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Cursed takes Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 01:22:35 No. 92544
Is this the most nuclear liberal take ever?
(67.62 KB 750x638 IMG_20170506_053835.jpg)
(84.93 KB 1080x766 IMG_20170808_164946.jpg)
I've seen this argument made for all sorts of shit, weirdly enough. "I'll participate in the bad shit and do so willingly, but I'll tell myself that I'm doing a service because otherwise it would be someone else and it makes a difference that the person doing it has good intent."

Truly bizarre.
postan a classic
i think this is the porky in the /crisis/ thread
> I'll participate in the bad shit and do so willingly, but I'll tell myself that I'm doing a service because otherwise it would be someone else
I shit you not, many military leaders think that way.
(483.45 KB 1519x2000 capitalism be evil.jpg)
I usually believe in rehabilitation rather than porky murder but in his case I make an exception (I doubt he actually believes that shit deep down though)
Here's my friend Melinda Gates to tell you about inequality.
>*puts gun in your mouth*
>"I'm sorry, where is the coercion"
(336.01 KB 564x555 high octane ideology.png)
(95.71 KB 1125x680 Trickle Down Economics.jpg)
>socdems supporting class collaboration
You'd think they'd've learned their lesson by now after almost 100 years of Capitalism dismantling their precious welfare states.
(182.45 KB 1124x1986 poor ISIS fighters.jpg)
If only we could strike a deal with Assad to throw these liberals into prisons alongside the ISIS fighters.
>"Accountable Capitalism"
<The system in which all outcomes are correct
What does she even intend to do with that act?
>What does she even intend to do with that act?
win votes
Other porkies wear a mark of humanism, but what they really think is very akin to that shark tank porky.
Almost like welfare has very little to do with empowering poor people but makeing sure things are okay enough for the working class to not challenge the system, and they constantly try to repeal welfare to see just how far they can get
We call em social fascist for a reason
The goal of social-democrats was never to help workers, but to drag out capitalism for as long as possible.
(68.58 KB 400x400 1416361096308.jpg)
Am I reading liberals defending ISIS?
Yes. That's hand-wringing about ISIS fighters and civilians captured by the Kurds.
>ethical consumption of military equipment
yeah, they call that "humanitarian intervention", isn't that nice? if you put a black president in to oversee the products use and the more humanitarian the drone strikes, with diverse and ethically produced rockets, will be
that's how imperialism works, dummy
Hey now, those drone strikes are humanitarian as fuck. Now instead of killing someone and leaving their family and community to grieve, you can wipe out an entire neighborhood and put them all out of their misery!
I actually read it the first time and it translated as "oh no, they're gonna use ISIS fighters to destroy Turkey" or something.
his implication is that because turkey was (allegedly) helping ISIS, they will release the prisoners to do some other nefarious stuff
meant syria, although there are similar conspiracy theories with turkey too.
this is your brain on idealism
(244.57 KB 635x722 kangs.png)
At what point was Syria considered to be helping ISIS? Both Turkey and Israel have been confirmed to be helping ISIS.
No no. I'm pretty sure what he meant was that Assad would execute all the ISIS captives (based on 'for those familiar with history')
Of course. Absolutely based.
Why can't liberals ever be funny at least?
Couldn't get past 1:36. Just awful.
>hi, I've brought one of the richest people in the world to tell you how inequality against women is terrible!
Their claim how women are only 25% of the US congress but make up 50% of the population implies that every man/woman thinks the same and that every man/woman always votes in their own gender's interest, rather than according to their ideology/party/beliefs. Which is only the case when it comes to women's issues, like abortion rights.
>pic (and pdf) related
I'd rather watch the guy take the bus to work with other proles.
Isn't this a joke
Scott ((((((((Cohen))))))))

That image is cursed.
source on the book? seems like a fun read
The idea that Egyptians used to be black is one of the least improbable of these ideas.

I don't know the source, but that pic is saying "I'm going to muddy the waters as much as possible and tell people muddy waters mean you can never do anything."
America has really gpne downhill. The class antagonism is worse than ever, so bad that buffons like him get to spout shit like that in public. It's like watching the fall of Rome. Beautiful
I can't wait for Chipman to meet the guillotine
Jesternation. le *honka honk* meem here
(403.84 KB 650x1976 life_is_easy,_you_just_suck.jpg)
(56.33 KB 476x416 SJW Sturmtruppen.jpg)
Honestly nothing wrong with that post. It's a simple statement of fact that the "golden age of capitalism" in the 1940s-1970s was an era characterized by both greater economic performance for business, and greater power for organized labor. The neolib/neocon era has been characterized by porkies taking a larger slice of a slower growing pie.

>2nd pic
I honestly can't tell if that's mutated MTW or mutated lolbert
>It's a simple statement of fact that the "golden age of capitalism" in the 1940s-1970s was an era characterized by both greater economic performance for business, and greater power for organized labor.
More like 50s and 60s, cause 70s brought us the OPEC-engineered oil crisis. The only reason 50s and 60s were the 'golden age' is because Europe was devastated (along with Japan and other countries).
Precise cutoff would be 1948-1973
>Europe was devastated (along with Japan and other countries).
Burgerland itself being isolated from WWII was certainly a boon for it, but even across the rest of the future OECD wracked by sporadic peacetime famines prewar, unprecedented gains were made to both economic growth and proletarian prosperity, under a massive wave of legal reforms and unprecedented power for labor unions. Similarly, in the 1970s imposition of neoliberalism/neoconservatism, while the more classcucked USA was hit hardest by deregulation/open borders/austerity, Europe too was devastated by resultant deindustrialization and poverty.
(294.11 KB 686x393 cdc.png)
Literally anything on this Twitter account could qualify for the most nuclear liberal take.
(922.76 KB 400x400 tfw no face.gif)
>defend turkey's self-determination in syria from kurdish syrians' imperialism
>110% unironic
Yeah, that one might just win the thread.

>shot in the back over a box of chicken
I'm torn between this being CIA or a real schizo
(397.91 KB 551x600 smugaf.jpg)
>1st pic
Aaaah this explains it, Capitalism only sucks because it's not real Capitalism, real Capitalism haven't been tried before i guess
The mental gymnastics of the average, brainwashed American.
>bad shit happens in capitalism
>that's not real capitalism
>it's crony capitalism/corporatism
>and that's just like communism
<bad shit happening in capitalism is actually communism
I think "real capitalism" is more like the garden of Eden.
It existed at some vague point in the past, but now we've fallen from grace, and to get back to that ideal state we need to capitalism harder.

