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(541.09 KB 415x562 professor.png)
OC Thread 4.0 Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 08:50:19 No. 8622
OC Thread 4.0
>New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

/leftypol/'s booru:
Edited last time by d011ars on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 02:41:33.
>brezhnev cat
And here, since you were the only one actually naming a cat to go next lol
Tomorrow I'll make a thread for this on /get/ and move the slow chart-updating there, maybe leave the brainstorming to create new catgirls here
(41.31 KB 400x500 situcat.png)
lol forgot image
(49.18 KB 186x181 1.png)
(21.45 KB 140x116 1.png)
go fuck yourself
I think that's just one of the possible pathways in the chart the others being
>no reddit
>invite chapos
even the suggestion goes against the very foundations of leftypol
That's the idea hence the "!?". Also note the "subvert idpol left" below.
Could you make a Cockshott/Cybersocialism cat?
If you could post them, that would be nice
(592.68 KB 1032x597 1988 chile plebiscite result.png)
Version 1 of the meme.
Since there were so many helicoptor memes, I decided to make a meme in which Pinochet got owned. As you all know, in 1988 plebiscite Pinochet lost his bid to become president.
I am trying to capture the No campaigns use of catchy "Chile, la alegría ya viene "song that became very popular, to Pinochet's ire.

However, I can't come up with any catchphrase with this meme that encompass all the above information. Please add something that is not only funny but also informs the unassuming crowd about the historical background of the meme.
Thank you in advance.
I don't want to offend you, but that's a bit of a complicated request Anon


I like them too, but too bad they are made by this mentally deranged tranny

Damn I love it, good job !
Let me try
>when you lose to a fucking jingle in 1988 plebiscite
I'm unfamiliar with Cockshott or the notion of cybersocialism so you'll have to give me the primer on how this wouldn't just be the anarcho-transcendentalist cat
(128.04 KB 676x960 adios_mrpinochet.jpg)
I didn't know they made a movie out of it. Maybe you can use it as inspiration.
thank you drawanon!!
>When you lose to a song
Thanks! You are the real MVP!
(6.42 KB 437x90 C O P E.png)
Found this on wikipedia.
(136.05 KB 495x342 tyler_collapse.jpg)
This comment made me laugh so I spent the 5 minutes
(621.09 KB 850x478 yoshigang.jpg)
(190.27 KB 450x253 stfuwokeoid.jpg)
(266.63 KB 500x645 cockshottvulture.png)
(208.39 KB 900x981 bunkercat.jpg)
Rare Hoxha/Bunkercat lewd from CatGirlDrawGirl herself back in the day, enjoy

(Not my OC)
(300.38 KB 500x645 cockshottvulture2.png)
(94.89 KB 500x645 cockshottvulture3.jpg)
yet another
I'll be honest, that doesn't look like Drawgirl's art at all to me
The original was posted anonymously, but in a later thread where Drawgirl was tripfagging someone brought it up and she responded with a blushing emoticon? Something along those lines. Either way, she didn't deny it was her, and it does bear a resemblance to her higher production value art.

Speaking of which, I never was able to save the original PICG comics, does anyone here have them?
It's all in the wayback machine, I went looking for that stuff a while back.

Also apropos of "looking on the wayback machine", reminder Alunya's birthday is the Tenth of May and PICG was first posted the Fourth of June
(310.56 KB 600x400 techcrew.jpg)
(234.67 KB 600x400 techcrew2.jpg)
(249.71 KB 600x400 techcrew3.jpg)
(176.03 KB 600x400 techcrew4.jpg)
(4.97 KB 500x500 Pixel bunker.png)
(6.83 MB 500x281 tt.gif)
any ideas for captions?

I was thinking about /leftypol/ for cigarette and LSC for overflowing toilet.

Also any good tutorial for how to use GIMP for gif editing?
(273.07 KB 1125x1040 KHAd9bQ.jpg)
Found this on reddit

désolé, not sure what you are implying
Very nice anon
(361.73 KB 365x698 leftypol.png)
(54.97 KB 365x698 leftypol2.jpg)
(181.76 KB 365x698 leftypol3.jpg)
no its starcraft 1 concept art (terran ghost) that i editied/colorized and added a banner. i also added the hammer and sickle tattoo to his arm.
(533.71 KB 576x776 cybercom.jpg)
(312.05 KB 576x776 cockshottmarine.jpg)
(543.99 KB 576x776 cybercom3.jpg)
(2.51 MB 782x839 Emma Goldmanoshi.png)
(2.03 MB 710x747 Max Stirnoshi.png)

Stirner and Emma Goldman.
based yoshiposter
(238.61 KB 1904x576 kambla.png)
I edited the cop's logo.
Thanks FBI I wanted another tumor.
(249.07 KB 1200x800 meme 36.jpg)
Tired of people praising "BASED SCANDINAVIAN SOCIALISM"? Explain to them how we exploit the global south to get our cheap products and luxuries. Have this OC meme while you're at it
Stupid long ass overanalysis and statement: literally requires 2 words - PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE
(289.62 KB 2000x1053 Amerinazibol.png)
Not entirely OC i only combined the Iroquois flag with a r/vexillology American communist flag, don't know if it would belong here, considering how it depicts national essesialism/exceptionalism and indian iconography next to the iconography of their imperial aggressors.

