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(11.18 KB 214x206 yua0xbgmpqc31.jpg)
/webm/ Anonymous 06/17/2020 (Wed) 20:31:05 No. 618486
The webm thread slid off the board and it's all your fault.
>Get in, we're saving the world
I wish admins enabled the goddamn thumbnail previews like in 8chan so I can see what's going on
>>618561 this x100
>>618526 Fuck this is good quality picture
(3.49 MB sanrizuka.mp4)
Reposting this vid from the sanrizuka struggle because I think this guys reaction is hilarious.
(48.45 KB 422x422 I couldn't make senes of it.jpg)
>>618501 >unloads the magazine of blanks >loads a magazine of real bullets >doesn't pull the slide to eject the loaded blank and chamber a real bullet Reminder that liberals have no idea how guns work.
>>618765 wtf? i didn't know this was even possible. they built a fucking castle! I was going to make a fortnite joke but that fortress is just too impressive.
>>618945 https://youtu.be/OAPC1wI08IM Zengakuren were fuking wild.
(2.90 MB trad.webm)
>>619003 Fucking wild indeed. This is the power of the working class that was silenced from the 60's onward. The beaten and stupefied working class spirit takes form again, recently awakened and in a state of delirious liberal stupor. It mumbles "check your class privilege" and "we're coming, bucko".
>>618945 >>619086 Most castles were made out of wood. The stone ones are just the ones that survive today because stone doesn't rot. Japan's wooden castles survive because they were lacquered. While somewhat less effective than stone castles they were a lot more cost-effective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3uvVV2bEfk&t=65s Looks like these folks resurrected some traditional castle building for this struggle.
>>619140 Can't you just set a wooden castle on fire?
>>619250 ever tried to set a whole tree in fire at once? when you go camping you first need small pieces of wood to get the fire going, only then can the fire burn bigger stuff, doing all that is pretty difficult when defenders of the caste are firing arrows at you
>>619255 >ever tried to set a whole tree on fire at once? >firing arrows pun unintended
>>621662 consume as you consume
>>621814 absolute bangers kino
>>622421 Unfortunately this is actually a song of the MEK cult https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEuNYbCaZlI
>>621662 I was about to call you an idiot for posting obvious satire. God damn it I want off this world.
(6.20 MB naziatlantis.webm)
(1.75 MB youregolden.mp4)
Is there an archive of old webms? Or the ones from the previous thread?
>>630837 nah bro, blocked in where I live and too lazy to get proxy
>>618486 why are internet leftists obsessed with nintendo
>>631002 why are internet rightoids obsessed with anime
(1.49 MB Mailbag 15.webm)
(131.54 KB 1252x1252 disgust.jpeg)
i wanna commit not alive
>>640108 Is this about trots?
>>640258 https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1938/09.htm Here lad, reading this has always made me feel better It has been a great consolation over the years
>>625373 this is so fucking based
>>618853 he didn't want to shoot him
>>640270 Now that's the dangest/dankest thing I've seen in a longest time.
(15.13 MB Hoxha Wave.webm)
>>640600 Fucking URA.
>>640600 Holy shit, that man was something else LMAO
>>640260 national-trotzkyites
(11.97 MB praxis.mp4)
(4.00 MB americanism.webm)
(1.25 MB Annihilation.mp4)
(2.54 MB black-and-tans.mp4)
(11.02 MB blackpanthers.mp4)
(836.44 KB imperialist.webm)
(809.65 KB Fashoids.mp4)
>>656225 I wish I could edit videos like that.
>>659109 >every protest movement that exists is good and should be supported no matter what Peak liberal idealism
>>640270 can't tell if ironic
(15.94 MB CPK Guerrillas.webm)
>>663159 Where can I find this film?
>>663176 It isn't available on any torrent site so you will have to pay for it. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/revolution
>>663191 B A S E D
>>663185 An american liberal defending Stalin against slander is not something you see every day. >100-150million Lol the number just keeps getting bigger every time.
>>663205 Grover Furr is not a liberal, he was just put in that category by whoever organized that event since in the USA that word is often used as a synonym of "leftist"
Found this on the Riot today
>>664884 yo I made this, it is amazing how viral this went. And still nobody removed the black screen at the end
(10.47 MB Idi Amin.mp4)
(2.91 MB china_vs_india.mp4)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QvPx_kHQmE someone plz webm this footage
>>645726 I don't understand how someone can make this montage and not include the soviet space program, rocket ships are in the song.
