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(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
THE BEAST IS WEAKENING, IT CAN BE KILLED https://youtu.be/ct2sycOX_34 https://youtu.be/fv3OCXuRzy0
Asian markets are red. Futures red. Oil futures nearly -5%. Waiting on Europe markets.
>>612557 Watch it jump back like it did the last time, little twat.
>>612587 You're a real funny guy porky, you really know how to rip the piss
Holy Shit
>>612605 Can we get a >5%?
>>612611 It's getting there
So I guess that is this the end of the dead cat bounce? The DOWs probably going to go lower than 18k this time around.
What happened? why is it finally plummeting again? Nothing has even happened to trigger it(that I can think of)
>>612616 Didnt the daily repos stop a week or two ago?
going to sleep. better wake up to a nice red day
>>612616 >increasing amounts of coronavirus cases >protests in the US finally affecting the stock market >the whole reopening plan being soured >dollar is apparently getting fucked again There's probably a lot more that I've forgotten.
>>612624 Gn comrade, hopefully you will wake up to a RED day
holy fuck this is gonna be some good shit
>>612627 I'm feeling it now!
>>612628 Starting the cope early with copypasting faggotry everywhere?
(279.22 KB 898x790 soy306.png)
>>612628 What? Wait, don't tell me that you came into a thread about the collapse of global economy with some rightoid talking points and expectations of being taken seriously.
>>612641 Is...is that just some random twitter profile? What?
>>612640 He’s been copypasting this everywhere
(44.56 KB 321x407 nuclear-fuck-you.png)
>>612565 >capital owns the capitalists What is this retarded drivel ?
Y'all really gonna reply to this copypasta, seriously don't feed the chat bot
(4.81 KB 218x198 cring2.png)
>>612663 >esoteric communism my keyboard is typing this message through me
Did the DOW reach that elusive 5%, what else is going on?
>>612657 Saying capital owns capitalists is bad phrasing. It's more accurate to say that capitalists are slaves to the motions of capital.
>>612824 Capitalists are avatars of capital.
>>612252 >/leftybiz/ As a /biz/let I would totally be in favour of this tbh
(44.56 KB 321x407 nuclear-fuck-you.png)
>>612824 >Saying capital owns capitalists is bad phrasing. It's the exact opposite. what is up with this obscurantism ? >capitalists are slaves Seriously ?
>>612343 There isn't a single company that would meet your criteria
>>612894 When does that bitch DJIA opens?
>>612898 2 and a half hours
>>612873 I don't mean in the sense that they are exploited, really the opposite. They have no choice to exploit others because if they do not go with the flow of capital then they will not remain successful capitalists for long. This is basic marxism. It's why the liberal notion of individually good capitalists is a fantasy, because capitalists must follow the motions of capital, and the motions of capital demand exploitation even if you are a "good" person otherwise.
>>612873 >Using big words to hide your failure to understand basic marxism
Market open in 20 mins lads
>>613035 >Holy shit I’m gonna fuckin cum
>>613038 >still no -5% This should still prove to be a fun opening
>>612898 9 minutes
>>613089 fuck i gotta sleep fine ill jerk off again first then check in then sleep god damn it
>>613083 >>613089 Wake me up when it remotely approaches "first onset of chink virus" low.
Its bouncing a bit, 25k support still holding hopefully it breaks
Lol this shit is NOTHING!!!!!!!! Nothingburger go home boys
>>613116 Porker cope. Your longs will be liquidated
>wake up >-603
>>613125 >>613132 Made millions during the last plunge, if it goes down again, millions will be made again.
W shaped recovery losers ahahahhahahahhaa
forget monetary economics, this is cock and balls economics
its interesting that the dax went down on friday even tho the dow jones went up i think the germsn economy and with it the european one is in an even worse condition than the US
IT's to early to say anything with certainty.
>>613169 Germans don't poomp as much, bruh. Hell, they rarely do.
>>613174 This. You just cant poomp euro that easily. Its a international currency with very tight rules
>>613174 >>613196 Is Porky Kraut afraid?
Thism ay be the begining of crabbing down but im not seeing it turn into a plummet
>>612381 Ok now I understand, considering that most dollars exist only in digital form it's even easier for the feds to control inflation by simply hitting the delete key on a computer, they don't have to burn the physical bills like they used to do. I know some investors are betting against the dollar now, the real question what will get OPEC to drop the dollar in favor of some other currency. What has to happen for the petrodollar system to break down?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mh4OwcLJOM >Economic Update: Dark Times, Hard Truths Professor Wolfe
(31.12 KB 512x512 1591985155384.jpg)
(135.38 KB 705x686 1591984835226.jpg)
(244.69 KB 1422x1127 1591986874878.jpg)
Come on, fall more.
>>613288 today seems to be a bit of a flop tomorrow boys
>>613359 The fear and greed chart is perfectly split 50/50
>>613372 How do we scare the porks
>>613377 bomb a federal building comrade
Porky wins today, bros...
>>613448 We ALWAYS win.
did you buy today's dip?
I need to find Jerome Powell's crack dealer man, he is clearly on some top quality shit. Jerome Powell’s Tone Is Grim But He Forecasts The Economy Recovers In 20 Months -Forbes
>>613504 >Hey, Jerome Powell here, I sell bullshit and bullshit accessories
>>613504 Under 2 years? Wew.
>>613504 >dropped didn't they come out the next day and correct the data to say it rose to 16%?
>>613523 they really think they're gonna speed run this crisis
>>613504 Optimistic, but I guess this means President Biden (most likely Copmala Harris within months) as Trump was only really running on the economy/stock market being good. We're all doomed because the faggy virus couldn't wait a year
>>613592 I wouldn't be surprised if this blows back on biden too.
>>613582 It wasn't the next day, it was right there next to the official figure itself. A note saying, basically, "unemployment didn't drop 1.4pp and in fact it rose by 1.6pp, and this incorrect number displayed here is due to an error which we are tracking down". Seriously. Even number-fudging has reached a pathetically new low level is this decadent age. http://archive.is/m6Xpw
>>613592 >>613626 Yeah, 2020 has been a really wild ride. A lot of twists and turns can still happen. The odds of Biden himself being dead or a vegetable before November are disturbingly high. There's also the mystery which so far I haven't been able to answer. Had not reality unravelled in March, Democrats could have won with any almost any candidate just by running a "we're not Trump"... and Biden is one of the few people who doesn't qualify. Even more bafflingly, the DNC picked him befor March. Trying to divine their reason, I have been told he had been the only candidate which consistently beat Bernie in the primaries, but a) I was never given evidence of this and b) it's now more than clear that the primaries were to be, and indeed were, won by whomever the DNC wanted. So the only reason I can fathom for such an awful choice of candidate must have an upside which justifies this, and the only such thing I can see is that his decaying health provides the perfect opportunity (whether he agrees to this plan or not) to put anyone, save for basic caveats like being a natural-born citizen, not having served 2 terms as president etc., as POTUS. This is indeed a once-in-a-forever chance. But assuming the DNC would actually take this shot, it begs to question of just who on God's green Earth would both have worse electoral odds than Biden and be worth all this effort on the DNC's part to be Hail-Mary-ed into the Oval Office.
>>613667 It's only a mystery if you believe that Trump beats Biden.
>>613667 The DNC loves Trump. Covers up all their shit by stinking worse. Simple as.
>>613667 It’s because Obama still puppets the DNC, I guess
(715.39 KB 1211x884 asdfa.PNG)
is this the poomp of the day?
>>613728 >this financial mumbo-jumbo The government will do literally anything to keep the economy going without considering nationalization. It's kind of pathetic watching them speak about the economy in terms of inflation, deflation, debt rent etc.
