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For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:32:55 No. 8537
Guide for new Anons: https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/72a78f39a9a53439bf2bdc6aeb272f7e-imagepng.png Groups: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/leftypol http://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=leftypol Leftybooru: http://lefty.booru.org/ /leftypol/'s magazine: http://bunkermag.org/ http://spectrerouge.com/ FAQ: >How can you call yourselves leftist politically incorrect? /leftypol/ posters are allowed to voice opinions that offend liberals, SJWs, and so on. All sects on the left are allowed to post on /leftypol/, leading to plenty of fighting and shitflinging between leftists, which other forums might ban. However, this was only a minor consideration in the naming of /leftypol/. Since the concept is simply a leftist version of /pol/, the entire name of /pol/ was retained. >I'm not a leftist can I post here? Non-leftists can come here to ask questions. Board moderation here is more focused on maintaining a good board index, so non-leftists have to be on better behavior as OP than they do as participants in someone else's thread. If you aren't b8ing or shitposting, your thread is likely to stay up. >Are you liberals? Are you SJWs? Do you like Clinton? Are you all Zionists??? No liberals here. We hate the Democrat party. As for Israel, leftism is anti-Zionist. It is not anti-Jew. Unlike /pol/, /leftypol/ fully supports Palestinians, and doesn't think they're "mudslimes". Pretending to be an SJW or Zionist will very likely get you banned. >Why did you leave /pol/ and why does this board exist? /leftypol/ existed to help the 8chan community focus on leftist topics without being slid or flooded to death, and now has moved to Bunkerchan as constant alt-right chud murderers and Qanon boomers killed 8chan. >Do you support gun control? While posters on /leftypol/ have varying stances on gun control (training requirements, mental health checks, etc.), they are overwhelmingly in favor of arming the proletariat. >Do you support "national" socialism? No.
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they should be enabled now.

uploading 3 PDFs gives me a connection error and uploading 1 gives me "A file had a format that is not allowed by the server."
I'm bringing it up right now; Join the IRC anon. Do you know how?
i never could into communist books
maybe im too intelligent
anarchist/anticiv books on other hand...
Yay! finally works for me but buggy as hell as >>10654 said. I guess I'll upload whatever books I have on the USSR one by one
Seems like it's not possible to upload more than ~18MB at a time
Yeah, for me all in depth theory is fucking boring. I will never read Capital, ok you fucking nerds? History is far more informative anyway.
I'd say the Soviets, they may be honored for what they are now. And always. But the Stalin days and after that, as far as I know it was bad. So actually bad, also going against good left hand views.

Anyone a reply to this?
You really should read Kapital though. OR at least watch videos about it.
EPUB files. You'll need Calibre or Microsoft Edge to open these
Classical Econophysics - Cockshott et al
The Philosophy of the Encounter - Althusser
for history books then
Contending Economic Theories - Wolff
Another View of Stalin - Losurdo (Translated)
Arguments for Socialism - Cockshott
The Classics:
Red Star Over China
LTV Correction on Categories of Transformation - Ian Wright
Labour Values, Prices of Production - German Economy
Is there are /leftypol/ approved "Capital for retards"?
another good China book:
China Shakes the World

PhilosophyTube is pretty good, not perfect but good.
Communications: A Blindspot of Marxism
Weird Scenes in the Canyon (conspiracy theories about Rock music)
JFK and the Unspeakable
The Message is Murder
The Cinematic Mode of Production
^ two books from same author about the spectacle

History of Bourgeois Perception
Malcolm X Speaks
NATO's Secret Armies / GLADIO
The Prehistory of Language
Caliban and the Witch (Marxist feminist lit)
Coming of the Third Reich
Governance of China (Xi's book)
Letzte Aufzeichnungen - Erich Honecker (it's in German)
STASI: Sword and Shield of the Party
Antifascism and Memory in East Germany: Remembering the International Brigades 1945-1989
what did he mean by this
No its important.
personally recommend season 1 of Marx Madness as they go through almost every chapter of volume 1
Any books about rise, rule and fall of Communist rule in West Bengal state of India?
They hold the record of being democratically elected to power for 34 years without any break.
any books written by / about Thomas Sankara?
Most important Freud book is the one by Frederick Crews tbh. It's on libgen.
stephen resnick does a good job explaining marx's economic concepts
On Guerilla Warfare
On Practice and Contradiction (w/foreword by Zizek)
Quotations from Mao Zedong
Yes, if someone reads the Crews book, they'll be able to clog up threads about psychoanalysis and Freudo-Marxism with posts about Freud and cocaine ad nauseum.
Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism
A Reader's Guide to Marx's Capital
The Selected Works of Eugene V. Debs
(157.79 KB 1191x871 davidharvey.jpg)
David Harvey's lectures + his companion to Capital.
Tried uploading five .pdfs at a time, didn’t work. Can uploading one work?
Upload is limited by total file size. Around 18MB it craps out.
I recommend
Oh, and also no more than 3 files at a time
It actually shits itself at 15+ MB.
Reading lists I saved that were posted originally on /marx/ and /marxism/ (although some of them are probably or certainly from /leftypol/)
fuck, can the mods make it five
I remember the max being three on 8chan, so it might be the same here.

But if possible, I think I would also prefer 5. Would any mods/admins be able to increase the max upload size as well?
>I remember the max being three on 8chan
no it was five
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR
Dialectical and Historical Materialism
The plan as it stands is to address alot of the glaring issues, such as the green snake and over-use of space. But yes, the plan is hopefully to return soon to the 5 file posting we had.
Thanks comrade
Daily Life in the Soviet Union
Posting "The Anatomy of Fascism" by Robert Paxton.
any Zapatista / Subcomandante Marcos works?
Lenin's Moscow
Inside Lenin's Government
Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin, important AnarchoCommunist literature
The Revolution Betrayed
Stalin – An Appraisal of the Man and his Influence
Statism and Anarchy
God and the State
On Anarchism
Is there anything actually important in Kapital that can't be gleamed from Wage Labor and Capital + Value Price and Profit?
Yes, everything. I know we post WLC and VPP as "intros," but honestly you don't really understand them unless you read Capital (or at least some other big classical political econ book). It's a bit circular.
Capital is incredibly important for dozens of reasons. It explains how capitalism works, it contains a history of capitalism and class struggle, it teaches dialectical materialism by example, it touches on ecology, the list goes on... and that's just in Vol 1.
One big reason communists have to read Capital is that one of their central arguments is that YOU CAN'T REFORM CAPITALISM. Well, how do they know that? Why can't socdems win and give us ethical capitalism? If you don't understand political economy, you will end up accidentally conceding on dozens of points of bourgeois ideology. Lefts who don't read Capital are especially vulnerable to Keynesianism.
Doesn't he say that Marx doesn't have a labor theory of value though?
In my own opinion, this is little reason to discount some of the commentary on Capital. It's extremely notable that this shouldn't be extended to full identification with Harvey' argument, but rather that it's equally unproductive to simply do away with a resource that may be helpful in other respects.
It would also be worth examining in an immanent way, as in how does Marx not have a labour theory of value; Which is to say how does Marx's labour theory of value differ from that of the other classical political economists, and where is Harvey correct in his negation and what is the negation of the negation here?
The Ego and His Own

surprised spookman hasn't been posted yet
More Trotsky:
Writings in Exile
An Appeal to the Toiling, Oppressed & Exhausted Peoples of Europe
Stalin and Co. : The Politburo - The Men Who Run Russia
Hey Anons, should I read any of Bertrand Russell's essays or Sartre's works? Or are they way too bourgie/radlib?
If you're concerned about psychic bourgie radlib contagion just read Stalin's Dialectical and Historical Materialism each time you sense the whisperings of the spooks

It'll be somewhere in one of the following posts

Here ya go
Contributions to our new library

Books taken from cell of George Jackson
Revolutionary Suicide
Comrade, this is only 20 pages. Where is the rest?
Upload all this shit into one place.
>Upload all this shit into one place.
something equivalent to the /his/ megas here
is needed for /leftypol/ that way reading material can be just a stick OP and people can refer to what section of a /leftypol/ mega to find books in
Any forums you bookfags would recommend? 4/lit/ is decent, but the /pol/acks are too much sometimes.
Ladies and gentlemen, Das Kapital in the form of Jewish Klezmer.
Any books on fictionalization and neoliberalism?
Any books on fictionalization and neoliberalism?
this is Martens's book, not Domenic Losurdo's - though, if you do find Losurdo's "Stalin" in a translated pdf, please send it on.
Any books on the Soviet reaction to McCarthyism?
Currently reading farm to factory and, wow, really blown away. Great book. Very informative.

I don't know if this has been uploaded but here is a PDF by paul cockshot on the labor theory of value; testing the law of value and exposing extremely close correlations with prices and labor costs.
Yeah I mixed it up. The Losurdo translation is about to come out, there is a draft going around on a Google doc rn.
Anybody have books or, even better, pamphlets, on Christian commmunism/ liberation theology? I am a materialist but I live in the american south where the words socialism and communism fall on deaf ears. However a "classless society free from exploitation based on the teachings of christ" would be much more well received, and I'd like to try to get through to some of these good ol boys before the fash do.
Check out the popular posts of /r/radicalchristianity for some agitprop maybe
(256.40 KB 1179x777 ice tray.png)
Some random recommendations:
>Jude Woodward - The US vs China
Seriously, if you want to understand the dynamics of the US/China trade war and the geopolitical position of China, look no further. This book is an enormously insightful discussion of China's role on the global stage from a sympathetic perspective.
>Pierre Bourdieu - On Television
A short book (actually a TV lecture) that illustrates with solid examples how television is commercialized and dumbed down under capitalism.
>Terry Eagleton - Why Marx was Right
Solid entry-level book debunking the most common anti-Marxist arguments. Eagleton is somewhat weak in his view of 20th century socialism but outside of that, gives a great and non-sectarian defense of Marxism.
>José Saramago - Blindness
Great novel that happens to be written by a communist author.
(these are all available online on libgen except for -sadly- the Woodward book)
Khrushchev Lied
>Libcom is run by a liberal retard
Is the owner/admin autistic?
anyone who believes in LARP concepts like authoritarian vs libertarian is bound to be autistic
(150.11 KB 541x770 Capture2.JPG)
(1.01 MB 2800x2000 1548298832185[1].jpg)
excavated pic related from /lit/. but if you have absolutely no education in philosophy then I recommend starting with "How to read Lacan" then "Living in the End Times"
Libertarian really just means Anarchist. The Anarchists in Spain called their state "libertarian communism"
Fascist material, but useful none the less.
Yes, the CNT formed a state. They had a bureaucracy, a justice system and a military. They also ran gulags.
(165.64 KB 1080x1680 kech.jpg)
is this any good or just standard pablum?
but they lost
First as a tragedy then as a farce
>Rome - Flowers From Exile
That same band made an album on Rhodesia basically based on the idea that "both sides had their mistakes" and trying to show the white supremacists' perspective. Good music, but barely with a socialist message.
What is the ultimate black pill on state and violence?
(2.92 MB 291x300 1430761730963.gif)
>What is the ultimate black pill on state and violence?
Truthful Report on the Last Chances to Save Capitalism in Italy
>but they lost
werwolf has active after the war, dumb dumb. Just because they faded away from denazification doesn't mean their tactics are bad.
zizek isnt even a communist lmao
except he is lmao
>"zizek is actually a reactionary" universebrain
This, but unironically. You will never be a real girl, yui.
Go back to /pol/ with your transphobic dreck
Essential contemporary blogs/magazines reading list (brainlets not allowed):

