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/prc/ - People's Republic of China general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:39:50 No. 8925
A general thread for all China related discussion
FUCK they have erased “If You Want to Marry, Marry Someone Like Xi Dada.” from the internet! Do someone have it?
>>227311 The defense industry of the USSR ate up something like 15% of their economy. It had a cost of the quality of life in the USSR. Weapons are completely useless in peace and every labour hour spent producing weapons deprives the civilian sector of manpower. You want to have massively productive economy so only a small proportion of it is wasted on manufacturing arms. China's defense industry is a modest 1.5% but producing much higher tech equipment now. This is precisely because they developed their industrial and technological base through foreign investment. We can have an alternate history debate about could it would have been possible for China to accomplish this without investment from the west but that's just a discussion for leisure.
>>227282 >Whiteoids freaking out over a minor viral infection that anyone with a healthy immune system can overcome purely because they can use it as an excuse to bash China Typical
(350.06 KB 968x489 ck3.png)
(349.55 KB 990x588 ck1.png)
(293.02 KB 988x916 ck2.png)
(180.35 KB 1775x613 2.png)
(73.16 KB 867x398 3.png)
(73.08 KB 870x417 1.png)
>>229055 This is a board supposedly about food and cooking, mind you. /pol/ completely infested all the boards.
(280.06 KB 1808x658 1.png)
bullshitters are already on it, naturally
(14.21 KB 283x202 1.png)
>>229520 Meanwhile, in the parallel universe of the US extreme right: >Coronavirus in China: 23 Million QUARANTINED, 2.8 Million Infected; 112,000 DEAD <t. Hal Turner https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/coronavirus-in-china-20-million-quarantined-2-8-million-infected-112-000-dead You know he's telling the truth BECAUSE HE WRITES LIKE THIS and gets all his info from /pol/.
>>229608 Ho-hoooooo Hal Turner's back, huh? So are lefty anons. <For those not aware of the history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hal_Turner#Anonymous_website_raid
>>229623 You're missing the best part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpoydJn9ECQ WE'RE COMIN' BUCKO
(236.92 KB 619x608 3.png)
(131.92 KB 288x439 2.png)
(97.89 KB 288x362 1.png)
pol is so fake and gay
>>229497 God I wish we could use the right wing tactic of “just making shit up”
>>229635 Sopa de bastão... Uma Delicia
China has started construction on a special hospital in Wuhan to be used to treat coronavirus-infected patients. The hospital is designed to have 1,000 beds and they say it will be open by Feb. 3 >they will finish a huge hospital in a quarantined zone in 10 days
(222.58 KB 1080x768 Screenshot_20191117_235707.jpg)
>>229796 This is a show of chinese strength for sure. Just look at it.
(56.50 KB 1034x234 1.png)
>>229799 Imagine if this was happening in the US at this scale.
>>229812 wtf i love the coronavirus now
(963.71 KB 2560x2272 1579867978496 (1).jpg)
Group chat of burger expats stuck in Wuhan. A stupid cunt is going hysterical. I hate people who fear death this pathologically. You have your entire life to come to terms with the inevitable. In any case, enjoy the salt.
>>229817 Apparently there are even Flora memes: https://imgur.com/gallery/cEDnbXJ (scroll down, hit load more).
>>229817 smh bernie bros calling her hysterical, they may as well just hush her
>>229821 he even posted a screencap of a definition. that's straight up mansplaining
>>229824 unforgivable
(59.20 KB 1754x154 1.png)
(137.95 KB 944x567 1579868612460.png)
(183.91 KB 1460x493 1579868041688.jpg)
>>229674 And they enjoy it too. This faggot has been spreading completely made up pics like relateds while being open about in another thread that he is just bullshitting. These assholes don't give a shit about the consequences of lies and the children of pol are gobbling it up.
(754.15 KB XbSAxzsK4ZEfojYT.mp4)
Medical staff at the dedicated isolation ward of Wuhan's People's Hospital wish everyone a Happy New Year, saying: "We're here, don't worry [and celebrate Spring Festival]" - a hashtag that's now propagated online to ease the #coronavirus panic. #有我们在大家安心过年
(11.32 KB 192x192 4191.jpg)
>>229829 >stalker faction war >good writing
>>229817 >>229829 Wait hold up a fucking second before you keep dumping this shit, what is all that crap about planes spraying cities? is she overreacting or has the virus gotten this bad?
>>229834 It's non-confirmed hearsay. No videos of it either.
>>229829 >Ligma Baws How could you not consider this as a legitimate source?
(15.24 KB 98x98 1.png)
>>229837 This. Ligma Baws is an internationally renowned human rights organization monitoring government abuse in healthcare in more than 216 countries.
(32.12 KB 913x101 1.png)
(82.05 KB 232x243 2.png)
Nah, bro. You get much more and better info on /pol/ for sure.
>>229872 I saw them claim that they had info on epstein's suicide before anybody else reported it.
(991.68 KB W1ocvSQPYSVrdTiC.mp4)
China Army’s medical teams are ferried to Wuhan from multiple locations to help in local hospitals. (Few hours ago)
>>229879 dey b runnin
WHO praises China’s steps to contain virus https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202001/24/WS5e2b0470a31012821727326b.html "China has decided itself what measures it sees to be appropriate, and we hope that these measures of the lockdown will turn out to be effective," Gauden Galea said in an interview with China Daily. "We admire the courage of the people and government of Wuhan, and we hope that this temporary sacrifice will be a strong contribution to public health and indeed, global health."
Happy Chinese New Year fams, may every endeavor work out the way you want it to, and socialism to come to your country.
>>229906 that's the nicest seasonal greeting I got these months and I don't even celebrate this god darned shit
I didn't know racism against the Chinese was so fucking prevalent around the world https://twitter.com/_DavidAsher/status/1220711729920987137
(1.05 MB 1209x779 1.png)
sEcReT lEaK sHoWs ChInEs GoVeRnMeNt'S mAsS gGrAvEs #CoRoNaViRuS
(20.36 KB 331x135 glowing.png)
>>229910 This glows so much we are basically in daylight.
(490.89 KB 660x672 1.png)
(320.79 KB 635x441 2.png)
Think about the bats!
(79.91 KB 738x352 EPDputZX0AIN9pL.jpeg)
(379.01 KB 645x699 1.png)
(19.51 KB 601x115 2.png)
conspiratards having a field day
>>229909 I know some more if you want any. >May you have fish (or leftovers) every year! >May your hall be filled with children
>>229970 ew, no pedo shit, plz
Okay, this is epic. https://youtu.be/lYoHgRJSshA
>>229971 >ew, no pedo shit, plz That means for you or your children to have a lot of kids fam
>>229975 why would my children be pedos, you sick fuck?!
>>229976 You usually say that to old people who want to be grandparents
>On Sunday (Jan. 19), a Chinese woman claimed to have personally witnessed the harvesting of live organs from unwilling Xinjiang Muslim donors who were "slaughtered on demand" for Saudi buyers wanting "Halal organs." https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3862578 Is it true?
TIME FOR EUROPE AND U.S. TO FACE CHINA'S GLOBAL THREAT—TOGETHER | OPINION declaring victory in the Phase One trade deal with China, but the conflict between the reigning superpower and the aspiring peer competitor is far from over. In fact, U.S.-China competition will be the defining factor of the international system for decades to come. Building coalitions is a vital requirement in managing such global confrontations. Whether the countries of the EU will support the U.S. and recognize the threat from China to their own security and prosperity remains a challenge for Washington and for Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and other European capitals. The recent investigation of two former senior EU officials suspected of spying for China is sure to compound growing fears over the PRC's expanding presence across Europe. China already has Russia as an ally, a major nuclear power and a cornucopia of raw materials, which nicely compliments Beijing's industrial appetite. And Pakistan allows China to hold India in a lock while granting it access to the Indian Ocean. https://www.newsweek.com/china-europe-america-new-threat-global-unite-1483912
>>230127 Lol, if anything EU and China should team up against USA. And that is what might be happening tbh, EU only conforms with US shit because it can't wage an economic war against it yet.
>>230125 Chinese communism is cancelled.
>>230136 The digital Yuan could easily win European favor due to underground demand for it after widespread usage in transactions in the middle east and africa. China's digital yuan could help countries like North Korea evade US sanctions, experts say A digital yuan could allow some countries to avoid U.S. sanctions and increase the Chinese government's influence, experts told CNBC. The People's Bank of China is working on a digital yuan but has released very few details about the technology behind it or the timeline of its release. But experts are concerned about the potential power this could give the Chinese government. Neha Narula, director of the Digital Currency Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), described a simulation that took part in November involving a number of people including Larry Summers and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. It was organized by Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center. Narula was part of the simulation. >"A US-regulated digital currency could in principle be required to be traceable by U.S. authorities, so that if North Korea were to use it to hire Russian nuclear scientists, or Iran were to use it to finance terrorist activity, they would run a high risk of being caught, and potentially even blocked," Rogoff wrote in the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper. >"If, however, the digital currency were run out of China, the U.S. would have far fewer levers to pull. Western regulators could ultimately ban the use of China's digital currency, but that wouldn't stop it from being used in large parts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia, which in turn could engender some underground demand even in the U.S. and Europe." https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/01/24/a-digital-yuan-could-help-countries-evade-us-sanctions-experts-say.html
(991.81 KB 250x250 1578637910197.gif)
>>230125 >halal organs
>>230125 super fishy
Chinese authorities announce first CURED coronavirus patient discharged from hospital in Shanghai The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission has confirmed that a patient infected with the deadly coronavirus has, for the first time since the outbreak, been cured and discharged from hospital. After six days, the patient, a 56-year-old woman identified only as Chen, showed a significant improvement in her respiratory symptoms. https://www.rt.com/news/479108-first-cononavirus-patient-cured/
What do you Maoist tankies think of china's strict gun laws? What is the reasoning or defense of it? Because every commie I meet is pro gun yet I never hear lefties talk about China's gun control. Don't know anything about this subject in regards to China.
>>230355 Nobody ever hears about it. They don't have a 2nd amendment so the controversy regarding the issue is muted in comparison to a country where people either cling to gun rights or attack them.
>>230355 How tight is it? Can you own firearms with a license or are they banned outright?
>>230355 one line of reasoning I've heard was something like since the revolution already succeeded the workers don't need to be armed to defend it especially since they now have the PLA
>>230355 It just proves China is a neoliberal authoritarian shit hole that’s terrified of its proles even more so than the US.
>>230355 Just a heads-up, Maoists generally don't defend modern China. In fact most of them are rabidly anti-China. The epithet you're looking for is "Dengist" or alternatively the more disparaging "Dengoid". >>230349 Who is this guy? I've seen a few of his videos and I like them. They're aesthetically pleasing and he's good at putting news about China into perspective and countering the anti-Chinese propaganda of the day, but is he himself a socialist?
>>230374 >is he himself a socialist? I have a feeling he is hiding his power level, honestly.
