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(541.09 KB 415x562 professor.png)
OC Thread 4.0 Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 08:50:19 No. 8622
OC Thread 4.0
>New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

/leftypol/'s booru:
Edited last time by d011ars on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 02:41:33.
>>211747 There is a really hot one where grace bullies ancap girl
>>211750 *gropes
>>211747 HOT want to see more
(48.98 KB 143x199 1563480182441.png)
>>211750 I imagine grace to be the ojou type that is weak to lewdness >>211752 the artist posted it on /GET/ some time ago so go there
(431.55 KB 735x977 REAL_SHIT_WOLFF.jpg)
(81.28 KB 480x640 rd wolff tybna.jpg)
(85.96 KB 480x640 rd wolff template.jpg)
(1017.16 KB 4204x4512 1578870068461.png)
>>209604 I tried
(759.34 KB 4380x2468 SOLIDARITY_FOREVER.png)
(738.17 KB 4380x2468 SOLIDARITY_FOREVER2.png)
>>212370 (OP) If you could clean up the stray pixels and make the color of the dollars brighter (blend into black too much), it would be pretty good!
>>205477 >>205478 >>205528 >>205633 >>208162 All these are great but it needs more variation than just socialism or extinction.
>>212410 this is great
>>212451 danke.
(187.97 KB 466x386 idealism.gif)
(1.26 MB 4204x4512 1578870068462.png)
>>212411 better? did less cartoony on the money
(46.66 KB 656x423 Capggggggture.JPG)
>>212485 (OP) Much more clear, good work anon!
>>212485 This shit is amazing, man. I could see this being printed and spread across new york city
>>212410 very nice
>>212410 amazing work anon
(174.78 KB 1748x2480 GUERILLA.png)
guerilla gardening poster
>>213599 Don't know why this is censored for spoilers.
(56.72 KB 680x564 vooter.jpeg)
>Don't ask questions, just vote candidate. >Then get excited for next candidate. >AHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M VOOOOOOOTING!
>>212485 Can you post the document for this? I will try to fix the pixelation on the lineart
>>213666 very excited to see this meme come out of BETA
>>213674 Also I will try to make your image more visually consistent since the dollar bundle is super blurred while the rest isnt
>>213681 here you are
>>214011 https://www.dafont[dot]com/molot.font can't post the otf but see if this works
>>214011 That's honestly a pretty smart composition, OP!
>>214098 Thanks! The struggle really is the variation in resolution from the images you sample. Apart from tracing over the whole thing or lowering the resolution of everything I'm stumped.
>>214131 The method I use is use binarization for each image and recolor them using paint bucket or manually so they remain aliased and 'crisp'.
(1.71 MB 2988x2988 Bargain high resolution.png)
>>214264 OP here think you can work with this?
>>214497 That looks much more even, did you upscale through an AI program?
(37.20 KB 361x119 1.png)
(122.92 KB 620x231 2.png)
>>194048 You need to go back.
>>214498 yeah I put it through the waifu2x demo page after deceasing the resolution to the maximum accepted size
>>214011 >>214007 You need to make the top of its head proper spherical like Earth
>>214509 I thought about that but thought it would look silly and decided to distort the continents instead
>>214512 ...resulting in the continents looking all wacky instead. Skulls of all shapes and forms are used, it doesn't need to be proper humanoid.
(1.60 MB 2988x2988 bought for a bargain.png)
>>214509 >>214512 >>214515 I think the shape is fine but the earth projection should be differeint. More continents should be visible. 30 seconds in paint.net
>>214519 sorry, I'm just a novice I'll try though
>>214543 You're doing good. These are just details trying to make it the best it can be.
(1.61 MB 2988x2988 Bargain 2.0 high resolution.png)
(10.07 KB 512x512 continents-of-earth (1).png)
>>214553 new version
(5.23 MB 2316x3211 lenin_cat.jpg)
New political catgirl art: Vlada (Leninism).
>>214562 much better continent-wise
>>214597 looooooooong neck
Could Crescent Moon Mask be our version of Moonman? >>214597 >long slender neck Top tier taste right there.
>>214597 BEATIFULL
(94.94 KB 540x405 1579101618482.jpeg)
>>214821 is Battle Cossack /ourguy/?
>>214821 If you write an album of text to speech rap to go with him, sure.
>>214821 God damnit yes, make this a reality; drawfags unite.
(180.93 KB 640x480 cmm-1.png)
(19.88 KB 640x480 cmm-3.jpg)
(12.19 KB 244x361 cmm-2.jpg)
>>214821 >Crescent Moon Mask's scheme involved the creation of a town filled with people abducted by him and his minions, then injecting all those within the town with a cultural Marxism that can turn people into werewolf commies upon his command. Perfect spook against /pol/ right there.
(309.58 KB 640x480 cmm-6.png)
(189.99 KB 640x480 cmm-5.png)
(247.09 KB 640x480 cmm-4.png)
>>214875 Turn Momoranger into a female!
