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(52.43 KB 680x678 big think alignment.jpg)
/QTDDTOT/ PART VI Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 16:28:35 No. 668321
Since the last one hit 500 posts, here's Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: Part Six My question: The phrase "dictatorship of the proletariat" sounds off-putting to some people trying to get into leftism, how can I explain what it actually means? Previous archived /QTDDTOT/ threads: >>548092
Edited last time by krates on 07/06/2020 (Mon) 15:37:52.
>>668321 Explain that it means the workers dictate policy, not that there is a dictator.
Question: How was your day, anon?
>>668321 >My question: The phrase "dictatorship of the proletariat" sounds off-putting to some people trying to get into leftism, how can I explain what it actually means? 'dictatorship didn't mean the same thing when marx wrote that, it just means 'rule by the workers''.
Marx called capitalist society a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The ruling class dictates, so when the working class becomes the ruling class, it will dictate.
>>668345 My head hurts
What's the difference between materialism and dialectical materialism?
>>668321 How does "dictatorship of bourgeois" sounds? I think we should start calling every bourgeois democracy that.
>>668396 dialectical materialism is the stalinist determinist schizo version of materialism, materialism is the general position
>>668345 >woke up >started shitposting >rubbed me member >going to bed now
>>668396 Materialism is basically synonymous with physicalism. Dialectical materialism is a method of analyzing change in society.
>>668405 Have you read the German ideology? Do you not understand that diamet did not start with Lenin and Stalin? You don't need to answer, your use of the term "stalinist" to describe it tells me everything
(59.87 KB 499x581 XiGun.jpg)
>>668405 reactionary detected
wtf happened to the "to all new anons" sticky? It had a lot of good stuff
Why shouldn't neofascism/neofeudalism be supported instead of socialism if it is the actual next stage in society's evolution?
>>668575 cause we don't support reactionary socialism.
>>668575 Because some are spooked by christian morality instead of being real progressives.
>>668578 Why not? Aren't we supposed to favor whatever society must neccessarily transform into, and not whatever utopias we might like?
>>668575 because it isn't? The world is moving towards socialism, the American empire, the greatest entity holding back the progress of world socialism, is disintegrating before our eyes. With the end of the American Superpower, great power competition begins again, world war 3 is eminent, and with it the collapse of the imperialist capitalist system.
How the FUCK is a party meant to employ a mass line method of organising when everyone is so atomised?
>>668681 >atomised Complete meme, second only to "alienated"
>>668687 You get what I’m trying to say though right?
>>668321 >My question: The phrase "dictatorship of the proletariat" sounds off-putting to some people trying to get into leftism, how can I explain what it actually means? "Dictators and dictatorship as we think of it didn't exist yet. Back then 'dictatorship' just meant 'rule.' By this phrase Marx was basically saying 'Of the people, by the people, for the people, but for real instead of pretend.'" >>668404 This is also good, especially if you link it to the idea that internally a business functions like an absolute monarchy.
>>668321 instead of contrasting the dotp with "bourgeois democracy", contrast the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie with workers'/proletarian democracy
>>668717 >internally a business functions like an absolute monarchy Nailed it, this is exactly why I fucking hate when "le classical libs" try to characterise Marxism as regressive or anti-Enlightenment Every single anti-monarchist pro-democracy argument made by Paine, Shelley, Rousseau, Montesquieu against political absolutism can be reworded and repurposed against the degenerated Habsburg-capitalist retards who openly advocate economic absolutism
Has anyone collected those posts an anon kept making that elaborate on reactionary psychology?
(34.15 KB 410x598 15eevfd3geq41.jpg)
Why does Assad has so much Meme-potential?
>>669236 cause he's got a baby face but he's still intimidating.
>>669236 I don't know
>>668865 You mean the thread on 8ch about The Authoritarian Personality? If so, I would like that too. ginjeet do you still post here?
I'm having much trouble in the field of bourgeois sources, to see economic growth and successes of socialist economies! I wanna find sources that back there several time economic size increases the rate of industrialization the increases in living standards... HELP I NEED SOURCES FOLKS! books, pdf, articles... showing the success of socialism.
>>669700 At least for the USSR these basically don't exist. There are tons from during the cold war era, back when they feared the USSR, but it was all based on soviet data. Now that their USSR propaganda strategy is ridicule instead of fearmongering, all of that former research is dismissed as invalid on the basis that all soviet data was falsified, and new research on the topic that doesn't arrive at Black book tier conclusions is suppressed.
(66.80 KB 453x423 1593998977232.jpg)
How can I be a permaNEET? I don't need much to live off of.
>>668586 Politics isn't about supporting whatever is going to happen anyway, the whole point is trying to achieve things you want. If you're describing your actual beliefs, then good for you, you never have to do anything and are always guaranteed to see your ideology prevail. You're not a leftist, though, so don't post here about what "we" are supposed to favour.
>>669753 You could try gaming the unemployment system. I've heard it's not that easy. You could also try getting disability checks. In my country you're pretty much fucked as a neet. Your best bet is somehow saving enough to "live off the gains" but the gains have historically been shit unless you invest in US stock market, so essentially that means make enough money so you can buy a nice place and live off the rent.
What's the meaning of the term "fifth column" or "fifth columnist"?
>>668321 What do people here have such an issue with Sakai? I haven't read his book and I'm too lazy to but everyone seems to have a problem with 'Sakaiposting' and I'm curious as to what it's about.
>>670109 sakaifags spam and it doesn't have anything to do with leftism.
>>669758 Wouldn't it be unmarxist to hold a socialist utopia as your ideal and seek to impose it on reality, rather than seeing what developments are inevitable and helping those along?
>>670119 see thats cool and all but i dont have a clue what that's supposed to mean. what is his book about and why does /leftypol/ seem to dislike it
>>670154 Nope. Where would you get such an idea? Do you learn your Marx from the libs or something?
>>669753 It sucks man, don't do it. Just try find a part time job that's as tolerable as possible, NEET life is hell.
>>670216 it's called settlers and people here dislike it because leftypol is anti-idpol.
(152.22 KB 900x904 1588787251158.jpg)
Where's news anon?
Hey i was listening to a Parenti lecture on youtube a while ago, He brought up an interesting point that capitalism also had gone through many failures before it could develop into its modern form. he didn't really go into detail so I would be interested in some of examples of failed capitalist experiments. Seems like a good rebuttal to the common talking point that claims that "communism has failed every time it has been tried.
what about when unions are strong and entrenched and totally suck? if the civic sector is completely saturated with ineffective liberal ngos? how do you organize then? how are you supposed to keep your unions even just a little bit radical once they start becoming powerful? have these questions been dealt with somewhere? i'm too ashamed to ask irl, these feel like things i'm supposed to know or be able to find out. or even like they're a bit taboo somehow.
what is leftypols opinion on this Epstein wannabe? Are you gonna buy gold? will inflation spiral out of control unless Joe Rogan is in charge of the federal reserve? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYCPId1-rW0
how do i prevent my scrambled eggs from browning excessively
Why do natural resources have no value?
I was reading J. Sakai's review of Don Hamerquist's "Confronting Fascism", and in the article (https://kersplebedeb.com/posts/the-shock-of-recognition/), J. Sakai says this: "The disvisionary fascist social engineering of the Nazi Party several generations ago is echoed by the pan-islamic fascists of the Taliban, who ordered the permanent house arrest and enslavement of all women in society as a gender (as well as the marginalization/elimination of other ethnic groupings). Fascism as we have known it in practice, operating as an “extraordinary” form of capitalist rule, produces shocking barbarism far beyond any normal expectations. In fact, to go much beyond that in this direction would probably produce an unraveling of society itself (as happened under the Khmer Rouge)." What does he mean by "unraveling of society under the Khmer Rouge"?
>>671589 unless he means something specific, I take it he's speaking in general of pol pots plan to evacuate all the cities into the countryside, make everyone be a farmer, and remove all state/family institutions(at least in name). that kind of social engineering
>>671540 They only have value when workers extract them and turn them into products. Petroleum cannot be used if it is underground and unrefined.
>>671604 But I thought all value comes from work. Why doesn't the value keep coming when the oil is gone?
>>671600 I don't think he means something specific because I couldn't find anything marxist using the term "unraveling of society". I'm just interested if what he means is that fascism has a limit, and that limit is the complete disintegration of society and what he means by that. If the Khmer Rouge is example of what fascist society push to that limit would look like, that's something I'm curious about.
>>671610 No, Lassalle, labor is not the source of all wealth. Nature is just as much the source of use values (and it is surely of such that material wealth consists!) as labor, which itself is only the manifestation of a force of nature, human labor power.
>>671630 Scratch a Liberal, and a Fascist bleeds.
>>671610 because without the oil there's nothing to work with
>>671540 They do. But value is something that only exists within human economy anyway, the principle goal of communism is to abolish value.
How retarded can I be and still do meaningful work for communism?
>>671788 Very retarded
>>671791 Even if I were to be CWC tier?
>>670729 good question, i'm also interested
>>671797 here's a suspicious backpack for you bro
>>669751 Well is there evidence of it being falsified?
What drives history when class is globally abolished and technology is as developed as it ever can be? When the universe approaches heat death, how would the mode of production change as scarcity imposes itself more and more?
How would a Socialist state handle covid? Would workers get to still live in their state given houses and get free food if their job becomes unable to do in a pandemic?
What role if any does intellectual property have in a socialist society?
>>672043 >2nd question Of course.
What's the difference between a gens and a family?
>>672043 Have you been allowed to stay in the house that you own outright in a capitalist country during this pandemic? Same thing.
So what's the general concensus on /leftypol/ regarding the Trans-Question? Is it properly recognized as the highest form of Identity Politics are there still many who follow the libfem line?
>>672226 not as many people hate trannoids as anons here seem to think; i think a good middle ground is recognizing some people will never be happy living as their sex but being vigilant against idpol issues used to divide the left
how do i demonstrate to lolberts that central banks are a capitalist development? Is this the right way to deal with their rambling?
>>672195 What do you mean by "gens", as in a generation?
>>672043 >How would a Socialist state handle covid? several of them have, check out Vietnam's response, it was very good
>>668321 Okay this isn't really a question but does anyone have the comic about Ricky Gervais and other similar shock jocks that is basically him complaining about being censored in increasingly absurd and overwrought ways while being showered with money?
>>671937 Nothing. Communism is the end of history.
>>673105 False, thats when the true history begins
>>671540 They have use values, which makes them natural resources, but they dont have exchange value until they enter society through labor because exchange value is a social relation.
Can anybody post that Parenti quote where he talks about conspiracies?
Is there a good materialist history book on France in '68 that anybody can recommend?
>>668405 >stalinism nice extra-chromosome bro >>668575 how the fuck neo-feudalism the next stage of society? >>672226 hating trannies does nothing for the left, you might recognize their issues might be used to distract people from class politics but being reactionary makes you fall into right-wing idpol My question is: are Cuba and Vietnam still socialist and is
>>673256 fuck I clicked enter are Cuba and Vietnam still socialist and is there any good source for it?