>>613667 Yeah I really don't know, we'll have to see with the VP pick. I dunno if it's gonna be Kamala, since I think she would've had better odds than Biden at beating trump. If the theory is right that they wanna do a switcharoo then it has to be someone with no chance at winning but that the democrats think can be a game changer for them. Right now I don't think anyone really fits that. >>613728 weaksauce from the fed honestly
Why is kill-brown-people inc. getting such a boost?
>>613250 >what will get OPEC to drop the dollar in favor of some other currency If this were ever to happen OPEC countries would be sanctioned and would soon be "re-democratized" by the US. But it will never happen because governments in OPEC depend on the US for their survival.
>>613756 Because Kill.Exe is always the automatic program when line go catastrophically down
>>613703 I kind of doubt that. They decidedly have come to overrely on him and completely neglected raising other potential leadership profiles, but Obama doesn't seem to have seized the chance to rise to the top. At least not publicly. He has pretty much vanished after he stepped down. If he's pulling strings, he's doing it form the shadows. Me, I think no one is quite is pulling strings. This neglect regarding new personalities is crippling them, and losing to a literal retard seems to have sent them into tailspin, they completely lack focus. Losing this year's election just might kill the party, even if only to be reborn in a different name. >>613728 Maybe it's their new way to poomp? I suppose it might allow for the stonks prices to remain disguised without actually growing like they were with the repo madness. A more sensible way to hide the economic collapse, I guess. >>613250 >the real question what will get OPEC to drop the dollar in favor of some other currency. What has to happen for the petrodollar system to break down? Extremely unlikely. OPEC and America's symbiosis is essential for the latter's dominance and virtually essential for the continued survival of the loathsome Gulf monarchies -- the petrodollar agreements includes their military protection -- and I can't even imagine what it would take for either side to break the deal. Like >>613767 said, it would be a doomsday scenario.
All gains erased, Dow is balancing on +0%
>>613504 >Peddling 13,3% fact debunked weeks ago My God, real Porky brainwashing hours
DDoS Attacks ravage American servers, taking down Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Fortnite, and all major cellular networks in the United States. Origin unknown.
>>614146 oh what fun this is going to be
>>614146 Source bitch
(39.54 KB 410x598 BASED DEPARTMENT.jpg)
>>614146 Source or it didn't happen.
>>614146 I just checked twitch, it works fine.
(71.22 KB 719x837 Ealbxs2X0AEt0FT.jpeg)
(100.98 KB 856x1010 EalaaouWAAE6th4.jpeg)
(66.84 KB 1280x720 EalPNRNU0AAPPX_.jpeg)
>>614152 Downdetector results attached as images. Also refer to DDoS attack map.
frens should we watch CXW? It's up today, but projected is going down down down
>>614146 June Timeline: >Second wave of coronavirus hits USA >China escalates tensions by DDoS attacks on the U.S hospital network CHAOS
>>614255 all depends on how the republicans react to calls to de-fund the police and prison industrial complex (PPIC). If they decide to sneakily privatize an even greater percentage of the PPIC then you should probably buy CXW stock. Tbh it's probably gonna dip in the next few days and at that point you should buy, at this point privatization has become so ingrained in the USA economy that it would take a collapse of the USA to actually change the fucked up system(not even democrats will do anything, the stock will dip if Biden becomes a clear front runner but fundamentally nothing will change for their business model), so CXW (and most other USA stocks) will continue going up because nothing threatens it apart from total collapse and if there is a total collapse you'll have more to worry about than your stocks.
>>614356 That's what I'm thinking, especially right now. It's a shame even prisons are privatized now. Look at the big names working with these guys.
(75.39 KB 1265x584 SPY.JPG)
We have BOUNCED off the trendline. Due for another rally. ES_1 is green as of now as well...
>>613734 Clarify "going".
(11.24 KB 340x181 futures61620.PNG)
>>613728 seems like it worked but for how long?
>>613728 Based
>>613756 Possibility of the war in Korean Peninsula perhaps.
>>614797 And here I thought the American war engine was about to start something in China/the Middle East
(63.32 KB 1094x872 CorporateBondDefaultsQ2.jpg)
(1.14 MB 900x661 based.png)
>>614146 probably alt-right with VPNs
>>614421 Yeah it's crazy good business though, if I had some money on the side to buy the dip I would.
>>614792 who knows, the economy is unironically in the hands of those who write headlines.
>>614803 Also high possibility of war on the Sino-Indian border.
>>615598 Nice. 50K is the next stop. Let's go!
>>615343 Those pussies can't do shit
DOW open +800
>The funny line eternally up because US Gov finally sacrificing the entire country to create infinite fictitious capital Jay Pow to the guillotine!
>>615666 Is the fed really gonna be able to just buy everything until the election?
>>615666 It's not fictitious if I can buy you with it, prole.
>>615692 Get pumped to defeat coronavirus?
>>615697 Probably a corticosteriod
(36.19 KB 643x133 1.png)
Its over
(10.71 KB 181x103 05-43.png)
Whats up with these massive morning pumps and then just flat lining by noon? The market isn't making much gains.
>>615775 >people hoarding things out of anxiety is a good thing
Fell down a bit from open
lmao still not enough to make up for the red days, pitiful 1% up
Funny line go up? Or down!
(41.87 KB 456x596 1.png)
(38.53 KB 559x263 2.png)
>>615816 Looks like they aren't bothering disguising they're faking it anymore.
>>615992 No shit Jerome
(30.33 KB 885x266 oeoj.png)
tomorrow could be something.
>>617240 Please let it be something good, I'll even take a baby plunge.
>>617240 Just like today, eh?
>>615676 >just buy everything until the election? Until? We're gonna do it forever kiddo.
>>615692 >>615697 >low cost steroid >low cost Not if I have anything to say about that
>>617511 Fuck you porky, where are you hiding the REAL dick pills?
>>617628 New Zealand bunker.
>>617982 Ah, so all aspects of the economy is running on bullshit and the bourgeoisie is delusional Ain’t postmodern society grand?
>>617982 <It works even if you don't believe in it *sniff*
>>617982 Its behind a paywall, use archive http://archive.is/BFOzN
COVID-19 and Brazilian capitalism Michael Roberts talks to Professor Adalmir Marquetti in Brazil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY-oC8W8Wi4
>>617982 This is incredible. All those cautionary tales about commie countries disguising their numbers because "there is no such waste in the people's republic" are coming true, and they see nothing wrong with it to the point of stating it publicly.
(8.71 KB 341x175 printerbroke..PNG)
didnt even notice it ended weakly red today
(19.98 KB 342x166 futurerinos.png)
>>618891 not great, not terrible. Probably a baby dump tomorrow, 1-3%, although a plunge is possible
>>618840 Behold, the power of the "most rational", "most efficient" economic system in history.
>>613667 Truly we've gone nowhere since the 16th century. Biden was supposed to 'choose' a black, poc, transgender, woman,etc candidate to become the new neoliberal christ, the ultimate successor to the thone which Obama left him. Would not have been surprised had the world not imploded in March that his VP would be hillary or a similar character. But really nobody was expecting the virus and the dems need an actual leader,a candidate to actually effect change and perhaps mend the deep scars america has; not a posturing weak weak willed reptilian semilord who exists only in opposition to the necessary 'oposite' to fuel the spectacle.
