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(334.18 KB 1270x782 NORTH.jpg)
/Nord/ - Nordic General Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 17:21:28 No. 818850
The previous Nordic thread reached bump limit, so let's continue here. Let's discuss in English, so we can all understand each other (I don't want this to become a circle jerk for Swedes only). Previous thread >>290791
Edited last time by krates on 09/05/2020 (Sat) 06:47:02.
So what's the story behind the other Nordic flags? I'm from Finland and I hate our flag since it was chosen by the White Guard government in 1918 after they committed a genocide against the Finnish workers and Reds who fought a revolutionary Civil War against the White Guard bourgies. I don't give a shit about the christian cross symbolism but what else is there behind it? The Finnish Revolutionary Red Government used only a Red flag and personally that's the only Finnish flag I can regocnize. But for propaganda reasons I'll accept the blue-white cross flag if necessary.
(135.73 KB 734x1023 ern.jpg)
>>818850 hmmmm mmmm oOOOOH yeahhhh shes a BIIIIIIIIIIIG girl MMMFH
>>818889 I think the "banner" (I don't know the proper word for it in english) of Karelia is pretty cool tbh
>>818920 I would call that a "coat of arms", that would be the English term.
>>818920 That would be the 'coat of arms', and it is pretty cool tbh. Goes all the way back to 1562.
(742.53 KB 2048x1474 kapitalismi.jpg)
>>818920 Yes, I like it too. It goes way back (like previous anon said). It's from a time when there was no concept of Finnish nation or Finnish people. Back then we were just a bunch of different "Finnish" tribes under Swedish control. Back then there was no actual "Russia" either, just Novogord and Kiev duchies.
(4.81 MB 4032x3024 Karjala olut.JPG)
>>818920 Nowadays the Karelian Coat of Arms is mostly known as the logo of a popular Finnish brand of beer "Karjala".
Where are the socdems strongest and how would they be defeated by forces to their left?
(380.77 KB 2048x1349 EWTaP9nXkAEWhuQ.jpg)
>>819012 Socdems (SDP) are very strong in Finland. They control ALL the labour unions and at the moment, and they control the government too since our prime minister is socdem. The second strongest party in Finland is the PS (Perussuomalaiset, a far-right fascist party). So we have SDP as the ruling party. But they don't want to do anything to crush the fascist PS. They don't want to do anything to strenghten the workers power. They are all about "saving the economy" of the capitalist state and giving out money to private businesses. SDP are making workers disillusioned and pushing them to the PS and other far-right fascist groups.
(131.43 KB 2048x1508 Karjalanpiirakka-20060227.jpg)
>>819010 >popular Finnish brand of beer "Karjala". Is it any good? Doesn't seem to be available at Systembolaget unfortunately. My grandma is from Karelia so I've had karjalanpiirakat every christmas and easter since childhood. Only made them myself once. Might fuck around and make a batch soon.
>>819066 I've always thought Finnish is a funny sounding language, but something about "Marxismi-Leninismi" is just hilarious to me. Is MLM "Marxismi-Leninismi-Maoismi"?
(608.19 KB 639x538 vastarintaliike.png)
>>819073 >Is it any good? No, I don't like Karjala. But it's still popular. I like Karhu, Koff, Pirkka and Sandels myself. Karjalanpiirakat are the best and I love them. Home-made are the best but usually I just buy them ready made from the super market.
(90.46 KB 960x720 c6984b35.jpg)
>>819078 Yeah, MLM is "Marxismi-Leninismi-Maoismi" in Finnish, lol :D
It seems like a lot of anarkiddies come from the nordic countries. Anyone got an explanation for that?
>>819111 High quality education.
>>819144 >sound like a /pol/ user to defend black liberalism never change anarkids
>>819111 Communism has kinda bad reputation in the Nordic countries. It's associated with Soviet Union, totalitarianism, anti-democracy etc. The mainstream "Left" parties have distanced themselves from communism, socialism and all the "old sounding" class struggle rhetoric. This means that the "left" leaning people will join the Social Democrats or the pseudo-left liberal parties (who are succdems in practice). Those who think these parties are too "old fashioned" will join the anarchists and other "anti-authoritarian" marginal groups. Sadly this makes the Nordic left totally incompetent today. It's mostly sub-culture punk rock kids, radical-feminist trannies and other weirdos. That's the kind of people anarchism and modern "left" attract.
>>819111 Social democracy is disappointing and ML is disastrous, thus anarchism is the only option
>>819181 >>819167 Oh I see, you're all brainwashed by your fascist governments then. That would explain why you're all so emotional and irrational all the time, with a few exceptions
>>819181 >Social democracy is disappointing and ML is disastrous, thus anarchism is the only option spoken like a true radlib
>>819187 >>819186 I'm just saying what the anarchists think, not arguing for them
>>819189 I see, I apologize for the snarky tone
>>819189 it turns my stomach seeing finnish "leftists" simp for Nazis and meme about fighting gommies
(22.53 KB 575x544 SWEDEN, YES!.png)
(457.87 KB 1200x812 En fixad, nu tar vi resten.jpg)
I posted this pic in the last thread, and I'll post it here since it triggered some losers.
