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(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
nice last minute sell off
-1k please
(215.01 KB 360x450 Marshall Law.png)
>>400707 >>400814 Pic related, it's Marshall.
Was hoping for -1k but eh, close enough
Black monday #3 coming up?
(775.55 KB 91367976.mp4)
>>400880 Comrade Boris doing his part to accelerate?
>>400880 >you'll be pleased He was refering to us.
>>400869 It's coming anon. Not all of the states have really shut down yet. There are still millions of people operating and probably catching the virus as we speak, because petty bourg are more or less dumber than the 1%.
(374.27 KB 1080x1920 2020-03-27 15.43.48.jpg)
>>400895 Even if we dont get anymore legendary drops the damage is already done. Porky will be made whole through stimulus but we've already seen the liquidation of the middle class and their retirement funds.
(165.43 KB 904x956 2020-03-27 15.45.47.jpg)
>>400938 Wrong pic
>>400511 bumping this >>400539 The social network handle with mixed Chinese letters, internet characters and "BenAffleck" all in one really clich it. The only thing missing for this to be 2020.jpg is someone dying of pneumonia.
>>400938 401k or whatever rich people shit absolutely btfo, plus the inflation from the infinite pump, plus the fact the government really only has so much money to spend. The corona induced strike continues. If people don't return to work by Easter, the market will take another huge dip, and then they'll try ANOTHER stimulus, and just basically america has been utterly btfo by this shit more than another other country. I hope that April 1 rent strike catches fire, because if landlords don't get their money, then lenders don't get money. It's so cool watching capitalists use their number based tools on a real, tangible threat
>>400940 You love to see it. The big fight will really start to happen when you see big media try and manufacture opposition. soon you can expect FOX at the very least to say shit like 'Entitled Millenial Socialists start Strike' and a bunch of porky shills to talk about how it is a commie conspiracy. They are hoisted by their own petard. Many dug in hard on the threats of COVID because of scaremongering leads to profit. Now most people are rightfully worried about getting sick and they can't take back what they been warning about without risking an even bigger public health crisis. The USA is finally starting to understand that they have power to collectively bargain again. Now we just have to help them connect the dots. Make them understand it is okay to strike for more then just general safety during a crisis.
https://cytu.be/r/MarxLGBTQPOCantifa Crazy bitch screaming right now
>>400955 Dow will shoot up maybe 2k tomorrow? I expect it soar for at least a little while.
>>400578 An explicitly socially conservative socialist movement would have been the best shot for America. Now it has gotten too retarded even for that.
>>8552 >WASHINGTON – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued the following statement on the establishment of the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (MMLF) by the Federal Reserve Board: “I have sent Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell a letter approving the establishment of the MMLF to provide liquidity to the financial system under section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act. To provide liquidity to Money Market Mutual Funds, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston would lend to eligible borrowers, taking as collateral certain types of assets purchased by the borrower from Funds, concurrently with the borrowing, or on or after March 18, 2020, but before the opening of the Facility. This will allow banks to immediately provide liquidity to Money Market Mutual Funds. The Department of the Treasury will provide $10 billion of credit protection from the Exchange Stabilization Fund to the Reserve Bank. Money market funds are important investment tools for American families and businesses. The establishment of the MMLF will enhance the liquidity and smooth functioning of money markets, support the flow of credit to hard working Americans, and help stabilize the broader financial system.” https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm950 Any relevance? /pol/saying muh Trump bankrupted muh Fed?
>>397706 BASED and bottom not called
>>400964 Tomorrow is Saturday fam a lam
>>400940 >Domino Theory was proved correct But not how Kissinger envisioned it
>>400978 oh yeah shit. I lost count. Week days are a capitalist control tool anyway.
>>400971 Social conservativism is retarted, itll only attract boomers and they wont ever vote for a socialist partt no matter how many gays they promise to shock or whatever.
>>400982 ok radlib
>>400985 ok radcon
>>400985 I dont want get into this again. Just enjoy this video
>socialism isn't unpopular due to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, it's actually because zoomers stopped bashing gays and trannies
Pandemic “will last 18 months or longer,” leaked US government report warns https://archive.is/GJNYZ https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/03/us-govt-expects-18-month-pandemic-with-widespread-supply-shortages/ The US government is reportedly preparing for the coronavirus pandemic to last 18 months or longer and result in "significant shortages for government, private sector, and individual US consumers." A 100-page US government plan was leaked to The New York Times, which today published an article summarizing the highlights. "A federal government plan to combat the coronavirus warned policymakers last week that a pandemic 'will last 18 months or longer' and could include 'multiple waves,' resulting in widespread shortages that would strain consumers and the nation's health care system," the Times wrote. The 18-month figure is in line with the best-case estimates of how long it will take to develop a vaccine and make it widely available. There could be millions of deaths in the US and UK alone during that time, but social distancing and other containment measures could limit the death toll, according to Imperial College London research that we wrote about yesterday.
>>400997 An 18 month defacto strike? I'm down.
(138.61 KB 864x1001 Arezzo_Civil_War.jpg)
Trump is going live in TEN minutes https://cytu.be/r/MarxLGBTQPOCantifa Let's face it, last night didn't go the way we wanted it to go. We were hoping for a better result, and a lot of you fought really hard to make it happen. It hurts to care so much, work so hard, and still fall a little short. So it's okay to take a moment and feel that pain, or process that disappointment. Take a walk around the block, eat an extra piece of chocolate, hug your pet, adopt a pet, watch videos of cats and dogs who are friends, call a friend - whatever works But once you've let it all out, take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and make a plan - a plan to fight back and win. A plan to help make sure that we won't have to feel this way again.
>>401006 It's funny you say that. I just got off the phone with my great grandmother, who is 100 years old, born in 1920. Came of age during the Great Depression, was a WW2 wife, and has been a secretary in the public school system. She's also fairly conservative, like Bush tier. She told me that, one, she thinks this is worse than the Great Depression, and two, that she can't believe our leaders think the economy is more important the people. I thought about this, and thought about just how far Republicans have gone off the deep end, that even VERY elderly conservatives are thinking they're extreme.
>>401014 The fuck are you on about?
>>400982 This much focus on boomers ignores the extremely likely fact that the newer generations will grow conservative with age as well. Lest we forget, boomers were dirty pinko commies in their youth.
>>401016 It's not surprising. Social degeneration accelerated under neoliberal barbarism.
>>401025 It's apparently an Elizabeth Warren quote.. fucking kek https://twitter.com/alxthomp/status/1227632589013430272
>>401036 Jesus christ....
>>401034 No they were not. Revolutionaries and civil rights people were the minority of the population. Most boomers were and still are repugnant sacks of shit who opposed integration and reform. There are many redeemable boomers, like a lot, but most are bad, especially in the south. Also, your quote about young becoming conservative. Not really. Most things considered extreme or too left today will probably just become status-quo tomorrow, which can seem "conservative". Homosexuality has only recently become generally accepted by the US, and is increasingly just becoming the normal opinion, for example, even to young conservatives.
(44.18 KB 596x308 moreau.png)
>>401034 >>401042 A big reason generations """grow conservative""" over time is just because the poor ones die off faster. That's really the single biggest factor. But yeah the "revolutionaries" were always kind of a minority-- a movement on par with the civil rights movement doesn't necessarily need a majority, just a very dedicated cohort working in conjunction with a good chunk of the population, of passive supporters with a lack of similar dedication and passive support on the opposing side. But yeah you can still find Boomer liberals if you look, that's easy. You wanna see a real unicorn? Here's a Boomer tankie I fucking found on Twitter like a year or two ago. https://twitter.com/cardineau
>Red lien going down again YES YES YES What changed (if anything) while I slept?
>>401054 People also tend to neglect the fact the revolutionary potential of black people in the 60's. Most of the biggest names have been straight up murdered or are still imprisoned.
(162.75 KB 1080x1008 2020-03-27 16.39.35.jpg)
>>401057 So far no explanation, fox yesterday was saying we've "exited" the bear market because a couple good rallies. My suspicion is that covid cases are rapidly increasing, theres growing work/rent strikes and the hospital are already overloaded. They can pump all the money into the market they want but if the working class breaks away from the fake economy it doesn't matter how much funny money they have.
>>401061 It wasnt boomers fucking at Woodstock and going to protest on the weekends that ended segregation. It was the panthers and other radicals along with riots.
(55.13 KB 512x512 6.png)
>>401054 >Boomer <Tankie Is that what one might call *DIALECTICS?*
(272.22 KB 636x1003 MLK.jpg)
>>401071 Pic related, back during the civil rights movement they actually framed MLK Jr as agitating in support of these riots even when his rhetoric was against it. Tying this back to where this conversation started though: with the absolute mask-off state of "kill grandma for the stock market" tier rhetoric in the media and from political leaders right now, is this gonna open the eyes of many boomers despite their tendency to social conservatism and a more secure living standard?
>>400985 ok christcuck
>>401042 If you mean that people's political leanings don't change much with age, I'd like to know how that tiny minority of relatively leftist boomers completely set the stage on the 60s and 70s and yet now is virtually completely absent. I mean >>401054 >poorer people die off first is a cop-out, unless you would argue that 99% of leftists boomers croaked simultaneously on the day before Reagan's 1980 election. >Most things considered extreme or too left today will probably just become status-quo tomorrow, which can seem "conservative". Naturally. Leftism is civilization and it's bound to win out, this trend is visible through all of human history when you consider a long enough term. This doesn't mean there isn't a usually weaker force rightwards as people slowly grow more conservative. Delaying the inevitable and cause utterly unnecessary suffering in the process, but sadly, it's there.
