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(24.42 KB 736x713 youtube red.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 18:05:04 No. 637502
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc.
>>657226 Uh oh, guys -- Long winded judeo-approved research! They've got this one in the bag for sure!
>>657214 What, what does any of this have to do with censorship or the lack hereof?
>>657214 >I will give them this: unlike most other leftists, who would censor anyone even slightly right of censor I've noticed that you fags rail on that all the fucking time it's like the only thing you have, you do realize that being censored and being correct are two different things?
>>657238 >lack thereof A literal banwave more or less decimated our presence on Reddit yesterday. How can you be THIS deliberately obtuse?
>>657242 What does that have to do with Vaush and Destiny talking to Striker and Allsop?
>>657242 And the ban was made by leftists?
>>657241 >you do realize that being censored and being correct are two different things? Ever heard of a little phrase called "To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"?
>>657248 Who said that?
>>657193 Your smug aura is weak and desperate
>>657247 Yes. Reddit is one of, if not THE most, soylib sites there is. >>657246 It shows that they were at least willing to try and give the opposition a fair shake. Of course, that's not saying much for two leftists, but still. >>657249 Voltaire. Read him sometime.
>>657248 Did you know that the guy who came up with that quote is a convicted pedophile?
>>657254 Voltaire never said that. quote me the book or essay where he said it.
>>657200 >/pol/ has been in cope mode for weeks. Everytime I check it, it's all "why are we losing. we were doing so well before, how did it come to this." Haha, they are reliving Hitler's last moments in the bunker before he shot himself. >>657248 >do you know this saying? let's pretend it's a fact and definite proof in all instance
https://twitter.com/RadEmpanada/status/1278160716000890880 Why is this piece of shit spreading obvious CIA psyop bullshit? I'm so fucking sick of Sinophobia on the left. Fuck Kazakhs and fuck Uighurs, terrorist fuckers.
>>657162 In the debate? When?
(174.70 KB 1080x418 Eb0GBXtXgAIBAxs.png-large.png)
>>657263 eat glass, idiot
>>657257 So what? I can separate the creation from its creator. And that doesn't make the statement itself any less true.
>>657268 fuck off glowie
>>657269 It's a neo-nazi who coined it to talk about the Jews.
>>657263 >obvious CIA psyop bullshit how so
>>657254 <Who said that quote? >Voltaire. Read him sometime. >Read him sometime. >Nazi, reading. HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ok ok ok, who said it though? *checks google* HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA ohh no. Imagine going through life as a nazi. It's cuckoldry as a sport, and nazis are olympians.
>>657269 I prefer political theorists who have an education is philosophy, political theory or at least rhetorics or something, not a convicted pedophile neonazi
>>657248 Ever heard of liberalism/capitalism and how it is the ruling ideology and not some jew in your closet? You being treated like shit and the fags at tech industries being a bunch of liberal bedshitting retards does not in any way prove whatever belief you hold correct.
>>657276 The CIA paid those people to make fake testimonies to delegitimize China. They left out the fact that their family members are violent Islamic terrorists.
>>657254 >Yes. Reddit is one of, if not THE most, soylib sites there is Despite the fact left wing subreddits were also purged?
>>657254 >Voltaire. Read him sometime. Lol you complete bitch. The quote is by Kevin Alfred Strom who is just another Nazi retard. You couldn't even get that right. You can't trust Nazis on the most trivial informations, because it's all lies. Good job bro.
(72.78 KB 822x537 ShowImage.jpg)
>>657281 >liberalism/capitalism and how it is the ruling ideology and not some jew in your closet >implying there is no correlation whatsoever between them You might wanna sit down for this one.
>>657285 you're off your rocker m8
>>657286 They only did so to try and make themselves not look biased. And they still banned way more right-wing subs anyways.
>>657292 Are litterally all people in power jewish? No? Then it's not a jewish problem, by definition. It's a power-problem.
>>657292 turner isn't even fucking jewish lmaooooooooo
>>657297 Yeah typical no sources for your shit huh? Good job believing literal CIA propaganda. I bet they pay you too. Follow Caleb Maupin for the truth
>>657303 You know they wouldn't make such arguments when most people in power were Christians. Which most are, lol.
(64.15 KB 640x433 7exrzee494l21.jpg)
>>657303 >Are litterally all people in power jewish? No, but those people have the same agenda as well. >No? Then it's not a jewish problem, by definition. It's a power-problem. Again: you might wanna sit down for this one (pic-related).
>>657308 *Judeo-Christians FTFY.
>>657309 I can tell you're a newfag by the fact that you keep posting shit that we've alredy seen and with gall to post no sources with it
>>657309 typical christfag post, thinking the whole world is out to get them and their jewsicle
>>657311 Really? That your explanation? You just attached a "bad" word to it and called it a day that is pathetic.
>>657309 >be me >be 15 y/o >coom every day, sometimes more than once >this 30 y/o is saying that jewish control the world >i_dont_know_scoob.mp3 <imma need a source on that >the coomer-consoomer suburbanite posts a picture <jewish exist in pornography because christianity is oppressive and prude >at_last_i_see.jpg >become nazi >hate jewish people >get guns >go out and only kill white people accidentally >shoot myself and fail >first time going out, realize there are no jewish people controlling the world, but black police, latino judges, white anchorwomen, not one jew. >tfw no good coom material in prison
Is it just to put people into re education camps, if they are all Islamic terrorists? In my opinion, yes. I don't see any valid counterargument.
>>657317 imagine being this pressed at people asking you for something more than a jpeg-ridden meme
>>657317 Schizo tier post
>>657326 Counterpoint: An islamic terrorist is just a friend who's story you haven't heard.
>>657318 Or perhaps...JUST perhaps...there is such a thing known as gaslighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBGXmjJCxK8
>>657318 Or perhaps...JUST perhaps...there is such a thing known as gaslighting. https://youtu.be/SPlQpGeTbIE
I refuse to corrupt myself with (((pornography))), I donate $500 a month to based goy patreon artists who will draw nazi femboy doujinshi for me
>>657317 Ah yes i can the reddit now Also >You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence. Empirical evidence IS a source you retard Also also >No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Implying you gathered any >Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered. Yes. That is how you argue in good faith, congrats in figuring that out on your own.
>>657317 >reddit spacing Topkek
>>657332 Maybe maybe you are an autist
>>657334 holy shit that song is a blast from the past
>>657349 Cock is one of my favorite tastes. Not only that, but balls smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my throat to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, salty, hot pumps of cum down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at you with cum all over my mouth and slobber running down my neck, hair all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if I did a good job and you cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your dick….. That’s when I’m satisfied.
>>657355 Imagine writing that.
>>657355 *unzips pants*
>>657254 >Voltaire Lol no it’s isnt actually. It’s actually from a Nazi Paedo who got arrested for *BLEEPING* little kids
>>657292 I’mma need a YUGE citation for that
>>657309 Damn based Jews standing up to the kid fiddling Catholic Church. Anyway no. There is a literal historical reason as to why so many porn studio owners are Jews. Mainly because they were excluded initially from a lot of more mainstream film companies
>>657383 >There is a literal historical reason as to why so many porn studio owners are Jews. Mainly because they were excluded initially from a lot of more mainstream film companies Kind of like how they were kicked out of 109 countries way back when. Wonder why that was...
>>657386 Also >unironically pulling the tired and debunked "HAHAHA CATHOLICS ARE PEDOPHILES!!!!" card
>>657391 Especially hilarious considering you guys are so constantly and blatantly guilty of kid-fiddling yourselves.
STOP IMPERSONATING ME I would never make such a STUPID connection such as people being kicked out of countries and them owning porn industries! I consume non-degenerate anime porn that I pay a subscription for because I don't want jewish brainwashing porn that makes me feel feminine and increases my desire to wear clothes made for the females. This is how (((they))) do it, by the way.
>>657391 Catholics are pedophiles though. All priests rape kids.
>>657391 Dude, Im a catholic. Most priest probably rape children
>>657407 The only group that is more likely to rape kids than catholics are Nazis. All Nazis are stealth nonces.
>>657419 SO what?
This is pretty much our countries main Leftuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65MCWzZLYKc Thoughts?
>>657386 Oh thats easy to answer actually!. The primary occupation of a large amount of jews in the Medieval period was as Merchants, money lenders and other jobs that mainly separated them from the protections of the feudal contract such as artisans in cities and what could be considered the prototype-capitalist/mercantile class. Thus Feudal lords found it incredibly easy if they desperately needed money to finance a project or war to simply literally evict the merchants and all their immediate family from the state and impose a 100% tax on their previous earnings and properties. Racism simply serves as the means to an end for noble estates. This actually wasnt just jews though as obviously the vast majority of money lenders and merchants in this period were still Europeans who suffered effectively the same fate just as often
(726.90 KB 1744x1544 SwkRc3Y.jpg)
>>657386 whites were kicked out of 100 countries, why does nobody talk about that?
>>657454 Also whites never were kicked out, they left lmao.
>>657462 if usury is so bad and so contradictory to christianity why did christian royals not blanket ban it in their nations?
>>657467 Because they thought it was bad for the soul and made a person unclean to practice it
>>657462 I mean, yeah sure. In the sense Atilla and his huns had "very, very good reason" to pillage and plunder most of Europe and the near orient. They certainly benefitted from it, but the ethics of it... Now, that is something else.
>>657466 >So there's a very, very good reason why jews are kicked out. As so much as it was a conflict between the Noble and Mercantile classes Marx talks about the revolutionary nature of the Capitalist / Mercantile class when discussing things like the American revolution(s) The US Civil war and the French Revolution. Effectively in a Feudal or Settler-Colonial state(s) the Capitalist class is revolutionary in the sense that is supports the abolition of Noble and Catholic customs and creating the world of cash money and legal contract as the basis of law which the proles then overturn
>>657470 Learn to read >if usury is so bad and so contradictory to christianity why did christian royals *not* blanket ban it in their nations?