>>672226 >>673256 Yes but https://www.gofundme.com/f/2ze6s4-reconstructive-surgery The other side of the coin is that the sort who look at this poor lass's go fund me and think it's transphobic then want to get it taken down instead of feeling sorry for her are wreckers who you want nowhere near the levers of power I'd even venture to say that that sort are actually reactionary woke fascists
>>673349 Sorry lad, just like Bukharin it was a historical necessity that he die Since he took his own life, I'm sure he understood
>>673289 if people are objecting to that gofundme it's because it's obviously fake if it somehow is real, like the girl exists and asked for help on writing a gofundme page from a terf, that is tragic but most people will back off or defend her instead if there's independent verification.
>>672641 how could they be anything but a capitalist development? they started under capitalism. the fed in the US was created after Wilson met with bankers.
How does airspace work when sending military aircraft? Could Russia, for instance, send fighter planes to Syria just like that? Or could Turkey/Georgia/whoever forbid it? Do those planes have to fly at a certain altitude in order to bypass a country's airspace?
>>673897 Permission is required to transit airspace of other countries. Not sure about altitude but I would imagine transiting aircraft fly at altitudes not used by civil aviation.
I've heard the claim that Social Democracies come in to being under immense pressure and concern from the Owning classes. What are the exact pressures? Like mass unionization, the existence of Social programs in Communist countries that are being admired etc?
>>673105 nonsense, it is the end of class society. But dialectics are eternal, there is always contradictions, and thus always change
(33.96 KB 600x400 pauly_K.jpg)
Whats the situation in Rwanda? I've casually heard that the standard of living was improving but also that Kagame is super right wing. Does "increase in standards of living" really just mean "good investment opportunities" or are things actually getting better?
>>670729 Perhaps shock therapy for Chile after they murdered Allende? iirc it was a shitshow and they had to renationalise some amount of industry to stave off total collapse
>>671527 Oil pan. Get it hot (enough that the eggs start cooking upon contact, but not screamingly hot). Heat to low, stir constantly, breaking up larger curds of egg. Turn off heat once eggs are slightly less cooked than you would prefer, because residual heat will continue to cook it shortly after the flame goes out. A silicone spatula and non-stick pan helps.
>>674913 Idk a dime about Rwanda (or knw the stuff you already do) the Singapur of Africa, first electric african car,etc. But I'm writing based on the experiences of my country. Remember that the use of capitalism increses the standards of living of a segment of the population (it can be the bourg, the petitbourg or everyone, but that is how the goverment directs everything). So it can be true. This can also be applied to the restoration of Capitalism (or a part of it) in China. Hopefully the develovpment of Rwanda makes a strong socialist force there and in all of Central Africa.
>>668321 what does "PMC" mean? I've only ever heard it as an abbreviation for private military contractor, but it is never used in that context here.
>>675432 Professional Managerial Class It doesn't really mean anything. There's a notion of a college educated manager who is in charge of a force of high school educated workers, but to the extent this was a common thing it has become archaic. There's also a notion of class collaboration between better paid proles higher in the corporate structure and the lowest paid ones on the front lines, but this doesn't really fit the world either. Basically, "PMC" is the pejorative version of "Middle Class."
>>675469 >Basically, "PMC" is the pejorative version of "Middle Class." i don't think this is quite right. pmc is a highly educated subset of the middle class. what's odious about them is that they have class solidarity among themselves and to the bourgeoisie.
How long can the United States realistically continue to suppress leftist movements abroad? 10, 20, 50, 1000 more years?
>>675668 not 1000. the world isn't going to be recognisable by then. they may be able to suppress them permanently though. if they keep at it until the context for a leftist movement just isn't there anymore. for example if current trends continue, 1st world goes full ecofascist when all land between the 50th latitudes becomes marginally habitable, and all of the global south is genocided by drawing a border and shutting it, and first it's a surveillance state for a while but then there's eventually a massive famine because that land is useless for supporting large populations. no memory of technology, culture, the capitalist mode of production or marx would survive even if humanity does.
Does anyone still have the pictures of the meme conference that happened or something to that extent
>>675858 I love Nico
How about is RT the news source? As bad as typical American channels or worse? Whenever I watch it they're covering some fault of the US, which I believe are valid, however not sure about the channel as a whole. Recently Lithuania banned it and Redditors rejoiced.
>>676022 Better than typical American channels Admittedly that's a very low bar
>>>/tech/3005 pls halp
Has anyone got some high school level economics texts I can read
Often when I see photos of protests in middle eastern/arab countries, there are banners with the face of Che Guevara on them. What's the view of Guevara in the arab world? Is he embraced by the people as a general symbol of liberation and resistance or are the people holding these banners usually communist party members?
>>676729 Please please
>>676729 I would probably recommend you not read high school level economics. The textbook we read in my high school economics class was pretty much "Karl Marx invented socialism, which is when the government does stuff, Adam Smith invented Capitalism, which is when there are markets, socialism sounds good in theory, but doesn't work. Prices are determined by these supply and demand curves" and similar nonsense. I would suggest you read an actual economics book.
Did the USSR really forbid people from listening to certain types of music, on top of repressing certain other art styles?
>>677165 I mean one that spells out porky economics terms for idiots. If it had a marxist lens that would be even better. I've asked a million times here for a book or resource like that and get no answer.
>>677353 Thanks amigo!
>>677345 https://redstarpublishers.org/FundamentalsML.pdf This book is obviously a lot more then just economics, but it does have a good, easy to understand basics of the marxist-leninist understanding of capitalist economics. And a lot of other good basic info. I think it's a very good resource.
What are the differences between taxing people more and paying them less?
>>671901 There are clear systematic issues in their statistics yes. But it's nowhere near so bad as to justify dismissing all available evidence as lies. It's just a convenient excuse.
How is Lenin's definition of 'labor aristocracy' not to blame for third-worldism?
How do you redpill liberals who are angry at the bourgeoisie but have no clue how anything works or what words mean?
Best book on China's Cultural Revolution?
>>677675 In Socialism? well none really. In Captialism? A wage cut allows a corporation to have more shekels, whereas a tax increase takes shekels away from the individual and gives it to the state to spend on the state's whim
>>676729 Wage Labour and Capital. Most "economics" in HS is just repackaged propaganda. Most econ professors/teachers know this and tend to avoid any textbooks if they are interested in actually teaching proper economics.
>>678644 "follow the money"
>>678820 someone please
Anyone have that post by a member of the RevLeft forums on the right's obsession with Jews?
>>668321 How do you get involved with praxis when you have severe social issues and are a socially reclusive internet addict? I have selective mutism and mild aspergers but I want to improve myself, and those two conditions will never be cured, it's who I am.
>>676729 Try Yanis Varoufakis' "Foundations of Economics: A Beginner's Companion". Yanis is a 'vulgar Marxist' but his critique of bourgeois economics is pretty good and balanced - allows you to see what arguments neoclassical people would use.
>>679093 *erratic not vulgar
(47.41 KB 850x570 West Hegar Split TT.jpg)
had a question for texas bros. So my mom is mad at me for not wanting to vote in the democratic senate primaries. While I can understand voting in the general at least, I told her I didn't see a point voting for the dem senate candidate because to me both looked the same, neither even seemed SocDem or remotely good, both just seemed like standard democraps so I didn't see a point choosing between them. Am I wrong? Is either Royce West or MJ Hegar better than one or the other and worth picking? B/c I seriously did not see a point.
>>679097 Vote for a third party to meme her to death.
>>679097 If one candidate had one relatively better policy, would you vote for them?
>>679102 yeah but I looked them up and it news sites said they had no significant policy differences
>>679108 Any difference in funding?
>>679110 the lady is more funded
>>679097 Doesn't really matter but if your mother insists vote for Royce West because of the unions and Sema endorsement.
Also MJ Hegar annoys the piss out of me. Just the worst kind of pandering with the "military mom" stuff.
Why do mods delete posts by communists, but only anchor posts by reactionaries and /pol/acks?
>>679097 Also I voted for Tzintzun Ramirez but she didn't make the runoff. She's... ehh... okay. Kinda in the AOC mold and she also endorsed West. But Hegar sucks. Don't vote for Hegar.
are there some well-known examples of attempted bourgeois revolutions that failed the first time, learned from the mistakes of the first, and then succeeded the second time around? i feel like it would be a useful rebuke to people who say "you've already tried socialism" etc. etc.
>>679452 Literally all of them. France, Britain, america, germany
>>679458 Named some specificially, please. Every time this subject comes up people fail to provide specifics. Does the Hansa League count as an early capitalist experiment?
>>679483 This one was like the Arab Spring but European: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_1848
(81.86 KB 670x539 ted needs milkies.png)
what'd he mean by this
I read about covid transmitting through speaking and shit and I am very worried about it since 2-3 urgent repairmen are coming to my house. Will turning on my ceiling fan help ventilation? Or is keeping my 6x5 feet window open for 1day enough? I know not related to leftism but this the only smart place I know to ask and mods saged the covid thread
>>679596 Keeping the window open is probably a good idea, try to distance yourself from other people too.
>>679601 I read that is only thing I can do. I'm really just worried about turning on the fan it will just keep circulating the virus droplets inside and not let it go outside the window. Room is small but I'll try to be as apart I can be. Stay safe anon.
Is there a word for putting yellow text on a red background and if so what is it?
>>679639 Cringe
>>678820 Why is it so hard to find writing on this
>>672226 completely irrelevant literally who?
According to the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, when the other companies adopt the breakthrough technology of the first company that found it, the advantage is gone, and what happens is that the profit rate lowers. But why don't the companies just agree to reset prices back up to avoid these lower margins?
>>680463 it's not what BLM is protesting though.
>>680463 Police have a legal right to execute American citizens It’s somewhat impossible to “protest” homicide/lumpen crime considering they’re already socially sanctioned and already end in the harshest of retribution if the crime is uncovered. Whereas police murders are socially accepted and frequently lead to no tangible actions being taken no matter how high profile the homicide is.
>>681352 It's some kind of Third-Worldism, which main argument is, that all white people are exploiters. Sakai basically turned marxism from class-war to race-war.
>>681354 Uhhh dude Corporations outwardly voice these views as a PR campaign because they are deeply popular. You put great emphasis on some broad mass of people sharing these views, and yet are unable to see the facts starting you in the face. Anti-Fascism is performed because you guys have a habit of exterminating us because we want to satanically corrupt the morality of the nation-folk or some shit The great irony is your inability to see the monopolists, the financiers and the share prices soaring sky high on the conscripted blood of the proletariat
>>679639 Mac dOnalD
Were women more attractive in the 80s?
>>681449 No way. Imagine going back to the time before the west embraced the big jiggly butt.
What the hell is postmodernism and why is it contrary to marxism?
>>668321 is Stalin's Dialectical and Historical Materialism a good introductory text for getting a good grasp of Marx's version of 'dialectics'?
I don't understand. How can you house so many ideologies under one side without them conflicting with one another. For example being for traditional agrarian families and anarcho-feminist.
>>682298 Its usually about being the one with the cool epic snowflake ideology . These people are usually very easily influenced so it doesnt take long for them to contradict themselves.
