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Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 14:57:09 No. 661184
#BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein confidante, British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-jeffrey-epstein-aide/2495762
How long will she last? I give her about a week before the inevitable "suicide" or some kind of plea deal that for whatever reason, exonerates the Clintons and Ehud Barak
(631.00 KB 597x548 45.png)
ladies and gentlemen, we gotem
Thank fuck she's merely a socialite and not a full blown socialist or sociahardcore (i.e. communist) because then we'd have a serious optics problem on our hand.
(313.59 KB 638x343 A Pay Your Respect.png)
Press F to pay respect Press S to spit on grave Press P to piss on grave
Critical support for /ourgirl/ in antiimperialist strugle!
>Maxwell will face charges that she conspired with the disgraced financier to sexually abuse underage girls How can a women sexually abuse another women? Posters here will cheer at every opportunity of sexism.
>>661188 It would be fucking incredible if she "killed herself" as well. Maybe they were just two very depressed pedophiles.
>>661199 are you retarded?
>>661200 Upon thinking about it, the second option I thought of might be more likely, she'll testify that there was no child sex on the lolita Express and all the world's most powerful people never saw, touched, or had any part in the sex crimes and the case will be closed.
(328.86 KB 650x487 deng beetle.png)
>FBI arrests billionaire USA confirmed socialist made by Deng Geng
Since she didn't die from fire with her hands tied behind her back when feds busted her compound (or wherever she was staying) I can only imagine that they finally cooked up a story which does not implicate Clintons, Trump, Ehud Barak or any of the alphabet agencies. Instead they will find (at most) a completely irrelevant somewhat rich fall guy and then shredders and fire do its work.
(46.10 KB 1242x461 SUICIDE REQUEST.jpg)
>>661205 >>661220 this. she (and MAYBE dersh/wexner?) will get time, the government officials and royals involved will be let off the hook
>>661205 She's going to testify that Epstein did all of the pedophilia on his own and that no one else ever knew about it. All the world's rich and powerful were merely patsies who got bamboozled by the world's smartest pedophile. Maybe she'll do a little mea culpa and admit to helping cover up or traffic children, but it will be couched somehow implying she didn't actually know what she was doing because Epstein was just that brilliant of a puppet master.
>>661232 >2 mutual friends They've got more friends than that in common.
>>661220 I see few more alternatives to this 1-She will implicate Trump in the most retarded Russiagate way like he went there with Putin or something and she dindu nuffin after that she will be welcomed into the """resistance""" 2-End up dead because of COVID-19 (she will of course get it naturally) just before her date in court 3-Or the combination of the two
>>661251 >She will implicate Trump in the most retarded Russiagate way like he went there with Putin or something and she dindu nuffin after that she will be welcomed into the """resistance""" Oh my fucking God this is so retarded it's definitely gonna happen
>>661251 1 will 100% happen, liberal grift will never stop
(66.10 KB 749x780 IMG_20200702_185125.jpg)
(58.61 KB 750x572 IMG_20200702_185123.jpg)
>>661251 I possess psychic power, Russiagate grifters are already on the move. Guess welcome to the resistance Ghislaine sit right next to Dick Cheney.
>>661274 damn that bitch is something else
>>661274 How can human beings live in such a vacuous loyaltyless honorless way truly dazes and confuses me
Holy Fucking Shit
>>661297 eagerly waiting for the trueanon emergency pod
>>661301 BRACE AND LIZ WHERE ARE YOU. Also- shes going to court this afternoon apparently? Sounds fishy as shit to me. Unless its just a preliminary hearing or something but that is an incredibly fast turn around, like shes not even gonna spend overnight in a cell before her court date, she might literally never see jail
>>661199 watch the Epstein documentary dude. he paid other women to lure girls towards him
Waiting until I can read the WSWS take on this one
>>661199 this cannot be a serious post my guy. Go on google and type in "women arrested for child abuse" even better include the name of your local area so you can see examples close to home. Wtf my guy do you even post partem depression?
>arresting her after all this time They have the story and conclusion already written, just gotta hit "play" and another nothingburger in the books.
She did it for love
>>661332 If you think about it, she's the biggest cuck of all time
>>661348 She molested children too. She didn't only procure victims for Epstein.
>>661217 based and chinese characteristic-pilled
>>661355 I have the vague idea that she was actually his handler, Epstein himself is too much of an idiot, she seems to generally have her shit together better than he did
>>661188 That will only happen if she decides to open her mouth. After what happened to Epstein, I don't think she will take that risk.
>>661217 >implying they're not doing it cause of other more powerful porkies getting tired of pedoshit
>>661377 i doubt it
>>661233 Wish it was dersh but thinking about it he would squeal so quick. I think he's also one of trumps Lawyers.
>>661184 So shines a good deed in a weary world...
Ghislaine didn't kill herself
>>661484 She will probably die of COVID-19 (without the shadow of a doubt naturally infected) with broken neck bones and choke marks which are completely natural symptoms of corona.
>>661377 >powerful porkies getting tired of pedoshit That would require even a single one of them not to be a pedophile.
>>661217 reminder that Deng is pronounced like "dung"
>>661184 >prominent federal asset and blackmail specialist returns to home base
>>661377 >more powerful porkies getting tired of their pedoshit More like getting tired of them hoarding all the sweet child pussy for themselves
(870.96 KB 1080x999 inuyasha suicide forest.png)
>>661184 How long until she also "kills herself"
Betting 100% on COVID-19 death with choke marks on her neck.
>>661410 they would hate it lol Brace thinks the UN should ban loli
>>661580 Based
>>661574 >Neck: contusions consistent with death throes of asphyxiating COVID patient. >Cause of death: natural causes
>>661277 ur mom
>>661580 hell yeah they should
Slap on the wrist incoming Mark my fucking words
>>661184 >socialite I read this as "socialist".
>>661677 NOOOOOOO it's just DRAWINGS of sexualized underage girls !!!
>>661773 Or maybe a little slap on the hyoid bone...
I'm guessing she dies of Covid in prison with two .38 shots to the back of the head along with multiple broken bones. Of course natural symptoms of Covid
>>662056 >natural symptoms Yep, some pepper and a icebaths ought to do the trick.
>>661580 Based. I know that lolicons aren't "real pedos" but fuck this sick shit, its still disgusting. Attitudes towards such things encourage actions.
>>661184 Good, all pedos have to be busted.
>>661565 >Inuyasha <Paul suicide forest meme Kek
>>662062 >I know that lolicons aren't "real pedos" If they masturbate to the fantasy of fucking children they very much are real pedos, aren't they? Doesn't matter if it's a cartoon or a fantasy in their head to me.
>>662080 >>662062 Is the distinction here people who are pedophiles (attracted to children) vs people who actually molest children? Because yeah someone who doesn't actually molest children is a separate category and just needs help managing their problem so they don't hurt real people.
>>662121 The conservatives in my city were saying that the LGBT agenda included pedophiles, typical schizo theory. The progressive liberals, instead of having a nuanced take, were throwing all pedophiles under the bus. "Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation!". IMO it is, just not one that should be practiced IRL because it hurts the children. Am I wrong?
>>662131 that’s pretty sad to hear tbh. liberals in this country will never learn their lesson from Trump
>>662131 no just being a pedo doesn't cause children harm. we need to make non-sentient robot loli waifus for pedos so they can enjoy themselves without molesting children
>>662131 All pedophiles should literally be thrown under a bus.
>>662131 I think it's incorrect that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. It's more like a fetish or something. Pretty sure most pedos (Clinton or Epstein for instance) are still attracted to adults, just that children are a particular thing they're focused on. You are right that the problem is actually practicing it as opposed to having attraction by itself. It's like the difference between being turned on by violence and committing violence to get off.
>>662121 this adults having sex with children/youths is illegal because it tends to fuck the children up and then they become fucked up adults, not because its 'icky' fictional children do not have rights but if stuff like lolicon/shotacon actually does make paedos more likely to rape kids then there is potential cause for ban. though imo there is an inherent social cost on any ban on anything so potential benefits have to measured against that
>>662131 The idea of "thought crimes" in general is completely absurd. No one is responsible for their thoughts, only their actions. You are not wrong.
>>661188 >barak who?