>>642921 source?
>>624081 Lee Harvey Oswald has done more against American imperialism than decades of radlib activism
Frightened by the advance of the proletariat on the planet Earth, the bourgeois of all countries fly into space in the hope of saving themselves and their looted capital. But even in space, they cannot escape the world revolution...
>>669680 Reminds me of this.
>>669974 What's this from?
>>619250 realistically only with enough accelerant which wasn't that easy to come by back in those days
Just saw this movie yesterday It was fun.
>>676760 This is pretty cool. Which Scandinavian language is this and where is this from? Do you have a YT link?
>>666964 Kudos to you comrade. Your effort is commended!
>>676911 Swedish. Song is "Kampens väg" (Path of Struggle) by Dan Berglund. This video was deleted from Youtube with the uploaders account.
>>676911 Swedes made a fuckton of nice communist music Here's an anti-vietnam war song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jHq2r6BQA0
Does anyone have the Comrade Tyrone Is A Tankie webm?
>>689450 BASED
>>689413 Tanks mane
(398.00 KB 1947x1947 ML thot 1.jpg)
(158.26 KB ML thot gulag.mp4)
(925.96 KB ML thot 1.webm)
ML thot webms
>>696348 Fucking kek that first webm is loud
>>668581 yo what in the world where did this come from LMFAO
>>619255 Didn't anyone have some sort of flammable substance they could throw onto the wooden walls? Also didn't wooden castles start getting faded out with the invention of trebuchets or with early cannons?
>>663176 >>663181 A torrent is out now: https://anonfiles.com/P344p4G2o2/bunker_torrent Sha256sum: 43b3bac9f6718678bd15ace5149364530db90acba48fcd869e5f3ca165905273
anyone have that general Zukow Slo-mo intro from The Death of Stalin in webm
(15.15 MB gduptsar.webm)
>>705501 Valiant defenders of capital :')
>>705520 Until they hit the socialism switch in 2049.
>>706134 Where's the joke?
(2.88 MB dbad2f9e.mp4)
>>706204 Stalin's "darkest reaction" quote was 100% correct. Fucking depressing af.
>>706183 Why would someone ruin the song like this? Just put the song at normal speed.
(468.02 KB 4879x3489 HaaNHvZ.jpg)
>>706236 I kinda like it actually, the original is way better though, of course.
>>706207 Don't worry anon, she's unionized.
>>618717 that's the power of socialist science bby
>>706134 Cringe and bullshit
>>706134 I can't tell what this is supposed to make fun of
>>706236 >>706249 what is the original song?
(115.77 KB 275x200 cat.gif)
>>706134 ??????????
>>706134 WASH YOUR HANDS! I like this OC, idk why. Comrades must look out for each other.
>>702820 someone plz do
(10.81 MB Zhukov.mp4)
>>707025 Crni bombarder by Roki Vulovic.
>>705501 Song name?
>>624081 is that drawing of oswald by urasawa? if yes in what manga?
>>664884 >>666964 do you have the original without text?
>>710786 LOL no
>>710555 March of Steel Torrent
>>723222 Superior version
>>728370 That first guy is based af
>>618945 im confused where is this from
>>669686 There is a video of this on Youtube with the same quality. Original source is definitely on some Chinese social media site
>>709367 Is this guy from chapotraphouse? Damn, I didn't know those guy were so well read on Marx lol, I thought they just read the communist manifesto lmao
>>707195 I ain't gay, but if he asked me to suck his dick I would
>>626460 why does leftypol coom to these guys? they're not socialist, are they? is it just because they defy us imperialism?
>>730056 Matt and Amber are more legit marxists then 99.999999% of this board
>>730202 Because they are fighting against US/Saudi/UAE imperialism and the genocidal imperialist bombing of Yemen. Also they are part of a larger resistance coalition which includes socialists.
(248.65 KB 368x425 The Blues are calling.png)
>>642921 more Chinese people dunking on burgers pls
>>640581 But, i thought tito was based...
