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Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 19:39:50 No. 96258
are there any right wingers that you respect?
(91.83 KB 500x499 1917.png)
a few
which one?
pic :^)
Not really, most of them seem like they're kind of hypocritical.
Unpopular opinion time
Henry Kissinger
His Realpolitik ideas were based. Sadly they where used to squash socialism throughout the world (and he deffinetly deserves the wood shredder for that). However, these same tactics, in my opinion, could be utilize to great effect by future powerful socialist countries in a possible cold war scenario.
(75.44 KB 702x1000 Juenger+Uniform-(wearing-Po.jpg)
Guy was alpha as fuck.
Huey Long.
i still have some respect for thomas sowell left over from when i was still a committed supporter of the market
i haven't reread basic economics since growing up and embracing the immortal science but i've been meaning to to see how differently i interpret it now, i also remember liking black rednecks and white liberals
Konservative Revolution connected ones, so Schmitt and two previous pics related. Also Jan Stachniuk from my native ones, very coherent dialectics and interesting perspective on human race in general. I also really like Mishimas prose.
Ted Kaczynski,m at first I thought he was wrong about Leftists then I realized he wasn't when I started meeting them in those leftist orgs.
This only applies to american leftists I believe though.
I don't think I could stand very long with psychologists either both on this board and those that teach the profession and I support his adventurism against these psychos.
>black rednecks
All you have to do to be a redneck is wear a red bandana around your neck and go to war with coal mining companies that force you to live in company towns. The word redneck doesn't refer to pink sunburnt skin, it refers to red bandanas.
(73.46 KB 587x800 Oswald_mosley_MP.jpg)
Oswald Mosley is the greatest right wing leftist to ever live
(107.84 KB 604x518 Lyndon_LaRouche.jpg)
god why do anglos look so subhuman
(69.15 KB 1000x750 twitter-alex-jones.jpg)
why ?
the only decent thing this guy did was being good a fencing
Terry A. Davis