>>662249 Former Israeli PM
>>662185 >Pretty sure most pedos (Clinton or Epstein for instance) are still attracted to adults I wonder if they are really attracted to people or just the power they have over them. I think Epstein was a full on pedo and was recruited by the rich for procurement. Epstein seemed to make all his money off his child sex trafficking ring, he didn't have anything close to a job. For people like bill Clinton or Donald Trump the pedo thing seems one part thrill seeking and one part bourgeoisie bonding.
>>662175 >Hey lets just enable their mental affliction instead of helping them, surely that will work <because appeasement never fails fuck off.
>>662080 I said they weren't "real" pedos because otherwise the "loli-defender brigade" will start squealing again.
>>662213 >not because its 'icky' <Muh fictional children tolerating this shit is unacceptable. Stop sexualizing children; fictional or not, the main 'attractiono' of such media is their age and child-body, no matter if the author said she's a 700 year old vampire. Also this shit is illegal, so don't bait the feds with more reasons to watchlist you.
>>662185 You do realize that fetishes can be removed with therapy right?
>>662213 >though imo there is an inherent social cost on any ban on anything so potential benefits have to measured against that fuck utilitarianism Just compare the relative costs. Does it have a stronger effect of making people more likely to target real kids or does it have a stronger effect of giving them something else to do instead of targeting real kids? That's the relevant question on whether it's worth having. It's also a separate question from how effective a ban would even be. Banning certain kinds of drawings is basically impossible.
>>662271 <you do realize homosexuality can be removed with therapy right
>>662269 >Stop sexualizing children; fictional or not, the main 'attractiono' of such media is their age and child-body, no matter if the author said she's a 700 year old vampire. >the main 'attractiono' of such media is their age and child-body why does this matter if there are no actual, real, practical negatives? you could argue the same for porn/any sexual things featuring flat/short women like they did in australia, but imo its pretty brutal for a government to decide that women with no tits aren't fully fledged sexually capable adults. >>662274 limiting people's freedom of expression willy-nilly is bad and should be done very carefully I personally wouldn't want Nabokov's Lolita banned despite it depicting paedophilia or something of that vein
>>661217 Yo, BASED
He...He was on the side light all along! Bless Trump! I joke of course how will she Epstein? lmao
>>662280 >no actual, real, practical negatives Porn in large quantities is like an addictive drug and affects brain chemistry. A pedo with has no other outlet will be addicted. Moreover enablement of a mental sickness is just tolerast bullshit becuse "we can't hurt their fee-fees" fuck it. You feel sexual attraction to children? Go to a program and get your head fixed. >muh petit is the same as loli Fuck off with this idiocy >Nabokov's Lolita banned despite it depicting paedophilia or something of that vein Because lolita isn't depicted as positive, and is more about the tragedy of some love/lust. It doesn't romanticize fucking children. >inb4 Romeo and Juliet 1) They're teens and its a teen-teen relationship 2) It wasn't even implied to be sexual in nature, but literal love. You can have love without sex 3) Early arranged marriages and other early love stuff of the past were caused by high infant mortality and over-all low average life-span dictating a need to breed as soon as possible, ignoring the physical implications (which is among the reasons why many mothers of the era died young in childbirth). >>662276 <homosexuality is a fetish Ok retard
(4.23 MB 335x251 RUNNIGGERRUN.gif)
>>662280 >there are no actual, real, practical negatives Perhaps drawings involving the sexualization of children foster and involve actual sexulazation and the logical conclusion of that sexualization >imo its pretty brutal for a government to decide that women with no tits aren't fully fledged sexually capable adults I mean if they were starved and not given the proper development it's disgusting
>>662249 Israeli PM He also was raping people on the island
>"female pedophilia doesnt exist guise" lmao
>>662327 >Porn in large quantities is like an addictive drug and affects brain chemistry. A pedo with has no other outlet will be addicted. ok but then its a separate question of addiction, or is addiction to paedophilic porn somehow special? >Fuck off with this idiocy why? children are small and flat -> people attracted to small and flat women are so because they remind them of children but are legal. anyway it's not like I pulled this example out of my ass, as I said australia afaik banned porn with flat women >Because lolita isn't depicted as positive, and is more about the tragedy of some love/lust. It doesn't romanticize fucking children. sure but its still a question of interpretation, I'm sure some paedo got their jollies off on it >>662329 >Perhaps drawings involving the sexualization of children foster and involve actual sexulazation and the logical conclusion of that sexualization funny that you limit the IF before the whole bit you quoted off me. IF there are no actual, real, practical negatives - I don't know if there are or not >I mean if they were starved and not given the proper development it's disgusting I don't think anyone is advocating for starving people for paedo's pleasure lmao some women are naturally flat and short also lets try and wind down this discussion soon we'll have the paedo liberation front pop out of the aether to shit up the board if we keep going
>>661184 Great news. The royals closer to being implicated along with cannibalism and ritual murder.
(28.86 KB 622x494 1517129768354.jpg)
>>661217 >Dengists >Socialists >>662299 Its an open capitalist highway
>>662269 >with the intend to distribute so, what, making a fuckton of it or downloading half the dark web for personal use is kosher? Thats an oddly specific clause.
>>662381 >knowingly receives
If anyone in the US goverment is not completely cucked. She should be in some WitSec safehouse in the middle of the Nevada Desert with like 10 US-Army Rangers watching her or some shit. She should be driven back and forth to her court appearances in a bullet + Bomb proof Humvee and be made yo wear a full suit of body armour. The Court appearances should take place in a state where they can be broadcasted live to the world But we know that wont happen. She'll either kill herself or has already been Jack Ruby into silence (Like probably threatening to kill her family or something)
>>661592 >>661677 >>662062 yeh it is based and pedos are not based. I feel like he would see people posting loli here and be like "why u hang with pedos" and some times i do question why i come to the place where these semi-pedos and some real pedos come. I guess the answer is that Reddit is somehow worse than pedophilia
>>661184 Will Trump or Clinton kill her?
(2.03 MB 1920x1440 XpostsEpstein1.png)
(2.12 MB 1920x1440 xpostsEpstein2.png)
I know that no one has ever literally leaked genuine info to /x/ and 99.9% of all information on there is hoaxes but this happening literally the day before Ghislane gets arrested is sorta spooky
>People find out about your pedo network >place blame on Jizzlane and Epstein alone >at first slap on the wrist and it goes away >people keep asking questions >oh well guess we kill him Epstein was a Patsy I think. Consider that he was basically a pimp. Now, that is valuable to the bourg, but not valuable in the way oil or weaponary are. Thus Epstein was never top tier bourg like Buffet etc, only associating with them. His life meant nothing to them. They are probably still fucking kids and have a new pimp by now. They hid Ghislaine away for a rainy day and now they rope her to give the ruling class a boost during corona. If it weren't for this maybe she would be allowed her freedom Its a sacrificial ceremony. They will cleanse themselves of their sins
>>662513 I wonder if when they have their next meet up that they toast to her death and say "never again". Than two weeks later are back on their bullshit
(2.14 MB 1824x2845 Maxwell Corona.jpg)
How unfortunate she died of Corona! Guess we will never find out about, oh wait...
>>662511 god damn. You know what is a little spooky is the roger stone thing, like Trump fags wouldn't make it stone because hes Trumps friend, it goes against the general chan spook narrative in a lot of ways. It doesn't mention Clinton once.
>>661367 >Epstein himself is too much of an idiot nah, he was a teacher at a private school and he convinced one of the parents who was a porky to just randomly give him a really well paid bank job where he did jack shit, that’s charisma. He’s only rich because he convinced a porky to give him money, he had nothing before that.
>>662329 >Perhaps drawings involving the sexualization of children foster and involve actual sexulazation and the logical conclusion of that sexualization drawing aren’t real kids, drawings give people a release valve and prevent harm to actual kids
>>662586 i used to think this, but eating chocolate doesn't make you want to not eat chocolate, it makes you want to eat more chocolate
>>662511 You know, this shit blows up, we won't have an elite anymore and there will be measurements to prevent an elite forming. Of course reddit liberals and the """shy""" conserviles don't know about this, just like back then in Germany after 45 didn't knew about the fate of the people who were put into concentration camps. All it takes is just one little fuck up from their side.
>>662594 drawings and real kids ave very very very different things though chocolate and chocolate are both the same thing
>>662599 But you can't put your genitals into a drawing.