file may be large
(242.56 KB 730x1290 Evil Communist Pussy.jpg)
(333.12 KB 1200x800 glass wearing pride.jpg)
(373.13 KB 1200x675 DYVmwiJU8AAsHFv.jpg)
shhhh no telling anyone about us
that is a fucking disgusting abomination
(1.32 MB 640x540 Kenshiro Dark Commie Wojak.png)
I'm tired of it all
(235.67 KB 819x819 leftcom execution.gif)
Move over, Paps 😎
(424.60 KB 800x442 LeftyBanner3.png)
(544.37 KB 500x700 Bookcover3.png)
(13.42 KB 600x896 NaziTantrum.png)
posting some shit I made a while ago I found on a hard drive
(368.99 KB 1494x1986 ComradeStallman.png)
(565.70 KB 765x1928 EsperantoFadeno.png)
(375.80 KB 500x711 Bookcover1.png)
>loudly thinking to themselves "I AM NOT RETARDED"
accurate and appropriate
No offense but this is even more retarded that Christine
t. mutualist
(119.94 KB 1194x862 supercapitalism.png)
this was already on the booru but i sized it up and inverted the colors because no one on their phone opens images with white backgrounds.
>A flawed system written by a man named karlmarx which believes all men are equal.

Absolutely fucking retarded.
(142.85 KB 960x960 ECIXyHKU8AMgQtu.jpg)
This isn't even fucking edited.
how about 'the com brain' and he's holding a book, or the ancom brain, or the leftcom brain but thats starting to get obscure. idk, theres a funny edit waiting to be made here
Just wanted to say I love and appreciate the cat girl's cartoonish designs a lot as opposed to the usual anime moe shit mascot girls always have.
"sage" goes in the email box, not the name box. (and, i agree with you completely.)
Amazing work, anon
>Palace of the Soviets Brain
My fucking sides.
(628.42 KB 980x670 tankos meme-2.png)

dark wojak and his based cringe
(296.55 KB 1798x1498 rent free.png)
(32.57 KB 333x500 huwhites seethe.jpeg)
Some fresh OC here
(224.27 KB 1798x1498 dab on them tankies.jpg)
(206.60 KB 1080x813 1554418302895.jpg)
(953.73 KB 1423x2332 1554583131396.jpg)
(60.08 KB 350x314 1558995845463.jpg)
(1.22 MB 1105x899 1554073466726.png)
(1.70 MB 866x1299 1565836558413.png)
(100.23 KB 960x720 CtOlxFfWIAA5Png.jpg large.jpg)
(480.66 KB 2592x1728 1554330012918.jpg)
(662.03 KB 1080x2000 1558995417778.png)
(269.48 KB 1330x532 1559528488892.jpg)
(270.42 KB 1200x1003 1566209341135.jpg)
(998.93 KB 1568x2146 1547981024286.jpg)
+1 funny image
(1.47 MB 3300x1619 1555051772175.jpg)
(163.39 KB 2000x900 Vladmir-Putin-Quotes-4.jpg)
>set up old mods
>dirtbag characteristics
>subvert idpol
The old mods were pro-idpol trannies moron.
The second one is a fake quote.
Based Turning Point USA confirmed anti-reformist.
This is why why mass union mobilization leading to a General Strike is the way forward to a society without poverty
(621.23 KB 1296x1287 1545117852992.jpg)
(998.93 KB 1568x2146 1547981024286.jpg)
(139.43 KB 500x668 1548315548816.png)
(150.88 KB 1024x924 1548302741227.jpg)
(116.68 KB 623x676 1548326326086.png)
(2.00 MB 1545x1145 1553464091059.png)
(140.68 KB 1280x720 1553987035760.jpg)
(67.76 KB 670x586 1553987082472.jpg)
(174.95 KB 500x691 1553988336845.png)
(131.04 KB 960x952 1553166897128.jpg)
(39.42 KB 480x481 1553167033394.jpg)
(46.85 KB 803x727 1553704759214.jpg)
(77.28 KB 720x960 1553753404613.jpg)
(500.22 KB 720x462 1553831382800.png)
(103.28 KB 543x716 1553985522170.jpg)
(75.31 KB 1280x720 89798709790-890-8.jpg)
(147.82 KB 500x453 1554325449290.jpg)
(1.08 MB 800x1131 1558989057868.png)
(66.57 KB 409x767 1554936048053.jpg)
(196.33 KB 1200x841 1558997013042.jpg)
(80.36 KB 894x894 1564278392781.jpg)
(236.40 KB 960x960 1551320841377.png)
(131.04 KB 960x952 1553166897128.jpg)
(163.39 KB 2000x900 Vladmir-Putin-Quotes-4.jpg)
(49.75 KB 551x591 1532077298580.jpg)
(277.83 KB 900x1200 1533677540744.png)
(286.51 KB 900x1200 1533677728606.png)
The black and red in the images seem to be very likely intended for antifa not AnComs
I'm not even an anarchist and I want a CNT FAI hat
this is my personal biggest problem with any "anarchist" ideology except primitivism, they all reinvent the state with new terminology
live in the ___: state ---> commune ---> corporation
pay yearly ___: taxes ---> dues ---> fees
operates on ___: laws ---> mutual agreements ---> contracts
____ keeps the peace: police ---> community watch ---> private guards
why are you posting that reactionary propaganda
(636.61 KB 687x735 chobittsu.png)
>antifa is behind "filling neighborhoods with 'violent 3rd-world criminals'"
>not porky
>Trump supporters are the proletariat

A ton of them are just really dumb bourgeois. Statistically I'm pretty sure the supporters of most presidential finalists are proles, just because proles so vastly outnumber bourgeoisie. Clinton's "support" (mostly just rejection of Trump) was actually more working class than Trump's iirc, but it doesn't make support for Clinton a working class cause. People just forget that places besides the rustbelt exist - most of Trump's voters were the usual suspects in the south who just vote GOP every election.
>the pork of peace
Not halal.
>A ton of them are just really dumb bourgeois
They are evil and unethical, but not necesarely dumb.
They are acting considering a purely rational self interest. To a certain extent, especially if we consider that they are antisocial, that is quite understandable. Sociopaths are unable to take into account other people's wellbeing, and even if you force them to do so, they will rationalise their way out.
>Clinton's "support" (mostly just rejection of Trump) was actually more working class than Trump's iirc
Wrong, tons of workers like Trump pro-tariffs, anti-immigration and anti-environmentalist policies, as trade causes unemployment, immigration drives wages down and environmentalist measures increase the price of food, fuel, transportation and increase unemployment.
>They are evil and unethical, but not necesarely dumb.
>They are acting considering a purely rational self interest. To a certain extent, especially if we consider that they are antisocial, that is quite understandable. Sociopaths are unable to take into account other people's wellbeing, and even if you force them to do so, they will rationalise their way out.

