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Parliamentary parties General 10/05/2019 (Sat) 03:22:22 No. 82006
Hello fellow comrades. I remember last year there was a huge effort thread where people talked about the parliamentary parties in their country with their seats and ideology and any leftist party that exist. Therefore, I thought I might revive it.

Everyone please answer these questions.

What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?

What are the political parties in your country? What ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?

Are there any other leftist party not in parliament?

What do you think these leftist parties should do or improve on to further their cause? Don’t say things like change their ideology to mine lmao, but critique their praxis and how they can improve it to achieve their short and long term goals.

I will post mine in a separate post
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> What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?

The infamous Republic of Singapore. Description and image from the outside world has always been lacking to misinformed, from being fascist for /pol/yp to emulate or migrate (Fuck off we are full.) to some capitalist paradise to be used to own the commies epic style. Singapore definitely has a very flawed democracy, while its economy is a corporatist social democracy that is slowly giving way to neoliberalism. Its racial relationships and equality, cultural issues such as environment, LGBT are in general progressive for the region but still conservative compared to the West. Also its local to foreigner ratio is really high, like 40% are foreigners (and that is not even counting new citizens) and it is facing the strain of its high population density.

>What are the political parties in your country? What ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?

<People Action Party (82/89 seats)
A conservative social democratic party but with no democracy. They have more or less shaped Singapore into their image so their politics is basically that of Singapore. Originally and still in name a socialist party, influcenes of fabian socialism is prevalent such as its education and excessive use of meritocracy.

A brief summary of its history. It was created in 1954 as a party dedicated to independence for Singapore. It was also a marriage of convenience between Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) representing the middle to upper class, english educated socdems and Lim Chin Song (LCS), representing the working class, chinese (and locally) educated socialists and trade unionists.

However when LKY took power as First Minister, he side-lined LCS and his trade unions. Frustrated, LCS left with most of the PAP members and the trade unions to form Barisan Sosialis (Malay for Socialist Front) and SATU (Singapore Association of Trade Unions). LKY took a wild gambit to push for merger with Malaysia, something that LCS tried to prevent but failed. Unfortunately, LCS and his posse got Rosa-ed via Operation Coldstore, on the allegations that they were communist.

How ironic LKY would accuse the man that he once introduced as the person who would be his future Prime Minister to be a communist, and the members of the University Socialist Club whom he infamously defended in the Fajar trial to be his conspirators. To this day the legacy of LCS is a hotly debated subject in Singapore and the best litmus test to determine if someone is on the Left.

The merger ended in abject failure, but PAP came out as the sole dominant force in Singapore. Over the decades, it centralized its power, crushing independent groups like business groups and newspapers.

Recently, PAP has made many gaffes such as the Presidential Election, recent attempts to stifle free speech, overhanded attempts to placate the Christians.
(68.14 KB 300x300 workers.png)
<Workers’ Party (7/89 seats)
A democratic socialist party but with more emphasis on democracy. Its ideology is soft left with an emphasis for reforming Singapore to a socialist democracy. However lately it doesn’t fixate too much on it and just stick with pro-labour and pro-democracy policies.
Originally founded by David Marshall, our first First Minister, in1957 it assimilated with the remnants of the Barisan Sosialis in 1988, becoming the only representative of the Left in Singapore and the only viable opposition party. It eventually clawed its way into parliament in 2011 under Low Thia Khiang (LTK), running on a platform on less immigration, democracy but with its socialist ideology muffled. Now under a new leader, a indian ex-major, Pritam Singh, it looks to try to win 33% of the seats by the next 2 to 3 election cycles.

> Are there any other leftist party not in parliament?
Unfortunately no. Nor should it. WP is a big enough tent for all leftists for now.

>What do you think these leftist parties should do or improve on to further their cause?
They should be more radical and pro-labour in image and policy than PAP. WP has always had an image problem the public often thinks WP isn’t radical enough and is often the PAP’s B team. WP should risk being constantly browbeaten by PAP to at least uphold an image of radicalism. Although WP is riding on the goodwill of the ‘muh democracy’ voters, they should start making actual policy suggestion once they have enough MPs to form a shadow cabinet.
Right now Pritam is smart to avoid and dodge recent idpol shit that is slowly infesting Singapore, but environmentalism should definitely be adopted into WP’s platform alongside socialism and democracy to capture the middle class voters. Electoral reform would also be a good platform to run on and something this country definitely need coz fuck the FPTP GRC system. Thanks UK.
>What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?
Australia, Constitutional Monarchy, unbridled NeoLiberalism

>What are the political parties in your country? What ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?
Ain’t gonna do a massive effort post like Singapore anon but here goes
<(Neo)Liberal Party
Current ruling Party not actually Liberal and basically just the Australian version of Republicans or Tories I guess
<National Party of Australia
In coalition goverment with Liberals actual Kulak (agrarian) Party
<Labour Party
Only relevant opposition party. NeoLiberal since the 1980s but even before then basically just Anti-Communist social-Democrat’s
Self explanatory
<Centre Alliance
Muh rational centrism
<Katter’s Australia
Sorta fucking weird. Right-Wing psycho in terms of his immigration and social policy but basically just a 50s Social-Democrat economically
<One Nation
Muh Mudslimes
<Lambie network
Muh Mudslimes

Absolutely shit tbh

>Are there any other leftist party not in parliament?
There’s the “Victorian socialist coalition” which is basically just SALT (Trotskyism) And Few SocDems Which got like two guys elected to mayor positions in Melbourne or some shit but asides from that no

>What do you think these leftist parties should do or improve on to further their cause? Don’t say things like change their ideology to mine lmao, but critique their praxis and how they can improve it to achieve their short and long term goals.
Follow Chairman Whitman’s Good examples
>What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?
Flag. ML in name, Dengoid with neoliberal characteristics with some radical and conservative elements at the leadership.
>What are the political parties in your country? What ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?
Communist party. There used to be 3 with the socialist and democratic Party (both dissolved in 1988 and most members joined the communist).
> Are there any other leftist party not in parliament?
No like above.
>What do you think these leftist parties should do or improve on to further their cause?
Less talking and more action. Use nationalism as a cause to rally the disenfranchised. Increase education and abolish the new reforms. Purge the party of market liberals. Further international cooperation with DPRK and Cuba. Continue to work with China at arms length.
Actually giving a crap about funding leftist in Asia (fuck the UN deals and fuck ASEAN).
Can we really call WP demsoc? I feel like they've been slowly drifting right for years, trying to counter accusations of not being a Serious Political Party by becoming more like the PAP. At least SDP put out single-payer healthcare policy (still caveat'd because muh bootstraps). I just skimmed WP's manifesto and I'd (perhaps cynically) summarise it as preserving the status quo but with a bit more redistribution and less murderous means-testing.

Also, hi other Singaporean
It is not that you are wrong but this is just probably the best play out of a really bad hand. Even they did mention socialism it will be like Spectrum 2.0. Even worse so that NTUC is basically PAP's bitch so it can be hard to agitate or be in touch with labour problems. Don't even get me started the politically brain-dead population that will give burger boomers a run for their money.

It is why i suggested pro-labour policies rather than straight up socialism. The details or even the policy itself doesn't matter (at least for now), Pritam has to be more aggressive in wanting more democracy and equality in rhetoric and image. The socialism part comes later.