>>617982 AHAHAHAHAHAH By doing that they are actually increasing chaos in the ranks of the investor class, literally eating themselves
>>620170 >the situation under heaven is in complete chaos, the situation is perfect
>The U.S. has the worst record among major developed countries when it comes to workers’ rights, according to a survey of labor unions. >The world’s largest economy is ranked a 4 in a scale by the International Trade Union Congress, meaning there are “systematic violations of rights.” Every other Group of Seven country ranks 3 or better. >Globally, the ITUC said the situation has worsened for workers, with violations of rights at a seven-year high. The worst region is the Middle East and North Africa, and the organization noted a number of countries have impeded the registration of unions, as well as banned strikes and collective bargaining. http://archive.is/YKIZp
>>620238 >Slovakia is rank 1 Yeah I sense some bullshit here
>>620238 They're so shitty that even with liberal standards they sucks
>>620662 What’s funny is the sheer amount of sociopathic middle class cunts in this country that would say they didn’t work hard enough or “made the wrong choices”
>>620662 46 MILLION OUT OF 160? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? it's near damn 30%!! Please link!
>>620685 We have workforce of 300mil. Kids can work part time in many retail jobs that adults do.
>>620685 It's very likely it's already over 30% if you take into account the way the official statistics are fudged.
>>620699 Can you explain to a non burger how USA counts unemployemnt? Is it true that if you are not employed in a certain amount of time you stop figuring as unemployed?
Link on unemployment numbers please
>>620708 Yeah, its true. I'm not sure exactly how they arrive at their official numbers, but they are pretty bullshit. Actual numbers are much, much higher.
>>620699 >>620708 >>620728 >>620725 >Link on unemployment numbers please Look at the labor participation rate yall. The real national unemployment rate is probably 30-40% since forever.
>>620780 Quite what does "participation rate" entail?
>>621089 What percentage of eligible workers are working.
>>621099 But what's the definition of working there? Formally employed only, or informal market as well? How could 30% of America survive without work?
>>620238 what's up with China?
>>620780 So the real unemployment rate is what, closer to 50-60% now?
>>620780 Are there any data like this for the whole of Us and maybe updated until April of this year?
>>621503 http://www.dlt.ri.gov/lmi/laus/us/usadj.htm https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/labor-force-participation-rate In May 2020, labour force participation rate was 60.8%, which is 158,227,xxx people. That's 102 million people ages 16 and above, not looking for work, and 21 million looking for work (and counted as "unemployed"). So that's total 47% of Americans ages 16+ without a job. This completely ignores everybody with substandard wages, precarious "employment", and working poor.
(54.06 KB 610x429 noot-noot-322663.jpg)
>>621638 Fun times ahead.
(181.25 KB 1155x787 ParticipationRate.jpg)
(79.94 KB 1125x625 ParticipationRate2.jpg)
>>621134 >But what's the definition of working there? Formally employed only, or informal market as well? How could 30% of America survive without work? Crime, welfare, leaching off people with welfare and or jobs. >>621089 >Quite what does "participation rate" entail? https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/participationrate.asp What Is the Labor Force Participation Rate? The labor force participation rate is a measure of an economy’s active workforce. The formula for the number is the sum of all workers who are employed or actively seeking employment divided by the total noninstitutionalized, civilian working-age population. The U.S. labor participation rate stood at 62.7% as of March 2020, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which publishes updates monthly.1 The monthly figures have hovered around 63% since 2013, after a sharp decline in the wake of the Great Recession. It remains to be seen what the effect will be of 10 million newly unemployed Americans in just two weeks thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.2  >>621582 >Are there any data like this for the whole of Us and maybe updated until April of this year?
>>621746 >Crime, welfare, leaching off people with welfare and or jobs. Also I guess housewife is a job that's not counted as a job so there's that. Probably why the figures start so much lower in the graph for all historical data on the right. But still look at the height of 2001 to now.
(319.19 KB 1465x873 LaborParticipationByRace.jpg)
(405.29 KB 1475x895 ParticipationRateBySex1.jpg)
>>621755 >Also I guess housewife is a job that's not counted as a job so there's that. Probably why the figures start so much lower in the graph for all historical data on the right. But still look at the height of 2001 to now. Gonna triple post. But I got interested in looking up the rate by sex but I could only find it going back to 98. Interestingly the drop off seems to be pretty equal for men and women. But that's basically from the peak of employment according to the full graph. Also racial disparities weren't as big as I thought. I guess biggest difference is there are a lot less disparity between the sexes with Black men and women then with Asians and Whites. https://www.bls.gov/emp/tables/civilian-labor-force-participation-rate.htm
>>621638 >>621746 Oh, so rate of participation is just population of working age minus unemployed (or otherwise not working)?
>>621846 >Oh, so rate of participation is just population of working age minus unemployed (or otherwise not working)? It's an absolute count of the number of people employed divided by the number of free adults, just like the quote says. As we've been discussing their criteria for who is "unemployed" is murky because they only count people "actively looking for work" that fit their rules. But if we just take the total number of adults who are not in prison, and subtract the number of people we know who are employed, we get a true number of how many adults aren't working. Of course this number will include all the disabled and elderly and housewifes who might be doing a fulltime's worth of work, but they won't be counted. But anyways, as you can see at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 00s the LFPR was close to 67%, so we know, we as a society, once maintained that much employment not to long ago. Now it's at 60% and probably actually lower once the updated info starts coming in. So that's a 7% drop in actual employment in the last two decades.
>>622351 Wait next 5/10 years with automation and further concentration of capital, we can really get 50% participation rate or less
(62.49 KB 1565x609 bond yields.png)
Something is brewing. I expect shit to happen the coming weeks. Quarterly reports will start to come out soon. They probably will disappoint.
(90.27 KB 681x569 gp5.jpg)
All I want is fire and brimstone at this point. Tip over the edge, c'mon tip. Tip.
https://cytu.be/r/margincall Come watch it with me.
>>622501 >Mfw the plan of the Fed is essentially just YOLO
>>622598 Is it a plan if they literally have no alternative?
(35.98 KB 600x576 324.jpg)
>>622602 >Tfw no choice but to kill my economy or my economy will die
>>622534 >literally 2008 2.0 why are banks this retarded
>>622622 Greed. classic bourgeois porky greed.
Powell warns of 'significant uncertainty' about the recovery and says small businesses are at risk >Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned Tuesday about "significant uncertainty" regarding the pace of the U.S. economic recovery and said small businesses and lower-income and minority Americans are particularly at risk. >During the first day of his semiannual testimony before Congress, Powell told the Senate Banking Committee that while some indicators have shown improvement, there's still a long way to go as the economy regains its footing from the coronavirus pandemic. >"The levels of output and employment remain far below their pre-pandemic levels, and significant uncertainty remains about the timing and strength of the recovery," he said in prepared remarks. "Much of that economic uncertainty comes from uncertainty about the path of the disease and the effects of measures to contain it. Until the public is confident that the disease is contained, a full recovery is unlikely." http://archive.is/UGimd
>>622656 it's starting
>>622501 >40% unemployment.
>>622801 Is the shadowstats thing even real?