>>401083 "Poorer people die quicker than wealthier people" is not a cop-out because I wasn't claiming that most or even anywhere higher than literally maybe 10-15% of boomers were ever anywhere near the radical left. It's possible for a group to grow more conservative over time if its less-conservative members die off even if those less-conservative members aren't Capital-thumping Marxists and anarchists. The point about things seeming extreme in the past and then status quo later has some merit when it comes to social issues, see opinions on homosexuality for instance. On economics I think the system is more exploitative today than it was in the past, in no small part because the capitalist world wanted to keep workers satiated so as not to open a place for the Soviets to drive a wedge in. Mask has increasingly come off after the USSR fell, social democracies increasingly withering, standards for workers lowering.
>>401092 The stock market is beyond recovered. We lost 4 year of funny line going up and the few rallies that have happened have barely clawed back the losses
>>401092 death rate?
>>401083 >I'd like to know how that tiny minority of relatively leftist boomers completely set the stage on the 60s and 70s yeah i remember the united soviets of america back in the 60s and 70s lol the boomer generation is the one that started the rightward turn of the democratic party back in the 70s, watergate babies
>US Markets hit the skids after three rally amid spread of Coronavirus and fears that the 2T dollar stimulus may “Just not be enough” You see the problem is money printer at the moment is going BBBBRRRRRRRRRR When we need it to go BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
>>400000 epic co-op man will have the last laugh
am i banned for a day
>>401098 Alright, I'll ty a different argument: do you think the revelation of Biden's rape will have any effect whatsoever on his electoral chances?
This pandemic is capitalism's worst nightmare. It's one of the few situations that can't be solved but having people make/buy more shit, and it inevitably requires choosing between temporarily limiting production in some sectors or allowing deaths to spiral to out of control. You can't have your cake and eat it too in a situation like this.
(146.75 KB 592x681 sdvdvsdv.jpg)
>>401258 Now you see why none of this will have any effect whatsoever on Trump's electoral chances.
>>401278 Yep. They can let millions die, and push people leftward, or they can shut everything down NOW, and get it under control NOW. Either way, it's a loss.
>>401281 let the bastard win the election! turnout will certainly be sub-20% anyway, if not lower. assuming Communists start getting their shit together in the US, we'll be winning in the streets while he's winning in the polls.
>another housing crisis will happen when no one can pay their rent, and the stonk market will go bust as a result. The uprising is coming t.
(36.60 KB 560x315 what a story marx.jpg)
>>400000 >posts Papa Wolff >gets penta-checked Undeniable sign the dialectic is now in motion.
>>401301 Is saagar posting gonna start becoming a thing? Will the host of rising lead the proletariat revolution?
>>401286 >people die >people go leftward because ???
>>401342 Because they're trans
>>401339 hes a conservative, just not a retarded free market libertarian who thinks muh market will always fix it
>>401342 Because the ruling party in charge having been bragging about their awesome capitalist economy. They have been openly making the political debate between capitalism and socialism. And now as this crisis spirals out of control trump is up there saying the private sector is completely in charge. The game is up, the bubble popped. They can give in a let the people have gibs and move to a basic social democracy(which they wont) or theyll double down and go full austerity and demand workers sacrifice their grandparent and children to the god of capitalism.
(618.13 KB 672x716 getAnarchy.png)
>>400000 checked
>>400000 BASED and checked Digits confirmed Current corrupt capitalist system BTFO soon
>>401360 which country is this? burgerland? because the dems aren't about socialism, they elected malarky-man for god sake
>>400000 checked
>>401360 Even assuming they do the latter, why would anyone actually question capitalism and not just go full fascist?
>>401449 Is there much of an effective fascist narrative going around during all this beyond "hurr let's just blame China and call it a day"?
>>401475 Is there anything resembling a socialist narrative going around?
>>401484 yes, the line is >DEMS BLOCKED ARE BILL
>>401339 Sagaar will lead the American prolitariet into Hindutva.
>>401487 So the average burger will think to go rightward then.
>>401484 "The ruling-class is openly stating your grandma and friends with asthma are an acceptable blood sacrifice to keep the stock market numbers up"
>>401392 Exactly, the jig is up The dems and repubs have revealed that they’re allies in gutting you like a fish
>>401342 People don't go leftwards. Mankind does. Labor, effort and progress are the inevitable long-term result of reason and civilization applied, as material and cultural advance enable each other. Reactionarism consists precisely of an unconscious antagonism to civilization and reason.
I love you guys
(7.46 KB 210x230 1298925925502.png)
>>401533 lmao u lov dudes u feg
>>401449 Because Fascism is only something that finds true support amongst the ruling class when there is no other option than to destroy obscene amounts of capital and there is an emergent left? There aren't any conditions right now that are conducive to the ruling class backing open fascism. That's not to say it won't rear it's head again after the recession but the strategy for the US to restore profitability at the current moment seems to hinge on recapturing control of the oil markets through going after venezuela + iran so they can strengthen the dollar to force the rest of the world to hold it as reserve and trade with it
Riots, Tensions in Prisons Worldwide Over Virus https://thecrimereport.org/2020/03/27/riots-tensions-in-prisons-worldwide-over-virus/ Prison conditions worldwide during the coronavirus outbreak have caused tensions and unrest from Latin America to Europe to the Middle East, the Washington Post reports. Outside the walls, “It’s a very dark situation for the families,” said Mona Seif, an Egyptian activist whose brother is jailed at Cairo’s notorious Tora prison. China and South Korea have reported large outbreaks in their prisons. China has had 806 cases in five prisons across three provinces. Turkey is seeking to fast-track a plan to release as many as 100,000 inmates from overcrowded facilities, joining Iran and other countries that have freed some prisoners in response to the pandemic. Elsewhere, anger over restrictive measures and anxiety about coronavirus have led to violence. In Colombia last weekend, nearly two dozen people died in riots that swept the prison system as inmates protested inadequate safeguards. In Italy, riots erupted in almost 50 prisons this month, leaving 13 inmates dead and 59 guards injured. In the Middle East, where hundreds of thousands of people have been rounded up in recent years in response to political uprisings, terrorism and the growth of conservative Islam, many prisoners are held in densely populated facilities that lack hygienic conditions and sunlight, leaving them susceptible to disease and infections. The majority of these prisons are in Egypt, Syria and Iran. “Generally, if you are in prison in the Middle East, you are in a pretty worse case than other parts of the world,” said Philippe Nassif of Amnesty International USA. In Egyptian prisons, where as many as 60,000 people are said to be jailed, there have been no significant releases or plans announced to mitigate the risk of infection, activists said.
>>401600 Over 500 NYPD members test positive for coronavirus https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/489939-over-500-nypd-members-test-positive-for-coronavirus https://archive.is/waTW3 More than 500 members of the New York Police Department (NYPD) have tested positive for the coronavirus as the illness savages New York City. The NYPD announced Friday that 552 members have tested positive for COVID-19, including 442 uniformed officers and 70 civilian members. Another 4,111 NYPD uniformed employees were on sick leave, accounting for 11.4 percent of the department’s uniformed workforce. The new figures are a jump from earlier this week when 211 NYPD members tested positive for the highly contagious virus. The NYPD said in its evening summary that on Thursday officers visited 1,703 supermarkets, 5,098 bars and restaurants, 829 public places and 2,199 personal care facilities, the vast majority of which were closed. The trips were made to “remind individuals of the ban on congregating in public spaces and to practice social distancing.”
>>401606 I didn't know pigs could get the corona
(3.51 MB 480x360 wiggum_corona.gif)
(88.92 KB 452x446 hVEnd.png)
>>401606 Maybe denialists will start rethinking things once there isn't enough staff to defend their property. >>401592 I never heard of destroying capital as actually part of the point of porky support of fascism. It seems off to me.
>>401641 >I never heard of destroying capital as actually part of the point of porky support of fascism. It seems off to me. Then what were the militaries used for in WWI and WWII? They destroyed a shitload of capital and caused the rate of profit to recover by lowering the organic composition of capital. Most porkies probably don't even realize that they benefit from destroying capital, because on an individual level, each one doesn't want it to happen to them. But when they get to buy out bankrupt competitors with tons of written-off fixed capital? Oh yeah, they get it. Now how about cops? Whenever factories shut down, the cops will literally stop workers from seizing them and let the machinery and building rot. Just look at Detroit, Baltimore, etc. It should be intuitively obvious that one of the roles a cop ends up playing is in aiding the destruction of capital.
>>401657 >Then what were the militaries used for in WWI and WWII? Conquest.
>>400451 >that pic Good times
>>401657 Of course, destroying capital is certainly an occasional bougie goal, but fascism wasn't particularly good at making sure the bougies survived it. I'll take the non-materialist route and answer it was pure spookery. Fascism is a genuine case of mass dementia, and its many inherent contradictions stem from this. Reactionarism is partly what Freud called the death drive, and fascism, it's terminal manifestation in modern society. Were it not for porkies to have unleashed that beast mistakenly thinking they could leash it back (assuming they even wanted to do it) it could not have happened.
>>401659 Conquest generally involves destroying the other guy's capital. The UK emerged as a major player due to a combination of wrecking India and Scotland getting wrecked in their failed colonial ventures and Europe getting wrecked in the Napoleonic wars, for example. Or, obviously, the US taking over the whole world after WW2 left the other European powers in shambles. Even the USSR, despite their great accomplishments, was still just a bump in the road due to extensive damage caused by the War. Destroying the capital of other nations eliminates competition.
>>401677 Most fascist states in the past century were post-WWII and existed in peacetime. Like Pinochet's Chile for example.
>>401686 That's not fascism. Just 3rd world dicatorship.
>>401785 Why would "Slum" Proletariat support fascism?
(58.02 KB 361x356 gdsp.png)
>>401785 Fuck off retard.
>>401871 You call this a depression? Why are there no breadlines? Checkmate commies
>>401856 Because they are poor as fuck and lacking in the organisational discipline of the proletariat. Slum proletarians is clearly used as an English gloss of lumpenproletariant; thieves, beggars, soldiers and sailors, oddjobmen, gypsies, sex workers -- as opposed to factory workers, skilled trades, and the highly organised and class conscious workers. They tend to be more opportunistic and will follow whoever gets them fed. Socialist Party in Italy were pissweak 2nd internationalist succdems and even the Communist Party was full of Bordigist do-nothingism. So the opportunistic slum proles turned to fascism because it got them fed, turned a blind eye to some of the criminality, gives you spooky feeling of national pride especially if you go from unemployed to being a soldier in a shiny new uniform, etc.