>Also, hi other Singaporean
Well is this discussion carries forward for more than a day idm creating a SEA general seeing as how a Viet poster is here too.
>the ideology
the cost of
I don't disagree that mentioning socialism or communism in a positive light will get Spectrum'd, but single-payer healthcare doesn't seem completely politically impossible, and a lot better than improving the CHAS subsidies. Still, I'd rather live in a WP-run Singapore than what we have now.
>SEA general
Dozens of us!
>SEA general
With how many people? We have like 3 Viet, 3 Singaporean, and 1 Indo guy that I know of counting even the Ausies we only have a dozen at most.
The Viet posters are mostly refugees from /Marx/ and the edgy /vietnam/ ran by some zoomer in Hanoi.
I'm a Malaysian but I also regularly go to Singapore. I'd post about the Malaysian parliament but i'm dumb and I don't really pay attention to local politics.
I do agree that Pritam needs to step up his game in the upcoming election to be ‘dangerous’ already the social commentary is turning against PAP so he could seize it

Someone make one before we drag this thread off topic
>The details or even the policy itself doesn't matter (at least for now), Pritam has to be more aggressive in wanting more democracy and equality in rhetoric and image. The socialism part comes later.
Please learn from history don’t repeat it. Once a “socialist party” gives up socialism on an ideological level they never go back.
My reply to you is here >>82543

Also a shameless bump for all the Westerners to chip into this thread.
I'm From Scotland. We have a clusterfuck of a system where we have our own parliament but are also beholden to Westminister and also the EU.

Britain, ran by westminster is a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament, one chamber elected, the other formerly inherited, now still with some who got their position through family, while most of them are appointed, either by virtue of holding a certain position in the church, or being appointed by the queen on behalf of the prime-minister, or by an unelected commission that decides who to appoint.

The British parliament are Tory bastards and we have some of the most rampant and horrendous neoliberalism in europe, our infant mortality rate is going up and our life expectancy is dropping. We had a welfare state, it is about 75% of the way to being completely and utterly stripped of all meaning.

I'm gonna leave it to somebody else to talk about all the parties in the UK. Most people are probably familiar with them anyways.

In Scotland, we also have our own parliament. Westminster still has huge powers over us, but some things are devolved. Because of this, the welfare state is less ravaged than down south. Scotland has a strong socialist history, indeed a strong communist history with extremely militant trade unionism. Lenin once called Glasgow, where I'm from, "Little petrograd". What this translates to 100 years later is now we have a fairly strong welfare state, which is propped up by three things.
1) Finance. 2) Oil 3) Whiskey exports. I want to be 100% clear on this, we make NOTHING. We have one shipyard in Glasgow that makes military boats. The cities are like one giant call centre with some bars for the people who work in call centers to go after work. In general I would say Scottish people are pretty based and red pilled. More than 60% of Scottish people identify as a socialist. I think that must be extremely high compared to many other places. We are very minority friendly, you rarely see public acts of racism like you do in England and when you do the crowds are definitely quick to shut down whoever it is. The football hooligans of our biggest club are staunch left wing anti-fascists who have flown a hammer and sickle at one of their games.

The ruling party in Scotland is a the Scottish National Party, whom I would best describe as a populist nationalist liberal party. They prop up the welfare state, not out of class consciousness, but in order to secure the support of the Scottish people for their main objective: they want us to break off from the rest of the UK. Though I agree with this, I do not support in anyway the SNP, who are a bourgeois liberal party at heart, who pretend to be radical around election time and then double down on sucking porkies dick right after. For example, they recently awarding a rail contract to Serco, the company of Rupert Soames, Winston churchill's grandson, who recently tried to evict 300 asylum seekers by changing the locks on their doors. The company will be well known to Austrialians, as it owns a large part of their private prison system, they also operate private prisons in Scotland. The rail union RMT is thoroughly against this, as the last contract given to them, the Caledonian sleeper train, has a been a social AND commercial disaster. Notwithstanding their abhorrent business practices all over the world. In defence of the SNP, they do to some extent noise up the Tories, but on paper they are very similar parties.
The SNP, due to the popularity of Scottish independence (although we have no secured it) command the vast majority of the seats in our parliament. The Labour Party, Scottish Branch of Corbyn's Labour party (nominally) is the second largest party. Small amounts of seats are also held by the liberal democrats, the tories and the green party.

The Tories are the Tories, who recently lost the only thing they had going for them, the wonderfully no nonsense, stiff missionary pussy munching, austerity ass eater, Ruth Davidson. Tories are staunchly pro UK. So are the lib dems. Labour are pro UK but aren't autistic about it. The lib dem party are exactly what you would expect from a basic bitch liberal party. They are Tories but wearing kid gloves.

Other notable parties would be the Scottish Socialist Party, although this was more true ten years ago, before the news of the world put paid to Tommy Sheridan by hacking his phone the day before a court case.

There was recently Rise, who had some really good people behind them and an (okay) platform but didn't secure any votes.

In terms of praxis I think we need to basically abandon electoralism for the time being. As Rise shows, it is very difficult to break the deadlock on the parliament in Holyrood. I would say we need to focus on building a huge grassroots movement, which is pretty viable in a country of 5 million fairly like minded people.

Our problem is that we do have a fairly comfy welfare state, which most people support the expansion of, but see that as sufficient. That being said it is being smashed so we will see what is to come.
Pretty much a deforming petit-bouj hellhole
>New Democracy
The winners of our recent elections, the typical bouj right wing party
They are supported by 90% of the media and recently have started following a GOP-like election plan , pretty much using their media to win votes both from psychopathic petit-bouj boomer and retarded nationalists
Base: Petit-bouj freaks who want to see you raped to death
Votes: some normeis of all ages that believe the shit the tv says
So once a union of various rad libs and eurocoms ,are now pretty much the new anti-new democracy ,after a mediocre-to-bad term that, despite passing some socially progressive measures and solving the autistic FYROM dispute , made the forget about any serious economic reforms while letting the media shitting them 24/7
I have zero idea what they are doing after the defeat,they seem to try to push a more centrist front….
Base: Some liberal(reminder that being a liberal in grecce is not that bad) student and public workers
Votes: People who know even death is a preferable alternative to the right wing bouj

The old anti-new democracy, during their golden days they moved Greece from feudalism to a peti-bouj socdem society ,now they have become a shadow of the former self , they have transformed to an alliance of centrists with some weird leftist/socdem spasms
Base: petit-bouj who know they would have been nothing without Papandreou
Votes: In general people who didn’t wanted to vote any of the two parties above but like the status quo