(38.84 KB 434x166 Screenshot_389.png)
bobos on /biz/ are awakening. /CRISIS/ ASSEMBLE
(49.68 KB 425x171 Screenshot_390.png)
>>622969 wrong pic
Can someone with a better grasp how this stuff functions explain this a bit further for me? >To the casual onlooker, the information letter from the Employee Benefits Security Administration reads like every other impenetrable passage of stereo instructions that fills the Federal Register — but this was no routine piece of paperwork. The guidance to Switzerland-based investment firm Partners Group effectively changed the enforcement of federal law protecting workers’ retirement savings. >While long-standing worker-protection regulations have prevented 401(k) plans from investing in high-risk private equity firms, the letter now permits corporations to funnel that money to those firms, which charge notoriously giant fees. >In practice, private equity firms will now be allowed to access — and skim fees off of — the $9 trillion in 100 million workers’ 401(k) plans and IRAs. >“If just 5 percent of the money in these retirement funds were available to private equity, it would be a windfall of $435 billion — real money even to private equity millionaires and billionaires,” wrote Eileen Appelbaum of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR). https://jacobinmag.com/2020/06/trump-just-fulfilled-his-billionaire-pals-dream So my understanding is now employers can invest 401(k)s into high risk equity investment firms, who, besides taking insane fees, also able to basically play around with these massive sums of money with no actual risk on their end, thereby threatening to totally erase people's retirement funds without any responsibility on the stock market. Is that essentially right?
>>623222 So it seems, and in all likelihood, it's a desperate measure to contain the economic collapse. They saw 9 trillion kind of lying fallow and decided to use it as another poomp.
>>623222 This is scraping the barrel tier shit
>>623249 why do they always do this? They realise these contractions are the market shedding false capital, right? All these bailouts do is reinflate the bubbles. Why are the bourgeois so retarded?
>>623272 They care about saving themselves, not each other
>>623272 They don't have control of the reigns; the beast is loose. It's not that they are retarded (though many are), it's that they have long run out of options and are reduced to delaying the inevitable.
>>624910 How long can the kick the can down the road?
>>624923 Perpetually as long as petrodollar lives on
>>625331 And how long will that last? Wasn’t peak oil basically reached a decade ago and US oil prices crashed just two months ago?
>>625384 He did it again! He posted it again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?!
US faces 'avalanche of evictions' as rent protections expire <By the end of September, up to 23 million Americans will be at risk of eviction, according to a report by the Covid-19 Eviction Defense Project and the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program. >The Legal Aid Society estimates that in New York alone, 50,000 evictions will be filed on Monday when the state's blanket moratorium on evictions expires. The extended moratorium will only apply to renters who have suffered a financial hardship due to Covid-19, or who qualify for unemployment. This leaves out undocumented immigrants, certain gig workers or people working off the books, and renters with pending eviction cases. >The Coalition for the Homeless in New York City says its mobile soup kitchens have seen a 100% increase in need and their housing hotlines have been slammed with newly homeless people asking for help. >"We've never seen anything like this," said Dave Giffen, executive director of the Coalition for the Homeless. "We know that this isn't the end. It's not even the middle. This is only the beginning of the crisis." https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/20/success/evictions-moratoriums/index.html
(403.37 KB 600x399 Succesful operation.png)
>>627807 >>627826 I thought you guys wanted the conditions for a socialist revolution. Just wait for the state to scramble to evict millions of Americans at once. Gonna make the Floyd protests look like a pride parade.
>>629443 Cute. From the sidebar: >Stock futures rise as coronavirus cases continue to climb Hmmmm. >U.S. banks are ‘swimming in money’ as deposits increase by $2 trillion amid the coronavirus >The wall of money flowing into banks has no precedent in history: in April alone, deposits grew by $865 billion, more than the previous record for an entire year. >Deposit gains were concentrated at the very top of the industry: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup grew much faster than smaller firms in the first quarter, according to company data. Double hmmm.
Turkey ditching the dollar in favor of Yuan for trade with China: https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1192282.shtml China launching fully automated hydrogen fuel tractor https://youtu.be/V-NbbViMr7I[Embed] What's your thought about those two things? Is dollar domination getting weaker and weaker? Is a hydrogen push viable for China right now (at least in the research area, although it could be brought for civilian use somewhat quickly)?
>>630201 HOO HOO
>>630105 Turkey is about to get regime changed now inder the pretext they are gssing their own people. Then replaced with a puppet government that loves the dollor.
>>630105 >literal NATO member dropping the dollar I expect a coup within the next year, it'll probably be more violent and better executed than in 2016
>>630208 Didn't Erdogan already purge the Kemalists and Gulenists from the military that would've wanted him gone after that botched coup in 2016 though?
>>630216 Indeed he did, but as we know what happened to other countries that the US can bully that dropped the dollar. Their countries were destroyed and replace with a far more regressive government and society. Ex. Libya as one of the many instances of this.
>>630212 He is not dropping it entirely tho, it's an half measure in trade with China only, still a blow to dollar hegemony
>>630201 >Back to green NEVER UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER
>>630326 Don't try it!
>>630326 >>630326 It’s drooping again >>630345 Baste
>>630248 I think with how unstable the US is, they'll probably take any blow to dollar hegemony as a huge threat and overreact, like if an autistic kid was already in a bad mood and you took one his toys that were in line out.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrdObKBYvnM >Economic Update: Working Class Radicalism
>>630105 On the first, not that momentous. Turkey is facing a bit of a foreign currency denominated debt crisis (mostly dollars), and it probably has more to do with that. Imagine that they have a trade deficit with China, so if they drop the dollar in those trades that's less dollars going out, which can then go to debt financing. On the second, it's neat, but hydrogen at the end of the day simply functions as a kind of battery. You need to input energy to get hydrogen, which can then in turn be used as movable and energy source for machines. So it's only viable if you couple it with enough clean energy to produce all the hydrogen. At any length China has enough resources to take an "all of the above" approach to research of this kind.
>>631223 100% agree on hydrogen. In fact, I find hydrogen to be a very poor choice as an energy storage medium because it is so damn hard to store hydrogen. Vehicles will also need to be rebuilt with new engines to combust hydrogen. If it is feasible to produce hydrogen from clean energy, it is equally feasible to synthesize petrol or diesel fuel using clean energy as well. The result will be a carbon neutral fuel (though not carbon free). Synthetic fuel has two advantages, existing vehicles already can use petrol and diesel and those liquid fuels are easy to store and transport. Either way a clean source of electricity is required before pursuing either hydrogen or synthetic fuels.
>>631388 >it is equally feasible to synthesize petrol or diesel fuel using clean energy as well I was under the impression we still need plants to do that. Do we already have chemical processes that can, at scale, take C02+water and turn it into hydrocarbons?
>>633153 Aren’t delinkwuints crinimals?
>>615666 satan is happy
(327.35 KB 585x683 aprilmay poverty.png)
(200.25 KB 220x220 tenor-6.gif)
>>636090 >WaPo Nice try Bezos. I will never have enough money to buy from Amazon.
>>636090 Meanwhile in reality https://archive.fo/954pS
>>636090 >$1,2k check communism cancelled, capitalism reigns eternal
(27.43 KB 404x200 1.png)
US open
>>636821 Must go under 25k to get spicy
(31.82 KB 409x225 1.png)
(40.49 KB 668x250 1.png)
>>636964 Hopefully we retest 25k support this week
>>636817 burger wages and working conditions are so shit that living solely off trump's NEETbux actually increases their living standards
>>636813 Water and sewer companies basically pay developers exorbiant sums of money for the right to extort the people who will live in the neighborhoods they build forever. It's truly criminal, they just charge whatever the fuck they want and theres nothing anyone can do about it
>>637112 Deadass Now that I’m on unemployment I’m making more money than I’ve ever made in my entire life Literal fucking clown economy
>>637132 Don’t blow your wad just yet
>>637155 Oh Maybe we really are drooping
America is cancelled
(909.01 KB 1280x1233 1588335141392.png)
>>637155 Oh shit is today a happening day?
It's been a while since last time I visited this thread, anything interesting happening?
>>636813 >millions of Americans can't afford water Jesus fucking Christ America. It's like you spent every waking moment since the start of neoliberalism trying to figure out ways to make life worse for people without it affecting living standards indicators. >>637121 And libertarians will say that the solution to this is to end the State.
