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(762.89 KB 1615x903 acab.png)
The USA is rioting - /BÜRGERKRIEG/ Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 04:31:28 No. 541168
Remember that our official bunker is https://www.GETchan.net , we also have an official chat https://matrix.to/#/+leftychat:matrix.org to keep in touch with the mod team and you can use https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp , maintained by members of the community, to continue chatting and following the happenings even if Bunkerchan goes down. There have been rodney king tier riots in Minneapolis since George Floyd was killed. What is /leftypol/'s opinion? Updated FRATERNAL RIOT PORN WATCHING AND FRIENDLY CIRCLEJERK HERE: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp (Or this one https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt ) Location of protests all over the US: https://twitter.com/IGD_News/status/1266173527708835840 https://naarpr.org/updates/cities-join-the-call-for-national-day-of-protest/ DONATE TO HELP ARRESTED PROTESTORS https://twitter.com/ntltcIit/status/1266820861362933762 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X4-YS3vFn5CLL9QtJSU0xqmTh_h8XilXgOqGAjZISBI/edit Hasn't confirmed if it is 100% legit so do some background checks before doing so Tip if you are joining https://pastebin.com/1X2hxJS5 Flags are SUPER FUCKING USEFUL. I stood next to a girl with a megaphone who was telling people instructions, and having a flag next to her seriously helped bring people along. I stood on street corners and used the flag to help people see where the group had turned when the group fled the flashbangs. GET A FLAG, MAKE IT BIG My flag was 2 yards long of red broadcloth that doesn't even have clean edges that I superglued to a collapsible stick. It doesn't need to be pretty, it doesn't need to be amazing. Notice on doxxing: We know that the world is litterally falling apart and Jair Bolsonaro got doxxed. But on the offchance that capitalist civilization doesn't disintegrate, posting doxxing info or direct links to it is still not allowed as per site rules. Sorry. Archive Remember to archive everything you see. Things get censored, taken down, removed. Anon's drive with a load of videos ready to share outside the bunker: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlhTIZtHNCxynhvzP1bpKPSJpCE9?e=NHs7w8
Edited last time by antious666 on 07/23/2020 (Thu) 02:53:39.
>>731981 What happened? Nothing's there right now...
>>732551 Probably just died down, pretty much always dead by 10AM UST
(125.56 KB 666x507 glowie fed.png)
(56.96 KB 960x827 cia anarchists.jpg)
(48.00 KB 680x453 EeJ6cVbU8AUNu43.jpeg)
(18.29 KB 360x360 EeJ-yvyUcAAAhI4.jpeg)
>>732791 Some clips of it in action
>>732793 what advantage is that giving them? how much is that costing to run? looks like something expensive just to make the place look like Party City on Halloween
>>732796 Tear gas nades are just being thrown back or kicked away. This is giving instant crowd control.
(21.59 KB 278x360 EeJIOQpUcAIy8zK.jpeg)
(93.99 KB 510x680 EeJIOQqU4AAI2i8.jpeg)
(27.78 KB 679x298 EeGobVyXsAAv0n-.png)
DHS statement
>>731160 >>731173 where does this Vaushoid narrative come from? the west wing?
>>732796 That is tear gas mate
>>732798 Instant crowd control for the five feet it's able to spray in front of itself...
>>732816 It's literally just a fog machine that sprays tear gas, the party city thing isn't wrong.
>>732816 >>732817 oh I thought it was just a fog machine lol Is that shit even legal then
>>732817 Nah, it totally saturates an area over time
>>732828 Proof?
>>732837 See it on streams
>>732839 Link? Timestamp?
>>732840 I really don't care enough to waste time on this, you can believe it's ineffective if it makes you feel smarter though
>>732837 >>732840 >>732817 >Feds use it every night >Bro it doesn't work bro trust me bro I know better than military bro and law enforcement bro
>>732843 No proof, then. >>732846 If they've been using it every night then surely there is evidence of its effectiveness. Too bad no one can seem to find any.
(605.87 KB 1416x1600 brainpit.png)
>>732848 How incredulous do you think I am that I'm going to waste time on some retard going "PROOFS? LINKS? TIMESTAMPS?" on something apparent to people who have seen them.
>>732852 >how much of a retard do you think I am that I'm going to prove something that a fraction of a fraction of the people I'm talking to have seen for themselves?
(126.80 KB 601x508 1531374562469.png)
>>732850 Show evidence, you moron! If it's so effective, why isn't it used everywhere by now? I don't see, why this couldn't be easily countered by leaf blowers too.
>>732850 >>732852 It's very interesting that you waste all this time jerking off instead of just providing the supposedly ample evidence of its effectiveness.
>>732861 It's interesting that you're so interested in this you haven't watched a single stream. >>732860 Kys faggot
tear gas sucks but you can learn to take it after a few exposures. It's mostly effective because it makes you feel like your throat's closing up, but really it's not. Once you get past that, it just stings but not so much as to be debilitating.
>>732864 The streams are hours long, dipshit! Now, I'm sure, you're just a troll.
>>732793 >>732796 >>732798 That's going to be even less effective than grenades. A smaller range coupled with the chance of the wind blowing the gas in the user's face.
They might well be running low on grenades, the grenades are expensive and people do keep throwing them back. I imagine the stupid blower probably just has to be refilled.
>>732876 Doesn't really matter when it's shitting it out the whole time, I would assume it's also vastly cheaper loading it than using individual grenades.
>>732796 Some people have been speculating that the feds are just using foggers as a psychological trick. I can't find the pic anywhere but during the early fed occupation of portland the feds where swinging incense burners around. This helps obscure their numbers through the cloud of smoke as well as make people think it's tear gas.
>>732878 >grenades are expensive How much do you think, this single smoke mashine cost? Price is of no concern for the oppession of the working class.
>>732888 Probably 1000-2000 bucks. Those smoke grenades are probably in the realm of $150 each though
>>732888 *oppression
>>732878 They're not running out of anything in Portland. It's the number one protest spot in the country, other places run out to make sure Portland doesn't. The foggers are for intimidation, nothing else.
>>732892 CS grenades are like $20, but I'd say you're right that the machine is stupidly priced. You can make it back in a hundred or so grenades though, and I suspect the reason they aren't using hundreds of grenades is because they just don't have that many. So it allows them to use more grenade equivalents by having lower production requirements.
>>732894 >intimidation If they want to intimidate, they should just walk around with actual rifles and occasionally point with them at people. Maybe make a few warning shots etc. Feds already wear military "tacticool" gear. Why would they care about optics at this point?
>>732905 Because they'll have to answer for it to the neolib bourgeoisie, who would use it against Trump and his cabal.
>>732911 Ok, and? Again, why would they care? Biden would have done the same in Trump's shoes. They are both puppets of the Bourgeoisie in the end.
>>732915 It doesn't matter that Biden would do the same thing. He will say he wouldn't and turn it into a talking point. The bourgeoisie are not a homogenous body, they're at each other's throats. The Trump Administration, despite their bravado, is scared of losing the election. They will not give ammunition to their opposition for what amounts to an unnecessary symbolic action.
>>732900 They have had some nights where they're throwing over 10 grenades and it's been going on for over 60 days. the fog machine is honestly just police retardation though. For some reason they keep going for autistic tacticool bullshit.
>>732937 I think they're concerned about it dragging on for a long time and trying to phase in some alternatives.
https://www.defense-technology.com/product-category/pepper-foggers/ Apparently fog with pepper in it is produced. "Defense" lol.
https://twitter.com/misaacstein/status/1288848601960140801 Eviction protest in New Orleans. They're blocking the landlords from getting inside the court.
(19.33 KB 474x251 1551469174801.jpg)
>>733415 totally not astroturfed protest which will change nothing and will result in zero arrests
(51.36 KB 576x1024 EXTRA GLOW.jpg)
(192.57 KB 828x581 1589332215720.jpg)
>>733421 >lol guys we should let the state prolong the life of capitalism by shilling for succdem reformism
>>733427 Not OP, but this is class consciousness growing. I don't understand how you do not see that.
(80.64 KB 955x960 really.jpg)
>>733427 >engaging in direct class warfare to avoid homelessness is glow socdem shit
>>733443 and demanding succdem reforms will stifle conscioussness ever play victoria 2? whenever you click reform button conscioussness number go down
>>733446 >standing in front of courthouse >class warfare
>>732791 ngl looks sci-fi as fuck
>>732793 >buy leafblower >put on gas mask >rig up chlorine gas >spray thank me later
>>733418 Yes, listen to this user Anon. He has the right idea. Please don't aid, abet, encourage, or materially support any protest or citizen unrest of any type. Anyone who is caught doing is a "glowing-faggot"!!
>>733415 >There are people that oppose this >>733427 >>733418 >Just go homeless and wait for The Revolution™ lol
>>733452 >Preventing people from being evicted >Not class warfare
>>733452 Yeah, it is. Class warfare comes in all kinds of different forms you fucking retard, it manifests itself in all kinds of ways. There is no question that physically blocking landlords from filing eviction notices is a manifestation of class warfare and class struggle. Whether it's effective or not is irrelevant. You're either terminally retarded or pushing an ulterior motive, probably both.