Our world famous communist party
Now they had a good electoral campaign trying to get all working class votes
The mayor of our third largest city is a communist and has done a pretty kick ass job
Now I have splited there voters in many different types
<nomenclature :coming from the heart of the party , KKE’s ruling elite our mostly academics and petit-boujs , loyal to the party(aka themselves ) a lot more than to communism
Are they honest leftists? Some yes some no
Despite the leftist rhetoric they did turn the party in to a joke with their shitty buzzwords and reluctance to actually do anything rebellious
<the radicals: Their growing youth and union supporters are the most radical part of the party, loyal and always ready for a good protest can be considered honest leftist ,they are also meme-warfare experts
<oldfags: veterans of forgotten struggles, the once exiles and guerillas are pretty much like 50+% of KKE’s voter base, the reason for the conservative talking points but also the reason that the party has bouj economic support as their successful children sometimes follow the family tradition
<fellow travelers :from weird…..em…patriots.. to various flavors of leftists many intelligent Greeks have voted for the historic party despite having zero connection to it
>Greek solution
A right wing one-man party controlled by a traitorous Russophile , the new party for conspiracy theorists and old fags who believe in weird monastic prophesies
100% capitalist economic policy
>MeRa 25
All hail Varoufakis and the new socdem/green Europe
Base :Hippies and Varoufakis fans
Votes:Hipsters and people that wanna fuck him
Part ½
bump because i wanna know what is going in Portugal
>reminder that being a liberal in grecce is not that bad
Seriously, what’s the political situation in the Iberian peninsula in general? Has the Spain recessionist movement been quelled yet?
I live in the Dominion of Klanada, a ci-devant British puppet and current 51st United State of America. It's a highly developed industrial-capitalist country, a surprisingly big player in the NATO world conquest game, and ever so slightly less right-wing than its neighbor* to the south. Our major exports are lumber, petrol, bad comedy, worse music, and embarrassing photos of Justin Trudeau. We are EXACTLY as shitty to our indigenous as the most cynical among you may guess.

The five major parties in the upcoming 2019 federal are as follows:

1. Liberals. Basically Blair-Clinton center-right types. Hypocritical like you can't imagine. Currently in government. Leader: a guy with overrated hair

2. Conservatives. The wolf, to the Liberal fox. Unabashedly pro-oil and pro-trickle, it's a miracle they haven't killed healthcare already. Leader: some irrelevant douche

3. New Democrats. The equivalent of Elizabeth Warren: left-wing image, backed by a Clintonesque record. They used to be almost decent DemSocs but that is no more. Leader: A BROWN GUY, WOW, LOOK AT HIS COOL TURBAN EH

4. Greens. Ostensibly left-wing but refuses to maintain a line on abortion. I think they believe in Wi-Fi causing cancer??? A perennial hole in the ground that shows up every election to steal tiny amounts of votes from Liberal and NDP. Leader: a hippie boomer

5. People's Party. They tried to be MACA (Make Canada Great Again). Election isn't even over, and they already fell into a coma. Right-wing don't split eh! Leader: a French-Canadian for some fucking reason???

There are several left-wing parties here listed:

Communist Party. Shitty revisionists, pursuing a Eurocommunist strategy with way less success that the Europeans. I tried to join their youth league, and it sucked serious balls. Leader: some really quiet old lady who I occasionally saw at her desk in the HQ

Communist Party (ML). Used to be Hoxhaist. Now it publishes the English edition of Granma. Shitty website. Leader: Hardial Bains' ghost

Socialist Fightback. Entryist Trotskyists in the New Democratic Party. They have a newspaper, which I got pushed at me twice. Enough said.

Parti communist révolutionnaire—Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP). Maoists. Legit and cool.

PCR-RCP are the only decent party and they boycott elections anyway. They should just keep building their base and stay strong :)

* "neighbour", if you're a canuckitard
Sounds like fucking shit. It’s a complete mystery to me how dumb Vietnamese zoomers still dream of living there.
>Hello fellow comrades
Hello, anon!

>I remember last year there was a huge effort thread where people talked about the parliamentary parties in their country with their seats and ideology and any leftist party that exist. Therefore, I thought I might revive it.
I remember that too. It was awesome. I also tried to summarise all the posts at some point with a kind of index. And some anon told me "you're doing god's work".

>Everyone please answer these questions.

>What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?

[The Godfather theme playing]


Let's put it like this: a capitalist country, used to be even the fifth economy in the world like 25-30 years ago. Used to be relatively highly statist-dirigiste in terms of economic system but moved quite chaotically towards some neoliberal clusterfuck. Not a great example of what you call a welfare state. Gibs have usually always been used for political cronism/corruption. Almost all of manufacturing is gone. Don't even start with high-tech, AI and shit like that. No strategy at all about the future. Those who can still afford a "middle-class" living are those who enjoyed the long gone years of bonanza (60s to 80s) but everyone else is fucked. Problem is they aren't enough yet.
Ah, large areas are actually controlled by some really nice cabal of gentlemen who earn their keeps through protetion rackets, arms smuggling, drugs, money laundering, gambling and so on. They are much more efficient than the state. And even where they're not the law, chance is the money going around could be theirs.
Wops like to talk. And talk. And talk. And doing fuck all in practical terms. They ask for da gubmint to give gibs, to be there, to send police, carabinieri, doctors, help and whatnot, but as long as they want it and see a profit in it. But when it's time to pay taxes... Nope! An interesting experiment in extreme laissez-faire when I see fit, but also big, huge gubmint when I see fit too!
Also, I would describe its social structure as a huge mix of petty booj (petty in every sense) and lumpen, with basically very little class conscious proles left and a ruling/higher class which is hands down the most moronic, incompetent and shitty in all the West. And I used to live in England.

>What are the political parties in your country? What ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?

<M5S - Movimento 5 Stelle
Officially a (once) popular comedian's party, it's actually the brainchild of a really smart PR/IT expert who set up all the machine right from the start more than a decade ago. But he died like three years ago. Now everything is in the hands of his company and his son.

A weird, shambolic mix of "direct democracy" (not some serious plan to reform the constitution a la Switzerland, but just "vote on our website"), vaguely environmentalist/green/anti-growth stuff, anti-corruption rethoric and other stupid shit. Big tent and interclassist as it can gets. Tried their hand with some eurosceptic memes a couple of years ago when it was hip to do it, but they have since stopped. Their main result was to absorb all the resentment against the political establishment and put it on a dead track. They've been spectacularly successful at it.
Currently the first party in parliament with about one third of the seats. They also have the PM (the handsome Giuseppi) and Foreign Minister (based Giggino, who's not even good at speaking Italian, go figure other languages...).

<Lega Nord
Far right. Used to be a separatist/federalist/autonomist party from the North. Always been some kind of Tea Party/UKIP-after-Nigel-left thing. All its rethoric is about: muh mudslimes/niggaz invasion, muh globalishds/eurotards, muh flat tax. Salveenee (aka Captain Papeete) switched it from its original, northern (and pretty anti-southern) incarnation to its current form, basically some kind of Italian Le-Pen-ism, if you get my drift. Yet, the old, northern hard core is still there and they'll wait until the Captain eventually fizzle out...
Its base: predominantly petty booj, they've been absorbing the old, traditional centre-right constituency now that good old Papi Silvio Berlusconi can't take any more Viagra...
Second party in parliament (17%), they formed a gubmint with the M5S from June 2018 to August 2019, but then Salveenee went epically autist, was outmanouvered by Giuseppi and now they're back in the opposition.