>This is what burgers actually believe!
(19.92 KB 597x431 super capitalism.png)
We know what's needed.
Oh God he's at it again.
Thanks, now I'm angry.
thanks, I hate it
(96.17 KB 1223x664 just kill me.png)
Don't read it.
You'll regret it
>Crony communism
I'm out
(157.25 KB 1080x891 Screenshot_20191018_155025.jpg)
Our anti idpol shilling is working guys
>Also Twitter for iPhone
Give me the video name
(45.90 KB 591x321 IMG_20190820_101809.jpg)
she is absolutely braindead

You can find that conversation under this comment.
>My gosh this stock market is the biggest bs of my life time, I'm so sick of it. When will we young people get a chance to jump in to a clean economy for goodness sakes
You need to switch to clean coal before you get a clean economy, obviously.
>e-celebs are totally not grifters you guys
Great to see that the woke left is slowly forgetting that the purpose of an insult is to insult you
America needs to be nuked, fuck it, there is no value to be found here
America needs to be nuked, fuck it, there is no value to be found here
America needs to be nuked, fuck it, there is no value to be found here
God fucking dammit, fucking glitch
One nuke isn't enough?
One nuke is never enough 😎
It’s ok anon. Nobody would mind nuking America 3 times.
(30.03 KB 619x215 BRG_got_owned.JPG)
(52.56 KB 625x440 brg_retard.JPG)
(33.33 KB 625x346 brgkolfs.JPG)
Posting great New Afrikan genius also here
(41.44 KB 495x280 2346433.png)
(56.37 KB 497x340 983247.png)
(42.81 KB 497x259 342342.png)
Name one way in which he is wrong.
(17.95 KB 236x236 k.jpg)
Well, is the criticism of "intersectionality" here that it's a liberal attempt at crafting a sort of vulgar idealist version of dialectics to cover the gaping holes in your typical idealist analysis and provide an alternative to materialism as a part of the Western left's postmodern shift to the right.

Or is it "I don't care about women and black people lmao"
The problem is that they talk big game for people representing a community that is, at the present, almost nothing but status-quo humping liberals and conservatives that vote Democrat.

That's always the weak point of black nationalist "Maoism". They have to construct their own little world where the 70s never ended and every black person was in the Black Panthers and every Latino was in the Young Lords.
No its mostly about how surplus value is arranged among people and how we should give some to the most vulnerable out of charity. Even tho that surplus value shouldn't exist in the first place
>Name one way in which he is wrong

Litterally everything he wrote. From "it was white nationalism which caused Sino-soviet split" to "Fred Hampton threw Weathermen downstairs cuz they were muh colonizers"
Black Red Guard sucks, watch TheBlackInternationalist instead.
This guy is a blatant racist
When you are a woke nazi.
(198.95 KB 640x570 ec89ed6.png)
>is this the most cursed take?

Hold my bear.
(35.73 KB 850x400 Orwell on speech.jpeg)
What's the problem?
You spelt beer wrong, but yeah that's a pretty cancerous take.
(37.94 KB 543x525 defending scoundrels.jpg)
>boondocks avatar
>badmouths working with wypipo
>thoughtlessly rattles off names of fred hampton and john brown
There is no gulag cold enough

This. The heavyhanded policies of the government against both Nazis and Sparts were a key part of the Wiemar government's own demise.
>How hard is it not to say nigger? That's all we want!
Do you not understand the point of public discourse isn't to change the nazis but to influence the opinions of the onlookers? Hitler was only as successful as he was because he and his party were able to control the public discourse and enough people looked the other way, you walking moral hazard.
(58.11 KB 430x413 dr6ztgu.jpeg)
>Hold my bear.
(113.38 KB 764x796 crack open a bear.png)
>We long for the day when we can haul you before a people's court and chop off your head. Our sweetest dreams are your mansions and subdivisions on fire with your entire family trapped inside

To be honest, this describes my feelings pretty well.
I mean, BRG is a narcissistic moron, but it's disingenuous to act like that kind of rhetoric is out of place on the left.
>We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we will not make excuses for the terror. -Marx
>they excluded colonizers for a reason
I'm not a mind reader, or like even especially knowledgable on the panthers, but it was probably because of a difference in material conditions meaning the struggle would need slightly different tactics
There was a White Panthers they were cool with
The degree of LARP-y rhetoric superimposed over such utterly milquetoast ambitions doubly damn them
I agree.
>We long for the day when we can haul you before a people's court and chop off your head. Our sweetest dreams are your mansions and subdivisions on fire with your entire family trapped inside
This is good shit though? Like, this angry is totally understandable because this is literally a daily U.S. foreign policy occurrence, but with drones and troops - we just call it collateral damage
and also the Young patriots who litterally used the Confederate flag. So BPP did collaborate with "muh colonizers", lol
As a Burgerstani, this.
Kill me.
Please Xi
(46.49 KB 593x547 77231fd.jpg)
Cool Cat is a libertarian.
Very surprising for an anti-bully businessman to be upset about the prospect of the workers bullying him into giving them the means of production.
what is this autism?
Holy fucking shit that's delusion
(286.46 KB 983x773 DaddyDerek.jpg)
(599.74 KB 1920x1080 Rjricbeishf.jpg)
Damn Daddy Derek looking fine as hell. No wonder he was able to pick up this kitty.
(3.54 KB 531x26 CursedTake.PNG)
Found this in the wild:
Our favourite interspecies couple :3
>slaves uniting to bully the bullies into getting rid of the slave collars
Though in reality, most unions now just want the inside to be lined with cushions

>implying krushnev's white
he was too much of a nationalist tho
This guy ain't confirmed racist.
"colonizer" means "capitalist" more than it means "white" in his words.
He seems pretty open about radical white people to be able to join.
His words are very exact. He's one of the smart ones.
He also doesn't suggest all black people to be part of his in-group.
And the only "racist" part is his speculation about an all-black group. We can still interpret it as culturally black (e.g. Obama is not black, as he grew up with "white" finances and schools)
Maybe /leftypols/ purpose is to balance this faggotry. Only good communist is one with military training and lots of kills. Anyone one talking shit in social media is useless.
>This guy ain't confirmed racist.
He thinks white people shouldn't be allowed in leadership positions in mixed-race groups because whites should be assumed to be racist.

>His words are very exact. He's one of the smart ones.
Hello Black Red Guard.

Why balance with something bad?
>Only good communist is one with military training and lots of kills.
How many people did Marx kill?
>white people can't be boss
He must be saying that in a different twitter post then.
He uses words like "probably", "most of the time", which is more uncertainty in his own words than most others.
He also actively clarifies his statements, keeps giving context.
(like his grandma rape thing in #1, all the nazi examples and imagery in #2, or his lib/con addendum in #3)
All I'm saying is, this guy knows language.