>>733470 >thinks standing in front of a court prevents eviction Wait to coppers make them go home. Take after agent >>733461 , he has the right idea.
>>733471 >Whether it's effective or not is irrelevant literal idealism. I don't want to just "try". I want to succeed. If an action will inevitably fail there is no point in it.
>>733476 What difference does that make? It's still class struggle, you fucking idiot. Nobody said it was effective in the long term.
>>733478 No it isn't you idiot. Stop using idealism as a buzzword. Nobody has suggested it would be a good strategy, I don't make a comment on whether or not it is, but it is an expression of class struggle.
>>733473 >Support proles getting evicted Shouldn't you be watering your lawn at the end of some cul de sac?
>>733479 >Nobody said it was effective in the long term That's the point, if it isn't effective, it's useless. >>733484 It is an expression of class struggle in it's most neutered and useless form. It legitimises the capitalist state and it's institutions and demands (unwittingly) a more efficient form of capitalism, that is modern social-democratic imperialism.
>>733488 >if you don't support trying to soften the proletariat with concessions you're a porky ok succdem
>>733494 This is your brain on too much internet. Reminder: Marxism without praxis is idealism.
>>733494 I'm imagining that if there were people fighting in Bengladesh for the right to go to school instead of slaving away in sweatshops, you would say that's just opportunist and cringe and just trying to get concessions right? Is anything short of storming the winter palace social democracy to you?
>>733494 I didn't make a comment on whether or not it was useful. That is entirely beyond the point of what has been said, which is that it is an expression of rising class consciousness, and a form of class struggle. Asserting class interests can come in all kinds of impotent and immature forms. The interesting part is that it is happening, it speaks to the state of the country. By the way, you sound detached from reality to be honest, you will convince no-one if you tell people who are fighting to avoid eviction (however immaturely) that they're really deep-state stooges fighting for the "capitalist state" and "modern social-democratic imperialism".
>>733494 >Not getting evicted is useless This is what happens when you think communism is only about theory while ignoring the people it's for
(35.51 KB 632x756 soy524.png)
>>733427 >Yikes dude! Are you actually trying not to be homeless? You should let yourself suffer so that proper revolutionary conditions can be met, jeez guys!
>the stupidpolyps are now cheering on evictions
>>733558 Post some screenshots
>>733558 Literal fucking class traitors. Fuck them.
>>733558 source NOW for laughs
>>733566 >>733569 I'm talking about this very thread
Reminder that Venezuela implemented a 6-month rent freeze and outlawed layoffs
>>733558 stop posting bullshit
>>733447 >a computer strategy game is the same as IRL go outside
>>733577 Stop defending landlords you little scab
>>733457 Thank you for what? Getting a load of people, cops and protestors alike, killed with that stupid idea? Chlorine gas is not something you fuck around with.
>>733571 How the fuck is going outside and protesting making you homeless?
>>733558 Need screen caps
>>733594 How did you manage to parse that from anything written in this thread
>>733512 Yo storming the winter palace was technically ineffective, because the provisional government betrayed the revolution in favor of bougies. Get out of here, opportunist.
Jefferson City Missouri an hour ago
>>733584 Chlorine isn't that bad. It'll damage to your mucus membranes but they do recover. It's dangerous in huge dense clouds in ww1 that you can't escape. Still don't recommend it though. It's tertible optics. t. Amateur chemist that caught a whiff and coughed his lungs out for 8 hours
>>733611 >People move out of the way >Arrest them anyway
>>733630 And these people think the protesters are being violent.
>>733638 >Muh bomb throwers >Muh statue >Muh graffiti >Muh terrorist known as antifa
Jesus fuck, people, how can't you notice the faggot contrarian who always replies with shitty sarcastic greentext, buzzwords and some extremely common meme about brainlets or glowies? >>733418 >>733427 >>733452 >>733476 >>733496 See this shit? It's a bot, because quoting someone and saying "no u" is the easiest possible way for an algorithm to troll you. Semantics will always be AI's weak spot, so they go for cheap shots like spotting posts with keywords (in this case, >>733415) and saying something negative about them in case the post is saying something positive or vice-versa. Interpreting whether a sentence is saying something positive or negative is infinitely easier for them than interpreting the actual topic of the conversation, so they keep doing this. Don't reply to cheap contrarians, you double kulaks.
>>733686 No, we just have users as retarded as a bot because the jannies pander to them, >>733452 couldn't be a bot post
>>733686 there is a large contigent of succdems trying to win a civil intra-subclass war within the people of college against radlibs and they oppose the protests. succdems would rather have the GOP win so the succdems can establish themselves as the new left. they are ready to sacrifice the actual working class in favor of cucked white suburbanites and rural petty bourg.
>>733701 Everyone you don't like is not a "succdem" Everyone who directly opposes radlibs/identity politics is not a "succdem" Everyone who isn't 100 percent gung-ho revolution now kill the cops, kill the politicians, kill porky is not a "succdem"
(118.46 KB 653x671 you are a robot.jpg)
>>733695 Why couldn't it? Class warfare is a positive term here, and the news depicts it, so he denies it. It even seems to have attached a picture which it just fished as being good from sarcastic greentext when replying to that very post by sheer chance. And how the hell do jannies pander to them? Wait a second...
>>733829 There's too much context in the post for a bot to pick up ie "standing in front of a courthouse" I'm being hyperbolic when I say the jannies pander to retards but they're the only group that never get banned
>>733807 Also "radlibs", it overuses that term.
(37.82 KB 360x270 EeM0s8eU8AA1gRv.jpeg)
(30.04 KB 360x270 EeM050JVAAANd7F.jpeg)
>>733848 It's literally impossible to ban any bot (or shill or glowie, for that matter) which can use Tor, proxies, VPNs and whatnot. The bastards are the bane of anonymous imageboards. That's why cuckchan implemented captchas way back in the day. >There's too much context in the post for a bot to pick up ie "standing in front of a courthouse" Good point.
>>733609 >>733512 Anything short of punching the noumenal value-form in its kidneys is ineffective radlib larping tbh
Top tier glowie doom posting and mass shooter poking going on here. Pro tip for the fed bots: That shit works far better in the cuckedchans with a little 14 word veneer. Socialists are generally suspicious of your presence whereas cuckchan consider themselves one of you guys except with a theoretical background extrapolated from the tard diaries which proves shooting little kids with an AR-15 will ensure 14.
>>733953 Shooting little kids with an AR 15 is pathetic and psychotic. Real men shoot liberals and small business owners with an AK-47
>>733956 Agent Cockpain, you're being far too based for this assignment, tone it down a little
>>733870 >>733871 I M A G I N E T H E S M E L L
>>733549 But if people don't walk into a hail of bullets and suffer horribly from starvation we won't have socialism tomorrow. Pure doom bruh, pure doom. Just last year there was a 90% chance of a true bloody marxist revolution by November 2020, but now it's just 10%. We better cheer on atrocities against protesters instead. It will be more based then solidarity against police state tactics. Until I see proof everyone suffers horribly over the next few months I'm just going to post fizzle in here 30 times a day, because I just don't care about these protests anymore enough to post fizzle 35 times a day.
>>733953 To its credit, Bunkerchan doesn't get slid (slided?) by their bullshit. But it sure takes the bait tho.
(72.83 KB 887x1097 hellsing-father-jesus-christ.jpg)
>>733418 What a faggot.
>>733968 Feds and /pol/ have been coming in here trying to get a leftyanon to bomb buildings or shoot at a crowd since way back when in 8chan. To date, no one here is dumb enough to believe that meme unironically. /pol/ though... Completely different story. They literally had to get rid of 8ch/pol/ because they kept getting suckered by that shit.
>>733418 Agent Florence, people in here is not that stupid. Please, refer to section C in the counterinsurgence manual before posting in here.
>>733971 I suspect part of the reason is that socialist organizations actually educate their members on why that is counterproductive, whereas fashoid organizations hand recruits the turner diaries. It's just a different culture. No amount of saturating fed reports with the terrorist threat from anarchists and socialists is going to change the fact that anarchist and socialist culture educates people about how murdering innocent people is actually a bad thing.
>>733974 Eh, sometimes fags like RAF get carried away. But we don't need that shit because capitalism is FIZZLING out. -10% GDP for USA in 2020, that's not bad. When the time comes the left will be ready.
(91.69 KB 360x359 EeMxgx8XsAEFupi.png)
(34.57 KB 360x358 EeMyktlXkAESuDy.jpeg)
https://nitter.net/kenklippenstein/status/1288930681536552960 DHS is also labeling journalists as 'adversaries'
>>733979 RAF was partly the Stasi lashing out as things were collapsing too
Extreme doomers should kill themselves (I mean this in a sincere way). Their absence will contribute more to the leftist movement than their presence. If you believe muh CIA are literal deities that cannot be toppled by a popular revolt, then what use are you for us? No, nobody is saying the West will turn red tomorrow. You're not smart for pointing that strawman out. Yes, it will be difficult. But what isn't? There's a point in being skeptical and stopping circlejerks, but don't make that shit your entire identity. If you had told me in 2016 that the POTUS had to hide in a bunker because of a popular movement amidst a worldwide pandemic where the US GDP retracts by 10%, I would not have believed it. This is not the end of history. Shit hasn't even started yet. Once we got water wars and Mad Max shit there's no telling what will happen. Don't be a doomer. Stay cautiously optimistic. The USA is in a decline and anybody who thinks else is retarded. Due to this decline, they will lash out more than ever before, but this chaos will create opportunities.
