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Rules, Moderation and Manifesto Feedback. Anonymous Board volunteer 09/08/2019 (Sun) 18:05:38 No. 57734
-post cuckshit, "commies BTFO," or any of that kind of shit
-post any porn depicting underage (including drawings)
-attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric (Strasserism, "Nazbol" Strasserism, National "Socialism," Zionism, "Die cis scum"/"Kill all white men" SJW shit)
-incite specific acts of terrorism or similar acts (use your head, don't act like a fed)
-post idpol outside the designated idpol containment thread

-be respectful, ask questions, and know your place if you're a reactionary
-feel free to flame, shitpost, and be sectarian if you are a leftist (just keep it somewhat within reason)

If you think that the mod team hasn't responded to your request in a satisfactory manner or that it was ignored, you can now contact us directly at comatoast@7chan.org
Comatoast, the vol who kindly proposed this, checks this email account everyday day but might not respond immediately due to work.

You can check any activity on this board, including the activity of the mod team (ban, deletions, etc...) here : https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js

You can find the manifesto in a pdf appended to this post

/GET/ is Bunkerchan's general/shitposting board and /ref/ its international board.


Meta Discussion:
Extraordinary Commission For Bunker Affaires: >>>/gulag/768
Development of Bunkerchan: >>>/gulag/920
Edited last time by krates on 10/19/2019 (Sat) 17:12:07.
Then justify it to the userbase in general. Tell them that in some cases you can de-anon posters and you can delete posts from the mod team. You are already doing it, so you might as well be open about the fact.
Justfy ban evading
^ can't argue with trips tbh
niggaaaaa just drop it.
I think you need to re-evaluate what it means to be de-anonymized. no one doxed you no one posted your location. Like, look at this faggot, kek.

"POOR ME, now everyone knows my handle was trying to same fag!"
A subtle reminder here that there are states where even spreading socialist/anarchist or even garbage tier radlib thought is illegal and could be a death sentence
>Posted by stalin poster

I fucking kek'd
So where did this mod post your information?
You don't appear to be de-anonymized to me.
I agree that was the most fucked up thing i've heard about(if it even did happen as he says). I'd feel better if some mod or the admin expressed some regret and gave some assurance it goes against policy or whatever. but still the guys been an annoyance so i still think banning him(not even perma, just two weeks!) is the right move

I'm still not seeing it.
(15.75 KB 480x360 e5t3.jpeg)
>Calling out some one on their handle and posting some ones full name and address are exactly the same thing.
Exposing anons goes back to 8chan when mods would regularly point out samefaggotry. Don't cry about it because you're acting like a faggot and now everyone has a name to put to your faggotry.
That's just bad op-sec.
Maybe that user shouldn't post that information on a fucking imageboard of all places, or, shouldn't even have a youtube to begin with.

That's not what happened to you, though.

You have been under that psudeonym for a while. Maybe you should practice better opsec.

It's no ones fault but your own.
(5.07 KB 251x251 ugh.jpg)
>Calling out some one on their handle and posting some ones full name and address are exactly the same thing.
It's probably quite possible, and easier, to go from a username to the full name and address than people think

Does that mean people should?
The other interpretation is that those posts are being removed to reflect long standing policy as in several years worth, that revealing samefagging is ok, deanonymising is not

Contrary to a perception of a golden age under oldBO posts did sometimes get nuked off the moderation thread back then, also
I have been very passively following this idiotic struggle session for about a week now and I do have to wonder, does anyone even care about this guys whining apart from the vols? Because this shit really stink up the board. Also boo hoo, you've got de-anoned, revealing all your samefaging, should we feel bad for your little homie ass? No, now shut up so we can go back to having our normal discussions about stuff that matters.
This is why we don't tripfag, people;

Look I'm not saying it was right I am saying that it just as easily could have been done by any other poster.
Deanoning won't happen again, except possibly to you because unfortunately your style is unique enough that sometimes even anons can spot you and it's become a running gag at this point, see you in two weeks comrade, and if you're usernams gets checked when you come back please don't respond and confirm it to leave them guessing for the sake of opsec for everyone, thanks in advance

I'm a fan of your OG fwiw
yeah, unless he's in immediate danger he should embrace it. we've been missing personalities around here anyway
What's with all the dead reply chains in here? Is that a transparent way to handle moderation?
Anonymity is a spook, de-anon everyone
Ironically, or maybe not
I (bandfag) had a long back and forth with the vols and decided to delete my posts, because I hate myself.
Take it easy, comrade. There's no reason for you to hate yourself.
Go back to Reddit if you dislike anonymity so much.
Nope, you're still banned.
Word-filter "Elizabeth Warren" to "Hillary Clinton"
Allow anyone of any ideology to post what they wish as long as it doesn't break the law. Online discourse is best when it's a wild west shitshow
If that happens then i want ZOG/jewish/jew(s) changed to COG/hiberian(s)/hib(s)
If you think that the mod team hasn't responded to your request in a satisfactory manner or that it was ignored, you can now contact us directly at comatoast@7chan.org
Comatoast, the vol who kindly proposed this, checks this email account everyday day but might not respond immediately due to work.
Edited last time by krates on 10/12/2019 (Sat) 04:30:03.
I like the idea but figure it'd be obtrusive to actual discussion.
Can we have a Laos flag? We have one for the other four communist countries.
(386.00 B 16x11 Laos_small.png)
(483.00 B 20x13 Laos_mid.png)
Don't know if mods want to make it a flag, but here it is (made 2, as one is 16x11 and the other is 20x13)
Mods! Can you please make an incel containment thread so the idpol containment thread doesn't get ruined?
(501.43 KB 960x783 polpot.png)
How about a final solution for incels instead?
what about Laos_LARGE.png
The Angkar actually enforced monogamy and pairings were approved by the Party, adulterers and forcicators were punished by death.
that's called vietnam lmao
Seconded. Every single topic gets derailed by angry incels.
We'll look who showed up.
I'm glad some one on this board is willing to stick their neck out for Pol Pot.
Can we get a containment thread for people who wear glasses?

And by containment thread I mean Tuol Sleng
Yeah, could be a troll like the socdem and porky trolls though.
>Everybody who's not a tankie is a troll
I know that you aren't a troll unfortunately.
Oh let me tell you about trolls. Josef Stalin was the BEST troll, in fact, he managed to convince an entire country he was going to build socialism, and he kept the joke going for decades! How's that for kicks?
This board has way to many Hong Kong threads, can that shit be kept in the /PRCgeneral/ or a containment thread?
I vote for allowing incel posting simply to prevent this place from becoming non-imageboard culture friendly.
>backed by scientific evidence
implying implications
Incelposting is allowed in the idpol topic, that's the consensus we have come to. I resent the accusation that incels = imageboard culture anyways.
>hard to refute
Well, then argue better and stop banning everything you don't like.
Incel nuttery is not backed by science. You guys are cherry picking studies just as much as race realists do.

I agree that incelposting should be allowed but I think it would be better to relegate them to a special containment thread. As of now, it is impossible to discuss anything else but incel shit in the idpol general.
Also, i didn't say it was backed by science. I agree with the sentiment if you take that portion out of his post.
What else is there to discuss in the idpol topic but incel shit?
Other idpol issues like gender, sexuality, lgbt rights etc. It is supposed to be an idpol general, not a daily incel whining general.
This just attracts radlibs, incelposting is like a repellant against it.
No, it just makes the idpol shit spill over all over the board instead of being contained as it should be.
this tbh
The crypto libs that infested 8chan's /leftypol/ and here get mad because incels reveal their true face like a cross does to a vampire.
>You guys are cherry picking studies just as much as race realists do.
Prove it, and all the anti incel arguments aren't backed by even cherry picked studies, they are just asserted as axiomatic.
Yeah because no regular leftist has a problem with incels clogging up threads with how women need to be controlled. Sure, buddy.
>Yeah because no regular leftist has a problem with incels clogging up threads with how women need to be controlled. Sure, buddy.
You act like no leftists have problems with feminism, which is a topic that's allowed and is anti incel.
< explicit mysoginy (eg. females are whores, etc)
< explicit resentment towards the idealized male sexual monopolizer (eg. chad)
< explicit resentment towards the idealized female sexual denyier (eg. stacy)
< asserting entitlement of sex (including justfying rape and unironic state-sanctioned gfs)
< blamining sex-havers for inceldom, as opposed to capitalist alienation
< comlpaining about paying taxes (or working) to feed other's children
< applying capitalist ontology to sex (the "sex market", regarding women as property)
My GAWD just start a subreddit already.
The gender thread shouldn't be decycled, I vote now.
And jesus christ no incel posting shouldn't be a bannable offense, wasn't there a vote on this already. Is the /leftpol/ discord clique going to keep holding votes about incels until the board votes the right way?
*Is the /leftypol/ discord clique going to keep holding votes about incels until the board votes the right way?
1 - There are no /leftypol/ discord (related to this board).
2 - There are no vote about incels currently being held just some anons complaining about incelposting.
Bahahaha the post was deleted but the post holding the incel vote was clearly posted by a Mod.
(154.11 KB 1030x699 furry vol.png)
quick save it
(136.41 KB 1359x804 Screenshot_20191013_011549.png)
There is no need to save it because every vote is included in the public voting record here in the pdf attached >>80146 (where you can find it).
Pic related.
You know why it was deleted retard?
Because this is a god damn cyclical thread old posts get deleted to make place for new ones. Look at the god damn date of that post. Have you got a functioning brain?
My apologies, for some reason my browser doesn't display the date of the posts. I can see the post number is quite old I should have been able to deduce it was old from that at least.
You don't have to be a feminist to be anti-incel. The incels here keep derailing shit with their pseudoscience and virgin vs Chad phrenology. Lets give them a containment thread and let people debate them there. I don't know about you, but I'm not here to debate whether or not enforced monogamy is good. This is a leftist board, let's keep the reactionaries out.
Reactionary is not when someone is not liberal enough for you. Again, many people outside of your american college campus are not happy about the sexual revolution and most of them are not reactionaries. On the other hand free love advocates were bourgeois from the beginning.
You don't have to not be feminist in order to be pro-idpol.
I'm not here to debate whether Transgenderism is a mental disorder or not. I'm here to debate that sexual dimorphism is a inherent part of the Homo sapien Speicies like any Materialist.
You are not even a communist so I don't see why we should take you seriously in any way.
You don't decide who is what. I am much more like to actual communists than you pomo left-liberal fraud. Marx kicked woodhull out.
I wonder what the average age of bunkerchan user is. I hope I have not role played with any people before the age of consent....
Maybe we should have a poll.
there is nothing more liberal than claiming you have some kind of right to sex
I'm 27
So bourgeois feminism is bad.

