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(541.09 KB 415x562 professor.png)
OC Thread 4.0 Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 08:50:19 No. 8622
OC Thread 4.0
>New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

/leftypol/'s booru:
Edited last time by d011ars on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 02:41:33.
(93.13 KB 627x900 EErytN5XkAA2-wb.jpg)
Posting it here because paps is too humble to do it themselves
Saved and appreciated.
(156.25 KB 1048x215 mrbolshevik.png)
(254.64 KB 980x923 Report.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1518x1923 bakuninboof.jpg)
The Antifaschistische Aktion symbol with the flags actually comes from the KPD's antifascist wing, while the three arrows are the SPD's Iron Front.
(454.40 KB 992x621 expanding brain meme.png)
What? This isn't from Reddit. This is an OC I made myself.
are you new?
he's talking about your sense of humor, not the image
I don't think it's meant to funny, it's only mocking those particular people.
its a reddit format, drop cringe meme formats like expanding brain, drake, the labeling image thing etc
"if it´s so hard to be an enterpreneur, then give us your means of production"
(183.42 KB 600x814 onion.jpg)
Anarchists can't even read that passage without their ritalin addled skulls exploding.
(7.39 MB 3498x2362 union of egos is magic copy.png)
I made this image years ago. Finally found it.
>waaah I wanna contribute but I'm not good enough
>abloobloo if only I could make content for the proletariat
>porky told me "I'm not good enough and I'm a stupid enough asshole to believe him"

The secret is that there is no "good" or "bad" art. "Art" is just a designation given to a specialized portion of human communication. Technique is simply a tool of conveyance, and if even one other person manages to get what you're trying to communicate, then it's you're doing great, Marxiful job kiddo.

The consequences aren't important. Just make the shit you want to see. You're a motherfucking human, damn it.
(177.04 KB 1000x1541 stirner chio-chan.jpg)
(204.71 KB 1000x1541 stirner patlabor.jpg)
who are you talking to? but yeah
this looks good but the chapos on the same pic as Marx hurts me. also who's the woman in the center?
(441.19 KB 1200x630 we communists are like seed.png)
(242.54 KB 1440x1440 kitty.png)
(1.17 MB 1440x1440 yikes.png)
(190.98 KB 1280x720 ONEPUUUUUNCH.png)
This face is pretty meme-worthy.
(2.23 MB 1234x3196 bernie snap.png)
This criticism of anarchy doesn't actualy understand what is being proposed, that a dual power system be created from the ground up and grows. The tankie is too dumb to even imagine a theory of change other than "take control and enforce our plan" lmao. Try actually making your points to people before you assume how they'll react.
(338.61 KB 1300x1500 finished.png)
(59.31 KB 2000x1800 alunya in progress.png)
I took your one punch one and redrew it with mouse with paint.net, this is what I got so far
(1.89 MB 2500x1563 ONEPUUUUUUUNCH.png)
decided to redraw the one punch format by hand just for this
The lines need to be be little more smooth
mad anarkiddie is mad
im using a mouse, this is literally as good as I can do
I like the face, it is indeed meme-worthy!
ayy i like it
like it
(183.48 KB 1440x1440 kitty.png)
Tried something
(315.72 KB 1440x1440 shocked.png)
(182.89 KB 1440x1440 hissss.png)
(181.39 KB 1440x1440 mildly upset.png)
heres some low effort
>ahe gao alunya
The red coming out of the eyes i meant, everything else is perfect
(200.84 KB 1440x1440 fugg.png)
im not even done posting yet, I still got more
(197.04 KB 1440x1440 Nick Cage.png)
(292.61 KB 1440x1440 sad.png)
(38.89 KB 2000x1800 Alunya subliminal punch.gif)
(40.88 KB 800x600 dumbcatalunya.png)
since there's new drawings of alunya in this thread, so here's my shitty drawing. You can edit it if you guys are interested.
(108.10 KB 2500x1563 no.png)
Question for a meme I'm making, what would be the best symbols to represent national and international bourgeoisie? I was thinking maybe a corporate suit for international, but what about national?
(208.09 KB 1440x1440 alunyasmug.png)
Why not two corporate suits, but one with a dollar sign badge, and one with a nationalist symbol as a badge?
might end up being the most lasting legacy this board leaves
(3.79 MB 588x442 peace.gif)
(330.24 KB 1440x1440 damn.png)
(48.85 KB 779x745 emberessedcat.png)
I should draw more catgirls other than alunya.
(196.29 KB 1544x2000 yes.jpg)
oc from my uni propaganda
(8.27 MB 2476x2015 leftypol.png)
(719.51 KB 1100x424 free-candy van man.png)
(33.69 KB 472x360 checked 2.jpg)
(3.78 MB 472x360 footman laugh.gif)
(26.59 KB 472x360 communism is good.jpg)
(677.18 KB 1322x1945 commie gangut.png)
Pinkie Pie did nothing wrong.
(87.22 KB 627x1600 leftypol goes to GET.png)
Don't know if this is the correct thread for this, but what happened to the plan of replacing all the old flags with new larger scale versions? I recall someone already posted the new ones, so they are complete as far as I know.
breddy good oc
Good job, still look like Stonetoss but nice. Are you using vectors graphics to make your comics ?
Looks a hell of a lot better than the MS paint-tier comics I see made around here, but it could still use some work.
(171.82 KB 1200x1200 EAA1fiOXsAIMRok.jpg)
I thought you were using Inkscape, which is why I was asking. I think this is really great compared to what we usually have here (no offense meant to anyone) and I really think you should make more.