>>682239 Honestly, in my own belief, no. Stalin's interpretation of dialectics is important if you are an ML, however I do believe that even then you should learn about dialectics from Marx so as to understand it fully and interpret it yourself.
>>682312 as in, learn marx's dialectics from reading through all of his works, or learn marx's dialectics from a selection of his works where he specifically expounds his conception of dialectics? if the latter, would you care to share the best selection? :))
>>682326 Read Anti-Duhrig and the Dialectics of Nature by Engels
What is marxism and is marxist-leninist some mixture of both? Is anybody who want communism a marxist? What is the left Are there people who want socialism but not upgrade it to communism? What is the end goal of anarchism and how is it different from communism?
>>682338 Marxism is the political and economics theories of Marx and Engels Marxism-Leninism is the Soviet (Stalinist) interpretation of Marxism and Leninism No, anyone wants communism isn't purely a marxist. Anarchists want communism as well, they just believe in a diverging way of getting to it. >Are there people who want socialism but not upgrade it to communism? yeah >What is the end goal of anarchism and how is it different from communism? Anarcho-communists want communism but believe that the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is unnecessary and undemocratic.
>>680333 Price fixing is illegal in a lot of countries and also you will get an advantage if you are the first to break the agreement.
>>682353 Why then don't companies out-bid each other into oblivion? Let's say there are two stores, one selling something for $25 and the other $24.50. The first lowers its price to $24, then the other for $23.50, and on and on… realistically, there is a level where this stops, and this is because they fix the prices, right? Besides, how effective could laws be against companies' desire for profits? They'd probably avoid it somehow, secretly or through a loophole.
>>682365 Think about real life. Products are usually not exactly equivalent, or if they are, they're branded differently. There are supermarkets for rich people and supermarkets for poor people, with products that are the same 'thing' (ie: granola) but are slightly different. The bougie granola will have a glossier package and more advertising and perhaps a slightly more expensive production, whereas the prole granola will be cheaply packaged and branded for value. So, the problem you present is not really a problem unless two products are EXACTLY alike, which is usually not an issue.
>>682010 postmodernism is everything that happened in intellectual history after the world wars and some of what happened between them. it's a loose collection of random shit sharing a vague zeitgeist. it's not an ideology or a philosophy, there is no coherent system of thought called postmodernism and there is basically no content to postmodernism that wouldn't also be contradicted within it. more than anything it's like an ideologically neutral toolbox for all kinds of analysis. postmodernism is not contrary to marxism. it has very successfully been used against communism, but this is not inherent to either communism/marxism or postmodernism. it simply happened that during a time when porky needed something to hit marxism with, postmodernism was there to distract and disillusion young revolutionary intellectuals. you may sometimes hear that the one defining feature of postmodernism is a rejection of "metanarratives", marxism supposedly being one. but nothing about postmodernism is fundamentally incompatible with marxism. i would say to expect a dialectical synthesis of postmodernism and marxism to take shape, but i'm not sure there is even enough of a contradiction for a synthesis.
>>682369 What happens if the two products are exactly alike? What prevents the stores from decreasing the price to zero? Are gas stations right across the street from each other a good example of this?
>>682298 ever heard of dialectics?
>>682365 porky wants profit, he won't start lowering the prices unless a competitor's prices are eating into his margins. the market is not frictionless, no consumer runs around getting every cheap item for a few cents less.
>>682342 >Anarcho-communists want communism but believe that the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is unnecessary and undemocratic. I thought the dictatorship of ghe proletariat was supposed to be democratic? Boy have i been shilling the wrong thing this whole time.
>>676732 >Is he embraced by the people as a general symbol of liberation and resistance Yes. There are many non-communists who see Che in that way.
>>682378 Well, there's a good reason why there aren't many gas stations across the street from each other, but even if there were, each one can only charge a price high enough to where they can make a profit. They have to pay their distributors and their staff, keep the lights on etc. So each station will only go to the lowest price where they can still sell for a profit large enough to make the business worthwhile. In addition, you have to consider branding. If one station sells Exxon and the other sells Texaco, you might get a customer choose Texaco because they sponsor their favourite NASCAR team (and therefore they must make my car really fast right?). Customer perception is rarely that two products are genuinely identical even if they're identical in price.
>>682342 Oh so marx is the dude who made communism or at least recognized it and gave it a name? since I heard people say communism has existed in prehistoric times also Is there a name for people who only want socialism and not communism? So if I understand all types of leftists there are who want communism it is marxists, stalinists, anarchists and any other? I've heard mao ists too. Are most other -ists who want communism just named after people who brought new ideas on implementing communism? Sorry for asking too many questions. I wanted reliable info for my minecraft project in history.
>>682466 >Oh so marx is the dude who made communism or at least recognized it and gave it a name? since I heard people say communism has existed in prehistoric times also Marx called that 'prehistoric communism', there is a difference between that and modern communism however. >Is there a name for people who only want socialism and not communism? Socialists (though communists might also call themselves socialists casually as I do) >So if I understand all types of leftists there are who want communism it is marxists, stalinists, anarchists and any other? I've heard mao ists too. There are many many different types of communists, however the main tendencies are 'orthodox marxists', who prefer not to be tied to historical movements and just want to go back to basics (Marx's work), there are what you call Stalinists, who prefer to be called Marxist-Leninists, that defend and advocate for a system similar to Stalin's USSR, there are Maoists or Maoist-Third-Worldists who do the same but for Mao's China, there are Trotskyists who basically think the USSR was good before Stalin took over and that he was too authoritarian (to put it simply), and there are anarchists or anarchocommunists who want to create communism without capturing the state first and simply think the state should be dissolved immediately. Oh and there are also democratic socialists or libertarian socialists who ascribe to a more liberal/western interpretation of socialism/communism where they believe it has to be paired with strong democratic elements. >Are most other -ists who want communism just named after people who brought new ideas on implementing communism? Yes, basically. >Sorry for asking too many questions. I wanted reliable info for my minecraft project in history. It's alright.
How do I respond when someone says capitalism is good because they can get rich in it? Also are nordic countries an example of how sucessful capitalism is?
How do I deal with liberals who only accept the legitimacy of a position if someone is willing to debate with them on it, but they cannot ever debate in good faith either?
>>682568 you quote them adam smith saying that a rich person implies many more living in precarity. you also point out how it's mostly luck, and being born in money. You also point out that historically, the upper middle class is just getting poorer and poorer. you also point out that unless you can buy two expensive yachts without it having a noticeable effect on your wealth, you are not rich.
>>682586 you tell them that there is a rich history of fierce debate in which marxism is a cornerstone. you point out that modern economist theory had to be artificially imposed in colleges and the debate was artificially culled. Outside modern economics, the debate rages on and is the result of hundreds of years of thinkers building on each other, unlike modern economics. By merely "being creative" you won't come up with hundreds of years of arguments and refutations. So, I'd suggest you read Marx and try to refute him yourself, instead of arguing against me. I remind you that his ideas are still relevant because his explanation of capitalism is currently the most accurate and has not been refuted, only refined.
What's the origin of the Soviet joke, "We pretended to work and they pretended to pay"? Does this have a basis in reality?
Can someone redpill me on the srebrenica massacre,what the fuck actually happened there?
If human labour is the source of value and thus when productivity goes up (you can now make 2 widgets in an hour instead of 1 thanks to a new invention) the exchange value of said widget goes down. so my question is, if exchange value goes down with more productivity, what's the incentive for porky (or workers?) to get more productivity?
>>683438 You can sell those widgets either in greater quantity for the same price or the same quantity but for a lower price, making your firm more competitive in the market, at least until everyone else either adopts the same new tech or fails.
>>683438 short term competitive gain and nothing else. porky actually does not have a whole lot of incentive to invest into increasing productivity, and must be forced to do so by the market and by organised labour. porky would prefer to extract monopoly rents and play in the wall street casino with monopoly money.
What happens to obscenity laws under communism?
>>682239 Yes, it is very easy and understand IMO. Non-MLs will tell you all about what they think are Stalin's flaws, but at least if you read it, you will have an idea of what dialectics even is, which I didn't really before I read it.
>>682474 Thank you anon. I understand better now.
>>683359 Bosnian commander abandoned his people to be massacred and ran off in a helicopter
>>683443 >>683464 So I'm thinking here about 19th century England when Power Looms replaces hand weaving and this led to huge social unrest. In some cases the owners of the new power looms actually tried to look out for the old weavers and pay them a living wage, but overall, this led to a degradation in the wages and standards of weavers. If the labour theory of value makes sense, then let's say they were now making 2 units per hour instead of 1 (I think Marx actually says something like this in chapter 1 of Capital). Well then why would the weavers wage change? The value of the commodity would have gone down but why didn't productivity replace that in terms of value? Before >1 commodity= 1 gold >1 hour = 1 commodity >1 hour =1 gold new system >1 hour = 2 commodity >1 commodity= 1/2 gold >1 hour= 1 gold
>>684505 without organised labour, wages will tend to subsistence level. you can easily undersell a fellow porky who is trying to care for his workers while still growing your margins. a lot of the time, porky won't even care about the margins and run his operation temporarily at a loss if there's an opportunity for consolidation. wages have basically nothing to do with value produced, it's all about the negotiating position of the worker vs porky. the minimum you can generally pay for labour power is what it takes for the worker to stay alive, and sometimes less than that.
>>668321 shot in the dark, but does anybody know of the quote/passage/book/idea that marx says, which I can only paraphrase vaguely as: "Communism allows man to determine history, instead of history determining man." "No longer will man be subject to historical forces, historical forces will be subject to man" I can't remember where I've seen it/whether Marx even said anything similar.
>>684842 >With the seizing of the means of production by society production of commodities is done away with, and, simultaneously, the mastery of the product over the producer. Anarchy in social production is replaced by systematic, definite organisation. The struggle for individual existence disappears. Then for the first time man, in a certain sense, is finally marked off from the rest of the animal kingdom, and emerges from mere animal conditions of existence into really human ones. The whole sphere of the conditions of life which environ man, and which have hitherto ruled man, now comes under the dominion and control of man who for the first time becomes the real, conscious lord of nature because he has now become master of his own social organisation. The laws of his own social action, hitherto standing face to face with man as laws of nature foreign to, and dominating him, will then be used with full understanding, and so mastered by him. Man’s own social organisation, hitherto confronting him as a necessity imposed by nature and history, now becomes the result of his own free action. The extraneous objective forces that have hitherto governed history pass under the control of man himself. Only from that time will man himself, with full consciousness, make his own history — only from that time will the social causes set in movement by him have, in the main and in a constantly growing measure, the results intended by him. It is the humanity's leap from the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom. Friedrich Engels, Anti-Duhring https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/anti-duhring/ch24.htm
What would a communist version of The Terminator be like?
(10.60 KB 320x320 06 - ayy lmao.jpg)
>>684933 You know how
>>684933 Skynet is Posadist
>>684933 An android that looks like Max Stirner is sent back in time to kill influential porkies like JP Morgan.