>>733983 Don't buy it. That was the 70s where socialism still was in a relatively good position. A West German agent basically admitted to supplying them with guns. I assume it was a situation like US vs ISIS where they lost control of their shills.
>>733992 You're right I thought they cropped up primarily in the 80s for some reason. They were still getting blamed for bank van heists well into the 2000s lol
>>733982 Nazi government department does Nazi things.
>>733988 The American police state is quite beatable, especially if one actually decided to attack its centers and had the moral fortitude to understand this is a battle to the death and stops pretending that their opponent are motivated by any decency. Still doesn't change that the left itself is broken beyond repair, and presently it cannot mount any such offensive. If your strategy believes we're going to Mad Max conditions, you might as well throw in the towel because that's a situation which is totally unwinnable for socialism, where the warlords of capitalism truly would have an insurmountable advantage after utterly destroying any possibility of a country. The left's own ideology is its greatest weakness here; they've lost for so long that they can only imagine apocalypse and eternal crisis. The likely way socialists could actually win something is if they have a credible case that they can deliver peace and avert the unnecessary bloodshed and misery we are hurtling towards.
>>734004 I would say that we are comparable to socialists of the 1880s, 1890s. The Commune failed, 1905 Revolution failed and only 1917 did it work out. We are people keeping a movement alive in the West. Imagine being a socialist in the 90s, like Cockshott - I would argue their situation was even worse off. Just like the situation of 1900 vs 1920, or 1920 vs 1940, 1940 vs 1960, 1960 vs 1980, 1980 vs 2000, was very different, the next few years will create different conditions too. The 1990 until 2010 period was quite stagnant, yes, but I think it was that stagnancy and decadence that will prove itself to be the catalyst for the next paradigm shift.
>>733512 Yes. Poverty and the uneducated are both necessary components of capitalism, and while it is a noble goal to seek to eliminate these issues it is ultimately fruitless undef capitalism.
(1.24 KB 220x220 Qm.gif)
>>734004 why do you think socialists can't win against warlords, they have in the past
>>734045 Hear me out: Socialist warlords.
>>734045 In America, if it falls to total barbarism, there will be no outside force to compel the country away from the warlords, and those warlords will inherit a society with all of its ultraviolence, drug-addicted soldiers, you name it. If some order is restored, it would be an alliance of gangsters and managers who offer slavery and gated communities to the few experts while driving down the conditions of everyone else. I doubt it would end in total barbarism though. America is in bad shape, but there are too many forces that would lead to the reunification of the country. It should be remembered that the warlords were fought by both the socialists and nationalists in China, and most of the civil war was between Mao and the nationalists (with the Japanese invaders thrown in for good measure). If the socialists hope to win a Second American Civil War scenario, it can't progress to total barbarism or else the socialists will have no credibility to offer stability, and the neo-feudalists and eugenists would. The way the second ACW has to play out would be a eugenist coup and subsequently the establishment of full death camps and extermination through labor, which may lead parts of the population left and conservative to resist by whatever means necessary. No socialist revolution has ever won without the countryside, and the current socialists are nowhere near that.
>>734064 >No socialist revolution has ever won without the countryside, and the current socialists are nowhere near that. The CCP had, when it was founded, only 60 members. An American socialism will need some new aesthetic though. I like the Cockshottian Wolffian idea of re-branding democracy as something socialist (democracy at work, radical democracy), because Amerifags love the word "democracy".
>>733418 >bloomer jannie bans doomer Daily reminder Jannies are radlib wreckers.
>>734072 The fact you're not banned too leads me to agree
>>733415 Live video footage of the sword guy from yesterday now at the courthouse. https://youtu.be/KTuGK7Ob2QI
>>734079 Pic for context lol
>>734068 >I like the Cockshottian Wolffian idea of re-branding democracy as something socialist (democracy at work, radical democracy), because Amerifags love the word "democracy". I have been advocating this, but on a more grave premise: representative democracy has run its course, and is at risk of being recanted by the bourgeois itself. At this point, we either deepen it or risk losing it.
>>734107 You can't call the US and Europe democracies at this point. Every decision of importance has been moved away from any public trust and moved to unaccountable bureaucracies and institutions and persons, hidden behind the veil of managerial capitalism. When lawmakers are literally forbidden from reading or discussing a large trade deal that Obama pushes, you don't live in a democracy. That it was stopped was the last gasp of any independence of the people, and even then only because there were political rivals that opposed TPP.
(148.09 KB 576x631 20200730_213857.jpg)
>>734090 Alright rentpig, want war? I got war.
(269.99 KB 764x993 1.PNG)
>>734119 lmao stock image
>>734134 It's a shitposting sub
>>733988 There is one single doomer with pseudo strong dialectics against the movements. I know, I know, I wish too things were faster, but I know the materialistic conditions and that a lot of people will die, many innocents, if radical things happen. Of course, right takes advantage of this 'pity' for innocents lives, but that's where we are different. We know things should and must change, and press the right is the must. His insistence is disruptive because tries to demoralize here, instead of bringing something to debate or to add to the cause. See all of his messages: None adds something better or interesting.
>>734114 Precisely. It has run its course. But the people living in those democracies at least still retain civil rights and passive political power. Now even those will come under threat. Well, in developed countries at least, because third world countries didn't have even that for granted.
>>734114 They never were democracies. That was a brilliant propaganda invention sometime around the early 19th century. >The Richelet dictionary, edited by César-Pierre Richelet and first published in 1680, was one of the first dictionaries of the French language. The dictionary defines “Democracy” as follows: >Democratie: Gouvernement populaire. État populaire. Forme de gouvernement où les charges se donnent au sort. >Or, translated to English: >Democracy: Popular government. A popular state. A form of government where offices are distributed by lot.
>>734107 >>734114 Now is a good time to discuss with normies the limits of representation and talk about direct democracy or whatever system you prefer so we can have a conversation about what to move onto instead of how to try salvaging this shitpile.
>>734222 nice trips
>>734222 You're right, of course. Sadly, the paths to which the Russian Revolution was taken still haunt us. How many of socialists can't even conceive of a State that isn't a Stalinist bureaucracy? We have to reinvent what people's power, perhaps with a new name, because both normiedom at large and this contingency of the left seems unable to conciliate socialism with participatory democracy.
>>734234 Kinda good tactic
>>734222 Agreed, Agitation and Education is needed so people are motivated and willing to move on from "representative" Democracy. >>734234 Incredibly based, may we invoke the spirit of Mao and rid the people of these parasites
>>734253 You could probably get away with shilling for "democratic centralism" without most people connecting any dots tbh. That and talk about cybernetics to plan the economy and you barely even have to mention socialism.
(51.39 KB 557x605 329.jpg)
>>734234 >Based zoomers vs cucked boomer landlord
>>734263 i dont see how you can possibly elide the requisite reimaginging of property rights without encountering reactionary attitudes about how many people get to use your toothbrush though
>>734303 >please spread this neoliberal propaganda No thanks. This is what people are talking about. Current anti-Trump action consists of socialists being buddy buddy with anti-trump factions of the bourgeoisie, its bad.
>>734387 Excuse me, where is the 'neo-liberal'? Ok, I agree it was not explicit that democrats enabled and worsen all this, but is mentioned things done exclusively by Democrats, like the bills saving corporations and legislation from the congress.
>>734408 This ^ >>734387 Is a brainlet take. Probably has only looked at the thumbnail. The channel is pretty much anti-capitalist and is possibly even crypto-communist at times.
>>734387 So we should ally with the pro-trump faction of the bourgeoisie? >inb4 we shouldn't ally with any Every successful socialist movement was piggybacking off a bourgeois one. You ride them as far as they'll go and then the revolutionary elements finish the job
Not sure if somebody posted this already. 190 clips of Police Brutality in the wake of George Floyd's murder https://youtu.be/hcg9AEKNpmI Especially for brainlets, who complain about "muh riots" and don't believe in ACAB.
Garrett Fosters killer was tweeting about killing protesters shortly before killing a protester. Imagine my shock! I am very shocked. https://www.statesman.com/news/20200731/army-sergeant-working-as-ride-hailing-driver-shot-protester-garrett-foster-in-self-defense-his-lawyer-says
(369.45 KB 630x964 perry_twitter-e1596160920382.jpg)
>>735216 >I just happened to speed into a crowd of protesters and was scared but happened to have my gun in hand and shot BECAUSE I was just scared >Aren't I sneaky?
(282.78 KB 283x390 GarrettFoster2.PNG)
Hey, what do you know?! Garrett Foster's killer showed up to the vigil all sneaky like and was threatening protesters too.
>>735266 This guy should really reconsider his path in life.
>>735273 I would really like to see this guy clapped by angry relatives or supporters in minecraft. They need to know that they can't just walk away from shit like that.
