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(563.11 KB 723x606 rojava.png)
RWG - Rojava War General Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 12:45:10 No. 86498
Here we post news, rumors, opinions, etc. related to the war between Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES), often referred to as Rojava and T*rkroaches. Please keep the tankie-anarkiddie shitposting in other threads. Assad/Syria/SAA supporters are welcome too.
whoa, hold on boy
Yes. Kurds are a reactionary race, read Engels.
Syrian army moving to face 'Turkish aggression' in country's north – state media

Tensions are mounting in northern Syria as Damascus started moving its forces to face the Turkish troops that are carrying out an operation against the Kurds in the area, state news agency Sana reports.

The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria said in a statement that an agreement has been reached with Damascus for the Syrian government troops to be deployed along the border with Turkey.

(55.60 KB 643x499 kurds must go.jpg)
Post thank you based daddy Assad and perfect papa Putin to pay respects to based daddy Assad and perfect Papa Putin.

Post father/s why have you forsaken me if you are an Anti Kurd cuck.
t. US bootlicker and NATO cuck
I've been here a long time too and you may have been here, your position however is relatively recent and the MOMENT your position took hold on the board it died. That was the signal of the beginning of end.Now we come back up. Begone.


You are literally.... LITERALLY just plain wrong. Assad and Putin, those well known imperialists, have just agreed to help out the Kurds.

It is over, you are finished. What all the pro Kurd side had been hoping for, predicting, praying for, has in fact thankfully, for the kurdish people, for Syrians, and for the middle east and the world at large, come to pass.


Anyway, the bigger question now is this:

Turkey (Nato) is at war with Russia/Syria, next to Iran which the US is trying to topple, while the US puppet government in Iraq collapses, not far from where the US war rages in Afghanistan, which is about equidistant to the Israel/Palestine conflict on the other side. We are in world war 3. the battle front is thousands of miles long, across the entire middle east.

Not to mention the red eruption in Latin America. Shit is going off.
We said from the beginning that the alliance with the Americans is an alliance with those who will betray you to the Turks and that created ISIS and every other terrorist cell to begin with.
We adviced to ally with Syria and Russia.
You are on your knees now, your pathetic little outbursts now are a fun little circus act, nothing more.
Try bending reality to your fantasy world all you want, bootlicker. Your pathetic play is over.
So does this mean tankies have to start defending Rojava now? kek
Syria wont end like Yugoslavia, sorry to burst your bubble.
Syria is defending Syria. You are delusional.
Who are you? Erdogan?
They always have.

how do you mean like Yugoslavia?

>We said from the beginning that the alliance with the Americans is an alliance with those who will betray you
>We adviced to ally with Syria and Russia.
they have always had cordial relations with russia
Okay half my post got deleted weird.

that last part was in answer to

The Lion of Damascus
What a shitty meaningless post. The FSA and Turkey have been Rojava's greatest enemy for years. You might as well accuse them of being secretly ISIS.
It's also cute when tankies pretend to care about ideological consistency or principled opposition to imperialism, when they are the biggest opportunists of them all and support Islamists, nationalists, ethnonationalists, liberals, social democrats (but only in god forsaken shitholes, otherwise it's literally social fascism!!1) and tinpot imperialists with great joy and pride.
This map is fucking wild.

There are about 5 governments in central/south America tankies support, and all are blatant victims of imperialism. Namely, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and probably ones I'm missing. Across the rest of the Latin America its US backed puppet governments. Latin America has been home to some of the most ruthless and disgusting imperialism in history.

The situation in Africa is extremely complicated, and breaking it down like that with that red line shows it is you with the black and white thinking.
Critical support for Antarctica against capitalist, imperialist penguin aggression.
Oh also who the fuck do we supposedly defend in the pacific? The remnants of the Suharto regime? Duterte?

tbh your map is just a map of your own ignorance of imperialism and the globe in general, which is probably why you don't hold it in such a high esteem
"""""Rojava""""" is finished.
Believe it or nor, I have seen brainlet tankies defend Duterte.
I mean, what were their arguments?
Better Duterte than Rojava
Admiration for Duterte being tough on drugs + something about how we shouldn't judge how third world countries deal with their internal affairs.
There is an actual peoples war against Dutertes government right now. He is hunting actual Marxist Leninist.

What the fuck are you on about. obviously the news of daddy abandoning has affected your already stunted ability to think. GTFO
The other question is:

How far do we think the Kurds are going to be able to maintain their autonomy now?

The deal between Assad, the Russians and the Kurds means Assad will defend only the areas around the border, this however means de facto that the rest Kurd territory will be shielded from Turkey.

Now that Assad has protected the Kurds, is he really going to turn around and start another Civil war by denying them autonomy?

I really don't think so. If the pair can get through this conflict, without a world war breaking out and destroying the whole thing, the future is (perhaps) pretty bright for the Kurds.
Left-deviationists. The eternal science of Marxism-Leninism-Dutertism dictates there first has to be a phase of socialism with death squad characteristics. Only when the last drug addict in the world has been killed can we move on from this first stage of socialism. Chairman Duterte expects this to happen 100-200 years from now and until then has to be critically supported against Western-backed Maoist terrorists. Praise Stalin.
Man, that's fucked up.

I live in a third world country, so following this idea, the international left shouldn't be concerned about Bolsonaro. He's tough on drugs too and maybe his government could radicalize the left here.
I can't understand some tankies.
emperor penguins get the bullet
Don't pretend your ilk didn't love Duterte at first with his cheap anti-American populism and pro-China bullshit.
Bravo for discovering that a meme uses hyperbole and is not an accurate description of the opposing viewpoint. After this I hope you can continue your fight against the humanoid pigs that literally fund pink-haired anarkkkiddies and grumpy old leftcoms to shitpost on obscure internet shitholes.
(58.80 KB 374x767 seamus get.jpg)
Nope I have always just supported the peoples war. Because.. its a peoples war. It and others like it are the reason I'm a fucking Maoist for fucks sake.

>anti american populism
hes buddies with Trump.
> grumpy old leftcoms to shitpost on obscure internet shitholes.

like this one?
I know this is an irony post but I still threw up in my mouth
The fuck does Duterte have to do with the Kurds
>Nope I have always just supported the peoples war. Because.. its a peoples war. It and others like it are the reason I'm a fucking Maoist for fucks sake.
I was talking more about the general ML discourse around his election, when there was hope he would tell the USA to fuck off and make peace with the rebels. If that's your stance, then we are good.
>hes buddies with Trump
Geopolitics don't work that way though. What is exactly the relationship between Trump and Erdogan? Or Kim? These things change overnight. You can't deny that Duterte has always maintained a relative distance from the US and actually negotiates with Russia and China instead of calling for daddy Trump to help him.
"People's war"
Too bad the people doesn't care about your war.
>what the USA has created
And yet when the US, or Israel or Turkey DIRECTLY made strikes on Syria they all just threw threats around and went back into hiding.
What are you even talking about you absolute retard, you morons who call yourself "tankies" really are the bottom of the barrel.
I'm sure you've read lots about the insurgency in the Philippines and aren't just pulling that hot take out of your ass
My name-a T-34. I come from /r/communism. Can I say a-first, we support your war of terror! May we show our support to our boys in Rojava! May Turkey and FSA kill every single terrorist! May your Tayyip Erdogan drink the blood of every single man, women, and child of Rojava! May you destroy their country so that for next thousand years not even a single lizard will survive in their desert!
I definitely think ML comrades who were lambasting the YPG need to reevaluate their stance now. A lot of Rojava supporters have mentioned cooperation between Assad and the YPG as a potentiality as they are political realists, and not puppets. I think this proves the case.
I love that scene
Don't tankies defend native Hawaiians? The US colonized them.
Russians have been pushing Assad to accept federalization as a solution to the civil war for years, interesting to see if he finally accepted.
Antarcticbol gang.
(57.24 KB 1000x600 gentoo.jpg)
dafuq you say about me?
How would that work? The PYD joins the National Progressive Front but the SDF parts are governed by PYD but the rest is Ba'athist controlled?
Rojava remains part of Syria, but it’s institutions remain in place and are possible expanded to all of Syria.
Also, all of this occurring under a framework of regional councils in some areas via a national assembly, with somewhat localized legal differences:
the fsa and the ypg fought together against isis and al nursa, they set up something called the Euphrates volcano
I remember the tankies being pro duturte during the first year of his presidency, then he started killing communists
Is not just a single group, many of the factions in the war were labeled under the Free Syrian Army umbrella, that's why you people saying Turkish FSA when they want to differentiate between the rebels backed by Turkey or the other ones in different regions of Syria under the same label.
This. "FSA" refers to basically everybody and anybody other than (official) al-Qaeda splinters fighting Assad.
Feels good to be right
"Our political project in northern and eastern Syria did not call for secession, but we have been calling for dialogue and resolving the Syrian crisis peacefully. We did not attack any country, especially Turkey, though it persists to call us terrorists while it played an important role in supporting terrorism in Syria. Today, Turkey is invading the Syrian territory liberated by the SDF with the blood and sacrifices of its children.

During the past five days, the most heinous crimes against unarmed civilians have been committed. The SDF has responded with dignity and courage resulting in the death and injury of its fighters, in order to save the Syrian integrity, however Turkey is continuing its assault. As a result, we had to deal with the Syrian government that has the duty of protecting the country's borders and preserve Syrian sovereignty, so that the Syrian army can enter and deploy along the Syrian-Turkish border to support the SDF to repel this aggression and liberate the areas entered by the Turkish army and its hired mercenaries. This agreement offers an opportunity to liberate the rest of the Syrian territories and cities occupied by the Turkish army as Afrin and other Syrian cities and towns.

Therefore, we call on all our people and all components in northern and eastern Syria, especially the border areas, that this deployment came through coordination and compatibility with the self-administration of the North and East Syria and the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

<Syria's army to deploy along Turkey border as Kurds strike deal

<In a major shift in alliance, Kurdish forces announce deal with Damascus on Syrian troop deployment near Turkey border.

>Syrian government troops will deploy along the border with Turkey to help Kurdish fighters fend off Ankara's military offensive in northern Syria, the Kurdish-led administration in the region said.

>The move, announced on Sunday, represents a major shift in alliance for Syria's Kurds and came hours after the United States said it was withdrawing its troops from the area to avoid getting caught in the middle of the fast-escalating conflict.

>The Kurdish-led administration in a statement on Facebook said it had brokered the agreement with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government to counter Turkey's ongoing push, which has drawn widespread condemnation.

>"In order to prevent and confront this aggression, an agreement has been reached with the Syrian government ... so that the Syrian army can deploy along the Syrian-Turkish border to assist the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)," the statement said.

Fascist and reactionary turks gonna get it.
>Erdogan: "We are not greedy of Syrian lands, we stand against those who want to dissociate Syria."

Support Erdogan in his rightful crusade.
>This agreement offers an opportunity to liberate the rest of the Syrian territories and cities occupied by the Turkish army as Afrin and other Syrian cities and towns.

Does this mean they’ll also try to recapture territories from back in Olive Branch invasion?
There are multiple deployments of Syrian/Ryssian forces near the border of Afrin.
200%: especially since Damascus wants Al-Bab back anyways.
Made me think yesterday about NATO Turkey and Russian forces entering into a open conflict in Syria.
Military source in Kobane: "Americans are on the bridge which leads to Manbij with 3-4 vehicles, not letting anyone pass, to prevent Syrian government forces advance. Americans left their position on Mistenur Hill last night but then returned.”
Russians won't do that. But that is not the danger. The danger is SAA or YPG people blowing up some Americans and Americans blaming Russia.

Just sort of like what happened in 1914 when Austria declared war on Serbia because of what some Austrian citizen had done in Bosnia, but then everyone else declared war on each other.
>Just sort of like what happened in 1914
There werent nuclear weapons that would kill 90% of American population back then.
Fucking burgers reeeeeeeeeeee
>Russians won't do that. But that is not the danger.

<Shortly after the strikes, various Russian unofficial sources began to publicize information that a number of Russian "volunteers" (PMCs) had been killed in the strikes,[2][44]

They will probably deny any official Russian involvement by using these volunteers/mercenaries.
(209.75 KB 463x604 1571000962594.jpg)
Go ahead radlibs, call me an Assadist again. Call me a Tankie. Call me a fascist. I don't care because like all sober anti-imperialists I was right all along.
Assad supports the Kurdish struggle and always has you absolute fucking mouth breathing tit.
Mercenaries, sure. But not official Russian army.
(763.37 KB IMG_1659.webm)
inb4 posadists take over
This, reminder Hafez al-Assad let Abdullah Ocalan crash on his couch. They were pen pals too.
Most of these are Russian conscripts who just dont wear tags like in Ukraine. Of course there are elite mercenaries there too.
(198.57 KB 454x572 1493626570405.png)
You anarchsist really are a bag of laughs. Complaining half the time that tankies defend bourgeois revolutions and state capitalist systems, and then accusing them of not being tankie enough for defending a supposedly capitalist state.