If you want to go for the "webcomic look" (see pic related) all of your comic should follow it. In your last pannel the smoke coming out of the angry nazi is pixelized and doesn't go well with the overhall look of the comic, try to avoid this next time.
Also, try to experiment a bit before really settling down for a given style, try to see what work and what does not work for you.
Althrough your comic really look good, the shapes seems "too regular", too geometric. You should find a way to make them appear closer to a drawing (see pic related again).
I don't have anything else to add, your drawings are already very good.
Thanks for the advice. The speech bubbles do look pretty geometric. I'll try to fix some things.
I have a few more ideas for comics - lots of anti-capitalist themed ones.
Pineapple on pizza is good tho
Gurl / anime name plz?
Gangut from Kancolle
You deserve Gulag
(369.54 KB 900x600 timeline.jpg)
Tried to fix this timeline meme. Last one is a joke
My only problem w/ this is it suggests a lack of OC post 2016 besides muh armchair
(13.19 KB 200x141 OHH.png)
(302.82 KB 200x150 SovietKek.gif)
Wasnt this guy 2019 oc?
Yeah I can't think of much. The nazbol gang meme also started in 2016, that red wojak of despair (I forgot its name) is from last year, the gorilla questions was big here in 2017 but it came out from 4chan, shit like national trotskyism and baboonposting aren't very notable. I think Posadas memes started in 2017.. 2017 was definitely /leftypol/'s most popular year.
I remember this guy but I'm pretty sure that's from last year or more
>I remember this guy but I'm pretty sure that's from last year or more
Im 99% sure we had a naming thread for him and the video along with it shortly after i got here after the shutdown. does anyone have an achieve of that?
/r/equesting a pic of lenin reading a newspaper and looking confused about what he had read
(430.17 KB 1023x781 fixed.png)
(33.69 KB 659x107 collection.png)
As far as I know the story behind him goes like this:
There was a thread about soviet multiks about a month or so before 8chan went down, pretty sure the Juche anon dumped a couple of YouTube links of very early ones. The board was pretty dead at one point and I started to look through them. The one named Space War or something like that had our red guard friend in it at a few points. Seeing the potential I capped them and put them up in either the old OC thread or the multiks one, don't remember now. It didn't get that much attention though. Then when we had to migrate here, and to kickstart this thread I dumped my collection, pic related included. Then someone took attention, started the thread >>85076 mentions and that is how we got here.
(300.38 KB 500x645 Cockshott_Vulture.png)
(52.04 KB 200x162 stfu_market_soc.png)
Also the Cockshott memes are 2019 thing too
There is also one in style like the first pic related with him in power armor, but I don't have it right now
(180.51 KB 670x477 Jumbo Jerry.png)
(193.05 KB 488x631 May may.png)
(200.91 KB 1017x535 ML.jpg)
(198.38 KB 998x621 baitnswitch.jpg)
(310.96 KB 1000x600 SJWCIA.png)
(16.48 KB 929x552 theftpass.png)
(1.35 MB 2000x2000 leftism virgins and chads.jpg)
That survey was was talking about self-proclaimed progressive liberals because that is what is far left in the average burgers mind.
That's right. It's those people in the Lenin shirts singing the Internationale disrupting righties.
That means Hitler still had some soul in him... Neo Nazis on /pol/ have no soul at all.
I feel like defending Antifa, ML, and christcoms. That image fucking sucks.
This is nuclear explosion. Right?
(117.42 KB 865x534 nuke_comparison.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1148x806 Sin título-1.png)
More Gangut Propaganda
Why is drawgirl cancer?
She was one of the least cancerous things to ever happen on the board. The timeline with the people is also bad. Bordiga, Wolff, and Dickblast were all around a lot longer than this implies and besides Bordiga they're still posted here pretty often.
(124.77 KB 1000x550 4chan.png)
>Bordiga, Wolff, and Dickblast were all around a lot longer than this implies and besides Bordiga they're still posted here pretty often.
Yeah I know, but there wasn't enough space to fit all of them. I put Wolff in 2017 because it was the year /leftypol/ sponsored one of his lectures. I put Bordiga there because I remember he was popular that year. And the Read Cockshott spam started in 2017 if I recall correctly. But yeah, it was just a shitty attempt, I wanted to edit it because I think we shouldn't use that retarded tranny meme /pol/ made and it's not like nothing good ever came out of this board after the split
it doesn't mean it's bad, pretty sure it's just a reference to 4chan's oldfag categories
(111.14 KB 219x307 please_leave_me_alone.png)
The corrected version
2015 (gnostikoi)
(693.64 KB 700x493 tired.png)
(266.06 KB 600x794 porky chad.png)
(441.96 KB 983x983 Pururin.png)
(314.40 KB 1000x1000 white jews matter afronazbol.jpg)
(33.58 KB 527x538 true.png)
I'm fucking retarded
(689.82 KB 2000x1500 oh-noooooo.jpg)
(1001.63 KB 2500x2500 This-bass-kills-fascists2.png)
(697.14 KB 1774x1774 This-bass-kills-fascists2_B.png)
Civility is for suckers.
(3.11 MB 2500x2500 This-bass-kills-fascists.png)
(2.19 MB 1784x1784 This-bass-kills-fascists_B.png)
Missing the OG "pls red zizek".
(193.56 KB 1080x1688 reality.png)
(684.37 KB 1051x669 revolutionary anarchist party.png)
where is this from?
From the book "Persepolis"
Man I don't remember this part.
(1.13 MB 195x229 shocked blinking dude.gif)
>she doesn't want to play tag in the woods at 2am
source on the bottom pic
(1.61 MB 1400x1400 Liberty.png)
(536.02 KB 1000x486 Dystopia.png)
I remember that incident. Those guys were US Army "Scout Snipers" and they wanted a flag of their own for their unit to wank over. They later claimed that they chose that lettering, 'cause it "looked cool". Whether this claim was just a shit coverup of their actual beliefs or those fucking burgers once again managed to reveal the severity of their ignorance and the failure of their education, I do not know.
(39.95 KB 700x467 afganistan.jpg)
There were Aussies with this.
(1.39 MB 1080x1920 Deadly sins.png)
I've grown to dislike the yikes meme.
Fucking kill it, it's a bad meme.
(87.37 KB 506x883 sponge.png)
yeah I mean it's good exercise.
(1.59 MB 3270x2289 crisis crash!11 reverse4.jpg)
An over-rated graphic novel called persepolis, that plays on anti-Iranian myths while sprinkling in some truths, and with an anarchist inclination.
the writer of persepolis is a member of the Tudeh party and you for a fact can't deny that Iran is a reactionary Islamist state even if it is good and anti-imperialist.
Sums it all, Tudeh is retarded.
(115.07 KB 700x672 1571154052017.jpg)
(1.15 MB 1400x1400 spaghetti.png)
(281.30 KB 1080x1080 Spurdo Approves.png)
I made a thing.
(85.83 KB 1080x1080 Template Type 2.png)
Also have some templates.
(97.84 KB 1080x1080 Template Type 1.png)
Nice more abbjunition for the /pol/ gormunism threads :--DD Ebin job gormrade
(554.07 KB 700x408 alunya astronaut.png)
Where can I read more about this?
(151.67 KB 1080x1420 IMG_20191018_232251.jpg)
From spanish twitter
(3.07 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in 1961.png)
(4.03 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in 1978.png)
(1.34 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in hollywood.jpg)
Here's the template if you want to make variations of it.
(3.35 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in 1997.png)
(3.21 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in vietnam.png)
(134.61 KB 888x499 soviet symbiote1.jpg)
Symbiotes are the real anti-fa super soldiers. Srsly though it's a work in progress.
(1.32 MB 749x757 shirt meme.png)

