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/SEA/ - Southeast Asia General Anonymous 07/20/2020 (Mon) 14:36:19 No. 705255
Volume 3: Shit king and hilarious elections edition. Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, jungle NPA or just random shit. There’r still dozens of us! Kiwis are welcome! South Asia can joined too I guess. Last threads http://archive.is/0NhJH http://archive.is/nDq1K
What's good, y'all?
First for one true socialist's drink. Bandung >>705244 I kinda agree that HK need to pay SEA homage for its milk tea 饮水思源 but I am not that hard up about it. Lmao this reminds me of that time someone from MasterChef misattributed a malay dish to Indonesia, which led to Malaysians and Singaporeans bitching online and a lot of wholesome shitposting. Now those westerners are scared so they label the origins as Malaysian/Indonesian
>>705311 >Masterchef Pissed me off with the Canada edition where the bargain bin Joe call every Asian food the same thing.
>>705311 My theory is that coffee/tea culture in Singapore and Malaysia owes a lot to Hainanese cooks in British military installations. Not sure how that overlaps with the rest of SEA, though.
Merimutt here. My Dad is from Thailand and I grew up somewhat close to my Thai grandparents. I was in an interesting situation to say the least where my Grandparents were yellowshirts but my white side is at the very least center-left. We actually have roots in Irish Republicanism and one of my ancestors even served in 16. I know my Grandparents adored the previous King of Thailand but they have always held contempt for the current King even when he was still the Prince. They still have a large frame of the old King and his wife on their back wall. Without going too deep into their background cause there's actually quite a lot of sus stuff in our past, like the fact that my Grandmother's family was a concubine and one of the wives lost all their money gambling, they've both worked very hard for their educations and ended up in America because America had a shortage of nurses and my Grandmother was offered to work here. What I don't understand is why they chose to identify as "yellowshirts" when there is clearly some gears turning in their heads. I mean, they never talk about the new King, and they can be somewhat xenophobic at times. They would often complain about Chinese people and Cambodians. They do often seem to recognize a lot of bullshit though. My Dad says that my Grandfather would be thrown in prison if he was still in Thailand, though he claims it is out of discontent with corruption of Buddhist Monks who get 1000 dollar cameras and whatnot. Another indicator of these gears turning is the fact that my Grandfather has a Master's degree in economics. Both my Grandparents have visited Vietnam before and apparently they think Vietnam is quite nice, hmmm... I can forgive them for being somewhat monarchist though with my current understanding of how authoritarian Thailand can be. Insulting the King will get you thrown in prison and you will be murdered. The movie "The King and I" was even banned in Thailand because it "Portrays the King as flawed". As far as I can tell they seem to be just misguided working-class loyists. Their house is not too big and despite their higher education I'm pretty sure they slept on a dirt floor in the outskirts of Bangkok before moving here. Though I don't speak Thai they always had (and still do) have Asia Satellite TV on so they can get news from Thailand, I'm sure in a country so corrupt the media is not going to be reliable either. It is honestly quite odd in hindsight that I simultaneously grew up thinking of the King of Thailand as great and also British people have stomped on Ireland for hundreds of years be proud we fought in 1916 (also up the IRA but we didn't talk about socialism until it became acceptable in American discourse). What do you think /leftypol/? Are my Thai Grandparents secretly woke af or do they just want to grill for god's sake?
>>707028 They wish to grill the king for god's sake
>>707035 I guess it shouldn't be so surprising. Still don't get why they don't like redshirts though, don't the redshirts want democracy or something?
>>705255 >Lèse-majesté OP STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!
>>707038 I'm going to guess that they believe "more democracy" also means more petty corrupt officials impeding the relationship between the People and the Sacred and Departed King.
>>707053 Hmmm tbh they never really talk about Redshirts or Yellowshirts that much. The only reason I know they were yellowshirts was Secondhand from parents who told me, and that was years ago. If anything I think they talked about how much they didn't like Thailand's female Prime Minister that released drug dealers from prison and whatnot. I think they didn't like redshirts because of perceived "trashiness". That's not to say my grandparents don't have some trashiness in them. My grandfather always gets his steak well done because meat had to be cooked all the way through to be safe for example. They've certainly never expressed views that I would describe as being "against democracy", they just seem to like the old King a lot for some reason.
>>707095 They can be a little xenophobic sometimes though and my Grandpa does not like gay people. My Grandma honestly doesn't seem to give a shit though and even "kinda" explained what a transgender person was when I saw one on Thai tv for the first time. That was way before transgender people got any light of day in the media. I think they may just be typical Thai conservatives, it would explain why my Dad ended up voting Republican while he was in college in the 80s. As a side note, despite the fact that my Dad's genetic makeup is like a third Indian, a third Thai, and a third Vietnamese (because genetic purity is a myth), I am definitely his son but all the DNA he gave me ended up coming from Vietnam. Yeah it's no wonder I ended up a lefty.
>>707111 Correction, it is Vietnam and then "Southeast Asia" which covers a wide region, but more of it ended up coming from Vietnam. Genetics are weird but tbh it doesn't really matter, what matters more is where your family lives imo. Best to keep idpol out.
>>707028 >>707095 > They've certainly never expressed views that I would describe as being "against democracy", they just seem to like the old King a lot for some reason. Yellowshirts have a weird relationship with democracy because they think the old King saved democracy decades ago and has consist wanted the King to intervene and 'correct' the past few Prime Ministers that they didn't like.
>>707095 >That's not to say my grandparents don't have some trashiness in them. My grandfather always gets his steak well done because meat had to be cooked all the way through to be safe for example That's not trashy, that's just growing up before things like cold chain logistics and food safety regulations. Trashy would be wanting well-done steak as as a younger person who grew up with those advantages
I propose we build a time machine and reform the PKI along better ML lines than the one it took before 1965. Then we can save /sea/.
>>707028 if you really want to start a family feud, read "the King never smiles"
>>707334 I think a full fledged civil war with the PKI and Suharto vs Golivar would at least break the Indonesia into smaller and manageable states.
>>707111 >As a side note, despite the fact that my Dad's genetic makeup is like a third Indian, a third Thai, and a third Vietnamese (because genetic purity is a myth), I am definitely his son but all the DNA he gave me ended up coming from Vietnam. Yeah it's no wonder I ended up a lefty. Bruh. I can assure you that Vietnamese can be just as racist and reactionary as anyone else. Most younger people now are very left liberal in their beliefs and I personally know a few retarded lolberts. Not to mention most gusanos over in muttland are huge trumptards that openly protest wearing mask because it’s “communist censorship”. Being overly political (hate the rich and the economic inequality) and supporting for the planned economy of old will usually get you called an oldfag or a Bolshevik.
>>708491 I am aware if this, it's mostly tongue in cheek though. I honestly have no real connections to Vietnam, I just recognize the absolute bullshit of the Vietnam war like most sane people. I honestly think Thailand and the rest of SEA would be better off right now though if there really was a domino effect. As for the future I think leftists should learn from the mistakes of the past rather than trying to defend the old systems. I am sympathetic to the USSR and Vietnam though as these countries both had to go through rapid industrialization and defend themselves from the U.S. breathing down their neck. As for here in burgerland, I have noticed that many Asians do tend to be a bit more conservative, especially the fobs trying to make as much money as possible and their kids that end up a bit more 'affluent'. Of course, burgerland is not monolithic and there are entire subcultures of Asians in California and whatnot. In my high school Asian kids were just like everyone else, the only ones that grouped together were the depressed art-hoe crowd. Now that I'm in college I have seen a lot of rich Asians, and oh boy these kids were sheltered. There is one story of an Indian guy that ended up someone's roomate, he had servants do everything for him growing up and he tried to make toast by putting it against the flame of the stove. Now, on the topic of Vietnam today. I do not know much about the Vietnamese culture or its current sociopolitical state, though from what I've seen it does seem to be doing better than the rest of SEA. I've also heard that they've made great strides with queer acceptance, i.e. young people don't give a shit. Can anon confirm or deny this?
Is it true there are child sex tourism going on in SEA How does one hypothetically get started asking for a friend
>>708757 You call your friendly neighbourhood procurer, Ephraim Jeffstein
>>708748 >Now, on the topic of Vietnam today. I do not know much about the Vietnamese culture or its current sociopolitical state, though from what I've seen it does seem to be doing better than the rest of SEA. I've also heard that they've made great strides with queer acceptance, i.e. young people don't give a shit. Can anon confirm or deny this? Basically a lot of young people in bigger cities think that it’s totally fine. Most boomers don’t care but there have been some trouble. The last pride parade went without a hitch. Although the cops have to curtail the radlibs and corporations from infiltrating the movement and cause fake woke color “revolutions”. Obama tried it with his NGOs but still failed badly.
Lol Indonesia is considering dropping ASEAN because they shat the bed in containing the pandemic. Indonesia questions Asean pact as FDI falls for 2nd straight quarter https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/indonesia-questions-asean-pact-as-fdi-falls-for-2nd-straight-quarter >Indonesia needs to reconsider the benefits it gets from being part of the Asean Economic Community, the head of the country's investment board said yesterday, after data showed foreign direct investment (FDI) fell for the second straight quarter. >South-east Asia's largest economy attracted 97.6 trillion rupiah (S$9.3 billion) of FDI in April-June, excluding investment in banking and oil and gas. This is a 6.9 per cent drop in rupiah terms from a year ago and a roughly 3 per cent fall in US dollar terms, according to data from Indonesia's investment board, or BKPM. >That followed a 9.2 per cent fall in FDI in the first quarter as investors postponed investment decisions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Looks like being apart of the Aus-Indo imperialist bloc and exploitation of its internal colonies are only sustainable when the supply chain is cut off
>>711501 Of all countries, Indonesia needs ASEAN more than vice versa...
Hey guys I managed to write something but my fellow Singaporeans to read about the Workers Party. https://medium.com/@RosaSG/pap-lite-or-workers-party-please-choose-wisely-3812fa89ee7d Please spread this as much as you can. I have no one else to do it for me...
>>711825 Is that guy from the Leftypol newspaper still alive? Try contact the New Multitude. >>711701 Yeah, I know. Without support they’re fucked. Both Indonesia and Malaysia was close to crisis when the US abandoned SEATO.
>>711836 No disrespect to the New Multitude anon but this article is tailor made for Sg people hence the vague workerism instead of straight class warfare at the start.
>>707095 >Become yellows because Yingluck released drug dealers from prison. Sorry to break it, But Every cabinet always granted amnesty en masse on King&Queen birthday mostly drug dealers. And reasons? "ถวายเป็นพระราชกุศล"
>>711825 NGL but the few comments I got from some upper middle class is kinda depressing tbh. I swear they sound like a walking caricature of what the workerists love to hate.
>>711825 Calling them upper middle class aristos could be a touch off-putting to normalfag Singaporeans, who'd probably picture C-suites, directors of major multinationals, ministers, and the like.
>With the seizing of the means of production by society, production of commodities is done away with, and, simultaneously, the mastery of the product over the producer. Anarchy in social production is replaced by systematic, definite organization. The struggle for individual existence disappears. Then, for the first time, man, in a certain sense, is finally marked off from the rest of the animal kingdom, and emerges from mere animal conditions of existence into really human ones. Man, I got chills. Engels really knew how to turn a phrase.
>>714610 >C-suites, directors of major multinationals, ministers, and the like. Aren’t these people straight up 1% porky shit?
>>714674 Seriously I don’t get why social conservative manchildren keep shitting on the guy for fucking Nazis’ wives and having open relationship with his “wife”. Most of that is based as shit and really redeemed his class background being a son of a porky. >>714610 Most of the labor aristocrats will get triggered over anything that threatens their boss’s class interests. Since they think that will negatively affect them as well. I think the only way to effectively combat this is to blur and abolish the line between foreign workers and “true Singaporean”, bringing back to the connection of the prior Malaya communist and labor union movement.
>>715067 I thought people liked how Engels cucked Hess. Never seen anyone whine about it, maybe /pol/acks crying about degeneracy?
>>715067 >blur and abolish the line between foreign workers and “true Singaporean” I'm inclined to agree, but that sounds really fucking hard. Ranging from naked contempt for the lot of foreigners in manual labour, to resentful suspicion of foreigners "stealing'" professional jobs, negative attitudes are pretty common (although I've not seen numbers about this).
>>715067 >Most of the labor aristocrats will get triggered over anything that threatens their boss’s class interests. Since they think that will negatively affect them as well. That applies to most of the 'sandwhiched' class here. A lot of pushback from the WP's minimum wages weren't just from the labour aristocrats. If anything I suspect the the local labour aristocrats sees themselves as the spokesperson/leader for their fellow proletariat/working class instead of equal partners.
>>715120 Retards claimed that being a womanizer is bad or some dumb shit like that. Like no shit Sherlock! The guy didn’t respect the concept of marriage itself! >>715134 This is also a weird problem affecting the South Asians and SEA people going into to tech in the US. The people there also have this hostility toward losing their jobs without realizing that the establishment that blow hot air about “nationalism” is THE SAME assholes that increasingly open to neoliberal cheap foreign labor.
>>713087 Oh I'm not a yellowshirt myself, personally I think Thailand is fucked on way too many levels and the people have just become too jaded to fight back at this point. My personal political leaning is Republican Socialism but I'm just trying to understand my Grandparents perception of reality.
