zionist? Try reading it dipshit
>>1015227 No, you read it idiot. It litterally says in the beginning that he would have liked there to have been no such thing as a jewish-hebrew nation-state, but rather a swiss like confederation of both arab and hebrew peoples. How the fuck is that zionism?
>>1015227 Based other Hoxhanon
>>1015227 >>1015231 illiterate flag detected
>>1015230 So you only read the first sentence and now you're running your mouth. Typical anarkiddie
>>1015232 soyjak3.jpg
>>1015232 Asshurt american suburban anarkid detected
>>1014585 Contra admits to working for the 2012 Obama campaign. This is after he kicked millions out of their homes, started 7 new wars, opened the artic to drilling, legalised fracking. LIB
>>1015233 No, I've read the article in full serval times because people say it's evidence that Bookchin is Zionist. I say it isn't. So why don't you explain how one can be against an israeli nation-state and also be a zionist, and then explain which passages are zionist exactly
>>1015223 Because she namedropped marx and kropotkin once lmao.
>>1015236 This video really puts the "contra" in "Iran-Contra"
>>1015236 Anarchist => Liberal pipeline or Liberal => Self proclaimed "Anarchist" pipeline?
>>1015238 Americans are pretty gullible.
>>1015243 Can you find some evidence that Contra ever identified as an anarchist?
>>1015247 Doesn't she have a whole anarchist character?
>>1015251 Yes, and a trump character. And a TERF character. Who are all strawmen that she argues against. Indeed, she's the foil of the video posted earlier and is presented as the voice contra argues against.
>>1015253 I see. Her videos are really bad. I tried watching a few and got brain damage. Have no clue why people like her.
(32.51 KB 495x682 OllyOllyOllyOiOiOi.JPG)
>>1015255 Meh, she's not the worst breadtuber in terms of philosophy, I still think that, quite ironically, is PhilosophyTube, because at least when watching a Contra-vid you can follow along with what she's trying to say, something that is nearly impossible in some of Ollie's vids.
>>1015059 i cant bring myself to viscerally hate peterson, he sounds too much like kermit to really get angry at
>>1015260 >you can follow along with what she's trying to say Your philosophy is shit if people can follow along t. Hegel
>>1015223 She called Anthony Fantano a centrist. Now who is the centrist, bitch?
>>1015262 He is a human muppet controlled by kermit.
>>1015270 Why did she call him that?
What are Hasan Piker's actual beliefs?
(20.43 KB 669x78 lolbert1.png)
(97.71 KB 970x208 lolbert2.png)
>>1015198 >ancom
>>1015262 The problem is he's not "just" a kermit. I think like that to until I see one of his videos shilled by YouTube and it has like 5 million views.
>>1015275 >Alliance of the Libertarian left
>>1015274 Anti-cenkism. Unironically. Tea is that he fucking hates his uncle, and that Cenk fucked him over majorly.
>>1015274 (me) Because I know nothing about him.
>>1015274 He mainly parrots Chapo Trap House pretty much. He takes memes and jokes from them as well. So himbo socdem with demsoc characteristics mostly, as far as I can tell. I stopped watching twitch a couple months ago though.
>>1015277 the actual state of burger "anarchists"
>>1015274 Soc dem who postures as radical. Basically brainless, will go from revolutionary communist to soc dem every stream depending on what who prompts him.
>>1015273 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4BVGPkdzk She blames centrists like Fantano for being coy. Mind you this is 2017, so Fantano is more left than she is now lmao.