>>230372 >China is a neoliberal
>>230374 >Who is this guy? I've seen a few of his videos and I like them. They're aesthetically pleasing and he's good at putting news about China into perspective and countering the anti-Chinese propaganda of the day, but is he himself a socialist? Dude >>230349 got some serious smug-powers for shit-talking, my guess is that this is motivated by correcting misconceptions, not ideological considerations. he's wrong about the Americans not being able to deal with the plague, while the CDC probably would have less ability to marshal civil resources, they probably could order incendiary bombardment to contain a plague.
(74.29 KB 559x746 1.png)
>2.75% mortality Okay, so let's just risk the hypothesis: this shit is so overblown in Western media because they are trying to further the China=Evil, HK=freedumb narrative. Those that died were elderly and the earliest detected cases.
>>230613 This is still a very bad virus, and it understandable why people are scared, it can and will kill more, and it’s spreading rapidly.
(852.72 KB rats.mp4)
>>230788 this probably is a fake, consider rats have skeletons
>>230788 this is true i am from ex-communist country and every day the state owned schools gave us seven live baby rats to eat and if yuo didn't eat or complain they said "Igor! Vitamins. Eat your rats or we will shot you." so you did
>>230613 We are at 40 confirmed dead as of now, closer to 4% fatality rate In France the news were concentrated on our strike and protests today, with just a little bit on the virus, and none of it really anti China. It will probably be the headline tomorrow since three cases have appeared recently in the country. I don't think this shit is overblown, the authorities in China took really serious decisions, it's a heavy contingency plan, the lock-down of 40M people will seriously affect the economy and is rising fear among the population. They try to appease the population but the army is already in the cities, they are spraying disinfectant in the streets, building hospitals from scratch etc. The number of infected and the death toll are probably much higher because they lack the infrastructure to diagnose and treat all the people. And there's also the fact that "free" press is not a thing in China and the authorities are probably withholding true numbers in order to avoid panic. I think the Chinese scientists and authorities were spooked for a good reason, that's why they are doing all this shit. Some scientists think there will be close to 200 000 cases in 11 days, probably a worst case scenario but still: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.23.20018549v1 But the real problem will appear if panic rises and the cities infrastructure breakdown, there could be a lot of dead without food, water, electricity etc.
>>230827 The bones of baby animals (incl. humans btw) are very malleable. Feudal Europe used to eat baby rabbits whole, with innards and bones and everything. https://warosu.org/ck/thread/S12478272 (thread is full with examples of shit we used to eat, including cats, rotten moldy swans, etc.) Judging people or cultures by their (to you) weird food is super ignorant.
(32.86 KB 670x576 30xi1.jpg)
>>230911 WEIRDLY and STRANGELY based.
>>230859 you liked to pseudo science it says that the detection is unreliable and variable, which means that increases or decreases in reported infection and deaths, may not reflect the actual pattern of the virus but the rate and reliability of data being generated. All the science outlets say that the biological features of this virus are less bad than those from Saars.
>>230871 Alright but eating rats is stupid because they are know to be vectors for diseases, and eating cats is stupid because they are not efficient in converting feed to meet, which also counts for dogs. I grant you that most people will protest against stuff like this based on ignorance, but it's not like you can find legitimate ways to gage this.
>>231053 It's entirely cultural. Generations after generations grew up in miserable conditions and had to find any kind of protein source. Eventually they became regional dishes, part of the local culture. Thorough cooking would get rid of most of the possible threats, really. I've seen a documentary (probably on RT, idr) about that region in China where they eat dogs and they had their annual dog festival and were pretty nonchalant when they suggested to them that it is barbaric or whatever. They don't give a shit about the cultural standards of people thousands of miles away, and they shouldn't.
>>231024 >All the science outlets say that the biological features of this virus are less bad than those from Saars. From what I gathered, scientists describe this as less deadly sure, but more contagious at the same time. Even if the "biological features" are less bad, we are still ending with a virus with a bigger basic reproductive number than SARS. SARS took months to spread to like 500 hundred people while China apparently fucked up and tried to bury it rather than taking the necessary measures, and what we have now is a 1000+ reported cases virus in just a few weeks while the authorities are doing a lot to contain it. But we don't know how the situation will evolves as of yet, my point was just about the media not overblowing it to bash China, if anything there is a lot of praise about how the PRC is open about it and how it's managing the outbreak.
>>231074 >It's entirely cultural. Generations after generations grew up in miserable conditions and had to find any kind of protein source. Eventually they became regional dishes, part of the local culture. As long as you live in rural conditions with low population density, this is not problematic, but in a city this is not reasonable. >Thorough cooking would get rid of most of the possible threats, really. Yeah but raising animals requires them to be alive, the danger in animal husbandry is mostly before it's cooked. >I've seen a documentary (probably on RT, idr) about that region in China where they eat dogs and they had their annual dog festival and were pretty nonchalant when they suggested to them that it is barbaric or whatever. They don't give a shit about the cultural standards of people thousands of miles away, and they shouldn't. trophic levels are not cultural, look at pick the higher your food source is in the trophic pyramid the lower it's ecological energy supply and lower the feed conversion efficiency is. Dogs and cats are much worse food animals than say chickens, rabbits, cows and so on. My point here is that eating dog and cats is a lot less economical.
>>231129 >this is not reasonable. What if I told you -- brace yourself -- that culture *shock* is entirely (are you ready?) here we go: unreasonable.
>>231149 this isn't culturally shocking, they are going to optimize their food production towards feed conversion efficiency as well as reducing contamination risks. And the traditional local cuisine will be reduced to nice luxury food.
>>231187 Have you considered that people do not necessarily eat what is most energy efficient, and instead eat whatever is available to them?
>>231370 >Have you considered that people do not necessarily eat what is most energy efficient, and instead eat whatever is available to them? that is true for any given moment in time, but over a long enough period of time, it tends towards increasing energy efficiency. I do not think that people will hold on to these foods just for the sake of preserving tradition, they might hold on to it if there's some sort of advantage to eating it.
(794.27 KB 1098x2048 Screenshot_20200125-015230.png)
How valid is all of this? is it all porky narrative?
>>231413 >true blooded asian person Discarded, absolutely spooked and probably fabrications until solid proof is provided.
Jason Unruhe is citing sources claiming 1.1 million Chinese might suffer death by February due to the Coronavirus, is this a reasonable estimate? If so this is horrible and apparently much worse than the SARS virus. >China Expects 1 1 Million to Die from Caron [sic] Virus as Infection Spreads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4dPoYGwWPI
>>231784 >Source: Chinese Government reports >no url shit it must be true then
>>231784 >Jason Untrue kek
>>231784 Mortality rate rn is 1%, over 100m people would need to be infected for that to occur.
>>231907 china has a way larger pop than 100m and it's quite obvious the ccp is covering up the real numbers
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/25/world/asia/china-coronavirus.html China shills are in serious COPE/Damage control mode. China's government now has to quarantine millions of people, people have died.
>>231931 Quarantines are standard procedure in any epidemic
>>231931 >dengoids will defend this
>>231944 This is how quarantines work under any system, you retard.
(84.53 KB 675x804 1.png)
(31.51 KB 747x280 2.png)
>>231914 >it's quite obvious the ccp is covering up the real numbers It's mathematically provable that they are not covering up anything, you conspiratorial idiot: just compare mortality% in China vs. the rest of the world. These numbers have been holding up since the beginning. As others already pointed out this virus isn't as deadly, but it spreads fast. Now go back to >>>/pol/ and >>>/x/.
>>231784 what an idiot
>>231944 Omg I know right! We need FREEDOM for the diseased, yeah we may all die horribly but that's FREEDOM GOD DAMNIT. FREEDOM AINT FREE, FUCK QUARANTINES N SHIEEET.
>>232011 Quarantines go against the non-aggression principle and my right to spread a deadly disease to millions, commie!
(340.18 KB 1080x706 1579280214363.png)
Coronavirus live update from Shenzhen China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p6xtjv8Noc
(338.34 KB 626x442 1.png)
Infected patient fully recover from Coronavirus
(443.47 KB 400x296 vegeta door.gif)
>>232088 Thanks doc.
(26.82 KB 720x850 EPIKevBWsAI-Kko.jpg)
>>232093 stay safe now
I want this virus to collapse the Chinese Government.
(62.61 KB 618x412 GettyImages-1198672189.jpg)
>>232141 t. mike pompeo
>>232141 okay, boomer
>>232141 this imagine the dengoid tears
>>232168 >yo dude want some bat soup with a side of ostrich plumes? It'll like totally increase your social status dude.
>>232141 t. white girl mad at chinese that eat dogs insted of fucking them
>>232295 are you saying that white girls are mad that a) chinese people eat dogs instead of fucking white girls b) chinese people eat dogs instead of fucking dogs c) chinese people eat dogs so that white girls can't get the dogs to fuck them ?
>>232323 a, b and c
>>231931 >new york times
>>232141 >wanting millions to just because you don't agree with their socialist gameplan
>>232356 It's the true face of radlib humanism.
(75.27 KB 874x549 1.png)
>>232356 >socialist
>>231784 Jason is pathologically obsessed with Fallout and wants the world to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
>>232481 Understandable but pushing wishful thinking so hard is cringeworthy
>>232485 His politics are 90% larp.
>>232443 >thinking you have a leg to stand on when you want a country of over a billion people to collapse and become subject to western imperialism
>>232323 They all sound like possible conclusions but i lean to the latter
>>232141 imagine wanting the entity that is preventing the virus from spreading even more than it is to collapse. enjoy ur plague kiddo.
What's going on in here guys?
>>232527 >muh western imperialism boogeyman ah, the calling cry of the desperate dengoid
>>232573 you're the type of shithead who would have praised the USSR's coup as a victory of leftism am I right?
>>232573 Just a reminder that under OldBO this fucker would have been immediately banned. Now, under new administration, we get the bliss of having to "debate" whether air is real or not, rotting the board further into a post-modern charade. If you think this is bad at ~400 users, watch how it'll look at 1k. Posters who actually give a fuck about facts, theory, communism are already writing about considering leaving the place if it gets worse. Good job, you cunts.
(98.69 KB 860x851 1.png)
Recoveries reported worldwide, Chinese mortality at 2.8%.
>>232633 You are gay. Get out.
>>232633 The people of the USSR wanted to preserve the Union. Statistics on standard of living, life expectancy, and economic productivity after the fall shows that it was a mistake. I sure hope no one here advocates for repeating that mistake.
>>232168 >>230788 Reminder this is the mind of people who got infected by dengism.
>>232527 >Socialism is when you're anti-US or something
>>232713 It is though. The US is the most important capitalist country and I don't see how allowing american influence to spread could benefit socialism.
>>232713 t. retarded badempanada
>>232713 >socialism is when you celebrate the death and suffering of workers
(266.30 KB 1972x965 1.png)
>i-it's the media who can't keep up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9dFjcytQPE
>>232774 >socialism is when you use worker deaths to deflect criticism of the CCP.
