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(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
>articles of impeachment were just unveiled
>today will be green

So what exactly triggered the 2008 recession?
belief in it
Yes, I know. But what event shattered the illusion?
People actually loosing their homes.
Today = good day for financials
Tomorrow = another great day for bank stocks

With all these opportunities given by the FREE MARKET?
And fascism will arrive with it, as socialism is the most absolutely demonized and rejected solution to this shit.
The best cristmas present I could hope for.
You can only hope prole. Whatever happens, we ALWAYS win!
(31.09 KB 362x476 sedrft.png)
Lol the eternal kingdom trope, if you were so sure about the rule of capital, you would not bother telling us about it.
Shit, was just reading about this
So it begins....it’s time for history to move again.......I’m fucking terrified
You understand all that finance jargon ?
Great please explain this in laymen's terms.
Did you read the article? Zo,tar Poszar is also saying it. Not just zerohedge
>here's why this literal who is right
(454.61 KB sonicrings.mp4)
>Zoltan Poszer

Read this didn't understand much: the swap market is acting up the banks don't reserved enough , the fed's hand will be forced...
What does this mean, it's fictional capital that's stored in computer databases. What's it doing, does it have a bug, is somebody cheating ?
What's supposed to happen when it does crash? A mass awakening in the masses that leads to acceptance of the immortal science?
What is going to stop the federal reserve from just pumping this shit up with funny money?
lolbert tier source lad.
They’re already doing it. More money for me in any case.
Full blown Facism.
(68.68 KB 1080x1046 IMG_20190317_205124.jpg)
Stronger than ever
Stop being cringe, would you? As we've said; the higher it goes, the harder it will fall. There is nothing to worry about, as long as it doesn't pass its deadline. When it crashes sooner than expected, the better if not, whatever. It is inevitable.

Take this as a chance to make further preparations. If you're a prole, you'll be affected the hardest by this crash. And boy, this one is going to be bad! Get food supplies, toilet paper, water etc...
Keep wishing.
> the higher it goes, the harder it will fall.
Even if it falls. we will again get that bailout money to buy it cheap and sell high.
(217.88 KB 1280x1263 2017_06_12_Bj_blaskowicz_doodle.jpg)
Your pessimism sickens me. Make sure that fascism stays unacceptable, wherever you live. It's working, where I live (Switzerland) at least. It's been working well in other places too such as Greece for example.
Get out and kick some fascist ass!
I am a brainlet please google translate
Porky's about to get bailed out with your pocket money.

"Fascism" in popular understanding is just hating jews, blacks and homos. Nominal liberals will shout "there's no place for fascism here" while forcing austerity at a gun point, busting unions and jailing protesters.
(2.48 KB 125x121 1527895647259.jpg)
(37.03 KB 592x589 1508703683695.jpg)
>U.S. and China agree to trade deal text

What is happening, why are the porkies winnning everything???
>The U.S. and China have reached an agreement on text of a phase one trade deal and will now move toward signing a deal as quickly as possible, Chinese officials said Friday. The U.S. will scrap tariffs on Chinese goods in phases, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said. The deal involves intellectual property, technology transfers, agricultural goods, financial services and expansion of trade. The U.S. and China have worked on a partial trade deal announced in October, which President Donald Trump said would involve more Chinese purchases of agricultural goods. The agreement must go through legal Procedures in both countries before getting signed, a Chinese official said, according to the Wall Street Journal.
(106.23 KB 280x291 c6f.png)
>>The U.S. and China have reached an agreement on text of a phase one trade deal and will now move toward signing a deal as quickly as possible, Chinese officials said Friday. The U.S. will scrap tariffs on Chinese goods in phases, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said. The deal involves intellectual property, technology transfers, agricultural goods, financial services and expansion of trade. The U.S. and China have worked on a partial trade deal announced in October, which President Donald Trump said would involve more Chinese purchases of agricultural goods. The agreement must go through legal Procedures in both countries before getting signed, a Chinese official said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Fake news
your falling it for like dumb investors


"The agreement must go through legal Procedures in both countries before getting signed, a Chinese official said, according to the Wall Street Journal."
(55.39 KB 609x482 trade_deal_success.png)
itsa farce

honestly seems pretty desperate to me considering the dow dropped its 100 point gain and they are still trying to be like NO THIS IS PROGRESS while no one buys it
This is an oversimplification and unfair comparison, the two "Germany" were run in two polar opposite ways.

You should include a list of things such as:

"it is believed that 33,755 political prisoners had their freedom purchased for a nominal total price of 3.5 billion Deutsche Marks in terms of the equivent currency's modern purchasing power. In addition to the release of political prisoners, approximately 250,000 exit visas were purchased by West Germany on behalf of East Germans who wished to emigrate.[4]"

So one Germany is selling back its citizens to the other, selling travel permits etc.

When you start scratching a little more on the DDR surface you find an array of dodgy government practices.

One blatant example would be the disproportionately higher amount of public servants, and the fact that a large part of the population was employed as intelligence assets etc.

The GDP numbers presented are largely a result of a huge public sector funding its own existence.
>porkies SEETHING about China stealing muh intellectual property
>The deal involves intellectual property, technology transfers, agricultural goods, financial services and expansion of trade.
Is China surrendering to lards too?
Well I really doubt that any other sizeable power ever really surrenders to another. It is probably just the smartest thing to do geopolitically. Like when EU kowtowed to the mutts over tariffs a year or so back it sure as hell wasn't some friendship, just that going head on against the US is still not something one can really do, so it's for the best to bide your time and wait for the retarded giant to fall down. Dollard hegemony can't come to an end soon enough, even if the Euro replaces it, result will still be good.
(55.39 KB 609x482 trade_deal_success.png)
trump just pulled back tariffs for a media victory what are you smoking.
(333.80 KB 594x901 trade_deal_summary.png)
reposted wrong tweet
It's paywalled, could we get a precis?
What are they gunna do about it, repo the pieces of paper?
This is the problem, there is no way the educated can lose their class position.
If Millennials weren't so lazy and went to work instead of complaining about capitalism all day maybe we wouldn't have this problem.
generation bashing is retarded idpol, besides if capitalism would not be so shit people would not complain about it as much.
So what, people complain about cleaning their rooms. Millennials are just entitled, that's all.
Millennials are now at minimum 25 years old.
This shit is retarded, why do people still acknowledge porky poster?
This shit is retarded, why do people still acknowledge socialism?
(375.21 KB 3820x2178 Thank You For Your Tip.png)
(49.13 KB 512x512 27.png)
I'm starting to think that this guy is just some porky bootlicker, who tries to LARP as an angry leftist, in order to boost porky's ego or something.

I for one would find a trade deal between the two a good thing, because when the crash begins, they won't be able to say: "It's just because muh trade war! It's the eeeeevul Chinese's fault!", which could escalate into a hot war, which would be very undesirable to say the least.

A trade deal won't prevent the crash of course, just delay it again, which will result in a worse collapse. The contradictions of capitalism will eventually prevail.
Do you guys think an economic crisis affecting the 1st world is likely in the next decade or so?

I think a big system shock might be the only way to really gather wide left-wing support.
They'll get a point were you can't tip in 7 billion of us and will be at the tip of the proletariat force! I won't live in fear! Workers of the world unite! assuming this isn't just a pic for fun you get that guy swatted and there won't be a gulag in the depths of hell worse enough for you! glow harder cunt!
Next decade? More like in the next weeks to months or so at most.

It's high time to get prepared, so that you don't immediately starve to death, when it begins.
>Munk Debate on Capitalism - Interview with Yanis Varoufakis
Based and redpilled
>implying the bourgeoisie has allowed the proletariat the means to prepare

Only the bourgeoisie has the means to fight the problems it makes! Decades happen in days I know im ready for time travel!
China is getting what they want from trump so I dont it will actually happen at least soon. I think america is more afraid of a war with china than you think. I think actually crossing the line would send the eu into their arms other than maybe britain.
Why is he so nice and friendly?

He should've dunked on the: "Capitalism reduces poverty"
I think the EU won't side with US at all, would be very stupid to say the least since we are on the same continent with Russia and China.

Also Germany is already opening up its markets to China and is about to establish a major pipeline conection with Russia. China was even allowed to do millitary excercises in Germany this year lmao.

Also NATO is falling appart and the US hegemony is dieing
A war between the US and China is enivatable.

We almost have the same scenario with Germany before WWI. You can't except a nation that is expanding to stop, just "because they don't want to disrespect the other Empires"
honestly when the sanctions come in on nordstream 2 i think that might be the end of nato
too soon, we probably have a few months to a year
(94.37 KB 1016x282 desperate.png)
honestly the desperation of fridays milking of chinas non trade deal makes me think they are just trying to get to january.

china saying they will buy slightly less food then they did from us in 2017, not signing or putting anything on paper is a big win apparently
Liberals get the bullet too
A system shock at this time in history just means a mass extermination campaign against 90% of the general public.
The only one getting a bullet will be you after your shitty little "revolution" fails.
recession when?
As soon as communist China becomes actually socialist :-)

(28.25 KB 540x287 nikkei420.png)
>>161171 I believe you are right. This video goes into detail.
(8.67 KB 346x381 5fgzhu.png)
A war between the US and China is enivatable. We almost have the same scenario with Germany before WWI.
No we have entirely different material conditions, for once too many nukes, and also too many ecological problems.

>comparing China with Nazi Germany
I'm sorry but the Historical comparison falls apart on so many levels.
not to mention i think declaring on war on china, despite all the constant propaganda will only result in big backlash. people are pretty anti war these days.
How would such a war even be fought? The two countries are an ocean away.
>>163556 Umm no? The idea was that in economic turmoil they use war to reinvigorate the economy? I think China is Socialist too so don't throw shit at me when you reply.
>>163565 umm no again. South China Sea? Japan and South Korea are US allies? I would imagine it would spill like all over and upon its completion actually be the only world war where maybe what we call ww1 and WW2 would be something different just due to the sheer scale of the fighting and death involved. I can see fighting in Korea, Iran, South America, the whole Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and actual mainland North America although probably in the forms of protests.
Is South Korea really gonna be an ally much longer? Trump asking for 5 billion more from them seemed to really piss them off.
>>163585 No, but I would think they would be dragged into war being that no one wants Korean war 2 with more destructive weapons because there is troops on the border with DPRK
but what if kims christmas present for the us is korean reunification
Oh wait, is it literally happening today?
We will see what happens when the market opens in 8 hours.
I know, but this is a big story and I don't have a better source yet.

russia is already free from petrodollar btw
What are they using now, and source?

they're using gold, plus a mix of chinese yuan and euro

i also claimed russia's free from petrodollar but i may be mistaken, as i can't really find a source
what i do know though is that russia's been developing a SWIFT alternative with china, and other stuff to be fully free from dollar


This is what?
(43.88 KB 441x306 1475978770548.jpg)
>Communist illiterate in actual economics
Color me surprised.
Very affable and eloquent.