(199.16 KB 640x480 cmm-7.png)
(168.59 KB 640x480 cmm-9.png)
(317.51 KB 640x480 cmm-8.png)
(272.65 KB 640x480 cmm-19.png)
(245.29 KB 640x480 cmm-12.png)
(242.71 KB 640x480 cmm-11.png)
(290.20 KB 640x480 cmm-13.png)
(149.08 KB 640x480 cmm-15.png)
(296.04 KB 640x480 cmm-14.png)
(227.69 KB 640x480 cmm-16.png)
(213.00 KB 640x480 cmm-20.png)
(168.65 KB 640x480 cmm-18.png)
>>214821 execute order 66
(282.92 KB 640x480 cmm-22.png)
(211.52 KB 640x480 cmm-21.png)
last two, also unrelated, for the meme potential.
(85.46 KB 500x693 GUN.jpg)
(96.94 KB 500x693 REEAD.jpg)
>>214597 sorry I had to do it
>>214898 (OP) Based.
>>212410 really nice
Is animorphing Liz Warren into a snake a good way to spend a day or do you reckon someone will beat me to it?
>>214948 Sounds like it has non-zero virality potential.
>>214948 And I don't think anyone will beat you to it. We could post it in sanders or trump's subreddits even.
(291.21 KB 826x620 9999999999.png)
(121.57 KB 1886x146 BANNER.png)
(1.03 MB 625x921 jurek_template.png)
(50.92 KB 494x253 jurek.jpeg)
We need more Jurek content.
(9.38 MB jurek_1.webm)
(9.23 MB jurek_2.webm)
>>215393 shit quality webms & youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpIMrBo98Ew
(2.03 MB 1920x1920 InShot_20200115_180525338.jpg)
>>215393 Hold up.
(414.05 KB 580x580 hqdefault.png)
>>215407 NANI!!?
>>215407 Engels was a lot more handsome.
>>215904 Working class Engles.
>>215407 now do with castro
(3.14 MB 3200x4667 scream.jpg)
>>223841 based and vodka pilled
>>214500 >random citationless, contextly quote attributed to Marx as a justification to be a cunt. People who think terror is a good thing have never had pollice come into their house on trumped up charges. Fuck y'all.
>>194048 While compassion is important, you're really strawmanning the actual issue with trans rights and why people go to /pol/ with this. When SJWs use trans-rights for their rad-lib agenda; twisting and skewing it and shoving it down everyone's throats, the reaction is to gag in disgust and repulsion and reject it wholesale. Trans rights needs to be approached quietly with calm logical analysis and no emotional screeching or political manipulation.
Hey guys Sage here, just letting you know I'll be making a trip so you can recognize me since comatoast is doing so as well.
>>214821 Yes please
(213.56 KB 1025x841 americandemocracyworldtour.png)
(39.16 KB 540x540 USA-Bombing.jpg)
Got inspired by the aesthetic of the socialism or extinction pics and made this using the info in the second pic
>>224965 good thing to post on like an army museum or something
>>224965 (OP of the 'Socialism or Extinction' pics) Good job, anon! Not perfect, but good for sure. I'd advise that you decide before-hand what you want to tone of the pic to be and what key message you want people to take away from it. Do you want to show the horror of your subject? Do you want to be solem and reflective? How will you use your colours and contrasting blacks and whites to express that? Anyway, good job still!
Does anyone have that screenshot from a movie with the caption "I am the only socialist in my village"?
>>225201 much appropriated
>>225202 appreciated FUCK
>>225201 Literally me.
(88.44 KB 2000x2872 RODINAS_TIPZ.png)
Lil' Rodina
>>225236 Cute uwu
>>225201 Do you know the name of the movie?
(1.36 MB 1788x909 ALUNYA_SEZ.jpg)
ALUNYA SEZ! feat. Rodina
>>225347 >This is called the labour theory of value No its just exploitation. Labour theory of value explains commodity price tendencies in the long term
>>225350 (but cool poster)
>>225347 where would one post this if one were to post it
>>225354 Anywhere. Twitter, FB, Snapchat, Discord, whatever. You can print it out too, If you want.
>>225364 >post >social media I meant post as in post you fucking consoomer
>>225367 I don't get it.
(1.36 MB 1788x909 ALUNYA_SEZ.jpg)
>>225350 Thanks for the catch, anon. FIXED VERSION
>>225381 Minor nitpick, could you feather/soften/fix the edge/border around big alunya? Its a bit bumpu in places.
(1.38 MB 1788x909 ALUNYA_SEZ.jpg)
(326.47 KB 540x556 tenor[1].png)
>>225028 Thanks bro. I made it after messing around in gimp, but I should be more cognizant of tone if I want to make real propaganda.
>>225350 labour theory of value is about how the price of a good is determined by the value put into it by the worker and the additional slice the boss takes. it's fine in that picture
>>215394 >the only thing they understand is violence isn't this the same logic the fascists use?
(594.48 KB 800x887 marineuno.png)
(250.12 KB 1498x514 marines2.png)
i suck ass at gimp but i wanted to make these
>>225418 >leeches off your profit
>>225897 The first one's 10/10 Would wheatpaste if I were American for the lulz
(311.75 KB Die Revolution.webm)
>>225978 why not gif?
(11.70 MB 1024x748 ezgif-6-1fa6e4f0921b.png)
>>225978 something like this maybe
(242.42 KB 376x641 alunya-srs.png)
Could someone please color this one?
(621.46 KB 1848x1008 liberals_were_a_mistake.jpg)
(244.18 KB 851x440 dialectics on titan.png)
(103.94 KB 376x641 colored version.png)
>>229956 I stopped following AoT for a long time. What is the context behind the meme?