Are you telling us something new here?
I'm 18, just barely over the limit PHEW
There's nothing more liberal than saying the system has no obligation to meet your needs.
Basically with the enclosures of the commons, capitalism has destroyed the ability for people to subsist self-sufficiently, by destroying the culture that taught people how, and of course by closing access to the land, but also by creating new dependencies.
Yes, sex is a need. Go check Maslow's pyramid of needs, it's near the most important
1. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a psychological theory, not a scientific law. A rational mind would not place reproduction and water in the same category.

2. Ever owned a pet? They don't die or become depressed without sex (unless you're the typical lazy first-worlder wypipo who neuters/spays their pets).
Oh just admit you're typical anti-semitic scum. If Maslow was hwite, you would admit he was right.
you admit you are successful without it though. Its also at the top of the pyramid, i.e. not one of the foundations but the capstone. Socialism has only every claimed to provide the foundations, food, shelter, etc so that the higher levels could be better achieved by more people. It did this be decommodifying them.

Communism is about abolishing the commodity form. So, commodified sex will be abolished
This is not the place to have a debate about incels.
Take it to the idpol containment thread.
can you faggots stop bumplocking threads were people criticize you guys ?
I highly doubt that is what happened.
Why the fuck is the Rojava war thread bump locked wtf
threads are automatically bumplocked after 500 posts, newfriend
C'mon, make the Rojava thread a cyclical already.
just make a new one
it already is cyclically anti rojava fags getting btfo out then coming back the next day and saying more or less the same dumb shit, then getting btfo out again
Can a mod/vol check to see if >>93242 is a legit thread or if it's an astroturf by an outsider? If i'm stupid can someone clarify our official stance on doxxing and similar cases? Thanks in advance.
oh wait it's already deleted nevermind
What was it?
Yeah doxxing is not allowed for obvious legal reasons. Bunkerchan's servers are located in France, if I'm not mistaken, and their laws don't take too kindly these kind of things.
A dox thread where "people" were going yaas queen and BASED BASED BASED. It smelled pretty "hello fellow leftists" to me. Also the OP didn't leave the name field empty.

I see. Do you reckon it was just some new poster or an effort to astroturf/falseflag?
I didn't think of checking OP post history or the IPs before deleting, unfortunately, so I can't answer you.
can we add a rule against intellectual dishonesty
>intellectual dishonesty is when people who disagree with me wont concede defeat immediately with any evidence
I understand why you feel this way but remember its not about changing the person who you are arguing with mind its about the people watching.
No I mean it like this: in the past we would delete dumb /pol/ infographs about the joos and the like under the same pretense but with the justification of it being reactionary. Now that we are recruiting from chapo and other liberal places, there are arguments being put forward that aren't fundamentally reactionary but are of the same caliber intellectually, like the "China harvesting organs from still living people" thing, which is literally medically impossible and disproven by basically any worthwhile stat that you can find on the subject. It just codifies what has already been done on more clear grounds.
>which is literally medically impossible and disproven by basically any worthwhile stat that you can find on the subject
I'm going to need a source. There's cannibal warlords in Liberia that take each other's still-beating hearts in their hands, so this claim of your's seems suspicious.

>Keep is not the only physician to have remarked on the rise in blood pressure and heart rates when incisions are made in the bodies of brain-dead organ donors. These phenomena have been regularly reported in medical journals since the 1980s.
>Michael DeVita, assistant medical director of the medical management division at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital and a leader in the U.S. organ-transplant community, says that brain-dead organ donors are given anesthetics at most hospitals in the U.S., including the medical center he works for.
>He stresses, however, that the purpose of administering narcotics is not to prevent donors from feeling pain but to prevent spinal reflexes from obstructing the operation.
>Anyone who wonders why an anesthesiologist would be needed for organ donation by a brain-dead person clearly has no grasp of what an anesthesiologist’s job is. An anesthesiologist’s job is to keep a patient’s organs well-perfused and well-oxygenated. Usually this is synonymous with keeping a patient alive under anesthesia.

If you need braindead people under anesthesia or it interferes with the operation, there is basically no case to be made that you could harvest the organs of someone who is still conscious, especially if they are still awake.
Holy fuck, how are you this dumb, the argument is that they disappear Falun Gong prisoners (and Uighurs now) to concentration camps to be harvested when needed by being murdered on the table (or just before), nobody is arguing they kidnap random people, operate on them, then dump them still alive and unconscious in an alley after, you fucking imbecile.

Also this isn't the right topic.
>Holy fuck, how are you this dumb, the argument is that they disappear Falun Gong prisoners (and Uighurs now) to concentration camps to be harvested when needed by being murdered on the table (or just before)
That was also debunked, in >>93852
With the libs now claiming that China does these operations without anesthetic to harvest the organs, dumping them back into the concentration camps after, and attribute their deaths to natural causes.
(63.44 KB 1024x768 a.jpeg)
Petition to deport the e-celeb thread to /GET/
unlike /leftytrash/, the /e-celeb/ thread is a somewhat necessary containment thread. Without it, all the shit in the e-celeb thread would just spill out in the rest of the board.
Alright, but they can be contained somewhere else, just like you wouldn't contain kulaks in city ghettos -- but in Siberia.
probably wouldn't work, even during the old BO scourge against Rojava posters and /leftpol/ was the place to go to for Rojava discussion, there was still Rojava threads on /leftypol/. You underestimate people's laziness when it comes to moving between boards. It's just less hassle to keep it here. That besides, /GET/ probably wouldn't want it.
Is their going to be a dem debate topic? the last debates thread was pretty comfy and i would like to see it again
What's stopping you from making one?
That article isn't even slightly consistent with itself

>Critics counter that China may also be secretly serving large numbers of foreign transplant tourists, whose use of immunosuppressant drugs would not appear in Chinese data. But this assertion does not stand up to scrutiny.
>Jose Nuñez, head of the transplantation program at the World Health Organization, which collects information on transplants worldwide, says that in 2015 the number of foreigners going to China for transplants was "really very low," compared with the traffic to India, Pakistan or the United States, or in comparison with transplant-visitor numbers in China's past.

Obviously there's no way rich people wouldn't just yknow, not report it

>On a recent visit, a handful of patients from Pakistan, Libya and the Middle East were observed in transplant wards. Two Pakistani families said they had brought their own donors with them, although one admitted that the donor was not related to the recipient, in breach of Chinese law.
>The families said they were paying $70,000 to $80,000 each for the operations.
>Wei Guoxin, public relations director at Tianjin First Center Hospital, which runs the transplant center, said accusations that China used organs from Falun Gong practitioners were "ridiculous" and part of a conspiracy against the country. But she did not respond to subsequent requests for data on the transplants carried out at the center or the number of foreign patients served.
>they serve a small number of foreign transplants
<wow look at them serve a small number of foreign transplants, gooks are totally btfo
>Complain about people shilling HRT on /GET/
</GET/ banned for ban evasion even though I did literally nothing
And? You want /leftypol/ staff to unclog your toilet while they're at it? This has nothing to do with /leftypol/, you have a problem with /GET/ take it up with them or in /gulag/ unless you can't cause you're banned there too which would make sense from this whining.
he already went to /gulag/
So this is just redundant and even more impertinent.
thats the wrong thread. he went to the leftypol /gulag/ thread. although it is redundant to have a moderation feedback thread both here and there. should pick one and delete/unpin the other
(122.02 KB 1000x1000 boc4qwv88k231.png)
Nobody responded to me in that other thread and there's not exactly a /GET/ moderation thread.
Something tells me Stonetoss has got a lot of shadowbans in his time.
they are pretty much >>95958 and everyone who calls them out on it must be the same person to them
The vol team of /leftypol/ has nothing to do with the one of /GET/ and we have no power over it, we are independent of each other. So if you have a problem with the /GET/ team either go to >>>/gulag/ or contact directly an admin (see comatoast email in the OP of this thread) but /leftypol/ is not the place to complain about that.
>-attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric
Are the mods planning to enforce this rule with all the Nazbols coming in here?
We should ban all anti Kurd posters.

