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(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
>Implying porky will raise wages.
More like we'll all get Taco Bell-Verizon-Coca Cola-Chevorlet-US Army food fun vouchers.
Toilet-brain communist doesn't understand capitalists want to pay their people more so that their products can actually get sold. Like, you thought that we haven't thought of this? Look at China, sweatheart… we want people to be able to buy sh*t. There are also no long-term stagnating wages, since obviously the quality of life is a ton higher now than before -- your car is better, your fridge, TV, internet service, etc. are ALL better. No funny lines on a chart can disprove THAT.
Yes havent you heard about free market China famous for its low taxes and lack of red tape
Wrong, it's just capitalism but more centralized. Rather than the masses partaking in this system, it is primarily the ruling class (psst, that's still capitalism).
>China famous for its low taxes
Where's this myth coming from? They have a higher corporate tax rate than Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland and comparable marginal income tax rate to most of Europe.

>Asian share markets pushed higher on Monday as signs of progress in the Sino-U.S. trade standoff whetted risk appetites, while pressuring safe-haven bonds and the yen.

Looks like nonaya'll getting that 0.1 bitcoin. The market is just too stronk.
Corporate taxes don't count as taxes since the average person doesn't feel their effects anyways aside from price increase which can be compensated for by eliminating personal income taxes altogether.
its monday soon
>Toilet-brain communist doesn't understand capitalists want to pay their people more so that their products can actually get sold.
So I can get a raise now porky sempai?
Porky, you can send me my bitcoin to here: 1111111111111111111114oLvT2
Ask yer boss. If you’re a valuable asset, he’ll happily oblige.
No bitcoins for any of you. Marxism has failed.
Capitalists only pass the buck. They pay their people as little as possible and pray to Joel Olsteen other porkies pay their employees more so their garbage gets sold.
Tomorrow Citigroup is going to have a super-duper-pooper day. Bought ~$650,000 worth of it, can't wait for it to pay off in the morning! I wonder what kind of caviar that'll afford.
(294.11 KB 686x393 piccolo.png)
Western Reactionaries are a sociological phenomena that should be studied more.
They've developed a completely ideological view of the rest of the world based on the ideological accounts of far-right loonies that became "dissidents" in the United States, if even based on that.
They should all be deported to China where the Chinese Communist Party, while it has its problems, will quickly be proven to not be a "1984 IRL" regime they've been convinced all America's enemies are.
My boss said no raise. I don't get it, all our customers say my work is excellent and the company is profitable.
Guess I should unionize.
Kill your boss
(256.97 KB 516x526 funni banana.png)
Kill your boss, fuck his wife.
>Guess I should unionize.
This is why you won't get a raise.
Porky larping Ancap stop shitting up the thread.
Silence, prole. Financials are doing GREAT today just like I predicted.
Who shorts /tesla/ just to fuck with that manchild with messiah complex here?
<C-c-capitalism has failed!!!
why you gotta cope so hard hmmmmm?
(1.59 MB 3270x2289 crisis crash!11 reverse4.jpg)
(20.18 KB 654x468 lmao.png)
Looks like another green day.
Nice oc mate
These got buried from all the shit-flinging.
Two new Michael Roberts blogs
lmao 10/10 that's pretty cool
Sell your Qatari assets NOW
what what happened?
If it already happened, it'd be too late
What happened?
>Nothing is wrong with the economy. Quite contrary, we have reached all-time highs! CAPITALISM IS FOREVER! Do you hear me, gommies!? Not even climate change could possibly defeat the great Invisible Hand!

Here is a nice list of why the current status of the economy is a fuck.
Also look up Doctor Richard 'alpha' Wolff.
>Another episode of some commie trying to gaslight the working class into thinking that they're miserable
I miss McCarthy. Shit was easier under him.
(29.94 KB 136x181 20190802_104249.png)
That video was made by a crypto-ancap! LOL
I was talking about you, sweatums. You're the star of this exhibition of disgrace!
those are sum saggy tits on te left
Whatever works...

Would that count as NSFW?
>tfw the economy's doing fine so you don't have any reason to fear monger and stir up dissent so you can only really appeal to the fundamentally unfair and predatory nature of capitalism

The Cuban economy was doing fine when the revolution happened. You don't need collapse to instigate a revolt, but it does help.
You can make literally any claim about the markets appear true by cherrypicking your time scale. You guys are using the oldest trick in the book of fear porn websites.
(36.32 KB 655x527 1552486842106.jpg)
In the case of a market that is based entirely on the confidence people feel buying and selling stuff, fear porn can have very real effects on the economy. Not a very efficient system, i dare say.

So basically, leftypol is just gaslighting and being obsessed with intraday noise of the markets? Neat.

>implying short-term movements are anything but noise

Silly American. Pick up a math book sometime. Your toy model is cute and probably fits well in a subpar philosophical essay like the rest of economics.
Stop shilling, get porky flair, cracker
You fucking nigger are seriously fucking annoying.
>get porky flair
hello, newfriend.
(49.11 KB 496x305 3.jpg)
>Feeding the troll
>Saying the N-word
Good morning /leftypol/. How are all y'all long positions? Make any Ks so far like I did?
(426.90 KB 500x720 squigga.png)
He has the n-word pass because he listens to mo bamba.
Bruh what happened with your grammar???
Am here since fall of 8chan, but still have a reddit brain : (
MTC gang represent
hello porky
How was your day? Make any money yet?
Goin' GREAT. Thanks for asking. My $700K investment into Bank of America has already paid off massively in the extended-hours session; can't wait for open.
I mean, it's pretty much agree universally that the fundamental nature of capitalism leads to these sorts of crisis and it is nothing short of over confidence to assume otherwise.

the next crisis will come; just a matter of "when" not "if."

Saying otherwise just means you don't quite understand what you are talking about. The stock market has been heavily inflated for nearly 20 years now; speculatory interest rates (the main driver of the current economy) can not grow forever as they do not actually crate any real value in the economy.

Rather they simply artificially inflate the value of imaginary commodities like stocks and bonds.
This is some fat cringe, bro
t. Reddit
(57.44 KB 633x758 1499727553488.jpg)
<t-t-t. R-R-Reddit
wow that's a lot of money good for you
Me on the other hand not so great, still wageslaving, but on the other hand I work at a housing corporation. Most of my former classmates have taken on jobs more similair to yours, while I keep being the most ethical. Doesn't pay off tho.
(11.38 KB 403x328 720.jpg)

>I am successful, lol gommies owned

>is spending his time shitposting on /leftypol/

It's truly a rare, magnificent thing to see such a thorough, long-term self-own like this
Honeybuns, I don't think you understand -- I got three screens open, two for stocks and another just for whatever, which includes this thread. Granted I can't be here all the time because I sometimes got other things to take care of, but I am in no way inhibited from doing several things at once.

And of all the things you could be doing on that third screen, you're here of all places.
Usually I'm reading about something else but if a notification comes up here I'll attend to it -- no biggie.

Allow me to spell it out for you:

Of *all* the things you could be doing with that last bit of time and energy - you're choosing to fish for validation by trolling.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how much money you make - you've shown your ass just by shitposting.
That's a very idealist action package for someone kickin' the Stasi gang pepe :/
What's wrong with havin' a little bit of fun? This is why nobody takes you leftists seriously, it's because you are just so all so ideologically driven you forget to consider the realities of things many times. Nobody wants to participate in your doom cult, because people are instead a LOT more interested in the pursuit of happiness, afforded to them by the free market.

>deflecting from the simple fact that you're pathetic enough to consider this "fun"

fuck me, you people are predictable
(96.67 KB 1392x542 biz.jpg)
He's doing what's in his best interests. Since the stock market is a glorified egregore, he's trying to protect it from being corrupted and warped towards faltering and being destroyed.