>>230131 Thank you so much comrade! It's perfect!
(2.05 MB 1750x1400 cringe.png)
what would be a leftypol version of this?
>>230243 1st row: >Suicide Mark Fisher style 2nd: >Get /fit/, join a union and become one of those based commie boomers 3rd: >Get /fit/ and blow yourself up in a police station, killing no one or join a class war now party with 5 people in it that will manage to fracture into 3 different groups anyway 4th: >Read theory and get /fit/, become a successor to the current lost generation theorists 5th: >Either make it edgy and you become Pol Pot or more inspiring and become Lenin
>>230243 >posting rage comics
>>230311 I think it's a self aware rage comic, some sort of way to connect old cringey memes with what people think it's the new edgy and cool today (pepe and wojak)
(152.52 KB 677x658 embrace_tradition.png)
(242.19 KB 2518x1024 CHAD Socialist Film Maker.png)
I was bored.
>>230459 >commie westerns Recs?
>>230470 They created what is known as "revisionist westerns" which pioneered the narratives that "native Americans: good Americans: Bad" Look up "Osterns" some of them date back to the 50's.
>>230133 Eren gonna take dialects to its end in AoT by Ymir's help
(4.45 MB 3765x1795 whos who of socialism.jpg)
>>230985 >George Orwell was a socialist Right, the guy who ratted out socialists was a socialist
>>231171 A trots and revisionism, but yeah a socialst
(4.45 MB 3765x1795 whos who of socialism.jpg)
>>230985 Fixed Ver.
(251.52 KB 600x450 use when leftcoms post.jpg)
Inspired by some recent posts on this board. Probably been done, but easy enough to edit.
>>231230 Lukas and hawking were socialist?
>>231230 Lucas praised Soviet cinema but that doesn't make him a socialist
(92.47 KB 958x319 DYOJrR VQAAC1Xp.jpg large.jpg)
>>231659 Marxism is not about redistribution and there is nothing wrong with natural inequality. Wealth comes from labor and you should read a book liberal incel.
>>231675 Inequality is unavoidable even. Marx covers this in Critique of the Gotha Programme.
(34.31 KB 474x505 jar jar.jpg)
>>231656 Billionaires who own their own film companies and mass produce every consumer product imaginable is Actually Existing Socialism.
(34.18 KB 711x500 best korea.png)
>>231675 >>231809 He also says that wealth does not only come from labour there, so maybe it is you who should read more.
>>225897 Oh man, the first one is really badass
>>231675 >>231809 He is talking about machines replacing the workers and inequality created by capitalism
>>225418 This looks awesome! Could you do something similar for advertising this board? Some kind of a banner which can be shared?
(2.57 MB 1750x2000 leftypol users.png)
>>230243 Something like this
>>231230 >Comrade Marilyn Monroe BASED
>>233242 cool, more
>>233260 What are the dimensions needed for banners on this site?
>>233301 still kringay pic still frames struggle as a reaction instead of a forward march.
>>8622 Save it and spread it.
>>128492 when he said he has to do something i thought sharpie in the pooper
(146.42 KB 960x960 2lrah9up19m11.png)
(1.07 MB 727x1023 exp.jpg)
Could some shoop-master remove the text at the bottom and just leave this cool picture?
(954.38 KB 727x929 exp-quickfix.jpg)
>>234917 >>234930 I also gave it a try
>>234917 >>234930 >>234940 This is the original, if anyone wants it for shitposting purposes.
>>233366 fucking saved. nothing juicier than owning the enemy's propaganda
(1.41 MB 717x1100 How capitalism works.png)
Hot off the presses
>>235302 I like it
>>235198 you've never seen this before? It was all over the place on 8/leftypol/
(1.75 MB 1842x1458 how_to.jpg)
Opinions on the advice section here?
(1.11 MB 1449x1939 1580276960369.jpeg)
>>238006 Add Bookchin. Maybe replace 'Church groups' with something else? (religion is rapidly declining in the developed world anyways). Maybe replace it with wheatpasting, stenciling advice of general areas.
>>238006 Typo: spread your ideas
>>238006 Typo: spreading permaculture
>>238006 Rule no1 for creating OC: Don't ask for opinions and advice. Just do, what you think is right.
>>238294 Just shut the fuck up if you have no idea about what you are talking about. All artists crave feedback.
>>238073 >Add Bookchin. Don't. He's a CIA meme.
>>235065 >>235049 both great
>>238006 homosexual
(1.96 MB 1773x1871 how_to.jpg)
Updated ver.
>>238761 >start practicing and Permaculture
(705.56 KB 1773x1871 Untitled.png)
(1.96 MB 1773x1871 how_to.jpg)
>>238767 Mk. III
(536.40 KB 1476x1180 how_to2.jpg)
template for anyone who wants it.
(812.81 KB 2048x1418 EPdlokrVAAIjddK.jfif)
(3.75 MB 2419x752 nipples.png)
I found the following image of the bolsheviks sacrificing imperialist russia to an effigy of marx while Lenin is rubbing his nipples. Im making it into a banner. Right now I have this (slightly touched up), why suggestions on what to use to balance out the image?
>>238781 Can we also get a version of the template with Rodina + Alunya?
>>238852 probably already did it but words should be on the left hand side.
>>238852 >why suggestions on what to use to balance out the image? Bunkerchan logo?