I mean, yes, this is also true but they're also often genuine dumbasses. Like they know enough to just not completely lose their capital, but they're fucking retards wrt everything else because there's no actual incentive for them to develop any real intelligence or intelligent skills. They can basically just lean back on their capital if anyone questions their intelligence - "Well, then, how did I get all this???"

>Wrong, tons of workers like Trump pro-tariffs, anti-immigration and anti-environmentalist policies, as trade causes unemployment, immigration drives wages down and environmentalist measures increase the price of food, fuel, transportation and increase unemployment.

I never questioned this. But statistically, Clinton's "base" was more working class than Trump's was. Clinton got 8% more of the vote from union members and ranked 11% higher among voters earning less than $50k per year, for instance. The whole "blame the working class" thing was a neoliberal lie to divert blame for the Trump presidency away from the EC, Clinton's incompetence, and rich assholes.

I liked Trump bringing tariffs back, too, although his execution of it has been pretty retarded tbh. And even a lot of the workers (in the Rustbelt, for instance) who were turned off by Clinton actually switched to Stein rather than Trump. Trump won fewer working class voters than Clinton lost.
Guess who is back? Back again?
>tons of workers like Trump pro-tariffs, anti-immigration and anti-environmentalist policies, as trade causes unemployment, immigration drives wages down and environmentalist measures increase the price of food, fuel, transportation and increase unemployment.

yeah man workers love having no air to breathe or water to drink and seeing their Mexican neighbors and co-workers rounded up like criminals. you did it, you cracked the code
You know that's not what the point is, the point is "most average everyday people are more concerned with their short term problems, thus support policies that help solve those, even if it causes huge long-term problems, since it's not that immediate so why worry right"
(52.28 KB 589x592 1565470185341.jpg)
(218.44 KB 1280x720 1511299910051.jpg)
Not a big fan of gaddafi.

Its a shame the soviet union didn't help the IRA much.
(76.90 KB 1024x723 rw3sb1kf9x911.jpg)
(513.05 KB 1920x1080 924587yt4586-548.png)
(60.62 KB 800x600 1544564730388.jpg)
(22.56 KB 458x418 fae.jpg)
(64.40 KB 620x465 Gulag for everyone.jpg)
(41.51 KB 500x502 h680CF735.jpg)
(49.70 KB 480x480 off-to-gulag_o_7223631.jpg)
(30.21 KB 798x423 OG-stalinator.png.jpg)
>How Libya supplied the IRA with its ak-47s
>doesn't explain how
why do you do this anon?
(42.83 KB 850x167 thelibertybeacon.jpg)

Trump had 3 million fewer votes.

Any reading of Trump's victory that relies on his popular support or how much workers love him and his policies is objectively wrong. He got fewer votes. Fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Hillary fucking Clinton.

>that article screencap

I love how you fags literally always obscure any revealing details about who publishes this shit. Johnstone's actual 2017 Counterpunch article didn't contain this graphic and was a lot more nuanced - the quote in the graphic has also been taken out of context.

Anyway, TLB is pic related. Unless it's TLB.news, which might be even worse.
>I love how you fags
>always obscure any revealing details about who publishes this shit
Then you proceed to do the same as hardcore /pol/acks. I know you are trying to get me permabanned by getting me to react even the slightest and harass the mods into doing to shut you up. Textbook liberal ploy.
>Then you proceed to do the same as hardcore /pol/acks.

I literally revealed the source of that retarded image on antifa - it was some conservative site's post which only simplified Johnstone's actual position. They threw in a pic of Soros for good measure. I also haven't reported any of your dumbass posts, either someone else is doing it or the mods just don't like it when you post shitty right-wing propaganda like in that deleted post.
>either someone else is doing it or the mods just don't like it when you post shitty right-wing propaganda like in that deleted post.
If one cant discern propaganda from evidence, no matter the source, its a learning curve. If one is concerned about mere optics its a kangaroo court. Once Antifa and its offshoots get exposed, the damage control and cope would be delicious. Screencap this: I told you so.
>Any reading of Trump's victory that relies on his popular support or how much workers love him and his policies is objectively wrong. He got fewer votes. Fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. Hillary fucking Clinton.