Leftist gunners where you at?

Right-wing gun owners have a massive fetish for pretending to give a shit about tyranny while also licking Trump & police boots
(621.81 KB 1292x1355 karlturaladorno.jpg)
I did this once but never posted it, might as well do it now
(1.66 MB hoxha.webm)
(3.92 MB Ura.webm)
shit I got form the old thread.
(262.10 KB 754x960 pizza wizard.jpg)
(43.26 KB 700x700 1.png)
(238.16 KB 600x794 chad porky vampire.png)
Someone made this joke on /leftypol/ a long time ago.
BASED and truthpilled.
(53.71 KB 591x823 You_look_at_this_(2).jpg)
(372.78 KB 749x651 mexies betrayal.jpg)
OC about Mexie
(316.36 KB 326x326 AAAAAAAAAAH.gif)
She's smart, beautiful and used to defend the USSR and was fucking based

Do they walk on water?
(259.67 KB 1000x1000 Anime Suslov.png)
Anime Suslov
>Middle video
Haven't seen that since the 8ch /leftyweebpol/ threads.
(119.51 KB 730x499 friends of the earth.jpg)
Yes, I know I could have put manning in there too.
There should be a Picardía of China/Deng that goes like:
>"What was that? Markets-Leninism? Sounds like a good idea!"
(650.24 KB 1800x650 webcomic grrrrrrr.png)
Rate my webcomic WIP, now with ebin spaceholder lables
Iodine > fluoride when it comes to purifying water and keeping teeth clean.
And baking soda is better than both.
(1.27 MB 700x1400 saytheline.png)
(2.56 MB 2352x1482 1571954404478.jpg)
"Man, if I embrace infamy... I'll be shoved into a dark hole for the rest of my life and forgotten about, but in the short-term people will make memes about me!! My name might even get in the newspaper!!!"
(945.84 KB 675x900 5i237twreev31.png)
(72.75 KB 720x720 lmao.png)
(111.64 KB 808x575 anon I.png)
(366.11 KB 1600x1024 treadwhereIplease.png)
(15.44 MB ChangeDaWorld.mp4)
is this an optical illusion or a camera distortion ? The Dutch guy on the right , well the far right, seems to have an enormous head.
Oh yeah it's big brain time
Don't be silly, it's a normal man with a normal head. The smaller creature just makes it look strange.
This picture is really disturbing
(261.90 KB 1000x500 Genocide.png)
(321.00 KB 1000x1000 Powerlevel.png)
(551.26 KB 1000x1000 Bear.png)
from twitter
very nice
(2.22 MB 577x2102 greattimes.png)
Pretty sure she still defends it as she is surprisingly amicable with finbol
Mexie did nothing wrong!
Women are the majority of the human population, so are brown people. Agitate them, so you agitate the majority of the world's proletariat.
(180.92 KB 350x463 big brain assad.png)
>is this an optical illusion or a camera distortion ?
This dude is very talented, can you put up a link to his twitter account ? I can't seem to find it despite searching for his name
This ^
(37.38 KB 684x400 twitter.jpg)
I think it's that tranny from GET, ask there.
(720.99 KB 499x745 Lahren meme.png)
Cons literally make this shit too easy sometimes
Good art, shitty jokes
we need an artfag we mustn't be too picky
(77.05 KB 1000x500 EIaWWHGXYAAmWn-.jpg)
(1.09 MB 3264x2448 ByeByeCrownie.jpg)
For when you see a monarchist
(1.38 MB 1033x881 jason.png)
>Somebody actually made an Anti-Graceposter meme
About fucking time
You cannot touch the anointed ones

