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(77.01 KB 400x400 Alunya furry.png)
(434.20 KB 1500x1059 alunya.jpg)
(369.69 KB 1511x1125 alunya2.png)
Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 02:53:29 No. 71758
Share Alunya art here
(368.39 KB 800x800 Frogged.png)
This image brings back bad memories.
Why is there virtually no furry art of her? The pic in the OP is the only one I could find
the combined autism would be too great. A curse would surely fall upon our board for unleashing a furry alunya upon the world.
(256.97 KB 516x526 funni banana.png)
Then it's our moral obligation to create her.
Get the bigshot furries to draw her.
based and critical of prostitution pilled
Will we ever see cummie cat spammer again lads?
(143.74 KB 474x556 2457004-crying2.jpg)
He almost broke me at one point. Had to do an all-nighter doing nothing but deleting threads all night.
(84.58 KB 600x605 furries anime niggas.jpg)
I would do it but I'm garbage at art.

Nonetheless, maybe it's for the best? She's a compromise that we can all accept. Maybe we should have a furry member of the political catgirls crew though. I hear n8 is still looking for a good home...
yiff in hell
(41.88 KB 387x417 CMYuNvMVAAAD9ZF.jpg)
Wait, holy shit, I just had the best idea, we ought to add Commissars Cletus and Jamal to our host of board-tans. They're two chill post-racial neighbourhood watchmen who gently enforce community policing standards and ensure new folk are settling in alright.
>no dick
this board is gay as fuck
>Nonetheless, maybe it's for the best? She's a compromise that we can all accept. Maybe we should have a furry member of the political catgirls crew though. I hear n8 is still looking for a good home...
Personally, catgirls aren't to my liking (or human girls, for that matter). /trash/ has ruined me to the point I'm only into anthro
(242.79 KB 914x973 trash-tan obey.png)
My man
(111.39 KB 812x531 commisars jamal and cletus.jpg)
That's good shit.
(348.18 KB 1440x1440 eat.png)
Drew this. Thoughts?
Reminds me of 2008 newgrounds tbqh
(35.82 KB 604x439 FB_IMG_1568833194526.jpg)
can you post pic without pepe so we can appropriate it on OC thread?
I like the first pic with the realistic cat face.
It reminds me of soviet art
(58.61 KB 1440x1440 Alunya and you.gif)
>Alunya furry.png
Looks worse than a dead transvestite.
>without pepe
Why are you people everywhere?
It’s like you’re heralds of autism and have to poison everything with it.
Just embrace it.
No, I will not embrace your psyop to get more people to fuck animals.
>mfw i learn furryism is a psyop by the us government to get people to rape animals
It all makes sense now.
It's not a psyop to get people to fuck animals. It's people wanting to fuck nonhuman sapients.

(5.73 KB 240x192 1KaAUOh.jpg)
>Furry Trotskyism
>psyop to get more people to fuck animals.

This is your brain on (goon) ideology.

I rather be a goon than a bestiality pusher.
(421.19 KB 500x500 jesus.jpg)
Jesus did nothing wrong but the bible and the christian church is revisionist tbh
can someone explain the backstory behind this character please?
I blame the Romans.
After it became the state religion, it lost all its teeth.
>Repeats the "furry = Bestiality" meme.

Wow, so edgy my friend.
Yo, I'm anti-edge.
I just want to live my wholesome life away from animal fuckers.

>I just want to live my wholesome life away from animal fuckers.

<Thinking a anthropomorphic animal drawing is somehow real.

This is what happens when someone is so spooked they can't tell the difference between a drawing and reality.

Most furries actually condemn the Beastalists and actually ban them from conventions.
Question, how come furries all draw in the same obnoxious art style?
It all looks like the same gay recycled Tony the Tiger recolor-repaint.
(160.81 KB 1280x620 furry workers.jpg)
You could just as easily ask 'why does all manga art look the same', it's not really even if there are consistencies.