>>645710 how could burgers make something so based?!?
>>645726 since when is there anything wrong with ppl getting drunk or smoking a j? rest of the video based tho
A classic
It's dying again niggas
>>739193 noooooooooo
(2.49 MB Titstemp.webm)
Give me some good RAF webms friends, please <3
>>640615 What is the name of the song after 1:15?
>>739837 Nigga post something other than just "bump"
>>742063 lol what's the original clip called?
>>739382 Can't find the actual name but here is the full song
>>742063 Holy shit it's based
>>742276 bump i like this song and would like to know what it's called
check out this one, we need more well made webms like this
>>742382 Really well done and powerful webm tbh
>>742382 This uses the situationist method of détournement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9tournement#Definition
Anyone have the “call me a retard” vid where a bunch of people are cut to say “call me a [slur]”? That one was funny af
(46.63 KB 200x134 wheeze.gif)
Does anyone have this webm where Hoxha is going to the frankfurt school and shitting over khrushchev or something like that? That was based
>>742063 What movie is it from?
Anyone have the edited meme version of this https://youtu.be/T549VoLca_Q
>>749939 Thanks friend, it's based
(3.65 MB wife.mp4)
(6.95 KB 225x225 feelsbad.png)
>>630837 0 seeds
>>755253 ty based anon
>>749329 Fucking no one?
>>749329 >JOIN THE MOVEMENT TO END THE R-WORD <in the country with the highest prison population in the world, riddled with 3 epidemics (obesity, opioids, and corona), people dying of perfectly treatable 18th century afflictions, etc etc. now THAT is retarded.
>>753137 >Marx didn't say capitalism was the worst thing ever Marx literally made the argument that capitalism was worse than slavery because slave owners actually care about protecting their investment. If he were alive today he would probably have made the comparison to owning a car vs renting one.
(6.88 MB Vaush Glows.mp4)
(210.02 KB 534x769 pill3.png)
>>759739 >I don't think the problem is capitalism He came so close.
>>643028 i'd love to see the whole video.
>>759781 It is in the link
>>759739 >I don't think the problem is capitalism. I think it's a special kind of capitalism we created.
>>668581 Wasn't there one of these where he turns into a tank?
>>761704 Now that's great
(47.26 KB 800x988 chairmanmao.jpg)
>>761704 stitched frames from the video
(8.14 MB GORBACHEV.mp4)
Anybody got the "Tank (ies)" webm by Bat'ko, the one with cowboy bebop soundtrack. I think it got removed from youtube.
>>764203 lol nice
(10.96 MB Tankies.webm)
>>774618 2016-2018 leftypol was fucking cringe
>>774618 imagine spending this much time on the internet whoever made this must be one sad motherfucker
>>760659 Fuck, I love this kind of video. Is it Bat'ko's?
>>774758 Tankies are always based
(2.97 MB BestGermany.webm)
Requesting the music on this one
>>640661 >They (the communists) built schools and electrified the whole country
>>780042 You call that swimming? Lmao.
>>780060 I know that hindsight is 20/20 but wasn't there one biologist in all of China or the Soviet Union who thougth the four pests campaign was a bad idea?
>>624297 Honestly, this is one of the best anti-capitalist songs ever written
>>642921 I think this kind of music comes from Peking opera
>>774618 OldBO will perma ban this shit.
>>780378 It is an adapted version of the song "Socialism is Good"
>>780353 Thank you anon!
Since this is just a webm archive dump, shouldn't we move it to >>>/edu/ so it doesn't fall off the board by accident again?
>>780096 IDK but the whole "we're just gonna make nature obey our will" is pretty idealist so would that even have helped?
>>643028 This is actually really fucking good.
>>803318 unbelievably based
>>755901 Nah there’s a version where they just delete the “it’s not acceptable” part and it ad me in stitches
>>803318 Why is this sped up?
>>803318 respect. I mean, God this bloke knew his shit.
>>803370 idk, that's how it was where I found it (twitter)
Anyone have the Family Guy Science Lesson webm? It was on the archive thread but that died before I could save it
>>803318 based ecomarxism
(15.12 MB Phillip Agee.mp4)
>>618486 Move it to /hobby/ idiot
>>847670 fuck off bunkerfag /webm/ has always been a part of /leftypol/
>>847821 >bunkerfag <saying this while on bunker/leftypol/ <saying this while complaining that your webm threads keep dying Put it in a slower board where slow threads belong and it will be there for a longer time and with less worry that it will fall off the board.