>>401877 <You call this a depression? Why are there no breadlines? Checkmate commies We truly live in interesting times, and I am thankful that I'm (mostly) alive to see it play out in front of my eyes
>>401877 >Why are there no breadlines? There are, you just pay money when your turn comes
(61.54 KB 976x508 ETklNy9WkAYDCQz.jpeg)
Know a suckers rally
>>401922 Histoy repeats itself. Time to learn bushcraft
>>401877 there are toilet paper lines tho
>>401287 Remember electoralism is a farce.
>>401922 >>401924 Except this time the line stops for good.
>>401922 If I'm reading that graph correctly, would it be true to say we are almost halfway to the lowest point despite the older line being gradually declining as we (currently) are plummeting
>>401952 Reminder basically nobody except maybe George Orwell unironically thinks of electoralism as anything but a means to build a party and promote class struggle.
>>400860 marhsall's law to save the environment when?
>>401875 stfu it's not my fault that you can't think
>>402000 (checked) Also based.
>>401686 >>401785 I would say no country outside of Europe had a bonafide fascist regime. Tho some of them, seemed rather inspired, so to speak, like South Korea and Taiwan.
>>401301 I predicted this! The coming April will be known as red/blacked April!
>>401922 The only things keeping this from being perfect are a time scale for the current crisis on the upper bound, and a couple of source links. Could you please suggest this, in case you know who made it?
So obviously this crash is causing a crisis in many of the capitalist nations; tons of businesses are in borderline bankruptcy. When businesses inevitably fail, is that not capital destruction ? What's the difference if it isn't ?
>>402031 I think the difference being that those businesses and/or their assets will be immediately bought out by their competition, so nothing has necessarily been destroyed, just consolidated.
>>402031 Gonna need to be more specific, there are a lot of ways to fail or "fail" in capitalism. Trump, for example, abuses bankuptcy laws to scam people.
>>402038 I'm just trying to figure out whether this crisis prolongs or shortens the dominance of capital. When I say "fail" I meant that as in they cease to exist as an entity due to the inability to sustain itself. >>402037 That makes sense, thank you.
>>402031 For capital destruction to happen, capital needs to be actually destroyed (so in wartime this means bombing factories and houses, building tanks and aircraft that get blown up, etc; or alternatively doing a factory lockout and then letting your equipment rust and the building rot forever). Businesses that go bankrupt will mostly have their capital assets bought up, so there's not that much capital destruction going on unless owners deliberately go around wrecking stuff, which seems unlikely. Mostly owners/appointed administrators will do their best to firesale any assets to the bigger players, like big banks and big corporations, that can afford to keep spending money and weather the storm.
>>402046 Understood, thank you.
The only thing capitalism can do currently is impose austerity, deregulate, and financially cannibalize itself. There are other solutions, like cancelling the debts, but you may as well try to convince the king to redistribute his gold amongst the people. We are locked in an accelerating death spiral with no way out in sight. we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death
>>402046 What if the Federal Reserve bought up a bunch of unprofitable capital and then destroyed it? Wouldn’t that do the trick?
>>402076 This. People here don't seem to understand modern monetary policy very well
>>402076 They could, but they won't.
>>402083 They do it all the time. What are you talking about?
>>402076 Unprofitable capital is capital that doesn't exploit surplus value with above-average efficiency. So by buying up and destroying unprofitable capital, you'd actually be increasing the trend for intensifying the (average) exploitation of surplus value from labour. (I think this is right, in line with Vol III, can any bigger brain Marxists correct me if I'm wrong please)
>>402056 >The only thing capitalism can do currently is impose austerity, deregulate, and financially cannibalize itself. Pic related >we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death Then we should start cutting ourselves out and further bleed this beast out https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cFJJvv3B3ys
>>401886 >gypsies >not worse than all those other groups pick one
>>402011 Based red flag anon
>>402085 Quantitative Easing; Repos and the like aren't actually buying up unprofitable capital though they're just reducing the debt burden of fictitious capital. It doesn't increase the rate of profit because you're not actually destroying productive capital. Now if that liquidity somehow makes it into the economy at large as opposed to just being trading back and forth on balance sheets then through taxation you could stem the FROP through increased exploitation by increasing the burden on workers and allowing firms to keep more profits but that doesn't actually destroy any productive capital either since you have to create the money first to then destroy it through taxation and since that's not actually backed by any real value; if the ROP is already low enough to deter investment then just deficit spending doesn't actually do anything. >>402078 Assuming you're an expert on MMT I'd love to know how you think MMT can destroy unprofitable capital and restore the rate of profit. Perhaps my understanding is lacking
>>402087 You'd increase the rate but you'd reduce the mass; which is actually a big deal from the perspective of the bourgeois state; ofc eventually the larger porkies can force the state into conditions where they are essentially doing this but all this leads to is increased consolidation where big firms absorb huge swathes of smaller firms, which is just an inevitable consequence of competition under capital. Through this process there may be some destruction of capital but the real reason larger firms do this is more intuitive and self-interested; i.e market share + cheap capital because the assets of failed firms are sold for pennies on the dollar; it allows expansion without actual investment costs which temporarily increase the relative RoP for individual firms, which ironically leads to even more incentive to consolidate sort of creating a spiral effect but it doesn't restore profitability.
>>398516 my limited understanding of global economy lead me to believe the reason US can print money without inflation is that everyone need their dollars to buy oil but now that oil is cheap, and everyone need a lot less during the crisis, combined with the fact some big countries have started buying it in yuan/euros, wont that kill that paradigm
>>402031 >>402037 Yes it is capital destruction if the constant capital (especially fixed capital) owned by the failed businesses is written off or sold for massive discounts. >>402046 >For capital destruction to happen, capital needs to be actually destroyed (so in wartime this means bombing factories and houses, building tanks and aircraft that get blown up, etc; or alternatively doing a factory lockout and then letting your equipment rust and the building rot forever). False, the capital can simply be written off or monetarily depreciated, it can still have a use-value. In fact this is great news for the remaining firms because they can access all that productivity without investment outlay.
>>402359 Yes the basic premise is that there is always demand for US dollaridoos because the global economy needs them (both in financial instruments but also to buy oil) Hence, the threshold for exactly how much currency can be absorbed without inflation is much higher. The crisis itself has a minor impact on both Oil production & consumption directly; albeit larger than usual. This itself would be easy enough for the US to weather but the threat of 2 crises that lead into each other along with the fact that Saudis + Russians are in a price war atm is actually very threatening to US Empire and will result in more Yuan/Euro trading. The reason why the price going so low is explicitly threatening to the US is actually becuase of Fracking though. The strategy of US Empire over the past X decades has been to ensure control over the distribution of oil, because that in turn ensures stability for the dollaridoos which means in turn they can deficit spend to maintain Imperial Hegemony and so on and so on. They do this with currency; but also increasingly through becoming the largest Oil producer either domestically or through conquest. The issue is, Fracking isn't profitable at all unless the price of Oil stays above a certain amount. Other states are naturally wishing to rival US Hegemony and ensure their own position, such as Russia right now. If the profitability of US Oil companies is threatened then it means the US state has to subsidize even harder which essentially means flooding more dollars into circulation and as such starts to burn the candle at both ends. There is a reason why the US is intensifying sanctions on Iran right now and there has been a ramping up of co-ordinated propaganda campaigns (for example, just the other day on twitter hundreds of thousands of tweets mysteriously appeared speaking out against Iran, likely majority MEK/US bots). Likewise with the sudden bounty on Maduro for Drug Trafficking. These are both relatively minor and somewhat desperate moves but they pretty clearly show an intent for the US to continue it's strategy of attempting to gain more market share for Oil by force. It's even more pressing of an issue for them now; it's been known for quite some time that the Oil industry in the US is incredibly fragile. TL;DR US needs to control oil to go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, this means they will invade either Iran or Venezuela during Trumps 2nd term in an attempt to deal with the issues of the COVID-19 Crisis and in the Depression that will ensue in 6-9 months time if not sooner.
>>402300 Sorry I hit post on this earlier before I was finished, it's supposed to end with <it doesn't restore profitability to the same extent that more open destruction would.
>>402359 That’s not necessarily true. Japan prints more than every other country and has never suffered from inflation.
When can we expect a -19.17% day?
>>402427 It will come soon comrade, but you and the workers of the world must make it happen!
Japan suffers from deflation
>>401959 What does that mean?
>>402407 >>402438 Yeah what this guy said Japan had a HUGE deflation problem from the mid-90s onward Naturally the causes stretch back decades, I don't know that much about it but from what little I've read it has to do with the history of the development post-ww2 where they had some kind of weird keynesianism with japanese characteristics borne out of the military rule to rebuild the country. When this hit it's limits and they had the crisis in the 90s it resulted in some extreme deflation, but I don't understand the mechanisms behind it much. The only reason it has printed so much was because it was explicitly trying to reach a 2% inflation target to attempt to stimulate investment and the country has been under a brutal neoliberalization since 2002 and had enacted all the policies the bourgeois governments of the west had post-2008. Absolutely none of it worked and Japan only just forecasted finally hitting their target of Inflation and so stopping the policies and then they hit a technical recession, which is going to be exacerbated massively by the ongoing & oncoming crisis. Mike Roberts probably has some articles explaining stuff
(296.88 KB 1080x803 2020-03-28 10.08.29.jpg)
>>401785 petty-boug being the backbone of fascism? This is the one thing chapo appears to be right about. Your average trump supporter is really just a bunch of ATV and swimming pool dealers
>>402482 a barrel of monkeys?! wtf am i reading?!?!