You're talking shit about other commies on social media.
Fuck off glowie. Larping as leftcoms didn’t work so you try this? Pathetic.
>He must be saying that in a different twitter post then.
One of the more recent videos, IIRC it was about white terrorism.
(123.28 KB 658x507 NPC FBI.png)
I really, really like these edits
>How many people did Marx kill?
300 million
A classic
This fucker gets the wall
(149.13 KB 616x576 2smart4interviews.png)
lmao dis nigga dumb
>"it was white nationalism which caused Sino-soviet split"

That would've awesome.
(149.70 KB 501x391 5234t55.png)
(73.85 KB 493x427 43253.png)
He really is a mixed bag.
(72.78 KB 499x453 329842.png)
Not completely.
You misspelled gorillion.
>y'all muthafuckin' wy crackas we gonna chop yo ass off
>oh sheeit 95% of us dead
very clever indeed
(3.46 MB 2592x1944 004.jpg)
>hurr white people
Racist leftists are complete scum.

>The Greensboro massacre is the term for an event which took place on November 3, 1979, when members of the Communist Workers' Party and others demonstrated in a "Death to the Klan" march in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. The CWP, which advocated that Klan members should be "physically beaten and chased out of town", exchanged gunfire with members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party.[1] The CWP and supporters had handguns (unknown how many--estimates range from one to three) while KKK and Nazi Party members are visible on news footage from the event getting rifles from a car trunk and opening fire on CWP members.[2] Four members of the Communist Workers' Party and one other individual were killed, and eleven other demonstrators and a Klansman were wounded. The CWP supported workers' rights activism among mostly black textile industrial workers in the area.[3][4]

"they thought the klan was just going to chant racial slurs." What a piece of shit. These people were out there doing the hard work organizing the working class, especially black people doing mill work, and actively struggled with violent klansmen, nazis, and cops for years. That racist piece of shit should shut his fucking cock socket.
Blaming those victims puts him in the same category as the edgy right wingers who say "Heather Heyer died of a heart attack because she was a fat bitch."
(451.83 KB 1052x800 the_new_communists.png)
oh no
no ho
on ho
who are these people?
I'm pretty sure that the guy with the big schnoz is W. Bush
Fuck me, I think it's (left to right) Rudy Giuliani, Ben Bernanke, and George W Bush.
wow the whole 'super capitalism' is going to be the only way to go huh?
I don't know. I think the whole "we don't have capitalism, we have capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich" might get some traction, but it runs the risk of sounding like a defense of capitalism. If combined with an argument about global capitalism trending toward massive economic planning/coordination laying the groundwork for socialism it might work better.

Or we could just ignore the stupid people who post nuclear takes like "Bush is a gommie."
Better yet, don't try to fool people.

Just keep repeating the truth until bullshit like this seems as absurd to everyday people as it does to us.
Bloodthirsty cringelord
He has elements of class thought but he has been turned into a racist by american liberal idpol
I would like to try convince him to shed his spooks but unfortunately I can't afford the $100 consultancy fee every time
>still thinking people such as him have class consciousness tainted by racism
>not exactly the opposite, their being racists with the minimal trappings of class consciousness rubbed off on them from antiracism's socialist history
Damn, RationalWiki back at it with this one.

>AlterNet used to host the Grayzone Project, a space for the Kremlin-linked Assadist Max Blumenthal and his protege Ben Norton to express their admiration for the lion of Damascus, and attack any perceived opponents of the Syrian regime by branding them radical Islamists. Such opponents included the White Helmets[10], Syrian children who suffered gas attacks and were accused of faking it and of course any Western journalists that dared say that maybe chemical attacks on Syria’s own people aren’t super great for the image of anti-Imperialism which they purported to represent. Much of the claims published by these characters were subsequently disproven by the UN. Fortunately, around February 2018, AlterNet finally pulled the plug on the Grayzone project.[11] Good riddance.
Sounds like an Encyclopedia Dramatica page.
(248.44 KB 1080x1114 Screenshot_20191021_085829.jpg)
>fat liberationist
Why are rich white women this cringe?
Fat people are actually less likely to receive proper medical care though. "You're fat, that's why you're sick" is true but it doesn't address the sickness that they now have. There are a lot of problems with healthcare, and finding excuses not to treat people is one of them.
Not like colored women are any better tho
They could, just y'know; lose weight?
>t. Fat amerimutt
And yet it's completely fucking serious.
(504.39 KB 1005x1486 Screenshot_20191021_160240.jpg)
Is he cryptofash?
>capitalism is just the exchange of labor for money which you can exchange for goods and services
When will this meme end? What the fuck, Feudalism is Capitalism now? Monarchism is Capitalism? Slave economies were actually Capitalist? Fuck this "Capitalism is just trade" meme, it's disingenuous.
(109.94 KB 730x960 honwave.jpg)
>capitalism is exchange
>capitalism is markets
>capitalism is money
>capitalism is contracts
>capitalism is laws
>barter has ever been anthropologically valid as a historical stage of economic development
(142.86 KB 1080x474 Screenshot_20191021_165203.jpg)
I have more
who is this?
Some fag on 4chan
Good point
(133.22 KB 1070x855 adgrjn.png)
I actually found it.

This sequence of events right here was just too much.

There are people that are psychologically incapable of putting one and one together to get two.
What sub? I'm guessing r/neoliberal.
>if I redefine capitalism to refer to something no socialist opposes or disagrees with that means they admit capitalism is correct
The worst part about this line of argument is that it dates back a very long time.
If it were that simple, obesity wouldn't be a pandemic. Losing weight requires willpower that most fat Americans spend trying to get through a 40+ hour workweek at a soulcrushing job, healthy food they don't have the money to buy or the time to prepare, and proper excercise regimens they often get discouraged from by all of the above reasons.

Much like with class divides in market societies, health is a probability game. If you set enough random variables in place, the outcomes for most people will settle along predictable lines, and edge cases of fat, depressed workers finding the time, resources and motivation to get fit will always be edge cases under late stage capitalism.
(122.04 KB 1024x442 1571957435628m.jpg)
(101.30 KB 710x502 1571957464364.jpg)
Here is some cringe im found on /pol/ enjoy.
>If it were that simple, obesity wouldn't be a pandemic
>If you set enough random variables
The problem is purely cultural. People were poorer, had office jobs, and had ample access to excess calories a century ago, yet obesity was never such a terrible problem until well into the 1970s.
>healthy food
That's not a factor for weight though poor nutrition certainly causes other problems. Even the worst foods, eaten in moderation, can't produce obesity.
Why would they quote bakunin of all people, what is /pol/ retarded enough to think bakunin is there guy?
There is a popular post on the subreddit denying the famine in Yemen caused by the Saudi blockade
I might agree for certain industries/sectors but obviously not for weapons development.
No person with a moral compass thinks
>hmm yes I think I will go build bombs to kill foreigners so porky can extract resources and advance their geopolitical goals
Maybe I'm just indoctrinated by memes but I really think Kevin O'Leary is playing up his persona, for shit like Shark Tank.
Never underestimate the retardation of /pol/acks
>easy money for research with other applications
>making war quick and decisive to reduce prolonged conflict
>making weapons more precise or less lethal to reduce "accidental" bystander deaths
>unironic "protect muh troops"
>unironic idealism about surface-level justifications for war (seriously, the people shot at openly by NATO soldiers since like... Vietnam, have virtually without exception been subhuman garbage fundies and warlords) owing to incomprehension of geopolitics
What the flying fuck am I watching.
Okay tankies you win. I am on board with sending people to the gulags now.
How can people this delusional exist.
How can people this delusional exist.
Wait, r/neoliberal isn't complete irony?
The industrial bourgeoisie and plantation slaveowners working together in order to keep a left-accelerationist in power so he can dismantle USA establishment imperialism? Based.
No, they're serious. They genuinely believe all the shit they say there unironically .
how can we possibly win when this is the public we are working with
Posting also here the adventures of Black red guard in wild St. Louis
>more burger Maoist and decolonialist shit flinging
Idpol, not even once.
>white savior charity