It's more that it's genuinely funny that someone sad enough to fish for validation like a garden-variety troll can just thoroughly self-own like this.
cope, poorfag

you forgot your flair, my good bitch
Do you prefer the Guillotine or the gun?
(3.64 MB 2500x1669 1527894569475.png)
Ooooh... that's a good one. Keep posting.
(30.78 KB 295x260 254357.jpg)

>he reaches straight for "lol cringe" after a seven word text post with no image

lmfao holy fuck you people are predictable
My Pinkertons are ready to go, so to deal with proles like you -- gun.
(270.54 KB 3840x2160 TrollFace.jpg)

>he's still here, but didn't respond to getting called out on being a sad mouthbreather hiding behind his profit margins

Why, did I hit a nerve there?
>people seriously responding to porky larpers
Advertising to chapos was a mistake

shhh, let the magic happen
>you forgot your flair
This is why niggers like will you get the gulag
(400.13 KB 696x564 Untitled.png)
He's no larper. He's a literal ciaposter working on behalf of the reptilians within the US government to prevent the greys from coming to earth and liberating us from the lizard fiends. His purpose is to distract us from warping the stock-egregore in a direction that would be detrimental to the new world order government. We have to blow up planet X if we are to stop porkyposter from getting his profits.
Another fine post by autism-chan
His presence is far more nefarious than you or i could ever know.
My personal theory is that Porky and Satan-kun are the same person. I mean, it really does kind of feel like it.
(49.16 KB 720x389 fidelsmoking.jpg)
If you really think about it, we're all the same person.
No. No we're not, and I'm glad that's the case.
(4.01 MB 3500x1942 elon spy.png)
I'm like, you, man, but from another universe or something.
we RE THE SAME PERSON. but we are not persons.

Congress will protect Hong Kong! Trump is fucked!
China is fucked!
China Trade Deal is fucked!
(758.34 KB 1570x945 it_begins.png)
(13.07 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
(66.43 KB 800x800 flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)
>Protect Hong-Kong
>By treating it as if it's China.
keep up the good work, based redditard
>All indices green
Leftism really is a delusion.
>China at a three-decade low in growth
Those rice-bellies are finally getting what's coming to them. China will FALL. Capitalism will REIGN. Amen.
(90.81 KB 1053x663 EHLHq3KXkAAzH0x.jpg:large.jpg)
Buyback by sector (The year is not over and if 2019's buyback's rate don't slow down, this will be a record year) :
As expected the sector with the biggest stock grow, Big tech, is the one which does the most buybacks. Really make you think.
How is this shit even legal, even by porky standards, this is outright corruption. Just tells us how much fucked up bourgeois society has gotten owing to tendency of profit to fall.
They want so many buybacks, cause they want a bigger portion of their own company for themselves! Simple investing, only in your own company.
(1.85 MB 1500x1187 PORKY_A_GONGUTUR.png)
aaaand we're in the red

Nothing wrong if you can pay it back. It's just a matter of economy of scale.
-200 now
(413.50 KB 530x515 narutoLJackson.png)
(25.16 KB 650x540 boeing -6.png)
(1.58 MB 3270x2289 mmpadrd8vfnf9crx5int.jpg)
New Michael Roberts where he BTFO the idealist socdem economist Thomas Piketty.
<His premise is that inequality is a choice. It’s something ‘societies’ opt for, not an inevitable result of technology and globalisation. Whereas Marx saw ideologies as a product of class interests, Piketty takes the idealist view that history is a battle of ideologies. The major economies have increased inequalities because the ruling elites have provided bogus justifications for inequality. Every unequal society, he says, creates an ideology to justify inequality. All these justifications add up to what he calls the “sacralisation of property”.
That's hilarious!
(32.25 KB 152x254 1457048810613.png)
Porky's staying quiet today
First they had my interest, but now they have my attention. /collapse/ imminent, or is it too late to start celebrating?
post the last year to see how i really feel, last five if you are brave
Last year we had a poll and the board was really divided about the start of the crisis; it was like 1/3 Q4 2019, 1/3 Q1 2020 and 1/3 late 2020.
IMHO we will have to wait Q1 2020.
I have a feeling itll be late 2020 or even slightly later. If Sanders and Corbyn win that could trigger it imo.
I mean we're already in manufacturing recession. Germany's in recession. I think it'll happen sooner than late 2020.
the next great depression will start the day after tomorrow
(100.11 KB 278x279 20191007_001538.png)
Porky is probably coping
What matters isn't past performance. What really matters is that is that all your precious gains can be vaporized in a single day as we've seen multiple times in history. So enjoy your long and prosperous bull run while you still can.

The sword is dangling over your head, held by a single horse-hair. Don't look up!
>implying i wont intentionally offload my stocks on some poor schmucks then buy them back up when they are cheap again
I CANNOT wait for the next stock market firesale
>implying there will be a stock market after the impending global crisis of capital
We are literally going to eat you, porky! As the French say, "Dans le cochon, tout et bon!"
You keep saying this but after every crisis i get richer and richer, its like god wants me to win
You don't have the stomach to do whats necessary commie swine
(1.59 MB 3270x2289 crisis crash!11 reverse4.jpg)
>COPEmmies trying to get the market to crash and it never does
Oops i forgot my flag on that one
I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a great day at the stock market, despite the feable protestations of the c*mmunists.
What about the recent string of revolutionary activity? That could also push a recession out maybe
Truely. the only thing that concerns me are my developing country indexes, what with the rabble recently getting uppity over my success and all. hopefully their governments take care of them soon or i might divest from them for a little while
>Man, I hope the governments of third world countries violently put down people legitimately trying to improve their nations for the better

how evil can you be
Can't be as evil as the vietcong :)
Evil? Im the one investing in their countries and building them up in the first place commie, what have you done? that right nothing because it is us capitalists who do all the hard work.
lmao my gut feeling was right all along. Amazing how something so simple trumps Marx's complex (((analysis))).
(30.72 KB 461x391 jgfte.png)
(121.80 KB 806x713 tjhtre.png)
(136.48 KB 806x633 fjfrhk.png)
Satan trips
it's a sign
>Financials at literal yearly highs today
If they're doing this good, then it's a definite green flag for the rest of the economy.
>Tells me I don't have the stomach
You've never been hungry have you? Because anyone who has knows what it does to your "stomach".
Does anyone have data how much the Fed has spent to keep the market up, and how much they have left?
I dont know how to read this but i think its kinda what your looking for?

As far as im aware the fed just prints money it needs so maybe an unlimited amount? dont take my word on that though.

It also needs to be said that companies will buy back their own stocks in order to artificially raise prices as long as the dough is rolling as well.
Please dont hurt me like this
What could Trump tweet that would cause global chaos?
Just sent an ICBM on Iran, the best nuke!
>Markets bullish
>Earnings broadly green
*Yaawn* remind me exactly how capitalism is a failure?
Even your media is seeing through artificial puff, porky; Doom is nigh.
lol even if that were true you're just going to buy folks like me another bailout
Capitalism will continue, and you'll still be bitter.
>Mainstream media, the number one force propping up this charade, is shitting bricks uncontrollably.
Yea, sure, everything will be fine fire.
You can't fake good earnings sweatheart. Cope.
>he says, sitting on a debt economy bubble that has no relation to real money
I'd rather sit on that than an armchair :)
>he says, sitting on his rascal scooter
>>Financials at literal yearly highs today

This is completely meaningless. Especially when the all time high was printed right before the year. You could just as much say "prices failed to break previous highs", which as you know is a sign of a bear market.
so wait after destroying all the industries they are now saving them. nice
Eroding profit margins will push U.S. into recession in 2020, leading forecaster says
>Gallagher’s recession story is a relatively simple one: U.S. recessions are typically preceded by an erosion in corporate profit margins, or profit per dollar of revenue. Costs generally rise near the end of the cycle while sales flatten out.
>Profit margins for U.S. nonfinancial corporations peaked in 2015 at 15.2% of gross value added, and have fallen to 10.9% in the latest quarter.
>Since few corporations have any pricing power, the only way for managers to defend their margins against higher labor costs is to turn defensive, focusing on cost-cutting instead of growth. Once companies begin to reduce investment and payrolls, it’s only a matter of time before consumer spending stalls.
Market took a little breather today -- that's alright, tomorrow we'll get back on track to being in the green.
> The profit margin through of the 1954 cycle is the peak of the current one
🤔🤔🤔 I feel like someone should write a book about this. Maybe a book that explains capital, this strange phenomenon should be in the third volume or such.
(72.58 KB 708x1055 asfgadg.png)
>Market took a little breather today
Those economic bubbles of theirs are going to run out, and eventually, all of a sudden, Chinkistan will fall just like the Soviet Union. Tibet and Xinjiang will leave and Taiwan will annex the rest.
(46.90 KB 600x504 PorkiesPlan.jpg)
Your not thinking big enough! were going to go full Balkan on their asses with Manchuria, Cantonia, and everyone else leaving to be small and powerless. the perfect recipe for exploitation!
Absolutely CURSED image
i saw an image on /gsg/ once of all of europe balkanized into a hundred different micronations, it was glorious
Found a Michael Roberts talk from 2014 talking about marxist theory of crisis and shit.
I'm currently watching it. It's been entertaining, he dunks on a bunch of economists.
G'mornin /leftycuck/. Enjoying the bull resurgence?
>Bull & Moon is the first app that gives personalized stock recommendations based on astrological compatibility
<imagine thinking that markets don't dictate our psychology
Jesus Christ, when we memed about the lunar cycle and tidal movements dictating the success of the stock market, we didn't think somebody would go and make a fucking app about it.
LMAO my predication came true, go figure. Tomorrow, it'll do even better.