>>232808 You posted no criticism of the CCP. You just came here to tell us that you'd wish millions would die so that the Chinese government would collapse. Go glow somewhere else.
Winnie Xi moar like Winner Xi amirite?
>>232805 He's done this before. One of his most viewed videos has a clickbait title about Chinese troops being in Mexico to invade USA, then he talks about how its a conspiracy theory and doesn't make sense https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZC_NZwVYJE
>>232818 What an absolute scumbag.
>>232805 >>232818 >>232837 there is no ethical consumption under capitalism
>>231784 He's claiming 1.1 million, not 11. Your image is wrong.
>>232846 This has nothing to do with consumption, but everything to do with making a living by lying and manipulating -- essentially dumbing people down, Jason.
(30.04 KB 420x267 1.png)
>>232851 Not my fault. It's just more manipulation on his part. "Accidentally" leaving that little sign out for clickbait.
>>232855 Why wouldn't you critically support him against the youtube algorithm?
>>232877 Because people see and hate dishonesty and as communists we have higher standards, Jason. Produce better content to get more views or get a real job.
>>232855 He still didn't has corrected the title of the video
>>232920 He won't.
>>232633 i unironically hope you die a very painful, nasty death
noticed a little editing war on wiki. Somebody edited in 6750 reported cases and then it was reverted back to 2005.
(17.26 KB 453x302 90af83bf.jpg)
Why yes, i support Xi Jinping and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. How could you tell?
(282.01 KB 712x1112 20200126_124016.png)
>>233336 Hi porky.
Coronavirus live update from Shenzhen China pt. 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI61vQqX96k
(95.80 KB 826x904 1.png)
(99.73 KB 1499x197 2.png)
>>232958 Just happened again. Same pattern. Faggot logs in. Adds in dubious numbers. Provides no sources or uses yellow page (source:myass) websites. Mods revert it back in seconds. This time this asshole hoped to sneak in the edit with the seemingly innocent edit reason: "fixed typo". People desperately want there to be more casualties. You can get lotsa replies in a /pol/ thread or on twitter if you post dubious shit like this, or clicks on youtube as Jason Unruhe hoped. Conspiracy theories and falsifications spread like butter on the capitalist internet.
>>233610 >Conspiracy theories and falsifications spread like butter on the capitalist internet. Especially when they're conveniently directed at our new main enemy, China, which has become "da Joos" for libtards.
>>233494 >2008 was 40 years ago
(200.51 KB 1387x1177 26 January 2020 at 6:08 p.m. ET.png)
>>234087 The medical terms used there. Stable: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious, but may be uncomfortable. Indicators are favorable. Serious: Vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits. Patient is acutely ill. Indicators are questionable. Critical: Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits. Patient may be unconscious. Indicators are unfavorable.
>>234091 Sounds like if you’re in serious or critical condition you’re flirting with death. Critical seems like you’re at death’s door.
>>234105 I'd much prefer if they'd provide a %chance for survival for each definition so that we could calc. future casualties. Running with the following percentages >102 stb: w 05% fatality -> 005 deaths >314 srs: w 33% fatality -> 103 deaths >076 crt: w 66% fatality -> 050 deaths the total predictable deaths would be 158. But I'm pulling these % out of my ass, so...
(10.97 KB 706x69 1.png)
>>234121 Running with these hypothetical numbers and adding the already deceased (158+80=238) we could say that of overall cases the fatality rate is that of SARS, but we already know that to be not true -- it is somewhere between half to third of that, so most likely my hypothetical fatality% are over the mark.
>>234121 >>234136 adjusting <102 stb: w 01% fatality -> 01 death <214 srs: w 20% fatality -> 24 deaths <076 crt: w 50% fatality -> 38 deaths <=63 total <+80 already dead <143 deaths out of 2455 total cases which is 5.8% fatality which is still bit more than half of SARS, so rather pessimistic.
(94.55 KB 303x355 1.png)
(376.54 KB 765x687 25242.png)
>meanwhile pol ate itself through 132 habbeding threads already
>>234174 These are mostly just bored people looking for drama.
(110.99 KB 286x348 1.png)
Ma Xiaowei, China's Health Commission minister: Coronavirus is getting stronger and infections could rise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_DSwEBCgVs
>>234087 +300 new cases in China alone in under 2 hours. Concerning. Their resources will be tested.
>>234266 Be mindful that efforts for detecting the virus have increased, which will make the numbers go up as well.
>>234291 That's good to hear, but source?
>>234174 Let me guess, it’s fraught with “yellow man bad” posts.
>>234344 1. they have no souls 2. they are bugmen 3. they are dirty 4. they took our intellectual property (they can only copy, lol) 5. two hundred bat soup memes 6. doomer shit and this is going on on all boards
(138.38 KB 1594x635 1.png)
>>234535 I miss the days when complete disregard for intellectual property was the norm on 4chan
>>234654 When it comes to cultural products (/tv/, /t/, /lit/, /mu/, /v/, etc.) it still holds. It's just that /pol/ shits up all boards.
>>234711 terrible color scheme
>>234654 It is when you do it.
(178.01 KB 439x598 glKnnFS.png)
/pol/'s hatred of China and the Chinese is 100% pathological. I don't even understand why they hate it so much, there's no reason. I mean, if they had anything resembling a coherent worldview, China would be based for challenging the degenerate globalist US right? But no, they just uncritically consoom CIA yellow fever propaganda and spew it out, the whole board got to be renamed /cia/ at this point. It's fucking tiresome. But the worst thing is that /pol/ is indistinguishable from Reddit at this point, you'd normally expect Reddit not to be so edgily racist and /pol/ not to completely fall for official propaganda. But the worst of the two worlds have combined, posts like "soulless yellow orcs are getting the plague from eating bats, we must nuke them" are farming tens of thousands of upboats on R while /pol/ resolutely bands together with the State Department and the CIA against the yellow menace. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't even like China, I don't think it is socialist, I don't usually get offended by racist jokes, but the consent manufacturing is so intense that it's all but assured that the West is building up support for a war with China and mass genocide. AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SEEM TO OPPOSE THIS SHIT ARE INSANE "DECOLONIZER" SJWS, who are almost definitely psyops pushing trying to discredit any defence of China and pushing the envelope towards more and more extreme hatred against the Chinese We're so fucked, it legit feels like I'm trapped in a simulation
>>235128 It's mostly assblasted burgers
>>235128 what sort of hegelian nightmare are you in? >mainly concerned with the views of dumbies and liberals >feels trapped???
>>235128 >AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SEEM TO OPPOSE THIS SHIT ARE INSANE "DECOLONIZER" SJWS Yep. This is the worst part. If we're just talking about the left for a second, there's pretty much no "faction" on the left where it's ok to express any sort of skepticism towards the official state department narrative on China or question the default assumption that modern China is nazi germany + 1984 + le black mirror. The only exceptions, really, are 1) embarrassing twitter tankies and 2) people associated with The Grayzone (who do good work which gives me some hope). It sucks so much. And of course, outside of the left, the pure psychotic rage towards China and Chinese people is just fucking unbelievable.
>>235128 >/pol/'s hatred of China and the Chinese is 100% pathological. Lol, I thought idpol was all bullshit. Oh but it's important when it's your idpol lol.
>>235214 what the fuck do you think idpol even means
>>235216 >Everyone hates the Chinese! >Not idpol.
>>235219 You're one stupid motherfucker.
>>235219 Bafflingly retarded post
>>235219 Hating the Chinese or any other nationality is indeed idpol and people should stop doing it.
>>235233 >>235224 >>235222 >Anti-racism isn't real and it caused by class anyway REEEEEEEE >Why are people blaming the Chinese for the filthy conditions that caused the virus, they're racist! ;_;
>>235222 >>235224 >>235233 So are we allowed to talk about bigotry against black people and men. Or only idpol you like allowed?
>>235234 You're a complete strawmanning dumbass. I'd be doing idpol if I said that people spout anti-China propaganda because they're "just racist against asians". That's what the same SJWs I called out in my post say, and they're actively making things worse with it. I recognize that the anti-China propaganda is something Western porky is whipping up to promote his imperial interests, not the result of spontaneous original-sin racism. Coincidentally, it's indeed pretty racist, but that's not the cause nor the worst thing about it. After all, very similar tactics are being used again Russians who are white european christians. Dilate, kys, etc.
(60.94 KB 640x619 rzy.jpg)
what's the daily life of a chinese politburo member like? whats the process to go from normal party member to politburo member?
>>235240 >Dilate, kys, etc. t. privileged upper middle class asians that talks like he's black.
>>235260 >dilate and kys are black slang Dilate and kys
>>235260 Would you mind not derailing this thread?
>>235236 Their is no bigotry against men. They are the ruling class oppressing women.
I think this whole virus shit is over hyped. A vaccine for it is already in development and its due to be ready for human testing in like 4 months.
>>235311 literally nothing death is shitty though, but you know.
>>235317 Yeah but they would all have died anyway. It's their parents' fault they were doomed to die.
>>235252 I am not 100% sure about it, but from what I understand: >what's the daily life of a chinese politburo member like? Probably the same as for any other bureaucrat / PMC, just dealing with more important national issues. >whats the process to go from normal party member to politburo member? Pure meritocracy from what I understand. Either you are a really good administrator of a province or like Jack Ma you ran a really successful company. Probably experts in certain fields, representatives of certain public affairs, people like economic theorists are present as well. It is actually quite funny that the CPC functions almost like some sort of reddit liberal centrist wonk fantasy version of society where everything is meritocratic and the experts are in charge. Like to even become a party member you have to pass a really difficult and competative exam, and obviously everyone is trying to participate in it. Then to get any sort of higher role you have to work your ass of to produce excellent results in the role you were assigned. I actually don't know if I like or hate this kind of system. It is really undemocratic and technocratic, yet it might actually be one of the better working political models ever tried down to the fierce competition that never is allowed to spiral out of control. The big question will be how this system reacts to capitalism starting to bring more and more harm once China fully reaches the point of deindustrialization kicking in full time like in the west.
(115.59 KB 276x540 3.png)
(92.46 KB 276x488 1.png)
(37.12 KB 552x622 2.jpg)
>>235408 Lol, as we all know cows and pigs and chickens are totally clean and represent no bacterial threat what so ever.
>>235408 haha viral death is hilarious guys
>>235413 Chicken meat is just dinosaur protein wrapped around E.Coli and Salmonella, tbh. Still great, tho.
>>235268 >dilate and kys are black slang >Completely missing the point. I said you talk like you are discriminated against as though you are black lol.
>>235473 >jack kek this guy never ceases to amaze.
>>235473 Is the food infected?
>>235511 thats blood anon no.1 lesson in Chef Anon's cooking school, blood oozing out of chicken is not good bro.
>>235252 Not having tattoos is a start
(22.37 KB 741x159 1.png)
>>234087 updated
(2.89 MB 1580170216427.webm)
>>235511 No, it's just Jacked.