>>662599 lets say you are jacking off to these images, which i think you are implying by "release" i used chocolate specifically because jacking off and chocolate light up the same sections of the brain. It feels good, particulalry when you view certain kinds of material. Like with anything, do it a lot and suddenly you need more to get the same hit, all the while training yourself to associate kids with orgasms.
>>662606 they sell loli onahole
>>662131 The LGBT agenda did include pedophiles. No one knew at the start how far they could push, and open pedophilia and sadomasochism was a step too far. The latter has been normalized through fetish porn but is still politically problematic, and they've been pushing in small ways on pedophilia (so long as the child is a marked defective, because eugenics obviously). Never forget that sexual politics is a thoroughly middle class, bourgeois concern, one that has inflicted terrible damage on any kind of mass politics and has been introduced because of its toxicity. The primary objectives of the LGBT movement has been legal and political aims, the abolition of marriage and the family being their chief concern. It has little to do with genuine civil rights or a struggle against oppression, since the victors in their struggles are those with property and status within bourgeois society already. Decriminalization was bound to happen without their influence, because the anti-homosexual laws were not tenable or really in the interests of anyone except obsessives; and the supposed de-medicalization didn't really happen, as homosexual tendencies are still tracked and effectively punished with a number of restrictions on what socially-identified gays can do in life. So far as the LGBT movement did anything for working class gays, it only extended so far as gay bourgeois wished to protect their property and access to partners, and those protections can be revoked for those homosexuals who step outside the proscribed boundaries where homosexuality is accepted.
>>662511 What were those coordinates to?
>>662609 >Like with anything, do it a lot and suddenly you need more to get the same hit no, this only applies to alcohol and drugs >>662609 >all the while training yourself to associate kids with orgasms. some people are attracted to kids regardless, it’s about wither giving them a release valve or letting the tension continue to build up
>>662676 >Buckingham Campground >Fourth of July Road da fuck?
>>662676 Two cars exchanged a corpse and then drove off to opposite directions. Meanwhile you have concrete names, where they come from and the former occupation of one of them. That narrows it down about right I'd say.
>>661191 she is a second generation Mossad agent who collected child-related blackmail for Israel
>>662586 Spotted the pedo
>>662693 It doesn’t only apply to alcohol and drugs, people get addicted to all kinds of shit, sex being one of them, self harm being another, I was more or less addicted to stealing at one point
>>662350 The reason why they plan on banning porn of flat chested women is to make everybody fat and obese. It is much easier to control people whenever they can't move without huffing and puffing. There is also not any actual evidence that whacking off to lolicon leads to actual pedophilia, like straight up.
>>662693 And if they need a release valve I would prefer therapy and if it’s really really bad then mental hospital. Now, I believe mental hospital S should be completely different from what they are like now.
>>662826 There is the first hand accounts of pedos you can read on image boards, more so on 8chan this happened
>>662830 Anecdotal evidence that is impossible to actual check now anyways.
>>662832 There is also loads of proper researched evidence that pretty much most pedoes have a massive porn collection, and at one point went from normal porn to child
It shouldn't be forgotten that Epstein's services (so far as we know) do not appear to be "pedophilia" in the sense most people are talking about. The girls being trafficked were teenaged and groomed to be prostituted sex slaves, and the elites who partake in this are simply exercising the same privileges they have had in basically every historical society. The rules and customs regarding the integrity of women, marriage, etc. have never applied to the aristocratic classes, and elites have reveled in throwing this reality in our faces repeatedly. Time was the king or noble of a kingdom would literally kiss a commoner's bride at the marriage ceremony, or even fuck her right then and there. It shouldn't be thought that Bill Clinton and so on were engaged in anything unusual or perverse, by the standards of elite behavior. This is what elites do, it's how they demonstrate that they are above the rest of us, and for that reason they will continue to fight for these privileges no matter what.
>>662834 Yeah, normal porn to child. Just say you want to born porn outright then. >>662835 Exactly.
>>662837 The porn industry as it is should go. If people want to make amateur that’s up to them
>>662844 I can't disagree with that, but it's not about banning cartoons lmao because of some anecdotal evidence, but rather the porn industry is a hellhole with massive exploitation, just like everything else in liberal societies.
o snap how are they going to totally not kill her?
>>661274 Did they use the word socialite because retards will think it means socialist
(1.99 MB 1401411217978.webm)
(110.71 KB 512x512 1586892506410.jpg)
>>662864 I think they are preluding an apologism to "friends of Ghislaine Maxwell". Like if nobody knew what was going on, because she was so social, or something.
>>662864 Socialite is code for a rich woman who’s sole purpose in life is to attend elite parties and functions and gossip with other women
>>662932 oh hell yea dude
>>661184 All these posts and Israel has been mentioned just once and no replies. How predictable. MOSSAD honeypot operation ie ensnare/compromise/blackmail/bribe Of course it's quite easy to corrupt the corruptible. But nevertheless - this sort of op is typical for Mossad and Israel remains a key nexus point for human trafficking and sex slavery including for their Saudi friends. Some things never change.
>>662384 The "with intend to distribute" applies to all the items summed up before it. If it didn't the should have put the specific item it applies to at the front with the condition and then sum the rest after it.
>>663072 Kek. Read about how a woman faked being rich by attended all the parties, made rich friends and basically conned other rich women. Pretty based desu.
(28.26 KB 432x600 berlusconi-kippah-279103.jpg)
FUCK YEAH!!! >>662746 >she is a second generation Mossad agent who collected child-related blackmail for Israel This. Check this out: https://www.mintpressnews.com/mega-group-maxwells-mossad-spy-story-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/261172/ The mysterious Maxwells >The Maxwell family has become a source of renewed media interest following Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, as Ghislaine Maxwell, long described in the media as a British “socialite,” was publicly cited as Epstein’s long-time “on and off” girlfriend, and Epstein’s victims, as well as former wives of Epstein’s friends, have claimed that she was Epstein’s “pimp” and procured underage girls for his sexual blackmail operation. Ghislaine Maxwell is also alleged to have engaged in the rape of the girls she procured for Epstein and to have used them to produce child pornography. >Ghislaine was the favorite and youngest daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell. Maxwell, born Jan Ludvick Hoch, had joined the British Army in World War II. Afterwards, according to authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons, he greatly influenced the Czechoslovakian government’s decision to arm Zionist paramilitaries during the 1948 war that resulted in Israel’s creation as a state, and Maxwell himself was also involved in the smuggling of aircraft parts to Israel. >Around this time, Maxwell was approached by British intelligence outfit MI6 and offered a position that Maxwell ultimately declined. MI6 then classified him as “Zionist — loyal only to Israel” and made him a person of interest. He later became an agent of the Mossad, according to several books including Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon. Furthermore, Seymour Hersh’s The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy alleges ties between Maxwell and Israeli intelligence. >>663192 I've got this covered, famalam.