They never ever argue in good faith, they promote outright lies “the Kurds are jihadists” “the Kurds sell oil to Israel”

They cloak reactionary politics in leftist rhetoric

“Ahaha based erdogan because anti imperialism”

“The Kurds are radlibs because they do feminism”

And they generally shit up the board by starting new threads when they are beat out in old threads, contribute nothing discussion and are generally toxic. I’m convinced most are pol false flaggers or Turkish intelligence services.

Also they ruined leftypol before, they would do it to us, we should do it to them.

Legitimate crit should be allowed, like questioning how they treat Assyrians, or posting actual bad shit that they have done, but literally just lying about them, constantly, smugly, and over and over again despite several different people disproving their claims, should not be allowed. We need to cut out this cancer.
>cannibal warlords in Liberia
Stop reading vice
Definitely this. Plus any reactionaries. They all pretend we are being hijacked by liberals while they're trying to hijack us.
I’m not sure we should ban reactionaries or really certain opinions, like I’m fine people critting the Kurds, just not the obviously bad faith, toxic kind that seem to dominate. Also the whole pretending to be left wing while you egg on genocide is just obvious pol false flagging, which no actual leftist would do.

IF you wanna come here openly and say I am a reactionary and I believe this, then we can argue back and that’s good, whereas if you claim to be a leftist then it muddies the waters.

I would also say the leftcom critiques are valid even if I don’t them. So when I said “ban all anti Kurd posters” I was being a little over zealous.

It’s just the ones who clearly post lies with no care for the truth or an intelligent discussion, who will constantly samefag, lie, etc which are disruptive posters
(71.35 KB 1080x768 left_anticommunists.jpg)
>we are against authority and oppression
<ban everybody who disagrees with me
Why are anarcho-liberals such a joke?
Inb4 this is some form of Nazbol. Remember kids, if they accuse you of being a liberal left and right, it's usually a reactionary behind a red mask.
Was this supposed to be a response to my post? I’m a Maoist you fucking moron. I don’t mind disagreement, good discussion is key to a mass line.

Intentionally poisoning the discourse is bad for a mass line.

And yet again

>anarcho liberals

You don’t know what you are talking about
There's a bunch of nazbols rolling up here, maybe from /r/stupidpol. Whenever you explain to them why they are reactionary, they accuse you of being a liberal since, according to them, you have to be a racist homophobe to be a leftist. If I was you Mao-poster, I would just call out these reactionaries LARPing as leftists.
I remember when nazbol was just a silly meme...
(34.33 KB 1048x1320 the culling of liberals.jpg)
Nazbol=reactionary leftist
That's pretty much what it has turned into
ironic memes will always get taken seriously by dupes
Why was the cock and ball thread deleted?
Take a guess.
Mods are afraid of a future w/o cbt?
Nazbol is a specific tendency and from what I saw on stupidpol is very far from it.
anything that doesn't agree with your idpol is not nazbol.
normally i would tell you to fuck off but the double dubs tell me this is important, vols, you have some questions that need to be answered
yeah stupidpol is mostly retarded social democrats who get (rightfully) triggered by DSA/democratic party idpol antics
Tsek/coward mods
Whats up with all the glowies today? i swear every thread has some bullshit going on
Can we have an Elon Musk flag? Or or maybe SpaceX??
(77.92 KB 876x720 5edrzt.jpeg)
>Whats up with all the glowies today? i swear every thread has some bullshit going on
might just be a few new-anons that draged in some ruling ideology.
Do we allow gore posting here? I hope not. I come here sometimes and see some awful shit on the homepage and elsewhere.
(190.71 KB 400x266 f5787h9.gif)
gore posting is probably not allowed, but some might get through, but if you don't click on spoilered pictures, you should be fine
Gore is not allowed, if you see any please report it.
We have an autistic gore spammer, who for some reason, like to spam the board with gore every week or so. That's what happened today.
We try our best to delete his posts as soon as possible.
I only click on spoilerds within reason. It's worked pretty well so far.

You're right I came across some today. I'll make sure to report that cock smoking POS next time.

Vote - Critical - All Vols: The boards /e/ and /tech/ should be merged (with their topics imported if technically realistic) into a singular /hobby/ board, to be established on the success of this vote, at https://bunkerchan.xyz/hobby/ . This new board will be intended to serve as a left wing or politics agnostic space for the discussion of hobbyist topics (defined broadly as any kind of entertainment, art, passtime, or technical skill). /tech/ and /e/ will therefore be closed. If /hobby/ proves to be dominated by a singular topic it may justify the creation of a new board related to that subject, when the required population to open a new board is proven. Vote closes 14:00 UTC 23/10/19

Vote - Critical - All Vols: The board /dead/ does not have the required population to support its use, and it should be closed, with post-left discussion moved to /leftypol/ if needed. Vote closes 14:00 UTC 23/10/19
Good lord /e/ is already a wasteland because nobody actually wants your dumb grabbag board idea, now you want to fuck up /tech/ too? Do you want us to just do all our tech talk on lainchan then?
>Obesity thread deleted
Mods confirmed to be pro-anafags
You are a bunch of anti-autistic motherfuckers, especially Satan-kun, the furry mod and the poster with Freud's cigar as flag.
No, autism has nothing to do with the dark triad, delusions or mental retardation, and only 2% of autistic people show criminal or sociopathic behaviour (criminal autistic psychopathy).
Is theneurotypical.com paying you to shill its books and pseudoscience or what the fuck is your problem?
????? also, no, not getting paid.
The 'Cassandra Affective Deprivation Syndrome' bullshit was getting shilled in the gender and race board by people such as the freudposter:
But yeah, as always I guess you dindu sheit, huh?
nigga, there are unread edgy reactionaries who think they are leftist posting in the idpol gulag 24/7.
check your anti-autism paranoia.
Care to explain where you got that idea?
I already told you I have aspergers, chill out man. Don't take it so personally.

t. furry mod

It was a shitpost
You have negative autism levels, this means you've ascended
That is one way of saying he is a schizo.
Care to explain where you got that idea?
(11.10 KB 1502x136 cultural revolution when.png)
>mods banning sojack
>Evidence from the effects of risk variants on growth-signaling pathways shows that autism-spectrum conditions tend to be associated with up-regulation of pathways due to loss of function mutations in negative regulators, whereas schizophrenia is associated with reduced pathway activation. Finally, data from studies of head and brain size phenotypes indicate that autism is commonly associated with developmentally-enhanced brain growth, whereas schizophrenia is characterized, on average, by reduced brain growth. These convergent lines of evidence appear most compatible with the hypothesis that autism and schizophrenia represent diametric conditions with regard to their genomic underpinnings, neurodevelopmental bases, and phenotypic manifestations as reflecting under-development versus dysregulated over-development of the human social brain.

Neurotypicals are just high-funioning schizophrenics.
yeah okay but i don't have schizophrenia tho
He said you have negative autism levels which issynonymous.
don't mind me
just shilling my poll
mods, I have shilled this 1 other time in >>103375
I have also shilled this on other bunkerchan boards
It's fine I guess. Hope you enjoy /hobby/.
(20.94 KB 480x320 joaquin is a gamer.jpg)
>let me repeat the same thing over and over.
Hey sissy, stop being so passive-aggresive.
>saying 'autismbuxxs' is funnee
Yeah, because all autists are welfare leeches and lumpenproletarians like you.
>saying you are autistic as self-depreciating humour is funny
Is not, and you are a faggot.
That is where I got the idea bucko.
Hey Satan-kun. What about you go smoke some meth with your dad instead of trying to fuck with us?
a-are you the lacanian leninist?
I don't remember saying i was autistic as self-deprecating humor, as i don't find it funny. Also, autismbux is the colloquial term that some people use for disability payments for a mental disorder, as opposed to neetbux. I have no idea why you have a bone to pick with me though. I have a literally autistic brother and have nothing against autistic people.
Enough with this shit, nobody cares whether you are or are not autistic. We don't play KICK THE AUTISTIC here. If you keep up with this spam I will ban you.
(54.65 KB 600x450 slav.jpg)
>I have a literally autistic brother and have nothing against autistic people.
not related to the rest of your post but for the love of god, take him to see the joker. because we live in a society
Either do or don't, stop with this "I BAN U" shit, it rarely helps in any way.
Personally I have no problem if it was just renaming /e/ to /hobby/ and people shilling it here but I dislike the decision to sack /tech/ and to a lesser degree /dead/.
Even tho it was only used by a small amount of anons the board was already established and the posters of those boards have voiced their concerns about the decision.
/dead/ and /e/ had no reason to exist, however, I am man enough to lodge a proposal to leave /tech/ how it is and let people request for threads to be moved back, we'll see if the other vols agree.