>>237530 >Muh race How about toning down the idpol rethorics and calling it for what it is, namely "inter-imperialist conflict", "liberal propaganda" or "attempt at color revolution"? Else this just sounds like a wannabe bourg POV straigth from r/sino
(27.73 KB 316x230 1580289720716.jpg)
>>238335 Chinese twitter is shitposting the "4 hours" meme (it took nazi germany 4 hrs to conquer Denmark) as a counter https://mobile.twitter.com/jyllandsposten/status/1222386526916501506
(33.96 KB 750x536 EPbjrOtWAAAVD7w.jpeg)
Chinese pharmacy to pay $430,000 fine after it hikes face mask price by SIX TIMES as coronavirus spread overshadows SARS https://www.rt.com/news/479437-mask-china-coronavirus-price/
>>230543 More like authoritarian social democracy. Still in no way socialist, however.
>>238418 give me a definition of "authoritarian" that wouldn't apply to the US
>>238335 /ourgirl/ Liu Xis also not amused
>>229796 The hospital is finished.
>>238623 Nice.
>>238623 >>238627 Fuck they’ve built it within a week.
(94.37 KB 1185x211 1.png)
/pol/ is denying the hospital is real, naturally.
(80.19 KB 1791x184 3.png)
(38.79 KB 1146x135 2.png)
(106.16 KB 1336x201 1.png)
>>238630 >>238623 did they really? is there a time lapse video?
>>238655 >>238630 >>238627 Sorry, my bad. The one in the vid was an abandoned building repurposed into a hospital that was finished in 2 days, the new ones are still under construction: 1 火神山Huo shen shan (Fire god mountain) hospital livestream: https://m.yangshipin.cn/static/2020/c0126.html?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0 2 雷神山 lei shen shan (Thunder god mountain) hospital livestream: https://m.yangshipin.cn/video?type=2&pid=600016637
(31.05 KB 300x250 tNKHgOgWlH[1].png)
>>238623 Wait hold the fuck up. They build a giant multi story hospital with in a fucking week? I was expecting, like, a field of barracks.
>>238659 Oh ok
>>238674 I mean, that's the power of the state having control over the major productive forces of society. I'm just gonna be honest.
>>238654 Kek. Somebody tell these retards how fast USSR built the tanks.
>>238659 Looks like it’ll take a week more.
>>238659 fUCK YOU
(99.75 KB 615x477 1580311718600.jpg)
>>238695 Jeez, I said sorry.
>>238684 You tell me, I'm trying to look for it but I can't find anything about the time it took the Soviets to build tanks.
>>238717 thanks
>>238717 Those aren't really "tanks" though.
>>238623 looks nice
(104.73 KB 960x540 960x540APchinadoctorsflag.jpg)
(1.05 MB 3000x2000 EPc1m8LW4AAEf20.jpeg)
Does someone know, what on the flags is written?
>>238815 Not a Chinese expert, but I believe the bold text translates to "Internal Medicine Party Committee" and "Party Branch of Emergency Medicine" respectively.
>>192946 Xi always looks disappointed.
>>238978 It's what presidents do.
>>238822 True hero's to the people.
>There are more people infected with the coronavirus than there are stars in the universe Let that simmer for a bit you dumb commies.
>>239024 >defends eating bats Based. Crunchy fuckers must be eaten.
Ben Kavanagh, the Irish teacher in Wuhan, answers your questions from the city under quarantine "The Chinese gov. is handling everything well. Staying [in Wuhan] isn't a terrible option." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4vFj5GsBnE
Edited last time by Nox on 01/30/2020 (Thu) 15:02:39.
>>239088 Epic, perhaps... a bit TOO epic.
>>239088 So... fly in tanks and military or what?
>>239088 >PRC does not expect any payment in foreign exchange, because they consider it political assistance. Based Deng.
>>239097 read the translation, they wanted to send labour from the prc and presumably aid in the form of money
>>239075 Remember when we're talking about "thousands of cases", it's within cities of tens of millions, so less than a thousandth of people.
(214.40 KB 1000x1433 image.jpg)
>>238418 >More like authoritarian social democracy. China is neither social nor democratic. State capitalist or Keynesian is more accurate.
>>238674 No, see post >>238659 Looks like they are pouring concrete for the foundation still. You are correct the new hospital would probably look like barracks. A few years China demonstrated constructing a 30 story building in a week using prefab parts built ahead of time. I would expect a similar approach for this hospital project.
>>239088 >?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Remember to delete the tracking strings from your url.
>>239088 >android app Hello reddit
(134.18 KB 1440x1080 EPeHjo2UYAAFwNQ.jpeg)
"Those who fail to disclose a fever are class enemies hiding among the masses of the people"
Shenzhen Drive-around & Chat (Coronavirus & Racism Followup) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FWpa7NI1jA
https://youtu.be/7AI3R41dGnU Guy in Wuhan talking about what hes seen so far.
(384.12 KB 655x661 1.png)
>>240160 Yes...
>>235473 WTF, eating white meat well cooked is one of the most basic food hygiene practice, who the fuck is that retard ?
Coronavirus thread: >>240235
>>240195 enjoy your cancer
(147.07 KB 1175x717 GrimdarktheChef.png)
>>240195 Cooking with Ja/ck/ He doesn't want it to get too dry, he likes his meat Juicy
>>240239 kaka, it's meat, the meat is the cancer giving component... not some small charring, you dumb fuck.
Shameless plug here but if you got Telegram, you might wanna join us: https://t.me/sinocene
>>241561 What's this group? r/sino circlejerk?
Can anyone here give a crash course on the Hu Jintao administration, what happened if anything and how it set the stage for Xi? Books or effort posts are accepted
https://youtu.be/gjbSCEhmjJA So i was gonna post this in the in eceleb thread but i think this is more relevant in here, so tl'tw: in second late half of the video a martial artist called Shu is being oppressed and shunned by the chinese State and even people to a ridiculous point. Thoughts?
>>243030 >Socialist China is a beacon to the world and a shining example of what we want to establish in America, only without going through the tankie Maoist phase But Mao was an ancom who understood what his ideology was demanding of him >Twitter tankies sperging out Based. >ICOR, YDS, TİP, RSDLP, TİKB Literally no clue what a single one of those mean
>>243030 This is a joke retards
>>244439 I am so curious to see what Stalin would say to this if he was alive today.
>>244439 Stalin is the mother and father of the global proletariat
(136.20 KB 635x871 1.png)
I asked our youtuber basedboi to create an AMA thread on leftypol. You can PM him on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/danieldumbrill ) if you'd like him to participate here.
>Violent fanatics are assaulting people in the streets of Hong Kong while corporate media cheers them on as “pro-democracy” and oligarchs cash in. I explain how the US meddling machine is ramping up the Cold War with China: https://twitter.com/DanielDumbrill/status/1185026676343758848
>>243401 Worker's Spatula is satire. >Literally no clue what a single one of those mean Most of the time, Worker's Spatula loves to poke fun at all the Turkish and Kurdish Maoist sects.
>>244542 I find it hilarious that the comments under him constantly point out that he owns a pub in Shenzhen, so he's "compromised" - funny, you'd read journalists that are literally in corporate lobby groups, associated with super PACs and think tanks cashing in millions of dollars. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, ever thought that they might be "compromised"? It's almost like cognitive dissonance, when there are protests in a country that the US wants to overthrow, liberals are suddenly able to praise "spontaneity", "radical politics" and point out "compromised interests" of people reporting for the other side. But when it comes to their own country, where corporations and spooks write op-eds in all mainstream media, where money interests dominate politics, liberals are for some reason unable to see all of this.
Viral defense: US military in S. Korea to quarantine troops returning from epidemic-hit China https://www.rt.com/news/479883-us-troops-korea-coronavirus/ China's first 1,000-bed hospital to treat coronavirus patients built within DAYS (VIDEO) https://www.rt.com/news/479877-coronavirus-hospital-wuhan-china-construction/ China’s coronavirus: We survive much worse every year, but the panic is the real danger https://www.rt.com/op-ed/479600-chinas-coronavirus-survive-wuhan/ Apple closes all stores in China over mounting coronavirus worries https://www.rt.com/business/479836-apple-closes-stores-china/ Huawei tops list of global 5G smartphone suppliers https://www.rt.com/business/479498-huawei-5g-phones-shipments/
>>244542 @3:58 Here's a clip of the BBC report on the OFF (Oslo Freedom Forum), organizing counterrevolutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIjVBUwpri8 This got me thinking. Isn't this part of the superstructure for us to subvert? Imagine the capital behind developing the best counterrevolutions for "baddy" nation-states in the 2010s. Why couldn't this be slightly modified and turned against the imperial core nation-states?
>>244540 based, hope he responds
(54.47 KB 575x428 1.png)
>>244644 >>244540 basedboi responded
>>244730 I hope he's prepared for all the shitposting, slurs, neo-nazis, retarded memes, etc. that gets posted here due to "chan culture". Imagine being invited here to do an AMA and immediately being called a nigger.
>>244741 Good.
>>244730 Why are we inviting CIA operatives onto our site?
>>244741 >>244748 I think you should warn him about the nature of this board (or chans in general) anyway. Even if the mods are very strict a couple slurs and shitposts might slip through. It's better that he's prepared for that and know that it's "normal" instead of being chocked by it.
>>191778 based and monkeypilled
>>191778 It's not imperialism if the Chinese do it.
>>244739 >Imagine being invited here to do an AMA and immediately being called a nigger. Hideki Kamiya's thread on /v/ was a blessing.
>>244845 >Comments are turned off hatman literally too woke for youtube
(284.83 KB 1080x1620 EQIlOGKU0AEv7_l.jpeg)
(207.39 KB 1200x900 EQIlOlGU0AEnQiV.jpeg)
(168.51 KB 960x1280 EQIlOWbVUAA--E1.jpeg)
Not a fan of pRC or Xi, but what the hell wrong with youtube, and Nathan Rich channel since they even banned several videos on that channel which didn't even relate to PRC topics.
>>266745 literally whomst've
>>266793 Nathan Rich. He's a former US "white trash" that taught himself compsci, moved to Mainland China and now has a hot chinese wife and is a millionaire. He makes videos with strong knowledge in history where he ceaselessly defends China agiants the latest western MSM smear campaign. I'm not even ML bit I can admit that he produces pretty good content. I found him by being happy about him BTFOing that slimey racist CIA bitch SerpentZA (a while back), who was the only channel that came up for Anglo audiences for a good while when you wanted to find stuff about China. Nathan Fake is the antithesis to SerpentZA.
>>267806 >Nathan Fake <Nathan Rich* (I've been listening to the artist Nathan Fake recently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathan_Fake ) Here's Nathan Rich's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaSlyjhR4WC7QhYuaivxb6g/videos Here's the BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRqcA04FtmM Here's an intro to a Chinese history series he's in the process of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl1bPVn81Ok "American IMPERIALIST Hong Kong Bill": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWhnwCxSQcY
>>267822 Thoses videos are quite insubstantial, I'd rather listen to people with actual understanding of Chinese politics, rather than empty rethorics.
