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(109.58 KB 417x717 burgerkrieg.jpg)
The USA is rioting - /BÜRGERKRIEG/ - V Anonymous 08/24/2020 (Mon) 21:50:40 No. 801173
<New riots - Jacob Blake Related events. Remember we also have an official chat https://matrix.to/#/+leftychat:matrix.org to keep in touch with the mod team and you can use https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp , maintained by members of the community, to continue chatting and following the happenings even if Bunkerchan goes down. There have been rodney king tier riots in Minneapolis since George Floyd was killed. What is /leftypol/'s opinion? Updated FRATERNAL RIOT PORN WATCHING AND FRIENDLY CIRCLEJERK HERE: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp (Or this one https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt ) Location of protests all over the US: https://twitter.com/IGD_News/status/1266173527708835840 https://naarpr.org/updates/cities-join-the-call-for-national-day-of-protest/ DONATE TO HELP ARRESTED PROTESTORS https://twitter.com/ntltcIit/status/1266820861362933762 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X4-YS3vFn5CLL9QtJSU0xqmTh_h8XilXgOqGAjZISBI/edit Hasn't confirmed if it is 100% legit so do some background checks before doing so Tip if you are joining https://pastebin.com/1X2hxJS5 Flags are SUPER FUCKING USEFUL. I stood next to a girl with a megaphone who was telling people instructions, and having a flag next to her seriously helped bring people along. I stood on street corners and used the flag to help people see where the group had turned when the group fled the flashbangs. GET A FLAG, MAKE IT BIG My flag was 2 yards long of red broadcloth that doesn't even have clean edges that I superglued to a collapsible stick. It doesn't need to be pretty, it doesn't need to be amazing. Notice on doxxing: We know that the world is litterally falling apart and Jair Bolsonaro got doxxed. But on the offchance that capitalist civilization doesn't disintegrate, posting doxxing info or direct links to it is still not allowed as per site rules. Sorry. Archive Remember to archive everything you see. Things get censored, taken down, removed. Anon's cloud with a load of videos ready to share outside the bunker: https://mega.nz/folder/KtRgxIAQ#G9nX6nVkOJo_mV_xdcguMw PLEASE MODS, KEEP RECYCLED THIS THREAD
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>>877217 the point of view of the writers of the essay, not the subjects of the essay in question. The determination of who is a hero or who is not is going to be contingent on the writer's politics and socialization.
>>877185 Do americans even know about John Brown? Every time he is invoked most people will go "literallywho???"
>>877236 mostly leftists. especially southern leftists.
I think it's strange to even view George Floyd or any high profile victim of police violence as heroes. they were regular people minding their own business when they suddenly got the full force of the state's boot. they didn't wake up thinking they would become heroes, and most of them were not involved in politics. you could argue victims like breonna taylor are heroes for the work they did for their community prior to their death, but then there's no logical argument against completely dissociating this from their violent, state-condoned death. I guess my point is that the message is far more powerful if we view these people exclusively as martyrs; normal folks who got the shit end of the stick for no justifiable reason. the indignation and fear that it could happen to anyone is far more influential, in my opinion.
>>877121 I hope he is doing this just to bait students who defend Rittenhouse so he can fail them.
>>877240 >southern leftists I keep hearing about them, but I'm beginning to think they are so dispersed that they are like mythical creatures.
>>877244 I suppose most people automatically take martyrs to be heroes.
>>877253 There are literally no leftists in america, North or south, of course they dont exist.
>>877253 I am southern and a leftist. they kinda congregate around cities which still have union presences and also coastal towns. and you can find like, old boomer MLs out in the woods sometimes too.
>>877253 I'm one
>>877274 >old boomer MLs you mean CPUSA's membership base?
>>877282 Yeah all 23 of them
>>877282 the most communication they have with the outside world is renewing their CPUSA memberships lmao
>>877263 >I suppose most people automatically take martyrs to be heroes. You mean right wingers through willful ignorance, try to confuse the two.
>>877279 Are you from Florida?
>>877312 Ask anybody from any southern state besides florida and they'll tell you florida doesn't count as a southern state
>>877362 Do you wear a cowboy hat?
>>877380 no i just sit inside all day and get drunk or high depending on what's available yeehaw
https://www-foxla-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.foxla.com/news/tweets-from-la-county-sheriffs-deputy-on-compton-shooting-stir-controversy.amp?usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D&amp_js_v=0.1#aoh=16003912092216&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.foxla.com%2Fnews%2Ftweets-from-la-county-sheriffs-deputy-on-compton-shooting-stir-controversy a controversial tweet connected to that shooting has a member of the department in hot water tonight. “It perpetuates hate, bigotry. I would say she has no place in law enforcement,” said Michelle Chambers Compton City Councilwoman. Navarro’s tweets read “My advice to all the ex-girlfriends, side pieces, friends, wifey, ol’ lady, dime, queen, baby momma who know the Compton ambush shooter of 2 LA Sheriff’s … “Make that money girl.” Her second post shows a Black man counting dollar bills as she wrote “and here’s the neighborhood homies and enemies “bout to come up” on that $100,000 reward because… $100,000 is $100,000.” Councilwoman Chambers says Navarro owes the public an apology. “I’m disappointed, I think everybody else is,” stated Sheriff Alex Villanueva. He says Navarro should have known better. “We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and be accountable and at the same time we can’t forget that people are human, people come from different walks of life perhaps where she grew up in the environment the way that she expressed herself is more common,” Villanueva added.
>>877666 I hear the bounty is up to 200k. You know who your real friends are when it gets that high haha
>Sheriffs & Media Misidentify Innocent Compton Man as Cop Shooter https://lasentinel.net/sheriffs-media-misidentify-innocent-compton-man-as-cop-shooter.html >33-year-old Compton native, Darnell Hicks, had no idea why his phone was blowing up Sunday night. Like every Sunday, he was working the swing shift as a client aide at a South Centra L.A. transitional housing program, when all of a sudden, he started receiving back-to-back text messages and social media notifications. Darnell could hardly believe what he was reading–that he was wanted in the shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies as they sat in a patrol SUV at the Compton Willowbrook rail station. >By the time they came to his job, Darnell was receiving death threats on social media and his home address had been published online by a right-wing extremist Twitter influencer named Ian Miles Cheong. “It was crazy because I live with my parents and my grandmother.” Darnell’s mother was a nervous wreck. Wonder if this could be used to get Ian Miles Cheong banned from Twitter.
>>877714 I remember seeing that, and literally no evidence to back it up lmao. Just a "Here's the mugshot, look at this black guy, here's his house he did it trust me bro"
please respond to me
>>877666 Jesus fuck, that link is more tracker than actual link. https://www.foxla.com/news/tweets-from-la-county-sheriffs-deputy-on-compton-shooting-stir-controversy/ >>877714 wew, an actual "WE DID IT TWITTER" moment the way things are going this guy is lucky he wasn't shot before his identity was cleared >Wonder if this could be used to get Ian Miles Cheong banned from Twitter. No harm in reporting him for that.
>>877121 Yeah, that's brain on meth.
>>877362 Depends on what part of Florida. Really only three counties count as "not southern".
(37.70 KB 232x197 lt-bugs-shit-cant-be-real.jpg)
>>877121 Well, I remember seeing a 2% of doctorated professors saying that under Bush everything was great. Robert Kehoe fought like a bitch defending the tetraethyllead until the end of his life.
Do we have data of people still under arrest for the protest? Civil law workers trying to release arrested people? committees protecting the arrested people in the recent waves of unrest?
>>877121 Including the last three is wildly retarded, at least wait for hindsight to be 2020 before including them.
>>877923 What? Are you sure you posted this in the right thread?
(18.33 KB 354x354 peter parker glasses.jpg)
>>877923 >Tetraethyllead, abbreviated TEL, is an organolead compound with the formula (CH₃CH₂)₄Pb. It is a petro-fuel additive, first being mixed with gasoline beginning in the 1920s as a patented octane rating booster that allowed engine compression to be raised substantially.
>>877714 >his home address had been published online by a right-wing extremist Twitter influencer named Ian Miles Cheong I‘m edging to cut this fat weasel‘s throat.
>>877714 >Ian Miles Cheong That fucking idiot deserves to get living shit beaten out of him for being such a nimrod.