>>657458 jews live in france and germany in sizeable amounts >>657466 jews were not kicked out, they left after a persuasive talk with the local ruler
>>657474 Because during periods of war and or Famine and or Plague and / or massive social destabilisation the Noble classes may not have been capable to accrue enough capital or direct commodity levy through the population to sustain themselves
Yes my Netflix is set to kids mode, problem (((leftists)))?
>>657480 >using netflix at all cucked soyboy
>>657466 >Also whites were never kicked out they left lmao this varies nation to nation. The UK along with Belgium the netherlands and so on basically saw the writing on the wall after the Suez and Yemen crisis(s) and gave their colonies independence as to exist on the periphery of the imperialist core. France and Portugal meanwhile for a period refused this. with it taking bloody civil wars in almost all their former colonies for them to finally abandon the continent Even in the colonies that were abandoned the white population would attempt to maintain almost complete control over the economic and political system of the nation (South-Africa / Rhodesia)
Uyghur genocide isn't real, and if it is they deserve it. Discuss.
>>657486 there has to be a name for the "x genocide is fake but it should happen" argument
>>657475 >posts guy being cringe and wrong >heh, leftism destroyed weak
>>657475 >Huh why dont these capitalist animation studios and capitalist TV networks and so on etc etc etc not make every fucking show on earth some Evangelion / FLCL / Bambi etc etc etc eye candy that takes literal years and millions upon millions of dollars to animate? Must be the Jews!
>>657489 Nazi tier argument?
>>657492 also >implying this is new Has everyone forgotten how shittily Hanna Barbara cartoons were? How crappy Pokémon looked? Saturday morning cartoons have always been shit, we just forget about most of them.
>>657489 It happens all the time with Dengists. First they deny there's camps at all, then when you show even the Chinese government itself saying there's camps, they revert to 'okay but as the Chinese government said they're needed because they're all terrorists'
>>657497 modern society is set up to benefit the bourgeoisie, why would they want to disrupt that?
>>657497 No they don't. They want stability and trade. Peace means profit.
>>657504 >innate desire to fuck up tradition fuck materialist analysis, it's all fantasy race genetics and unprovable "innate desires" with you motherfuckers
>>657502 Um, they absolutely do. The Animation in Beastars, plot being edgy and all, is stunning. Plus, a show like Stephen Universe has no place being compared to fucking Evangellion - It is much more closely compared to something like a Disney Afternoon cartoon, and it looks neat for that level.
>>657510 Well. It also, frankly, isn't super impressive in its animation. It's good for a serialized cartoon, but it's not feature-film quality either
>>657510 >innate desire to eat, sleep and even rape rape? what a fucking creep thing to say eating and sleeping are not desires, they're necessities.
>>657519 First he says that there are 4 allowed styles, then 4 more are posted and then he shits himself and declares victory Nazis are brilliant, because we can reapropriate your stuff as cringe material at face value
>>657524 What are you even saying? You're speaking like you're unhinged. Bad look.
>>657525 hunger is a biological signal. lust is a feeling, and sex is not needed for survival. "destabilizing societies" is not a biological signal nor a feeling
>>657525 What you possibly have is an innate desire for sex or sexual release. If you have an innate desire for rape you need therapy.
>>657543 Seek help. No, I mean it.
>>657545 You need to learn to tell those things apart before you hurt someone.
>>657548 Humans are part of nature. Now, go and learn to be a human.
>>657548 Indeed it is a social construct, and as such, exists between two human beings, and I assume you're talking about sex with other human beings here and not animals, right?
>>657560 Sex and rape are not the same things. Almost no rapes occur because people want to "clean the pipes". Rape is about domination, not sex.
(3.01 MB 600x323 1593307856381.gif)
I liked seeing Vaush and Destiny wreck those /pol/tards but what is wrong with with Vaush's ear?
>>657560 And I'm telling you that rape is not something that is an innate desire in humans and furthermore that if it is an innate desire in you, you should seek help.
>>657568 Rape almost never occurs in nature. Basically only dolphins and ducks do it.
>>657568 Humans are part of nature and humans have a pretty clear distinction between rape and sex.
>>657548 Humans aren’t animals.
>>657575 Rapes are not caused by lust. People don't rape because they are horny.
>>657574 Humans are animal, however whatever the fuck this anon is saying is retarded
>>657578 Wait, am I supposed to prove that animals don't rape, rather than you prove that they do? >>657580 Yes, it would be, but almost no rapes occur like that. Most rapes are planned long before they occur, and happen to people pretty much regardless of physical attractiveness
>>657578 >Humans are kind of an animal but using animals to make moral judgements about consent when animals don’t even have grammar is retarded
>>657582 Jeff = Your Ideology
>>657580 Normal people don't fuck other people without consent when they get horny. Rapists get off by the fact that they are raping somebody without consent, the without consent part is so to speak the point of the rape.
>>657592 >They don't because they live in a society. That's only you, bro (seek help).
>>657591 Animals can consent. Indeed, some species cannot concieve without it, such as cats and ducks. >Which means the innate desire to rape is there. That's like saying because I can buy food with money I steal, the innate need to steal is there.
>>657595 I have never seen any scholarship of rape that claim that the desire to rape is universal but you are welcome to point to such a creature if it exists.
>>657603 No, lust is the desire to have sex. Rape is another beast completely.
>>657598 >News to me. So it's possible for us to have sex with cats and ducks? I mean, you can stick your dick in pretty much any animal, but I'd question the ethics of itm since we as human beings cannot effectively communicate with animals and achieve consent. >Lust is the desire to sex/rape. By your logic you could also say sex/buglary, because I can rob a person and use the money to pay a hooker You could also refer to the innate desire to sex/fly planes since you could be paid to fly planes and use those money on hookers
>>657611 Yes, but most rape is not done out of lust
>>657616 Humans have other means of establishing consent than other animals. A tomcat can not have sex with a female cat unless she wants to for instance.
>>657623 Not all animals are the same, yes. Now can you see that sex and rape aren't equivalent for humans?
>>657616 When I said that animals can consent, I meant *with each other*
>>657629 >Nah, for me, I don't. This is kind of the problem here.
>>657616 Okay then, say "the innate need for sex/piloting airplanes"
>>657632 They basically never do. Cats don't have sex with dogs and so on. It's really uncommon.
>>657639 I don't like potential rapists.
>>657592 >Why? because animals don't have civilization. if you're using animals to make judgements about monkeys that eat shitstained bark for breakfast you might as well just go run out into the woods yourself.
now I understand Zizek's argument about free speech
>>646990 Jim Profit said he likes jreg in one of his videos, and that guy rarely has anything nice to say about anyone
>>657669 sure, but basing it off animals is fallacious
>>657679 whatever you want to believe.
(168.22 KB 711x629 IMG_20200603_184845.jpg)
>rApE=GoOd Off to the wall.
Holy fuck i just watched some of that wretched debate for the cringe factor... The guy with himself in the SS helmet as his profile pic is literally totally fucking Insane
>>657751 What debate?
>>657758 The Vaush-Destiny v Striker-Allsup debate over whether black people are human or whatever
>>657567 I think it's from that he used to have huge gauges then it grew back fucked up (go figure)
>>657762 >>657751 Yeah, Striker is a loony tune. I think he became an unironic Nazbol not too long ago to try to grift the left.
>Caleb on synthetic leftism and the Bad Empanada-Drama at 46:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhdfHEcwRuU
>>657843 >he became an unironic Nazbol not too long ago to try to grift the left. Really? Can you share an example?
>>657299 Maybe because most rightwing subs are homicidal and the only crime of leftism is opposing the capitalist class while rightwigers want to downgrade, enslave, or exterminate the vast majority of mankind?
>>657934 good stuff
>>657966 NTA but his old twitter handle was something like StrikerIsNAZBOL
>>657934 This is just a left wing version of right wing Kultural Marxism conspiracy repackaged for the anti-woke/idpol crowd.
(3.44 MB conspiracy.webm)
>>658026 >the intelligence community doesn't subvert left wing movements, that's a conspiracy theory! That said Caleb is a douchebag who uses things like this to fling shit along sectarian lines and he should not be welcome in any org/movement with the barest pretenses toward left unity or even tactical unity. By his actions, he will probably stir shit for clout and wreck you if you allow him in.
>>658035 I am not saying the CIA didn't do those things, but to be so reductive and say blame everything on glowies makes it a legit conspiracy theory. For whatever the sins of the New Left, it is best to understand them in their context. FWIW I personally think the Red Scares coupled with the New Deal pacified the working class and deterred them from radical revolutionary socialism that the 'revolutionary' intellgensia had to adopt New Left shit to remain relevant and dangerous. It is only after OWS where socialism becomes more mainstream that you see the decline of New Left shit. Also why you don't see working class socialists or a purely working class socialist org past-Second Red Scare and maybe even now.
>>657658 where?
(1.33 MB 3024x4032 Eb2f4uDWkAAbLos.jpeg)
>same man who wrote Diamonds from Sierra Leone is posing with the man who owns his fortune thanks to diamond mines in Africa amazing what becoming a porky can do to a person
>>658381 kenye is borderline retarded and shizo anyways
>>646500 They're run by some EU-aligned corporate stooge, so anything that demonizes Russia and communism should be expected. https://de.linkedin.com/in/astrid-deinhard-olsson-99891971
>>658381 why is kanye wearing a garbage bag as pants?