(2.16 KB 185x100 glass6.jpg)
Proles BTFO
>>637347 >Jesus fucking Christ America. It's like you spent every waking moment since the start of neoliberalism trying to figure out ways to make life worse for people without it affecting living standards indicators. Um... Yea that’s kind of the point?
>>637298 It seems that Porky has decided that, if he's going to disguise the biggest economic collapse in history, it's better to keep the numbers more or less stationary instead of climbing, as the latter would just add to the problem. So the 24-hour gorillion dollar loans for speculation are over, and ever since then, the numbers have barely changed, crashing one day, recovering for the rest of the week, rinse and repeat. One week after the weaning of the trillionaire tit, the first such crash day took place and we thought the disguise was gone, but then it recovered and has been crabbing ever since. Only days after that first crash, Porky put America's collected 9 trillion in 401(k) funds at the disposal of the riskiest financial casinos, maybe this has something to do with the current crab disguise but I think such a bonanza would make the speculation even more intense, so we don't know how this false stability is taking place. At any rate, by this point, it's not outside the realm of possibility that they're simply hex-editing the RAM memory of the stock exchange computers with Cheat Engine.
(83.32 KB 768x500 pettis-2.png)
(40.38 KB 640x532 grafico.jpg)
>>637382 Until they fix the consumption crisis underneath they can't really boost their profits so much, and the only way of actually boosting consumption would be to raise wages, but doing so they would crush profits that are already weakening due to historic tendency towards automation (see picrel in white), so the only thing capital can do right now is inflate financial sector more and more to keep the rate of profit artificially high. (see picrel in black) The only REAL way out of this would be war, and towards war we seem destined indeed.
>>637560 >the only way of actually boosting consumption would be to raise wages Wouldn't a stronger UBI fix this? Those jobs aren't coming back and no one can afford to raise wages at the moment
>>637570 Fam If just raising wages will fuck up their profit margins due to the ever decreasing rate of profit What makes you think they can afford UBI at this point?
>>637570 Ubi+Public healthcare+STRONG rent control would do the trick, but that would be SOCIALISM, and socialism gets us to Vulvazula
>>637579 >What makes you think they can afford UBI at this point? The fact that the dollar is still the reserve currency means they can pretty much print money without hyperinflation forever, the only other solution I can think of is to go into a war economy but you can't do that because all the relevant players in China and Europe have nukes too.
>>637592 Iran and Venezuela don't, and that's the hill they will die on probably
>>637590 >Ubi+Public healthcare+STRONG rent control would do the trick, but that would be SOCIALISM I think even conservatives are less ideologically stringent about this stuff than you would think, this is the Sinaporean model no? They could just import Sinapore's model and implement it here.
>>637602 Iran and Venezuela aren't the big economic players in the world though, Venezuela's oil is awful and the Shia axis Iran is leading is on a huge winning streak.
(35.84 KB 450x293 China IRR.png)
>>637604 idk about them, I'd say China is following this model except for Ubi and it surely works better than Us capitalism to an extent (profit rates still falling as shown by picrel tho)
>>637610 Up until now the Us are not putting up a real fight, this ends soon with Biden/Harris in the WH
>>637623 >Up until now the Us are not putting up a real fight I don't know dude, I think with the debacle in Iraq and how bad they're losing in Afghanistan the bet they took propping up Sunni throat slitters in Syria and Yemen was the most they could afford to do, it didn't work. The only way forward for the US would be to switch sides away from Saudis and Israel, which are losing causes at this point.
(105.68 KB 662x594 hannibal wack.png)
so what are the actual chances of this becoming a longer term actual economic depression
>>637672 It honestly is one I'd say, the only thing preventing a true great depression level event is the fact the porkies are basically squeezing everything they can dry for shekels
>>637708 and they can do that indefinitely so long as the US dollar is the reserve currency...?
>>637737 literally yes, as long as dollar is reserve currency they pretty much are omnipotent financially
>>637672 Bro, it already is. The high wizards of finance already said it will take at least a decade for all the jobs lost this year to come back, and GDP will shrink 6% this year. The simple lack of awareness of the complete catastrophe which already took place shows how out of control things have gotten, as, ironically, Porky is so in control he can hide the few instances where he isn't.
>>637737 No they can't do this indefinitely, thinking that is possible is a MMT fairy tale. Money is a reflection of value, if the amount of new goods produced (value produced) stops, but money printing continues, hyperinflation will happen. Manufacturing is at a record low right now and it has been low for years. The fact that porky is flooding their money into finance and stocks is a reflection of the low profitability of manufacture and them trying to do anything for a crumb of profit. We are heading for the biggest economic depression known to mankind, no joke. They are trying to hide it, like: "everything will go back to normal soon", but this won't happen, ever.
>>637816 I know, I'm just kinda wondering the deal with the slow-drip of financial news and happening shit. I mean, besides the police happenings. >>637865 yeah that's what I was thinking, with the virus's effects on international trade and manufacturing and the fact that nations like the US do not nearly have enough manufacturing locally to sustain this. It's mostly just service and financial sector based economies. I'm just wanting to know when the financial collapse *really* hits full swing...
Is big data and the dominance of centrally planned monopoly/conglomerates effectively bourgeoisie Cybersyn? Will these companies take over the role of the state after they have conquered the free market?
>>638916 >Where were you when it all came crashing down?
Might retest 25k tomorrow
>>639198 24k Here we come
how u enjoying that put money, fellow bears? tomorrows gonna be another gud day :3
Just buy the dip
>>639372 Need more downside first or for Powell to start buying moar bonds.
Another 1.5 million filed for unemployment
(21.03 KB 953x273 some bull.png)
Powell but he's a cute twink
>>640297 Is there anyone left working except for Pmcs/media/culture industry?
I'm thinking the DOW is gonna drop down to about -3% to -6% today. Maybe more, but we'll have to see. For certain it's dropping below 25k.
>>640342 I'm too jaded at this point, they're going to let the middle class and millennial and zoomer investors lose their entire retirement and life savings before that happens.
>>640342 It went back to green again just now.
(111.17 KB 1125x1312 5paka66ky2751.jpg)
>>640768 Sacrificing people to coronavirus is a good way to kill the economy.
>>640804 I keep telling my rightoid friends >Labor/consumption shortage due to lock down = fixable and recoverable >Labor/consumption shortage because we killed off 10% of the population = not fixable or recoverable.
>>640901 I mean its not like dead ppl spent the money, seems desperate
>>640901 >There’s no victims of capitalism! See! We’re sending money to their graves as we speak!
>>640768 Another great entry to "Headlines from the Twilight Zone". >>640804 Not really. With unemployment at 25%+ by now, the risk of revolt far, far outweighs the financial benefit of depressed wages. A decimation or five would come in handy for Porky right now. That's what makes the re-opening so nefarious, he gets his dividendies again, and population numbers decrease, and they build herd immunity up. For Porky, that's 3 birds with one stone. >>640901 >tfw you send coronabux to fake people created by glowies to Qpost
I'm not calling anything yet. Clown market.
(24.58 KB 501x292 234234234.png)
>>643608 Under 25k or bust gang
>>643627 I'll believe it when I see it. I wish it would flip breakers on open again, that would be sick.