Each drop of Grace Chan's blood will cost /leftypol/ torrents; perhaps four million revolutionaries will pay with their lives for the great national crime of an antireligious and antisocial insurrection, crowned by regicide
- Joseph de Maistre
(810.63 KB 720x960 SILENCE RIGHTOID.png)
(118.17 KB 720x960 AlunyaArms.png)
(222.01 KB 599x740 NatSoy.png)
couldn't find one so i made a new one
r/ that image that prove that nazis are literally cucks, i need that shit right now.
Is it this post >>110263?
No, its a image of nazi "eugenic" program, if i remember corretly they planned to use the wifes of the soldiers who were fighting in front to "make" more babies.
>nazi "welfare" program
I think i remember something similar but it was a few posts where they basically said cucking was okay as long as it was only aryans reproducing
Although you could probably find that sort of post on /pol/ anyways
I tried to find in the booru but without sucess, thanks anyway comrade.
(316.02 KB 415x492 future for white children 02.PNG)
(24.03 KB 771x157 future for white children.PNG)
(197.80 KB 1080x1003 bdm girl.png)
It wasn't just that. They also promoted premarital sex between girls in the League of German Girls and boys in Hitler Youth.
The program of "breeding racially pure aryans" with unmarried women and SS men was called "Lebensborn"
(691.15 KB 1280x1377 5p8bqTV.png)
(167.69 KB 750x676 airJlrx.jpg)
(86.53 KB 742x960 1560989612053.jpg)
(199.28 KB 570x450 1988 chile plebisite meme 2.png)
Hi friends. After long time I finally complete my OC. Enjoy.
(178.24 KB 464x934 part1.png)
Does anyone have the response catgirldrawgirl made to this? Booru is a piece of shit.

Absolutely underrated, great work anon
(293.02 KB 619x1000 part2.png)
(311.95 KB 1000x1320 part3.jpg)
Never mind, found it plus a third part I didn't know existed
(387.62 KB 720x960 Brainwash.png)
>anarchism (movement) = anarchism (grouping of egalitarian political rulesets) = anarchism (fully automated luxury)
(72.77 KB 771x960 received_225334898350810.jpeg)
the arms crossed one would be a nice sticker
(118.51 KB 666x507 fed uwu.png)
fwiends fwom evewywhere, in bowivia there was no coup. there was a peacefuw movement of the bowivian people to wecover the wespect to ouw vote, democwacy and ouw constitution〜☆ demanding the p-pwesident, evo, and his cwiminaw govewnment to wesign because of the fwaud c-committed.
(55.39 KB 666x507 fed kek.jpg)
(1017.52 KB 979x1367 real marx vs twitter marx.png)
(132.00 KB 1200x976 marxism syndicalism flag.png)
(526.22 KB 900x900 mei zedong.jpg)
(542.70 KB 1000x1000 science.png)
(399.08 KB 1000x1000 Tolerance.png)
Anyone got the /leftypol/ hoi4 focus tree meme?
>giving the joker meme to the right
please don’t
That's not the joker meme, that's the "clown world" meme
if you're the artist then I must say that your skills improving
(6.47 MB 51osc.mp4)
/leftypol/ is in this TV drama "Evil"
>Pete Buttigieg
of all the threads...
(56.15 KB 200x251 untitled.png)
>how to make love to a pillow filled with motor oil
>redpilled at thai sex shop
>Anybody wanna help me bomb a store in Toledo?
>board: /imouto/
That's not the /imouto/ I knew...
I'm pretty sure they're all made up.
The bootykeg one was definitely real
(106.71 KB 1056x437 virgin stacy meme.png)
>Booru is a piece of shit.
t.brainlet can't use the booru
(289.54 KB 2000x2000 polit-compass.png)
for all your shitposting needs
>preautistic romanticism
You never fail me freudposter
>celebrating settler and christian holidays
(281.85 KB 1047x713 cwtgivinghw.jpg)
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it doesn't have the commodity fetishism of Christmas. You just eat your fill with friends and family. The food isn't even necessarily that good: most people wouldn't eat Thanksgiving meals during other times of the year, but you still look forward to it because of the warm, communal feelings. The turkey might be a bit dry but it still makes you feel comfy.

The first Thanksgiving was also celebrated in 1621 before the abolition of collective ownership of land, known as the "common course," among the Plymouth settlers. It's a free lunch! There's not even a strict relationship to Christianity. Family values are certainly involved, but those without families are also invited. Who would not be ashamed to think of a neighbor who was excluded or forgotten on such a day? Thanksgiving as a national holiday was also implemented by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 just after the crushing defeat of the slaveocracy at Gettysburg. It seemed to him that there ought to be one day that belonged exclusively to all free citizens of a democratic republic. Happy Thanksgiving
(1.66 MB 1180x1466 redarmyisthestrongest.png)
(150.72 KB 952x998 moomin_juche.png)
Still a good OC.
Just look at that porky.
thanks for the moomin comrade it's great
(901.66 KB 1065x1500 brezhnev honecker party rockers.jpg)
Al Jazeera > CNN anytime.
(175.06 KB 566x677 nazi soy wojak 2.jpg)
(156.05 KB 566x677 nazi soy wojak.jpg)
Have these.
(72.90 KB 547x578 238589275298752985.png)

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WTF, how did i manage to fuck up that badly?
I watched some of it and I almost died laughing. They treat 8chan as if its some secret incel club that you have to be INVITED to and to post there you have to 'do' things or some shit. Some much dilation over a site mainly used to post porn and chinese cartoons, with some political shitposting in between.
(1.42 MB 1446x2500 The Myth, The Legend.png)
(367.07 KB 1077x1146 thanksgiving.png)
There are no brakes on the train, hopefully /leftypol/ can LEVEL UP some day.

Capped'n'saved, good post, comrade
(1.97 MB 2699x2700 alutank1.png)
(1.96 MB 2699x2700 alutank1alternate.png)
I made this earlier this year, I forgot about it until now.
Made video
Quality content.