I know it's not in colour, but I do not think that man is white
fucking check'd
(248.42 KB 1080x412 f4f2a74.png)
Replace the word with another word,now the meaning is bad.

Im very smart.
Replace "bad" with "good" and suddenly i'm the good guy.
Boomer around! Don't let 'em spew on ya!
Hello fellow chapo redditor! epic maymay if i do say so myself!
heres my totally original contribution:

Replace "Big Bad" with "proof of a Zionist conspiracy."

I just outed you, Nazi.
Can i get a link to the boomer post rather than the chapo page?
its a link to the picture posted in >>114904. chapo doesn't have cooties, you don't have to be afraid to click it.
>heavyhanded policies on the Nazis
>Hitler got a fucking slap on the wrist for the beer hall putsch
What universe do you live in?
pleb. I'm a fat nationalist. I advocate a separate nation for fat people.
Read Zizek, the mask is the true face. And if good capitalists get a good bullet and a good plot, what do the really bad ones get?
Fuck Zizke and his double speak.
t. brainlet
t sophist
socialism is cancelled, marx forgot to mention the porn industry
Why didn't marx know anything about women selling themselves for money lmao marx btfo
if socialism happens people will have to go out and have sex and record it without making any money, think about how tragic this will be
this is why we need gulags
(1.23 MB 1180x1065 glass of bottle.png)
She isn't even fuckable, why are incels so guilible when it comes to giving money to online attention whores ?
Paypigs have no standards. It's the same thing with gamers too.
(439.54 KB 620x620 husky wars.png)
>but I need to eat and pay rent now

I mean... is she wrong?

Unless you're gonna replace her income from sex work what right do you have to tell her to stop?
Paying for food and rent will be abolished under socialism tho
I'm generally in favor of sex work but a lot of sex workers are just grifters looking for attention. Also I'd argue that sex work is way different from selling nudes on a premium snapchat. E-thots figured out a way to pull a bread tube so they can e-beg for patreon buck$.
I say legalize brothels and provide sex workers with free medical care and STD testing. That'll solve the attention where problem. The European model for sex work is pretty optimal for sexual liberation and reducing the exploitive aspects of sex work.
inb4 I get dogpiled for this
As she just said, we don't live under socialism
Aren't sex workers lumpenproles anyway ? They don't deserve decency, they aren't human beings.
What is the difference between working in a brothel and selling nudes, other than that the latter is more efficient for the worker?

It seems to me like people just oppose e-thots because they're jealous
(362.77 KB 2448x3264 for hang yourself.jpg)
They provide more social utility than you my man
(213.59 KB 512x512 postal dude.png)
>i need to pay rent
>asking 1k for a new phone
>asking 350 for makeup
>200 for perfume
>75 for dinner
(70.31 KB 750x396 poor households comp.jpg)
>stop spending your money in ways i don't like poorfags!

horseshoe theory confirmed
paying anything more than $500 for a phone is bourgeois
>seems to me like people just oppose e-thots because they're jealous
That's another part of it. It's still labor just not the same type of labor. The main thing for me is that a woman/man doing sex work IRL is taking more of a risk with their body and health. Therefore, it is more important to compensate them for more arduous work. This is just my opinion though. I get that the left is pretty split on the sex work question. What it will look like post-revolution is beyond me.
(30.94 KB 356x486 1568693204419.jpg)
You can't complain about privilege while being an e-celeb with finsub paypigs.
I agree that post revolution it's a bit more of an ambiguous issue but not decriminalising it in capitalism is obviously wrong

Literally this just comes off as jealousy. I think it's pathetic to pay an e-thot too but that doesn't mean it should be illegal
"Incel aristocracy". What are these celebrity e-thots even giving in return for money again?
Photos, videos, interactions, bathwater, etc. As I said, it's not something I would pay for, but if someone has a specific fetish and money to spare to get someone to perform it, that's their choice. Same as if someone can't be bothered with real woman and wants to pay someone to coddle and talk to them.

I mean, I personally prefer furry art, should it be illegal to pay someone to draw art of your preferred fetish/characters? That's kinda sex work too.
she's not gonna fuck you anon
It is extremely depressing to live in a society where sex and intimacy is commodified.
(65.66 KB 362x500 Consider the Following.png)
Mate, I don't even really like girls, I prefer femboys (and no, I don't have to pay them either) but that doesn't change the underlying moral issue. I'm defending sex workers out of actual moral conviction not because I need them to exist to get laid.

I agree, in an ideal world we wouldn't need sex work (or any kind of wage labour), but the societal changes needed to reduce the demand for it aren't the same as just banning it.
(151.42 KB 967x658 Screenshot_20191107_192124.jpg)
Are liberals just woke nazis?
(77.17 KB 562x605 DwqQLBCWoAQrZOG.jpg)
>letting women have abortions is morally equivalent to mechanised genocide
It doesn't help that many abortion clinics happen to be situated near black neighborhoods.
Liberals are just reactionaries who are smarter about policy implementation and phrasing. As long as you can cloak your bigotry behind the veneer of societal wellbeing you are a oh kayyy
Sex workers are lumpenproles praying on the alienation and loneliness of men. It's a moral imperative to be against them, not for them.
Sex workers are lumpenproles praying on the alienation and loneliness of men. It's a moral imperative to be against them, not for them.
Lonely guys still wanna get their dick wet if sex workers are criminalised, the solution is to eradicate loneliness as much as possible, not sex workers.
>Lonely guys still wanna get their dick wet if sex workers are criminalised,
This is misandrist feminist pap. Men aren't animals that only want sex. Men want sexual intimacy, something a woman metering her vagina cannot provide.
>the solution is to eradicate loneliness as much as possible, not sex workers.
Sex workers eradicate loneliness about as much as big pharma pushing opioids eradicates pain.
This "jealousy" is a classic anticommunist argument. just because someobdy receives something does not mean they deserve it. They get money from picture/video through enforcing intellectual property rights on digital data that costs practically nothing to reproduce.
(546.07 KB 979x832 1490295763528.jpg)
>This is misandrist feminist pap. Men aren't animals that only want sex. Men want sexual intimacy, something a woman metering her vagina cannot provide.