>>1015291 >Alt right I barely remember when they were actually relevant when now the biggest thing they've done in years is get triggered over a wojak
(126.78 KB 1200x675 voooote.jpg)
I know Contrapoints isn't really even a "left" youtuber, in the sense that she does not identify herself with socialism, but seeing as she is both watched by a lot of self-identified socialists and that she is representing a viewpoint that is also endorsed by many American left parties (hilariously the DSA is still not endorsing Biden, and their original statement on it was actually good), this feels like a problem for the American left. Not Contrapoints specifically, not her platform or whatever, but the enduring delusion that is surrounding the presidency. Especially at this moment, when we just saw what happened in Bolivia, this delusion needs to be dispelled to move forward. Contrapoints makes it clear that she thinks it is ridiculous and childish to not vote for Biden. Completely the opposite! It is ridiculous and childish to think that voting for Biden at all alleviates the conditions for a Trump, or for a reactionary movement! Again, look to what happened in Bolivia. The government of Áñez gave immunity to police forces for murdering civilians. They massacred people in Bolivia. And yet, within a year their government is out. Why is that? Is it because people "got out the vote"? This is a boring rhetorical game but it is paramount that people get this at some point. It is the electoral liberal who is being ridiculous and childish. The way you protect yourself from an out of control state is not to choose who is your representative there. It is to organize against the state, to be able to bend the state to your will if need be, just like they did in Bolivia. And these people will gladly suggest that they support organizing after Biden is elected, but in what they focus on and how they talk about it you can see the total bankruptcy of this attempt to deflect the substantive criticism. They mock and deride people for how "unrealistic" they are being when they say they are disinterested in voting. They simultaneously say voting doesn't matter, and then say that voting against Trump is the highest imperative of your life. I think Contrapoints in that video actually said it is the most important thing she has ever done. Even the American left, let alone the average American, is far too convinced of the farce of American politics. They really don't get it, you are not class-conscious in the Marxist sense if you don't understand how deeply the bourgeois state is your enemy, and the implications of that. It doesn't mean you don't engage in elections, but the emphasis of all of your political activity should be in distinguishing the working class movement from the state, empowering it to combat the state. The fact that the Bolivian state was captured by vicious reactionaries who were willing to massacre their opponents, as well as threaten them with annihilation at various points, and yet those forces still failed to maintain power just goes to show where the direction of determination tends to be. The state's power and authority is underwritten by the strength of the social structures beneath it, namely the class society and its conditions. When the working class is organized against their class enemies, it doesn't matter if their class enemies have the state. The state is ultimately powerless against waves of sabotage and strikes. The soldiers can't run the entire nation, they can only threaten you and kill you if you don't. It is up to the left to build working class power, that is what real political power is. That is exactly how you actually secure your safety and prosperity, not in turning to whip your own class and berate them for their lack of realism if they fail to vote for a senile bourgeois suit.
>>1015134 >praxeology >left Does anyone fall for this shit?
>>1015318 >The way you protect yourself from an out of control state is not to choose who is your representative there. It is to organize against the state, to be able to bend the state to your will if need be, just like they did in Bolivia. Sucdems are using Bolivia as an example of electoralism actually working RIGHT NOW There's no breaking them out of delusion
>>1015318 Good post. Thanks anon. One could also ask oneself; if America turned into a dictatorship tomorrow, how much would realistically change? Would it automatically mean that the municipal elections also went away? Does it automatically means that the courts would change? Would it mean that the citizen would get less influence in the rules and guidelines that rule their lives? Not very likely. Therefore even if Trump is an autocrat in the making, it's not necessarily that much of a doomsday scenario that people expect. Trump is certainly not a fascist in the hysterical militant Hitlerian sense, so a Trump dictatorship is not necessarily that much of a loss, all things considered. We need to stop being so panicked and afraid of change. Of course we need to be extremely weary of actual fascism, but Trump doesn't meet a lot of those requirements.
Can we raid this stream of Steve Banon, they're shilling anti-china propaganda: https://youtu.be/e69VXjjPe_4
Contrapoints should go the way of the 43% after that horrible Biden endorsing video
>>1015409 Dumb bitch became typical hollywood celeb, that's what happens patreon bucks get in your head.
>>1015409 No transphobia
>>1015475 It's liberalphobia, not transphobia
>>1015395 I don't think we are much in the mood to defend China today.
I really hope no one ITT was convinced by that buffallo bill creature to vote for Biden. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLY FUCKING ELECTION IS THE "END OF THE WORLD" AND THE RADLIBS WILL ALWAYS USE THE SAME FUCKING ARGUMENTS.
>>1015595 Imagine caring this much about cartoons for children.
The vote shit is raising my blood pressure. Not even just the contrapoints thing, I’m just talking about seeing people on twitter and whatnot. People with rose emojis and some blurb about anti-capitalism in their about. It’s fucking maddening, there has to be a more coherent understanding here. Ostensibly there has been a wave of people self-identifying as “anti-capitalist” or “leftist” in the past 4 years, and most of them are still entirely insufficient in their understanding of class society. The thing that drives me crazy is the inconsistency. It’s like a mental bargaining phase. I’m seeing these people right now in my other tab both talking about how they don’t like Biden but we have to get Trump out, and championing Biden’s climate plan. Biden’s climate plan is flatly not going to happen. There is zero chance it happens. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t even commit to legislation because she understood it would be nearly impossible to get a bill passed, so she focused on executive orders and policy in the federal agencies like Obama did. Biden’s plan requires a bill, and that isn’t going to happen. But if it isn’t going to happen, if it is obvious it won’t happen, then why the fuck are people who say they hate Biden advertising for his false promises as selling points? Because they’re mentally bargaining with their residual liberalism. They want to appear as whatever their naive concept is of “radical” and “socialist” while still sticking to what they actually believe, which is that they need to vote for the Democrat. So they simultaneously say they hate him for appearances, which they naively believe to be substantive positions on their part, but then they fucking promote his campaign lies as though they’re real. I’m almost more annoyed at this point by the appearance of left wing politics expanding than I was before by being confronted with people who actually knew they were liberals.