>follows class struggle and revolt in china (aka where all the stuff you buy is produced)

>ultra communist/insurrectionary anarchist writings about american issues/revolts

>lots of idpol/middle class stuff but there's a few good articles and I like the design

>the late mark fisher's blog. site is dated and difficult to navigate so I recommend reading his books instead. but still essential reading on capitalist realism, hauntology and culture
>mark fisher
why does everyone care about this guy
cuz he triggered the libs
Chuang is really fucking good and everyone with an interest in China should read it.
i find his theory of hauntology very interesting as it deals with our current obsession of recycling cultural trends while not really coming up with new ones. also his take on capitalist realism is important as it challenges the neoliberal meme that 'there is no alternative. if its not your cup of tea then that's fine
But hauntology was Derrida
The Communist Manifesto book is actually pretty well structured once you get past all the million prefaces.
I think the manifesto should be one of the last things you read. It's not a good introduction to Marxism. Seeing that dumbass Jordan Peterson talk to Zizek about it is proof of this. I'd recommend reading Socialism: Scientific and Utopian, The Paris Manuscripts and the Germany Ideology first before you even touch the Manifesto.
>Seeing that dumbass Jordan Peterson talk to Zizek about it is proof of this
He didn't even read the damn thing.
that's asking too much of people. Critique of the Gotha Programme outlines his ideology quite well and is the same length as the manifesto.
it's riddled with superficial liberal dogmatism. Marx wrote it when he was 21 years old for crying out loud. I really think communists should stop shilling that drivel.
Does anyone have PDFs or EPUBs of any of the following?
Dialectical Materialism by Alexander Spirkin
Tony Cliff's Lenin Trilogy
Selected Writings by Alexandra Kollontai
Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century by Mark Dery
Lukacs Revalued by Agnes Heller
The Situationist International: A User's Guide by Simon Ford
Enrages and Situationists in the Occupations Movement
The Real Split in the Situationist International
Historical Materialism A System of Sociology by Bukharin
>sticky recommends "communist manifesto" as beginner material
>"no, don't actually start off by reading that crap"
what’s your point
I'm very thankful that you have posted a PDF file of that Parenti book! I've been looking for it for a while.
>Dialectical Materialism by Alexander Spirkin
Sadly scribd is demanding $ now but there is a .PDF at this link
It's also available as a webpage on marxist.org
>Tony Cliff's Lenin Trilogy
>Selected Writings by Alexandra Kollontai
[.PDF related]
>Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century by Mark Dery
[.PDF related]
>Lukacs Revalued by Agnes Heller
Can only get my hands on non english versions atm, sorry comrade
>The Situationist International: A User's Guide by Simon Ford
NFI but it can't be that important since I can't find it
>Enrages and Situationists in the Occupations Movement
>The Real Split in the Situationist International
>Historical Materialism A System of Sociology by Bukharin
You can cite webpages if that's why you're specifically asking for .pdfs and .epubs
No this is precisely the problem, Peterson read it as a teenager and probably ignored the preface and overvalued it at the time
Fug, the pdf for Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century by Mark Dery is a book review, soz senpai
fisher elaborated on derrida's theory.
>>8537 I wouldn't recommend the manifesto, it's just a propaganda pamphlet. 'Principles of Communism' is way better IMO.
oh my lord thank you so much for this! It was like impossible to find these.
Wasn't Derrida boring af? His entire ideologue is based around signs and symbols. Navel gazing nonsense.
On the subject of anti-civ, opinions on Wendell Berry?
His hauntology/spectres of Marx is one of his better works since it is mostly dumping on end of history losers
So Kojeve rustled some jimmies I see? Nice.
yes I personally think derrida was a post modernist charlatan but fisher's expansions on his theory is really great
>Nobody understands economics
Speak for yourself retard
>it's a question of faith.
Speak for yourself spooked idealist
Any good books on the history of Socialism in Russia? From the very beginning of the socialist movement there all the way to the state of the movement now.
(28.57 KB 354x499 Class Theory and History.jpg)
This is worth reading but it's only about the USSR.
Books on the Cuban Revolution ples ples ples?

Very extensive would be nice, but any kind would do.
Any books/pdfs about the Khmer Rouge Ideology and Economics?(looking for these only and not what happened/history as I already have them, I also already have Undervelopment by Khieu Samphan) as well as pdfs regarding Burmese Way to Socialism?
the Cuban Revolution specifically?
Yes. But you can give me what you have as of the moment.
Che Guevara – The Economics of Revolution by Helen Yaffe.
Since all the books are too heavy for the uploader I will provide the link to Bannedthought: http://www.bannedthought.net/Cuba-Che/index.htm

Really good overall
They're fine, I think some of Sartre's stuff about gaze and recognition is in a way similar to Stirner's stuff about love.
Sartre was kind of a cunt. He meant well I'm sure.
Dude I wish I had it. Everything written about them is begat and critical. I had one thing at one point but I don't know where I put it.

The old leftybooks torrent.
Maybe you're referring to this book?
I heard Michael Vickery is a good Marxist source, even though he did make the mistake of actually defending the Khmer Rouge members when they were put on trial.
Already have Vickery's books, he also defended the Khmer Rouge due to him being a sympathizer/supporter of the same
Hi Comrades I started reading Vladimir Lenin's New Economic Developments in Peasant Life. He mentions the allotment land and non-allotment land. Is allotment land the land which is common land like gardening and communal farming and the non-allotment land private land whereby it has been alloted to the individual by inheritance or purchase? Thanks
Is this a safe link?
Is this a safe link?
(94.75 KB 367x500 1424354776940-0.jpg)
The fast vote on an FAQ topic on leftypol replacing /NEW/ and the reading list has been carried and will be put into effect.
So, with that said, does anyone have a copy of the old FAQ topic?
Or wants to write a new one?
Allotment land is land owned by Obshchina (peasant community). Obshchina periodically performs repartition of this land between its members.
Books relating Marxism, dialectical materialism, leftist thought/philosophy, etc etc to STEM subjects and history?
>Books relating Marxism, dialectical materialism, leftist thought/philosophy, etc etc to STEM subjects and history?
*no joke, just read it*
Hello, due to the substantial amount of books already posted, we are going to repurpose this thread into the FAQ/rules/reading list thread to avoid having to rehost everything. I hope this is okay, feel free to continue book discussion and so on. The first few posts might be edited or moved around, sorry for the inconvenience.
>/leftypol/'s magazine:
These links are both kill
Where is the owner of leftypol.org? Weren't we talking to him about reperpousing these into that site?
>Sweden is Europe's third biggest gun exporter
>Sweden is one of the armers of ISIS along with Turkey

What are other crimes of Sweden?
Mods, just drop the stirner meme already.
It's a Marx reference iirc
(49.94 KB 501x649 f18142592.png)
Let's drop the Marx meme as well then.
Any book that goes ultra autistic on Gorbachev and his policies? I only know perestroika and glasnost in broad strokes
Any resources on neo-imperialism? How exactly do modern states basically take over another country without changing borders on a map?
>How exactly do modern states basically take over another country without changing borders on a map?

Don't have any specific resources but the tl:dr answer is debt. If you trick a poor nation into taking a large loan it cannot possibly pay back, when it's time to pay back you basically have more control over their policies than a boots on the ground invasion could ever give you. See: The IMF in Latin America, the EU in Greece or China in Africa.
Haven't read these yet but they seem to fit the bill (1)

The Accidental Proletariat: Workers, Politics, and Crisis in Gorbachev's Russia
Perestroika in Perspective : The Design and Dilemmas of Soviet Reform
Also worth nothing these are bourgeois sources and in my experience with this publisher there will be retarded anti-communist shit sprinkled throughout
>Any resources on neo-imperialism?
Imperialism in the 21st Century by John Smith is supposed to be a good book.
>How exactly do modern states basically take over another country without changing borders on a map?
Other anon is correct that it's mostly through debt and predatory agreements. Military and economic imperialism also go hand in hand. A really concrete example is what happened in Iraq after the US invaded in 2003. Up until the invasion, there had been laws stating that only a certain percentage of the Iraqi economy's profits (I believe about 45%) could be extracted to other countries. One of the first things the Americans did was scrapping this law and all others of the kind so that all sectors of the Iraqi economy could be sold out to (mostly American) corporations.
>or China in Africa.
Ah but this is where you are wrong anon. China is completely distinct from the IMF and Troika's machinations because it doesn't trick countries into predatory loans, which is because it's not an imperialist state. The big difference between (for example) the Chinese AIIB and the World Bank is that China doesn't require you to sell out your country and enforce destructive neoliberal policies before you can join. I would even say China is actively pursuing an anti-imperialist stance by providing better alternatives to the predatory American institutions for the Third World.
>China cannot not carry out imperialist policies, because it is not imperialist!
Literal circular logic.
>China doesn't require you to sell out your country
They do though.