I shouldn't have rushed this through perhaps but I wanted /hobby/ to be up in time for 8kun's reopening and I just wanted to do /something/.
I would like to see the QTDDTOT thread >>36099 to serve as the one liner gulag, too many posts "redpill me on" and "thoughts on" lead to no serious discussion. if a question gets a good discussion going then it can break off into its own thread
This is not necessarily permanent.
>too many posts "redpill me on" and "thoughts on" lead to no serious discussion.
Completely disagree and I think you're an image board newfag. One-liner OPs often do lead to interesting discussion, often enough to justify their existence.

If you see loads of duplicate posts, apoloigies. Something my end is massively fuck up I think.
you can delete your own posts. Just click the arrow.
(74.19 KB 500x705 serveimage.jpeg)
Requesting a monarchist/royalty flag.
Make a guillotine flag for these fuckers.
Guillotine your gonads so you won't be able to spread your filth lmao
what a needy faggot
Get off the leftist board if you can't handle the heat monarkiddie.
(285.64 KB 1200x600 serveimage.png)
(124.35 KB 1024x1006 1521989128395.jpg)
(32.59 KB 400x277 Progress.jpg)
(51.62 KB 474x509 Progress again.jpg)
(15.03 KB 170x251 serveimage.jpeg)
We need a flag that's just a portrait of this:
(22.28 KB 474x266 Karl Marx.jpg)
Why are you not posting a pic of the best german?
Because he lacks charisma tbh
Imagine thinking the guy who created a world movement did not have charisma and a monarch who barely anyone cared or cares about is more charismatic. Please think about what you said.
(207.45 KB 1137x790 b1f.jpg)
(650.53 KB 1116x1200 Dhweuw_X4AAtNU-.jpg)
(141.90 KB 762x553 image0-1.jpg)
Why are there Monarshiets here?
(606.01 KB 2000x1333 king of thailand.jpg)
You would rather have degenerates like this guy become the leader?
There is no Siamese Nationalism without a little degeneracy. Liking ladyboys is how you practice Siamese Nationalism at home.
Unironically petitioning to ban monarchist anon
Unironically agreeing. We need to seriously enforce the rule that reactionaries need to know their place.
(23.57 KB 358x450 OliverCromwell.jpg)
Monarchy is the most retarted ideology in existence. It’s even worse then fascism. >>105858
Pic related is a better option.
who is being executed her? maximilian?
(4.73 KB 256x256 guillotine.png)
(392.82 KB 1920x1920 1920px-Tricolour_Cockade.svg.png)
(10.36 KB 144x158 Bonnet_Phrygien.png)
Why are they even here ;-;
My recommendations for Republicanism/Anti-Monarchism gang
(521.00 B 16x16 Chop.png)
(804.00 B 16x16 Republicansim.png)
(5.87 KB 22x13 BURGCOM.png)
For balance then i want BURGERNAZBOL flag
Why do you need a nazbol flag? We can already tell you're a nazbol if you say dumb shit.
Says the imbecile that can't abstain taking the baits of a "monarchist"
Imagine thinking that there aren't real monarchists on the internet.

Dang now idk if I should go with the roundel or the book that I've been using ;(
Go back to /pol/
(17.47 KB 489x120 his ego craves recognition.png)
Can we not, please? It's basically mod-posting without the expected baggage of responsibility that should go with it.
There should be a feature to filter by flag as they get used as pseudo-tripcodes.
Wondering why you are singling me out here. There is many namefags on this board and you managed to pick this one in particular?
Seconding this notion.
At this point it would be preferable if we banned all flags.
maybe just make it an option to make flags invisible?
Thanks, but you are not the one I want to filter.
Maybe. It would make being an attention whoring narcissist harder as nobody would see the trip by default instead of everyone having to manually block it, which most won't.
>the janitors deleted my post against the incelposter in this thread >>80324
Hmm, really makes you think, doesn't it?
Go back to your containment, psycho.
Please yes. If someone wants some kind of cringy identity attached, they should add it themselves in the post body in a cringy way.
Honestly, we could just turn off trips
What the hell is the point of tripcodes anyway? All I see it do is incentivize avatarfagging even more than the flags do. Isn't this supposed to be an anon board?
consider making it cyclical:
...every week it gets remade.
>Wondering why you are singling me out here.
Please forgive me for noticing that your pseudo-namefagging is intentionally unique, made so by you. What you were asking again? Oh, yeah, why do _I_ "single" you out? Oh, I don't know, probably because YOU INTENTIONALLY MAKE YOURSELF DISTINCT, meaning that I have NOTHING to do with the act of making you distinct, only with detecting the fact?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
generally we've been trying to cut back on cyclical threads because it has a bad habit of constantly deleting posts, which means there needs to be an entire system of archiving the thread all the time and posting the last few archived comments and all that BS. As-is now, all the threads are keeping all their comments and being archived as a regular thread for later reference, which is just better as a kind of archival, which preserves effort posting. making effort posts on a thread where it is bound to be deleted can seem like a pyhrric effort otherwise.
To the Autismposter or whatever your namefagging as,
use this thread to complain about vol shit.
(14.97 KB 1484x236 ban1.png)
>Until Tue Oct 29 2024
I get why they got b& but isn't 5 years somewhat excessive.
>Graceposter reporting in.
Well isn't that a joy.
>I came to introduce Grace, but later lurked around. I'll confess, I felt disappointed nobody drew her getting guillotined out of spite or a picture with Alunya, but nobody bit.
Nobody gives a fuck about your authoritarian cult. We just like to argue with you because you're so stupid it's entertaining.
>I'm a humble reactionary.
>If my tyranny comes to an end, good-bye.
Quite humble.
Aw shit, misspelling of ban duration defaults to 5 years.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Our ban system is super jank. Sorry man.
super gay more liek
Keep it going Gracefriend, I believe in you. You can btfo these stupid commies easy -- don't let them get to you!
(87.40 KB 588x437 1393220676595.jpg)
Who was behind this ban? >>110606
I'm not the person you banned. Boomers occupy a separate ideological bloc, and that thread is specifically asking about why they lionize Reagan. There's nothing derailing about any of the posts you deleted.
I have more in common with a working class liberal than a millionaire socialist, but that doesn't make the ideological distinction irrelevant.
This. It is idpol and it should go into to containment.
>I don't see how it's any different from ideological distinctions between races.
If you don't see how different political views is different from different skin color, that is your problem. People don't inherently occupy different positions in political struggle because of identity, although it might push them one way or another. Political alignment is political alignment. It directly defines how people engage with politics. In a situation where generational divides relate strongly to ideological blocs (as different material contexts at different historical moments shape different cohorts' views), it's relevant to discussing politics. The development of political theory is a process of historical materialism. Just because labels and identities get attached to it (to facilitate discussion) doesn't make that identity politics.

Even if you don't agree with this point, this is a serious ongoing discussion on the left and using mod powers to rule on it is abuse of those powers.
Heres a question: can i filter out the idpol thread completely?
There's a hide button on every post. It's the "no" sign next to the arrow and check box.
holy shit thank you
Lmao why was the Ronald Reagan thread deleted?
see the exchange starting here >>110629
What the fuck?

Type: Ban
Board: leftypol
Time: 10/30/2019 (Wed) 18:29:31
User swagneeto banned the posters of the following posts: 110861 from board /leftypol/ until Fri Nov 08 2019 19:29:31 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time) with reason "Reactionary rhetoric garbed in leftist language".

This user didn't deserve to get banned.
The ban has been lifted.
Why do mods keep banning people they disagree with? You need people who disagree with you if you're going to have an argument. As dumb as the border thing is, it's a thing a lot of people have a lot of opinions on, and there's a real lack of proliferation of good ones. If you just get rid of people who have bad opinions, you do nothing to address the bad opinions or spread good ones.