Apparently overseas companies have been leaving Chynah. Unless they havent relocated to Vietnam (eg Thailand) some of these overseas companies have relocated there. While FDI sucks (sellouts, buyouts, privitisation, higher prices etc) in a librulised economy I suppose Vietnam can mitigate, significantly, librul dumbassery. Is the Vietnamese governement, at least the Vietnamese department of finance, considering this to be a short term event whereby they would create a sovereign wealth fund? Is this likely just for Vietnamese dengists to espouse "just make money" look at Chynah? Discuss.
>>705255 POL POT WAS NOT THIS PLANETs MOST EVIL MAN , AS ENGRAVED ON STONE BY ZIONISTS, HEADED BY HENRY KISSINGER . . SKULLS AND BONES ATTRIBUTED TO POL POT WAS DONE BY US BOMBERS AND SEVEN MILLION LAND MINES DROPPED ON THE NATION . . 1969 without taking permission from US Congress the Zionists under NSA Henry Kissinger carpet bombed Cambodia using B52 bombers , with President Nixon in the know. The bombing went on from from 18 March 1969 for 4 long years till Aug 1973.. US bombers dropped more than 278,0000 tonnes of bombs on neutral Cambodia in more than 243,000 sorties. To make POL POT the most evil man on this planet ( and NOT Henry Kissinger who had the 1973 Nobel peace prize with him ) , there was a FAKE book made from the statements of 300 bribed LIARS. From 1965 to 1968, US sorties dropped 475620 tonnes of bombs dropped on neutral Cambodia . The amount of bombs exceeded the amount this nation dropped in WW2 ( including Hiroshima/ Nagasaki/ Dresden ) by more than 1.6 million tonnnes . To the ALLIES / COALITION/ COWBOY RIDING POSSE bombing neutral Cambodia was justifiable on the grounds it was a supply route south for the invading North Vietnamese. THIS ZIONIST KISSINGER SPRAYED TOXIC AGENT ORANGE ON CAMBODIA AND SUPERCHARGED THE SOIL WITH BOMB CORDITE / NAPALM - MAKING RICE FIELDS UNFERTILE AND TOXIC . US HELICOPTERS AERIALLY DROPPED LANDMINES IN ALL CAMBODIAN FERTILE RICE FIELDS WITH GREAT DETERMINATION ,POL POT RALLIED HIS PEOPLE , EVEN FROM CITIES AND PRODUCED ENOUGH RICE FROM AREAS WITH UNAFFECTED GOOD SOIL, TO SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM STARVATION . . POL POT PUNISHED THE BOMBING ZIONISTS BY CLOSING DOWN ALL ROTHSCHILD BANKS AND MAKING THE ROTHSCHILD CURRENCY WORTHLESS LIKE TOILET PAPER. POL POTs OWN WIFE WENT RAVING MAD DUE TO TRAUMA OF BOMBS AND COULD NOT RECOGNISE HER OWN HUSBAND ..THIS KILLED HIS SPIRIT . POL POT REFUSED ALL KOSHER FOOD AID WHILE POL POT GREW RICE IN UNAFFECTED SOIL USING HIS PEOPLE , ZIONIST AGENTS TRIED TO DO UNION BAAZI AND STOP THE NATIONAL EFFORT OF FOOD PRODUCTION AND SELF SUFFICIENCY . SELF SUFFICIENCY IN FOOD AND WATER CAN FIRE CRUSHED MORALE. FOR THIS VICTORY , POL POT WAS BRANDED A WAR CRIMINAL -- FOR OVER WORKING HIS DAINTY CITY DENIZENS (SIC) . SORRY, POL POTs CAMBODIAN PEOPLE SANG IN THE NEW FERTILE FIELDS ! THE KILLING FIELDS TOM TOMMED BY THE WEST ARE INREALITY , THE FIELDS SATURATED WITH AGENT ORANGE AND NAPALM . LIKE GADDAFI, POL POT WAS A GREAT HERO AND PATRIOT ! From 1975 to 1979, Pol Pot ruled Cambodia, heading the Khmer Rouge government. He always shunned personal limelight and had no ego. US and China supported Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge during his three-year, eight-month, and 21-day rule of Cambodia. After all they had to be against the Soviets at any time. The US bombings ( 3.2 million tonnea ) , US landmine laying( 7 million) and US Agent Orange spray which killed millions in neutral Cambodia was kept a secret. People wanted to know how there were so many skulls scattered around the country, the likes which was never seen anywhere. USA got Cambodia’s prime minister Hun Sen demand for a inquiry and of course blame Pol Pot for all these skulls. They awaited Pol Pot to die. Pol Pot was poisoned and killed by the west on 15 April 1998. He had retired and was still a mentor. The propaganda of Pol Pot being under house arrest by his own cadre is a LIE.
>>716040 most of this is true
>>711825 Well done. While the Singaporean politicians live in a bubble of sorts (le boomers), I suggest lessening the antagonism between classes as to avoid entrenchment. As another Singaporean poster wrote many Singaporeans believe in meritocracy. A crypto-autistic normie would likely interpret that article as a plea for some kind of kacocracy. They dont think a lawyer turned politician would be treacherous, they think he is smart and doing the best he can - probably. You can thank boomer parents for this as they even allude to blue collar workers as "bad" (dumb, ill-mannered and dishonest) by default. I do agree on getting different professional backgrounds in politics aside from lawyers. Still even if you advocate "blue collar" workers to partake in national affairs they ought to know the law, rights and freedoms too.
>>716040 >>716058 Fuck off samefag. >muh everything is America’s fault!!! Retarded. The land mines were planted by the KR with /pol/ pot constantly praise them in his speeches. It’s also not the Mutt’s fault for giving everyone a single tiny bowl of porridge while exporting everything to Thailand and Hong Kong. The RK also retardedly killed most of the people capable of working complex machinery so it would only exasperated the famine. Is it because of the US that pot launched a genocidal race war as well? Pot died a sad, lonely piece of garbage abandoned by both of his Chinese and American backers. Deal with it.
>>716154 >kacocracy kakistocracy? >They dont think a lawyer turned politician would be treacherous, they think he is smart and doing the best he can Going by how violently we seem to fellate candidates with impressive looking CVs, I'm going to guess that a depressingly large segment of the population will distrust an actual proletarian candidate. My prediction is that the first such candidate would need to be incredibly charismatic and well-spoken (not in the sense of speaking posh, but in delivering rousing speeches) to sell the idea that they will be a representative of the working people, and not some underqualified wanker fishing for the MP allowance. If elected, their handling of estate management would probably be hyper-scrutinised as well.
>>716154 >Still even if you advocate "blue collar" workers to partake in national affairs they ought to know the law, rights and freedoms too. It shouldn't even be that hard. >>716750 The Malay candidates in Marine Parade seemed like exactly the middle ground between too atas and too low class.
How's it going for the Filipino Maoists the last couple of years? Anyone following the news there?
>>718613 Durete is still i agreeing about them so they must still be around.
Why is this a cycling thread again? >>718751 Not really the last time I’ve heard them that the Loyalists and military opportunists had already expelled the Duterte-supporting old leadership. Now they have come full circle from calling him a fascist imperialist bootlicker to Filipino Chavez to fascist imperialist bootlicker again. Most of this is about how much of them consider China socialist or not. The last thread had lots of info on the NPA’s activities from 2010 to now. The conflict between them and the government is reaching a boiling point with the NPA expanding using the confusion of the Covid-19 pandemic.
(77.09 KB 562x535 nero.jpg)
Comrades. Burger here. What do I do? I've joined a Discord server of young, inexperienced, mostly politically illiterate, Viet-Americans who want to be communists. This is due to my own Viet heritage trying to connect through shared experience with other Viet-Americans who weren't right wing gusanos. Unfortunately after we started socializing, certain members started talking about Sakai and how it was critical reading. The admin wants us to read the "Little Red Book" since it's for "beginners", and although I joined for the purpose of trying to wean these folks off of Dengist China worship despite claiming ML status, I'm beginning to worry I am way in over my head as far as the time and effort necessary to do so. But at the same time my general feeling is that it is my duty as a Marxist to dispel this crap. But who's to say I won't just get banned for wrong think? I don't want to leave all these impressionable folks to get swept up by Maoist Third Worldism, but also there's organizing efforts I could work with which might be more productive. What do y'all think? Pls respond. Sincerely a burger.
>>722350 Why don't you read these books with your friends and encourage a healthy, educational debate about these topics in a spirit of comradeship? Settlers is not like the Necronomicon that will unleash a skeleton army to destroy the world if you open it up and read it. Well, at least that's what I was told... https://youtu.be/k6d45xzt1Zc If they insist on treating it as unreproachable dogma and that any criticism of it is to be forbidden then it probably wasn't going to work. That said, I like the book. Also I like the Little Red Book and if you're trying to wean them off of Dengist China worship but you don't want them to read Mao then what do you want them to read? Actually the more Maoist stuff tends to be critical of Dengist China. Unless you just want them to vote for Bernie Sanders or something?
>>722376 Like this sort of gatekeeping about acceptable reading is unhealthy, I think. I tend to stick to a tight-knit group of MLs but I was hanging around the other local lefty club and we were reading Kropotkin's "Bread Book" and were just tearing it apart constantly and going "lol this sucks." Just dive into it and engage and if there's bullshit you come across then study, analyze, critique. And that takes focus and discipline but I don't think there are any shortcuts here. There's a pretty funny story I read about FBI infiltration of leftist groups in the 70s, although it was pretty sad too because of how extensive and effective it was, but this one agent was writing back to his supervisors about this group he infiltrated that he was like "fuuuuuuck me I just had to spend six hours with them breaking down how the structure of a coffee cup is built upon layers of materialist contradictions down to the molecular level... this is all extremely thought out... this is totally godless ideology!!!"
>>722376 The "Little Red Book" is literally quotations that garners very little as far as tangible Marxist understanding of historical materialism and other necessities. I'd get if it was On Contradiction or something, but it's not. We're talking about absolute beginners here. We should be reading Marx. Or Engels. Sakai is complete bullshit. Bad historicity, bad data, completely false quotations and attributions to Marx, Engels, and Lenin. I had self-proclaimed communist tell me that white homeless still benefited from settler colonialism as if the distinction matters on any politically tangible level, straight from the mouth of petite-bourgeois children. This isn't even Maoism. It's "Maoist Third Worldism".
>>722388 >completely false quotations and attributions to Marx, Engels, and Lenin For real? I'd figured it was just bad scholarship, not actively deceitful poison >>722380 >one agent was writing back to his supervisors about this group he infiltrated that he was like "fuuuuuuck me I just had to spend six hours with them breaking down how the structure of a coffee cup is built upon layers of materialist contradictions down to the molecular level... this is all extremely thought out... this is totally godless ideology!!!" I wonder if any of the feds assigned to infiltrate left movements got redpilled by all that theory and worked to undermine COINTELPRO
>>722388 Have you read Settlers? I don't care what some self-proclaimed communist said about settler colonialism. There are a lot of idiotic communists on the internet who don't know anything. Also I like the Little Red Book a lot, like I said. There's a lot of nuggets of wisdom in it. I would engage with your friends and work to develop them politically and organize a reading group of On Contradiction and works by Marx and Engels.
>>722399 I have read Settlers. I have also read criticisms of Settlers. I've also read American history from Marxists that has contradicted or has revealed omissions from Settlers regarding the details of specific historical events like Bacon's Rebellion. To be entirely fair, I have not myself cross referenced every source that critics have used to debunk Sakai, but I find their arguments compelling on top of my understanding of Marxism.
The current hamtaro flash mob is more creative than everything HKies ever pulled out in last 4 years. Zoomers are pretty based here.
https://e.vnexpress.net/news/travel/places/more-flights-to-evacuate-tourists-from-da-nang-amid-covid-19-fears-4136627.html Thoughts about this? It feels kinda dangerous to let tourists in Da Nang go all over the place like this.
>>722827 Where did the cases come from though?
>>722827 Almost all of them are domestic tourists who really only got into the city in the recent reopening. They’ll be fine. What’s less fine is that this will further devastate the already weakened service-heavy economy of the city. I think this is a good thing because service and tourism is extremely unsustainable and environmentally destructive not to mention it will hopefully return some state ownership to this liberalized country. Fuck porkies and the petit porks under them. >>722829 Chinese smugglers. The guy that illegally trafficking Chinese tourists got a 20 years sentence.
>>722855 Source that the case is linked to Chinese smugglers or is this some more sinophobic bullshit? A related article on the website you linked says the authorities have yet to identify the source of infection https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/government-imposes-social-distancing-in-da-nang-as-covid-19-resurfaces-4136742.html
>>722350 Little Red book is fine. Doesn't lead to China worship. As for Settlers, I disagree with it, but I have read it and I do think it is very valuble for bending the bow away from reductionist nonsense at least, although take it more as a polemic than as a real history book, the sources are shoddy at best to the point of Sakai quoting himself, quoting government sources on the amount of "labor aristocrats" (as if that is a real term the US government would use) and taking extremely misleading snippets of quotes and blowing them up into an entire argument. See if you can convince them to read Invention of the White Race instead if you really hate Settlers. It covers the same themes in general but with a much more materialist and nuanced prospective. Fanon is also good.