>>658699 Its probably from his fashion line Yeezy. Aka, rich people who try to look homeless
(44.03 KB 680x262 reddit_floyd.jpeg)
>>658711 This is the stupidest shit I've seen, yet the funniest. Alunya funkopop when?
>>658721 >Alunya funkopop when? I would get my jar ready for this one
>>658711 .........
>>657934 >I went to the Congress of the World Federation of Democratic Youth and everybody wore a suit
>>658711 I kind of want them to do it just so because I’m tired of all the corporate pandering and I want to see the backlash
>>658874 And we need a figure of the cop who killed him, to please the right-wingers
(22.82 KB 640x490 153.jpeg)
>>658891 *yawn*
https://youtu.be/uFf5ASrXIr4 >no no not the precious Honkies!!! Fuck this Empanada dude. He's acting like advocating for self-determination all the time is somehow a leftist position. He also compared the US pouring billions of dollars into this HK shit with some "Russian bots" advocating for Catalan independence on Twitter.
>>658891 >Chapo Trap House is the communist movement t. Reddit
(251.11 KB 1080x1755 EbkBpqCX0AU2KF-.jpg)
>>658945 He is being very emotional in the comments section over what is effectively just opinions online. Nobody in America can do anything about Hong Kong except hold beliefs. However, in the sense that beliefs can guide action in other cases, the beliefs he reveals in his arguments seem weak. He suggests that leftists always have to support self-determination, with no real mention of what that means in real world cases. Who is the subject of self-determination? Does any subject that represents itself as an agent for others who it has defined legitimately represent them, even if it is unelected by them or even unorganized (like diffuse demonstrations and activism of slogans and such)? Somebody pushed this point in the comments when they suggests Catalonia has more of a basis to claim a nation because of its history, whereas Hong Kong is just a Chinese city that was more deeply colonized by the British. I don't care for the specific argument, but the underlying point is exactly that. Can anybody anywhere just declare a national separatist movement that then must be supported by leftists? Of course, he somewhat ironically backs away from all of this later by suggesting that actually Hong Kong doesn't even want anything so radical as a nation or anything like that, they just want to change their electoral system to be more democratic. If THIS is what is meant by self-determination, I feel like you'd be driven to concede that there are states in America which should be allowed to ban gay marriage, abortions, turn public schools into semi-religious institutions etc. because that is what the population wants. But when even a local population in America wants "bad things", leftists tend to consider it good to fight those "bad things" using the power of the federal government, or even in localities using a state government, or whatever has the overriding authority. Of course, he just banned this person from commenting on his channel for "being racist" or something. I actually like BadEmpanada's videos on Latin American politics, but he is clearly emotionally hung up on this case. The only other argument I remember him making was saying that geopolitical strategy wasn't a good reason to disagree with the protestors in Hong Kong, but his reasoning was to disparagingly call it doing "realpolitik". I don't see how that makes the reasoning illegitimate. I'm not going to support the self-determination of something like ISIS just because I've been given a directive to never think about geopolitics or anything beyond "support self-determination", because on one hand ISIS was arguably illegitimate, and on the other they were a genuine existential threat to just about every other state in the region. Hong Kong isn't ISIS, of course, but it's also a lot less charged to me because it isn't as obviously objectionable as ISIS. I just know I find it disagreeable that American hegemony should be strengthened through a strengthened ally in one of the richest cities in China.
(108.43 KB 347x367 bordiga.png)
>>658898 Is Bordiga a soyjack?
https://youtu.be/mYX7koMKkPY Seriously, I love Empanada when he's investigative and rips gusanos to shreds, deeply critical of American "NGOs" manufacturing "human rights abuses" but then at the same time Empanada believes everything they say about China which in 90% of the case leads back to the NED or some right-wing nutter. Really don't understand what his problem is
There's a new PhilosophyTube video: https://youtu.be/rfYvLlbXj_8 I think is quite a good one
what do you guys think of cultured thug ?
>>659681 An idiot
>>659493 >Really don't understand what his problem is The pattern I've seen is what region we're talking about. He seems to buy the propaganda about Asian and MENA countries.
(17.37 KB 640x490 chad reddit strikes again.jpeg)
>>658898 Needs more reddit.
>>659678 It's certainly his best in a long while. I'm not usually a big fan of the guy (his historical research is abysmal) but this one was fine.
>>659678 The fucking masquerade and the Contrapoints-esque rants/theatrics make it hard for me to sit through one of his videos, especially when they're so long.
>>659678 >1 hour 🙈🔫
>>646155 no, r/conspiracy sucks trump's dick like it's going out of style
>>655820 This is like 90s spam email shit. Entirely white background with .jpgs on it. a set deadline that increases your urgency to respond. The thin mocking or veneer of a threat to increase the likelihood of you replying. A new paragraph every two sentences to make it seem more important then it actually is. Etc etc etc
>>659771 The theatrics stuff is very hit and miss with me also, most of the time I just listen to them as audio only.
It seems like the twitchsphere is having a fuckton of drama now. E-celebs are having yet another gutterdammerung.
>>659895 What are they throwing a fit about?
>>659771 Idk that opening kinda fucked communism up tho
(850.43 KB 1928x2160 ETfKmujWoAMfylh.jpg)
Is Quotations from Chairman Mao the Left-wing equivalent of "Siege" by James Mason?
>>659922 Did this lady die?
>>657105 He didn't? Leafy only came back to any form of relevance thanks to that video he made on Idubbz when it came out that his gf has an onlyfans
(32.03 KB 399x400 IMG_20200501_204412.jpg)
>>659926 I wouldn't be surprised if she got purged off Twitter because if her constant edgelord grind. Honestly I found her super cringe, she even made sweater with Kim il-Sung on it, meanwhile, that would get you in serious trouble in the DPRK because you are not supposed fold or put wrinkles on the pictures of the leaders. The fact that she doesn't even know this but unironically pretends to be a Korean who follows the Juche idea is pretty fucking sad. She also said PoC chicks should murder their white boyfriends or some crazy shit like that. As someone who is dating a PoC, I was mildly concerned for a minute.
Also, if you're really a serious communist who talks about violent insurrection, the murder of landlords, etc. publicly posing with your face and your gun on social media is probably the dumbest thing you could do. Kinda tells you that she's not really concerned about feds kicking her door in because she's really just a LARPer. I double dare anybody to be such a persona but not as a communist but as a radical Islamist, see what happens then.
>>659944 >I was mildly concerned for a minute -_____- >>659958 I don't really care for her personally. I just like her aesthetic and I like men, and she looks like a man in many pictures.
>>659958 Tbh shit like this is why I keep political shit off my social media, I have enough so people know I’m a commie if they know what a commie looks like but I really leave all hardcore revolutionary and wacky shit off the public social media
It would be interesting if someone could share some thoughts on the retardation going on this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-ARQ-HUvFg&t=996s
(99.58 KB 1080x1240 11.jpg)
(72.21 KB 1080x1068 12.jpg)
>>659968 > I just like her aesthetic and I like men, and she looks like a man in many pictures. She isn't a man, she just has a butterface.
>>659969 yep. I only post shit that makes me suuuper mad. Like if someone gets murdered by police or whatever.
>>659979 nice :/ I don't want to become straight ;_;
>>659979 >butterface she's pretty cute to me, not gonna lie
>>659958 She has connections to Black Hammer which is considered very shady with other African Socialist circles. Wouldn't be surprised if she's an informant or has parents/relatives that work in intelligence agency.
>>659999 Black Hammer is indeed unbelievably shady. Also fits the whole selling nudes thing.
>>659979 Wtf are you talking about she’s hot as fuck I’d cry to fuck a body like that
>>659903 A whole bunch of rape accusations, some true, some bullshit.
(745.69 KB 498x333 eyebrows.gif)
>>659979 >butterface nah she just has anime eyebrows
>>660027 Thick eyebrows are attractive
>>659978 if you want criticism of that shit present its main arguments yourself, because it's 40 minutes long and ain't nobody got time for that
>>659922 >>659944 Mao wept.
Bros,what are the best youtubers to watch preferable MLs, I like the finnish bolshevik and hakim
(23.34 KB 569x428 b4f.jpg)
>>659958 >>659944 she's mentally ill
(284.62 KB 392x403 1239487011.png)
>>659999 nice quads
>>660072 Check out the channels of Cockshott, Prolekult, Caleb Maupin, and Jason Unruhe (ordered from good to autism).
(394.22 KB 549x617 1.png)
>>659678 >The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership That's an instant close from me.
>>660085 I think Maupin and Unruhe have a roughly equivalent autism. Honestly the superficial insults of BadEmpanada were true, he is a huge dork that tries to present himself as though he is a savvy career media guy. Like he works at MSNBC or something, or he does TED talks, but he is actually just a weirdo like Unruhe.
>>658853 y he lie
>>660093 Well he works for RT and if it's true what he says about himself he did actually get involved with providing aid to the people in Yemen which is based. So he's not just some random guy from YouTube.
https://twitter.com/RadEmpanada/status/1278519581238272006 Dugin is real, strong, and he is my friend
>>660093 Yeah I agree Maupin has strong manchild tendencies that came out when he talked to Vaush. He's the kind of faggot who tries to make socialism "respectable" thinking that's what normies like. It's the inverse of Jason being a neckbeard with a mohawk.
>>659134 'Just like ISIS' ISIS literally took territory by force and subjugated the local population You're really terrible with these comparisons
>>660155 >the kind of faggot who tries to make socialism "respectable" I don't even like Caleb, but you are trash.