LMAO. What is this shit. If (at least some) men didn't want to pay for contextless sex, we wouldn't have prostitution. It's not like prostitutes create that demand themselves.

>Sex workers eradicate loneliness about as much as big pharma pushing opioids eradicates pain.

The solution to the opioid crisis isn't to ban pain meds either.

Brainlet radicals with no life experience respond to everything they don't like by wanting to ban it
They are the creators of the images/works, once again, saying that 'oh well the exchange of money is unjust in itself' isn't an argument against supporting sex workers IN CAPITALISM
Stop conflating prostitutes with e-celebs who happen to show some skin who are just parasites. I support the former for providing a useful service but the latter as much as I support breadtube burn them
There's no difference morally or logically, prostitutes are more equivalent to craftsmen who create works continually to sell, e-thots are more akin to artists who want to create artworks to sell copies of, but they're both fundamentally labourers.

Do I look down on people who empty their wallets for some girl online who will give them a bit of attention? Yeah, basically, but they are paying for something they think is valuable that they can't get any other way.

E-thots only use their own labour so they're not parasites in the sense of the bourgeois.
Under capitalism sex work is work because capitalism is exploitative. socialism doesn't allow for exploitation. There's no such thing as sex work under socialism because it would mean coercing people into sex. No one is going to withhold access to the social product unless you fuck, that's obscene. An hour of sex isn't the same as an hour of labor.
No hookers are just workers like therapists or teachers so maybe "unproductive" in some sense but so are most in the first world.

Selling copies is as bouergois as it gets because they only worked to create one copy but sell it multiple times through state enforced property rights. What makes someone a parasite is extracting more labour out of society than they put in, which the likes of belle delphine defeinitely quualify for.
(113.45 KB 700x700 abortion genocide.jpg)
Anon, you've seen nothing.
>What makes someone a parasite is extracting more labour out of society than they put in

That's not what Marxism is for fuck sake

By this definition disabled people are parasites too
Then you may not coerce anyone to labour either. It's forcing them to something against their will and denying them their bodily autonomy. there are plenty of jobs that are worse than prostitution and I don't see you pearl clutching about them.
Getting rid of it would be a pretty effective way to grow the population.
Which is bad
Technically yes but there is a difference between someone having basic necessities and getting tensof thousands of dolars per month
Not really, but thanks to the population boom in the third world I don't have to once we achieve world socialism
It was over for socialism in 1989. Something like technochratic feudalism is where we are going.
(54.00 KB 854x1286 Sexual exploitation.png)
>Then you may not coerce anyone to labour either
Whores aren't necessary for civilization to function. Jesus, why not pay the Johns for having fucking them?
In which case, abortion is still good because it means less disposable worker drones for corporate hyperfascism
Holy fuck this line of argument is dumb, it takes less effort to be a tennis coach than someone being coached, there's a reason the coach is the one getting paid though - because they're providing a service to the other person
(114.19 KB 600x467 productivity-chart.png)
We can already do that without assistance, thanks to the skyrocketing productivity of 1st-world labor.
Most things aren't but there is still demandfor them and need for sex and intimacy is a pretty basic one.
Genocide is good for that too.
But unlike genocide, abortion is voluntary
>it takes less effort to be a tennis coach than someone being coached
Prostitutes aren't sex educators, being banged takes exactly the same amount of effort as banging.
For the one committting it, both are.
Yeah - but the John has to pay because he's the one who wants to fuck.

Literally you are just jealous you can't get women to pay to fuck you. Stop taking it out on sex workers and go lift or something.
Abortion is good because forcing someone to go through pregnancy against their will is cruel.
But there is much more demand for females than there is for males.
Fetuses aren't meaningfully alive in an independent way until the 3rd trimester, next
No one forced you to be creampied, it was your choice and gettig aborted is pretty cruel too.
Shocking twist - sex worker hater exposed as woman-hater
I have yet to hear from somebody being upset about being aborted.
They aren't meaningfully alive because they are an inconvenience so they are designated as such.
>because it is my private property i can do what i want with it
Eugenic question: Is allowing people who become pregnant incidentally to reproduce healthy for the species, or society?
Do you cry for the cum you spray into a sock too?
>there are plenty of jobs that are worse than prostitution and I don't see you pearl clutching about them.
Society needs underwater welders, it doesn't need sex.
I'm defending prostitution retard. You yourself say sex is a privilige and not a right so society should not have to provide the cost for the privilige you enjoy.
I have yet to hear from somebody being upset about being killed.
Depends if you need more people or less. USSR needed more manpower to defeat the fascists.
People should have some degree of agency over their own bodies. Otherwise we could just legalize rape and be done with it.
(54.04 KB 374x480 pussy on a pedestal.jpg)
So this should justify forking out labor vouchers for the privilege of having a cunt and a heartbeat?
Okay, then nobody should have sex, since it's not a need rightß
(128.03 KB 417x417 alunya sweat.png)
>society doesn't need sex

Is this the final boss of incels?
And if you create another human they it concerns society and our protections are extended to them and not your private property.
Don't fuck a prositute if you don't want to, problem solved.

Oh wait, you do desperately want to fuck them, you just think it's unfair you should have to pay, lul.
(305.21 KB 630x663 the only use they ever had.png)
(224.66 KB 639x960 0G79cXyybGY.jpg)
who said anything about rape?
No but they still have something men want and they will try to make a deal one way or another.
But as long as the fetus resides in a body the owner of that body gets to have a say over that body.
Will incels shut the fuck up if they get state mandated sex dolls?
No your personal convenience does not overule the right of the unprotected unborn. You have a right to not have sex and avoid this situation.
(253.65 KB 1281x440 SciencePopulationWorld.png)
I think we're well pas any practical need for that in the foreseeable future
Depends on how realistic she is
TBH I'm not sure I can abide that argument, but I agree that when the fetus has no individual consciousness above a bacterium it's fine
I agree we need population control but free abortion is not nearly enough because humans will just expand until they reach capacity and there is tons of needless suffering.
what is this retarded reading comprehension? Incels are the ones that see sex to be labor so they demand an hour of sex for an hour of work. If you think sex counts as labor then there's no reason why friendship shouldn't be labor either, after all some people are in more demand than others so fuck it, I was someone's friend for an hour, let me get an hour of food. Its fucking stupid.
Honestly I wonder what stopped it in the west. People say money but those in the thirld world are much poorer and have plenty.
(339.63 KB 4201x2034 Fertility 1970-2030.png)
(144.05 KB 829x614 Population growth rates.png)
All that's needed is for the 3rd-world to become less of a backward oppressed shithole, such prosperity would rapidly bring their fertility in check.
>friendship shouldn't be labor either
It's called therapy
(175.77 KB 1024x628 demographic transition model.png)
If you can actually get someone to pay you for being their friend, then good for you.
this disscussion needs to be taken to the IDPOL gulag
Why can't you abide that argument?
If an evil madman surgically attached me to someone else I'm not sure I would agree they had the right to terminate my life, or vice versa, especially if it was only temporary. I have more rights than a fetus because I have more self-awareness/intelligence, and so does a late-stage babby in utero.
eThots are basically the female mirror image of InCels, except society is fully on the side of their specious arguments of entitlement.