>>722872 >anything bad related to China ever being reported is sinophobia That’s an idiotic line of thinking and you know it. The Sino-Viet organized crime and human trafficking in Da Nang is very well known and has been active in the city well before the pandemic. The English version always set to get all the bad press to the minimum. https://dantri.com.vn/xa-hoi/nguon-lay-nhiem-covid-19-tai-da-nang-co-the-tu-nguoi-nhap-canh-trai-phep-20200726201045724.htm https://tuoitre.vn/lai-phat-hien-nhieu-nguoi-trung-quoc-nhap-canh-trai-phep-o-da-nang-20200725125410205.htm
Whoops. I forgot today is Sia-O Birthday. Ironic even himself isn't staying in Thailand to attend his shitty money wasting ceremony.
(192.94 KB 1200x1200 1591013454016.jpg)
As a singaporean is it even possible to find a leftist gf
>>725871 I fucking wish. I honestly don't know any leftists here anyway.
>>724448 Has the guy that was tested positive been definitively linked to the human trafficking ring? Has any detained stowaways been tested positive? Could it be that Da Nang simply hid its cases? Da Nang hosted USS Theodore Roosevelt early in the pandemic. The ship found hundreds of cases two weeks later. How do you explain that?
This is what happens when you reed settlers
>>725960 >hid its cases Why? Wouldn’t be open about it be better in combatting the pandemic? >muh Roosevelt Sadly you’re not following this closely enough. Everyone who made contact with the ship and it’s crew was put into lockdown emergency hospitals. All of them got released already. >>726001 More like socialism is blood and soil shit but for non-whites. The book is just Mao’s social chauvinism driven to its logical conclusion. >>722350 >Viet-Americans <Maoist turd worldism Yikes. Even Dengoid bullshit is a better alternative. You should try and encourage them to read more about the history of PRC foreign policies under both Mao and Deng. Create more discussions on how valid Mao’s criticism of the USSR and what “revisionism” actually about and Mao’s calling the Soviets “Nazi” was legitimate or just a demented old man rambling. Discuss the Mass line approach and how it had been implemented in the US and the rest of the world with how unironic reactionary ideology disguised itself under leftist lingo. You should also recommend Lenin’s work to them as they’re generally much more Marxist heavy than the red book which is just a watered down, social chauvinist interpretation of Marxism.
>>725871 The best you could probably find would be a socdem gf
>>725871 Find a radlib and try classpilling them
(1.47 MB 1248x936 Screenshot (340).png)
(126.41 KB 1116x812 Screenshot (339).png)
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-malaysia-politics-najib/malaysias-najib-sentenced-to-over-a-decade-in-jail-in-1mdb-trial-idUSKCN24T042 >KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysia’s former leader, Najib Razak, was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to 12 years in jail on Tuesday in the first trial over a multi-billion-dollar scandal at state fund 1MDB that stretched to the Gulf states and Hollywood. >In a case widely seen as a test of the nation’s resolve to stamp out corruption and which could have major political implications, high court judge Mohamad Nazlan Mohamad Ghazali sentenced Najib to 12 years and a fine of 210 million ringgit ($49 million) for abuse of power. >Najib, 67, also received 10 years in jail on each of three charges of criminal breach of trust and three charges of money laundering for illegally receiving nearly $10 million from SRC International, a former unit of the state fund. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-malaysia-politics-najib-timeline/timeline-malaysian-ex-pm-najib-found-guilty-in-1mdb-scandal-idUSKCN24T1NV A timeline of events if anyone wants to catch up to what's going on. Thoughts? Interesting times ahead for Malaysia?
another article https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2020/07/28/after-high-court-verdict-najib-granted-stay-of-execution-pending-appeal/1888949 Despite SRC conviction, Najib avoids jail for now after High Court grants stay of execution pending appeal
>>728857 >>728860 Should be trailed for treason but it is quite good for SEA politics I guess.
>>711825 Personal plea to please spread this to your radlib friends as much as you can. It would really help out.
>>729093 Should but he wouldn’t be. At best he would get some prison time and later get quietly released.
>>728857 >two masks with exposed noses gg no re >Najib's mask has a valve - protects himself, sprays virus everywhere if he's a carrier poetry
>>727525 Have you ever read Settlers? Its not really blood and soil or whatever.
Interesting video: https://youtu.be/neI-ol2AowM
>>727525 Wish you could just join the Discord comrade. Half of these petite bourgeois kiddos would listen to you cause you're native Vietnamese.
>>732341 They probably wouldn’t let me join anyway. Asian-Americans that I’ve met are a fickle bunch. Many of my most reactionary friends went to the US and changed their nationality. The other are absolutely adversed to anything political and only care to come back because “muh mutt heritage”. That being said, woke idpol (not the nationalist kind) is mainly a western problem seeing how it even present during Marx’s time with the free love movement and women emancipation through joining the bourgeoisie within the 1st internationale. The main way to abolish this is like how Marxists later utilized nationalism as in driving it back to class analysis and not the other way around. Race and sex disparity often comes out of circumstances that made them incidentally support the capitalist system. Capitalism by itself is exploitative to everyone and the other repression is only a byproduct of it. Ending capitalism will end these issues but not the other way around as seen with woke corporations touting the aesthetics of inclusiveness while still being racist anywhere it can.
>>727525 How was Mao chauvinist?
>>732611 Most of China’s foreign policy under Mao and especially the split is caused by the contested claim of leadership of the socialist movement by Mao. Relationships between China friendly neighbors also started to sour just because he was pissed that the DPRK and the DRV didn’t fully emulate the Chinese path to socialism by the number. Vietnam in particular, quietly dropped Maoism as a central political ideology in the constitution and not going through with the PRC’s direction of land distribution (1/1000 people must be landlords so, 1/1000 people in most villages must be trialed). Or when they practically ruined any hope of expanding socialism into SEA by bargaining with the French and British to secure their national buffer zone. Or annexation of surrounding regions rather than supporting self determination and local socialist movements.
>>727532 >>728793 Sounds more feasible but I'm pretty sure most are about as left-wing as neekolul >>725901 should we make a singapore-leftist discord?
>>732686 Singapore is already leftist because China is leftist
>>732689 >Singapore is already leftist because China is leftist we were the reason why deng wanted to open up and modernise but i have to emphasize our country is founded on a chauvinistic socdem backstabbing the original left-leaning party members
>>732689 >Singapore is already leftist because China is leftist Man, shut up.
>>732686 >should we make a singapore-leftist discord? Use Riot. It is less annoying. Also there is like 5 of us here only some more.
>>732689 Suck my dick
>>732710 >>732717 >>734103 They hated him because he told the truth
Happy Hari Rays Haji
>>732689 Back to the cuck pit Dengoid.
>>734851 Without Deng, half of SEA would now be US colonies.
>>734853 they already are
>>734854 Feels good to be an Amerikan.
>>732872 i have used riot and i'm pretty sure it's even more annoying and sluggish
>>734911 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imprinting_(psychology)#Baby_duck_syndrome Discord is harmful. Proprietary software, also called nonfree software, means software that doesn't respect users' freedom and community. A proprietary program puts its developer or owner in a position of power over its users. This power is in itself an injustice. Power corrupts; the proprietary program's developer is tempted to design the program to mistreat its users. (Software whose functioning mistreats the user is called malware.) Of course, the developer usually does not do this out of malice, but rather to profit more at the users' expense. That does not make it any less nasty or more legitimate. Riot/Element is free software. “Free software” means software that respects users' freedom and community. Roughly, it means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.
>>734853 >half of SEA would now be US colonies. They might as well be. Spare us from this current charade.
>>734855 >amerilard <knowing absolutely nothing about the world <be a dengoid because contrarianism I’m not surprised.
(149.92 KB 500x585 3crjyy.png)
>>734963 yeah and the large majority here will continue to use windows, sins have already been committed what greater sin would it be to use discord? Also oh my fucking god, i can't be lieve the barisan sosialis account is run by a bunch of radlibs, if anybody wants i'll roll an effortpost explaining why the fuck their response was extremely retarded
>>737070 >yeah and the large majority here will continue to use windows, sins have already been committed what greater sin would it be to use discord? Yes? That's like that psychological trick fat or addicted people try to validate their return to addiction by imposing an extremely high standard, fail in it and then indulge in excesses. You are letting perfect be the enemy of good. >if anybody wants i'll roll an effortpost explaining why the fuck their response was extremely retarded Sure.
>>737091 it's not just overall superior performance and usability, discord also is the mainstream platform for voice chats, twitter is proprietary in comparison to mastodon and leftypol still has a twitter account As to why their response was terrible? Simple: >eisen's criminal past is brought up with express interest that he should not be hired by anyone and his publications ought to be removed, warning others to immediately unfollow him, implying that either he has no remorse over what he did or should never be trusted on being able to reform over what happened >of course, the person implying these accusations had no proof that he felt wronged to have been charged with his crimes, that he did not regret having sex with a minor whom confided in him her depression, there was no indication of any of this what so ever before she dug up his past with the express interest of implicating him like this >probably afraid of this escalating further and having an internet mob following him 24/7 to make sure nobody will ever hire him for what he did, he seeks legal action to try and prevent this >of course, this ends up being drummed up by woman whom started all of this as proof eisen shows no remorse over his statutory rape charge >barisan sosialis just straight up snaps this up no questions asked, unironically arguing that there is nothing wrong with publicly hounding ex-criminals about their past, that it is something they ought to have no say in and anyone is allowed to use their past to immediately question and berate them on the spot, even if it results in getting them fired from a job or evicted from their house in order to make 'safe spaces' >the fucking gall for someone to call themselves 'barisan sosialis' and also see no issue with how this threat of consistent public exposure/harassment could set a standard to abuse all kinds of ex-criminals It's even more retarded if you consider most cancellations at least involve some investigation proving a lack of remorse or attempts to justify what they did, what happened was just literally jumping to an accusation of eisen believing himself to have done nothing wrong despite a lack of any proof to show this It is radlibbery and extremely dissapointing an account calling themselves 'barisan sosialis' would immediately fall into reaction and straight up call for re-stigmatization, while attempting to justify it since 'w-we're the good guys since we're not the state right?'
>>737303 >twitter is proprietary in comparison to mastodon and leftypol still has a twitter account This comparison is made poorly since we will not be using this platform for outreach to normies and others like the bunkerchan mod team do with the twitter account, but for private communication with one another.(mod team uses Riot to communicate with one another too). >probably afraid of this escalating further and having an internet mob following him 24/7 to make sure nobody will ever hire him for what he did, he seeks legal action to try and prevent this Bruh... seeking legal action is escalating this. You know how 'legal action' is weaponized in this country, of course people will jump to the defendant's defense. Any pretense of remorse goes out to window with such a heavy handed response. FWIW I think BS made a somewhat coherent point poorly. Yellow Ribbon shit is all about giving ex-convicts a chance to redeem and doing so if they corrected their behavior. Eisen lashing out with a legal action doesn't imply that.
>>738010 It just feels like LARP tbqh, discord barely is able to actually enforce it's rules much less actively spy on people 24/7 What is he supposed to do though, just cross his fingers and hope the people doing this are in good faith?that seems very unlikely given he was cancelled without any actual proof he had relapsed into approaching minors or felt no wrong doing such things Should I be allowed to personally follow ex-cons around and have free will to constantly mention their past with the implication they would repeat the same crimes again just because I happen to also be a victim of such a crime?
>>738180 >It just feels like LARP tbqh, discord barely is able to actually enforce it's rules much less actively spy on people 24/7 This isn't LARP, but merely suggestions to decrease your surveillance. No one is pretending using Riot would magically prevent a Coldstore 2.0, but that others will have to try much much harder to pry into the communications between us. Nor does Discord actively spy on people. What it does is collect data and metadata from people, sometimes government agencies and hackers can infiltrate it to spy on people. >What is he supposed to do though, just cross his fingers and hope the people doing this are in good faith? Unironically yes? Most of this shit will go away without this feedback loop. Nor the statements made by the original person (that the lawyers contested to put down) were about him fucking kids but assertions that he is a pedo rapist (which he is). >Should I be allowed to personally follow ex-cons around and have free will to constantly mention their past with the implication they would repeat the same crimes again just because I happen to also be a victim of such a crime? Unironically yes? Don't other countries has some sex offender registry? It is the prerogative of rape victims to forgive, but not their duty.
>>738677 >but merely suggestions to decrease your surveillance but merely suggestions to decrease your threat of being under surveillance
(9.64 KB 200x200 1532682803838.jpg)
>>732689 >China >Leftist To farm work without tools and machinery like Pooh man. >>734853 >Without Deng, half of SEA would now be US colonies. <Trying to take credit for Vietnam's efforts in the region Why do dengists do this? You cant "save face" if you never had one to begin with.