>>1015574 >I really hope no one ITT was convinced by that buffallo bill creature to vote for Biden. Nobody likes breadtube libs here.
>>1015615 I have a lesbian friend and she pretty much hates me now because I mocked RBG's death andsaid im not voting for Biden. This shit is like bringing out the libs autism in full force.
>>1015654 no disrespect, but that doesn't sound like much of a loss.
>>1015676 Yeah i essentially got called a sociopath by several people for that because i dared to mock an elite neoliberal justice's death
>>1015654 RGB's death: not only was it not bad, it was good and accelerated revolutionary conditions in America tenfold
>>1015615 Agree, I wouldn't have a problem with "we must vooooote" if they were advocating for a vote for the PSL or even CPUSA, but they are literally advocating for a right-leaning centrist, cus: "There is a fascist Cheetoh in the white house". I get that Rep and Dems are the biggest parties in the USA, but the other parties and their visions are irrelevant because they don't get any votes and don't get any voice in the media (I wonder why). Do libs not realize that "fascism" isn't brought in power by the ballot box? That there are socio-economical forces that drive that? A Biden presidency will only radicalize the Fascist base and recruit more candidates during the upcoming 1930s-like depression. I live in Belgium and we also have several big parties (right leaning centrists and then literal fascists), I can't even imagine the reaction if so called "anti-racist, anti-capitalists" would advocate for voting for our centrist party, because "the other guys are even worse" If voting is all we have in this "democracy" and revolution is not possible, shouldn't we use that vote to for something we actually support? "pushing Biden to the left" will also not happen when he is in power, because there is no political threat from the left. However imagine if there was a workers party having 10% of the votes, this would really push Biden to the left and tis the only way to push the representatives of the ruling class to the left. This is also exactly what happened under FDR, politically organized labor was literally threatening civil war if shit didn't change, which forced FDR to push through leftist policies.
>>1015133 Anyone who watched it? Was it good?
>>1015318 >hilariously the DSA is still not endorsing Biden Respect. The DSA doesn't seem that bad.
>>1015784 Lmao, where?
>>1015787 It's not. People here hate on them but you should check out your local DSA. They vary wildly. Mine is pretty good and there are some other legit Marxists there.
>>1015794 The thing noticer spent this much time on leftypol but still can't notice what leftism actually is.
>>1015803 Nike exploits absurd amounts of labor all over the world, but sure because they virtue signal about BLM they're definitely literal Marxists.
>>1015803 kek what a delightful retard you are.
>>1015798 >your local DSA I live on the other side of the planet, so there is no local DSA for me :D >Mine is pretty good That's great! Keep on pushing the group into the correct direction. The DSA seems to have lot of potential in the US.
(81.02 KB 512x512 uighurwanger.jpg)
As you can clearly see from picrel, the politically correct elites are tirelessly trying to blackwash white history #rememberwhiteheroes #neverlogoff
>>1015822 >"don't understand how we're not like the other progressives" but can almost never seem to pinpoint what "real leftism" is says more about you than it does about us. Nah pretty sure we're upfront about what we want.
>>1015822 >corporations exploiting workers in general and in certain cases social movements so they can sell more stuff >communists wanting to gulag the CEOs and shareholders of those corporations these two are the same
>>1015803 This reads like fascist propaganda. >Don't pretend there's not a problem in America O_O without class analysis, it's left to the readers imagination what this "problem" is. Jews? Illuminati? Liberalism? SJWs? Fascism? Racism? >Don't sit back and be silent. Individualist propaganda, "go fix the problem yourself" and "speak out about the problem". Again, what is the problem? >inb4 the retard responds I know this is to support some ultra-leftist-marxist-jewish whatever movement. I am talking to the others here.
>>1015822 >kvetching Stop using our language, goy.
>>1015318 great post, this is why the best hope the american left can hope for is that trump wins through illegitimate but legal means. Get into big fights with the trump guys at the polling places, give Trump every excuse to shut it down.
(116.78 KB 500x559 thethingnoticer.jpg)
>>1015887 >The Office US meme Shit format
What if instead of TheThingNoticer, it was XiJinpingNoticer
>>1015857 IIRC the central bank in the USSR was without profit motive, it was the only bank and nationalized. So really it's just a retarded argument 'muh banks bad'. Also is there a source on that family tree or is it just a random picture you saved and automatically assume it's true?