How does communist society stop me from fooling people with devilish contracts that functionally reinstate exploitation to my personal benefit?
>>685066 communism =/= self determination
>>684713 >wages have basically nothing to do with value produced, it's all about the negotiating position of the worker vs porky. so does this mean that soc dem is a viable strategy?
>>685240 No because socdems uphold this retarded system we have
>>685240 no. on the scale of the economy all produced value still has to add up to consumption and surplus. social democracy is only viable if you extract value through imperialism, or as a strategy if you use it to drive capitalism to a crisis and take over. the latter would seem ideal at a first glance but there is an inherent weakness in it which is that it makes workers too happy with the status quo to be willing to go through with the revolution when the time comes. revolutions are for people with nothing to lose.
>>685070 So...nothing is in place to stop me from cobbling together a new class system?
>>685303 >>685066 Let's see. How would you do that?
Is this true? Was Sankara anti-Stalin?
>>685470 I'm reading the comments, apperently, this quote is fake. https://twitter.com/Luksemburgist/status/1281943822398889984
Are Nazis easier to convert compared to Liberals?
>>685480 Absolutely not. A lot of people are only liberals because it's the hegemonic ideology of their own respective societies.
>>685303 That's why a state is needed. If you don't make one, someone else will.
>>685476 It's just people denying it without any argument.
Explain this one, commies
>>685942 explain hegel? no
Does communist society reverse its development and become capitalism/feudalism/slavery again if scarcity increases beyond some threshold?
>>686075 interesting question, totally possible if some catastrophe like an asteroid or something destroyed large parts of production. My intuitive feeling is that the societal apparatus that would develop out of communism would be able to cope and reorganize society before a regression to slave society. But its totally speculative
>>685984 why not
i know the "sticker war" is apex larp cringe, but is there anywhere i can get stickers suitable for covering up fash garbage cheaply they've infested my city and they sometimes put them out of reach
Did anyone save a screencap of that post with the feet with the really long toes?
>>686259 >being a footfag
(94.57 KB 1200x1200 geww.jpg)
I found a conversation arguing about religion and found a bunch of people claiming that Christians basically have never done anything wrong or rather have done very little wrong, or at least in comparison to other widely popular faiths (this was part of an argument of Islam versus Christianity). The general argument went that while Muslims had conquered and genocided many in the name of their faith that Christians didn't and most people killed by Christians either weren't done purely by in the name of Christianity (such as the Spanish conquistadors) or that when it was their actions were justified. Obviously I'm leaving out a lot of information and simplifying points, but I just wanted to know how true this was.
Is Karl Popper worth reading, apart from his anti-communist ideas?
>>687200 as a philosopher of science absolutely not unless you're already familiar with newer developments and just want to deepen your understanding of the background and history. read kuhn's structure instead if you haven't yet, it usually blows normies' minds at least a little bit and gives them an idea of philosophy of science as a field that they aren't already familiar with from popular discourse.
>>686750 bro, that is some weird religious idealist mumbo-jumbo, may I suggest you read some Marx? >>686804 It's extremely untrue. Christians have conquered more in the name of their faith then any other religion by far, more then all of them put together. All of the colonization done by the European powers and America was done in the name of Christianity, or course it wasn't purely for religious reasons, but for economic ones too. But that is always the case. The Islamic conquests were done for economic reasons as well. I would say the actions of the Christian conquerors were never justified. Interesting to note that in the Islamic empire, conquered people could remain Christian or Jewish (although they did have to pay an extra tax). Christian Europe at the time did not allow you to be a Muslim. When the Christians reconquered Spain, they forced all Muslims to reconvert or be killed. Christianity is by far the most violent and genocidal religion in history.
>>686255 kind of off topic but if you were to get ansyn flag stickers for some reason, get ones that don't fade. i legit thought for a few weeks there might be antifascist ancaps in my area and was really puzzled by it.
>>686075 no. it's possible, but not like a natural outcome. high inequality is objectively a less efficient way to allocate scarce resources than communism and at least if anarchists got their way communists should be the kind of people who are always ready to resist having hierarchy imposed on them.
>>687292 Then why do carnivores exist? They are a less efficient use of resources than herbivores.
>>687305 They make use of a resource in an ecosystem that the herbivores aren't taking advantage of (the herbivores themselves)
>>687305 the animal kingdom does not negotiate or coordinate its evolution like humans do with society. you misread the implicit assumption in my post, it is not 'systems naturally tend to the most efficient resource allocation'. it is 'humans as a group will not agree to move to a less efficient resource allocation under scarcity'. why could some group of individuals not simply force their will on others, redo primitive accumulation and take a bigger slice in absolute terms of the even smaller pie? >at least if anarchists got their way communists should be the kind of people who are always ready to resist having hierarchy imposed on them.
>>686278 No, it was like deformed birth defect feet.
I'm pretty new to Chans, I've only been lurking here for at most a year now, and I was wondering what people mean when they respond to a post with "checked"? Does it have something to do with the checkbox in the top corner, and what does it do?
>>687863 it means you are recognizing that the post you are relying to has achieved dubs ie that it's post number contains a double number, like >>687200
(934.08 KB 175x197 MOSHED-2020-6-21-22-2-18.gif)
>>687863 You have to watch the movie American Psycho to understand it
(206.13 KB 1080x1024 Ec0UjWUXkAEI0Y2.jpg)
I have a question, what type of ideology is this?
>>687933 Retardation
>>687267 thanks
Is BreadTube oriented towards democratic, rather than more authoritarian socialism?
>>688138 Breadtube is oriented towards liberalism. Democracy vs authoritarianism is a false dichotomy. The dictatorship of the proletariat must be extremely democratic (for the proles), while using every authoritarian means possible to mercilessly crush every enemy of the revolution. Anybody who tells you that a revolution can survive without such measures is a liberal, and an enemy of the revolution.
>>688138 bread in breadtube refers to the book 'conquest of bread' by peter kropotkin, the arch-ancom. breadtube is a public face of the left, no one there is ever going to admit to not favouring strictly 'democratic' socialism, irrespective of what tendency they hold in their heart. it is currently unlikely that any of them would even bring up socialist critiques of liberal democratic notions of democracy, that is, start laying the groundwork for making more 'authoritarian' socialism acceptable to people. most of them seem to actually heavily lean anarchist, instead of just pretending to.
is it just my algorythm or is breadtube mostly critical theory people? they're all about how media says a lot about how we live in a society
>>688196 I'll install myself as leader of the revolution and decide how everyone brushes their teeth.
is it wrong to fraternize with porky? if it's not always wrong, where should the line be drawn? is it >ok to fraternize if porky is a birth family member? >ok to be friends with porky? >ok to stay friends if you're old friends? >ok to date porky? >ok to not commit sudoku if you are porky? asking for anon
How much religion, nationalism and revived tradition can I put into leftism before it isn't useful anymore?
What does Guy Debord mean exactly by the spectacle I've read the first twenty statements, and I'm not still not getting it. Can someone help explain it in simpler language please?
>>688568 Turn them into another Engels
>>688319 Up down and circular motions No side to side
>>688579 preferably zero IMO, but when talking to workers who are religious be tolerant to their beliefs. No one wants to be told that something as personal as their religious beliefs won't be allowed under socialism. Remember Bakunin was far more anti-religious than Marx, but he was more open to workers with religious beliefs join the international than Marx. But the reactionary beliefs held by a lot of people who hold religious, nationalist, and traditional beliefs should not be tolerated.
What's actually up with Soros? http://archive.is/bWNGO
How are you supposed to determine what is true and what isn't when it comes to discourse regarding Lefty countries for e.g china? maybe DRPK The reddit CIA propaganda shit makes me cringe The tankoids online bootlicking horrify me Both of them engage in whataboutism Both of them serve their spechuul sources and articles I feel like I'm crazy pills because of all these sides and ideology and nationalism BS. One on hand I am for curbing counter revolutionaries if the state is good. But I still don't understand if proles in china have it good or bad i.e i don't know whether china is good or not. One side says "Factory suicide nets" and the other says "Better material conditions than first world countries" On the other hand, the regular person and scared part of me worries on what basis are those muslims sent to camps that is if the reeducation centers are even real. Cause at the end of the day, I don't want to be taken out of my house for any period of time just because I happen to share a religion or live in some neighborhood with bad people. I know my support or dissent means nothing but I just want to make true sense of things. I don't want to be a fringe cultist or a cringe normie
>>689304 you don't, it's not possible. there are no reliable sources so you have to remain more or less agnostic. china is clearly not Good. they're not in a position to be Good, so you can just rule that out outright. best case for china not being Bad is that chinese proles' conditions have improved dramatically in the last decades. but all that tells you is that they have something in common with the us and western europe in the 80s. so, not strong evidence at all for not being Bad. second best case for china not being Bad is that they are not the us (or western europe) and that we need someone to take on the role of the ussr so we can have a bipolar world order again. back then you couldn't really conclude that the soviet union was Good from how they were fulfilling a very necessary and in many ways helpful role on the world stage. they could absolutely have done a better job of it if they had been more Good. i can't get more out of this than that china is a counterforce for the us and that is at least somewhat positive even if they just end up being another western europe ie. bourgeois entity with economic interests completely tied in with the us. from a material standpoint, this is the default option that has most evidence backing it up atm, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the most likely outcome. it could very easily go a different way if the us doesn't contain its rabies, if The Ongoing Permanent Global Crisis of Capitalism forces conflict, or if it turns out the chinese really were communist deep down all along and kept their hearts pure throughout all the pragmatism they had to commit in pursuit of the greater good. if that's true then historical materialism is effectively disproven and the chinese leadership have transcended what we would consider mere humanity. i hope that turns out to be the case, you never know with people, although you kind of do, but you don't.
>>689228 I know this book and I know exactly what you mean. Authors who are unable to express their ideas to a general audience should be dismissed. These people have nothing to say, so they use much hot air to hide the emptiness of their thoughts.
>>689304 Be skeptical about what you read and keep an open mind. With DPRK it's almost impossible to know what's true or not, because almost everything that is written about North Korea is propaganda in some form.
>>668575 cuz its not
>>689304 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nUemSdu4vOU Notice how much safer the design of the ride is than ones You'll see in capitalist countries
>>689304 i think once you understand Deng's reasoning for opening china up/letting capitalism run free, you might understand why it doesn't really make sense to defend china OR attack it. it's basically "wait and see" until the CPC attempts to reintroduce socialist policies/a bourgeois revolution occurs
>>689678 >if that's true then historical materialism is effectively disproven why
>>689700 It makes sense to critically defend China from imperialism aggression but not for anything else.
>>689701 exaggeration to make a point. historical materialism doesn't really work like that, it's not falsifiable and its successes are indisputable, even a hugely important historic turn like china turning out socialist would still just be one counterexample and historical materialism doesn't have to be able to account for everything to be valid and successful. but there's no way i can see that you could predict that current chinese political development will eventually lead to socialism on a materialist basis, and i doubt there'd be a way to retrodict it either. you'd pretty much have to allow a critical effect from ideology.