>>402500 Plastic toy monkeys
>>402500 It's a toy. And It's basically a jenga where you build a tower of plastic monkeys which have hook-like arms to make a chain. Also it's not surprising,plastic toys like that cost so much it's ridiculous.
>>402513 Aren't plastics made from oil?
>>402521 From refined oil,coal,etc yes. That's a weird comparison now that I think about it,since the price of one is partly based on the second's price.
>>402558 With each passing day capitalism gets more and more confusing...
Now if only Saudi Arabia accepted cash other than US dollars for their oil. :^)
>>400000 >>400451 wtf leftypol is famous!!!
(269.75 KB 503x387 what the fuck.png)
>>402719 >January 2017 /leftypol/ been famous son, I have no idea what a leftypol is, or how famous he/she/th xir is though...
(1.01 MB 1000x3750 getchan_and_leftypol_nekopara.jpg)
>>400716 >>400860 >Imagine not knowing about this absolute kino comic Cringe.
(593.85 KB borisclap.mp4)
>>402045 >I'm just trying to figure out whether this crisis prolongs or shortens the dominance of capital. I think that's not the right way to look at capitalist crises. Save for specific avoidable ones, like currency crises, they are a fundamental part of the system. It's like trying to fathom if a boom part of the cycle will prolong or shorten capitalism. Tho I guess I get your original question. Like >>402037 and >>402046 said, their actual assets are fine, tho financial assets are grossly decreasing in value. Physical assets, however, are untouched. What's being destroyed is fictitious value, something which never corresponded to actual existing value to begin with. See >>390973
>>402482 The absolute state of global capitalism!
>>403037 >What's being destroyed is fictitious value, something which never corresponded to actual existing value to begin with But people are not going to work, or going to work less, or working less effectively at home, and consuming less by staying home. Is that not enough on its own to cause a crisis?
>>403103 The service industry, which is really what props of the american economy, is already in collapse, and this virus is just getting started.
>>403103 It's a part of the crisis itself. Yes, besides destruction of fictitious value, increasing generation of real value would help alliviate the impact of that market correction and make things return to normal sooner, but it turns out that much of the private capital needed to keep many businesses going was never really there in the first place. Oops. This is a positive feedback loop, and Keynes' genius was to notice this fact, and his proposal to cut it short was precisely to increase government spending in order to re-heat up the economy when it was growing cold, seeing as private capital wasn't quite capable of doing that at the moment. This ran directly counter to what was the "common sense" at the time, of a universal belt-tightening. And which, sadly, has become "common sense" again, thanks to neoliberalism. It's one of the numerous inherent flaws in the system, and why we say capital follows a inhuman logic -- not simply inhumane, but inhuman, because mankind itself is just a side factor in that logic. See also the example from that screencap, about commodities being burned down after the 1929 crash in order to reduce supply and increase prices, despite the fact that part of the whole problem was that people could barely afford it in the first place.
(93.96 KB 701x960 coronavirus insurance 2.jpg)
I can't believe libtardarians actually believe free-market healthcare would be a good thing
>>403151 Libertarianism, ancap, minarchism and especially the Austrian school are quite literally cults. They hit on a lot of the typical bullet points of cult-like mentality. Which I have no doubt was done very much deliberately by the Austrians. They just plain made bullshit up in order to sustain the system which privileged them so much. Here's a fun fact: of the 5 people listed on Wikipedia as founding figures of the Austrian school, four had the 'Von' title which gave them away as aristocrats, and the fifth also was one despite the lack of the title. All the bastards were born with platinum spoons in their mouths, and set about making sure their children and grandchildren would have those spoons as well, by creating a pseudo-science.
>>403151 They don't. Do you think they care what happens to poor people?
>>403194 I got to an argument with one on /tv/ about how free market healthcare is more efficient and inexpensive compared to a single-payer system and he kept citing mises.org as a source
>>403148 >re-heat up the economy It bears clarifying that this means heating up the actually productive economy, by helping industries stay in operation, increasing welfare spending to foster consumption and sho on and sho on *shniff*. What they're doing now is the opposite, as the beneficiaries of those trillions of dollars are largely in the financial sector which bears the brunt of the guilt for this crisis. As to quite what mechanism political economy is in operation behind this, I confess I can't tell.
>>403194 Hisssss
>>403320 What's it about
>>403341 The thing we live in.
>>402697 I don't think they want to be invaded.
(177.35 KB 1430x736 1450660348236.jpg)
>>402856 patrician
1000% sure the reason DeSantis hasn't locked down florida is because his whole existence is to suck trumps cock, and trump wants to keep mar-a-lago open RIP FLORIDA
(43.27 KB 600x450 iCzia1Y.jpg)
>>403151 I hate to say this because I don't want any of my Bunkerchan Ameribros to be harmed, but God this will serve as such a juicy anti-capitalist example when we witness how utterly incapable the US was to handle this crisis at its fullest extent. "World leader"
>>403461 please harm us uwu the tyrannical pharaohs topple in on themselves yet again, down with USA
>>403461 That is if US even has the capacity to lead even itself once we are done with this shit. Same goes with EU, maybe even more so.
(134.47 KB 640x876 2020-03-28 20.54.32.jpg)
(374.27 KB 1080x1920 2020-03-28 20.54.54.jpg)
(242.74 KB 640x1352 2020-03-28 20.55.08.jpg)
>>403461 Honestly if it wasnt this it would be climate change, and capitalism likely could "survive"(as in hold power for the last few decades) and go full fash in the U.S. This is preferable has it doesn't destroy anything. What it's doing is snownalling into a defacto general strike, weakening the imperialist capitalist powers. Which leaves china and cuba to step up as world leaders during a crisis. It's also laying bare all the evils of capitalism. Sure it's easy for the average person to justify to themselves that someone's grandma has to die to keep Walmart open and the insurance companies in businesses. Its much more different when the capitalist class is saying all our grandmas and Pappas have to die at the alter of the market(while they also get the virus and jet off to get the best treatmen). The U.S will come out of this as a basic succdem country or 10s of millions of people will die and who know what will happen out of that.
>>399488 The humans have been taken out of this process because they were not making money fast enough, now algorithms on high speed super computers do the trades and they can jam in 1000 or more trades into the time it would take a human broker team to do 1 trade, but the downside of this is that they can easily go into a feedback loop and crash the market harder than a human stock brokers ever could. They work off the same logic but inhumanly faster and by the time a human notices that the algorithm is panic selling all of the stock it has is long gone and has probably been traded a dozen or more times by other stock trading super computers.
>>403503 This is no longer true, there is a limit to how much trade can be done electronically because of this exact feedback loop you mentioned causing the 1987 crash. Even today most trading is still done in person.
>>403461 I'd be happy to be harmed if I thought it actually would change anything for the better. It won't, though. The Chynha Memes (those crafty, shifty orientals created the virus, underreported cases, underreported deaths, did an oriental despotism to stop the virus, etc) are already planted and spreading exponentially. Burgers will always rally round the flag and even the worst case scenarios of millions of dead and a great depression won't shake that programmed response. The military, CIA and State Department in general will see to it that any international efforts to learn from this all fail.
>>403461 >>403593 This masochism only makes you look deranged to Normies.
>>403608 "Normies" are fucking deranged.
>>403531 How is that the average share is held for 22 seconds then? There is enough machine trading to skew the average time.
tbh, seeing how automated the stock market is, there might be something to cybernetic communism
>>403531 > Even today most trading is still done in person Lmao wut
They're injecting a shit ton of money into the market while the effects of the economic downturn are not yet felt or known in full. There's no way the market is reflecting the economy now. It is also very unlikely that the whole quarantine will last 3 months worldwide. There are many countries with <1k reported infections, the US will be exporting coronavirus for months, then some other random country will be the one struggling to contain it, then another, etc etc. The hegemon governments have taken the most harmful strategy for the market in great part because it involves worldwide cooperation and a serious worldwide halt of the non-essential economy, both of which the US and it's lackeys are not willing to do. Instead they have opted for partial quarantine for a much more extended period of time. Their monetary strategy to save the markets is beyond insane. They are going all out now when the shit hasn't yet hit the fan. What will they do when the market looses 50% of it's value? When people are rioting because they don't have food to eat or a place to stay. There has to be a limit of how many trillions they can try to pour in to the markets before it stops being productive and instead makes the problem worse. And that is just the US, other countries can't just print money and give it to their citizens, for a number of reasons. I sincerely don't have any idea where this will lead. The situation we're in is absurd, there is no peaceful way out for capitalism. What will unrest lead to, after neoliberal reforms exterminated (sometimes quite literally) leftist movements? Will liberals get murdered on the streets by police for rioiting? If this happens, will they stop apologizing for police state fascist capitalism or will they side with the oppressors? What about all the people that have been brainwashed all their lives? Can the programming be broken? If not, will it lead to a rash of civil wars? Can the hegemonic governments secret service handle this? Will the few communist countries around the world help out? >>403593 The US always outdoes China in whatever evil-ness they're accusing China of, concentration camps, freedom of speech, authoritarianism, etc etc. There's a sweet justice in the US accusing China of underreporting, etc but at the same time, making their hypocrisy evident. >>403531 Adding to other criticism of this post, high frequency trading also relies on making a shit ton of orders. Many don't even get executed, but the manipulation is still present.
>>403659 The stock market is not a planning system, dumbass. It is just a place (one of many) where investors try to bet on which industries are going to get an increased/decreased allocation of the social division of labor. Marx outright says it in Capital, the sizes of different companies on the market represents the social division of labor.
>>403746 >Their monetary strategy to save the markets is beyond insane. It's not insane when you understand the big bourgeoisie are eager for the crash and bailouts. They get to steal from the public and then buy out their cratered small competition.
>>403749 Forgot to say. The role of the stock market would be served by the voting system in Cockshott's scheme.