Cute and quality.

Well done, the both of you.
(97.59 KB 612x491 c7c.png)
Moomin STANS Self-Reliance, FACT
(24.21 KB 332x119 assad CIA.png)
(35.77 KB 290x154 bernie kills marx.png)
(18.90 KB 266x147 pol pot land mine.png)
These are from the hunger game threads on /GET/
revising some of my old work
(1.54 MB 1000x1474 Read Paul Cockshott.png)
Fresh one
Excellent, comrade. Now THIS is praxis. Praxis can mean lifting the morale of your comrade, right?
How did you make these?
Photo editing I can't draw for shit
using this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iudesk.android.photo.editor
I fixed the high contrast black and white I had before by increasing the lighting and combining the features on the face of both new and old so the eyes and teeth wouldn't be left out
(230.04 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20191126-101928.png)
The little tans in all of their hands was simply an image of the cover distorted and recolored with a layer of fingers over them
(146.21 KB 314x354 trumps-hair-brezhnev.png)
I will build a great wall on our Afghan border, and I will make the Mujahideen pay for it
Well, they are of a similar metal acuity tbh
(1.05 MB 1413x1038 porky_class.png)
Decided to investigate what leftybooru actually is. I still don't really get it but I did find this
what did they think was a myth?
The hacker known as 8chan
(707.72 KB 826x652 d49235b.png)
not mine but i found this on r/dogelore
very specific request but does anyone have that gorbachev """copypasta""" which went along the lines of "workers of the world you have free prizes to win and hot pizzas" or something i can't remember the exact wording and it made me chuckle
(234.41 KB 1525x866 brezhitlerite.png)
PRC should've restored order after Yeltsin by assassinating him and helping the commie faction retake power in Russia.
my sides
(1.38 MB 2939x2726 IMG_0635.jpg)
(1.51 MB 3024x2545 IMG_0636.jpg)
(1.36 MB 3024x2545 IMG_0637.jpg)
Some shit I made
Is this a cringe thread? Why would you post this here? kys
(68.40 KB 720x720 pol face.png)
Don't be fucking rude, nigger
We need a Chad Westboro Baptist Church edit
(190.37 KB 1166x591 Gangut meme.jpg)
If you ask who she is: Gangut from Kantai Collection
Original art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/77412596
(153.60 KB 1141x509 meme 40.jpg)
YouTube took the strike down on my video. They said it was exploitative of violence. Anyway, here's another zengakuren montage.