>Why is he so nice and friendly
He's trying to win over bougies and centrists. It's the kind of thing I could show my parents without them instantly fleeing.
Well then good sir howsabout you explain it to the lad
(24.85 KB 770x578 d5f6gh.jpeg)
mea culpa
meant for
Yeah can somebody remove the money mystification from that zero hedge article.
Anyone else get really fucking nervous when the S&P and Dow make new highs?

This ponzi is going to zero. Its going to hurt so many people when it collapses.
Give me a prediction as to when it'll happen so I can laugh at you when it doesn't come true.
Not them, but after the Presidential elections are over I reckon, so around March 2021
BTW just got word from the office; tomorrow is scheduled to be a bull day. Buy now or miss out.
Nah, fam. Keep pumping the bubble!

This collapse is going to be epic!
Yeah it's pretty concerning especially considering the media is coping so hard and telling everyone there won't be a recession. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/12/15/us-economy-shakes-free-recession-fears-striking-turnaround-since-august/
"Recession", more like depression! Or rather suicide! They'll need a new word for that collapse. Capitalism's suicidal cancer growth, will be its own downfall!
wonder if porkyposter is just a shitposter or an actual porky
(291.18 KB 400x427 Josemir_Lenlin.png)
What porkyposter? I don't see any.
(177.68 KB 700x394 20191103_084758.jpg)
This pic is more fitting. :^)
(25.69 KB 136x102 pepelaff.png)
I don't know why you bother with the stock market when money is infinite.
stock market still is a good representative at how the porkies are doing
(100.11 KB 278x279 20191007_001538.png)
I.e. they're delusionally desperate now.
>Muh growth has to stay forever! It cannot go down. It won't, will it? No, those gommies can't be right! REEEEEEEEEEE!
(42.85 KB 597x339 2019-12-17_1117.png)
powells about to get called a chinese asset again unless he cuts rates. we gonna be europe soon
(69.87 KB 1000x1000 1574557238109.jpg)
Did Porky poster die?
This is fucking ridiculous. Beyond comedy. Trump has been alternately wooing and shit talking Powell for a year now.
With the DJIA Reaching 28.000
This has confirmed a bubble, we have officially Doubled the Value of the DJIA in only 6 years, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY IN THE WORLD THAT THIS IS NOT A BUBBLE!
my favorite porky sven calls it the unholy alliance
What makes you think it is not possible? Kittens double their size in a year. A complete fish grows up from a little egg. A tree grows from a tiny seed within years.

It is entirely possible that a large and strong economy grew from a small and little economy.
So I don't know if it is just me not noticing it the previous years, but is the Christmas consoomerism pushed extra hard this year? Seems to be far more sales and their pitches than before, practically nothing is less than 40% off, "BUY BUY BUY, IT'S CHRISTMAS YOU HAVE TO BUY" every time the TV commercials go. Am I wrong? And if not, can this be considered as an indicator for the coming crisis of overproduction?
i have seen more articles but i don't watch tv with ad's so its hard to say

I have seen a lot of memes in radlib-leftists circles like "if you really care make your own gift"
He lives to see an other day, but our time will come. Pray to Allah that he stops posting and his will will guide the path porkyposter wanders upon to the dark depth of Hell.
Christmas ads started way sooner this year, imo. Saw the first one at the middle of October.
bitcoin lmao
mcafe better be ready to eat his own dick
(92.55 KB 267x437 3.png)
(83.57 KB 293x402 2.png)
(102.68 KB 257x376 1.png)
/biz/ is furious
(61.65 KB 291x427 6.png)
(273.51 KB 941x416 5.png)
(70.67 KB 268x375 4.png)
(129.36 KB 281x442 9.png)
(193.13 KB 623x475 8.png)
(126.03 KB 304x436 7.png)
(78.65 KB 299x484 12.png)
(209.44 KB 622x664 11.png)
(116.55 KB 309x441 10.png)
I saw that some stores started black friday sales as early as 2pm during Thanksgiving.
What happened?
Do people even use crypto for anything other than drugs and trying to scam each other?
Or we just blow up some shit, clamp down on the ability for anyone to even know that Capitalism has opponents, and start accumulating value all over again.
>S&P 3200
It's been a nice ride fellas but I've had enough. I'd rather wallow in my misery than have false hopes for a crash at this point.
>president just got impeached
>market still green
The BVLL never slows down.
Finely somebody who understands how things really are. The crash is NOT impending.
I'm seeing signs, for a crash not to be impending in the next couple of years means the share market has disconnected from the productive economy