>>268231 the guy is an ex-trump voter, getting redpilled by imperialist policies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsLrlz8GsUE
>>268258 Again, empty petty-bourg moralism, most people who voted for Trump were on board with his anti-imperialist rethorics, not that it achieved anything. I'm still not hearing about the root of WW1 anglo oil imperialism after the phasing-out of the coal industry, the division of Syria and Irak, the petro-dollar trade system, the US backing of the bin Ladens in Afghanistan against the Soviets, the creation of Israel and subsequent Saudi-funded wahhabism against the Iranian revolution, the causes of the Iran-Irak war and overall US strategy of fragmenting the region by funding separatist movements, etc. If you're not aware of all thoses dynamics, how can you pretend understanding the role and interests of the US within the region? The only reason China is interested in trade rather than dominion, stability rather than chaos, is because it still isn't a dominant power, just like Russia. Petty-bourg types won't ever realize it, and would rather argue for idpol, as if the US foreign-policy is based on "race", "religion", "democracy" or whatever else, rather than making a materialist anaylsis.
>>268266 Honestly, that's 99% of youtube for you.
>>268266 >The only reason China is interested in trade rather than dominion, stability rather than chaos, is because it still isn't a dominant power, just like Russia. >just like Russia ah yes the extremely stable nd trade friendly russian armed conflicts in ukraine, chechnya, georgia, and arguably syria; absolutely 100% the same as the chinese building infrastructure in some underdeveloped african shithole. Both russia and china are just temporarily embarrassed petty-imperialists, you just wait you anti-american cretins and you will see in time both sides are the same.
(27.83 KB 664x389 bombardovanje.jpg)
>>268476 >friendly russian armed conflicts in ukraine Ukraine isn't a real country, Donbass is Russian and the (mostly civil) conflict was a reaction to the NATO-backed color revolution. >chechnya NATO-backed mujahideens, just like in Syria or Xinjiang. >georgia NATO-backend ethnic balkanization, just like Yugoslavia. >Both russia and china are just temporarily embarrassed petty-imperialists This is what I just said, learn to read, but if you think current conflicts aren't the sole product of US imperialism or that periphery countries (to quote Lenin) aren't just defending their local stability, then you just drank the Soros kool-aid.
>>268579 >shilling Yeltsin's bloody massacre in Chechnya This is your brain on Putinism
>>268631 Stop projecting, both Yelstin and Putin are anti-communist liberals, yet the US had a major role in further destabilizing the region, which was my point.
>>244540 >>244730 Coordinate with the mods and warn him about the terrible chan culture inheritance, plus our ideological enemies (nazi autists who try to wreck the board). >>243394 Lol, no way. I had a discussion with someone this weekend and this """documentary""" was his main argument of why China was authoritarian. >They tanked his social credit because he exposed tai chi. The government was promoting tai chi for nationalist reasons. They literally believe in magic powers. His social credit tanked because he showed their powers were fake. So inconsequential I didnt even know how to respond. The video is pure "China bad". This anglo retard has never been to a third world country or interacted with the police in the US. Obviously China has a shit ton of problems, this being one of the least important.
>>268642 US supported Yeltsin's and Putin's wars in the region you fecking dolt.
(120.97 KB 634x417 totoaba and vaquita.jpeg)
>>243394 >>268685 Excuse me no, superstitious bullshit is a huge problem for the environment both in China and around the world, and if the Chinese government is endorsing it, then yes, that is a problem and shouldn't be hand-waved away. You see these animals? Not for much longer, because the failure to eradicate mystical bullshit in China has led to them thinking anything and everything rare is an aphrodisiac.
(956.77 KB CIA-biovirus-2019.pdf)
It all comes down together or so it seems.
>>268966 take your meds
>>268969 Watch out, here comes the name calling janny with zero arguments.
No one will talk PRC seriously until they go vegan. All these sicknesses have a pattern to them which cause problems, time and time again, which stifle the Chinese economy/relations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiuH1V-OMR8
>>268980 Vegan vanguard WHEN??
>>268966 It's an open secret.
>>269000 Still waiting for the political fallout, we'll how long the CPC will play coy.
>>268579 >Ukraine isn't a real country ok ivan >This is what I just said and I disagree with the assessment when it comes to comparing Russia and China. Gazprom which is almost completely a private company takes over overseas oil industries like eastern Ukraine's (yes it is a country) backed by Russian military acting like a PMC on the field, it's (proto)imperialism as described by Lenin. What China does by developing infrastructures of underdeveloped countries and letting them handle them rather freely (see >>244845) is definitely an attempt to increase their influence, but I can't call it imperialism or even protoimperialism even if I really wanted. Even when SINOPEC takes a role in extracting oil from central asian countries, it is a SOE so most of the money extracted goes into the arcs of the chinese state which the CPC uses to further develop its 5 year plans, unlike it going into tax havens so mr porkynov can buy his pure-gold yacht in monaco like gazprom's case. >>268980 >guru pajeet channel First: poo 2 loo Second: absolutely reactionary mysticism, get that shit out of here
>>269017 First: Poo in your own loo racist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swachh_Bharat_Mission Second: Do you really not understand that the bodies of humans and animals are different? You should go back to your cage and stay there for a good week for spouting this science denial.
>>269025 What are you talking about? Pork consumption in China is used as source of protein, B1/6/12 and choline, so unless you got another way producing thoses nutrients at industrial scale, that's just empty rethorics.
>>269025 >Poo in your own loo racist I do. Indians don't. https://www.indiaspend.com/after-4-years-of-swachh-bharat-open-defecation-down-26-percentage-points-but-toilet-use-does-not-match-construction-spree-false-claims-evident/ https://web.archive.org/web/20191230102417/https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/05/asia/india-modi-open-defecation-free-intl-hnk-scli/index.html >Do you really not understand that the bodies of humans and animals are different? Non-sequitur. Our bodies are also different from vegetables, plants, fruits. Humans are omnivores, eating meat is healthy. The problem is health standards as animal pathogens should be killed before eating. Chinese wet markets have very poor hygiene, eating meat from them is barely a few steps removed from eating bush meat, and their existence is because of cultural reasons: Chinese people like their meat fresh. The CPC needs to step in and enforce better practices on these markets and punish those who refuse, while slowly fazing out the practice altogether so the chinese start preferring cleaner meat products over time.
>>268966 except this virus isn't stopping China's rise, and it won't save the US empire from being eclipsed by China economically either. And bio-weapons are not exempt from retaliation. We can assume that this wasn't a American attack because WW3 didn't break out. >>268980 >No one will talk PRC seriously until they go vegan. In your fantasy world people might be ranked by their food choices, but not in the real world
>>269046 There's tons of ways to get all those from vegan foods, which are easier to produce per pound most of the time. E.g. black beans + rise for complete proteins and mushrooms/seaweed for B12.
>>269051 >this virus isn't stopping China's rise Have you read the doc? It's about decoupling China's industrial base, not killing it off. >WW3 didn't break out Yet, I'm still waiting for escalation, so time will tell.
>>269055 No one should rely on plant based food for B12. It is not medically sound.
>>269065 Why not? You should be planning your diet out either way.
>>269050 >The problem is health standards Explain the African swine fever outbreak then, because it wasn't coming from wet markets.
>>269071 Because you're probably not gonna get enough B12 from plants. Not worth to risk getting deficiencies. Take supplements if you don't want to eat meat.
>>269072 The culprit is bushmeat in those cases too.
>>268642 >wanting to discuss realpolitik with radlibs good luck, anon
has the police dealt succesfully with triads or are they corrupt?
>>269075 Plants, maybe, though the focus is on other vegan sources of food that happen to contain bacteria that produce this vitamin. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4042564/ Assuming a recommended daily intake of 2.4 mcg, you should be able to meet this just by eating about 100 grams of mushrooms (from section 4.3. Edible Mushrooms).
>>269092 The amount of B12 you can get from mushrooms and seaweed is not reliable. There are different amounts in different plants.
>>269078 t. CIA
>>268966 Where is this text originally from? I agree the conditions surrounding the origin of this virus are very suspicious but there's no smoking gun so to speak. Western MSM has tried to spin everything related to the outbreak into some anti-CPC spiel, though. >>269051 >And bio-weapons are not exempt from retaliation They provide very convenient plausible deniability.
>>269072 Same guy you're quoting. That was blatantly a CIA OP same as the armyworm pest plaguing chinese crops since late 2019. There's no transparent proof of glow niggerism behind 2019-nCoV although I personally believe they're behind it too; timing (just before chinese new year), location (wuhan is basically the heartland of the PRC), and alibi (the presence of both wet markets and a BSL4 lab in Wuhan) are all too convenient to pass up as mere coincidence IMO. My point was meant to argue against militant mystic veganism, anyways.
>>269113 >They provide very convenient plausible deniability. plausible deniability is a political category, this plays no role in this.
>>269227 >he thinks politics and war are separate entities please read comrade mao zedong
>>269271 *please read a single book you burger shit
(280.19 KB 2121x1414 edible-yeast.jpg)
>>269065 >No one should rely on plant based food for B12. It is not medically sound. Correct. Vegans should not rely solely on a Plantae-based diet for Vitamin B12 (aka Cobalamin) intake. Enter: the Fungi kingdom. Fungi are not classified as animals. A bag of nutritional/edible yeast costs about $0.053 per gram here. 12g of edible yeast (0.4 ounces) contains about 100% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamin B12. For 100% RDI it would cost $0.64 per day. Chicken liver costs about $0.009 per gram here. 35g of chicken liver contains about 100% of your RDI of Vit B12. For 100% RDI it would cost $0.32 per day. Whole milk (3.25% milk fat) costs about $0.0013 per gram here. 1.6L of milk (0.4 gallons) contains about 100% of your RDI of Vit B12. For 100% RDI it would cost $2.08 per day. Roast beef costs about $0.029 per gram here. 180g of roast beef contain about 100% of your RDI of Vit B12. For 100% RDI it would cost $5.22 per day. Chicken leg quarter costs about $0.0066 per gram here. 2000g of chicken leg contains about 100% of your RDI of Vit B12. For 100% RDI it would cost $13.20 per day. A big advantage of edible yeast is it has a shelf life of over a year if stored in a place without sunlight. Animal products have to be frozen to last that long.
>>269479 sorry for doublepost :(
>>269478 >airborne virus >no eye protection >no gloves RIP
>>269741 >20 minutes with a vague title narrated by a guy with a shit mic quick recap, please
>>269741 watched till 2:18 and it all goes like: >China not socialist >DPRK not democratic I have no time for this big brained liberal's opinion on china.
>>269741 Liberal slime ball. Criticizes conservatives for being a bit too mean but ultimately buys into their xenophobia and insane narratives about foreign states.