>>673256 >how the fuck neo-feudalism the next stage of society? If the energy crisis (peak oil never went away, people just stopped talking about it) outpaces society's ability to turn capitalism's crises of overproduction into communism, we will substantially lack the ability to develop an energy source with a higher Energy Return on Energy Investment (EROEI) than terrestrial renewables. A society producing energy at that level of EROEI quite simply will not have the energetic surplus available to support production to the level required for free consumption (communism). Transportation will also become more costly post-oil, reducing the range over which a state can effectively maintain influence. Fossil fuels are also the basis of agriculture capable of sustaining the current global population, both through the mechanization of agriculture and the Haber Process producing fertilizer. Without them it's back to the fields for a huge chunk of the population. The end result is much smaller states ruling over primarily small-holding subsistence farmers. Feudalism, but with solar power. Neo-feudalism. You can already see it starting in the collapse of infrastructure - not much new being built or maintained because we're burning too much of our surplus trying to suck ever-diminishing amounts of oil out of harder-to-reach places (hello fracking). Especially in America, states and overseas vassals and rivals are taking more initiative as the imperial centre is less able to dictate terms. China's been making all sorts of funny noises and Puerto Rico's basically been abandoned entirely.
what the fuck is going on between armenaia and azerbaijan
>>689304 Just believe what you want :D
>>690256 There's a region inside Azerbaijan's borders that has a large ethnically Armenian population. QED.
>>689304 It's not really important what happens in other countries. It's nice to have a "good take" on foreign countries, but it is impossible to have an accurate take. Just focus on local stuff and organizing.
Is it fair to say that the fact that manifestations of the mind in the superstructure have an effect on the base is what convinces people that material reality follows from ideas?
>>690256 During Soviet times there was an autonomous Armenian region within Azerbaijan. Later when the union was breaking up, the Armenian region wanted to join Armenia and this resulted in Yugoslavia style ethnic conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenia won the war in 1994 and now it has a puppet republic in former Azerbaijan territory. However there was only a ceasefire and no actual peace treaty. The two states remain as mortal enemies and occasional border conflicts occur.
>>689809 Would some form of Neo-Leninism be applicable to such a world?
Is Duterte /ourguy/ ?
>>690627 He definitely would have been if the NPA hadn't sperged out and had become the Philippine armed forces as originally planned
>>690627 He's a social fascist.
Why did Mao even have peasants try to craft metal? Doesn't China have lots of resources like iron?
>>690787 Practice makes perfect Simply learning how to smelt steel at all gave them the knowledge of an outside view on commoddity fetishism and mettalurgy skills
>>690797 I really don't see why they needed that.
>>690787 like with ~534 million-591 million tons of finished iron ore export I don't understand the need
Does the heat death of the universe imply the end of material contradictions, therefore the end of all dialectics, therefore contradicting dialectics?
>>690867 Anything can happen in an infinite amount of time
>>690867 HDotU is phonier than the Holodomor
>>690872 How is a renewal of the universe supposed to occur without violating the second law of thermodynamics?
>>690867 heat death of the universe is pseudoscience
>>690910 it's not?
>>690910 It's based on thermodynamics though?
>>690957 Bad motte-and-bailey.
>>690988 Is the good lord going to come down and introduce new energy into the visible universe, or do we exist in a closed system on even cosmological scales?
>>690994 Who knows yet? But there's no point to listen to people who got a C- in science class try to argue it.
>>690988 that's not a motte and bailey. the incompetent pedant is the most useless kind of pedant.
>>690726 Comrade Xi supports him so you should too, dumb ultraleft liberal.
So, to reemphasize my question, is a universe in thermodynamic equilibrium one which has no dialectical contradictions whatsoever, or would something force motion and change to somehow keep going in some new form?
>>691032 cosmology is idealism forcing everything into a dialectics framework is idealism
>>691032 the second one, the 0 state if the universe isn't rest but antagonism
will i get laid under socialism?
Are there any good, written Marxist criticisms of the human nature argument that one could read? It's annoying to deal with.
>>691209 Yes lad, in fact with the way things are going it's the only chance you'll ever have of not dying a virgin
>>691212 "human nature" isn't an argument
>>691212 have you read estranged labour?
>>691212 Human nature is one of the justifications of communism. Free human development is a goal!
>>691215 how would that happen though? i'm not sure how socialism would make people lower their standards. is it included in 'from each according to his ability'?
>>691239 Yes as long as you work diligently to establish socialism who you will become will get you laid in a socialist world Good luck lad
>>691255 fuck that was an incredibly cruel thing to say yet 100% fair.
does anybody have a clear definition of what "ideology" actually means? would i be correct in saying that people who call marxism an ideology are wrong? or is this simply a confusion of the 'marxist' usage of the word ideology vs the commonplace usage of it?
>>691317 marxism is definitely an ideology in the sense the word is generally used. it means something like a world view and value system rolled into one, your basic assumptions. it's essentially the same definition in both cases but since postmodernism it is no longer thought that ideologically neutral analysis is possible.
>>691317 Both. In the context of the thai banana tree kicking image board (le here) ideology, otherwise known as pure ideology, usually said by Zizek. Pure ideology seems to be an application of an ideology to show said ideology. For example the defunded public services on the pretense of privitisation and dog whistling. Another example would be Margaret Thatcher with "there is no other alternative" on the matter of neoliberal policies. Liberals do their virtue signalling. There would be more to it with more fancy words and intricacies, consider it a simple explanation.
Are slasher films actually awesome revenge driven classpilled films about proletarian strongmen recently fucked over by REAGANISM rising up and killing the bourgeoisie, usually with labor tools?
I havent been online for a bit so I thought to write another hypothetical interview. Enjoy. <*music plays* <Announcer: On Mox with host Jim Jones, fair and balanced, live! <JJ: Goooood morning ladies and gentlemen! Good with be with you! Such a nice lovely day, its beautiful! This morning our guest is Chr-... um Chrii.... *squints* >Me: Its Christcom...! <JJ: Ah, why get hung up on words!? Whats the big deal!? >Me: I even told you my name backstage <JJ: Lets not get sidetracked >Me: You have roasted people for far less than pronunciation <JJ: Let me ask you a question at least >Me: Third and counting <JJ: *slightly gasps* Well, so, you are a Satanist as we all know - >Me: No, you are wrong I am a Christian Com- <JJ: You cant! You just cant! How does one even... why are you misleading our viewers who work hard all day long, pay their taxes and contribute? All they want is just a civil and on point interview, what do you have against that? >Me: I am not so sure that it is me that you think you are interviewing and tell you what, you cant be more off topic <JJ: Thats just an opinion, everyone has an opinion and here is mine: why should I give you all my stuff which I have worked so hard for the longest time? >Me: If you do it as to be closer to God and follow Jesus as Jesus himself told another wealthy person you can, I am just not the person to give all your stuff to, maybe contact a monastery about that one. For years and years people such as you have exploited and rigged a system, a society, to treat the rest of your countrymen and countrywomen as tax mules - <JJ: Aah...... >Me: Tax havens, tax cuts, tax subsidies; who your viewers think that money comes from? They pay their taxes right? Surely more of their fair share than you, which you have been misdirecting them to the unemployed and young people when it has always been you who has been the welfare queen - you and the likes of you! <JJ: *checks notes* >Me: Why should companies get "inversions"? Why should there be tax havens? Why offshore manufacturing? Why should shipping companies fly flags of convenience? Usually in countries with horrid human rights abuses, fascists and authoritarians which funded their regimes, funded their military aggression. And you call yourselves Americans, Canadians, patriots even!? The most un-American, un-Canadian and unpatriotic has been you and your ilk! Why not the people, your viewers even, subscribe to worker citizenship in Sweden, Denmark they will get much better healthcare, education, services, rights and freedoms. <JJ: Ah-ah well, you know, I dont think I know what you are talking about <Me: I am talking about you and your gated communities <JJ: Lets settle down, why do you hate women? Who has hurt you so that you have this visceral hatred for women? >Me: Why do you hate women? Why should women be no less than bar girls in the Phillipines? Does Marcos sound familiar to you? <JJ: We like our interviews to be civil here, I dont know where you have been... >Me: If you call this punditry civil... tell me does your director spoon feed you lines? If so bring him here so he could interview me <JJ: We are all friends heeeeeere, come on its just a chat. Lets talk about China as its the biggest communist country in the world >Me: Sorry? <JJ: The Communist Party of China, the CCP as its called. Is China the example? Is that what society would look like >Me: Such an abomination, such an aberration to declare themselves in spirit of the communist tradition, socialist even. We have a so-called people's republic which prospects privatising hospitals, has suicide nets and slave labour, and doesnt have universal healthcare to name a few despite being the sweatshop of the world. No, China is not an example of a society and I am offended by the suggestion. <JJ: Thats just communism, being a slave to the state Me: Its being co-operative, you might as well call feudal Europe in the Middle Ages communist. <JJ: Christcom, you are alright. I just hope you come to your senses one day and get the commie out of you. Ladies and gentlemen: Christcom. Thank you for joining us. >Me: Every interview gives me great pleasure; sometimes when it starts, sometimes when it ends. Thank you for having me.
>>691379 why did you post this here
>>690555 >Neo-Leninism as a response to Neo-Feudalism? Not particularly, Neo-Charlemagne-ism would be more analogous to the level of social development we'd find ourselves in. Bear in mind that without an energy source of sufficient EROEI or density/portability, you're unable to pursue the mechanisation of farm labour or development of industry that were the key planks of Lenin's program. Basically you'd better work harder to midwife communism, because a globally-coordinated energy research and building program is the only thing standing between us and the Eternal Photovoltaic Middle Ages.
Did anyone archive the anarchism general?
>>691538 Have you tried asking the person in charge of the anarchism general? I'll see myself out.
(548.05 KB 1024x576 wk8usqnfblctghk7ozdf.png)
How do I not kill myself over missing opportunities over and over and over and over again? Chainlink just went up to like $8 I remember monitoring it when it was $3 not long ago. But I decided not to get into crypto because I had other stuff going on and people where telling me it's too riskie. I literally could have made enough to be a perma NEET. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK
>>691603 The speculation could just as easily have been misjudged, in which case you would have lost your talers like that juden itzig Lasalle.
>>690291 >anyone?
>>691691 Maybe, yeah
>>691603 FOMO is a huge weakness, extremely manipulable and makes you irrational and vulnerable to gambling addiction. learn to control yours or completely stop following prices.
>>691603 >I literally could have made enough to be a perma NEET Then you already are a rich bourgie. Kill yourself.
How old is the finnish bolshevik?
>>691971 why do you ask? he won't date you
>>692025 I'm asking just out of curiosity
>>692025 If that poster is an underage girl he probably will
>>692045 has he been accused of something?
(182.13 KB 722x1115 ms-pacman.jpg)
As we know, capitalism's goal is the accumulation of capital. But what's the point in it for the rich? Once they get more money than they and their children's children can hope to spend in their lifetime? Is the mere competition with other rich for who gets the richest an explanation for this? Is it just like an arcade game for them, who gets the most points and beats the highscore?
>>692112 I think the rich are much like feudal nobles. They are mainly worried about losing their position be it from other rich or from the working class waking up and dethroning them.