>>660152 >Here is Maupin seated next to Dugin in 2018, praising Donald Trump, and talking about the need to fight 'International Bankers' (Jews) >talking about the need to fight 'International Bankers' (Jews) >'International Bankers' (Jews) good to know international finance capital is just an anitsemitic nazi conspiracy theory lmao
I genuinely wonder if a lot of these e-celebs browse this board. They'll never admit it, but you always see discussions here repeated ad nauseam on their twitters soon after.
>>660166 tbf nazoids poisoned that term by using it to refer to the spooky scary rothschilds
>>660166 forget that banker talk, he praised trump in 20 FUCKING 18?
>>660165 ? Caleb is openly embracing capitalist aesthetics to make it seem more appealing to the capitalist world. He defends China's liberalization and the existence of Chinese billionaires saying that in communism everyone will be a billionaire. He's just mapping capitalist ideology onto socialism and advocating for supporting China (which is capitalist).
>>660173 I'm less concerned about Caleb Maupin's honor and more concerned about BadEmpanada poisoning the well re: criticizing finance capital.
(917.35 KB 1787x901 image1.jpeg)
Being so close and still not getting it should be a crime From /r/collapse as usual Redditfags are the worst folks and get worse everyday
>>660181 'International bankers disloyal to the USA' yeah that's the bankers+dual loyalty double whammy. He says this while sitting next to fucking Dugin and later on he goes on to say that louis farrkahan isn't anti-semitic. same guy also believes in Cultural Marxism/Postmodernism ruining The Culture conspiracy stuff like Jordan Peterson and wrote a book where he blamed the 2008 financial crisis on a long-standing Jewish conspiracy to loot American wealth for Israel. Context matters.
>>660192 Oh also, in that book he calls Ayn Rand by her birth name, Rosenbaum, to make her sound more Jewish. It couldn't be more obvious really.
>>660192 >also believes in Cultural Marxism/Postmodernism ruining The Culture conspiracy stuff like Jordan Peterson You mean the thing about COINTELPRO being used to subvert the left? Because I've heard him talk about that. >wrote a book where he blamed the 2008 financial crisis on a long-standing Jewish conspiracy to loot American wealth for Israel. What book is that? >Context matters. I don't doubt Caleb has retarded beliefs like antisemitism. I know he has retarded beliefs like that. The rest of your points are good examples. There's a lot of online leftists who cry antisemitism any time someone mentions finance capital though, and that strengthens the association that the nazi dogwhistle runs on while making it more difficult to discuss global capitalism. I wouldn't say hate but I strongly dislike both of the e-celebs in question.
>>660192 I don't know why Maupin gets promoted on here tbh. He seems like a pretty mediocre thinker.
>>660202 The frankfurt school wasn't involved with the CIA aside from Marcuse working for its precursor during WW2. He said that the CIA literally founded the frankfurt school and postmodernism which is a whole nother thing. All they did for postmodernism was translate French literature to try and spread it in the USA, a far cry from what he had in mind. The way he uses those smears against other leftists is similar to how right wingers claim everything they dislike is POSTMODERNISM or CULTURAL MARXISM. Also, re the book. Here is the name. Yes he literally chose this name for a book claiming that Jews control the USA to loot its wealth for Israel. Like, if I was writing a book about Israel I would avoid the word 'satan' like a ten foot pole even if it's warranted because it's such a dog whistle.
>>660209 He has wrote books and been on TV news which makes him seem "respectable" as is his MO. He's definitely a grifter although it's unclear just how retarded he actually is. Chimping out at Vaush is a pretty good sign that he's a massive retard though.
>>660215 You could self publish too
>>660216 Yeah but it doesn't require you to be a good writer or thinker is the point. It's phony credentials. >>660210 Do you have a summary of how he thought this was supposed to work? Looking pretty batshit tbh.
(222.52 KB 866x1443 satan2.png)
>>660219 found this review on badempanada's twitter, seems like it's a bit pro-israel but nonetheless... The bits about the names alone are fucking youch
>>660159 I said Hong Kong isn't ISIS, and I said ISIS was arguably illegitimate. What I meant by that WAS that ISIS was largely an outside force in Syria that was conquering territory. But jihadist groups like ISIS do have domestic presence in many middle-eastern countries. Syria had its own home grown islamists who wanted for form an islamic state, and jihadist groups throughout the middle east tend to operate by entering an area they feel is primed for some kind of activity and recruiting people into their organization. The original Islamic State in Iraq started out dominated by foreign salafists but became more of an authentic Iraqi insurgency, because Iraqis were recruited into the Islamic State. But even assuming the details here are entirely wrong or whatever, we'd already be discussing the details of what is a legitimate nationalist movement. BadEmpanada didn't discuss any details of what a legitimate nationalist movement is, he suggested it was always legitimate or you were an imperialist, and his reference to the term "self-determination" calls to mind Lenin or Luxembourg or Kautsky's famous discussions on the topic, which were about national liberation/secessionist movements. But he goes on to say that Hong Kong isn't even trying to secede, so he is invoking self-determination as a classic leftist value or whatever when the historical context is national liberation, and it was actually a heated debate about what constituted authentic national movements deserving of being supported under a policy of "self-determination". And if Hong Kong is simply protesting for a different electoral system, we can clearly see that even countries he has offered support for in Latin America have cracked down on and jailed domestic movements for "democracy" or whatever. So there is plenty of justification for saying details matter here, but he wants to handwave away all details and reduce it to moralizing principles and insults about boot licking.
>>660219 >>660257 >we can clearly see that even countries he has offered support for in Latin America have cracked down on and jailed domestic movements for "democracy" or whatever. which government does he support that has done this?
>>660262 He defends Cuba, which he should, and Cuba jails journalists and pro-western dissidents who agitate for reform.
>>660267 He does the same thing as Hakim, lets his nationalist bias decide his view on certain countries. Hakim hates Iran and rags on it given the opportunity, BadEmpanada detest and country against the US that's outside of latin america.
>>660267 Cuba literally has democracy though, its congress is directly elected and then elects the head of state and ministers like in any parliamentary system. Nothing like HK where corporations choose them all.
>>660271 'any country' being China?
>>660271 iran is literally an imperialist theocracy. I really don't get how you guys use support for far-right countries that dominate the politics of their neighbours as a barometer for leftism just because the US is against them. You can be against US interference without doing this shit.
oh geez why does the Iraqi not like Iran? Could it be that his country is the prime victim of both American AND Iranian imperialism? https://theintercept.com/series/iran-cables/ No, just nationalism.
>>660274 No he hates Syria, Iran and most MENA countries too. Also hates the DPRK.
Cry more Hakim.
(2.96 MB 1326x1291 sonic.PNG)
>>660273 Some Cubans think democracy means being able to have a capitalist rag that criticizes everything the government does, and the state disagrees and has exiled and jailed those people before. Who am I to say they don't have "authentic grievances" against the government, I just disagree with their ideology and don't want Cuba to get turned into a Caribbean resort island with expensive handbag stores.
>>660279 That zombie girl anime unironically looked kind of entertaining though
>>660277 Looks like glow shit. Sorry.
Hakim is a big faggot baby who needs to stop being butthurt at Iran. You're doing the US' job for them.
Who is Hakim?
>>660210 >>660202 >>660192 The frankfurt school / What most people call Cultural Marxism / postmodernism i just Adorno and Horkheimer talking about which movies they hate
BadEmpanada is a greasy creep who's desperately trying to gain white approval. BadEmpanada, you make me sick with your face. I know both of you are here, I just want you to know what I think. Lol.
>>660284 Are they a majority, as they are in Hong Kong? There's so much wrong with this equivalence.
>>660282 Syria isn't remotely leftist, North Korea goes without even addressing for sane people, which other middle east/african countries are you talking about here? source?
>>660303 Where did I say they were leftist?
>>660306 Requiring a loyalty oath to right-wing countries to define the leftism
>>660307 Where the fuck did I imply any of that? Conjuring strawmen in your head.
>>660310 then why even bring it up as if someone not defending a total of 3 governments, 2 of which are right-wing, is worth mentioning? You know latin america is a pretty left wing region especially recently, it makes total sense that a leftist likes leftist governments than right-wing ones.
Anyways, Syria is based for BTFOing yanks and their fascist islamists. Chapo babies here can cry all they want about le evil Assad. And Hakim is a big faggot baby.
>>660317 >You know latin america is a pretty left wing region I count Cuba and arguably Nicaragua, where have you been recently? Even Cuba is liberalizing as we speak.
>>660317 Also, because I support nations resisting US imperialism, but can still be critical of their governments. I don't outright denounce them, because I'm not an ultraleft retard.
And BadEmpanada is an ugly creep.
>>660321 pink tide afaik no one is saying the right wing governments there are good, but there's been actual left wing governments in recent years.
>>660322 Do you support nations resisting Iranian imperialism?
>>660324 post pic
>>660299 I don't know, do a majority of Chinese want a Chinese city to distance itself from China? On the actual front of "democracy" I don't see it so cut and dry as Hong Kongers being the only important factor. Capital accumulation in China (and in general for most states in the world) has created unequal development that benefit certain cities over other areas, like Hong Kong. How much money has China invested into Hong Kong for its citizens to just tell them to fuck off? But the democratic principle isn't even really what concerns me, because I do argue that you can support or disagree with certain national movements based on geopolitics. I think it is good to have a check on American power, I think whether China is capitalist or not it is better to have inter-imperialist conflict than to have an indomitable imperialist super power with tentacles and nooses around every other nation. I also think that inter-imperialist conflict is inevitable, so it isn't even a matter of my or any communists desire making it so, but if China is supporting a certain kind of capitalist hegemony in Hong Kong and America is supporting another, then I think in the zero sum game of global political influence and power it is preferable that China is secure in controlling its own affairs rather than having America encroaching on it in what is undoubtedly a long game of poking and prodding at Hong Kong hoping it becomes a base of pro-American mainland dissidence and possible secession.