But I understand your seething. Another anarchist project end up in the dustbin of history, and you're alive to witness it. Must be rough.
>and then accusing them of not being tankie enough for defending a supposedly capitalist state.
I have never done this. Rojava is a socialist project unlike Syria. But back to the discussion. Lets not waste time on this anarkiddie/tankie squabble.
<tankies say Rojava is an American project
<tankies say SDF wants to destroy Syria
<tankies say Assad will destroy Rojava
<tankies say turks will annihilate the Kurds
>Americans leave
>SDF strikes a deal with Assad
>SAA moves in to help SDF against Turkey
>SDF declares again they don't wish to secede
>SDF and SAA defending Syria together
>everything happened exactly how the tankies predicted it wouldn't
<tankies now say they were right all along and that everything happened as they said it would
The cognitive dissonance is mind-boggling.
(30.96 KB 640x360 21906637_0.jpg)
Tel Abyad city lost to SNA/t*rks.

<FSA flag is raised in Tel Abyad

(151.96 KB 1522x382 qweasd.jpg)
Heeere we go

<Syrian government forces are clashing with Turkish-backed groups that have cut the road from Celebe to Ayn Issa.

Ras al-Ayn city still holding off the attack.

<Fierce clashes between pro-Turkish Syrian factions and SDF in neighborhoods of Ras al-Ain city in northern Syria

I would prefer to be wrong as a "tankie" if that means the kurds are brought under SAA control and authority.
>Kurdish forces announce deal with Damascus on Syrian troop deployment near Turkey border
I literally cheered when I saw this. It feels good to be right, though it was not in the way I had hoped. While this does raise hope that the Kurds aren't gonna be ethnically cleansed by Turkey and their jihadi proxies, it does leave the NES in a difficult situation when the time comes to negotiate with the Syrian government. I think the odds of them being able to preserve their autonomy are very slim, but it's better than whatever fate Turkey had in store for them.
<anarkiddies say Assad bad and Russia imperialist
<anarkiddies say USA will help spread socialism and free Rojava from ebul Assad
<anarkiddies say Rojava stronk
>be told that USA created ISIS
>be told USA created FSA and other factions
>be told they are NATO partners with Turks
>be told they will be fucked over by USA
>be told alliance and remaining with Syria and Russia only viable long term solution

>everything of this happens
all of those arguments you think anarchists had are exclusively in your brain or shit twitter takes from liberals lmao
(87.19 KB 1200x675 21906516_0.jpg)
(197.49 KB 1169x641 Syria Livemap.png)
The important M4-highway completely cut off by SNA/t*rks.

<As CNN reporter left Ayn Isa, just next to the M4 highway, Turkish Armed Forces patrols appeared
<anarkiddies say Assad bad and Russia imperialist
That hasn't changed. They still are.
<anarkiddies say USA will help spread socialism and free Rojava from ebul Assad
No one has said that - I certainly haven't.
>all that green text
We've been saying that since forever. The goal has never been to secede from Syria, and I've been saying for years that the best outcome would be if the NES struck a deal with the Syrian government that would preserve their autonomy within Syria.
>Super serious business.

...He murmured to himself at 4am; his cheeto covered fingers smashing the keyboard.
I hope the fight spreads to T'rkish Kurdistan that is mostly mountainous area. But i read here that they are ill-equipped for guerrilla war.
Doubtful, but there will be activities to liberate Afrin.
I mean, if I was in their position that wouldn't seem like a half bad option.
>But i read here that they are ill-equipped for guerrilla war.
Who exactly? I don't see either the SDF or SAA moving into Turkey, and if they do the conflict is gonna escalate really quickly. I can imagine the PKK doing more attacks within Turkey, which I imagine they already are, though I haen't heard anything.
(57.62 KB 600x800 EGyPZAFX0AA6bOW.jpg)
hopefully the success of Rojava will make Assad realize that revisionism and liberalism didn't work out and causes him to announce Ba'athism 2: Leftist Boogaloo
LMAO the sdf is surrendering to Assad. The Syrians are coming to defend their country, not to help ypg thugs.
>the success of Rojava
(24.71 KB 640x360 21906797_0.jpg)
(241.30 KB 1191x637 1123123124214.png)
(58.53 KB 1200x675 21906716_0.jpg)
SAA seems to be dead serious about their support against t*rkish aggression in Manbij.

<SAA at Al Farrat, western Manbij


Meanwhile american troops are used as human shields to stop SAA reinforcements.

<US forces stationed on Qaraqozaq bridge between Kobani - Manbij

why don't they just drive through them
>read a book
XD very much indeed
kill yourself
Nobody wants that you autist
Both Assad and the Kurds agree that only Kurdish areas deserve supernational union
They will shoot you but you cant shoot back or the retard in chief will have an excuse to carpet bomb Damascus.
Turks and SAA won't directly fight each other, at most FSA trash will be fed to SAA artillery and air strikes
I'd bet good money that Turkey was in on this and it was discussed at Astana

still pure rumor with no good sources yet
likely some structures will remain in place but probably only in the actual areas with k*rdish majority along with complete disarmament and folding into the SAA/NDF
They are SAA with tanks, not Toyota YPG
Area around Manbij is literally under Turkish control after operation Olive Branch. Sure they will use SNA as cannon fodder where they can but i dont have high hopes that Assad likes his country invaded by cockroaches.
iirc Saddam's ba'ath faction was the actual marxist one
Can we ban this retard?
He might actually be a fed. After all, only a fed would be this disingenuous.
True but im pretty sure americans are equipped to destroy any of those tanks with anti-tank missiles or fire support from the sky if they come too close and the soldiers panic. But they cant sit on that bridge forever.
don't be so triggered lad
Please can we stop this inane squabbling.

I'm a ML myself, and whilst sceptical because of US & Israeli involvement with Kurds, I've always supported them. Whether you like Assad or not its quite clear by citizens in SDF territory currently cheering the arrival of the SAA, that they're at least happy to work with the government. A peaceful cooperation between the two would be the best outcome. >>93031
>A peaceful cooperation between the two would be the best outcome.
I completely agree, but that has nothing to do with the "squabbling" you're talking about. The fact of the matter is that "anarkiddies" like me (and I'm not even an anarchist) have been predicting and hoping for this for a long time while certain "tankies" have been cheering for a turkish invasion and more dead bodies. And now when all these things have happened, they are now pretending they were somehow right all along, when the fact of the matter is they were dead wrong and always have been.
great news, hope they didnt have to entirely gave up their project
resisting the urge to annihilate them must be hard. fucking americunts, sore losers

would you retards stop with your sectarianism bs
most "tankies" and "anarkiddies" support the kurds and everyone was well aware of the danger of US aid, while recognizing it's usefulness in war effort, everyone expected US to fuck the kurds and turks to attack at some point, and we all hoped they'd manage to get along with assad against them. some might criticize them, but I doubt anyone seriously wished them ill, except in ridiculous strawmen and top retardation posts that anyone with a braincell can safely ignore instead of religiously logging it in their ideological book of grudges
anyone cheering for kurds end is a retard, anyone thinking the alliance with us was an unquestionably good move is a retard, and I've seen shit takes from both anarkiddies, tankies and whatever ideological brainlet came into these threads. denounce the shit position rather than retreat to shitty left infighting.
>would you retards stop with your sectarianism bs
this please and thank you
anyone with analysis that bad has no business being called even tangentially left. even by doing sectarian BS you are somewhat accepting them as "of the left"
This. Turkey is just doing the dirty work for them. Nobody wants these traitors trying to steal land for their "kurdistan".
>I doubt anyone seriously wished them ill
3.5 minutes later
>This. Turkey is just doing the dirty work for them. Nobody wants these traitors trying to steal land for their "kurdistan".
Honestly surprised and delighted that Assad went for an alliance with Rojava rather than sitting back while the Turks wipe them out before retaking the north.

>Nobody wants that you autist
Basically everybody other than Assad, Russia & USA included, have suggested federalization as a part of a lasting peace in Syria.
>still pure rumor with no good sources yet
That's not the case. Its suggestion by numerous entities is a matter of open and official public statement, what remains to be seen is what Assad ultimately agrees to in peace talks as the war wraps up.
Based SDF, Based Assad; fuck America, Fuck NATO.
>Honestly surprised and delighted that Assad went for an alliance with Rojava rather than sitting back while the Turks wipe them out before retaking the north.

Turkey is literally invading Syria and SDF is a useful ally against them. The turkish army is extremely powerful and SAA will need all the help it can get to retake all that land back. The SAA can easily defeat SDF after all this, but I think they will make a bad deal for the Kurds in the end. The real war here is between Turkey and Syria and some kind of conspiracy against Rojava and a peace deal after that is just retarded after all the turkish aggressions against Syria in Idlib, Afrin and now North East Syria.
A regime soldier was killed, 3 wounded by Turkish-backed armed groups' artillery fire in Manbij.

It was the other way around. The pro-Syria faction had a more leftist orientation than the pro-Iraq (Aflaqite) faction.
The modern insurgent remnant of the Iraqi Ba'ath once allied with ISIS and advocates an alliance with Saudi Arabia against Iran
>The pro-Syria faction had a more leftist orientation than the pro-Iraq (Aflaqite) faction.
Are you sure about that?
>The modern insurgent remnant of the Iraqi Ba'ath once allied with ISIS and advocates an alliance with Saudi Arabia against Iran
That's the Al-Douri faction.
There's also the better Al-Awda remnant organization.
(199.46 KB 917x723 1571072040633.png)
SAA making gains in Manjib.
Those aren't gains, just stabilisation.
It clearly was under Salah Jadid. Michel Aflaq was a moderate compared to him.
Doesnt look stable to me.
As-in its SAA troops stationed in already-held territory.
Jadid was an ultra leftist with shit stances on the kurdish issue though
Neither him or Hafez were good.
the cope with you retards is unbelievable

>assad won't ally with kurds
he does
>well... well afterwards they will surrender all their arms
they won't.

When will you get it through your thick skull. Assad isn't a retard purist, he is a pragmatist, and civil wars, after you just fought a civil war, is not pragmatic. He won't even try and disarm them, it would be ludicrous after together they have consolidated Syria.

Nothing about what you say is pro Assad, or from any kind of material analysis, its just being butthurt that "anarkiddies" (Ex maoists fighting a peoples war, allied with the nat bourg in favour of national liberation and new democracy) are managing to survive.

You have been btfo on every single point. There is not one point you have managed to argue.

>muh kurds are selling israel oil
no proof provided
>the kurds were a us plan from the start
no proof provided
>assad will never ally with the traitors
no proof provided, proven wrong.
>now the kurds will surrender to assad
no they fucking wont.

You have been wrong, you are wrong now and you will continue to be wrong in the future, because you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Leave. Nobody wants you here, you are a wrecker, your takes are shit, and you should kill yourself
What the fuck are you on about? Lets just leave the question of the anarchistness of Syria aside, because if thats what you think it is, you really have no idea.