(164.70 KB 1080x472 debord-amused.jpg)
>>238886 Based Debord.
>>238773 Add Pannekoek
>>238773 *Engels
(61.03 KB 300x93 nipples banner.png)
(3.69 MB 2419x752 nipples.png)
>>238852 Turned it into this
>>238761 Added more theorists, but don't know/have the font you're using.
(1.90 MB 1773x1871 more-theorists.jpg)
>>238924 Oops, here's the image
>>238926 >>238924 (OP) It's the TF2 'Secondary' font, but good job either way!
(672.29 KB 1626x1180 how_to3.jpg)
>>238870 Here you go.
(1.73 MB 1626x1180 germanizedkimilsung.jpg)
>>238976 W H I T E J U C H E
>>238976 please link that comment. it is perfect
(1.36 MB 1200x1200 greenmarx3.jpg)
(1.23 MB 1200x1200 greenmarx2.jpg)
(930.05 KB 1200x1200 greenmarx.jpg)
Repost from >>239515
>>236653 yes, it's an oldie, but I was such a hardcore lurker back then I didn't collect images. I never thought I'd be posting! There are plenty of old images I'll save the moment I see them again.
>>239522 you know about the booru right?
>>233301 Great post, anon!
(2.79 MB 1260x1260 da_footure2.jpg)
(284.30 KB 1001x500 WHITEJUCHEJASON.jpeg)
(280.95 KB 600x400 turanic.png)
>>240230 Whatever happened to Turanic Juche gang?
(886.51 KB 1626x1180 READDENG.jpg)
>>232070 >class traitors don't exist
(8.71 KB 512x448 bookchin1.png)
(7.18 KB 320x496 Freiredoug.png)
>>238761 what's the font, also add Bookchin and Freire
>>240523 The TF2 'Secondary' Font.
>>240607 (Original Artist of Piece) please don't do this kind of shit.
>>240627 >original artist of piece what ?
>>240678 I made the original artwork and the 'Revolution 101' piece. I understand the edgy joke you (presumably) inserted here >>240607, but I am uncomfortable with it being used for what I intended to be a genuine, light piece of proactive agitprop. That's all.
>>240607 Who is Engles?
(461.30 KB 800x993 dizaytruiaakr70.jpg)
>>240725 Spanish Engels.
(60.08 KB 533x533 r214.jpg)
>>240725 Engles the Enchilada
>>240627 I really like your art anon
>>240725 The best friend of Carlos Marxismo
>>242704 why is alunya crying
>>242768 It is I, the artist. The ink didn't dry fast enough whilst colouring it, hence why it seems like cat is crying. But you can look at it, as someone from GET said it, that they are having a very passionate kiss, very gay indeed.
>>242776 Étienne, pourquoi let bisou? La monarchie et...Marx?
>>242781 Parce que c'est sexy ;)
(57.76 KB 680x510 1993.jpeg)
(62.90 KB 604x453 tsarbol donbass.jpg)
(42.99 KB 604x453 comrade tsar stalin i.jpg)
>>242704 Tsarbol Gang
>>242822 What kinda perverse political fuxkery is this?
(144.51 KB 720x720 gondolaa.png)
(56.00 KB 514x604 1564898946092.jpg)
(95.34 KB 960x960 1564912696709.jpg)
>>242829 >>242850 You guys have seen nothing of the Tsarbol Gang
>>242833 Nice and sad
(350.24 KB 720x720 gondola2.png)
>>243107 How did you recreate my daydreams so perfectly?
>>242768 Because the forced lesbian idpol is secretly killing her inside.
>>243583 It's a shitpost calm down
>>243583 >Two girls kissing is idpol Rightard detected
(180.76 KB 800x450 lipbite.jpg)
>>242776 I took the freedom to correct it, I hope you don't mind
Ban Pornography.
>>243592 >>243588 >taking bait this easily LOL
>>224802 Compassion has nothing to do with leftism.
>>243618 It is a wonderful job you have done!
>>243976 >caring about others has nothing to do with leftism <human evolution is based on the fact that we empathize and work together letting us learn from one another and achieve more through cooperation <compassion a basic human component and a necessary part of a civilized society is irrelevant to leftism You are beyond a brainlet.
>>244290 okay, kropotkin
>>194048 this is good actually and explains pol perfectly.
>>244312 Can't find this quote by searching for it but that picture is of W. Liebknecht's son, Karl Liebknecht. Is the quote from Karl? If so we could just change the 'W' to 'K'.
(745.01 KB 2054x1008 KarlMarx_roundhead.jpg)
>>244559 Fookin' makes no sense, right?
>>244568 If Karl could ever be bother to read theory, I think he'd be a brilliant Marxist. Most northerners tend to be.
>>244579 Why is it, yeah, that like, Africans are like starvin'. Right? But they're poor, so we like understand why that is but like then we got London, yeah, which is like, one of the richest cities in the world, but like, there's poor people there, too. I don't get that.
>>244290 Empathy and compassion are not the basis of any non-idealist politics; I am on 'the left' because it informs me of why and how capitalism causes my suffering, where capitalism must and might go in the future, and which actions are in my personal class interest. There are bourgies, there are proles, and only one has the potential to change the situation. Any individual's well-being is at best an asset to carrying out that change, nothing more.