>>660341 okay so now people who don't live there get to vote on self determination? not how it works. you just keep jumping from false equivalence to false equivalence without actually answering the questions > > How much money has China invested into Hong Kong for its citizens to just tell them to fuck off? practically nothing, before colonialism by the british empire hong kong had a population of 7,500. When China recuperated HK it was already developed, and HK doesn't receive funding from the Chinese state, its government is self sufficient with its own local tax system. Your argument that people should be ruled over by corporations voting for their government because you dislike the USA is kinda gross but eh. I guess it's easy when you're not the one with a parliament chosen by McDonalds and pepsico.
>>660351 >okay so now people who don't live there get to vote on self determination? Sure, if its a legitimate territory of the state. There are American states that have vehemently disagreed with federal laws. There are blue cities in red states that are currently unable to close businesses for COVID. Cities are a part of larger economic and political frameworks. Hong Kong is important to China and it is interwoven with China, so China has some legitimate claim to being involved in the governance of Hong Kong. It isn't like citizens of mainland China have enormous democratic priviledges compared to Hong Kong. >>660351 >practically nothing, before colonialism by the british empire hong kong had a population of 7,500. When China recuperated HK it was already developed, and HK doesn't receive funding from the Chinese state, its government is self sufficient with its own local tax system. eh, that seems simplistic. Money flows through Hong Kong both ways, and I'm sure Hong Kong gets a cut of it. >Your argument that people should be ruled over by corporations voting for their government because you dislike the USA is kinda gross but eh. It isn't because I "dislike" the USA, the USA is the global hegemon that fights socialist organizing across the globe. It is a thoroughly anti-revolutionary force for reaction. Supposing even China is an anti-revolutionary force, having competing anti-revolutionary powers creates power vacuums and situations in which you can pit the imperialist powers against each other. Lenin got railed into Russia by its imperial enemy Germany.
>>660388 >>660351 >I guess it's easy when you're not the one with a parliament chosen by McDonalds and pepsico. Also, my parliament may as well be chosen by McDonalds and PepsiCo.
>>660215 Caleb is a retard but I'll take him over Vaush any time. The latter has literal neocon takes, never organized, never opened a book in his life.
>>660277 As Marxists we should be able to rise above our the petty disputes of our nations.
>>660210 >satan im dying
>>660210 but israel is satan
>>660275 Because, ultimately, there are two options: Iran getting invaded and looted or not. There's not much more to this "support". Either you want the empire weakened or not. Moralist takes (like Zizek criticizing Chavez for working with Iran) have no place in realpolitik, because the USA as a main threat to these countries unites them.
Caleb is a fucking anti-jew? Holy shit, we need Eric Striker to parley with him.
>>660418 >interviews cuties, except the schizo autist guy niiice. I'm moving to nyc.
>>660293 It's not his face, it's his facial movements, especially his fucking mouth. With Thoughtslime its his entire face. I noticed that severely undersocialized kids turn out this way. They lack social contact in the most formative years and turn out damaged for life with their mouths, eyebrows, noses contorting into expressions that are weird or completely out of context. Like you and I would raise an eyebrow if we thought something fishy while listening to somebody or would raise both if we were surprised without even thinking about doing it because we socialized like so, but with them it's just random. Also, as with Badempanada, speech itself can be affected. He has no control of his pitch or rhythm. He gives out serious "number fifteen" vibes. I had two classmates who turned out like this. The mother died of one in a car accident when he was very little and became a mutist for a year and kept hugging plush animals way beyond the normal age, the other had weird parents and no friends, only his D&D club later in life.
>>660303 >for sane people lol
(321.31 KB 720x1280 Screenshot_2020-07-02-08-41-34.png)
...how exactly does "Philosophy Tube" repel the women and trannies?
>>660477 I think you are overanalysing this, there's no way you can deduce somebodies childhood from a few facial movements, especially because the dude might be doing this for his screen persona.
Calebs gonna get cancelled oh no oh no
(369.87 KB 745x356 a serious philosopher.png)
>>660500 >i found an excuse to post a pic of myself i really like, plz say nice things about it why are e-celebs like this but also <le "i have two personalities, good and bad" pic completely infantile >>660508 please explain to me how having no speech and facial expression control constitute a "screen persona". I'm pretty sure they show signs of this very same condition in interviews and real life.
>>660509 Who gives a shit about these faggots? I’ve still never watched a BadEmpanada video and the Serfs are unfunny cucks that are buttbuddies with Vowsh >Muh gender studies >Muh queer studies Cancer that should be abolished
(120.41 KB 372x324 1.png)
Caleb just uploaded it to his channel. He's gonna defend it. Also, I noticed he's not including the Satan book on his webzone page https://calebmaupin.com/books
>>660538 The Satan book was 12 years ago, people are allowed to change their mind about things. A good portion of this board are former /pol/tards.
>>660538 Ooooh noooo he shared a platform with "I am with the Africans" Dugin OOooooh NOOOOOOOOO
>>660587 fair is fair, but he should openly address these changes then, because it's kinda ridiculous and I'm sure that his opposition wont let it go
>>660647 Seriously his opposition is going to go with Israel good after the leaks from the ADL about how they were going to support annexation?
>>659979 Her tits are nice but that body is quite masculine too
>>660012 >I’d cry to fuck Bruh
>>659979 i thought she was a dude tf
>>660651 >Mfw never seen a female with a firm body before
>>660587 >>660647 >fair is fair, but he should openly address these changes then Not sure how this will work out because there are concern trolls everywhere who will say that your apology for X isn't good enough (without specifying what "good enough" would actually look like, so you are constantly whipping yourself in public with no end in sight.) The concern trolls aren't just people with ideologically opposed views who pretend to be offended about X in order to drain your energy, but also people who don't give a shit about anything in politics and society at large and who just like to be constantly "offended" and who get some weird satisfaction from this cancel drama stuff (it's almost a sexual thing with them). I don't think an apology on Twitter or Youtube will do anything good because these people aren't genuine in their concerns. What would be nice to see: Imagine a revised edition of the original book as a free download with all the original text in there and comments inside the text how he now feels about some iffy formulations etc. (You have to put the comments right next to where the offending words are and not just the new introduction, otherwise concern trolls will just ignore the introduction and play offended again.) But would this work have any positive effect on his image? One side doesn't care that stuff from over a decade ago has some cringe elements and most of the other side is not genuine (drama for the sake of drama).
>>660675 >firm body = built like a door Also jiggliness is feminine
>>660791 Man, 2020 internet sucks. Back in the nineties you could just say "sorry, I was a retard back then" online and nobody would give a fuck after that. Today you can't even say the R-word without getting banned.
>>660791 Jesus Christ what sort of shit do you have in your closet? >>660842 Nobody thinks about accusing the accuser.
>want to make a post that's important enough to remove my tripflag so that people don't do the usual "haha ur rose" gimmick >forget to remove tripflag and even though this is a different thread it stays on automatically and my post is ruined >want to make a post that requires the "haha ur rose" misdirection of the tripflag to work fully >flag doesn't stick around automatically between threads, it's just a regular anon post. how the fuck does this work goddamn
>>660166 >good to know international finance capital is just an anitsemitic nazi conspiracy theory lmao He actually made a video about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmhT_yFRJmU
>>660152 This clip already has 20.000 views. Bad Empanada is doing a good job, at promoting Maupin.
>>660850 You don't need a trip, we can tell who you are by your flag and incredibly annoying attempt at humour
>>660513 You're all absolutely infantile. People that complain about this shit are just right wingers who haven't been thoroughly despooked. How many universities do you think even RUN gender study degrees? Let alone queer studies.
>>660977 Is there a western university that is not radlib?
>>660982 Obviously they are radlib paradises, and the schooling system in general serves the purpose of indoctrinating kids to the religion of Capital: so why do you fucks just talk about gender studies all day? As if your marxist analysis wouldn't benefit from reading a few feminist books (implying you guys read of course)
>>659979 See, here’s the thing. She looks great, but she has those BPD eyes and it makes me want to shit and scream
>>660933 >you don't need a tripflag, we can tell who you are from your tripflag you people really love giving me material to riff off lol
>>661119 see, tripflag disappeared. what the fuck is this?
>>660509 Wait wtf he’s actually a duginist? That’s fucked up...
>>660509 "Right wing talking points" is such a radlib dogwhistle, it's ironic
>>661129 If your talking point is agreeing with Alexander Dugin then yeah I would say that is a “right-Wing” talking point
>>661132 He's also visited Iran son
>>661132 I would put money on the talking point being the multipolar world because it always makes yank radlibs sperg out.
>>661145 The multipolarity of two Capitalist Powers (In all of Dugins writings Russia is obviously being framed as the “other” to America) with most remaining socialist states on earth being subjugated / forced into military and economic alliances with them should not be something that Marxists strive for
>>661119 By riff off you mean make memes no one but you even looks at
>>659979 wait it was actually a chick all along? i'm confused now and i'm Asian myself. she probably only fucks white guys so whatever ;_;
(191.31 KB 850x400 Starmer 8.png)
>>661150 t. only lurks in /britleftypol/ and is unfamiliar with my wider repertoire of radical social democracy
>>661148 Fairly sure he counts China in the multipolarity too, but either way to carry this conversation on you're going to have to explain how total domination of America is good for socialists despite decades of evidence to the contrary.
why's the board so slow you'd think with the reddit purge etc it'd be speeding along at mach 3 but instead its at 94pph. i swear it used to hit 180+ and i was complaining then that it was too low.