(61.34 KB 618x410 badgoy.jpg)
>>663388 Continues: >According to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad case officer: >"Mossad was financing many of its operations in Europe from money stolen from Maxwell’s newspaper pension fund. They got their hands on the funds almost as soon as Maxwell made the purchase of the Mirror Newspaper Group with money lent to him by Mossad." >In exchange for his services, the Mossad helped Maxwell satisfy his sexual appetite during his visits to Israel, providing him with prostitutes, “the service maintained for blackmail purposes.” It was later revealed that the hotel in which he stayed in Israel was bugged with cameras, allowing the Mossad to acquire “a small library of video footage of Maxwell in sexually compromising positions.” As with the CIA, the Mossad’s use of blackmail against both friend and foe is well-documented and known to be extensive. >Maxwell was also a close associate and friend of Israeli “superspy” Rafi Eitan, who, as previously mentioned, was Jonathan Pollard’s handler and who had previously worked directly with Meyer Lansky. Eitan had learned of a revolutionary new software being used by the U.S. government known as “Promis” from Earl Brian, a long-time associate and aide to Ronald Reagan. Promis is often considered the forerunner to the “Prism” software used by spy agencies today and was developed by William Hamilton, who leased the software to the U.S. government through his company, Inslaw, in 1982. >According to author and former BBC investigative journalist Gordon Thomas, Brian was angry that the U.S. Department of Justice was successfully using Promis to go after organized crime and money-laundering activities and Eitan felt that the program could aid Israel. At the time, Eitan was the director of the now defunct Israeli military intelligence agency Lekem, which gathered scientific and technical intelligence abroad from both public and covert sources, especially in relation to Israel’s nuclear weapons program. >A plan was hatched to install a “trapdoor” into the software and then market Promis throughout the world, providing the Mossad with invaluable intelligence on the operations of its enemies and allies while also providing Eitan and Brian with copious amounts of cash. According to the testimony of ex-Mossad official Ari Ben-Menashe, Brian provided a copy of Promis to Israel’s military intelligence, which contacted an Israeli American programmer living in California who then planted the “trapdoor” in the software. The CIA was later said to have installed its own trapdoor in the software but it is unknown if they did so with a version of the already bugged software and how widely it was adopted relative to the version bugged by Israeli intelligence. >After the trapdoor was inserted, the problem became selling the bugged version of the software to governments as well as private companies around the world, particularly in areas of interest. Brian first attempted to buy out Inslaw and Promis and then use that same company to sell the bugged version. >Unsuccessful, Brian turned to his close friend, then-Attorney General Ed Meese whose Justice Department then abruptly refused to make the payments to Inslaw that were stipulated by the contract, essentially using the software for free, which Inslaw claimed to be theft. Some have speculated that Meese’s role in that decision was shaped, not only by his friendship with Brian, but the fact that his wife was a major investor in Brian’s business ventures. Meese would later become an adviser to Donald Trump when he was president-elect. >Inslaw was forced to declare bankruptcy as a result of Meese’s actions and sued the Justice Department. The court later found that the Meese-led department “took, converted, stole” the software through “trickery, fraud and deceit.” >With Inslaw out of the way, Brian sold the software all over the world. Eitan later recruited Robert Maxwell to become another Promis salesman, which he did remarkably well, even succeeding in selling the software to Soviet intelligence and conspiring with Republican Texas Senator John Tower to have the software adopted by the U.S. government laboratory at Los Alamos. Dozens of countries used the software on their most carefully guarded computer systems, unaware that Mossad now had access to everything Promis touched. >Whereas the Mossad’s past reliance on gathering intelligence had relied on the same tactics used by its equivalents in the U.S. and elsewhere, the widespread adoption of the Promis software, largely through the actions of Earl Brian and Robert Maxwell, gave the Mossad a way to gather not just troves of counterintelligence data, but also blackmail on other intelligence agencies and powerful figures. >Indeed, Promis’ backdoor and adoption by intelligence agencies all over the world essentially provided the Mossad with access to troves of blackmail that the CIA and FBI had acquired on their friends and foes for over half a century. Strangely, in recent years, the FBI has sought to hide information related to Robert Maxwell’s connection to the Promis scandal. >According to journalist Robert Fisk, Maxwell was also involved in the Mossad abduction of Israeli nuclear weapons whistleblower Vanunu Mordechai. Mordechai had attempted to provide the media with information on the extent of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, which was eventually published by the Sunday Times of London. Yet, Mordechai had also contacted the Daily Mirror with the information, the Mirror being an outlet that was owned by Maxwell and whose foreign editor was a close Maxwell associate and alleged Mossad asset, Nicholas Davies. Journalist Seymour Hersh alleged that Davies had also been involved in Israeli arms deals. >Per Fisk, it was Maxwell who contacted the Israeli Embassy in London and told them of Mordechai’s activities. This led to Mordechai’s entrapment by a female Mossad agent who seduced him as part of a “honey trap” operation that led to his kidnapping and later imprisonment in Israel. Mordechai served an 18-year sentence, 12 years of which were in solitary confinement. >Then, there is the issue of Maxwell’s death, widely cited by mainstream and independent media alike as suspicious and a potential homicide. According to authors Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, Maxwell had sealed his own fate when he attempted to threaten top Mossad officials with the exposure of certain operations if they did not help him rescue his media empire from crippling debt and financial difficulties. Many of Maxwell’s creditors, who had grown increasingly displeased with the media mogul, were Israeli and several of them were alleged to be Mossad-connected themselves. >Thomas and Dillon argue in their biography of Maxwell’s life that the Mossad felt that Maxwell had become more of a liability than an asset and killed him on his yacht three months after he demanded the bailout. On the other extreme are theories that suggest Maxwell committed suicide because of the financial difficulties his empire faced. >Some have taken Maxwell’s funeral held in Israel as the country’s “official” confirmation of Maxwell’s service to the Mossad, as it was likened to a state funeral and attended by no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence. During his funeral service in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized him and stated: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said.” Other eulogies were given by future Prime Ministers Ehud Olmert (then Health Minister) and Shimon Peres, with the latter also praising Maxwell’s “services” on behalf of Israel.
It's a big club and you ain't in it
>>663486 Et tu, Elon?
>>663545 Who's the last one?
>>666401 pedos
https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/the-story-behind-the-ghislaine-maxwell-throne-photo-in-buckingham-palace-20200704-p558z4.html >The story behind the Ghislaine Maxwell throne photo in Buckingham Palace Interestingly 404ed when I stuck it in wayback machine on archive.org but still there on the site for now
>>666620 Dude at this point I think LaRouche had a point about the British Empire.
>>666638 I, too, agree Lelouch was right about Britannia.
>>666638 >>666782 Kek true on both accounts
>>662350 What a disingenuous reply
>>663388 >>663411 "Gradually I began to hate them"
>>666401 >who the fuck okays a headline like this I don't know, but I know a feminist wrote it.
(676.42 KB 611x768 disappointed.png)
>>666401 Ah! I just watched this https://invidio.us/watch?v=uqS4KanHgtY and I thought about coming here to see if some anons picked that article up. Well, I guess the Roo pretty much tells everything that has to be said about that pile of crap. Also, please always use a web archive to link to the Guardian, it's a liberal, Nato, zionist cesspool and you don't want to give it views. >>670519 <Edgy. >>670533 It's in the "comment is free" section, so that gives plausible deniability to the editors of that rag, while effectively spreading that crap.
(195.18 KB 1242x1851 ellen pao.jpg)
>>670754 She makes it sound like it was some highschoolers going off to smoke weed in the bathroom and not an elite child trafficking ring.
(2.76 KB 114x124 1593896118116s.jpg)
>>671112 Redditards are pedos confirmed.
>>670754 How much money this is because Jack was involved?
>>670754 lmao why tf would you tweet this. people are fuckin retarded
>>671151 She wanted to seem cool and had no understanding of how it looked. She's gobsmackingly retarded though. I remember seeing shit about how dumb she is when she was running reddit, like trying to post links to pages that were only visible to her as a reddit admin.
>>671121 As if we needed further confirmation.
>>662932 brace just looks like a fusion of austin powers and virgil texas
>>670754 >Hello FBI? My name is Ellen K. Pao, please come kill me.
>>670754 Wonder why this isn't on their front page
>>671763 Just checked - instead we get BLUMPF WAS FRIENDS WITH EPSTEIN and more Hong Kong shit, epic
>>670754 what a fucking idiot
>>670754 Ok wait. Ghislane was implicated in Epstein's 2008 case and Pao is clearly saying that despite them being at the same party that she had no reason to want to meet or associate with her because of this. She's basically just saying "I would never have taken a photo with her because everyone knows what she did"
>>670754 RIP in piece
>>671151 Making it public so they'd be discouraged to seppuko you?