(720.48 KB 960x540 hinacommunist.png)
(510.38 KB 512x512 1548785380286.gif)
99% of the shit people post on here is more cringe than the person you are replying to. Like ffs just look at /get/.
(196.27 KB 1242x1370 Polcomp.JPEG)
based on a neolib elizabeth warren shirt
(143.34 KB 2518x1124 virginrnbchadlatuff.png)
Barbara Pit Massacre OC (not mine)
I know I do
It's better with the CNT poster tbh
(762.68 KB 720x771 V.png)
alright i fixed it
(1.12 MB 1160x652 spelunky.png)
thanks anon
(469.82 KB 800x600 Trash Hole(1).png)
(423.57 KB 800x600 Trash Hole.png)
(263.29 KB 2508x1672 Pit Fascist.png)
for helicopter spam
(264.02 KB 2508x1672 1576562062367.png)
typo in op
loving the trash hole pics lmao. good job anon
(53.57 KB 590x460 porky beating.jpg)
(394.72 KB 590x590 Last Glimpse.png)
(1.17 MB 903x1450 Tito.png)
(1.29 MB 903x1450 Tito Transparent.png)
(39.77 KB 652x3483 1576721758164.png)
isn't this the wrong thread for that? also pit oc
(563.17 KB 1080x1080 weapons of class warfare.png)
inspired by recent events
(913.61 KB 1000x1500 source.png)
(22.30 KB 102x164 kropotkin.png)
(25.89 KB 136x172 bourgie.png)
>>167348 good idea
(294.76 KB 720x1280 trans rights.png)
(11.82 KB 266x199 Green Eureka.jpg)
For you Aussies: adopt it, share it, light the torch from the fires of your homeland.
(537.98 KB 825x587 barbara_lol.png)
>>165278 Can't expect brainlet /pol/yps to figure it out themselves so I made a spoonfeed edit.
>>194048 >trans rights lol
>>194661 good work anon
>>196845 Influx of visitors.
>>194048 Go back to reddit.
>>194517 green politics don't mix with the red
(355.82 KB 1000x1000 DDRball.png)
(64.80 KB 1000x500 41987496.jpg)
broken clock
>>197837 Is Stonetoss Nazbol at this point?
>>197849 Vulgar anti-corporatism isn't bol.
>>197837 he wasnt the one who made that lol
>>197849 Not by Stonetoss: https://twitter.com/BoulderLob/status/1213235842115866624 but he probably agrees with it
(1.42 MB 898x1280 ten hrs on mspaint.png)
(90.30 KB 1888x182 poled.png)
Feel free to add this to your collection of /pol/ fetishes
Would you join in on a Communist general thread on /pol/ if I made one? Recently there has been a resurgence of leftist content so I'm thinking it's a good thing to continue agitating. Thoughts?
>>199102 Those always get deleted, however it might be worth a shot. I tried a couple of times to go and say Marxist shit on pol and the either a) get no response, b) get accused by bluepilled EE's for being a Russian spy (I am Lithuanian and don't use memeflags as those get bad responses) or c) some guy says yes you're right about the economy, but 3rd positionism is better, come join me
>>199102 >>199117 See this thread. >>71591
(357.02 KB 1920x1080 leftypolwall.png)
>>199837 very rough, just was bored and needed something to do
>>199837 this looks good
>>199837 Why has the Iron Front arrows become a symbol of the far left when it was originally a Rosa killer symbol that opposed Communism as well as Fascism and Monarchism. Does look nice tho.
>>199837 >>199858 I guess next we should appropriate the swastika...
(13.68 KB 633x758 45689293.png)
fresh OC: smiling worker wojak old OC: worker wojak
(299.59 KB 1280x720 68574867.jpg)
>>62048 oh shit i predicted the aussie wild fires with this image
(19.66 MB 4962x7014 MARXY_MARX.jpg)
Xmas card I made.
>>199858 don't ask me
>>201119 good work
>>62048 The bigger problem is that its admin abandoned it
(825.94 KB 874x874 prop_web.jpg)
(1.22 MB 916x916 FUTURE-mass-grave.jpg)
(66.05 KB 916x916 FUTURE-mass-grave.png)
(704.62 KB 480x614 download.png)
>>62048 Better quality >>201274 Stuff is still uploaded so idk
(254.36 KB 787x500 bro you just posted good.jpg)
>>196865 t.climate denier
>>194048 this is good insight into pol mentality >>196075 >>196864 fuck off
>>44719 >3rd pic >the right wing shooter was a far left terrorist well, that shooter from Ohio was a "leftist", he was DNC and Warren supporter
(392.40 KB 4204x4512 PROP_002.png)
>>194048 kys spergzy
>>202011 >>202122 >>204878 Gnarly, but effective. I feel like it needs a sister image though, with an inspiring socialist propaganda image using the same caption. Remember, we aren't just shilling the current course to extinction, but also a radical alternative to it. Good stuff.
>>205263 (me) If anything, the caption should just read "CAPITALISM/EXTINCTION" or "CAPITALISM = EXTINCTION". The red should give away which "gang" made the meme.
>>205269 I don't think it should say «CAPITALISM = EXTINCTION» Extinction should be shown with imagery, and not just the giant words as if the reader is a complete dummy.
>>205269 (OP) My thinking was to directly include the word SOCIALISM in there to direct people away from the dead-end solutions of liberals (no straws) and ecofascists (no brown people) and instead towards replacing capitalism ----> socialism!
(347.05 KB 887x887 PROP_003.png)
(2.35 MB 2120x2120 PROP_004.png)
>>201119 YOU DREW IT?
>>205426 (OP) Yep.
(2.11 MB 1018x1018 PROP_005.png)
(2.40 MB 1606x779 PROP_005WIDE.png)
(2.11 MB 1018x1018 PROP_005.png)
(2.40 MB 1606x779 PROP_005WIDE.png)
(437.99 KB 2371x2371 PROP_006SQUARE.png)
(265.23 KB 1401x2371 PROP_006TALL.png)
(495.58 KB 2130x2131 PROP_007.png)
>>204878 >>205478 >>205528 These are great comrade. Really good style of design.
>>205581 (OP) Cheers, cadre. Please feel free to spread these images however you please or adapt them for stencils, murals and such. Agitprop is only effective if it's widely circulated!
(1.27 MB 2127x1572 PROP_008.png)
(253.23 KB 507x717 PROP_002MOVIETEST.jpg)
I tried making a movie poster format for my work above. Can I get some advice on the text at the bottom?
>>208162 It's almost exactly right. Maybe pick a thinner font and then stretch it vertically more. Also, I'd say you might want to use different fonts for the tagline and the title. That's usually how they do it. Good work overall though, I like the simplicity. Modern movie posters suck because they overdo it.
>>208162 >CAPITALISM WILL KILL EARTH lol >since the 60's Also we've known about climate change since Marx's time. >GAF whom?
>>208183 https://greenanticapitalist.org/ Also, I mean that they've known about climate change, not pollution in general as I believe you're referring to.
>>205466 Noice, self taught or did you go to art school? Also any other fancy drawings in your mind?
