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(178.58 KB 1213x881 nazis cuteness.png)
/pol/ and cute blietzkrieg Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 02:26:33 No. 653514
what do you think? /pol/acks think that the left are just reddit and bots shitposting about communism all day and cute smug girls somehow are the biggest weakness against da commies where do they get these ideas?
They want to make their mindless anime consumption meaningful. That's basically it.
Anime was a mistake.
>where do they get these ideas? Years of propaganda, glowies, et cet
>>653514 what is this autism
(144.06 KB 339x457 1560788000426.png)
>>653514 wait a minute that character looks familiar...
>jews run hentai
>>653548 The fash aren't the DYI section of hobbyism. I think /ic/ is like the only vaguely not immedaitely left-hating part of 4chan anymore. The more consumption driven the board, the more right-wing it is.
(499.66 KB 1866x537 radicalotaku.png)
This is from when some /pol/tard tried to shoot up a synagogue in germany. The guy was even playing anime music too while he was driving.
>>653564 >The more consumption driven the board, the more right-wing it is. this. if you engage in hobbies that are actually productive you learn to give infinitely less of a shit about culture war bullshit.
worst 4chan board is /pol/, best 4chan board is /po/
>>653608 Has more to do with circumcision than ethnicity retard
>>653514 Holy shit Jews invented Anime??? I’m sorry but I’m guessing I’m Synagouge of Satan gang now! >>653608 Why do you Nazi’s think Jews eat children if their one main thing is their not meant to eat Human flesh and blood?
>>653618 it would if that shit was true
>>653608 >leftist and globalist elite god i wish that was who ran the world
You see lads, by only jacking my cock to Hentai I’ve transcended the human capacity to become aroused to visual stimuli. The very utterance of the Japanese language is enough to make me diamonds, and things as mundane as an exceptionally curvy line for pre to force its way through the fabric of my jeans. During the day I’m a normal looking guy, but the moment I get home I dump all my notebook paper on my bed, douse myself in paint, and throw myself on the fallen leaflets pretending to be a 2D boy. My mom leaves me dinner, but 3D food disgusts me, so instead I take pictures of the food, print them out, and eat the paper. “Itadeckymass” I grumble through tears as the rough laminated paper lacerates my esophagus. My waifu is a cardboard cutout of Megumin, but last week we broke up after I told her that cardboard is actually 3D. I’m heartsick, but I’m true to who I am. I’ve been fapping the entire time you’ve been reading this actually, and the fact that you just visualized this means that I’m jacking off in your head. I’ve truly transcended.
>>653514 I like anime (but generally moeshit like this while cute is pretty boring) but every time i see somebody with a anime profile picture comment in any theme i can't help but roll my eyes, like furries, they tend to be very bad in arguing their positions and opinions. Is pretty funny that /pol/ has come with a excuse to their anime addiction thb.
The irony of the post is the link between cuteness and aggressiveness/amygdala size explains why Tumblr and so many radlib communities on twitter that put up trans pic crew avatars all day are so toxic...
>>653693 >but generally moeshit like this while cute is pretty boring You talking about the anime girl in the OP image? Princess Principal is pretty good and action-y. The OP is also banger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QjqkATvH9M
>>653738 Wasn't talking about all the animes that share a similar aesthetic but this one actually looks good. >>653730 I have noticed that many people in Tumblr are obsessed with cuteness as well, many of those toxic transgender posters are obsessed with anime and cartoons as well. Maybe because they worship "cuteness" (or better say, aesthetics) causes a alienation with everything they perceive is against that aesthetic. Rightwingers thinking any critique of anime titties is a front for SJW censorship or Tumblr Users thinking any critique against their cartoons is done through racist,homophobic and any other -ist they can think.
>>653755 >I have noticed that many people in Tumblr are obsessed with cuteness as well, many of those toxic transgender posters are obsessed with anime and cartoons as well. k-pop stans are like this too now that I think about it
>>653514 They can only think through the lens of consumerism. It’s why every one of their movements is myopic af. Not to say there werent a minority of leftist who supported it, but as an example, look how gamergate turned out. That could have been the perfect opportunity to awaken ppl to the spectacle and instead it was all framed as a consumer revolt. It figures they cling to anime girls as a refuge from the harsh reality that they’re chronic escapist children who can’t get over the trauma of realizing mass media is just as devoid of meaning as everything else they cling to in their shallow lives.
>>653738 >Princess Principal is pretty good and action-y. Anime is such a garbage heap now. How do you people find this tolerable?
>against degeneracy >loves hentai Making Daddy Hitler proud, I see.
(146.56 KB 1240x1753 1565893850757.jpg)
>>653786 >i get to enjoy it with other like minded degenerates (most important part) >cute girls >it's gay >it's free
>>653514 How do they explain The Anime Left?
>>653796 >I like rolling in garbage Eh, fair enough. But don’t ever tell me your hobby is better than, lets say, ppl who read superhero comics.
>>653813 superhero comics is some dire ass straits there
>>653816 Same shit, different coat of paint.
>>653886 >>653887 thank you for pointing out some hypocrisy. I think I'll reconsider my positions on exploitation now.
Japan has cuteness overload but according to this person "the jews" still hold down the birthrate or whatever.
>>653886 >Schizo posts the screenshots of another literal who obsessed with cartoons I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, most of the time "free speech" means nothing if it goes against the government and after decades of persecution in the cold war is really hard to take seriously the rightwing getting censored after another PR disaster when a new mass shooter happens. Right Wingers always become the most vicious enemies of free speech when their idpol gets threatened.
>they hate us because our avatars are cute Yeah it's totally not because people with anime pictures tend to post the most shit opinions. Nope, it's because it's just too cute.
>>653931 when communism comes we are gonna redistribute anime pfs to people with good opinions, people with bad ones will be forced to have a crying wojack with a filter that forces them to speak like retards
lol this is retarded, can we please not post random /pol/ derangement as topics. anchored.
(27.90 KB 390x500 oh really34223423.jpg)
>>653886 > If I have to live in a world with censorship and no free speech. Then yeah, I'd want to live in a world that enforces harsh censorship on the basis of sanity and anti-degeneracy, so enemies of civilization, such as yourself, are denied from existing in any kind of public space. So you don't believe in free speech and are a walking contradiction like usual, got it, fuck off m8
>>653608 >Why do the corrupt leftist and globalist elite partake in child sex trafficking, rape and torture? <Trump is left wing now You people are pathetic, never taking responsibility for your own views
The reason /pol/tards obsesses over anime is because is because they're obsessed with aesthetics. Hence the proliferation of moe-shit.
>>653572 >Culture war bullshit Then how come that rightists are so obsessed with "redpilling" and degeneracy, and why do they get so bitter when an irellevant tranny or an interracial couple post a photo on normiebook? Not to mention the entirety of 2016.
>>653638 I kneel before you.


no cookies?