I wonder if the Thing Noticer is just our version of Satan-kun's observation that /pol/lacks tend to argue with strawman representations of SJWs on image boards so that they become "immune" to common SJW talking points. He is basically the right-wing equivalent to this, whether or not he realizes this
>>1015857 ...Anarchist ThingNoticer?
>>1015922 >>1015923 Great evidence
>>1015923 >Source: Some blogger said so one time oki great source
>>1015922 >>1015923 >Schmooze nice source, also >muh 'jews bad'
>>1015974 >.wordpress Lol
Honestly, while ThingNoticers is a total retard who shouldn't be taken seriously at any turn, this is what is most insidious about corporate recouperation of revolutionary movements, because it takes things that are legitimately liberatory and tie them to capitalism, therefore making people either attack progressive values if they want to attack capitalism, or defend capitalism if they want to defend progressive values. >>1015803 This is the dogshit consumer-politics landscape that have been cultivated within the US and it's fucking nightmarish.
(70.46 KB 680x680 5678ijhgfty8ikjhy.jpg)
>>1015977 The point is that anyone can make a wordpress page that looks legit but isn't, retard. It's like posting a Medium article.
I just filtered him tbh, and just get progressively more surprised he still posts his twitter feed here
>>1015981 Ok repeat his argument
>>1015798 One of the great things about the DSA is that it has a local club/chapter model. Other parties in the US do have this as well, so it isn’t unique to the DSA, but it does allow the locals to have different characteristics about them. I’d say my local is pretty decent as well, tbh I don’t mean to totally malign the DSA. It’s a very open and dynamic organization, so it has its upsides and downsides. I just wanted to point out that even the National DSA has a good line on the election to suggest how farcical it is that people who consider themselves in some way radical socialists, as well as some other left wing parties with pretensions to being more heady than groups like the DSA, consider it a duty to vote for Biden. Essentially, the big left wing tent that captured the post-2016 Bernie voters is capable of plainly stating that it has no interest in endorsing Biden, but instead prioritizes building a working class movement that has power regardless of what bourgeois politician occupies the White House. It was about as well crafted a statement as you could hope for.
ThingNoticer post more Twitter screenshots
>>1016004 I think TheThingNoticer has a legit cognitive disorder. Notice how often there isn't a clear through-line between the things he starts talking about, example recently someone went >wordpress And he immediately began talking about Money and Matt Christman, even though to most sane people or people of average intelligence, that would make no sense.
>>1016013 /pol/ induced brain damage. Everything is a Jewish plot.
>>1016013 Just break his mind further to make him our schizo instead of theirs.
>>1015974 >muh jews Can I ask you what scares you about jews?
>>1015974 >Look up his Twitter account >Anime pfp Why am I not surprised?
>>1015982 >it takes things that are legitimately liberatory and tie them to capitalism, therefore making people either attack progressive values if they want to attack capitalism, or defend capitalism if they want to defend progressive values. Nicely stated. >>1016013 I think he just sets a bot on auto-reply half the time. I've directly asked him questions and he responds with Metal Gear Solid bot tier responses. >>1016027 He won't say it, but their intelligence, their cunning, their influence. My brother is very reactionary. We just recently learned we have jewish heritage. He made this hilarious turn of "jews bad" to being proud of having jewish heritage. Recently, he was listing all the jewish movie directors, attributing their success to him, despite him being a neurotic, mentally unstable NEET, who's main accomplishment has been finishing highschool.
>>1015974 >muh holodomor lol the faggots you worship like klaus barbie,azov battalion, apartheid South Africa/Rhodesia, and the contra RWDS have got direct aid from israel. so Yair Klein and Epstein types are actually based because they fight communism in Colombia :DDD. With the dissolution of the USA by black and native liberation, they will no longer be able to hold back my people's struggle for self determination.
>>1016061 >believing rich people co-operate to maintain power </leftypol/ doesn't think that rich people cooperate to maintain power ummm... wat
Has anyone seen Richard Wolffs interview with this serf guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne2u7Uq8ioI
>>1016069 Don't you know its only Jews that are rich and prone to conspiracy? White porky will never do such a thing!
>>1016061 >believing rich people co-operate to maintain power Bro, yes. But not only jews, also whites, asians, latinos, indians, even blacks. That's why we're marxists.
>>1016061 >- believing rich people co-operate to maintain power Yeah /leftypol/ has famously never claimed rich people cooperate to maintain power,, >- criticizing minorities (especially jews and blacks) in any way or suggesting that normal white people are disproportionately shit on >criticizing minorities (especially jews and blacks) in any way I don't get what you would "criticize" them for? >suggesting that normal white people are disproportionately shit on <Getting triggered over some Twitter post with 3 retweets
>>1015974 Why can right-wingers not just read our tactics instead of making them up? Its not a secret. No Marxist movement of today gives a fuck about the Frankfurt school.