<Pd - Democratic Party
Perhaps the most grotesque story in the whole of the political history of the world. This thing descends directly from the once largest communist party in the western world. It's now the most rightwing among the so called "soc-dem" parties all across Europe - and it's no easy task. Europhile to the death. Atlanticist to the death. Neoliberal to the death with some IdPol paint for the most sensitive souls. Full of pretentious hacks. No real connection of any kind with proles. If Salveenee is the closest you can get to Trump/Tea Party shit in Europe, Pd is the closest you can get to Clinton/DNC shit in Europe.
Its base: the last remants of a now senile electorate who always sticked with the party through the decades, plus a large part of gubmint employees, plus yellow state-subsidesed "trade unionists", plus opportunists of every kind when they are on the up.
Third party in parliament (even though they got 18% but there's a retarded election law which they introduced...). Coaltion partners of M5S since last month, they managed to get the sauciest ministries.
Its leader is some guy going by the name of Nicola Zingaretti. First, Nicola is a male name in Wopia. Second, his only claim to fame is being Luca Zingaretti's brother, the actor playing Inspector Montalbano in a series which is broadcast somewhere abroad (on BBC4 for sure).

Well, I know that's an unreadable clusterfuck... But bear with me, there's still shit to talk about!

Holy crap, I'm making a mess. Anyway, a quick detour just to explain the political system.

Parliamentary republic. Two houses. House of representatives (Camera dei Deputati) and Senate (Senato). Everyone 18 and older votes for the house. Everyone 25 and older for the senate. House 630 fuckers. Senate 315 + all living ex presidents + up to five people an incumbent president can appoint as senator for life.

Da gubmint must have the confidence of both houses to get in charge. This is different from almost every other parliamentary system - at least in Europe - where: 1) there's only one house (Scandis, Portugal, Greece etc) or 2) there are two houses, but only the lower one gives or deny confidence to da gubmint (UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan).
If a motion of confidence fails to pass - it can be attached to a bill or just be a standalone thing - the goverment must resign immediately. There are also no-confidence motions and in that case, it's other way round.

The Head of Government is someone picked by the President of the Republic after he had talks with representatives from all parliamentary groups - every party has one - and the speakers of both house and senate. By convention, it's someone who can command confidence from the houses. Usually it's the leader of the largest party in the coalition with a majority, but Giuseppi is not, so it's not an actual rule.

The President of the Republic is the Head of State, but he has not powers like in a presidential republic (Burgerland, all of Latin America, in some respects France) and he's not an executive figure. Basically, he's a republican form of the old constitutional king. He's not elected by popular vote, but by an assembly of all members of parliament (house+senate) together with a number of delegates sent by the 20 regional councils.
Still, he has various prerogatives and if he knows how to use them, a gubmint can get in some trouble at least temporarily.

A parliamentary term lasts five years starting from the first day a new parliament gathers after a general election. Yet, it can be dissolved anytime earlier by the president, provided he had consulted both speakers. It actually only happens if: a) a functioning majority doesn't exist anymore or b) just a few weeks/months before five years have passed to fix the date of the new election at a more convenient date.

A presidential term lasts seven years. No term limits. If a president dies, resigns, is incapacitated or removed after being found guilty of high treason/crimes against the constitution, the speaker of the senate acts temporarily as head of state (even though doesn't assume the title of president of the republic) and the speaker of the house calls immediately a presidential election.

To become a law, a bill must be approved by both houses in the same form - i.e. if one house approves a bill with some change compared with what the other house approved, then a potentially endless back and forth begins. After that, it must be signed by the president. He can withold his signature once and send the bill back to parliament. If parliament approves it again, the prez has no other choice but to sign it and it becomes law.

The only kind of referendum are to repeal existing laws or parts of a law. It's pretty difficult to get one and the constitution forbids even repeal referendum on taxation and finance stuff + foreign relations and treaty - i.e. forever cucked by Nato.

Also, a referendum can be held if a bill to reform the constitution got more than half of votes by both houses but failed to get 2/3 by both. And that is the second reading of the bill, which must be at least three months after both houses have already approved it once.

Regional and municipal government is just another, monumental clusterfuck.
Where is your part 2 fam?

So there is no real Left in the Parliament?

<Forza Italia
Once the main party on the centre-right, founded - and funded - by none other than Papi Silvio Berlusoni, bunga-bunga-man extraordinaire. Presents itself as "moderate", "liberal conservative" and is a member of the European People's Party (German CDU, French Les Republicains, Spanish PP). It used to get 30 to 40 percent of votes and seats from its founding in 1994 up to 2013. It's now in tatters, with Salveenee syphoning off votes. It got around 14% or something like that last year and the sheer fact Salveenee overtook them was a big deal. Officially they were on the ballots as allies, yet Lega went on forming a gubmint with M5S and FI stayed on the opposition. But... They manage to get one of them elected as speaker of the senate, in exchange for a M5S being elected as speaker of the house - which means there was some kind of unspoken deals between all of them.
Its rhetoric is anti-statist, muh markets, muh free enterprise, muh bootstraps. Used to be big on a farcical kind of anticommunism against the neoliberal centre-left. Silvio himself has openly praised tax evasion while in office. And it obviously practiced it. Basically, this party is the best spiritual successor to the old Christian Democrats (DC) before 1994, mainly because its social base are the magmatic "middle classes", even though we now live in neoliberal times and not anymore in the keynesian/interventionst era of decades past.
Its political personnel are basically brown-noses recycled from many old, pre-1994 parties and, if they are women and relatively young, they have been dicked by Papi Silvio for sure.

<Fratelli D'Italia
The latest - and smallest - incarnation of the old MSI, basically the post-WW2 dump for fascists who unfortunately avoided the firing squad. It used to be called Alleanza Nazionale from 1994 to 2008, then merged with Forza Italia for a few years, but they became their own party again five or six years ago, even though they've always remained Papi Silvio's lapdogs. I guess it's just a marketing strategy, where they think to rack up more votes as two separate parties.
Interestingly, their rhetoric has almost always been tame compared to Lega. Today, Lega can be considered further to the right than them.
Their voter base is basically the same as Forza Italia, just more fascist nostalgics and reactionaries. And Salveenee is wrecking them too.

<Liberi e Uguali
A Pd psyop, set up just before the last general election for three reasons: curb in some way the M5S ascent; provide an alternative for disappointed Pd voters unhappy with Renzi and his leadership; avoid right from the start the formation of any kind of leftwing force to the left of Pd and, most importantly, independent from it (Rizzo's Communist Party or the Power to the People coalition).
Radlibs, hipsters and a few old Pd members. They only talk about muh greenyoodeel, muh equality. IdPol to the core. They barely made the 3% threshold and all their MPs are quite tellingly former Pd MPs...
Thanks to the recent change in government, they are now part of it and they have the Ministry for Health. He'll surely sort out the months long waiting lists for simple visits with some "green" proposal and he'll bring some nice "equality", no doubt. And they won't get your pronoun wrong.

And that's all there is. A few even smaller parties racked up a few seats thanks to a retarded and contrived election law, but they have no importance whatsoever. It's not worth the hassle to enumerate them.

>So there is no real Left in the Parliament?
Well, you basically just got the answer!
>And that's all there is. A few even smaller parties racked up a few seats thanks to a retarded and contrived election law, but they have no importance whatsoever. It's not worth the hassle to enumerate them.