Furries look weird in a non cartoony style so almost all furry art lies on that side of the fence. Of course there are the ultra realistic pieces, but that's a rarity for obvious reasons.
there's this write-up by Paps which explains board-tans in general: https://medium.com/@PPDPPL_art/the-time-r-socialism-banned-catgirls-an-overworked-article-that-covers-over-a-decade-of-stuff-to-7d42a8540968
>someone suggested using a mascot for them, who was quickly decided to be a cute anime girl, and then a cute anime catgirl, based on the Sabot Cat and on a pun about the Revolutionary Catalonia.
Basically she is our mascot.

Keep pressing 'more posts'.

Now, Rachel didn't create the character, that was earlier Anons, along with Rodina who was I believe GETchan's tan, (actually there are two Rodinas which is a bit of a whole thing, but never mind that for now), but the political ideology catgirls series basically formalised and summed up Alunya's charateristics.
the pipeline from furry to animal fuckery is way too common to ignore.
I use to go lurk /mlp/ in it's hay day. I know what's up.
>actually ban them from conventions
and they probably sex traffic horses in the back rooms.
It's all a smokescreen.
I bet you believe in pizzagate too nutso. Shoo shoo fucking goon.
And /mlp/ wants to fuck fictional ponies, not real horses.
thank you for explaining it comrade
were you even on /mlp/?
There was a very large contingent that actually did want to fuck horses and there were a couple cases where they posted pics.
I mean, I have never fucked an animal, and I'm not gonna derail this whole thread, but in some countries they eat horses. Zoophilia is not really the worst crime in a carnivorous world.
>all this apologia over diddling horses
You guys really are the libertarians of animal fucking.
I find anthro characters hot. Animals aren't interesting.
Forgivable, but gross

Same here. I don't find regular animals interesting at all, but Anthro characters are hot.
Why do you do this, /leftypol/?
Actually based. GG was consumers revolting against industry.
Every board-tan seems to want to flirt with Vivian James.
>literally a bunch of people blindly worshiping commodities and the spectacle while fomenting reactionary ideology
The "gamer" is one of the most foul cultivated identities to come out of the current stage of capitalism. They cheerlead for their favorite faceless companies and are wholly unable to conceive of art that is not commodified.

nice trips btw
Nice generalizations. Not everyone who plays a lot of video games is a fanboy cocksucker.
>Not everyone who plays a lot of video games is a fanboy cocksucker.
Gamergaters are/were. A vast majority of people who identify as a "gamer" are. I was on fucking 8chan /v/ when this shit was going down. Most of them denounced the very idea of "videogames as art" and proudly declared their support for games being nothing more than commodified entertainment. I play fucking videogames. The fact that games are commodities is the worst thing about them. The ideology of /v/ is particularly detestable among gamers in the cases of both 8chan and 4chan.
How dare you.
Gamers are an oppressed people.
Check your more-productive-hobby privilege
(338.61 KB 1300x1500 finished.png)
Oops that was the unfinished version.
(381.18 KB 500x500 Babby's First Metroid.png)
Nah fuck off. I literally helped write that "dossier" critique of past games journalism scandals in the first couple months, and I haven't been a fanboy since Metroid Fusion killed my naive faith in trustworthy game developers. It's all right if you weren't there for it, but GG was a very diverse "movement" and you should stop trying to summarize the whole thing as reactionary.
(242.54 KB 1440x1440 kitty.png)
(71.40 KB 720x849 meow.png)
Made this one for the lulz. I hope this isn't considered furry art. oh god plz no.
It looks like shes going “yikes”
Im not ok with this and i am very upset
Sorry :^(
Thirded, how should they look though?
(7.34 KB 169x152 lewd alunya folder.jpg)
Why are there so many lewds?
I'm not even a furry, just stop autistically screeching at "degeneracy" or whatever, you fucking pathetic faggot.
Furries are even worse than pedophiles in having to proclaim thir fetish everywhere, and then they wonder why people don't like them.
Post it
This. I've always felt something peculiarly wrong with "furry" art as opposed to non-furry anthropomorphic design in occidental caricature, something common enough to be an instant telltale that renders it deeply unappealing at a glance. Even comparing more realistic, less "cartoony" styles non-furry designs, like the first two pics, versus the third, a typical furry pic. I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong, but I think it has something to do with combining human eyes/skull with animal nose/jaw/ears awkwardly (and, often, hair on the head), as well as using the most unaltered human frame possible below the neck in the most mediocre and gangly physique.