Stop being an ideologue.
>>China cannot not carry out imperialist policies, because it is not imperialist!
>Literal circular logic.
You are the one that came up with this strawman, not me. I gave concrete examples of China cooperating with Third World countries on a non-imperialist basis. The reason China is not imperialist is that Chinese capital is far from being developed enough to enter into the imperialist stage; also don't forget China still has its major industries nationalized and keeps tight control over the private capitalist sector. It's not a capitalist country, let alone an imperialist one.
>Links a wikipedia article about "debt-trap diplomacy" that doesn't even mention any actual imperialist institutions such as the IMF and literally consists of parroting of the Western right-wing rhetoric against China
Debt trap diplomacy is pajeet nonsense, fren. And the bottom line is that the number of aocialist revolutions crushed by the US ia staggering and only growing. Ppl with a real interest in socialism shouldnt be apologizing for the US under any circumstances based this fact alone. Stop being a such a useless idiot anon.
>I gave concrete examples of China cooperating with Third World countries on a non-imperialist basis.
No you didn't. I can however offer concrete examples of the contrary; for example giving Kenya huge loans (that they cannot possibly repay) for building the Port of Mombasa and the Standard Gauge Railway, only to take strategic control over them after they default is literally predatory loaning practices.
>The reason China is not imperialist is that Chinese capital is far from being developed enough to enter into the imperialist stage

According to what law?
China is far more developed than Britain was during their colonial conquests, so by your logic Britain didn't employ imperialist policies. I would even say China is following the same pattern as what Britain did: Following rapid urbanization and population growth, and the problems that come with it, they're expanding elsewhere for new markets and raw materials.

>Ppl with a real interest in socialism shouldnt be apologizing for the US under any circumstances based this fact alone

I'm not? I would never apologize for the IMF's ravaging of third world countries through debt traps.

(Maybe mods can move this discussion to a different thread since it's off topic.)
(348.27 KB 2542x1222 for new anons.png)
since this is the new /NEW/ shouldn't pic related be in the OP?
pictures can't be edited. afaik they can only be deleted or spoilered
fuck off dipshit
(345.67 KB 600x610 1505752942177.png)
But, we're all frens here comr8
common comrade don't be rude
Holy shit will someone ban this autist.
Here's another (you). You like this negative attention? What's the matter, did your narccistic mom not teach you how to relate to others positively? Only got that negative reinforcement growing up huh?
>giving Kenya huge loans (that they cannot possibly repay) for building the Port of Mombasa and the Standard Gauge Railway, only to take strategic control over them after they default is literally predatory loaning practices.
I'll quote this article (whose arguments you hopefully will not discard for being tied to China):
>Financed and constructed by Chinese side, the SGR project has created 46,000 local jobs, cut the transportation cost between Mombasa and Nairobi by 40 percent, and increased Kenya's GDP by 1.5 percent.
No IMF "investment project" has ever achieved this kind of socio-economic progress for a country. Besides China tends to actually negotiate with Third World countries and never simply imposes predatory loans on them like the IMF does.
Same goes for the Sri Lanka "debt trap" drama that was played out in the right-wing media. It's plain Cold War style propaganda. See: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/sri-lanka-debt-port-borrowing-problem-not-made-in-china-11309738
Any pdfs regarding the Burmese Way to Socialism?
If anyone here speaks Spanish and is a giga-brainlet who can't into theory, read Marx para Principiantes by Mexican cartoonist RIUS, this and his other works is what got me into Leftism. They're not even really books in the full sense of the word since it's mostly just comics and cartoons, so they're very beginner friendly.
I have the Pdf
(83.15 KB 750x600 federicohegel.png)
I love the doodles of historical figures these marx 101 books have.
Any good book on 5 year plans specifically
thanks comrade
good content. saved.
How did I miss this thread this whole time? Good shit bros.
Well, seeing that China Daily is literally a PR-organ for the Chinese state that surely does make me a bit skeptical. Anyhow, assuming the stats are correct, boasting that the GDP has risen doesn’t counter my original claim that the infrastructure is built for China to take over (as part of their Belt and Road Initiative), and that the loans are handed out to exert political influence. I wouldn’t put to much weight on how fairly they negotiated with Kenyan officials considering all they need to accept any proposition is a bribe big enough.

>Chinese engineers worked 16 hours per day, slept on the construction sites in night, and some even broke down from the constant work and sacrificed their lives because of lacking timely treatment.
How on earth is this supposed to be a good thing

Responding to the Sri Lanka article, it’s strikingly similar to the Kenyan situation except that they were already facing a debt crisis. You don’t give out huge loans to a country knee deep in debt to build a strategically important port, only to take over it through leasing as a debt-equity swap after they obviously can’t repay the debt, through sheer coincidence.
Also awaiting reply to how Britain was capable of being imperialist when their economy was less developed than China-who can’t supposedly be imperialist because their economy isn’t developed enough.
>>Chinese engineers worked 16 hours per day, slept on the construction sites in night, and some even broke down from the constant work and sacrificed their lives because of lacking timely treatment.
>How on earth is this supposed to be a good thing
Not a good thing as such, but it does show them viewing it as a calling or duty, not just a job

Lmao the same can be said of a Japanese salary man
Or American techbros.
Neither of those are improving the material conditions in africa
You can find plenty of techbros who claim that they are improving the material conditions in Africa by working 24/7: "I'm doing this for the betterment of humanity" is usually just a big cope.
What are they "coping" for? They are rich and just virtue signal to elevate their social standing even further.
If only the Mexican Revolution started at least 8 years later...
they're not actually rich. they might make twice to ten times more than the average worker, but they still are exploited laborers working for billionaires.
their general ideology is liberal and highly self-gratifying. turns out, working for the surveillance state, or other similar nasty shit can actually be turned into a moral good with a mission statement: "eliminating crime, together" or some shit like that. it doesn't even have to be good, techpeople will eat it up.
Feel ya mate, also quite a shame Zapata, Villa and Madero where murdered also...
Que se chinguen Huerta y la banda de caciques y charros que al final volvieron al poder mediante la institucional mentira revolucionaria.
>yellow man's burden
(3.48 MB 2392x3348 books.png)
>if you haven't read these novelists adored by anticommunists or Greek meme philosophy then just refrain from political discussions
/pol/ypism is a mental disease
Why the fuck would I need to read the New Testament to engage in political discussion?
(1.70 MB 2892x2416 britpill reading list.jpg)
that looks practically scholarly compared to this
>not getting the meme
that image was obviously made by a Marxist to trick /pol/yps into radicalizing themselves. what kind of reactionary would put Adorno, Spinoza, and Hegel in a reading list?
not to mention Rousseau and Thomas Paine
Idk maybe you’re right but I wouldn’t put it past /pol/tards to read those works and give them their shitty interpretations. Remember that they think They Live is about da joos!
Thought the same thing when I saw that image. No way you can read those books and not turn into a socialist or at least en enlightenment era liberal
>great british railway jounreys
>a picrure of fucking nigel farage
this isn't real.
you think people on /pol/ can read for more than a 2 paragraph rant about jews or a 6 line long greentext? Nothing will radicalize these people because they'll never actually comprehend what the writer is talking about, because (((they))), the zog occiupied zionits zog government and other buzzwords don't show up every 5 seconds to keep their attention.
Comrade, what was the last book you read and how long ago?
literal anticommunist who might also have some progressive ideas but will surely not get you into actual Marxism let alone into non-armchair leftism
important influences for Marx's philosophy but neither would turn you in a leftist on their own (remember Hegel was a reactionary who thought enlightened despotism was the correct synthesis to 'balance out' the excesses of the French Revolution)
I would only believe this if the chart contained substantial Marxist or left-wing political theory
Does anyone have a copy of "The Advance of the Government of Allende and the Tasks to Pass from a Revolutionary State to Workers State" by Posadas?
(140.30 KB 1200x1155 british pepe.jpg)
Oh it's real alright.
Figured i should post this here too
anyone have a good PDF of P I Nikitin fundamentals of political economy?
I've only found good PDFs in spanish, and in english I've only found scans (one of them from based ismail)
Would you like to know how I can tell you've never read Hegel?
Rousseau is about as close to proto-Marxism as you can get.
One day they will point to this fucking guy's corpse and cry "muh victimz of communism"
Should I read foucault?
Postmodernism is a interesting study of culture, power relations, and language but i would suggest reading Frankfurt school and Athussar instead. you get a similar, but leftist perspective
Anything particular outstanding works or just start reading?
Is there a good book about the development of capitalism since its inception up to, say, WW2 that I can read?
In my opinion not really. Like other postmodernists he tries to dissect power in a quite idealist way and without a really cohesive framework (he would probably reject the idea of such "frameworks" altogether).
But if you do read Foucault, you can also check out Daniel Zamora for some constructive leftist criticism.
Maybe Lenin's Development of Capitalism in Russia.
am i retarded or is the threadwatcher disabled?
yes it seems like the thread-watcher is differently abled

but maybe we're both too minimally exceptional to figure it out
it prefers "special needs" or "differently abled"
It needs help either way.
What does someone who has absolutely zero economic knowledge outside of wage labour and capital need to read before starting Capital to understand it properly?
Smith's the Wealth of Nations and Marx's manuscripts were helpful to me
nothing pretty much lol
I usually recommend this book but the last time I did some anon got extremely mad at me. Make of that what you will
Capital breaks things down to the metaphysical, and starts with the very ideas of what "money" is. You can start right off with it. No prior reading is required.
Does anyone have Aleksandr Dugin books in English? Want to delve into the mind of the man behind the NazBols without paying him.
Just look through some torrent sites, as easy as that.
Also why are /pol/yps so fucking cringy.
How on earth is Dugin even "behind" NazBol
there's always one autists. What was the reason the anon got mad?
Are you capable of using actual words to ask your question instead of "cuuuuuuck" please ?
I don't get what you're trying to say.
Ur a cucked dumpster fire loooooool
Theorylet here. SOme time ago, I picked up this pamphlet, because I was interested in the subject and wanted to learn a bit about Marxist Economical Theory. However, at page 37, when it talks about the failing rate of profit, my brain just stops working. I tried to hit wikipedia, but that just confused me further.

Can someone help me understand what exactly the rate of profit is and why is it supposed to fall?

Also, while I understand that the labour poured into a product can determine its value, couldn´t an established brand sell the products for more than its competitors, despite being fuctionality identical? Or would marketin and the development of a brand name fall under capitalist production costs?
Before or after the /leftpol/ split?
(29.99 KB 355x180 d6rftzuin.jpeg)

Profit emerges from money circulation, and is a result of worker exploitation. The time workers give up working for wages is less then the time workers receive back embodied in products and services they can buy with their wages.