Nobody coming here will have perfect theory. Just telling them to fuck off or worse banning them is not allowing the board to grow or people coming here to learn better ideas.
I warned you all about these types of rules that require a mod to guess user intent behind a post. I warned you.
What's with the uptick in shitposts & other low effort posts lately? Im guessing /pol/ had a thread about bunkerchan or something?
For some retarded reason they get to spout reactionary nonsense and blatantly violate all the rules, even the one that explicitly states to keep idpol in the idpol thread, which is basically there to justify a containment that both doesn't work and isn't enforced, leading to all kinds of low-effort reactionary shitposts that the mods also don't handle. They've basically gotten away with calling for christian traditionalism through intellectual dishonesty because nobody has the balls to go ban them, I guess.
The racist mudslime has a gf retard.
chapo outreach
And Hitler had Jewish friends, a spade is still a fucking spade because it is a political position as much as it is a retarded idpol.
This. I'm almost willing to make a bet that the board quality would rise exponentially if we banned all incelposting.
(136.19 KB 1242x1159 thefinalsolution.jpg)
>being jewish is a political position
It is genocide when women aren't fucking you.
>uniformally call for forced monogomy
>call for the reversal of the sexual revolution
>call for the preservation of "gender norms"
>call for the coalition against chads or whatever bullshit
<no we are not a political position sir
now go back to your gulag
Incel poster here. How am I violating the rules. And monogamy isn't just practiced by Christians.
My advocacy for monogamy is based in materialism. There's equal numbers of boys and girls and if you want everyone to have a partner then you have to have monogamy.
Any social system that fails to meet a need as basic as sex for huge pluralities of their populous is going to have unrest.
Also children growing up with a mom and dad get more attention and become better socially well adjusted citizens.
If you don't give a fuck about any of that just say so, or at least argue how the sexual revolution would foster these things.
I posted this in response to an anon that called for the culling of incels.
So yes, when people say you should be murdered it could potentially lead to genocide.
There are plenty of incel feminists on reddit. Conflating an identity with an ideology is reactionary.
The identity explicitly calls for a certain ideology on the basis of it's creation - it is not merely just an identity that formed naturally, it was an identity that coalesced around this ideology. Just as racial categories like blackness were created as a justification for slavery, the existence of inceldom as an identity is used to support the implementation of their social reactionary viewpoints. No amount of "but we have black friends" is going to change the fundamentally reactionary basis by which inceldom is fostered.
Your feelings are not materialism, communism doesn't advocate for an equal society, but an equitable one, and sex isn't a right. When social reactionaries rise up in "unrest" against socialist and communist governments, they get the kulak treatment and rightly so.
You really should be more tolerant of your LGBTQI comrades, comrade
I miss the day when incels all went to monasteries and got slammed on wine rather than weaponized their sexlessness into a reactionary ideology
give Deng flag
Incels will win and there's nothing you can do about it.
everyone should pay attention to this post.
Where are the posts in particular?
pask deleted them. here is one >>109163 that is quoted here >>109183
>>I'm literally in a relationship. Actually having to deal with women made me more misogynistic tbh
And he will still say it's incels even though the quotee has a gf because he conflates ideals with identities, like when /pol/ says someone is acting "jewish" even if they are white. To these retards incel feminists and misogynistic chads do not exist because it doesn’t fit their liberal world view where everyone gets what he deserves.
>To these retards incel feminists and misogynistic chads
they exist but are also reactionary, incel feminists for promoting christian fundamentalism in a secular suit and misogynistic """chads""" because they fuck with half the people who hold up the sky. Their existence changes nothing and validates nothing, just adds to the ever-growing list of those who need some time to think over their errors in the gulag.
Thank you based Wobbly.
I got about a third of the way through the catalog before deciding I didn't wanna do this no more.
I only searched out specifically incel stuff, not reactionary idpol in general. Here listed are only threads were it's a major part of the discussion.
I despise people like you
Can we ban incels for a week or so just to see if board quality improves?
This would be useful just because its starting to spill over and ruin other threads.
I have been unable to find the incel posts you have been clamoring about.
Any further discussion of pask needs to be taken to /gulag/.
please report them here or via report function
But way less anons look at /gulag/ and the complaints against pask are for what hes doing to this board.
Pask should not have dominion over issues that are involving him. Pask cannot modify or delete threads and posts in /gulag/. Only I, and, one other staff memeber currently have that power.
(5.52 KB 22x13 UFW.png)
(9.76 KB 20x13 EurekaFlagShine.png)
(319.00 B 20x13 Comrika.png)
So i made a few flags
the first is a UFW flag (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Farm_Workers)
next is an eureka flag(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_Flag)
And then that but red
I don't know what this janitor drama is really about.
But if the guy banned was the incel I fully support that, he is a restless spammer and needs to fuck off.
I gotta ask, why the hell does the UFW flag look so Nazi-esque? What were they thinking?
what a fucking waste of satanic trips. i genuinely wish great misfortune on you
kaiser chavez was nazbol
Based wobbly and based mod
How do I hide all the posts with certain specific flags?
Can there be a Maoist flag please, or change the China flag to Maoist flag like it was on the old leftypol. Purely for the reasons 1) everybody thinks I’m posting with a Chinese flag. 2) there is a goddam a is for anarchy flag but no Maoist flag and 3) it discrimination and you are a shirtlord for othering me
you cant
(9.98 KB 20x13 StarFlag.png)
I dont know what the old flag looked like but would something like this work?
Im not a vol btw
>Like on old leftypol
What do you mean? The old "Maoist" flag was the same PRC one like now, just of way worse quality and of fucked up pixel proportions
>incel possibly got banned
Based, maybe the idpol containment can finally produce some good discussions
for a Stirnerite, absolutely
>when people say you should be murdered it could potentially lead to genocide
if this was all it took, genocides would be far more common. much more needs to be in place first
agreed, anons complaining about incelS might be mistaken as it seems to be one extremely persistent buttmad autist. Repetitive, long-ass schizo ramblings that are only relevant within one's own head should be treated as the spam that are
Pask, let me tell you. That's a cool fanfiction.
I hope you're aware that nobody fucking care about you or your persecution complex.
Can't you stop shitting up the board with your delusions for a couple of days? I assure you, it would even be beneficial for you too.
>as it seems to be one extremely persistent buttmad autist
The Iranian sandnigger actually wants to genocide me, but whatever floats your boat dude.
>I hope you're aware that nobody fucking care about you or your persecution complex.
And I don't care about any of you.
I don't owe you shit.
>with your delusions
<he points out things I don't like, he must be delusional
yeh i know thats what i mean. Literally the only difference was that it was titled "maoist" instead of "china".

its not that big of a deal, its just one extra thing I keep having to explain when people are like AHA BUT WHAT ABOUT CHINA EH EH
(35.22 KB 400x400 gwewg5hzj.png)
I get a SSL certificate for bunkerchan has expired browser warning
See >>>/gulag/2588
>Seems like our security certificate expired yesterday without our knowledge. We've contacted Space_ and hope to have this resolved soon. Stay tuned.
With immediate effect, bunkerchan needs a bunker
Why are people being banned from the idpol gulag for idpol?
It's a thread for the discussion of idpol topics, not a thread to be an idpol shithead in.
Also, with the idpol thread. It should get anchored so it sinks to the bottom, but then when it does unanchor it so it re bumps, but then anchor it again.

For one thing, if people come here and that is the first thing they see, as it is often the first thread there. In fact probably the thread that is there the most, that is the impression they will get of this board. Let them fight in their box but do so away from the rest of the board
Can you propose a model for the flag?
(26.60 KB 1200x800 Mao flag.png)
(273.34 KB 1280x917 Mao flag 2.jpg)
I am shit at photoshop and such. First one is better in my opinion.

This one I just mean the face in the middle on the red background
(861.00 B 20x13 Maoist3.png)
I think it kinda helps discussion. Its an indicator as to the persons general positions so it saves chunks of conversation
proposition for the bunker for bunkerchan:

the Soviet Union had their metros have hermetically sealed steel doors that allowed for subway stations to allow them to double as refuge centers for the population and also allowed for first res ponders to easily distribute food and supplies across the survivors.
As such, bunkerchan's bunker should be metrochan, and we should keep up a facade of having an autistic obsession with trains like we do with Hoaxa here.
This, except that's always been their purpose--just another form of namefagging/tripping for attention whore faggots.
imo most of the flags are generic ideology flags that if enough people used it would elimiate their ability to be tied to an specific poster
I agree.

But really, we need a bunker. If something was to happen, we would have nowhere to gather and we would die.
Nah, when there was a lot of posters on leftypol it just made communicating easier. You could tell but so what, if you post enough, you get to know them by content and general lines of argument and ways of saying things anyway
Why was this thread (birth control thread) bump locked?
It's not gendershit, a shitpost, /pol/, or anything else like that. What rule did it break?
what flag is that, who used it?
nvm, just looked it up, its used today by the maoists fighting in India
(258.00 B 16x11 16x11maoflag.png)
tried my hand at it using >>>/ref/645
(388.00 B 11x11 Technocracy.png)
This is the same dumb argument for thread IDs. Nobody who's used anonymous forums for any length of time has trouble keeping track of conversations.
Using flags is just a new form of tripfagging i.e attentionwhoring. Join a fourm/reddit if you can't deal with being anonymous.
Thread Ids stop samefagging

If you have a consistent position you are barely anonymous anyway. Point is not to make it raise for specific conversations, but for several conversations over time. It also helps with people not just spewing bullshit, one minute adopting a leftcom critique, then going full Stalinist the next when challenged. Stops people being slippery fishies
I actually agree with this
(8.35 KB 1555x125 2day ban.png)
was this ban reely needed? >>>115780
I get that the shitposters in /crisis/ can be annoying but it has been a shitposting thread for years.
(284.00 B 19x13 13redarmy.png)
(278.00 B 20x13 20x13maoflag.png)
made a 13 pixel tall one and also a red army one

flags can be useful, and better yet, fun! People who use them for tripfagging are misusing them, same as people who use tripcodes for tripfagging and misusing that feature aswell. not an argument for getting rid of tripcodes or flags
I'm gonna go ahead and say minor points about moderation like this >>115825 ought to be fine in context because (A) moderation is de facto a part of the discussion so it's not really off-topic to address that moderation and (B) the people seeing public moderation with highly visible ban messages should also be able to react to it in context, primarily for visibility and to voice support or dissent. If there's a more lengthy or nuanced discussion to be had, then here or /gulag/ is 100% the place for it. I already said my piece in this post >>115825 so there's no need to restate it here.