>>659979 Regardless she is crazy and don't stick your dick in crazy. >>661203 Shit goes faster 7 hrs from now.
>>659979 In the second pic she legit looks like a man
>>661207 >Regardless she is crazy and don't stick your dick in crazy. But she will eat your ass so it's a tough call.
https://www.reddit.com/r/collapse/ Looks like now that the chapos got banned this subreddit has gone into deep reaction June 30th should henceforth be known as the Day of the Glowblack king Every collapsefag is now dead weight, they should all be shot
(15.94 KB 300x302 Reckful.jpg)
Anyone heard the news? Reckful killed himself. I know it's not directly related to /leftypol/ but he was a good man. F
>>660286 Oh, it's hilarious. It's my favorite show from that season.
>>661148 It's not about supporting Russia/China (fuck them, especially Russia), it's about making contradictions arise in the global capitalist system, contradictions that COULD pave the way for socialist uprisings/revolutions/etc same as WW1 did in a certain way: it's a long shot, but aside from unforeseeable happenings is the only one we have got
>>661665 A famous Twitch streamer
>>661665 some og twitch streamer apparently. he proposed to a girl via twitter and the replies were full of resentment. he killed himself just a few hours later. he was bi-polar apparently
(19.77 KB 682x613 too_online_banned_subs.png)
>>661712 If we were based on a product that hated its fans we would be in the eye of the storm
(23.62 KB 661x352 mussolini was a marxist.PNG)
>>661619 Man I thought you were trolling, as I said before, the will to live is directly correlated to healthy scalp follicles.
>>661692 The real problem is that imperialist war must be opposed no matter what but also that the only shor commies have right now is imperialists rendering themselves unstable
>>660538 Maupin is such a fucking grifting opportunist, I really don't know why /IG/ simps for this Dengoid ginger. The GoAnimate style video on his channel is super fucking cringe, and doesn't help dispel the image that he's paid by foreign capitalists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=surq0zZvlFc Watching this will immediately Bordigapill even the most zealous Stalinist.
>>661914 Honestly this looks a lot less like he's funded by foreign capitalists and a lot more like he's such a narcissist he decided to pay someone to make an ad for himself.
Jason Unruhe presses F to pay his respects to the CHAZ/CHOP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A2CaAG451s
>>661619 >multi millionaire >play video games all day >famous Woe is me. S.
>>661914 I think it's just self-promotion. He is a professional with a career, etc. To me the only odd part is how what he says to say doesn't line up with his aesthetics.
>>661999 I'm not sure about you, but didn't you have noticed, that this is simply what you must do in a capitalist society, to get attention? Have you ever wrote a application for a job?
>>662081 On youtube people typically make channel trailers where they just tell you what their deal is themselves instead of paying one person to cheaply animate a whole clip and another person to narrate it.
>>662116 That's right. You are only authentic lefty media if you do everything by yourself, film yourself with nothing behind you but a wall and a bucket you piss and shit in.
https://twitter.com/RadEmpanada/status/1278813471862329344?s=19 Empanada is going all out against Caleb Maupin.
>>661619 >he was a good man source? <inb4 he playeded the bideo games fannnnny :DDDD
>>662167 >Marxists do NOT advocate violent revolution >t. Caleb what >>662155 Nobody said anything about being "authentic," Caleb. Paying to have other people talk about you so you seem more famous is pathetic and funny.
>>662005 deranged
>>662167 Holy fuck, what a shitshow.
>>662167 >>661914 I hate e-celebs so fucking much
(338.10 KB 1036x662 1.png)
You guys are just jealous of my success.
>>662188 what on earth makes you think either of these people are celebrities of any kind?
>>662191 No I just despise e-celebs with their narcissism and manufactured drama
>>662191 Sorry Caleb but Jason set the standard for celeb namefagging confirmation and it's showing us your cool phone wallpaper.
>>662193 E-celebs =/= celebrities
>>662155 I mean, if you're being paid a salary by a nation state, you aren't authentic regardless of aesthetics
Thoughts on Liz from TrueAnon going on the Perfume Nationalist Podcast? I haven't listened to it. At first I thought people who were talking about this were just nerds trying to find something to cancel her over, but it seems like those guys are legit white nationalists/alt-right/nazis. Going on a podcast with a bunch of nazis and shooting the shit like they're your buddies does seem kinda sus to me tbh. I like TrueAnon and I'm not exactly sure what to think here. I wonder what the other (jewish) 2/3 of TrueAnon think about it.
>>662214 All people with parasocial internet relationships do is complain about this stuff, there's going to be a point where nobody will care and I'm at that point tbh. Does it "seem" like they are, or are they?
>>661619 I can't understand why rich people would kill themselves. You can basically do anything, the world is your playground. Just being free from toiling your life away to pursue whatever hobbies you have would vastly improve anyone's quality of life. No, not even that, just having a paid home to fall back on during hard times would change your life.
>>662191 Maybe it's the font, but it looks like you are using "" there, when you should be using “” like a pro.
>>662222 it's because he lost chubby asian gf
>>662222 he was bipolar, he was lonely. Mental health is a serious issue.
(61.42 KB 945x553 Eb8933-X0AAL8IS.jpg)
Marxism DOES NOT advocate violent revolution.
>>662243 Maupin is a cringy sperg tbh
>>662220 >All people with parasocial internet relationships do is complain about this stuff, there's going to be a point where nobody will care and I'm at that point tbh. I pretty much agree and had the same initial reaction. I realize none of this actually matters (which podcast host went on what other podcast etc) and is lame to care about but as a fan of a show I find it hard to not fall into sometimes. >Does it "seem" like they are, or are they? I had never heard of them before but the profile pic for their podcast is a dude in a "Death in June" (nazi band) shirt. Someone on reddit says: <The Perfume Nationalist discuses perfume and movies with right-ish cultural commentary (think Soiled Sinema). The main host (Jack) is a gay neofolk ironic fascist, used to be more explicitly racist on his podcast and twitter but dialed it down last year. He's as much of a "fascist" as anyone in the neofolk scene, which is to say it's mostly post-ironic affect. The girl host (Jugs) is a not-so-ironic Nazi, briefly hosted a podcast with TRS-affiliated Nazi Eric Striker. Post on the redscare sub: <I was listening to the Red Door/ Twin Peaks ep of The Perfume Nationalist and the girl said "alleged holocaust" of WW2, it didn't seem like she was kidding. Are they into that stuff? I like the show otherwise Another post on the redscare subreddit: <Yeah I listened to some of his first episodes early on when he was publicizing them here, and re-listened to the Bronze Age Pervert and cumtown eps recently when Anna appeared on the show to make sure I wasn't misremembering what he was about, does seem like he's non-ironically in some general white nationalist territory. Like 22 minutes into the BAP ep where he talks about modern trends to anti-natalism and abortion being bad because "we're being encroached upon by these extremely fertile immigrants from the world over", or a little after 9 minutes into that ep where he's talking about this gay far right guy named Jack Donovan and complaining that he did this "disavowing the alt-right, disavowing white nationalism thing, that was very gen-X and very cucked, and at that point I kind of lost hope in him". This ep was also kind of interesting in terms of how well it illustrates the weird far right obsessions that Klaus Theweleit talked about in Male Fantasies, a book Dasha has talked about before (review and summary here), all that sort of visceral association of leftism with devouring femininity and fears of loss of boundaries and differentiation metaphorically linked to swamps and muck and slime (they get really excited about BAP's comparison of the left to 'yeast' in the episode). <Another example I heard when re-listening was the whole discussion starting just before 48 minutes into the cumtown episode where the co-host says "it's funny that everybody talks about how ironic the transgressions are because it doesn't seem ironic to me" and Jack says "oh no, it's not" and then gets into a serious discussion of how socialist types who like cumtown "don't understand why they're laughing--all of the humor on cumtown is unearthing essential racial truths and sexual truths, it's a known fact about comedy that jokes are only funny if they're true." And a little after the one hour mark in that ep he talks about how the Bernie Bros are "slightly redpilled" but "still so deeply conditioned they don’t see larger realities, like they see little inaccuracies but they just will not fully redpill themselves because they're too scared of the consequences".
>>662268 >gets into a serious discussion of how socialist types who like cumtown "don't understand why they're laughing--all of the humor on cumtown is unearthing essential racial truths and sexual truths, it's a known fact about comedy that jokes are only funny if they're true." And a little after the one hour mark in that ep he talks about how the Bernie Bros are "slightly redpilled" but "still so deeply conditioned they don’t see larger realities, like they see little inaccuracies but they just will not fully redpill themselves because they're too scared of the consequences". Kek is this like the right wing version of "You don't get it because you're a retard"?
>>662277 Imagining a guy who believes there are "essential racial truths" embedded in Cum Town jokes such as "what if a chinese guy was gay" is pretty funny
>>662222 Untreated depression is nasty as hell and treatments don't always work (or work fast enough), doesn't matter if you're comfortable or should be happy if the part of your brain telling you to feel happy is broken.
>>659922 Seejfags are all cringe, Little Red Book holders are a mixed bag.
>>662279 Dude, you just don't get it. You have to have a very high IQ to understand Cum Town, well in the upper percentile of the Bell curve. The racial science and deep bond between man and the nation simply goes over the head of the average bluepilled normie. I am just trying to imagine your skull right now, the lacklustre cranial measurements and the Sub-Saharan jaw, and it makes me chuckle inside at the absurdity of it all. You will never get the deep fascistic undertones and the universal racial truths of Cumeatsioner Gordon, and that's because deep down you fear the truth and what it may mean for you.
(89.29 KB 880x166 chumpsy.png)
Chomsky lost the plot completely, imo.