>>876913 Miracleman is commie propaganda
>>876466 accurate
>>877714 Based Ian the capitalist rightoid wrecker
Is that the BDSM posting egirl simp we wuz european faggot?
>>877291 Ted Kaczynski but he read state and revolution instead
>>878282 I wish he added some detail as to how the gommie countries would have reacted. Communist utopia was being enacted, but forcibly so by Übermenschen. There was a lot of potential there.
(3.72 MB partyinthecia.mp4)
I made something for you guys
>>878394 nice, thanks
(17.20 KB 332x386 1339432434966.jpg)
A based tranarchist became a town's sheriff candidate in the United States.
>>878438 >elevate fringe, alienating <0.1% subcultures >surely that will convince the proletariat to join us
(283.66 KB 1080x1591 EiJ1UVDUYAAL0Uu.jpeg)
LARPers are beating the war drums
This tranarchist did entryism successfully and was voted as the candidate accidentally.
>>878438 Isn't the "tranarchist" an ancap, or is there more than one trans sheriff ?
>>878500 are we looking at another UTR?
https://nitter.snopyta.org/catcontentonly/status/1306735280930664448 Seems 4 Psl activists that organized Blm protests got arrested on multiple charges (most bogus obviously). Opinions on that?
>>878598 show trials. nothing unexpected.
>>878598 not a fan of that happening if we're being honest
>>878605 This is the future of American socialism though, the State will use every possible mean of coercion to avoid a socialist resurgence. Once you acknowledge this there are only two paths IMHO: 1) Accept that the revolutionary is a already a dead man and dedicate oneself to militancy 2) Go full doomer and stop doing anything
>>878647 I don't disagree, just saying I don't like it.
>>870869 I am a very empathetic person and I felt good watching that.
>>878598 McCarthyism is back.
>>878658 Police forfeit their humanity. They are tools of the system, that's all.
>>878598 I wonder what the charges will be. These feel like the precursor to the Palmer Raids of the 21st century.
>>878693 Civil disturbance or something equally vague
>>878693 They were charged with felonies, "kidnapping"
>>878697 Now that's just brazenly making up charges. Jesus fucking hell.
If Jimmy Dore's and Nick Brana's "People's Party" was smart they would publicly defend PSL on their social media to gain some credibility on their assertion they can "unite the progressives and working class." But since they're not smart, they'll continue being viewed as the grifter party in left circles.
https://twitter.com/mdoukmas/status/1306936855762534407 ex-cops help a landlord evict someone
>>878438 Anarchism is when Bezos can do whatever he wants
>>878598 You know that scene from "Come and See" where the Germans burn down the village with everyone in that townhouse? If only after surrounding the police station the ppl in Denver did the same.
>>878874 >You know that scene from "Come and See" where the Germans burn down the village with everyone in that townhouse? Didn't krauts also do that to some shithole in France?
(47.62 KB 800x800 EiJkXW5UwAAhPW6.jpg large.jpg)
(76.08 KB 800x800 EiJkXW7VoAArDJN.jpg large.jpg)
(392.12 KB 396x594 achievable_natty.png)
cyberpunk time
>>878976 lmao 3rd pic looks like a head frozen inside an ice cube
>>878976 If i saw any of these faggots on the road I'd make sure to run 'em over fucking technophiles
Hey anyone remember when there were big pile of mysterious bricks at all the protest. I don't remember seeing anything lately with such obvious glowly shit
>>878647 How is 1 even an option when the general public is so reactionary? You'll die for nothing.
>>878992 This is what your future looks like, wagie.
>>879989 There was a cop not too long ago who was caught planting a bunch of molotov cocktails
>>880184 >No one gives a shit if Portland or Seattle burns. Completely wrong. I very much want as most of America as possible to burn.
(141.26 KB 605x502 1566009354390.png)
>>880184 >Going to yell at cops and kneel to blacks all night? It's boring, either do something real or shut up. No one gives a shit if Portland or Seattle burns. They were shit holes before and will continue to be. Embarrassing to be larping as revolutionaries when all you do is stand around and yell "black lives matters" at the cops. At least Israel likes you. And you wonder why normal people don't take you serious. Sir this is an African basket weaving forum.
(1.00 MB 293x182 giphy (1).gif)
>It's boring, either do something real or shut up.
(87.20 KB 709x843 AiredOutCompton.jpg)
(18.94 KB 286x323 B5LdDf9CEAA2Z9Q.jpg)
>>881255 the emotion in this man's voice, my god
>>881255 Hell yeah
>>881255 Isn't it kind of disadvantageous for all the cops to gather in one place like that
>>881380 Yes. Take notes.
>>878114 Why wouldn't it be in the same thread being commented that a professor is doing stupid shit? I side-commented that is understandable based on two different events. >>878169 Also increased the lead presence in the environment, and it is related to lower scholar efficiency. Kehoe proposed a paradigm in which is nearly impossible to propose the suspension on toxic chemicals just by mild presumptions.
(115.19 KB 960x540 Bacon.jpg)
>>881285 Now that was a thing of beauty.
>>881380 I hate to be that fucking dork, but they're reacting just like NPC cops in gta.
>>878773 Give them some days.
>>881255 The fuck does aired out? Whats happening?
>>878170 too much work to go to malaysia, andy ngo is a much better target
>>881440 The cops got shot
>>881380 disadvantageous for them, advantageous for us
>>881440 aired out meaning to have the wind blow through/over something. So to be aired out is to have the air blowing through the holes that are now inside of you
>>881444 >>881467 Oh I see, my first guess was some sort of someone being talked down to or owned.
>>881433 GTA cops are frighteningly realistic >blow away some rando poor person >crickets >silently knife a single cop in a dark alley >50 cop cars catapult over the horizon
>>881479 >GTA cops Fuck, this made me think back. Remember when the cops in Florida chased down that hijacked UPS van and fired on it on the highway, in rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. They even used civilian cars (with civilians in them!) as cover and ended up killing the hostage and an unrelated civilian. Funny how that was memory holed.
>>881255 is this the same incident from a couple days ago? where the 2 lasd cops got shot while parked? or is it a different one?
>>881511 That is the one.
>>881380 police don't really exercise disciplined tactics, especially not beat cops. they just kind of drive to where everyone else, get out with their gun and just surround a point of interest. it's the kind of thing that would get an entire squad in Iraq killed with one well-placed IED, or a few machine gun bursts. police departments realize this, which only adds to their chaotic aggression during arrests. they just don't bank on ever encountering someone with actual training.
>>881510 So much shit has happened since then it's hardly surprising. But that's also the history of police violence for you.
>>881513 Like Dave Chappelle pointed out there's a pattern with big cop killers being ex military.
>>881510 >Remember when the cops in Florida chased down that hijacked UPS van and fired on it on the highway, in rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. They even used civilian cars (with civilians in them!) as cover and ended up killing the hostage and an unrelated civilian. Funny how that was memory holed. Link? I never heard of this
>>881510 >Fuck, this made me think back. Remember when the cops in Florida chased down that hijacked UPS van and fired on it on the highway, in rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic. They even used civilian cars (with civilians in them!) as cover and ended up killing the hostage and an unrelated civilian. Funny how that was memory holed. Just heard about it a few days ago on the radio. The family just filed a lawsuit. https://www.officer.com/command-hq/news/21154550/civilian-victims-in-ups-truck-shootout-sue-florida-law-enforcement-agencies Lol at civilian victims. They really think they're military. Twenty officers from four police agencies opened fire in a shootout with armed robbers — a deadly encounter that triggered a volley of more than 300 bullets ... >>881547
>>880242 >At least Israel likes you. Israel trains the cops lmao. Rightoids are hilarious.
>>881574 All over stolen jewelry that could be replaced with insurance and iirc it wasn't even a huge value of jewelry.
>>881510 I mean, in general you're kind of fucked if cops start lighting someone up. They give almost no fucks and don't stop to consider backstops. There was a shooting a mile from my house where some kid rushed out of his car with a loaded gun and cops (there was at least 6 cops firing in different directions) just fucking went and unloaded into the intersection during rush hour traffic. I think there was a video of it (maybe in the body cam) where all the civs are ducking behind a uHaul trying to avoid being ventilated fucking ridiculous man
>>881707 it seems that burger cops go full blood for the blood god at a second's notice. what the fuck causes this psychosis.