It wasn't something we embraced by choice, but to defend the medium. In the form we took it, "gamer" didn't correspond to some sort of Cheeto Dew-guzzling lifestyle identity eager to reflexively preorder the latest Call of Halo, but people who play and tinker with games, appreciating them for what they are (interactive) rather than what they "should" be ("meaningful", "story-driven", "socially conscious", "accessible", etc.). GG was about fighting and purging parasites who deeply hate games as a medium, and wish to drown it in the same passive mediocrity that stifles prior media in their little crit theory-driven "indy" festival circlejerk, killing games for their own incestuous self aggrandizement.

When gamers rejected "art", it meant, rather, accepting the true essence of art: Art for art's sake
I'm not sure you want that, anon.
This isn't furry.
Make her an actual anthro cat and then we'll talk.
(225.63 KB 1200x745 commissarJamal.jpg)
No clue about Cletus, but I always imagined Jamal looking like the flamethrower guy from Charlottesville
>I can teach you things your uncle never would

>Consumers revolting against industry
The closest they get to revolting is when there's going to be a woman in a game
>Art for art's sake
Didn't people argue about this type of stuff in China?
I do, upload the whole folder somewhere
(188.71 KB 1400x1400 fuuug.png)
he should upload it in /gulag/
no, why gulag of all places? there's already a thread in /GET/.
(218.72 KB 2200x1106 union of britain.jpg)
We should embrace the stereotypes IMO, Cletus is a gap-toothed redneck wearing something like this and Jamal has a big bushy black guy hairdo (not an Afro, that's a bit too far, but you know what I mean). They're both dressed in revolutionary guard outfits of the American liberation movement, just use your imagination here I guess, but maybe something like the leftist art from Kaiserreich.

If I was to draw them (which I can't but yknow) I would put them together in a pic where they're both standing around holding their rifles slung over their shoulder with a strap, and Cletus is cracking up at a joke Jamal has just finishing telling or something.
(290.45 KB 1536x2048 heritage hat.jpg)
Oops, I didn't edit it right, I meant Cletus should wear something like this (dixie flag might be a bit too far, maybe something a little more tame like a chequered pattern hunting cap but whatever, this pic always makes me laugh)
Dumping my Alunya folder.
for fags who don't look into leftybooru.
(14.20 KB 236x255 alunya x christchan.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1333x1223 alunya x vivian 01.png)
(51.09 KB 549x448 alunya x vivian 02.png)
Dumping the lewd folder at the peremptory request of an anon.
(160.61 KB 1325x1223 alunya x vivian 03.png)
(90.59 KB 1319x766 alunya x vivian 04.png)
(49.56 KB 526x613 alunya x vivian 05.jpg)
(171.42 KB 2500x1563 ONEPUUUUUNCH.png)
>pic 3
God genetically engineered cat girls when??? i will embrace any ideology that promises me this
(1.63 MB 1650x2500 commiecat1.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1311x2000 commiecat2.jpg)
(1.23 MB 1428x2000 commiecat3.jpg)
(1.39 MB 1385x1948 commiecat4.jpg)
(914.41 KB 1629x2300 commiecat5.jpg)
(765.45 KB 1117x1800 commiecat6.jpg)
(596.89 KB 1240x2135 commiecat7.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1509x1800 commiecat8.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1855x2500 commiecat9.png)
(500.38 KB 1321x1608 commiecat10.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1230x2500 commiecat11.jpg)
(1.40 MB 1280x1810 commiecat12.png)
(247.50 KB 800x800 porked1.jpg)
(217.06 KB 800x800 porked2.jpg)
(389.52 KB 1024x768 porked3.jpg)
(8.38 KB 203x248 porked4.jpg)
(42.23 KB 720x512 porked5.jpg)
(160.33 KB 560x791 porked6.png)
(53.47 KB 598x483 porked7.jpg)
(219.14 KB 1000x1001 porked8.jpg)
(28.01 KB 325x203 porked9.jpg)
(306.54 KB 1000x1001 porked10.png)
i want sex so bad
(391.76 KB 720x960 firin.png)
(4.43 MB 610x260 an older meme.gif)
(46.21 KB 680x643 DTaVEtYU8AEuSga.jpg)
Lol. I thought it was just the 'it's an older meme' bit. Guess that gif's an oldie too eh
Cletus' design already exists and he was drawn by Paps to be my profile pic when I requested it on Discord about two years back. You're kinda late in that regard
what about jamal?
>when there's going to be a woman in a game
This always struck me as the most bizarre of all the SJW smears (especially box covers) leading up to GG, considering the feminazi/gamerbro sides on this "issue" were precisely reversed when everybody and their dog were eagerly ripping off Tomb Raider. It's like gaming presstitutes existed in a parallel universe.
(124.30 KB 720x720 retard.png)
made this one, but im worried it might be a little too ablist
maybe someone can change it up
I love the OC.
(107.60 KB 1280x710 suckit.png)
We may need another Alunya OC thread.
snakegirl is cute
(851.33 KB 2448x2434 calunyapc0.png)
Reposting OC from the other thread.
(398.33 KB 1010x1209 papa.jpg)
>it was paps all along
big if true
May I have the original OC of that pic?
(631.18 KB 1010x1209 alunya dressup.png)
Holy shit. Is the left one vore?
Yes. vomits
Anybody know about the origin of Alunya's name? I can't seem to find anything.
Who's the artist that does this style? I see it everywhere but I don't know who it is
>furry alunya
I can tell a mod made this thread
(40.88 KB 800x600 dumbcatalunya.png)
my shit drawing
Draw more ancap snek
(610.46 KB 720x720 Gulag.png)
(584.51 KB 720x720 shutup.png)
this is how the gulag looks like
(24.40 KB 200x200 spoiler.png)
(160.02 KB 760x540 bueno.jpg)
Cute lol, but a more natural pose would help if people actually wanna do the dressup :P