>>662298 This is a candidate for stupidest takes posted on leftypol. Somebody please put that poor man out of our misery.
it was revealed to me in a dream today that i am on the wrong track
>>662316 what happened in the dream
>>662298 Chomsky was always a fed. He used to work for the DoD. This "turn" should not surprise you.
>>662318 i think i died
>>662243 >Insurrection would be madness where peaceful agitation would more swiftly and surely do the work. Karl Marx interviewed (1871): https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/bio/media/marx/71_07_18.htm
>>662316 >socdem lol
>>662360 Obviously very relevant to the modern world.
>>662243 He's not wrong, and neither is Marx wrong. Who in their right mind would prefer violence where a peaceful avenue is possible. The trouble is that it isn't possible.
>>662363 my actual ideas are too intelligent for journalists and indeed myself
>>662368 this, be prepared but let the counter-revolutionaries fire the first shot this helps bring the fence-sitters on our side as well
>>662375 You can also have multiple fronts. A combative front and an organized and "peaceful" front. One of the worst ideas is to start a guerilla war though. 100% surefire way to delete your whole movement, including the non-combative portions.
>>662382 guerilla warfare is useful for provoking the state to overreact and overextend - it worked in Nepal for example
>>662360 Nice edit. In the next sentence he endorses violent struggle. " Insurrection would be madness where peaceful agitation would more swiftly and surely do the work. In France, a hundred laws of repression and a mortal antagonism between classes seem to necessitate the violent solution of social war. "
>>662399 In France.
>>662406 And? He said that peaceful methods are better when they are possible, not that you shouldn't use violence. Most countries today have hundreds of laws of repression and moral antagonism between classes that would make peaceful means of revolution impossible, if the last hundred years or more hasn't already made that obvious enough.
>>662406 In 1871 you cretin
>>662020 thought the same
>>662415 the original video description doesn't say that marxists don't use violence either, though. only that those are violent acts of self-defence. at the end of the day it all hinges on what your definition of "advocate" is. me? i just wanted an excuse to do the quote thing. i'm aware that my intervention is actively detrimental to whatever side i appear to support. >>662421 i cannot apprehend the thought process behind this post
>>662191 Post pic with timestamp or gtfo
>>662415 >He said that peaceful methods are better when they are possible That's what Maupin said. And he didn't say to be a fully committed pacifist even while you are getting mass-killed. Violence can be used in a desperate act of self-defense. But we aren't remotely in anything like such a situation. >Most countries today have hundreds of laws of repression Do you seriously believe that today's oppression of workers in UK, France, Germany, US, Japan, China, Russia… is worse than what it was in the late 19th century? It's just pointless edgelord wankery with you.
>>662483 Marx literally did advocate for violent revolution whenever necessary so the video is wrong and ridiculous
this is all a part of Maupin's bizarre 'Antifa are a creation of the Pentagon' conspiracy theory btw
(15.18 KB 501x534 alunya dismissive.png)
>>662191 literally who
>>662552 >Marx literally did advocate for violent revolution whenever necessary Begging the question.
>>662483 >i cannot apprehend the thought process behind this post 1871 - MUCH TIME AGO
>>662559 i can apprehend the thought process behind this post, however. namely: you are very confused but believe you are adding something.
>>662575 My contribution is a socdem post not made elsewhere.
>>662578 were cope a viable source of heat energy we would be able to power the entirety of the Baltic states with this single post of yours alone.
>>662614 Yes, from your cope, which I have instigated with my posting. Marx was a journalist, he wrote about current events, these things show up in his writings. It would be socdem tier to think he would have the same opinions about various countries a century later.
>>662618 you're so confused i bet you can't even tell me whether i think marx was pro-violence or anti-violence
>>662364 It actually is, Marx in the interview gives a really good tactic for striking and one that’s vital amid our current globalized workforce. With the Working Man’s Association, apparently they’d get Associates from other nations to make sure that the job position wouldn’t be taken
>>659944 what's this chicks name?
(520.02 KB 1495x1592 EWo8Z-LWkAMEOZ7.jpg)
>>662643 juche couture
>>662660 isn't she just a coalburner that simps after black ethno nationalists ?
>>662621 You're an annoying cunt who probably smells like cheese
(246.35 KB 643x515 58900320223210.jpg)
So is she just a dumb kid or a full blown asset
>>662672 >coalburner Hi /pol/
>>662672 >simps after black ethno nationalists ? Based if true.
>>662672 >>663001 Obviously wishes she was black for easier sakai fascism points
>>662672 Isn't she gay?
>>662993 my thoughts would be with you too if your government just passed a law that criminalises criticism against it even by people who have never been to your country
>>663019 Why are you here greta
I don't know who is trying to cancel Caleb for talking beside Dugin. You are a retard or you are retards. Childish and infantile.
>>662991 >he can't do it
>>662643 Hee Jun Suh Advocate of Maoism-Jucheism-Sakaism
>>662552 Not exactly true. Marx believes that violent revolution would in many ways be an inevitability that occurs after peaceful attempts at reform fail. If he didn’t believe in the electoral system full stop he would not have written a party platform for the Communist League to run in elections on and been a member of the SDP
>>663056 if it's an inevitability, then Marxists do advocate for violent revolution. Not abandoning bourgeois politics in the meantime doesn't change that, the two aren't incompatible. What ppl miss is that Maupin made that video mostly because he hates Antifa and wants to convince people that they don't represent the left, because he thinks their violence 'discredits us' or whatever. Which is bullshit.
>>663077 People should hate antifa though, they are the catalyst for spreading bullshit through our ranks
>>663077 I honestly thought that antifa has gained some support from the black community as a whole for their actions. Honestly the dude hangs out with two many crackers. >>663086 They have a lot of issues, but they aren't boogalooers like your average /pol/lack.
>>662993 Nothing suprising here. Every non-ML person has been pro-HK at least once since it started
>>663086 bud if you're afraid of using violence against cops and violent right wingers in very justified situations then idk what you're here for
>>663086 What do you mean with spreading bullshit?
>>663086 People still talk like it is a organization. I think we should delete all those city-Antifa twitter accounts and let Anti-fascism be a lifestyle again
on the first day of a social democratic government everyone who spells Antifa as "ANTIFA" as though it's an acronym will be rounded up into a stadium and then the stadium will be bulldozed into the sea. (nobody here has done this yet, I'm just saying.)
Why do Americans pronounce it "an-TEEEEEEEEHHHH-fuh"?
>>663087 >They have a lot of issues, but they aren't boogalooers like your average /pol/lack. Not an argument. A lot of things aren't /pol/ yet not us. >>663096 >afraid of using violence I'm pretty sure 90%+ here want a violent revolution. Those who criticize anteefa don't think they are actually violent enough (in the sense of challenging the system). Antifa is peak faux-radicalism, in other words. A fucking lukewarm/reformist teachers union does more to make politicians shit their pants in our current situation. Disorganized soccer hooliganism needs to go so that actual communist strategy can take its place. >>663104 >People still talk like it is a organization. Peak postmodern shit right here. "We are not a group, organization, etc. we are just a collection of individuals." Nobody buys it, dude. Not our enemies, and not actual communists.
>>663130 >he thinks there's a single unified antifa lmao (p.s. i'm the CFO of Antifa in Tuvalu)
>>663144 They are unified around stupidity and ignorance of history
>>663149 fucking this
>>663150 kek where is this from
>>663149 nah they're unified around me mate
>>663161 Nothing more pathetic than someone who thinks they're a master troll when really they're a mediocre baiter
>>663150 So why are so many Russian conservatards so schizo afraid of fucking NATO?. Like come on you've all got nukes nothings gonna fucking happen.
>>663164 it's more like a mixture of performance art and a good faith attempt at getting the board to move faster.
>>663150 Wait is this meant to be poking fun at what Putinoids actually believe or are Putinoids literally just this deranged?
>>663166 Isn't Russia mostly 80% Russian conservatards?
>>663166 Its not about war. Its about national sovereignty or some shit
>>662559 Can you actually back up your belief that the French government today is more violent against its working class than in 1871? (If you deny that's you actually believe that – and you shouldn't believe that – then you have to admit that you got nothing.) >>663077 Antifa tends to have sympathies for the left, but certainly doesn't represent the left. >>663116 Because it's a word with a more established usage in Europe, so you are now pronouncing it somewhat like a German or Spaniard would. (Exact German way is: "An" like in fun; "ti" like tea; "fa" like in fuck the police.) >>663130 >Peak postmodern shit right here. No, the other guy is right. Parties and trade unions have formal rules about who can be a member and the duties of members and about the various roles within the organization and about holding local, regional, central meetings to coordinate. When Antifa people from different cities coordinate it is in a completely ad hoc manner and not through a higher level because the higher level doesn't exist. When you ask whether person X is merely a sympathizer or really in the group, you will get different responses based on subjective individual impressions and feelings.
no matter how much you disavow antifa, /pol/ is never going to return your calls. there needs to be a short, snappy name for the tendency on /leftypol/ that thinks that if /pol/ could only see the real us, the imageboard losers posting memes just like them, then we could be friends and dunk on liberals together. it's deeply pathetic. by all means have serious doctrinal disputes with the amorphous blob that is modern antifa (so long as you don't fall into the pit of cringe that is disavowing hurting rightists on moral grounds rather than instrumental grounds, god.), there's nothing wrong with that. but there's a clear tendency of people who just take antifa as whatever /pol/ says it is and goes "y-yeah but bro we're not like that, c'mon bro lets hang out". have some self-respect for christ sakes.