>>403749 >stock market is not a planning system But, muh prices are information! }:( Muh supply and demand curves! }:( Muh spread sheets! }:( Muh rational actors! }:(
>>403320 such a beautifully disgusting comparison...
>>403499 I have to say, this plague is actually the closest thing to justice I have seen in this age of debased capitalism. There's no magic treatment which only the porkiest porkies can afford, and they are at pretty much the same risk as everyone else. Yes, the vast majority of the victims his innocent, but capitalism fucks them over regardless of this. This is the only time I have ever seen where the rich are suffering as much as everyone else. Or suffering at all, for that matter. And there's bonus irony in the fact that Western porkies have had the hubris to underestimate precisely one of the few things which could be their nemesis, which makes them deserve it in a beautiful roundabout way. P O T T E R Y
>>403531 >Even today most trading is still done in person. press_X_to_doubt.tiff
>>403593 holy fuck, that picture carries multiple curses
>>403790 >the hubris to underestimate precisely one of the few things which could be their nemesis Not just their nemesis, but their fucking doom, neoliberal braindrain and money making scams have crafted a retarded as fuck porky society that can’t handle a plague that wouldn’t have been nearly as dangerous to society in the 50s as it is now.
>>403790 New Zealand, that renegade state of Australia srsly read the aussie constitution have they closed their borders yet? The rest of Australia has. Word is the kiwis have cemented over the rich cunts retreat bunkers
>>403659 I see a few people complaining about "cybercucks" believing in a miracle technology, but that gets it completely wrong. By disregarding cybernetics, the USSR simply opted oout of the 3rd industrial revolution. This is a far more significant decision than people think, and no doubt was a crucial enabling factor of the eventual dismantling of the country and system. This is true even before any considerations about cybernetics being more advantageous to a planned economy than to a market one. >>403799 >Word is the kiwis have cemented over the rich cunts retreat bunkers What a wonderful world such would be...
!! HAPPENING!! 5D IS THERE ! ARE YOU FEELING IT? For those who are not familiar with this 5D cosmic And telluric event let’s sum up this great awakening like this : earth is going m’as and it’s vibration is increasing madly. spiritual people or people with psychic/healing abilities are going to «rise above» or to develop more and more their powers that those who are stayin on the material and physical plain. There is a big «division» happening between those who are able to feel these new energies and those who are feeling fear, anger, sadness. The coronavirus is expanding that shift. Are you guys feeling it ? Because I can. It’s been since December I can feel the energetic rises coming and it feels like a wonderful tornado. It’s a mix between moments of spiritual lucidity and a body cleansing. The lockdown is increasing this stuff since we are a majority at home and we have time to know ourselves more. Are u experiencing it too?
(140.28 KB 1280x720 reptilians.jpg)
>>403911 Go have a nice cuppa tea and mebbe get some sleep Comrade Marianne Williamson ;)
>>403916 >>403920 Well marianne knows. Everyone has the capability to find love and become free. Every life is a tapestry of archetypes and synchronicities hinting at one’s narratives, large and small. TV shows, movies, comic books, myths are to us as we are to the higher dimensional entities (i.e. comics: us :: us: angels)
You know, what if david icke is right and we're all just a bunch of retards for believing in materialism What if all of the elites really are just reptilians from sirius major who came here to worship satan and fuck our children to gain satan energy and their opposition are a race of giant blue eyed white aliens who are aligned with jesus christ and the moon is actually a giant panopticon device dedicated to total surveillance of the planet
(165.94 KB 952x839 1565994998155.jpg)
>>400451 Why the fuck is this unlisted. I want a link
>>403916 me on the left
(3.07 MB 3750x2109 1496055459029.jpg)
>>403942 Oh my bad...found it here in the thread. Don't see the delete post so I'll post image for apology
>>403752 I'd agree with this but the plundering they'll need to do to keep their companies afloat will be without precedent. It will make 2008 look like child's play.
nigga don't schizo post here, thanks.
>>400511 yeah it's absolutely real. In my honest oldfaggy opinion that time (early 2017) was the absolute peak of /leftypol/ with nazbol, stirner and anti anglo memes.
>>404017 early 2017 was good, but late 2017 and early 2018 was peak cockmemeing and was my favorite part of leftypol. It was a golden age when cockshott futurama memes ruled but before the great purged happened so you had debates between MLs, cybercoms, leftcoms, and bookchinists
>>404021 I remember the Read Cockshott spam
>>404022 Our nigga cockshott rose triumphant
>>404021 >>404017 we can rebuild it
>>404022 it worked, didn't it?
>>400974 Quite literally impossible to bankrupt the fed.
(137.80 KB 427x600 all things anglo.png)
>>404017 >and anti anglo memes. good sassenach
>>403911 This is actually the kind of shit a friend will call me to say
>The state finance minister of Germany’s Hesse region, which includes Frankfurt, has been found dead. Authorities said he appears to have killed himself and the state's governor suggested Sunday that he was in despair over the fallout from the coronavirus crisis. https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2020-03-29/death-of-german-finance-official-linked-to-virus-crisis Well, things must be really really bad then.
>>400941 link is here >>400575
>>404262 is there a name for these memes? I fucking love them
>>404612 hibernia memes. It's a counter to /pol/'s jewish obsession.
(301.09 KB 1071x1094 irish merchants.jpg)
(561.58 KB 748x2009 irish.jpg)
>>404620 >It's just a maymays bro That's exactly what those cunning leprechauns want you to think fool
(124.56 KB 275x296 1346643727117.png)
(5.44 KB 190x265 kek not kringe.jpeg)
So, when will futures open?
(26.74 KB 350x468 24724724.jpg)
>>404957 thx, i guess
>>403608 >>403593 I'm not American and I meant it would serve as an examples for others, not Americans.
>>404957 >Thomas Schäfer suicide LMAO yiff in hell bitchass CDU nigguh.
>>404957 >didn't shoot himself in the head on live TV after saying the situation is hopeless Missed opportunity.
Anybody save a copy of that long ass post about the state of the US economy right now and where it's headed? Was posted here but it's lost now.
>>403927 >mysticism no
>>404620 >memes
>>405136 Gonna need to be more specific about which doomsaying you mean.
>>405164 Paragraphs long and included an explanation of how debt worked and I think the issues to do with rent that would be arising. Was a very good post.
(219.49 KB 1418x644 effortpost 2020 03 23.png)
>>405170 This one from last week?
>>404957 "suicide"
>>405190 A thousand thank yous from the massage parlor anon
>>405232 It's not like he was a Keynesian.
>>405232 Odds are it really was suicide; he just realized the German economy is doomed. Porkies offed themselves in 1929 too.
>>405241 Imagine overseeing Deutsche Bank collapsing.
Hey fiscal nerd comrades >>405255 The tard in the linked post needs your help
What do the futures look like?
>>405274 DOW is down 400 points
(115.75 KB 682x539 IMG_0558.JPG)
>>405270 What levels of drop are we looking at here? They were keeping it from dropping too hard with poomps, then it went up from the excitement at the stimulus. Holy fuck, it's the biggest dead cat bounce ever. >>405274 We shall bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old
>>405270 *wojak cowboy screaming meme*
(47.00 KB 602x481 3eb.jpg)
>>405277 checked
(54.29 KB 403x249 utter chaos.jpeg)
(756.59 KB 305x720 1379071161258.gif)
>>405278 The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.
>>405286 With enough dead boomers and more people becoming disillusioned with capitalism showing how shit it truly is, we can reach a critical mass
>>405292 Based Jimmy Barnes, confirmed Working Class Man and meme contributor extraordinaire
>>405285 based and contradictionpilled
>>405321 comrade blumpf
>>405321 Clip, please.
>>405327 Lmao it’s live unfortunately My mom is watching it and telling me the most insane parts He said restaurant owners will be killing themselves Hundreds of people will be on drugs He’s also ranting about CNN being shit He’s full on Helter Skelter rn, FIND THIS FUCKING STREAM
>>405332 Well do you know what channel she's watching?
>>405321 >>405332 I turned and I'm in awe at the petty squabble that was going on a couple of minutes ago.
>>405340 ABC Live
>>405340 >>405332 Do you motherfuckers not know how to google something? https://www.whitehouse.gov/live/
>>405321 Lolwut
>>405339 Trump has finally gone off the rails He no longer gives a fuck He said the media is trying to rob the president of his voice TRUMP-CELERATION
>>405332 Guardian live reporting/transcript: >“You’re going to have massive depression, meaning mental depression,” the president says. “You’re going to have depresison in the economy, also. You’re going to have large numbers of suicides. Take a look of what happens in a really horrible recession or worse. So you’re going to have tremendous suicides, but you know what you’re going to have more than anything else? Drug addiction. You will see drugs being used like nobody’s ever used them before and people are going to be dying all over the place from drug addiction. Because you would have had a wonderful job at a restaurant or even owned a restaurant ... and in one day they have nothing. They’ve gotten wiped out. One day. From our enemy, this invisible, horrible scourge.”
Donald Trump Cut Up While Talking
>>405351 This nigga merc’d the DOW in an instant
(429.20 KB 499x330 1374272071587.gif)
>>405351 It's a real one. It's an honest to god real one. Never expected I would experience one, but I will. I am. We all are. It's actually happening. Holy shit. >>405354 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdhJZNxbq3c
>>405355 SCP references in your leftist board? It's more common than you think.
So the American federal government officially called for quarantine, or is it more idle talk? Trump actually capitulated?
>>405363 It's a guideline still, not an order.
>>405360 You mean the Reagan video SCP?
>>405368 That's what the other anon was referencing, yes.
(44.68 KB 680x361 EUPYGFNUUAAwvWd.jpg)
>>405351 "CAPITALISM BTFO THE FUCK OUT" -- President Blimp, Goodyear >a wonderful job at a restaurant Here's a man who never worked a single day in his life.
Pink Wojaks aren't going to be enough for tomorrow. We're going to need red Wojaks that are bleeding out of their pores.