>>671804 Yeah basically
>>663217 it was a widespread right of the senior in relation to the serf in many lands; it was called Droit du seigneur, but probably most lords didn't use it unless they were real scumbags
>>670754 Based retard
>>672186 afaik it was invented later in the enlightenment to make the middle ages look bad and was never actually a real thing
>>670754 Bruh, how do you fuck up that badly? >>671159 IIRC, she was the scapegoat for the fuckups that the Reddit admins have made
Looks like Ghislaine Maxwell was a powermod on Reddit: >https://www.reddit.com/user/maxwellhill - Moderator/Lead Moderator of many huge subs like r/worldnews and r/technology >- Posts nearly every day for 14 years up until Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest >- Gaps in posting line up with Maxwell's mother's death (https://i.imgur.com/VhjejBw.png) and the Kleiner Perkins party (https://i.imgur.com/VCzoTeK.jpg) where Ellen K. Pao reported seeing Maxwell >- Goes around correcting the age of consent in various countries (https://i.imgur.com/J0Rzy9Y.png) (https://i.imgur.com/4fTt6D0.png) >- Posts articles about why we should legalise child exploitation material (https://i.imgur.com/d8FsqFi.png) >- Gripes about *over-zealous* child protection laws (https://i.imgur.com/shpb2XM.jpg) >- Accused of corruption, auto-deleting mentions of their own account and a select few others: https://www.dailydot.com/debug/reddit-maxwellhill-moderator-technology-flaw/ >https://gizmodo.com/the-story-of-the-most-successful-man-woman-on-reddi-5870091 >Here's a scrape of their deleted/removed comments: https://pastebin.com/KTGDxDBZ >Full comment archive, including suspected alts: https://pastebin.com/RuezgZ7k >Spread the word before this all gets taken down. >dit: Apparently people care about internet points a lot so in case it wasn't obvious, this is a collection of stuff from several anonymous threads that popped up today, I just collated it. Do not credit or plan to assassinate me >Edit 2: https://i.imgur.com/2k2XV1F.png bruh Thanks to redditor nafka (RIP in advance, dude). https://old.reddit.com/r/Epstein/comments/hnckn0/umaxwellhill_the_reddit_account_with_the_8th_most/
>>675174 (me) Sorry, but autoformatting by the board software screwed with links in brackets. So just go to the Epstein subreddit linked at the bottom of the post.
>>675181 Looks like she was posting in r/atheism a lot too. I wonder if she watched amazing atheist videos and molymeme.
>>675174 So are trumpfags going to use her trumpbashing as a way of saying TRUMP IS NOT INDICTED!?
>>675174 (me) >>675183 (me) Man sorry again. I realize I really should have used the headline from there. /u/maxwellhill the Reddit account with the 8th most link karma of all time, powermod of frontpage subs, first account to reach a million Karma, is/was operated by Ghislaine Maxwell.
(28.52 KB 589x179 Screenshot_20200708_134617.png)
>>675242 So it's yet another case of reddit/4chan identifying the wrong person. I'm actually betting that this is the case.
(1.62 MB glowie.mp4)
(58.08 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (28).jpg)
>most activity on Reddit was/is from an USA airbase >like 10 users owned and moderated all the 50 most popular subreddits >and now Epstein's right hand turns out to be one of the biggest mods I don't think there's ever been as site as astroturfed as reddit. Fucking facebook is TOR compared to them
>>675174 I really don't think this was her.
>>675242 Honestly this is prolly true. I just can't imagine a 50 year old women with tons of money wasting so much time farming karma on reddit.
>>662062 >>661677 You've got to be a completely smooth brained moron not to recognize that a UN ban on loli will be nothing but another item in the tool box of US imperialism. I can't wait for the US State Department and the New York Times to start screaming about how China must open up every computer, server and phone in the country to the US government and corporations to prove that they are not hiding secret lolis somewhere. Anything less than handing everything over on a silver platter will be grounds for endless hand-wringing, theft, sanctions, etc against anyone who doesn't toe the US line.
>>663388 >>663411 >whitney webb it's a known fact that maxwell sr was mossad but she pulls a lot of conclusions out of her ass. just look at her antivaxx articles
>>662511 can i get a fucking tl;dr my dude?
(me) again, the redditard believer >>675242 >>675273 >wrong sex Reddit leans heavily male, but she seems a tomboyish person. >too old Would you find it more believable if she were posting there as a person ten years younger? Because that's how old the account is (fourteen years actually). British spelling and knowledge about British things, interest in ocean stuff… I want to believe. Here is the account claiming to be born in December in a thread about people born in winter having mental issues: https://old.reddit.com/r/cogsci/comments/eguel/the_season_in_which_youre_born_can_have_a/c17zy9w/ Ghislaine Maxwell was also born in December. And it gets better: "But winter doesn't officially start until the 21st!" - "Doesn't help dude, it's pass that date :(" Ghislaine Maxwell was born 25 December! For those who don't use Reddit much and might find it annoying to use: You can go to old.reddit.com which uses an older design that isn't that dependent on javascript as the current one. You can use the search function on Reddit and type in author:maxwellhill to just use for comments by that user and likewise use a subreddit: operator in the search box to restrict search to a topical subsection of Reddit with that name. Looks like her submissions to r/economics (where she is a mod) are all over the place ideologically: posting that gay Keynes-Hayek rap battle a decade ago, Peter Schiff (goldbbug doom-and-gloom guy), Stiglitz, even Naomi Klein. Submissions cover everything except pro-hardline communism and it's mildly paranoid about China. Her submissions to the high-traffic section r/worldnews (where she is also a mod) is pro-ecology stuff (muh Greta, shit about dolphins) and complaining about Trump, a fluff piece or two about Bill Gates, pro-atheism, and more paranoia about China. I know people are now joking about HURR PEDOS = ANCAPS HURR but I don't get the impression of her having a particular worldview. She submitted bad news about Venezuela and also Einstein's piece on why he was a socialist, a Ron Paul thing, and articles about raising the minimum wage, UBI, allegedly starving North Koreans. What can be said is that she cares a lot about those kids being safe online :^) and being up-to-date with the regulations pertaining to that all over the world :^) :^) :^) >A woman must delete photographs of her grandchildren that she posted on Facebook and Pinterest without their parents' permission, a court in the Netherlands has ruled. https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/go05wg/a_woman_must_delete_photographs_of_her/ >Under-16s will require parental permission to use Facebook says draft French law https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/7jsbg4/under16s_will_require_parental_permission_to_use/ >Instagram is now the number one platform for child abusers: Child groomers are increasingly using Instagram as a hunting ground, with their use of the platform more than tripling according to figures obtained by a children's charity. https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/awqhs5/instagram_is_now_the_number_one_platform_for/
>>675562 I'm honestly not buying this personally, especially since this seems to be a /pol/ op and they have taken a series of A LOT OF fat Ls and so they're trying to do an ego pick me up. There was a few users on the epstein subreddit that thinks this whole thing is a distraction or something, and I'm honestly inclined to believe them, especially considering how heavily /pol/ is drowning in psi ops. A lot of the "She's very tomboyish" seems to be kind of odd to me too. I'm not exactly against the idea that it is her, but more like 90/10 that it isn't her. I could be wrong, but there is simply too much bullshit here for me to take for granted. A lot of the weird comments and stuff just comes off as the dude being your basic bitch reddit liberal.
>>675573 implying the epstein subreddit isn't awash in bullshit either
>>675562 (me) >>675573 I linked to a discussion where the account I suspect to be GM claims to be born in December, another account says the start of winter is December 21, then the account I suspect to be GM says to be born after this date that marks the start of winter. A year has 365 days. There are only 10 days in December after 21. There is only a ~2.74 % chance that a random person is born in that period. GM the real person is known to be born within that period.
>>675607 Well it is reddit.
>>675562 >old.reddit based oldfag
>>675174 archive.is all these threads and pastebins
‪Maybe the real Redditors are the pedophiles we met along way‬
>>675653 Don’t have children with her
>tfw the epstein pedo ring is never brought to justice but we get the end of reddit out of this debacle
>>675562 Okay you got me back to believing it might be her. If it is a psyop like >>675573 says. I don't really see the end goal. There's nothing to really distract us from. We already knew they leaned more on hollywood neolib stuff.
>>662269 why is rick and morty on this
>>675174 >>- Goes around correcting the age of consent in various countries (https://i.imgur.com/J0Rzy9Y.png) (https://i.imgur.com/4fTt6D0.png) lmao, now i want this to be true
>>675562 Does anyone have the uncensored picture of the powermod list?
>>670754 https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/267005107 Yes its pol but its a diamond thread
Account maxwellhill says "bloody hell" - sign of being Anglo. https://old.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/gwhs4v/police_shot_a_black_student_in_the_head_with_a/fsv0g31/?context=3 Account maxwellhill submitted a link to an opinion piece titled: "Falkvinge: Three strong reasons child porn must be re-legalized in the coming decade" https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/zib3v/falkvinge_three_strong_reasons_child_porn_must_be/ Account maxwellhill asks in a thread: >Out of curiosity do you or anyone know which other American states - apart from New Hampshire as stated by the author - still entertain these laws that allow 13 year old to marry, etc.? https://old.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/rmm4/ephebophilia_its_todays_word_and_it_matters/crnt2/
(335.31 KB 2304x3500 uno reverse.png)
(49.53 KB 968x651 madeleine mccann.jpg)
We're getting pretty galaxy brained in here, but not galaxy brained enough. The Reddit account is hers, or rather operated by a network of bots or lackeys, BUT it's an alibi nest egg 14 years in the making. Additionally, the suspect identified in Madeleine McCann's disappearance in June of this year is the chosen fall guy knowing they were getting closer to Ghislaine.