>>735282 Nah, liberals are too cucked.
>>735282 Isn't the guy a soldier out of Fort Hood as well? I read something about that. This whole thing glows so bright.
>>735287 Forgot the flag. Shoot back! in Minecraft.
>>735266 This guy is going to get got. Too loud and proud, arrogant. He could have gotten away with it if he had kept his mouth shut.
>>735342 Fingers crossed
>>735239 >Rolls down window and immediately opens fire >Accelerates into crowd, slams breaks, rolls down window, fires <Texas Police determines it was self defense
>>735382 Stand your ground laws basically means whoever won the shoot out gets to claim self defense. If the protesters had shot at that guy when he was trying to push into the crowed that shooter could have claimed it. If they have an okay enough lawyer. Obviously the police aren't even going to entertain having a trail for this guy.
>>732567 the USSR is gone anon you need to move on
>>735216 How is this dude not shot?
>>735385 The problem with that interpretation is it neglects the guy had clear motive. He was cuckposting about killing people protesting the police state. As more comes out, which I hope it does, I'm sure we'll find out he really didn't have a solid reason to drive to that specific place either. People are looking into punching holes into his story about driving for a rideshare that night right now. So if we look at this: 1st) He tweets multiple times about using violence against people protesting police brutality (including murder) 2nd) He drives to a protest (probably straight from home after reading too many /pol/ memes) 3rd) He accelerates past police barricades 4th) He accelerates into a crowd 5th) He rolls down his window and opens fire without warning 6th) He comes back to the murder victims vigil to threaten mourners You see the problem with the stand your ground defense? It's not standing your ground when you fucking drive from home past barricades into a crowd and quickly open fire as soon as you open your window without warning (especially with a known history of murderous intent). That's not standing your ground. That's driving into a crowd and opening fire.
>>735399 Try doing that to a patriot prayer rally, and see if you can get away with claiming a stand your ground defense.
>>735407 China, if you're listening, please get us as much information about Daniel Perry as possible so the spirit of martyr Garrett Foster can rest.
>>735410 >>735407 They probably do try and shit stir the U.S., come to think of it.
>>735407 >Perry also had an account on social website www.furaffinity.net under username “knives0011,” where he shares photos of himself in military garb which match his Twitter profile picture. In his blog on the site, he shares in a post dated 7 years ago that he would be going to Texas soon, and in another post from the same year he talks about his military experience. Is this real life?
>>735239 deleted his account
>>735239 >>735462 is there such a thing as Removeddit (where you can see deleted Reddit posts) but for Twitter, to see deleted Twitter accounts and deleted tweets?
>>735266 actual Video this screengrab is from please ?
(282.78 KB 283x390 GarrettFoster2.PNG)
(92.12 KB 777x378 d1.png)
(1.59 MB 1014x655 vigil.PNG)
>>735468 Found from here. You can verify it's the same person by comparing mugshot from day before to actual photo of Daniel Perry at Garrett Foster's vigil. You can verify location using google maps and finding the vigil location at fourth street and congress while noting the same woodgrained storefront which matches the photo of Daniel Perry in sunglasses. https://www.ibtimes.sg/garrett-fosters-shooter-harassed-people-his-vigil-tweeted-about-killing-protesters-49321
>>735507 How is /pol/ coping?
>>735524 They went mask off. Just pure bloodlust and promises of praise for anyone who kills protesters.
>>734892 goddamn dowloading this
>>735439 This fucking timeline, man. >>735465 You can look around for individual archived posts (Archive.org and Archive.is sometimes have them, there are dedicated tweet archives like Tweetsave and sho on), but no you can't recover deleted ones. Also I thought Removeddit stopped working years ago?
(1.48 MB 1023x738 perry.PNG)
>>735507 For your own comparison and consideration. You can confirm the vigil was at 4th street and congress avenue via google and use google maps to find GEE WHIZ there's the same building at Garrett Foster's vigil that a guy who looks suspiciously like Daniel Perry is standing in front of in shades while leering at a cameraman.
(91.60 KB 843x539 EeOi5qkU8AE_-1a.jpg)
>>735507 Also, you can verify Daniel Perry's twitter activity using the following archive snapshots using the waybackmachine.
>>735342 Inshallah
>>735528 >mask off >implying it was ever on
>>735528 I guess it's a step up from just saying "lol heart attack"
>>735439 Oh hey I can go report him. Thanks
>>735439 https://www.furaffinity.net/journals/knives0011/ "I do not know how but while cooking I spilled something on my grind region and when I was cooking bacon I light myself on fire in that area needless to say I had to go to the hospital."
>>736499 No submissions, and this is his only fave.
>>736499 >>736512 what the fuck is this clown timeline
>>736535 liberals are a blight upon the world
>>734064 why are u so obsessed with eugenics nígger
>>735399 >As more comes out, which I hope it does, I'm sure we'll find out he really didn't have a solid reason to drive to that specific place either. And even if there was no police barricades and the protest intersected his way from A to B there was plenty of place and time to just sit it out. And if the protest was like a huge moving, thick wall of people, then another way could've been taken. But if he drove trough the police barricades, why didn't the police get after him? And to another question: Is Wall of Moms and Leafblower Dads still a thing? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-race-protests-portland-activis-idUSKCN24W2QD
>>736535 Context?
>>736697 This whole thing pretty much was the scenario in it could happen here. That kicks off the civil war. Maga guy kills a protester, gets off scott free and becomes a far right icon. It wont be a month till we start seeing this guy on fox news or OAN bragging about killing protesters.
>>736822 Yet, the liberals will take it, like the pathetic cucks they are. Shoot back! in Minecraft
anons ive been working to death with long hours of manual labor, I come home very numb and half way in it. anyways the point is I haven't had the energy to follow this like I want to and I have a question. I see people say the federal agents are just at the federal buildings is this true my inclination tells me there probably all over the place in more areas then those. so are they sraying at the fed buildings or not? also I saw on here the private security firms were in on it give me the proofs of that too.
>>735439 >it’s a furry Should have made them all yiff in hell when we had the chance.
>>735407 Honestly scum bags like this are why I hate our military. They almost have a separate culture from the rest of the U.S. that allows people like this to thrive. They’re basically cops themselves.
>>737019 Maybe we xan collaborate on furry holocaust? T. Agent Johnson ❤
(128.04 KB 480x640 guess whos moving.jpg)
>>737065 Holy shit what a faggot
(164.33 KB 705x419 1596036141307.png)
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/31/pers-j31.html So the massive wave of millions of evictions starting today is going to fuel a shit ton of riots, right?
>>737065 lumpen proles btfo
>>737075 >massive wave more like a puddle
>>737078 "Last week, the moratorium on evictions expired for about 18 million renters—more than a third of the 44 million total US renter households—who live in buildings with mortgages backed by the federal government. With rent bills accumulated over the last four months now due, housing advocates predict a “tsunami” of evictions, with half a million households in Los Angeles alone threatened."
>>737079 >wsws yeah ok do you have a real news source? even then this is most likely fear mongering.
(3.95 MB 307x325 234.gif)
>>737088 >wsws >yeah ok do you have a real news source? WSWS pulls its data from mainstream sources. Actually, mainstream sources have even worse predictions than WSWS lays out there, surprisingly. https://thehill.com/policy/finance/508802-wave-of-evictions-could-be-coming-for-nations-renters "The most recent survey by the U.S. census showed that 23.7 million Americans had little or no confidence in their ability to pay the coming month’s rent, accounting for a third of all renters. Over half that number already reported not paying their most recent month’s rent." https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/tidal-wave-of-evictions-feared-as-extra-600-unemployment-benefits-end/2412870/ "Princeton University’s Eviction Lab recently reported approximately 28 million people in the U.S. could be evicted as a result of the pandemic, the number could be in the thousands in Dallas, said Melton."
>>737088 They aren't like breitbart or something
(48.71 KB 900x810 YaZpZzJ.jpg)
>>737098 did you bother to read those sources? Its clear that wsws is making out to be way more apocalyptic than it actually is
(10.31 KB 219x230 images.jpg)
>>737075 IT BEGINS!
>>737117 Are you talking about the gap between the landlord's original warning and the actual eviction order? I know we're not having millions of evictions all at once, I just know that it begins now, the Senate Republicans aren't passing eviction protections at all, and that a lot of tenants don't know their rights.
>>737137 >the Senate Republicans aren't passing eviction protections at all neither are House Dems. they did all that months ago
>>737145 And it's expired now
(48.71 KB 900x810 YaZpZzJ.jpg)
>>737149 it can't last forever
>>736822 This is why reactionaries should be targeted with decapitation tactics early on, before they can become martyrs. >>736985 I don't quite get what you're asking.
>>737159 glad you agree with me
>>737162 >This is why reactionaries should be targeted with decapitation tactics early on, before they can become martyrs. take your meds
https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/rent-assistance-for-aug-the-current-update-on-eviction-moratoriums-and-relief-laws/ > The CARES Act's eviction safeguard is thought to have helped as many as 23 million US families (roughly one-third of all US renters) stay in their homes during the coronavirus recession. Eviction notices are now legally allowed to proceed and [b]evictions can begin starting Aug. 24[/b] I think most likely they're gonna pass another one of these before Aug 24. Not doing so risks stability.