This is correct
Anyone have those Evola pictures with Adorno quotes that we pestered /fascism/ with saved?
(72.21 KB 680x421 ECg7XiGX4AIGruy.jpeg)
(240.28 KB 768x768 DearHongKongrioters.jpg)
(63.77 KB 700x400 hyperchina.jpg)
(583.88 KB 1730x1000 aryanhapa.jpg)
(258.41 KB 800x600 accelerationist.jpg)
Fresh ones
first one will be extremely useful, gj
(19.25 MB TERROR WAVE.webm)
(441.11 KB 402x580 dengcostanza.png)
Reposting old OC.
nice one!
thanks comrades, the T E R R O R W A V E vid got striked down on youtube so I changed some clips and uploaded it again, let's hope this one stays

nvm it got taken down again
Could we get an upload here of the second clip as well comrade, I quite liked that version
**Upload the song with just a plain black with a big red '[CENSORED]' on yootoob btw, just to see what happens
>**Upload the song with just a plain black with a big red '[CENSORED]' on yootoob btw, just to see what happens
And add a cryptic esoteric coda of music video clip version 3.0 in the description title and beginning of the vid clip I reckon to give it the halo of a censored work
We're seeing google censorship in real time here folks
Interesting as all hell isn't it? comrades
(82.67 KB 774x784 ira pepe.png)
1,000 hours ms paint
(511.38 KB 1280x720 thumbnail720.png)
(1.15 MB communism.webm)
Is this the place to post our youtube videos, or would the e-celeb thread be preferred?
Here if it's not you talking into a microphone.
Well I can't argue with those digits.
i like that!
(61.20 KB 300x100 leftypolbanner1.png)
>>39945 same but in banner form
[spoiler]mods please add[spoiler]
(124.77 KB 656x669 trumplenin.JPG)
fucking lol'd
fucking brilliant
The IWW doesn't have an ideology, its associated with syndicalism but nowhere in the constitution does it proclaim it at such

IWW SaboCat girl when
(2.05 MB Ooh Mamma.webm)
(2.62 KB 202x274 Untitled.png)
absolutely based and red pilled
(278.51 KB 1417x1063 le2ogpyl2vh31.jpg)
>t. revisionist
Half of the people in the second image would have killed the other half
(32.13 KB 430x360 43593-0950495034950435.jpg)
it's you again!! That Destiny Vid got a lot of attraction, good job mate!
An extra special experience with headphones *ouchie*
Funny, I like it.
dont repost my screencap thats already in this thread thank you very much
wtf this is so well made
Reminds me too much of a nazi flag, you should use the hammer and sickle with the star but replace the start with the lambda.
retard it looks nothing like the nazi flag
We should make this meme except it's an ayy lmao who just arrived on earth
Sorry its here >>13378 how do delete?
kek, good one mate, I suggest uploading it to youtube also
that was supposed for >>40886 I apologise comrades
here is the webm of the second version, can't upload a video that calls the censorship out since I can't upload for 1 week. Also I just uploaded a new video on a new account:
Upload the videos onto pornhub
it's a red flag with a circle in it just make the lambda black and it's exactly like the nazi flag but with a lambda
(14.11 KB 1280x800 1280px-Flag_of_PFLP.svg.png)
is this the nazi flag
I am sorry, wrong file, also I forgot the link the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i11o75aV-AY

It seems I can't upload the other version of the terrorwave video since it exceeds the file length, at least that is what it shows when I try to upload it , anyone know what to do?
>It seems I can't upload the other version of the terrorwave video since it exceeds the file length, at least that is what it shows when I try to upload it , anyone know what to do?
Ask about it over at >>>/gulag/ for bunkerchan technical issues I think
I did, thanks stache
you're an idiot
(77.29 KB 582x751 1532231721740.jpg)
(2.18 MB 1440x1060 1543768828104.png)
(127.05 KB 432x576 1485922975_lenin cat.jpg)
(105.90 KB 600x600 lenin-cat-t-shirt.jpg)
(39.63 KB 640x562 1557404729550.jpg)
(24.29 KB 225x400 LqgSPPsF.jpg)
(145.19 KB 470x1150 1upgn0.jpg)
(498.97 KB 600x596 8cc.png)
(966.31 KB 537x1160 nQwhKt2.png)
Leftypol game of Hoi4 where we aim to make the whole world communist
(757.84 KB 1363x1524 the same.jpg)
(466.35 KB 920x1140 0dxep7aouus21.png)
(283.73 KB 1622x1276 2988z6v61ve31.png)
(2.86 MB 2560x1707 Nahnigga.png)
When you see nazis coming to your house
(141.33 KB 1200x1030 boomerbordiga.jpeg)
(151.49 KB 650x480 kurds.jpg)
(448.34 KB 2400x875 vaush IRL.jpg)
die in real life
(348.49 KB 500x467 READTHEORY.png)
NOT oc
the effortposters of /leftpol/ in a pic
(34.91 KB 630x133 1.png)
Someone needs to create a Donald J. Lenin twitter account and just tweet when applicable.
see pic related
G7 -> 1917
Fake News -> bourgeois news
(72.05 KB 492x501 leftists v1.png)
Song source?
That's one catchy tune. Been playing this on repeat for about one hour now.
Crimewave by Crystal Castles
(43.69 KB 713x609 milkshaked.png)
(68.36 KB 380x600 gay marriage bunkerchan OC.jpeg)
(159.38 KB 1120x700 jposadas bunkerchan OC.jpeg)
>"Trans People bad! Muh Bathroom! if were not mean to trans people how will we get JewStomper1488 to support the revolution???!!!??"
Does any here has that drawing of stalinist cat with leftcom cat?
(173.97 KB 712x1024 BackToReddit.jpg)
if your gonna fight a fascist then do it and go all in, don’t do a weak half measure
(139.80 KB 1200x900 D7EIbFeW0AANtHR.jpg)
Embrace the Shake
It does nothing, but tell everyone how much of a radlib you are. If you think throughing a milkshake at a fascist will do anything your retarted.
>t. strawberry soaked fascist
The fascist mindset is one of inflated ego and chest-pounding and depends on shows of force.
While actual force and literally driving them off the streets is more effective, one should not underestimate the power a simple act of humiliation can have on a radicalized shut-in. Many counter-demonstrations have put a lid on fascist activity by simply showing up in larger numbers and making them think twice about their aggression, and many individual small-scale actions have surely discouraged others from joining them.
Milkshaking belongs among the latter methods. It is an easy to use and carry implement, which isn't an obvious tool of attack, as such is not a reason for direct action from the authorities. It does not cause harm, but certainly marks and shames the target with a sticky white liquid.