>>882464 They are given an allowance to be terrorists by boomers. The average age of your average cop is like 40 or so.
>>882464 Training and idealogy.
>>882456 >only 2 dead >"mass" shooting
>>882456 Wonder what that was about. This had to be a targeted hit. Most mass shooters turn themselves in or blow their brains out when the deed is done. I'm getting D.C sniper vibes from this.
>>882464 low intelligence and antisocial personality traits
>>882464 No consequences mixed with typical bourgeois psychopathy.
(71.34 KB 700x467 colorful-water-balloons.jpg)
(140.87 KB 1020x680 fiberglass.jpg)
(7.46 KB 177x177 emoji.png)
Rate /10
>>882537 is this a meme
>>882571 It should be
>Hell no we should just laugh at everybody that's protesting against a Trump coup and become indistinguishable from /pol/ to the masses That's not something I suggest as the masses will align even more towards liberalism as opposed to socialism. These protests will happen with or without /leftypol/. As I mentioned it puts socialists out of touch with the vast majority of working class and the issues they hope to address. Needs to be heard. Same thing happened here with CHAZ
>>882608 We are already indistinguishable from /pol/ to the masses. We are just a bunch of old chantards who read weird shit and irritate people online. Optics don't matter. Besides, seeing people ignore the bullshit has to be more enlightening than pandering to them the way that mainstream politicians do. >Same thing happened here with CHAZ What happened at CHAZ was that idiots spent the whole time smoking weed and reciting poetry, and nobody even thought to put up decent barracades or to make any real preperations whatsoever for when the pigs would eventually roll up. It really was just the festival that Derkin said it was, and people got bored when no real direction was agreed upon. Go Hawks.
(100.63 KB 700x466 massline1.jpeg)
>>882632 What I am critiquing here is the extreme contrarianism often found on this site, and the outright rejection of participation in spontaneous uprisings and working class movements that lack a true class consciousness. Your mostly right about this being a fairly fringe site. However popular communist spaces on the internet get removed or censored pretty fast, and bunkerchan is actually a pretty popular place considering the mostly revolutionary-communist userbase and the freedom of discussion here. People are allowed to discuss revolutionary methods, and glowups are usually shut down fairly quickly
Any new habbenings this weekend so far?
(11.87 KB 549x133 1.PNG)
>>883137 this literally happens every week
>>882685 everyone talks about shitty this place is, but no one ever posts an alternative. it's starting to piss me off.
>>883137 You'd think they would have figured out something deadlier than ricin shit by now
>>883140 Well it's bound to actually work once isn't it?
>>883149 It's because Breaking Bad using ricin as a plot point.
>>883154 Well yes, if there is a non-zero chance of success repetition will eventually give you a success
>>883154 at most you are going to kill the guy who checks the mail for bombs
>>882491 they fat
>>883143 >everyone talks about shitty this place is should be bannable tbh
https://www.facebook.com/pslweb/videos/369841444405751/ PSL Emergency protest in Denver asking for the phony charges on the protesters.
>>883491 >Opinions about the site should get one banned Cringe take
(441.25 KB 507x597 1447894373674.png)
>>883651 Excuse me but I'm an expert on FORUMS THEORY, and people constantly whining about the place in which they can't stop posting are a cancer among cancers.
>>883763 >Excuse me but I'm an expert on FORUMS THEORY, and people constantly whining about the place in which they can't stop posting are a cancer among cancers <giving this much care over trivial matters
>>883763 is there any space on the internet that has seen more nuanced discussion in the past few months? i don't think so. i think the collective anxiety of the West got shat out online and you can feel it almost everywhere these days. leftypol seems to be doing actually.
>>883826 >giving this much care over trivial matters wheredoyouthinkyouare.jaypeg
>>880044 Militancy does not forcibly entail doing adventurist shit and/or highbrow action. Even organizing in your neighbourhood could be it.
>>801173 Why should I give a singular fuck about a child rapist who died
>>870944 Just like britbongs
>>871172 Definitely porkandcheese ancestry here.
hot take alarmism>accelerationism
>>884118 One leads to the other
>>883880 I second this. All things considered, the instability to come has always beeen lurking in the forefront of leftypol discourse.
>>884412 >the instability to come has always beeen lurking in the forefront of leftypol discourse. What does erectile dysfunction have to do with leftypol discourse?
>>878901 Germans did that everywhere. In my country as well.
>>883880 I found leftypol more stable in political discussions than our external circle. Tbh, despite our differences, our common ground is too solid to create a big deal or a big problem among us. Outside the problem is that the fake leadership, fake rhetoric, split the public. We can see through them in a blink. Mods also do an awesome job purging counterintelops pushing fight between us/purging fake narratives that could be dangerous to some. Some times mods work is easy because we can deal with it, some times gets complicated when we let them pass engaging discussion openly with trolls.
>>884429 The most vitriolic posts are usually leftist infighting, often between pro- and anti-dengists and the like. I haven't seen too many people taking rightoid trolls or even libs that seriously. But yeah, the mods have been doing a good job which helps too.
>>884435 >The most vitriolic posts are usually leftist infighting, often between pro- and anti-dengists and the like
>>884435 Honestly I see no reason to fight over Dengism as it has been demonstrated to be the only remotely successful version of communism
>>884438 Just pointing out what I've seen while skimming the threads. I could be wrong, I don't spend all day hanging out here lol.
>>884449 Capitalists and bankers aren't incompatible with communism
(38.71 KB 615x553 ETqBAWZWoAEHYYl.jpg)
>>884451 Porkies are coopting leftist concepts like universal health care. Why can't we coopt their concepts like capitalists and bankers?
>>884457 Think about your question. Why exactly can't concepts such as capitalists and (I'll assume you mean in the present sense) bankers be incorporated into socialist construction? Do you think co-optation is a simple two-way street of 'they do it to us, so we do it to them', that simple?
>>884457 Why the fuck should someone ask this. Porkies allow for universal health care because it's being put under a system that they control. They still control all the resources coming in and out, because being a porky implies gaining control over material resources that you can then use to manipulate society. They have no problem manipulating society by later threatening to take away healthcare and more, and while it is working, they can benefit from having a more stable, reliable workforce. "co-opting" the concept of a capitalist or a banker literally is asking why don't we just hand over control of significant portions of our society's resources to capitalists. The fact you cannot differentiate between a concept that is useful for building up any given society and asking why we cannot introduce literal hostile agents of change means you have no idea what the fuck is going on.
>>884482 >why don't we just hand over control of significant portions of our society's resources to capitalists Because they're more efficient in light industry innovations?
(106.00 KB 1000x563 1588736624545.jpg)
>>884506 >Because they're more efficient in light industry innovations? <actually capitalism is an innovating factor of society
Daily reminder that no lives matter and the universe doesn't give a fuck about you.
>>884508 Capitalists develop productive forces better. That's a fact
>>884506 Self-aggrandizing Porky propaganda. "Capitalists are great at innovation!" is another little myth porky tells himself at night in order to justify his parasitism. Socialist societies had no issues "innovating" in light industry, and myths like that exist purely to mask the fact that the proletariat physically do not need porky. He's a bloated middle man in the cycle of production who parasitically leaches surplus value which contributing nothing of value. >>884545 USSR managed to industrialize perfectly fine without capitalists. As did China - which went from a feudal shithole to a major industrial power which produced ICBM's and theormonuclear weapons in less than 20 years. China's GDP growth and general economic development actually slowed with the Dengist market reforms, as the economic growth of the USSR did with the far more moderate market reforms of the 60's/70's. Besides, if this was really the case then how do you explain the DPRK, which stuck to a traditional planned economy and despite being a tiny little country under harsh sanctions, developed into a major industrial power with living standards now surpassing China? If anything, Porky just maldevelops any economy he touches, and if the presence of a capitalist class was really such a huge factor in industrialization then most of the third world should be major industrial powers. This myth is on level with "hurr durr communists destroy culture" myth that midwits peddle online.
>>884556 >DPRK living standards have no surpassed China WHAT?!
>>884558 Look at the developments going on in the DPRK right now. Cities like Pyongyang and even poorer towns like Wonsan are shaping up like something out of an eco Sci-Fi utopia. Hunger is gradually being eliminated, houses are getting bigger, access to goods and services are now rivaling the bottom tier of the first world. While the country itself probably has a GDP level equivalent to the second world, in terms of living standards major city dwellers are approaching first world standards of living. Certainly better than the majority of Chinese.