>>819312 >Just found this dope Swedish(?) track bro
>>819312 The main singer is singing in German , no idea what language the background voices are singing in
>>819327 You had me thinking I was having a stroke when I put that on expecting to hear Swedish
>>819312 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36fWRDiYShg Just poking around a bit, he's a leftist. That song isn't an actual song but an announcement of his new EP. >>819336 I have never heard that language.
>>818850 social democracy is BASED
>>819336 I think it might be Finnish.
>>819312 That is absolutely German, no idea on the background singing
>>818920 Curved sword is for East/Moscowites, straight sword stands for sweden. T.EU4 pro
>>819336 >>819441 >>819470 The background actually is finnish song from this Finnish pagan/folk band, but it uses archaic words and it's remixed to oblivion, so the beat might as well be gibberish and I really can't make proper sense out of the original either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMTmWYgWLTQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX4EiTnTIZA
Varför var coviden så förödande för Sverige somalier säger ni?
>>819312 Background sounds Finnish, but I don't understand a word. Could be Estonian, Hungarian or some tribal Fennic language from Siberia.
>>819092 Different guy but that's hilarious
>>819635 Smørrebrød :DDDDD
>>818889 The blue Cross on white seems like a very obvious choice for any Finnish governments no further left than the soc dems Traditional finnish colours I believe and fits with a country more interested in looking west than east
>>819719 >>818889 The whole lion and it's symbolism is basically a fuck you to the Russians. The armored hand with a straight sword symbolizes the west and milliary power and the trampled saber on the lions feet symbolizes the "eastern barbarians" aka the Russians. That's why I'm not a huge fan of it.
>>819842 I read somewhere once that the lion on red was avoided because it looked like a purely red communist flag when it was exposed to smoke, something that was released by all ships at the time
When will you stop looting the rest of the world to fund your social democratic utopia?
>>819930 when you make us stop bitch, whatchu gonna do about it?
>>819936 BASED
>>819936 Palme was a genuine anti-imperialist though, Sweden wasn't a NATO or EU country at the time of his premiership
>>819930 The strong do what they can...etc etc
>>819181 >Ml is disastrous >Anarchism is the only option Literally anarchist never won a single fucking war how can they be an option?
>>819975 >what is Stay Behind also under Palme communists were put on lists
>>820022 I'm no Palme worshipper but let's be real, even under a Swedish communist government other communists and leftists would be put on lists.
>>820044 haha, that's probably true, yes. but my point is that they were catalogued for Stay Behind/GLADIO forces in the event of a revolution
>>819207 >being proud of a k/d of 1:38 That pic belongs in a "Post the most swedish picture you have"-thread.
>>819167 >Communism has kinda bad reputation in the Nordic countries. It's associated with Soviet Union, totalitarianism, anti-democracy etc. The mainstream "Left" parties have distanced themselves from communism, socialism and all the "old sounding" class struggle rhetoric. It's 2020. Everyone know what class does to you during this pandemic. And we are in an interregnum, not caused by the pandemic but accentuated. One thought experiment would be to put oneself in other people's shoes. Just sit and pretend to be a liberal or conservative or social democrat or whatever. Then ask yourself if dusting off old heroes would help you in any way. If this pandemic struck in 1983-84, Palme would've given any stragglers a good dressing down on the phone. But there's no Palme in Sweden. Löfven can't say "In the name of Palme, stop fucking around!" Because that would only contrast to his own impotence. The only ones who can use *their* old heroes are conservatives that cares about the evironment. I'm thinking of Thatcher and Reagan who committed to ban CFCs. Because they succeeded. But if a communist says that "CH Hermansson would've never allowed this to happen" the rebuttal would be "Yes, he was a charming man who had some interesting thoughts about the definition of what a laborer is. But at best under him, VPK got 5.33% of the votes in 1973." And even if he had a really good idea that would be applicable now, the best way is to simply propose it. And if it's adapted, people *may* ask who came up with it. But if it isn't adapted, then it won't be even if you tell people who came up with it. Consider this: When a new product is launched, the early adopters pays the hugest costs. Once upon a time a color-tv was a status symbol, now it's not. Did you buy this? Good. Now let's try a different phrasing and pretend that you didn't hear the first: As said by Friedrich Hayek, when a new product is launched, the early adopters pays the hugest costs. How did you react? Did you doze off. And if so, when? At "said by" or "Friedrich Hayek"? Because it's the same observation, only with a source. And if he didn't come up with the observation, we can probably find who did. Now, even if you're sympathetic to him, you would probably think that it's browbeating. In least worst case, it's unintentional browbeating. But browbeating none the less.