Not only because of his life story and his struggle, but also what the conditions of his death reveal. You could say it is a combination of respect and pity.
Alex predicted Jeff Epstein's pedo island.
(223.16 KB 682x947 Jiang_Jieshi2.jpg)
He was good at BTFOing the Japanese (although to be fair, only after the CCP forced him to)
(56.30 KB 650x609 moldbug-meme.jpeg)
Nick Land, he is literally playing the devil's advocate for the inhuman facets of capital, but is very convincing at that. I love the techno-babbling of Machinic Desire.
Moldbug's patchwork is also an interesting idea, you can definitely imagine communist communes disrupting the whole framework within its own rules.
I have heard good things about Carl Schmitt but never read him.
>This only applies to american leftists I believe though.
It doesn't.
t. someone who speaks the same language as Foucault and Bourdieu (not that they are bad theorists but...)
I respect any right-winger who can manipulate a TB-303 tbh.
(30.54 KB 353x450 VS-Naipaul-2014.jpg)
VS Naipaul and Yukio Mishima are two of the best novelists of the 20th century, I'm not going to avoid reading something as good as Mr. Biswas or Spring Snow because I disagree with their politics.
(121.89 KB 856x642 ahmadinejad.jpg)
(54.88 KB 697x608 assad.jpg)
(40.38 KB 800x450 putin.jpg)
Bashar is a centrist liberal, Xi is a confucian Democrat, Putin and Ahmadinejad are right wingers though that's true
I respect Mishima as a writer
It's very cringe that (You) are giving even an ounce of respect to present day neoliberal heads-of-states. Nobody will care about these meme faces in only a couple of decades, just like nobody cares about Yeltsin now. True right-wing thinkers namedropping De Maistre and Burke are infinitely more respectable because they have a somewhat clear vision of where they want go to (i.e. stasis with hierarchical characteristics).
Whatchu talking about fool? Those faces are the people that helped put US imperialism on the back foot, leading to the opportunities needed for proletarian revolution
Based Gazprom funding the proletarian revolution then I guess.
>Europe tries imperialist agression against Russia
>Gazprom cuts off their pipes
>proletarian revolution sweeps Europe, temporary truce with eastern imperialist bloc before full prole world takeover
It's a great plan
the point of that essay in particular is to outline how black culture in america is largely something they absorbed from celtic clansman immigrants
>proceeds to massacre a bunch of people on Formosa
(593.48 KB 903x1155 Vladimir_Putin_(2017-07-08).jpg)
putin, fascist fuck but I respect that he knows how to play his cards really well. He also has a very bold character and has a take-no-shit-from-nobody attitude, yet is not cringy and infantile like other "strong" world leaders, eg Merkel and Trump.
(17.66 KB 183x275 stallman.jpg)
richard stallman, founder of the Free as in Freedom software movement. Has some shit political takes, but bless this man and all his work. Shame he got cancelled. We all benefit from his blessed autism, it is a shame that software engineers are spineless libshits who donate to puppies and cat shelters.
t. STEMlord
No he didn't, elite pedos is a conspiracy theory that predates Jones.
>>96388 This guy and his movement were talking about that before Jones and were ahead of the curve on pretty much every conspiracy theory, and were unironically based and redpilled.
He's a progressive liberal, not a righty.
Is duginism really fascism tho? I mean theyre nationalist but they want things that would make most fascists seethe. They're not against uniting Christians and Muslims under the same banner and they seem to jerk off to the idea of a neo USSR
Goldwater and Eisenhower were alright I suppose
(808.67 KB 636x900 1551935030553.jpg)
I know a lot will disagree with me, but I don't give a fuck he did some okay decisions.
Literally this guy's only post
(87.20 KB 900x750 Recep-Tayyip-Erdogan.jpg)
(577.84 KB 3449x2335 usa-election-trump_3_original.jpg)
ones that kill themselves
This. It basically draws a direct connection between black urban culture and redneck culture. Really good essay.
>he did some okay decisions.
Shooting himself.
Codreanu only because he has a good face and good hair.
(56.93 KB 500x393 It's War.jpg)
Seconded, though I've only read his WW1 memoir.
Pulled Germany out of a cesspool.
guess which one
Yeah by instituting a front-loaded war economy that REQUIRED him to declare war on the entire world to maintain, and exterminating the disabled, confiscating all the property of Jews (not only their businesses but their homes and possessions). Not exactly that impressive when you put it in context. An 'economic miracle' that means your country will inevitably be destroyed by eternal war is no miracle.
I can respect a right winger who can talk about their shit in colloquium without alluding to the great other.
Also the most important part of that "economic miracle" was reducing unemployment: which he did just by constricting the labour pool.
Yes this guy
I infer that his views about leftism are largely the result of his American upbringing. If he were born anywhere else, he might’ve created anprimitivism with Marxist characteristics himself.
(276.50 KB 800x723 13980703_0143548.jpg)
absolute kings coming through
Inbreeding. Just imagine having such a big empire and not breeding with some hot niggeresses, pajeetas or gingers.
REDpill ME on Iranian mullahs
(83.31 KB 1024x536 1562238522504.jpg)
Toppled the Shah in collaboration with liberals and leftists, then purged them in short order. But they do kick some mean mutt ass, and you got to respect that.
>thinking that iran is somehow woke or anti-imperialist

Communism and unions are both banned in Iran.
lol imagine giving a shit if anything is woke
Always had a wee soft spot for the Paul’s rand and Ron. They at least understand the neocon military industrial complex needs broken up.
(80.18 KB 512x512 unamused.png)
Yes, because they are conservative, because that's the point of this thread... It's not about finding the most "woke" nazis, but some people opposite of the left that you have respect for, unless other is pointed it you shouldn't just assume bullshit you make up yourself.
For me most people on the right is seen as "political enemies", but still there are a few of them that you can respect due to revolutionary tendencies, intelligence or maybe just pure charisma.
(139.30 KB 1041x841 1553561835411.jpg)
otto strasser was ok i guess - better than his brother, at least. i also love varg purely for the memes, and how he pissed of "corporatist" fascists that one time.
(17.69 KB 220x325 220px-De_Gaulle-OWI.jpg)
De Gaulle takes the cake for me.
>corporatist" fascists that one time.
Chang Kai Shek actually understood dialectical and was frankly a good commander (not nearly as smart as Mao tho). He and the rest of KMT were smart enough to flee to an Island to prevent destruction. The fact that Taiwan still exists as a rouge province proves that they were smarter than most nationalists even til this day.
>Any social sciences not mentioned earlier (political science, sociology, psychology, history, pre-law, anthropology). These are pretty bad. Psychology is largely a non-reproducible pseudoscience (though I’m sure some Zizek fanbois will show up to defend it) that produces pseuds like Jordan Peterson. Once upon a time back in the day when asylums were still a thing, psychologists and psychiatrists were treated like priests of a secular religion. This was used to perpetrate all sorts of abuses, many against ‘marginalized’ groups.
Ted Kaczynski was right.
This. Psychologists just try to make the victims blame themselves and keep them good slaves and harmless.
Im too brainlet for stem, all manufacturing jobs have left my country, cant grift, dont want to study pseudoscience, what do?
Brainlet \pol\ tier takes, but I'll bite. I agree that the social sciences in the west are dripping with liberal garbage. I agree that most schools use these disciplines to con people out of money for a product that has very limited value. I agree that heavy emphasis on math and science in general is needed, and pursuing something STEM related is advisable. But to write out these disciplines is ignorant. Using Jordan Peterson as the paradigmatic example of psychology shows how ignorant you are. At a minimum, psychology and sociology study real world problems. Problems that won't magically disappear after the revolution.
>Is duginism really fascism tho?
No, but Putin isn’t a duginist.
(1.98 MB 1000x3750 trump is a gommunist.png)