Why? Let's talk about them!
We also have
>Noi con l'Italia-UDC
Remnants of the remnants of the old DC + Forza Italia splittists. Look at them and laugh.
Radical Centrist/ Liberal party "lead" by Emma Bonino, who changes party every couple of years but it's a NATO / Israel shill. Luckily cancer will help us get rid of her.
>Centro Democratico
Radical Centrist but slighty to the left. Look at them and laugh.
>Language minorities parties
They only exist to make sure that the money made in South Tirol stays in South Tirol. Fuck'em.
>Expat parties
Do you know that if you have an Italian passport (you can obtain it if one of your ancestor was Italian) you can vote in election even if you don't even speak Italian? Do you know how corrupt this system is?
>Socialist party
Which has nothing to do with socialism.

And the latest one:
>Italia Viva
PD right wing splittist party. Basically Renzi's personal party. Not much to say because they're like one month old, but I'm sure they'll try to become the next hot RADICAL CENTER party after Berlusconi dies.
>Do you know that if you have an Italian passport (you can obtain it if one of your ancestor was Italian) you can vote in election even if you don't even speak Italian? Do you know how corrupt this system is?
My god that’s retarted, that makes half of Argentina and a fifth of America eligible to vote in Italian elections.
(56.26 KB 1104x872 mutt.png)
Eh, Ium walken heah

Pure* blooded Italian americano

*only enough to qualify for Italian elections
All political factions are the same apart from three.
>Partido NOVO
They're lolberts
>Partido dos trabalhadores
They are socdems with syndicalist characteristics
>Partido Social Liberal
Current supreme leaders of Brazil, also fash but really shit at it.
The communists aren't irrelevant but they are also too weak due to propaganda and a suicidal focus on university study groups and party allegence to PT. There's others but they are shit apart from Partido da Causa Operária, they literally Antifa supersoldiers, i say this without a shred of irony, what is even more bizzare is that the current gov doesn't give a shit about them even though they could easily do anticommunist prop against them.
Cheers from the mysterius and strange lands of "Mexicotl", aka, the gringos backyard where they throw all their shite.

>Country political system
Right now we are living the neoliberalist dream, most of state owned companies and things like PEMEX (the stated owned fuel and petrol company) are being sold or just thrown out the bloody window.
We are a republic, we where a one party state from 1920 to probably 2000; we have three powers wich rule: the president, which it was and still is kinda all mighty and such. The deputies: the ones who just win money by sleeping in congress sesions. And the judicial power: mostly corrupt cops and the secret mexican police-TM.
The ruling party right now is the MORENA, with our all mighty ruler AMLOve (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) which, well, he is more of a social-democrat.
We have social programs for everyone, and well, they are mostly under funded and are not as good as any private institution; we also have a lot of syndicates and even movements from the lower classes, but sadly most of them are lead by the PRI party, which, well it's a despotic and quite right wing-center party; and all fellow mexicans hate it ;).

>Political Parties:
We have bunchs of them, mostly we have a lot of disorganized left-wing, social-democratic parties; but right now they are 3 main ones, well, 4 main ones:
Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional (National Regeneration Movement, or something along those lines).
The party in power, it's kinda left leaning and it has a lot of persons from past left wing parties (Like the PPSUM, the mexican socialist united popular party); its not a perfect socialist movement, and our president haven't even't described the party as being socialist, but right now it's the main opposition to the other parties, which are wayyyyy worse.

<PAN (Partido Accion Nacional, National Action Party)
Or the fucking synarchist, as I like to call em' :), it's the right wing party, the "white and rich" party; it was borned under fascistic tendencies, and it has followed those roots quite well. They are reactionary, catholic, and kinda sure that if they could get paid for saying inmigrants are the problem, would gladly take the money. Lulz.

<PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, or the Institutional Revolution Party; also knew as "the official Party", "The Real Party", "the party that likes to buy votes with beans and bread", or the party full of old people)
The party was born after the revolution of 1910, and probably since 1920 to 2000 has hold power, and glory, and most of the proles money probably. It really started kinda left wing, and it had one of the best presidents in mexican history under it's wing, our guy Lazaro "I'll expropiate all I want" Cardenas del Rio, but after him it became quite reactionary, well, even more. This was the party responsable of the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre, the 1972 halconazo, the 1950's massacre of railways workers, the massacres of workers of "copra" (kinda like a coconut), and a lot other massacres ;), and also the hunt, torture and imprissinment of "guerrilleros" and other opposition movements (search for "liga comunista 23 de septiembre" and the "dirty war").

<PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratico, Democratic Revolutionary Party; aka the main left wing opossition party, until morena was born)
This party was, well, kinda weird, it had a lot of socialist people and communist that where before in other parties, but its more of a social democratic party. It was quite big when it was started and in the 90's, but thanks to the "dirty war" and electoral frauds it lost power and now they have joined the PAN, a right wing party... Fucking hell... My grandpa actually was in this party, in the 80's, before it he was in the PPSUM and the PCM(Partido Comunista Mexicano, the good one).

They had and exist a lot of political parties that hadn't the chance of participating, el Partido de los Pobres, de Lucio Cabañas (another of our guys), the Movimiento Accion Revoluvionaria (ML guerrilla movement), the Congreso Nacional Indigena (The one that has the Zapatistas support) and such.>lefties in goverment
As I said, our president its supposed to be a left wing guy, and also the party in power. Also if Im not mistaken, the MORENA also has a bunch of power right now in the deputies chamber; but they have a lot of opposition that comes from the PAN and other reactionary movements that trie to blame neoliberal reforms on the actual goverment.

And well, to be honest, I think the left it's quite strong still in Mexico, I mean, we have a left leaning guy in power, probably not the best but as we say "the best of the worst", I really think that left movements need organization and support from the masses, but the problem right now it's that still lots of people, sometimes even poor people, hold reactionary tendencies; also the PRI and PAN has a lots of control in the syndicates and other movements like that, which really dismisses power that left wing movements try to do.
Not really sure how Mexicotl will end, but as the system keeps cutting funds and more people keep gettinh poorer and poorer, thinhs don't seem to be better, but what most people don't realize is that WE can do a difference. But oh well, still most people around here believes some things are "natural" and think that you can not change them, also they believe lots of cold war propaganda like the "gazillions people death by stalins regime TM" or the "communist taking your thootbrush". Also let's not forget the gringo lifestyle that the US has sold to us, but oh wellll.
Hope we end in a three way civil war lulz
what are your thoughts on the Zapatistas?
They are really building a movement, a mass movement, or at least I do think so; lately they haven't talked a lot about them but they are still founding communes and expanding, if the information in their web page is correct. Actually in 2018, in our last election, they tried to get someone from their party to participate in the elections, but thanks to a lot of bureocratic crap, some intimidation by the army and probably the narcos, the usual bullshit, they couldn't even get the registration.
I think that most people regard with good eyes the Zapatista movement, but they still need more organization, and also, at least in my opinion, they need to also start expanding more into the north part of the country (the reactionary mess that most of the time is the northern parts) and try to gain support and organization with the left wing movements from around, at least to form some kind of national left front, or revolutionary front.
And well, they are far from perfect, they mainly have support from indigenius people, and that's the main part of their movement, which in my opinion it's perfect, but the problem is, that like in murica, and probably other latin american countries, the indigenous people most of the time are treated bad, they are discriminated and seen by reactionaries as "barbaric and uneducated"; but that's probably another story.
What do mexicans think of centroamericans and brazillians?
Stupid question, but how do Italians who know of Bordiga feel about him? For some reason I get the feeling that he's considered a raving idiot or something like that.
That's quite a hard question, lol.
But well, it depends to who you ask; I mean, most of the people from the left I had knew believe that Center, and South America could be united to combat the gringo/US influence; and well, they also regard very well people like Sandino, Che, Allende, Marighella, Castro, just to name a few.
The problem is that they are some reactionary people, that as I said in an answer before, really dont like indigenous people, and believe that "because we are closer to the us and we consider to be part of north America, then we are truly a superior country than most of those 'sudacas'", sudaca being a derogatory therm to south American people.
I'm from the northern part of Mexico, and hard to admit, but most people hold this view that centro American and South American people are uneducated and lazy, and will rob you the first chance they get, not realizing the irony that the US gringos say the same bullshit about us.
(55.19 KB 550x575 ReadingIsForFags.jpg)
Well someone from here was bound to post inedibly. So here’s America.