(1.11 MB 1090x1080 finland fiction.png)
Finnish comrade here. Thanks for the memes in my language. I'd like some more. >>819111 The anarchists here are more irrelevant than to-the-left-of-Left Alliance fake communists of CPFinland and real communists of CWP. The A-ryhmä or "Group A" and Alusta Ry (Platform) is full of well-of petty bourgeois pseuds acting as idpol police in social media. Suvi Auvinen, Antti Rautiainen, Alexis Rancken and other assorted holier than thou fake socialists who are the embodiment of everything wrong about the Western left. >>819144 >believes the propaganda about the finnish education system ok retard, what other fucking national cliches about us do you believe in >>819930 probably never, judging by UPM-Kymmene exploiting Uruguayan labor and resources. its worked well for us thus far and we nordiccs are the dears of western media so again, probably never and you cant do shit about that >>820123 both Sweden and Finland are only nominally neutral with memoranda of understanding from NATO and theres been american troops training in Rovajärvi as im sure other finns may have mentioned
>>820044 >I'm no Palme worshipper but let's be real, even under a Swedish communist government other communists and leftists would be put on lists. It depends. The armed forces welcomed maoists with open arms. Because now they FINALLY! had short-cut men who obeyed orders and hated the USSR.
>>819842 That's not true. Russians never used sabers. It's more likely a reference to Mongols or Turks.
>>821958 Can you provide a source on the exploitation of Uruguay labor? How else does Finland exploit foreigners?
Har jag helt fel eller är svensk vänster i gemen väldigt positiv till klotter på allmän plats?
(79.10 KB 528x1024 chap.jpeg)
>>822406 >Russians never used sabers. That is not true.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguay_River_pulp_mill_dispute#October_2006 >On 17 October, the IFC and MIGA announced that they will ask their Boards of Directors to approve IFC financing and MIGA guarantee support for Oy Metsä-Botnia's Orion pulp mill project in Uruguay. Metsä-Botnia is now known as Metsä Fibre, part of finnish Metsä Group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uruguay_River_pulp_mill_dispute#March/April_2010 >In December 2009 Finnish UPM-Kymmene Oyj became the sole owner of the pulp mill. https://www.upm.com/about-us/for-media/releases/2019/07/upm-continues-its-strategic-transformation-and-invests-in-a-world-class-pulp-mill-in-central-uruguay/
>>823015 is a reply to >>822464
>>822979 >Har jag helt fel eller är svensk vänster i gemen väldigt positiv till klotter på allmän plats? Vad har man nu gjort?
(370.41 KB 1280x800 norse commies.jpg)
Var det någon som besökte XRs demonstrationer i helgen? Hade jag vetat att de skulle limma fast sig vid Riksdagshuset så skulle jag kunna ha krupit dit.
(9.31 KB 208x326 brainlet.jpg)
Well Sweden, at least you managed to keep it in English for like 40 posts.
>>825230 Whåt, dön't yöu like öur lövely länguåge?
>>819167 It seems like the Maoists are the best existing Left in the benis bållsäck peninsula
(3.01 MB 1500x2156 4fv2e1sonxz21.png)
How does the people in this thread feel about the winter war?
>>825748 Defending from the USSR - good. Dreams about Greater-Finland and the suspicious high death rates of soviet POWs - evil.
>>825748 I made a thread about it a while ago and got a lot of great responses from Finnish comrades. >>661052
(152.18 KB 1054x620 suomipepe.png)
(247.48 KB 1196x636 suomipepe2.png)
(508.29 KB 1660x964 suomipepe4.png)
>>825230 To be frank, they do it, because if we stick to English the topic is going to inevitably go to eastern politics and Finnish circle jerk. We are an attention whore nation :(
>>825923 relevant <From Proto-Finnic *kuningas, from Proto-Germanic *kuningaz.
What the FUCK is his problem?
>>829982 Depends. What are you complaining about?
>>825716 Maoists? Where?
>>829982 >What the FUCK is his problem? Other than shilling for genocide and writing walls of text that reads that 3-beer ramblings? Gee, Idunno.
>>832390 >shilling for genocide What are you referring to here?
sök "magmysmicke" på youtube
>>832390 >shilling for genocide he's a communist no?
>>832406 Instead of just saying that Tarrant had a different M.O. than Breivik, he gives these "warnings". And how much he "thinks" that it will be some kind of purge or whatever. He has also made one Nils Flyg joke too many.