(5.78 MB MoneyReligion.webm)
That wasn't a meme comrade, there are investors who really believe it.
this is pretty cool
> We used the stars to outperform the market! Read how Bull & Moon beat the S&P 500
it appears to be a joke
Alright commies, good morning once again, as we're about to enter session number gajillion of straight gains. Remind me again how supposedly, companies are faking their earnings? You can talk about buybacks and Repo rates all you want for the broader economy, but you can't fake individual gains for a company. Like what, you think they're somehow forcing more people to buy their stuff or something?
Notice how this thread is dead quiet when the markets are reaching all-time highs, yet explodes when they go down by 0.1%.
(310.99 KB 1425x1982 Screenshot_20191024-164816.jpg)
(534.11 KB 416x368 giphy(1)_1.gif)
>Muh all-time highs.
Which has been reached for practically the fifth time in two years. This is, what a person with actual knowledge about economics, would call stagnation.
Porkies are such brainlets. It would be sad if they weren't so bloody dangerous to humans and the environment alike.
You me both know literal QE is keeping this shit afloat.
(118.47 KB 1529x781 hfkrytk.png)
>this thread is dead quiet when the markets are reaching all-time highs
how many red days do you need to kill your bias?
(153.88 KB 1433x718 fhssj.png)
>bitcoin use value is a digital storage of value during a recession

Imagine if the DOW hits over 35,000 next year with Trump reelected.

I'm curious, do either one of you recommend pursuing a career in finance?
And would you recommend opening a hedge fund in Canada?
I've toyed with the idea of opening a hedge fund in Alberta.

Ideally, getting a job at Goldman Sachs Canada would be a nice start.

Any career advice?

Didn't you faggots say the same thing about BTC? How's that turning out for you? Wasn't that actually a bubble after all?

Also, like 86% of it is controlled by a hand full of people.

These two replies are a good example of what over confidence looks like. Over confidence always proceeds market crashes, too.
Bitcoin was even worse than a zero sum game thanks to all the wasted energy.
What a fucking waste.
I hope future generations look at shit like this and spit on the graves of people took part in it.
Faggot porkies and lolbertarians always do this shit; They praise the "glory of the free market" under all circumstances no matter how much the evidence is in favor of the contrary.

The only way you could look at this market and think things are all peachy is by either not knowing anything about economics or by being high on your own ideology.

The american economy is largely proped up by speculative investments on stock buybacks and returns; basically the faggots on wallstreet are just speculating on their own stocks.

What this means is that there is no actual value being added to the economy that is to say, there are no actual, useful, physical commodities, entering the market. (which probably explains the stagnating economy) and as such every "gain" is not built on any actual concrete capital/ It's all just speculative, meaning, that this is a bubble and sooner or later that bubble is going to pop.

You would have to be a complete retard to think otherwise.
nOboDy CaN pREdiCt A bUbBLe

Imagine if the DOW rises to 50,000 next year.

Would you off yourselves?
Even the Chinese government called Bitcoin a "Digitalized Gambling Asset". They are correct.
It won't. It would be reasonable to hit 32. Maybe 45.

But if it hits 45K that fast(next year) it would signal a multi decade recession.
Broke: DOW to 5k
Woke: DOW to 500k
>Imagine if there is hyperinflation in the US next year.

That would most likely help our cause.
>The american economy is largely proped up by speculative investments on stock buybacks and returns; basically the faggots on wallstreet are just speculating on their own stocks.
Bingo. But in the U.S. it's even worse than that since the gains in stocks and assets are also a function of government policy. The low-to-zero interest rates, quantitative easing, and bailouts were done to shore up the wealth of the 1%. The stock market has been doing great. The average person not so much. For the past thirty years there has been a total gutting of regulations meant to prevent outright plundering of the economy. The huge stock buybacks are a redistribution of wealth away from productive enterprises into the pockets of the top 1%. They control everything now. Even the (former) head of the fucking Environmental Protection Agency was an energy lobbyist who previously sued the EPA. The current Secretary of Defense was a vice president of a major defense contractor, ffs. The US is little more than a 'bourgeois dictatorship' at this point. The entire country is one giant racket.
broke: having a functioning economy
woke: pretending your economy functions by doing the fiscal policy equivalent of the texas sharpshooter fallacy
Not at all, infact that would further evidence of our cause, because, again, until you can point to me the actual material wealth that is being created under this system then everything being accumulated is just fictional capital.

Where is the actual infrastructure of the economy at? This is as Marx would point out; the more wealth we actually create the poorer we actually become.

The weather the Capitalist class is the less actual wealth we are creating for ourselves. Such is the anarchy of the market.
ANOTHER bull day. The invisible hand is just spoiling us now :)
For some reason, I happen to own corporate bonds worth a few hundreds dollars. If their performance is negative, it means their yield is negative, right? Should I ask for my money back and treat myself with some fancy audio gear, or should I keep them and remain a micro-porky?
Get into technical analysis and become a real Porky. Though you don't really have to worry about any major bear movements any time soon.
Bears are literal conspiracy theorists. Occam's razor doesn't matter to them -- if the market is doing good, and companies are reporting awesome earnings, then it can't be that the free market is benefiting from new technologies and techniques, courtesy of itself -- it has to be something insidious, like the gubbamint pumping it up, or companies falsifying their numbers or whatever. This is the mindset of a loser, of, dare I say, a socialist.
Where are they? What technologies and or techniques? If they exist then you can show me, certaintly.
>technologies and or techniques?
VR porn
DOW +200
Explain to me, commies, how the Fed is supposedly pumping this market up? Ever read an earnings report? These companies are going up on the virtue of increased profitability, increased consumer base, new products, and of course, the power of the free market. Be straight here -- do you like, not see this?


>Where is the actual infrastructure of the economy at?
If you wanna get conspiratorial, it's reasonably likely that the rich are building underground complexes like NORAD where they can hide when climate wars break out.
New technologies and techniques do indeed help but only to benefit porky and no one else. Such as new advertising tech that is more subversive and manipulative, cost cutting tech that puts further downward pressure on wages or provide less/worse service or product for the same price. Nothing "insidious" it is the "free" market working as "intended" benefitting porky at the expense of the Earth and everyone else.
(29.08 KB 1067x255 Naamloos.png)

Why aren't you proles investing in the stock market?
Don't you want to be rich?
(117.36 KB 1914x1028 fsahshr.png)
>this is good
(165.41 KB 1530x726 sdaadgh.png)
>s&p and dow diverge
>report the higher one
>Closing high
More proof commies can't read (or be smart).
(107.87 KB 1920x1080 skjfghdk.png)

>More proof commies can't read (or be smart).

You ruin the LARP if you cant read charts (3027.4 is less than 3028).

<What Is a Double Top?
>A double top is an extremely bearish technical reversal pattern that forms after an asset reaches a high price two consecutive times with a moderate decline between the two highs. It is confirmed once the asset's price falls below a support level equal to the low between the two prior highs.

>A double top is a bearish technical reversal pattern.
It is not as easy to spot as one would think because there needs to be a confirmation with a break below support.

<What Does A Double Top Tell You?
>A double top signals a medium or long-term trend change in an asset class. The chart above is of Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) and shows a double top pattern that formed in the stock between September and October 2018 around a price of $2,050. The important support level in this case formed around $1,880. Despite the stock falling nearly 8% from October peak to support at $1,880, one could not confirm the double top until after the stock fell below $1,880. From that point forward the shares went on to plunge almost 31% further.