>>269741 <06:42 At the beginning of the first Wolf Warrior film, the military and the police have combined <06:47 forces for the incredible task of just...arresting a group of drug dealers. <06:53 The police are extremely violent, and their opposition, the drug dealers, are portrayed <06:57 as faceless monsters. <06:59 The PRC actually has laws on their books that allow them to execute not only murderers but <07:04 drug traffickers, among many other lesser criminals. <07:08 The authorities undertake random drug testing on foreign nationals including on entry to <07:13 the country. <07:14 If you test positive, you can be prosecuted you regardless of where or when you consumed <07:18 drugs. <07:19 Police raids on homes also occur; if drugs are found in your property, penalties can <07:22 be extremely severe. <07:24 In the film, Leng is practically a superhero – leaping around and crushing those dirty <07:29 drug dealers. <07:31 What else do they deserve but death, eh Wolf Warrior? <07:35 With some of the strictest drug laws in the world, it's no wonder that the film series <07:38 begins with a joint effort by the police and military to eradicate a drug organization <07:44 as if it were an enemy nation at war with the PRC. If you consider Chinas history than this makes a lot of sense, because the foundation of the PRC literally was based on kicking out a foreign imperial power that used drugs as weapon of war. Because the drug peddler literally was an enemy at war with China and it's people. For American sensibilities attacking the illegal drug trade is just a pretext for punching down and attacking disenfranchised people. But in the Chinese context a harsh stance against the drug trade is born out of the will for survival and self-determination. Westerners complaining about this sound like the East India company banging the war drum for the Opium wars in the mid 19th century. This is tone-deaf even for liberals.
>>269741 <11:28 Experts are warning that China is quietly working to weaken the United Nations’ commitment <11:32 to human rights. <11:34 If it succeeds, the international human rights system could become even less capable of protecting <11:39 victims and holding individual states accountable. <11:42 During the most recent UN Human Rights Council session, the PRC deflected criticism of its <11:47 arbitrary detention of more than a million Uighurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang. <11:51 These prisoners have been detained in “re-education camps.” <11:55 Delegates from the PRC also disrupted a discussion on Hong Kong. <12:00 Prior to the administration of President Xi Jingping, the PRC tried to downplay its human <12:04 rights violations. <12:06 Their new strategy is to simply deflect criticism and change the subject to their own national <12:12 sovereignty. Human rights have been instrumentalised to manufacture consent for war, and for most cases the invocation of human-rights, in the international context, to actually protect people falls on deaf ears. And you can't not notice the hypocrisy where the US with European accomplices went to countries and bombed the shit out of Muslims that they deemed potential terrorists killing well over a million people. And now the PRC imposes state power on Muslims it deems potential terrorists but instead of death from the sky it's forced vocational training. While this measure still is mistreating people, it's far more humane, than what we have done/let happen. And for the Americans who have imprisoned far more people than China this is a bit much, there is no moral ground to stand on. If you look past liberalist idealism, and analyse the situation, then the cultural autonomy of the weegers is getting sacrificed for the belt and road project, which is like a scaled up marshal-plan for central Asia. Weegers almost certainly got used as pawn to try to destabilize this project. So if you want to criticise this, you have to find better ways for how great powers can compete for influence. The burning question here is why can't western powers peddle for influence via infrastructure bribes, at least that way we'd get a net benefit out of this.
>>269741 <14:55 The PRC is performing what is commonly known as a “debt trap.” <15:00 The loans are seen as too good to be true for a reason. <15:03 Many of these loans are for ventures that are not expected to be profitable. <15:07 The PRC knows this. <15:09 When the ventures fail to meet the terms of the loan, the PRC will be able to take control <15:13 of the projects altogether, effectively taking over the continent through shady business <15:18 practices rather than force. <15:21 The PRC did did this to Sri Lanka following their civil war. <15:25 This tactic has been used by nations throughout history, but the PRC's ambition – an entire <15:30 continent – goes beyond garden variety debt-trap diplomacy. <15:35 The PRC is effectively colonizing Africa. <15:39 That's not to say there have been no benefits to the PRC's involvement in Africa, as I am <15:44 certain that apologists will declare, but that's not the point. Yeah liberals and their half-truths. What is conveniently left out here is that African nations could just as easily go for western loans via the IMF but they don't, they prefer to use the Chinese loans. Why is that ? Like the video says at 15:18 they aren't threatened by force. So what's the argument here ? Are Africans to dumb to see the trickery? Are we going to insinuate that they can't make decisions for them self's. Oh and by the way it wasn't the Chinese that killed the Pan African movement that was promoted by Gaddafi, that sought to emancipate the African continent. Wait wasn't that killed by one of those humanitarian interventions. This video proclaims to educate the viewer on propaganda by using chinese propaganda as example, and then it proceeds to weave in western imperial talking points all over the place, and the worst part of this is that the person who made the video is doing nothing else than repeating the mainstream narrative un-reflected, and this means that the video maker is completely genuine in his intent. But ends up reproducing propaganda while trying to counter it. The most insidious chains are those that look feel and smell like freedoom. So this video doesn't succeed in educating people about propaganda, go watch Zizeks lectures on ideology, they are far better than this. All it does is offer criticism of China that while valid are ripped out of context, and presented without an alternative. I have not commented on the race-supremacy issue raised by this video because it's presented in a sino-phobic context that equates chinese nationalism with han-supremacy. And the reason for this is that I think it's pointless to try to combat racism, with anti-racism. I think that inventing a proletarian-race will be a far more effective way.
>>270403 >this measure still is mistreating people And what would you do?
https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/wuhan-virus-hong-kong-protests-china-12348984 >Hong Kong protesters torch planned Wuhan virus quarantine building. >HONG KONG: A group of protesters set alight on Sunday (Jan 26) the lobby of a newly built residential building in Hong Kong that authorities planned to use as a quarantine facility, as public fears in the financial hub about the coronavirus outbreak intensified. A Reuters witness saw several masked protesters, clad in black, rush into the public housing block in Hong Kong's Fanling district near to the border with China, and set alight a Molotov cocktail before running out.
>>270340 >>270403 >>270445 The worst part is that Renegade Cut is a self-declared Marxist who does Marxist analysis of movies and shows, but I'm frankly shocked how much aligned his views are with literal Neocon talking points - his constant formal denunciation of American imperialism feel almost surreal in comparison. These people are dangerous, because unlike open Neocons these closet Neocons like Vaush pretend to be against imperialism but are clearly agents of it. In another video Renegade Cut takes a shot at Tulsi Gabbard, and while there are many justifiable problematic things about Tulsi's record, he includes talking points like "she met with Assad" which he portrays as a new Hitler, and attribute the Duoma gas attack to Assad, even though this is now largely considered to be debunked since the OPCW leak came out and was confirmed. The part about drug dealers was retarded. Why is it that these radlibs always think that once you demonize literal drug dealers, you are some kind of evil Nazi who wants to enforce social policies of 1800? Not only is this ignorant of Chinese history as you correctly said, this pales in comparison with CIA-glorifying shows like 24 where Muslims are all terrorists that need to be tortured or the new Tom Clancy. He also complains that in Wolf Warrior 2, in some scenes the protagonist talks to Africans how both of their countries have been colonized - seriously, where is the problem here? Western movies playing in Africa usually portray the black man as utterly incompetent, relying on their white savior, and never really mentioning colonialism. By the way, here is a paper that debunks this "debt-trap" bullshit and explains why Africans do prefer Chinese loans over Western/IMF loans. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23792949.2019.1689828
>>270455 >And what would you do? Well ok i'm going to look at this from the point of view that i like the belt and road project, because it's development that will raise a gigantic number of people out of poverty, and this is going to increase the number of people that can get education and that will increase the number of people that develop and improve the means of production, which is the pre-condition to improving the quality of life for workers. China's options are to increase it's counter-intelligence capacity to be able to dismantle the networks that facilitate the destabilisation campaigns that ferment religious fundamentalist terrorism. This is however a slow and difficult process, and probably can't be done in time. This is a qualitative strategy, where quality of the stabilisation mechanism is improved, where the focus changes from influencing the weegers, to influencing the spy-networks directly. There also is a quantitative strategy, where you recognize that a large part of the destabilisation effort originates from the American imperial bourgeoisie trying to remain in power by destroying what it can't subjugate. This destructive force is finite, and it can be oversaturated, China probably could massively increase it's efforts to gain influence in South America and negate US a sphere of influence altogether. Simultaneously there is the possibility to fund peace movements in other parts of the 1st world to derail warmongering, and gunboat diplomacy. What this boils down to whether a strategy of building up can out-compete a strategy of breaking down. China has for the most part pursued a strategy of building up and it has gained more power, that way than the contenders that have pursued a strategy of breaking down, who have lost power. Hence it seems that the material conditions seem to favour a developmental tendency. But the biggest chance for improvement is that powers that deploy the destabilisation campaigns switch strategy where instead of trying to destabilize the belt and road project, they compete with their own development schemes to get influence. This is the rational choice because all evidence points towards this being a more effective strategy. But honestly i don't know what would cause this change in strategy.
>>270647 >compete with their own development schemes to get influence They simply can't compete, the US economy is paper tiger since they exported the majority of their industry since the neo-liberal reforms, along with the other major developped economies, they cannot pull off the same post-war "keynesian compromise" or "state-capitalism" like they did against the USSR, they're in decline, because global capitalism is in decline, while China is simply in a transition period and will be hit with the same issues soon enough.
>>270664 How exactly does outsourcing hurt the US here?
>>270702 It doesn't, until it does. Same thing happened with Japan. Why do you think Trump initiated the trade war?
>>270702 And if you meant about countering the BRI, you can't pull out large-scale infrastructural project like China is doing without the industrial base to back-it up, just look at statistics regarding simple processes like Steel production.
>>270664 >They simply can't compete, >>270726 >can't pull out large-scale infrastructural project So the opposition to BRI is pointless obstructionism.
>>271244 Not pointless.
>>271262 >Not pointless. Yes pointless try making an argument
>>271282 The point of opposing BRI is trying to contain China, how the fuck is that pointless?
>maoists >communists
(16.18 KB 239x239 1500163876936.jpg)
>>271649 Literally not real socialism
(656.14 KB 2365x2057 1574279402932.jpg)
>>271675 >bolsheviks >marxist-leninists >mao >castro >pol pot >deng >kim Il-sung >tito >enver hoxha >any fucking tankie >socialists
(18.15 KB 209x300 Trotsky_Soviet_Portrait.jpg)
>>271675 >>271693 He tried to warn us…
>>271702 I like his concept of degenerated workers states, it fits well to most attempts of socialism in history. However, i still think he's a fucking hypocrite because of so many reasons. I'm definitely not a trotskyst. He "tried to warn us" but i'm sure he would go the same authoritarian path as Stalin, but maybe a little bit less autistically paranoical. Between all the guys the stalinists would consider "muh revisionists", Milovan Đilas is the one i can feel more empathy to.