I know fictionalization is a thing, but that kind of utter disconnection is not sustainable
(75.58 KB 955x256 unknown.png)
Who would have tought cashing out would have destroyed their fantasy value.
People keep saying CRASH, CRASH! But what is really gonna happen is runaway inflation. Your Xoomer uncle is right, it's gonna be Venezuela 2: It's always bigger in Texas addition.
And I'm supposed to trust the word of someone who failed 3rd grade spelling class?
(5.58 KB 225x225 Karl.jpg)
Retards can be the most intelligent people in the room.
How is inflation going nowdays anyway, I'm hearing interesting things about food in Canada
Like what?
So, will it happen next year or what?
Also, what tools do they have to mitigate the effects of this recession? Aren't interest rates low as fuck?
Faawk if we get high inflation with low interest rates, shit's going to get mighty interesting
>>168255 The Federal Reserve could got to negative interest rates. (Banks would pay back less than they borrowed). Or the Federal Reserve could issue everyone a stipend on a credit card. To keep people from hording the money they could say make any unspent money disappear at the end of the month. As crazy as it sounds, both have already been tried by other central banks.
>>168305 trump has already said he wants negative interest rates lol
>>168305 Negative interest rates are already a thing in Japan, and it doesn't seem to be affecting anything at all there. Investment is still low. Honestly I am starting to believe that this is unsolvable.
>>168058 Alright, I'll be waiting for your apology, when the collapse has finally begun -- moron...
recession announced
>>185454 Keep dreaming!
>>185493 >Just dropped It’s 2am in New York, commie retard
(1.26 MB 1242x2208 1577110912311.png)
leafland is basically in recession now and brainlet poltards are blaming it on trudeau and muh dievursitey. How long before it spreads to the US and yurop?
At the very least, users here should open a “robo” investment portfolio account like Wealthsimple and make money from this pumped up bull run. Better then deluding yourself with “the revolution will happen any day now”.
(111.32 KB 972x762 FB_IMG_1572700946078.jpg)
>>186506 I'll gulag you myself, disgusting porky bootlicker!
>>186511 So you’ve outed yourself as another mentally retarded teenager LARPing as a wannabe communist revolutionary. You’d have to be pretty fucking stupid to not even invest $10 monthly into an investment portfolio and exploit a bull run. Honestly, if you can’t even put $20 per month into Wealthsimple, your pretty fucking awful with money. Let’s see, November 2020, Trump will probably win and Leftypol will either cry about “fascism” or delude themselves again with “The revolution will come any day now”. The Porky poster will have to agree with me that most of Leftypol are stupid mentally retarded teens that unironically worship dead failures and dead regimes. Or underemployed young adults. And there’s a few people here with actual jobs, although I’m highly skeptical of most people here making $200,000 or more per year, and that’s not a lot of money. It’s depressing young people dumb enough to think they’ll be the next Lenin/Stalin or Anarkiddie brainlet “Revolutionary leader”, when most of you will remain poor, refuse to invest in robo portfolio’s.
2050, if anyone is still here, Leftypol will probably get more depressed, suicidal, but the “True Believer” LARPer’s will hold out for the “Rapture”, I mean “Revolution”.
>>186528 t. Wealthsimple shill
>>186533 I’m enjoying using it. Better then spending the rest of your life Seething at a bull run and deluding yourself over an imaginary revolution.
>>186528 >It’s depressing young people dumb enough to think they’ll be the next Lenin/Stalin or Anarkiddie brainlet “Revolutionary leader” Why do dumbass liberals believe we think like this, I just want a dignified existance for me and all of the others like me.
>>186528 >And there’s a few people here with actual jobs, although I’m highly skeptical of most people here making $200,000 or more per year, and that’s not a lot of money. >$200,000 or more per year >that’s not a lot of money T. insulated trust-fund kid. You are right to be highly skeptical of that, because the vast majority of real jobs don't pay even close to $200K. I think it's time you got a real job tbh
>>186528 In what fucking world do you live in that making 200k yearly is the norm? Are you a retarded teenager? Or a trust fund kid? I can't understand how you can be so retarded. Terrible savings/investment advice as well, so I don't think you have actual wealth, you're probably in your first or second job which happens to pay well, I'd wager STEM, specifically CS. Basically nobody here ever larps about being a revolutionary leader, everyone's just tired of slavery and the constant psychic attacks by neoliberal ideology and consoomerist propaganda, whicb you evidently don't seem to have any trouble swallowing. Shill harder robo retard.
>>186544 200K isn’t a lot of money. Even a million dollars isn’t that much money. Investing is one of tfe few ways to actually build wealth and get out of poverty. Not computer science, political economy major. I’ve been on this board for years, it’s mostly all Larper’s. ETF’s are a good beginner investing tool. I prefer them compared to option trading. Either you can exploit capitalism for yourselves or waste your life away on fantasies. I’m more depressed about climate change. Porky is delusional if they think they can fuck off to Mars. New Zealand isn’t immune. Miami is very close to having their water contaminated by one of the most toxic sites in the USA.
>>186528 >You’d have to be pretty fucking stupid to not even invest $10 monthly into an investment portfolio and exploit a bull run. Honestly, if you can’t even put $20 per month into Wealthsimple, your pretty fucking awful with money. You want us to buy fictional capital ? You want us to try to play the finance casino ? Do you even grasp that the finance sector is not creating anything, it's just moving around money, if you put money into that, you are paying for somebody else winnings. Unless you can pay some high-end capital management company with tricks like high frequency trading bots and whatnot, you are gonna get screwed. The only reason to play the stock-market as a lay person is if you have insider information. And better be sure you aren't being conned. (there is no insider information on the internet).
>>186550 >200K isn’t a lot of money. Even a million dollars isn’t that much money. Relative to porky's income perhaps. To everyone else it's a shitload of money. >Either you can exploit capitalism for yourselves or waste your life away on fantasies >you can't beat them so you better join them How big are the profit margins for the investments you're undertaking? Because with my start capital of approx. zero, I don't see myself being anything other than a wage labourer for all foreseeable future. And I'd rather have my wages and rights undiluted by parasite investors.
>>186560 Are you older than 25? 200K doesn't buy you a house in most cities. Maybe the Midwest. The cost of living has increased greatly that $1 million isn't enough for retirement. Furthermore, you don't seem to understand the point of a "robo investment portfolio". Basically, wth Wealthsimple, there's no minimum amount, and the first $5000 has no 0.5% fee for 12 months. I'm currently getting 8.8 to 9.1% annual returns. It's also dependent on how much you put in every month, stock market performance, etc. Assuming you are in your 20's, and you keep putting in money, it can grow to hundred's of thousands to possibly over a million. And if your income increases, you can increase the monthly contributions and increase the money you will have after several years. If you prefer being a wage cuck and fucking up every opportunity out there, it's your fault, not capitalism's. If autists on r/WallStreetBets can make money, even over 700% on options trading, you could do it too. Did you finish university? Is your degree in a needed/in demand field? Did you put yourself out there and apply for work? Or did you waste years as a NEET on Leftypol whining about capitalism when your ex classmates got better jobs and are able to afford a house?
>>186580 >If you prefer being a wage cuck and fucking up every opportunity out there, it's your fault, not capitalism's. >everyone can live off capital gains with nobody actually creating any wealth >i got mine, fuck you Your solution might be an individual solution to you or me (if I had money to invest or trusted some supposedly pol-econ educated anon shilling for magical free money on a chan), but it won't solve anything on a larger scale. I don't really covet the decadent rich lifestyle. I want to live in socialism. >Did you put yourself out there and apply for work? Yes. If you are educated in political economy, the term "working poor" shouldn't be alien to you.
>>186580 Capitalism is basically killing off lots of people, and you are basically saying that this is ok because of some finance gibberish. You know what if you can justify deadly class-war, so can we: It's totally OK to kill off capitalists, because hey it was their choice, nobody forced them to become capitalists.
>>186580 >200,000k a year doesn't buy you a house Do you have a coke habit or what?
>>186607 So you are delusional. You’ll die under capitalism, along with all the Anarkiddies. If you all want to live together in a filthy, poor, commune, you can do that under capitalism. I’d rather be rich with luxury goods. Keep suffering under capitalism.
>>186659 Reckon he means in the cities.
>>186669 >poor,commune That's an oxymoron,saying rich would also have been one. Stop baiting and derailing even more this shitshow of a thread,pls.
>>186538 This! ^ Liberals are the personification of the Dunning-Kruger effect. It amazes me everytime anew. How can one be so disconnected from reality to think that 200k is not a lot and not hard to get for proles? Probably a petty bourgeois moron. Well, the next collapse will proletarianise the rest of the petty bourgeoisie and the so-called middle class will cease to exist for good. Then he'll have no choice but to join us or starve to death. Like really, how can someone have the nerve and call us LARPers? I for one spend most of my free time agitating proles, spreading propaganda, organising demonstrations, strikes and blockades, where I live. And we're making progress. I can walk around with pro-socialist clothing, having propaganda attached to my bike and people will approach me to compliment me or show interest in joining our movement. Our socialist organisation in Switzerland has gained a lot of new members this year. We're not waiting for revolution, we're preparing for it! The economic crash will just make it happen sooner. "There are decades, where nothing happens and there are weeks, where decades happen." -- Lenin WE'RE COMIN', BUCKO!
>>186669 It's funny that libs cant ever come back with, well, anything of worth, just legit fucking non-sequitors. It's why you will be destroyed, even if we are destroyed you are doomed as well. The death of this form of society you so love is imminent, get ready, you're gonna see some shit.
>>186706 I know, right? Even if this economic collapse somehow wouldn't end it, climate change is going to finish it for sure at the latest. It's no exaggeration to say: "Socialism or barbarism", at this point.
>>186669 >You’ll die under capitalism So you are saying capitalism is murder
>>186717 Because liberals are intentionally deluding themselves, climate change alone likely means capitalism is fucking dunzo because the only way it even functions is by devouring the Earth. And that's ignoring the RoP falling. Liberals cannot face reality because this reality is simple, the end of their ideology, the society they so worship, it's all coming to an end and they cant stop it. And so, as Twilight is preferable to Midnight they stand dazzled staring at the sunset, convincing themselves their day will never end.endure
>>186717 The truth is, reality is at this point too much to bear
>>186528 Over exposed yourself there with the 200k comment bucko. "JUST INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET EXPLOIT THE BULLRUN." He cries as the unemployment line gets bigger and bigger. >>186698 That being said, online, where people show their true feelings more. There is a whole lot more conservatives and fascists than even shitlibs and radlibs. Let alone actual communists. Go to any random discord server and say anything even somewhat complimentary of the USSR or shit even Finland and you'll get a horde of zoomers who think fascism is the hot new craze. We have a lot more work to do.
(520.50 KB 960x548 shitposter_vs_paper_salesmen.png)
>>186728 Depends on where. The people, who can even afford internet, are slowly becoming a minority -- if we exclude China. Not to mention, people who have the time to waste on social media like Discord. Proles are too busy trying to survive. The crash will accelerate this too. I'm not worried about some incels on the internet. In the real world I see a trend towards the left. Most zoomers, I've met and seen personally, are agitated as fuck and therefore very open to the science of marxism. Fascists in Switzerland are getting their arses kicked by Antifa. In Greece they've been practically crushed now. The hyper exploited world (a.k.a. third world) will become communist as soon as the imperialist powers collapse and can't suppress them anymore. Defeatism is useless. Stop it, go out, agitate, educate and organise.