>Thread Ids stop samefagging
They also encourage dumb behavior like referencing how many posts someone has made or bringing up shit somebody said earlier instead of talking about the new argument. Sometimes people say dumb shit and realize they were wrong. They should be able to continue posting in a topic without that being attached to their posts.

Flags are primarily avatars because not many people use them, so it's usually just one or two people using any given flag. If everybody (or just more people) used a flag it wouldn't be an issue.

Better yet, implement a nega-sticky. It's a sticky but instead of keeping the thread at the top it keeps the thread at the bottom. Lots of threads could use that tbh. You can always scroll down, hit the End key, or search for those threads, but nobody will ever see them on the front page.
(8.17 KB 469x129 pinochitposting.png)
(159.54 KB 1295x941 public bans in crisis thread.png)
Or I guess I do have to restate the complaint since the posts were deleted.
the rules were clearly laid out about posting as a reactionary and in bad faith. I have been watching that poster for about a week now and he is bringing nothing of value to the conversation. He's simply belittling people and making snarky half assed comments. If you can't be respectable and be a reactionary/libertarian/whatever then you don't need to be here.

TLDR; Read the rules.
Well alright, you convinced me. I agree with the ban now that I know this. Transparency and accountability are important to maintaining the relationship between users and moderators. Thank you.

However, I'll still ask you to consider the first point in this post >>115870 since mods very visibly banning people and then redirecting users here or to /gulag/ doesn't seem to me like it helps in that regard. Rules exist to serve a larger purpose, and the exact way they're enforced matters more than the letter of the law.

I understand that it's a pain to moderate, and it's a thankless job. Please don't take my criticism as animosity. I appreciate that the nature of the website requires moderation, and I criticize because I want the site to succeed. I've seen multiple sites go down the shitter because of bad moderators/admins who wouldn't listen criticism.
We are holding currently two new votes:
Vote 1 - Critical - Bunkerchan - /gulag/ should be the exclusive board for all meta discussions. Vote closes 14:00 UTC 07/11/2019
Vote 2 - Critical - Bunkerchan - There should be board specific threads on /gulag/ about mod related issues. (Only if vote 1 above is approved, for obvious reasons). Vote closes 14:00 UTC 07/11/2019
Nah, you're right. I make visible bans to state a point publicly that this type of behavior will not be tolerated here.

I do regret deleting as much as I did and I apologize. I wasn't trying to censor anything I was simply trying to keep the thread from turning into a bunch of bickering about the rules (ultimately the site itself) when we do have spaces that exist for that.

I appreciate your ernisty and I would always try to extend the same to you and the other users of the site.
(13.73 KB 201x224 le happy marx.png)
Oh man, you don't have to apologize. Just always do your best and know we're rooting for the team.
>I wasn't trying to censor anything I was simply trying to keep the thread from turning into a bunch of bickering about the rules (ultimately the site itself) when we do have spaces that exist for that.
It's just one of those things where you have to figure out what the site culture is, as in how much tolerance to have on rules like that. That's basically the point of immediate/local feedback for moderation anyway.

The left needs to work together if we're gonna accomplish anything. We're all comrades here (other than the trolls, libs, and glowies), and I would 100% buy you a case of beer IRL.
>They should be able to continue posting in a topic without that being attached to their posts.
Well don't shout someone down if they want to change their mind and admit they were wrong then?

why are you ignoring my requests for flags and permo anchoring (or nega anchoring as the other anon said) the idpol thread
Deleting >>116244
>if something isnt valued under capitalism then it doesnt exist
low effort, low iq
I don't think vols can add new flags.
Which vol do I annoy to check if the monarkiddie is making posts to praise himself?
Unless they're extremely dedicated, post history suggests they're two different people, but they're both monarchists/libertarians/snowflake rightist ideology
How did you check their post history, are you a vol?
(9.92 KB 300x100 oddjob.jpg)
*tips fedora respectfully in your direction*
I will tone it down for now.
Monarchism is technically an anti-liberal ideology so it's okay if the goal is a board for anti-capitalists.
>mfw /leftypol/ tolerates my avatarfagging, attention whoring, and shitstorms lately.
Why have I not yet been gulag'd
Your stupidity is amusing. You're best kept for entertainment with your shitty "theories" and weird arguments.
>Monarchism is technically an anti-liberal ideology so it's okay if the goal is a board for anti-capitalists.
Going monarchist to be anti-capitalist is like pissing your pants to stay warm.
Bruh i don't understand why you feel so furious/threatened at this graceposter guy. The last monarchy thread had so much anime and roleplaying you might as well treat it as an internet roleplay thing for nerds.

Speak of the devil here he is. I still want my Alunya x Grace yuri art.
>Bruh i don't understand why you feel so furious/threatened at this graceposter guy. The last monarchy thread had so much anime and roleplaying you might as well treat it as an internet roleplay thing for nerds.
Probably true. I just think he's a dumbass and I get my fun by kicking him around. But the internet roleplay part is definitely true.
Monarchism and liberalism are literally the same fucking thing, lol.
Not really though because liberals actually killed monarchists in order to take control
also palace economies were very centralized and typically the monarch was in charge of the means of production
That doesn't mean that there is an actual structural difference between the two. All that means is that one class took control over the other class. Structurally && functionally they share many similarities. Look at the distribution of power between a King and a Ceo, in both cases the Ceo and King act as autocratic controller over vast swaths of property, dominated by force of the state and managed by the control of a small select group of lords

Infact, feudalism is the entire mechanism by which bourgeois capitalism was constructed on and blue printed upon in the first place.

Monarchists should be banned because they are reactionaries on the same note.
(132.92 KB 387x357 smug.png)
I might've agreed with you, but that would mean my argument against capitalism being human nature wouldn't apply, because you're saying there's no fundamental difference between capitalism and what came before capitalism.
>there's no fundamental difference between capitalism and what came before capitalism.
There is a difference, but at it's core both are based on the class system and both capitalism and feudalism are just two ways in which the contradictions of the class system are expressed.
just a reminder that this is the moderation thread.
if you want to discuss the differences between capitalism and feudalism you should make a new thread.
what about the permo anchor on the idpol thread ay?
I want to thank the mod team for advising the deletion of that specific post by a vol OR that specific faggot vol's voluntary self-deletion which amounted to de-anoning me in this thread: >>116390

The post in question was made in my mother tongue (I'd rather not specify). The poster in question above calling me my Youtube name called me a "schizo." After 2 minutes or so the post was deleted. I really appreciate it not because having a thin skin, but because my commitment to anonymity.