(1.24 MB 1000x667 Punalippu.png)
(189.96 KB 1080x891 Taistele ja tee vastarintaa.jpg)
(67.03 KB 715x1280 Combat and Resist.jpg)
>>825716 >>830176 There's not many Maoists in Finland. There's a Maoist website ran by group called "Punalippu-kollektiivi" (Red Flag Collective) and they sometimes refer to a group called "Maolainen komitea Suomessa" (Maoist Committee in Finland). They are kinda based IMO, but as far as I know they only have a activists in Turku, Tampere and Helsinki and they are not too many. Here's their website: https://punalippu.noblogs.org/ They do propaganda work, paint graffiti, write and translate articles, and do some small actions and demos. I hope they grow, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Few months ago they took part in George Floyd/BLM-support demonstration and painted their slogan "Taistele ja tee vastarintaa" (Combat and resist) in public and burned the USA flag. That made to national news but the group was not mentioned. In 2017 there was a big counter-demonstration against a Neo-Nazi march in Tampere. Maoists organized a bloc called "Kuolema fasismille" (Death to Fascism). Very loud home made firecrackers were thrown at the Nazis which scared the shit out of them. It was probably done by the Maoists but they never commented on it. Pictures: >1st pic: Last week Maoists demonstrated against the SDP congress. Banner says "Bourgeoisie should pay for their own crisis. Workers abandodn the SDP. Socialist revolution!" >2nd pic: Pics of Maoist actions and slogans, including the news headline about the graffiti at BLM demonstration. This montage is probably made by some anti-communist trying to "connect the dots" and to blame the Reds. But I think it just proves how active Maoists are, so it's OK. >3rd pic: Some Punalippu-stickers.
(36.14 KB 425x425 0.jpg)
>>819501 >Curved sword is for Moscowites >>819842 >the trampled saber on the lions feet symbolizes the "eastern barbarians" aka the Russians <your nation will never be accused of being eastern barbarians by a bunch of asiatic tribes >>822993 He's a cossack. They were never a regular army in Russia.
>>843331 I mean, modern Russia literally started out as tax collectors for the tatars
Leve Frank Baude
>>843331 >He's a cossack. They were never a regular army in Russia. Jesus fucking christ. It's a Chapaev. Pretty famous red commanedr. We even have a movie about him. Sashka (form of a sabre) was a standard issue in the russian cavalry. And no, cossacks were not the only cavalry that russian had.
>>847395 Yes and I literally just gave you an example of a right wing figure (Alex Jones) handling it properly as a free out.
>>847359 That wasn't a fight, he didn't even know he was getting attacked before he was killed. Straight up murder, not a fucking fight, you demented faggot.
>>847386 >because can't handle a fall properly. No, he died because he was kicked in the chest and hit his head on the ground. No one can "handle that fall properly". Holy fucking shit, I seriously want to murder you.
>>847442 You sound like you've never tried to deliberately provoke anyone before lol. I can guarantee you that 99% of the time if you do something stupid like this people will be so shocked that they will ask why before responding and the worst extent of the response is a slap or punch. The exceptions are criminals and lumpen but they're always looking for an excuse to mug someone for some drug money anyways. People are inherently reasonable but street kiddies (anarkiddies and fascists and whatever else) instinctively go into chimp mode which is really only a testament to how undisciplined and weak-minded they are compared to a normal person.
>>823015 Uruguayan here. Tbh I'm quite conflicted over UPM exploitation of our country. On one hand, it is flat out imperialism as defined by Lenin. On the other, the UPM's investment into the country is providing and updating some sorely needed infrastructure into the interior of the country (like the rail line being built from Montevideo to Fray Bentos). The interior of the country has been hit hard by de-industrialisation (ie the loss of profitability of meat processing plants), so it could be an opportunity to re-proletarianise the population. I could be just an imperialist apologist tho
Yo what extent do nordic communists support/not support the CPC?
>>847702 You do need some basic infrastructure if you want to rob the country properly.
>>821958 I think it'd translate as "A-team". Worth mentioning are also TAL (Tampere Anarchist Union), the Oulu Anarchist Union (plus their headline-famous armed "anarchist-priest" Árpád Kovács), and the rumored new cell in Kuopio. "A-team" in Helsinki and the Tampere network are also members of ARNA, "Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance", which is a network connecting together Nordic organizations. Exactly what, I do not know.
>>846936 >Leve Frank Baude Leve Andreas Malm! Med sitt tal om ”Ekologisk krigskommunism är vår enda räddning” kommer han att skrämma bort många. t. Mohammed bin Salman
>>825057 vådligt baserat
>>847048 >modern Russia literally started out as tax collectors for the tatars while actually forming a unified Russian state on the ashes of the steamrolled Rus' Gardarika so they could kick the Horde out. This is why Moscow became the capital of Moscovia/Russia — it started to consolidate everything around it instead of keeping the eternal slav tradition of shitflinging with every neighborhood it knows about despite being someones bitch. Such retarded way of thinking produces something like "Anglos are vikings because they got fucked up pretty often by vikings. Wow guys look at these norse barbarians now". >Pretty famous red commander Are you implying cossacks couldn't be fighting for bolsheviks?
>>856260 >Are you implying cossacks couldn't be fighting for bolsheviks? Are you retarded or just have no reading comprehension? My point was that Chapaev wasn't and that shashka was quite widespread amond russians as whole and not only cossacks.
>>819842 Just found out something. >The first sabres arrived in Europe with the Magyars >Magyars are of Uralic language family >Which includes Finns >Some Finns are hating some slav neighbours and use a sabre symbol to prove that they are barbarians Damn you guys are autistic.