>>186706 Tankies and Anarkiddies just can’t stop coping. It’s likely nation states will outlive you all. Year after year you keep getting desperate for imaginary revolutions.
It’s pathetic seeing people here root for the death of civilization because your life is miserable. And you are all still Larper’s. Good thing the CIA, FBI, NSA monitors and targets any wannabe terrorists. Some Porky’s are looking into combatting climate change. Commies and Anarkiddies here are delusional enough to think they’ll have a chance when climate change gets worse.
(270.61 KB 1199x630 Shut_the_fuck_up_BOOMER.jpg)
>>186823 Ok, boomer
(210.94 KB 1219x1368 image0 (5).jpg)
>>186828 Not only dumb, but also illiterate. Probably is the former because of the latter.
>>186721 >climate change alone likely means capitalism and 99% of the human race is fucking dunzo ftfy
>>186820 >Depends on where. The people, who can even afford internet, Demonstrably false, if anything we have the opposite problem. People are on the internet whether they want to or not via the internet of things.
>>186840 Not everybody buys every cool shit they see.
(81.73 KB 1080x1008 4e57.jpg)
>>186828 lol, thinks alphabet soup agencies exists to protect him , and that capitalists will fix climate change, rather than just try to save them selves.
>>186659 I live in Arizona and a single family home is approaching 400k. In L.A. even in working class neighborhoods homes can be 750k or more. I think anon was being cheeky with the 200k number, but certainly 100k a year or even 150k year won't buy you a home in most markets that aren't collapsed buttholes.
>>186840 >Unitelligible screeching You know, what's pathetic? Going as liberal to a leftist board trying to legitimise one's own backwards worldview on fucking Christmas. Especially, when one considers that most liberals are still religious. LOL Anyway, I'm off for now. I'll enjoy a nice evening with my real life comrades, while we have this day off from exploitation. See ya...
(42.91 KB 452x285 Marxed.jpg)
>>186823 Because empires are ethernal and revolutions occur because someone has some abstracted ideals amirght muh fellow lib?
>>186698 >socialists in public >not getting ignored at best or killed at worst doubt
>>186728 It's because Hollywood basically doomed the world via brainwashing, fuck Burgerland
>>186867 Why do you fucking liberal baboons seem to know absolutely nothing about the world or history? Oh yea, guess it's hard to be so fucking stupid when you open a book. Libs are such fucking monkeys
Man this porky seems really nervous in this interview https://youtu.be/szjJn7iQA_c
>>186911 We live in a reactionary era that is extremely hostile to anything even mildly resembling a generic labor movement, and the working class by overwhelming majority supports this state of affairs.
(276.02 KB 2500x2500 antidefeatist_action-01.png)
(4.16 MB 5312x2988 20191207_151146.jpg)
>>186867 Antifa made sure here that you don't get attacked by Nazis or other fascists, as I said. Also, I have three guns. Two of which are on picture related (SKS & CZ P-10F). I have to admit, I was surprised myself, when I tried the openly socialist approach. I definitely won't stop now. I'm a proud socialist and so should everybody be. Badmouse made a good video on this: https://youtu.be/TumR7eTc_-c This year as a whole, has been a good one for the socialist movement. I'm hopeful. :)
>>186930 In that case, honestly, if the human race collectively chooses capitalism then we deserve the suffering, death, and eventually extinction it will wrought upon us, we will be cleansed from the Earth once and for all and the primates will likely be extinguished meaning our mistake will never be repeated. Fuck it, I'll shoot myself before
>>186947 At least life will recover once the Earth expels capitalism
(8.67 KB 346x381 5fgzhu.png)
>>186947 >>186949 >rapture less dooooom more class struggle
(1.27 MB 1273x1536 image0 (10).png)
>>186947 >>186949 >Doomers Killing yourselves only makes porky happy. Don't give it to them! Defy them! Fight them! Class struggle! At the very least you should fight to the bitter end. Be a pest for them. The majority of human kind definitely doesn't choose capitalism, quite the contrary even. I thought, it was clear to every socialist that bourgeois "democracy" is a fake one, rigged and rotten to the core. Don't take it as an accurate indication of how humanity sees the world. Just look at the low participation rates of each poll for example. It's called the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie for a reason. People are alienated. Use this chance to give them hope for a better future. The chance of socialism saved me from death. I was never so determined before in my life. But first do some marxist reading, for fucks sake! Read "What Is to Be Done" by Lenin. It's very uplifting if you consider their situation back then and they still managed to win!
>>186944 >This year as a whole, has been a good one for the socialist movement. I'm hopeful. What was good for us this year? Here in Burgerstan we only have Bernie who gave people a small taste of what is left wing and then some of those people logically came to Marxism. That's good, but I can't think of much else.
>>186979 I guess there was the 200 million man strike in India and the Yellow Vests not pussying out
>>186969 I’ve read State and Revolution, Capital Vol. 1, Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, On the Origins of the Family, etc. Honestly it’s just seeing the sheer amount of brainwashing and anticommunism on the internet that makes me lose hope. How can shit be so fucking bad already and so many still be blind?
>>186986 >Honestly it’s just seeing the sheer amount of brainwashing and anticommunism on the internet that makes me lose hope To preface, all analogies are incorrect, but they help explain. We're approximately in the era analogous to the narodniks. They too went in to the Russian peasantry, trying to convince them to revolt, thinking that the peasants understood how and more importantly why the year, kulak, and priest were screwing them over. Instead, they met a highly religious, loyal to the Tsar, and obedient to the kulak populace. They were so uneducated, that they could not even conceive of another world or way of doing things. We are close to that moment. I'll get flak for this, but Bernie has pushed the left back into somewhat of mainstream which has also brought back Marxism to some people. I've said it before, but j think there's going to be more radicals after Bernie gets rigged, and you know he will. That guy has people come in to his rallies saying they will kill themselves because they can't pay their medical bills. Combine that with guns, 80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, and other great things, we aren't completely free from a 1905 happening.
>>187006 I think so too. People say Americans have no revolutionary potential, but I don't buy that. Burgers, and their European counterparts (britbongs) are probably the biggest faggots in the world, but they also have the greatest reason to be discontent. The further the rich push, the greater the potential and severity of a worker push-back. What's truly hopeless are places like Germany where unions are strong but only fight for their own occupational interests.
>>187023 Thank god im not a kraut
>>187006 Tbh my path towards Marxism-Leninism began with the Sanders campaign in 2016
>>187025 I just think I’m a wedge case because ive always questioned and resisted the narratives of authorities (as you do when you have shitty oppressive teachers and a deeply nationalistic and xenophobic father).
>>186949 I have my doubts that multicellular life will deal well with a nearly venusian temperature and radioactive matter strewn everywhere by the time we're done.
Merry Christmas /crisis/tards! Hope you have less depressive Christmas this year.
>>187196 >Not trusting Dolphin comrades.
>>187203 Any spacefaring intelligence that leaves primitive civilizations to kill themselves or endlessly fester under class society will never be worth calling comrades.
>>187198 A North Korean missile will hit your house within hours.
>>187006 >>187023 We'll get every scapegoat blamed for the latest happenings, including leftists, and with mass murder and expansion of the bourgeois state being the only notable consequences of burger and bong discontent.
>>187242 Is Trump gay for Kim Jong Un?
>>187258 yes. power couple of the century
>>187006 ^This. >>187251 That's it! Defeatist doomers are getting the same treatment as reactionaries from now on. You're being counter-revolutionary and simply obnoxious! To the gulag you'll go! >Hurrr durr, we are all fucked no matter what. You gotta believe me! Fuck off, really!
>Banks are restricting lending and revising their estimates on the value of some shale reserves, according to the Wall Street Journal. Even the largest banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and Capitol One Financial Corp., are expected to cut their exposure to the shale industry. >The scrambling among big financial institutions comes as the industry is being hit by a wave of write downs. Chevron said earlier this month that it expects to take a $10 to $11 billion write down, largely the result of weak assets in Appalachia and a big LNG project in Canada. Last week, Royal Dutch Shell said that it would write down $1.7 to $2.3 billion in assets in the fourth quarter, although the company declined to offer more details. >In recent months, other big oil companies also reported write downs, including Repsol BP, Equinor and Halliburton. >On the ground, the effects are becoming increasingly visible. The Permian is shedding jobs and vacancies in corporate office space have increased. >The problem plaguing the shale sector is more damning than just overly optimistic profit forecasts from oil executives. The issue is also one of disappointing operational results, which cuts to the heart of the problem with shale. Put bluntly, shale wells are not producing as much oil as advertised, and in the aggregate, they are declining at faster rates than the industry promised https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/Is-This-The-Beginning-Of-A-Shale-Crisis.html
>>187025 There are a lot of people in America, not just MLs, who had their start from Bernie. He's a socdem, but his campaign is excellent in revealing the contradictions of our capitalist system.
>>187006 >Combine that with guns, 80% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, and other great things, we aren't completely free from a 1905 happening. We just need China to nail some carriers with ballistic missiles in a rebooted version of what the Japanese did to the Imperial Russian Navy to set off the whole thing. But I agree with others that it doesn't make much sense to be an ultra about things since most of the people acting that way were voting for Obama a few years ago.
>>187196 I don’t think Earth could ever be like Venus
(17.74 KB 640x640 NCgRcTE_d.jpg)
>>187422 My doomerism only makes my convictions stronger. I sincerely believe it is Communism or extinction.
>>186969 >The majority of human kind definitely doesn't choose capitalism, quite the contrary even. This is true, even and especially when dealing with ostensibly pro-capitalist proles. There might be a few that a procap because they understand their place within it and how they benefit from it. Most though know that they're getting fucked by capitalism, and when you press them on what changes they want or would like to see, it quickly becomes apparent that they don't want capitalism at all. For Americans, this is facilitated by their awful education system teaching them that everything they like it capitalism and everything evil is communism, perpetuating the illusion that cap can just be reformed into a benign state. Separately, the pattern we've seen the past few years is 4Q highs in the market before plummeting. Is that what we're going to see in the next couple weeks going into January?
>>187911 We don’t even need that. A botched invasion of Iran will do the job perfectly.
>>188531 The Americans would rather fuck with China, what with the deluge of stupid, idiotic and hypocritical criticisms of the Chinese.
>>187911 We're in a situation where both victories and defeats serve to increase nationalism and faith in capitalism. Burgerland cannot be redeemed.
>>188101 It is indeed communism or extinction at this point. Just some dumbasses act like there could only be extinction.
>>188674 What indicates that the proles want Or will want anything except more theatre and maybe a purge or two of undesirable neighbors?
(79.49 KB 648x500 3cwhwy.jpg)