(22.99 KB 800x600 realmsofpower.png)
>>848037 >saying this while on bunker/leftypol/ that's right >complaining that your webm threads keep dying they don't though. I'm not OP for this thread but I made the last webm thread after the exodus. My thread died this one lives. I would see one hundred /webm/s die on /leftypol/ before I'd see it be moved into a dead board
>>848147 >Hobby is the same as gulag <edu and tech and anime are not You're fucking retarded
>>848147 >Hobby <dead LOL ok faggot
Dumping some WEBMs, mods should archive this thread when it gets locked.
^ garbage
>>853513 >mosley pretending to be a socialist for 4.30 minutes bruh
(4.92 MB lol.webm)
(12.63 MB 737377651269.mp4)
>>853508 Nice, been searching for the first webm. >>853511 What's the song of the third one and what does it say at the end?
>>742276 HOT HOT HOT
>>774618 I cant tell if this is for or against tank but it makes little tank become big tank
>>854034 If anyone has contact with the original author, please ask them for a full res version of this, it was compressed I think.
>>803318 Caleb Maupin should see this
>>803318 Where can I find the original?
>>867848 Thanks!
(2.46 MB 0.mp4)
>>774748 The only people who've got the balls to make their own version of Internationale instead of some shitty sounding translation. The Russian one is so bad for instance it can only motivate you to suicide.
Boston strongk
>>883716 bill burr is one of those boomers who complain about shit like this but can't think of anything to counter it. all they do is sit in front of the tv, mumble "ugh these politicians are all the same" while sippin piss beer and scratching their nuts. Confront them with an alternative system and they'll scream "HURR DURR FUCK COMMIES AMERICA GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH HU HU HA HA CHINA BAD VUVUZUELA NO FOOD"
>>878711 Audio from the first one?
(1.62 MB glowie.mp4)
Not a webm, but relevant to the other content of this thread.
This is the fate of social democracy
>>618765 What's the video that this clip is from?
>>618561 I do not think they know how. lmao.
>>639856 Roo singing the full song when?
>>645731 >2nd vid Why yes Mr. Zizek, do you happen to have any Orange juice by any chance?
>>672021 >1:13 >"Oliver Cromwell is one of my heroes" Ebin
>>689460 >That moment when Lenin could apparently speak English in a Dublin accent >tfw no recordings of Lenin speaking English Feels bad man
>>707181 >That filesize Fucking how?
>>761704 What anime?
>>889784 The limit is 20 MB now
>>832689 >The Virgin Yuri Bezmenov vs the CHAD Phillip Agee
>>854034 \What song?
>>854626 >That webm Wasn't there another video about that show where the girl was telling about the futures of some kids?
>>883783 This, look at the way comedians were treating Corbyn in the last UK election
>>889865 >British comedians an oxymoron.
>>889858 Yes but I don't have it. Tbh I prefer this one, feels more tragic and apocalyptic while the other one is pure degradation and shock. Showing one of the girls and then a prostitute also feels kind of distateful.
(9.67 MB turnbacktime2.webm)
>>669680 I agree. I added a few clips from the ussr space program.
(4.65 MB fake news.webm)
Found on twitter
>>890103 Oh true, but one could argue that British comedians actually used to target the establishment rather than going hard on Corbyn yet remaining relatively soft on Boris Johnson (See The Last Leg with their "Pissy Corbyn" segments for example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt6Z2v-NRyI
>>890176 Cheers m8
>>853516 sources on these? dont like the one with the suicide though....
>>889850 Sounds like a song by Perturbator, couldn't tell you which one been a long time since I've listened.
(211.79 KB 2590x3496 alunya.png)
How does a video get on /leftypol/ youtube channel? Who runs it?
>>894636 As far as I know, the channel is dead. If you want a /leftypol/ channel, you have to create one
>>897918 The last videos posted is was around 3 months ago, which I was surprised by as I too thought it was dead. So idk, how did it work back in the 8chan days
>>898332 >how did it work back in the 8chan days It didn't. This channel is run by some random anon, who just created a channel dedicated to /leftypol/ and uploaded stuff from here. This channel isn't officially related to this board.
