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Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 01:20:33 No. 653289
Mao thread? What are the best sources on Mao and Mao's China? What are your thoughts on the Great leap forward? What is some good non glowie literature on it? What are his best contributions to theory? What do the chinese think about him nowadays?
>>653289 >What are his best contributions to theory? Definitely read “On Contradiction” and “On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People”.
Why didn't Mao call the USSR was a fascist dictatorship in 1968?
>>653330 Why did he do that
I'm not the biggest fan of Mao as a statesman, but he was a god tier revolutionary who kicked imperialist ass, liberated China and put an end to the century of humiliation that had ruined the country. As far as historical figures go nobody has done more for China than him
>>653289 >What are the best sources on Mao and Mao's China? Maurice Mauser's Mao's China What are your thoughts on the >Great leap forward? What is some good non glowie literature on it? Linked a reputable PDF >What are his best contributions to theory? Continuous Revolution under the Dotp >What do the chinese think about him nowadays? They largely love him - his birthday is a day worship.
>>653416 Thanks for the pdf comrade
fucking idiot who made sure the great leap forward didn't even industrialize china after killing millions
>>653451 This is a really retarded comment - how could China test nuclear bombs and not launch its first satellite under him if they didn't industrialize?
>>653330 why would he lie like that?
(145.97 KB 580x400 Mao output.png)
>>653451 >didn't industrialize
>>653900 I don't understand your point - it says China industrialized, but then limited production under Mao. I'm not sure if you understand this, but socialism is quite literally planned, rationed production. Socialist economies reject endless growth, and that means slowing down or even deindusterializing on a planet with finite resources.
>>653936 >The economy sucked under Mao Sounds like bullshit though http://cup.columbia.edu/book/red-chinas-green-revolution/9780231186674 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4331212/ It sucked for your parents because they were probably capitalist roaders, so, I mean good for them
>>653954 >Had Mao not wasted 30 years doing dumb shit, they might have stayed. Like killing your worthless, bourgeois family. The rest of your post is just Dengist non-sense. I've heard it a million times. I'm not interested.
>>653289 Any good books on Mao's mental decline?
(37.48 KB 640x480 j90458e59y831.jpg)
he was an incompetent monster, but hey, at least he was a particularly successful warlord due to sucking stalin's dick the hardest in all the ccp
>>654133 This is only half true; in private he really hated Stalin, and he broke from Stalin in significant ways like rejecting that class struggle doesn't happen under the Dotp, he also rejected socialism as a separate mode of production, and was a harsh critic of the bureaucratic capitalism seen there. But yes, he was mostly a Stalinist
>>653330 china possibly did at the time, but their specific calls of "big bourgeois fascism of the hitler type" in the USSR was given years prior. the sentiment was just echoed from then on until like 1977-78.
>>653954 China's economy sucked because it was a poor country, not because of socialism. If anything, China is today succesful because of the industrial basis built under Mao and Liu Shiaoqi. China during the maoist period grew faster than India, for example.
>>653289 Mao is 70% absolutely based and 30% undiluted cringe Pic related. Extremely based
>>653355 The GLP was a disaster but the years before that Mao really shined as a statesman, in a lot of ways the Cultural Revolution was Mao's attempt to get his credit as both a statesman and and a revolutionary back at the same time.
Glowies itt
>>654133 Chiang Kai Shek sucked up to Stalin more than any of the communists >>655171 Who? If you're going to copjacket at least point out who it is instead of being a passive aggressive coward
I'm very conflicted about my thoughts on Mao. He contributed many great things like realising class struggle continuing even under the DotP, refining the protracted people's war to the point where even urban guerrillas draw conclusions from it, forming communes that are mostly self-reliant etc. but he failed to act on his conclusions. Like in the GPCR, where his assessment of capitalist roaders existing in a socialist society was correct he failed to root them out. His Hundred Flowers campaign started with right intentions in mind since communism is a mass political movement in which societal dogmas instead of taken as an axiom should be challenged, his later mishandling turned capitalist roaders to scheming because he just unleashed state power upon them instead of engaging and challenging them at every point. Also he didn't manage to select a correct successor to him so milquetoast Hua Guofeng let Deng and his clique advance and capture the party. And he went senile in the 70's.
>>655187 >that slow climb for India Nehru btfo
This quote pretty much sums up Mao for me: "Had Mao died in 1956, his achievements would have been immortal. Had he died in 1966, he would still have been a great man but flawed. But he died in 1976. Alas, what can one say?" — Chen Yun
>>655798 What bad things did he do exactly
>>655818 He made a great deal many errors, from the sparrows campaign to the backyard furnaces, to breaking with the soviets and calling them a fascist dictatorship of the Hitler type, to backing the Khmer Rouge, and finally, setting the president for capitalist restoration in China near the end of his life.


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