>>884560 cont, because I pressed enter too early* Comparing modern DPRK with the DPRK of the early 2000's is like comparing China now with the China of the 1980's. Development is so rapid it's legitimately hard to keep up with. 6 or 7 years ago, Japanese economists labelled the DPRK "the poorest of the most advanced economies in the world" and with a nuclear deterrent the government has basically ended the Songun policy in all but name and focused on developing the economy and living standards. While rural areas are still behind they are chugging along too, and it's shaping up to be a kind of comfy sci fi socialism.
(6.69 KB 136x133 EYFzN50WAAECb2j.jpg)
>>884562 the only 80's nostalgia I give a shit about when North Korea was unanimously considered "best korea".
>>884556 >developed into a major industrial power with living standards now surpassing China Take your meds.
>>884560 >>884562 Unironically kys We don't need dumb people like you in our ideology
>>884569 >DPRK is trying to develop its economy and raise living standards and it’s actually working <You idiot, you fucking retard, dont you realize youre not allowed to say good things about the bad guy countries?
>>884569 That's what I get for trying to communicate with Yankee "socialists". Carpet Nuke America.
>>884575 >>884562 >>884560 >>884556 um, do you actually have proof for this? I mean, I'd love to believe it, but the economic data hasnt been looking too good the last 3 years.
>>884586 Official "economic data" is that the DPRK's GDP hasn't grown since the 1990's, and is on level with Haiti, a country where people eat baked mud. Not only would this be unprecedented - it assumes that the DPRK has not produced or traded a single thing, it's ridiculous to think that a country with a GDP equivalent to Haiti could develop and indigenously produce theromonuclear weapons and ICBM's, advanced electronics and military hardware, etc, despite being under the harshest sanctions in history. When observing official "economic data" remember most of the DPRK's trading is done under the table and technically illegal. If going by official data then it'd seem like their economic is in the shits, but that assumes that China/Russia are actually enforcing sanctions, which they aren't. The truth is there isn't a lot of "proof" beyond actually looking at the developments eg in city infrastructure and anecdotal accounts about living standards and consumption, because: 1. The DPRK does not public economic data 2. Even if they did, they wouldn't publish info on their (technically) illegal economic activity 3. Economic data from the west can't be trusted and is openly distorted to produce ridiculous results.
The DPRK isn't even a shadow of its former self. It's garbage and will be even more garbare in the future.
>>884593 So the economic data of North Korea is just a blackhole for foreigners - we can't accurate gauge it, correct? This seems logical, considering even the CIA can't pull off significant infiltrations into the DPRK intelligence network.
>>884569 >ideology
>>884600 can we get a downvote system here?
>>884593 Well if I might chime in, I actually know a few people who used to work in food aid in North Korea (late 2000s/early 2010s iirc) and what they told me is the following: Pyong Yang and a few cities and industrial areas are okish, the lack of consumer goods and other amenities gets balanced out by the cleanliness, beauty and safety of the cities. I also hear that the feeling of community and comradery is intoxicating, even for foreigners. On the other hand the countryside is africa-levels of fucked up, with various problems such as failing (or complete lack of) infrastructure, severe malnourishment (high rates of stunting in children) and disease. Interestingly enough, North Korea is a popular destination for food aid people of colleges, because you get the same payment and benefits you would get if you went to syria or Afghanistan, while at the same time being safer than most western countries.
>>884625 They should've emptied the cities.
>>884625 >I also hear that the feeling of community and comradery is intoxicating, even for foreigners. I guess Juche is pretty good
>>884568 >>884569 relax niggas it's like you're never seen funposting before
>black guy in a blm shirt shoots up white bar Uh this shit is about to get real bad. There's no precedent here for a back and forth between white and black lone wolves.
>>884643 Source?
>>884643 Source?
>>884630 that not funposting, thats being a dumbfuck
(693.86 KB 800x532 pol pot gang.png)
>>884628 based retard
>>884630 >merely pretending
>>884643 >>884756 Dafuq are you talking about, it was some random dude who opened fire on random people, one of the victims being another black guy. I don't see any political correlation. So far I haven't seen anything about the guy wearing a BLM t-shirt, but even so it wouldn't matter. The guy who did it is clearly some individual who isn't right in the head.
>>884556 >Besides, if this was really the case then how do you explain the DPRK, which stuck to a traditional planned economy and despite being a tiny little country under harsh sanctions, developed into a major industrial power with living standards now surpassing China? lmfao at the absolute delusions concocted by anti-dengoids to shield their ideology from ever having to come to terms with the conditions actually in existence
>>884593 "Those buildings are payed actors." -- brainlet western bootlicker
>>884593 >the stats say that socialism is a better system than being a third world capitalist colony >the stats must be wrong
(59.77 KB 1113x720 ThinBlueLine.jpg)
>>886212 >thinking police prevent crime >thinking that rising crime rates are caused by anything other than COVID more than doubling the unemployment rate
>>886212 >be cop >make $200k a year >city says they aren't buying you a new APC this month >stop doing your job
>>886282 But nobody actually defunded the cops yet?
>>886212 are the police too poor to apprehend street racers now or does this just prove that they use their monopoly on state violence in order to extort their municipalities for high salaries, surplus military equipment, and the privilege to act above the law? presumably they still have enough cash to fill up their cruisers and apprehend public menaces. so they are choosing not to do so in order to play politics. in China local party organizations were responsible for keeping people from violating quarantine during
>>886335 ...the initial covid outbreak, without even using APCs or firearms, and they saved untold millions by doing this. But no one even thinks in the US that the police have any responsibility to keep the public safe; it is just the fact that there is no one else who has the authority to do so that confuses people into thinking that it the job of the police.
>>886212 They are probably just adding in the rioting into the statistics of violent crimes.
>>886212 >nooo the police need more tanks and drones! Don’t stop the slush fund for militarization. Not muh heckin inflated police budgetarino!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjsX0fg_8jA A white policeman was searching for a white man, arrests a black man.
>>886326 A few places here or there supposedly slashed the next budget plan already. The only notable one, however, seems to be New York, whose mayor has been butting heads with the NYPD but for politicking bullshit as opposed to police abuse.
(152.01 KB 478x344 chart.jpg)
>>886807 >You gonna shoot me so I can be another person on the news? <Shut the fuck up with that shit! Won't understand til people are cheering as his brains leak out his skull. >>886212 >why are leftists so dumb? literally everyone saw this coming. Is this a bait post? No cities have defunded the police, and if they did, it wouldn't take effect til next years budget cousin fucker. But what happened this year that might possibly increase the crime rate. Hmmmm.....
>>886335 Carceral Capitalism by Jackie Wang is a good book on how the police state raises revenue through arbitrary fees and shit.
(69.06 KB 720x960 policeStationFieldtripcuffs.jpg)
(80.40 KB 736x552 FlattenedLead.jpg)
How many burger anons went on field trips to police stations when they were younger? I remember one time we went, when they showed us the gun range, they were showing us the spent shells and flattened lead bullets. And they only gave one shell to one kid by random draw, but they let the rest of us have as much flattened lead bullets as we wanted. Lolllfdsfgdfg.
>>886904 they put a few of us in cells back when we went
>>886904 I never went on field trips because my parents would never give me money to pay for tickets.
(63.19 KB 960x846 FB_IMG_1600649837379.jpg)
(70.33 KB 960x846 FB_IMG_1600649841195.jpg)
What is your antfia rank?
>>886958 >Meat shields are anarchists, officers are communists. Perfect
>>886958 I like how there is just one and two arrows, implying there are ranks of antifa only against one or two of the things. "what? against racism, fascism, and capitalism? sorry, I only signed up for the fascism part."
(12.87 KB 302x167 download (20).jpeg)
>>886904 FIRE CHADS
>>886958 Soros fucking denied my promotion to Colonel i'm so angry rn
>>886971 isn't the third arrow communism?
>>886992 Arrow one, monarchism - papen Arrow two, fascism - hitler Arrow three, communism - thalmann
>>886972 Based and fire pilled
>>886212 MPD has already been defunded?
>>887047 Also the red inverted triangle could do.