The capitalists as a class cannot make profits on machines, because they have to pay all the cost for producing machines, unlike humans that reproduce them self's. As a result. The rate of profit can fall because of automation increasing the amount of machines relative to humans in production.

The rate of profit can also fall because the working class can do collective bargaining.

If the capitalists turn to rent extraction models for profit, and reinvest into unproductive sectors like high-end luxury production with larger margins (instead of worker productivity increases) to keep up profits by increasing their share on surplus rather than increasing the overall amount of surplus, they then become vampires that drain the life out of workers, i.e they use up the labour-power faster than it is re-generated. Which also leads to a falling rate of profit.

Usually there is combination of those factors.

What is particular to our time is that that expansion into new markets is no longer an option for keeping the rate of profit up, because the the hole world is captured. The neo-liberal phase has exhausted it's fuel. Wars are also reducing the overall rate of profit because war production is not productive and competes for limited resources. Additionally there is environmental harm causing a decline of "gifts of nature" provided by the bios-sphere, that will increase the cost of production.

Additionally there are full on retarded industrial cartels, like the car industry for example, that seems to be incapable understanding simple geometry, where cities cannot not have enough space for car based transportation. They don't seem to understand that people just want a transport carbine, they could explore more effective ways of making transport cabins that work for cities. Additionally there is a sort of psychological backlash against the car industry on the horizon. The car industry has marketed cars not only as status symbols but also as sources of fun, and this was sort of true as long as most people drove cars over rural roads, but now that more and more people are living in cites, driving cars is frustrating as hell.

The car industry is just an example, of a general trend of capitalist refusing to choose more effective technological configurations and with their political cloud the are capable of dragging out their demise, and hence further depress the overall rate of profit.
Does someone have that pic that explain the relation of "left" fascism, like strasserists and falangists, and "normal" fascism? If i remember correctly there is a engels quote on it.
(100.21 KB 481x316 9385223.jpg)
i'm trying to find some books that critique the "Nuclear Family". I was thinking Origin of the Family by Friedrich Engels but i here it's a bit dated. any opinions?
The best set of theories on the Fordist nuclear family came from the Italian autonomist feminist marxist movement. I don't have any specific book recommendations but look up Silvia Federici and the 'Wages for housework' movement
yeah, you're a faggot

t. Lasch gang
>plays fallout once
Pretty sure Cockshott's TANS covers it to some extent
Does someone have "Stalin: A History and Critique of a Black Legend" by Domenico Losurdo in German?
(284.35 KB 1074x746 neolib1.png)
Book recommendations for the theories of Hayek, Von Mises, and Ayn Rand?
Any recommendations of marxist critique of the theories?
For Ayn Rand, kind of don't want to read shitty fiction, I'd rather just have it explained as it is.
I'd say Adam Curtis covers these topics quite well in his docs.
Watch part one of "All watched over" for Rand and "The Trap, what happened to our dream of freedom" for neoliberalism in general.
I did watch "All watched over". Pretty cool doc. I'm planning on inviting some rightist to discuss theory, and I want to understand their theories to better deconstruct them.
I didn't notice your name before I posted. I watched that and hypernormalization because of a `Watch Adam Curtis Gang` post/thread I'm sure you were involved with, so thanks haha
>He hasn't read all of Atlas Shrugged including the author self-insert 50 page rant/speech by Galt at the end of the novel.

lul you're missing out
>he hasn't read Anthem(TM)
(32.86 KB 328x500 anthem.jpg)
Forgot pic
(112.38 KB 609x633 1529944517892.png)
He was really different to FRanco
Like all fascists who espouse "left" or "anticapitalist" views, he was sidelined when he wasn't useful anymore due to fascism's innate need to suck up to the capitalist elite.
>He was really different to FRanco
The only notable difference I see between the two is that De Rivera didn't have an intense hatred of Jews
Rivera espoused Syndicalist views economically, it seems also he was a Monarchist, anyways many Falangists today hate Franco due to him not only cucking out to Capitalist but due to him merging the Falange with the Traditionalist Communion and basically withering away the Syndicalist aspects of the Falange, Franco and Rivera disliked each other
He was arrested by the Second Republic and tried for execution, there are many rumours that the Falange tried to trade him back but the Government refused, other's suspect Franco was behind the murder
Rivera often served as a middle way between the Reactionary Catholic Traditionalist Onésimo Redondo and the Radical Anti-Religion Syndicalist Ramiro Ledesma, without him there would be no Falange
On libgen there was this huge multivolume work that I saw and one volume seemed to be about his being pro-pinochest and authoritarian and seemed to he an analysis of these ideas in his thought
Hello guys, does anyone remember/can link a quote from Marx that goes something like;

"under capitalism, going out and having pleasant experiences consumes a man's capital, and so it is encouraged for each man to hoard his capital and become a miser. Under communism, where capital does not accumulate, man would be free to enjoy life's pleasures"

Or something like that. I can't find it on Google.
What you're after is in this text
>Thus political economy – despite its worldly and voluptuous appearance – is a true moral science, the most moral of all the sciences. Self-renunciation, the renunciation of life and of all human needs, is its principal thesis.
Just after this section of text
Thanks my man. I might make a picture of that so I don't lose it again.
Anyone have any suggested reading on COINTELPRO, or to a lesser extent CHAOS? I know there is the books produced from the Church Committee, but that's six volumes at several hundred pages each. Also they were edited by the intelligence apparatus they were reporting on if I understand correctly.
Does anyone have any good works on Marx's theory of alienation and alienated labour?
(9.18 KB 269x187 download (19).jpg)
Press F to pay respects.
Shit, I thought this was on the synagogue shooter thread!

Marx, Engels: The German Ideology

Marx: Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts

Georgy Lukacs: In Defense of History and Class Consciousness
any book recommendations on the process of implementing socialism all the way to communism?
Michael Albret Parecon. Cockshott Towards A New Socialism. Can't remember the Soviet ones now.
State and Revolution.
Any books to understand occurrence of fascism other than Trotsky?
Marxism and the National Question has a little bit about it.
Try Zizek?
When Insurrections Die by G Dauve
Gaspar Miklos Tamas. He writes about fascism in the 21st century.
Can you give me a name?
Reading borbiba taking a dump on Stalin for muh commodity production and it's getting pretty tiring, does he ever present his ideas for a solution anywhere?
Would dickblast system labor vouchers solve it?
Nevermind, he proposes rationing everything equally. That's pretty stupid.
based and pol pot pilled
>he proposes rationing everything equally
Should I gain a good understanding of neoclassical economics or is it a waste of time?
It's useful for debunking capitalism but not much of use outside that
Any good books to teach me a general overview of bourgeois economics? Where is Ismail by the way?
Good taste.
I could do without the rap though
Pretty based, compared to Franco
Christopher Lasch is underrated, probably because he was a centrist conservative on social issues, despite having Frankfurt school roots
I need a good philosophy reading list that doesn't force me to digest the whole canon (too busy with work related stuff), something like a reading list that leads to Zizek or whoever. Can anyone help?
>Where is Ismail by the way?
eRegime, he has 2 FAQ threads there
Read some metaphysics. Anything by Graham Harman is good. https://www.jstor.org/stable/41300200?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents
You don't need it for politics. In fact I guess some Marxists would argue Harman's brand of metaphysics is bourgeois indulgence. (Harman's answer, I guess, would be his philosophy of "object oriented ontology" doesn't contradict Marxist analysis of commodity production. The commodity is a subset of objects. It's just neutral on the subject. )
Metaphysics it's the most interesting branch of philosophy. Most philosophy is a challenging read anyway,so you might as well read some. (Otherwise it's like hiring a sex worker and just having a non sexual service. You might as well ask for sex as well because you're generally paying for time not services.)
I wouldn't bother reading Zizek.
>I wouldn't bother reading Zizek

Why not?
He likes metaphysics, and zizek being a good dialectical materialist is contrary to metaphysics
As a scholar Zizek is atrocious. He seems to skim or rely on secondary sources a lot. He has plagiarized from Wikipedia and presented a blurb from the back of a book as a quote from it. He is repetitive to the point that his book not just have repeated sentences, but whole paragraphs lifted from his other books and often not marked as such, and this repetition even occurs within the same book.
(34.73 KB 1017x254 wdhmbt.PNG)
(76.66 KB 1009x460 wdhmbt2.PNG)
So I've read the first chapter of the Communist Manifesto, so far I've learned that
>That the history of all societies is that of class struggle
>Capitalism has played a revolutionary role in that it has altered the meaning behind work to that of wage labour, people only work now because they have to, they need a wage to survive, they don't do it because they have a passion for it. It has also changed the meaning of the family to that of money relations
>Capitalism was started by events such as the rounding of the cape, and the discovery of America. This brought new resources into the mix, and revolutions in the modes of production like agriculture and machinery i.e The Industrial Revolution.
>Society has always been made up of confusing hierarchies and classes, for example; in Ancient Rome you had Patricians, Knights, Plebians and Slaves; during the Middle Ages you had the feudal lords to the serfs. Capitalism has only simplified these social rankings to that of Bourgeois and Proletarian.
>Nations are no longer self sufficient, the "civilized" countries of Europe depend on the countries of the third world for their resources, while the countries of the third world have been made to depend on the first world
>The modern Proletarian live only as they find work, and find work only as long as their labour increases capital
>The modern Proletarian depend on their wages
>Proletarians have lost all sense of character under Capitalism
If there is anything I misunderstood or missed at all, please do point it out. Marx also stated that Capitalism is self destructive, but I wasn't following what he said when he said this, so if someone could explain that'd be great. I didn't understand pic related either. Also when Marx says the Proletarians find work only as long as their labour increases capital, does this mean that they only find work as long as it has any value to their boss/the bourgeois?
>Capitalism has simplified these social rankings to that of Bourgeois and Proletarian.
No you still get some remnants of feudal relations. There technically also still are slaves with slave markets and all in some parts of the world. Also capitalism has not just bourgoisie and proletariat, it also has petit-bourgoisie, labour-aristocracy, lumpen-prole (which today has mostly been transformed into precariat doing temp-work contracts). The bourgeoisie itself can be divided into national and global bourgeoisie, as well as industrial and finance bourgeoisie. There's also new theory that sees "communicative capitalism" as a separate category as well, in the sense that it seeks to specifically commodify human relations.