>In the next example using Netflix Inc. (NFLX) we can see what appears to be the formation of a double top in March and April 2018. However, in this case, we see that support is never broken or even tested as the stock continues to rise along an uptrend. However, later in the chart one can see that the stock again forms what appears to be a double top in June and July. But this time it does prove to be a reversal pattern, with the price falling below support at $380, resulting in a decline of 39% to $231 in December. Also, notice how the support level at $380 acted as resistance on two occasions in November when the stock was rising.
We had a triple top late last year and yet we are at record highs now. Why? Free market that's why. The economy is just too strong.
Bourgeois, what's some good career advice for university students graduating next year?
Damn made a lot of money today. Can't wait for my calls to appreciate EVEN MORE on Monday.

btw, Monday is going to be a BULL day, a BULL day.
Make a ton of calls on blue chip stocks, get rich, and then buy up a business of your choosing.
Become a socialist revolutionary and be on the winning side of history. Because without socialism, human history will reach its end soon.
The plan was to take some of you for reproduction anyways :)
Even a very few inbreeding porkies underground won't be enough, to preserve the human species.

The saying: "Better red than dead", has never been more true than now...
>Even a very few inbreeding porkies underground won't be enough, to preserve the human species.
(30.15 KB 747x492 1572040096223.png)
Isn't the deficit supposed to go down during a "booming economy"?
>implying debt isnt just like shares i can use to influence the government
where does power come from again?
When there's a lot of cool stuff, naturally you spend more (look up what a loan is)
Marx said that debt is a measure of a nation's wealth.
This is why college students need to stop complaining for once, because they're actually RICH if they just realize it.
enlighten us porky, how
Read Marx, evidently.
(277.14 KB 360x360 sdfgtg4rgtm.gif)
Oh porky, you're so quaint and sardonic, as always. Being rich must be hard.
"The system of public credit, i.e., of national debts, whose origin we discover in Genoa and Venice as early as the Middle Ages, took possession of Europe generally during the manufacturing period. The colonial system with its maritime trade and commercial wars served as a forcing-house for it. Thus it first took root in Holland. National debts, i.e., the alienation of the state – whether despotic, constitutional or republican – marked with its stamp the capitalistic era. The only part of the so-called national wealth that actually enters into the collective possessions of modern peoples is their national debt. [7] Hence, as a necessary consequence, the modern doctrine that a nation becomes the richer the more deeply it is in debt. Public credit becomes the credo of capital. And with the rise of national debt-making, want of faith in the national debt takes the place of the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, which may not be forgiven.

The public debt becomes one of the most powerful levers of primitive accumulation. As with the stroke of an enchanter’s wand, it endows barren money with the power of breeding and thus turns it into capital, without the necessity of its exposing itself to the troubles and risks inseparable from its employment in industry or even in usury. The state creditors actually give nothing away, for the sum lent is transformed into public bonds, easily negotiable, which go on functioning in their hands just as so much hard cash would. But further, apart from the class of lazy annuitants thus created, and from the improvised wealth of the financiers, middlemen between the government and the nation – as also apart from the tax-farmers, merchants, private manufacturers, to whom a good part of every national loan renders the service of a capital fallen from heaven – the national debt has given rise to joint-stock companies, to dealings in negotiable effects of all kinds, and to agiotage, in a word to stock-exchange gambling and the modern bankocracy."
https://youtu.be/JB0jrY8kNow Thought this might be interesting. "Peak cars"
(25.96 KB 445x342 gw3.png)
<Financial assets suffered most during the financial crisis of 2008-9 and then recovered in the early post-crisis years. This year, their value rose in every region, contributing 39% of the increase in gross wealth worldwide, and 71% of the rise in North America. However, non-financial assets (property) provided the main stimulus to overall growth in recent years. Over the 12 months to mid-2019, they grew faster than financial assets in every region. Non-financial wealth accounted for the bulk of new wealth in China, Europe and Latin America, and almost all new wealth in Africa and India. But household debt rose even faster, at 4.0% overall. Household debt increased in all regions, and at a double-digit rate in China and India. The debt squeeze is coming.
(86.93 KB 1836x806 IMG_20191026_190547.jpg)
Uhh.. guys? Can anybody tell me what this means?

stupid commies cant understand the 4D chess OUR class is playing, leave it to the professionals girlys

this particular graph is usually called Repo, and it's short term money lending with extra steps. This tends to be used by investment companies.

So you don't know what this jagged line means either
(290.92 KB 495x475 sdfsd.png)
>multi decade recession
Oh i know what it means, communists are going to scream CRISIS and when nothing comes of it (thank you capitalism) it will go down the memory hole because commies are schitzo retards who have to make up being failures by blaming the most functional(tm) governing and economic system ever devised.

not only have crisises already happaned countless of times before, but pretty much every economist is already predicting a recession for 2020-2021

I think the only schizo here is you, larping retard
And every time a """"crisis"""" happens capitalism keeps on chugging on stronger and more efficient but surely its going to be the next one that does it in right? gommunism by 2022!

From pdf related:

<The growth of debt.
<The question of debt leverage is now starting to loom large. Low interest rates have seduced borrowers to swop equity for debt and to load up on debt. A couple of weeks ago the overnight and short term REPO market seized up, sending interest rates soaring to 10% just as the FED Rate Setting Committee was reducing its lending rate by 0.25%. It appeared that the FED had lost control of the money markets.
<A crisis in the REPO market, especially the overnight market is a breakdown in inter-bank lending.
<Some commentators have argued this has to do with the supply side of funds. The was attributable to the growing budget deficit, the treasury replenishing its depleted reserves and the need of corporations to pay their taxes. These factors coalesced to drain the coffers of the banks. This has an element of truth to it, but it is not the main story. Total liquid reserves in the banking system were $1.4 trillion which is $400 billion above the critical level of $1 trillion.
<The real problem is that much of this liquidity is centralised in the major banks, the closely monitored banks whose size makes them a systemic risk. The firing of two senior New York FED officials shortly after the REPO crisis broke out seems to suggest this could be due to the neglectful supervision of non-core banks such as regional banks as well as non-bank players such as hedge funds.
<It is therefore more likely that the REPO crisis is demand led and if this is the case then we are talking of similarities with 2008 when banks refused to lend to each other because they were wary of the solvency of the counter-party. This could mean that smaller banks and other financial entities may be running out of funds and the larger cash rich banks are reluctant to lend to them even against high-quality collateral.
<Banking is a murky business. The borrowing banks together with the FED are keeping their identities secret. Clearly the need to draw on emergency FED funding can be interpreted as a sign that a bank is in distress, which in turn could lead to a run on that bank. Additionally, what is interesting is the degree of complacency around this issue on Wall Street amidst this emergency. Clearly the FED is the opiate of the bankers doping any concerns and continuing to provide a feeling of financial well-being. Two issues may have contributed to this REPO crisis which means it is not under control. The first is the huge losses that followed the reverse in sovereign interest rates earlier in August when 10 year yields rose 0.25%. This spilt over into shares causing a Quant Quake. The leverage behind the derivative bets on interest rates and share prices would have come from the banking system, and it is these losses that may be filtering into the REPO market. They presumably amount to tens of billions, and while they have not wiped out all the gains, hedge funds for example, have made this year, they represent a significant momentary trigger loss which needs to be made up.
<The second issue concerns high yield bonds. This is particularly acute in the shale oil industry, which is one of the major players in the high yield market. The shale oil industry is just as smeary murky as the banking world. No analyst can say with any certainty whether or not the majority of the 6.5 million barrels of oil extracted earns a real profit. The Dallas FED polls oil producers in Texas to determine their break even levels. In 2017 it was $50, which rose to $52 dollars in 2018 and which then fell back to $50 dollars in 2019. (The FED conducts this poll in March of each year.).

I recommend you to read the entire pdf, it's really informative, especially regarding the shale oil industry who might face mass defaults in 2020.
>And every time a """"crisis"""" happens capitalism keeps on chugging on stronger and more efficient
Capitalism has barely "chugged" along since the 2007-2008 recession.
I guess you must have missed everything that has developed since then:
>Electric vehicles
>Burj Khalifa
>Tons of new medications
>Several-fold increase in stock indices
>Better vegan food
>Quantum computers
>Literally every scientific advancement that got a Nobel Prize
It's like you've been living under a rock for the past decade. Look at everything CAPITALISM has created!
copemmie hasn't looked at the stock market since 08 because he gets mad at everything he could have had if he wasnt retarded and thought cummunism was just around the corner.