>>643630 That needs a mid tier happening, today is too calm a day, maybe if something spicy breaks out later
(34.47 KB 600x471 1585705635830.jpg)
>>643638 DROP HARDER
pls go under 25k
(8.12 KB 240x240 kuma_cheer.png)
(1.36 MB 1250x1838 120937347581.jpg)
Hahaha already recovering. Proles be coping
>>643697 We have patience, even a -2,5% is not to despise
(367.90 KB 1075x1509 2020-06-26 10.14.16.jpg)
>>643631 Well texas is going back to a half ass lock down. If the other states that lifted to early go back to locking down we might see a giant drop. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/06/26/texas-bars-restaurants-coronavirus-greg-abbott/
We're watching the live go down here. https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp and by we i mean like 3 people
>>643743 *line
Tank tank tank
>>643923 A lot of boomers are gonna end up dead cause of their stupidity
>>643923 And that's not even counting the unreported new cases because of Florida covering up shit.
>>643923 So business as usual then?
going to test 25k soon
>>643989 Hopefully today
>>643989 Selling my soul for a 100 points drop rn
>>644013 careful what you wish for
(2.08 MB 4032x1908 20200517_223521.jpg)
>>643923 Hello, I'm floridian-supermarket-worker-anon back to give you some info from the epicenter of the infection and things are going pretty weird down here. I've been expecting another run for food supplies once the numbers started picking back up but it's been pretty calm. Everyone's not really worried about the Coronavirus, even though they're still wearing masks. We have good supplies in the store right now but I think that by this time next week we'll be pretty empty. I don't think that our supply lines have recovered from the shock of the first run on the stores back in March/April so I'd suggest any anons to take a trip to the store so they don't get screwed. Bonus pick of me giving my dog a banana. He loves that stuff.
>>644251 The only way I could see panic shopping happening again in the US would be with new lockdowns. However I don't think this will happen because this would make the markets crash once again and Trump has said he will be opposed to any new lockdowns.
>>644261 Wouldn't the economy crash even harder in the long term if every state doesn't lockdown?
>>643929 Good, hopefully all of them are gusanos or neogusanos.
What will 3pm gang bring?
(39.94 KB 816x285 12313123.png)
>still 25k you have been really slacking off in here
>>644300 I am sorry habbening I will call my ayy lmao friends and bring posadust communism.
>>644300 I think that's what they have determined the firewall to be for the week
Inching downward
25k being tested now
>>644354 haha poooomp go brrrr
(1.56 KB 99x80 PPPOOMPIT.png)
damn, really desperate for it not to close under 25k
>>644566 Yeah, on the stream there were people going crazy.
(19.46 KB 372x161 poopfart.png)
sigh, maybe monday
>>644566 One of those completely irrational aspects of capitalism. >>644568 People watch streams of line going up and down. I suppose it's the next step from people watching other people play vidya.
>>644579 No, I mean the actual people trading on the floor. I heard at least two trying to make sure it stayed up.
>>644579 Final degeneration of stock trading into a cargo cult.
>>644579 >People watch streams of line going up and down. I suppose it's the next step from people watching other people play vidya It's generally daytraders
>>644579 Are any of those betting on the final prices of the day, bumps, falls, and some other aspects of the DJI? Kek, capitalism on capitalism on capitalism on capitalism. We are in a capitaception.
>>644596 I won't be satisfied until I see a trader climb his way towards one of those big screens and draw the line going up with magic marker.
capitalism is a joke
>>644611 This while they all scream "LINE GO UP! LINE GO UP!" and cheer as the trader does it in a collective orgy of delusions
>>644888 Society of the Spectacle, muthafucka: >>640768
Now is the time for the bears to sleep, soon the DROP will begin and the bears will be back out. Goodnight /crisis/
https://youtu.be/0o6WEg58_V4 Wolff says its over
>>646412 We still need to drive it over the edge as best as we can.
(187.96 KB 680x680 1589144431760.png)
>why yes, all the banks totally passed their stress tests, nothing to worry about >also, no major American banks can do buy backs and there's now hard limits on the amount of dividends they can pay out >no no, of course they have tons of liquidity on hand, like we said, nothing to worry about >stonks always go up, keep buying! https://twitter.com/byHeatherLong/status/1276255646900523011
>>646551 >Be the banks >Can't do buybacks >Can't distribute dividends >Well then time to invest Where they will put the money, anons?
>>646551 >>646737 No buybacks from banks or buybacks from CORPS? Because these are two different things.
>>646747 Banks can't buy their own stocks i suppose
>>646752 >The Fed ordered the country’s 33 biggest banks, including JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, to suspend their stock buyback programs and limit dividend payments to shareholders in the third quarter. The banks must also submit new plans for maintaining enough of the capital needed to survive a downturn. Yep, it's only banks. Lel, banks has never been the issue in buybacks. They never have problem with money per se, after all, they control the money. Even if they go so corrupt or incompetent enough to get wrecked, despite the money they receive, they also are bought by larger banks, or merged to other banks (merge the crap, buy the crap, but never burn the crap). It's the corporations which are worrisome, and with this shit going, we are going to see a lot of hertz corporations.
>>646551 Do they even have stress tests? I mean, they removed reserve requirements, that was pretty much the whole point.
>>646773 They are not required to have reserves YET they can't do buybacks nor distribute dividend, thus they are forced either to hoard cash or to massively invest it. This brings us to a question: if they start investing where will the money go? The answer is CRUCIAL, because could be an useful element to analyze the relative strength of various factions inside the bourgeoisie
(185.84 KB 680x666 84.png)
From NewsAnon's latest thread ( >>646821 ) U.S. aviation unions ask Congress for another $32 billion bailout Six U.S. unions representing aviation workers told top lawmakers on Thursday that another $32 billion in payroll aid is needed to keep hundreds of thousands of workers employed through March 31, as a resurgence in coronavirus cases raises fears that air travel may not rebound this year. The request, made in a letter to leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate, comes as Congress in July is set to consider a new round of spending that could top $1 trillion to address coronavirus-related issues and the impact on jobless Americans. Under the CARES Act passed earlier this year, Congress gave the aviation sector $32 billion to cover six months of payroll through Sept. 30, hoping that a sharp drop in air travel due to the coronavirus pandemic would subside by October. But executives have since warned that a recovery to 2019 travel levels could still be two years away, forcing the need to lay off employees in the fall without an extension of the Payroll Support Program (PSP). “Should October 1 arrive without extending the PSP grant job program mass layoffs are inevitable, as airline executives have acknowledged,” union leaders said in the letter. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-aviation/us-aviation-unions-ask-congress-for-another-32-billion-bailout-idUSKBN23W3IZ
>>647279 holy shit, slashdot still exists?
>>646785 I suppose that, lacking other options, Porky's desperate hope right now is to summon up ungodly fortunes and invest it all. Except it was not a problem to begin with, as there has never been so much amassed capital in America. What is missing is investment opportunities. Cue the falling rate of profit. What would have have definitely help the economy, not to mention the life of millions of people, would be to enact large welfare spending programs to heat the economic cycle up a bit. People are being squeezed dry and hardly have the money to get by, so welfare spending is guaranteed to move around and help everyone. But no, we have to give away trillions to people who already collectively own trillions with which they have nothing to invest, thus not only not making capital flow around, but actually making it stop flowing even more. It's things like this that make me wonder if a porky faction isn't crashing this country with no survivors on purpose, to enact whatever sordid reactionary fetish-slash-ideal society moves their charcoal-black hearts.
>>647351 Also except there is another option, which is the welfare spending I mentioned. I forgot to add this bit.