If anything it has gotten more complex since the middle ages.
>dialectical materialist
>And even more astonishingly:"The true formula of materialism is not that there is some noumenal reality behind our distorting perception of it. The only consistent materialist position is that *the world does not exist*... The notion of the world as a positive universe presupposes an external observer, an observer not caught in it. " (harman quoting Zizek)

So without the observer, the world doesn't exist? Is this the " dialectical" bit of the materialism?
It seems just like solipsism to me.
>implying solipsism is bad
it's a magnet link. Just a collection of pdf files like any other, except you download it with medium-old p2p software
Zizek has quite clearly stated that he is an idealist in the german vein.
>0 seeders
and it's a dead link, just like everything else from old /leftypol/
What should I read to catch up with modern, contemporary world politics?
Wsws? I still mostly get my news from bourgeois papers tho.
Yeah, education is overrated

Thread just detourned
Not everything. There is a webm collection and movie packs which still have a seeder.
whoops my bad i diddnt have the torrent open the last few days. if you see this try it now
Alright got it
will seed too
(47.50 KB 1200x630 143294._UY630_SR1200,630_.jpg)
Has anyone read this? Is it worth reading?
Don't know where to drop this so I'll drop it here, got it from a tankie professor.

Basic rundown:
>Trade Unions were full of White Russians who just played the power game in the new regime
>Trade Unions have power struggles
>Kirov's death basically created 1950s Witch Hunt style finger pointing and a good excuse to get rid of political rivals
>Stalin didn't actually order any of the deaths, he or one of the 25 000ers just signed off a paper asking for the removal department heads and then the paper and signature being used as authority for stuff completely unrelated
>Stalin had didn't find out the great terror was going on until halfway through it because the trade unions were having a minor civil war
soviets were just unions with a different name anyways tbh
I haven't. Kolakowski was a critic of Marxism (he was actually a former ML who grew up in socialist Poland). Oddly, it was the favorite book by a Croatian dude I corresponded with, who grew up in Yugoslavia and served in the army there, and considered himself a democratic socialist and a Marxist in a broad sense, but didn't like Leninism.
IMO it's probably worth reading, even if you disagree with the conclusions, because Kolakowski knew a fuckton about Marxism-Leninism.
Has anyone got a decent copy of Fanged Noumena (or any other accelerationist lit for that matter)? I've only been able to find shitty PDFs with no contents page. Makes it hard to search for specific sections.
Hey we should have a list of 'easy to find in bookstores'or well known leftist books...
Let me give some exapmles
Das kapital
Ten Days That Shook the World
Communist Manifesto (duh)
State & Revolution
Quotations of Chairman Mao
That's all I can think of known leftist books that would be in a bookstore
Socialist history tends to be the easiest to find in mainstream bookstores. This is what I've seen around my college campus:

A People's History of the World
People's History of the United States
Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution
10 Days That Shook the World
Hobsbawm's "Age Of" trilogy
Capital Volume 1
Marx and Engels Reader
Frankfurt School stuff
Chomsky selected writings
Late Victorian Holocausts (leftist answer to "muh Stalin's gorillions". Interestingly was placed next to the Black Book of Communism in the campus bookstore)
Don't count on Barnes and Noble for shit, all they have is the Manifesto.

A lot of big cities actually have dedicated socialist/anarchist bookstores, I recommend you check around. Used bookstores are also a good source. The one on my campus has a dedicated Marxism section that's placed in plain sight at the front of the store, I guess they think people will steal them lol.

Best way to read leftist theory while in the political closet is to buy an e-reader. Doesn't matter which model as long as you get one with a frontlit screen. E-reading can't beat dead tree books but it comes surprisingly close, even highlighting and footnotes can be done easily.
So whats up with our booru? i heard that the owner abandoned it? can someone confirm?
Why e-reader? Why not just a phone with a reading app?
(184.33 KB 1024x631 rztui.jpeg)
e-paper > lcd/oled for reading
reflective-lit > back-lit for reading

It's reasonable to recommend dedicated e-readers until you can get smartphones with clear-ink displays, which are part lcd and part e-ink. And can do a good refresh-rate as well as colours, while still being reflective
That's wack. I do most of my reading in laptop and phone, don't have the luxury of buying obscure books on political economy or classical mechanics. Hope it doesn't have long term optical damage.
(21.06 KB 600x337 rzftub.jpeg)
e-readers are cheap if you can live with the inconvenience of converting everything to pdf epub or txt file-format. Your eyes will be destroyed by lengthy reading from lcd screens, this really is not a luxury.

If you really don't want to buy an extra device than use text-to-speech software. This has the advantage that once you get used to the computer-voice you can crank up the speed to 300+ words per minute. Which is decently fast considering than most people average around 200+ words per minute when reading.
pdfs are shit because they are just static images
(14.89 KB 568x351 ocr.png)
You can easily convert a image-pdf to text with OCR, there's even websites that do this like this one https://www.onlineocr.net/

If you are using a linux computer you install
gimagereader with tesseract-ocr or

for windows you can try these https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-5-free-ocr-software-tools-to-convert-your-images-into-text-nb/
Thanks anon, although the formatting does get lost and you just get txts which are not as pretty as epub but at least you can change the font size.
I'm looking for good biographies of Stalin and Lenin, as well as histories of the early Soviet Union, preferably newer ones written with access to the Soviet archives, that aren't full of Kruschevite lies, or bourgeoisie lies.
What do you guys think about Rhodesia and Mugabe
Avoid Kotkin's work on Stalin. It's full of mischaracterizations and outright falsehoods. I'm not sure what the best biography of Stalin is, but J. Arch Getty's work on the purges and R.W. Davies' work on collectivization are both good sources for the Stalin-era USSR. Lots of data and up-close accounts of what was happening with Stalin and the leadership during that time.

As for Lenin, there are a number of OK-ish biographies out there but I would recommend the work of Lars Lih since he deals with a number of historical myths. A word of caution - Lih can be a bit convoluted in his arguments and writing style meaning that you need to read his work slowly and think critically about the information he provides.

A catastrophe.
>Avoid Kotkin's work on Stalin.
strange, even finbol likes kotkins biography. the guys a rightwinger but his method of avoiding black book shit seems acceptable
anyone got any recommendations for books about the Korean war? Particularly about the American war crimes and cover ups and what not. Works from the north Korean side of things. There's a reason America calls it "The Forgotten War"
thank you comrade
>strange, even finbol likes kotkins biography.
FinnishBolshevik doesn't like Kotkin's work. What he likes are a few cherry-picked statements he can use to defend his own historical revisionism. For example, Finbol likes that Kotkin says that Lenin's "testament" was a forgery. (Pretty much the only historian I've read who believes this!) But finbol will conveniently ignore Kotkin when he calls Stalin "two-faced," "nasty," and "sociopathic." Anyway, if one starts to skim through Kotkin's biography it becomes apparent that his narrative relies on all sorts of mischaracterizations. The WSWS posted a huge take-down of his work. (Even though they're Trots most of their criticism has almost nothing to do with the portrayal of Trotsky.)

>anyone got any recommendations for books about the Korean war? Particularly about the American war crimes and cover ups and what not
"The Korean War" by Bruce Cumings. Progressive standard work. PDF copy attached.
>For Americans, it was a discrete conflict lasting from 1950 to 1953. But for the Asian world the Korean War was a generations-long struggle that still haunts contemporary events. With access to new evidence and secret materials from both here and abroad, including an archive of captured North Korean documents, Bruce Cumings reveals the war as it was actually fought. He describes its origin as a civil war, preordained long before the first shots were fired in June 1950 by lingering fury over Japan’s occupation of Korea from 1910 to 1945. Cumings then shares the neglected history of America’s post–World War II occupation of Korea, reveals untold stories of bloody insurgencies and rebellions, and tells of the United States officially entering the action on the side of the South, exposing as never before the appalling massacres and atrocities committed on all sides.
I'm also going to give you a link to the film "Oppose Bacteriological Warfare" which was jointly produced by the Chinese and North Korean national film studios in 1952, an expose to the world detailing the widespread use of U.S. bacteriological germ warfare such as insect bombs on civilian populations, and the defensive measures the Chinese and North Koreans took to protect themselves. The details in the film (which are true) makes it one of the more disgusting films I've seen, just so you know. This was of course covered up by the U.S.
Does anyone have the link to the red pilled north korean defector
Well I just went through and read all that. Very informative criticism. A shame as the hype around the book as the definitive biography had me wanting to read it. Maybe i'll read trotskys book about him.
There is hipothetically, no reason to believe lenin´s testament to be false , if one would look to prove stalin´s innocence such is the fact that Lenin never truly throws no type disrespect or despise for Stalin, only critisicing him for being too "rude" which in it of itslef is already very vage...
Some of these are pretty bad mental gymnastics to be honest. If America is so bad why don't Americans rebel against it? Is it possible that the North Korean state can pacify its population with propaganda and ideology in the same manner that the corporate media does in America?
Is there a comprehensive work on the marxist theory of religion? Something like "The origin of family, private property and the state" for religion would be great.
> Is it possible that the North Korean state can pacify its population ...in the same manner ... as in America?
No the DPRK simply doesn't have the nessecairy pharma-production for replicating that.
America has far more raw power to control its population than the Koreans have
America also has a far larger and more spread out population in which to do so.
There are some books by Ota Sik in my school's library, should I give them a read? I heard the guy was a market socialist but the titles of the books seem interesting
If the DPRK was even half as bad as it is portrayed in capitalist media, Kim would have suffered the same fate as Ceausescu decades ago.
i don't know about his books pre-80s, but after 70s he embraced market socialism as you say, and then socdem during velvet revolution era. i wouldn't read anything by someone who supposedly admitted to wanting to implement capitalism during prague spring.
r/ that image that prove that nazis are literally cucks.
It's sad to think about how many of these people could've been well-adjusted if it wasn't for being taught to be racist. How many normal people have been corrupted into /pol/cucks, and how many of them have isolated themselves out of a constant fear of da jooz and da blax. Really, it is.
The worst part? When you explain that this fetish, a fetish they hate themselves for having, comes from racism, they'll shut down and blame you for everything wrong with the world. When you explain that the taboo makes it hot, when you explain that racial stereotypes created the fetish in the first place, they'll refuse to listen, because you're a lefty, a jew, and a spoiled white college kid who simultaneously gets welfare and visits the synagogue every shabbat.
It's not nature or nurture, it's environmental factors that usually play into it. The idea of Running-Kruger is stupid because cognitive bias existed as soon as the first humans walked the earth. For some self-congratulatory hacks that thought they cracked a code for 1999 it was already too late. Everyone is more or less comfortable around their own kind.
post it bby uwu
>implying that you care about the mental health of others
Kill yourself freudposter you fucking retard
(113.32 KB 1080x666 1527895266659.jpg)
Do you want me to tell your teacher you're on your phone instead of paying attention to her lesson?
its a larp.
niggers are basically a step above apes, and a fetish involving them is basically bestiality.
if it was real, this would be getting posted in /zoo/, not /interacial/
>if the interracial fetish was real, it wouldn't be on /interracial/, it would be on /zoo/
Are you even reading what you type before you post it?
>niggers are basically a step above apes
so, exactly like all other humans
(17.94 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
The Free Market
An example of how the Free Market functions
How can the watched threads feature be used?
(32.96 KB 360x336 watchedthread.feature.jpg)
in principle with these two eye-shaped icons (pic)

as far as i can tell the feature seems to be switched off since the eye-shaped icon doesn't appear in-front of the thread-title, (pic is modified in image editing software)

Side note I think this worked on some of the old boards that are now hidden and inactive, because i did manage to use this feature once, there.
(348.27 KB 2542x1222 for new anons.png)
it was here the first few days, you can see it in pic related.
I don't know what happened to it.
Nazi C O P E
There was a longer, excellent article in 3 or so parts about the roots of communism in China, which I lost the address of. I vaguely recall the website having a Chinese-like name.