Trump just does whatever his advisors tell him to do. Bannon is the brains behind the operation for all the good stuff he did like starting the trade war and destroying relations with Europe.
Isn't he the leninist?
(550.36 KB 865x1600 Louis Ferdinand Celine.jpg)
If we're going to post Mishima we also ought not forget this Nazi collaborating frog.
This is the only good answer in this thread.
Say what you want about him but this man has guts.
Charles Darwin
What does leftypol think of Oswald Spengler?
So smart he decided to lay off the majority of his troops at the end of World War 2 assumed that they wouldn't defect to the communists when their loyalty was only for his pay.
>are there any right wingers that you respect?

Mircea Eliade. Wrote some good books on religion. One of my favourites is "From Primitives to Zen", an anthology which great for dipping into.
Completely concur. STEM has been bane to the left. About a century ago prominent scientists were outright socialists, now STEM filled with neoliberals and cons. If anything we need more well rounded education.
i think you have some dauvé to read yourself
his channel got deleted, but it was him saying capitalism - not leftistm - what's responsible for destroying culture, and how many leftists have families unlike fascist larpers. all the """third positionist""" fags got antsy in the comments, especially over a comment he made about leftists being smarter than the right on average.
Gone read him by the end of this year. I found gist of his ideas fascinating.

Varg talked about how much better ANTIFA looked compared to the Alt-Right
Pinochet did nothing wrong, he killed SuccDems and Brevik did nothing wrong he murdered Succdems.
Those young libs were probably doing degenerate things at that island anyway
(102.23 KB 1440x1080 x1080.jpg)
William F Buckley Jr is my absolute favorite. He interviewed some really high profile people on his show, and slow pace along with his speaking style made it one of a kind. I think this board would appreciate it.



(2.87 KB 99x130 download (24).jpg)
Eoin O'Duffy. He knew how to organize and this man did not mess around. He knew what shit he wanted done and he not only did it himself, but he got major results.
Bill Hicks Alex Jones is an incredible performance artist.
>ctrl+f adam smith
>0 results
Faith in leftypol restored. Glad everyone here realizes he was pretty radical for this time.
(221.27 KB 632x939 Leo_Dawidowitsch_Trotzki.jpg)
>are there any right wingers that you respect?
(124.30 KB 750x500 Jeane-Kirkpatrick3.21.17.jpg)
(553.92 KB 1292x1800 kirkpatrick.jpg)
Trotsky was my joke answer but my serious answer is Jeane Kirkpatrick (she's the one in the middle there, like the power behind the throne). Developed the "Kirkpatrick Doctrine" during the 80s which was about supporting authoritarian regimes around the world if they obeyed Washington.

Officially the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. in those years, but really one of these institutional brainiacs who actually run the show when the Republicans put in one of their wax dummy Hollywood actors in the Oval Office to keep the rubes agitated.

Anyways, she was a total anti-communist killer and absolutely ruthless. Came up with the Contras in El Salvador who bayoneted kids and nuns. So I don't know if "respect" is the right word, although respect can come from fear.

Oswald Mosley was a joke. He never killed anybody. Jeane Kirkpatrick killed a lot of people.

The reason the Trump White House is so incompetent and got outplayed in February by Maduro is because these old-guard anti-communist killers all died or retired. John Bolton is sort of a toady who came up under these people but just isn't as good at it.