But given the current situation, with Assad siding with them, the Kurds have never actually been further from the dustbin of history. It is unlikely now Turkey will win their incursion, they have absolutely no leg to stand on, the entire global community is against them. The war will become increasingly unpopular at home as time goes on.
If rojava was any good western media would not be supportive of it. The "global community" i.e. the western ruling classes opposing turkey's anti-terrorist operation is an indictment of the turds.
Legitimately the most retarded take I've seen, Congrats.
>negotiate with the Syrian government
lol. they will be dictated terms and accept them
(119.04 KB 868x738 1571070250634.jpg)
It's not in Assad's interest to break up the town halls and co-ops, especially as they're a secularizing force in areas where Islamism runs rampant in the minds of a lot of people. This won't work if it's all coercive.
Why are western "communists" self hating cuckolds? Just kys my man
(49.73 KB 545x488 1571080367887.jpg)
I guess Trump was the anti-imperialsit candidate all along
reminder napoleon was nazbol
accelerationists were right
Critically Defend Assadist Baatho-Bonarpartism against Neo-Ottoman Imperialism. Remember 1799!
Now there are unconfirmed reports that Russians are bombing turkish positions with fighters. Talk about escalation.
Sounds like election speech. Why is american military hindering SAA reinforcements to fight a NATO ally?
(466.39 KB 1242x1875 statement.jpg)
Zion Don threatening to impose sanctions on Turkey soon

Pentagon to ‘press NATO allies to sanction Turkey’ over Syrian op, lays blame on Erdogan for ‘potential ISIS resurgence’
>Turkey’s operations in northeast Syria have “undermined” the campaign against Islamic State, the Pentagon has claimed, warning that the US will be “pressing” their NATO allies to sanction Turkey for its “egregious actions.”
Turks had been trying hard to balance the interests of Russia and the US so they could double dip from both's MIC but they really fucking screwed the pooch this time around lmao
so tankies are coming to save anarkiddies from getting btfo as always. thank goodness.
Ultra capitalist Russia is saving Rojava no armchair tankie is helping them.
Doesn't that make rojava look bad? Also isn't syria doing that?
>Doesn't that make rojava look bad?
Rojava is socialist but they are pragmatic about their allies as they should be. There is no real difference between Russian and American imperialism other than Russia is a weaker force and not part of the west.
>Also isn't syria doing that?
Syria is capitalist and part of Russian imperialism like Rojava now.
One major difference is the US overthrows governments constantly. Russia doesn't.
Like i said Russia is much weaker imperialist force but they did try to to overthrow Montenegro government a while ago. They attack their weaker neighbors and are a pathetic weak shadow of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Still im so fucking happy SAA/Russia is helping the revolution.
I have heard that this is all been a conspiracy between trukey, syria, and russia to get rid of the kurds and move turkey from nato to an russian alliance, thoughts?
(44.62 KB 810x823 grwetgrf.jpeg)
Shit-take: post-tankies save post-anarchists, from post-ottman empire.
It was pure retardation. Assad needed a few days to realize SDF is a huge asset to fight turkish invasion.
>a conspiracy between trukey, syria, and russia
How'd they'd make the US pull out their troops ?
Not even an Anarchist but literally no One was ever saying this
(121.44 KB 1280x720 turanic.jpg)
So Pic?
Pragmatic immortal science of Democratic Confederalism will Bring Syria to Victory against Ottoman Empire
Holy fuck I was fucking right all along, this is the actual good ending of the Syrian civil war, for once we are in the best timeline, the Kurds were pro-Assad from the start, they just wanted more autonomy and feared the development of liberalism inside the Syrian state, they therefore created a new, socialist, economic model to better develop their own people and show to the world what was possible to do (this btfo the dengists by the way). They never wanted independence, they alway said they wanted to remain in Syria, what they wanted was autonomy to develop themselves.
All matter of lies were thrown around by the T*rkoids subhumans who claimed that YPG forces were massacring children, killing Assyrians and Arabs, burning their own food (what the actual fuck), all the same lies that were thrown against other Socialist regimes such as the DPRK or Cuba and these never make senses and are never real.

The same supposed "tankies" (I'm one myself) who defends the DPRK shit on Rojava. Why ? Because American forces were present inside the country to help them fight against ISIS. So of course some retards who obviously don't know shit about geopolitics started crying "b-but this means that Rojava is a US puppet !"
So does this mean that the PRC under Mao wasn't Socialist and was a US puppet because it collaborated military with the US and the CIA to overthrow Soviet aligned countries ? Of course China at this time was still Socialist and was independent, it's just that Mao was a fucking retard when it came for geopolitics.
The same goes for Rojava, althrough US forces inside the country greatly helped to fight off ISIS and other rebels, maybe it wasn't the best course to take and they should have called the Russian/Syrian to their help. But whatever, History is History, the YPG simply needed military forces to fight off the rebels and they used the US. Now they are joining back Syria and Russia to fight off the invading horde of T*rkish untermenschen.

After this is done they will join back Syria and Assad may do multiple things :
1 - Give more autonomy to the Kurds and other minorities / Federalize Syria
2 - Consider the success of the Rojavan economic model and maybe implement actual Socialistic reforms to his country
3 - Learn from Rojava and how they used international brigades from all over the world and form a new Internationale together with Cuba and the DPRK to fight off imperialism and encourage Communist party to join them around the globe

I sincerely hope all those retards who were shitting on Rojava actually learn from their mistakes and start supporting them. Those who unironically support T*rkey here are retards that should be shot for real. This Mongoloid horde of a country should be deported back to Central Asia where it belongs.

You two are the most based posters in this thread, I like how you have singlehandedly btfo all the retards who were standing against Rojava. Good job.
So anons, if everyone dogpiles Turkey and their invasion of Rojava collapses on its face, what effect does this have on Gay Sultan, politically? Bad PR because it shows he's a fumbling bellicose blowhard, or good PR because it stirs nationalist sympathy inside Turkey?

Hoping this turns out as badly as possible for his party and every other Islamist.
This is the perfect take: anyone who is seriously attacking Rojava is buying into T*rkoid lies.


> The same supposed "tankies" (I'm one myself) who defends the DPRK shit on Rojava.

Remind them that Turkey was the biggest imperialist power outside the West to send troops against the DPRK. That should shut that down real good. Seriously, who can defend Turkey?
>The idea of the KCK was proposed at the 5th Congress of the Kongra-Gel (Kongra Gelê Kurdistan – Kurdistan People's Congress) held in Qandil in May 2007, and it replaced the KKK, which had been in existence since 2005. KKK, standing for Koma Komalên Kurdistan, was established at the Kongra-Gel's 3rd Congress in Qandil with 236 delegates in May 2005, in accordance with Öcalan's "democratic confederalism" concept.
lmao what were they thinking when they chose that name?
not everyone has knowledge of american history. Also, they at least had the good sense to replace it.
(52.50 KB 326x360 EG3o8CzWwAIuDF2.jpg)
(79.52 KB 680x425 EG3o8C2W4AExarF.jpg)
(333.69 KB 1024x654 14chappatte-jumbo.jpg)
(466.39 KB 1242x1875 EG3SarFWsAUW-Ed (1).jpg)
<Trump hits Turkey with sanctions, calls for ceasefire

>US President Donald Trump on Monday imposed sanctions on Turkey over Ankara's military operation in northeast Syria, and called for an immediate ceasefire.

>Turkey launched the cross-border assault on Kurdish fighters last Wednesday after Trump withdrew some US troops from the region, drawing sharp criticism from fellow Republicans who accused him of abandoning allies who had helped him fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) armed group.

(62.26 KB 640x363 1-12.jpg)
<Battle for Manbij: Turkish-backed forces launch push on key city

>Syria says government troops entered Manbij, potentially setting up a direct confrontation with Ankara-led forces.

>Turkish-backed rebel Syrian forces have launched an operation to seize the strategic city of Manbij from Kurdish forces, as Ankara's military offensive into northern Syria carves out a new front in the country's years-long war.

>Monday's drive came as Syrian government troops started moving towards the country's border with Turkey after Damascus forged an agreement with the Kurdish-spearheaded Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to fend off Ankara's military push, in a Russia-brokered deal that once again reshaped alliances in Syria's multilayered conflict

>"The battle of Manbij has begun," Mustafa Seijari, an official with the Turkish-backed rebels, said in a post on Twitter on Monday, a day after the United States announced it was withdrawing its troops from the region.

>Hours later, Syria's state-run SANA news agency reported that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad had entered Manbij, without providing further details.

Thank you daddy Trump for protecting freedom, Kurdistan is saved thanks to the international community putting rogue states in their place!!!
(59.57 KB 780x520 yq-manbij-15102024.jpg)
<Russia: Syrian forces in 'full control' of Manbij

>Russia's defence ministry said Syrian government forces have taken "full control over the city of Manbij and nearby settlements".

>Russian forces were continuing to patrol border areas along the "line of contact" between Syrian and Turkish forces, it said in a statement.

<US coalition: 'We are out' of Manbij

>The US-led coalition fighting ISIL in Syria said it pulled all of its troops from Manbij, which is now controlled by Syrian government forces.

>"Coalition forces are executing a deliberate withdrawal from northeast Syria. We are out of Manbij," a spokesman said on Twitter.

Okay, redpill me on this. r/Syriancivilwar says it's unrealistic, but how high is the chance we actually going to get a clash between the Turkish army and the SAA?
gurenteed small clashes but nothing big. it really depends on what the turd goal is, 20 mile exclusion zone or full invasion of rojova
Seeing all of them in the middle of nowhere, just standing around in the desert on their phones seems surreal.

<Kurdish fighters put up fierce resistance Tuesday to Turkish forces battling to seize a key town Ras al-Ayn in northeastern Syria.

>Kurdish combatants from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are battling Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies -- mostly former rebels paid and equipped by Ankara -- in various parts of the northeast.

>The Kurds are mounting a desperate defence in the border town of Ras al-Ain, using a dense network of tunnels, berms and trenches.

>SDF launched "a large counterattack against Turkish forces and their proxies near Ras al-Ain," the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

>An AFP correspondent in the area said clashes around the town continued on Tuesday, despite repeated claims by Ankara in recent days that it had captured the area.

>Since launching their assault on October 9, Turkish-backed forces have secured more than 100 kilometres (60 miles) of border, but Ras al-Ain, which the Kurds call Siri Kani, has held out.


Michael Brooks kinda sucks here. He opposes Trump on pulling out of Syria and ignores that now we have the opportunity of a Syrian-Rojavan alliance which is way more progressive and may end the war.
(134.31 KB 960x720 21907431_0.jpg)
They will run out of SNA/FSA troops sooner or later and i can hardly imagine these terrorists can manage to handle heavy weaponry unlike turkish professional soldiers.

>2 Turkish soldiers were killed in mortar attack earlier today on Manbij frontline - Turkish Ministry of Defense

>1 Turkish soldier killed, 8 wounded in a mortar attack in Manbij countryside
fundamentally he still fails to understand the international effects and goals of US strategy, even if he has had his intro to demsoc stuff with people like Richard Wolf. his geopolitics by my estimate are fundamentally liberal, with a facade of being red through calls of international solidarity.
(171.74 KB 1149x585 12312312313123123.png)
<Pro-Assad forces are now gathering on M4 highway west of Tall Tamr NW Hasakah at this point
What does this actually mean?
Did the SDF attack an US base?
F to my African brother
>mortar attack
of course shot by a distance
lmao. Serves them right.
(86.51 KB 542x627 1571076879037.jpg)
>they therefore created a new, socialist, economic model to better develop their own people and show to the world what was possible to do (this btfo the dengists by the way)
Settle down. They ran a war economy on stolen oil. But a very good outcome nonetheless.
Idk all the people he models his politics after, namely Micheal Manley and Lula were social democrats friendly to Cuba and the emerging powers
(12.45 KB 370x186 1571172076272.png)
(10.75 KB 351x165 1571172186404.png)
How long until nukes start flying?
(162.36 KB 606x463 Screenshot_20191015_231659.png)
Since when Ben Norton is so based and redpilled?
I know comrades (anarchists) in my org melting down saying that Assad is gonna gonna genocide and gas the kurds and is curently going nuts at the alliance.
Since around 2017 at least. He is the fucking best tbh. Was spitting straight fire on Pushback (Aaron Matés new show) yesterday.

Anarchists say the darnedest tings.
(23.64 KB 598x313 ben borton.png)
Ben going after Michael Brooks
With the SAA and SDF on the same side now, can we stop the shitflinging between narchos and tanks?
So, does anyone knows how one could join the 5th corps?

Like, do you just make a military pact and BAM 5th corps SAA wowe baby.
No, because certain Narcos are actually just liberals in disguise with a boner for US intervention.
He's trying to compensate for his support of Libya and Syria being bombed like 7 years ago.

It's time to retake Constantinople
all this is a lie
I doubt they can actually use them, those nukes cannot detonate without authorization
Ah yes, but tankies with a boner for the Turkey (NATO) invasion of Rojava are fine, right?

I support any kind of leftist movement. In a world dominated by capitalist states there isn't much room for ideological purity. All comrades struggling against capital should be supported.
>Tankies in support of Turkey

Where the fuck are these people? I keep seeing anarchists and other left-lib scum ranting about evil Tankies supporting Turkey, but I’ve literally never seen these people. Almost like anarchists are dishonest pieces of shit that need to lie about Tankies for the sake of appeasing liberals and their own insane anticommunist positions.
(1.80 MB 1367x592 1571211244509.gif)
The only people I have seen supporting Turkey are meme tier Nazbols
All the nazbol memers I saw support Assad
Assad and Turkey are the same, because they are mean to the Gurds
There is literally ones in this thread. They aren’t tankies tho, just retards who identify as such
> muh terrorists
What is this neocon shit
>can’t handle heavy weaponary
Mount on a truck and pull the trigger
No, because certain tanks are actually just roaches in disguise with a boner for islamist militias.
(30.18 KB 600x400 084258_hsk-mazloum-ebde.jpg)
<Syria's Kurds forge 'costly deal' with al-Assad as US pulls out

>Damascus has much to gain from deal with Kurds, but its ability to halt Turkey's push depends on Russia, say analysts.