If I remember correctly, Part I contained the early history (e.g., it mentioned that anarchism was a powerful force and more classical communists became prevalent because of stricter, more authoritarian organization required by being essentially fifth columnists in Japanese industrial structure).

Can anybody help me find this text?
nice. saved
It's in the fucking OP.
i haven't read the OP because its been the same for years now. speaking of it though, if its been edited to include that image, shouldn't someone replace the cat picture with this much more useful image? and fix the spacing while we're at it.
you can put the cat image on the post with the reading list below
Can we talk about the fact that leftybooru censors anarchist memes but keeps most of the loli-shit up. I was under the impression that this place was supposed to be non-secretarian, or are we still adhering to Old BO's shit tier policies?
censors how? I know sometimes users can downvote something below 0 and get it hidden too quickly.
Hey, I'd like to take over the spectre rouge magazine

Ideally it would be a place with a weighted balance of stories and analysis from around the world.

Not saying US and Europe not allowed, but I don't think the world needs another left wing mag focused on the west.

What do people think?
Hopefully the admin for that is still around on the board so you'll get a response
How do I hide thread? incel containment thread is giving me brain tumor. please and thank you
Failing that, is there a way to physically castrate someone through the internet? Or maybe report them to the feds for terrorism incitation?
The "don't" or "cancel" sign on the top left of a thread has a "hide thread" function.
>threatens violence against incels then asks how to report incitements of violence.
Anyone got "Writings of DeLeon", or at least a list of works which are compiled in that book?
This is literally how they think. Such a knee jerk reaction to something that doesn't affect them in any way
My grandpa fought in it
Did he say anything about it?
not much. didn't know him that well. took a lot of damage in the side from shrapnel.
I got some books, or used to

this is a good resource

science is just random calculations in sense, no need to base everything off that. science doesn't know shit about ethics or morals and if ethics and morality is a spook, murder is acceptable unless you believe in some sort of non-aggression pact which I doubt any student of Stirner actually abides by, or the concept of respect, which is tied to ethics.
my first impression is that the userbase here is way better than 8chan leftypol
(176.21 KB 291x350 Academician Prokhor Zakharov.jpg)
The popular stereotype of the researcher is that of a skeptic and a pessimist. Nothing could be further from the truth! Scientists must be optimists at heart, in order to block out the incessant chorus of those who say "It cannot be done."

Man's unfailing capacity to believe what he prefers to be true rather than what the evidence shows to be likely and possible has always astounded me. We long for a caring Universe which will save us from our childish mistakes, and in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary we will pin all our hopes on the slimmest of doubts.

Begin with a function of arbitrary complexity. Feed it values, "sense data". Then, take your result, square it, and feed it back into your original function, adding a new set of sense data. Continue to feed your results back into the original function ad infinitum. What do you have? The fundamental principle of human consciousness.

Have you ever wondered why clouds behave in such familiar ways when each specimen is so unique? Or why the energy exchange market is so unpredictable? In the coming age we must develop and apply nonlinear mathematical models to real world phenomena. We shall seek, and find, the hidden fractal keys which can unravel the chaos around us.

Scientists refuse to use ontological methods to find truth and science knew everything we wouldn't need science now would we?
>Begin with a function of arbitrary complexity. Feed it values, "sense data". Then, take your result, square it, and feed it back into your original function, adding a new set of sense data. Continue to feed your results back into the original function ad infinitum.

I doubt consciousness is a simple loop, it seems unlikely that it's that simple.
(128.00 KB 912x513 ski.jpeg)
> Scientists must be optimists at heart, in order to block out the incessant chorus of those who say "It cannot be done."
87. Science and technology provide the most important
examples of surrogate activities. Some scientists claim
that they are motivated by “curiosity” or by a desire to “be-
nefit humanity.” But it is easy to see that neither of these
can be the principal motive of most scientists. As for “cu-
riosity,” that notion is simply absurd. Most scientists work
on highly specialized problems that are not the object of
any normal curiosity. For example, is an astronomer, a ma-
thematician or an entomologist curious about the proper-
ties of isopropyltrimethylmethane? Of course not. Only a
chemist is curious about such a thing, and he is curious
about it only because chemistry is his surrogate activity.
Is the chemist curious about the appropriate classification
of a new species of beetle? No. That question is of interest
only to the entomologist, and he is interested in it only be-
cause entomology is his surrogate activity. If the chemist
and the entomologist had to exert themselves seriously to
obtain the physical necessities, and if that effort exerci-
sed their abilities in an interesting way but in some nons-
cientific pursuit, then they wouldn’t give a damn about
isopropyltrimethylmethane or the classification of beetles.
Suppose that lack of funds for postgraduate education had
led the chemist to become an insurance broker instead of
a chemist. In that case he would have been very interested
in insurance matters but would have cared nothing about
isopropyltrimethylmethane. In any case it is not normal to
put into the satisfaction of mere curiosity the amount of
time and effort that scientists put into their work. The “cu-
riosity” explanation for the scientists’ motive just doesn’t
stand up.
88. The “benefit of humanity” explanation doesn’t work
any better. Some scientific work has no conceivable rela-
tion to the welfare of the human race most of archaeo-
logy or comparative linguistics for example. Some other
areas of science present obviously dangerous possibilities.
Yet scientists in these areas are just as enthusiastic about
their work as those who develop vaccines or study air pol-
lution. Consider the case of Dr. Edward Teller, who had
an obvious emotional involvement in promoting nuclear
power plants. Did this involvement stem from a desire
to benefit humanity? If so, then why didn’t Dr. Teller get
emotional about other “humanitarian” causes? If he was
such a humanitarian then why did he help to develop the
H-bomb? As with many other scientific achievements, it is
very much open to question whether nuclear power plants
actually do benefit humanity. Does the cheap electricity
outweigh the accumulating waste and the risk of acci-
dents? Dr. Teller saw only one side of the question. Clearly
his emotional involvement with nuclear power arose not
from a desire to “benefit humanity” but from a personal
fulfillment he got from his work and from seeing it put to
practical use.
89. The same is true of scientists generally...
90. Of course, it’s not that simple. Other motives do play
a role for many scientists. Money and status for example.
Some scientists may be persons of the type who have an
insatiable drive for status (see paragraph 79) and this may
provide much of the motivation for their work. No doubt
the majority of scientists, like the majority of the general
population, are more or less susceptible to advertising and
marketing techniques and need money to satisfy their cra-
ving for goods and services. Thus science is not a PURE
surrogate activity. But it is in large part a surrogate acti-
92. Thus science marches on blindly, without regard
to the real welfare of the human race or to any other
standard, obedient only to the psychological needs of the
scientists and of the government of ficials and corporation
executives who provide the funds for research.
(64.00 KB 640x919 ahem.jpeg)
kek, literally this.
>Scientists must be optimists at heart
115. The system HAS TO force people to behave in ways
that are increasingly remote from the natural pattern of
human behavior. For example, the system needs scientists,
mathematicians and engineers. It can’t function without
them. So heavy pressure is put on children to excel in
these fields. It isn’t natural for an adolescent human being
to spend the bulk of his time sitting at a desk absorbed in
study. A normal adolescent wants to spend his time in ac-
tive contact with the real world. Among primitive peoples
the things that children are trained to do tend to be in rea-
sonable harmony with natural human impulses. Among
the American Indians, for example, boys were trained in
active outdoor pursuits — just the sort of thing that boys
like. But in our society children are pushed into studying
technical subjects, which most do grudgingly.
why do you keep shilling Ted kazinsky

the people that initially build nuclear power were very much driven by the desire of improving the world and convinced nuclear power was going to bring about a new age of enormous prosperity.
Shilling primitivism, shoo go away.

Teaching children science is a good think to do, frustrating them with a brutal workload is not.
(32.00 KB 640x597 ted.jpeg)
>why do you keep shilling Ted kazinsky
Fine, I'll stop if it bothers so many people too much.
<frustrating them with a brutal workload is not.
> Among
>the American Indians, for example, boys were trained in
>active outdoor pursuits — just the sort of thing that boys
<frustrating them with a brutal workload is not.
>the American Indians, for example, boys were trained in
>active outdoor pursuits — just the sort of thing that boys
Another book I wrote
(137.19 KB 971x762 fascistgarbage.png)
Fuck off fascist. Go peddle your garbage somewhere else.
Stay mad bruh
Ted is one based motherfucker
He is not wrong about the Occident being a declining society. It's filled with libertines only seeking their own individualistic freedom do indulge in decadence, they walk all over others and create ideologies that cloud their selfish behaviour as benevolence. I don't know what you expect from people willing to burn the world down just to get their dick wet plenty.
samefag. seek help.
cringe writing style tbh. Ted would never use such Jungian nonsense tbh.
That's not Ted's writing you retard.
jfc, I'm cringing so hard right now I almost feel ashamed of being associated with this retard. Ted would look down with shame at you tbh. gtfo.
Your condition is getting worse, I'm afraid to say, Justin.
No youre the one in need of help
I like how it bothers you.
Which can only be a good thing \m/
>women shouldn't have as many freedoms as men
>women should be obedient second class citizens
<why won't women have sex with me??
<fucking hypergamy and women's liberation!
I have no idea where or how you learned your vile views. But my recommendation is that you re-evaluate your worldview unless you want to meet a premature and violent end. Battle lines are being drawn, and fascism has never won, and it never will.
Telling the truth about women openly is of no use. It will be a secret shared only among the high officials while on the outside we will keep the facade and promote women equality and rights and bullshit like that.
(80.81 KB 600x395 chad.jpg)
You willfully ignore all the womanizers abusing women. You are a liberal desperate to cling to your belief that people get what they deserve, probably because you got a lot and want to see yourself as moral.
They want the women "free" so they can have easier access to use them.
Id like to see you try, faggot
who the fuck is ted
>You willfully ignore all the womanizers abusing women. You are a liberal desperate to cling to your belief that people get what they deserve, probably because you got a lot and want to see yourself as moral.