>>886807 God I hate these people
>>887139 <MUH thin blue line
>>887139 good thing they didn't actually go through with their defunding, retard thanks for making our point for us
>>886958 I'm actually a commissar and you all better be on your best behavior.
>>887139 >according to data compiled by the Minneapolis Police Department Notably unreliable source.
>>887139 The department hasn't been defunded you retard
(48.67 KB 600x500 609HlZsh4w.png)
>>887233 The cuck gonna do it!
>>887371 Oh goodie, sauce?
>>887371 You got sources?
>>886958 Was this made as a joke? Or is it a boomer fantasy?
>>886945 Is this why you’ve become an e-whore
>>887391 not much happened today iirc but there is a large proud boy march planned for next weekend, that might be spicy. hopefully a few more of them join that one aaron guy in hell
>>887392 A flag burning. So violent!
>>887391 wait actually if you look at woke there are tons of people around a landlords house there, some windows got broken a few minutes ago. probably nothing much will happen but we can hope they roast some porkies woke stream: https://www.twitch.tv/woke
>>887392 >broke >>887405 WOKE
>>887422 I didn't know I needed this, thank you based dubs
>>887422 >The Left can't me-
>>886904 >Giving lead to children The cops' stupidity knows no bounds
>>886282 >A massive recession caused an uptick of street crimes / crimes of poverty in an already generally less well off city that got ratfucked by deindustrialisation >"Having police sergeant lardass roving around in a APC would have definetly prevented this guys!"
>>886212 >We have to stop ZoG <But we also have to defend it's methods of enforcement >We have to stop the Obama-era militarization of the police! <By defending their budgets from the ebul protesters Can you spineless fucking cowards have a conviction already? If all it takes is the police not doing their job in order to justify to you their methods and budgets, then you are effectively providing them free reign continue as they are as they will always have such a leverage.
>>886212 >be leftists >"DEFUND TEH POLICE!" >said defunding of police results in a massive crime increase Good
>>886212 Crime is on the rise everywhere dude, tends to happen when economic crisis hits.
(279.63 KB 960x846 antifa ranks enlisted edit.png)
(291.01 KB 960x846 antifa ranks officer edit.png)
>>886958 I am a 2-snowflake general
>>888002 This looks great, good work commrade
(450.46 KB 1095x616 quarians-2.jpg)
>>878976 >pics 1 and 2
(35.77 KB 1280x720 erf3ef3rf.jpeg)
>>888102 Nah, nibba, you got it all wrong.
>>887395 Shaytan is a girl?
>>888518 A femboy, and under the servalince state we are all cam-whores
>>888534 That explains the namefagging and the black flag.
>>888537 Wheres your nametag and flag? Camwhore
>>888518 He's an MKultra subject
>>886945 Fugging namefags.
>>888534 >femboy Fug I was ready to spread some cheeks at the next leftypol cookout, but I haven‘t reached that level of degeneracy yet
(88.84 KB 640x360 salute.jpg)
>>888002 HOLY KEK I'm on the floor 🤣
>>889127 >but I haven‘t reached that level of degeneracy yet And you call yourself a lefy
Why is trump and magapedes treating 'blue states' like they aren't part of America anymore
>>889277 Because Trump and his ilk built their reputation as "real americans" and as opposition to the blues, so now they are working to (their) logical conclusion
So what do we got? Bring me good news & bad news, lads.
>>889285 Burgers have given up hope on the protests and have started to seeethe against le dengoids
>>889288 the election tourists are gonna be so bad
>>889293 superb, we're tearing them apart.
>>889300 amen to that
>>889288 let them have it. let dengoids & burgers fight each others. From now on, it's our turn to use divide & conquer tactics, including with false flag ops.
>>889288 >>889293 >>889300 and the bad news?
>>889317 "Dengiods" only exist in the heads of the deranged. It is burgers all the way down.
>>889397 lmfao, I beat up some chink dengoid when I was at a kink club a couple months ago, he was fucking i agreeING about white people shouldn't be allowed to come in and "conquer" asian women yadadada, and got really mad cause I was domming a white girl he had been trying to go after for a while apparently and I was domming her on my first night there, dengoids are very real and they all have an energy of r/Asianmasculinity, constantly assblasted by their inferiority complex to the white man.
>>889467 Wtf does this have to do with deng or china? burgers are fucking deranged
>>889467 is this pasta
>>889293 cool, moving to the ANARCHY ZONE to leave capitalism behind
>>889467 Cool story bro
>>889470 He was a dengist, it was in vancouver BC, he kept ranting about how the CCP would take over the city and whites were gonna slaughtered in the street, it was hysterical
>>889293 We did it boys
(198.69 KB 300x237 1439784920088-1.gif)
>>889467 >lmfao, I beat up some chink dengoid when I was at a kink club a couple months ago post of the year all year every year
>>889493 No, this is only the beginning, the fight starts here
>>889467 This really bears repeating now: "Dengoids" only exist in the heads of the deranged.
>>889474 If it wasn't before, it certainly is now. >>889127 Anon... don't you know we're all gay here?
>>889607 Big if true
(80.73 KB 697x525 HappeningsImminent.jpg)
(93.76 KB 612x960 PrepareForHappenings.jpg)
>>889688 wew, preemptive state of emergency, what a time to be alive What about that pedo brothel in Minneapolis? Was that shit real or what?
(40.38 KB 1230x270 it's going down.JPG)
>>889688 do I hear a sizzle
(64.25 KB 815x478 feds boarded up.JPG)
(118.11 KB 739x843 qoomer.JPG)
>>889715 >>889721 godspeed to the smashies
>>889715 >we would rather have a war (in which it's possible more than three cops actually die) than prosecute three of our cops for murder Mask is off, thrown on the floor, and they're jumping up and down on it now.
>>889467 We finally achieved full anarchism! Eat it, tankies.
>>889731 Have any cops been killed AT any of the protests? All the recent cop deaths seem to be isolated incidents like the one Tulsa a few days ago
>>889739 not yet, but keep in mind that any overt, lethal aggression is likely going to come from the state first. all you need is one trigger happy rookie and you have kent state 2.0
>>889739 some people were shooting at cops during the first few days in louisville, they shot either 4 or 7 (forget the exact number) and forced the rest to retreat a few blocks before escaping (may or may not have been caught by now) but none of the cops died
America riots on Tuesdays because god won't let me have fun
>>889721 For a second I thought the protesters pulled a gun on them. What a fool I was.
>>889749 every day is saturday when you're unemployed and broke lmao
>Louisville declares a state of emergency ahead of Brianna Taylor decision STRAP IN LADS IT'S GONNA BE LA 92 ALL OVER AGAIN
>tfw cashed in some of my stocks and shares for a gun and ammo a week ago Who says you can't play the game to end the game?
The one thing that seems to tickle me is just how old and fat the right has gotten, not like the left is all that much more fit and all that shit but still. I haven't seen like any one swole trumpfag period
>>889756 I was actually amused by the number of /biz/fags looking to buy guns during the panic buys.
Just a reminder, there’s PSL members still in jail for kidnapping after being thrown into black vans while sitting at home doing nothing.
>>889752 Same. I was excited for a second because I thought one of the rightoids trying to run people over would finally get got
(137.41 KB 1512x875 to donald.JPG)
>>883137 yeah, update on the ricin. it was a canuck lmao
>>889731 To be frank, they didn't remove anything. American cops have been shielded by the State to an absurd degree, probably higher than with troops or even porkies themselves. Cops are almost never thrown to the lions, regardless of guilt.
>>889715 So they didn’t even have a trial? No wonder they’re declaring a state of emergency.
>>889765 Even leafs are less docile than burgers.
(139.52 KB 743x1051 ELQR-3OWoAAbw1S.jpg)
(163.51 KB 995x1000 Eic1nxJXkAEAm20.jpg)
>>889778 >1966 America literally kept only the bad things from old times.
(205.71 KB 1239x791 PoliceTargetPractice.jpg)
>>889778 Lol, Cops gonna Cop. Anyone have a screencap of that cop that posted that image of him pointing his gun at a cartoon version of a black kid running?
>>889715 Blood boils over. I’m so sick of this bullshit.