>>737170 >>737172 >Not doing so risks stability. Senate Republicans have made clear they don't give a shit. I think their angle here is that it will probably displace people from ballot access who would be less likely to vote for them
>>737158 it ended
>>737175 The gop always says that. They'll come around most likely.
>>737172 Damn i thought it was aug 1st and the happenings were about to begin. Now i have to hold out another 24 days
>>737175 >>737180 > I think their angle here is that it will probably displace people from ballot access who would be less likely to vote for them Come to think of it, this makes sense.
>>737182 Landlords know their rights a lot better than tenants do. This would be a good time to organize more tenant unions to inform them of those rights. Otherwise the landlords may be able to exploit little loopholes in the system to hoodwink their tenants into being evicted earlier than would normally be allowed
>>737206 It doesnt take much, just like 5k to an eviction lawyer and 2 months at max to get a judgment. I did read there are ways tenants can keep getting extensions to cost the landlord more money and time so that would be good. Also I think they can move before the eviction after getting like a 8 month extension and the landlord cant do shit.
>>737206 hard to legally hoodwink your way out of a guillotine
>>737162 are the fed agents roaming the streets or are they sticking to the federal building's. also give me evidence of the private mercenary I saw earlier on this thread!
>>737296 The fed agents are browsing leftypol obviously
>>737206 >legalism
>>737065 pr*les eternally btfo
>>737079 >mfw millions of notices filed >mfw courts get clogged up >mfw the system collapses because the system is so damn clogged with eviction notices
>>737321 What happens then? I could see either >judges auto-approve what the landlord wants to speed things up >judges tell landlords to fuck off there's a pandemic depending on the judge/region's customs
>>737309 I have been working long hours fam, so I haven't been able to follow this fully. I got in a internet engagement with someone who said the agents are just protecting federal property which they can apparently do, I want to know is are they sticking to that or not answer the question please
>>737296 >>737423 Since you seen desperate to know, I can tell you that I'm not for certain myself but it seems like the feds are assaulting protesters no matter where they are, and I doubt the protesters are only near federal buildings.
>>737431 Ok. Lay out how that's going to work out then anon.
>>737431 Don't live in America so I don't give a fuck. Acceleration is good.
>>735439 my fucking god
>>735399 The police wont arrest and charge him. So it doesn't matter how good the case is. The only thing protesters can do is shoot first at these drive bys and isis style car attacks. After a few times and some protester winning self defense claims it might end the car rammings.
>>737639 I guarantee you that a couple of occasions of protesters shooting back would all but end this bullshit. Reactionaries are coward by nature, and by and large, only hit when they're sure they won't be hit back.
>>737665 This. Shooters might get time but the attacks would stop.
>>737639 >>737665 >>737796 Absolutely agree. I said it before, and I'll say it again. VITAL IMPORTANT EDUCATIONAL PRIORITY: Teach protesters to set up 2 barricades with warning signs. Make it clear that there is an open-carry protest in progress, and that malicious drivers who pass the second barricade will be considered a right wing extremist terrorist threat. Shoot any drivers who pass the second barricade. Do not confront, do not walk up to the car, do not yell or holler, don't leer... Shoot first, shoot immediately, shoot multiple times, shoot while they're away from the crowd, shoot away from the crowd and don't let some rightoid kill protesters under the pretense he "just happened to drive past police barricades into a protest and got scared." No don't do that, you're no help to your comrades dead. The multiple barricades, open carry protest signs and warnings will provide a very strong defense considering how many protesters have been subject to rightoid atrocities. >>737639 Then we have to charge Daniel Perry in the court of public opinion. Never let a comrade die for nothing. Especially a normie comrade who was basically not even radical in any way, shape or form. He was only there to protect our comrades. People can relate to an open-carry card carrying libertarian protecting protesters that are protesting the police state. He's a good example to highlight to the public the atrocities committed against comrades. I would keep bringing him up until his face is burned into the public's mind.
(19.33 KB 474x251 1551469174801.jpg)
>>737926 >protesting with weapons >not just revolting
>>737930 >High level fed posting encouraging mass shootings, walking into hails of bullets and publicly despised violence. Sorry officer, that shit only works on /pol/oids.
>>737947 >don't do revolutionary activity ok idealist.
(39.10 KB 230x219 fednigger.png)
>>737949 Sure, mmhmmm whatever you say officer.
>>737953 A revolution is needed, and pacifists will get the bullet too. You fucking fed-cock suckling pansy. Go shill for Starmer you fucking idealist reformist
>>737926 >Then we have to charge Daniel Perry in the court of public opinion. I think that's already happening. And things are going to pop off big time in austin. It was posted earlier that Austin is having a second protest tonight that's open carry. The police sent out conflicting statements. Saying they honor and defend free speech yadda yadda but also saying arm protesters were going to take over rooftops. The fact that the right has been meaning garret and mocking is really radicalizing the public. Especially now that it's coming out that his killer talked about killing protesters hours before the shooting. And then went on harassing people at Garrett's vigil. This is going to be Charlottesville 2.0.
>>737959 >his is going to be Charlottesville 2.0. Hopefully fashoids die this time
(230.76 KB 1065x446 2020-08-01 19.35.37.jpg)
(664.29 KB 1080x1902 2020-08-01 19.35.42.jpg)
(523.13 KB 1069x1386 2020-08-01 19.35.48.jpg)
(762.22 KB 1080x2220 2020-08-01 19.39.18.jpg)
>>737975 Any good streams for this?
>>737981 Best one so far, austin at the top right corner https://m.twitch.tv/woke Just a speech right now. Pretty lame
>>737986 is this weekend going to be fizzlegang gang or what
>>738031 It actually might be overblown. Lots of guns on both sides. Looks like the right got themselves in a tizzy about Antfia buses and are looking around I-35
>>738031 Even if it's quiet for a weekend, or couple months, it's definitely not fizzle.
APD harassing protesters at Garrett's vigil. A bunch of armed people were spotted there earlier
>>737975 >taking up arms to defend a police HQ Real rebels right there.
>>737975 What a bunch of clowns
>>738044 Shouldn't they be trying to destroy the police HQ?
>>738043 Wrong video >>738044 It's not clear they are there to protect the police. A lot of boog boys are apparently torn up about garret since he was a libertarian. Added they're umm paying respect earlier
>>738055 This is probably a blessing in disguise for the boog boys, if they capitalize on it properly they can put some distance between themselves and the Nazi co-opters.
>>738049 dat's da joke Reactionaries, by definition, always play the victim, and consequently, any reactionary that doesn't actually have privileges to lose is a stooge for the ones who have, no matter how much they like to tout themselves as rebels. This complete inversion of the truth is exactly how reactionarism operates.
>>737975 looks like the boogaloo types were talking with a BLM group at the police hq, they're apparently there on the side of the protesters
>>738103 >boogs side with BLM wut
>>738103 While I'm doubtful about the boogs standing with BLM, I believe this could be interesting
>>738111 leftypol is massively misinformed about them, they crop up on the BLM side regularly.
>>738116 Are you talking about the fags who actually were in that internet circlejerk, or just these whitebread militia types? The word kind of became misused by the media, unsurprisingly. I can see some militia-types showing solidarity, but not the actual boogaloo fags.
>>738116 >leftypol is massively misinformed about them, they crop up on the BLM side regularly. >(X) doubt
>>738121 The guys in Hawaiian shirts are Libertarian™ types who want a second civil war (the boogaloo), I think primarily to destroy the Federal government. They do have some Nazi entryists and are aware enough about it they have some memes joking about liquidating them as soon as the war starts. On one of the earliest streams they even defended a bunch of rioters from cops, and they've killed at least one in that lone wolf attack on a police HQ. They're much less permanently online LARPers than the Nazis. >>738136 >trusting a blue check white woman They are far right, but this is a sleight of hand by fearmongering liberals. Technically they're far right in an economic sense as Libertarians but they're not fascists.
Hot take: Burgers are gigacucked and even with 30 million evicted we won't be seeing shit
>>738144 not only that, garrett foster allegedly was himself a boog sympathizer so that's why they showed up tonight. some local militia he was part of is there too.
>>738144 <trusting a blue check white woman Trust has nothing to do with it, besides this was one of the earlier cases of boogaloo boys, they haven't done much to improve their image
>>738154 I'm just trying to keep people informed so they don't sperg out at temporary allies of convenience. They've been fairly well known about in other parts of the internet before all this rioting kicked off.
>>738162 >temporary allies of convenience. The enemy of my enemy is still no friend. But like you said, allies of convenience, only for convenience.
>>737959 updates on Austin?
>>738162 This anon is right. And they are misunderstood. Some of them are neo-nazis but others are libertarians. It's hard to get a picture on the ratio there and composition but not all of them are inherently bad actors. Before someone gets upset, the USSR had private property and small businesses in its early years. There's no reason to be explicitly hostile to these people right now outside of the nazis. In many cases, even though their character is often of the petite-bourgeoisie they are victims of capitalist alienation like working class people, even if not to the same degree.