I do invest and tripled my money (and so did my dad). But you don't have to believe me because money talks. But we're just making money from speculation. Most people don't own any stocks and for the average person they haven't recovered from a generational wipeout / transfer of wealth to the top
Basically Wall Street ain't Main Street
does your document mention anything about regional banks being possible trigger of next recession as they have to and will take hits from defaulting farmers as mentioned by our resident economist blogger? I appreciate all the systematic analysis but we need to know specific triggers exposed like shale oil industry you quoted so we know what to look for
>they haven't recovered from a generational wipeout
Their fault for being stupid and not investing / trusting the invisible hand.
>Their fault for being stupid and not investing / trusting the invisible hand.
They did trust in it which is why they lost their ass to the sharks who took them for everything they're worth. Hard to invest when your life savings in an over-leveraged house goes up in smoke. I'm fortunate in the sense that pops is an actual capitalist who knew it was a scam that was all about to blow up. Most of the financial news stuff and shows are designed by glorified car salsemen to delude the Divorced Dads of America into thinking they know more for having seen it, because it’s designed to make chumps bet big against the house without realizing it, that’s all. As long as enough of the smaller fish gamble then they can get in with the con revs up and get out before it falls apart. Anyways that's why you don't trust Whitey -- take it from a white guy.
porky cope, you'll be looking like pic related when the day of the AK comes
>mfw the day of Accelerating Kapital
>tons of new medications
pretty useless if none of us can afford them
>electric vehicles
have existed since 1832 lel
>several-fold increase in stock indices
that doesn't affect anyone except the rich though, why should I care about that?
>pretty useless if none of us can afford them
Stop being poor.
>have existed since 1832 lel
Only started mattering now
>that doesn't affect anyone except the rich though, why should I care about that?
b/c you can join the rich at any time by putting money into stocks
>Stop being poor.
did you mean move to Canada?
>Only started mattering now
lol no
>b/c you can join the rich at any time by putting money into stocks
thats not how that works
>did you mean move to Canada?
Move your money into call positions
>lol no
kek yes
>thats not how that works
worked for me :^)
(1.59 MB 1200x628 u28re71y31dz.png)
>stop being poor
tfw Kagari-San was right
>kek yes
we were aware of the pollution caused by cars ages ago and we had the ability to build electric cars for a long time, not only that but the original combustion engine worked off hydrogen.
>worked for me :^)
It really depends on when you moved your money into stocks and into what company. So, what company did you get rich off of then anon?
Poor people should go to jail, and honestly I think they will after they get automated away (thank goodness).
I was mostly doing JPM and AAPL calls
Wouldnt that just put more stress on an already stressed workforce? I mean burgerfags already seem discontent as it is.
The point is to eliminate the workforce. No proles = no alienation/poverty/etc. Way better solution than trying to forcefully implement mob rule (socailism).
then who does the work if everyone's rich? we know you sure as hell aren't doing the things that make your precious squiggly lies go up.
Robots, duh. It's all fully-automated at that point.
finance doesn't produce wealth, for somebody to get rich from betting on stocks somebody else has to loose.
That's literally the point of Communism. When Communism is achieved, and everything's all automated and nice, that's when Humans will be free to do whatever they please.

But that doesn't happen under Capitalism. In a capitalist system, you get replaced by a robot - you don't get elevated to join the rich, you get pushed down and told "well maybe if you upskill yourself and make yourself more useful, you'll be more valuable and more employers will want you". How is capitalism supposed to achieve the end goals of communism without a centralised government, planned economy etc?

The thing is you are leaving out the context of this scenario; With out jobs being occupied by humans *under Capitalism* then there is a class dynamic at play of those who own goods and services and those who do not because under Capitalism there are those who own Capital and those with none to sell but their own labor power.
I do love that even ancaps want full communism.
“The higher you climb, the harder you fall”.
Day of destitute is nigh, porky.
Pour water in the robots in protest
thanks for putting into words what I could not
government pumping money into banks to keep them liquid
Prove that the government is keeping the stock market afloat.
the idea is that you give money to a company so that it can produce more wealth for the common good (invisible hand)
Where do you think all the money for the buybacks is coming from.
Free cash flow (FCF)
Free cash flow (FCF)
Are you going to address this? I even responded to you twice so you'll get it that much better.
If the S&P is down 1% tomorrow I will give everyone in this thread 0.1 bitcoin (won't be necessary though :))

Well it was the 2008 financial crisis that bailed out massive banks after 2008
cringe, keep your crypto tbh

Lmao, at least give me someting worth something. like manero, scrub.
Yes, but it's been over a decade since then. Where is the proof that the Feds are pumping up the stock market now? Supposedly preventing a crash that would naturally happen?

>commies voluntarily staying poor
Didn't expect anything less

If any of the major indices goes down by at least 1% tomorrow I'll double that offer in Monero, just for you; though like my fellow capitalist said, it won't happen because the stock market is just too strong.
Asian shares strong on trade talks and it looks like the US market will be as well. No bitcoins for any of you.
No monero for you. In fact, you should be the one paying me (icing on the cake for me since I have long positions in a ton of financial stocks).
The money for the buybacks is coming from the federal reserve. That’s why the market tanked back in Dec 2018 because the Fed was going to put their foot down and raise rates.
You punks them out by doing a sell off. But you still need that cheap and easy credit.
*You punked them out by doing a sell off.
>Bull futures
Any last words, commies, before we have the absolute RECORD HIGH day in all of stock market history?
>how do bubbles work
(40.36 KB 588x410 europe EPS miss q3 2019_0.jpg)
Behold the power of capitalism:
Not only companies that miss their earnings are not punished but they are rewarded for it (i.e. their stocks go up).
They go up because of a little something called GUIDANCE. Look it up.
Great day today, increased my net worth by over 9.5%. Capitalism ROCKS.
I'm sure he can empirically verify this claim; What he really means is "insider trading."
Cope, socialism really is a conspiracy theory on the level of 9/11 revisionism or Holodomor denial.
(221.89 KB 1543x728 Untitled.jpg)
Top trend line here to beat you down again. This was quite literally already accounted for.
(343.86 KB 1920x1024 fshfe3.png)
crashes are becoming more frequent
lmao you do realize your two pictures are contradictory? The first says that there will be a fall from 3040, while the second projects a peak at 3120 from the same uptrend. Hmm…
>People wanting to radically change the organization of their lives is a conspiracy theory.
Mfw, porky doesn't know what he's looking at.
You sound like a neo-Nazi saying "You're hating on people who just love their own race". I can see through your loaded statement, commie.
If wanting to behead the financiers of wallstreet makes me a neo-nazi then so be it.
There's another record today. Don't you just get tired of winning all the time?
(4.44 KB 115x317 Capture.PNG)
good reference
I don't get it
I doubt he knows what any of those words mean dude. Probably struggles with "commodity".
You're not "getting richer" you silly troll, do you really expect people to think that porkies spend their free time gloating on leftypol?

I mean you'd be right but
>he doesn't know about meme triangles

back to 4/biz/ porky
Definition of socialism: how you cope after failing to be come a capitalist (a.k.a. wealth-maker and job-creator)
Were comin bucko GET
Stealing this get for CAPITALISM
Mine's bigger than your's ;)
Yet you were too slow for the first one, just like you will be too slow during the revolution ;)
You only think I was too slow, but in fact, I was biding my time. Patience pays, which explains why you're so poor LMFAO
>gets sloppy second GETs
>thinks this is a good thing
(871.40 KB 245x230 1497658017711.gif)
So cute when they try to compensate for being lesser
>says the GET cuck
Actually it's commonly accepted that 0 GETs are fed GETs.
Have a porkie problem?
How true.
This board is populated at least a few hundred tankies impotently screeching about capitalism.
They won't amount to anything.
They think their little book club will "start the revolution".

Someone should start a movie featuring Trotsky's ghost killing tankies.
(24.29 KB 400x400 rj4P7t1h.jpg)
>not just ignoring the porky LARPer
Success breeds jealousy after all, and commies are plenty jealous.

ok boomer
top is in

time to open an account with shorting porkster
2020 FOMC Meetings
Prepare your anus for $30 a piece onions /leftypol/.
Surprised that Porky here isn't gloating.