(140.15 KB 700x939 1593249663872.jpg)
7 reasons the stock market may face a severe bout of turbulence next week and beyond—only one is rising coronavirus cases [...] 1. Rising infections and hospitalizations of COVID-19 cases 2. Economic surprises from the U.S. Labor Department’s monthly jobs report due Thursday 3. Quarter-end and month-end rebalancing of portfolios by pensions and mutual funds 4. Stalled plans for further economic stimulus from Congress 5. Joe Biden’s lead in presidential polls [lol] 6. Market technicals used by some investors as decision making tools 7. Low stock market volumes in a holiday-shortened week ahead of the July Fourth to be observed on Friday https://www.marketwatch.com/story/7-reasons-the-stock-market-may-face-a-severe-bout-of-turbulence-next-week-and-beyondonly-one-is-rising-coronavirus-cases-2020-06-27 poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/20455208
>>647285 Why are the unions begging for money for the companies? Shouldn't the company be doing that themselves?
>>647351 If there are no profitable investment opportunities left in the market then they have no choice but to funnel money into speculation.
>>647869 Wheres the 30k option
(97.54 KB 1125x889 4tlr5mogpn751 (1).jpg)
>>648261 I have a sister who is getting married in the Fall, and I really didn't want to go because it would have involved flying out on a Friday night and then flying back home Sunday night. So I feel guilty for liking how the clusterfuck of 2020 is giving me an excuse to just not go, but also I'm definitely going to enjoy not having to spend that weekend travelling around, wearing a suit, and pretending I want to be there. Also my perfect five-zero score of having an excuse not to attend every wedding I've been invited to will remain intact.
>>648367 Weddings are fucking awful, every time. I'd rather go to a funeral. Good on you, fam.
>>647996 >Unions >Not unions leaderships co-opted by businessmen.
(200.13 KB 361x363 pepe content stars.png)
>>648252 Is the Navajo Nation about to acquire Remington's entire arsenal? Can they kick out the BIA now and re-establish control over all pre-Columbus Navajo clay?
>>648376 hard disagree, you can't get drunk at a funeral (not in a socially acceptable way anyway)
(119.72 KB 498x549 1454524340881.png)
>>648638 The reservations will encircle and choke the cities.
>>648252 I'm thinking Based
>>648663 Went to almost all funerals in my life half drunk
>>649390 I like how these numbers can't even be used by GOP to say that everything is good.
>>649390 Crab day, 25k resistance broken tho, let's see in the next days
>>649390 it's a start >>649417 too early to tell how tomorrow will be
>>649771 possible, god bless america. q2 gdp reports will prob be when everything shits the bed.https://www.frbatlanta.org/cqer/research/gdpnow
(169.47 KB 646x700 mmm.png)
>>649750 freen day proles CAPITALIST REACH 30K TO FRIDAY
>>649771 Good call. Yeah it'll probably be full POOMP the entire week.
Rising >Professor Richard Wolff: The coming economic crash will be like NOTHING in history https://youtu.be/5vCc20i2aco OWO
(493.55 KB 1306x921 leftypolllll.png)
>>649914 based wolff
>>649934 BASED
>>649914 Hasn't it at least already partially happened?
>>649978 yeah, the first shock, right now we're in the """Everything is back to normal""" phase which will implode
>>649984 I find it strange to think of crashes as coming in waves. I mean, 2008 seemed like one continuous downwards spiral.
>>649984 Idk anons to me seems things are getting back to normal pretty fast
>>649934 What does he say about this bizarre pause that Porky seems to have made? Did he really just plain disguise the collapse with fictitious money?
>>605870 /biz/
>>650013 >Millions unemployed >GDP growth in the negative >Even the IMF is scared How are things getting back to normal?
>>650140 Everything that isn't an immediately collapse is THINGS ARE BACK TO NORMAL LEFTYFAG to these sakaicracker /pol/troons
>>650140 1)They arent' spiraling out of control 2)Even if they did we have NO FUCKING people to lead shit (the closest to that would be the PSL comrades but they are too weak to even influence a mass uprising)
>>650605 >They arent' spiraling out of control <homelessness still increasing <unemployment continues <states that opened their economies are now so fucked by the pandemic that they’re reconsidering closure >2)Even if they did we have NO FUCKING people to lead shit (the closest to that would be the PSL comrades but they are too weak to even influence a mass uprising) <even if it’s spiraling, we couldn’t do anything Christ on a bike. The level of self-defeatism is appalling.
Has anyone else bet against the dollar now since Goldman Sach's and the Erdogan government did a few weeks ago?
>>650796 Describing realities does not mean enthusiastically support them, i too hope things could get better but RIGHT NOW it seems to me that socialist orgs are drowned in cringe liberalism (Dsa) or too small to have the critical mass required for setting up a process for change (Psl)
Its over
Minor pump today
(243.81 KB 112x112 8c6.gif)
>>650796 The First World Revolution began 100 years ago in the midst of societal collapse, the Second World Revolution will arise in similar conditions, doomers can fuck off
>>650861 You are marred in doomerist idealism rather than material reality; the proletarian revolution is a WORLD revolution not just the special uprising in one part of the world.
>>650861 >cringe TIK TOK IS NOT REAL LIFE
Commies btfo. 30k+ close on Friday.
(60.62 KB 983x676 djia-june-2020.PNG)
>>651033 pressing X to doubt, the dip just keeps getting lower and lower
>>651062 It’s all a big joke. Blairites actually think they would win by supporting the Torries and ripping their own party apart.
>>651033 This. So much this
(60.56 KB 618x385 corbyn warn you.jpg)
>>651062 i miss corby so much
>>651733 >i miss a socdem and no one will miss you when you are in goolag
(502.24 KB 1217x670 1.png)
>>649914 what the fuck is this shit, lmao?
>>651883 >Gets us into a great depression Burgers: Yeah this guy knows what he's doing. FR though, as stupid as it is. Trump brags about the economy constantly. Calls it the greatest. This is just a symptom of repeating a lie enough in till enough people believe it.
>>651883 Joe just has too much of an image of a senile old man. Probably if the dems chose any other candidate they would have a better chance.
>>651924 This depression was in the works before Trump took office. Biden has made some favorable noises about a $15/hour minimum wage and a public option for healthcare, which is good, but can anyone trust a mainstream Democrat to just do something good and straightforward like setting the minimum wage to $15/hour and allowing anyone who wants Medicare to just sign up for it no questions asked? Of course not. A Biden Approved Public Option (tm) would be wrapped up in insane amounts of red tape and require solving a calculus problem to determine how many Fair Choice Healthcare Advantage Points you have. Other than that, Biden and Trump's economic plans are basically the same. Both promise over a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending (Trump promises almost twice as much as Biden, though), both make vague noises about student debt relief, both dislike Chy-nah, Trump will do nothing about climate change because he doesn't believe in it and Biden will be ineffectual about Climate Change because he doesn't actually care, both are trash.
>>651924 something not to lose sight on is that the economy has been shit for decades now for a lot of people. When we talk to people locally, we tell them that capitalism is always in crisis, just that the small and big business people don't usually feel it until it gets noticeably worse. Basically everyone has been struggling financially since forever, just acknowledging that fact is important.
Behold the power of the poomp
>>655773 Oops I guess we were right all along lmao 30k by the end of the week fuck pr*les
>>655773 These pomps are getting more pathetic by the day.
>>655773 Crisis averted Capitalism wins again.
>>655929 ploopy
(57.14 KB 800x800 7ocma1h8kbn41.jpg)
How long will the bogs push it sideways before they dump?
>>658331 What's the deal with these guys? Can I get a quick rundown?
>>658331 I think Trump tries to poomp till after the election After that it will be Oger
>>658331 i saw a guy once at a mosque who looked exactly like the bogs.
>>650605 >1)They arent' spiraling out of control Maybe "spiraling" implies a speed of decay much higher than the one we're seeing, but the situation is definitely destabilizing, and there's no "cap" on it, it seems.