Cytube Admin here. Youtube has been banning our multistream sources and the replacement streams don't have enough subscribers. You can't embed those streams until those subscription thresholds are met. (I believe it's 1000 subscribers) Pretty shit situation. Gonna be a lack of streaming for the next few days on cytube. I'll make an update when things are back to normal. Twitch is still fucked up too. I'm looking at finding a new synchtube that's just as good as cytube but don't hold your breath. Porky doesn't want people to easily view the protests at this time.
>>738144 >want a second civil war (the boogaloo), I think primarily to destroy the Federal government And then what? >>738330 Aren't there YT replacements with "no censorship" rules?
Livestreaming rules are different and also they are doing copyright bans. Not so much censorship bans.
>>738339 replace it with an near-ancap confederacy of fascists probably.
Woke is back up on YouTube again. >>738476 I'll take a look at it.
https://www.ajc.com/news/breaking-violent-riot-reported-at-south-georgia-prison/3EISC6BDTZBRHI7YATPM3HPPNU/ >Officials say a riot broke out at Ware State Prison near Waycross, where two guards were stabbed. >Further information from officials wasn’t immediately available, but multiple Facebook Live videos went out from men purporting to be inmates. >One video, in which the men filmed say they are at Ware State Prison, showed one inmate covered in blood. Two inmates helped him clean what appeared to be a wound and carried him out of his cell. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution couldn’t immediately confirm the authenticity of the videos. Some videos that were posted https://twitter.com/LoneThoughts/status/1289814407799664641 https://twitter.com/i/status/1289795332843347970 https://twitter.com/FreshSam5/status/1289833773165469697 https://twitter.com/statevsus/status/1289812454113808384 >#WareStatePrison Ware State prison is piped up right now... Lts, captains being held hostage. Crazy af
>>738649 shit getting based as fuck next we break out the homie rashid
>>738476 This is not a sufficient replacement of cytube. You can't create a permanent place unless you fucking pay. 5 hour limit. 20 person room limit. Not acceptable. >>738649 August 1st and a great start.
>>738649 your link already says the situation is under control
>>738696 (they lied, retard)
https://twitter.com/sanitizedeye/status/1289811791988404224 Update: National Guard may be called in to quell the prison riot
have the prisoners managed to break into the weapons cabinets?
>>738703 Can't wait for the whole prison to get killed by the National Guard.
http://www.dcor.state.ga.us/Facilities/ware-state-prison >Vocational/OJT: Upholstery, Carpentry, Food Service, Electronics, CADD, Building Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Welding, Culinary Arts, Barbershop, Horticulture, Boot Repair, Diesal Mechanics lmao they have power tools and welding tools, they can break into nearly anywhere and fortify the place as they see fit. practically take all the prison bars and doors off with a hacksaw and weld them to wherever they want, make killboxes at stairwells and entrances, turn the place into a fucking fort. >>738719 its only a matter of time if they have power tools and welding torches. >>738725 last we heard they have hostages, which likely means they captured weapons too. if they organize quickly they can hold for a long while and leverage the hostages to still get food and electricity delivered.
>>738728 now they need some food
>>738649 Long live Black August!
>>738728 I know it isn't a gun but in one of the videos one of the prisoners was holding a taser they probably took from a guard.
>>738147 I second this. If misery itself brought revolution we would be living in a communist world after the Great Depression.
>>738147 This. Do not think of burgers as propagandized retards, but as servile machines.
>>739261 We almost did see revolution during and after the great depression, and only socdem concessions helped put an end to the idea of anybody doing anything. FDR we the left wing of capitalism and there were even plans to coup him, which sadly failed. Now, since FDR conceded to the workers, there is no Socialist USA.
>>739311 So Trumps coup could be the tipping point? Hope it happens then.
>>739320 Except socialists have no meaningful existence in burgerland but all manner of reactionary factions do.
>>739428 A trump coup would still be based beyond belief. Plus it would be a propaganda field day for the few socialist orgs.>>739428
I'm hearing the prison revolt is still going on?
>>738703 Holy shit. That means the entire prison couldnt contain it. They basically give everybody capable sof walking riot gear if it comes to it >T. Has dad who worked in a prison and had to deal with a riot.
>>739442 What kind of shit could they have seized in terms of weapons?
>>739440 Yeah but there is media blackout over it, they have jammed all communication out of the prison
>>739454 Junk I would imagine. The weapons will most likely be for soft target prisoners and less than lethal equipment, also equipped in mind that the prisoners could seize it. The armor would just be stab proof, totally ineffective against the rifles. This is all an educated guess.
>>739472 If they had shotguns and beanbag rounds they could easily reload the shotgun hull with pebbles or the like and make a lethal blunderbuss style round out of it, and possibly some pistols with lethal ammo.
>>739483 Good point actually. Use cutters to chop off nail heads and load them in BRAT STYLE!
>>737221 >Also I think they can move before the eviction after getting like a 8 month extension and the landlord cant do shit. based as hell, thanks for the info
>>737968 >busloads of antifa how do rightoids believe this shit lmao
>>738144 >killed at least one in that lone wolf attack on a police HQ. is that a different incident than the Santa Cruz shootout from almost 2 months ago?
(39.97 KB 410x598 Pepe Based Department.jpg)
>>738649 >one cop crushing a man's neck sends the entire country spiraling out of control for months, with no end in sight
(712.24 KB 500x500 weedayylmao.gif)
>>738728 ayyyy lmaoooooooooooo
>>738728 How would they make a killbox at a stairwell/entrance? I'm curious, like how would they go about doing that with the tools and salvageable prison bar/doors/other materials they have available?
https://twitter.com/ShamoneKhia/status/1290009366960041984 Update, police used live ammo in the prison riot. >>739667 Barricade and reinforce points to where they would only be able to move through single file, have bars welded across the hallways so they could trip, double up by wrapping wire around the bars to make them trip up more, open up shooting positions from multiple angles, that kind of thing.
>>739592 Yeah the Austin protest was a bust. Nothing happened, these people psyop themselves. I am surprised nothing happened considering the high number of armed people. The protesters shut down 35 again but not incidents besides some shouting matches.
>>739736 The police effectively engaged in a psyop here as well, they made it sound like there were plans to have shooters scale apartment buildings, and plans to set up an autonomous zone when there weren't this created a panic and also made the whole city terrified of the protests.
So, is it a good thing or a bad thing that the feds seem to have pulled back from Portland?
>>739822 Doubt Trump will try it again with election this close
>>739714 Non lethal ammunition still causes that kind of wound when shot directly. Rubber bullets are still bullets and a direct hit at close range will create a very bloody wound. Its why they're supposed to be bounced off the floor, because they're still traveling at bullet speeds.
>>739822 a bad thing because now they have more time to post here
>>739822 They were apparently spotted in Austin. So it might be they are stretched thin and simply don't have the resources or political capital. I can't imagine the DHS and ICE have the resources to police multiple on going protest and riots across the country. They weren't very effective in Portland anyways. It seems the Trump strategy is sending them their for photo ops.
>>739454 Probably less than lethal shit, body armour, and riot gear (off the police) and perhaps a few pistols (but many prisons don't actually have all staff carry them).
>>737088 are you a retard polyp or a reddit lib ? in either case fuck off
(84.50 KB 1280x1280 Eec4EuPVoAAm3nd.jpg)
FIGHT THE POWER! We gotta fight the power! FIGHT THE POWER! With KFC!
>>741173 jesus christ is that real
>>741294 >jesus christ is that real Yes. Jamaican KFC if Emancipation Day didn't clue you in.
>>741173 Incredible.
>>741173 Holy shit what a bunch of faggots
>>741173 Just remember, some faggot with a masters in business probably cane up with this
>>739455 and no freedumb journalists are filming at least the outside? or from a heli? burgers really will be gased
>>741173 How do you fuck up your "damage control" this bad? Literally a tweet stating "Happy Emancipation Day, please don't destroy a KFC" would be better thought out then this.
how do i redtext
>>741537 Click the link that says help at the top: https://bunkerchan.xyz/.static/pages/posting.html
>>741537 Two equal signs before and after the text, like this.
>>741471 They're actually pretending the biggest economic collapse in history is alreay "1/3 recovered from" or thereabouts. The so-called free press is now actually worse than useless.
>>739822 Bad, because it stops escalation and radicalization >>741173 >Slavery good because ebil corp celebrates his ending Corporate SMM surely get the wall but let's not go 100% braindead.
>>741631 >Slavery good because ebil corp celebrates his ending Who said that? >let's not go 100% braindead. Don't be too hard on yourself. >let's not go 100% braindead.
>>741631 >Bad, because it stops escalation and radicalization This. However, the evictions have started.
>>741752 Will the 2020s be worse than the 1980$?
>>741634 If you didn't say that then what was your point? Corps commit recuperation? We know since the 60s, what is your contribution?
(52.40 KB 600x450 1585999484701.jpg)
Soo, what are the current happenings? Are protests active anywhere? What about the prison siege? Also when may we expect the eviction chimpout to kick in?