>>738677 think i'll wait till riot has acceptable performance >Most of this shit will go away without this feedback loop doubt >Nor the statements made by the original person (that the lawyers contested to put down) were about him fucking kids but assertions that he is a pedo rapist and the assertions implied that he is still an active risk without any real proof/indication Supporting a sex offender registry is arguing for the state to maintain some level of public documentation displaying ex-criminal information, i don't disagree with it as solution but I do find it highly hypocritical coming from someone that usually argues against the ideas of authoritative power I guess i'm just angry at their inconsistency on this, like i'd be ok if the whole case was rejudged and if the state were to at the very least implement some court policy to get him to commit to remorse (IE: having profits from his published books redirected towards helping/preventing sexual assault victims/rape) but their actions of publicly shaming him while trying to maintain moral superiority by highlighting 'restorative/reformative justice' (even if it is clear their personal actions differ greatly from such lofty ideals) as moral grandstanding comes off as incredibly hypocritical, childish and most of all ineffective
>>738799 >think i'll wait till riot has acceptable performance I have been using bunkerchan's Riot and it has been acceptable, but I do agree performance is below Discord but it isn't that much to be a dealbreaker. >doubt Online mob culture works this way. Read ITT in how a PR person handles such things by ignoring it (among other things). One good example is how Ivan Lim and Raaseah Khan handled their specific controversies. The former (and his leadership) made condescending and heavy handed remarks that fueled even more backlash while the latter owned up and apologized. 敬酒不吃吃罚酒. Eisen could have easily not said anything or make a post accepting and apologizing his past. Legal action was too much. >and the assertions implied that he is still an active risk without any real proof/indication No signs of that. If anything the implications were a) Punishment was too light for such an offense and b) Cancel culture isn't real coz he still has a career since he is part of the 158. >i don't disagree with it as solution but I do find it highly hypocritical coming from someone that usually argues against the ideas of authoritative power Oh the sex offender registry is my analogue, not theirs. I do agree they should have not made grandstanding and explosive statements about this issue, but their opposition to Eisen is valid.
>>738841 Yeah but the thing is ivan lim disputed what was accused of him, which turned out to have some truth, i don't think eisen disputed anything about his history I don't think it so much so that cancel culture isn't real (it frankly killed ivan's career, which isn't a bad thing) but rather it having comparitively less sway in Singapore especially for less mainstream figures, but I can garuntee if this were the US he'd probably get fired if enough attention was brought forth, the person that started this most definitely would have wanted him and his publications to be ejected from the public space Raaseah Khan's posts were probably the least comparable given that there are specific cases that relate to what she said (CHC leaders not receiving as much jailtime as the imam of a mosque) >Oh the sex offender registry is my analogue oh I know but one of the posts referenced by barisan sosialis on restorative justice was made by a person whom then retweeted the idea of a sex offender registry, which is amusing given one of the supposed tenets of such justice is the disclusion of the state from the process
>>738911 I did not intend to make a 1:1 comparison with all three cases, but to show how the backlash and mob justice (that are originally proportional to their actions or speech) increase or decrease wrt their reactions. Eisen could have decreased the backlash like Raaseah Khan by emulating her reponse, instead going for escalation like Ivan Lim. >if this were the US he'd probably get fired if enough attention was brought forth If this were the US his original articles would be taken down and he wouldn't be able to find work because he is a sex offender pedo, not because of the viciousness of the 'woke' crowd. >barisan sosialis on restorative justice was made by a person whom then retweeted the idea of a sex offender registry, which is amusing given one of the supposed tenets of such justice is the disclusion of the state from the process I guess you can have restorative justice and sex offender registry at the same time though.
>>738960 It would'nt be restorative justice as they described it to be, and it would most definitely involve state intervention I guess I should have not taken their commitment to their own ideals and claims as radicals so seriously, just disappointed to see it all just be another form of liberalism
>>739042 >restorative justice Imma real with you, I spent the last few hours reading up on restorative justice and it doesn't mention lesser state involvement. These things isn't exactly mutually exclusive that their ideals are that compromised.
>>739219 Restorative justice would generally involve reduced state involvement because it naturally results in a smaller prison system thanks to more lenient punishments. Philosophically the idea is that forgiveness for a crime should be derived from the victim of the crime rather than the level of punishment doled out by the state too.
>>739229 Even if true (most of the stuff I read implies a transformation of the current state involvement not necessarily its mandatory reduction) that doesn't mean that people who want restorative justice must want lesser state involvement, only that those that must want lesser state involvement MUST want restorative justice. One could endorse restorative justice for other desired outcomes (lesser repeat offenses, more chance for victim recovery etc etc)
Leftism in SEA is a futile endeavor anyways. Just be a porky and suck up to China and you'll have everything in life.
Burger Viet Discord update: Today I went off on folks who were dissing on the French Revolution because they were all guilty of settler-colonialism. It's not the same as polemics here or against outright reactionaries.:( I feel kinda bad because these folks are young and inexperienced, but they DO claim to be Marxists. I made my point. I don't think anyone appreciated it though. They mostly all upboated anyone who didn't oppose them. But they've all abandoned ship in continuing the discussion since my last response. I swear the only reason I'm not banned is because I'm not white. Sorry for the blog post comrades. Any thoughts?
>>741106 lol sounds like fun. Not sure how France is a Settler society, unless they meant their excursions into the Americas (where they weren't NEARLY as bad as the British, not even close) and bits of Asia? They didn't start fucking around in Africa and Vietnam until way later. Anyway, the revolutionaries supported the Haitian revolution and abolished slavery in Haiti, so I don't think they have a leg to stand on. If you want to have a little fun, link them what Marx said about colonialism and/or imply colonialism was progressive. Massively triggering. In all seriousness, I would stay on and try to steer them in the right direction, challenge embedded shitty memes, stop them from gobbling Sakai uncritically at least.
Just wrote a giant essay on Sakai https://pastebin.com/KAyQNnYn
>>739608 >suck up to China Some tried. Didn’t work out for them especially the faction of red sucdems of the NPA that took the bait. Also Indonesia by this point is also a minor imperialist power collaborating with Australia and the west to further their own goals. >>741106 >France during the revolution <settlers Settling in what? Their expansionist era hasn’t even started fully at that point. Ask them why they think that other than that the frogs are white.
Am thinking about writing about recent idpol shit in Singapore and how in a post-2020, idpol is fucking bad for potentially sapping any zeal and enthusiasm for fundamental change.
>>741629 >recent idpol Nationalism has been a thing in Singapore for decades.
>>741771 >Nationalism I meant like racial shit
>>741800 Based
>>741784 >nationalism isn’t idpol It’s literally the original version of it.
>>742826 >self-determination is idpol
>>742826 Not all nationalism is idpol and not all idpol is nationalism.
>>743027 All nationalism is idpol. Your nationality is an identity.
>>743034 There is a distinct leap from identity to idpol. Idpol is how identity becomes weaponized or formulated to be for or against something like other identities. Like you are not a Native if you don't think Chinese bad, Natives good or a Hanjian if you don't X etc etc.
>>743074 >becomes weaponized or formulated to be for or against something like other identities. There hasn’t been one occasion of nationalism not been used for this exact purpose. Even in anti-imperialist struggles. This is also why a popular front is only useful when the political force of the communist hasn’t been strengthened with a proletarian arm force.
>>741442 New members can be added if we talk to the admin. I don't know if they'll let you join the Discord, but would you be interested?
If not for security reasons or whatever I understand.
>>743246 >Even in anti-imperialist struggles. Yea but those struggles often has material basis or rationale to do so, hence the identity is born or emphasis out of the struggle, not used as the basis for it. You know what I mean?
>>741442 Discord update: Lol I might get banned for saying the Civil War was anti-racist. This is too funny. The opportunity to join will probably lost soon, sorry comrade.
>>743461 Which civil war?
>>743469 American one.
>>743472 >>743461 It was really anti-racist was it? I thought it all started to save the union and Northern industrial power.
>>743475 For all intents and purposes it was anti-racist, in that the ultimate result was the destruction of slavery. Why else did communists, abolitionists fought on the side of the Union and Marx speak out in favor of it?
>>743481 Being opposed to slavery does not make one anti-racist. Marx and co. could oppose slavery on the basis that is is a less efficient mode of production and proletarianizing the former slaves advances class struggle against capitalism. Another possibility is that they oppose slavery in general on moral grounds but the skin color of the slaves was not a factor in their opposition.
>>743481 It was not really anti-racist, the North did not really care about liberating black. The North wanted to expand Capitalism and small farmer settlerism into the West which was threatened by the expansion of slavery that the South wanted because too many slaves in one place was a bad idea after Haiti. Therefore the expansion of Slavery had to be stopped with a civil war. The only reason it actually ended up ending slavery was because so many slaves ran away from the plantation and joined the Union army that Lincoln basically had to emancipate the slaves to win the war. W.E.B. DuBois spells it out pretty well in Black Reconstruction.
>>743563 >but the skin color of the slaves was not a factor in their opposition I would say the racial pseudo-science ideology that was espoused by racists along with its conclusions regarding black people was indeed opposed by communists. I don't disagree with what you or >>743584 say regarding the Northern bourgeoisie and Confederate plantation class being the primary motivator as far as factors for the war goes, but radical abolitionists and communists supported the conflict for a reason. I support the radical abolitionist aspects of the war, not so much the bourgeois class reasons. That's like saying to me that I should not support the French Revolution because of limp wristed reformers like the Girondists were a part of it, and it was merely the bourgeoisie and their wish to lift the limitations of property control by the aristocracy that it came about. It ignores completely the radical conclusions that came out of the event. I feel this comparison similarly applies to our discussion regarding the Civil War.
>>743621 Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely support the Union as a historically progressive force. But saying the civil war was "anti-racist" is just not true. The major players didn't give a fuck about black people.
A left-curious friend asked me about Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge, and I didn't have any answers, on account of not having read about them. This led me to do a little reading - would it be accurate to summarise the timeline of the CPK as: >having started out with some genuine intent to help the peasantry >won broad support from the countryside >countryside gets fucking bombed to shit >march on the capital, take it but it gets rekt >send everyone out to the countryside because there's like two weeks food left >btw no money now i guess we have skipped the lower phase with Khmer magic >let's triple rice production to sell on the international market so we can buy industrial means of production, this is communister >oh shit cityfolk suck at farming >clearly there are sinister vietnamese saboteurs >start torturing to extract confessions >wow i guess everyone's a saboteur >murder gets kinda outta hand >also the party is a completely secret org for most of this for some reason >get btfo by Vietnam, US starts funding them to fuck shit up Essentially, they were just too galaxy-brained agrarian idealist socialists that fucked up epic style?
>>743648 This historical progressiveness manifested itself within the ideology behind the Union and many of its politicians and military. Just like how the ideology of racial pseudoscience manifested itself because of the need to maintain slavery. For many of those who opposed this institution, this reified itself politically within the government itself in the form of abolitionism, something that is majorly anti-racist. There are of course more pressing material reasons for the Civil War, but the manifestation came out firmly as anti-racist. I once again pull it back to the French Revolution. There was many of the bourgeoisie that wanted to take property and economic control away from the aristocracy, and I'm sure many of them didn't give a damn about the Sans Culottes and peasants, but ultimately this manifested itself in the most radical sections of the revolution a radically egalitarian, secular, and humanistic ideology beyond what many wanted, but this section remained and its that facet that we support as communists.
>>743693 Ok to reword, maybe not "came out firmly" but certainly significantly.
>>743677 Where did you read all this?
>>743706 http://www.bannedthought.net/International/RIM/AWTW/1999-25/PolPot_eng25.htm I don't agree with all of their takes, but they seem to have their facts in order.
Pol Pot was a critical figure in the Sino-American leftist struggle against the USSR imperialist regime. He may not be perfect but he's best we had got at that time
>>743677 They’re fascists. Most maoists denounce them as such. They have everything to be regarded as national soycialist. >use leftist lingo without any Marxist theory >overtook and purged real leftists from the party in the 70s >served international capitalism >creation myth, “khmer pagan culture” and plans to create a dollar store lebensraumn >permanently depopulate the cities like the Nazis actually wanted to do once they win >entire economy based on looting and enslaving conquered lands, the country collapsed without it You should read the coverage on Kampuchea by Vickery, they’re really good at exposing the absurd level of nationalism of the CPK, whose remnants now take the position of full ethno-nationalism in contemporary Cambodian politics.
>>743722 I just found a link to Vickery's Kicking the Vietnam Syndrome in Cambodia, is that the one?
>>743729 Here’s his bibliography on the subject: http://michaelvickery.org/
>>743710 >There had been friction between the two Indochinese parties in the best of times, and now relations deteriorated rapidly. According to the CPK, the Vietnamese proposed setting up joint military command and units, but the Cambodians preferred to keep their independence.19 Starting in the early 1970s, after the US invasion of Cambodia and the formation of the FUNK, the Vietnamese had begun to send back hundreds of the Cambodians who had been in exile in northern Vietnam for 15 years. The Vietnamese wanted to build up the revolutionary forces in Cambodia, but they wanted to do so by building up their own influence within the CPK. Many of these returning Cambodian cadre had undergone training in the Vietnamese approach to politics as well as other fields. At first they were welcomed home and integrated into CPK-led units. Within several years, almost all of them were removed from the Party and a great many executed. "The group of former combatants trained in Hanoi", a 1976 document would later say, "...became 100% Vietnamese and nothing left as Khmers. They were subservient lackeys of the Vietnamese."20 This bitter contradiction was reflected within the CPK itself, as firefights broke out between troops of the CPK's Southwest Zone and the CPK's Eastern Zone command, considered pro-Vietnamese, "Khmer bodies with Vietnamese minds". In the Southwestern Zone, leadership was said to have told people that there were two kinds of enemies, acute and non-acute. "The Vietnamese were not yet our acute enemy, which was the US-Lon Nol, but at the time it was said that Vietnam was our number two enemy." Vietnam was frequently referred to as "the hereditary enemy".21 Hmmmmm
>>743759 >heriditary enemy lol.