>>188677 I won't repeat myself, jackass! Scroll up if you want to see my earlier points and some of the others' ones. I'll add this though: The Burger people are getting increasingly devided now. The Murican empire is also showing a lot of similarities to the collapse of the Roman Empire (even lead poisoned water LOL). When it falls apart, it will balkanise. This would still be a win to the world's proletariat, since the CIA, US military etc. couldn't just come in and ruin everything anymore. So yeah, curb your defeatism!
>>188733 I'm curious as to how it would balkanize though, because even in the deep ass south, the cities are pretty liberal and even up north the rural folk vote republican very consistently.
>>188753 The cities get massacred.
I like how most people here aren’t paying too much to the economy, instead it’s doomer whining and crying Tankies angry that the paroles don’t want to be forced to live under the Soviet Union.
(158.64 KB 1009x1000 EMwgbudWkAEl3ME.jpg:large.jpg)
(220.54 KB 1009x536 EMzJ52rXYAAGnfr.jpg:large.jpg)
If anyone wonders why stocks are melting up since September, look at pics related.
>>189095 Because nothing is really happening. The feds still continue what it does best at dragging the decompossing corpse of the post-2008 economy without a hitch and unless this will change next year then there would not have much attention.
>>189095 Well, the Russians and most former Soviet republics seem to want the Soviet Union back.
>>189736 That was the wrong picture. Anyway, there are plenty of articles addressing Soviet nostalgia. You can look it up yourselves.
>1929 <unemployment 3.2% >stock market all time high >2019 <unemployment 3.5% <stock market all time high Next recession is gonna be “Great Depression” type, isn’t it?
>>190101 Stock market is always "all time high" the more in the future you go. What has it got to do with anything?
>>190105 Dow increased by 500% in the 1920s, it has increased by 300% since the 2009. Though in 1990s(during the dot com bubble) Dow did increase by 300%. Reckon we’ll find out if its another dot-com bubble or something more severe.
looking up stats about deaths in the great depression, it seems like there has been a decrease in deaths. Would the collapse of the US economy actually help it, and it's citizens more? OR was the great depression a more unique circumstance?
>>190113 Stocks going up while profits are going down They used to track together
>>190157 Why did they stop?
>>189736 They want it as a commodified identity, at best.
>>190326 You have no idea what you're talking about. They want quality healthcare, free education for their kids, guaranteed employment, old gost for food products and social services back, not hammer and sickle.
>>190165 Federal reserve is pumping money into markets since Obama era. See how when they cease that markets go down here>>189241. Rate of profit is down but that doesn’t reflect anymore in the markets.
>>189736 I just want to thank you for your posts. You really seem to know what is going on. Thank you for your service, based comrade
>>190101 Real unemployment is actually much higher.
Two nice articles about the markets to end the year: The Fed Santa : <This is the reason for the stresses in the money markets. Banks are running out of money because the money coming in is receding, while the money (credit) going out to finance the bubble is rising. The pundits who reckon the banks can simply print money or issue credit, have been shown to be wrong. Banks centralise, store and circulate value, but they do not create it. Nothing must threaten this bubble. If Trump blinked [December 12th] in the trade war, he did not do so because of what was in front of him, China, but what was behind him, an increasingly fragile economy. If the employment data was padded, it was to protect the market. If the FED is diving in to the REPO market, it is to protect the market. It appears it is not the banks that are too big to fail, it is the bubble that is too big to burst. Can it remain inflated indefinitely? Clearly not, the bigger the deviation of the fictitious multiple from the real multiple, the greater the fragility, the greater the potential fall-out. This article did not concern itself with the argument over whether it has been the fall in the rate of profit that has encouraged speculative excesses. In any case the rate of interest, rather than the rate of profit, plays a bigger role here. Its single minded purpose was to show that the fictitious multiple in the end is limited by the real multiple. Will the economy survive year end? If it does it will be a close call. A Bubble Too Big To Fail <The longer and bigger the gap the more fragile the bubble. In contrast it could be argued that Japan has maintained the bubble for decades, albeit at the expense of zero interest rates and with the BOJ (Bank of Japan) becoming the world’s biggest rentier, “coupon clipping” 40% of all bonds and over10% of all shares. There are two problems with this scenario. Firstly, once the state embarks on becoming a rentier buying up bonds and shares, it deprives the capitalist class of an income source,forcing them to rely on the capital gains exercised by a diminishing pool of securities. Thus the statecreates a process which it cannot end and which in the end does not serve its mistresses and masters.Secondly Japan’s Quantitative Easing, at least until 2014, took place in a dynamic world economy powered by globalisation and the emergence of China as an industrial power. Looking beyond 2019, those favourable economic conditions no longer apply. As we have seen from Hussmann to The Economist Intelligence Unit, the outlook for capitalism is bleak. Thus the effect of Quantitative Easing will be diminished.However, for the time being the imperative for central banks is to keep the bubble from bursting. <JP Morgan are of the opinion that the FED will provide financial support to the markets throughout the first quarter. This is in addition to the half a trillion injected between the second half of December and the first half of January. It took that amount of electricity to provide the necessary atrial fibrillation to keep the markets alive over year end. If this is the case a Crash will be averted during the vulnerable month of January. Source : https://theplanningmotive.com/
>>190145 >Would the collapse of the US economy actually help it, and it's citizens more? OR was the great depression a more unique circumstance? Circumstances were probably unique. New inventions in medical science, the New Deal, etc. Also Prohibition wasn't lifted until 1933 (part of the economic stimulus) and it's not like alcohol suddenly became easily available everywhere immediately. Contrast that with the collapse of social services in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.
God it's just fucking barely clinging to life. It's honestly fucking fascinating how they keep it going, but the illusion can't be maintained forever, sooner or later entropy will win. It's going to go hand in hand with the first major events of the climate crisis as well. That lenin quote about decades happening in weeks, I feel like 2020 is going to be that. Things have been accelerating at such an extreme pace the last couple years, all the bits and pieces are really coming into focus.
Prepare For Economic Collapse 2020 Stock Market CRASH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj6sOJpFuew
>>190516 The soviet union did not have a finance sector.
>>190534 That's libertarians for you.
(297.71 KB 596x729 occupation.PNG)
(95.44 KB 640x478 image0 (5).png)
>>190326 >>190330 >Denying plenty of polls, which exactly clarify on Soviet Union nostalgia. Doomers are really getting desperate with spreading their toxic ideology. Russians are even raising new Stalin statues for bloody goodness sake. The Soviet nostalgia is strong enough to gain western media's attention. The further east you go, the more they want the Soviet Union back -- especially in Central Asian regions. There is a small irony to this however. The people in the former western republics of the USSR (Baltics, Ukraine etc.), which had the highest standard of living during the Soviet era, tend to be the least in favour of its return, whereas the east tends to be the opposite. Did I mention that small boy Putin is getting less popular now? Give up, doomers! Go back to your hole or join the winning side, to make yourselves useful for once. >>190379 You're welcome, comrade. :) >>190500 Ah, he gets it!
>>190516 Have you seen the stock market, the bull is strong. That crash you have predicting will never happen, we will just print more money.
>>191141 But what if you run out of trees
>>190534 B-b-buh Gosbank and Sberkassa!
>>191138 >>191141 Are you gonna start turning people into currency?
(231.83 KB 1350x12470 serveimage(4).png)
>>191161 They don't print, make, or actually do anything.
BTW office just called and said tomorrow they're gonna let off some steam. Take advantage of the lower prices tomorrow folks! Don't miss out!
>>190592 So indeed, just aesthetics and titles is all the Russians are really attached to.
>>191258 Alright, kid, you can't be helped...
>>191220 How TF did you predict that? Do you seriously get calls from the office?
>>191141 >Money has intrinsic value Lol
>>191656 He's an ironic shitposter. How is this not obvious? Either insult him or don't respond at all lmao.
>>191660 No. He's an unironic porky that still refuses to gibe me a job goddamn his ass.
(16.33 KB 259x164 redday.png)
finally a red day for once, albeit pretty lame. I can't wait until the dow is dropping >1000 points a day
>>191177 Can we just stop to appreciate just how amazing that chart is?
(119.99 KB 1736x598 Annotation 2019-12-30 220044.jpg)
https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/ Forecast 2020 >As we enter a new decade and go into the 11th year since the end of the last global slump, these are the fundamental factors that suggest a new slump is not far away. They are: stagnant or falling profits and profitability; weak or falling investment; rising corporate debt and falling trade (amid a global trade war). >But there are also counteracting factors that have so far enabled the major economies to escape a slump in production and investment (if at the price of low GDP growth, productivity and wages). Global costs of borrowing are at all-time lows, partly due to central bank policy of zero interest rates and ‘quantitative easing’; but also because there is no demand from the capitalist sector for credit to invest in productive assets or from the governments to spend. So the stock and bond markets of the world are hitting record highs. And there is the new phenomenon, not seen in previous long depressions, namely low unemployment rates that provide at least a modicum of income for households. >Mainstream economic forecasts for 2020 are generally mildly optimistic. The Fulcrum macro-model published in the FT reckons that “the outlook from the models shows global growth rates rising next year, returning roughly to trend rates. Recession risks are deemed to be low, currently standing about 5 per cent for the US and 15 per cent for the eurozone.” Alternative models, such as those from Goldman Sachs suggests a recession risk of 24 per cent in the US next year. >Maybe these forecasts will prove to be right. But eventually, the fundamental factors of profits and investment must override the counteracting factors of low interest and unemployment. Profits rule investment and investment rules employment and income, and that rules spending. The fantasy world cannot continue much longer. 2020 may be the year that it collapses.
>>191177 This is what you have to show everyday people. This is why they can't understand the system; because it's so far removed from physical reality that it only makes sense as a scam. Wish I could plaster that infographic on top of the consoomer billboards I pass by every day.
>>191141 The S&P 500 futures market has been predicting a major downturn sometime late 2020 for months now. Amusingly, NONE of the press, MSM or financial, has picked up on this. If you have a Bloomberg terminal check out CCRV on the SPX.
>>191177 Based digits
(29.00 KB 480x389 IMG_20190924_093149_446.jpg)
>>191177 Seeing this and still believing that this mad system is somehow sustainable, just shows how deep they are in delusion at this point.
This one is more up to date.
>>188754 Based and anti-vision-enhancerpilled
>>165389 >Spenglerian cyclic view of history >commie Huh?
(100.51 KB 741x706 uzBfC5i.png)
>>192437 Paywall is in the way. It doesn't even show the date of this article. When was this written?
>>192437 So late 2020-2021 it is.
>>192437 these articles are just shockingly bad. like it is so obvious that the people writing the articles know they are lying. just wow
So, I visually compared the current bubble to the last two recessions and it's looking amazing. This is truly the mother of all bubbles! This is going to be one epic depression... Comrades, prepare! >Porky writing a gloating provocation Go ahead and make it even bigger! The collapse is inevitable. You have 400 years of history stacked against you, Porky. The bubble will eventually pop. The bigger you make it, the more likely it becomes for us to win. You are just making it harder for you later on. You don't have enough time to develop killer robots to ever defeat the working class once and for all. Give it up.