But if it's just a setup for noodalunya then it's cool
(48.85 KB 779x745 emberessedcat.png)
got interested in drawing again.
what if alunya had a dick?
(156.74 KB 1055x960 alunya.png)
Your drawing skills have potential. I like the way you fashion those eyes/hair.
(43.01 KB 540x810 smug lenin.jpeg)
Many thanks, im planning on getting a non screen draw tablet for 50 bucks so i can actually use a pen to draw rather than my mouse
The first fucking alunya pic I even considered saving. I didn't, tho.
(57.00 KB 583x968 girunya.png)
(72.07 KB 489x1572 girunya2.png)
(291.35 KB 774x1196 Rodinga.png)
>no girunya nor rodinga yet
feline reductionists need to leave
(689.29 KB 3000x3000 rodinga.gif)
(668.82 KB 1466x1194 comparison.jpg)
(268.00 KB 531x897 leftcom+'raffe.png)
(136.99 KB 399x465 Girunya4.png)
(66.29 KB 1000x1000 giraffe_gang.png)
(189.02 KB 1724x1671 girunya3.png)
(70.27 KB 1724x1671 bdsm.png)
(329.88 KB 680x797 GigaGun.png)
It's Girunya the anarcho-communist giraffe and her friend Rodinga from East Germany. It was a much more successful series back on old leftypol before Alunya the feline &co stole the idea and became famous with it.

It's pretty much like the Kimba vs. Simba controversy.
It's pronounced "papadripopoulos"
These are very ugly.
no shit, sherlock
my fucking sides
why did you make this
Some fuckers took Alunya waaay too seriously back on 8ch and I did it as an act of humorous iconoclasm. "Stop disrespecting our maskot" and ridiculous shit like that was the response. I even got banned for it: >>81722
Oh, and this one was specifically requested by one of the anons: >>77017