>In a renewed shift in alliances, the Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria announced on Sunday a deal with President Bashar al-Assad's government to allow Syrian troops to deploy along the border with Turkey to stave off a military offensive by Ankara.

>The pact, brokered by Russia, came hours after the United States announced it was pulling its troops from Syria to avoid getting caught in clashes between the Turkish military and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

>Mazloum Abdi, the SDF's commander in chief, said his people were forced into an alliance with Washington's foes, Syria and Russia, because the US's pullback had left them vulnerable to a Turkish assault.

>"If we have to choose between compromise and genocide, we will choose our people," wrote Abdi in an op-ed for Foreign Policy. "The Russian and Syrian regime have made proposals that could save the lives of millions of people who live under our protection."

>Working with Damascus and Moscow requires "painful compromises", he wrote. But the SDF has little choice: "Our people are under attack, and their safety is our paramount concern."

<The deal has helped deter Turkish advancement into Kurdish-controlled areas east of the Euphrates River, with Syrian troops taking over Manbij on Tuesday.

>But al-Assad, who wants to reassert his rule over Syrian territories lost during the course of the country's eight-year-civil-war, was unlikely to allow the Kurdish-led administration to maintain autonomy in those areas, said Amer Mohamad, a Syria security expert.

>"This understanding [between the Kurds and al-Assad] is very costly for the SDF but cost-free for al-Assad," he said. For al-Assad's government, deploying troops to the border was "only a symbolic deterrence against Turkey", he added, dismissing the likelihood of a military confrontation between Syria and Turkey.

>But for the Kurds, the deal "would have involved a lot of compromises," said Mohamad.

>"A few months ago, the SDF was in a position to try to maintain everything [it had gained]. But now, being completely under [the authority of] the Syrian government, they will be trying to just maintain the safety and security of their people and towns."

Such bs. One of the best fighters against isis only to lose more than you started with
(326.33 KB 892x501 AP_19282347451908.jpg)
<Turkey to continue Syria offensive 'until terrorists eliminated'

>Turkish Ambassador to Doha Fikret Ozer said the military operation's goal is to guarantee return of Syrian refugees.

>Turkey's ambassador to Qatar has said his country's military operation in northern Syria will continue until the threat of "terrorism" at the Turkey-Syria border is wiped out.

>"We intend to continue the military operation in northern Syria in order to ensure the safety of our borders and until the terrorists are eliminated," Fikret Ozer said at a news conference in Doha on Monday.

>"The operation's end goal is aimed at guaranteeing the return of Syrian refugees," he added.

Lol they're already getting pushed back.
(12.76 KB 720x252 1321123123123123123.png)
Trumps shows his wisdom again.
(214.49 KB 1300x552 Kobani.png)
(420.49 KB 1417x671 Tall Abyad.png)
<Russian/SAA forces reach Kobani.

<SDF holds the front in Tall Abyad after losing the city.
>lovers forest
Let it burn
(368.29 KB 1419x635 Manbij.png)
(207.26 KB 1535x671 M4 Ras al-Ayn.png)
<Heavy clashes west of Manbij where TFSA has made only little progress.

<SDF pushing back TFSA/Turks on the M4-road with SAA support. Ras al-Ayn Still under firm SDF control.
(324.99 KB 1459x645 MAP1.png)
(321.55 KB 1533x699 MAP2.png)
Here are some maps and links if people are interested in more detailed info about the war situation.


lurk moar
what did you mean by this?
"stolen oil"
yes hello where is proofs
If you had lurked more in these threads, you would have seen all the tankies you claim don't exist.
(222.50 KB 587x656 Screenshot_20191016_211213.png)
Allahu Ocalan
is this guy a retard?
Trump? Nah, he is probably just senile
> more of a terrorist threat
kill me

average boomer tbh
*Ocalanhu Akbar
(173.55 KB 1500x1002 apo.jpg)
the fire rises
The moment of the bombing of two #tanks belonging to the #Turkish occupation by our heroes

Bijî berxwedana YPG û YPJ û QSD
Bijî berxwedana Serêkaniyê
Bijî Kurdistan
(16.64 KB 518x217 64D Chess.png)
Do you even have to ask?
>in my great and unmatched wisdom
What a time to be alive!
>"Hong Kong people deserve freedom!"
>"Kurds are not entitled to anything!"
I sincerely want to murder rightoids. My blood boils when I see this double standard bullshit. Have some consistency you fuckwad.
v nice
OK. So when the first tank explodes they all start celebrating. One yells Allahu Akbar. Then either he or another one tries to yell it again, but is kinda shushed by a third guy.

If that happened, for whatever reason, it's a form of secularisation. I admire them for how they are progressing, under constant attack, in the middle of the war, fighting for their lives. God damn I'd go over there if it didn't mean my certain death.
afaik 'aloha akbar' is equivalent to the way we in the west exclaim "oh my god" when something happens. it never had a religious connotation, only a cultural one.
(90.26 KB 1125x1414 EHBrwwvX0AAyKlq.jpg:large.jpg)
The letter Trump sent to Erdogan.
(34.59 KB 310x369 j43pb.jpg)
I'm gonna have to ask for the source on that, comrade, before I believe it.
I mean, come on. Seriously, he's not that crap — is he?
I, too, have increasing difficulty of discerning between reality and fiction. The Dem debate yesterday gave me strong depersonalization feelings and this doesn't help.
>tankies with a boner for the Turkey (NATO) invasion of Rojava

No such people exist because supporting the NATO invasion of anywhere is against the basic principles of tankieism. Even this map >>92304 on the tankie guide to anti-imperialism


>If you had lurked more in these threads, you would have seen all the tankies you claim don't exist.

No you wouldn't you dishonest fuck. I can even show you as many posts from people stating that tankies should not support Turkey. Certainly, there is essentially no one supporting Turkey in this thread anymore.

The people that were supporting them earlier were Turkish shitposters chanting kara boga not tankies and that was even days ago, before Assad intervened. Stop lying.
He fucks up immediately by calling Bookchin an "Anarchist Saint" because Bookchin (in)famously broke with Anarchism over electoralism and fell out with his contemporaries. As much as google bookchin is a meme, it's impressive how some people can't read the opening paragraph in a wikipedia article. The rest is dishonest twisting of some dumbass bOtH sIdEz shit bookchin said, which is a shame because there's much more relevant things to attack Bookchin on like misunderstanding what "proletariat" means and considering them to no longer be the revolutionary subject.
>misunderstanding what "proletariat" means
Explain please
This letter could only be more american if it had slang in it and had a doodle of a bald eagle on the side.
Don’t forget that Trump is the man who limited all of his executive orders to being only one page long.
Except Bookchin isn’t a Zionest. He is a great theorist of the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries.
Bookchin believed that proletariat specifically referred to industrial workers, as opposed to wage laborer.
(155.08 KB 1069x456 isis.jpg)
isis, is actually one of us, as are democrats
اطفئه! they are on to us!
(13.79 KB 500x500 743.png)
>Bookchin isn’t a Zionest
He used standard liberal Zionist arguments to defend Israel and deflect criticism of Israel.
(459.18 KB 628x609 is you serious.png)
>neighboring arab states have manipulated, repressed, and butchered the palestinians similarly and worse than israel, both in cooperation with and independently from israel, in their own countries and palestine, free of any condemnation
>israel is composed in large part of arab jews outnumbering palestinians, as well as full muslim citizens
>all while acknowledging israel's numerous crimes
>stating these simple facts is zionist deflection
He didn’t have any important published work until 1995. Young Bookchin =/= Old Bookchin.
>erasing history of ethnic cleansing and expulsion of Palestinians by the Zionist entity, including the fact that they were being driven out even before the intervention of Arab armies
>portraying Zionist settlers who perpetrated this as the true innocent victims in the conflict
>claiming states which are resisting imperialism are the true imperialists
>implying Hama 1982 was anything more than a Turkish backed Wahhabi revolt and repeating the "Alawite regime" myth
>saying all this alongside other shit used in Zionist deflection
Watch the video with sound and tell me how it sounds to you.
Meanwhile in reality the same general Trump talks about has declared his willingness to work with Syria and Russia and not to negotiate with Turkey.
defenders of ras al ayn/serenkanie use a tablet to aim a rocket
(297.99 KB 1200x912 a fucking sheet.jpg)
sheets put up to cover afrin streets so as obscure the movements of the defenders
turkey accuse of using phosphorus in serekaninye/ras al ayn
Kurdish account makes fun of dead fsa man
(125.82 KB 1650x718 deireezor.png)
dier Ezzor residents protest the assad deal, after a few days of shelling between sdf and proassad militias, I think this conflict was purposefully instigated, as it started when an unidentified airplane hit Syrian positions
(64.24 KB 720x835 EHB8qYyWwAE85XK.jpg-large.jpg)
Harith Zine El Abidine a Field Commander of tiger forces in raqqa
*ras al ayn/serekaniye

>Muslim noted that they had talked with the Russian and Syrian officials many times and tried to reach an agreement before. He said that this agreement, a first of its kind, also includes the liberation of Afrin.

>“Russia and the regime did not accept an agreement before the withdrawal of US troops. But now they have accepted it. This is a first and talks will continue. One of the major points of this agreement is its inclusion of Afrin. Once security is maintained in the area, there will be a collaboration for the liberation of Afrin as well.”
(70.39 KB 1080x720 christians.jpg)
christian units of the sdf
(72.98 KB 900x500 EGwCqNRXYAAFAow.jpg)
mklp in the wild
(14.98 KB 416x234 EG87L5HWsAAxx4f.jpg)
Manbij military council flag flying along those of the Russian federation and the Syrian arab republic, this along with the Syrian and apoist flag flying side by side
ex-fsa units of the sdf do not approve of assad deal
Time for a purge.
There are decades of bad blood between the Assad regime's colonial activities in the north, and the people of the region, which demand later resolution. Peace between the two is a pragmatic solution for the present, not closing the door to agitation for further reforms.
>Assad regime's colonial activities in the north
seriously nigger
It's a uniquely strange feeling watching people in revolutions struggle to make themselves into better people, to build a better world, in ways even they couldn't quite conceive of before getting swept up in revolution. Brings to mind an Orwell passage:
Well, a few weeks later at the front I had trouble with one of the men in my section. By this time I was a ‘cabo’, or corporal, in command of twelve men. It was static warfare, horribly cold, and the chief job was getting sentries to stay awake at their posts. One day a man suddenly refused to go to a certain post, which he said quite truly was exposed to enemy fire. He was a feeble creature, and I seized hold of him and began to drag him towards his post. This roused the feelings of the others against me, for Spaniards, I think, resent being touched more than we do. Instantly I was surrounded by a ring of shouting men:’ Fascist! Fascist! Let that man go! This isn't a bourgeois army. Fascist!’ etc., etc. As best I could in my bad Spanish I shouted back that orders had got to be obeyed, and the row developed into one of those enormous arguments by means of which discipline is gradually hammered out in revolutionary armies. Some said I was right, others said I was wrong.
Syria is now occupying a part of Kurdistan but Kurds have no choice. Either this or genocide by turks.
(209.66 KB fA9IFpcOq0UPCOwD.mp4)
Orwell confirmed for a cryptobougie liberal asshole. Obedience/respect is earned, not afforded to you by the nature of your 'rank'. Looks like our hero thought command of 12 men in an anarchist militia is like a command of 12 men in a bourgeois army.
And this why anarchist lost. The army needs hierarchy but the civilian society not.
Durruti himself lamented that "War is made by soldiers, not by anarchists"
The war was lost because the nationalists were given far more foreign weapons (mostly by fascist countries) than the republicans got (almost wholly from the USSR), on top of the nationalists starting with nearly all of Spain's own weapons in their control. As for the anarchists within the war, they were, of course, denied the weapons they needed by the USSR's influence.
It wasn't just that. After the war, FAI leader Abad de Santillan admitted that the anarchists were holding back a large number of weapons from the front.
>We cannot remain silent concerning the fact that, while we had only thirty thousand rifles on the Aragon front, there were around 60,000 rifles in the rearguard, in the possession of parties and various organizations, more armament than at the front, where the enemy was.
>The parties that had already begun to conspire on July 20 loudly proclaimed that all military weapons must be sent to the front, but they hid their own weapons and bought what they could, confidentially, from foreign suppliers. Their complaints would hardly be valid if the libertarian organizations, that is, the leaders of these organizations, had seriously resolved to hand over all military grade weaponry and to send their best men to the front. Within twenty-four hours, all the other parties and groups, willingly or by force, would have done the same. And the war would have been won in a few months.
>Syria is now occupying a part of Kurdistan but Kurds have no choice
Total nonsense. There was no independent Kurdistan, ever, not under any definition of self determination. Rojava never asked the people under it's rule if they wanted to be independent in any kind of referendum. Neither were the YPG a political mass party with the necessary political legitimacy before they took over. It was simply a minoritarian movement that was propelled into power because they had the guns, and then were propped up by the US.