>>662511 I believe it 100%. All this is just so fucking sad. It's honestly a mystery how people are so apathetic at all the terrible shit that happens in plain sight. I know you don't need a strong moral argument to be a communist, but I am a communist in great part because I cannot accept a world with so much unnecessary pain and suffering.
>>675267 Source on the airbase claim?
>>675951 It's easy to see how this could happen. Be some poor pol getting an easy job at a decent wage. Be given some simple stuff at first. Slowly be introduce to the new deprave things to see how you react along with a pay bump. Then before you know it you're partying on pedo island in the employees shack while addicted to blow. >>675532 What I said above, guy was a driver for Epstein. It's worth a read.
(143.01 KB 867x884 reddit military shills.jpg)
>>676016 Not them but I think Cass Sunstein has something to do with it if that jogs antibodies memories Also something about Langley maybe it was?
>>676053 *anybody's
Is Whitney Webb trustworthy?
>>675749 The reason why I thought it was psyop was that I just thought it was redditors/4chaners wanting believing that they're more special that they actually are. That and she's a 58 year old woman. I simply cannot see anything about this powermod that doesn't align with the typical reddit circlerjerk crap, and the same thing could be said about all the conspiracy theories leveled around that account now. I'm not going to convince anybody here, but let's be serious that account was created 14 years ago, I HIGHLY fucking doubt that a 58 year old socialite would use anything outside of twitter (if even that).
>>662511 I wasn’t suspicious until he started talking about Rihanna and Def Jan. notice how he starts bringing up that type of stuff right after he says this “Cole” guy was watching “love and hip hop”. it’s kind of too much of a coincidence. I find it hard to believe Rihanna is involved in an Epstein type scheme in the first place, but that little “love and hip hop” bit taking place right before “def jam” makes it seem like creative writing to me. not saying that it definitely is, but that’s what it looks like.
>>676100 also the writing is almost too impeccable to be insincere. every memory is perfectly detailed and nothing is foggy or vague. when you’re in those kinds of intense situations it’s not really typical to focus on details like that. and the whole “drug addiction” thing is noir-esque
>>676139 *to be sincere
>>676139 You beat me to it. If someone was in that situation they wouldn't take the time to make good prose, they would just dump everything and be as specific as possible with the more incriminating information they have.
>>675895 >Additionally, the suspect identified in Madeleine McCann's disappearance in June of this year is the chosen fall guy knowing they were getting closer to Ghislaine. Yeah honestly. I dont like the conspiracytard shit about Madeline McCann but this random German pedo apparently having had done it is the biggest sack of shit in history. The Portuguese police already had uncovered weird fucking anomalies in the story (McCann's parents acting like huge fucking weirdos / McCann's parents being friends with a man who was later found to be a huge pedo / Those artist sketches of people that everyone think looks like Ghislane and the Podesta brothers or whatever / People saying that the parents werent getting shitfaced at a club and were just talking with some rando about some unknown topic before going back to their apartment) Basically by the time they declared it a cold case the Port Police had already settled that it was either one of three things >McCanns Parents had either killed her or sold her to a peado and the british consulate was protecting them from questioning. >She had been kidnapped some Local Pedo and was dead. >She had been kidnapped by some crib death mother and would be reunited in 40 years with her parents when her kidnapper admitted it to her on her death bed. It's a bit weird that just a few weeks before Ghislane gets got they throw out this complete fucking nobody who they admit they could not send to trial who is already in jail for life anyway and who the latest picture of is from like 1975.
>>662511 Maxwell is going to mysteriously kill herself by two self inflicted gun shots to the head. They ain't gonna let her get her story out.
>>676683 Someone prepare a screen recording program, we need to Capture this.
>>676683 >a webm should be converted and published soon since one of my buds will be recording lol unless it turns out like that kraut failshooter
>>676683 >>676688 >in about 15 mins >02:34 >it's 25 past now What timezone are you in that changes the time by the minute you big late fag?
>>676690 idk, it uses the desuarchive timezone, not mine, but this was posted like one how ago apparently
>>676695 hour*
>>676683 Nothing on the news. At least none I could find. What can the idiot even do. It's night time. So he will either graffiti or arson. Arson will probably be put out quickly if it even catches on fire. Graffiti will be painted over by a BLM woke shit by the end of the day.
>>676699 >>676698 >>676688 Ok apparently this is a classic technique to get others to raid a Discord server, so yeah... probably a nothingburger, sorry lads
(145.02 KB 851x873 4.png)
Holy shit. Time to get into full schizo hours. The reason Reddit doesn't like this story is because if it is true, then this suggests that Aaron Swartz was assassinated, not suicide or killed by police (as once thought by r/conspiracy). If Ghislaine Maxwell presumably paid millions of dollars to get an artificially high position on this website (possibly even providing Reddit's initial funding considering how old the account is), it would make sense that Swartz refusing to censor other content in favor of hers would mightily piss her off. Furthermore, since Steve-paint-Huffman pulled a 90-degree turn on their free-speech stance since then, it implies he knew why Aaron was killed, and refused to tell the police / public. Separately, there's the whole angle that if Ghislaine is a foreign intelligence officer (which she obviously is), Reddit providing material assistance to her disinfo campaigns might actually be treason. So let's be 100% clear, if Ghislaine Maxwell was a Reddit user (acting as an aggregator for foreign spies) artificially propped up by the admins, this is very, very bad news for Reddit and possibly SV as a whole. This is not just "Reddit loses money", this is "Reddit executives / friends get thrown in fuck-you-in-the-ass prison for murder and treason". Now you know why Spez stepped down last month.
(58.16 KB 700x855 cig.jpg)
>>676727 if reddit was owned by pedophiles they wouldn't have shut down all the jailbait subs
>>676727 >>676742 If they wanted to influence people, why not just buy up a bunch of fake accounts and run it with Eglin or something. This honestly sounds more contrived by the minute. Reddit powermods are all corrupt assholes though I just think that this is a reach that would mostly just benefit 4chan/rightoid reddit. Shit I could even see this as being purposely perpetrated so that reddit would have an excuse in banning those subs, thus leaving their more sordid shit more in the dark.
I'm sorry for posting the GM = maxwellhill theory stuff. It looks much less likely now to me. >>676727 >The reason Reddit doesn't like this story is because if it is true, There is now a different explanation that the account is probably some Brit in Malaysia. >then this suggests that Aaron Swartz was assassinated, not suicide or killed by police (as once thought by r/conspiracy). Swartz as far as I know had very little to do with making Reddit; he was there briefly in the brainstorming phase and later suicide-baited the founders into referring to him as a co-founder. He was an early normal user, but he probably didn't have mod-cabal insider knowledge. >>676782 >Reddit powermods are all corrupt assholes though And that's the reason that the account owner didn't immediately dox himself to end the theory. He must have done a ton of fucky things by now to game his score with others in an upvote circlejerk and there must be thousands of people a bit annoyed by him who are willing to now annoy him a bit in turn. Simultaneously.
>>676752 They pretty much had to in order to attract the level of advertisers they wanted. They kept them around as a long as they could. They probably just moved them offsite somewhere.
>>677004 This sounds like damage control evidence plox
>>677004 >>677195 The extreme paranoia about China that was mentioned in his posting habits show a pretty clear sexpatriot vibe from him. I'm pretty sure that countries within China's orbit are paranoid about it, but the rest of the shit that he posted pretty clearly gives the game away that he is a british sexpatriot cruising around in Malaysia. That makes more sense than anything about the dude being actually her though. The sheer oldness of that account is also, very, very telling that it's probably not her. I think reddit got more popular in like 2012 to 2016 or so (before leveling out?)