>>244619 Yes, you are 100% correct. But don't argue this way with normies. Most people think on mere emotional level
https://youtu.be/eyvdbTDmkMk ^there is a great Webm to come out of this.
>>244434 >im a boomer and cant use search engines okay, kropotkin https://www.marxists.org/archive/liebknecht-w/1899/nocomp/nocomp2.htm#s10
>>244737 >don't argue this way with normies Jesus fucking Christ, dude, stop gatekeeping. And you call others "brainlets!"
>>245040 The picture in the image you used is incorrect. It's of Wilhelm's son Karl. You fucking boomer.
(34.19 KB 549x637 543px-Political_chart.svg.png)
Feel free to use.
>>246022 Libertarian politics don't even exist.
>>246022 >the original arrow comes from the center what did he mean by this?
>>246022 >Still using the two axis in year 2020 Absolutely infantile.
(193.41 KB authlibr.pdf)
>>246837 here your copy pasta as pdf that contains both text and screen cap
(85.49 KB 650x395 russian civil war meme.jpg)
Animeme OC
>>247386 Isn't zeon just space nazis? Pretty shitty meme regardless.
>>247386 the colorized history meme is very dead
>>247396 Red zaku kicking the shit out Rx-78-2 gundam which coincidentally has similar colour scheme to that of Nationalist Russian flag was too good of a meme opportunity to pass. >>247596 Nevertheless I thought it was apt for the joke
(4.19 MB 3960x1860 first_steps.jpg)
>>252011 Who is the third black haired girl?
>>252014 you must be new here
>>252014 leftcom cat
(342.61 KB 1044x1036 Untitled.png)
>>252037 Sorry, I cant count. Who is this chick, as in this fourth chick that i havent ever seen before.
>>252042 Thanks
(719.72 KB 1244x612 ideological catgirls.png)
>>252044 Berniecrat
(46.64 KB 388x463 spookbuster.jpg)
This piece of art
(608.08 KB 1400x1400 Destroy Fascism.jpg)
(85.16 KB 680x764 vooting.jpg)
Stronger every month. Discover "impossibilism".
>>252011 Nice. Good content, very good graphics. Saved, of course.
(3.98 MB 3930x1780 first_steps.jpg)
>>252011 Slightly updated ver.
(5.52 MB 2550x3300 Burn_Red.png)
(5.61 MB 2550x3300 Burn_White.png)
(1.60 MB 1234x1269 1737783219.png)
>>255679 your memes and reddit posts have been important, till now
(13.41 KB 400x400 republicrats.jpeg)
>>255327 Two sides of the same coin.
>>253928 This image needs its Chad revolutionary counterpart.
>>254431 useless, as ever.
>>124052 I swear, whoever draws these are the heart and soul of this community.
>>256321 (Artist of >>254431) Constructive feedback is appreciated.
>>257302 teach me guerrilla warfare tactics
>>257319 cheers
>>256818 she's long gone now
>>254431 Ay it's me
(209.06 KB 1840x2560 discrimation (1).jpg)
(609.00 KB 1920x1080 1231321.png)
Yo! I'd very much appreciate if one of our creative comrades could transform this image into a more class conscious edition. The image as it stands is basically standards twitter-tier "woke"-shit: >le lady who ain't no buying le memes of le patriarchy Great. Now, how about an edit where she has a big ass commie book in her hands (Capital) and looks up from that. Or, alternatively, where she ain't yellow, but red. You get the gist. Plz help me out here. Attached: 1) original; 2) 1920x1080 (background ratio) image. thx in advance
(2.66 MB 1920x1080 ruins.png)
(1.86 MB 1920x1080 sovier_power+electrification.png)
>>269214 Might as well dump the rest of my background folder. (Do the same, if you have one.)
>>245043 It's not gatekeeping. We want every prole to think that way but the truth is they don't because they have been taught by the system not to.
Can someone please draw Chen on a throne with a PLA army cap pls.
(150.03 KB 590x350 Zizek Agent.png)
(684.31 KB 1100x500 parasite weg.png)
(689.14 KB 1804x2426 rural.jpg)
(49.60 KB 680x383 berniememe.jpg)
>>269220 what's the meaning of those 'ruins' pictures?
>>269214 Made her redder
>>275029 >succdem worship the absolute state of /leftypol/
>>275460 Leave the americans to dwell in their filth
>>275029 It's a Russian meme. >Here we, primitives, walk through the ruins of a great civilization that once was ours
>>275460 Not for long. Once Bernie caves in to the establishment Burgerstan will be like Imperial Germany. Great War and all.
>>275764 There is no way that Congress will allow his socdem agenda anyway.
>>275777 Good, Americans don't deserve it. can't wait to taste their tears.
>>275794 >>275777 >>275764 Never expect anything but moderate reforms from a US president. What matters is his grassroots base. Form connections, work together, organize on a local and state level, and let him protect your organizations while in office.
>>275794 this place is going to fucking erupt when he's unable to get anything done lmfao
>>275460 this happened last election too and afterwords everyone disavowed him. just look at the booru and you'll see the pro-bernie to anti-bernie layers.
(102.65 KB 872x323 subway_stalinism.png)
Inspired by a certain tech pundit's semi-recent, fair, balanced and nuanced remark about public transportation
Made this recently for another thread
>>275794 They never wanted it either.