This is it. I'm quitting this stupid crash cult. With the way the S&P ended today there's no way any sane person will bet on some kind of recession at this point.
>>194355 Do you think they will let it collapse now after this "smooth period" and especially after the "trade deal" with China? lmao. They need something to blame for the next global crash. It is Trump's last term, he will push for war with Iran. It is always great to be re-elected during a war, especially for a war you started. The US will in the coming months worsen the economic sanctions on Iran. They will also force the EU to do the same, but they will probably refuse. Iran will try to economically fight back with the only power they have and that is by disrupting oil tankers' transport, making the global economy scream. The US will blame Iran, EU, and China for the crisis, to get support for the upcoming global conflict.
(1.66 MB 384x286 tenor-1.gif)
>>194355 Nobody will miss you! Bye-bye!
>>194355 LMAO you don't get it. You are essentially parroting the ironic porky in this thread with your logic of "hasn't happened yet therefore will never happen". Has anything changed about the fundamental rules of capitalism that 100% guarantee booms and busts? Has anything changed since 2008? No, therefore the only thing a high number on S&P means is that the stock market is further from reality than ever before. This thread is for FUN, we have about 3 doom threads up now so you can fuck off to those and prepare for what's coming.
>>194373 I'll get my body armor next week. I'm ready for the coming collapse of "western civilisation". Hopefully, I'll never need it, but just to be safe. :^)
>>194387 I don’t understand why Tankies keep promoting the collapse of western civilization, ignoring that the second and third world embrace capitalism, are very reactionary, and have engaged in slavery and oppression. I do want to see Xi kill stupid Western Tankies and Anarkiddies.
I want to see China fully embrace capitalism. The COPE from Tankies will be even worse then the collapse of the Soviet Union.
I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I'm no expert but didn't the yield curve already invert (months ago) and aren't market performance supposed to be upbeat before a recession? What's the problem?
>>194394 >What's the problem? Some people here seem unable not to respond to obvious bait, giving trolls the attention they very much seek.
>>194394 >I'm no expert but didn't the yield curve already invert (months ago) and aren't market performance supposed to be upbeat before a recession yes and yes. the thing that amazes me is the porky propaganda saying that since the yield curve is back to normal, there's no more recession signal. some (eg, NYT) even saying that the inverted yield curve itself is what causes recessions! when the curve usually returns back to normal before the recession/crisis. it should go without saying that this is criminal behavior, lying to pump stocks, but I am still amazed at how brazen it is. and it's not like we don't have a bunch of other signals going off, many of which (RoP, employment rate, investment, trade) actually DO have a causal relationship with crises. at this point Porky seems to just be hoping they can keep a pump going until Orange Man gets reelected. I am skeptical that they can though.
>>194425 You know the fucked up part is they are doing a pump and dump they know they can get away with it too. Funny though I learned much about these stratgies from the crypto community so yeah learned a bit of economics that day. They can only pump so much though before the insider trade comes in and signals a dump. Which is going to trigger a depression.
What would a hypothetical new deal/green new deal even do at this point? The entire global economy is built on such a fucking fictional house of bullshit I don't, I'm curious how it would even affect anything. Are there some books or lectures I should check out?
>>194391 Never gonna happen.
>>194411 Responding to trolls is /Ourculture/
>>194411 When those trolls aren't spamming the same points over and over, they can be quite useful to train oneself for debating reactionaries in real life, as someone else has pointed out before. But if they just repeat themselves (with red text and all capital letters like tryhards), they must be ignored. You have to remember, some interested liberals may be watching. Showing our knowledgeability here shall win them over...
Porkies know that the inevitable is coming. They're going to start a war soon for the economy as a fix. Oil has already risen.
>>194390 Keep dreaming, kid. Most of the second and third world is revolting against capitalism as we speak. Almost every week a new place and the collapse hasn't even officially begun yet, my goodness! XD It's not our fault, when the capitalist media you sheeple comsume, hasn't informed you about it. As soon as the Murican empire collapses, there will be nothing left to suppress those uprisings. Even if China would somehow turn for the worse, they lack the economic and military capacity, to do Murican-style imperialism. Just look at their military spending. It's a fraction of the Murican one. I have no worries of Chinese soldiers ever reaching, where I live (central Europe). Also, don't forget climate change! As soon as China stops its efforts to combat it in favour of imperialism, they are dooming themselves. >>194391 Yeah, I doubt that, since today's China is much, much less popular among lefists than the Soviet Union.
>>194361 bhru 8hrs later: >US assasinates Iranian general DIALECTICS ARE INDEED AN IMMORTAL SCIENCE
(202.72 KB 966x745 20190828_164907.jpg)
>>195376 Thanks for another martyr, burgers! Rest in power, Iranian general!
RIP Iranian Military General you will never be forgotten ????-2019 He was a victim of US Imperialism
(1.58 MB 2116x1076 Capture.PNG)
(114.80 KB 1985x1263 Capture2.PNG)
(12.08 MB 640x345 1531234401310.gif)
(125.00 KB 400x250 1cat-preparing-to-pounce1.gif)
>imperialism causes a drop how does THAT work?
Just got my SPY put, ready for the market to crumble away now. Hopefully Trump goes ahead with something new, preferably war.
(353.26 KB 1440x2040 Screenshot_20200103-192911.jpg)
>>195932 Good question. It's not a significant drop, but still this is very unexptected indeed. Could somebody help us out on this one?
(224.08 KB 645x773 1514049942843.jpg)
MFW my put already made 67% as a daily return
>>196101 Porkies getting anxious
>>195932 My guess is fears of the strait of hormuz being in danger of a blockade and cruise missiles hitting Saudi oil fields.
Stock market slumps, amid Middle East tensions and weak U.S. factory data https://www.marketwatch.com/story/dow-futures-drop-over-300-points-as-us-iran-tensions-escalate-2020-01-03
>>196101 Countries started buying up oil to stockpile in case of hostilities, so industries that require oil felt a squeeze.
(62.75 KB 544x739 crude.png)
>>196345 >Countries started buying up oil to stockpile in case of hostilities Just in case you guys ;)
>>195664 >>195402 Why celebrate a reactionary theocrat? Obviously American imperialism against Iran is shit, but come on.
>>196505 nice try FBI
>>196505 Maybe you noticed that we didn't call them "comrades". Trotsky explains it pretty well (see picture).
>>196505 >one of the greatest military commanders in living memory >82% favorability rating >hero to the poorest and most downtrodden people in Iran and Lebanon
Huge stock market bubble forming with an inevitable 60% plunge, strategist warns https://www.rt.com/business/476957-stock-market-bubble-forming/
I really hope that Iran closes the strait. God what will the impending chaos be beautiful, when number simply DON’T GO UP. The first thing I am goin to do when they close it, is hoard the fuck out of my supermarket and incentivize my neighbors to do so too. I will than go to the nearest gas station and watch the price GO UP. After a week or so I will visit the office of Deutsche Bank and other big banks daily to see the desperate wankers bungee jumping without without cord. And of course I will come together with my comrades and proles to organize our harsh struggle. God this is going to be good. To quote the Great Helmsman: “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.”
(39.17 KB 533x355 1227054734019.jpg)
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/01/03/pers-j03.html >The aftermath of the 2008 crash and the crisis of capitalism >Underlying all other aspects of the social and political situation is the malignant growth of extreme social inequality—the inevitable and intended consequence of all the measures adopted by the ruling class following the economic and financial crisis of 2008. >Following the financial crash, which occurred on the eve of the 2010s, world governments and central banks opened the spigots. In the United States, the Bush and particularly the Obama administrations engineered the $700 billion bailout of the banks, followed by trillions of dollars in “quantitative easing” measures—that is, the purchase by the Federal Reserve of the worthless assets and securities held by financial institutions. >Overnight, the federal deficit of the American government was doubled. The assets of the Federal Reserve rose from under $2 trillion in November 2008 to $4.5 trillion in October 2014, and the figure remains at more than $4 trillion today. With a new $60 billion a month asset purchase program, initiated in late 2019, the balance sheet is expected to surpass post-crash highs by the middle of this year. >This policy has continued under Trump, with his massive corporate tax cuts and demands for further reductions in interest rates. The New York Times noted, in a January 1 article (“A Simple Investment Strategy That Worked in 2019: Buy Almost Anything”) that the value of almost all investment assets jumped sharply over the past year. The Nasdaq rose by 35 percent, the S&P 500 by 29 percent, commodities by 16 percent, US corporate bonds by 15 percent, and US Treasuries by 7 percent. “It was a remarkable across-the-board rally of a scale not seen in nearly a decade. The cause? Mostly a head-spinning reversal by the Federal Reserve, which went from planning to raise interest rates to cutting them and pumping fresh money into the financial markets.” >All the major capitalist powers have pursued similar measures. The allocation of unlimited credit and money printing—and this, in the final analysis, is what quantitative easing is—intensified the underlying crisis. In trying to rescue themselves, the ruling elites enshrined parasitism and raised social inequality to a level unknown in modern history. >Benefiting from the limitless infusion of money into the market, the fortunes of the financial elite rose during the past decade to astronomical heights. The 500 richest individuals in the world (0.000006 percent of the global population) now have a collective net worth of $5.9 trillion, up $1.2 trillion over the past year alone. This increase is more than the GDP (that is, the total value of all goods and services produced) of all but 15 countries in the world. In the US, the 400 richest individuals have more wealth than the bottom 64 percent, and the top 0.1 percent of the population have a larger share than at any time since 1929, immediately preceding the Great Depression. >The social catastrophe confronting masses of workers and youth throughout the world is the direct product of the policies employed to guarantee the accumulation of wealth by the corporate and financial elite. >The decline in life expectancy among workers in the US, the mass unemployment of workers and particularly young people throughout the world, the devastating austerity measures imposed on Greece and other countries, the intensification of exploitation to boost the profits of corporations—all this is the consequence of the policy pursued by the ruling elites.
(48.82 KB 1060x380 ohnonononononon.png)
>>199747 start making your noise
(34.53 KB 426x256 2020-01-06_0341_yourup.png)
>>8552 seems about right considering recent events
(14.76 KB 333x170 2020-01-06_0402_asia.png)
>>8552 sensex took a nice hit
In its current state, are there any ways we can tell if the market is going to continue to collapse? What can we learn from previous recessions?
https://youtu.be/KfYW4gJbvqE I dunno , its gonna be the day the fed intervention stops working
(74.26 KB 720x813 1578346230672.png)
It went up
>>200768 im surprised its not a down a little but i didnt expect the events to trigger the crash, nothing has really happened yet. not up by very much either
(103.12 KB 1342x870 ENmN8TqUcAc0gFp.jpg large.jpg)
(137.12 KB 877x718 Screenshot_20200106_174500.png)
>In the ten largest US states the labour market took a turn for the worse in 2019. Not large yet. But perhaps an indicator of things to come. @SoberLook https://twitter.com/adam_tooze/status/1214313442728763395 >US manufacturing is experiencing a not-so-mini recession. This is now worse than 2015-6. @IHSMarkitPMI @PantheonMacro via @SoberLook https://twitter.com/adam_tooze/status/1214305641596096512
(120.92 KB 1904x1351 Capture.PNG)
and so begins another day
>>201656 >all time high >drops 0.35% C R I S I S
(49.13 KB 512x512 27.png)
>>201700 That's a strawman.
>Iran launches missiles at US bases Shit, I had mostly calls today.
(11.59 KB 227x426 Capture.PNG)