You'd think ThingNoticer would be anti cop considering how many huwite people are killed by police brutality.
>>1016061 >suggesting that normal white people are disproportionately shit on yeah. that's liberalism for you. we are against that. the problem isn't white people, for like the 99999999th time. >white people aren't capable of conspiracy we don't think white people have genetically low IQs or are genetically incapable of conspiring.
>>1016096 nah hes only interested in being anti- anything liberals like
>>1016103 >What we mean by "rich people" are those who live to performatively oppress normal middle class white people. And what we mean by "rich people" are those who exploit and oppress workers of all colors. ThingNoticer, are you a bot?
>>1016099 >Liberal: I mean, I don't mean to kink-shame, but I think Coprophilia is pretty gross <TheThingNoticer: haha I am eating shit >D-dude wtf that's gross <yeah I bet that triggers you. I gobble up shit every day >get out if my drive-way dude, I'm trying to go to work <haha liberals btfo
>>1016118 Have you actually ever read anything by the Frankfurt school? You know they thought capitalism was destroying culture just like you(although I guess you'd say "the Jews are destroying culture" instead) right?
>>1016118 >The Frankfurr school didn't support us Of course they did, but they barely had any money or any resources and today barely any cares about it. It's not like they were the Chicago school or something.
>>1016118 No, they didn't really. Their work is considered idealist and metaphysical by most Marxists. I've never seen the Frankfurt School referenced in any major Marxist group.
>>1016135 >Adorno >idealist and metaphysical ok then
>>1016103 Oh, you mean bourgeois people. People who, often times, but not exclusively, can also be white?
>>1016135 This. The Frankfurt school achieved nothing for leftism. They were even intertwined with the CIA to some degree.
3,,2,,1: ThingNoticer posts a screenshot calling BLM Marxists who want to kill all white people. Probably will be by the Joker pfp who will try to make himself sound much smarter than he is.
>>1016103 You mean college students on twitter? That is your "rich people"? Your political enemy is SJWs on twitter? BRUH I wish I had your political fight. If you're not a bot, which I'm not entirely convinced you aren't, have you ever considered why people mention you have mental problems? Have you ever wondered why people think you seriously have no idea what leftism means? >>1016135 Wrong. >>1016144 Wrong.
>>1016148 My theory is that he is almost always botting, except in those rare occasions when he does actually respond to others. My other theory is that he isn't "neoliberal centrist transhumanist" who used to visit here.
fuck adorno, and fuck horkheimer those faggot ass clowns can jerk themselves off to to their dogshit avant-garde "music", I'll still enjoy pop music.
>>1016216 Of all the things you can criticize adorno and horkheimer for you choose to criticize them for that?
>>1016216 Anon, what they say and you being able to enjoy pop music aren't mutually exclusive. I like pop music, but I still think that corporations make the music industry worse. I recognize that Agua by J Balvin is corporate trash, but I still like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLz9VaksClg
>>1016216 consoooooooom
https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1318568095217319940 Grenn Greenwald being extra-extra based. >If you want to know what a Biden administration will really look like — not the “we’ll-push-them!” pipe dream of left-wing Biden supporters but the real expression of its ideology — look at people like former Obama foreign policy official @brhodes . This is how they think: [email protected] Tweet: The Trump-Rubio doctrine of Incompetent Imperialism is a strong wind in the sails of the Latin American left. https://theguardian.com/world/2020/oct...
>>1016289 [email protected] Tweet: The Trump-Rubio doctrine of Incompetent Imperialism is a strong wind in the sails of the Latin American left. Trump confirmed based retard harm reduction candidate.
(25.04 KB 500x437 1572511058009.jpg)
>>1016216 Today I will remind them: https://youtu.be/QDyC448swa4
>>1016447 Adorno was correct about The New Left though.
(61.44 KB 200x198 SUPER IDEOLOGY.png)
(23.75 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>1016438 Trump might LEGITIMATELY be the harm-reduction candidate >Trump has effectively given up on intervention in Syria >Models predict if Trump loses, Repubs might try to launch a coup, triggering a civil war >Trumps idiocy in foreign policy has caused the EU to slowly sever ties, further decreasing US influence over the continent and over the world in general >China reconsidering the ties with America, reconsidering a socialist path >Trump has severly fucked the amerrican economy by basically doing nothing about COVID until it was way to late >Trump has taken a relative hands-off approach with Russia, lessening the chance of Nuclear armageddon >Trump is so unpopular and incompetent that every attempt he has made towards limiting the rights of trans or muslim people has been stricken down in court and can't pass in any version
>>1016465 A response to this anon's comment or Contrapoint's video?