>>855971 feels like the end credits of the 19th-20th communist project :(
>>898545 19th-20th century* ofc
(12.07 MB USSA.mp4)
Never let this thread die
(18.31 MB TRIBUTE TO POL.webm)
(3.07 MB C-C-C-CHYNAAA.webm)
might post moar later, you faggot jannies better stop banning tor nodes or im done with this shit
>>904162 this man confuses me more with each speech
(106.63 KB 1060x795 dumbledore.jpg)
>>904162 I can't fucking tell if this is out of context or a deepfake.
>>904207 >>904260 >I can't fucking tell if this is out of context or a deepfake. Not very bright are you, guys? >>904162 I want to crush Space_ with 15,000 pianos.
(2.46 MB Zionism.mp4)
>>909691 is this actually what he says or just a meme?
>>909807 Yes, that is what he actually says. This is the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SN8g3mCtw4
(3.99 MB 0.webm)
>>904260 I'm more interested about the Tacker's class REDPill. <wtf i love anarchists now
save these gems while you can lmao
>>914750 This video is anti communist.
>>925076 How? It's just funny, it even mocks the USA.
>>927836 It literally says communism is an awful system.
Anyone skilled enough to make an OC/WWII meme out of these two vids? If you start the BASED anthem when he goes into the Avatar state the music syncs up perfectly https://youtu.be/kXShLPXfWZA https://youtu.be/U06jlgpMtQs
>>928169 Made this as well
>>933283 Fuck, more than half the posts in there look like they're written by underages and boomers who have never used an imageboard before. There's no way those aren't glowies. >>927836 >it even mocks the USA. Maybe if the US worshipping parts were meant as satire on unironic US worship
>>933283 >"Red, red what's your problem red?"
>>711516 the distribution of wealth is by far the most important thing to actual leftists, marx wasn't writing about how we need more gays in video games. cultural issues don't really matter that much to us, most of us are fine with minorities and shit but we arent gonna ban the nword or anything. pretty much all of us are against gun control >corporate rags >leftist
>>939041 kys wahhabi
And you know, communism and religion don't mix very well. I have a religious plan, not really an option at all. And you know, communism and religion don't mixkvery well. I have a religious plan, not really an option at all.
>>639856 >Lmao not that guy but you actually think any zoomers are using tseir imagination when they have endless supply to porn, instathots, tik tok, etc. Do you have omniscient knowledge of every moment of the waking life of all the millions of zoomers (including all of their private moments)? No? Bold claim to make (with zero evidence) that they somehow lost the innate physiological ability to dream, daydream, wetdream or masturbatory dream then, retard. You're absolutely delusional if you think it hasn't been the norm for last 15 years. Did you even have friends? can they return to their former glory? can socialists/communists in russia hope to rival the United Russia party?
>>730202 Intelligence agents are people too you know. Just scumbag people who deserve to die > handing the territory to some random tribe >benefits charity lol
Does anyone have that wacky chinese webm cgi video with trump leading the soviet invasion with a caption that says "US IF POOR GOT HEALTHCARE"?
>>942669 I cant post it for some reason I uploaded it to my YT, use a downloader to get it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5gw_nW9gSY&t=16s&ab_channel=DialecticalVeganEgoist
(10.42 MB idealism.mp4)
Lads, this might slide off the board again
(2.13 MB Yugoslavia.webm)
Give our comrade views and likes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loboOT2PMEs
(2.71 MB video0-95.mp4)
>>969952 God I love Come and See.
>went looking for my copy of >socialismisneceophillia.webm >its gone >welp >the one with the old animation Disney skeletons in a grave yard >cant find it anywhere on the internet/dont want to look to deep in the vile Can anyone help a nigga out?
(5.64 MB bones.mp4)
>>853513 Unironically a good speech by Mosley. If only he was a real socialist instead of a Fascist piece of slime
>>899922 This really is how those lads in Michigan attempted to overthrow the state government.
>>970028 >that scene with the breasts more like cum and see - am I right, cumrades?