>>889715 RIP kentucky fried chicken
(296.42 KB 582x799 piggy's_worst_nightmares.png)
(458.93 KB 799x429 1514605092042.png)
>>889835 >I'm gonna.... I'm gonna...... I'M GONNA SHOOOOOOOOOOT
(955.51 KB 2328x1032 CAN'T_KILL_ALL_OF_US.png)
>>889755 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
(10.50 KB 574x116 rice.PNG)
hmm is this the same canadian lady again
>>889976 Lol this is like Breaking Bad
(71.51 KB 600x607 BUENO.jpg)
(1.84 MB 320x240 Bravo Vince.gif)
>>889976 >>890025 Bravo Vince!
>>890032 whats the point of doing that? unless they eat the envelope its unlikely that they will get a lethal dose
>>890025 Critical support for crazy boomer leaf lady in her struggle against U$A imperiali$m
>>890075 she had beef because they deported her from texas back in 2019.
>>890102 She should be sending them gift baskets.
>>890069 You're right it would probably not even be that dangerous. It's more scary than anything. But people seeing people get the letters is funny and reminds the other crazy people of the option, and they might try something that actually works. It's a sign that thing are accelerating.
>>890258 any idea if they were gonna attack something else or the rally itself? if the latter this is a lesson to be more careful about stuff if anyone is planning anything
>>890258 weird they just had tourniquets, unless they figured it was a one-way trip. what the hell would the pitchfork be good for either?
>>890279 They probably had things that weren't mentioned. They're going to mention the stuff that works best for a headline.
(33.28 KB 400x400 rjJ9M0RB_400x400.jpg)
>>890258 >200 ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION I'm amazed
(59.54 KB 220x244 tenor.gif)
>>890258 >a pitchfork
Republicans passing blood codes to use protesters and rioters as prison labor.
(9.40 KB 147x123 crazy.JPG)
>>890294 I bet police funding accross the state increases and they start shooting random people in their cars like they already have done.
>>889715 At least we don’t have to worry about the play offs! Thanks Obama!
>>890294 Wow so you have carte blanche to run over protesters in Florida.
>>890317 Oh they’re going to milk the riots to stop counting mail-in ballots, deputize RWDS against the mass protests (insurrection act) and use the right wing SCOTUS to justify all that plus imprisoning the peaceful protesters on accessory charges for just being there. It’s going to be a whole new racket, because it’s profitable what with free prison labor and all. Best part is the proles here aren’t even organized enough to boycott Fox News advertisers. It’s really the perfect storm.
>>890325 Is it time to completely forsake Florida?
>>890327 No, that's wasting resources
>>890328 What resources?
>>890332 Limestone and oranges
>>890325 what rwds? theyve gotten their asses kicked constantly, and have not killed one actual leftist. they shot three people who had probably never went to a protest before in their lives in some random town in wisconson but have gotten their asses kicked every time they try to enter a city (pic related)
>>890346 based I'm starting to like the narchos more and more. Lol @ the end when the guy's friends admit they didnt get the guys license plate or catch him on camera at all lol
>>890346 Proof positive that while one should never underestimate one's enemies, one must also be wary of overestimating them as well.
(2.89 KB 111x107 wtf_sunglasses.jpg)
>>890325 the trump's autism literally accelerating revolution? This is the shit that will literally force libs/radlibs to fight against the government. He's literally forcing the hand of people into revolution, if he rigs shit that blatantly and hard
>>890346 Did he actually get ran over by "antifa" or did the proud soy just stand in the middle of road like a dumbass
>>890357 its probably some rando radlib protestor but the soyright guy just stood there
>>890353 go outside and you will like them even more
(107.00 KB 800x630 thanks obama.jpg)
>>890355 that's true but I think it's going to amount to a lot of moral indignation under the bridge because Trump is going to outright legit win again anyways because of the EC and the midwest continuing to shift red.
>>890441 >the midwest continuing to shift red. Doesn't look like it...
(36.39 KB 852x480 1.jpg)
So what are expecting to see in Louisville during the court hearing? Riots? A domino effect of civil unrest in the country? Or just nothing?
>>890498 nothing. the unrest will only start when the republicans do something. people aren't going to do more than pussyhat protest in the need of defending the process
>>890552 in the name of**
>>890455 what exactly is fucking happening here? context?
>>890346 >they shot three people who had probably never went to a protest before in their lives in some random town i Please, do us a favor a don't denigrate on people who protest and gets killed by rightwing militias.
>>890346 Real talk here. The physical threat from reactionaries is not from private groups all by themselves, but by their endorsement by the powers that be. You look at history, and rightwing forces which weren't drafted, almost to a fault, slaughtered peasants or were flat-out terrorists. I'm not joking when I said they're cowards by nature, it's part of the pathology. Without support from the powers that be, they would be paper tigers. Sabotaging their standing with the ruling classes should be a priority of any intel work against them.
>>890612 >Sabotaging their standing with the ruling classes should be a priority of any intel work against them. How could we do that?
>>890636 I meant as in spy work.
>>890552 you could have said the same thing about the floyd riots and if you're seriously trying to compare "burning down a PD without leftist provocation" with "pussyhat riots" then you're a brainlet. But to answer >>890498 question, Iunno, wait till tomorrow. The hope is it is the next escalation against the state, but even if it's just part 3 of the overarching riot saga, that's useful in its own right.
>>890357 They knew it was antifa because they drove a black car. definitive proof. Seriously though, these people call anyone who isn't a fat chud Antifa. Years ago, I remember Lauren Southern calling a bunch of goth teenagers Antifa because they flicked her off.
>>888002 Haha based
>>890355 >and people still doubt that Trump is a based retard chaos candidate accelerating the deacy of the US empire from within
>>890293 Either symbolism or they just didn't bother taking everything out of the vehicle first, and the news is reporting it as part of the plan when it's really just coincidence. Hilarious either way.
>>890293 I LIVE, AGAIN
>>890972 god late May was so comfy, i just want it back bros
(2.45 MB 3024x3715 20200922_100552.jpg)
RWfags are so funny to me >lefties/antifa protest <who cares lol, what a bunch of soyboys >lefties + black people protest <NOOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN TARGETRINOOOOO NEED GUNS NOWWW seems like they're still real scared of black people lol. in other news: is /leftypol/ voting by mail?
>>891026 Imagine voting in VA without the Greens or PSL on the ballot
>>891055 Depending on where you are there might be down ballot people worth voting for tbh.
>>891055 >not voting for Vermin Supreme It's like you don't care about your dental hygene.
>>891026 I'm in California, so yes, I'm voting by mail, because I live in a functioning country.
>>891139 >because I live in a functioning country this is false tho
(70.43 KB 1045x713 barricade.jpg)
Louisville police are barricading the downtown area lol https://twitter.com/anoncatanoncat/status/1308421218652086278
(518.04 KB 267x200 200[1].gif)
>>891144 > 891144 I'm sure they all ready decided that those murders are innocent.
>>891144 More barriers must have gone up around US government buildings than at the Mexican border by now.
>>891144 imagine they all go to a police station outside of that area and burn it while the vast majority of the cops are stuck inside that part of the city
>>891181 Take. Notes. Look at how they have emergency lanes and designated checkpoints. Very useful information in a situation where cops are trying to leave that area to go somewhere else. They are creating their own choke points.
Police chief sent out this email
>>891195 for now though, i dont think we are anywhere near organized enough to block off all those checkpoints in a coordinated manner, although that would be a very good idea attacking assets far away from there would require a lot less coordination, since its only one thing instead of eight different checkpoints that would all need to be blocked off for 12+ hours until you would have any chance of the cops inside giving up or becoming unable to fight (due to exhaustion if they cant go home or running out of tear gas)
>>891195 also this shows that anyone who goes to the designated protest zone is dumb as shit, it is blocked off by two lines of police barricades and they will be seeing every person who comes in or out
>>891207 >for now though, i dont think we are anywhere near organized enough to block off all those checkpoints in a coordinated manner, although that would be a very good idea It's not that hard to roll garbage cans and shit into the road. The coordination part is just making sure blockades are up before attracting cops to leave. Once they're in the choke point there's all sorts of shit that could be done. >>891208 >Now go be the Warriors you are normal attitude >>891209 Darwin award shit tbh
>>891218 yes but you need to do this to all eight of them, and keep enough people on them so the cops cant just take them. it could probably be done with a hundred people or maybe even fewer if other protesters join them but you still need to have that plan in place beforehand, and all those people need to follow it
So is the NFAC really going to come back and hold everyone accountable or were they just fucking around?