Looks like Philippine is completely total by the pandemic now. How it’s going over there?
>>746144 Speaking of the Philippines, any Anons got news regarding the Anti-Terror law? How is it faring for comrades now that the law has been passed?
>>741106 Why not just read Ho Chi Minhs writings on anti-imperialism?
(4.15 KB 172x104 Capture.PNG)
>>747292 >putting your email in the email field bruh
>>749388 >choose wisely I prefer not to choose at all. Either try to form orgs or joining one of them to change it from the inside.
>>749456 Yea I mean obviously if you are reading this here you are radical enough that you should do these things, this is for more milquetoast liberals and radlibs to support socialist shit and concepts.
(10.77 KB 211x246 IMG_0338.PNG)
Philippine officials say it is not the new Covid-19 hot spot, numbers higher because of more testing https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/philippine-officials-say-it-is-not-the-new-covid-19-hotspot-numbers-higher-because-of >Huh duh we totally have less cases than other neighboring countries! Having so many is actually proof that we do more testing! Since when did this Trump-tier retard logic worm its way into SEA?
>>752770 I was always under impression that Duterte was a Trump-tier retard
>>752779 He's more of an opportunist than that. The guy constantly flip flops between sucking up to China and the US while pushing his country into a new Marcos era recession.
>>752779 He is just a regular retard from Philippines
>>753078 Juche necromancers spotted in rural Indonesia, reportedly working on a grand ritual to revive the entire PKI
Any updates from discord vietmutt? You get banned for using only one K in Amerika?
>>753078 >Ywn live in the timeline where and the PKI and MCP won against the military and create the Insulindia Federative Soviet Republic
>>754526 >mfw ywn read the sectarian bickering between the PKI, MCP, PRB and BS over the most inane policies on the newspapers and wonder how the more things change the more they stay the same
>>754436 Burger Discord update: Lol. I did not get banned. Today was the start of our reading group of Mao's Little Red Book. We had a week to read only the FIRST chapter. During the discussion, I redeemed myself somewhat by explaining unity of theory and praxis when it was clear some folks were a little lost after encountering out of context "wisdom" quotes instead of learning the meat of Marxist content in a more clarified manner. Discussion ended shortly after although people were much more receptive. I have to keep reminding myself they're still young and newly politicized. From Twitter no less. Before discussion of the book occurred, there was some discussion of generational differences in America and there was lots of bitching about boomers, but when I brought up Gen Z and Millenials the reception was still pretty cold. I was surprised. They all talked about personal experiences they had with slacktivist petty-bourg libs their own age on social media that annoys them (which I understand), but without the perspective that there are those among these groups that can be galvanized to take things further in a socialist direction, especially when many young folks are politicized for the first time like them. This would not be possible without a distinct difference in generational priorities and experiences resulting from different material conditions that I believe my peers failed to recognize. I say peers because I'm around the same age as many of them. The fact they are ready to dismiss these people off hand shows to me that most of the Discord group have a more passive role in politics and rarely do organizing offline. It would explain how out of touch they are with the current American political climate. That being said, I'm still sticking through with it. I extend an invitation to Viet Cong flag poster to join if he wants to. I would appreciate the help.
>>756756 >We had a week to read only the FIRST chapter. Brainlets detected. My radlib bookclub in highschool read the autobiography of Malcolm X in that time.
>>756756 You should let them know that Strauss–Howe generational theory (which coined the generational terms in common use) is some seriously galaxy-brained horseshit - it's basically "strong men make good time, good time make weak men, weak men make bad time, bad time make strong men" but spun into a series of books and a lifetime of speaking fees. It has no predictive capacity and must be dismissed out of hand.
(586.35 KB 1280x738 1494181487682.jpg)
With all the fragmentation happening in Malaysia and Mahatir breaking off to make his own dumbass party, could the PSM finally be viable? Is it our time to shine?
>>756814 Anytime is a good time! Strike while the iron is hot! I will be looking at PSM with interest.
>>756756 >most of the Discord group have a more passive role in politics and rarely do organizing offline. It is hard to do so anywhere anyway.
>>756784 I don't think they'd know what that is comrade. >>756896 That's not an excuse although I understand that they're new.
>>756784 There are a lot of related capitalist scams that tie into generational sorting. For awhile the "millenials" were constructed as wanting more "flexibility" which means cutting benefits and shifting younger workers into "gig economy" jobs. I've already seen some of this now being applied to "zoomers" in that they're go-go-go and (are supposed to) work harder and instead of the gig economy the new economy will be the "hustle economy." Of course, this is what zoomers want (!!!) says the media and big business. Generations are a scam meant to divide people.
>>756905 The distinction in generations during our discussion was used in context of class analysis and demographic change rather than clear cut "boomer bad, young good". It did not resort to that thankfully.
>>756905 >An economy even more fragmented and precarious than the gig economy Oh fuck
>>756905 The generational distinction is also a sign of the constantly decreasing rate of profits of which demands the new class of proletariat working in even more precarious jobs to continue the ever increasing profits to the bourgeoisie. This is also happening here, where stable jobs for the younger people slowly get phased out by real estate speculations, gig marketing or just scams like the pyramid schemes. Having work that only involved your skills has been so insignificant due to the low wage that the entire concept of a factory worker rising to anywhere more than a line manager has become more of a distant dream. Especially the porkies always try to fire the employees when the get anywhere above 10 years of work. There’s existing social safety nets but it’s always get dodged by these businesses.
This year NDP song buay sai sia.
>>757022 Normally I'd be drinking with my housemates and laughing at the parade, but I just can't be arsed this year.
>>757044 >mfw Singapore Youtubers are on TV doing their low tier humour. Why was I born here? Just to suffer?
>>757058 >Singaporean youtubers Are there any good ones? The only Singaporean Youtube video I've watched recently was on the difference between traditional and modern chili crab, which was nice and informative.
>>757067 Not really, at least there isn't anyone good I know of.
(70.36 KB 780x520 fuckingprick.jpg)
>imagine being such a piece of shit Why are all rich douchebags like this? Hell fucking Bill Gates is also buying his giant yarcht while at the same time whining about people not stopping covid.
>>760265 Literally who?
>>760265 Because they can and it feels great. Making you seeethe only makes the pleasure greater.
Most of the responses I got from writing that article on medium that aren't from here were lukewarm or negative, kinda bums me out tbh.
>>760342 I mean the first step in writing anything is that people will shit on it regardless of quality. Especially when normies that is still spooked to the bullshit that the PAP pull.
>>760445 Really? Damn that kinda sucks.
Vietfags owned
>>762673 >cato institute Lmao
>Thai protest modeling themselves to Harry Potter Fucking beyond parody. Is that the only fiction series libs ever read?
>>762673 >Singapore above anything
>>766177 Yea that's pretty funny. If we declare a 10m2 room to be a sovereign country then there will be maximum freedom of movement. Idealism I guess.
>>762673 >we only assign three scores
>>766132 Kek, Now post that meme pic.
>>732217 The e-celeb is kinda right. Most theory books here are boring as hell. I would get more entertainment reading Marx and Lenin’s original work than reading them. Kinda makes sense how most college students by this point usually believe in retarded lib economics. The supply/demand imaginary lines are much less complex and nuanced.
My fellow Singaporeans, is there any controversy lately that is related to idpol shit?
>>774374 Idpol is the least of anybody’s worries right now with the entire region going into shitshow mode. >Neolibs vs military clique in Thailand >Covid started up again in Vietnam >The Philippines shitting the bed in containing the pandemic, putting millions into poverty while being more aggressive in fighting the NPA >Malaysia going into a political quagmire in the middle of opening up >The meme-tier election in Singapore
>>773252 Only Das Kapital is really boring in my view. Lenin can be boring at times but it's usually comparatively short and less dense so you can get through it more easily. Reading all volumes of Kapital is a slog though, which is strange because Marx in his other works is comparatively readable.
>>776536 True true, but the political shit in Malaysia is pretty par for the course, the real meme tier. 2020 election is honestly the exact opposite of meme, it feels like 2011 all over again instead of 2015.
>>776556 Das Kapital is actually funny at times. I think Marx really wanted the thing to be an entertaining read. Most translations here kinda removes that in favor of dry explanations. >>776653 Meme in a sense that everyone was pinning their hopes with the WP even though they’re only slightly more sucdem than the PAP.
>>778949 WP may have won seats, but everyone was pinning for other parties, with SDP being more left wing and PSP being more right. Plus WP seems more demsucc than succdem and PAP are more fascist than succdem. Although I do agree that both of them indulge in succdem policies.
(25.69 KB 589x144 Screenshot_20200817_123753.png)
After the Turkish Lyra, I guess it's the turn of SEA currencies... I hope you guys won't be too badly affected.
>>779241 If PAP goes fash it'll be the least aesthetic fash party in history. White polo tees and shorts with a PAP pin instead of brownshirts. The Merlion for the imperial eagle. Political banners and posters set in Papyrus and laid out in PowerPoint
>>779874 Singapore is general is already fucking shit on aesthetics anyway. The most underrated lost from the pre-independence struggle was the kino aesthetics.
>>779883 >lost loss
>mfw it is already 7th month Damn this pandemic is really screwing up my body clock. You guys have any plans?
(277.69 KB 557x605 IMG_2341.PNG)
>>779883 Agreed. Too bad the pre-independence orgs were literally ran by a glowie. >>779241 >PAP are more fascist than succdem Are they more prone to privatization than other parties? From the outside, they don't really have much that constitude fascism in their running of the economy. On their co-opting of the labor unions and suppression of left opposition do kinda look fascist. Does the SDP and WP's platform share the same toxic "nationalism" as the PAP? >>779872 >mfw the only "manipulated currency that will be stable after this is the VND Finally some better perks than just cheap essentials. Nice.
>>783535 Close my windows and try not to choke on all the smoke >>783663 >Are they more prone to privatization than other parties? The privatisation wave started back in the mid-late 80s, but seems to have largely cooled off by the 2000s. The only recent major shift in public-private ownership that comes to mind is that after the public transport breakdowns in 2015, the state now owns the transport infrastructure, while the private companies operate them. It looks like a Rube Goldberg machine to privatise profits and offload losses to the taxpayer, but I could be wrong. I'm not aware of any party making a case for more privatisation, but I will note that public sector organs are all pushed to maximise profit anyway.
>>783663 >>785003 the merger with state and capital, suppression of free press and growing cult like personality over the LKY and his posse reeks of fascism. > Does the SDP and WP's platform share the same toxic "nationalism" as the PAP? No, if anything most parties except PSP are anti-Singapore almost to a fault. IIRC during a border dispute with Malaysia, amidst all the sabre rattling, Pritam reminded everyone that the affairs between the states is very different from the affairs between the people. >>785003 >Close my windows and try not to choke on all the smoke Is it that bad? NGL burning shit is the most fun out of the 7th month.
Is Malaysia considered an aristocratic society? The Bourgeoisie there are disproportionately Chinese yet Malays holds all the leverage of power, especially with the monarchy. Does the monarchy own shit like the Thai one?
>>785003 >public transport breakdowns in 2015 What happened then? I’m very curious to the health care and transportation infrastructure in Singapore ever since it was brought to my attention by that pedo Amos. >>788556 I think it’s more due to the history of anti-communism being tied to sinophobia in the last century that caused this. If you look at it, the leadership as of now is picked from this cultural relic as well. Not to mention the uncomfortable level comparison between SEA Han ethnic and Jews of Europe that also by historical circumstances pushed them into more mercantile businesses. This got addressed very well in the first general thread. We have that here especially in HCM city as well, Han ethnic were caught between the spat between the PRC and Vietnam ever since the late 80s. With Dengoid China getting triggered over Le Duan’s nationalization of Chinese capitalist businesses after reunification (the nationalization happened to everyone regardless of ethnicity). After the 90s and early 2000s, they constantly try to influence the Chinese population and more importantly Chinese family-owned companies to create their own political parties and ethnic trade unions. It’s an unspoken rule here that only the registered “native” ethnic groups can get into the military and police. If you’re 1st or 2nd generation Chinese, you’re disqualified. The same is true in our Northern neighbor.
(69.55 KB 1022x353 Screenshot (349).png)
>>788556 >Does the monarchy own shit like the Thai one? I don't know much from the business side of things but at a glance these guys seem pretty rich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix_ezscrw_I >wedding video of Sultan Muhammad V & Oksana Voevodina http://supercars.agent4stars.com/power-cars/crown-prince-sultan-of-johor-car-collection/ >The Sultan and the Crown Prince of Johor have a massive collection of 379 cars from antiques dating back to 1890s to the latest models and collector exotic cars. Collectively the whole family has about 500 cars. The Royal Family do not pay taxes hence it is possible for them to collect such number of cars over 3 generations.