>>1016470 Contra's of course
>>1016013 this kills the nazi
>>1016503 lol why does the site not let me post this picture
>>1016447 >"Engage in self criticism, revisionist!" >Get a free tit job >Die few months later : /
>>1016447 Why did they hate him?
>>1016511 is it a webp?
>>1016470 She is basically ruminating Chumpsky's argments about "Harm reduction" and "voting strategically". I think Dore has some good videos, which debunk this type of argument. But yeah, it's always better to have more people making videos on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZy0rnXSpnw
>>1016511 Because it's held together with duct tape
>>1016543 pull the levers
>>1016549 >Oh, I'm pooooling the leveeeers!
>>1016549 It takes 5 years to pull the lever
>>1016543 Question: If the US became a dictatorship under Trump, what would realistically change? This is a legit question, because I am of the mind that even if the fear-mongering about Trump becoming dictator is true, it wouldn't really change much in the daily life of the average american. And that should cause concern.
>>1016462 My take: Trump is the best candidate: >Incompetent foreign policy: Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc >His failure will shatter the dreams of a right wing fix to the country >Increases tensions even more, people talking about civil war and shit (this is good) >EU openly talking about de-dollarization and going against US imposed sanctions (especially in Iran). >Insane escalation in a short span of years against China and Russia (this is good, in a roundabout way) >Covid fuck up will be 100% blamed on him >Massive increase in leftwing movement, not seen since the 2008 crisis. Only increasing more and more with the covid shit. >Explicit neo-liberalism (as opposed to the happy face neoliberalism of democrats) After another term of Trump, Biden won't be left enough. Unfortunately, Trump has made his own grave by pushing people to the "left" in the form of Biden, so he will very surely win. >>1016567 It would finally do with the ideology of "democracy" as being the motor of history.
>>1015318 This transhumanist shill triggered me so I had to comment on her video. this is what i posted for destroying her lib arguments: "Fail arguments from a succdem, what a surprise. Here we go: 1. A vote against Biden is not a vote against Trump, it's literally a vote for Biden. Voting is not mandatory, it's voluntary for a reason lib. 2. Utilitarian argument fails without extensive global imperialist considerations, Trump is arguably better here out of sheer incompetence of foreign policy and pro-russia sentiment. 3. Muh Paris accord is a joke, abortion rights have never gone anywhere in most the us check the current map it comes down mostly to state policy not federal, dems have already made the press the enemy of the people with their propaganda. 4. You don't do something out of convenience, you do it because it's right. Just because voting takes 2 minutes doesn't mean you should do it. Murder also takes about that long, we don't do it because it's wrong. If someone is a committed revolutionary then reformism is not incumbent on them. 5. It's not shitposting, if it was then you libs wouldn't be so butthurt making a videos about it and crying like babies online. It has consequences and the libs are scared they fucked up by giving Trump another 4 years. You know what we say to that? Good fuck them, you reap what you sow. 6. Just because leftists are not big and important they should give up and suck a lib d? Being a minority doesn't mean you give up fighting for what's right. 7. The whole point of praxis is to get in touch with the community, you don't have to shill for the democrats to do that. 8. French revolution only took 10 years, revolution is not always a drawn out process. You can't say when history is at a breaking point because you're not Nostradamus. 9. This is the worst one. Biden has "shifted" his stance and you believe him now? Yes, we should all take politicians words at face value. Especially one that's already done a 180 for a campaign. L...M...F....A....O....!!!!! 10. Kennedy was still a lib. 11. Conclusion. DON"T VOTE, FUCK THE LIBS, END CAPITALISM NOW."
>>1016578 You could have been less edgy about that comrade, elsewise good
>>1016578 Good! I gave you a thumbs up!
>>1016613 >>1016646 thanks comrades, so tired of the vooting shills.
>>1016578 making a good post just to cry, irrelevant to anything, "transhumanist", just to look like a faggot get your autism checked
>>1015615 > then they fucking promote his campaign lies as though they’re real. This is triggering the shit out of me. Is it everyone's first election? Did you get ice cream machines in class when you voted for student body president?
>>1016681 In a few decades, people will be morally horrified that posting on twitter was once a widespread endeavor. In a post-cringe society, everything that is cringe must eventually become reactionary.
(39.54 KB 410x598 BASED DEPARTMENT.jpg)
>>1016679 Yeah, noticed that too, not cool
>>1016681 >preserving the natural environment What the fuck are you on about you neonazi arsehole. Humanity has been warping *the natural environment ever since the donestication of animals in the paleolithic altered their bone structure.