The electoral system here is First Past the Post which makes it nearly impossible for anyone who isn’t part of one of the two major parties to win an election. In addition we have an outdated electoral system for the president where the person who gets second place technically wins the election. And this happens all the time. Also elections here are held on a work day and because of this half the country doesn’t vote.

Democrats: They are the big opposition party right now. They were originally started by slave-owners in the 1820s and supported the Confederacy during the civil war, but during the mid twentieth century (somehow) became a sucdem party and were so until the 80s. Now they are a coalition of radlibs and neoliberals who’s biggest contemporary achievement is starting Russiagate. When they are in opposition they act center-left, but once they are in government they lurch right.

Republicans: Current rulling party, they are right-wing natioanlists who privitized the american economy in the 80s and deregulated finance. They are also the guys who pushed forward both gulf wars. Culturally they are pretty reactionary.

Now their are a few minor parties that have no seats in Congress but hold some influence over other people.

Greens: They started out by environmentalists and hippies, but now they are just the left of center party.

Libertarians: Litteral ancaps, they want to privatize public schools and get rid of income taxes.

Also worth mentioning is the Three Precentors and Oathkeepers. They aren’t political parties but are armed right-wing paramilitaries who have a minor amount of influence.

Their is no hope for electoral politics in this country, the only hope is for revolution
How is it that the conservative party(dems) became the peoples party and the progressive party(repubs) became the party of elites? honestly the greatest achievement porkie has ever accomplished.
Look up the Dixiecrats and FDR. The Democrats split back during the Great Depression, with one party being racist Neo-Confederates and the other being a moderate pro-social reform party. You can guess which party still exists til this day. Though some form of Dixiecrats still exist today in rural Southern States but they've abandoned the name for obvious reasons.
FDR was a conservative, he single handedly saved capitalism in america during the great depression
>Eh, Ium walken heah
Is this an attempt to transcribe Newyorkese or Newjerseyese?
A cousin of mine moved to Muriga decades ago and for the most part she has lived in Jersey. She used to work in a club featuring in the Sopranos. How fucking stereotypical is that? Btw, I remember enjoying that Jersey Shore show when they aired it here on MTV around 2011.
Problem is we are already subsidising half of Argentina's... ehm... showgirls... yes, showgirls! There's a direct pipeline of whores from Buenos Aires' trashiest tv shows to their counterparts in Milan and Rome. And yet you don't see the rightards complaining for that, they got trigger'd only when it's niggaz on da boats...
Btw, I wouldn't have anything against based Michael Parenti voting or even getting elected here, for example. Or Danny De Vito, John Travolta, Joe Pesci.
Fun thing is this "Italians in the world" thing was started by an old fascist who got this custom-made ministry in a Berlusconi government, but then votes from abroad have always - disproportionately... - favoured Pd.
Btw, I lived abroad five years, I was regularly registered at the consulate, but I never got the ballots...
Tbh, I have never, ever talked about Bordiga with anyone in person.
He wasn't stupid nor idiot at all. He took a lot of crap for his positions. Sometimes deservedly, sometimes just because some people had a pavlovian reflex about him. He was an honest revolutionary and very knowledgeable about theory. He took his activity very seriously. A good writer. A good orator. Apparently at the end of his life he was convinced he had done everything that was in his power and had no regrets.
What goes by the name of "Bordigism" is today - and has always been - just something that could be intersting on a theoretical level, but nothing else. I say: better getting acquainted with some of Bordiga's works than indulging in PoMo or SJWesque stuff.
The civil War created an economic boom for the bourgeois (as war always does) and this new class of Porky took over the GOP.
>A cousin of mine moved to Muriga decades ago
Why do some Italians still move to America? During the nineteenth century America was rich and Italy was poor, but why now when both countries are at a similar level of development, but America has shitier social service.
(104.50 KB 673x960 pensamiento-vizcarra.jpg)
(43.79 KB 720x464 xd.jpg)
(42.15 KB 400x309 agarradita.jpg)
>What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?
Greeting from the land of coca, llamas, ceviche and Shinning Path; Peru. In this land of capitalist despair and innovation we have 3 branches of government. The executive-the president, cabinet, etc.- the legistaltive- now dissolved for 4 months- and the judicial –pretty corrupt but you can say that some things are changing,like the fact that the “white necks of the porth” was discovered and that some of them are in jail or fugitive in other countries.
So we are a presidential system according to the Neoliberal constitution of 1993 or the Fujimori Constitution. And obviously, we are a capitalist country.
What are the political parties in your country? What ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?
Well, I’m going to explain 10 parties that have influence 3 of them are leftist (and a bonus round about the communist party,3 of them)
<Peruanos por el Kambio (PPK)
The nest of PPK (Pedro Pablo Kuzchinsky), allegedly the party in power, in real life, the party has split since the fallen of the gringo lobbista. And until the 30/09 the government had only 4 congressmen loyal. They supported the free market and some idpol as concession to the liberal right (they had two gay people in parlament).
<Fuerza Popular (FP)
The party of the now jailed Keiko Fujimoir. Nest of rats and other kinds of rightist. Well, they were the mainly contestant of being the n1 populist right of Peru. This party is the latest incarnation of the Fujimorismo, founded in 2010 I think.Headed initially by two brothers-Keiko and Kenji- Principal opposition in the government of Humala and until recently. Won nearly 40% of the vote the past election-2016- and lost the second round for 50 000 votes (the left and center that voted for PPK). So they were angry to PPK and tried to govern by congress. Also, they were really REALLY corrupt. So much that the public prosecutor accused the party as a whole of being ruled by a mafia.
<Frente Amplio (FA)
The left coalition, tried to get Veronica Mendoza to power, but because a fraction of the left, (seen later) they couldn’t. Ideology: An environmentalist, reformist (I don’t include Marxist, because some parties aren’t our comrades) movement. Well, It was founded as a front of the Socialist Party, Land and Freedom, the PCP, Social force and the MAS(Santos’ party). Win big in the south and in almost every region won at least 10-30%.
Bill Clinton was arguably the more fiscally conservative than any of those presidents, with Reagan being only more culturally conservative.