LOL, this reminds me of the newest feminazi maymay: "unpaid emotional labor":
No it isn't.

we're not talking about pay, we're talking about socialism. pay is under capitalism, where everything gets commodified. if you don't think thats a bad thing, use the ancap flag
>the retarded have less rights than neuroniggers
hello eugenicist
>society is fully on the side of their specious arguments of entitlement.

What do you think gives rights then? IMO any standard other than sapience is incoherent.

I think we should protect mentally disabled people but I also think we should protect animals so it makes no difference
So I can just not work then since that isn't paid anayway? You won't coerce me, right?
It is unfair that some have to pay for what others get for free.
>having a mental illness makes you an animal
holy shit
It all depends on how you define personhood I guess.
>What do you think gives rights then? IMO any standard other than sapience is incoherent.
'Tards have rights because there is no hard-and-fast categorization objective enough to prevent sapient people from being stripped of their rights.

Similarly, infants have right because they can become sapient.

Animals can not have rights, because they are not sapient, can not become sapient, and can unambiguously be distinguished from people.
Human supremacy is the correct ideology.
(24.72 KB 480x539 equality.jpg)
No it isn't, it's just fucking life.

Or, actually, to rephrase that, yes, it is unfair that you can't have sex whenever you want to like some super sexy woman, but there's nothing that can be done about that without legalising rape which is a much greater injustice.

Socialism is about economic and (as much as possible) social equality, but it's not literally Harrison Bergeron where all human beings are made the same.
Somehow this thread is worse than the idpolincel thread
There should be a tax on the attractive and a subsidy for the unattractive.
This thread is the incel thread now.
(1.11 MB 260x173 cant deal with it.gif)
There's some mentally disabled people that are dumber than some animals, all I'm saying

That seems totally arbitrary, you're basically just giving out rights because it feels right to give other person-shaped things rights.

Respectfully disagree, saged, downvoted, etc
To get back to the shitlib eThot hottake that launched this derail, what WOULD prostitutes be under socialism? State-mandated GFs?
Exactly. The reason you need a voucher to get access to the social product is because without doing the work, there would be no social product for anyone to have, its to make sure there is food there for you to have. You aren't paid under socialism, you don't produce for exchange, you produce for the need of all. For society to tell you "in order to get food you have to have sex" is obscene in a way that "in order to keep having food, we're gonna need you to go out and hunt/we're gonna need you to out and weld underwater" is not
We give other humans right because it is a big NAP of sorts, but we don't need to extend that to animals because they are not a threat/would not adhere to it anyway.
Possibly nymphos and other whores (said in a nice way) by nature would receive a regular wage for working shifts at public fuckotoriums
>That seems totally arbitrary, you're basically just giving out rights because it feels right to give other person-shaped things rights.
Not person-shaped, person-equivalent.

If we ran into spehss aliumz that were sapient, they would also deserve rights.

To take it back to Marx, ONLY HUMANS are capable of willfully reshaping nature, and so deserve rights.
Can you force people to work in the state owned brothels?
There's animals that use tools, can recognise themselves in a mirror, can use language. There's even animals that can communicate directly with humans when taught to. Sure, they haven't, in the egoist sense, achieved dominion over the natural world to demand rights like humans have, but that's just moral thug ideology. You might as well say that the king is the only one smart enough to have dominated the other humans therefore he deserves the most rights.
Obviously not
I don't know, many are prostitutes who could not be one without starving so clearly some prefer it over some other jobs. Working in a mine is arguably worse, but to you sex is a priori something of a completly different category even though there are other interpsersonal things like elderly care which suck.
I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that under socialism we wouldn't force people to be sex workers, I don't see the problem with it being an option for people interested though
Force is an arbitrary word. I think nobody should be threatened with starvation or homelessness if we can afford it but that does not mean there should not be incentives.
(94.56 KB 580x726 aa_keller_senses_2_e.jpg)
There are no animals capable of grasping syntax, grammer, metacognition, theory of self, etc. Moreover, NONE of them have ever established a civilization, whereas humanity on every continent has done all of those things. Even profoundly crippled people, simultaneously deaf, blind, and dumb, have been able to reach the full flower of human intellect, while millennia of effort in animal husbandry has resoundingly failed to produce such results.

Humanity is the first, and so far only, thing on this world to obtain sapience. Simple as that.
My point is that while society might demand that some people bake bread and give them a financial incentive to do so, it wouldn't demand that people become prostitutes - it would be an optional career if you preferred it baking bread.
And how many "choose" what is just a function of the specifics of the incentives, like the wages, free time, working conditions in both.
My point being that nobody would be threatened with starvation/destitution by not becoming a prostitute unlike now. Yes there's no such thing as perfectly free choice if you want to split hairs but there's no such thing as choice at all if you really want to split hairs, so, meh.
The vast majority of prostitutes are defacto slaves that are trafficked in from the third world. Besides that, what you're saying is equivalent to
>some prefer to be stock brokers when they could have other jobs, so stock brokers must be necessary after capitalism
The job arises from a society of exploitation. Working in a mine is more dangerous than working on wall street, but one is necessary and the other isn't. Do we need gambling in socialism just because it exists now? People are free to play games and wager a bet, people are free to fuck whoever they want, but its not labor.
Most workers in the thirld world are de facto slaves with that criteria, it's not like a sweathsop worker has options really. The job arises because there are people willing to do/give something in exchange for sex and vice versa. You are retarded if you think socialist countries did not have it, for example how would you prevent unoffical favour trading like having sex ith a teacher for better grad? (inb4 no grades)
>one is necessary and the other isn't
Who are you to decide what is necessary? I don't think trash like therapy is necessary tbh
>people are free to fuck whoever they want
No they are not, the freedom of one is always the oppression of another. if that were the case there would be no need for prostitiutes in the fist place.
Cockshott is literally a puritarian whose white knighting for m'lady made him go full TERF.
Socialists should not support the commodification of sex.
Socialist are against commodification of labour and yet they are in favour of rewarding people for doing it/punishing them for not doing it. You just want to deny the underclass of men their needs being met while ensuring yours are Mrs. robinson.
>work necessary to increase productivity in certain circumstance
>work that is not practically distinguishable between "worker" and "consumer"
How about being against commodifaction of parenting through daycare hypocrite
wtf I hate cockshott now
>the freedom of one is always the oppression of another
Big if true.