I wish the Porky here actually gave more career/investing advice.
Stop being a communist and read Paul graham
start here: http://www.paulgraham.com/wealth.html
Were you not paying attention? Make calls bro.

ok, boomer
The rich got rich by exploiting other people. Not from working really hard. Nobody could possibly produce the level of wealth the rich have claimed ,that physically impossible. So they must have taken it from others.

>conflating the function of entrepeneur with the function of the capitalists they get funds from

>buying into marginal productivity theory's categorical confusion between the productive capacity of assets and ownership of said assets, which are entirely qualitatively distinct things

Go further. It's basically impossible to merely take the amount of wealth the plutocrats have. The only way to get that wealthy is to sit atop a system that is built to funnel wealth to you.
Just got word from the office -- tomorrow's going to be another bull day.
If you aren't investing in the stock market right now you are literally choosing to go poor.
Don't listen to the porky. Anytime a porky says to buy it means he's trying to cash out and leave you holding the bag.
(52.43 KB 1240x928 yield_curve.png)
Nice yield curve
>copemmies ignoring all the times the curves inverted and a crash diddnt happen
Can you point to a period when the yield curve was fully inverted and a crash didn't happen in the last 50 years?
>in the last 50 years?
Nice try, sophist.
(122.88 KB 1884x808 chart.jpg)
(59.18 KB 609x564 heather.png)
There remains zero evidence that either the massive tax cut nor the increase in fiscal spending have produced the increase in growth that was promised. The slowest growth cycle comes with the expense of the largest debt expansion cycle in history. Just wait to see what they do when GDP growth drops below 1%!!
Hey! im takin some time off for myself yachting around the Mediterranean recently, cant be such a productive force all the time! besides your own graph shows that manufactuing has been steady for the last 10 years around 2% and the higher debt is just my influence in the govenment growing!
If the free market is all that bad then explain to me why "capitalist" rhymes with "protagonist".
It also rhymes with "antagonist". This is a rather weak argument snek.
Chinks btfo lmao

Want a better argument for the free market? Ok, the entire developed world. Your turn.

Want an argument for socialism? The GDR

Porky BTFO
Hey thats funny, meanwhile the entire underdeveloped world is an argument against markets


bottom text
>The GDR
Yes? It collapsed LOL what kind of argument is that

It's called the "developing world" and they now have the highest rates of development thanks to
the free market

Read Pynchon
(120.16 KB 1866x1353 Capture.PNG)
(120.27 KB 1850x1323 Capture.PNG)
China Doubts Long-Term Trade Deal Possible With Trump
im shocked , just shocked i tell you

(1.97 MB 360x270 15b.gif)
Google Deng Xiaoping
Tomorrow = bull day. Today was a breather.
If Bank of America falls below 1% tomorrow I will donate $10,000 to any organization of choice, to the first person who asks, and show the receipt. No terrorist organizations or anything though cause it's going to be in my name.

I won't have to do this though because our economy is doing GREAT! I love capitalism.
You dont have to donate anything porkie because your already helping the rate of profit to fall, doing what you do best :)
donate to the DPRK
Find me an org and I'll make it happen tomorrow.

Then again, you probably are going to waste your time trying to find one, since you know, the invisible hand is just so powerful and efficient…
Give your life savings to Nestlé
>Asian shares reversed early losses on Friday as an unexpected bounce in Chinese manufacturing activity offset some negativity cast by a Bloomberg news report that raised doubts over whether the United States and China can reach a long-term trade deal.


(635.82 KB 1967x1967 2018-10-03_21.26.45_5-1.jpg)
No need to "donate" anything, Porky. We will retake, what is rightfully ours and your head as a bonus. ;)
You're only getting me more excited.
(24.08 KB 1203x268 shser.png)
(35.40 KB 1288x730 zbfsn.png)
mmmmm weekly gains wiped out in one hour nice
(25.93 KB 232x254 20191101_062425.jpg)
The stagnation continues!
(34.84 KB 1513x587 1572585314043.png)
does this mean something to the people here?
It's an index of gold mining stocks. It shot up 40x in afterhours trading for some reason.
95% likely it's a bug, 4% someone fatfingered, 1% some seriously crazy shit is going to go down tomorrow.
So I should sell my stocks right?
>Bank of America over 1%
Ohohohohoho! Looks like YOU commies are going to be the ones to have to donate to charity. Not like I expect you to, since socialism is predicated on greed, and taking stuff away from others because you're not disciplined enough to acquire it yourself.

None of you would ever contribute to charity, not one. There are plenty of people worse off than you and yet when it really comes to it, you will shun them. SAD!
(75.84 KB 1500x500 serveimage.png)
(41.50 KB 940x300 serveimage.png)
qbgadtc (quit being greedy and donate to charity)
>It's called the "developing world" and they now have the highest rates of development thanks to
the free market

where? in somalia?

>GDR? It collapsed LOL what kind of argument
is that

it was dissolved. their economic wasn't collapsing at all, lol
Seriously considering opening a brokerage account. Any recommendations?
put it all into index stocks
Interactive Brokers is a good one, along with Robinhood in the US and Degiro in Europe. These have pretty low commissions on top of having decent features.

It's better to put it in something that would beat the market, like Beyond Meat (BYND), Apple (AAPL), or Citigroup (C).
>calling the day when the first 4 hour candle closes

Well, you're correct about GDR's economy, but it wasn't just dissolved, it was annexed by the West.
I've seen that infograph, but are there any sources for it?
How tf does one even invest in the stock market? Where the fuck can I guy to buy anything other than buttcoin?
>pretty low commissions on top of having decent features

I'm trying to imagine paying to trade with your own money.

On the bottom of the picture it notes, it's from a calculation done by the university of Bremen (a West-German city). To me that is all I need to know.
>Margin requirements Interactive Brokers
>Initial Margin: The percentage of the purchase price of securities that an investor must pay. Reg T calls for initial margin of up to 50%. Maintenance Margin: The minimum amount of equity that must be maintained in the investor's margin account. Reg T calls for a maintenance margin of at least 25%.
>IBKR calculates the Exposure Fee at its discretion. The calculation may be subject to change without notice and is based on a proprietary algorithm designed to determine the potential exposure to the firm that an account presents.
>The Exposure Fee may change each day based on market movements, changes in the account's portfolio, and changes in the formulas and algorithms that IBKR uses to determine the potential risk of the account.
>The Exposure Fee is calculated daily and deducted from affected accounts on the following trading day. Accounts subject to the exposure fee should maintain excess equity to avoid a margin deficiency. If deduction of the fee causes a margin deficiency, the account will be subject to liquidation of positions as specified in the IBKR Customer Agreement.
>Accounts that are subject to both an overnight position (Inventory) fee and an Exposure Fee will be charged the greater of the two fees.

>cant short more than 1.5x
>arbitrary "exposure fee" for shorting

>cant short
Why do porkies think, we communists are some kind of reverse /biz/ people? Like we would turn into pink wojaks, whenever the stock market isn't in the red. If I remember correctly, the Murican stonks were historically about 75% of the time positive. Obviously, it will remain something like that for the majority of the time. Crashes are events, not everyday. So when a crash gets postponed for some reason, we'll just continue on with our regular class struggle day. There are riots around the world right now, in countries where capitalism has clearly failed to improve the people's lives. Of course, we marxists know, it's exactly a logical consequence of this system. A crash just makes some things easier and faster for us, but it's not necessary. Still, it is inevitable. It will surely be delicious to look at. The higher the speculation goes, the worse the collapse will be. So it can rise all it wants. It will never last.

There are more Porky posts of desperately attempting to provoke us, than there are people being mad that the markets haven't crashed yet. It's almost sad to look at, really. Some cringy capitalist bootlickers trying to trigger "stewpid commies" and failing by being educated with facts and logic instead.
Yesterday would have been perfect to have the DOW drop 13,666 points.
I hate libertards They are always talking about communism.
You know what, I'll extend my offer to you communists for one more session. I'll make the same $10K donation if BAC falls at least 1% on Monday, guaranteed.