>>271756 Trotsky would be far worse than stalin, for one, he would commit all the same "crimes" but LOSE to the Nazis.
>>272036 Wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbim2kGwhpc Trotsky would sacrifice more soldiers up front to expand socialism, after which the gains would snowball. Poland and Germany become conquered, and then their combined forces take over the rest of Europe, and so forth. Stalin was too much of a wimp and thus his chances melted away, just like the union he essentially developed eventually.
>>272036 >Trotsky would've lost to Germany Bruh. He was literally big dick for the Reds in the Civil War and he was on the doorsteps of Warsaw. Plus he would've have purged his army when a fascist state was literally threatening an entire continent.
>>272143 >would've have purged Sorry. Wouldn't have purged
(81.69 KB 570x784 monlis.jpeg)
>>272082 >Trotsky would sacrifice more soldiers up front to expand socialism Gee i wonder why they got rid of him, you know since human sacrifice being so popular and so on.
>nooo only trotsky was le real internationalist socialist, unlike Stalin who didn't want to expand socialism >turns all of eastern europe socialist
(274.31 KB 960x540 2020-02-13T00:12:03+00:00.png)
(1.70 MB 1920x1080 hbo.png)
<What is the cost of lies? You didn't listen. Regime change is coming.
>>274084 Oh wow, you got the most backward and undeveloped states in Europe on your side, good job! Surely we can just stop and consolidate our gains now... whoops, looks like we don't have resources, gotta cut back on consumer supplies, gotta maintain the bureaucracy, gotta take out loans from the IMF... oh shit, it's over. Who could have foreseen this...
>>274084 "Socialism"
(13.51 KB 206x244 idiot read chinese.jpg)
>>275226 Yes we know, you are smart because you understand chinese. Now translate it, you elitary bitch.
>>275311 Just admited the slowdown of confirmed cases was cooked by the Hubei local gov't, they're in full damage control for now, but we might see a complete takeover by the PLA (central gov't).
>>275319 What are the real numbers and what are the percentages for?
(962.60 KB 1280x720 15k.png)
>>275326 15k is the number they released today, instead of only about 1k previously. You can watch the full announcement here (will polling): http://tv.cctv.com/live/cctv1/ (start at 00:00)
>>275341 Still doesn't explain the percentages (89% etc.) 15k deaths right?
>>275226 So I passed this through a few OCR online trash, translators, and curated a few characters and radicals by hand and this is what I could make sense (I don't speak chinese or any language with han characters): >Title of graph 89.0%受訪居民滿度特區政府 應對疫情整體表現 "89.0% of residents interviewed: Overall response to the government response to epidemic" >intense orange 41.8% 導當滿意 - "Satisfied" >light orange 47.2% 机放生 - "Machine release" this one came out as complete DUWANG but my guess it that it says unsatisfied, in contra position to the other option. >Below, blue over white bar 第二名新冠肺炎确诊患者康出院 Second patient diagnosed with new crown pneumonia discharged from hospital <crown pneumonia = covid 19 Some Chinanon pls help, or at least provide a better picture, the characters on the response opinions are barely legible.
>>275341 Again, mostly OCR bullshit plus terrible gweilo handwriting to correct some machine mistakes, and translator both full sentences and word for word, this is what I get so far: >湖北省今起将临床诊断病例纳入确诊病例效 >12日新增确诊病例14840例 <Hubei province will now count clinically diagnosed cases as confirmed cases <14840 new confirmed cases registered on the 12th Effectively, on Tencent's tracker you can see the rather massive surge of confirmed cases for yourself: https://news.qq.com//zt2020/page/feiyan.htm Now, I've been following this one (((anglo))) doctor on Youtube who has been releasing evidence-based content regarding this epidemic, and he coincidentally explained how the PRC has been handling mild cases, and the criteria used by the authorities for each category. Here are his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1BZLkb3710 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v16llL6YspY From what I could gather from all this, what this jump means is that Hubei authorities are now adding previously omitted non-hospitalized patients into the Confirmed category, the ones Doctor Campbell explains as been self-isolated at home. Of course since I don't know Chinese I really can't get the full picture until an actual chinese person comes ITT and corrects me.
>>275431 Try translating the full transcripted announcement from this link (starting at around 00:01): http://tv.cctv.com/live/cctv1/
>>275449 tomorrow comrade, I have to wagecuck tomorrow and it's very very late
I want to talk about China's infrastructure feats. Why do people think that China threatens it's own people to do whatever it pleases? I'm an anarchist and I have many problems with how China goes about it's business but why do burgers actually think that the government is able to do anything without the people's support? I find it delusional that anyone thinks a state can do anything infrastructural while threatening it's own people. The levels of democracy are questionable but for some of the things they have built such as railroads, highways, hospitals and such there would have been issues with those projects and never would have broken records in building such infrastructures. They also have great safety scores on infrastructures. It feels like we burgers don't know how to give China their dues. Yes, an pandemic virus happened but they are doing extremely well with combatting it considering the amount of people that can get infected.
(17.92 KB 300x252 广场协议漫画.jpg)
>>276389 It's just ideological propaganda, the principal antagonistic "contradiction" between the US and China is revolving around the technology transfer currently undergoing as a result of the globalization of industrial production, they are trying to pull another Plaza "accord" (the way they managed to own the Japanese industry), but since they can't compete on international trade relations anymore, they are relying on any (sometimes idealist, like human rights) mean possible.
Please help me. I need a high quality recording of exactly this version of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9tqusSXnYw
>>276389 >the government is able to do anything without the people's support Coercion, just like any other state. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law There's a ton of things the American government does that the people don't really agree with either.
(5.95 KB 164x250 1539237923143s.jpg)
>>269451 Ayy thanks for point this out, got some at the store yesterday.
>>278014 Based petty-bourg voting with his wallet.
Did you know, that the Global Times has made a video about this crazy hardcore drinker guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVsbeWevXe8
Are you guys interested in a talk with a supporter of imperial Japan? Well, here is your opportunity: https://twitter.com/Fritz_Harand/status/1228839220275564545
>>280285 Living proof the CPC is porky to the marrow. Such a degenerate guy could never EVER exist under my perfect socialiast system.
>>280319 My day was going fine until I saw this.
>>280319 Fucking weebs.
>>280319 The Manchus literally assimilated themselves into China
>>274084 When Trotsky does it that is internationalism, when Stalin does it that is imperialism.
How is it actually possible, that the CPC considers officially the cultural revolution as bad, when they still play the songs like here? >>277020
>>280634 The Chinese has a pretty complicated relationship to Mao. On one hand, the cultural revolution is widely seen as a disaster, on the other Mao is revered as the father of Modern China.
>>280634 They consider Mao to be 30 percent wrong and 70 percent correct. Mao is seen as the great but flawed founder of modern China
>>280768 Many thanks! You are the best!
>>280285 That's far more interesting than I expected. I recall some short docu about censors in China that stated smoking among other things was totally banned on (social) media. Bamboozled again by western propaganda! >>280319 >Friedrich the Manchurian nationalist sucking Japanese and American dick. It seems his brain has completely disintegrated from an overdose of pop culture. This kraut is off his rocker.
(762.65 KB 960x710 Qt9qxem.png)
>>280635 >>280685 actually they chucked marx and mao in the trash and adopted an ideological framework most closely resembling national socialism called "the century of humiliaiton", in which the eternal anglo is to blame for all problems and chinuh not being numbah wun. It is the duty of strong chinese to holocaust all dirty gweilo and homosex.
>>280883 American propaganda is extremely silly.
>>280889 dude it's not the cold war anymore people can research shit in minutes without leaving their homes, what's the point of lying?
>>280902 It's even worse, people believe in propaganda while thinking it their own conclusion of research.
>>280877 >Bamboozled again by western propaganda! Exactly this was my first thought, when I watched the video. I start to think, that western mainstream media is always showing the exact opposite of the truth...
https://www.reddit.com/r/Sino/comments/f4qmj9/why_china_has_no_use_for_democracy_india_has/ This pro-China subreddit is so strange sometimes. It's like a 50/50 split between people who say "China is undemocratic and that's good because democracy is inefficient and the masses are too stupid to have any influence on government policy!" and people who say "China's election system is actually more democratic than the west, western democracy isn't the only form of democracy!". The first view is abhorrent and I hope it doesn't reflect the views of actual Chinese government officials and CPC members.
>>280883 Their current framework is what they call "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" and homosex has been legal since 90s. The "century of humiliation" was a historical period from 19th century to mid 20th century when China was being wrecked by western and Japanese imperialists. This term was used during Mao era and even before that.
>>281089 Actually, these two positions fit together very well, although they appear totally contrary. This is the nature of democratic centralism aka a democratic dictatorship.
>>280883 >eternal anglo is to blame for all problems >It is the duty of strong chinese to holocaust all dirty gweilo and homosex. I used to think China was a cringe and bad. But now I realize, it's based land.
>>281089 >>281094 >>281100 If you want to figure out whether a society is democratic, in the sense of rule by an informed demos, you can look at wealth and income inequality as proxy, if there are large differences in wealth and income inequality it's not democratic. Its quite easily explained concentrations of wealth grant political power, and that stands in contradiction to democracy. Obviously China is not democratic, and if they tried to be, their society would be broken apart, they lack the media power to drown out external interference. Most of the western countries aren't very democratic either, and if you look at the approval ratings, China's governments scores higher than most western countries. Also If you want to have a democratic country you need to control all strategic inputs, i.e your energy supply, your food production, ... At least until such times until a internationalist global order is established.
>>281216 >and if you look at the approval ratings Yea, well I bet North Korea and African dictators have an even higher approval rating ;)
Nothing to see here, please move along! https://news.sina.com.tw/article/20200214/34234470.html
>>281246 They made some poll amongst North Korean defectors once and it turned out that Kim (among defectors, mind you) had a higher approval rating than Obama.
>>283191 >If people support it then it's not exploitation You do realize people supported nazism, Mussolini, the Japanese Emperor and people were willing to die and kill for their gods and kings? >>281216 >If you want to figure out whether a society is democratic, in the sense of rule by an informed demos, you can look at wealth and income inequality as proxy, if there are large differences in wealth and income inequality it's not democratic. Not owning a large personal income doesn't necessarily mean you are powerless, it all depends on how your economy works. When Stalin was found dead, he only had 80 rubles on him, however he was the most powerful man in the soviet union. Your indicator works well in a market economy, but not in a planned economy. In a planned economy the ones that hold power aren't the ones that have billions (because no single individual has billions in such system), but the ones who hold the political power.
>>283365 >You do realize people supported nazism, Mussolini, the Japanese Emperor and people were willing to die and kill for their gods and kings? You moved the goalpost from "evil dictators" to exploitation.