>>741765 >If you didn't say that then what was your point? Corps commit recuperation? We know since the 60s, what is your contribution? What's yours?
>>741882 Mine is that is useless to get butthurt at The Spectacle coopting shit, it always has done it and always will, the only non cooptable stuff is direct and harsh confrontation with them.
>>741892 Forgot flag
>>741173 Oh, dear god.
>>741892 But if you rile up other people about this kind of thing you can use that as part 1 of agitate, educate, organize.
>>741906 Got my attention, but how so?
>>741920 >corporate recuperation cringe compilation gets people's attention and makes them mad >while they're motivated and attentive explain why porky does this, and how it's an attempt to distract people from the potential for real change >tell them what books to read >explain that in order to fight effectively you gotta organize, and point to the BPP and others as examples of success.
>>741948 BASED as hell, I'm in
Can the feds start doing things again, I want to watch more webms of them being driven back.
>>741993 too scared it would seem
>>742001 imagine being one of the most militarised police forces in the world and being scared of a few guys in t shirts and cheap masks. pathetic.
>>742153 They've got gear fear
when it's this shit kicking off?
https://old.reddit.com/r/news/comments/i335kw/daily_mail_leaks_bodycam_footage_of_george_floyd/ reddit is orgasming over this video becuase they think it'll own the left or some shit.
>>743292 How would a video proving that the cops never told Floyd why he was fucked with own the Left?
>>743292 Nobody is doing that in that link you retard
>>743303 >>743306 Yes they are. They get 100 or so votes easily
>>743292 >reddit have sex
>>743309 No they aren't, the other poster is correct you need to have sex
(295.46 KB 588x793 Screenshot_20200804_052144.png)
Micheal strikes again!
>>743349 Was this man always like this?
(426.13 KB 729x576 4472389472983748.png)
>>743349 >the strategic efficacy of this should not be underestimated!
>>743349 guarantee you he has raped before
>>743494 He seems to be a SJW, that's pretty much mandatory.
>>743292 >Vid shows Floyd having a panic attack after having a gun shoved in his face >Upper-Middle class suburbanite liberal centrists: <"ShoUldnT hAve ResIssted!1!" These "reasonable" scum are terrified of the rage of the downtrodden >>743349 >NNNOOOO you can't just resist the system! STAHP RESISTING!!1!! Max Soyface
Michael Tracy on Cucker talking about muh mom and pop I know the vid is shit but it's the best I could find https://youtu.be/2H4Id28nq2w
>>743349 Why does this guy matter again? Why is this twitter homunculus being brought here?
>>743349 >muh anarchists I doubt there're more than few dozens of actual anarchists in Portland.
>Talib wins with 66% AIPAC BTFO'd
>>747427 What you talking about?
(20.66 KB 400x400 TbklBZ1r_400x400.jpg)
(56.02 KB 801x291 Hillboos.jpg)
>>747427 *Tlaib Talib is the rapper.
>>743349 He is making the riot to be more hardcore than it really is then turning around to cry about the state of the riot. Ultimately any leftists should fight to be in that sweet spot, do radical shit and have moderate excuse or provide subterfuge for your actions. Idk why r/stupidpol likes him so much. At least those that aren't Rosa-killers.
>>747513 AIPAC and other Zionist orgs tried to primary Tlaib out of power. She won
(241.79 KB 1435x152 4786237846237846.png)
>>747393 lmao >>747412 I doubt there are more than a few dozen "actual anarchists" (in the 1930s sense) in the entire western world. At the time it appealed to peasants in underdeveloped countries like Spain and Italy because it had this notion of an idealized return to the horizontalist peasant commune. But if you live in a modern city in North America then the material reality and class composition is going to be so different that it isn't even really the same ideology at that point. But it's like, whatever.
>>743306 >Nobody is doing that in that link you retard This. But some interesting anecdotes in the comments: We were utterly confused when a cop started shining his flashlight through the apartment window and pounding on the door. It was myself and 3 friends, sharing a 12 pack and playing Xbox. We were between the ages of 20 and 23. When my friend opened the door and asked if there was a problem, the cop responded with "Guess?" before demanding all of our IDs. My friend asked again if it was for a noise complaint. The cop said "Bingo" and again demanded our IDs. We said we would keep it down and I told the cop I didn't have my ID on me (it was in the backroom.) The cop barged into the house, walked across the living room and handcuffed me, then handcuffed my friend for asking him why I was being arrested. The cop was yelling and screaming at us as if he wanted to fight. One hour later, I was sitting in a holding cell. I had blown a 0.036 BAC and they decided that was enough to take me to jail. I was 20 years and 10 months old, so in 2 months time, I would have legally been allowed to drive with a 0.036 BAC. By the time I was driven to the police station, about 6 other police cars and about 10 officers had arrived on the scene, including the Sergeant. When my friend asked him how we could have avoided this, he responded with "Next time, don't open the door." It turned out the cop went to the wrong apartment, saw a few beer bottles, and decided we were the exact criminals he joined the force to stop. In court, he claimed that I had a flushed red face and was slurring my words. He said we had told him he could come into the apartment, but when we immediately got aggressive he had no choice but to handcuff two of us. The judge decided he had more reason to believe the cop than the rest of us and ruled against me. This happened 13 years ago and I am still angry about it. Why in the hell was a man with a gun needed to go tell people in an apartment to keep the noise down? Why were my friends and I treated so absolutely poorly? Why were 10 police officers needed for 1 hour to deal with 4 guys playing xbox with a 12 pack of beer? How much money in hourly wages was spent to arrest one 20 year old for drinking 2 1/2 beers? My personal story is my best argument for why defunding the police is necessary.
(70.49 KB 1280x720 tracey.jpg)
>>747393 Tracy: >Beyond anything I've seen in my lifetime, which isn't that long thankfully <I'm not 40 guys I swear.
(30.64 KB 330x500 41FELKCXCDL.jpg)
(122.54 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (14).jpg)
(362.94 KB 980x653 wa-nj-BrigitteGabrie.jpg)
>>747520 Brigitte Gabriel (born Hanan Qahwaji) is her Americanized name btw. She was from a family of Maronite Christians from Marjayoun in Lebanon which was the base of the South Lebanon Army (an Israeli-aligned militia that fought in the war), and moved to the U.S. by way of Israel and is linked up still with right-wing Likudnik / neoconservative groups. Back during the civil war she was a reporter for Middle East Television, the SLA's broadcasting station that they eventually sold to Pat Robertson's televangelist channel. Wild, yeah? Article from 2012: >Before moving to Israel and eventually to the United States, Brigitte worked for Middle East TV, a Marjayoun-based station run by the South Lebanon Army (SLA) and funded by Israel. It moved to Cyprus for a period and was later purchased by Pat Robertson, who is now building a Christian Zionism Center in Israel. >After obtaining a green card by marrying an American, Brigitte set up a business selling her new country “insider information not available elsewhere “about the existential dangers posed by Islam and Arabs, based, she announced, “on my unique perspective having been nearly killed by them and rescued by Israel.” >Regarding recent Lebanese affairs, according to her former neighbors in South Lebanon, Brigitte has been a close supporter of the Phalange militia and SLA since her teenage years. According to her ACT office in Virginia Beach, Brigitte hopes to host the current Lebanese Forces warlord, Samir Geagea — five times convicted of murdering various Christian opponents and their children — during his upcoming March visit to the US. http://archive.almanar.com.lb/english/article.php?id=43069 More on the South Lebanon Army: https://english.alaraby.co.uk/english/indepth/2020/2/13/the-rise-and-fall-of-the-south-lebanon-army
(169.35 KB 707x1200 DSE66KJW0AA56vv.jpg)
>>747569 >Third pic with The IDF soldier has her sleeves all they way down to her finger tips like an austistic goth teen. Yeah I dunno if this 'hot' Jew soldier thing is really their best line of propaganda.
>>747393 Never trust Tulsi coomers
>>747556 Remember to never consent to a search, don't talk to pigs, always demand a lawyer if you get arrested. ACAB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE
>>747587 Her jet black hair and beak are doing things to me. I get a feeling so complicated....
>>747613 >Her jet black hair and beak are doing things to me. I get a feeling so complicated.... >>747587 I guess because it needs disclaiming: I'm not saying Jewish women are more unattractive than other women. I mean if anyone told you that pic was mother and daughter, would you even question it? I feel bad for them, that they have that internalized racism, self-loathing factor from Whites. Anyways, I was only commenting on how dorky she looks, also what a transparent ploy to send out your female 20 somethings to go whore it up as cover for your warmachine, like cheezy WWII propaganda.
>>739992 >>740136 Also remember. That a rubber bullet is just a shotgun shell with a rubber bullet at the end instead of metal. So that means the user gets to decide exactly how much velocity they want each bullet to fly at by "hot loading" the shell. I wish I saved this video on youtube where this cop was explaining exactly how to "hot load" "less lethal" ammunition.
(225.25 KB 1600x1142 DSCN8607.JPG)
>>747640 >I wish I saved this video on youtube where this cop was explaining exactly how to "hot load" "less lethal" ammunition. Basically showing how you can get close to regular bullet characteristics from hot loading.