The idea that the Kurdish citizens, who have all the same rights as other Syrian citizens, are colonized is asinine.
(381.92 KB 1616x1256 139.jpg)
Who must go!
(188.10 KB 1024x576 1682960.jpg)
On the other hand, the theoretical fundamentals of large-scale dispersed and horizontal front-line fighting doctrines are still in their infancy. While tactics of that manner are outright ancient, and modern warfare has evolved to utilize the flexibility and speed of localized command/initiative and decided to improve organizational integrity by dispersing decision-making, the technology, methods, and practices which permit rapid communication and consensus-based operational and strategic functioning are only being realized.
The largest hurdle in actually formulating and experimenting with these ideas are, in a sense, the traditions and conventions, the momentum and inertia, of hierarchical military organization. The latter has long sidelined nation-scale redevelopment of non-conventional fighting, which could be in-part why conflicts such as Vietnam and Afghanistan et al. have proven themselves to be so difficult for imperialist nations to grapple with, despite them investing during the cold war in non-centralized command structures as the means of maintaining functionality even in event of nuclear armageddon.
While this long-standing organizational model was born from an enduring historical necessity, when wars and conflicts grew too large for loose militias to be effective due to the lag in communications blurring the larger picture, relatively recent technological advances have begun to close that gap.

As an example of the earlier technology-driven re-emergence, the Finnish Defense Forces moved in 2015 to a new fighting doctrine, which chopped forces down to semi-independent battalion-scale units. While a centralized higher command still directs larger-scale operations, the units (and their sub-units) have freedom to execute their mission in the way they best see fit within their own zone of operation. Rather than having a static and clearly defined front line, the units are dispersed in-depth, and rather than attempting to stop the enemy with brute force, their task is to harass, delay, and wear out the enemy, as they attempt to penetrate the deep zone of contact, and force them to either expose their vital supply-lines or expend exorbitant amounts of force to secure the entire depth. With modern communications and PDA-technology, all units in an area can see what the others are up to, and what they report themselves to be facing against. From this information and from them having the freedom to use the terrain they themselves know best (guided but not limited by higher command), units are able of maintaining a high degree of initiative, short reaction-times, and significant flexibility.
As mentioned, while there are still ways to go, the opportunities and unrealized advantages of our modern technological era are being mapped out.
>all the same rights as other Syrian citizens
<banned from teaching kurdish in schools
>With modern communications and PDA-technology, all units in an area can see what the others are up to, and what they report themselves to be facing against. From this information and from them having the freedom to use the terrain they themselves know best (guided but not limited by higher command), units are able of maintaining a high degree of initiative, short reaction-times, and significant flexibility.
So basically Battlefield 4 in real life.

That font gave me cancer.
You can say the exact same thing about so-called anti-communist anarchists crying intervention, that they aren't "real" posters, but the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of examples in this thread alone of turkophile tankies and there are way more examples of them than there are of anarcho-libs.
And these people call themselves anti-imperialist and want peoples self-determination. Absolutely pathetic.
<Turkish Foreign Minister: Moscow promised Ankara that Kurdish militants will not be deployed in Syria near the Turkish border

Another backstab or 4D chess. This will only mean conflict between SAA and SDF if they try to enforce it.
<Syrian Kurdish self-administration: We call for the opening of a humanitarian corridor to get the victims and trapped in Ras al-Ain

<Russian Foreign Ministry: Damascus must take control of the border with Turkey


This is very much related. But it would mean that Turkey has to pull out all its forces and jihadist allies from Syria and scrap their "peace corridor" plan. Wont happen.
Some old news from the half chan general Oct 16
>SDF reached deal with gov. SAA will be deployed to the Turkish border to guarantee Syrian territorial integrity
>TFSA capture 11 villages around Tell Abyad&Ras al-Ayn, failed to get full control of Ras al-Ayn after SDF ambush killed 49 militants inside town
>SDF counter attacks near Tell Abyad recaptures several positions
>SDF backed by SAA recapture 3 villages S of Ras Al-Ayn
>Gov forces are reportedly preparing to enter the Omar oil fields
>SAA enter Raqqa city
>Manbij:2 turkish soldiers killed during shelling. Russian troops&SAA in full control of city
>The US destroyed its military garrison in Kharab Ashak
>Turkish police detain nearly 200 for social media posts opposing military op in Syria
>US jets&helis threaten TFSA fighters who came too close to US troops in North East Syria
(354.56 KB 1535x699 Ras al-Ayn.png)
<Fierce attacks continue in Ras al-Ain/Serêkaniyê on western and eastern axis amid heavy artillery shelling. There is street to street fighting after yesterday's aerial bombardment targeting every single building including the only hospital in the town

The map shows that the city is encircled and probably why SDF wants a peace corridor as a last resort.
<Syrian Observatory: Turkish forces completely encircle the city of Ras al-Ain
Stupid move, the YPG will just fight to the death now.
Im sure many will because the other option is to be captured by jihadists. They have already executed many prisoners.
(446.53 KB 1545x697 M4-Road.png)
<Ongoing fighting near Tell Tamer, a small town in western al-Hasakah governorate, northeastern Syria as Turkey's military operation continues

Why do the Kurds sell oil, but don't buy fucking weapons. What is wrong with these people.
has anyone mentioned that the Turks are holding 50 fucking nukes from the US hostage yet?

Proof? All I can find is CIA-cutout HRW sources, which all refer back to pre-Bashar Assad times.
>In 1962 the Syrian government started implementing a policy of ‘Arabisation’ of the Kurdish-populated areas, whereby about 100,000 Kurds were forcibly relocated from about 300 villages and replaced with Arabs, with the strategic aim of creating an ‘Arab belt’ between Syria’s Kurds and the Kurdish populations of Turkey and Iraq. Scores of Kurdish-named villages and towns were renamed in Arabic(2).
>Restrictions on the use of the Kurdish language
In Syria, the Kurdish language is not recognised as an official language and it is not taught in schools. Since 1958 it has been forbidden to publish materials in Kurdish. In 1987 the Culture Minister reportedly extended the ban to the playing and circulation of Kurdish music cassettes and videos. According to some sources, the ban on Kurdish being taught in schools and universities was re-stated by a Secret Decree issued in 1989 which also banned the use of the language in all official establishments(3). There are unconfirmed reports that by the summer of 2002 the authorities had raised the maximum sentence for printing in Kurdish, as well as for the teaching of Kurdish, to five years imprisonment. Kurdish is also reportedly banned from use at private celebrations and in the workplace(4).
>However, in practice, the circulation of a small number of Kurdish materials appears to be tolerated and in 2004 an officially authorised dictionary in Arabic-Kurmanji (the dialect of Kurdish spoken by ‘northern’ Kurds, including in Syria) was reportedly published. Similarly, the bans on the use of Kurdish language and materials appear to be loosely applied. Despite that, while other minorities in Syria, notably Armenians, Circassians, Assyrians and Jews, are permitted to run private schools, the Kurds are not. In the largely Kurdish-populated al-Hassaka province, businesses are banned from having Kurdish names(5). In contrast, businesses may have names in Armenian and Arabic, or Russian and Arabic, and there appear to be no legal restrictions on the use of other languages or publication of materials in other languages. In 1992 the Minister of the Interior banned the registering of children with ‘non-Arab’ names in al-Hassaka province(6). Over recent years, tens of Kurds have been arrested in apparent connection with their involvement in celebrations of Nawruz, the Kurdish New Year(7).
Same complain as above applies tbh. Also this one relies mostly on outdated pre-Bashar anecdotes. And some embarrassing inaccuracies - Nawruz is not "Kurdish new year", it's Persian New Year. Sources on the wiki claiming that it has been suppressed post 2004 are rather dubious also, referring only to defunct site "monstersandcritics" three times. Nowadays, witnessing the manipulation of news out of Venezuela, Nicaragua, HK, etc., I just can't accept these things on face value anymore.
>However, on the whole, Kurdish culture is closest to that of other Iranian peoples, in particular those who historically had the closest geographical proximity to the Kurds, such as the Persians and Lurs. Kurds, for instance, also celebrate Newroz (March 21) as New Year's Day.[260]
<Ras Al Ayn: Turkish-led forces advanced 120 meters in two days and are 460 meters away from the city centre

are you FinBol?
No im not a marxist-Leninist like him.
>every Finnish communist is FinBol
if Kurds c Persians wrt Nowruz, then Nowruz is a Persian holiday, not a Kurdish one. Analogous, Christmas is not a "Catholic holiday" but a Christian one, because it is not exclusive to Catholics.
(269.17 KB 1485x719 Tall Abyad Front.png)
<Girê Spî/ Tal Abyad: Fierce clashes between SDF fighters and the Turkish forces in the town Chelebiye and the village Abu Sira in northern of the city. SDF fighters have seized a large quantity of ammunition and military vehicles of the Turkish army (ANHA)

Major offensive operations by TFSA/turks on the Tall Abyad front.
Yeah its a Persian tradition that both Persians and Kurds celebrate. Can we keep this discussion on topic?
US and Turkey agreed to a 120h ceasefire.
Where does he claim that?
(34.56 KB 787x317 123312123123123123.png)
(44.78 KB 808x381 1231231231231223132222.png)
This is so fucking based. Assad is the only one Kurds can trust.
(27.21 KB 713x271 Cucked.png)
But SDF cucks out.
They are clearly trying to get their encircled troops and civilians out of the cities but SDF needs to change its leadership. This is so fucking demoralizing to make pact with A FUCKING TURKEY.
>Commander-in-chief of syrian democratic forces, Mazlum Abdi:

>ur people and political parties must unite in order to continue the resistance

-This ceasefire was the result of the resistance of our fighters

>We are thankful for the resistance of our fighters
2 replies 10 retweets 19 likes

I can't tell if they agreed or not
I think he will get a bullet. And hope so. All of the Kurdish land just given without a fight to turkeys.
> Commander-in-chief of syrian democratic forces, Mazlum Abdi:

>"We only accept a ceasefire if turkey withdraw from the region"
Source? I can imagine how YPG commanders feel about this.
SDF is a dead animal, SAA ha already started to entrench and fight alongside Kurdish fighters. No one is waiting to go back to an untenable status quo ante bellum.
Good. Lots of propaganda going around. I think next morning will tell what this "deal" will really be.
>iraq enters syria, for some reason
>Sarmad al-JilaneFive buses loaded with members of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces #PMF entered Syria through alBokamal border cross.
(714.35 KB 1032x939 1571338629531.png)
>We haven't seen the terms of the agreement yet.