>need for prostitiutes in the fist place.
Surely the quality and availability of sex would differ among people.
I read an online copy of that. "Marxism: A Graphic Guide" (not to be confused with the earlier "Marx: A Graphic Guide" by RIUS). I'll just repost the review I did on 8ch:
Graphically it makes a better first impression than RIUS, but then it gets really tedious because it copies the same drawings over and over and over and over. Beginning isn't too bad, but around the middle there is this:
>This picture of Soviet life under Stalin is comparable to life in Nazi Germany under Hitler.
Short references are made to Robert Service and Aleksander Solzhenitzyn; the creators of this guide seem to think of them as respectable authorities on the USSR. Economic debates among socialists are skipped entirely. Then, the last third is going full pomo with Jaques Derrida and Chantal Mouffe.
>Derrida wants Marxism as a “link of affinity, suffering and hope”. (…) Can we go any further in a reconciliation of postmodernism and Marxism? One way of solving the problem for Marxists would be to agree with Derrida and shift from a scientific system to a moral system.
There is also some Frankfurt School shit in there if you care, I don't, so let's get on.
>Laclau and Mouffe want to save Marxism from itself…
Then the comic makes them say the following:
>Laclau: Post-Marxism sees you or me as a collection of antagonisms, of conflicts.
>Mouffe: A black, working-class woman has three real antagonisms … black, working-class, woman.
>fictional black lady: It just doesn't work to shoehorn all of this into one dominant conflict – be it class, race or gender.
Some more quotes from the final form of the guide, hysterical anti-communism:
>When attempted, revolutions always end badly.
>Classes themselves, In a post-industrial world, are decomposing and degenerating. People no longer feel their class as the primary aspect of their identity…
>Solidarity and sympathy within groups and across groups is a humanitarian duty and gesture. A belief in class solidarity is harmful to this process.
>Antagonisms are the product of individual experience and are no more explainable that the experience of the colour yellow.
>Socialism does not work and neither does any other grand narrative.
>Any form of central planning is inefficient and tends to corruption; markets are the only mechanism which allows for fair distribution.
>Politics should exist only at the local level…
Above statements about efficiency and fairness in principle aren't supported by anything in the text, it's just said and repeated. About the author Rupert Woodfin:
>The author has been teaching Marxism to a range of students from level to undergraduate since 1976. He is currently a lecturer in philosophy at a College in south-west England.
tl;dr: liberal pomo AIDS
(77.98 KB 750x563 1455409769597-pol.jpg)
Cockshott has a few "racist uncle at Thanksgiving" kinda views. It shouldn't matter at all, but he does post them online because he thinks his clout will encourage people to take them seriously. It's obviously not his area of expertise, but he's got this thing in common with a lot of arrogant intellectuals who think because they're experts on one thing they have good takes on any general topic. Pic definitely not related at all.
shut the fuck up swerf/terf defender, if socialists aren't for transpeople, POCs and other minority groups then there's literally no difference between your views and fascists
(45.01 KB 615x346 Repo2.jpg)
(1.33 MB 1348x803 consultancy.png)
>Cockshott has a few "racist uncle at Thanksgiving" kinda views.
This is my impression. I'm gay and he said gays are all bourgeois which is laughable on its face. His evidence for it was also a consumer marketing survey by some corporate consultancy form, which if anyone is familiar with how corporate consultancy works it's making up a cool story to convince other rich people to give you money; like "we have all this data that shows gays are loaded!!!" Of course they're trying to convince companies to hire them to build their outreach / advertising strategies to a market that is growing hot, hot, HOT!!!

I still read and listen to him about cybernetic socialism though
(200.97 KB 565x440 clearical-rectionairy.png)
(51.31 KB 880x1072 purityspiral.jpeg)
>You just want to deny the underclass of men
Socialist don't want there be any underclasses because classlessness and all
"Terf" is a slur used by intellectually dishonest people to attack the person rather than their arguments

the crypto anti-communist gang trying to cancel a Marxist via the purity spiral
This an attack against the principle of working class solidarity, you can attack particular views of Marxists, but people that defend the working class interests cannot be cancelled.
"swerf/terf defender" is also a slur used by intellectually dishonest people to attack the person rather than their arguments

>Terf" is a slur used by intellectually dishonest people to attack the person rather than their arguments
>swerf/terf defender" is also a slur used by intellectually dishonest people to attack the person rather than their arguments

You repeated yourself their mate
That view on prostitution was the view of Marx. It was the standard view of socialists in the 20th century. It still is the view of the vast majority of socialists in the 21st century all over the world except some very online anarcholiberal burgerlanders and brits, seemingly being more accepted now because some burgerized kids from other countries who are also constantly online and speak the same language and use the same memes and slang are playing in the same filterbubble.
>That view on prostitution was the view of Marx. It was the standard view of socialists in the 20th century. It still is the view of the vast majority of socialists in the 21st century all over the world

Obviously, could you imagine the hypocrisy of opposing manual workers whoring out their hands and backs, intellectual workers whoring out their brains, but pimping out the hoes, nope that's A-OK,
when it comes to the Mchouchy that's totally different.

>some very online anarcholiberal burgerlanders and brits, seemingly being more accepted now because some burgerized kids from other countries who are also constantly online and speak the same language and use the same memes and slang are playing in the same filterbubble.
I wonder why though, are they "spiritual pimps" or what ?
>You just want to deny the underclass of men their needs being met while ensuring yours are Mrs. robinson.
sex is not a need
>Socialist are against commodification of labour and yet they are in favour of rewarding people for doing it/punishing them for not doing it.
Sex is not labor, it is not a productive force. Prostution is about as important to society as finance. Not at all.
>sex is not a need
Then i'm sure it's fine if it's nedied to you and everyone else, after all you surely are not a hypocrite like someone with amnsion saying housing is not a need because he knows he will have his anyways and if it was a right his house might be a bit smaller.
(9.66 KB 652x175 tankie.png)
wtf I love tankies now
>authoritarian governments
this faggot posts on the /r/The_Graypill, what is the graypill you might ask?