Wouldnit it be incredibly based if all the nordic countries formed a military union and developed a nuclear arsenal? Then we could have true neutrality and not have to sell it out or be invaded like we did the last great war. The risk of nukes being dropped anywhere on scandinavia would also be lowered if any belligerents knew we could guard our neutrality with nukes
>>856917 Nukes and other weapons are always will be targeted at countries that have the ability to retaliate. No one gonna nuke Nigeria, for example. So while you are increasing your strength and ability to stand up to threats, you will also paint a target on yourself.
(34.21 KB 500x506 1589822545966.jpg)
Ok men hur ska socialism lösa neger,babbe, bög och judefrågan?
>>856917 This is basically what the "Socialist" Left party and the Red Party in Norway are trying to do
>>839910 based brothers >>863911 down with kings. socialist republics now. >>825716 Maoists tend to be up there with the MLs and MLMs for me >>825748 >soviet russian peoples kommissars including lenin, stalin and trotsky recognize Finnish independence >we attack soviet russia multiple times to destabilize and annex karelia but fail >soviet union accommodates this in a new deal of territory with Finnish Democratic Republic >we reject it, be allies with Nazi Germany to see our dream of greater finland come through >we get destroyed, lose more territory and end up having to also fight the same germans we allied with previously in lapland war in short, our bourgeoisie and the "white" leading parties were just severely retarded and fascism couldnt defeat the subhuman communist scum
>>863775 Neger här. Brottslighet ska straffas med hårt arbete, bör bygga några läger uppe i lappland. Bögar har ofta ett småborgerligt tankesätt så dom kommer nog stryka med. Judarna kommer inte ha mer makt än nån annan i en planekonomi.
(1.68 MB 1920x1080 mulan.png)
>>856324 Look, that's just how it is. Everyone in our countries has some slight version of autism going on. It's in the Finnish culture or some shit like that. Finns are mongols and hungarians used to be huns. The myth revolving around our finno-ugric peoples is amazeballs. >>847702 bruh we just like trees, give us your trees
(44.56 KB 680x467 DQuw-CMUQAAT_Ob.jpeg.jpg)
>>863991 Is this from that facebook page "Bra Kommunistiskt Propaganda" or something like that? It was gone last time I checked. They had some really funny shit on there.
(640.97 KB 1766x993 20200913_123805.jpg)
>>863998 Yeah it's gone. I'll see if I have anything more
>>863991 Använder kommunister borgerligt på samma sätt pol använder degenerant?
(491.13 KB 628x316 Pekka Kataja.png)
Funny news from Finland: In July there was a violent attack against Pekka Kataja, who is a regional leader of Persussuomalaiset (right wing fascist party, the second largest party in Finland). He was attacked by two men at his home, beaten in the head brutally with some blunt object. News said it was a hammer, but it was most likely a baton or something, since a hammer would leave your head totally smashed after +10 hits. Mr. Kataja almost died and it is considered an attempted murder. After the attack he claimed the attackers looked like Arabs but later withdrew that statement. Other fascists went crazy blaming immigrants and left-wingers. Finally, last friday the attackers were arrested. They were no Arabs or lefties, but his Finnish fellow fascists. The other is a former member of the same Perussomalaiset party who was later kicked out. The other guy is a leader of a fringe radical fascist alliance "Kansallismielisten Liittouma" (a liaison organisaton that brings together ethnonationalists, fascists, neo-nazis and other scum from different organisations). Few weeks ago he organised a "White lives matter" rally with his group. He's also connected to Soldiers of Odin. Right now the radical right wing is losing their shit and it's fucking hilarious. I hope we see more of these scumbags attacking and killing each other :D
(24.66 KB 600x405 1.jpg)
>>866677 Can confirm, pretty ebin. Wouldnt it be funny if the anti-antifa finns party turned antifa
>>866677 Pity they were to weak to finish the job even with a hammer. Guess those soldiers of odin don't lift noting heavier than a spoon.
>>866677 I wouldn't call PS "fascists", they're more like a gang of dogwhistling nationalist populists among which actual fascists like to hide among, but yeah. It's fun to see the actual fash raging and railing against the one marketable thing they've got going for them, just because it's not perfectly as they'd like it to be.
(417.81 KB 1363x1524 2h6pgx.jpg)
>>866715 >Nah, bro, they're not fascists. They just look, sound, act, and talk like them.
>>865546 Antingen borgerligt eller dekadent
(61.07 KB 1080x616 Jussin fantasiat.jpg)
"Violence is an underrated way of problem-solving nowadays." - Jussi Halla-aho, leader of the fascist PS
Varför snackas de engelska här? Bort med ostburgarna.
God I can’t wait for the islamicfication of the nords besides Swedistan Inshallah
>>866747 Make an argument anyday
>>866797 >Let's discuss in English, so we can all understand each other (I don't want this to become a circle jerk for Swedes only).