>>134037 thanksTAKING is a celebration of the genocidal colonialism of the WHITE MAN and his massacre of the indigenous peoples!
(76.28 KB 320x240 DankDurruti.jpg)
CNT-FAI armoured car animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9g1wGFTG1I
(182.23 KB 1080x1080 sketch-1581641569148.png)
Here's one i made for valentines day! give this to the right person!
>>277052 >give this to the right person! ;_;
(235.91 KB 1088x1088 sds.png)
(582.65 KB 756x1000 the trees say.png)
(2.17 MB 2372x2112 HIERARCHY_REVO.jpg)
>>278357 >shitty old meme >posted on the OC thread stop, at least post the good versions
(30.52 KB 1497x1157 american_soldier.png)
>be sadfuck loser in bumfuck america >sign up to kill some iraqi children so gubbmint can give me college bennies <b-buh but I protect your freedums! how dare you disrespect me! I AM A VETRAIN
>>140330 This could be a dope card game
Does this posadist inspired music video and song count as OC? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QZ6Z68JWSE&feature=youtu.be
>>282084 would upload as a webm but too tired and when I convert the .mov with FFMPEG the fucker increases by 40mbs.
From the Gramsci thread
(3.64 MB 2152x1907 UASR.jpg)
My wet dream, pls don't bully me anti-dengoids. Here's to a socialist 2050 (oc)
>>284435 Union of EAST Asian Socialist Republics would be a better name
>>285117 Call it Eastasia :^)
(2.76 MB 2006x2284 YET_ANOTHER_LENIN.png)
I should have been reading his theory, but drew him instead.
>>291957 Very cool.
>>285117 The Eastern Asian Socialist Territory (EAST)
>>284435 >Sino focus flag >Not having India and Pakistan reunited >Occupied Korea still exist and Japan still capitalist Good effort but still pretty cringe.
>>278357 One of the least cringe Viet Facebook memes. >>278415 Bruh did you used google translate to make that. That’s some shit Vietnamese translation right there. Better version would be either “Chiếm lấy tư liệu sản xuất” or “Cộng sản muôn năm”. Also the strawhat is shit and not historically accurate.
(363.66 KB 2408x3319 politigals0001.png)
(447.98 KB 2107x3271 politigals0002.png)
(485.73 KB 2481x3507 politigals0003.png)
Political icons as anime girls 1/2
(341.10 KB 2481x3130 politigals0004.png)
(372.26 KB 2394x3299 politigals0005.png)
(260.12 KB 3382x2195 politigals0006.png)
>>294445 Political icons as anime girls 2/2
>>279101 Military families are the fucking worst. I wish that it wasn't the only choice for socially immobile proles. The military is a shit.
>>294489 It's no good, but at least it can teach you how to use weaponry and heavy machinery, which will be useful. In Fortnie.
>>294489 >I wish that it wasn't the only choice for socially immobile proles. Always crime (in minecraft)
(843.24 KB 1390x1736 20200223_155950.jpg)
Have fun!
>>295549 <Seizing the means of production >Taxing the billionaire class >Sex reassignment surgery healthcare >Bombing Yugoslavia
>>214500 >look guise marx advocated for tranny genocide xdd calm down edgelord
>>295559 that last one is good but what about "killing rosa and dumping her body in the river"
(103.06 KB 630x472 CentralPark.jpg)
can someone make a meme where a gualg is in here
>>244290 >compassion a basic human component and a necessary part of a civilized society Read motherfucker READ http://darwin-online.org.uk/content/frameset?pageseq=1&itemID=F1142&viewtype=text
Gets for the /GET/ God Quads for the Quad throne! May! The Image Boards BURN!
/GET/chan stands in Solidarity with /leftypol/ for the protection of numbers and GETs against the fascist aggressors!
>>300000 No way lol
>>300000 >>299999 Jesus christ what average GETs
>>300000 Holy based
>>300000 you absolute idiot.
>>300000 Absolute waste of a get
(2.32 MB 460x336 numbers.gif)
>>300000 god dammit. We wasted such a GET on this
>>300124 we didn't do shit it was all that dumb faggot
>>300135 >we didn't do shit so the blame is entirely on you
I, for one, enjoyed the success simultaneously being a failure. The contradiction of such terms is amusing when they exist simultaneously in the context of a single post.
>>300139 am the retard DDR poster? no? alright then
(270.40 KB 1398x764 Screenshot_109.png)
Can someone please make a version of this with a stalin with a black outline in the middle? I can't do this shit
(574.29 KB 1406x836 IMG_2393.jpeg)
>>300447 Like this
>>300452 <Marx predicted this.
>>294449 Max Stirner girl still my favorite
>>277044 >3d animations something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRIV-KiMq0E
(710.53 KB 1398x764 stalin.png)
>>300452 Like so?
>>300470 Wow, thanks a lot anon!
(1.19 MB 1290x1821 IDEALIST_NONSENSE.jpg)
Worth finishing or no?
>>294449 >>294445 Interesting, source?
>>309420 (OP Drawfag) Original designs by me.
>>309424 Thanks >>291989 They're all shit memes. >>295599 dead meme, Yugo bombing is less knon and needs more attention >>300000 Kek, GDR anon BTFO a numbers-fag
>>309367 i mean are you gonna make it look better
>>309555 (drawfag) The featureless characters are placeholders if that's what you mean.