>>1016709 ty it really gives me a kek
>>1015615 Yes burgerbrain "voot to get the fascist out" is driving me insane. The only solace is I'm seeing a lot more self-proclaimed "leftists" popping up, which is good despite them being burgerwashed. At least the contradictions are piling up, I'm not surprised that they'd just shill for Biden though burgers are literally illiterate and have zero knowledge of actual leftism.
(55.30 KB 593x789 vote for him pls.jpg)
(75.38 KB 1024x576 woops.jpg)
Pls vote during the upcoming of 1945 in the Weimar republic for Paul von Hindenburg, he is an independent and he is personally opposed to the evil Fascist party of Hitler. Yes we know there are also other political parties, but they are a minority compared to the rise of the Nazi-party, our only chance is to elect Paul as president to prevent a rise of Hitler
>>1016709 Who ever made this is the real MVP.
>>1014619 You bastard lmao
>>1016783 I think it's GentleGinjeet. https://youtu.be/qg-VQVs2rMw
>>1014838 >racist socdems [...] would side with the government Imagine my shock
(1.35 MB 1080x1745 Screenshot_20201020-172128~2.png)
>>1016887 Based and redpilled.
>>1016887 Prostitute detected
>>1014598 Contra is a dumb college drop out wannabe-aristocrat crackhead attention whore. Who ever told her she has valuable opinions should burn in the darkest level of hell.
(107.14 KB 512x384 Dorks.jpg)
>>1016887 Stop scolding me
>>1016887 tl dr, what the hoe say?
>>1017037 She's just a radlib. I find your descriptions too extreme tbh. She's one of the "good" radlibs. I've met plenty worse.
>>1016578 proofread next time based retard
(87.43 KB 1280x720 j19ZRyz.jpg)
>>1016887 Not the sex work discussion again.. How the last one ended?
>>1017226 Don't be mean to prostitutes. There are black/brown and LGBTQ+ people diying out there for this kind of..."job" really what was the consensus on this question?
>>1017258 ok but what did the Hoe say (there I capitalized it mad respekt)
>>1017226 sex work is work. >>1017251 Why would there even be a debate. People try to make ends meet. Some are factory workers, some are sex workers. Incels who think it isn't work "because both people are doing the same activity" are absolutely retarded. Some get ultra mad that some sex workers become successful in their line of work (e-thots and only fans), but most people just live normal lives and many do it to make ends meet (pay rent, pay college). Easy way to spot "leftists" who are spooked as fuck and probably red liberals is to catch them obsessing over sex stuff.
>>1017251 What about work sex?
>>1017286 I mean sex work is fine, but I think a lot of women flee to sex work because of their material conditions. Especially new things like OnlyFans and e-celebing, etc. They seek to escape wageslavery by selling themselves as a sexual commodity.
>>1017309 Those people aren't "selling themselves" any more than someone making non-sexual videos for sale is. People making podcasts for patreon are engaged in the same kind of business. Sexual content in media is content not a business model.
>>1017235 There’s nothing good about being a grifting cunt Fuck off.
>>1017329 >Sexual content in media is content not a business model. pretty sure the podcast business model involves a lot less human trafficking tho
>>1017390 Physical prostitution is not the same thing as having an onlyfans.
the vast majority of sex workers should not exist-- not because sex work is some offense against morality, but because it is a result of material conditions that shouldn't exist in the first place, or the result of human trafficking that comes about because of material conditions that shouldn't exist in the first place. the group of people who do sex work solely because they just want to do sex work as a primary form of income and are not doing it as an absolute necessity to make ends meet or by force is a group that exists, but it's not a very large one.
(6.56 KB 222x227 apu evil plan.jpg)
We should turn Maupin into a meme on /lit/ https://boards.4channel.org/lit/thread/16619514
>>1017396 no onlyfans supposedly functions more like a casino, it's also rather insidious
>>1017435 Caleb, we know its you. You are a mastermind 4D chessplayer. You are making these crazy memes to promote your stuff. Mr. Maupin, you truly are a evil genius.
>>1017435 Somebody please post there Maupin's theory on the Washington monument!
>>1017451 Criticisms of onlyfans also apply to any kind of online media though.
>>1017489 thanks!
(19.62 KB 108x200 Content CHEKA.png)
>>1016887 Delete this please. Otherwise KYS
What the hell? These motherfucking radlibs...
>>1017540 >radlibs I just see a bunch of feds.
>>1017540 This is what the zoomers like anon, you like the zoomers don't you?
>>1017540 vaush btfo
Zoomerchan Found this while reverse image searching something. Thoughts?