>>692112 partly it's about the highscore thing. but money is power and more money means more power. when you have absolutely everything else you could ever want, using power over others becomes the last source of satisfaction. more money is also protection from risk of losing that money.
What's the likleyhood of cuba surviving? Their economy is already highly dependent on tourism.
Where was this article posted? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cyber-deepfake-activist-idUSKCN24G15E I'm sure I saw it posted here today, but I don't remember in which thread or if it was in the OP. I can't find it. The post also said "Israel is Ubik" or something like that. Am I going crazy?
>>692098 someone post the screencaps
What do people unironically think about Hoxha?
>>693228 Based
>>693081 thanks
>>693032 This is why we need the search function
Is there any way to donate to a legitimate Black Lives Matter organization or something that would propel the cause?
>>693705 already been talked about in the China thread
>>693705 I'm not opening that shit my dude
>>692151 Are they socialist? Were they?
(588.53 KB 1068x675 ahe33.png)
(501.80 KB 1063x675 g3wg4e.png)
(957.54 KB 1081x664 h3nq34e.png)
Where is the animation that Brenden McCooney uses in his videos? I've seen it in other videos on youtube by leftists but I think he was the first. Is it from an old educational series? Does anyone know the name or where to find it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ujk7T3hjUY0
(544.29 KB 1059x645 ag3.png)
(1.17 MB 1071x666 ah3.png)
(610.18 KB 968x533 ha4ehjq.png)
What right-wing/pro-capitalist books should I read? For understanding the opponent etc etc
Anyone know where to find accurate death stats due to Communism? Everywhere I look I see "muh 100 million"
>>695150 Arguing that no actually only x number of people died is just stupid.
What was the reason that unemployment is beneficial to capitalists?
>>695979 reserve army of labour. employers never have to compete for workers, workers have to fear losing their job because they might not get another one. keeps them in line.
>>695979 It suppresses wages since if workers start to demand better conditions, the capitalists can just call upon unemployed people who are more desperate. Granted, this is harder with more specialized workers.
>>696384 The rate of profit falls Socialism by 2050
>>696389 Wonder why my question was deleted
>>696391 Because it was a pointless loaded question.
What are some good resources on the Gate of Heavenly Peace Square demonstrations that don't represent the mainstream view?
Japan proves the lower rate of profit in a clear view? & It can become a socialist country in the near term?
What is a good Marxist analysis of the advertisement industry? How does it fit into the capitalist mode of production, in terms of Marx's law of value?
>>696489 The protest movement was supported by the liberal faction of the CPC including high ranking party members such as Zhao Ziyang, the Yeltsin of China promised to open the door to liberalization if it had succeeded like in Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Georgia, and the USSR. The protest movement, as evidenced by their own accounts, called for political and economic liberalization, rallying around a replica of the statue of liberty. After the movement had been building in the square for seven weeks, unarmed soldiers were sent in to disperse the protesters, after which many soldiers were beaten to death, torched, and lynched. The New York Times' death count went from 2600, to 8000, then to tens of thousands. In reality, it wasn't a massacre of peaceful students, but skirmishes between PLA soldiers and armed detachments from the liberal reformist movement. Nobody was killed inside the square itself, only around 300 (including soldiers) were killed or trampled in smaller clashes in streets outside the square. https://www.liberationnews.org/tiananmen-the-massacre-that-wasnt/ https://medium.com/@leohezhao/notes-for-30th-anniversary-of-tiananmen-incident-f098ef6efbc2 The Chinese Communist Party did not and does not deny the incident and the deaths that occurred, nor did they hide the incident from the public. They held a press conference on national television two days after the incident occurred where they openly admitted the actions that took place, the estimated casualties, and the political motives involved. https://imgur.com/a/Wqq19Q6 An on-scene Washington Post reporter disavowed his own article for its lies and lack of journalistic integrity, especially regarding the alleged machine-gunning of protesters. https://archives.cjr.org/behind_the_news/the_myth_of_tiananmen.php A protest leader who came from Taiwan admitted that no protesters were killed in the square: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqPI8xlnrwg&feature=youtu.be&t=1374 A wikileaks cable from a US ambassador to the US state department confirmed that no killings or machine-gunnings took place in the square: https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/89BEIJING18828_a.html
Where do I find the anticapitalist Zoomers?
>>696787 advertising is unproductive. it doesn't create any value. it has a role in circulation, capturing a bigger share of the market, and getting monopoly prices out of a brand.
>>698579 Transporation doesn't create any value, neither does management. Does that mean those jobs are useless?
what is platypus1917? what is their perspective/agenda?
Is it accurate to say that Chávez selected his ministers too much on the basis of loyalty rather than competence?
Was the "Cultural Revolution", in reality just a civil war between two factions of the CPC?
why do some people on the left support hezbollah? i thought they were islamists
>>699192 They are self-defense against a much bigger evil. A lot of MLs support Iran for the same reason, without any illusion that Iran is a shithole, but a shithole that deserves not to be carpet bombed to become even a worse shithole. >>698830 Transportation does create value, friend. Management is a trickier question I am not prepared to tackle.
>>698830 unproductive within the context of LTV doesn't mean the work is useless, no. it just means surplus value isn't created. a job only has to be desirable for someone with the money to pay for it to get done. there are jobs that destroy value, but they benefit the employer. otoh a lot of work that creates only use value that can't be captured is unproductive in a capitalist mode of production. >>699204 >Transportation does create value, friend. Management is a trickier question I am not prepared to tackle. both are jobs you'd have to judge on a case by case basis. transportation is a support function of nearly all activity in society, and a lot of that activity is not productive, so its support functions can't be either. as for management, ideally it could be seen as a productivity-increasing support function and therefore productive, but mostly it's just enforcing worker discipline which is not productive.
>>698846 >platypus perspective platypus is a sort of clearinghouse for idiosyncratic Marxist analyses most far left tendencies are incredibly stagnant intellectually so if your analysis doesn't fit into anyone's existing half-century-old mold you're basically going to get shunned from the irl left at that point platypus is pretty much the last avenue left for you to publicise your takes as a result there isn't one unified perspective, they'll publish just about anything i went there for some quality postone the other day and within two clicks i was reading some retard decrying the american protests for their 'violence' >platypus agenda accordingly the organisation doesn't have a single unified agenda they seem willing to publish just about anything dressed up sufficiently marx-y some writers will be academics who treat the whole marxism thing as an intellectual exercise some writers will be bitter ex-members of one cult or another with an ideological axe to grind some writers will be presenting real insight that just happens to not fit with anyone's current strategic orientation there seems to be an unspoken rule about having to claim that what your conclusions have no relevance for praxis, even if they really obviously do i think this ties into platypus' other function, which is to act as neutral ground for the various bitterly divided marxist cult grouplets around the world if you pay attention to the theory output of these groups you'll note that the top cadre are often drawing on some insight gleaned from a platypus publication and i'm quite certain that if you went to platypus' historical materialism conference those same top cadre would be present and presenting it's a really interesting question, i'm glad you brought it up comrade
>>698830 >Transporation doesn't create any value Read the first chapter of Capital II. >>698846 https://louisproyect.org/2010/04/25/q-what-is-a-platypus-a-an-american-eustonite/ Comment by "Barry Lyndon" (same guy used to be on RevLeft I think): <I despise Platypus because I joined their reading/discussion group, being a young Marxist college student interested in intellectual conversation with like-minded individuals. Or, at least, what I thought were like minded individuals. What I instead discovered instead nauseated me. At their Chicago citywide meeting, the fare consisted of spending 20 minutes sneering, laughing, and making insulting remarks about the protesters who were occupying NYU at the time. It wasn’t even a helpful criticism of their tactics, it was just derogatory attacks on student activism in general as well as anarchists, even though they knew their was an anarchist in the room. Chris Cutrone, one of the editors of the review, then went on to describe a local chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, which I am active in, as local Hamas cell. When I challenged him, he backed off a little, saying their were not Hamas, but “soft Islamists”(a term he uses in his obsessive articles about Iran). After the meeting broke up, I spent another 20-30 minutes arguing with a rabid Zionist who was defending the Israeli massacre in Gaza, because all Arabs were Nazis to him, he argued. No one contradicted him or intervened on my behalf, but smiled and laughed while he stood there justifying ethnic cleansing. The conversation turned to Latin America, and one member compared Hugo Chavez to Josef Stalin. That was too much for me, I stormed off. <That is why I hate Platypus. They are not socialists, they are not Marxists, they are not even progressive. They follow a bizarre right-wing inversion of Trotskyism. They have articles extolling the American occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq as progressive, they denounce the Cuban and Bolivarian revolutions and parrot right-wing propaganda about both of them, they dismiss all student activists as idiotic and childish, their editor has lied on camera claiming that there is no hunger in Gaza under the Israeli blockade. They claim that the Russian revolution was worthless, almost a ‘total disaster from the start'(Cutrone). From start to finish, they are anti-socialist, anti-labor, anti-Third World, racist, snobbish elitist liars, who hate the left and everything it stands for because they have convinced themselves that ‘The Left is dead’, which they chant like a religious mantra. And wherever they show up, and I know who they are, I will show up to expose their lies. <And no, I am not part of the Spartacist League, and never have been. I didn’t even know who Platypus was until I joined them. So don’t trot out that excuse to brush off and ignore what I have just said. See also: https://weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/963/dissecting-the-platypus/ https://weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/865/no-need-for-party/ https://weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/872/divided-by-a-common-language/
>>699614 them being way into pro-israel and pro-america shit is disappointing and yet also unsurprising but seeing their opposition (veteran sectarian shitflinger proyect and irrelevant grouplet CPGB) lined up like that kind of lends weight to their thesis about the left being dead as a fucking doornail also speaking as a former student activist >spending 20 minutes sneering, laughing, and making insulting remarks about the protesters who were occupying NYU at the time completely justified and reasonable on platypus' part
>>668405 "stalinist"
>>699652 You say that on the one hand them arguing for absolutely horrid positions is bad, on the other hand their opposition isn't cool enough for a cool person such as myself. But that isn't another hand, it isn't even a finger. If you want to have "discussions" of that sort, go to Twitter.
>>699761 but that's barely what i'm saying at all i'm saying that their horrible positions are bad and that their correct positions are correct they're wrong about israel and such, they're totally fucking right about the left being dead their point about the left being dead is made demonstrated by the fact that the only people who apparently give a shit about them being pro-israel hacks are sectarian bloggers and pointless rump grouplets as in, why the fuck isn't there an actual viable left calling them out on their bullshit i genuinely do not understand what the fuck you're on about with the 'cool' comment
>>699829 Go to Twitter and don't come back.
Anyone know where the Holodomor narrative came from? Why Ukrainians and not other ethnic groups?