>>891206 >do NOT give the pencil pushers at the top astounded that for how seldom the cops ever see consequences that they are still catastrophizing over the (((pencil pushers))) who hold them accountable some fraction of the times their coverups are so poorly executed it embarrasses the city
>>891256 They most likely were that model agency who pulled the same publicity stunt very early in the riots. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/dressed-the-part-panther-group-came-straight-from-central-casting/OvNstDxfbzV9MbAtOW8mzO/
>>891267 I know its crazy. I get porky and the powers that be need ruthless cops. But why don't they seek out bleary eye psychopaths like Bootyjuice? Why allow a fully retard reactionaty force that only knows how to antagonist the prols and have no sense of maintain a public image. The police and justice system is rabidly losing legitimacy in the eyes of the public and their just hitting the gas pedal.
>>891271 >Oni carried a Smith & Wesson 22LR assault rifle. You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
>>891273 Because America's rulers are similarly insane They lost touch with reality around the Reagan Admin and have only since gotten worse
>>891273 >But why don't they seek out bleary eye psychopaths like Bootyjuice? This is somewhat happening. And it works. Check out this cop in Flint, Michigan.
>>891286 NFAC is likely some glowy shit, or some hair brained socdem millionaires idea for a milita. But I don't get why people knock the .22. Its quite, easy to use, and cheap. https://youtu.be/_w4Z5azEPWk
(13.02 KB 600x600 Daisy-Red-Ryder-600x600.jpg)
>>891296 So is pic related.
>>891296 reagan might have actually died if the would-be assassin chose a more powerful weapon than a .22
(991.81 KB 250x250 vVkoPPU.gif)
>>875722 The ecological crisis is caused by the economic situation and compounded by the political one.
>>889467 That Dengoid's name? Albert Einstein.
>>875859 tulsafag here. good riddance
>>891206 >>891208 >I'm not here to give you a Rah Rah you got this speech." >Does it anyways. Shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up Just-Sergeant. Get your shit together and remove it from your head, or you'll have it pushed in. The fucking posturing and ego of that guy... I've seen literal fascists with less bloated ones.
>>891206 What a whiny little piggie.
Salt Lake City police lynch child for being ornery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKUnbgcDGQo
>>891581 >roll up on someone >start shouting "get on the ground" >don't ID yourself as a cop >shine flashlight in his face so he can't even see you have a gun >unload on him when he doesn't comply within a few seconds >after shooting him, tell him to show you his hands
>>891273 >Williamson County >Sheriff >Blessed are our >The State of Texas >Peacemakers >BEST of the BEST >1 Jesus Christ that thing is a) cluttered by excess b) cringy c) full of redundant elements. I mean, it's got seals within seals and stars within stars and text within text. And look, they've had it made out of materials that aren't even weather-resistant! An outdoor ornament, those incompetent cheapskates!
>>891581 >>891615 Twelve shots. TWELVE FUCKING SHOTS! From five-six meters. What the fuck?
>>891633 He emptied the magazine.
>>891615 I cannot understate the humiliation suffered by the working people of the US every day these pigs aren't lynched.
>>891615 He survived this, btw. Not for lack of trying by the officer.
>>891637 Yes. However I see that as just saying "I would've shot him up more, but I ran empty." Mag-dumping is reckless, wasteful, and sloppy. Particularly when speaking of cops, who usually are in the middle of bystanders. There is the time and place and use for it, sure, but this sure as hell wasn't it.
>>891747 I wasn't defending it. Like you said >just saying "I would've shot him up more, but I ran empty."
>>890972 Haha a classic XD
Michael Williams, a 44-year old Black man from Grinell, Iowa, found burned to death in a ditch https://www.kcci.com/article/authorities-id-body-of-man-found-burning-in-jasper-county-ditch/34080807
>>891747 You misunderstand. In the U.S., standard policy dictates that when an officer is forced to use their firearm, they must empty the full magazine with the intention to kill. Police departments literally train officers to be as lethal as possible when they shoot.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfvPWGXH2nw >Looting Of Platt Boutique Jewelry In Los Angeles
>>891581 >>891831 Burger proles remain cucked for still not retaliating at all. Really fucking tiresome...
>>891597 It's Wilco one of the worst of the police. So bad most jobs will overlook if you have arrest there because they know it's trumped up bullshit. One job that I was at that hired felons even had everyone raise their hands if they were arrested. Then keep your hand up if it was in wilco. Someone remarked "Ain't nothing to do in Wilco 'cept get arrested".
>>891581 That “I don’t feel good” after they pump a round into him is just so fucking sad. Fuck every one of these pigs to hell and back
>>891896 Lowest-effort post I've seen in a while.
>>891896 One is state sanctioned violence enforcing capitalism and the other is created by the capitalist economy. What the fuck do you care about uighurs dying anyway? You just want open season on anyone who doesn't want genocide and endless war.
>>891581 >Salt Lake City police lynch child for being ornery kek, they disabled the comments.
(27.93 KB 600x491 tn_1235245586270.jpg)
>>891896 woah smart guy you solved society. good job heres your trophy; keep it safe
I wish china was better at anti US propaganda and shilled the collapse of the US all over the internet
>>891672 >He survived this, link?
(207.59 KB 798x420 idontfeelgood.png)
>>891862 Excellent.
>>891912 He isn't dead. >Barton said his brother is still hospitalized and will be for a while. He recently was able to transfer himself from a hospital bed to a wheelchair, Barton said, but still has trouble speaking because it’s painful. Linden has lost feeling in his arm, and Barton said it’s unlikely he’ll be able to walk normally again. He also didn't have a gun or other weapon it seems: >Police have said after the shooting that they found “no indication” the boy had a weapon on him.
(404.85 KB 560x563 lt-bugs-shit-sucks-yuck.png)
>>891913 Too soon.
Seems like no matter how many guns the proles have the state will cuck them anyway
>>891581 >>891615 >>891904 If you want to feel even more pissed off, check this upload of the video and read some of the comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prpq65ZZbdA >Now it’s a white kid ..... no Hispanic last name let’s see who they blame or if they even let it go to court >I say we make a nationwide law. You run from Police after being ordered to stop then you serve a mandatory year in jail with 250 hours of community service after. If it's a car chase then it changes to 2 years in jail. Try being a Police officer, almost everyone resists arrest as that charge is usually dropped in plea bargaining. I will agree that this child did not deserve to be shot but people have to learn to comply with Police orders or face the mandatory penalty regardless if they are innocent or guilty of the charge that involved the Police. >The Independent are irresponsible for showing videos like this to liberals and Gen Z's. They know they don't have the stomach for this kind of thing and they continue to show it to them to get them angry. >What if the kid had a gun? What if the police officer lost his life? People act like they are not people with families too. It's tragic yes but there are consequences from running from and resisting police officers. If we just strip law enforcement of their ability to do their job and defund them, we're just going to see a massive spike in anarchy and crime. They're not perfect but they do their best and they're the only ones protecting all the idiots who think they're monsters. Trust me if you rid the police of their ability to do their job and defund them, the protestors and anarchists are all dead.
>>891919 Pigs are fucking hideous cowards
>>891927 >Mfw burgers finally confirm that they’re so fucking cowardly, brainwashed, and deferent to authority that their pro-cop bootlicking fully crosses racial boundaries and they will rabidly defend cops that gun down 13 year olds of any skin color Finally We have finally overcome racism
>>891927 bro, the americans are on the brink of class consciousness TRUST ME bro, they keep going left just wait and see. the contradictions inherent to capitalism are finally
>>891933 To be fair, the majority of comments are condemning the cop.
>>891926 No, Burgerland is special.
(149.05 KB 720x1560 PsychoMom1.jpg)
(136.35 KB 720x1560 PsychoMom2.jpg)
>>891615 >>891581 The fucked up part, is psycho Karen moms are as much to blame here.
>>891936 Also, it's YouTube, the absolute lowest cesspit on the internet.
>>891918 >>891912 Links doesn't show if he's death or alive. I think in the ground there's blood drops, so I am guessing he was shot with live ammo, if so, he's probably critical.
>>891946 It gets worse. Cops from that same department killed her father.