Bill Clinton was both socially and fiscally conservative. Defense of Marriage Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Welfare Reform (Workfare), repeal of Glass-Steagall, NAFTA, v-chip to censor television shows "for the children."

He did raise taxes, but he did that in order to balance the budget, which is a fiscally conservative aim. He certainly wasn't "tax AND SPEND."

Bill Clinton's presidency was in terms of policy to the right of both of the Bushes and on the budget to the right of Reagan. It's just that PC culture is worse under Democrats than Republicans (oriental, black, handicapped all fell out of favor in the 90s, replaced with the modern Asian, African American, and disabled).

Dems are the Conservative Party.
(4.69 KB 295x295 apra.png)
(31.94 KB 730x420 control v.jpg)
(32.13 KB 472x650 accion.popular.jpg)
<Accion Popular (AP)
The party of the dead and overthrow president Belaunde. Center right, tried to get Alfredo “Chicharron” Barnechea to power, but as story says, he didn’t eat a chicharron in a market offered by a lady, this was seen as an aristocratic move so he went down. The party was born in the 60’s as a capitalist reformist voice (supported the agrarian reform, a development of the country,etc) but was caught on fire by the APRA-UNO coalition and the leftwing guerrillas,so OUR GLORIOUS GENERAL VELASCO OVERTHOW HIM AND INSTALLED THE REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT OF THE ARMED FORCES. Later in the retun to democracy :C he won the elections, so gov. from 1980-1985. Bombed napalm to natives, gave a free hand to the army to kill (in the peru threat I will post a chapter about the Capitan Carlos-Humala in the Huallaga) and saw how the economic crisis gained force. After that, quiet, the last President without corruption allegations- Paniagua- was from his party. Now is pretty influential, they won the Lima elections for the mayor and in cusco and Cajamarca.
Originally socdem party, later puppet of the gringos, leader of socialdemocracy and finally, a blairite party. Leader: Alan Garcia (suicide by gunshot). The first leader visited the Soviet Union and was pretty close to the Peruvian Marxist,until he wan’t more and visited more the US embassy. Fastforward the revolution of Trujillo, the convivencia with Prado, the alliance with Odria, the left wing direction (and the economic crisis) of the 80’s and the neoliberal gov. of 2006-2011. The leader was investigated for corruption, firstly of presidential pardons to narcos, later, the embezzlement of funds for hospitals, roads, etc. So, knowing that they enter an alliance with the PPC (Partido Popular Cristiano) that almost drown both.
The other populist right party. Headed by the Acuña family, a powerful and rich family of the north of Peru. Originally a regional party, they were accumulating power (Cesar Acuña owns a university, was mayor of Trujillo (Capital of La Libertad region) and his brothers were also in positions of power too), so much power and money that he used the same tactic as the fujimoristas, give everything to poor voters, so much in fact that he was caught in tape saying : Puedo darles plata como cancha (I can give you a lot of money). So he was disqualified for president but his congressmen were still elected.
(15.79 KB 350x350 peru libertario.jpg)
(34.07 KB 712x431 uffff.jpg)
(49.32 KB 640x480 velasco-antauro.jpg)
<Democracia Directa
The Fonavista Party (FONAVI, national fund for housing, was a fund that everyone had to contribute since the 1979 to 1993, as you guessed a lot of money was in it, but with the shock and the new constitution the fund was appropriated by the gov. Fonavistas-everyone- protested so it was promised that they were going to give back the money. In the Humala years they begin giving it back….100 dollars to 200 dollars worth.) It was the surrogate mother of Gregorio Santos, jailed governor of Cajamarca who is against Newmont Mine Corporation. Friend-no more nowadays- of the PCP-Red Fatherland. Gained 4% of the votes, the amount the Broad Front needed to pass to second round.
<Peru Libertario
A left wing party headed by the now jailed (sadly) Vladimir Cerrón, a neurosurgeon who studied in Cuba and bringed a lot of ideas to the region of Junin (search in Internet about his electoral promises). More radical than Mendoza and Santos. But wise enough for giving up knowing that support for broad front was necessary. His party is triying to help Mendoza get to power (or is in talks with his supporters).
<Frente Patriotico
The party of the nowadays jailed Antauro Humala. The leader of the Etnocacerista movement, who advocates patriotism and statism (yes, it has been called fascism, the problem is, a true right wing fascist movement existed, now is dead). The movement begin in the 90’s to help the army defeat Shinning Path, for that he was arrested and later send to …. , directed with his brother Ollanta the uprising in Locumba against Fujimori. and later he and 150 followers take the city of Andahuaylas, Apurimac (in southern Peru), the Andahuaylazo. Now he is waiting to be freed in December to take the race to presidency in 2021.
>Are there any other leftist party not in parliament?
-Libertarian Peru
-Peruvian Communist Party- Unity
-Peruvian Communist Party- Red Fatherland
-Socialist Party
-Patriotic Front-the etnocaceristas
-The party of Santos nowadays
-Peruvian Communist Party-Shinning Path (MOVADEF) or the Militarized Peruvian Communist Party.
>What do you think these leftist parties should do or improve on to further their cause?
Frankly, IDK. Be more aggressive I think. I really like that about Peru Libertario (they headed a “xenophobic” view of the Venezuelan immigration, accepting a guy to be mayor of lima that it’s only government plan was “remember that good stuff I made in my days? Also those venecos steal jobs”). It was the beginning of the waking up of the Peruvian proletariat about the burden of the venecos in our poor system. Or how they view to help our socialist friends in Cuba,Bolivia and Venezuela. And the constant CONSTANT speech–almost Jacobin- of the Etnocaceristas about how to deal with the corrupt civil servants and other. THE FIRING SQUADS WILL NOT BE ENOUGH.
This is consistent with Barack Obama’s statement when he ran for Senate in 2004: U.S. Senate seat in 2004, he told the Windy City Times: “I am not a supporter of gay marriage. … I think that marriage, in the minds of a lot of voters, has a religious connotation. …”

Also, the 10th party that I was going to mention is the Morado Party, a cetrist party. It will likely run again in the legislative elections in 4 months.
>Why do some Italians still move to America?
For the same reason we still move to any other country: lack of opportunities here.
>My god that’s retarted, that makes half of Argentina and a fifth of America eligible to vote in Italian elections
Inb4 burgers learn about this, and go en mass to elect Salvini.
(324.29 KB 1153x648 1512714462726.png)
Basically, every descendant of Italian citizens who emigrated from 1912 onwards can obtain the Italian passport and vote. It's even easier for Argentinians because there's less bureacracy. Italian mass emigration stopped during the '60 so you can imagine how many people could technically obtain a passport and vote for our elections without speaking Italian and without ever setting foot in Italy.
Of course since Italians are still Italians this system is rife with corruption and frauds. In countries with large Italian communities such as Germany and Argentina, there are people who buy or just plain steal, ballots from people who receive them.
I lived in Japan for a period and my ballot arrived in a huge, very noticable envelope that anybody could steal, fill in my place and then send it to the embassy. Also, not every party is represented so I had to leave my ballot blank because no far left/communist party was listed.
(22.97 KB 1200x600 Australia.png)
I'm an Aussie like Australianon, but I'll put more effort into this post
>What is your country? Briefly, what kind of political, social and economic system does your country have?

Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarchy because post-colonial things. We're largely a social-democratic society, with healthcare and "safe" gun laws other things like offshore concentration camps for immigrants that no one talks about but largely standard SocDem stuff

>what political parties in your country? what ideology, history, seats and influence do they have?

The ruling party is the (Neo)Liberal-National coalition party, which claims to be conservative but really isn't, either way it's more or less equivalent to the republicans or tories idk. The National Party is literal Kulaks, so that's all you need to know about them.

other parties:
<Labor Party
It's spelt "labor" instead of the British English "Labour" because when the party was formed they wanted to copy the Americans, which were seen as the most progressive at the time (1890s). In 1913, Lenin hoped that the Labor party would become more like the Albanian Party of Labour, so to speak, once Australia had completed the capitalist development. They didn't. They're not. Hardcore SocDems, the only real opposition to the Liberals. Democratic Socialists at best.
Self explanatory. There is an anti-capitalist faction within the greens called Left Renewal, which has sprung up of late. There's hope for them yet.
<Country Party
Kulaks, but even more so
<Center Party
Muh Centrism
<Bob Katter's Australian
Idk what this party is, they're led by the Nutjob in question Bob Katter. Dude is like a metronome that goes back and forth between "support the little guy!" and "gay marriage is an abomination!". Go figure.
<Australia First Party
Ever wonder what it'd be like if Dennis Prager tried to run a political party?
<Australian National Socialist Party
Nazis, because of course they are
<One Nation
Republicans, American Style
<Australian Republican Party
Republicans, dictionary style
<Lambie Network
minor right wing party that broke off from the liberals led by a woman who sounds like what you'd imagine an ash tray would sound like if it spoke

Leftist Parties:
<Communist Party of Australia
Marxist-Leninist Party in Australia, and one of the only ones. The Successor to the one fro the 20th century. They have no votes or seats whatsoever.
<Australian Communist Party
The other Marxist-Leninist Party, founded in July this year as a breakaway from the former CPA. They reject the CPA's electoral stance for a more revolutionary one.
<Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist), aka Vanguard
The other ML party, which adamantly refuses to participate in electoralism to the point where it's not even known how many members they have.
<Socialist Alternative
<Socialist Equality Party
More Trots
<Socialist Party
Even more Trots, none of these parties have any seats btw
<Socialist Alliance
Leftcoms/Orthodox Marxists. They have 1 seat in Victorian local government and 1 seat in Western Australian local government. They also jerk off to Trotsky.
<Victorian Socialists
DemSocs in victoria. They have 2 seats in local government.

>are there any other leftist party not in parliment?

Considering that this country is mostly either politically illiterate, apolitical or just votes liberal (I legit met someone who told me they voted liberal because their parents did, and so did their parents before them - it's a "family tradition"), no.

>What do you think these leftist parties should do or improve on to further their cause? Don’t say things like change their ideology to mine lmao, but critique their praxis and how they can improve it to achieve their short and long term goals.

hm. Well, with the oncoming recession, these parties could gain a lot of sway. Extinction rebellion has gained a lot of traction here, particularly in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, the three largest cities in the country. Unfortunately, there aren't any leftist political parties that cover all three of these cities - it's either 2/3, 1/3 or having presence in another state capital like Darwin. First and foremost, the Trots need to stop fighting each other and merge into one party. Same for the CPA, ACP and CPA(M-L). Then, increase social influence by appearing in the public eye more often - the Trot parties got a lot of attention by attending climate marches. I was surprised to see that the CPA only showed up to one of them, considering that their base is literally a few streets away from where it was gathering. I'd also advocate for the founding of an Armed wing, like an Australian Socialist Rifle Association.

So, in summary:
1. End splits and merge into unified parties.
2. Increase public attention and visibility
3. start agitating and found an armed wing.

There is a rift between the Australian left between Trotskyists (who all hate each other) and MLs, who as of late are growing more open to the Ideas of Stalin and Mao. We will need to rectify this. I suppose it's fortunate that the Trots can never unify for shit.
Damn thats a lot of trots...

Good advise but gonna be hard convince these leftists to overcome their sectarianism...
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Annnd bump
(102.23 KB 668x757 file-20170529-6415-p4ein8.jpg)
>Labor Party
>It's spelt "labor" instead of the British English "Labour" because when the party was formed they wanted to copy the Americans, which were seen as the most progressive at the time (1890s). In 1913, Lenin hoped that the Labor party would become more like the Albanian Party of Labour, so to speak, once Australia had completed the capitalist development. >They didn't. They're not. Hardcore SocDems, the only real opposition to the Liberals. Democratic Socialists at best.
It wasn't so much that they wanted to copy the americans but more so that the links between the Aussie labor movement and the yank Industrial Workers of the World union were strong enough to have an effect on spelling.
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>Are there any other leftist party not in parliament?

So i was the op of the first of this threads back in the day and wasted a lot of time on this topic but let’s try a TLDR
Greece has a lot...a lot of leftwing parties almost all of based around students and academics
>Course of Freedom
An one-women party (Zoe Konstantopoulou, pic) ,left wing split of syriza , is now our largest not-pm leftwing party
According to its founding declaration, the party's purpose of action consists of: Democracy, justice, transparency, rights, debt cancellation and claim for World War II reparations.
It got some of the syriza votes
>Front of the Greek Anticapitalist Left
The second largest ant capitalist party in the country ,members come from ex-kke to eurocoms to maoists to trots to leftcoms
Pretty much a more edgy radical hood KKE
The front emerged from the 2008 riots and 'calls for exiting the European Union and dropping the euro currency, defaulting on Greece's debt, and nationalization without compensation of major industries.[4] The party also calls for a banning of lay-offs, a minimum salary of equivalent to 1,400 euros, a reduction of weekly working time to 35 hours without reduction of wages, the disarmament of the police, full political and social rights for immigrants, and an ecosocialist answer to ecological crisis.'
>Popular Unity
Irrelevant syriza split, runed with our pirate party
>Communist Party of Greece (Marxist–Leninist)
Marxist–Leninist Communist Party of Greece

Yes the ultimate battle of our two Maoist splits
Exactly the same in all regards, like one has more support in the north the other to the south..i think
>Workers Revolutionary Party
Organization of Internationalist Communists of Greece
Two trot parties honest but irrelevant
The true world famous communist party of the country
Hear what they support
>According to the positions of OAKKE, which describes itself as a proletarian revolutionary and anti-imperialist organization, it conducts a struggle mainly against “Russian social imperialism”, which is currently considered by it the biggest threat to world peace, as was the pre-war Nazi Germany, based, as said before, on the Maoist strategy of the three worlds
>Furthermore, according to the positions of the organization, there is an allied axis which consists of Russia - China - Iran, under the overall guidance of the first, which is, in its essence, neo-Nazi
>Finally, another difference with the other parties of the left is that OAKKE supports strategically (since November 1995 and its 2nd Conference) the participation of Greece in the EU
And many many more true Marxist stances
Unironic posadists ,they have a blog and have connections with the KKE
We also have a couple more anti-revisionist, trot and in general leftist sects but i am starting to get bored and are tiny


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