>>788623 >What happened then? The profit motive, plus our bizarre belief that heads of organisations don't need any specific experience with what that organisation actually does: from 2002 and 2012, the MRT was headed by someone whose prior experience was in running airport duty free. Under her watch, maintenance was cut back, and retail outlets found their way into the train stations. She delivers record profits year after year, but minor disruptions start mounting in frequency. I've heard one claim that senior management was also pressuring the rank and file to falsify their reports, downplaying the severity of maintenance issues. In late 2011, a series of major disruptions to MRT service saw public anger, resulting in her removal. Who takes her place? Former Chief of Defence. His job is to turn things around, but it turns out a decade of deferred maintenance isn't the easiest thing to fix. Minor disruptions are by now relatively common. I remember 2015 more than 2011 because I was personally affected. It was peak rush hour and lasted over three hours, taking out two of the main lines. One fun fact about our public transport infrastructure is that when a new MRT line goes up, the bus service that serves the same route is deemed redundant and is either modified or removed. Four hundred thousand people suddenly need an alternate way home and everything goes to shit. I think public anger was particularly pronounced due to that, plus the fact of (iirc) SMRT continuing to enjoy healthy profits and raising fares on a regular schedule. Minor delays and disruptions became somewhat common, with the system occasionally shitting itself and halting for an hour or so. Under Mr Army Man's watch, the situation does improve a little, but he remains widely disliked, and commuters are still i agreeing at the state of the MRT. He leaves in 2018 - SMRT announces that after a global talent search, the new guy is... another former Chief of Defence. The trains are better now, but I'd bet that would be in spite of having these bunglers in charge, and that the actual rail workers would have gotten it done faster and better if the leadership actually had experience with rail infrastructure and public transport, and weren't obsessed with turning record profits annually.
>>790730 >i agreeing i agreeing
>>789421 What the fuck is with the monarchy and collecting expensive cars? Most of the Indochinese monarchies also do this. Is it a systematic problem for them to flaunt their wealth to the proles? At least, I’m always happy that Bao Dai died penniless in France after selling everything he has.
>>790768 I think once you pass a certain wealth threshold, you just automatically start amassing a huge collection of one particular thing, and that car guys are just a common expression of that. Kind of like Imelda Marcos shoes, or people who never repeat a Birkin bag. They're so beyond the reach of scarcity that their brains just break. >>785408 >Is it that bad? My window faces the street and I'm on the second floor. There are large drums by the roadside used for burning stuff, but my neighbours also use a small one that's directly below my window. The smoke really gets in. If it's fun, though, you do you
>>790816 Meanwhile comrade Stalin owned some books, coats, and a pair of boots. In other words, he owned at least 20 yards of linen.
>>790768 >At least, I’m always happy that Bao Dai died penniless in France after selling everything he has. The guy probably fainted after the Vietnam war was over (in favour of Vietnam of course). Did Bao Dai contact Mao Zedong or Deng Xiaoping to "discuss" Vietnam?
>>790853 Nah, the guy lived a quiet life in France secluded from view out of shame. He did some interviews before he died in French too. Pretty fitting for a traitor of his caliber. >get pardoned by the Vietminh >HCM even tried to help him get a comfy desk job in the new republic <immediately betrayed everyone and sucked up the French because he realized being a people meant that he can’t live like a pampered asshole anymore >get cucked by Diem in only a few years >>790820 Based and Marx-pilled. Now that you mentioned it, most commie leaders lived pretty mundane life contrary to popular propaganda. >Fidel gave his family’s land to the people working on it, spent any money he has on cheese development >Sankara sold everything belongs to the previous corrupt government >Allende and Che were doctors >HCM lived in the modified janitor’s house in the back yard of the government building The outliers like Kim, Mao or even Deng only lived like normal capitalist politicians so nowhere near the level of western propaganda try to portray them.
does the fire of the gedung kejaksaan agung have any relevance?
Does anyone think the Chinese are acting like imperialists in Laos? I see Ethnic Han people in control of everything
>>793939 Not really as their long terms plans is to settle along the Viet-Laos border and create a pincer maneuver trapping Vietnam due to our reliance on the Mekong river for agricultural production in the Southern delta. They couldn’t care less about the Laotians, I guess that’s good for them. >acting imperialist They have been the same for decades now. They’re just more open about it compared to previous administration using less conspicuous methods.
>>793948 But it's not just Laos, it's Cambodia and Bhutan as well. And that's not even going into the Myanmar issue. Why do the proles just let the Han business people walk on them? do they just think anything would be better than hot it is now?
>Malaysia just get to arrest any migrant workers that speak up about their horrid conditions How the fuck is this a thing? No wonder the labor movement there can’t get enough momentum to do anything anymore. >>793955 >Why do the proles just let the Han business people walk on them? do they just think anything would be better than hot it is now? Because free capital. That’s why.
Hilarious how Duterte can’t seem to have a coherent vision on who to support. Constantly jump from China to the US then back again. He’ll probably get coup’ed by both for being such an annoying twat.
(179.03 KB 973x737 Screenshot (357).png)
>>795035 >>Malaysia just get to arrest any migrant workers that speak up about their horrid conditions There was this big controversy when Al Jazeera made a documentary showing how migrants were badly treated during the pandemic. It caused FINAS (the govement agency for the film industry) to sperg out and the police started arresting people. If you look at the documentary video the dislikes heavily outweighs the likes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyl_xsdpteI
Communism rewards bad actors that suck on the state welfare machine. Tropical states that are naturally less productive and with less intelligent people like those in SEA should never be communist. A capitalist system or even slavery are better alternatives. China is basically Singapore with red aesthetics and they'll eventually cover the entirety of SEA under their security umbrella and that alone should satisfy you wannabe leftists in SEA.
Stop posting anytime
(500.05 KB 1280x720 1597483987680.jpg)
>>802056 Productivity is a result of tolerance. Finding purpose in everyone. That includes whole nations that you supposedly believe "don't deserve" communism. But you weren't being serious. Anyways, everybody has a purpose. Everybody can be productive. A guy with no legs can program and a guy with no arms can haul luggage on his back. A true communist can see use in anything and anybody, a capitalist can do the same. The attitude of judgement, rather than of prospecting, is an attitude of people who are incapable of true leadership.
>>802087 >Everybody can be productive Emphasis on "can be". Not everyone "wants to be" productive. And a communist society will be infested with those that do not wish to contribute.
>>802184 Read Lenin my dude. Lumpens are a product of capitalist alienation. Even capitalism in Japan can fix that, although paying the price with social alienation.
>>802203 "Capitalist alienation" doesn't explain why Soviet Union was unproductive.
>>802184 Regardless, communism is much more capable of ensuring a role for people in society than capitalism. Capitalism is a system that inherently creates unemployment, starvation, and war, alongside taxing its own workers who ought not to worry about abstract financial issues. It's an issue of efficiency. People are machines, you have inputs and outputs just like any machine. Machines need electricity, people need their physiological needs to be met. Mental illness, crime, drug abuse, are all responses to the machine being incapable of working properly. The system attempts to correct itself, to repair itself, or find alternative sources of energy. Someone who is starving might turn to methamphetamines. Someone who is unable to make money might turn to crime. That's rational. We're supposed to believe that marketplaces are all nothing but a coordinated effort by rational actors to achieve the best possible outcome for all trade partners, right? So, under a capitalist, free market economy, why do the rational actors behave so cruelly? Why do people get forgotten about? Because the machines need electricity. Because they don't have an equal amount of purchasing power, the input into those trade deals is entirely up to the most powerful individuals. You've got a huge population whose only value is their productivity, their bargaining power, and they have nothing to bring to the table for a major trade deal? That's why the machinery powers down and the factory stops getting repaired. The society collapses. Shit decays and stagnates, because the machinery doesn't function.
>>802206 >communism is much more capable of ensuring a role for people in society than capitalism Why? In communism other people decide what you do. In capitalism you decide what to do.
>>802204 Because it wasn't.
>>802211 >In capitalism you decide what to do. If you enjoy having the choice between staying in your hometown with a dead-end service job and getting addicted to crack, going to college and getting severe debt, or joining the military and possibly dying, then i suppose you do get to choose what you do.
How to stop rightoids when you are in the minority
>>802808 Join them and just enjoy life Life is too short to spend on futile shit We may not even see a successful communist revolution in our lifetime
>>802211 >other people decide what you do Not really >>802223 Don't "but capitalism" him on this obvious bullshit like his point is legit in the first place.
>>802808 Tell them that they are only gonna screw themselves over in the end. >>802817 Fuck off with this doomer shit
>>802211 >what is coercion <bro if you unionized to get work safety or better wage you can get blacklisted lol <bro if you fight against exploitation of yourself you can get shot by corporate imperialist deathsquads lol Read more dude. Communism is you having fully realized your self interests. What’s more selfish than asking society to serve most of your necessities for you to pursue your life’s goal in exchange for a tiny bit of public contribution? What’s more to your self interest than the decision making of what your labour is put into? In conclusion, read The Ego and Its Own and Engels supplementary on Stirner to better see this perspective. >>802817 Most rightoids in SEA are cringe as all hell though. They don’t even have good aesthetics. Just look at the Indonesian anti-communist gangs, cringe as shit lumpens. The monarchy cucked Thai boomers, also cringe. Or the average PAP supporter/LKY cultist.
>>802862 >In conclusion, read The Ego and Its Own and Engels supplementary on Stirner to better see this perspective. >Vietanon read Striner Extremely based.
>>802941 To be fair, I came across Stirner when looking for some Marxist works talking about self interest in socialism to debate with a libertarian “friend”. Not really much of an egoist but I can see the value of such a perspective.
>>802862 One question: are you Luna Oi???
>>802853 I'm not a doomer but red capitalism as shown by China and Vietnam is clearly the way forward.
>>805149 Clearly you don't see the flaws of those countries first hand Dengoid.
>>805173 If you can't cut it in high growth countries like China or Vietnam you're too dumb for Communism anyways. Sorry.
>>805178 >muh bootstraps argument
>>805149 >It’s another “the American LARPing Dengoid preaching about the superiority of countries he’s never been to” episode Cringe. Back to your containment site Deng beetle.
>>805229 You're clearly a Vietnamese diaspora who's never been to Vietnam.
>>805240 Have you been there then?
>>805243 I'm not the one who's gatekeeping about having to be born in a country to talk about it.
>>805267 So you have never been there and now you are telling people who either lived there or having been there that they are wrong? Fuck off.
>>805240 >>805267 >how dare you be condescending of my LARPing Again. Back to the Deng pile. I wish a diaspora is as knowledgeable in anything close to your autistic fantasy. Gusanos are just very sad. See the few post of the diasporanon on Saikaist Vietnamese Americans above.
(72.67 KB 734x505 JA0LueB.jpg)
You won't find this in the news yet btw because it's a report on Bloomberg terminal (which cost ~$25k a year subscription) Thailand Studies Malacca Bypass to Link Indian, Pacific Oceans Government considering road and rail link between seaports Route could cut shipping time by more than two days: minister (Bloomberg) --*Thailand*is looking to construct a land passageway that would connect the Indian and Pacific Oceans, bypassing one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. The*Strait of Malacca, a narrow sea lane between Malaysia and Singapore, is currently the shortest sea route linking the Asia-Pacific region with India and the Middle East. About a*quarter*of the world’s traded goods pass through it each year. “The Strait has become quite congested,” Transport Minister*Saksiam Chidchobsaid in an interview with Bloomberg News last week. “Using an alternative route through Thailand would cut shipping time by more than two days, which is very valuable for businesses.” Thailand plans to build two deep seaports on either side of the country’s southern coasts, and link them via highway and rail, according to Saksiam. The 100-kilometer “land bridge” would replace an existing proposal to dredge a canal through the isthmus. That would cause too much destruction to the environment, he said. The idea for a canal that would traverse the nation’s narrowest point and trim the*travel distance*by 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) has been put forward and dismissed several times over the past few decades. The government has approved a 75 million baht ($2.4 million) budget for a study to examine the construction of two seaports, and another 90 million baht to examine highways and rails linking them, according to Saksiam.
>>805453 Yea they have been trying it for years now to undermine Singapore’s dominance of trade in SEA. I doubt it would work coz the ships still need a port.
>>805453 Are there anyone behind the backing of this project other than just Thailand. This seems like a huge hassle that would need further foreign interests to work. At least it would make the PAP triggered though.
>>805734 China or course, since it gives an alternate route around the straits of maccala in case of naval blockade.
(93.71 KB 608x738 20180929_wom941.png)
>>805453 They better do it fast or global warming is gonna make the SEA route entirely irrelevant
>>805738 Can’t wait for retarded sinophiles to flock in defense of Chan-o-cha and his corrupt far right dictatorship seeing the increased of support for the anti-monarchy protest by the US. Both Thailand and the Philippines are turning into a ripe battleground for the two imperialist powers. >>805751 Probably most of SEA would be dead by the time the ice melted fully. Or even worse the collapse of technological civilization as we know it.
>>805765 Northern Sea Route will be ice-free by 2030, long before the ice cap would completely melt.
>>805801 North sea route is not useful for transportation to Africa and the middle east. It is also not useful in wartime for China since the US can blockade the bering strait.
>>805809 There are other ongoing projects that would make Malacca irrelevant. The Myanmar one is already being used to deliver oil from the middle east since 2017.
>>805817 >>805751 Well hopefully less reliance on China means SEA can be more independent. But honestly China is a huge burden on the region.
>>805915 SEA will never be more independent. Moving lower tier manufacturing and assembling to SEA from China just means China will manufacture more intermediate products (like circuit boards and LED panels) and trade with SEA much more. SEA already overtook US as China's top trade partner.