>The acceptance of the scientific blackpill (the studies, lookism, hypergamy, etc.)
>We don't constantly post embarrassing edgy stuff online
>We don't have the blind optimism of the whitepill, nor the blind nihilism of the blackpill, nor coping like the redpill
>We are anti feminist and anti liberal
>Anti whiteknighting and anti defending thots
>We are not specifically khhv or non khhv, we are low value males, non khhv are welcomed as long as they don't brag
>We understand our place in society and the future of western civilization but detest blind nihilism, there is purpose and meaning in our struggles

centrist incels this is a first lmao
I don't understand points 2 and 3.
Point 1. is just typical CIAnarchist shit though
A "tankie" is literally just a label applied to any ML you don't like. Depending on the person this may include all MLs or an arbitrarily selected few. However some anarchists may even call non-Leninist Marxists "tankies".
(261.33 KB 584x759 lenin anti hedonism.jpeg)
>when it comes to the Mchouchy that's totally different
Yes. Because it is bourgeois decadence.
By that metric I’m a tank
Reminded me of this.
>any ML you don't like
That means all of them, btw.
If you wanna kiss your prostitute, she'll probably let you.
You're paying for the companionship a women can give, not just her organs.

Society wants underwater welders, because we want basic luxuries.
Why is it so hard for these wacky twitter tanky teams to get that people like nice things?

Not for having one, but for sharing out use rights in an emotionally and somewhat physically taxing way.

It's about the distracting luxuries. Consumerism and the like.
(159.89 KB 1264x510 Nani The Fuck.png)
They're just jealous that ML has a better track record than the rest of them. I say let the haters hate.
(5.28 KB 204x247 duce.jpg)
tankie used to be a word used by anti-revisionist MLs to describe revisionist socialists that supported throwing tanks at any problem in the warsaw pact. it doesn't matter anymore though because the term was co-opted by trots which was then co-opted by anarchists and now it's be co-opted by libshits.
dang here I was thinking socialism was about class war and stuff
Hungary deserved it.
Poland deserved it.
Germany deserved it.
You deserve it.
And said libshits sometimes call anarchists "tankies"
(132.85 KB 633x758 lenjack.jpg)
tankie is just a term used to describe someone who's "too left wing" or "too authoritarian"
>I think it's pathetic to pay an e-thot too but that doesn't mean it should be illegal
Why not? Thinking you shouldn't use the law to police virtue is only self evident if you're operating on liberalism.
pictured for reference: definition of 'tankie'

WTF is class reductionist?
It's what they call you if you have a class analysis rather than thinking capitalism is bad because white men run things.
The 2nd one isn't exploited because they're not having any surplus extracted; and they're also not neccessarily producing value either, because what they're selling is a digital commodity that requires (essentially) no labour to reproduce. It's intellectual property essentially. However, if they're providing a service such as a camshow, it's a different thing.
They're definitely not employed in a wage labour relationship, so they're more like a small producer or self-employed.
Really it depends on what they're actually doing. Selling nudes on Twitter/Insta/etc in the DMs, you're not being exploited; paying a subscription fee for a service such as only fans is much more complicated since that platform itself is utilizing a rent-extraction mechanism, but they're not really exploiting the seller as much as they're "taxing" the buyer. It all depends on access really, at a certain point with these relations (which don't just apply to Sex Work btw, but to all of this "gig economy", "contract", "crowdfunded" shit etc) if the platforms have a legal monopoly approved by the state to host a marketplace for the content then you could argue that they're employers and are exploiting people in a sort of distorted piecemeal wage system but really it's just a wealth transfer system between workers.
Different kinds of sex workers have different class interests but the term sex worker is used by activists and lobbyists to attempt to flatten the distinctions. Someone like say, Stoya, who is Petit-Bourgeois doesn't really have the same interests as an e-girl who sells nudes part-time to make up for the deficit she receives in starvation wages, in much the same way an uber driver also works another job. Yet, we're told that all sex workers must fight together for liberation and yet in a class society who controls the narrative and means for said liberation? It's going to be the ones who have ties to the firms looking to profit and proletarianize sex work in a more regulated manner. Do we want an Uber for Sex Work? Probably not, so then whilst decriminilization is an obvious neccessity, if we're talking about legalization we need to ensure that we combat what is essentially a class collaborationist narrative attempting to marketize and atomize people even further. There are lots of questions there though.
Seconding this.
Images like this are why I no longer support democracy. How the fuck can anyone support it knowing people like that have a say. Pseudo-democratic one-party governance truly is a superior system.
Anti-idpol = tank. Bashing the fash = tank.
Ahh yes, and we will magically ensure everyone in the one party government has the correct opinions
Truly a dengist
(1.36 MB 1002x1114 binch.png)
did this nigga just quote neville chamberlain ?
>Successful socialist revolutions that stayed alive: Like 2
>Successful bourgeois revolutions that stayed alive: Hundreds
(124.63 KB 1079x1246 dd45467.jpg)
I'm a pacifist and that man needs to be shot
How can America be bad? All those slaves would have worked and died for nothing if America wasn't good.
He's right
gulag slave labor is useful
Before making statements like this you should check your country's actual voter turnout.
If you live in America, 50% voter turnout is considered high. Huge swathes of the country don't vote. We don't have an absolute democracy by any means.
>it made America
He asked for something good though
Napoleon no but Caesar yes.
First image is obviously a troll.
>walk the walk

Well this too easy: the people that support wars then have to go through the hell of war, be shot at watch their family die in bombing run that turned their house into rubble and so on.
The only thing you can called Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar is based and redpilled
(23.44 KB 589x292 totally serious you guys.png)
Did you even look through the link you posted?
There aren't even that many results, and most of them are from a single troll. Wouldn't be surprised if he's part of the Tulsi campaign or at the very least a strong supporter.
The fact that the image you posted brings up Kyle Kulinski is the giveaway that it's a joke account. Not to mention the name "Neocon Ghoul". I really shouldn't have to explain this shit but you might have autism so I'm just making things obvious for you.
(71.08 KB 640x1025 xy1zu3g8jet31.jpg)
(116.17 KB 623x436 trump socialism.png)
stop cringe posting
Napoleon literally saved the bourgeoisie of his country and stopped the revolution from progressing further. Caesar actually gave a shit about the proles.
these people use buzzwords like this tho, look at nightmare fuel
Anybody remember back in the Dubya days, when the first post-Cold War attempts to reignite Russiabaiting were happening, and all the Democrats were laughing at the neocons for the blatant surreality of every anti-Russian slander?

Remember under Obama, when it the Dems JOINED WITH THE REPUBLICANS?

What the fuck happened!?
While he did sell out, he was at one point a genuine jacobin supporting Robespierre’s montagnard faction. He worked with robespierre’s brother and the two were on good terms. Bonaparte only escaped execution during Thermidor because of the military situation (and because of some luck)
He also invaded Europe and kneecapped/dismantled most empires


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