But just like last time, the free market will show itself too resilient for that. Sigh… such is life in prosperity.
>Asian markets in the green
You're truly delusional if you think some wacky yield curve inversion or whatever is going to bring down the economy. We're doing GOOD -- capitalism will always provide.
So, how hard will next crisis hit? Will it be just another run of the mill "recession"? Or something worse?
The crisis is already here -- and it's the fact that workers aren't working hard enough. They're too lazy -- too much Game of Thrones and Chipotle, not enough hours put in to good ol' fashioned labor. Labor unions and government regulations are exacerbating this crisis -- hopefully, some more lobbying might push them back for now.
With the weakness in the west and the strength in the east compared to 10 years ago, it'll be a moderate recession at least.
Good timestamp if you want to know how bad it will be
>Futures +1%
If socialists really thought the stock market was going to drop, wouldn't it be a good idea to get a brokerage account and make lots of short positions? I mean, if they really believed in their marxist dogma and were literally willing to bet on it.
Productivity has been climbing for years and years, lol.
Why are you so fucking retarded? First it's gonna drop, then it's gonna crash, then we will DESTROY it and replace it with something completely new. There will be no stock market, there will be nothing to short.

>If socialists really thought the stock market was going to drop
I don't think you understand the socialist position at all. The mythical "drop" we discuss ITT is simply an event at the tail-end of a process that was thoroughly analyzed and critiqued by Marx. We are interested in the forces that inevitably culminate in market crashes. You see a "drop" as a way to make a buck. We see a "drop" as an opportunity to alter the course of history. We're speaking different languages.

Tell me, what's really in my best interest as a socialist? To invest in a corrupt, wobbly system that is guaranteed to crash because of internal contradictions, or to fight for a future where all my basic needs will be socialized and people like you will be sent to gulag? So yeah, you betting fucking believe we're "betting" on our "Marxist dogma", just not in the way you think.
This is how you get banned. Do you want to get banned?
lmao sounds like excuses for not shorting
You need to be banned, for sure
You bring absolutely nothing of value here. You're just here to troll.
(360.90 KB 512x512 NoFunAllowed.png)
God I miss Pinochet. Things were easier with him.
Go to /gulag/
They've run out of things to say. They can't challenge us as communists, so they paint us as "within the system" but "too scared to play the game". What was once semi-interesting banter on their part is now a hollow and unfunny strawman.
(269.95 KB 720x878 20191104_103150.jpg)
>Banks are getting secretly bailed out now.
Tell me about it. Just pathetic screeching on their part at this point. I can't wait to end their misery. In the end, porkies are technically speaking also victims of this system. They profit off so much, yet are never satisfied. In their desperate persuit of their own happyness, they result in trying to annoy communists online, since they can't seem to find anything else meaningful for their psychotic needs.
It's just sad, really.
Maybe I haven't been here long enough but they feel like a bit. If it's not a bit then porky might be in the running for most pathetic person I've ever met on the internet , and that's even more true if he is actually loaded.
(501.43 KB 960x783 polpot.png)
>imperialism is ok when anyone but those damn boogers do it!
it seems the mods here care more about silencing alternative opinions that might prove them wrong than actual discussion. for the record I hate capitalism too but lets be real here.
>you need to be banned because you're contradicting me.

welcome to the real world, where not everyone shares your opinion. now go outside.
Advocating the legitimacy of fucking Pinochet is not an "alternative opinion." When are you faggots just gonna admit your all lying out your fucking ass?

The man is an antagonistic cunt who doesn't deserve the privilege of posting on this board.
Everything about leftypol has been laid out since the very fucking begging. If you don't like it fuck off.

Take your bitching to /gulag/ and shut the fuck up.
Go complain in /gulag/ please.
Go complain about the ban in /gulag/ or in the mod thread. This is not the place to complain about it.
>Accredited investors include natural high net worth individuals (HNWI), banks, insurance companies, brokers and trusts.

>The most commonly quoted figure for membership in the high-net-worth club is around $1 million in liquid financial assets. An investor with less than $1 million but more than $100,000 is considered to be "affluent" or perhaps "sub-HNWI." The upper end of HNWI is around $5 million, at which point the client is then referred to as "very HNWI." More than $30 million in wealth classifies a person as "ultra HNWI."

>What Is a High-Net-Worth Individual (HNWI)?
High-net-worth individual (HNWI) is a person or family with liquid assets above a certain figure. The term is often used by the financial services industry. Although there is no precise definition of how rich someone must be to fit into this category, high net worth is generally quoted in terms of having liquid assets of a particular number. The exact amount differs by financial institution and region but could range from people with a net wealth of 6- to 7- or more figures.

If you were a libertarian who invested in stocks you would know that you need to have 50K liquid cash to open an account and that fees will destroy your earnings if you bet less than 250K. Its literally illegal to short in the USA if you aren't licensed and working for a firm or a HNWI and no one will give you access to the securities without taking enormous fees, taking the other side of your trade, or both.
>put your money in an uninsured bucket shop hosted in the caiman islands
(685.99 KB 697x611 123.png)
I'm fairly certain that was satire. I fucking hope so at least.
Isn't this the guy who says China is Socialist? Who cares what he has to say?
>Asian shares closed in on their July peak on Tuesday on increasing signs the United States and China are inching closer to a truce in their trade war and on optimism the U.S. economy is well poised for solid, consumer-driven growth.

He doesn't, actually. He just says China's market has not yet been shown to follow the same rules as a capitalist economy. Mainly that the SOEs are able to force investment during profit downturns, preventing recessions. However, the Chinese ROP is not as high as it used to be, so it'll be interesting to see what happens this time.
Can someone explain how all the risk was moved to the dollar as is said in the video?
What's the significance of the % falling from 14% to around only 2%?
<A-a-any day now
Says the increasingly nervous commie. Y'all are acting like low bond yields mean consumers have lost trust in the market system or something -- it don't mean that! Simple.

Invest now and you will not regret it.
Brian Green (Marxist economist that often comments on Michael Roberts blog posts) delivers once again a fascinating empirical Marxist analysis of the current US economy, this time focusing on the rate of profit since the last crisis in 2008 (spoiler: it ain't looking good for porky). I invite everyone to read the 2 part pdf appended to this post, it gets really technical but worth a read.
I will copy here his conclusions and forecast, from his article, for the global economy that are in my opinion really interesting:

<On Sunday the 10th, at the Historical Materialism Conference I will be supporting Michael Roberts who is delivering a paper whose theme is the same as these articles: namely that it is profits that determines investment, and, not vice versa. This is not an academic debate but a debate that will shape the future. The period of neo-liberalism with its grotesque inequalities and bubble driven economy is over having run capitalism into the ground. If capitalism is to be salvaged it will be so, despite the protests of the billionaire media tycoons, only through left-reformism. The foolish leadership of groups like the SWP [Socialist Workers Party] who see an insurgent right in the immediate future, rather than left-reformism, are lost in the maze of history. Left-reformism is Keynesianism. Its hypothesis that capitalism’s malaise is caused by under-consumption, or what is the same thing, a lack of effective demand, leads it to propose a state solution to the problems facing capitalism. In so far as they tax the rich and redistribute to the poor, that will have a positive effect on the economy. In so far as they believe that state spending can substitute for unprofitable production, they are going to be sorely mistaken. Left reformism will fail because the conditions of profit do not allow for its success. At the outset, the Marxist Critique of Political Economy, in this case that of Keynesianism, is bound to be marginalised. However, as and when left-reformist solutions fail or become unaffordable, we need to ensure that an anti-capitalist perspective emerges centre stage. In this endeavour we dare not fail, because what follows the phase of left-reformism, will be the period of revolution or counter-revolution.
<In conclusion, the period between 2013/4 and 2016 has turned out to be decisive. This is the period of marked falls in global profitability which by 2016 had led to marked changes in investment behaviour. As the Bank of International Settlements has shown, by 2008 loans to financial corporations overtook loans to industrial corporations in developed countries, and by 2016 the same had happened for developing countries. Thus the rise of financial loans has become generalised. They eclipsed industrial loans not because of their rise but because of the relative fall in industrial loans. The global industrial crisis preceded the Trump election and the first shots of the trade war. 2014 – 2016 marked the break-down of globalisation. It will conclude with a financial emergency.

<To Verity who made all this research possible. The 31st October was a day of commemoration and of breakthrough.

<Brian Green, 3 November 2019.