>>805930 >>805915 SEA has only been semi independent for a few years. Before that its predecessor SEATO was a client of the US with most countries being either puppets or willing collaborators. After the US abandoning of the region following Vietnam’s reforms and the collapse of the USSR, that’s when they gained somewhat of an autonomy. Even that isn’t good as in Insulindia, Indonesia and Philippines ever since ‘65 have been acting like a mini-imperialist states, colonizing and subjugating multiple islands in agreement with the US through Australia. Indochina on the other hand is constantly sabotaged by both China and the US through their neutral proxy that is Thailand. The recent protests will see where loyalty of the Thai military clique really lies. The next few years will be a very bumpy ride with economic recessions falling on almost every country here and the effects of global warming hitting hard.
3 Major thai banks are likely to fall this year.
>>811193 Banks are too big to fail.
>>811255 Not unless they’re backed by the US feds. There’s no BRRRR machine in Thailand, especially when both imperialist power is fighting each other and the Thai military is stuck in the middle.
So how the fuck did Singapore get so rich despite being so tiny?
>>811447 Being a great place to have a port, mostly
>>811447 >THE central port of SEA >already developed country and educated populace before independence >technology transfer and capital investment as part of the Five Tigers of Asia to contain communism >tax haven I am pretty sure if you single New York/Los Angeles out of the USA or London/UK, Tokyo/Japan, you would think to yourself 'this is so rich despite so tiny' >>813802 Sometimes I think too many people, even within the country underestimate how important our shipping/trade is. I took me a while to realize that not every country has hundreds of ships waiting to enter the port that the coastline is completely saturated with ships. It is a resource that will never die or be 'owned' by foreign companies like those facing the resource curse. I would say Singapore is up there with Gibraltar/Suez and Panama tier of connectivity at least until the ice caps melt.
So is the by-election in Malaysia a game changer?
>>821878 They’re trying to form a third party now and it’s a shitshow.
>>821906 I kinda feel bad for the minority and small parties to get sucked into the politics inside UMNO and their splinters.
>>766132 Yeah I thought it was pretty cringe too. I think the way western media spins it though just doesn't show the whole situation going on right now. Thailand is a country that avoided colonization because a bunch of rich aristocrats decided to pay off France and start licking the boots of the US. This is the same country that has literally gunned down protesters before because "communists should be shot". The entire culture of Thailand is founded on smack-talking the Royalty in private but licking their boots in public. When the media goes "OMG LOOK HARRY POTTER" it kinda dilutes how serious the situation is. Now I'm not saying there will be a socialist revolution immediately, but keep in mind these people know that the aristocrats have been lining their pockets instead of being responsible, and many Thai people have visited Laos and Vietnam... So while Thailand's relationship with China is certainly complicated, it came as no surprise to me that so far they haven't been associating much with HK magats, despite HKers trying to be opportunists. One thing people forget is that zoomers are pretty quick to get to the heart of issues, and if what I've seen online is any indication they're starting to catch on to why the Thai government massacred communists in the 70s.
>>814986 do you recommend living there? as a yuro i've been thinking of moving somewhere in asia and singapore seems quite a decent choice for an english speaker.
>>825972 >moving to the one area that would be 100% fucked by climate change Land prices in Singapore are already high as fuck.
>>825972 I don’t think moving in the middle of the second Great Depression is a good idea my man. I always see Singapore as a much better place for the native than the foreign workers since the price of commodities are much higher than other countries in SEA. >>825946 >So while Thailand's relationship with China is certainly complicated, it came as no surprise to me that so far they haven't been associating much with HK magats, despite HKers trying to be opportunists. Yeah, as some digging can see that most of the student protests are very much social democratic in nature with the zoomers pushing for a welfare state. Something that both benefactors of China and US want nothing to do with. As well as being the complete opposite to the neoliberal bootlickers of the HK psyops. Hopefully we can see something more radical resurfaced in the youth of Thailand whether this movement succeed or fizzled-out.
>>825972 Also FWIW Europeans IRL has told me that Singapore >really hot and humid, like walking into a sauna (i personally don't know why sauna exists) >fruits and vegetables are not fresh and expensive, at least from the supermarket and you probably won't be able to communicate with the locals in the wet markets >speak their own languages even their own vernacular so speaking English will only go so far in formal settings >very quiet and closed off. Think Japanese conservatism with none of the politeness >very clean >>826028 It is shit for natives too anyway.
(55.47 KB 960x640 3o25lypuh7g51.jpg)
>>826028 Here's a photo of protesters playing a slideshow of the Thammasat University Massacre. The main reason Thai's use Hamtaro and Voldemort is because it's harder to prosecute people for memes instead of outright "lesez-majeste" Also for years the government took advantage of Pol Pot, who was propped up by the US by the way, to red scare the people into submission. Thais have always been mostly pacifist, it's just our culture, but if Thai people ever decide to arm themselves the current government is done for. As much as I'd like to see a proper leftist movement, I know that the mainstream media would drop coverage of the protests like a hot potato. For the record, there's a reason why the US was so afraid of a domino effect, and their involvement in SE Asia has had a negative impact on the whole region, not just Vietnam. I cannot stress enough the fact that capitalism never really won, they just delayed the inevitable. Socialism works, but the US has tried hard to gaslight the world, and I'm anxiously waiting for the pig empire to fall.
>>826180 >Also for years the government took advantage of Pol Pot, who was propped up by the US by the way, to red scare the people into submission. How does this even work? Did nobody in Thailand know that their government was directly funding the Khmer Rouge ever since /pol/ pot came to power and later was harboring and training the fuckers against Vietnam for decades alongside both China and the US? Or is this something taboo to talk about. >media dropping coverage We can already see that with them giving a selected view of the protests as “liberal democracy” only, while covering up any radical ideas like abolishing the monarchy. The best thing as of now is to give the radical side the most attention so that any push back the military makes will be seen by everyone (unlike when they waged a brutal war with the Thai communists with most people seemed to forgot about). >>826058 It’s shit for the native. But anything is relative.
>>826058 >(i personally don't know why sauna exists) It gets cold up there, and entertainment for yuros is getting real hot when it's cold out.
I hope this entertain y'all. Wait for our return, SEA comrades!
A lot of SEA countries have different ethnic and religious groups living together, do they get along well?
(86.64 KB 1280x720 selamatpagi.jpg)
(94.98 KB 744x844 may13riots.png)
>>831639 Got any reading recommendations regarding the indonesian communist movement, Sukarno, the PKI or the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation? Anything written in indonesian would be fine too. >>831668 Over where I live most people get along well in normal day to day life. Of course, there's also tension buried in the social fabric and erupt from time to time.
https://youtu.be/-6Jr8nlc9dI why is Vietnam so backwards. WTF vietbro?!?!!
>>831668 I think we established pretty well that the Chinese diaspora (distinct from the Mainlanders) are similar to the Jews in Europe and sinophobia is the socialism of fools here.
>>834368 >muh pet!!! >muh Western sensibilities Fuck you friendo. I eat what I want. t. Proud dog meat enthusiast >>831668 The bigger threshold of divide I think is the cultural and religious line. Most ethnic groups in SEA are spread out between different countries and doesn’t really depend on country borders. There’s already a lot of mixing between as well like the Austronesian, East Asian and Indian in Insulindia and Khmer, Burmese, Laotian, Thai and East Asian in mainland SEA. Although there’s rivalries I think it’s too diverse to get any extreme chauvinism. Here it’s mostly East Asian centric with the south and midlands having more diverse influences.
And just like that, they got away with it again. Fuck me sideways. Goldman's 1MDB charges dropped by Malaysia after settlement >As part of the deal with Malaysia, the bank paid US$2.5 billion in cash to Malaysia last week and pledged to guarantee the return of US$1.4 billion from 1MDB assets seized around the world over the coming years. >In exchange, Malaysia would drop criminal charges against the bank's units over accusations that they misled investors in raising billions of dollars for 1MDB while allegedly knowing the funds would be misappropriated. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/goldmans-1mdb-charges-dropped-by-malaysia-after-settlement This is somehow not considered a bribe.
>>837535 This is your state on ethno-nationalism.
>>837770 What does ethnonationalism have to do with Malaysia being corrupt as fuck?
>>837778 Because Malaysia is an ethno-state and that has led to extreme imcomptence, nepotism and corruption between the ruling class?
>>837535 I was expecting this to happen. >>837839 terima kasih
>>837806 >Malaysia is an ethno-state Really? It doesn’t seem to be from the outside aside from the sinophobia being used as an excuse for anti-communism. >>837839 >>837859 Nice sources comrade.
>>834570 >t. Proud dog meat enthusiast Based.
What do you guys think about the recent privatization of Laos electric grid to PRC’s companies? I thought they would know better after the catastrophic floods last year due to the blocking of the Mekong river and climate change. The Mekong is predictably already extremely weak due to lack of water in the Tibetan Plateau and destruction caused by upstream Chinese dams. >Inb4 Retards going neoliberal to support privatization because it’s China and not the IMF doing it”
>>841141 The only defense against chinese ownership of property in foreign countries is nationalization and protectionism. Privatization plays into chinese hands.
Congrats to Vietnam for winning the 2020 Army Games competition.
(413.53 KB 1920x1440 glass-of-milk.jpg)
>>834570 >Fuck you friendo. I eat what I want. Blocks your path.
>>802862 interesting take. I'm going to try that one on other people.
>>844336 pft I'm Viet and I drink milk everyday. Get fucked Christfag
>>844336 >huh duh asian lactose intolerance Seriously though who started this dumb meme? Was it the same idiots that popularized MSG hate with the yellow perils?
>>844336 are you retarded?
sorry, does anyone have that meme with the democratic kampuchea fighting off the vietnamese, the cia, etc.? It was posted in another thread and I forgot to save.
>>849535 The Long Secret Alliance: Uncle Sam and Pol Pot http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Terrorism/UncleSam_PolPot.html
>>849543 yeah thanks, but I really just need the meme pic.
>>849554 Pol Pot IRL was supported by the CIA. So Pol Pot fighting off the CIA in a meme makes no sense.
>>849529 Playing seesaws with China and the US isn’t going to end well for him. Either the Chinese fund his own party to dispose of him or the US will start another color revolution with the liberals in charge. >>849535 Check the booru or the OCs thread, bruh. Most people in the general don’t even support /pol/ pot ironically. The rest are just westerners memeing.
(109.45 KB 548x488 22qmts.jpg)
(108.54 KB 900x847 1498098921349.jpg)
>>847087 >>847132 >>847168 I still remember that Taiwanese girl that drank milk and posted on facebook that she had a sore tummy. I both felt sorry for her and I giggled. After a few hours her tummy would have been fine.
(87.50 KB 1119x686 demochadic kampuchea.jpg)
>>849705 it was in the oc thread. just a us soldier, not cia.
>>852804 >saw a Taiwanese girl >made a post mocking SEA people This is like American tier level of ignorance.
>>852885 It’s worse. It’s a Spanish Christcuck.
>>852885 Austronesia gang rise up
(363.61 KB 1722x1187 lactose intolerance.jpg)
>>847132 >Seriously though who started this dumb meme
>>853577 >you can't digest something without getting gas >so that mean you can't eat it at all I get indigestion by eating Indian food. Does that mean me and my entire continent of people can't eat Indian food? Ever?
>>853591 What is it you're trying to say exactly? Your body literally does not produce the lactase enzyme as an adult, so when you ingest lactose it simply goes right through you. That's what lactose intolerance means, nothing more and nothing less.
Milk is by far the cheapest source of calcium, nothing comes close. If you're poor it is a disability to be lactose intolerant since you have to wagecuck even more to be able to afford that more expensive source of calcium to avoid getting hypocalcemia, osteoporosis etc. caused by long-term calcium deficiency.
>>853637 There are various ways you can process milk to make it palatable for lactose intolerant while retaining its calcium content including various cheeses and yogurts.
>>853591 Are you being an idiot on purpose? The ability to digest lactose as an adult is actually a genetic trait that not all of humanity shares. >>853637 Or you could just take calcium supplements or multivitamins. Here in burgerland you can literally get a bottle of 100 multivitamins for $3 at walmart.
Thought some of you would enjoy this. NVA soldiers love milk.
>>853577 Yeah, now you might want to look up the consumption distribution too while you're at it.
>>854206 Is that Hamburger Hill? Memetastic film.
>>854206 That’s the worst looking RPG prop I’ve ever seen. >>853637 That makes no sense. The inability to digest milk sugar (lactose) doesn’t mean you can’t digest the calcium rich proteins and fats in the milk.
>>852885 Your lack humour is surpassed by your lack of humour. >Hahaha huwhite murkian rartians amirite? >noooooooooooooo its not funny leave us alone!
Where's Nguyen? Come back here & settle this. You shouldn't resist our help, Nguyen. https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/858528.html#q858722
>>858778 Is aussie shitposting actually a general shared Asian culture thing?
>>858778 Not me. But fuck Chinks lol.
>>858843 You cheeky fucking cunts It is a shared culture thing Oh shit is that an emu over there?
(143.82 KB 375x360 1505242315873.png)
>Malaysia would become develop country by 2020 they said
>>858898 >mfw Najib got away with it
>>858898 They also said that we should be an industrial country by now. Guess trying to build up our own version of Zaibatsus/Chaebols was a fucking retarded idea all along. At least the recent administration is good at what they do.
Bump for a comfy afternoon
>>837960 >It doesn’t seem to be from the outside aside from the sinophobia being used as an excuse for anti-communism. Yea the minorities are treated as a second class citizens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bumiputera_(Malaysia)
>>863611 Just read about the terrible handling of foreign worker housing in Malaysia. Really depressing, truly a shameful remnants of imperialist propaganda being picked up by the nationalist ruling class.
didn't know where else to put this but lol. The absolute state of Vietnamese gusanos
>>866429 There must be some word comparable or adjacent to gusano around there. I wonder.