>Our attitude will be evident after seeing the terms of the agreement

>SDF fighters are protecting their territory on the basis of legitimate defense

(64.31 KB 893x642 123123123123123222.png)
(44.68 KB 965x205 EHG8db3X0Ak3Arc.jpg-large.jpg)
hopefully they just are using this to resupply If the actually give the turks what they want because america told them too im done defending them
Who will benefit from the ceasefire?
Best Korea
Newsweek says the Kurds --and Turkey-- have rejected the proposal.
>These remarks were disputed, however, by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who told a press conference that "this is not a ceasefire." He added: "A ceasefire is held only between two legitimate parties and we're just taking a pause for the safe zone, which is the goal of the operation."
>The Kurdish-led side also pushed back, with Syrian Democratic Council—the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces—member Sihonak Dibo tweeting: "The resistance of dignity bore its first fruits: No safe zone will happen in northern Syria under Turkish auspices." He added: "The Turkish occupation in northern Syria has failed."
>Syrian Democratic Forces commander Mazloum Kobani later told Ronahi TV, an outlet affiliated with his group, that he "accepted the agreement, and we will do what is necessary to help it succeed," but indicated that it only applied to "the area from Sari Kani [known in Arabic as Ras al-Ayn] to Tel Abyad," a fraction of the span of the Turkey-claimed "safe zone," in comments translated by Kurdish outlet Rudaw. "The agreement doesn't cover the rest of the Northern Syria areas, and it will be discussed later," he added, rejecting "Turkish occuption."
Unironically Assad, the more flags he puts in SDF turf, the less ground the Turkish troops can move around in, their jihadi friends can fight SAA and Hezbollah they'll just lose, badly
You are a retard
why? the turks haven't touched any city with assad in it
Assad = Naz
5th corps formerly SDF = Bol
I sincerely doubt that's why he shushed him if even that he intended to do so. As another anon said, it's just another way of saying oh my god. At least, I hope they're not autistic enough to berate each other over harmless phrases.
This. Rojava will resume hostilities once civilians are clear of immediate fighting.
The T"FS"A has not managed to directly take any territory from the SAA.
(191.67 KB 906x960 C0p9wgyUoAEIrQp.jpg)
(786.40 KB 1080x607 muqawamah souriya.png)
(44.68 KB 965x205 EHG8db3X0Ak3Arc.jpg)
Well now that the dust has settled the ceasefire agreement is not just propaganda. It seems SDF are willing to make a 5-day ceasefire deal only in the regions of Tall Abyad and Ras al-Ayn where there are several pockets of encircled fighters and thousands of civilians.

This is positive if they accomplish to evacuate these people and also will give time for their forces to reorganize and entrench their positions. But many reports say that there is still fighting going on.

<SDF spokesman: Turkish bombardment violating truce

<Turkey is violating an hours-old ceasefire in northeastern Syria and still targeting civilians with air strikes and artillery fire, a Kurdish military spokesperson said.

>Despite the agreement to halt the fighting, air and artillery attacks continue to target the positions of fighters, civilian settlements and the hospital" in the battleground border town of Ras al-Ain, spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Mustafa Bali, said.


<Shelling heard around Syrian border town after ceasefire deal

>Shelling and gunfire have resounded around the northeast Syrian town of Ras al-Ain, a day after Turkey agreed to pause its offensive in Syria for five days to let Kurdish forces withdraw.'

>Machine-gun fire and shelling could be heard from the Turkish town of Ceylanpinar across the border from Ras al-Ain, and smoke rose from one part of the Syrian town.
(103.56 KB 1000x666 21908665_0.jpg)
<Shelling in Ras al-Ain continues despite a declared “pause”


<AFP Photo: Smoke rising from the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain on October 18


<SDF accuses Turkish forces of targeting civilians and military personnel in Ras al-Ain town

(2.21 MB 1367x592 1571392665907.gif)
why so ? his analysis seem on point
is there a key for this? what are we seeing in what colours?
Yellow is SDF control
Orange is joint SDF and SAA control
Red is SAA control
Green is Turks/Wahhabis
It's the standard for most maps.
Occasionally you'll get a darker green for Hayat Tahrir al-Sham/Al Qaeda but a lighter green for Syrian National Army and Revolutionary Commando Army, who are supposed to be the "moderate rebels"
(192.05 KB 518x536 4yhh.png)
False flag but it would be based
Is this a good time to talk about the aestheticization of politics and its affects on curtailing self actualization and material understanding?
Yeah I don't see it as happening. What would those countries have to gain out of attacking Rojava. Also claiming Rojava is some American/Israeli pet project is the stupidest thing ever.
The Moderate Rebels formerly known as Al-Nusra
No. We honor martyrs and bring purple red flowers to their grave. And we think about why we are not fighting with our sisters.
Turkey wants to genocide Kurds in Rojava. If something is anti-imperialist then its fighting against USA-Israel-Turkey invasion in Syria.
>claiming Rojava is some American/Israeli pet project is the stupidest thing ever.
I didn't know fighting so that your people won't be genocided out of existence is considered terrorism.
(212.36 KB 907x489 ras-alin.jpg)
<SDF fighters evacuate from besieged Syrian town of Ras al-Ain

<US-backstabbed Syrian Democratic Forces pull out of border town of Ras al-Ain after ceasefire deal signed on Thursday.

>Kurdish fighters belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have withdrawn from the besieged Syrian border town of Ras al-Ain in the first pullback under a ceasefire deal with Turkey brokered by the United States.

>SDF spokesman Kino Gabriel said in a statement that the Kurdish-led group had no fighters left in Ras al-Ain following Sunday's evacuation.

>But Turkish-backed Syrian rebels who took control of most of Ras al-Ain last week amid a Turkish offensive into northeast Syria launched on October 9 disputed that claim, saying the Kurdish forces were still entrenched in nearly thirty percent of the area, the Reuters news agency reported.

>Turkey's defence ministry had earlier said a convoy of approximately 86 vehicles carrying the US-backed SDF fighters departed the border town in the direction of Tal Tamr, another town located about 40 kilometres (24 miles) south.

>An SDF withdrawal from Ras al-Ain would be a boost to the ceasefire, which came into effect on Thursday evening, but has been shaky ever since.

>The truce put Turkey's military operation on "pause" until later this week, but sporadic clashes have erupted daily and there have also been occasional shelling, particularly around Ras al-Ain, where the SDF have been encircled by Turkish-led forces.

(129.52 KB 1170x705 Leaders_lead-1170x705.jpg)
<Erdogan calls on US to uphold deal

<US President Donald Trump's administration negotiated the five-day ceasefire with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after heavy criticism at home and abroad that Washington had abandoned the SDF and opened the way for Ankara's offensive by abruptly removing its soldiers from northeast Syria.

>Washington has branded the security situation in northern Syria "untenable" for its troops, and on Sunday US Defence Secretary Mark Esper confirmed the approximately 1,000 soldiers being withdrawn from the region would be relocated to western Iraq instead.

>Washington has branded the security situation in northern Syria "untenable" for its troops, and on Sunday US Defence Secretary Mark Esper confirmed the approximately 1,000 soldiers being withdrawn from the region would be relocated to western Iraq instead.

>Under the ceasefire deal, Ankara agreed to give the Kurdish forces 120 hours to withdraw from a so-called "safe zone" that Erdogan wants to establish along Syria's border with Turkey. The agreement did not specify the area of the pullback.

>Erdogan on Sunday said he expected the US to keep its promises and not use stalling tactics over the agreement brokered between the NATO allies, warning Turkey would resume its military operation if the deal faltered.

>He had previously threatened the offensive will resume if the withdrawal is not completed within the five-day time window set out by the truce agreement.

>Al Jazeera's Stratford meanwhile, said there was continued disagreement between the Turkish leader and the SDF over the extent of the latter's withdrawal from the border region.

>"President Erdogan wants this so-called 'safe zone' to be 450km long … and around 30km deep," Stratford said.

>"But the SDF have said from day one of this ceasefire that they will be withdrawing their forces from an area considerably smaller than that, from Ras al-Ain to the town of Tal Abyad," he added.

>"So it remains to be seen what kind of level of SDF withdrawal we are going to see in these remaining areas between now and Tuesday evening, when the ceasefire ends."

(69.65 KB 800x533 AP19290525576747_t800.jpg)
<Kurdish forces agree to withdraw from Turkey-Syria border

>SDF official says forces will pull back 30km from the border in accordance with deal once Turkey lifts siege.

>A senior Syrian Kurdish official has said his forces will pull back from a border area in accordance with a US-brokered deal after Turkey allows the evacuation of its remaining fighters and civilians from a besieged town in northeast Syria.

>Redur Khalil, a senior official of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said the plan for evacuation from the town of Ras al-Ain was set for Sunday if there were no delays.

>The SDF largely consists of fighters from the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), a group Ankara considers "terrorists" linked to Kurdish separatists on its soil.

>A five-day ceasefire, reached in negotiations between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US Vice President Mike Pence, was largely holding along Turkey's border with Syria on Saturday, despite accusations of violations from Turkish-allied forces and Kurdish fighters.

<According to the deal, Turkey agreed to give Kurdish forces 120 hours to pull back from the Turkey-Syria border to allow Ankara to form a so-called "safe zone". The agreement has not specified the area of its pullback.

<Khalil, the SDF official, said his force would withdraw and move back 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the border after the planned evacuation.
He said only after that would his force pull back from a 120km (75-mile) area between the towns of Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad.

<This is the first time the Kurdish force has publicly acknowledged it will withdraw from the border, saying it has coordinated with the Americans.

<Previous agreements between the US and Turkey over a "safe zone" along the Syria-Turkey border floundered over the diverging definitions of the area.

<Khalil said a partial evacuation happened earlier on Saturday from Ras al-Ain after much stalling and with US coordination.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
(674.09 KB 1055x558 135.png)
KNOW THE BURGER BY ITS MARK honestly this reminds me of when Osama bin Laden's portable computers were discovered to have vidya ROMs with emulators on laptops, for comfy innamountains timewasting.
>battlefield 3
this takes me back

>the PKK was originally set up by with help from the popular front for the liberation of palestine
>they have close connections with the palestinians and always have.
>it was Israel and the US who hunted down Ocalan
>Up until this point a Syrian/YPG deal has not been on the table and the US has deliberately attempted to stop such negotiations
>The YPG are fighting side by side with Russia and the Syrian Army
>Russia are providing a no fly zone

Anti kurd cucks BTFO utterly
(295.99 KB 1080x720 wx1080.jpg)
>American soldiers read books for children
These are the same people that will say communists don't even read basic economics.
I'd have expected to find Bookchin.
(314.14 KB 1187x2403 harry potter, centrist liberal.png)
for the love of god please read any other book
YPG - "Go on home Turkish soldiers..."
Well, whatever you'd choose to do elsewhere, there's little point in staying trapped. Might as well get out of there while you can, and keep fighting at the next town over.
Meanwhile, in reality
btw this article is misinterpreting the whole "you liars!" thing. The YPG always knew the U.S was full of shit.
Assad referencing Kurds:

“We warned them publicly & in secret talks not to bet on America but they didn’t listen. After all the bravado we heard ...that we will fight etc, #Turkey was able to occupy all their areas in mere four days. Anyway am not going to play blame game now”


Russia made a deal with Turkey. It's over, lads
looks like an complete loss of rojava
>The territory currently held by turkey to a depth of 32 km will be held
>'both' sides agreed to prevent 'terrorist' (read YPG) activities
>>102605 (me)
loss for* rojava not all of it lol
(1.12 MB 720x404 source.gif)
(240.28 KB 578x472 eeRU57.png)
>twitter bio
>"DNA test places ancestors on Eastern Mediterranean for past 50k years."

ahahahah Zizek BTFO anti kurd cucks right out ahaha

i don't even like this guy ahahaha
(100.92 KB 1024x622 EHgVlYEWwAAFu6w.jpg)
ypg cucks out,
Fug. So basically all of their Major cities.
No need to look to Zizek, if you want to see a liberal defend the Kurds you could just go on CNN
yes, rip autonomous federation of northern and eastern syria, hopefully the pkk will find away to to come out on top after this defeat
Ok, so that's basically the end of the Rojava project or am I too hyperbolic?
No its pretty much dead, which means I guess this thread is pointless now.
no word from the ypg on whether they will actually do this. I guess they can either go home or die fighting
They still have territory, it could just mean they end up with a smaller area of control. I am unclear as to whether this means disarm around the border or disarm completely. I find it hard to believe they will agree to completely disarm, particularly if they are being given control of a major city, they will need arms.
Spokesman of the foreign relations in the self-administration of the north and east of Syria, Kamal Akef:

>"Our administration is following up the results of Sochi, discussing and evaluating it; we will announce our position later."