>>701703 ukraine suffered the most, and the narrative literally came from goebbels
>>701703 The 30's famine was particularly harsh in the UkSSR, and the subsequent population shifts led to large Russian ethnic minorities shifting into eastern Ukraine. This was never actually an issue at the time, as it was instrumental to the post-famine industrialization and buildup. In World War II, Ukrainian nationalist organizations were part and parcel of the Ukrainian collaborationist factions, which performed exceedingly brutal atrocities against the occupied Soviet populace under the guise of rooting out Russian-Bolshevik influence that had 'poisoned' Ukraine, so to speak, to the effect of being even more particularly brutal, even relative to the other collaborationist and occupied territories. In 1991, this nationalist narrative was rehabilitated, sans fascistic tendencies nominally, to play a part in the independent geopolitics of the nation of Ukraine. The difficulty has come from the problems this poses with Poland, who also suffered ethnic reprisals from Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and also that Ukraine still fell into the region heavily affected by Russian soft power. Largely, the Holodomor narrative emerged as part of expatriate communities narrative of opposition to the Soviet Union as a 'uniquely' Ukrainian struggle against an oppressive bulwark, the wartime ideological prerogatives of the Ukrainian collaborators, and the new national origin myth of the modern nation of Ukraine to guarantee western support against Russia (and for the West, a narrative whip that can be used to back anti-communist historiography that has become especially prevalent since 1991).
>>701725 Is there any reason to believe he in particular was the first one to spread it?
(126.95 KB 600x900 pb46122.jpg)
I want to buy all six of Hal Draper's books from Monthly Review Press. The total is $173. They seemingly do not often give discount codes/coupons out, unless you subscribe to their magazine. Ideally I would like at least 40% off. Does anyone know any discount codes for monthly review press?
Does this chan automatically strip EXIF data from images?
(368.10 KB 882x729 scw.png)
Can anyone tell me why this map shows a zone for SDF and SAA occupation and one fore SDF and American occupation? Did a split in the SDF happen that I didn't know about? Like a split between the ones which want to continue collaboration with the US and the ones which don't?
>>702000 I now realize that the actual pic doesn't showcase what I'm talking about, so see here instead https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_civil_war
Does this chan ever have bookshelf threads? Is there any interest in seeing photos of my bookshelf? I have 1000+ books about socialism/communism/anarchism/labor history/fiction/psychoanalysis I have collected over the past 10 years. What board should that be posted to?
>>702000 >>702007 http://hawarnews.com/en/haber/final-statement-of-autonomous-administration-of-north-east-syria-h3608.html this is the only article I can find on it so far. it looks like they have a joint presidency between one for the Syriac Component and one for the Eastern component. don't know the details but I'm going to keep looking into it.
>>702045 I just download books, way cheaper.
>>702045 >What board should that be posted to? >>>/edu/
What books should i read if i want to understand magick and satanism?
>>702538 Kama Sutra
>>702538 do something better with your time....
How likely is is that countries like Cuba or the DPRK will collapse after a couple of years from now? More specfically, after a couple of years from their main historical leaders. I obviously don't mean to say every socialist country in history worked or works the same way, but do you guys ever think about this? Like compare both Cuba and the DPRK to socialist countries which specifically had one popular leader for most of that country's existance (some examples which come to mind are Yugoslavia and Albania). In a way, the existance of these popular and loved leaders shape the country in some way or another. And then we look at Cuba, which had Castro as the paramount leader from 1959 to 2006 (I believe that was the year when he resigned) to which then his brother took over, and only very recently we've seen a non-Castro leader. Then we look at the DPRK, they've managed something similar with Kim il Sung, Kim Jong il, and Kim Jong un, but what about when the latter dies? Yugoslavia collapsed 12 years after Tito's death, and Albania only 5 years after Hoxha died. Could something similar happen now with Cuba? And later down the line with the DPRK?
>>702571 The political system in Cuba seems very stable, and the hand off of power to non-Castros seems like it went well. If anything causes the collapse of Cuba, I think it will be economic or imperialism related, not a leadership crisis. The DPRK maybe if they ran out of Kims, but they have some spares.
anyone got good dirt on the bill and melinda gates foundation?
Why did Marx choose to write kapital in german instead of english? did he work on an English translation himself?
>>702669 in 19th century europe the two important languages to know were french and german. english was not widely used.
>>702571 They made it through the 90s. Why should they collapse now. >>702669 Engels checked the English translation.
what the fuck is orientalism? Is it the hottest new buzzword?
Did Soviet police shave men with long hair? Was rock music banned from the USSR?
>>702669 Cuz Marx and Engels were German. >>703091 Its not really new, it is the way the "west" depicts the "east", ideas that go back all the way to the ancient Greeks, the west is free, rational individuals, the east are unthinking hordes ruled over by despots etc. The same way the Greeks talked about the Persians, is used today to talk about China, the USSR etc.
are neoconservative and neoliberal the same thing? Are all neocons neolibs but neocons also means something else? I don't really understand the difference between these two terms. Like was Bush a neocon but also a neolib? And was Obama a neolib but not a neocon?
>>703612 It can be summarized as all neocons are neolibs but not all neolibs are neocons. Obama, despite his social liberalism and whatnot was very much a neocon, for example.
>>703612 neocon = neolib hawk
What is the difference between monetary capital, real capital and loan capital?
>>703836 one is cash, one is mop, and one is loans or bought on loans and you have to keep paying interest for it.
Why do incels think life is so much easier for women? From what I can see the only things women truly have easier are getting into relationships and maybe getting friends, outside of that things seem either mostly equal or tilted such that guys have a general advantage. In some, if not many instances things are so titled and advantageous for guys that I’d honestly think that my being born a male was Allah’s blessings being bestowed on me. Is it their inability to see women beyond a sexual role that does it? Women are just people they wanna fuck and their so obsessed with sex that getting laid easily is all there is to life?
>>670268 >Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things. The conditions of this movement result from the premises now in existence.
(301.98 KB 800x800 7auxwxqb6u051.png)
Can i get some sources or document proof that the CIA funded subversive art to combat the american left
>>704964 What's the difference between "a state of affairs to be established" and "the abolition of the present state of things"? Either way you end up in a stateless, classless, moneyless society, right?
>>704937 >Is it their inability to see women beyond a sexual role that does it? Women are just people they wanna fuck and their so obsessed with sex that getting laid easily is all there is to life? yeah, pretty much
>>704937 repressed trannies
>>704937 >I’d honestly think that my being born a male was Allah’s blessings being bestowed on me. If I could picky any position in society it would likely be male because they can rise the highest. However if I could only choose the gender and be assigned at random to one member of the group I would choose female because the lowest positions are also mostly male. The median young western female probably has it better than the male counterpart.
Can anyone give me a quick rundown on how the economy of the FR Yugoslavia functioned? Did Milosevic fully restore capitalism?
Why is Marxism opposed to marginal utility theory? Would you really pay as much money for electricity to run decorative lights as you would your fridge?
>>705225 >What's the difference between "a state of affairs to be established" and "the abolition of the present state of things"? Funnily enough, the important part is actually the middle bit that you didn't quote. Marx is counterposing 'a state of affairs to be established' against the real movement. Both, obviously, intend to abolish the present state of things. However, the various proposals for 'states of affairs' have no material reason to exist beyond the political will of their proposers. Living exclusively in the realm of ideas, they cannot manifest in the real world. Compare the 'real movement'. Note that this isn't a movement in the sense of 'the civil rights movement' - the movement of people. No, Marx in this quote is referring to the overall arc of capitalist development - the movement of history. Marx is talking about his discovery - that capitalism is an inherently contradictory system that erodes the premises of its own existence. Production for exchange tends toward breakdown, and the productive forces expand toward abundance. Have you ever stopped to wonder why communism is specifically identified as a 'stateless, classless, moneyless' society? I mean, there are lots of bad things about capitalist society. Why have those three features been singled out? Well, it's because those three features a) underpin capitalism as a system, and b) are undermined by capitalism's contradictions. If I leave it there someone's going to accuse me of saying that we can kick back because capitalism's going to kill itself and that communism is inevitable. That couldn't be further from the case. Note that in the above I never say that capitalism is destroyed by these contradictions, only that it is undermined, that the premises for its existence are eroded. Capitalism, even completely hollowed out of its content as it is, will persist, zombie-like, until the working class takes the world-historic step of self-abolition.
>>670154 It's really telling how far the Left has slid that you didn't get immediate enthusiastic agreement for this statement. Or maybe it's just leftypol that's full of red liberals. Hard to tell.
(111.73 KB 576x448 1594330878831.gif)
Is moving to another country to live really possible if you are a burger, especially after this coronavirus? Seems like people who move out of america just get derided and made fun of. But I cannot stand living in shart land and interacting with people here. I hate the enviroment, I hate the people, and I hate the landscape, I hate the car culture, I hate highways, I despise the politics, etc If I could live NEET Ted mode in the woods I would but that is impossible, so the next best things if I HAVE to live in society would be moving anywhere that isn't America. seems like there is this really weird double standard of tons of people immigrating to America and that apparently being fine, but if you want to leave it everyone hates you even other leftists I've seen
>>706935 >but that is impossible
>>706935 You should actually do it man. Just read or even talk with some Americans living in a EU country for example. We have one radio speaker from America who wrote a blog for a few years. You do have to bring something that you will be able to do as a job to the table. You fuckers are working basically 24/7 and maybe are totally free of your job on Sundays. It's like a nighmare when listening to Americans or to fellow countrymen who worked in the USA for a while. If you can be a language teacher or something just get the fuck out of that horrible country. Unless your relatively rich of course.
>>706248 Because it's just make-believe. It does not explain aynthing in reality.
>>706248 >Would it really take as much labor for electricity to run decorative lights as it would your fridge? Yes
>>706959 thx for the reply. Do you think I should tour Europe or Asia to see what it is like first before I move? I have like $1000 specifically from my parents to travel. I'm realistic and I expect moving to take years to accomplish but still I want to get started now
>>706953 it is. Ted himself found this out when he tried to live in da woods and society just kept encroaching and getting closer and closer. The only natural land that won't get developed is national parks everything else will get developed Ted found this out the hard way.
>>706187 Milošević has nothing to do with anything really, except rising nationalism. Yugoslavia had an USSR style planned economy between 1946-1950. In 1950 it was declared that factories shall belong to workers. So, in practice, workers did actually run factories via workers council that were elected by workers working in a factory. Also internal referendums on a number of issues could be called. In 1953 this was also added in the constitution. All of the factories still had to follow the general plan set up by the government. In 1964 the economy stated cooling a bit and there was an internal strife on what to do. So a bad thing was adopted - everyone still had to follow a general plan, but still the market was also used to allocate products and workers. Self management was even more prominent. In 1974 a new new constitution was adopted with which Yugoslavia actually became a self-managed state. Firms and municipalities (the councils of people elected into the councils) worked together on how and what to produce, what to invest the surplus in etc. The market was still a tool to allocate consumer goods and workers. The worldwide recession of the 70s hit Yugoslavia only in the early 80s, becoes of low growth nationalist tendencies erupted.
>>706970 Reminds me of Red Dead Redemption (both 1&2) and my thoughts on this issue, society just doesn't seem like the place to be so outcasts try to flee it. Only for society/civilization to creep up on you and devour everything like a cancerous plauge, there is no hope of escape, only surviving to adjust to a system where there seems to be no hope.