(70.25 KB 839x236 qdxsl2se7g941.png)
womp womp
>>202739 Will the war send stocks down for a longer term or will they rebound? How come in previous wars stocks were little changed but this time it looks a lot more severe?
(63.90 KB 720x599 1578446006195.png)
(66.99 KB 720x795 1578446318896.png)
Its going down no stopping from now
(297.76 KB 559x560 20191107_201140.png)
>>202814 Nah, I don't think that's it yet. Wake me up, when we've reached -1000 points.
(12.45 KB 258x245 1498011311241.jpg)
>>203655 How's your coma bro?
>>203655 Where are your 30'000 points as were promised by the end of 2019? This growth is pathetic. The markets just barely managed to get out of the two year stagnation. The real material economy is still shrinking however...
>>186944 yo, is it legal to own guns in switzerland? I wouldn't know how to get them in germany... but yeah idk from what i've heard the situation isnj't looking very rosy in switzerland, the PdAS is very split between reformists and MLs, their youth organisation is based though...
>>204866 the swiss army is a militia everyone has a rifle in their house
(35.57 KB 615x317 2020-01-08_1603.png)
(322.39 KB 500x612 porky.png)
(71.40 KB 679x801 IMG_20191110_143649_310.jpg)
>>204866 The PdAS is irrelevant. Actual revolutionary organisations do not partake in toxic fake democracy parliamentarianism. Voting participation is steadily decreacing, since people start to realise that this system is rigged towards the bourgeoisie's favour. >>204869 WRONG! Propaganda myth. The bourgeoisie has done some reforms the last few decades to make the military to a full-time profession. At this point, most men are just conscripts. Brainlet succdems also constantly try to disarm the workers for "safety" and have as a goal that people can't keep their military guns at home anymore. Funnily enough, conservacucks are the ones fighting those efforts, which practically makes them participate in class warfare without knowing or being leftist. I've been trying to convince my comrades, to infiltrate the Swiss gun community to agitate them, like we've successfully done with the climate movement.
(35.66 KB 1163x614 debt relief google trends.png)
Google searches for "debt relief" have been going up steadily over time.
(2.13 KB 125x114 1499183459623s.jpg)
>>207470 It's gonna be over-inflation baybe
>>207470 Nice try, LARPer. Either sometime this year or with climate change. Either way, capitalism is doomed. See it on the bright side. The longer the crash gets delayed, the more time you have to prepare...
>>207470 Put on your flag, porky.
(348.43 KB 576x566 porky.png)
>>204758 >>204816 Silly Commies, there's going to be 30,000 by this year and all you can do is seethe!
>>208494 You said the same thing last year. Even with Federal reserves help much coveted 30k is not on the horizon.
>>208438 Not relevant, but thanks for using my art (first pic), I appreciate it!
>>208494 Just ignore porky poster. He's a porky, what's the point in talking to some one so high on their own confidence?
Australian, UK and US markers will crash this year, where can I place a bet on this?
>>209300 Al bets can be made out to my bitcoin wallet.
>>209300 Try inverse ETFs like SQQQ, TQQQ, and TVIX.
If the TFRPF is true, then why do companies keep reporting higher EPSs year-after-year?
>>212705 Don't think Marx would have imagined that governments would literally print money to bail out banks after a crash. When the government has already committed to buying your garbage and you can buyback your own stock, you get massively inflated stock prices. The higher it goes, the more fun it will be on the way down.
>>212705 Because fictitious capital has little connection with the productive sector.
>>212705 Profit as defined by surplus value extracted from workers IS in a permanent downward trajectory. "Profit" as measured by fiat currency earnings is bullshit. Much of it doesn't even exist, the most "profitable" sectors are speculative real estate and finance. Even companies like GM and Boeing and GE are doing it now. But it's not actual profit because no capital investment occurs and no actual production takes place.
>>212746 If they're printing money, why is inflation stable?
>>213502 inflation didn't exist at all before fiat took over. get it now?
>>213559 When was that? There's inflation data for well over a century… what do you mean?
>>213502 First, inflation is not stable. Consumer goods' prices rise at a stable rate, but commodities that are in more direct contact with the financial sector (e.g. housing, education, insurance) prices have been ballooning into the stratosphere. But even keeping that in mind, your question is stupid, because inflation is not a function of the monetary base. The Fed tried Friedman's monetarism back in the 1980's and it was a failure precisely for this reason. Money is a unique commodity and it does function by simple neoclassical supply/demand models. In fact, money is not a commodity at all, it is an economical instrument that is. Inflation comes in lots of different flavors, but the "too much money in circulation" kind only happens in very specific hyperinflation situations like Weimer Germany and Zimbabwe. >>213559 That's literally objectively false. Inflation existed in the 19th century, it fucking ruined the Spanish Empire and it was around even as far back as the Roman Empire.
>>213571 He bought into a cap gold memes
>>213067 >Much of it doesn't even exist Is that what that derivatives chart people keep sharing is? How does that not reflect real value?
Russia says hi
(283.97 KB 623x454 1f5.png)
>>213763 The moment the rich attempt to actually cash in on the full amount of their wealth, they will smother the economy through demand-induced inflation. That is because their bank account and stock portfolio numbers don't correspond to actual material wealth.
Anyone got data on when the repo will stop? I've heard it's in February or something.
>>215096 wuts 'repo?'
>>208438 Either event just leads to a fascistic bloodbath that keeps surplus extraction chugging along until we're all just irrecoverably dead.
>>215132 >repo That's retarded. If anything it's repurchase, and people call it buybacks in any case.
(224.68 KB 748x528 Screenshot_20200115_155821.png)
>>213704 >That's literally objectively false. Inflation existed in the 19th century, it fucking ruined the Spanish Empire and it was around even as far back as the Roman Empire. Prior to 1940 inflation absolutely did not exist as a trend. Yes, there were historical instances of inflation, but in the long trend there was no inflation. Many of the pre-modern-fiat inflation crises emerged from attempts at introducing fiat, or from plain currency debasement (IE, replacing the type of metal in certain minted coins). There were other instances of """inflation""" resulting from, EG, wartime price increases (largely because of a combo of real value increases in products due to destruction of productive forces, and supply getting out of wack from demand). IMO this is a qualitatively different kind of inflation, and using "inflation" as a blanket term in both cases is imprecise. See pic related, from Anwar Shaikh's book.
the stock market keep going up and up, I'm getting increasingly nervous with all these green days. How much more air can the bubble take in before it pops?
>>215228 tl;dr on Shaikh? Heard him here before. Also what does "wholesale price" mean? Like bulk purchases?
>>215236 >tl;dr on Shaikh? Heard him here before. Scientific Marxist economist, his textbook on capitalism (Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crisis) compares classical political economy to mainstream and Keynesian economics point by point, with empirical testing against real data. It's a fantastic book because it shows at basically every stage that Marx was scientifically correct and mainstream econ is complete nonsense.
>>215228 Nice goalpost shift. From "inflation didn't exist at all" to "trend inflation didn't exist". Anyway, blaming "fiat" is an absolutely retarded take and you would be better served in a 2012 /pol/ Ron Paul thread than here. All money (in sufficiently developed economies) is created by fiat, because money is created through debt and loans. The more banks decide to lend, the more money gets created. Even in the days of gold-tied currencies, most money was NOT backed by actual hard specie — which resulted in repeated financial crises in countries without a central financial coordinator, e.g. USA. The "introduction" of "fiat currency" wasn't a transformative change, but simply the state acknowledging and formalizing what already happens in practice. The real reason that "trend inflation" started after the Great Depression is Keynesianism. Mid-century capitalism had two overarching tendencies that impacted pricing: 1. Full employment and a strong labor movement created wage-driven inflation, i.e. porkies would keep raising prices to maintain profit margins in the face of rising worker compensation. 2. Stimulus. Instead of leaving money-creation to the bankers, state capitalist governments begun directly engaging in permanent mass borrowing and spending, which tended to push effective demand faster than actual economical value was being created (as was its purpose). Note that neither of these are dependent on "fiat currency". Indeed, the Bretton Woods system still had the USD tied to gold and world currencies pegged against the it right up to the 1970's. Both money creation and price raising (two somewhat correlative but not causative phenomena, I'd like to emphasize) were unhindered by this. In fact, the reason Nixon took the dollar officially off the gold standard was because there was fear that if people actually tried to redeem their gold, it would instigate a massive financial crisis and a political fiasco. As I said above, it was an acknowledgement of reality rather than a proactive move. Speaking of the 1970's, it was a decade when wage-driven inflation in particular blew up. and it wasn't until neoliberalism came into being and crushed workers that it subsided. The nature of stimulus also changed — governments still maintain permanent deficits, but they also increasingly rely on CBs manipulating interest rates to keep porkies' monetary profits ever-so-slightly above the actual surplus value they are capable of extracting. This is reflected in the fact that after the 1980's, official inflation rates tend to be low and stable compared to the postwar state capitalist "golden age".
HOLY SHIT guys check this out The thing on the left is called a Fibonacci retracement, which basically uses the Golden Ratio to provide points of pivoting in markets. Someone posted about the Elliott wave principle which is related, and you can read about it more here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/fibonacciretracement.asp In this picture I drew one of these using the high and low of the previous shake-up, and considering recent events, including the accelerated bubbling of stocks like Tesla, Apple, various financials, as well as the markets in general, it seems that the markets will turn once the S&P reaches about 330.83 (as indicated by the 1.618 projection). Considering the Fed is thinking about stopping repurchase operations, I think this'll be the point where it all pivots downwards. After that it might rebound to some other point on the Fibonacci retracement, like 0.786 or something. If you aren't into investing yet then consider making some short positions once it reaches that level, at least for the long term if you have some resignations about doing it now.
>>214619 >de-pegging what did they mean by this?
>>215354 This is why I come here. Blessed post.
>>215354 >Nice goalpost shift. From "inflation didn't exist at all" to "trend inflation didn't exist". Don't think it's goalpost shifting for me to go from an extremely short post to a longer one with more detail. >Anyway, blaming "fiat" is an absolutely retarded take and you would be better served in a 2012 /pol/ Ron Paul thread than here. All money (in sufficiently developed economies) is created by fiat, MMT BEGONE! This is a Marxist thread, commodity money is a dialectical result of exchange and contains ASNLT value in it. Commodity money objectively, historically emerged in many places around the world WITHOUT governments creating it. READ MARX. >because money is created through debt and loans. Money emerges from the needs of exchange. MMT is a fiction. Watch Shaikh's video, you will get BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPMoESXe4x8&list=PLB1uqxcCESK6B1juh_wnKoxftZCcqA1go&index=28&t=0s >etc etc see above >1. Full employment and a strong labor movement created wage-driven inflation lmao there was never full employment in capitalism You are a joke. Read Marx, read Shaikh.
>>215488 Woman removing dildo from man's anus?
>>215673 MMT is empirical observation. It's a description of how "money creation" actually happens in reality. I'm sorry if you're too dogmatically attached to 19th century theory to realize it.
>>215673 >Muh reed marks
>>215960 Saying "it's old so it's obviously no longer applicable" isn't an argument. Economics isn't an unmoving scientific consensus,not even today anyway.