In short: It's not much, but it's something. As much screeching there's been about it, it surely has had its influence.
It's also low risk, which is usually a positive.

A picture of an anime boi with two anime gurls on either sides kissing his cheeks while he blushes all colour corrected / drawn in gommie uniforms

Saw it posted in another thread earlier with some impact font shit over it but can’t find it again
(110.50 KB 960x540 thumbnail.jpg)
New meme video up

Thanks, I'm gonna try for every week, comrade.

I'm sorry bud. I thought the annoying bird meme was well known enough to count as a warning.
webm version
(143.05 KB 1280x720 rentfreevaush.jpg)
(365.85 KB 1250x1450 papa joseph and vaush.jpg)
(162.61 KB 490x490 332jfj3033drf.png)
(34.26 KB 779x408 crik.png)
Great video tovarish. But why does it end right when it would smash imperialism?!
(70.44 KB 630x630 Comrade Pepe 1.jpg)
(153.34 KB 630x630 Comrade Pepe 2.jpg)
(102.84 KB 800x511 Baby Marx.jpg)

Generally, when those responses were made on ole /leftypol/, it was in regards of contextless "holodomor didn't happen" shit. And also as tips in "how to approach normies" threads.
I've not seen any posts here discouraging the spread of fun factoids like those.
(313.81 KB 2048x2048 Empty Meme Template.png)
(251.09 KB 2048x2048 Template handless edition.png)
(2.84 MB 2048x2048 Laughs in anarchist.png)
(2.76 MB 2048x2048 Laughs in anarchist Alt.png)
(352.95 KB 2048x2048 stalin laughs Final.png)
(2.72 MB 2048x2048 stalin laughs berlin no color.png)
(4.44 MB 2048x2048 stalin laughs berlin color.png)
I tried to make a Stalin version.
Breddy gud, makes Stalin look like some kind of demon.
That's because he was one.
(17.90 MB DAYTONA.mp4)
Not lefty but still something I made with my brand new cpu in under 2 minutes
Does our booru have a finite amount of storage?
everything has a finite storage
(135.19 KB 2684x1000 coexist.png)
what should the E be
The C should be the sickle by itself if the T is the hammer by itself. And this is pretty cringe tbh.
I know it's cringe. The whole coexist shtick is the most liberal shit I've ever seen, but I thought it would be funny if it were gommunist.
Sideways Juche maybe?
(45.19 KB 1200x1200 Workers' Party of Korea.png)
That's a good idea.

Make all the symbols red. Having just the fist red is weird.
>a fucking rose
(91.86 KB 2750x1000 coexist.png)
pretty good ngl
(219.59 KB 840x380 haha your commie.png)
what about anarchists?
I would like to see more of Ba'athist cat, as well as Titoist cat and Anprim Cat, please.
(4.04 MB 1360x2648 dubbelposting expending brain.png)
Those would make great stencils
Sorry for asking again, but does anyone have a reference sheet for the /pol/ mascot?
I need it to make fun of them.
Nevermind i can work with this
(102.68 KB 499x750 3an0lm.jpg)
Shitty OC I just made
(93.13 KB 627x900 EErytN5XkAA2-wb.jpg)
Posting it here because paps is too humble to do it themselves
Saved and appreciated.
(156.25 KB 1048x215 mrbolshevik.png)
(254.64 KB 980x923 Report.jpg)
(1.60 MB 1518x1923 bakuninboof.jpg)
The Antifaschistische Aktion symbol with the flags actually comes from the KPD's antifascist wing, while the three arrows are the SPD's Iron Front.
(454.40 KB 992x621 expanding brain meme.png)
What? This isn't from Reddit. This is an OC I made myself.
are you new?
he's talking about your sense of humor, not the image
I don't think it's meant to funny, it's only mocking those particular people.
its a reddit format, drop cringe meme formats like expanding brain, drake, the labeling image thing etc
"if it´s so hard to be an enterpreneur, then give us your means of production"
(183.42 KB 600x814 onion.jpg)
Anarchists can't even read that passage without their ritalin addled skulls exploding.
(7.39 MB 3498x2362 union of egos is magic copy.png)
I made this image years ago. Finally found it.
>waaah I wanna contribute but I'm not good enough
>abloobloo if only I could make content for the proletariat
>porky told me "I'm not good enough and I'm a stupid enough asshole to believe him"

The secret is that there is no "good" or "bad" art. "Art" is just a designation given to a specialized portion of human communication. Technique is simply a tool of conveyance, and if even one other person manages to get what you're trying to communicate, then it's you're doing great, Marxiful job kiddo.