Some may not like his occasional bursts of grandiloquence (I dig it personally) but I think his analysis of the current state of capitalism and what is actually at stakes is on point.
It's the amount of private lenders outbidding each other to purchase government bonds - the safest type of investment you can make, even if less profitable.
(89.84 KB 480x360 Bouge40.png)
>It will conclude with a financial emergency.
Very nice
>Financials flying
>Industrials making steady gains as well
This thing will NEVER crash.
>porky will disregard this
fellow comrade you're not very good at trolling.
The only real trolls here are the people who are pretending this isn't the most robust economy in years. Your fear-mongering about strong consumer-driven growth just doesn't stand up in the (real) world, sorry to tell you.
(14.99 KB 422x422 JPEG_20190201_125522.jpg)
Just shut the fuck up, liberal! The ban was justified.
(1.37 MB 260x252 full_retard.gif)
>LOL, fascism is cool
<wtf I'm banned
Can we get this one banned too?
This one too
(1.91 MB 360x203 Kill Everyone.gif)
Are burger state elections likely to affect the stock market today?

Only elections of national magnitude can effect the market. When Trump was elected, I remember, the market dipped and then recovered shortly after -- good swing trading opportunity. His influence towards the economy had a lukewarm reception and the market correlated to that. In other cases, such as Brexit, there is very little upshot and so the market had a bear movement for a while. State elections aren't that significant though to the national economy.
Tomorrow = bull day. Calling it.
Juuuuuuust as predicted. Capitalism has shown itself to be strong and robust once again. No need for socialism when the economy's doing this good.
You can still invest and become rich commies. Let's face it, your addiction to socialism isn't improving your conditions one bit, but you can still let capitalism work for you.

(301.94 KB 476x533 dsaffadfdsa.PNG)
(295.95 KB 558x560 20191107_201153.png)
>This economy is doing great! Take that, you retarded gommies! Reeeeeeeee!
<Almost the entire world is protesting and revolting against capitalism's failure already. And the crash hasn't even started yet.
>Basically being a completely delusional brainlet capitalist bootlicker.
Oh boy, this coming depression is going to finally end capitalism. I thought, I was unlucky to be born in such horrid times. But actually, I'm witnessing an end of an era. The end of our darkest times as species. I can't wait!
Why do you think we are incapable of investing in the stock market? We aren't going to suddenly stop believing in proletariat revolution just because you used Capitalism to make money.
He's coping with a pinch of pure ideology.

I think, deep down he can tell, how screwed he and his colleagues are. When we are already at this kind of political instability now, imagine how bad things can get for the bourgeoisie, as soon as capitalism collapses in on itself.
(93.88 KB 344x295 1.png)
(48.63 KB 712x187 just kidding.png)
(635.82 KB 1967x1967 2018-10-03_21.26.45_5-1.jpg)
Shut the fuck up, capitalist! These taxes are the compromise. Otherwise, we will go for your head!
Nevermind, we'll go for your head anyway, since you shouldn't bloody exist in the first place. Go cry to your invisible hand, bitch!
(82.08 KB 1000x666 e3k19g33mcx31.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1200x820 image (1).png)
>No need for socialism when the economy's doing this good.

The peak only gets closer with every post.

gb2 https://boards.4channel.org/biz/catalog/
Thanks. I need to short my shit now then.
Remember the last two years the market hit new highs during the holidays only to blow it all again early into the next year.
A $45,000 Loan for a $27,000 Ride: More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on Car Loans
>As cars become more expensive, buyers are getting hampered by burdensome loans
(15.11 KB 330x166 ruoh_ro_raggy.png)
Markets are kind of putting me in a depressive mood. We finally get a day in the red and it's this shabby.
If the S&P doesn't fall at least 1% more by Friday I'm going to have to sacrifice my nipples for the crash.

Hopefully the spirits accept it well
You do realize the fed will prevent the crash at least until trump gets a second term right?

i thought we were waiting for that 4 trillion dollar pile of corporate debt to hit its rate adjustment in a year or whenever
i dunno about that but if companies are having problems the fed will keep printing money until it goes away
Is the % the interest rate for a certain term of debt?
For the shale oil industry, the refinancing of the debt is next March or April and if the WTI oil price stay under 58/60$ by then (under that price shale oil extraction is not profitable) that whole industry might collapse.
<Instead in this post, I want to concentrate on my second session, namely the discussion between me and Professor David Harvey. David Harvey (DH) is one of the world’s pre-eminent geographers and a prolific writer of books and articles on Marxian economic theory, as well as on the structure and trends in modern capitalism. For his latest view on that, see his book Capital and the Madness of economic reason.

<Over the years, DH and I have debated and discussed issues on Marx’s law of value and his law of profitability. DH rejects the view that Marx’s law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall (LRTPF) has much to do with changes in a capitalist economy or as a cause of crises. He has criticised me and others who hold that view of being ‘monocausal’ ie obsessed with one cause when crises are the result a multiplicity of causes. He also thrown doubt on whether Marx’s law is logically valid, empirically supported and even if Marx continued to support it in his later years. I won’t go over old ground here and you can read these various issues on my blog in many posts.

<On this occasion, DH entitled his presentation, Marx’s ‘Double-Edged Law’ of the Falling Rate of Profit and the Rising Mass of Profit. DH kindly sent me an unfinished paper of his that outlined the argument he was going to make. The gist of it was that many Marxists pay too much attention to the rate of profit in looking at capitalism and not what is happening with the mass of profit. And yet Marx’s law is double-edged. Marx spells it out in Volume One of Capital: “despite the enormous decline in the general rate of profit…the number of workers employed by capital i.e. the absolute mass of labour set in motion by it, hence the absolute mass of the surplus labour absorbed, appropriated by it, hence the mass of surplus value it produces, hence the absolute magnitude or mass of the profit produced by it, can therefore grow, and progressively so, despite the progressive fall in the rate of profit.” He then adds: “this not only can, but must be the case…. The same laws “produce both a growing absolute mass of profit, which the social capital appropriates, and a falling rate of profit.” And then Marx asks: How, then should we present this double-edged law of a decline in the rate of profit coupled with a simultaneous increase in the absolute mass of profit arising from the same causes?”
(130.22 KB 1180x772 harvey-7.png)
nice chart
(16.62 KB 250x250 1300044776986.jpg)
Are we due to an overproduction crisis soon? When do you predict it? 2020s or after?
It’s a fucking self fulfilling prophecy ITS IN THE MSM ALREADY
And we will STILL end up making HUGE AMOUNT of MONEY.
Ok porky
Is there some place I can monitor yield inversions live? Also aren't there several yields that are measured rather than there just being one?
(372.69 KB 690x604 1.png)
(14.94 KB 329x157 11_12_19_asia.png)
>they started branding some companies as "too big to fail" in advance this time
It's gonna be worse than '08 and they know it.
So… long oil futures, short oil industry?
(41.97 KB 589x206 whoops.png)
(14.80 KB 326x169 2019-11-13_asia_.png)
(23.08 KB 320x320 1499732866613.jpg)
>Another record high
PLEASE tell me tomorrow at least will be a bear day. I am going to die waiting for this stupid crash, if it happens at all.
The higher it climbs the harder it falls comrade.
>not being into edging until you fucking die of anticipation
(326.45 KB 6109x3980 imp4.png)
(309.54 KB 6109x3980 imp-1.png)
(301.12 KB 6109x3980 imp-2.png)
<Finally, Marx’s model of unequal exchange shows that the economics of imperialism works through the transfer of value by the exploitation of the workers of the South by the capitalists of the South and then through the transfer of some of that surplus value appropriated to the capitalists of the North in international markets and internal global value chains. The workers of the North do not benefit in any way from this imperialist transfer.
<To suggest, as some do, that the welfare state, pensions and national health services in the North were only possible because of the imperialist exploitation of the South is economic nonsense. After all, the great period of imperialist exploitation was in the neo-liberal period of globalization since the 1980s, when the welfare and wage gains of workers in the North were taken back. Globalisation of the late 20th century was a response to falling rates of profit in the North (as it was in the late 19th century). It is also a political insult against the class struggles made by Northern workers to achieve those gains in the first place. Both the workers of the South and the North are exploited by capital. It is capital that is the enemy of both.
So is this implying that northern capitalists desire to take control of developing economies directly again?


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