>>677214 >British sexpatriot cruising around Malaysia So a literal pedophile either way
(43.22 KB 680x401 Ece2qPnXQAAgVSN.jpg)
>>676727 Someone post all her pedo comment archives
>>676752 Porky is oppressing all proles even pedo ones... Kek.
>>677004 >the account is probably some Brit in Malaysia This sounds like utter bollocks to me. It's fr too convenient considering the timing and other shit.
Breaking news, Judge is ordering Epstein files to be destroyed: http://archive.is/qzkGN
>>678676 thats 8 days old?
>>678702 just like you Also no one mentioned it here sooooo
>>678846 It's literally here >>676531
>>678851 Ah nevermind, still, noone posted a real link so.
"Guzzling cum" Maxwell
IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN AHAHAHA >Federal Officials Reportedly 'Worried' Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell May Attempt to Kill Herself https://www.complex.com/life/2020/07/federal-officials-worried-epstein-associate-ghislaine-maxwell-may-attempt-to-kill-herself?utm_campaign=complexmag&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social
>>680292 Here we go lol
>>678676 If trueanon is to be believed their legal team has been ordered to destroy their copy of the files. The original, and presumably any other copies, still exist.
>>675174 Strategic bump
>>680326 Is that really the play? Have jizzlane "commit suicide" In the same prison as Epstien. Than order all the documents destroyed and then what? Pretend nothing ever happened.
>>680336 At this point, they're just doing it to taunt everyone. Just a sick display of power.
>>661580 I see nothing wrong with this
>>680336 >>680348 The terror is the point. It's also why Kavanaugh was put on the supreme court and the entire confirmation hearing was about how much of a rapist he is. Political theater is always about managing the attitudes and understanding of the masses. At this point the best they've got is "we rule you and you are powerless to do shit about it."
>>680387 I personally expected them to use Jizz Lane just to implicate a few insignificant figures to wrap up the whole case and make people forget about it all, but nope, they're just doing a rerun of last year.
>>680292 Start the countdown lads!
>>680387 And yeah, it's sort of like how multiple Kevin Spacey accusers suddenly died.
>>680326 >The original, and presumably any other copies, still exist. Right, and then 10 years later it will become apparent that they were lost, or destroyed in a fire or the files over-written like what happened to the original Apollo Moon Landing tapes.
>>680394 Was really hoping they would give us Alan dersh as a sacrificial lamb at the very least. I just watched the Epstein documentary and of fucking course he on there. Dude can't keep his mouth shut and stop reminding people what a piece of shit he is.
>>680394 >Jizz Lane LMAO
>>680399 >Kevin Spacey I forgot about that.
>>685981 Then again I think almost everyone did.
>>680399 A better example is the Clingtons
>>680426 A sacrifice will just placate the masses, we don't want that
>>692786 Too late
So what's the sitch?
>>706383 Ghislaine Maxwell fears for her life, believes she might meet the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein https://www.foxnews.com/us/ghislaine-maxwell-jeffrey-epstein-fears-same-fate http://archive.is/gNCUS It's happening!
>>676727 >a 90-degree turn Autistically specific kek
>>708928 That's the beauty of chans
The Son of the Judge On Epstein Case Was Shot Through The Heart By Assassin Dressed As Fedex Driver http://archive.is/I8QFn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRIfN3K35yQ
The lack of response shows how little people care.
>>715612 Already discussed it. Try to post it on the same day next time.
>>715613 >discussed it Where?
(95.58 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (3).jpg)
>>714459 how many whacks do you think it will take until the billionaire pedophiles catch a lucky break?
>>715671 They already have a lucky break, its just a few loose ends.
Over under on a Trump pardon?
>>715799 >Trump pardon Given that he doesn't seem to commentate on this either way, I reckon he gives no fucks about if they live or die..
>>714459 Oh yes of course it was some “crazy” (See: MK-Ultraed) guy who just so happened to be some E-List celebrity who appeared on talk back radio and some local news shows as like a shock jock basically and was one of these MRA / MGTOW guys. Obviously the Meninist / Patriarchal schizo is going to shoot both of the men but let the Femoid live. And despite the media making it out this was some suicide attack go through all the trouble of disgusting himself and his truck as a FedEx delivery guy
I hope Ghislaine brings out all the Bill Gates' stuff, thus saving the world from the corona non-sense.
>>716062 >MKUltra yep.
>>716134 Based, but unlikely to happen.
I think she just might live, if only to keep people from saying that "it's just like Epstein"
August Updates friends my local news is totally silent on the case.
>>739202 Apparently she was linked to Prince Andrew, which is not surprising at all. http://archive.is/LMh9L
>>661330 Woman can't do sex abuse tho and in most cases the boy would consent or even seek out the woman
>>742062 >Woman can't do sex abuse You're functionally retarded.
>>742062 What kind of nonsense is this
>>742062 Found the incel
>>742062 Dude fuck off, this kinda mentality is what makes girls think they can do whatever they want to us, by whatever means they deem necessary.
(2.56 MB 520x8843 Female violence.png)
>>742062 See pic related
>>742062 There is a difference between having sex with a teenager who is on the cusp of manhood, and having sex with a literal kid.
>>742062 you're so fucking retarded
>>742062 Nice bait
Has anyone else noticed the news has gone quiet on this since evidence of Bill Clinton staying on the island was revealed?
is anyone else really apathetic about "finding the truth" about epstein? there's so many people involved and so many missing info that drawing a conclusion seems pointless. i just hope the victims who spoke out can find closure (and dersh is exiled from public life)
>>742464 This, there was a girl I went to college with who would grope someone at every opportunity, several times a day and there was zero recourse against her. At orientation the presenter talking about campus sexual assault straight up laughed at an audience question about female perpetrators and male victims. She did it in front of our residency director (female) and to our residency assistant (male). From what I saw she did it literally every single time she was in a room with a group of people, and she specifically targeted the ones who were most upset by it. >>746636 Same. Epstein is not "the guy" who handled this kind of shit. He's "the guy who was bad enough at discretion (the most important attribute to have for someone like him) that he got caught dead-to-rights on statutory rape for like 300 middle school girls in Palm Beach." There's a whole lot of these people and he's at the utter retard end of the savviness bell curve for pedo traffickers.
>>745205 Yes, but its pretty standard fare TBH, at this point nobody is surprised.
So uh, anybody in jail or hanged from a tree yet?
>>746636 Eh, it's not everyday you very to see the Eyes Wide Shut shit. I'm casually invested.
(1.38 MB 1636x1941 fraser.jpg)
since my thread got deleted by some assblasted mods lemme ask you guys a question: why are liberal elite types so drawn to pedophilia and why are they usually people that try to hold up such a squeaky clean image ?
>>751726 Having sex is never punished.
>>751768 Probably for the exact reasons you think.
>>751768 >why would people doing crime pretend otherwise in public asking the really deep questions
>>751757 yeah, for me it's interesting to see what folks and organizations are involved when news passes me by but i'm not drawing lines between photos on a wall if you get my drift. i just hope the girls get some peace
>>751768 there is way more right wings pedos and the further right you go , the more of a pedo you are. The dems are are a right wing party. Their associates and friends are right wing
Is it just me or did r/epstein really turn to shit lately
>>754351 it's always been 90% shit wym all my homies love r/trueanon
>>754351 All good movements attracts lots and lots of cancerous bastards.
>Ghisalaine Maxwll complains about her conditions http://archive.is/kmzJQ LMAO, here we go.
A new lawsuit has been put forward from Epstein victims... and its almost untalked about.
>>777244 Just like this thread
why is no one talking about the new photos
>>784901 Because the hype is past and the media isn't putting it on the front page, so people forget, just like with Snowden and Wikileaks
I find it amusing how Biden's connection to Epstein is swept under the rug for the election
>>789047 Biden has a direct rape accusation against him, and it's more substantiated than the one against Brett Kavanagh.
>>789056 Yes, and it's swept under the rug
So what's the sitch? Apparently Leon Black is getting a large subpoena http://archive.is/hhS87
>>789047 he has credible accusations of satanism against him
>>803791 True, but the mainstrem media is glossing over it. Also thread related >>702127
Ghislaine Maxwell is first inmate to get in-person lawyer visit at NYC jail since Covid-19 restrictions, attorney says Given that this bitch is also getting special treatment according to lawyers, this means most inmates have been delayed in trial hearings and other legal help that they have a right to.