The consequences aren't important. Just make the shit you want to see. You're a motherfucking human, damn it.
(177.04 KB 1000x1541 stirner chio-chan.jpg)
(204.71 KB 1000x1541 stirner patlabor.jpg)
who are you talking to? but yeah
this looks good but the chapos on the same pic as Marx hurts me. also who's the woman in the center?
(441.19 KB 1200x630 we communists are like seed.png)
(242.54 KB 1440x1440 kitty.png)
(1.17 MB 1440x1440 yikes.png)
(190.98 KB 1280x720 ONEPUUUUUNCH.png)
This face is pretty meme-worthy.
(2.23 MB 1234x3196 bernie snap.png)
This criticism of anarchy doesn't actualy understand what is being proposed, that a dual power system be created from the ground up and grows. The tankie is too dumb to even imagine a theory of change other than "take control and enforce our plan" lmao. Try actually making your points to people before you assume how they'll react.
(338.61 KB 1300x1500 finished.png)
(59.31 KB 2000x1800 alunya in progress.png)
I took your one punch one and redrew it with mouse with paint.net, this is what I got so far
(1.89 MB 2500x1563 ONEPUUUUUUUNCH.png)
decided to redraw the one punch format by hand just for this
The lines need to be be little more smooth
mad anarkiddie is mad
im using a mouse, this is literally as good as I can do
I like the face, it is indeed meme-worthy!
ayy i like it
like it
(183.48 KB 1440x1440 kitty.png)
Tried something
(315.72 KB 1440x1440 shocked.png)
(182.89 KB 1440x1440 hissss.png)
(181.39 KB 1440x1440 mildly upset.png)
heres some low effort
>ahe gao alunya
The red coming out of the eyes i meant, everything else is perfect
(200.84 KB 1440x1440 fugg.png)
im not even done posting yet, I still got more
(197.04 KB 1440x1440 Nick Cage.png)
(292.61 KB 1440x1440 sad.png)
(38.89 KB 2000x1800 Alunya subliminal punch.gif)
(40.88 KB 800x600 dumbcatalunya.png)
since there's new drawings of alunya in this thread, so here's my shitty drawing. You can edit it if you guys are interested.
(108.10 KB 2500x1563 no.png)
Question for a meme I'm making, what would be the best symbols to represent national and international bourgeoisie? I was thinking maybe a corporate suit for international, but what about national?
(208.09 KB 1440x1440 alunyasmug.png)
Why not two corporate suits, but one with a dollar sign badge, and one with a nationalist symbol as a badge?
might end up being the most lasting legacy this board leaves
(3.79 MB 588x442 peace.gif)
(330.24 KB 1440x1440 damn.png)
(48.85 KB 779x745 emberessedcat.png)
I should draw more catgirls other than alunya.
(196.29 KB 1544x2000 yes.jpg)
oc from my uni propaganda
(8.27 MB 2476x2015 leftypol.png)
(719.51 KB 1100x424 free-candy van man.png)
(33.69 KB 472x360 checked 2.jpg)
(3.78 MB 472x360 footman laugh.gif)
(26.59 KB 472x360 communism is good.jpg)
(677.18 KB 1322x1945 commie gangut.png)
Pinkie Pie did nothing wrong.
(87.22 KB 627x1600 leftypol goes to GET.png)
Don't know if this is the correct thread for this, but what happened to the plan of replacing all the old flags with new larger scale versions? I recall someone already posted the new ones, so they are complete as far as I know.
breddy good oc
Good job, still look like Stonetoss but nice. Are you using vectors graphics to make your comics ?
Looks a hell of a lot better than the MS paint-tier comics I see made around here, but it could still use some work.
(171.82 KB 1200x1200 EAA1fiOXsAIMRok.jpg)
I thought you were using Inkscape, which is why I was asking. I think this is really great compared to what we usually have here (no offense meant to anyone) and I really think you should make more.