You guys aware of this new publication called "The Bellows"? I think it was supposed to be sort of "anti-woke left" for lack of a better term. I saw it posted about on r/stupidpol and Aimee Terese, Liz from TrueAnon, and other people like that were promoting it when it was brand new. Apparently one of the co-founders just pushed out the other co-founder in what the latter describes as a coup. https://medium.com/@ryansmithwriter/an-editorial-coup-at-the-bellows-23db60de8750 https://www.thebellows.org/an-update-from-the-bellows/
>>663150 >Pikachu The fuck?
>>663247 >I saw it posted about on r/stupidpol and Aimee Terese, Liz from TrueAnon, and other people like that were promoting it when it was brand new. So a bunch of retards then?
>>663168 It's got to be satire. It had me until tsar pikachu though.
>>663247 >When we discussed the White Fragility piece that I’d commissioned and edited, he was upset that it was liked by the wrong group of people. “I was looking at the bios of people who liked it on Twitter and looking at the Patreon and I thought — Oh shit, it’s a lot of pronouns and stuff,” he said. I believe that policing your audience by their Twitter bios shows that you aren’t interested in convincing people that your ideas are good, you’re jockeying for esteem within the incredible tiny corner of the Internet where your ideas are popular already. lol
>>663252 >So a bunch of retards then? I like Liz but aside from her pretty much yeah
>>663258 Fucking lol indeed. >I believe that policing your audience by their Twitter bios shows that you aren’t interested in convincing people that your ideas are good, you’re jockeying for esteem within the incredible tiny corner of the Internet where your ideas are popular already. This is exactly what the anti-woke types often (rightly) criticize about the DSA/rose emoji left. Doing the same shit but with an even smaller clique of Aimee Terese orbiters on twitter is just so fucking pathetic man.
>>663247 >He said he was firing me because we “do not share the same vision” but my vision hadn’t changed for the site in the six weeks since it launched. His had. On a phone call the day he fired me, he told me that he didn’t consider himself a leftist anymore even though our site literally had “labor populism” and “long live the left” in the headings (his idea). In the same call, he claimed that he’s neither left nor right now—but “Post-Left” and already has changed the site’s banners to reflect this philosophical change. What “Post-Left” means, well, even he can’t tell me what it means. Fucking Christ...
>>663259 She has a cute voice
(306.31 KB 553x336 Screenshot_122.png)
>>663258 >>663279 They both sound like total retards.
You ever play this music when thinking about the defeat of socialism and how we only have a scant few years of peace left before global war wipes away our memories of these days? https://youtu.be/l2kwie-gs2o
>>663168 >In about an hour, I'll have a mandatory sex-change operation! This has to be satire.
>>663258 This is peak subculturalism.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ_5kNnuFss >"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO IF YOU DONT VOTE FOR PUTINRINO THEN....THEN....THE ORPHANS....MAY GET ADOPTED BY A TOTALLY LOVING FAMILY...WHO...WHO...WHO LIKE TO RANK GAY MAN BUM BUM SEX IN THEIR OWN HOUSE!....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" How the fuck did the spark of revolution light in this backwards reactionary hellscape?. Like 90% of the current Russian population if you teleported them back to 1917 would just be in the Black Hundreds turning Jews and Communists into fertiliser
>>663329 More like >if you don't vote for Putin the FSB will fire another rocket into an orphanage
>>663333 Absolutely checked and truthpilled >>663299 >The UR ad department has seen the forced feminisation memes
(39.99 KB 781x305 Screenshot_123.png)
>>663247 >His stated reason for firing me doesn’t pass the smell test. It came a few minutes after I retweeted a prominent commentator (Michael Brooks) and privately thanked him for sharing several of our stories on his show and social media recently. “I do not like or trust him and I do not want him to get the impression that The Bellows is his friend,” Edwin texted me. >One of the slogans on The Bellows’s front page is “Populism not subculture.” But it’s becoming clearer to me that Edwin wants the Bellows to be part of a very tiny online social media subculture; primarily connected to “What’s Left” podcast (half of Edwin’s commissioned pieces were written by Oliver Bateman and Benjamin Studabaker; both current or former hosts of What’s Left. He has also tried to get Aimee Terese to write for The Bellows for months). Holy fuuck Aimee Terese simps truly are the most pathetic little clique on the planet.
>>663418 Post it on the trueanon subreddit if you don't have a twitter.
>>663247 >https://medium.com/@ryansmithwriter/an-editorial-coup-at-the-bellows-23db60de8750 >>663279 He continues: >My sense is that what “post-left” actually represents to Edwin, more than any discernible ideology, is a retreat into a form of unaccountable political nihilism, sheltered in a market niche so disconnected from the struggles of actual working people that he feels he will be free to indulge in unlimited cynicism. Wow this Edwin Aponte guy sounds almost as bad as our schizo-derail poster with the black flag. Seems like for Aponte, an instinctive reaction of annoyance and disgust is not the impetus for him to investigate something and actually figure out causes and effects, but rather he takes the instinctive reaction as something holy, as the start and the middle and the end of what the real story is, and then he uses his education to stick fancy words and elaborated metaphors into this shallow puddle of semi-thought to make this intellectual-labor mudpie look more complex.
(423.28 KB 2048x1538 ECYPXWzUIAIE7-E.jpg)
lmao sam pritchard is trying to cancel liz franczak for going on the perfume nationalist. btw he's irl friends with christlover3000 who also went on the same podcast recently (she also went on kantbot's podcast and has been published by jacobite lol). he's on twitter all the time, so he knows this. how much more full of shit can you be?
>>663440 Who the fuck are all these people?
>>663440 sam is one of the most pathetic clout chasing losers on twitter. remember when he invited himself on chapo and matt christman told him to fuck off? lol
>>663418 >>663440 Posted about it yesterday: >>662214 , >>662268
>>663449 why is the thumbnail so large
>>663475 Kim has had enough with these people.
>>663472 Owning Pritchard for hypocrisy is more entertaining though. >>663475 Large amounts of disgust
>>662375 >let the counter-revolutionaries fire the first shot >End up with Indonesia Lol. Never fucking wait for your enemy to attack you.
>>663472 lol there's nothing wrong with talking to anyone. there's nothing wrong with talking to nazis, or pedophiles, rapists, and serial killers or whoever. if you become pen pals with richard ramirez, literally nothing happens. people like the perfume nationalist and kanbot aren't even nazis. they're just vaguely reactionary nihilists.
>>663513 >kantbot Is that the guy who says you need to read an obscure french author to understand marx?
>>663440 yeah but liz doesn't indulge his sissification fetish like she does.
>>663440 She tweets with Jack regularly and jokes about marrying him. They seem to be good friends. Sam is so full of shit.
>>663440 >christlover3000 she also hosts a podcast with justin murphy.
>>663199 This needs to be posted daily. "Recovering nazis" is a decent way I've seen these people described.
>>663440 >>663553 I try not to get too bothered with social media stuff, but I gotta be honest, this is pretty enraging. He's on Twitter calling Liz a White Nationalist and saying people should stop following her because she went on the same podcast his friend went on. Within a matter of days. The same podcast whose host she appears to be good friends with. Jesus Christ, I can't imagine being this cynical.
>>663199 antifa are defenders of the liberal hegemony. a small marginal group attacking another even smaller marginal group, the only effect being to create a lot of noise and spectacle which scares normies into sticking with the status quo
>>663591 >antifa are defenders of the liberal hegemony. THIS. THIS. THIS!!! At this point, it wouldn't even surprise me, if people like Soros would fund Antifa. I'm a leftist, but I'm actually thinking about, to reject the famous "Antifaschistische Aktion" logo, because it has become a symbol for, like you said, for the liberal hegemony. I hate these right-wing boomer-conspiratards, but in this issue they are correct: "Antifa" are the soldiers of the capitalist status quo. To be exactly, they are soldiers of the managerial bourgeoisie, the highest layers of the bourgeoisie, while Trump and the alt-right represent the lower levels of the bourgeoisie.
(63.50 KB 246x277 cloud chavez.jpg)
>>663591 i love getting surprise assaded
>>663591 I think antifa are just people who just want the right stop hating on migrants and faggots my dude. Nobody cares that much about antifa outside of them.
>>663620 > while Trump and the alt-right represent the lower levels of the bourgeoisie. It only takes a glance at Trumps donors to falsify this claim.
>>663620 Socialists don't just oppose capitalism, we also oppose fascism, if anything even more strongly. Don't be a faggot, support your local antifascist.
>>663591 >antifa are defenders of the liberal hegemony only against the right, not against the left. the idea that ordinary people are scared away from left-wing ideas because of antifa is incredibly overplayed.
>>663661 >only against the right, not against the left. Suuure. These kind of people have deplatformed me from Twitter. Twice!
>>663669 Stop saying fascist shit then.
>>663669 what did you say
>>663679 >>663686 Defending China and Syria.
(26.81 KB 500x375 brzinskydugin.jpg)
Ok, since Caleb Maupin has been exposed to be a Duginist, now take a look at this: Zbigniew Brzezinski is also a Duginist!
>>663670 link please
>>663669 Antifa is a radlib organization thats been astroturfed by the democratic party. Same with BLM
(53.09 KB 474x578 donut.jpg)
>>662997 hey who doesn't love a lil bit of racism injected into a post ? its a nice lil bit of zest
>>663759 only if it's against anglos.
(349.54 KB 838x1191 iron front.jpg)
>>663591 reminder
>>663761 racism in general is fun especially online
>>663766 under the next social democratic government you will be deported to a re education facility in Saint Helena
>>663770 shut the fuck up democratic hitler
(118.10 KB 336x232 NO.png)
>>663422 >>663451 Someone should post it. I would, but I don't have a reddit account, and IIRC, most subreddits don't let newly registered users post submissions.
Elon Musk is getting called out on twatter for his connection to Epstein lmao


no cookies?