Kirkpatrick was also once a communist. As a girl she was in Young People's Socialist League from a family of Oklahoma prairie communists. So she knew the theory. That makes her scarier. Most right wing people today don't know anything about Marxism.
i know that dauvé hates trade unions
(258.75 KB 1002x784 kirkpat.jpg)
Another pic of Jeane, this one with Yaroslav Stetsko -- a Ukrainian fascist who was employed by Nazi intelligence (was actually wounded in an Allied air attack in April 1945 while fleeing through Czechoslovakia). He was one of the lucky fascists who managed to get out of dodge in 44-45 otherwise Stalin would've had him shot. Anyways, he was later recruited by the CIA along with a bunch of other exiled fascists to stand up anti-communist "Captive Nations" committees during the Cold War.

Fascists are not so scary, though. It's like they try to be frightening in appearance as a way to command respect with their uniforms and so on, but in reality they are not so scary, because they're dumbasses and couldn't find their own asses with their own two hands without people like Jeane Kirkpatrick telling them where to look -- so that's what makes her scary to me. And if you're reading this, know that she not only was better read about Marxism than you, on account of being an old-school prairie communist, she also wiped out a bunch of your predecessors, and you probably didn't even know she existed.
How does one go from a communist to a ruthless imperialist? Even if you disagree and become disillusioned from Hungary or whatever at the time, seems crazy to become a literal imperialist stooge.
Thought the same thing. But as anon painted here, she seems like the devil incarnate, too much to be called simply an imperialist stooge. Like if she had a personal vendetta against communists.
Isn't he a communist though? Also he's unironically based af and i love seeing crackers get mad over him
he’s a living meme.
>Isn't he a communist though?
He’s about as socilaist as the nazis, in name only.
>she seems like the devil incarnate
Yeah I want to make clear I don't like this person. More about respecting a rattlesnake. Chomsky called her the "chief sadist-in-residence of the Reagan Administration." She had an infamous line justifying right-wing authoritarianism in the third world because crushing poverty and inequality and "the miseries of traditional life are familiar ... as children born to untouchables in India acquire the skills and attitudes necessary for survival in the miserable roles they are designed to fill." There's also the line, "The nuns were not just nuns; the nuns were political activists."
>Like if she had a personal vendetta against communists.

She hated Central planning.
(274.21 KB 1080x622 faggot.jpg)
>*kill people*
>G E N I U S! She knew the theory, OMG DANGEROUS! I'm not totally into her though. Have I told you she would put your marx-reading to shame, anon? She probably has butchered your grandpa too.
Why are you such a faggot? Aren't you ashamed?
(58.88 KB 452x371 103.gif)
What happened to him? Is he trying to posit himself as a gop candidate for 2024 or 2028?
He did say he wanted to run for president but I'm sure nothing will come out of it.
I doubt he's a serious MAGAtard and he just likes Trump personally as a friend or because of his personality.
sage for off topic.
Interesting thinker but a bit spooky. This whole cosmic collapse of the West goes to mythic proportions, lacking proper footing in the economic base.

>respect can come from fear
I have never experienced this.

>William F Buckley Jr
Come the fuck on. At least go with someone like H. L. Mencken if you wanna go down that road.

I wish I was a young lib doing degenerate things on an island rn.

Met a succdem whom'st friend Breivik shot in the shoulder but survived. Commiepilling him was super smooth.

Finally a good answer.

>dat ban

The guy spoke like somebody that was just lobotomized recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItM7nhP1pqw

u troll dangies epig styl
Respect in what way? Ideas? Fuck no. Persistence? Maybe Putin, but he's just a strong enemy to the Russian proletariat and that's the only 'praise' he deserves.
(21.95 KB 623x349 karajan.jpg)
(132.74 KB 444x627 Márai.jpg)
(18.20 KB 630x404 wagner.jpg)
(20.12 KB 360x360 Cardinal Richelieu.jpg)
Level 80 politician.
(58.52 KB 634x423 Hitler.jpg)
(52.42 KB 1280x720 David-Myatt.jpg)
America needs another 9/11
>make america even more fascist then it already is
Please dont do this to me
(736.98 KB 1287x1689 Portrair_of_Thomas_Carlyle.jpg)
Thomas Carlyle. I won't lie.
They like the rest of the world have a september 11 every year because .. calendars
Why the fuck do you respect the king of the mayonnaise boys?
His good personality.
>people hype you up as the leader of a neo-nazi revolution
>just makes movie reviews on youtube now

honestly dicky spencer seems like he would be fun to have a beer with
yeah but only if I get to break the glass bottle on his head
(181.92 KB 1019x1524 italian bam margera.jpg)
(196.96 KB 488x664 Edmondo Rossoni.jpg)
italian fascists are pretty cool tbh