If you want to go for the "webcomic look" (see pic related) all of your comic should follow it. In your last pannel the smoke coming out of the angry nazi is pixelized and doesn't go well with the overhall look of the comic, try to avoid this next time.
Also, try to experiment a bit before really settling down for a given style, try to see what work and what does not work for you.
Althrough your comic really look good, the shapes seems "too regular", too geometric. You should find a way to make them appear closer to a drawing (see pic related again).
I don't have anything else to add, your drawings are already very good.
Thanks for the advice. The speech bubbles do look pretty geometric. I'll try to fix some things.
I have a few more ideas for comics - lots of anti-capitalist themed ones.
Pineapple on pizza is good tho
Gurl / anime name plz?
Gangut from Kancolle
You deserve Gulag
(369.54 KB 900x600 timeline.jpg)
Tried to fix this timeline meme. Last one is a joke
My only problem w/ this is it suggests a lack of OC post 2016 besides muh armchair
(13.19 KB 200x141 OHH.png)
(302.82 KB 200x150 SovietKek.gif)
Wasnt this guy 2019 oc?
Yeah I can't think of much. The nazbol gang meme also started in 2016, that red wojak of despair (I forgot its name) is from last year, the gorilla questions was big here in 2017 but it came out from 4chan, shit like national trotskyism and baboonposting aren't very notable. I think Posadas memes started in 2017.. 2017 was definitely /leftypol/'s most popular year.
I remember this guy but I'm pretty sure that's from last year or more
>I remember this guy but I'm pretty sure that's from last year or more
Im 99% sure we had a naming thread for him and the video along with it shortly after i got here after the shutdown. does anyone have an achieve of that?
/r/equesting a pic of lenin reading a newspaper and looking confused about what he had read
(430.17 KB 1023x781 fixed.png)
(33.69 KB 659x107 collection.png)
As far as I know the story behind him goes like this:
There was a thread about soviet multiks about a month or so before 8chan went down, pretty sure the Juche anon dumped a couple of YouTube links of very early ones. The board was pretty dead at one point and I started to look through them. The one named Space War or something like that had our red guard friend in it at a few points. Seeing the potential I capped them and put them up in either the old OC thread or the multiks one, don't remember now. It didn't get that much attention though. Then when we had to migrate here, and to kickstart this thread I dumped my collection, pic related included. Then someone took attention, started the thread >>85076 mentions and that is how we got here.
(300.38 KB 500x645 Cockshott_Vulture.png)
(52.04 KB 200x162 stfu_market_soc.png)
Also the Cockshott memes are 2019 thing too
There is also one in style like the first pic related with him in power armor, but I don't have it right now
(180.51 KB 670x477 Jumbo Jerry.png)
(193.05 KB 488x631 May may.png)
(200.91 KB 1017x535 ML.jpg)
(198.38 KB 998x621 baitnswitch.jpg)
(310.96 KB 1000x600 SJWCIA.png)
(16.48 KB 929x552 theftpass.png)
(1.35 MB 2000x2000 leftism virgins and chads.jpg)
That survey was was talking about self-proclaimed progressive liberals because that is what is far left in the average burgers mind.
That's right. It's those people in the Lenin shirts singing the Internationale disrupting righties.
That means Hitler still had some soul in him... Neo Nazis on /pol/ have no soul at all.
I feel like defending Antifa, ML, and christcoms. That image fucking sucks.
This is nuclear explosion. Right?
(117.42 KB 865x534 nuke_comparison.jpg)
(1.34 MB 1148x806 Sin título-1.png)
More Gangut Propaganda
Why is drawgirl cancer?
She was one of the least cancerous things to ever happen on the board. The timeline with the people is also bad. Bordiga, Wolff, and Dickblast were all around a lot longer than this implies and besides Bordiga they're still posted here pretty often.
(124.77 KB 1000x550 4chan.png)
>Bordiga, Wolff, and Dickblast were all around a lot longer than this implies and besides Bordiga they're still posted here pretty often.
Yeah I know, but there wasn't enough space to fit all of them. I put Wolff in 2017 because it was the year /leftypol/ sponsored one of his lectures. I put Bordiga there because I remember he was popular that year. And the Read Cockshott spam started in 2017 if I recall correctly. But yeah, it was just a shitty attempt, I wanted to edit it because I think we shouldn't use that retarded tranny meme /pol/ made and it's not like nothing good ever came out of this board after the split
it doesn't mean it's bad, pretty sure it's just a reference to 4chan's oldfag categories
(111.14 KB 219x307 please_leave_me_alone.png)
The corrected version
2015 (gnostikoi)
(693.64 KB 700x493 tired.png)
(266.06 KB 600x794 porky chad.png)
(441.96 KB 983x983 Pururin.png)
(314.40 KB 1000x1000 white jews matter afronazbol.jpg)
(33.58 KB 527x538 true.png)
I'm fucking retarded
(689.82 KB 2000x1500 oh-noooooo.jpg)
(1001.63 KB 2500x2500 This-bass-kills-fascists2.png)
(697.14 KB 1774x1774 This-bass-kills-fascists2_B.png)
Civility is for suckers.
(3.11 MB 2500x2500 This-bass-kills-fascists.png)
(2.19 MB 1784x1784 This-bass-kills-fascists_B.png)
Missing the OG "pls red zizek".
(193.56 KB 1080x1688 reality.png)
(684.37 KB 1051x669 revolutionary anarchist party.png)
where is this from?
From the book "Persepolis"
Man I don't remember this part.
(1.13 MB 195x229 shocked blinking dude.gif)
>she doesn't want to play tag in the woods at 2am
source on the bottom pic
(1.61 MB 1400x1400 Liberty.png)
(536.02 KB 1000x486 Dystopia.png)
I remember that incident. Those guys were US Army "Scout Snipers" and they wanted a flag of their own for their unit to wank over. They later claimed that they chose that lettering, 'cause it "looked cool". Whether this claim was just a shit coverup of their actual beliefs or those fucking burgers once again managed to reveal the severity of their ignorance and the failure of their education, I do not know.
(39.95 KB 700x467 afganistan.jpg)
There were Aussies with this.
(1.39 MB 1080x1920 Deadly sins.png)
I've grown to dislike the yikes meme.
Fucking kill it, it's a bad meme.
(87.37 KB 506x883 sponge.png)
yeah I mean it's good exercise.
(1.59 MB 3270x2289 crisis crash!11 reverse4.jpg)
An over-rated graphic novel called persepolis, that plays on anti-Iranian myths while sprinkling in some truths, and with an anarchist inclination.
the writer of persepolis is a member of the Tudeh party and you for a fact can't deny that Iran is a reactionary Islamist state even if it is good and anti-imperialist.
Sums it all, Tudeh is retarded.
(115.07 KB 700x672 1571154052017.jpg)
(1.15 MB 1400x1400 spaghetti.png)
(281.30 KB 1080x1080 Spurdo Approves.png)
I made a thing.
(85.83 KB 1080x1080 Template Type 2.png)
Also have some templates.
(97.84 KB 1080x1080 Template Type 1.png)
Nice more abbjunition for the /pol/ gormunism threads :--DD Ebin job gormrade
(554.07 KB 700x408 alunya astronaut.png)
Where can I read more about this?
(151.67 KB 1080x1420 IMG_20191018_232251.jpg)
From spanish twitter
(3.07 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in 1961.png)
(4.03 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in 1978.png)
(1.34 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in hollywood.jpg)
Here's the template if you want to make variations of it.
(3.35 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in 1997.png)
(3.21 MB 2700x1800 once upon a time in vietnam.png)
(134.61 KB 888x499 soviet symbiote1.jpg)
Symbiotes are the real anti-fa super soldiers. Srsly though it's a work in progress.
(1.32 MB 749x757 shirt meme.png)

Leftist gunners where you at?