>>405375 boomersed image
>>405375 Are you saying that capitalism's inability to adapt to mass changes in demand isn't due to it focusing on making a profit and not ensuring that everyone has access to what they need?
>>405384 They're literally restocking, aka adapting.
(88.70 KB 245x246 1584931099367.png)
Fuck you
(97.69 KB 550x762 DRpc6GaU8AE0Qob.jpg)
>>405397 Hope you post a pic:^)
>>405397 Oh right, futures open today.
>>405387 What if they restock to the point to which they can't? You think they will just keep restocking? All economies are created due to the problem of scarcity. Even ancaps know this.
>>405351 Timestamp for "tremendous suicides".
>>405397 >>405402 blood and cum sigil
>>405321 He even signed the stimulus package into law and it's been doing jackshit. POTTERY P O T T E R Y
Why do I so derive so much joy from watching funny lines turn red and change direction?
>>405412 >>405351 Here it is: https://youtu.be/xdhJZNxbq3c?t=1h58m51s I included the question.
>>405426 I'm losing my mind watching this video, this is borderline experimental
>>405426 "Wonderful job at a restuarant"
>>405397 based.
>>405429 >You will see drugs being used like people have never used them before
>>405423 Human nature.
>>405447 You heard the man. The president wants you to boof it up.
>>405447 >The highest Drugs >The most addictive drugs >The most incredible drugs >You'll feel and see things like you've never experienced before
Trump conf. Lady says: >UPS: WE HAVE A BIG BROWN ARMY
>>405449 Why do doomers have the shittiest of takes
>>405455 Trump announces the legalization of all drugs in order to prevent a revolution.
(202.26 KB 547x402 ancap.png)
>>405455 he's coking anyway, continuously since the 1980s I bet.
>>405459 If the establishment gets desperate enough, they'll start throwing countermeasures like that, even a neocon one
did you hear? free weed for everyone, and donny's buying
(267.83 KB 472x474 shottas.png)
>>405466 dubs dont lie put me down for an oz
>>405426 >People will die. I'm a man of my word. t. Trump
>>405466 Even if it's just reggie, I'll take a gram
(127.44 KB 365x312 laughing bolshevik bankers.png)
>>405458 >he didn't import drugs from China
(953.38 KB 1280x720 chemical bliss.png)
>>405455 +20% happiness, here we go!
>>405327 >>405412 >>405429 >>405447 I ripped and snipped the clip of our potato and chief
>>405466 I'd love if he were! (probs gonna just be the black tar, in truth.)
why does nothing ever happen?
>>405478 Awesome, thank you!
(24.33 KB 448x297 kakmailbox.jpg)
>>405483 cuz u arent doing things
>>405478 I fucking love it
(33.87 KB 303x400 s-l400.jpg)
>>405459 An acceptable compromise.
>>405478 The great part is, even though I've watched this three times, I still always think when he says >you're going to have tremendous suicides, but you know what you're going to have more than anything else? He's gonna say some uplifting shit about people rallying together or the American spirit or whatever. Because that's what is supposed to come next, this is a common rhetorical trick: you set this dark scene and then you provide the ray of light. Pastors do it all the time. "There's sin and crime and temptation, but you know what else there is? Jesus." You beat the audience down, and then you pick them back up. Instead, Trump sets this dark scene, pauses a minute, and then just keeps pummeling: >Drug addiction! People are going to be dying all over the place from overdoses. It's amazing!
>>405492 We have to meet the US governments's quota for economy inspired suicides.
>>405494 Really tickles my doom, ngl. Hol' up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvt1NSBg-Ow Aww yeah, set the tone.
I just realized I have never seen a Doom Don meme before. And now it happened in real life. IT KEEPS HAPPENING!
(3.87 MB 1584737083511.webm)
>>405502 The normies are too busy losing their shit over geese to do it, so once again the onus is on us to provide fresh material
>>405506 I thought Untitled Goose Game memes were over?
>lightning outside window wdhmbt
(1.94 MB 1384x1124 mr fixit.png)
>>405502 There's this one from 2016.
>>405517 top MIGAboomer meme
>>405510 The ride never ends, anon. Post a gif of a goose on Reddit and watch the chaos unfurl.
Futures not doing that bad tbh.
>>405533 I never expected a happening to happen within my lifetime. Not like this anyway.
>>405533 They are like +200 pts in the past hour or so (up from -400)
>>405517 Well that's the opposite of Doom Don, isn't it? Hope Drumpf.
>>405397 Post pics if you do.
>>405544 >the market dropping another 30% >the market might just revert to 08 crisis levels at this point, but with a even WEAKER economy. It is honestly starting to get too ugly to watch now. I am as excited as the next leftist for the new revolution, but we still have a lot of struggle to go through and no one said it will be pretty. It is getting hard to stomach watching the whole world collapse due to its own blind love of money And the most fucked up thing about it is that we were all expecting it to happen. We could see it coming for miles, Even the fucking libtards were bitching and moaning about how trump would be the end of the world, and now we are seeing how his retardation has indeed, exacerbated the crisis to this point now. Maybe deep down, the libs knew how fragile the capitalist system was but didnt want to confront it. Well, now they have no choice. fuck
>>405577 >the libs knew how fragile the capitalist system was but didnt want to confront it Absolutely. And they still don't want to confront, seeing as the media is somehow blacking out two of the most important events in the country's history at the same time, a loss of jobs on a level unseen in history and a bonafide humanitarian catastrophe which has barely started in hospitals natiowide.
>>405452 That's a weird looking dog
(24.72 KB 200x182 yoshi marx.png)
>>405534 The tendency for the rate of profit to fall (TRPF) necessitates this imo. We were bound to see it I just didn't expect it until later this decade at the earliest. I had expected supply chain disruptions from climate crisis to be the catalyst. I'm not sure Marx was right on everything by virtue that I haven't read enough of him or others to have an informed opinion. But by observation alone the TRPF is certainly vindicated which is fucking impressive given that the idea is over a century old.
>>405599 Based and checked pilled
>>405599 digits
>>405599 TRPF doesn't require that global profit hits zero. You just have to have rate of profit get low enough to make the inherent risks of the venture not worth it, and even then only in enough businesses to grind the economy to a halt. At best those industries would be nationalized and subsidized from the profit of other industries. Second to that major conglomerates might take on certain businesses as a money-losing but necessary endeavor (less likely), but the logic of money means that for those things to keep going they have to be paid for. They either stop (disrupting society) or they drain whatever profitable business remains. At that point the collapse can only accelerate. Even if we're not over the cliff, we are upon it. The economic bubbles bursting right now are going to deflate the largely fictitious capital that makes up the global economy. We're near the point where either porky has to pivot into something like neo-feudalism or we the proletariat take control. And when I say point, I'm talking about a period that probably lasts decades if not most of this century.
>>405633 >I'm talking about a period that probably lasts decades if not most of this century. Yeah, climate collapse and its adjacent crises are going to accelerate the fucking shit out of that. We don't have decades, we have one, maybe two if we're lucky and you're optimistic.
>>405638 Climate change won't destroy the entire world. It will radically alter it, but we're not going to turn into Mars or Venus. The 10 year window thing is not the time until we face the consequences. The worst consequences will be far off, even though we're feeling effects now. The window of opportunity that keeps being mentioned is the time we have to act and change the course to avert worst case scenarios. We're very unlikely to change things in that time. We are likely to end up in a horribly desolate scenario, but not unsalvageable. And there will most likely be significant remnants of the old ruling class trying to assert dominance from their private bunkers.
>>405638 So, on a scale to manageable to POSADA LEVELS OF EXTINCTION what is a realistic take on global warming? I know that colder climates will get warmer, hotter climates will get HOTter, humans running to whatever less extreme temperature places are left. With more warmth means more bugs and the coasts start drowning. But what is a significant element that is being excluded?
>>405650 Nevermind I got half of my answer >>405647 here
>>405650 Mad Max, but instead of apocalypse-punk warlords the big fish will be billionaires living in their bunkers. The upside is you will have the chance to play Dungeons and Dragons IRL breaking into their bunkers, kiling their security bots, and taking their magical* loot. *sufficiently advanced technology
>>400451 anyone got a link?
>>405647 Climate science at every step of the way has underestimated the effects of feedback loops and been behind by decades, all of the mainstream climate change predictions are optimistic to the point of fucking willful propaganda. Climate change will continue to progress exponentially faster than expected, things are going to get really fucking bad really fucking quick.
>>405657 >The upside is you will have the chance to play Dungeons and Dragons IRL breaking into their bunkers, kiling their security bots, and taking their magical* loot. This doesn't sound half bad tho
>>405673 The comparison I was trying to think of was Mad Max + Conan The Barbarian. Basically sword and sorcery in a post-technocratic apocalypse. The porkies who weather the storm will be the ones with hydroponic sustainable biospheres or whatnot, which will feel like a magical realm compared to most of the world. And they'll be surrounded by "golems" and holograms and shit like that because of course they will be.
I'll be honest. If most of diet science can be completely bought out by the fucking sugar and grain industries, there's no way most of the climate science up till now has not been entirely subverted by the fossil fuel industries. This is one reason why every climate change milestone has been fucking decades ahead of schedule.
(98.25 KB 1462x784 falling rate of profits.png)
>>405599 (checked) >>405633 (checked)
>>405688 That's not even speculation. It's public record now that they've been keeping studies hidden since the 70s.
Australia (via Guardian). Superannuation is like a 401k or an IRA or whatever, a pension fund backed by investments. They're mandatory over here, every worker has one, employers have to contribute about 10% of your pay plus you contribute 5-10% of your pay. There's a load of them, including run by big banks, but the best ones are run by the unions for each industry. Union controlled super-funds own more assets (including shares, but also like roads and property) than the entire value of the Australian stock market. But: >The government has changed the rules to allow people suffering financial distress because of Covid-19 to access $10,000 from their superannuation now, and then again, if needed, in the next financial year. If you're doing this, it means you're already poor enough to need it. Now you'll not just be 10-20k poorer, but you'll be compound interest amounts poorer, when you retire. And in order to realise that money, the super funds will need to sell assets, largely including ASX shares. So now big institutional investors are selling shares on the market, when the market is already down. And they're selling, which means prices go down more. It's beautiful. And all this to push the cost onto the workers directly rather than the government paying and taxing higher afterwards.