>>866805 Neger
>>866797 We don't speak Swedish in Finland.
>>866799 lol, pay me no mind, comrade, I'm just shitposting.
>>866747 Most of them are pretty fucking lame and apathetic.
>>866794 lol this dude looks like he forgot to take his zinc
Anyone got opinions on Norway's Rødt?
(125.56 KB 1199x1199 13-3-11227443.jpg)
>>866677 What makes this situation even funnier is that many leading members of Perussuomalaset don't want to condemn the attackers and are infact defending them - even though they tried to murder a member of their party! The victim is from the old school populist wing who are not fans of the radical ethonationalist/fascist mainstream wing of the party. Now the fascist wing is making up excuses and trying to shift the blame to somewhere else and whitewash the attackers. >>866715 Maybe 5 yars ago Perussuomalaiset were not a fascist party but they sure as hell are now. They try to keep their extremist rhetoric down but every week they say something that proves them fascist. Earlier this year their member Toni Jalonen went to Estonia to a fascist conference and declared to be a fascist publicly on tape. They kicked him out of the party for few weeks and them took him back.
>>867219 That's actually hilarious. When Utoya happened our Swedish fash were very quick to blame the radical Muslim hordes, and then it turned out to be Breivik.
(373.25 KB 993x784 Halla-aho_Jussi.jpg)
>>867224 Same happened in Finland. Fascists went crazy declaring the mass murder as the worst thing ever and blaming muslims. When the truth came out they all went quiet. In his manifesto Breivik actually quoted/mentioned Jussi Halla-aho, who is now the leader of Perussuomalaiset. Breivik also sent his manifesto via email to him IIRC. Nowadays the Finnish fascists (including Perussuomalaiset) love Breivik and praise him anonymously oniline but ofcourse can't do it publicly.
>>866677 >Right now the radical right wing is losing their shit and it's fucking hilarious. I hope we see more of these scumbags attacking and killing each other :D No, you don't want that. Because it can trigger revenge against "perps".
Vad är vänsterpols ide för hur man löser integrationen? Vilket ansvar lägger man på staten, invandrarna och svenskarna?
>>867112 I am a member of the Red Party. I can answer any questions you may have
>>884550 >Vad är vänsterpols ide för hur man löser integrationen? Vilket ansvar lägger man på staten, invandrarna och svenskarna? Fyra förslag från toppen av mitt huvud: 1) Gör svenska spännande igen. Integrationen sker via språket. Och språket får inte vara kastrerade modefraser bara en liten grupp kan hänga med i och behärska. Svenska författare som Lagerlöf, Heidenstam, Söderberg och Ström är en bra början. Sedan finns det alltid författare som passar bra i översättning, typ King. Översatta böcker har dessutom fördelen att de kan användas i annan språkundervisning genom att jämföra översättningarna om man vill vara lite överkurs. 2) Gör företagen städa sina toaletter igen. Inhyrda städföretag är mer som plåsterlappar man bara flyttar runt. I detta avsnitt av The Neoliberal Podcast (häng inte upp er på politiska etiketter, den låter nästan sossig, och då har jag inte nämnt avsnittet där de diskuterar dagis och föräldraledighet XD) berättades det om hur schemaläggningen sätts automatiskt via algoritmer från vecka till vecka, så folk kan inte planera sina liv: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-neolib-podcast/e/77724217 Slutsatsen dras inte i avsnittet, men jag ser fragmenterade och oförutsägbara scheman som ett slags minfält. De fungerar just pg.a. oförutsägbarhet. Det är något helt annat än att något är öppet minerat. 3) Gör (stor)företagen betala sina räkningar på 30 dagar. Det är en väldigt enkel åtgärd som uppskattas kunna skapa 100000 nya jobb. 4) Gör skolan tråkig igen. Modern teknik i all ära, men datorisering kan drivas för långt. Dels när lärare måste fylla i massa rapporter via program med värdelöst gränssnitt. Dels för att datorer inte lär fokus på riktigt. De senaste 10 åren har waldorfskolor varit en grej för teknikjättarnas ledarsikt i USA, just för att de saknar datorer. Waldorfpedagogik kanske är att ta i, men det finns säkert andra datorlösa skolor.
>>884550 Finns ju ett antal lösningar som tyvärr egentligen bara går att lösa i en svensk socialistisk rådsrepublik. 1) Gemensammma ytor och tillgänglig kultur: gratis/svinbilliga sport- och kulturutövning tillgängligt för alla. Prio på ytor man får vara på utan att behöva betala (krossa galleriaekonomin) Inga spexiga årsvis projekt, bara välfungerande tillgänglig kärnverksamhet. 2) Den som icke arbetar skall icke äta. Alla i arbetsför ålder skall ha grundlagsstadgad rätt till ett respektabelt arbete, men inga gibs till någon i arbetsför ålder som inte är sjuk/handikappad. 3) Omedelbart upphörande av en massa kulturbidrag till wahabbister och annat skit.