I guess this just could be the opening gambit of the negotiations. I wonder what Putin does if they say this is not acceptable? Also Assad, it doesn't make sense to secure his border and then start a civil war and the kurds do have the power to start a civil war, does Russia really want to be in the business of exterminating Kurds?
*also its not just the kurds, there are still FSA and such, also many YPG are ex FSA, i doubt they will want to cuck to Assad quite so much
(505.00 B 440x293 440px-Flag_of_Rojava.svg.png)
In the case it really is dead can we take the time to remember the thousands who gave their lives fighting Islamic Fascist and Turkish imperialists. Whether they be Kurdish, Assyrian, Arabic, Turkmen or a Foreigner. Whether be Anarchist or Marxist-Leninism. Whether man or women. Let us just remember those who lost their lives.
>and the kurds do have the power to start a civil war
why do you believe such stupidities?
<The Kurds never imagined the US would betray them, despite their previous experience in 1975. That was their second big mistake. Kurdish military leaders tried, to no avail, to convince Kurdish political leaders to open a serious dialogue with Damascus. But in fact the Kurds suspended negotiations and once again seemed to prefer facing a Turkish attack rather than working with the Syrian government. They put their hopes in the support of the international community and the mainstream media. The media and public personalities have indeed offered the Kurds abundant verbal support. But that will certainly not be enough to stop the Turkish attack that is now advancing rapidly in the designated area.
If that's true that the Kurdish military wanted to ally sooner with Assad and the political leaders refused it, then they have blood on their hand.
It pissed me off to read that. The caveat is that Magnier is giving here the Iranian version of the story so the truth might be different.
the pkk fights the turks in turkey its self so it isn't possible for them to continue the fight
They've been fighting in one for years?? They are made up of ex Maoists with a long history of tactical retreats and resurgences. Reverting to guerrilla warfare. They have a large, armed population who they have been providing for for a long time. There were already divides in Syria, it was these which we were exploited by the various intelligence services to cause the war. Assad is not a maniac, it is unlikely he would genocide his own population and the US would relish the oppurtunity and he knows that. The russian saren't going to do it without Assads backing. The kurds know all this
I can't imagine Syria accepting because they don't have anywhere for the displaced people to go. It'd be another fucking refugee crisis.
(271.38 KB 943x467 syrian_communistparty_proYPG.jpg)
It's not over.
>Kurds are FSA
Literal U.S talking point; the YPG despises the FSA.
Getting your news and updates about the mideast from the CIA and twitter Phalangists I see?
>Literal U.S talking point; the YPG despises the FSA.
i said ex
there are some units of the sdf that are made of ex fsa guys, like for example jaysh al thuwar
(94.68 KB 768x512 180223-Síria.jpg)
>jaysh al thuwa
they have no power here
there were many people in Afnes that welcomed the SAA but their were also protests in raqqa and al bukamal
(113.29 KB 1200x630 211020_dosye-19-tirmeh-7.jpg)
(555.23 KB 2048x1378 a81bac9667dcc3543e59545ad0b34268.jpg)
(68.11 KB 678x381 SDF-Centcom02-678x381.jpg)
<Russia urges Kurdish fighters to withdraw from Syria's border

<Kremlin spokesman warns YPG militia to evacuate northeast Syria quickly or get 'steamrolled' by the Turkish military.

>Russia has warned Kurdish forces to quickly withdraw from the Turkey-Syria border - after a deal between Moscow and Ankara - or be crushed by the Turkish army, adding that the United States had "betrayed and abandoned" the Syrian fighters.

>Wednesday's comments by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov followed a deal agreed on Tuesday between Turkey and Russia that will see Syrian and Russian forces deploy to northeast Syria to remove Kurdish fighters and their weapons from the border.

>Peskov, reportedly reacting to comments by US President Donald Trump's special envoy for Syria James Jeffrey, complained that it appeared the Americans were encouraging the Kurds to stay close to the Syrian border to fight the Turkish army.

>"The United States has been the Kurds' closest ally in recent years. [But] in the end, it abandoned the Kurds and, in essence, betrayed them," Peskov was quoted as saying. "Now they [the US] prefer to leave the Kurds at the border [with Turkey] and almost force them to fight the Turks."

>If the Kurds did not withdraw as per the deal, Peskov said Syrian border guards and Russian military police would have to withdraw, leaving the Kurds to deal with the Turkish army.

>The Kurdish fighters would be "steamrolled" by the Turks, he said.

>A column of Russian military police arrived in the city of Kobane in northern Syria, Russia's defence ministry said on Wednesday, according to the TASS news agency.

>The military police will help facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish forces.

>Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin assured him that Kurdish fighters will not be allowed to remain in Syria along the Turkish border wearing "regime clothes".

Turks are the worst scum. I wonder what Russia is getting out of this
cutting turkey from nato's arms a little
>The Kurds never imagined the US would betray them, despite their previous experience in 1975
I find it hard to believe, but if true, they're retard that should be expelled from all leadership positions
Not upsetting Turkey that much, being the new power that brings order in the Middle East after the US withdraws, not having to go to war with Turkey or abandon Assad, getting their troops home soon.

Erdogan and Russia are the big winners in this, Assad is being a small winner and a small looser at the same time, and the Kurds are the big losers.
I guess its over then
(352.28 KB 2590x1738 Kurds-Busch-Part-1-OCT10.jpg)
SDF should evacuate civilians and hold positions. Erdogan is still occupying Syrian territory.
It wasn't much of a war.
Finally. There are no mountains in northern Syria, go away.
(249.16 KB 1300x400 211.jpg)
<SDF official: We have withdrawn 32 kilometers from the Turkish border

<Officials of the SDF: SDF are ready to consider joining the Syrian army once the Syrian crisis is settled politically
+++Infighting continue in Al-bab city, a state of chaos and lack of security. Report of clashes between the so-called "Military police" and terrorist factions belonging to turkey.

Representative of Syria at the United Nations, Baschar al-Dschafari during a Security Council Session: "The Turkish regime continues for the 16th day an aggression on Syrian territory in violation of the UN Charter, Security Council resolutions, Astana and Sochi Conference"

+++Afrin liberation forces infiltration on Azaz axis now, violent clashes reported.

+++Assassination action against the leader of Turkish-backed "Mu'tasim Division" named "Daher Mohammed Al-Daher" in the village of Aziziya, near the city Akhtarin.

+++SDF military source: "Our forces repel an attack on the village of Laylan, countryside of Serê Kaniyê (Ras al-ayn) and destroy an armored vehicle, in additional a military vehicle and kill a number of terrorists"
<US to deploy more troops to eastern Syria to secure oilfields

<Analysts question latest Trump policy shift that reportedly includes deployment of more troops alongside Kurdish forces.

>The United States will station additional forces in eastern Syria to protect oilfields in another policy shift that one former senior American official called a "shocking ignorance" of history and geography.

>The planned reinforcement will take place in coordination with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to prevent the oilfields from falling into the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), a Pentagon statement said.

>No details were provided on how many or what kind of forces would be sent, or whether decisions on those details have been made.

>to prevent the oilfields from falling into the hands of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Literally just hand them over to the SAA
USA and Turkey are now both occupying Syria. Lets see what this will lead to.
(163.18 KB 1260x840 im-120561.jpg)
<U.S. Weighs Leaving More Troops, Sending Battle Tanks to Syria

<Options represent a shift from the pullout President Trump wanted and modify U.S. objectives—from countering Islamic State to also protecting oil fields

>WASHINGTON—The White House is considering options for leaving about 500 U.S. troops in northeast Syria and for sending dozens of battle tanks and other equipment, officials said Thursday, the latest in an array of scenarios following President Trump’s decision this month to remove all troops there.

>The options, presented by military officials, would represent a reversal from the American withdrawal Mr. Trump wanted. It also would modify U.S. objectives—from countering Islamic State extremists to also safeguarding oil fields in eastern Syria with additional troops and new military capability.

>Washington sees the fields as potential leverage in future negotiations over Syria.

>“We will NEVER let a reconstituted ISIS have those fields!” Mr. Trump said Thursday in a Twitter message, referring to Islamic State.

So the net result of all this will be Turkey's invasion of Rojava. No change to American presence, Russian presence, SAA presence, nothing else. The only justice I can imagine resulting from this is a Vietnam-style meatgrinder that destroys Erdogan's performance in the next election, or perhaps a real CIA-engineered regime change that restores secularists to control of the Turkish military.

>SDF official: We have withdrawn 32 kilometers from the Turkish border
Sauce? Is this official? Is this permanent per compliance with the Turkish ultimatum, or a temporary ceasefire before resumption of hostilities?
>So the net result of all this will be Turkey's invasion of Rojava. No change to American presence, Russian presence, SAA presence, nothing else. The only justice I can imagine resulting from this is a Vietnam-style meatgrinder that destroys Erdogan's performance in the next election, or perhaps a real CIA-engineered regime change that restores secularists to control of the Turkish military.

Neo-Nazis like the Christchurch guy are gonna retake Constantinople.
(144.37 KB 1024x683 6313067688_642f7c94d2_b.jpg)
<Russia decries US decision to secure oil fields in eastern Syria

<Russia calls US move 'banditry' amid deal with Turkey to accelerate Syrian gov't deployment in Kurdish-held area.

>Russia's Defence Ministry has criticised the United States' decision to send armoured vehicles and combat troops into eastern Syria to protect oil fields, calling it "banditry".

>US defence chief Mark Esper has said the move is aimed at keeping the fields from potentially falling into the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) armed group.

>The decision was the latest sign that extracting the US military from Syria is more uncertain and complicated than President Donald Trump has made it out to be.

>On Saturday, there were several troop movements in Syria as the various players adjusted to the US decision to withdraw troops from the northeast

It seems to be official now that Syria will take control of all of the border. These news are less than one hour old

<General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces statement: "Syrian democratic forces agreed on the Sochi Agreement of 22 October 2019. The border guards of the central government (Syria army) will be deployed along the Syrian sovereign border with the Turkish state."

<SDF declares that withdrawal from the border areas with Turkey is only military, and the institutions of the self-administration will remain fully structured to manage the affairs of the region.

<Joint press conference of the #Russian Armed Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces on the withdrawal of the #SDF from the border areas to #Turkey.
The blandness of it. They’re not even hiding behind veil of human rights and democracy anymore.
(105.54 KB 1024x934 EGSU9t8WwAE1nRw.jpg)
They excuse is that they are "protecting the oil from ISIS/ISIL".
(189.33 KB 1563x376 34424342234234234.png)
Americans are re-entering Rojava from Iraq.

<US forces are returning to bases they had withdrawn from during the past few days in the north-east of Syria. More than 500 US soldiers, arrived at the base located on the M4 highway between Tal Tamr and Baidar" — Syrian Observatory

So basically Trump handed over SDF to save Trump hotel in Turkey?
What a porky!
(826.86 KB 1667x827 123123123123123222.png)
80% of the border is now under SAA control.

<SANA: SAA units entered the villages and towns of Doudan, Qasir Sharak, Hasda Fouqani, Amouda, al-Jawharyia, Tal Hamdoun, Kharaza Fouqani, al-Dar, Abu Jarada, al-Qarmanyia, Karbashik, al-Salam Aleik, Rabet Haj Ibrahim, al-Arrada, Laboua, Faqira, al-Ibrahimiya, Msheirfet Asaad, Bab al-Faraj and al-Shukryia

Probably American military command pressured Trump to have even some bargaining power after they betrayed Rojava for hotels. Now they are literally invading Syrias oil fields and apparently parts of Rojava.
(126.23 KB 1917x761 EH6f2sbW4AAMza9 (1).jpg)
Syria army military commander inside Asadiya village: "The #SAA will fight to end the terrorism associated with Turkey completely in the north of Syria."

Didn't follow the Syria events for about a week now, but looking at this >>108268, did Turkey basically just humiliate it self with the "intervention"?
(281.84 KB 1563x663 12322223232323232323.png)
Intense fighting between SAA and TFSA despite the ceasefire agreement.

<Very violent clashes reported in Asadiya and Soda villages and Abu Rusayn countryside between SAA and Turkish-backed SNA'


TFSA claims to have made advances after the battle.

<The Turkish Army and TFSA have captured Al-Yaqudiyah, Jamalo, Al-Dawudiyah, Al-Mubarakiyah from SDF

Its either turkish 4D chess or they utterly failed in their invasion and creating a safe zone. Only thing they got is SDF withdrawing and fortifying positions 32km from the border and much more heavily armed SAA replacing them.
(127.68 KB 1200x1277 19103674_web1_M-Syria-191026.jpg)
<US military envisions broad defence of Syrian oilfields

<US mission includes denying any Russian or Syrian government forces access to Syria's oilfields, Pentagon chief says.

>The United States will repel any attempt to take Syria's oilfields away with "overwhelming force" whether the challenger is Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) or forces backed by Russia or Syria, the Pentagon has warned

>The US military announced last week it was reinforcing its position in Syria with additional assets, including mechanised forces, to prevent oilfields from being taken over by ISIL remnants or other armed groups.

>US defence chief Mark Esper offered some of his most detailed remarks to date about the mission at a news briefing on Monday.

>US troops will remain positioned in this strategic area to deny ISIS access those vital resources. And we will respond with overwhelming military force against any group that threatens the safety of our forces there," Esper told reporters.