>>208162 "MeanSTV"?
>>208199 (OP) I did go to artschool and, as a word of advice, don't go to art school. The image itself is actually just photo manipulation, the skull is a real skull from a dig site photo and the earth is edited from the opening page of the manga 'Memories of Emanon'. Also, yes I vow to make much, much more agitprop and yes I can actually draw.
>>208207 >shiteating youtube attention whore #8262517 Don't link that crap on a poster dummy.
>>208208 (OP) I'm not affiliated with them if that's what you mean. I simply find them an accessible starting point for beginners of leftist thought.
(29.28 KB 339x335 comite-de-base1.png)
(7.80 KB 681x723 comite-de-base2.gif)
Edit of the classic May 68 stencils, removed text and just leaving the agitational symbol for the workers committee. Solidarity with my French comrades! FOR A RED EUROPE!
Could someone with a bit more shooping skills than me Replace the £ sign in the middle and put a similarly tilted, drawn $ sign? I find the piece to be a great work of socialist agitational art and I think generalizing the economic critique outside the British context (for our present cyberspatial circumstance) could create a great potential for memetic circulation. The artwork struck a cord with me and I think many would get it instantly. The source is from the EP pamphlet 'Police Bastard', by the British anarcho-punk / crustcore band named 'Doom'. It was released in the late 80s.
>>208360 Here's the EP audio if anyone's interested: https://youtu.be/Uhnv5fDMopc
>>208360 Here you go anon.
>>208674 Thank you so much comrade!
>>208360 I didn't know images could be so powerful
(45.19 KB 600x600 oxygene.jpg)
>>204878 based comrade Jarre
>>208196 Pretty sure Marx knew that smog going into the capitalist skies could be bad. I still personally don't like climate alarmism
>>208917 >I still personally don't like climate alarmism Nigga the great barrier reef is gone, all of Australia is on fire, the arctic circle is on fire, Bangladesh and various island nations are disappearing like Atlantis, and major storm systems have been getting more and more destructive. Shut the fuck up.
(5.30 MB 4223x5976 PROP_002.jpg)
Finished version for anyone interested
>>208943 >all of Australia is on fire, the arctic circle is on fire, Bangladesh and various island nations are disappearing like Atlantis, and major storm systems have been getting more and more destructive. Shut the fuck up omg omg omg were all going to die o noes
>>209608 >>208917 fucking amazing opinions you got there you massive retard. You sure are convincing.
>>209608 >I don't like it LMAO what a faggot. Post a valid criticism or don't post at all.
>>209611 (OP) If you treat this nice I might just draw some political catgirls, anon.
(295.59 KB 1098x1493 alunya monarchist.png)
>>209612 >>209624 Give me proofs of the planet being damaged beyond repair without revealing that you're a Malthusian. >>210562 That picture ain't right.
(1.53 MB 1920x1080 cover5.png)
>>210694 >That picture ain't right I tried my best but alunyas face is too masculine and she had almost a double height forehead. Also her eyes are fucked cuz I can't draw eyes well yet
>>210704 Practice drawing proportions without any details. Start with gesture drawing.
>>210708 I do a lot of that I just wanted to draw alunya killing off that annoying monarchist mascot I think the body proportions aren't too far off tbh. The hands and feet though
(1.93 MB 2898x2883 LEFTYPOL_CATGIRLS.jpg)
(OP) Reposting here since new political catgirl art is unfortunately pretty rare now.
>>210710 Well it's better than the monarchist fag's art at least
(179.18 KB 2480x3508 BUILD SOCIALISM.png)
(185.31 KB 1052x1052 BUILD SOCIALISMweb.jpg)
Ya'll mind if i combat IMPERIALISM?
>>210710 >>211677 I want Alunya to bully monarchist girl sexually.
>>211747 There is a really hot one where grace bullies ancap girl
>>211750 *gropes
>>211747 HOT want to see more
(48.98 KB 143x199 1563480182441.png)
>>211750 I imagine grace to be the ojou type that is weak to lewdness >>211752 the artist posted it on /GET/ some time ago so go there
(431.55 KB 735x977 REAL_SHIT_WOLFF.jpg)
(81.28 KB 480x640 rd wolff tybna.jpg)
(85.96 KB 480x640 rd wolff template.jpg)
(1017.16 KB 4204x4512 1578870068461.png)
>>209604 I tried
(759.34 KB 4380x2468 SOLIDARITY_FOREVER.png)
(738.17 KB 4380x2468 SOLIDARITY_FOREVER2.png)
>>212370 (OP) If you could clean up the stray pixels and make the color of the dollars brighter (blend into black too much), it would be pretty good!
>>205477 >>205478 >>205528 >>205633 >>208162 All these are great but it needs more variation than just socialism or extinction.
>>212410 this is great
>>212451 danke.
(187.97 KB 466x386 idealism.gif)
(1.26 MB 4204x4512 1578870068462.png)
>>212411 better? did less cartoony on the money
(46.66 KB 656x423 Capggggggture.JPG)
>>212485 (OP) Much more clear, good work anon!
>>212485 This shit is amazing, man. I could see this being printed and spread across new york city
>>212410 very nice
>>212410 amazing work anon
(174.78 KB 1748x2480 GUERILLA.png)
guerilla gardening poster
>>213599 Don't know why this is censored for spoilers.
(56.72 KB 680x564 vooter.jpeg)
>Don't ask questions, just vote candidate. >Then get excited for next candidate. >AHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M VOOOOOOOTING!
>>212485 Can you post the document for this? I will try to fix the pixelation on the lineart
>>213666 very excited to see this meme come out of BETA
>>213674 Also I will try to make your image more visually consistent since the dollar bundle is super blurred while the rest isnt
>>213681 here you are
>>214011 https://www.dafont[dot]com/molot.font can't post the otf but see if this works
>>214011 That's honestly a pretty smart composition, OP!
>>214098 Thanks! The struggle really is the variation in resolution from the images you sample. Apart from tracing over the whole thing or lowering the resolution of everything I'm stumped.
>>214131 The method I use is use binarization for each image and recolor them using paint bucket or manually so they remain aliased and 'crisp'.
(1.71 MB 2988x2988 Bargain high resolution.png)
>>214264 OP here think you can work with this?