(11.01 KB 225x225 redguard.jpeg)
>>884675 gimme a comprehensive overview of your party's ideology, red nord
>>885111 It is hard to say, because what is the ideology locally may be entirely different from the central comitee. For my local chapter it is Marxist (the leader himself is a leftcom). However the central comitee is more demsoc/socdem and while our party democracy is well robust, which makes it very hard for social democratic tendencies to take over the party wholesale (even though some may argue it already has), the full focus on electoralism rather than trying to maintain a balance between theory and electoralism makes me worried for the future. Our leader Bjørnar Moxnes unites the party in all tendencies, but when he steps down. Who will lead the party forward? What ideology will succeed?
hur tänker vi angående kirunasvenskarna här?
>>887647 hopefully maoists or some other MLs. IIRC the AKP was a maoist party which became a part of Red Party
>>887840 I know one of the Maoist veterans from AKP personally, and while they are maintaining the theory element of the party. They are not providing the solutions needed to make the party grow when it stagnated and almost wiped away in the 80s to the early 00s. Personally I believe the solution should be that the argument for socialism should be that only a socialist state could maintain or rather go beyond the welfare state that we have today. Essentially as socialists we should frame the conversation that only *our* system can maintain the lifestyle that Norwegians can have today, and that right now our welfare state is in a collapse.
>>829982 the dude probably needs money to live, and he found it on the right plus narcissism
>>866677 atfirst I was going to say the antifa comrades were based but this is even better. wish they did this type of stuff more often.
>>885088 >>884550 5) Gör skadestånd svida på riktigt Låga skadestånd är värre än inga skadestånd, för det är ett billigt sätt att köpa sig fri. Jag tror att enda rimliga sättet att höja det på är via prejudikat. Jag har glömt bort vad han och organisationen heter, men det är någon moderat som driver medborgarrätt via juridiska processer. Jag anser att låga skadestånd vid död och personskada på arbetet är en medborgarrättsfråga. Hur det skulle gå till vet jag inte. Men jag antar att facken o deras tidningar sitter på matnyttig information. Ett samarbete med honom vore intressant. Inte för att han skulle kunna driva alla de fallen i process, men det kanske skulle övertyga honom om att driva något framtida fall.
>>887852 >right now our welfare state is in a collapse imperialism is a bitch. it won't be enough to maintain welfare capitalism. we've warned the socdems about this enough times. >>887829 vad menar du
>>888382 är det en liberal skröna, ett symptom på hur det sovjetiska systemet såg ut, finns det någon slags förmildrande omständigheter för vad som hände från er synvinkel?
>>889108 Sjöstedt har sagt det alla visste i snart 100 år: Att SKP mörklade. En intressant sak är att Vänsterpartiet själva har sponsrat forskning kring deras öden: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirunasvenskarna#Forskning_om_kirunasvenskarnas_%C3%B6den <År 2005 lade forskaren Anders Gustafsson vid Södertörns högskola i Stockholm fram sin rapport om de svenska Sovjetemigranterna med medel från Stiftelsen Vänsterpartiet. Rapport innehåller i sedvanlig ordning akademisk fotnoter och källhänvisningar. Han har studerat alla protokoll för Sveriges kommunistiska partis centralkommitté från tidigt 1920-tal till sent 1930-tal. Syftet var att däri undersöka och få svar på hur kommunistpartiet hade agerat då det svarade på de nästan dagliga förfrågningar om ekonomisk och praktisk hjälp att emigrera till Sovjetunionen. I protokollen visas genomgående att inte bara tidiga företrädare för SKP såsom Fredrik Ström utan också den senare Sven Linderot utan undantag nekade denna hjälp. Istället uppmanade de alla kommunister och partisympatisörer att stanna i Sverige för att kämpa för en egen socialistisk republik. Så att täcka upp för SKP, Lenin & Stalin på 1920-30-talet år 2020 är kullen bara larpare kan vilja dö på.
(281.85 KB 796x456 tuho-fasismille.jpg)
Finnish Supreme Court banned the Nordic Resistance Movement today.
>>866677 >get beaten up by your fellow fash >still blame arabs Maybe one could play it off as brain damage but this is fucking hilarious. Did the attackers deny or own their actions?
>>891043 The attackers are arrested and have not been able to give statements to public (as far as I know). But before they got caught the other attacker took part in twitter conversation about the beating and speculated that it was probably the victims own fault because he had not kissed some nazis ass.
>>891043 It may actually have been brain damage or shock, since he blamed it on Arabs on the way to the hospital. To his credit, he did correct his statement soon after receiving treatment and said he suspected it was fascists. Some of his recent comments were unambiguously hilarious, though. He claimed this attack proved that his party isn't far-right, and that they're in fact victims of the far-right. Meanwhile, journalists have dug up dozens of connections between members of his party and the other attacker's fascist organization.
>>891145 >>891084 Ah okay that makes more sense. > He claimed this attack proved that his party isn't far-right, and that they're in fact victims of the far-right. Lmao are they gonna pretend sectarianism isn't a thing? Are people buying it?