(9.69 KB 820x877 Medical.png)
(129.05 KB 820x877 Untitled.png)
Made some "Medical Heroist" staffs, added hammers for labour.
(917.77 KB 414x567 sabocat cr.png)
(1.69 MB 3057x2293 sabocat kimilsung.jpg)
(708.02 KB 946x1119 if only cropped.jpg)
Fresh out of photoshop
(355.42 KB 680x697 bye_BoonieSander.png)
>>312081 based. fuck Bernie
>>309998 >Ancat maoists cursed >>309997 based. Saving the second one.
(3.48 MB 2448x3264 IMG_20200207_142903.jpg)
Agitprop contribution to dunk on Randians
>>312895 That cover is one of the most ironic quotes yet.
(2.78 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr03.png)
(2.65 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr02.png)
(2.71 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr01.png)
>>312895 >text on book-cover in pic contains circular logic fallacy.
>>8622 why is the booru filled with assad asslicking?
>>323549 I want more
(199.58 KB 356x354 1571122222793.png)
>>323549 very nice
(183.07 KB 723x1346 fenya stand.png)
(211.11 KB 902x739 fenya tech.png)
(200.32 KB 882x721 fenya his.png)
some Fenyas
>>326382 you're my hero drawanon
>>326456 up there with newsanon
>>326382 nice butt
(23.84 KB 474x467 1098419471984710984.jpg)
>>326456 >>326458 that's some high praise there, anon. thank you <3.
>>312749 There is a user who posts under a Sabocat flag that is very popular here. That's why.
>>194048 Simply browsing this caused me great pain
>>197837 kek andunilaterals BTFO pilled To think Gaddafi actually trusted Obama and Blair
>>208674 > >>208360 Anti-semitic and you deserve to be publicly comdemned. Now off to my Prohress meeting and the BoD and LFI
>>214011 That is fookin fantastic
>>326769 thanks anon
>>326376 Yes actually. So please explain. Is this just a edgy meme to stick it Us imperialism or is he not really a dictator who used chlorine gas on his people? was that all just propaganda by the west to justify war? tell me
>>327187 For a change, I have relevant resources regarding world politics! The attacks were fake, US manufactured. Watch this: https://youtu.be/MnSAB4qeDug Subscribe to Jimmy Dore, he's really good although not yet a communist. Regarding the critical support of Assad, I don't know enough to have an opinion, unfortunately. About dictatorship, I think it's overrated. There's not a lot of difference between one person ruling many years (Merkel) or a family (the clintons, the Kennedys, the Bush), but perhaps a democratically elected oficial like Assad where 99.7% of voters voted in favour, with a turnout of 94.6% is better :^). Democracy is a sham in all first world countries, third world countries its even worse. And governemnt repression and violence against its citizens is normal in all of the Americas except Canada (but I know little of Canada, so..). This isn't the place for this discussion though. Perhaps make a thread, at least I'm also interested in Assad and others' opinions. In conclusion though, it's never as simple as someone bad, someone good, despite what the media tell you.
(190.79 KB 935x624 syria cw incidents.jpg)
(82.78 KB 872x747 sarin use by rebels.JPG)
>>327187 >was that all just propaganda by the west to justify war? Yes. Every time the actual evidence points to the rebels being the real users of chemical weapons. Every time the "brutal Assad regime chemical attack" comes when Syrian Army is already winning and not when they are retreating or encircled. And there were never any accusations of "Assad using chemical weapons" against ISIS controlled areas because that could not be used to justify a war. Besides, all the chemical weapons stored by Syrian Army were destroyed by 2014.
(475.53 KB 615x576 socialism_or_barbarism.jpg)
Want to create pics like this. Anyone got ideas?
>>328453 No, I meant ideas for new propaganda like the one I made above.
>>327187 >is he not really a dictator who used chlorine gas on his people No he isn't Not a single Sarin or Chlorine gas incident can be linked to him however each shows them being used by ISIS or the FSA.
https://youtu.be/7a8XuYgoH8c So TreyTheExplainer just did a video on a small little shark that fucked over US submarines. Comrade Cookiecutter shark?
>>323742 You figured out Rand's objectivism, anon.
>>332440 fuck off, e-celeb
(514.10 KB 1587x900 RAJANI QUOTE 2.png)
(557.89 KB 1800x900 RAJANI QUOTE 1.png)
>>333030 don't be mean
does anyone here have this meme but with a lenin hat poster getting beaten?
>>358439 ok, i found it
(847.49 KB why.mp4)
Just slapped this together in five minutes on a lark.
(831.32 KB 1181x1748 test.png)
>>376742 are we supposed to be npcs?
>>376742 this is cool
>>376789 No, they're meant to proles, I just ran our of time.
(530.90 KB 2100x1500 Remeber_Rona.png)
Made it for GETchan, but still want to remind leftypol. Remember, to keep social distance
>>209671 Narrator : He didn't
(1.21 MB 970x1366 1584364900328.png)
dunno if this was uploaded yet
(1.61 MB 2480x3508 before_health.png)
>>380982 >cornavirus
>>381035 ah, fuck. Thanks for spotting that.
(1.61 MB 2480x3508 before_health.png)
(5.33 MB afwea.mp4)
(89.22 KB 912x1024 Marx gigachad.jpg)
I was the one that actually made this one recently
>>358627 Lmao. Don’t forget his habit posting of the same liberty link to defend China.