I really hope nobody jerked off to that abortion of an OC.
(200.47 KB 381x367 woah.png)
this is cute how have i never seen this before
(76.25 KB 768x768 me_on_the_right.jpg)
Why are girls abusing each other so hot?
Because men have enjoyed catfights since the dawn of time, anon.
these are nice
They are a treasure, tbh Drawfruends are of great value
Reminder that /GET/ stands to help protect the GETs.
In celebration of alunya the kot board
This is OUR GET
Rodina is cutest loli
Just dropping by to save the GET from potentially being stolen by stormfags like it was last time. Wishing you the best, /leftypol/ comrades. Love and solidarity from /GET/.
Thanks and checked, comrade!
Glad nobody even tried to fuck this one up so we got a nice one ensured
based Inernationalist /GET/ comrades. chekkkk'ad
Who cares if it's worth it or not - when everything else is definitely worth nothing.
(73.37 KB 812x695 diur7rcz_e1.png)
Anyone remember when this template was popular on /leftypol/?
I'm pretty sure it was back around 2015 or 2016 when I made this.
Who is blondie? She cute
(111.92 KB 439x452 a.png)
/x/-tan I think
(14.90 KB 300x300 impressive.jpg)
didn't somebody draw something recently about a trap mascot hoggingexksdee hog :DD alunya's spotlight?
(238.68 KB 284x560 heroOfTheSovietUnion.png)
Take this comrade, you've earned it
did you draw these yourself anon ?
No, but I am sure OC drawfag is lurking about
(55.41 KB 1002x857 augmented soy.jpg)
post some of your OC niggler
I'm a pretty bad drawfag myself. If you give a very simple request, maybe someday I can come back here and try it.
where can I get a leftypol emblem hawaiian shirt?
Fourth for the Fourth International!
(253.34 KB 2048x1216 trap eggplant.jpg)
(71.23 KB 490x490 no homo trap.jpg)
(1.39 MB 4032x3024 leftypol trap waifu.jpg)
Wasn't recent lol, like 3 years old, would be fun to have a trap tan though
(82.88 KB 1262x1294 commie_sweat.png)
W-why was I never made aware of this? I want the commissariat convened now!
how do i delete someone else's post
That seems like a question you should direct to Joe.
I'm Joe.
Nice to meet you, Joe. My name is De'enda.
De'enda what?
De'enda my dick.
(2.38 MB 1400x1400 Better.png)
I want this to be a real show.
(655.04 KB 1400x1400 breaking.png)
a e s t h e t i c .
I have an idea that I think would be cute, but I can't into art. Would any kind artfag consider drawing?
What is it?
Alunya and Gadsden-chan arguing, fighting, or otherwise interacting.
Gadsden-chan has the upper body of first pic related, the lower body of second pic related.
I got the idea from the Alunya Quest thread.
>guyz did you know im a trap you REALLY have to know this PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE ME
You are just as big of a tumor on the left as all the idpol troons.
(45.03 KB 560x357 neon falange.jpg)
i wanna see a nat syn catgirl, she'd probably have cool aesthetic
I would vouch for nat syn catgirl
(2.27 MB 1563923506977.webm)
(56.76 KB 436x560 hahaha.jpg)
(42.88 KB 501x534 DeR4uvwXkAAcVrY.jpg)
Bump least we forget
bump for queen alunya
Hey alunya is non-sectarian
> Cat Alunya
> anarchist colours
> sabotabby
Keep lying to yourself.
they exist in a spectrum of ideology catgirls where at least the tanky and ML catgirl are friends
anarchist and ML, whoops
the guy who made the original alunya drawing said it wasn't any specific ideology. i'll let someone else post the screenshot because i can't find it atm
(448.23 KB 1506x3190 alunya trap.png)
I wasted my whole day on this

Worth it tbh.
why is it so small?
>Big trap dick
Shit taste
Mods can you delete this.
>first pic
Why are her tits so droopy?
>getting mad at alunya with a dick but not horse porn, or PORKED
I think you might have a chip on your shoulder
those are what we gentlemen call, knockers
That's what tits look like when they're not implants, reshaped by a bra, or drawn by someone ignorant of or indifferent to accurate anatomy.
I want a gf with boobs like that tbh.
(106.54 KB 620x608 Alunya n box.png)
(59.48 KB 375x450 Alunya_in_box.png)
(75.39 KB 370x450 Grace_standalone.png)
Alunya getting what she deserves.
(478.39 KB 755x720 lese majester.png)


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