(279.32 KB 892x1200 EIDfYyDWkAAdDxX.jpeg)
YPG volunteer Konstantin G. (nom de guerre Andok Cotkar) died on october 16 during a turkish airstrike in Ras al-Ayn / Serê Kaniyê.
>the self-administration will remain fully structured
>80% of the border is now under SAA control.
So armed SDF pulled back, but civilian NES remains under SAA protection. Hopefully federalization is still in the cards and this entire fight can still ultimately mean something.

(184.63 KB 800x525 123123123123123.png)
On the statement of Syrian Ministry of Defense calling on the SDF to join Syrian Army

The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement today calling on the SDF to join the Syrian army to defend the country against Turkish aggression.

We once again affirm that, as we made our position clear since the beginning of the attacks, we welcome any effort by any side towards achieving a unified stance against Turkish aggression on our country and our people. The integration of Syrian army and the Syrian Democratic Forces can only be achieved through a political settlement that recognizes and preserves the autonomy of the SDF in the region protected by it which requires Syrian military to be restructured.

The members of the Syrian Democratic Forces have for years been at the forefront of the fight against ISIS terrorism on behalf of all Syrians and humanity, effectively fighting and reclaiming all the territory formerly held by the Islamic State in northern Syria. The SDF has created a distinguished and standing military force with highly disciplined personnel and a successful military structure. We firmly reject the statement by Syrian Ministry of Defense targeting the individuals and personnel within the SDF and reiterate that any sincere request of integration of military forces must be discussed with the authorities of the SDF with the aim of establishing a constructive dialogue which is the only solution to the longstanding internal conflicts between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian army.

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces
October 30th, 2019
(85.65 KB 800x410 YPG2.jpg)
<Fierce clashes erupt between Syrian army and Turkish forces

<Syrian troops battled Turkish soldiers near the border town of Ras al-Ain threatening Russia-backed ceasefire.

>Heavy fighting between Syrian army troops and Turkish forces erupted near Ras al-Ain as Turkish soldiers seized villages surrounding the border town.

>Turkish-backed rebels said there was intermittent clashes between the two militaries in recent days south of the town, which Turkey seized from Syrian Kurdish-led forces earlier this month.


<Kurd fighters complete pullout from Turkey-Syria border: Russia

<Moscow says YPG forces withdraw from so-called 'safe zone' but Ankara says they'll verify the pullout by Kurdish forces.

>Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu said armed Kurdish forces had withdrawn from a "safe zone" near the northeast Syria-Turkey border faster than scheduled, the TASS news agency reported.

>The withdrawal of armed forces from the territory where a safety corridor is supposed to be created has been completed ahead of schedule," Shoigu was quoted as saying by the state-run Russian agency, shortly before a deadline for their removal expired on Tuesday.

(1.94 MB 2880x1920 1572526865433.jpg)
Aren't those Iraqi Kurdistan flags?
No. Its the flag of all Kurdistan. The yellow one is Rojavan flag.
<Russia and Turkey begin joint patrols in northeast Syria

<Ground and air units are patrolling near the Syrian border town of Darbasiya.

>Turkish and Russian troops began their first joint ground patrols in northeast Syria on Friday under a deal between the two countries that forced Kurdish fighters to evacuate from a so-called "safe zone" on the Syrian side of the border.

>Turkey and allied Syrian rebels launched a cross-border offensive on October 9 against the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), dubbed "terrorists" by Turkey, seizing control of 120km-long (75 miles) and 30km-deep (19 miles) strip of land along the frontier.

>Russia has told Turkey that the YPG left the strip on Wednesday, a week after Ankara and Moscow agreed to remove the YPG fighters from the area.

<Beautiful female fighter dubbed the Angelina Jolie of Kurdistan dies while battling ISIS in Syria
A paradise for good people. Not for ISIS children of satan.
>French AnFem music
>female brigades are feminist.
>‘I Like Oil, We’re Keeping the Oil’: Trump Confirms US Wants Syria’s Oil, Not to Patrol Its Borders
>Last week, after the US president made repeated statements about the importance of “securing” Syria’s oil, the Russian military released satellite intelligence on an illegal Pentagon and CIA-sponsored oil smuggling scheme which the defence ministry described as nothing short of “international state banditry” on Washington’s part.
>The ceasefire has held very nicely. We’ve kept the oil. We’ve stayed back and kept the oil. Other people can patrol the border of Syria, frankly, and Turkey, let them - they’ve been fighting for a thousand years, let them do the border, we don’t want to do that. We want to bring our soldiers home. But we did leave soldiers because we’re keeping the oil. I like oil. We’re keeping the oil,” Trump said, speaking to reporters on the White House lawn on Friday
(90.74 KB 1203x677 EIXndihW4AAeqbk.jpeg)
(202.72 KB 966x745 20190828_164907.jpg)
Trump's down syndrome is getting worse, it seems. It's really jarring seeing him talk like a toddler.

If anybody still thinks, USA is fighting for freedom and democracy, show them the picture above. It perfectly describes Murican foreign policy.
> they’ve been fighting for a thousand years, let them do the border, we don’t want to do that. We want to bring our soldiers home. But we did leave soldiers because we’re keeping the oil. I like oil. We’re keeping the oil,”
There was a time when I seriously would’ve questioned the authenticity of this.
(1.07 MB 2500x3022 turkey-protests.jpg)
Reminder that TKP members are prosecuted for their strong ties to Kurdish movements

>YPG Timeline: Betrayed by the USA, immediately partners with US enemies for protection (Syria), few weeks later betrays Syria by partnering with the US again and steals Syrian oil. You couldn't make this up...

Can anyone defend this? Seems pretty bad but I'm not an expert on this conflict.
>Trump's down syndrome is getting worse, it seems. It's really jarring seeing him talk like a toddler.
His base doesn't even care though. Every time he talks the audience look like pigs in shit.
(519.23 KB 1518x639 1212312313123123123123.png)

<US military conducts Syria border patrol as troops, tanks arrive

<The American patrol was accompanied by Kurdish SDF forces, the main US ally in the years-long battle against ISIL.

>US forces patrolled part of Syria's border with Turkey on Thursday in the first such move since Washington withdrew troops from the area earlier this month.

>American infantry troops and tanks also arrived in Syria's Deir Az Zor region and are expected to head to the northeast, where US President Donald Trump has vowed to secure oilfields under the control of its Kurdish ally, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

>Five armoured vehicles bearing US flags patrolled a strip of the frontier north of the town of Qahtaniyah. The patrol was seen by an AFP news agency correspondent and the SDF confirmed the military activity to Reuters news agency.

Confirmed US bases and presence in northern syria:

Rumaylan city, Dêrik (Al-Malikiya) city and its Oil wells, Al-Qahtaniyah oil wells, Tall Brak and Tell Baydar cities.

r/SCW is roach headquarters, last I checked.
US special forces are deployed in the following oil and gas fields with Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria: Rumailan, Derek, Swediya and Karachuk

>special forces are deployed...
how come they never deploy mundane forces?
They're occupying the US.
(922.24 KB 1451x623 1212313131212123.png)
<The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces says that the SDF is "resuming" its work with the US-led military coalition fighting ISIS, work that was put on hold due to Turkey's invasion. He also says SDF will work with the coalition to secure "the infrastructure" of NE Syria


<Bashar al-Assad wants to go back to before 2011, this is rejected and if they want to reach a solution, they must recognize the administration.

<The movements of US forces will be in coordination with our forces.

(282.18 KB 1230x596 121231231231231322.png)
(269.08 KB 1200x800 ADM7G3AIEJHA3P3CIEY57XLLCQ.jpg)
(281.80 KB 620x349 syria-oil-fields-isis.png)
<As most U.S. troops withdraw, others move into Syria to help guard oil fields

<U.S. special operations forces who were targeting ISIS are leaving Syria. They're being replaced by infantry who are helping Syrian Kurds hold territory.

>Though President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, the next mission in the country has already begun. As troops have left northern Syria over the past few weeks, new soldiers have begun moving in, heading to a remote base in the eastern part of the country.

>On the president's orders, many U.S. special operations forces who were targeting the Islamic State militant group — like the ones who executed the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in late October — are leaving the country. Replacing them are infantry troops, including National Guard soldiers tasked with helping the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) hold territory. NBC News got an exclusive on-the-ground look at their deployment.

>In the eastern region, that territory includes vast, strategically important oil resources. Though the footprint of troops on the ground has changed, the overall mission remains the same, U.S. officialsin Syria told NBC News.


<We are still partnered with the Syrian Democratic Forces," said Maj. Gen. Eric Hill, commander of U.S. operations in Iraq and Syria. "All of the infrastructure that's in those areas will be secured by the Syrian Democratic Forces."

<The partnership includes training, equipping and advising the SDF troops on how to operate to counter ISIS militants with less U.S. support, Hill said. But what's still unclear is how many U.S. troops will be in Syria once the withdrawal from the north and the west is over and the new deployments into Syria are complete.

(106.57 KB 1080x1377 D_3wBJBU8AA7pb-.jpg large.jpg)
>replace your operators with mechanized infantry
>yeah we're here to protect the oil from ISIS and totally not preparing for a force-on-force confrontation with the Syrians
oh boy
(31.67 KB 900x698 genericAA.jpeg)
F35 sales, puts pressure on countries to buy Anti-Air defences, i don't see how Belt and road does this.
Based and stonepilled!
It surreal to see them gather up the stones they threw to re-use them for the next vehicle.
so this is the power of smashies
lol NBC all but directly saying we need a better salesman of a criminal in chief.
(517.63 KB 1000x800 1557542047534.png)
So basically...
The US doesn't give a single shit about fighting ISIS.
The US gives all their shit about protecting oil fields... and YPG is helping them.
Imagine being cucked enough to aid the openly declared imperialist plans of an imperialist power which had previously betrayed you
No we just don't care about Turds. Hail Ataturk
>The US gives all their shit about protecting oil fields... and YPG is helping them.
Democratic confederalism with amerikkkan imperialist oil thieving characteristics.

Seriously though, the tankies were right about the YPG and imperialism.
Who hasn’t betrayed them? They tried national Unity with Assad, Assad chose to ally with the Turk.
Right about what exactly? Their line was always pro Assad, Assad was tried, and it failed. What exactly are they supposed to do at this juncture? Could you maybe outline an alternative strategy they are supposed to take??
European leftists are rejecting the Kurds over their reliance on the US. It is just another disgusting betrayal

>If we look at today’s Kurds, we cannot but be surprised by the contrast to this cliché – in Turkey, where I know the situation relatively well, I have noticed that the Kurdish minority is the most modern and secular part of society, at a distance from every religious fundamentalism, with developed feminism, etc. (Let me just mention a detail that I learned in Istanbul: restaurants owned by Kurds have no tolerance for any sign of superstition…)

>The fate of the Kurds makes them the exemplary victim of the geopolitical colonial games: spread along the borderline of four neighboring states (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran), their (more than deserved) full autonomy was in nobody’s interest, and they paid the full price for it.

>In the last decades, the ability of the Kurds to organize their communal life was tested in almost ideal experimental conditions: the moment they were given a space to breathe freely outside the conflicts of the states around them, they surprised the world.

>After Saddam’s fall the Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq develop into the only safe part of Iraq with well-functioning institutions and even regular flights to Europe. In northern Syria, the Kurdish enclave centered in Rojava was a unique place in today’s geopolitical mess: when Kurds were given a respite from their big neighbors who otherwise threatened them all the time, they quickly built a society that one cannot but designate as an actually-existing and well-functioning utopia.

>From my own professional interest, I noticed the thriving intellectual community in Rojava where they repeatedly invited me to give lectures – these plans were brutally interrupted by military tensions in the area.

<But what especially saddened me was the reaction of some of my “Leftist” colleagues who were bothered by the fact that Kurds also had to rely on the US military protection.

< What should they have done, caught in the tensions between Turkey, Syrian civil war, the Iraqi mess and Iran? Did they have any other choice? Should they sacrifice themselves on the altar of anti-imperialist solidarity?

(305.31 KB 1231x640 trump yes.png)
Aiding the US in imperialist oil extraction isn't really helping the cause of Syrian national unity especially when the US aren't even trying to hide behind the veil of "fighting terrorists" or "human rights" anymore.
>Assad chose to ally with the Turk.
Blocking off the Turkish advance with a living wall of SAA troops is allying with the Turk? The justification of "they need US troops as a shield against the Turks" is irrelevant now.


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