>>405709 Wow, that is fucked.
(291.48 KB 1080x902 2020-03-29.png)
>>405731 What the fuck is happening with the futures?
>>405679 Shadowrun, I think, is what you're looking for. Fun game, but the system is complicate as fuck.
>>405740 Maybe Trump meant the horde of pissed-off unemployed will commit tremendous suicide?
>>405738 oh the ccp is collapsing. guess i didnt get the memo
>>405738 >China collapsing lmao
>>405738 >Korean Death cults Excuse me
>>405752 There was a christian cult in South Korea that went to spread the virus to bring about the end of days, or some bullshit.
(113.01 KB 1334x570 sk1.jpg)
(461.59 KB 1774x1034 sk2.png)
(202.14 KB 966x810 sk3.jpeg)
>>405755 >bullshit Ima be real with you, something is going on in South Korea, but I don't really wanna know.
>>405673 I had the same thought. In fact, sign me the fuck up for that future.
>>402407 >every other country and has never suffered from inflation Because they have a less consumerist idiosyncrasy, so they don't buy if they have more money, first, and then they sought stuff started to lower their price (less consumption lead to cheapening), so they had deflation. When combined with a high inorganic money printing, lowering monetary speed and deflation, all together becomes stagnation.
>>405746 >>405749 Amerimutts are peak delusional I tell you.
>>400707 marital law
>>405752 >>405755 That's the one correct part of that post. Look Shincheonji up. >>405759 Absolutely bonkers. The country is like a high-functioning guy with a deep personality disorder. >>405768 bruh look at the flag
Then again, the world actually is dominated by yet another Christian death cult wanting to bring about the Armageddon. Have you forgotten dispensationalism? Because it has been part of American policy since at least Reagan.
>>405775 >>405759 Weird how these extremist cults keep cropping up in hyper-capitalist countries, really makes you think...
(622.59 KB 1489x1523 sk4.jpg)
(471.83 KB 1033x1850 sk5.jpg)
>>405780 muh freedom of conscience reeeee
>>405780 Time for me to shill me theory of reactionary pathology yet again. Notice these cults are often specifically death cults. That's a shoo-in for reactionaries' obsession with killing and dying. The bastards fantasize about the world ending as everyone kills each other in a final orgiastic Götterdämmerung, and absolutely never in history have they been so close to realizing it.
>>405775 >spaghettio Yeah. My bad. What an ungrateful faggot.
>go on marketwatch >look at futures >they poomped it >they fucking poomped it WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING
>>405815 DOW has gone +500 points in the past few hours, futures are green across the major indices now
>>405823 >>405815 I was actually positioning myself to short the market but I think I might back out for now, I can't tell what's happening
>>405803 >>spaghettio BRUH
(128.16 KB 1667x959 EUHy9FMWAAMuMPt.png)
Look at this graph For whatever reason, this crash has produced similar patterns to the 1929 crash so far. As you can see, it took 7 days for the 1929 dead cat bounce to evaporate, with a pause in the middle. IMO that kind of pause is why futures are sideways right now.
>>405828 I've seen similar on trading view comparing the 3m chart of ~1929 and the 1m chart currently, which would mean accelerated collapse if they are any indication of a pattern to emerge
Krystal Ball eloquently said what I've been trying to say these past two weeks. Whatever the US is doing is the worst of all worlds. https://youtu.be/4ejpmRWlUco
>>405833 I think once we get out of the initial pattern of crash and bounce, the similarities will end. The virus crisis combined with a depression is too different from any other previous shit in history, I simply do not see how it can recover to a lower growth trend as quickly as 1929 did. Maybe if porkies really do just give up and sacrifice millions of lives to put people back to work, but the political and superstructural coordination necessary to make that happen just isn't there IMO. And the mass deaths will fuck up the economy anyway, just delayed a bit.
>>405838 >I think once we get out of the initial pattern of crash and bounce, the similarities will end I agree with this
>>405836 But Trump just prolongued the quarantine. Just loose guidelines, but still. I suppose it's possible he does this for the sake of plausible deniability, but works towards getting proles out of their houses.
>>405852 >>405836 The real "worst of both worlds" is that the USA is politically and socially incapable of properly quarantining. Everything is half-measures. Therefore with this quarantine we get all the same deaths we would without it, just *slightly* more drawn out, and with added damage to the economy. The thing is that the bourgeoisie wants this. If they didn't, their government wouldn't do this. They WANT to kill off the elderly and take their pensions, they WANT to move education into privatized online platforms, they WANT to get the depression over with so they can have their reserve army of labor and depreciated constant capital back, they WANT to use this as an excuse for all kinds of police state shit just like 9/11. BOTH the depression AND the virus are working on porky's side here, that's why they are doing this fucking awful half-quarantine instead of mass testing, mass production of masks, ventilators, etc, early intervention, doctor location reassignment, etc.
futures up lmao. crisis averted. capitalism lives!
>>405857 The economic crisis isn't even primarily caused by the virus. Had there not been a market crash because of oil shenanigans, it is likely the feds would have kept pretending there is no coronavirus until bodies started dropping in droves, and because the ideology is so strong you'd still have Trumpniggers saying it's a hoax (as they are doing right now). This really is the end of the economic shell game. They passed the biggest corporate giveaway ever just to keep the charade going a little longer, but the truth will set in over the next year. People are going to see their standard of living plummet drastically, and productivity isn't going to go up. This stupid so-called country has been sucked dry, and they're going to leave with nothing but broken slums, favelas, and gated communites of bourg scum. Even pretending there will be a normal after this is way too optimistic, and I think they know the game is up. That's why it has been mask off for the past several years, and probably why they allowed Trump to be elevated.
I don't understand how anybody can say that capitalism has decades left. This entire fucking system is already imploding on itself. This isn't the 1920s either, there's nothing left to colonize, the only exploitable resources on this planet are finite and have already been mostly tapped out. Every time somebody says that capitalism will recover, or that it still has decades left, I just want to ask... Based on what? What exactly can the capitalist system do to remain functional besides cannibalize itself? Not even war is really profitable anymore, and nuclear warfare is almost certain M.A.D
(144.52 KB 1215x411 ETxoD3SU8AIf41t.jpg)
This technical analysis (tea leaves) account on Twitter thinks that we are eventually headed back to the year 2000 levels. Technical analysis is funny because while it is such a pseudoscience, there are still oddly some obvious emergent and recurring patterns in the chaos of the stock market.
>>405867 "Cannibalize itself" is exactly what we've been prepared for. The ideology was crawling all over the schooling system when I was in, and it's much worse now from what kids and parents tell me. It's taken as an article of faith that there will be a culling of the population, and there are a lot of sick fucks who are giddy at the thought of deciding who lives and who dies.
>>405865 >The economic crisis isn't even primarily caused by the virus. I agree a recession would happen this year without coronavirus, but coronavirus and the quarantines are without a doubt seriously intensifying the crash. There is simply no way that you can have massive shutdowns of entire cities and businesses without hitting real production and the real economy. Unemployment is going to go to 30% or more, worse than the Great Depression! That would not be happening without the quarantines. >This stupid so-called country has been sucked dry, and they're going to leave with nothing but broken slums, favelas, and gated communites of bourg scum. But that's how the ROP recovers. Reserve army of labor and lowered price of labor power. And it's the norm all over the globe, look at India or Brasil.
>>405857 >>405865 If it were up to them, they wouldn't half measure this shit. They are forced to do it, and hence is why they are facing the worst possible outcome. A slowing down of the economy for a long time. It was complete incompetence, that led them to be forced to make this decision. I don't think the bourgeoisie wants this. They have been reading the room, Bernie Sanders, a growing working movement, fascist shootings, opioid epidemic. Massive unemployment, a crisis, and a looming risk of death every day means political instability for porky. Porky wants to back anti-gay and pro-gay rights, they don't want to deal with strikes and shit. And this gives China a huge boost in terms of advantage, since the USA will be dealing with strikes, with political unrest, with violence, with individuals, cities, and states choosing to quarantine against the wishes of the federal government. As much as porky is nationless, they do not want to be under China's thumb. That's why they do not want this, they couldn't plan for it. And porky many times don't agree with how stuff should be handled, so it gets handled in the worst way possible, this being an example.
>>405869 I like the look of that last C. Give me the C. >>405867 >I don't understand how anybody can say that capitalism has decades left. This entire fucking system is already imploding on itself. Well that's a bit of an exaggeration. Tho I do think it's just past its peak, tho I base this conclusion not on material factors, but cultural factors. The base still seems to work, another crash aside, which was brought upon largely by speculation.. Culturally, however, I see worrying trends. Infocalypse, widespread political passivity and, among others still, this generalized, well, insanity. Does anyone else feel the world has been skewing off-center these last few years? Like things are increasingly weird in some way which I can't define. Trump's election was no doubt the crowning moment, and perfect division mark for the beginning of the decay of both America and capitalism, but the weirdness goes beyond that. We seem to have incresingly bizarre behavior as shown on the news, like reality is becoming weirder than fiction.
>>405872 Pls anon, where did you go to school that cannibalism ideology was on the curriculum?
>>405873 >But that's how the ROP recovers. Reserve army of labor and lowered price of labor power. And it's the norm all over the globe, look at India or Brasil. Hmmm, perhaps, but the brazilian and indian bourgeoisie also rely on having first worlders who are actually able to afford the commodities being produced.
One thing for sure about this whole thing as communists we have to realize is that, we need to able to take advantage of this opportunity once and for all. As well as organize the proletariat to eventually liberate them as a whole.