>>866429 gross
>>866429 >lived in trailer park trash <achieved American dream I guess that’s correct now lol. Gusanos have this hilarious fantasy about America as the freedom land where everyone is rich and able to speak their mind while being selfish as hell without repercussions. They even refused to face the facts when they live there and US cops treat them like second class citizens. >>866431 We called these types of worthless parasites “đu càng” to mock when they left the country hanging off of hoey helicopters landing gear.
>>738792 >flag
>>866549 >We called these types of worthless parasites “đu càng” to mock when they left the country hanging off of hoey helicopters landing gear. kek. based.
>>866581 >gommunism by 2050 guise
>Guess trying to build up our own version of Zaibatsus King of Iron Fist Tournament when?
>>858898 Guess we're not alone then...
Thailand will having a shitshow protesting soon. Watch the situation closely.
>>853637 >>853577 to be fair, the Mongolians have always drunk their milk fermented
>>844336 >religioid >being a racist cunt Nothing new
>>878146 Only dengoids can be this triggered, no way from SEA. >>873577 Hmmm... anon knew.. The student daring to challenge Thailand’s monarchy https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54182002
>>878181 dengoids don't post ITT asshole.
>>873577 The protesters are still pretty cringe though. The only good thing is that they’re fighting for more welfare. >>878100 Just tried kefir the other day. Bretty gud.
>>878523 Entire SEA is reaping Dengist China economic benefits while people here shit on Deng
>>878537 >Dengist China economic benefits Wow I love Mainlanders jacking up the prices of everything and undercutting wages while treating the diaspora here as one of them. Mainlanders are one of the most porky or cucked people I ever met.
>>878551 >jacking up the prices of everything So business owners can earn more? How is that a bad thing? It's not other people's fault you can't keep up with the pace how society develops. >undercutting wages Is a byproduct of an efficient labor market. If you want to earn more, maybe learn to contribute more or learn to have more marketable skills.
>>878537 >Entire SEA porkies is reaping Dengist China economic benefits Ftfy Yeah I sure love those weapon shipments used by the Thai monarchy and Duterte to hunt down actual communists. Or them manipulating the real estate market and leave people homeless like in LA. Or the constantly broken infrastructure they built. Or the PRC pushing for privatization. Such benefits.
>>878560 >actual communists You mean "Maoist" anarchists that disrupt social order in those countries? >manipulating the real estate market Anyone seeks to manipulate the market becomes part of the market. That's the very definition of the market. >leave people homeless Failure of those governments, not foreign speculators. >constantly broken infrastructure they built Shouldn't have lowballed the price, eh? You get what you paid for. >PRC pushing for privatization Privatization of light industries saved China, Vietnam and Laos from meeting the same fate USSR did.
>>878557 Yes the point is that porkies are reaping the benefits and not the common people. China isn't helping the local proles with anything.
>>878572 Porkies reaping the benefits when you're developing productive forces is to be expected, no?
>>878557 It would seem that even you agree that the only people who are benefitting from dengist capitalism are the business owners. Wages go down. Jobs gets scarce. The only advice you have to offer is, "just be one of the small minority that makes it!"
>>878576 No one is denying that, just don't spit in our face and tell it is raining.
>>878578 >Wages go down Chinese and Vietnamese wages are going up, no? >Jobs gets scarce More of a result of increase in population outpacing development in productive forces. It happens in every country, communist or capitalist.
>>878585 >job scarsity is caused by overpopulation Oh my god, how has this malthusian nonsense managed to keep getting perpetuated? Even the classical economists recognized that the industrial cycle of boom and bust alternately attracts and repells workers who then form a surplus population that never gets fully re-integrated into labor market.
>>878612 You know what else form surplus population? Excess births.
>>878565 >Privatization of light industries Since when did hydroelectric and national energy grid light industries? >Anyone seeks to manipulate the market becomes part of the market. That's the very definition of the market. And this is good because? Muh productive forces copypasta? All real estate should be nationalized into public property. >Failure of those governments, not foreign speculators. <it’s the big gov fault! Porkie dindo nuffin! Straight up defending US techbros. How much further cuckery can you go? >>878576 You can say that for even neoliberal in the west. Fuck off. The fact of the matter is that wage is beginning to stagnate even in Dengoid countries. >imperialism doesn’t exist! It’s just developing third world countries you see. The pure ideology on this one. How is this only applicable to China only? How are they any different than the west? And please don’t drone on to me about socialist essence, that’s just idiotic wishful thinking.
>>878613 Excess births means more demand for goods and services retard.
(2.20 MB 1395x1536 Witty.png)
>>878613 Birth rates conform to economic realities like the cost of rearing children and the potential income to be had from children. That is why people whose cost of living is artificially minimized, as well as those who have extended families, have so many children while more well-to-do workers and petit-bourgeous "owners" hardly have any anymore.
>>878613 >sinophile is a Malthusian Not even surprised anymore. Jesus christ. Even a Chinese dengist would be disgusted by their American fanboys. It’s like a mutated amalgamation of the worst shit from Maoism, Chinese nationalism, neoliberalism and American willful ignorance of theory.
>>878617 >"wages are down so people can't afford shit!" >"excess births means more demand for goods and services retard!"
Best Pho recipe?
>>878665 Yea the migrants are competing for lesser wages and undercutting locals knowingly and sending a portion of their income back to homeland
>>878726 It's called a labour market you leech on society
>>878737 these people even underpay their own companies that they own to each other. Like I know it is under porkies gonna pork, but you need to stop pretending mainlanders give a shit about importing socialism to SEA.
>>878754 >stop pretending mainlanders give a shit about importing socialism to SEA. They never did. All they want is neoliberalism with Chinese hegemonic characteristics and they clearly show it by painting literally every grievances with neoliberalism as a good thing. Because in their minds >China = good => Chinese led privatization = good All of this comes from their own self hatred of their identity as Americans. They even dropped the “2050 socialism” when Xi told them to. They’re neocons social chauvinists. >>878673 Pho is overrated. Bun is better.
>>878652 Yep, can confirm I am disgusted. Or at least, disappointed like a father towards a son who failed an exam.
>>883169 Go to sleep fam
Damn they got PJ Thum.
Heard that Petronas is crashing and burning, any Malayanons have more info on this? >>888165 >We might be neolib cunts that is close with the Bongs but not that close! At least the PAP has some resemblance of standards.
>>890021 That plus Petronas suffering a Rm16.5 billion loss for the first half of 2020.
(335.37 KB 800x965 IMG_8945_W.jpg)
vietanon: do you happen to have any more information/possibly corroboration of the "china was planning to invade vietnam in 1975" bomb luna oi dropped in her video about the war? is it in any way true, and if so why isn't it talked about more? you never bring it up when talking about maoist foreign policy so i assume she might have been exagerrating, i.e. took some random source a la the whole "USSR was going to nuke china because this chinese historian said so in this standalone piece!" thanks in advance—have this image as a token of my appreciation, fellow khrushchevite social imperialist renegade brezhnevite suslovite crookygin
>>878673 oxtail, star-anise, roasted onion, salt, pepper - broth pho noodles beef flank, tendons, tripe, (eat oxtail when done with broth) Thai basil, lime, bean sprouts siracha and hoison mix I sometimes poach an egg too. It's pretty southern in palette.
Where my sg kakis at?
>>890021 What a goddamn shitshow. Jesus and I thought my country’s private corporations are shady enough. Well, at least red sucdems is better than actual neoliberalism. >>893423 Probably she made it up. She’s kinda cool but still a bit of a historylet. I mentioned the book Judgement which detailed both influences by the USSR, US and China which includes lots of now reclassified sources from Pubsec, it’s a gigantic tome to even start translating. For example it also have a detailed account of the urgent meeting between Deng and /Pol/ pot in the Kampuchea-Thai border right after the liberation of Phnom Penh that the Vietnamese intelligence infiltrated. Where Deng directly proposed the plan to continue an insurgency using funneled money from both the US and PRC through Thai banking system. Or another plan to stir up idpol in the Chinese diaspora population to leave the CPV to join the CPC. Although I can give you this: >The book by Nayan Chanda Brother Enemy: The War After the War (1989) - by a neoliberal but most of the events is confirmed by the government. >The truth behind Vietnam - China relationships in the last 30 years (1979). You can translate to English from this. https://sachvui.com/download/pdf/2356
>mfw can't do shit in Mid-Autumn Festival I just want to start a small fire and throw firecrackers onto it...
>>897852 At least you can light fireworks. Over here it’s hilariously limited.
>>900906(me) Finally churned this shit out! What do you guys think? I hope my characterization of the situation in Singapore is accurate.
https://pastebin.com/XcsqLQzf Reading this line was the only time I laughed in these very sad and dour works of the remaining Singapore leftists of the Merdeka generation (among others fuck the UK, literally why we can’t have nice things). Poh Soo Kai recalled that someone told him that when he was recruiting members for his University Socialist Club. This cuts deep to him since he came from a very wealthy family. These people would eventually prove him wrong by being martyred over their publication Fajar. This Fajar clique would later defy their social democrats counterparts in favour with the trade unionists, Singapore Association of Trade Unions (SATU). If anything, biggest traitor from the Left here was a trade unionist himself. Although played off as a harmless anecdote, this line cuts deeper than Poh Soo Kai could ever know. Lately a new iteration of this exact criticism attacking the Left comes from both its dissidents and opponents, at least in the first world countries. According to its adherents the Left has become too middle class, too intellectual, too detached from the “working class”. These “radlibs” or “people of college”s are often derided as middle class and well educated people on a power trip, using those below them as tools to gain office or social capital. Singapore, a city of yesterday, has finally caught on to this trend. In the election a few months ago, the Workers’ Party newer candidates faced these exact same criticisms. Too well educated and/or wealthy, too similar to PAP, too attracted to identity politics. Indeed the irony (and yet reality) where an extremely elite economist and an activist who is the daughter of a wealthy family is being seen as the left wing option against the leader of the trade unions is not lost on anyone. Despite winning (a historical moment in an election where PAP was touted to sweep the country), these criticisms are still ringing in the national discourse. Yet the incompatibility of this narrative with the reality of Singapore leads me to not only distrust this narrative on a national level but also on an international one. Make no mistake, this is a very tantalizing narrative. The worst excesses of these middle/upper class leftists do need to be curbed. It creates a very soothing and easy dichotomy, that of the middle/upper class intellectuals or people of college with their social liberalism versus the common folk, the working class with their casual chauvinism and spooky nationalism. It is built on a truth, that there is an under-representation of the working class in any left wing movements (at least in the First World). But it ignores perhaps the most glaring reality of the Left, the “working class” Left here or anywhere is almost nowhere to be seen. Although many modern “Fajar-ites” still exist in academia and other spaces, their SATU counterparts are nowhere to be found. The trade unions in Singapore has been painted yellow decades ago and any genuine grass-roots organizing has been similarly recuperated by the PAP. Supporters of the PAP have been typically working class, grateful for the meagre handouts given to them every year. The minority that already are agitated or class conscious are working within parties that is led by or supported by said people of colleges. The Left over here did not abandon the working class, if anything the inverse happened. Maybe your country’s trade unions aren’t willingly suppressed and cucked as Singapore. Maybe your country’s middle or upper class and the intelligentsia aren’t the only ones that actually knows what socialism is, let alone advocate for it. Maybe your working class aren’t wallowing in temporary embarrassed millionaire syndrome and delusions of meritocracy. But that is not the case in Singapore, and I suspect the same goes for other parts of the world, at least in the First World. Of course the same dissidents and opponents will try to accommodate this uncomfortable truth by claiming that the people of college/middle or upper class leftists chased them away, but even that reveals their ignorance of history. The working class in the past has always been socialism’s strongest advocates and prime movers with the middle class being its cheerleaders at best. This is true for Singapore in the 60s, with the working class, not only kickstarting the socialist/communist movement but also forming its vanguard. Such a narrative renders the working class a caricature, robbing them of their choice to be socially conservative or liberal. Indeed the browbeating of the recent BLM protestors as people of college/petite-bourgeois or lumpen highlights their bigotry of low expectations. But worst of all it robs any blame and therefore agency from the working class, painting them as a helpless princess awaiting for their knight in shining armour to come and save them from themselves. Without any working class’s core to work with and rally around, it is to be expected that the people of college/middle or upper class leftists to indulge their detached and social sensibilities. If one finds the cries and antics of these ‘socialites’ to be annoying, it is because the silence of the working class have been too deafening. By all means, whip the middle or upper class leftists into shape! Force them to focus on class issues and wean off woke politics! Just don’t pretend that is it is a silver bullet against the docile and passive nature of the working class. 巧妇难为无米之炊! No matter how accommodating the middle or upper class leftists can be, without an agitated working class, an influential left wing movement cannot be formed. Agitation and education of the working class has to work in tandem if not prioritized over these measures. The person who made the remark to Poh Soo Kai eventually relented and joined the USC, with Poh Soo Kai making a causal remark that ‘Even socialites can be socialists’. I hope whoever is reading this take note of this small reminder from an old socialist. (Also, fuck the British and their Labour Party)


no cookies?