>>651949 what are yoou talking about? it's not being old that people have a problem with, it's the fact that he's a pure sex-pest.
>>649914 why do people here love this simp so much?
>>658984 it's not like we're drowning in marxists with an appreciably high profile who can speak to the economy authoritatively and on a for dummies level. helps that he has a strong youtube presence.
>>659011 This. He's very accessible to the average joe
>>658361 >/crisis/ and Xi bow to the Bogdanoffs >in contact with aliens >rumoured to possess psychic abilities >control china with an iron fist >secretly own bunkers and banks all over the world >direct spiritual descendants of Lenin >will assassinate elon and create the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be be the first city) >own basically every DNA editing research facility on Earth >released the coronavirus to slowly but painfully kill the western economy >first designer babies will be Bogdanoff Babies >glowies have nightmares about them nightly nowdays >both brothers said to have 200+ IQ >ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them >They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world >You likely have librebooted Bogdabots inside you right now >The Bogdanoffs are in regular communication with the Based Department and Terry Davis, forwarding the word of the happening >They learned fluent Finnish and Chinese in under a week >Marxists states entrust their toothbrush reserves with the twins. >The twins are 67 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human. >In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the Bog bang to the end of the universe >The Bogdanoffs will guide humanity into a age of wisdom, socialism and love
>>659868 This sounds like the Season Two finale of Avatar
>>659868 There is only one god, Bogdanoff, and Xi is but his prophet.
>>658984 look at this newkulak
>>659868 >tfw someone actually posted my shitty copypasta from /GET/ I wish the bogs would build a more exiting rollarcoaster atm though, but I think they wanna dump when another happening occurs to accelerate the middle class seethe.
>>659868 Noice! But you’re missing: >secretly dictating the fed money printers to bring about the hyperinflation of the US Dollars >ancient Posadist scriptures tell of two alien angels who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them >>660425 Why don’t we have more drawanons with this caliber? The memes would be so much better.
>>660425 That drawing is high quality
>>660425 I miss the "is this communism?" threads. Truly a leftypol institution gone before its time.
>>660873 >>660950 that was the work of catgirl drawfren. she made the political ideology catgirl comics back in the day
(31.35 KB 667x222 1.png)
go red, you fucker
>>661182 markets close for the week EOD today, right? they're not going to let it go red before July 4th
Partially off topic but i need you to BEHOLD the massive delivery workers strike in Brazil https://twitter.com/J_LIVRES/status/1278381292267220993
>>660952 Well you can start one. The trick to starting a good thread is to provide good starting material -- not necesarily OC, just good example -- and, if needed, an explanation. Fags who just go "can we have a X thread pls" just screw things up.
>>662002 >Well you can start one It will get deleted immediately by the fun-hating nujannies. Why bother?
(58.82 KB 971x273 234242424.png)
>>662118 bwahahahaha
>>662118 Yet still, the average american subhuman would rather kill a thousand children than think capitalism needs to go.
>>662221 The average MAGAtard Amerimutt would sacrifice granny to keep porky’s business solvent and granny would happily go along with it
>>661058 Where did she go? Radlib the kind of Bat’ko or just disappeared altogether?
>>662245 she just decided to focus on her personal life, job. this kind of shit can be very taxing on the individual
>>662221 At this point, tbh, if Americans do not start their revolution, what I wish is that they just eat themselves one to each other and leave the rest of the world alone without wars and sanctions.
I found a clever metaphor for capitalist crises weeding out the smaller porkies. Intra-class cohesion can ebb and flow, but at all times, no matter how stable things might be, a bougie's most likely headmen are the bougies above him.
>>664595 The Soviets really did make some great stuff
(33.23 KB 378x500 51aYaQoVhZL__AC_.jpg)
(50.47 KB 500x386 611F3jd6-AL__AC_.jpg)
>>664601 Over an entire fucking century later, most of their attacks on American racism still apply.
(348.67 KB 900x1728 5b9626b415e9f901ee6c93f0.jpg)
(61.51 KB 1210x898 3052.jpg)
(36.46 KB 383x500 51QmqO2tiUL__AC_.jpg)
Never Before Have I Seen So Much Fake Unemployment & Jobs Data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Labor Department Nails It <Labor Department today: People on state & federal unemployment insurance jumped to 31.5 million, worst ever. <Bureau of Labor Statistics today: 4.8 million jobs created, unemployment dropped by 3.2 million. <BLS under-reported unemployment by 13.7 million, based on data from the Labor Department. What’s happening is infuriating. Read and cringe. https://wolfstreet.com/2020/07/02/never-before-have-i-seen-so-much-fake-unemployment-jobs-data-by-the-bureau-of-labor-statistics-while-labor-department-nails-it/
uh oh
>>664628 We have a saying "the things commies lied to us about have been true all along."
>>662723 They're pathologically and hysterically anti-left to the point they'll rather suffer extreme pain and die before questioning their own exploitation.
https://youtu.be/PM6ZeC2khTc >Greater Depression to last the entire 2020s
>>666107 More number fudging. Why am I not surprised. >>666680 The Rushmore speech was a disaster. Hope more Trumptards get infected with covid and croak.
>>666817 This isn't fudging, it's outright fabrication. Besides the fact itself that they're desperate and shameless enough to falsify stats, there's the issue of how false information can feed back into the system and magnify the distortions. >The Rushmore speech was a disaster. Do tell.
>>666705 I had read somewhere that Russians joke that "everything communists told us about communism was lies, but everything they said about capitalism was right".
>>666830 I've never heard that one
>>666709 it's why ive lost faith in humanity. I still agitate but I keep my expectations in line!
This pic, except unironically. I think that the petite-bourgeoisie is one of the most important impediments to leftism in the "developing" and "developed" world. Petit-bourg aspirations of the proletariat are absolutely toxic and once those are crushed, we might see this "entrepreneurial" energy diverted to something more productive, organizing the proletariat.
>>668988 Yeah, bigger is more efficient.
>>668988 Idk, the end of petit booj creates a pipeline straight to fascism IMHO before we could take advantage of them
>>668988 I doubt it. ex-petit-bourgs just become full on reactionaries usually. just look at how Cuban emmigrants “behave”
What's this thread doing back on page 1? Did I miss something?
>>668988 petit bourgeois are insufferable anyways. I've met a few big time porkies since my aunt is a paralegal for some and they at least seem to acknowledge that they're exploiting people, but fucking petite bourgs unironically think they actually help people.
(530.82 KB 500x533 just.png)
>>669203 capitalism is always in crisis, anon
What the fuck?
>>668988 this is real accelerationism
(180.25 KB 750x891 san001.jpeg)
(186.56 KB 662x1024 san002.jpeg)
(54.22 KB 670x272 san003.jpeg)
>>668988 >petite bourg union leaders >good Can you not?
>>669452 the advantage being, I assume, the absolute crushing defeat of the pettys.
>>669452 I meant the entrepreneurial energy of the working class that goes to waste selling pyramid scams and useless gizmos, or pic related. >>669161 Nothing is worse than a "nice and cool" boss. I wish I were kidding with this following story. When covid first hit, a friend of mine conspired with his coworkers to ask the boss to please cut their pay checks in half. This was like day 1, before people were getting fired even. The boss refused. It was THAT pathetic. I want to see porky being schizo-fascist and hating their employees with open disdain. I also want to see the fascist ex-petits eat dirt.
Who else feeling optimistic bout the conomy right now.
>>669426 Ultra pump.
(41.54 KB 885x309 AllTimeHigh.jpg)
(1.29 MB 528x251 highh.gif)


no cookies?