>italo balbo
>excellent aviator
>organized the fascist party super early
>said italy should invade germany when world war 2 started
>because of him saying that italy would become shoe shiners of germany if they stayed in the axis he would get killed by ""friendly fire""

>Edmondo Rossoni
>had to flee italy for being a syndicalist in 1908
>fled to america and become a member of the IWW
>went back to italy for world war 1
>advocated for unionization and the creation of a fascist syndicalist state
>constantly refereed to capitalists and middle class types as bloodsuckers
>supported strikes against the fascist state within italy
>even received praise from socialists within italy
(257.12 KB 1024x783 Oswald_Mosley_Blackshirts.jpg)
Look at these fucking edgelords.
They're so pathetic that they somehow end up looking actually cool.
>google search image
>Joker 2019
(31.24 KB 640x398 epic time.jpg)
now yuo see
I dunno my child hood friend for one. For two my work mate? Does that count? The right wingers I know personally in burgerland that I like are generally honorable people with good work ethic and prife in the work and skills and practical knowledge. On that level I respect them very much.
He is a contrarian. Marrying Kardashian probably boosted his fame(although he was already famous) but now he is living in her shadow famewise and financialwise. Gotta spark controversy to get out in front of the pack.

>say george bush hates black people.
Big time controversy ensues.
Can't say:
>donald trump hates black people!
Everyone else is already saying it 1000+ times a day.
Instead say:
>the democrats are using black people and doing nothing for them and now I am team trump.
Mass hysteria ensues.

I dunno if he realized just how controversal it was when he first did it. He even tried to back out with his "mental breakdown" but realized the libs wouldn't firgive him that easy abd he would be losing the handful of new fans he got by embracing team trump. So he's stuck on Mr. Bones wild ride now.
Would you look at that, guy to the right has piss poor posture and it looks like they could do about one pull up shared between them.

Whenever I get a look at these types of dweebs I always get the feeling that me and my "leftoid soyboy cuck" friends would absolutely dwarf them.
(254.05 KB 1500x1000 zappa-1228-1500x1000_copy.jpg)
I like Libertarian Mustache Musician man
(80.21 KB 500x500 cover.jpg)
Same. He's cool.
My dad
(81.96 KB 980x653 Frank-Zappa.jpg)
Zappa was an amazing visionary musician, despite being a lolbert/self described conservative.

Gavrilo Princip
99.9% of right-wingers are notorious liars as well as dishonest, pretentious, stupid bigots and opportunist cowards.
There are few exceptions though who do deserve respect and or admiration regardless of their political affiliation. Top of my list are Otto v. Bismarck, Carl Schmitt, Charles de Gaulle, Wladimir Putin.
On a lower scale: Varg Vikernes, to a certain degree. Although he's not overly bright (yet still over 9000 times more intelligent than Molymeme and Sargon) and apparently still lying with regard to Euronymous' murder, Varg is not an opportunist, makes great music and comes up now and then with an interesting or at least entertaining thought.
(6.77 KB 170x200 ms.gif)
(147.71 KB 474x600 marinetti.jpg)
stop eating pasta

not sure if he's actually right wing, left wing or whatever the fuck national syndicalism is
Isn’t Varg sorta Anprim now?
Stop defending him. I absolutely loath Kanye apologists. Do you also remember him saying “slavery was a choice?” That is beyond edgy and goes into bootlicking territory
>"When you hear about slavery for 400 years ... For 400 years? That sounds like a choice."
>"You were there for 400 years and it's all of y'all. It's like we're mentally imprisoned."

It's not bootlicking. It's just that people are dumb and think JUST SLAVE REVOLT BRO JUST KILL THE SLAVE OWNERS BRO will work. I don't know why you're surprised that people can't fully comprehend the conditions of slavery if they were never a slave.
Definitely rightwinger, got fucked over by fascism when Mussolini decided to larp as a Roman.
Gunning himself down
As far I'm aware Marinetti wasn't exactly a National Syndicalist
>It's not bootlicking.
Yes it is.
> It's just that people are dumb
So Kanye is a braindead retard? That is your defense for this attention whore?
(215.03 KB 886x1200 nickland.jpg)
Kita Ikki was one of the few that actually made sense
Probably why he was killed off by the Japanese Empire


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