>>405872 >and there are a lot of sick fucks who are giddy at the thought of deciding who lives and who dies. Most people who advocate for or argue in favor for a culling are always sick in the head, lacking in any general sense of empathy and commonly enough in it for the power fantasy. An example being how >"Thanos was right." Where they believe they will survive, or if advocating for a random 50/100% of the population dies, they never come to grasp, almost as if a foreign impossibility that they to are at risk of "The Greater Good." It's fucking whack.
>>405881 Agree with you completely, however one question. What do we do with the dead bodies if the infected die? I am one of those people that do say, we should burn the bodily of the infected to stop the virus from spreading. Only allowing dead to be buried is not enough now.
>>405877 Too much to list, but I definitely noticed a change in the mid-late 1990s, and that's really when these cockamamie plans to realign the education system to full neoliberalism got really strong (really intensifying when Pell grants were drastically cut, which used to be substantial enough to pay for community colleges... I was in the last school year before they were cut by 2/3 and eligibility was constrained even further). But yeah, schools aside, I think most people my age and younger have fully internalized the neoliberal logic. Something like this was going to happen, and the culture has been primed for an event like this and for every crisis to lead to drastic gains for the owners of the country.
>>405884 Burn the dead is obvious, the question is how to properly supply hospitals, doctors, nurses, etc. with the nesecary supplies to combat this epidemic. Seeing as how hospitals are, for all intents and purposes, private entities that focus on profit. Followed with lacking infrastructure to support a shock response to the epidemic in a timely matter and the Kulaks that make it harder to supply the professionals.
>>405884 Let them bury the dead so as not to hide their massacre. >>405887 I can agree with the neoliberal logic bit. Lives are just a number now. At least where I'm from, there is a level of accepted deaths for crime, pollution, etc. Nobody gives a fuck. A life is only sacred when it becomes a media story.
>>405880 We gotta learn how to talk to girls first tho. Or prosilytize only to men I guess.
>>405884 Cold storage then cremation.
>>405874 tbf I do think Trump is right in one thing; the political opposition is perfectly willing to take advantage of the crisis to make political gains. Trump is a dumbass who plays right into them of course, but there are certainly governors who want their Shining Crisis Moment of Leadership (tm), and wingnuts on the Trump side who want librul tears and a power grab if they can make it happen. This country was already closer to civil strife than anyone would like to admit.
(140.91 KB 316x316 SPUSA_logo.png)
>>405893 Or join a Party
(1.19 MB 1600x1200 1456014872200.jpg)
>>405897 And just like last time, it'll be a disagreement between bourgeois factions.
>Communism no food <Capitalist Italy now starving https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6145456569001 >Southern Italy facing hunger crisis Porky ideologues BTFO
(54.55 KB 512x512 37.png)
(68.42 KB 1000x559 AHZw1xS.png)
>>405815 Shut up, /biz/oid raider! Your LARP is obvious.
>>405928 >Communism no food <Italy now starving Therefore, Italy is communist. Checkmate commie freeloader.
>>405893 >how to talk to girls Exactly the same way you would radicalise guys
>>405934 We are reaching levels of cope that shouldn't even be possible!
>>405928 the food riots have begun
what will the dow bring today?
(1.74 MB 900x892 EQ6VZrYXkAEv-4v.png orig.png)
>>405903 >Gangs have turned to violence and are using social media to organise supermarket raids, while police have been called to a number of situations where citizens have attempted to steal food claiming their families are starving. If only they had pinned more money on the saint...
>>405964 another dead cat bounce
>>405968 the futures are red
DOW futures back down to almost -200 now
>>405979 *-100 sorry
>>405981 Looks like its just sideways action mow, going 2 sleep gn /crisis/
>>405999 But today will be nothing but crabs, Australian Satan.
>>405759 >>405786 Rollercoaster world
>>405759 >>406023 >tfw i know people who have a turboboner for worst korea because of Kpop and they want to move and live there because kpop Fuck the sanctions, Kim needs to nuke south korea now
>>405759 >>405786 Is this shit real? The whole "muh sjw destroying everything" seems quite stupid, but considering the fact the cultist shit is real, one can only wonder. Sounds like a fucking nigthmare. Kim Jong, if you're lurking these thread to watch funny red line god down, please liberate the South.
>>406039 Honestly, if it wasn't for what few class consciences South Koreans that existed, I can't imagine anything other than a scorched earth policy simply because it would be a mercy. If anyone on this fucked earth were in true desperate need for Marxism, the South Koreans are one of few that come to mind
>>406069 It's a collection of /pol/ schizo posts, what do you think?
(154.81 KB 1079x965 qulw9m4ed2821.jpg)
>>406022 I swear to fuck, if it's another MUDDAH FUGGING crabday
>>406077 It's gonna be another green day.
>>406080 That's where you're wrong fatso
>>406081 yeah like i was wrong the whole of last green week
>>406039 >kpop A literal process to groom little kids into sex slavery. This motherfucker is just the tip of a very fuck up iceberg. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/south-korean-man-behind-telegram-sex-crime-ring-paraded-in-public-in-rare-move-amid
>>406080 it could be a lot of things, but I'm not feeling a green day today, porkins
>>406087 >green week Poomps and government handouts don't count.
>>406091 I guess getting even more of your labor in form of direct government injections (that should go for schools, housing etc.) doesn't make me even more powerful.
>>405928 I'm from Sicily and stuff is happening here, supermarket raids are happening these days while people get arrested for contesting the local goverment and literally my parents are more class conscious than ever and the word "revolution" is said every now and then, I don't think IT'S HAPPENING, but something is, the goverment now wants to mitigate giving people some food packages but there are shortages and people literally fight for them.
Honestly If Capital somehow survives this utter fuck I’ll accept that Capital really is some sort of malevolent force that feeds on human blood and that so long as you can kill enough people it will always survive
>>406096 Only cause you make it out like a bandit after taking what belongs to those who earned it. Besides, I'm willing to bet that the stocks open with a -1000 drop
>>406110 Capital will survive if not activelly killed. Getting destroyed in wars or natural disasters only makes it "reset" and provides room for another cycle to begin. We have to destroy capitalism and break free of control of the law of value.
>>406113 >I'm willing to bet that the stocks open with a -1000 drop You're daydreaming.
>>406113 Big words for a small worm who depends on my handouts to survive.
>>406117 Bet it, you wont cause you're afraid, nothing you can do to stop it only delay
>>406110 Isn't that what Nick land says lmao
>>406119 I don't take your handouts, I can survive without you. Can you survive without your capital?
>>406125 Even when worms manage to control power for a few years they put me in charge of "society owned" companies. Because you are useless when trying to run any company or anything else really.
>>406116 ...So...how is Capital not a malevolent force that feeds on death to exist?
>>406127 It's no more or less malevolent than a really strong solar flare or a giant asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs.
>>406128 People submitting to the conditions needed to even have capital are the malevolent ones. We can simply decide to organize society in a different way, only we don't even try - at least we cannot decide to stop playing "the solar flare game" in order to stop solar flares from happening.
>>406128 Both are natural phenomena Capital didn't just arise from the aether It came into existence specifically through the domination of some humans over another, it implicitly can only continue to exist due to this domination There's a reason Marx likened it to a vampire
>>406133 Oh, and Stalinist or Maoist party elites didn't dominate over other humans. They soon found out that the only way to do anything is to put plebeian worms to work. Otherwise they just fuck aroudn throwing feces at each other similar to monkeys.
>>406133 Yes. People are the problem here, not "capital" as an abstract thing.
>>406141 Wrong Capital was brought into existence by humans as was the market However both proceeded to run on their own internal logic that supersedes individual human action. Think of it somewhat like the societal equivalent of a General AI.
>>406139 Eat my jizz p0rky
>>405647 that time frame is for mitigation at this point. if you keep kicking the can down the road, eventually you run out of road.
>>406143 HAHA Your powerless rambling excites me.
>>406148 Or maybe you become the can? >>406152 How do you know it’s not a sexual thing you fucking fat pig bastard?
Funny line to lose another 30% of its value its interesting times indeed. Wonder if porkies will be on suicide watch.
When does the DOW open?
>>406212 30 minutes
(197.00 KB 500x731 57985679685.png)
Product shortages up Corona cases up Dow Futures up
Two big possibilities, listed in order of likelihood: >The market will have a shit week and keep going down, closing the bull-trap around Porky's leg. >The market will actually keep going up and giving the appearance of a bull market, but the actual economy will continue to shit the bed, and as time goes on it will become apparent that the indices are completely detached from reality, making this particular kind of collapse-porn pointless.
>>406225 If Trump's committed to a quarantine extension, does that mean he has a long-term plan in play?
(17.30 KB 236x236 695845684.jpg)
>>406230 10 minutes to see my profits
>>406233 But you’re not an actual porky?
>>406229 you ask me personally? okay, conspiracy time: he wants to profit however he possibly can from the crisis (or just cut his losses wherever possible), sabotage his own electoral campaign, and move somewhere remote to retire in secrecy. that assumes he or his advisors are actually intelligent enough to read the writing on the wall, but I can't guarantee they are. it's what I'd do in his place.
>>406237 Tbf Trump straight up unsubtly forecasted the collapse of American society in the coming year on national television last night Maybe he knows?
(2.08 MB 64858.mp4)
Lmao leftards BTFO
>>406250 Time to abandon communism Turns out if you promise to murder proles the market goes up Even if the actual physical economy is painfully dying like a 16 year old mutt And the faggot proles will just let themselves die Time to play vidya
>>406250 Wow porky not even 1% we are so btfoed hiw ever will we recover from this. Time to dump call the winklevoss twins.
>>406256 don't be stupid mane, get your head out of your ass. yes, no shit, they can make funny line go up if they promise more blood sacrifice to Porky. that should make you angrier. it sure as hell makes other proles angrier. >And the faggot proles will just let themselves die that is what Porky wants you to believe


no cookies?