(101.61 KB 1280x1580 blocker challenge.png)
(291.54 KB 432x437 deepfried_1573743876852.png)
wong thread black thursday not oc, but compressed slightly for discord sharing purposes.
(54.99 KB 663x767 c3c.jpg)
>>381853 >discord >spergtranny
(783.96 KB 1230x1229 supportforalassad.png)
(125.73 KB 1280x640 assad rolling.jpg)
>>326376 Bashar has the best intentions and could have ended the War much quicker if he would have been careless, wreckless, angry, without morals, all the things western media tried to portray him to be. He was extremely calm and collected throughout the War, when the voices, rage, desperation and anger were highest around him and in the country, he was the one staying patient, cool, optimistic and pragmatic, giving a vision, source of hope. Like a surgeon fighting for the life of a patient his hands stayed steady and precise while standing in the middle of a storm. Through the darkest hours the Syrian people always believed in the wisdom and intentions of Dr. Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Arab Army, in the righteousness and the moral compass. Not that there could not be individuals and there sure were on their side that could have gone astray, but as a policy never, as a intentions from the leadership, never. Syrian Arab Republic won the War morally also. ISIS, Al Qaida and there colleagues fought in a savage and barbaric way. Can you imagine them giving escape routes out of the areas they besieged, reconciliation deals, bus deals and complete amnesty. Bashar Al Assad has done things in this War that have never happened in any War. Complete amnesty to all deserteurs even during the War is still ongoing, bussing enemys out of pockets so they can continue fighting somewhere else, re-integrating enemy fighters into normal civilian life, these things are unheard of in the history of War. While succesfully fending off America, Al Qaida, ISIS, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, can you imagine how proud his country is to have a leader like him.
>>385377 Why does that meme darken his mustache to make him look more Hitler-like?
>>385425 You mean the third image? It is an edit of an anti Assad comic
(503.13 KB 1523x726 b1e.jpg)
Chavez Vive! La Lucha Sigue!
(1.19 MB 2100x1500 Anonymous Emblem.png)
(25.60 KB 2100x1170 Anonymous flag.png)
(2.31 MB 2100x1170 Liberation.png)
>>396291 Yes meme sibs now :)
(344.02 KB 640x480 P0lotical powers.png)
Stay back! I have political powers
>>381588 this is a good one
(430.39 KB 1144x628 HITLER WAS A JEW.png)
>>387974 Well done. Lol'd and saved
>>400667 haha lol upvoted
(192.24 KB 616x406 1531789729691.png)
>>327187 I'm new here and have not fully taken the redpill yet nor support Assad but come on. Uou actually think that Assad used chlorine gas on his own people? Why do you believe in media lies
(198.96 KB 1600x1200 Sanssdadt.png)
So just discovered that the Kronstadt flag has a skull that looks like sans.
Does anyone have the "Welcome to leftypol" webm with the USSR anthem blaring at an insanely high volume?
>>401330 Thank you
https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ZF3fb5i9D6U "Suspend capitalism NOW, and do not resuscitate" min 4:39
>>403175 "is not even temporary socialism we need but basically temporary communism"
gib smug lenin statue
>>403443 bless, was pfp for a few day
(551.02 KB 1000x1100 1585392227945.png)
>>403175 >>403577 (me) Ey, I'm literally Vince McMahon meme right here, man!
(1.25 MB 1484x1000 1585503919587.png)
(407.70 KB 742x500 1585504481461.png)
(603.31 KB 750x1000 cyborg-marx.png)
PNG-ified it
(25.32 KB 360x360 crying.jpg)
>>408416 Why does SNL suck so fucking bad holy shit.
>>408447 Watch til the end though
>>408416 >>408479 that embed video is painful
(178.13 KB 958x559 ShutTheFuckUpDoomer.jpg)
(850.71 KB 1108x1364 negative.jpg)
(19.35 KB 576x566 mystery.png)
>>408416 >your rage and grievances are legitimate and important, as long as you're not white/male and you direct it against another identity group instead of against the system gee i wonder who could be behind this ideology
>>409107 fixed it
>>392966 kek source on that black man?
(241.24 KB 1200x1041 7pex59h04bp41.jpg)
(209.16 KB 1200x977 ftfy.png)
>>410676 That's a nice demonstration of the Dunning Kruger effect as it affects you. I took the liberty to fix up your image for you to give a more accurate picture.
>>409780 we can't have retards like you doing somersaults
(2.94 MB 550x600 marx.gif)
(1.46 MB 550x600 marx2.gif)
(206.68 KB 500x125 nazbol.gif)
i shidded my pants :(
(210.20 KB 500x125 nazbol2.gif)
>>411086 Imagine thinking that leftcoms read less than MLs LMAO. You can literally shop a stalin pic with a fake quote and get a tankie to support it simply because he associates it with Stalin (who he also never read).
>>410676 >>411086 >>414490 after a while you begin to realize that this line of argumentation goes no deeper than "I'm right and you're stupid"
(5.18 MB 1884x2592 Dengoids.png)
>>225347 lumpen tier
(448.83 KB 823x500 download_9.png)
(141.67 KB 762x553 1557817320377.jpg)
>>408947 Lame. It needs to be much more aggressive like pictures related.
>>414488 >14488 woah....


no cookies?