Why were/are socialist economies affected by recessions and such? For example, why was 1970s/1980s USSR described as a 'stagnating' economy? Was this an actual problem?
>>707012 Because they didn't manage to make the next step into the advancment of socialism and the law of value still destroyed them. However, the great depression had zero effect on USSR for example, as the market forces were non existant back then.
>>707014 When did the law of value come back into the USSR in such a way that made it vulnerable to global market forces causing recession?
>>707237 Khrushchev
I wonder, does anyone think there’s a significance that liberals declared their victory as the fabled “End of History” while Marxists see the victory of socialism as the end of humanity’s pre-history and the start of civilized society (i.e. history *begins* with socialism)?
>>707253 How did he introduce it back, specifically?
>>706248 >Would you really pay as much money for electricity to run decorative lights as you would your fridge Yes? I mean I literally do, there is just one meter on my house lol, not like there is an individual meter on each electronic device and the electric company charges you different lol. I also pay the same price for water I use to drink, do dishes, shower etc. Also, marginal utility theory has no empirical evidence behind it. Labor theory of value does. The only reason bourgeois academia moved away from it was because Marx used it in his theories.
What is rhizzone.net?
>>707559 >What is rhizzone.net? An offsite forum for refugees from the shutdown of 'Laissez's Faire' (LF), a sub-forum on SomethingAwful. LF basically pioneered left-wing shitposting. The name rhizzone comes from Deleuze & Guattari's work - they're that kind of leftist. They're really into Maoism, D&G, permaculture and the attendant doomerism, and Detroit techno. Pretty much their entire userbase has been caught doing all the shitty things you'd expect of extremely online maoist internet weirds, thanks to the obsessive efforts of kiwifarms and earlier fascist SomethingAwful offsites. Some of their frontpage articles are worth a read.
>>707671 >Pretty much their entire userbase has been caught doing all the shitty things you'd expect of extremely online maoist internet weirds, thanks to the obsessive efforts of kiwifarms and earlier fascist SomethingAwful offsites. Can you elaborate on this?
>>706971 Ok but from 1974 until 1992, did nothing change economically? And then when the SFR Yugoslavia collapsed did its socioeconomic system transfer over to FR Yugoslavia?
>>707256 I actually had no clue socialism was supposed to be the start of history for Marxists (I'm assuming specifically Leninists believe this since Marxist purists don't make a distinction between socialism and communism). I knew ofc that Marxists call communism the end of history, but as for the significance of the liberals' End of History, I think it's mostly just to solidfy their status as the ruling global ideology.
>>707765 Communism won't be the end of history. It will be the end of the class struggle being the driving force of history, but contradictions are eternal. There will be new contradictions, and constant change. Hopefully, they will be non-antagonistic contradictions.
>>707776 Could we ever see any hints of those coming contradictions today?
>>707785 I am sure that the seeds are already growing, but that it is very hard to identify them as such. We are still stuck in capitalism, with the socialist societies that have existed barely entering the beginnings of socialist construction. There is much we don't know about communism at this point, although in the future historians will be able to point at developments in our society as sewing the seeds, just as we can point to the struggle for town charters waged by urban burgers during the middle ages as a key development towards capitalism.
>>707732 The two examples I can remember off the top of my head are third world sex tourism and being a landlord
What would Marx think of this board?
>>708896 That we’re pathetic probably
>>708896 He'd be posting here and shittalking the anarchists
>>708896 He'd probably get banned after like two days
>>707765 The start of men controlling social forces, instead of social forces controlling men. The start of history proper.
(116.42 KB 1080x686 EdY1sPsWkAAHHMb.jpg)
What do you guys make of the "confessions" of jewish conspiracy from the likes of marcus eli, samuel roth, maurice samuel?
>>709048 Most of them have no source. If you look up the quote on a search engine the earliest instance is always Stormfront or something lol
>>708907 Only correct take
>>709051 what about the shit that's true?
>>709048 Never heard of any of them. I'm sure there are Jews who think the whole world revolves around them. Not just Jews either, if you want to meet someone who think he's the center of the universe then I'll just introduce you to my cousin.
>>708866 That's it?
(65.05 KB 640x640 6nxph7fptr841.jpg)
Is there an Ethnic name for people whos ancestry is British-Scotish-Irish exclusively? Is it Britianian? Or maybe Anglo-Celtic?
>>709159 yes: retarded
>>709159 Is that girl Britianian?
>>709180 she is norf fc.
(71.15 KB 696x378 1_hu8iTZHAaMmwByAqZ8QhlA.jpeg)
(42.88 KB 900x900 irish.png)
>>709159 There is an ethnic name for people whose ancestry is scottish/irish. POTATOuighur
Should I apply for unemployment (USA) even if the reasons I left last job are kinda dubious (I quit). But it was to start a new job that has been continuously delayed because of Corona? I figured that is a good reason for them to give me bux. I know I'm pretty late on the ball
>>709309 does it hurt to try? if not, then yes.
>>709309 makes sense, how could they prove that you weren't just a worker in frictional unemployment caught up in the structural unemployment of COVID? good luck anon
>>709159 no but that is my mix
Are "conservatives" ironically "Stirnerites"?
>>709634 no, they love markets and private property.
>>705564 based and milfpilled.
>>709634 They believe in way too many spooks to be stirnerites
What is the general criticism of trotskyism, historical as well as more recent brands (such as those fighting/having fought in syria against other left groups when even MLs and anarchists fight together)?
>>689718 Do you not see it as materialist to think that China was not developed enough to play on the world stage, and thus needed to go through an actual capitalist stage before going into socialism? I could just be stupid but eh
>>709193 Why are the Scottish/Irish associated with potato?
>>711556 1841 Irish potato famine
are public school teachers exploited in the marxist sense? isn't their labour not really producing exchange value?
>>705008 (((subversive art))) Oy vey! The masses know! Seal up the art guild!
>>709159 Anglo-Celtic usually >>709173 my sides
Difference between materialism and realism?
>>711428 Dengists always admit that they truly believe capitalism is the superior economic system
>>711960 Not even Deng said anything this retarded. But nice bait try, retard.
>>711972 Dengists never directly say capitalism is superior It’s simply implicit in the arguments they make
>>711960 you're mischaracterising the scope of the dengists' normative claim about capitalism. the ability of a capitalist system in China to bring foreign capital in, serve as export for the west, take foreign capital, etc. are all advantages within a competitive global capitalism. if they're trying to compete in the sense that the USSR was competing with the capitalist blocs, there are surely arguments in dengism for that.
>>712052 individualist-anarchists that eschew the leftist tradition, especially worker movements. assortment of non-capitalist marketists, anti-workists, stirnerites, poorly disguised ancaps, performance artists, insurrectionists, primitivists and the list goes on. c4ss and crimethinc are examples of post-leftist organization.
Why did the Soviet Union restrict its citizens from moving between towns and cities, and other member states?
(29.03 KB 1920x190 uh oh.png)
What do the denizens of this board make of the Austrian-leaning 'libertarian' financial blog ZeroHedge? Is it useful at all as a 'news aggregator' (that term's popular with the teenyboppers, right?) - or should it be avoided like the plague?
How bad were the NKVD prisoner massacres? Did all those people really deserve it? Why were they tortured so often?
>>713999 Uh what prisoner massacre are you talking about? Be more specific.
>>713347 It's alright, bit loopy at times but has done some good pieces. Not sure if it's still as good or if its gone a bit more retarded but in the early 2010s it did good stuff.
Why is Reddit cringe? I despise reddit but I can't explain it to my peers that are exploring leftism and keep ending up on reddit why I hate them so much. How can I word the state of leftism on reddit?
was bodybuilding outlawed in the USSR? bodybuilding is good I hate the obsession some leftists have with austerity
>>714403 great, now reddit pissed off the trots, tankies and libsocs.
Is it wrong ot think it is understandable that people are doubtful of mask wearing when literally no mainstream people are condeming the protests which are probably not the best for covid?
(188.18 KB 720x589 20200603_182659.jpg)
>>714285 It is cringe, however it's pretty funny when fucking r/socialism has a less cucked response to police apologia than leftypol
>>714478 Also has one of the best domains available and around 10 users lol
>>714478 >a few people take a position therefore all of leftypol is anti protest I'm so sick of people like you.
Does anyone have any good resources or sources on Jewish Bolsheviks? Ukrainian fag is saying that "most Bolsheviks were Jewish"
Do only reactionaries rewrite their personal memories to the point of inventing fiction, or is this an entirely human characteristic?
>>715682 You mean like Mein Kampf and shit like that?
>>714008 There were massacres but the scale of it was exaggerated by Nazi propaganda which is now repeated today. Just like with the "Soviet mass rapes". Even that article admits that: >The massacres were later documented by the occupying German authorities and were used in anti-Soviet and anti-Jewish propaganda.
>>714723 Bitch, if no one pushes back against certain positions then yes people will assume the board implicitly agrees with it. The board is isn't exactly a shrinking violet and will go full retard to deny racism exists and or that it's important to class struggle.
How come there was a giant nationwide campaign against tobacco use? Aren't tobacco companies supposed to lobby against that kind of stuff?
>>715887 By nationwide I'm assuming you mean Amerilardia. Tobacco isn't ingrained in Amerilard culture as much as fast food for example. In white trash Amerilard culture it's typical for parents to tell their 16 year old kids that they need to "go get a job" (instead of making them study STEM and pass their exams like the more civilized cultures in Asia) and that usually means employment at, if not at retail, then at a fast food restaurant. Tobacco industry doesn't have any need to employ lots of Amerilards, fast food does (until automation/self-serve renders them unnecessary). Normies tend to like to fetishize things they consume and places they work at. Amerilards used to consume tobacco in larger numbers but they didn't work there so they don't fetishize tobacco as much as they continue to fetishize Big Macs.
(26.42 KB 617x136 aaaaaaahhh.png)
How do I stop tab hoarding?
>>716013 You can’t
>>716013 get a tab manager and start saving your tabs instead of keeping them open. once you have ten thousand saved, saving them is functionally equivalent to just closing them.
>>715682 confabulation is a feature of how our minds work, yes everyone does it.
>>715749 really dumb assertion in general, if it's a stupid point why would anybody want to feed the person? just ignore them
>>716229 holy shit i do this too
So I'm reading about the East German Strike of 1953, can we talk about this? >To ease the economic strain caused by the "construction of socialism," the Politburo decided to increase worker norms on a compulsory basis by 10% across all state-owned factories: that is, workers now had to produce 10% more for the same wage.[7] Additionally, there were increases in prices for food, health care, and public transportation. Taken together, the norm and price increases amounted to a 33 per cent monthly wage cut.[8] >increases in prices for health care I was always under the impression the GDR was pretty decent. They didn't have universal healthcare?
"The government of persons is replaced by the administration of things, and by the conduct of processes of production." What does this actually mean?
Did the GDR ever achieve a socialist mode of production in the Marxist sense (workers control the MoP, use value directs production, no wage labour etc.)?
What does it mean exactly when people say "Pure spectacle"?


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