>>1017540 So Bernie type people usually complain when democrats do the "hello fellow youngsters I like the things you like" schtick, but when AOC does the exact same thing it's ok?
>>1016887 Whore
>>1017574 I mean, I hate AOC's guts, but she is a millennial.
(85.04 KB 596x1008 1587405131713.png)
>>1017582 If you think any of her cutesy online personality stuff is anything but fake you have a lot to learn
>>1017594 It's a fake persona, but it convinces people better because she's from that generation and it's not a stretch to think she does have retarded consoomer fixations that she can use to her advantage in that respect.
>>1017540 ... Is she gonna show the boobs?
>>1017594 Doubt it's fake. What about all the women in her same demographic that are doing the same thing while not being a politician? Did you forget the video of her dancing from when she was still in college. The arrow of causality is more likely to go the other way. Amicable personality -> Successful politician(in the very narrow window that opened up for her to win where and when she did). She was the right man for the time is all.
>>1017594 There's no way those wall of text instagram and tiktok videos are fake, that's 100% certified leftist femoid "girlboss" stuff.
(22.02 KB 413x395 1448959958845.jpg)
>>1017540 >vaush replies >doesn't get a response Among Us wept
(334.97 KB 200x200 POGGGGGGGGG.gif)
AOC IS LIVE shill cockshott in the chat https://www.twitch.tv/aoc
>>1017684 Who asked?
(101.27 KB 1080x1068 yy2pvjvqaln31.jpg)
>>1017684 >140k viewers before she's even on I have had enough of this generation.
>>1017684 >make sure to vooote oh no no no
>>1017718 >voot bloo
(870.24 KB 1340x753 Screenshot_2020-10-21 Twitch.png)
>>1017684 Wow, the dems are really desperate. This is proof, that they have politically nothing to offer. Graeber described it perfectly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9afwZON8dU
>>1017684 When Donal Trump loses the election, or retires in 4 more years, I want him to stream, but I just want him to stream the rest of his life. No political bullshit, I just want him to bitch about Nancy O'Donnell or golfing or some shit. I would actually watch those streams.
>>1017684 >shill cockshott in the chat These are all 19 year old libtards, cockshott is too hard for them. They have to be pushed left gradually
>>1017730 Yeah if they look up "cockshott" they're going to see one of his shittily edited powerpoint youtube videos and their attention span will prevent any further knowledge.
(526.29 KB 1023x720 yass.png)
>I'm just chilling in [flavor of the month vidya] >I got so much support from the platform itself and the relevant corporations, Twitch, Best Buy, Streamlabs... Jesus this bitch glows.
Hasan keeps making soy face.
>>1017752 tbh I would be too
(134.30 KB 634x759 1419820479909-0.png)
>>1017726 why do we have to lose people like him
>>1017700 shill cockshott in chat
>>1017757 Graeber is a large contributor to the US having decentralised movement autism, the only time he was mentioned here when he was alive was largely to complain about him
>>1017762 >if I talk about politics in my boss fires me <posts this on an anti-capitalist basket weaving forum Are you burger who suffers from lead poisoning drinking tap water?
This is fucking based
>>1017761 >>1017761 how? there's too many people in the chat for it to make a difference
>>1017794 We need a good copypasta, something with read marx, some emotes, some memes, etc.
>let's get a congresswoman playing a video game on stream for PR >but let's not work out the stream setup in advance so the audio and shit works
>>1017801 Dude didnt you learn shit from the DNC convention? political tech consultants are scammers
>>1017761 >Angloteeth.wav appears >Powerpoint slide video .mp4 17 viewers left in 32 seconds.
AOC IS LIVE shill cockshott in the chat https://www.twitch.tv/aoc
>>1017794 >>1017799 skip all that shit and have cockshott play among us on stream with MAS members as they coordinate cyber-wiphala
>>1017812 hahhahhahaahaha lmao
lol she got imposter
(120.65 KB 659x659 pottery.jpg)
>AOC starts the game as impostor
>>1017822 First as a tragedy, second as a farce
>>1017839 >she wins the game despite playing like shit because the progressive millennials give her a ridiculous amount of benefit of the doubt
>>1017847 Really oh dog, Marx was right, again
>>1017852 not yet, it's an inb4
>>1017847 aoc literally doesnt know how to play
Hasan actually got them to vote her off.
Remember when everyone thought that Bernie would be about to become president right now and this girl was going to be his VP or secretary of environment or whatever? lmao she must actually be so fucking i agreeing inside. But ehh she cucked out for Biden as well as Bernard. No sympathy from me.
>>1017865 Does anyone has the Bernie shopped as the Ugly Bastard?


no cookies?