(1.37 MB 1500x2000 pinker.png)
https://archive.is/vAURi Free Speech Crusader Steven Pinker Blocking Anyone Mentioning His Epstein Ties AHAHAHAHA, I guess Operation Pinker Stinker has been more bothersome than it seemed.
>>826004 Steven Pinker had sex with underaged girls supplied by Epstein.
>>826004 So much for freeze peach
>>826004 >Free Speech shill blocks people *Ironic*.jpg
Prince Andrew’s Epstein Abuse Scandal Could Ruin Royal Family http://archive.is/EBPlG I bloody hope so.
>>842725 Ok pedophile
>>825997 lets see how fast those "lawyers" become assassins
(133.63 KB 1200x800 child consent.png)
>>842790 >If you think kidnapping and raping children is bad you're bourg <a pedo-defender calling anyone else a bourg Ok liberal, go suck the MAP-lobby's balls some more.
>>842725 >>842790 obvious troll, ignore him
Epstein reportedly had secret 'lair' at famed Michigan art school https://archive.is/v4zjY
>>847649 >Daily Main really bro?
>>847654 Why do you think it was an archive.is retard? And News is news.
>>847649 >secret lair If he owned the property it wasn't secret.
(93.96 KB 630x1200 Angel.jpg)
(43.88 KB 393x657 child hookers in hollywood.jpg)
This whole Hollywood pedo scandal was being talked aboout years ago in 80s films.
>>865729 Not to mention the Westboro Paedophile ring
>>737820 WKUK was under rated
>>661325 Alleged Sex Trafficker Arrested by FBI In yet another blow against the presumption of innocence, and an ominous reminder of the erosion of Democratic Rights, Ghislaine Maxwell, close confidant of financier Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested by the FBI on alleged charges of sexual misconduct. Specifically, the FBI, founded to infiltrate and undermine the socialist movement inspired by Lenin and Trotsky after the Russian Revolution, alleges that Maxwell may have coerced a number of young women, who were under the age of consent in the jurisdictions concerned, to perform sexual favors for Epstein and herself. BUY NOW: THE HERITAGE WE DEFEND: DAVID NORTH UNCOVERS THE SORDID HISTORY OF THE PABLOITE CLIFFITE HANSENITE PLOT TO LIQUIDATE THE LEGACY OF LEON TROTSKY Of course, if these allegations were found to be true in a court of law, the International Committee would renounce the alleged antisocial behavior of Maxwell. However, the journalist cadre representing middle class identity politics, led by the bourgeois New York Times, has already presumed the guilt of Maxwell, before the facts and evidence of her case can be evaluating. This treacherous extension of the #MeToo movement seeks to redistribute the products of capitalist exploitation, rather than overthrow it. It is telling that the entire pseudo left has embraced this McCarthyite campaign, with the sole exception of the International Committee of the Fourth International. We urge all workers, youth, and intellectuals who oppose this fascistic witch hunt against democratic rights to contact the International Committee today.
>>872462 LO fucking L
Epstein news is starting to read like a fictional story, that's how detached it feels.
>>872462 Fun fact: David North is the leader's alias (real name David Green) and he's actually a multimillionaire who was profiled by Crain's Detroit for his then successful publishing business (Grand River Publishing and Imaging).
>>872462 Fucking trots
>Names of EVERY passenger who flew on jeffery epsteins private plane from 1998 till his arrest and suicide to be released on orders of Attorney general of the US virgin islands
Epstein and Maxwell did nothing wrong.
>>865729 i'm sorry this is just Qtardation
>>887958 A lot of bystanders are going down with this dude apparently.
>>888555 Ok libtard >>887999 Nice bait, pedo
>>888761 You first pedo
>>890386 Damn didn't mean to sage
>>892180 wait, why the fuck did it sage again!?
Now this is just funny Bill Clinton reportedly met secretly with Ghislaine Maxwell for ‘intimate dinner’ https://archive.is/GEQ2N
>>900800 what like a conjugal visit
>>900800 "Dinner and chill"
>>900800 The kiss of death. <Bill, you must tell them I won't say anything. I'll cut my tounge out before it. >They're coming for you Ghislaine ... I'm sorry... They fear for their lives. <Oh Bill...
>>900853 The fact that I can actually imagine this in full like a tragic movie scene is what makes me guffaw. Just imagine in 20 years, a romance tragedy where a pedo-ring involved woman is in love wit ha man cheating on his hellish spouse as he helps her cover her crimes until it ends with a final dinner together before the feds break down the door and put her in prison and she gets CIA-suicided
>>661184 Wew its like ruling class is decadent and think they are above the law. >a thread died for this
>>902224 >whining about a three month old thread Shut up newfag
>>902224 shut the fuck up glowie
Epstein and Maxwell did nothing wrong from a class perspective. Now go fuck yourself voyeuristic bunch of useless shit.
>>902310 Wonder what fresh news has got the glowies excited
>>902313 Today is friday. Maybe they Epstein'd her so the story would get buried on the weekend and the interns they have posting here got word before the news.
>>902313 >>902320 Imagine thinking you are different from Q folks
>>902388 Yeah, imagine believing that pedophilia is real lol.
>>902411 imagine thinking epstein's tale is something relevant to class struggle, flag is appropriate
>>902435 You're so right. A bunch of rich people kidnapping poor kids to rape has no element of class involved.
>>902310 That's retarded. They're the bourgs and therefore from a class perspective are exploiting the proletariat (in more ways than one) and therefore are subject to proletarian justice. >>902388 Ah, the CIA trying to discredit conspiracies again, how... 'wonderful'
All quiet on the Epstein front
>>939158 What the fuck does this have to do with ANYTHING?
>>939722 It's a forum sliding bot.
>>663388 >>666782 >if it means it represents marxist thought It doesn't though. Second International determinism is a distortion of Marxism that Lenin and Luxemburg were right to critique. Either way we shouldn't be dogmatists who take Marx' word as holy scripture. I never said that socialist revolution couldn’t occur in Russia because history doesn’t progress at a determinate, linear fashion. Sounds like Trotsky was a better marxist than Stalin. Stalin was more of a realist, I’ll give him that, but by deviating from Marxism with socialism in one country & socialist planning, it was bound to fail.
>>661592 >>676054 >>789174 Beave new world it's better :^))) You need a graduate degree in Statistics to be aboe to understand Classical Econophysics subtle propaganda thread? i shall start >just tax the rich guise Lmao haven't you seea European succdems just becoming social liberals after the Soviets fell. Almost as if the structures themselves at fault instead of the people manning those posts. At least people like Kautsky strived for giving the workers their means of production. >Stalin Mao Pot leader of Soviet Kampuchea killed gorillions Don't care, didn't ask plus you're succdem
>>939756 How is it doing this, and how to make this stop?
>>941823 This looks like spam
Is it just me or are there bunch of pedo apologists on leftypol for since the raid?
>>965462 /pol/'s "free speech" thing tends to attract pedos as well as nazis so not surprising
>>965522 I hope they leave soon. It's pretty sickening TBH.
Someone called every single number in Epstein's Black Book (supposedly) https://archive.is/Fn34V
Ghislaine Maxwell's 2016 deposition transcript will be unsealed https://archive.is/4zehV ==Jeffrey Epstein Spent His Final Days Whining About Bullying== Pedos are always a result of some kind of childhood trauma or damage. https://archive.is/ALfPN
(118.22 KB 271x271 puff.png)
>>1024241 >456-page document
https://twitter.com/TrueAnonPod Brace is also going through it, if you're really lazy like me
>>1001269 *looks at >>1024241 * Somehow I doubt that
jeffrey epstein accuser starts foundation victims sexual abuse https://www.foxnews.com/us/jeffrey-epstein-accuser-starts-foundation-victims-sexual-abuse https://archive.is/WezUa Totally not a scam guyz, for real this time!
>TFW people make duplicate threads when this one is already up.
>>661191 English Etymology social +‎ -ite Noun socialite (plural socialites) >A person (often a woman) of social prominence, considered to be an influential figure. >A person who goes to fashionable parties and is often written about in the newspapers, etc.
>>1075470 Thanks for the english lesson anon, you may want to contribute with the lefty wiki or translation projects in >>>/edu/
Mods should archive this soon since conversation has sort of died as has the news.
>>1138218 Fuck off yourself, moron


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