>the freudfaggot is a mod
Please, tell me this is not real
I'm not a mod and I'm not trying to apply for the job.
Thank God for the good news!
I'd be an excellent vol, tho, you fag. :ˇ)
ban all national trotskists
Are you sure this was a mod? Did that poster use a mod flag? Because any post deletion made by someone from the mod team would necessarily appear in the logs ( https://bunkerchan.xyz/.global/logs/2019-11-05.html) I can't see any single post deletion that would fit your description.
I think you underestimate how recognizable your posting style can be, in fact I am pretty sure I recognize you without even looking at your post history. I'm pretty sure no one on the mod team speak your native language, if you're the person I think you are. So I think that was just a random anon who happened to speak your language (there are quite a few anons from your country on this board) and recognised you.
Atomwaffen doesn't lurk here so they?
(73.24 KB 655x1090 C2us4T-XgAMIoNX.jpg)
This vote has FAILED at present but it may return in a different form as we work on things behind the scenes - thank you for your patience.
Before anyone asks, I deleted my thread because I felt it was getting too preachy.
t. Graceposter
/leftypol/ probably has had enough of my autism
>tedious moralizing
You bet we're getting sick of your autism.
(48.93 KB 480x360 Monarchists7.png)
Holy shit so IT was you that made the tread, thank god i was worried one of us
Actually, its probably a good thing you do this shite because it weeds out the retards moved purely by aesthetics.
I don't know why people are so bothered by your posting, if you're acting in good faith then I personally have no issue.
(278.67 KB 1553x2050 Q3EF4vD050.jpg)
rips your Bunkerchan Manifesto
(119.17 KB 437x480 DivineBlood.jpg)
(1.55 MB 1080x755 bps0vmh7h9x31.png)
*October revolutions your government and sells your crown*
shit art tbh
I know right. I can probably draw Alunya better. in fact we should draw Alunya punching her then taking her crown to buy bread
(23.85 KB 1305x892 graceposters.png)
(1.09 MB 3264x2448 ByeByeCrownie.jpg)
rips your head
kek'd. Did you draw it?
Check on GETchan
get a job tomokotranny
I do have work
(124.35 KB 1024x1006 1521989128395.jpg)
Daily reminder that Robespierre did nothing wrong
(7.99 KB 249x249 1506368847286.jpg)
Based and purplepilled. This is why you are leftypol's official monarch.
nice crayon drawing! so proud that you can colour within the lines now - they grow up so fast.
i can taste the crust on that nuchan p*pe. 2nd pic related.
Daily reminder that he was bourgeois and people who try to replicate his methods in proletarian revolutions are reactionaries.
Robespierre is Pinochet but for socialists.
You are the enemies of the people.
Off with all of you!
(1.03 MB 499x499 1527894140909.gif)
>Pinochet but for socialists.
Wouldn't that be more like Pol Pot / Hoxha / Jim Jones?
He did literally nothing wrong, best thing I can find that's bad about him is the Cult of the Supreme Being.
sush, niggas.
This is not the thread for pro/anti-monarcho shitposting, please go to /GET/.
(66.37 KB 800x800 no thank you.jpg)
>Unironic monarchists
We don't want them either.
Thank you based admin. Please ban these idiots.
(357.49 KB 1066x1650 serveimage.jpeg)
To be fair though, we're not breaking any rules, and furthermore we're honestly more civil than many of the lefties on here.
And yet you're shitting up the board with your LARPing for Monarchism.
yeah you guys totally didn't imagine to rip up our "manifesto". As well as you guys TOTALLY didn't threatened a person's life over a fucking debate. And you guys totally didn't SUPPORT TSAR NICOLAS THE 2ND. Yeah totally not breaking any rules.
>As well as you guys TOTALLY didn't threatened a person's life over a fucking debate.
Holy shit. Did that actually happen?
No, the mentally-handicapped commie is again lumping us respectable folks along with imaginary characters. Can you imagine if a monarchist instead tried to tie in all socialists with Pol Pot/Ceausescu? We would never hear the end of it, but of course many of the socialists here just simply love their double standards.
yes. I was just scrolling and I saw this guy talking about monarch socialism and when some one said that it was stupid and goes against both the ideas of monarchy and Marx. they got angry and said. "it would be a shame if I executed you in your home"
(360.90 KB 512x512 NoFunAllowed.png)
God you retards were the ones who killed all the fun on this board
No your just doing anything to protect your agenda. also calling us "commies" doesn't make capitalism superior to socialism. Considering the fact that Capitalism has killed the same supposed amount that communism has since the past 5 years
>Capitalism has killed
Let's not, okay? Capitalism is as responsible for "starving" all those people in third world countries, and at home, as socialism is. The Bengal Famine would have occurred even if Britain was led by hardcore leftists, as would many other events that happened during capitalism, rather than because of it.
even though the events of capitalism is from the past 5 years and it is the carelessness of the higher class to 3rd world countries. Not only can all of this be solved by giving wealth and power to the people that need it most and care about their needs. But they choose not to because it benefits themselves. 20 million people have died per year under capitalism since the last 5 years. you add that up that is 100 million killed since the past 5 years. and 100 million is the supposed the amount that communism and socialism has killed form 1917-1997. Not only is the communist kill amount false considering the technology they had and advancement. and the fact that the ones that made statistic admitted to over exaggerate. but even it was true capitalism has killed the same amount since the past 5 years. so yes let's do. let's talk about your mistakes and what you guys did
>past 5 years
You know population growth has been growing exponentially? In the last 5 years (when capitalism has had a greater share of influence in the world) there were billions more people than when socialism was at its height.

>carelessness of the higher class to 3rd world countries
Not a real argument either since the Soviet Union and co. weren't all that keen on transforming impoverished countries anyways (though for some reason when they support a certain armed group you call it "liberation" while when the West does it you say it's a "coup").

>But they choose not to because it benefits themselves
This is literally every socialist government ever except they did it with red-dyed aesthetics.

>20 million people have died per year under capitalism since the last 5 years
Largely because socialist governments have collapsed, therefore no longer, technically, having people die under them.

Communist countries aren't special at all for having high growth rates despite starting with little. You know that's like every developing country nowadays? They don't have to be the pioneers of industry -- they can just copy off what the developed world already made -- no socialism required. Countries like Libya, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Ethiopia are the fastest-growing countries in the entire world -- does that necessarily mean their government is great? Countries like Ethiopia and Indonesia, once impoverished back-water countries, like you would like to group the USSR with, are now becoming real regional powers with quickly improving quality of life -- though why should we praise socialism for doing what these countries do without such a system? Socialist countries all, predictably, fell by their own merit, their own inefficiencies -- so of course people now die only under capitalist countries, which have remained after the past era of socialism.
(30.45 KB 310x472 unknown.png)
>over population
You do realize overpopulation is a myth. The problem is not of growing population the real problem is distribution. Capitalism over produces a lot and it ends up going to waste instead of giving such items to the people that need it most. Hakim makes a good video on this topic https://youtu.be/gUJmZ5hUy84

>not a real argument
Are you kidding me? there has been a rise of foreign interventions by capitalist countries (like the US) invading them or forcefully occupy there land in order to benefit themselves. as this is happening the people living there in those regions are struggling to survive because of the harsh conditions that the capitalists put on them. It's not just the US ether. it's being used by most of all of the capitalist 1st world.

>This is what socialist governments do
No its not because they try to help the people that need it most. Just because you give the references of Stalin does not make what socialism is. At least under socialism we do what we can to help the people that need the help most. Instead of abandoning them.

>because of socialist governments
No it is not. the 3rd world is capitalist. (mostly because the capitalist 1st world forces them to.) Not only that these problems could be saved if the top 1% gave 10% of there money to these problems. It would do more than just solve these problems like world hunger, world dehydration, horrible diseases, and much more. But they don't because there is no profit. Since there is no profit there is no money. Since there is no money they do not care. This is why Capitalism is a system where money is more important than a humans life

>Growth of population in communist countries
Speaking of which. If you truly believe that the soviet union has killed so much then why has there population graph not dropped until 1946. And the reason why it did drop to 1946 is because of WW2. I have provided the graph so you can see for yourself. Not only that considering the technology they had which was not much until 1957. It would have been impossible to kill that many in so long.

>The USSR has been pushing wars into Africa
No that was really the US in the cold war. The US has been pushing the most proxy wars in the Cold War. The Soviet Union was just trying to protect the workers uprising and protect the people that need it most. With put going into direct conflict with the US. In fact there has been cases that the Soviets tried to make peace with these proxy wars but the US has refused.
>You do realize overpopulation is a myth
Nobody said this, ergo you are wrong from the start.
Bolivia thread is full of spam "U stink" "No u stink" "No U stink" "No UR the 1 who stinks"
do your jawbs mawds
>your wrong from the start
No your just too much of a pussy to even read what I wrote lol. It is a myth because yes there is a rise of population however this is not a problem because we already produce a lot. The real problem is distribution to the people that need it most. Under capitalism this is a big problem because its not by need to give. You have to pay for everything. Even your life at times. This is a huge problem. In capitalism. But if we were to give the over produce items to the people that need it more. This would do MORE than save there lives. Like I said the video I provided illustrates a good point onto this topic.

why do mods keep shitting up the board and trying to control discussion, your job is essentially to make sure people from /pol/ don't spam shit here not to keep discussion stagnate.
Make a thread, comrades.
(52.14 KB 1543x841 mistake.png)
>banned until Mon Nov 11 2024
I think someone made a mistake.
Yeh this is a bullshit ban we want a fun board. It doesnt have to be marxism. Half of you cunts probably havent even read Marx to make that judgement.
I pm'd Antoninus.
I pm'd Antoninus.
Can space_ just purge the mod staff already ? To hell with autonomy I hate these fedora tipping Redditors
I go there every now and then and it's usually a ghosttown
(849.45 KB 604x720 Grace in laurel.png)
I saw your post, sputnik
I didn't realize you were a tyrannophile uwu
I don't plan on staying long.
>Robespierre is Pinochet
>nice crayon drawing!
You bet that's a nice crayon drawing.
I am a humble reactionary and will leave.
Cercle prodhond gang