>>215960 >MMT is empirical observation. Really? So what does the theory predict? Oh... it just predicts that the gubbamint can print money as much as it wants, but at the same time, can't. Real insightful. Again, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPMoESXe4x8&list=PLB1uqxcCESK6B1juh_wnKoxftZCcqA1go&index=28&t=0s MMT goes against the LTV and Marxist political economy in every way imaginable.
>>216034 >Saved This needs to be mercilessly posted until all the dumb anons that do this are bullied off the board.
<US Freight Shipments Plunge at Fastest Rate since 2009, Hit 2011 Level: This is Getting Surprisingly Ugly https://wolfstreet.com/2020/01/15/us-freight-shipments-plunge-at-fastest-rate-since-2009-hit-2011-level/ >Shipment volume in the US by truck, rail, air, and barge plunged 7.9% in December 2019 compared to a year earlier, according to the Cass Freight Index for Shipments. It was the 13th month in a row of year-over-year declines, and the steepest year-over-year decline since November 2009, during the Financial Crisis: >The Cass Freight Index tracks shipment volume of consumer goods and industrial products and supplies by all modes of transportation, but it does not track bulk commodities, such as grains. As always when things get ugly, the calendar gets blamed – Christmas fell on a Wednesday, as it does regularly.
>>215673 >Commodity money is the dialectical result of… Do we have commodity money?
>>216428 All money is a Commodity. Money the universal equivalent exchange of all other Commodites
>>216455 What's the labor time going into the production of 1000 dollars? Is this proportional to what goes into what 1000 dollars exchanges for?
>>216571 Short positions on what?
>>216428 >>216611 Just as money was backed by gold in the past, it is backed by oil now. US dollars are the world reserve currency and the US dollar has been backed by oil ever since the 1970s (due to the Nixon administrations' deal with the Saudis).
>>216611 The labor time going into the production of 1000 dollars is the labor time going into the production of 1000 dollars; It's how long it takes to make 1000 dollars. You are confusing exchange and use value.
>>216622 SPY or any other inflated stock (AAPL for example)
>>216034 >>216276 it should be abundantly fucking obvious that I am saying you need to read Capital, which is a pre-req for serious posting ITT.
(131.21 KB 422x508 016 - 1p8bkwY.png)
>>216666 Wasted quads, probably set them up too
>>216428 No, fiat is not commodity money as the value it represents for exchange is not the same as the actual value put into it during production. >>216455 Fiat is not a commodity, it is a license to a fraction of the total circulation social product. >>216631 >Just as money was backed by gold in the past, it is backed by oil now. The petrodollar does NOT make burger fiat commodity money, it just forces other countries to hold USD in order to buy oil. There is not a fractional reserve system for oil vs dollars. And USD is obviously NOT the only fiat in the world, so you would have to explain how the Euro, Ruble, Yen, RMB, etc are all commodity money. So let me repeat myself. READ MARX, READ CAPITAL. There is no way you would be conflating fiat and commodity money if you understood the literal CHAPTERS Marx writes about gold, metal, and commodity money.
>>216682 Yea well if you know Capital so well, you won't have any problems summarizing the necessary bits here, would you?
>>216686 I already have summarized it you twat, and I gave links to Anwar Shaikh's video debunking MMT, as well as Michael Roberts' blogs on the topic. And I have directed you to the correct source on the topic, Capital (volume 1 specifically, where you obviously need to start). The absolute lazy brainletism ITT right now is baffling. Are you all from /r/socialism or something? I have not seen this amount of stupidity and willful ignorance here before. Do your fucking homework.
>Dow approaching 30K
>>217783 Imagine when the DOW reaches 40K. I don’t understand the commies here who refuse to open an account at Wealthsimple and take advantage of the bull run. Otherwise you want to live in poverty while you wait all your life for a revolution that never comes. I wonder, if I return here in 20 years, will most of you have already moved on or will you be 40 something old losers in service sector jobs still “waiting for the revolution”?
>>216271 MMT could be done by the USA, as it’s the world’s reserve currency.
listen to michael hudson you fucks
>>218085 Imagine using your extra money to get more money in the stock market instead of giving it to your favorite middle eastern militia group so they can buy 1/10 of a mortar round Dont you dare call yourself a leftist
>>215475 It will probably hit 330 by Monday. Anon, tell us. what does it mean?
>>218115 “REEEE Why won’t you piss away your money on right wing terrorist militias in the Middle East or left wing Larp groups” “How dare you actually invest money for retirement instead of pushing it away on LARPING”.
>>218159 *pissing it away on LARPING
>>218159 >lol stop supporting your cause man like bro stop caring
>>218115 I can’t wait to actually afford a car and house. Better investments then pissingit away on autistic communist/Anarkiddie LARP groups in the Middle East or Latin America that will be drone striked into oblivion. Besides, why shouldn’t I improve my life? Why shouldn’t I buy a car, a home, invest for retirement, find a boyfriend?
>>218163 “Supporting your cause”? With your minimum wage shit job while you REEE at the DOW and at people investing for retirement? Your “cause” is a lost cause. I wouldn’t be surprised if your autistic enough to believe that anyone who even invests $100 a month for their Wealthsimple account is “bourgeois”.
>>218164 >Porkyanon is a girl Cute cute cute!!!
Also, I’m getting 8.9% returns right now. Not bad, but if this bull run continues, I’ll be able to buy a house AND retire.
>>218168 I’m a gay Swiss Canadian Man.
(298.60 KB 1200x794 efe.jpg)
>>218167 Anon I'm a film student.
>>218170 based
>>218172 Even if I was able to legislate codetermination, rent controls,living wage, abolition of private medical insurance and private prisons, along with pro climate change legislation, you’d still try to shoot me.
>>218176 And I’m a Political Economy student.
>>218089 MMT is a theory, it can't be "done" by the USA. The USA CAN print more money than most other countries can and benefit somewhat, but at the end of the day it still has limits and is just a temporary pump that has a nearly equivalent backlash. MMT has nothing to do with this capability, and in fact, the Marxist understanding of fiat explains it much better. Marxist political economy explains that "moderate" inflation can actually be desirable to the bourgeoisie as, among other things, a form of class warfare. While the inflation erodes wages, the new bills are disproportionately distributed to banks and big businesses, effectively redistributing the existing value in the economy to the bourgeoisie. With the petrodollar and the USD as a world reserve currency, the USA can enjoy the same kind of benefit on a world scale.
>>218090 that guy is a joke
There is no contradiction between Marx and MMT. MMT explains currency acceptance and Marx explains currency value. This is the best beginner article on the synthesis: http://heteconomist.com/currency-acceptance-currency-value-and-transcending-capitalism/ Also, this article is good: http://heteconomist.com/currency-value-in-terms-of-socially-necessary-labor/
(110.22 KB 1125x870 97956f7.jpg)
(384.85 KB 1116x866 1559718984168.png)
(1007.12 KB 1304x1304 karl_master_by_shoscombe-dca4ic3.png)
Could anybody throw out the capitalist bootlickers and salty commie LARPers? They are adding nothing of meaning to this thread. I'll repeat again for brainlets: Communists. Are. Not. Reverse /biz/ people. We don't become all pink wojaks, because the stock markets are green right now. Quite the contrary, when you consider the reasons, why it's going up right now. We are happy to see that the Mother of all Bubbles is getting even bigger than we hoped it would. It will make our cause just easier to realise, when in finally pops. So please stop coping, because we don't get all salty about "muh stonks 29'00000000". Also, you cannot "retire" with climate change, you idiots! It's socialism or extinction! Ergo if we fail, everybody loses.
>>218170 Bro, you said gay thrice.
>>218723 I am a serious theoryposter ITT but I don't mind the wojakposts, they are funny and probably attract people to read the serious posts.
>>218164 ok, boomer
>>218170 Is this 56% version for Canada?
(17.65 KB 480x360 glass6.jpg)
>>223060 Fuck I’m on mobile and images don’t work
>>209300 Okay so EB games, BOSE and big W are shutting stores all around Australia and there’s probably plenty more to come looks like the recession is about to begin in Australia lol
>>209300 gold, silver and oil
(249.73 KB 736x354 look_on_face.png)
>>223669 These are just the beginning. Retail is always the first to get the axe and 2019 has already been dubbed the "retailpocalypse". Madison Avenue is 60% vacant along with the rest of Manhattan. All the small businesses closed years ago, now even the chains are boarding up. Drug store chains, burger chains... a fucking Citibank closed in my neighborhood. I cannot express the glee I feel when passing the endless vacant stores in NYC, the heart of corruption. It's gonna happen soon. People can't afford the shit the stores are selling.
>>223712 What’s also great is there’s a housing bubble in Australia which so many boomers and gen xers have placed their retirement on so once that collapses you’ll have a bunch of angry old conservatives whining about the fact that the neoliberal policies they voted for have screwed them over
>>223712 Someone else from the city, yep, I see it, neighborhood economies are dying all around Brooklyn
>>223737 You can either have your house burn down due to man made climate change or watch it's value plummet via bubble pop due to man made economics. What a time to be alive.
>>223790 I have investment in the silver industry and by investment I mean stealing it from a random guy on the street. Worth over £100
>>223814 praxis
>>223712 I wonder if Porkies will either make some concessions so the probes can afford Shit again. If they refuse, and decide to double down on “I really believe in plutocracy, here’s why”, then communism might become the attractive alternative for people. Unless some people think being a feudal peasant for a modern aristocracy is “better”.
Just wait for student loans, auto loans and medical debt. And wait for retail to keep plummeting.
>>223952 every poor fucker has student debt by this point
>>223957 The really poor are not intelligentsia like you but you do not even see them as people.
>>223959 I don't have student debt.
>>223949 >Unless some people think being a feudal peasant for a modern aristocracy is “better”. You know as well as anyone that 99% of proles will keep grasping onto either neoliberalism or dreams of magical neverland fascism, right up to the very end.
(88.29 KB 861x914 china_groyper.png)
>>223998 Just as planned
>>224033 If only there was some way to hack into the DOW and just make it -10,000 right now.
(32.95 KB 600x600 ebin simply ebin.jpg)
>ITT: People who don't realize retail stores are closing because of online stores offering the same thing but without the need to leave the house Imagine being so desperate you begin to deceive yourself into imagining a fantasy crisis.
>>224036 Anon recessions happen every like 3 years, its Capitalism.
>>224038 >every 3 years
>>224036 True. But the current bull run that's lasted for over a decade is only due to the Fed engaging in QE and Repo, and keeping interest rates low. >>224039 It will take a few externalities to cause a big "correction" in the stock market, something that can't be manipulated away. If the Fed and Wall Street were bombed hard, that might trigger a recession. If the Fed is out of commission, and Wall Street was destroyed, stocks would probably crash.
The "stock market" is propped up by fantasy. All you need is a President to declare that capitalism is a failure, and manage to get the military to bomb wall street, silicon valley, and the homes of the bourgeois. And bomb the Fed and European Central Bank. That would trigger a European Bank Run and an American bank run. Porky would be terrified. And get the glowies to start killing porky with drones.
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>>224036 >Retail stores close and remain closed for years >Multinational luxury brands shuttering their "flagship" stores >Saying this is just the beginning is "imagining a crisis" >No criticism of the countless other indicators of which this is but one Nice try, porky. You really think we believe any of these individual phenomena will cause the crash? These are just effects and the cause is the fundamental rules of finance capital. I was just funposting and will continue to do so.
>>224036 >Retail stores closing means jobs being lost >retail workers move into insecure gig work at amazon or shitty min wage jobs >workers and small companies start defaulting on loans ala 2008 due to lack of financial security and stagnant wages >the big crash happens :-)


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