>>214497 That looks much more even, did you upscale through an AI program?
(37.20 KB 361x119 1.png)
(122.92 KB 620x231 2.png)
>>194048 You need to go back.
>>214498 yeah I put it through the waifu2x demo page after deceasing the resolution to the maximum accepted size
>>214011 >>214007 You need to make the top of its head proper spherical like Earth
>>214509 I thought about that but thought it would look silly and decided to distort the continents instead
>>214512 ...resulting in the continents looking all wacky instead. Skulls of all shapes and forms are used, it doesn't need to be proper humanoid.
(1.60 MB 2988x2988 bought for a bargain.png)
>>214509 >>214512 >>214515 I think the shape is fine but the earth projection should be differeint. More continents should be visible. 30 seconds in paint.net
>>214519 sorry, I'm just a novice I'll try though
>>214543 You're doing good. These are just details trying to make it the best it can be.
(1.61 MB 2988x2988 Bargain 2.0 high resolution.png)
(10.07 KB 512x512 continents-of-earth (1).png)
>>214553 new version
(5.23 MB 2316x3211 lenin_cat.jpg)
New political catgirl art: Vlada (Leninism).
>>214562 much better continent-wise
>>214597 looooooooong neck
Could Crescent Moon Mask be our version of Moonman? >>214597 >long slender neck Top tier taste right there.
>>214597 BEATIFULL
(94.94 KB 540x405 1579101618482.jpeg)
>>214821 is Battle Cossack /ourguy/?
>>214821 If you write an album of text to speech rap to go with him, sure.
>>214821 God damnit yes, make this a reality; drawfags unite.
(180.93 KB 640x480 cmm-1.png)
(19.88 KB 640x480 cmm-3.jpg)
(12.19 KB 244x361 cmm-2.jpg)
>>214821 >Crescent Moon Mask's scheme involved the creation of a town filled with people abducted by him and his minions, then injecting all those within the town with a cultural Marxism that can turn people into werewolf commies upon his command. Perfect spook against /pol/ right there.
(309.58 KB 640x480 cmm-6.png)
(189.99 KB 640x480 cmm-5.png)
(247.09 KB 640x480 cmm-4.png)
>>214875 Turn Momoranger into a female!
(199.16 KB 640x480 cmm-7.png)
(168.59 KB 640x480 cmm-9.png)
(317.51 KB 640x480 cmm-8.png)
(272.65 KB 640x480 cmm-19.png)
(245.29 KB 640x480 cmm-12.png)
(242.71 KB 640x480 cmm-11.png)
(290.20 KB 640x480 cmm-13.png)
(149.08 KB 640x480 cmm-15.png)
(296.04 KB 640x480 cmm-14.png)
(227.69 KB 640x480 cmm-16.png)
(213.00 KB 640x480 cmm-20.png)
(168.65 KB 640x480 cmm-18.png)
>>214821 execute order 66
(282.92 KB 640x480 cmm-22.png)
(211.52 KB 640x480 cmm-21.png)
last two, also unrelated, for the meme potential.
(85.46 KB 500x693 GUN.jpg)
(96.94 KB 500x693 REEAD.jpg)
>>214597 sorry I had to do it
>>214898 (OP) Based.
>>212410 really nice
Is animorphing Liz Warren into a snake a good way to spend a day or do you reckon someone will beat me to it?
>>214948 Sounds like it has non-zero virality potential.
>>214948 And I don't think anyone will beat you to it. We could post it in sanders or trump's subreddits even.
(291.21 KB 826x620 9999999999.png)
(121.57 KB 1886x146 BANNER.png)
(1.03 MB 625x921 jurek_template.png)
(50.92 KB 494x253 jurek.jpeg)
We need more Jurek content.
(9.38 MB jurek_1.webm)
(9.23 MB jurek_2.webm)
>>215393 shit quality webms & youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpIMrBo98Ew
(2.03 MB 1920x1920 InShot_20200115_180525338.jpg)
>>215393 Hold up.
(414.05 KB 580x580 hqdefault.png)
>>215407 NANI!!?
>>215407 Engels was a lot more handsome.
>>215904 Working class Engles.
>>215407 now do with castro
(3.14 MB 3200x4667 scream.jpg)
>>223841 based and vodka pilled
>>214500 >random citationless, contextly quote attributed to Marx as a justification to be a cunt. People who think terror is a good thing have never had pollice come into their house on trumped up charges. Fuck y'all.
>>194048 While compassion is important, you're really strawmanning the actual issue with trans rights and why people go to /pol/ with this. When SJWs use trans-rights for their rad-lib agenda; twisting and skewing it and shoving it down everyone's throats, the reaction is to gag in disgust and repulsion and reject it wholesale. Trans rights needs to be approached quietly with calm logical analysis and no emotional screeching or political manipulation.
Hey guys Sage here, just letting you know I'll be making a trip so you can recognize me since comatoast is doing so as well.
>>214821 Yes please
(213.56 KB 1025x841 americandemocracyworldtour.png)
(39.16 KB 540x540 USA-Bombing.jpg)
Got inspired by the aesthetic of the socialism or extinction pics and made this using the info in the second pic
>>224965 good thing to post on like an army museum or something
>>224965 (OP of the 'Socialism or Extinction' pics) Good job, anon! Not perfect, but good for sure. I'd advise that you decide before-hand what you want to tone of the pic to be and what key message you want people to take away from it. Do you want to show the horror of your subject? Do you want to be solem and reflective? How will you use your colours and contrasting blacks and whites to express that? Anyway, good job still!
Does anyone have that screenshot from a movie with the caption "I am the only socialist in my village"?
>>225201 much appropriated
>>225202 appreciated FUCK
>>225201 Literally me.
(88.44 KB 2000x2872 RODINAS_TIPZ.png)
Lil' Rodina
>>225236 Cute uwu
>>225201 Do you know the name of the movie?
(1.36 MB 1788x909 ALUNYA_SEZ.jpg)
ALUNYA SEZ! feat. Rodina
>>225347 >This is called the labour theory of value No its just exploitation. Labour theory of value explains commodity price tendencies in the long term
>>225350 (but cool poster)
>>225347 where would one post this if one were to post it
>>225354 Anywhere. Twitter, FB, Snapchat, Discord, whatever. You can print it out too, If you want.
>>225364 >post >social media I meant post as in post you fucking consoomer
>>225367 I don't get it.
(1.36 MB 1788x909 ALUNYA_SEZ.jpg)
>>225350 Thanks for the catch, anon. FIXED VERSION
>>225381 Minor nitpick, could you feather/soften/fix the edge/border around big alunya? Its a bit bumpu in places.
(1.38 MB 1788x909 ALUNYA_SEZ.jpg)
(326.47 KB 540x556 tenor[1].png)
>>225028 Thanks bro. I made it after messing around in gimp, but I should be more cognizant of tone if I want to make real propaganda.


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