>>890859 listing the things this will change:
>>891234 I don't think so. Like the other Anon said, these people literally can't go a week without saying something massively racist in public. Their latest involved a regional party chief posting a picture of two of his pigs he had named after black politicians and talking about how he's going to kill them soon.
(788.57 KB 556x556 1563521932188-1.gif)
Burger here thinking about applying to grad school in Iceland. Does anyone know if the universities are shit or not? And what's it like to be a Marxist in Reykjavik?
Outsider here, what is the class composition of Red Party in Norway and how is it different from the SV Party?
>>900351 Red Party Member here The party base class composition is workers like people who work in the oil fields, drive busses and so on and they are trying to recruit more workers into the party. However the issue is that most workers dont have time to go upwards in the party so academics are more prominent in the leadership, at the same time party democracy is a mitigating effect of this. They also have a party tax, which means you often have to pay around 30-50% of your income to your party if you are public official (the income of the public official that is, not your total income), which also incentivizes workers to take those positions. SV is much more skewed towards academics, but they do have some workers in some local areas in public offices.
>>900391 But what is so different between the two that they are two separate parties?
>>900411 The largest difference is participation in a government with Blairite Labour Party in Norway. Whereas the Red Party has said that in (almost) any circumstance not go into government with Labour. SV has said it is running on getting a broad coalition with all parties in the opposition.
>>900427 Is that really a deal breaker? That your vote for a left wing party be a protest/purity vote? I don't live in a country with Proportional Representation so I am genuinely asking
(49.19 KB 300x425 I wish.jpg)
>>900452 Yes. Because the nature in being in a government vs confident/supply is much more different. In a confident/supply you are only voting with the government only if you agree with what they are doing. If you are in the government you are forced to vote for everything the government does. Case in point the bombing of Libya, New Public Managment, the bombing of F.R Yugoslavia and so on. All of this SV is complicit in. At the same time SV does not teach it members any theory, it does not desire to push the capitalist system in any way. In my eyes it is a social democratic party. Now with that being said if there were such a case that SV was against going into the government or the Red Party going into the government, then I would advocate for them to fuse with each other.
>>900465 So the proper socialist line would be to be in confident/supply with any Labour government?
>>900545 In my opinion, in the current situation yes. Of course electoralism isnt the end all and be all for socialism in Norway, but it is none the less important.
>>900545 Of course your country might have different conditions, but it is up to you to use the toolbox of marxism to find out what is the correct action
Det här ledarsticket är intressant: https://www.etc.se/ledare/vanstern-har-forlorat-pa-alla-former-av-postmodernism <Plötsligt var allt det jag trott på sedan tidiga tonår ifrågasatt: Jämlikhetstanken, den engagerade författaren, den rationella övertygelsen om att argument i slutändan väger tyngre än status eller identitet. Under loppet av ett årtionde vreds fokus bort från samhällsfrågor och kom alltmer att handla om estetik. <Horace Engdahl blev introduktören av de nya idéerna och det han i artikel efter artikel hävdade var att den engagerade författarens tid var förbi och att den som har avsikter, i synnerhet politiska sådana, med sitt skrivande förråder litteraturens själ. <Jag minns stämningarna i de litterära kretsarna och på universitetet. Att tala om rapportböcker, dagspolitik, för att inte tala om grå lönestatistik eller naturvetenskap, blev under de där åren snabbt något som betraktades som närapå löjeväckande. Realism och berättande avfärdades. Att en roman skulle kunna tänkas uttrycka en erfarenhet hos en människa, en klass, ett kön sågs plötsligt som en suspekt idé. Allt som liknade arbetarlitteratur föll i vanrykte. </.../ <Hans stora poäng är att den i grunden reaktionära sågning av förnuft och rationalitet som postmodernismen stod för, snart muterar och blir ett redskap för en ny akademisk vänster som anammar de förnuftskritiska tankestråken. Och han har delvis rätt här: Jag har aldrig trott på de teoretiska anspråken hos de akademiker som trott sig vara oerhört radikala när de sysslat med postkolonial eller intersektionell teori. Varför? Det är exempelvis helt uppenbart att dessa teorier fick stora delar av vänstern att länge blunda för förekomsten av hederskultur. Och man vägrade se att ett sekels kamp för kvinnors rättigheter i många västländer faktiskt betytt något. Intresset blev större för ”diskurser”, alltså hur det talas om saker och ting, än för verkligheten själv. Dock så verkar det inte finnas någon självkritik hos honom. För jag får ingen känsla av hur det var i litteraturkretsarna innan postmodernismen, annat än en misstanke om att det kunde ha varit rejält tråkigt. I synnerhet om estetiken alltid måste vara underordnad andra saker. Och det framstår som ganska naturligt att efter ca 13-15 år efter 1968 så kunde vänstern inte längre köra på bensinångor. För att det bara handlade om Engdalh köper jag inte.


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