>>283191 A life of hearing and reading pure propaganda will do that to you. >Reporters Without Borders (RSF) ranks North Korea 180 out of 180 countries (Last) in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index. RSF states that North Korea’s government is a “totalitarian regime that keeps its citizens in a state of ignorance.” >In review, most of its content is dedicated to leader Kim Jong-un, such as the “Supreme Leader’s Activity” section, which covers Kim Jong Un’s daily activities. Rodong Sinmun typically republishes stories from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). Many of the news articles are verbatim copies of KCNA stories. For example, there is an article titled “Kim Jong Un Tours Singapore” that appeared in KCNA and with the same headline in Rodong Sinmun. Other articles are written by Rodong Sinmun journalists. Further, they often publish stories with emotionally loaded language such as “Children’s Union Members Are Masters of Future of Socialist Korea.” >Editorials usually offer praise for the Songun and Juche policy. Songun refers to North Korea’s military-first policy, and Juche refers to North Korea’s ideology of self-reliance, named by founder Kim Il-sung. A few quotes from the article reads “The great leader President Kim Il Sung, the red sun of Korea” and “Kim Jong Il is the prominent thinker and theoretician who developed in depth the Juche idea, peerlessly brilliant commander of Songun and shining star of world progressive mankind.[…] the nation with his unique Songun politics and consolidated the DPRK (North Korea) to be an invincible socialist fortress.” Another quote: “The valiant spirit and the immensely bright future of Juche Korea are inseparable from the nation-building feats of President Kim Il Sung who provided an eternal foundation for the nation’s prosperity in his lifetime.” Editorials also use extreme loaded language when North Korea is criticized, such as this: Hideous Provocation of Reptile Media. A quote from this article is not just emotionally loaded it is threatening: “It is the height of evil deed that can be done only by those villains who are steeped in hostility towards the DPRK to the marrow. The NHK should clearly understand the catastrophic aftermath which its false report about the DPRK can create, and make an apology to the Korean people on its knees.” >Rodong Sinmun is far Right biased based on North Korea’s politics of being a Juche Socialist State (Communist). A BBC article from 2000 describes how difficult life is in North Korea and still remains the same today. Essentially, Rodong Sinmun and all media in North Korea provides a rundown of Supreme Leader’s daily agenda, with a lot of flattery thrown in for good measure.” >Overall, we rate Rodong Sinmun a Questionable source based on Extreme Right wing bias with overt promotion of state propaganda and near 100% censorship of facts. (M. Huitsing 6/12/2018)
>>283379 Who said anything about "evil dictators"?
>>283699 >Rodong Sinmun is far Right biased based on North Korea’s politics of being a Juche Socialist State (Communist) LOL stupid sionista literally can't even comprehend White Juche.
>>283699 Did you just changed the source to pretend that they're right-wing? In the link you cite, they talk about "extreme left". https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/rodong-sinmun-north-korea/
(255.01 KB 1000x541 1059169140.jpg)
China says US is an ‘empire of hackers,’ mocks cyber-accusations in wake of Crypto AG scandal https://www.rt.com/news/481055-china-us-hackers-cia/ Washington accusing other states of leading cyberwarfare against the US is like “a thief crying ‘stop, thief!’” Beijing said, reacting to revelations the CIA used Swiss cryptography firm Crypto AG to spy on hundreds of countries. The US government has “conducted large-scale, organized and indiscriminate cyber theft, tapping and surveillance on foreign governments, businesses and individuals, a fact already well-known to all,” China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Geng Shuang said at a daily briefing in Beijing. These spying activities, which violate international law and undermine trust between the US and other nations, had been unmasked by whistleblower Edward Snowden and by WikiLeaks – a fact Geng was also keen to remind the audience of. Among other things, the Americans have been collecting billions of phonecalls around the globe on a daily basis and were even revealed to be spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone. The Chinese official pointed out that Washington never explained itself over those leaks and “now the Crypto AG incident adds… one more thing for the US to clarify to the world.” Last week, the Washington Post revealed that the US had been using a Swiss encryption company, Crypto AG, to monitor “secure” communications between as many as 120 countries since the 1970s and well into 2000s. The firm sold “encrypted” devices to government agencies worldwide, but was secretly owned by the CIA and then-West German intelligence. The Americans hailed the operation as the “intelligence coup of the century.” "Facts have proven time and again that as the largest state actor of espionage in the cyber space, the US is worthy of the name of 'Empire of Hackers.' Geng said the US has “no credibility” in accusing other countries of hacking and spying, but it “keeps playing the victim of cyberattack[s], like a thief crying ‘stop thief’!” “It’s hypocrisy on the issue of cyber security [that] could not be clearer,” he added. During the briefing, Geng provided his own list of Washington’s aggressive actions targeting China in cyberspace, including “controlling over three million Chinese computers and implanting Trojan Horse in more than 3,600 Chinese websites on an annual basis.”
>>284134 >muh ebin feudal culture *yawn* Half a century later, they are still afraid.
>>284982 arirang is south korean state propaganda, south korea is right now under coronavirus lockdown (events with large gatherings are banned) which is negatively affecting their economy and making their population annoyed and agitated (if you ever had the misfortune to meet upperclass south koreans they are such spoiled bitchy people, kind of like new yorkers), and so their current govt has every reason to redirect all anger away from them and pin all blame on a non-ally like china
>>283699 Rodong Sinmun is the official party newspaper of the WPK. Of course it would promote the party viewpoint. BTW there are also many Koreans living in Japan who support the DPRK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YtTd31I15g
>>217920 No chance If the middle east and north Africa show us anything, it's that the US will comfortably hypocritically split territory and support for Islam and sects depending on it's aims. Want to get Afganistan? Hate muh terror Want ti stop Iran? Support IS Want to topple Libya and take Oil? Support AQ Want to poke China? Support AQ Uighurs and then highlight the Chinese draconian response. Or take China. brothers forever with Sunni (post-Zia-US-cucked conservative deobandi Islam) Pakistan But treating sunni Uighurs likeshit. Countries, people and power centres are shithouses
>>285595 >dan the international business man defends his favorite ancap state again get newer material
>>285642 Petit bourgeoisie are not necessarily reactionary. They can be allies in form of an anti-monopolistic front.
>>285626 >accuses others of being an ethno-state >uses chauvinist slurs in the same sentence Fuck retard
>>285648 Socialism is pro-monopoly. Splitting companies up lowers efficiency.
>China is ancap >NK is fascist ethno state Lel maybe old BO was right after all
>>8925 If this kind of pandemia would have happened in the west the world would be fucked. Only CPC has sheer force to quarantine 10% of world popuation. I hope officials have learned and will crack down on these meat markets.
>>285626 >"fascist Korean ethno-state" with documented cases of half-white, half black, and even half Japanese Koreans and where the leader himself is quarter Japanese
>>285666 Westerners don't make anything useful, nobody would mind if they were gone.
>>285244 To be fair though it's because North Korea spends a ton of money trying to satisfy them. E.g. building schools and other facilities, trying to accommodate them in a foreign land that doesn't generally have a favorable view of such people.
(12.68 KB 175x288 systema.jpg)
is it true that mao banned ancient kung fu and replaced it with sports wushu? if its true,how do maoists justify doing something so uncool?
(82.01 KB 640x889 cg70ac8v9yh41.jpg)
>>285733 USA does the same by pandering to the Cuban diaspora, etc. It's normal
>>286177 Kinda sounding like whataboutism there
>>286190 So? I wasn't trying to make an argument, I was just pointing out that this is a normal thing to do.
>>286334 imperialism with chinese characteristics
(31.42 KB 720x720 zfr682bb4vu21.jpg)
>>288241 but they're doing anti-imperialism
>>288469 >anti-imperialism is when you colonize and debt trap periphery countries do tankies really
(15.93 KB 600x600 glow-stick.jpeg)
>>288928 >china debt trap talking point this is a mainstream talking point do you got evidence, because it can find loads off debt forgiveness and very little asset seizing
>>289531 >Japan is as it is >South Korea is almost identical, but with the added police state repression of everything to the left of the 'center-left' >Mongolia is underdeveloped and covered in the thickest of smog with demsuccs that cant even stave off the center-right from winning >Nork, Vietnam and Laos are the underdeveloped peripheries of what China is doing better. Is China the only relevant country in east-Asia? Why should I learn any other Asian language than Mandarin Chinese with such an abyssal competition? Too bad I'll only be able to talk to Chinese men, as all the baby-girls are thrown in the river due to underproductivity or whatever lmao not that funny and I don't know how serious it actually is.
(187.32 KB 483x419 bruhnigga.png)
>>289921 >all sources are either western or Japanese Read this piece instead, thank you. https://orinocotribune.com/catagorically-debunking-the-claim-that-china-is-imperialist/
Edited last time by antious666 on 02/21/2020 (Fri) 01:58:49.
(25.30 KB 618x415 D83i4osUwAECxi7.jpg)
>>290031 >?fbclid=IwAR0GBY7HHHpZ4ilj8CT6X9Ou91g_qr8yPwYN1KE3RJRUYk8tNrXuU6HYAHA https://orinocotribune.com/catagorically-debunking-the-claim-that-china-is-imperialist/
Oh Greta, why did you betray us?
(168.84 KB 1080x1700 jsbalb5woir31.jpg)
>>290375 Was that when they were trying to use the fires to justify the coup
How is the corona virus situation? I've noticed the schizos have stopped posting so I'm assuming China has dealt with it successfully. Those weeks of schizos posting anti China, collapse shit were hell
>>290403 The Hubei gov't was taken over by the PLA, but the reports are still slowing down with almost no news cases in major cities, including Beijing/Shanghai where work has restarted. Still waiting for the political fallout, while the politburo has made no major announcement nor policy change yet with no official "blaming" of foreign interference.
>>290381 How many levels of mental gymnastics are you on?
>>290344 I'd like the source of her supposed endorsement instead of it coming from Wong's mouth, please.
>>290449 Greta would fall for anything that waves a green flag, based primitivists strike again, the industrial revolution and it's consequences, etc. etc.
>>289556 Is this the worst post in history?
>>290581 What? China is the only relevant country in eastern Asia. Korea and Japan are both declining puppet states.
>>290581 Fuck you dude answer the questions
>>290365 Orwell predicted this
>>290661 Literally 1894.
>>228945 I read somewhere of someone in the Russian military talking about how stupid the USSR's command economy was but said that it is incredibly useful for the defense sector and that they still use some variation of it today.
(22.23 KB 988x548 proofster emu australia.png)
>>290031 >OP/ED >Orinoco Tribune >The Orinoco Tribune is an independent outlet created in 2018 and specially designed to provide relevant progressive information about Venezuela or related to Venezuela in the form of news articles and opinion pieces for English speakers around the world. >a fucking fidget spinner for a logo
>>290031 >>290068 Let's have some fairness here -- can we get another article that collaborates the claims in this one?
Extremists Use Coronavirus to Advance Racist, Conspiratorial Agendas https://www.adl.org/blog/extremists-use-coronavirus-to-advance-racist-conspiratorial-agendas
>>292790 >ADL Sloppy job.


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