Right-wing gun owners have a massive fetish for pretending to give a shit about tyranny while also licking Trump & police boots
(621.81 KB 1292x1355 karlturaladorno.jpg)
I did this once but never posted it, might as well do it now
(1.66 MB hoxha.webm)
(3.92 MB Ura.webm)
shit I got form the old thread.
(262.10 KB 754x960 pizza wizard.jpg)
(43.26 KB 700x700 1.png)
(238.16 KB 600x794 chad porky vampire.png)
Someone made this joke on /leftypol/ a long time ago.
BASED and truthpilled.
(53.71 KB 591x823 You_look_at_this_(2).jpg)
(372.78 KB 749x651 mexies betrayal.jpg)
OC about Mexie
(316.36 KB 326x326 AAAAAAAAAAH.gif)
She's smart, beautiful and used to defend the USSR and was fucking based

Do they walk on water?
(259.67 KB 1000x1000 Anime Suslov.png)
Anime Suslov
>Middle video
Haven't seen that since the 8ch /leftyweebpol/ threads.
(119.51 KB 730x499 friends of the earth.jpg)
Yes, I know I could have put manning in there too.
There should be a Picardía of China/Deng that goes like:
>"What was that? Markets-Leninism? Sounds like a good idea!"
(650.24 KB 1800x650 webcomic grrrrrrr.png)
Rate my webcomic WIP, now with ebin spaceholder lables
Iodine > fluoride when it comes to purifying water and keeping teeth clean.
And baking soda is better than both.
(1.27 MB 700x1400 saytheline.png)
(2.56 MB 2352x1482 1571954404478.jpg)
"Man, if I embrace infamy... I'll be shoved into a dark hole for the rest of my life and forgotten about, but in the short-term people will make memes about me!! My name might even get in the newspaper!!!"
(945.84 KB 675x900 5i237twreev31.png)
(72.75 KB 720x720 lmao.png)
(111.64 KB 808x575 anon I.png)
(366.11 KB 1600x1024 treadwhereIplease.png)
(15.44 MB ChangeDaWorld.mp4)
is this an optical illusion or a camera distortion ? The Dutch guy on the right , well the far right, seems to have an enormous head.
Oh yeah it's big brain time
Don't be silly, it's a normal man with a normal head. The smaller creature just makes it look strange.
This picture is really disturbing
(261.90 KB 1000x500 Genocide.png)
(321.00 KB 1000x1000 Powerlevel.png)
(551.26 KB 1000x1000 Bear.png)
from twitter
very nice
(2.22 MB 577x2102 greattimes.png)
Pretty sure she still defends it as she is surprisingly amicable with finbol
Mexie did nothing wrong!
Women are the majority of the human population, so are brown people. Agitate them, so you agitate the majority of the world's proletariat.
(180.92 KB 350x463 big brain assad.png)
>is this an optical illusion or a camera distortion ?
This dude is very talented, can you put up a link to his twitter account ? I can't seem to find it despite searching for his name
This ^
(37.38 KB 684x400 twitter.jpg)
I think it's that tranny from GET, ask there.
(720.99 KB 499x745 Lahren meme.png)
Cons literally make this shit too easy sometimes
Good art, shitty jokes
we need an artfag we mustn't be too picky
(77.05 KB 1000x500 EIaWWHGXYAAmWn-.jpg)
(1.09 MB 3264x2448 ByeByeCrownie.jpg)
For when you see a monarchist
(1.38 MB 1033x881 jason.png)
>Somebody actually made an Anti-Graceposter meme
About fucking time
You cannot touch the anointed ones

Each drop of Grace Chan's blood will cost /leftypol/ torrents; perhaps four million revolutionaries will pay with their lives for the great national crime of an antireligious and antisocial insurrection, crowned by regicide
- Joseph de Maistre
(810.63 KB 720x960 SILENCE RIGHTOID.png)
(118.17 KB 720x960 AlunyaArms.png)
(222.01 KB 599x740 NatSoy.png)
couldn't find one so i made a new one
r/ that image that prove that nazis are literally cucks, i need that shit right now.
Is it this post >>110263?
No, its a image of nazi "eugenic" program, if i remember corretly they planned to use the wifes of the soldiers who were fighting in front to "make" more babies.
>nazi "welfare" program
I think i remember something similar but it was a few posts where they basically said cucking was okay as long as it was only aryans reproducing
Although you could probably find that sort of post on /pol/ anyways
I tried to find in the booru but without sucess, thanks anyway comrade.
(316.02 KB 415x492 future for white children 02.PNG)
(24.03 KB 771x157 future for white children.PNG)
(197.80 KB 1080x1003 bdm girl.png)
It wasn't just that. They also promoted premarital sex between girls in the League of German Girls and boys in Hitler Youth.
The program of "breeding racially pure aryans" with unmarried women and SS men was called "Lebensborn"
(691.15 KB 1280x1377 5p8bqTV.png)
(167.69 KB 750x676 airJlrx.jpg)
(86.53 KB 742x960 1560989612053.jpg)
(199.28 KB 570x450 1988 chile plebisite meme 2.png)
Hi friends. After long time I finally complete my OC. Enjoy.
(178.24 KB 464x934 part1.png)
Does anyone have the response catgirldrawgirl made to this? Booru is a piece of shit.

Absolutely underrated, great work anon
(293.02 KB 619x1000 part2.png)
(311.95 KB 1000x1320 part3.jpg)
Never mind, found it plus a third part I didn't know existed
(387.62 KB 720x960 Brainwash.png)
>anarchism (movement) = anarchism (grouping of egalitarian political rulesets) = anarchism (fully automated luxury)
(72.77 KB 771x960 received_225334898350810.jpeg)
the arms crossed one would be a nice sticker
(118.51 KB 666x507 fed uwu.png)
fwiends fwom evewywhere, in bowivia there was no coup. there was a peacefuw movement of the bowivian people to wecover the wespect to ouw vote, democwacy and ouw constitution〜☆ demanding the p-pwesident, evo, and his cwiminaw govewnment to wesign because of the fwaud c-committed.
(55.39 KB 666x507 fed kek.jpg)


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