I crave old fashioned non-circlejerk banter where people of all political leanings call each other nigger that's why I liked /leftypol/ so much in its early stages before the e-celebs got popular and the mods/admins wanted to make the board more accessable to Redditors
>Can space_ just purge the mod staff already ? To hell with autonomy I hate these fedora tipping Redditors
I second this, the moderation is now worse here then 8chans leftypol. At last on 8chan the moderators were consistent and moded along ML talking points.
Here it’s just whatever hurts mods feelings.
Screen cap this because it’s getting deleted by mods, and mods don’t tell me to go to /gulag/. You say that because you know no one will fucking see the complaint.
What is the link to look at past moderator actions.
Who did I ban? I literally just anchored a shit thread. Fuck off.
hmmm not to shabby
The majority of the threads here have been shit for the past while hotpockets
>bro just allow idpol :DDD that's definitely totally what we did before
(1014.00 KB 500x268 h64zh4w.gif)
>One of my fellow vols who has done nothing but janitor faithfully for the last six months

tank you based janitor-vol
Allow anything and everything imageboards are meant to be chaotic messes
Idpol aside, a major part of /leftypol/ for a long time was arguing with people who disagreed with us. It's not just a question of circlejerking, but developing the skills to address common views of the average, non-lefty person. There were always people saying they had been /pol/yps or libtards but we gave them something new to think about and changed their minds.
(84.75 KB 681x256 1231890646598.jpg)
>meant to be
Some of the comments made here by individuals have been [redacted] to prevent individual mods from trying to present a one sided and/or incomplete picture of the situation.
undone, thanks to both
wtf mods are you purging now so we can go back to being old leftypol?

you dont get to decide what is and isnt a shit thread if it doesnt break the rules. The board needs to be fun you stupid fuck.
>wtf mods are you purging now
That is something that can only be done for so long because libs and reactionaries are, at their core, pretty fucking dumb most of the time. Running around in circles to prove that IQ is a shit measurement of human worth or that (x) election in a socialist country is legitimate can only get you so far before you have to actually start getting into left theory to be able to articulate leftism in a meaningful way. That besides, we don't have a trickle-in of people to do that with anymore. /pol/ has only become more retarded with time to the point that anyone can BTFO them and some people have a pathological hatred of chapo and the like so they don't come here. Organizing raiding parties is something that most communities ban and most people are too austistic to pull some Trot-style smooth entryism. As such, chasing the past is a non-possibility, we have to reorientate into something else.
(106.95 KB 828x862 EGCjf8dWkAATLAx.jpg)
>We don't have to address anything because we're right it's everyone else's fault if they don't get it
(452.03 KB 563x389 hezbruh.PNG)
>some people have a pathological hatred of chapo and the like so they don't come here
Literally not the point, the point is more that
a) /pol/acks aren't being swayed from reactionary-ism by our efforts, because they are purely idpol'd at this point. You can't logic someone out of a situation they did not logic themselves into. Hell, the ones that come here don't even make coherent points, they just make post like "gommies btfo" and run away giggling like retards. Their arguments are all easily dismantled but equally easily interchangeable infographics whose purpose is not to make any kind of coherent point but to continually instill various emotions into the reader through gut reaction by trying to manipulate shared aspects into kneejerk reactions against what is perceived to be the "status quo" or appeal to alienation by blaming it on people who are outside of the range of acceptable social norms, appealing to different sets of values for different stages of radicalization. The point is they aren't about debating in good faith, fascists always debate in bad faith, and as such debating them is a pointless task.
The 200-some autists here are the remanent of the 300-some autists from 8chan's leftypol plus some people from /GET/chan and a few people who were on Bunkerchan already. Generally the board culture is post-chan now but that is a result of how little we have in relation to the chans of old or new now. We are our own beast.
oh, and I forgot
b) there isn't a natural influx of much anyone here that isn't already leftist who make good-effort arguments, so we should just stick to appealing to the people who are actually the ones who are making good content
This 100x
we should really have a pinned thread so that if one comes here it is the first thing they see like "if you are a reactionary and want to ask questions of just talk smack come into this thread" Then we can contain them to some extent and anons can know where to go if they want to beat down a reactionary slob through text, while also converting them through mental abuse
Shit like >>123875 is legit retarded
But can we please not have a repeat of body-odor's purges?
Or maybe a board so that they can be banned from this board and sent there?
If they appeal I will unban that
They shouldn't be banned in the first place.
I agree but what can I do?
take out your fellow mods equilibrium style
killing random people on the street is not "leftism". Then poster invents information about the protest and it's demands. fuck that guy, ban was rightfully deserved.
rude sage.
Don't. Why would you do that?
After seeing the post in context I changed my mind, I thought it was referring to molotoving a cop or something, the original ban was fine
(17.27 MB Дрова.webm)
wtf is this from lol?
Anti-communist Russian movie called "Trotsky." Good memes though
Study on moderating, sadly the research was done with reddit data, but the moderating team may still find this interesting
The whole point is cross polination
Thanks. TBH, I skipped all the way to the conclusion,
>Our findings show that provision of removal explanations is associated with a reduction in future removals, suggesting that taking an educational, rather than a punitive, approach to content moderation can improve community outcomes
What is your perception about transparency of moderation?
Sounds just like the research on criminal justice and raising children.
Almost as if punishment culture exists to create social disharmony or some shit.
>this site can't be reached
8chan is dead. Have you been living under a rock?
I said this before. there should be a thread where the mods have to explain bans and post proofs.
...but that's this thread

I'm not gonna do ten mins of admin for every shitposter with no post history, if you have an issue you need to bring it forward
I wasn't on chans for a few months. Is everyone here now or some other place?
Most of the old 8chan leftypol is here. 8kun is gonna be the replacement and will be online sometimes soon (?) but without a /pol/ board as i understand, and instead more dedicated to Qoomers. I don't think 8ch Leftypol is gonna return (at least not to it's former popularity) since the vacuum now have been filled with bunkerchan.
I do miss arguing with 8chan poltards sometimes, on the old leftypol, but it's probably for the better like this
>10 minutes
take screeshots of the ban and your explanation is like 1 minute of task
Also why no music threads? are you insane?
I think there's a music thread over on /GET/. Guess the mods want music related stuff over there.
why in fuck would we deliberately split out the shitposting?

why can't these faggots understand how people operate why are they so god damn autistic.

Fun is good.
Fun is bourgeois
in fully automated luxury communism all there will be is fun
Because we have to get the Reddit crowd obviously, the next order of business is probably to ban the catgirls because their demeaning or something
I just can’t understand how they don’t see that funposting and bants contribute to a healthy board. How do they expect original content if we can’t have a laugh with it? That is after all what goes viral these days, funny shit
>Music threads
There's a >>>/hobby/ board now for those kinds of topics.
Fun is allowed. All types of entertainment and hobbies are on /hobby/ and politics stuff here, including fun, but relating to politics, theory etc.
The trouble is to balance shit/fun threads with good threads that encourage participation. By having a /hobby/ board, there is a lot more leeway and more fun is able to happen without sacrificing board integrity and effort threads.
>There's a >>>/hobby/ board now for those kinds of topics.
if people want to talk hobbies having a separate board is fine. There no reason we can't also have a little music chat. Lots of people like lefty music.

>a poor innocent thread died for this
if its at the bottom its there for a reason.

>Fun is allowed.
no it isn't. We can't even talk about conspiracy theories apparently. Even though that thread once unlocked has 150+ posts

>more fun is able to happen without sacrificing board integrity and effort threads.
there is absolutely zero evidence that muh quality control actually produces quality. In fact, there is a massive amount of evidence to the contrary. Old BO tried to do quality control and it killed the board. I don't know why I have to say this 1000 times, the evidence is right there for anyone who was around at the time.

The fact is, in order for the quality control to work, the mods have to be quality people. This cannot be guaranteed as there was zero formal selection process.

The result are clear, constantly threads are locked, then after protests unlocked, but by that time the damage is already done a little bit, and posters had to come here and complain.

Get rid of illegal shit and /pol/ spamming, fine.

anything else should be fair game, and traditionally was.

Remember when this board was anti idpol and was specifically a leftist space where you could say anything, and you would get btfo, but you could say it.

That is what made it good. that is why people came. That is why people full of theory came, because they could discuss theory but also have bants.
May I make a petition to filter the word 'nigger' as 'nazi' or 'NEETsoc'? Just in case reactionaries try to raid
Seconded. Also faggot -> fascist, faggotry -> fascism, fag -> fash
better to change fag to cuteboi
Filter "anti-white" to "racist" too.
Holy fucking shit this place has turned into reddit central. Fuck off.

^ This one is the only reasonable suggestion. "anti white" is a tired /pol/ trope. Faggot is literally high school slang and nigger is imageboard slang. Fucking libtards.
Make leftypol fetish-y again
Edgy high school slurs are leftism
(153.17 KB 367x481 30af748ce972476f3e6f677cd6906.png)
Spergs are the niggers of the spectrum.

How about nigger->burger
Since they are the niggers of geopolitics.
Or nigger->Lasalle
Or jew->anglo
Just filter it to nigga
Word filters to trigger nazis is a leftypol legacy, newfag.
Back to /pol/ with you.
Underrated post.
add >>115228 flag we had it in 8chan


Captcha (required for reports and bans by board staff)

no cookies?