>he takes a general statement about where the world is going as a personal threat to his manhood
Ask me how I know you're an insecure bitch.
>You willfully ignore all the womanizers abusing women. You are a liberal desperate to cling to your belief that people get what they deserve, probably because you got a lot and want to see yourself as moral.
This, even if every criticism of incels were true. It wouldn't make their "free to compete" arguments any less liberal.
you know nothing of the sort. ask me how I know you just glossed over that essay to find problems that don't fit in with your idea of the "perfect world"

you didn't. you didn't read shit. you asked yourself "what can I find in this essay to bitch about?"
If you want to know what is holy to a society, ask what you can not critique.
Voltaire a shit
>you asked yourself "what can I find in this essay to bitch about?"
It's literally the 4th page. I didn't have to scroll far. Before that it was rambling about "state atheism".
Any pdfs from Economists from the Soviet Union, Mao's China, DRPK, GDR, Yugoslavia etc etc
So what? Gonna cry?
Besides did you bother to even read the rest of the essay. I literally praise Stalin.
You're the only one crying. All because some random anon on the internet didn't like or read your inane diatribe. Go read a book, you fucking monkey.
>I literally praise Stalin.
Another -
>I literally praise Stalin
Comparing him to Hitler. Yeah, he would have loved it.
Both were socialist nationalists and that's a fact.
>"No u"
And I read a lot of books. If you checked the book thread instead of sitting here debating me
You are talking to a person who larp as a grey wolf on youtube but is from Ohio.
lmfao I can't believe you are using stupid ass myths like mun national SOCIALISM to try to win an argument over a dead imageboard. Kill yourself fash.
Killing people is more productive. The FBI does it every few months here. You should join them
No I just respect them to a degree.
Not only that, but simultaneously supporting chetniks and grey wolves
I asked for Economists of Socialist States and instead I saw a bunch of spergs arguing over stupid shit unrelated to the thread, good lord
>muh spergs
Cope neurotypical
he's probably a gay homosexual too
I am a fan of war criminals
(93.56 KB 451x679 w5gwfe.jpeg)
>I am a fan of ...
When the shit hits you make sure to spray them
Aye aye
Does anybody have murray smiths invisible leviathan? i would greatly appreciatie it.
Your mom's gay homosexual and should kick her in the stomach
What are some good Leftcom authors and books?
Why would you wanna become a leftcom?
read bordiga lmao
Read dune.
Are you implying leftcums are reactionaries??
They can be, in the case of Jacques Camatte
can someone tell me what a glowstick is
(283.14 KB 569x797 CIA.jpg)
(30.67 KB 500x302 glowstick.jpg)
It's a stick filled with chemicals. You snap it in order to activate the chemicals, and then they glow. They are most commonly used at rave parties.
The thingies sound cool, but their users should be shot.
it's imageboard lingo for CIA agents
most "cool" things' demise regretfully.
(11.02 KB 234x250 terry.jpg)
Why are you afraid of using the word 'nigger'?
Imagine thinking that using the word 'nigger' is wrong but that mocking a schizophrenic man is ok.
Ok normalfag.
thanks family
anybody got anything on 'Xi Jinping Thought'?
King Terry was WOKE
As it goes with most of this board
Best Marxist critique of post-modernism I can read?
That is a hard one to come by.

POstmodernism is a very recent thought trend in the history of Humanity, and coincidentally, it appear just at one of the biggest crises of the Communist movement -the counterrevolution in the USSR and the disentagration of the socialist bloc- and marxist thought.

If anyone knows something on the topic I am too very interested in reading about it.
Hello leftists. Natsoc here, I want to know your opinion on anprim, is it good or not?
It's bad, even more reactionary then you guys are. Building the productive forces of society is what has allowed mankind to escape from slavery, and building them further is the goal of socialism. Communist can only exist with extremely developed productive forces. Blowing up all our factories to go back to shitting in the woods and dying of preventable disease is pretty dumb.
< what has allowed mankind to escape from slavery
>hunter-gatherer society
Marxism not detected tbh.
AnPrim is for cucks, so you'll fit right in bucko.
Tell Jacques Camatte that
And not every socialist society has to be marxist
he's not wrong though. The entire fetishism of interracial is not only Jewish in nature but it lines the pockets of rich capitalists. Tbh, it's mostly watched by black men and exploits their insecurities because black women are hard to get along with and are the least desirable demographic.
Is there any study on this? At this point I don’t think there is enough evidence to bring this up in a debate for example.

>fetishes are jew-creations now
But the far-right is infamous for its lowkey widespread interracial fetishism. How do you explain this? I always thought it was due to interracial porn being more taboo among skinheads, and that turns them on like the animals they are
> fetishism of interracial is not only Jewish in nature
It's actually nazi in nature. Normal people don't care.
In a serious debate with well-read people, no. But then you would never have a debate about something retarded like this.
In a debate with a /pol/yp, definitely.
No, no it's not
>Asks for study
>Claims out of nowhere that interracial porn is Jewish and mostly watched by black men
>Provides no examples or studies or any kind of evidence
At least we had some evidence /pol/up. You couldn't even live up to your own standard.
I’m the guy who asked for a study and I’m not the /pol/yp.
You probably posted some identity politics garbage along with it, or had been spamming the same and got hit by a mass delete

Next time take it to the containment thread --> >>15551
nice stuff
what too spooky for you?
anyone can make a claim and never have the need to back it up. we live in the age of post-truth. nothing's real outside my own experience anyways. literally the guy from Screw magazine pointed this out and he's a full blooded jew. what more evidence do you need? its to divide the nuclear family but since you're not real I'm just replying to myself I guess.
I don't even understand what the fuck you're talking about. Living in a 'post-truth' age doesn't mean that you can just disregard all empiricism with no consequences and it doesn't mean I'm gonna take all your bullshit at face value.

>its to divide the nuclear family
Fucking why? The nuclear family is 'under threat' but it has nothing to do with interracial porn or the god damn Jews, and there is no conscious effort behind it. It happens because the pressures of international capitlism forces women out in the workforce while introducing housekeeping appliances (like the washing machine, etc) that drastically reduce the need for the traditional housewife role (and thus the traditional male breadwinner/female housekeeper family model). At the same time, people have longer and more erratic workdays and they have less economic security than before, which also makes family life much more challenging.

The nuclear family isn't being attacked by some outside force like the Nazi brainlets would have you believe, it's just slowly becoming obsolete because of capitalism.
I swear to god, 99% of /pol/'s crackpot theories amounts to blaming the JEWS/"cultural marxists"/liberals/ancient aliens for something that capitalism does.
>Once upon a time a valiant fellow had the idea that men were drowned in water only because they were possessed with the idea of gravity. If they were to knock this notion out of their heads, say by stating it to be a superstition, a religious concept, they would be sublimely proof against any danger from water. His whole life long he fought against the illusion of gravity, of whose harmful results all statistics brought him new and manifold evidence. This valiant fellow was the type of the new revolutionary philosophers in Germany. - Marx, The German Ideology
"Post-Truth" is a manifestation of bourgeois ideology masking the true material conditions we are under.
People triggered by BLACKED porn is inherently gay; because they identify with the female.
Nice. Dint red.
CIA manual used in Nicaragua to educate rebels on counter-revolutionary tactics.
class is a man made construct, technically.
Society in general is a man made construct. What is your point?
Ok homosexual
Is this a non-sequitur?

Anyways, this video can help you:

This video is a bit longer on the same topic:
>class is a man made construct, technically.
made as in created with intend, no certainly not. The result of human activity , Yes.
If you mean construct as in a made up language category, no class divisions in society have physically measurable effects, that are objectively real.
Hello newfag take it to the containment thread --> >>15551
Whatever newfag
(301.57 KB 1200x508 SHUTTHEFUCKUPLIBERAL.jpg)
The captcha is broken, so I can't report this guy for being an 'annoying faggot,' as I tried to indicate in my report.
>trans person shitting on blacks
This is truly the new synthesis.
The compare themselves to the struggle negroes had in the "new" world. Which completely minimizes it. Yes trannies shitting on niggs is not new.
(1.99 MB 582x404 nazi-trap.gif)
(621.58 KB 606x808 fascist.png)
(96.00 KB 1080x1080 fascist-trans-bro.jpeg)
trans people are racist af because they are essentialists and non-dialectical at heart. they will say that gender is fluid, and then 'concretize' their own self-perceived gender with the most expensive of surgical procedures for example, many of which are irreversible (hence the 'concretization' of their gender)
mmm yep very real leftist I see here, exactly how leftists talk, not /pol/
They're pointing you to that thread because they thought you were a tranny asking for directions and this is the FAQ thread, not to bury your opinion. In fact there's been plenty of /pol/ threads made recently you hysterical nigger.
how bout you try living in the wrong body
you're a retard regurgitating a site the regurgitates prager u, fuck off /pol/
I also think PragerU is cancer, but the only reason PragerU is on there is because the site owner gave an interview on there.
>Impliying these brave comrades aren't just pretending to be nazis in an elaborate scheme to make the alt-right retards catch HIV.
How about accepting reality.
There's a woman with two young sons who she's turned into trannys, she's even got them on hormones, they're like 5 and 8 years old or something shit is fucked up, they go to school with my nephews.
Response there btw --> >>168242
>>167526 That's not a coherent statement. What the fuck does "wrong body" even mean?
>>98214 I'm late to this, but: - Read Gramsci. - There is an amazing book by Arno Mayer called "Why Did The Heavens Not Darken?" that demonstrates how fundamental the anti-communism of the Nazis was for their politics. - Kurt Gossweiler is another, East German historian who wrote many pages about the connection between fascism/nazism and capitalism. Pretty sure there have to be some English translations. - Ico Maly is a very interesting author who writes on the Alt-Right, modern far right and what he calls the Anti-Enlightenment tradition. Sadly most of his work exists only in Dutch but I think you can find some English articles and talks. - Michael Parenti's "Blackshirts and Reds" is mostly about socialism but has some stuff on fascism as well. - If you are interested in a detailed account/criticism of the Nazi economy there is "The Wages of Destruction" by Adam Tooze.
>>184181 Parenti is what's up
(26.36 KB 714x210 trans-poltard.png)
>>166972 Why are there so many trannies on /pol/ brehs??? Can anyone figure it out? It's amazing, isn't it...almost as if my theory is correct. http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/236974803#p236982495
(1.56 MB 1343x10820 tranny-poltard-thread.png)
>>184659 here's the relevant section of the thread before it got deleted. As expected, the tranny is upper middle class petit bourg degenerate essentialist tbh.
>>184681 Trannies can't be esssentialist as it goes against their existence
>>184762 >as it goes against their existence trannies are in fact, very essentialist and the fact that their suicide rates are so high is evidence of their essentialist attitudes, towards themselves in particular. The pic-related above from the /pol/ thread is evidence of this. to quote the bourgie tranny: > "if I can't look like a girl, then I will commit suicide" < i.e. to be a girl is to have outward characteristics that a girl is supposed to have (essentialism)
>>184659 >>184681 >>184762 >>184770 back to your containment thread >>15551
>>184659 >so many This is one person. Also, that's not a theory, that's an unsupported claim. Non-standard sexuality was a staple of chan culture long before /pol/ became the dominant force. Now there is overlap between those two things.
>>184794 I wonder if the raiding stormfaggots who swarmed and couped /pol/ ever anticipated that it would also lead to their own movement being associated with and infiltrated by scores of sexual deviants and other degenerates, lmao
>>184801 Since the dawn of fascism, they have always been sexual deviants. Der Stürmer, for example, was always full of pornography. Not that there's anything wrong with being a sexual deviant per se.
>>184810 >Not that there's anything wrong with being a sexual deviant per se. Bourgeois decadence, sex is for making babies and promoting pair bonding between the mother and father in order to raise healthy intelligent children until full communism is built All other activity is masturbation or mutual masturbation unless the infertile couple adopts children and raises them as their own Unless its pairing off with the approval of their comrades to promote cohesion and morale Dumping a few random books to drag the thread back on topic
>>184824 There's also nothing wrong with masturbation.
>>184801 >sex is for making babies and promoting pair bonding between the mother and father in order to raise healthy intelligent children get out /pol/, fascists get the rope
>>184936 >fascism is when you don’t use a condom
>>184936 He's not wrong though
>>184770 They have predetermined natures but they are genetic errors
>>184770 > "if I can't look like a girl, then I will commit suicide" this is based tbh
>anyone who isn't a sex puritan like me is a radlib The absolute state.
Could anyone link an epub version of "City Builders and Vandals in our Age"?
(135.31 KB 751x960 baby-orangutan.jpg)
(198.85 KB 720x960 chimp-hands.jpg)
(149.58 KB 595x743 chimp_hands.jpg)
(68.16 KB 416x376 chimp-human.jpg)
(285.90 KB 850x1011 primates.jpg)
(230.73 KB 1127x760 bones.jpg)
(2.26 MB 300x225 data laughing.gif)
>>187427 >HOMO
(6.43 KB 43x64 4weird.png)
>>8537 Please fix the spacing on this post
Agreed two of the stickied threads take up too much space currently
>>190863 Or add a button to collapse individual threads
What would happen if Axis won the WW2?
>>190869 press the " ⃠ " button next to the OP and press "Hide OP"
>>191568 >press the " ⃠ " button next to the OP and press "Hide OP" Haha you think I use cookies? I am hackerman, don't ever make me laugh again.
What's up with the spacing?
Any good audio books? Going to be traveling a lot next year and I want to be able to listen to Marx and other socialist works.
US federal minimum wage 2010: $7.25 US federal minimum wage 2020: $7.25
Any good books on Russia's politics and history from the end of the USSR until recent times?
>>192324 try the audio thread >>46642
Are mods reddit tards? Embarrassing display
>China: dictate who can run businesses and who can't, you're still a commie even if you do it really well and efficiently. >Nazi Germany: They privatized industries in name only. The state controlled all production and the means at which is was distributed and at what prices it would be distributed at. They were fundamentally against capitalism. Still commies. Is this true?
>>193368 It has been like this ever since bunkerchan was taken down by a spammer
What are some books that can let me understand why the world right now is the way it is? Stuff like: how the Middle East turned the way it did, the escalations towards Brexit and the economic messes in the EU (i.e. Greece)... I'm a zoomer (but 18) so I never really got to digest or understand stuff that happened before Gaddafi's death, so I lack a bit of context.
>>197331 I just deepdive wikipedia. If you go to the citations sometimes it links to book pdfs :)
>>197331 I'm reading "Buying Time" (The crisis of democratic capitalism) by Wolfgang Streeck right now, it's a fairly easy read that covers the rise of neoliberalism in the "Western World", and the conflict between citizens and lenders of a state, and how this is an extension of the contradiction between wage-earners and capitalists. This book is not strictly "Marxist" but it's a good informative read. Nice analysis of the crises of modern capitalism. Also "Neoliberalism" by David Harvey was a good read on the subject, with a bonus chapter on China.
>>197331 >anything with praise from Foreign Affairs Can't blame you for not being unaware since you are a zoomer but FA is run by these glow boys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_on_Foreign_Relations >The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It is headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C. Its membership, which numbers 4,900, has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors and senior media figures. As for actual book suggestions, read A Line in the Sand by James Barr. It's not especially woke or anything but it's a good history of Iraq and the Levant since 1914.
Can someone explain why Foucault supported the Iranian revolution?
>>26439 And being autistic is wrong because?
So basically, how do I watch a thread?
>>200178 with your eyes JAJAJAJA watchlist function has been broken for quite some time now.
>>200259 Nice thanks
>>200259 >JAJAJAJA fucking annoying you nigger
>>201481 You have to go back >>>/ https://8kun.top/
>>203304 it's still missing all the good boards
>>10575 asdasd
Anyone got a pdf/epub of based Cockshott's new book, How the World Works?
>>208793 yeah its in the cyber thread >>209076 >>206524
Would anyone be so kind as to pdf or copy paste these articles? Jacobin is paywalled and I ain't paying for that shit. I checked on archive.org which sometimes skips the paywall, but no luck. https://jacobinmag.com/2019/08/all-dads-armies https://jacobinmag.com/2019/11/night-american-village-review-okinawa-base https://jacobinmag.com/2019/12/iraq-war-afghanistan-terror-end-decade-bush-bin-laden
>>210046 >Jacobin is paywalled is this recent or did i just forget? my god, fuck jacobin
Do you buy Marxist books or just read them online?
(103.54 KB 1536x648 jacobin.png)
>>210046 (me) fuck these guys so much. We need a leftypol-fund to pay for this, also to promote good leftist content creators.
>>212133 Usually buy them, prefer to get old used ones online for cheap.
>>212133 I plan on buying physical books later but for now I just read online.
>>212133 Secondhand book shop and buy them, I usually end up getting cool historical or more obscure political books at the same time that the shop owner will recommend or I find on the shelf beside what I actually came in for
>>212147 Where do you get them?
>>212133 Download pdfs
How do you view self made billionaires like Zuckerberg and Jack Ma? Haven't they *earned* what they have?
>>212739 Ask in this thread >>151832
Does Kissinger provide any insightful geopolitical/IR-related knowledge or are his books full of spooks and neocon propaganda?
>>214786 Kissinger is a based pragmatist who just so happenes to be on American side, so I would guess so. I personally believe that any upcoming socialist power needs to look at him for inspiration on how to conduct foreign policy. Also he definitely wasn't a neocon. In fact neocons ruined a lot of his carefully set up plans (like his sponsorships for dictators) because they thought that was un-American and anti-liberty. Can't say much about him in the current day though, his mind may have been rotten by being so close to neocon power for many years.
>>216119 This. IR Realism is probably generally the most applicable paradigm of geopolitics IMO. You should also check out Mearsheimer.
>>216755 >>216119 Is his book On China worth a read?
>>214786 Is there any back to the claim thatHenry Kissinger lolled hard at the premiere of Chinatown and that it's his favourite movie?
>>10603 >/his/ So nothing with a marxist analysis?
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Anybody have a better scan of Black Bolshevik then this one? https://libcom.org/files/Black%20Bolshevik%20Autobiography%20of%20an%20Afro-American%20Communist.pdf Shit sucks and is pretty hard to read, and the physical book is hundreds of dollars
Anti-gun glow posts should banned, and treated the same as nazbol shit, cuck posting and "kill whitey".
I just found this old as fuck Audiobook website where they made tapes for blind people. Turns out they have Lots more leftist audiobooks than librivox and audible. Can anyone access these?
>>222203 I uploaded What is to be Done? to youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ_GfPz6vbY no copyright claims. If someone has access to learning ally hundreds of texts could also be uploaded without being taken down
>>222432 thanks I'm reposting this in the Audio thread >>46642
>>221527 So Castro is now a Glownig... good to know.
>>223258 Fidel Castro was anti-gun? How do you think he got to power?
>>223265 >How do you think he got to power? his beard-powers <In 1960, the CIA planned to sabotage Castro's speeches by spraying his broadcasting studio with a chemical that would make him suffer similar hallucinations to LSD.Other plots included spiking the dictator's cigars with a chemical that would disorientate him, hoping he would smoke one before delivering one of his marathon oratory performances.They also tried dusting his shoes with thallium salts — which would have made Castro's iconic beard fall out.Like the hundreds of other plots against Castro, all failed.The LSD-like substance was abandoned because it was too unstable, the cigars were never smoked, and Castro canceled the overseas trip that would have given spooks the opportunity to dust his shoes.


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