>>891950 >Links doesn't show if he's death or alive. Yes it does fool. >Barton said his brother is still hospitalized and will be for a while. He recently was able to transfer himself from a hospital bed to a wheelchair, Barton said, but still has trouble speaking because it’s painful. Linden has lost feeling in his arm, and Barton said it’s unlikely he’ll be able to walk normally again.
>>891927 That's the minority of comments, tbh, but yeah, they are fucking disgusting.
>>891962 Anyway, we need more bootlicker memes!
Now the poor kid is gonna be vegetable for the rest of his life thanks to these Pigs.
(675.48 KB 374x282 the-simps-ralp-I-happy-angry.gif)
>>891932 >We have finally overcome racism >What if a black police woman aborts his fetus because is the next anti-christ terrorist. BIG BRAIN
>>891966 Like it’s BLM’s fault white people in rural areas and the suburbs are cucks who don’t protest the police.
>>891966 >Mfw rightoid burgers have absolutely no problems whatsoever to use innocent white victims of police violence to defend piggies <Mfw these people not only give absolutely zero fucks about “muh people muh fellow americans” they’re also retarded enough to inadvertently convince Americans this is a class issue and the cops are enemies of working americans in general Based rightoids
>>891956 >It gets worse. Cops from that same department killed her father. Links?
>>891946 >She said her 13 yr old son had been in a shootout with police in Nevada and a high speed chase What? No way that's true. So basically she told the cops that her son was "armed and dangerous"? It sounds like she wanted the cops to kill her son.
>>891946 Whenever I see a parent of an autistic child acting shitty like this it makes me wonder if there's merit to the whole "autism is caused by neglect/abuse" hypothesis.
>>891981 “White privilege” is a poison bait.
>>891975 Not only will they not protest, they'll defend the cops to the bitter end no matter what
(57.20 KB 1200x750 PermitPatty.jpg)
>>891989 >What? No way that's true. So basically she told the cops that her son was "armed and dangerous"? It sounds like she wanted the cops to kill her son. I mean, in a just society, the police officer should have the judgement to not do what they did no matter what the caller said. But something needs to be done about these psychos that thing the police are their toll free call to deal with anyone they have a problem with, regardless of whether they're breaking the law.
>>891983 >In the 911 call, Linden’s mother told dispatchers that her son had been in a “shootout” with Lyon County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada, but did not give other details. She also said that officers in that same department had killed her father earlier this year. The Reno Gazette Journal reported that Owen Barton was killed by officers in January after someone called police to report that his neighbor had threatened him with a handgun. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/09/21/bodycam-shows-salt-lake/ Golda Barton literally attempting filicide by cop.
>>891998 >I mean, in a just society, the police officer doesn't exist FTFY
>>891758 Sorry. I didn't mean to imply toy were either, didn't intend to be mean. I'm just so pissed over this shit, you understand.
>>892003 >I'm just so pissed over this shit, you understand. Of course.
>>892000 tripGET >literally attempting filicide by cop. yeah that's what I was trying to express here: >>891989
>>892000 Police and the little cunt should be lynched.
(26.81 KB 350x263 1394157897604.jpg)
>>892000 >“Show me your hands!” the officer continued to yell after Linden had fallen to the ground. >“I don’t feel good,” the boy said. “Tell my mom I love her.” His mom tried to Of Mice and Men him, and what he thinks are his last words are this.
>>892024 >SALT LAKE CITY — Body cam footage released Monday from Sept. 4 shows an officer shooting 13-year-old Linden Cameron around a dozen times. But Golda Barton can’t bring herself to watch it. >“I can’t, I just can’t watch him fall down. Like I just don’t want to watch him fall down,” she said. >Golda Barton said if she watches it, she’ll never be able to unsee it. >“I can’t see it. I won’t see it and I can’t see it. I won’t even watch it when it comes out. I don’t want to ever see it. I can’t ever see it. I don’t want to see it,” she said. https://www.ksl.com/article/50020069/mother-of-teen-shot-by-police-says-she-wont-watch-body-cam-video always difficult to watch a plan spring a boner
>>890612 This is a key element people miss. This is why I emphasize to people that we are in an information war right now and we need to continue to put the pressure on in this dimension. The right sort of owned this territory years ago which is why it collided with Trump so effectively. Since we don't have a populist of our own now, we have to double down and not cede anything to the far right. We need to demoralize Porkies from wanting to associate with them and emphasize that there will be a huge price to pay therein. If things start popping off, a big if, we need to be ready to use our numbers effectively against their command structures.
>>892000 >TFW when the police are acting as a legal public service hitmem
>>891581 did this just release? holy fucking shit. I am just waiting for the bootlickers to slide this one
(111.56 KB 1360x1360 autism is my superpower.jpg)
>>891960 mans got shot 11 times and lived. never talk down to an autist ever again.
>>892000 Did that psycho already have her father assassinated?
>>891896 kill yourself faggot
>>892207 Maybe she wanted that sweet inheritance money. And didn't want her son around to share the hereditary gibs. If so, the older brother (her older son) is in danger also.
>>892222 Based quadGET. What did the rightoid say?
>>891862 Reminder that LA county has been at over 50% unemployment for months already. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-17/usc-coronavirus-survey
>>892350 was unironically saying the cops were right to shoot that retarded kid and talking about muh black on black crime
when are they going to announce the Louisville verdict? they're fucking idiots, the longer they wait the more momentum the potential riots will have going into the weekend which could be based as fuck, inshallah they will fuck this up
>>892192 >autism is my superpower Then Chris Chan must be bullet proof
>>892501 Lmao is wojak spam bot back?
>>892501 Reported for spam, rightoid cuck
>>892494 I'm honestly a little incredulous that Chris is still alive at this point so you may be onto something.
>>892000 Not surprising in the least. The US middle class/labor aristocrats have a tradition of their children being achievement vessels they live vicariously through (hello angry sports dads!) and when the kids inevitably fail to live up to those ideals, methods are devised to push them aside and let them disappear out of sight and out of mind. Don't believe that? Have you or anyone you know of have massive student debt despite having a family that was capable of paying at least *some* of it? Notice how getting the government to underwrite the debt led to new cars and a beach house for mom and dad? These people absolutely despise their kids and become the very uighurs they claim to disdain as soon as uncle Sam waves a welfare check in front of them
(64.50 KB 825x587 return_soy_to_the_earth.jpg)
>>892633 >getting the government to underwrite the debt led to new cars and a beach house for mom and dad Can you explain in simple English what it means to underwrite a debt please? All I get from search engine is articles/wikis that define it in seemingly a deliberately obfuscating/legalese style.
>>892659 I think he means that government debt paid for college rather than private debt, so the debt is passed off through indirect subsidy from the private middle class sphere to the public one. Not sure if that's true though as the interest rate on these loans is quite high, I don't think the government loses a lot of money on it.
>>892633 >The US middle class/labor aristocrats have a tradition of their children being achievement vessels they live vicariously through Oh yeah, that's a peculiar American phenomenon. It's also behind those incredibly creepy bhild beauty pageants and shit like what that Netflix "documentary" is about.
>>892086 I have been talking about the left's last choice is to go for small groups and one-on-one debating and proselytizing as part of community activism to build back the basic social bonds capitalism tore apart. >>883778 >>886407
(55.34 KB 1024x768 lt-bugs-i-am-the-king.jpg)
>>888002 You have been promoted in this imageboard, good sir. Your new status is: supreme intelligentsia secretariat.
>>891927 >The Independent are irresponsible for showing videos like this to liberals and Gen Z's. They know they don't have the stomach for this kind of thing and they continue to show it to them to get them angry. what the FUCK is wrong with these people? >don't have the stomach for yeah so does anybody who isn't a fucking ghoulish vessel for otherworldly entities
>>893080 There's folks out there who insist that being a cop means subjecting yourself to a grimdark gritty episode of the wire every day, and we're all lucky that they have the strength and courage to make such a noble sacrifice so we can all keep living our peaceful lives, blissfully unaware of how bad things really get. Anyone who get mad at seeing what real policing looks like is just a naive unappreciative snowflake.
>>893090 It’s kinda funny because the Other Guys is one of the more honest movies about what being a cop is actually like Mostly paperwork Same as the military
>>893093 Speaking of cop films, this scene is probably one of the best I've seen at dissecting the thin blue line psychosis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3W0AnCAZsg


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