(15.16 KB 540x304 196427.jpg)
>>972133 Thanks anon
>>973291 Ahaha sorry wrong thing
Spegghetti porky goes mask off and le happy anarchist.
>>979532 Happy anrachist was burning down a Ministry of Internal Affairs building. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_Internal_Affairs_(Ukraine)
With sound.
does anyone have that song about jobs? it sounded like a metronome and the guy kept ranting about how people get jobs to feel better and superior to others and whatnot. and he kept saying "jobs" every other sentence. never knew what it was from.
French anti-idpol nazbol punching a jewish white identitarian
>>640270 >>640108 I fucking need more dumb shit like this. I remember seeing more on 8/leftypol/.
(271.72 KB Read Nigga Read.mp4)
(877.21 KB KEK.mp4)
(890.25 KB Sneaky Bourgy.mp4)
(3.93 MB Burgerland.webm)
>>992499 Anyone have a rough translation of wtf is going on?
>>656225 Based
Anyone got the video that's like "those who stand with Germany will die with Germany"?
>>996954 it has been already posted in this thread see >>625373
>>996274 >>996274 2 idpol fashoids blaming different minorities for capitalist problems in a capitalist society
>>998054 Damn this anthem is great, thanks for sharing this
>>625373 Man seeing the Soviet pulling the german out of the sewer always gives me goosebumps.
>>998054 just noticed i put the same laborwave song twice lol
(13.24 MB Kulaks.mp4)
(1.84 MB video0-2.mp4)
(1.08 MB bosnafish.mp4)
>>998253 >>998202 >>998175 why is leftypol so pro-assad?
>>999237 because it's funny
>>854626 Stop it, comrade. I'm crying.
>>933752 revolutionary asmr = when?
Can someone upload me Caleb Maupin webm's?
(945.34 KB caleb mitai.mp4)
>>1002809 I have a theory about the Washington Monument. I have a theory about the Washington Monument. Right, now we all know - it's cliché - what does the Washington Monument look like? Right? We all know what it looks like. But, there's more to that story. Folks who look into the life of George Washington, the father of our country, will know that George Washington's children were all adopted. Why? Because, when George Washington was a child he had the Measles, and it left him sterile. And George Washington was unable to have an erection. Right? George Washington was *un-able* to have an erection. So the statue, the Washington Monument, looks a lot like something that George Washington could not do. My theory has always been that George Washington - he was old and he was sitting around in the bar with his friends, and they said "George, you have it all. You're the richest man in the 13 colonies. You're the first president of the United States. You're this very prominent military leader. But there's one thing that all of us can do, that you cannot do. And so when you die, as a joke, we are going to make a statue of the one thing that you cannot do." That's why the Washington Monument was built, now I have no evidence of this, but I find it to be an odd coincidence.
(10.88 MB seinfeld1917.mp4)
(9.77 MB 2pac stalin.mp4)
(10.40 MB MLG_Maupin.mp4)
>>1005224 Was this after he raped some lady and snitched on biggie for lumpen bux
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjI8jwn0Upo Russian boomers miss the Soviet Union for 6 and a half minutes. Two of the interviews are actually quite sad.
(12.80 MB Samo Stalina HQ.mp4)
(1.47 MB 640x360 eurvision 2019 tel aviv.mp4)
(1.17 MB 800x600 fascism.mp4)
>>1017013 Hatari is based
(21.66 MB 1280x720 COMMIEWAVE.mp4)
>>1008054 what is this? give me SAUCE, it looks damn hilarious
>>1018386 Volunteers (1985)
>>1017036 >>1017013 More hatari!!!!
(37.06 MB 854x480 KPA Parade 2020 10 10.mp4)
>>1026863 Nice RGB! Kim Jong un is a pro gamer confirmed!
>>1017013 A red flag would have been better but I'll take it.
(3.10 MB 320x550 _kcRgwcP5GUC3dSn.mp4)
preserving this
>>1030062 this owns
>>853516 is there a longer version of third video?
(6.05 MB 720x480 Albania.mp4)
>>1033509 just imagine the hearing loss
>>1033509 instant anxiety
>>1033509 Real life meeting of /leftypol/ in Albania.
(654.06 KB 640x360 bordiga.webm)


no cookies?