>>747642 >>747640 So they can say: >We only shot them with rubber bullets! Meanwhile that piece of plastic is flying fast enough to do a through and through.
>>747646 *Meamwhile cucked liberals >Hit me harder, daddy!
>>747642 Also, many of those projectiles have a metal inner core to maintain the momentum and trajectory.
https://twitter.com/matcha_chai/status/1291111048234188801?s=20 So yeah cops are just going around arresting people from their own houses for protesting now. https://twitter.com/JasonLeopold/status/1290722586276458498 And the claim there's fewer feds is a lie, according to the DHS
>>749071 Fuggin gommie cowards KGB would kidnap people in the middle of the night. Freedom-loving Americans do it in broad daylight because they have nothing to fear. 🇺🇸🎆🍔
>>743349 Could we consider Tracy a proto liberal-fascist?
>>749111 uh no, he's just a pissed off centrist what the fuck is with internet leftists and having an absurdly gigantic definition of "fascism" that just means "everything I don't like"? There are hundreds of ways to be a reactionary and fascism is one specific to the early-mid 20th century
>>749115 It's not unique to the left neither to the internet. The term is way misused.
Cytube admin here: One of the multi streamers got unbanned because they were willing to go court for the copyright claim. But there are less aggregate streamers on YouTube right now. It's just woke right now until today. (I think Woke is too liberal and starts streaming usually too late in the day) I have protests streaming right. Hopefully more channels can get unbanned in the next few days. Twitch is still broken because of Twitch API updating and not supporting non standard domains. I'll keep putting up streams the best I can.
>>743494 probably He was obsessed with that John Benet Ramsey case
>>741892 It's still really annoying everytime it happens, and we probably could use their over reach for fun détournement purposes.
>>749087 U S A! U S A! U S A!
(6.62 MB nazi karen.mp4)
>>750096 What a fucking sperg
>>750096 If those libs refuse to punch that nazi cunt, they should have at least milkshaked her. Then she would have gone inside for sure.
>>750096 what the fuck if you had shown this to me 5 years ago, I would not believe this to be anything but a YT sketch
>>750096 Not so easy being libertarian is it?
>>749071 >Liberals too cucked to defend themselves against unmarked home invaders. At this point, I don't feel any sympathy for those morons. They didn't deserve better than being crushed by the bourgeois dictatorship. Good riddance. At least use your bloody peephole, before you open the fucking door!
>>750096 That lady is gonna wake up with a few blind spots in her vision, damn.
>>750096 what is even the context
>>750096 libs once again proving that they will never do anything of importance
>>750653 Looks like protests.
>>750096 ANTIFA can't behave themselves in the marketplace of ideas like usual, sad!
>>747526 stupidpol types use to hate him. Idk why they shill for him now
(148.86 KB 460x460 aint your friend.png)
>>750131 <Not so easy being libertarian is it?
>>747563 >Investigative Reporter Hah! Guy was making shit up about out-of-state communists crashing some BLM event in NJ, when the “out-of-state communists” were actually lifelong locals and Tracey himself was an outsider. Smug faggot, and a liar too. I hate people who refuse to admit they are wrong and come up with new excuses instead. Fat bitch.
>>750696 They have nothing to offer other than meaningless faggy contrarianism so I guess it isn’t surprising that they can’t keep a straight line.
(77.89 KB 931x524 image[1].jpg)
>>750134 >Liberals too cucked to defend themselves against unmarked home invaders. Picture related: life long democrats who support BLM once they saw unmarked protestors destroy the gate of their walled community
>>750096 A real life cuck of the pit
>>750096 Why are they attacking a fellow socialist?
>>752675 >le ebin trolin
>>752675 Almost as if PragerU was lying... Naah, must be another Soros psyop
>>750096 She leveled up to a level 10 Karen, the armband is a signifier for reaching that level
>>750096 >I haven't said anything racist! Damn maybe ANTIFA are the real nazis all along.
What did they mean by this?
>>753226 What can is this
updates on the ware prison riot?
>>750096 the cunt should've been slogged at the minimum if not curbstomped
(33.70 KB 525x525 qoy37896fal31.jpg)
>>750096 >"I didn't say anything racist" Genius! There is no way to tell she might be racist. Libcucks blown the fuck out once again.
>>753750 according to recent-ish news articles it was contained but the conditions which led to it could happen again, and the prisoners may have seized and hid a variety of equipment https://www.ajc.com/news/crime/guards-south-georgia-prison-riot-a-bad-omen-for-other-facilities/K4SNFOA25BAXBJKMCBAY74GRRU/
(225.05 KB 2048x1365 welp.jpg)
>>750121 >>753762 >brocialists advocating for violence against a woman because of what she was wearing
>>753966 Umm sweaty that's not very nice, let's deconstruct this.
>>753966 >Comparing a nazi logo with a miniskirt. >Bottomless pit in the head.
>>753987 it's so dumb you'd almost think it was a shitpost, but you looked through the facade
>>750096 >go INSIIIIIIIIDE I genuinely think these cucks are spooked by muh wahmen and if it was a man in her place he would have got his shit pushed in. It's bad enough to let people get away with shit because of their identity, but to restrain yourself (and in one case another person) from assaulting someone wearing a nazi armband is a whole other level. I guess the far right can just send out only their women to events and they'll be more or less unbothered. >>753987 A woman should be free to wear whatever she wants :^) >>753994 It is a shitpost, but I would not be surprised if someone cynically characterized the events that way. Someone unfurled a nazi flag at a Bernie Sanders rally and it got ZERO coverage in the mainstream press.
>>747552 >what is detroit?
is shit gonna pop off this weekend or is /fizzlegang/ back in town
>>754012 cant have SHIT in detroit
>>754012 t. Gary Johnson
A few things: People from Milwaukee are marching from Milwaukee to D.C. for the anniversary of MLK's I have a dream speech. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/08/06/black-lives-matter-protesters-march-chicago-dc/3308429001/ I also got the protests running for tonight already. Weekend night gang is always interesting. Hope to see you guys stop by cytube this weekend.
>>754186 >Martin Uighur Kang Literal class collaborationist. Hope they all get run over.
>>754196 Someone hasn't studied history.
>>754199 >demsucc >not class collaborationist
all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
>>754218 redrum
>>753235 It’s a snack truck
>>754201 Nigga, he was assassinated for a reason - demsucc shit notwithstanding.
>>750096 why is this even blowing up. she didnt even say anything racist
>>754575 She was getting bullied for belonging to the kool kids klub. This is not ok. Clearly Antifas are the real Hitlers.
>>754575 You haven't say anything racist, but you are racist.
>>754570 Yes, for being a cringe liberal
(489.09 KB 1127x529 pickpocketing pol.png)
>>754929 MLK got assassinated explicitly after starting campaigns to remedy the material inequality facing black people and calling out the nature of systemic racism in housing, schooling, and whatnot, along with other black materialist leaders like Fred Hampton around the same time period for the exact same reasons, under the orders of the FBI. MLK may have been idealist but he was never under the presumption of racial material inequalities being some natural outcome of the system of capitalism but an explicit aspect of having a permanent underclass both for capitalist exploitation but also as a basis for the political alignment of the united states along this very idpol division to hinder the conception of a united proletarian movement against capitalism with this racial stratification. It's why he equally demurred fairweather liberals and their calls for civility because he realized that there would need to be systematic change along this racial lines if there was to be a movement for equality in the US. You can either be less retarded or get banned, it makes no difference to me.
>>754944 Stop failing for it. >>754929 Suck a dick, you cock-sucker faggot.
>>754965 Fucking got em you sniped that bitch bud
>>754929 isn't it nice to have all these /pol/ "converts"
>>754929 >>754944 Not only was MLK merc'd for moving toward class, the movement he was working on - the poor people's campaign - folded shortly afterward because the leadership started falling apart. It wasn't just some kind of punishment for his anti-pork sins, but a calculated move that effectively neutered a potential threat from below.
(192.43 KB 512x572 image.png)
>>754929 Your /pol/ is showing.
(77.25 KB 993x559 Ee5VIoeU0AA3Up0.jpg)
Dude in Portland throwing pipe bombs at protesters: https://twitter.com/_WhatRiot/status/1292043389572022272
>>755099 >no one killed lame
>>755099 >>755111 Really amateur bomb, it just blew the tops off and didn't fragment.
>>755128 Well, PVC shrapnel can still be dangerous
>>755136 they would have needed to properly enclose the ends via heat melding or something of the sort, what happened with the ones they used is that the pressure just blew the caps off either end and all the pressure was released through there, so it was basically an expensive roman candle.
(116.23 KB uh_oh_spagghetios.mp4)
>>755157 Wow, I want some spaghettios now
>>755117 so he bought this at a surplus store and was dumb enough to think it was a real grenade?
>>755188 I think it was more that he modeled them off of that basic design and failed in making it actually lethal
https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53698048 Throwing paint and pushing an officer means life sentence in Utah.
>>755231 watching the legitimacy of the state collapse in real time is certainty something - liberals will no doubt criticize Iran for the same thing and turn around to say America doing this is fine, but among the masses this is going to be quite the revelation as to what the existing state is meant to do, and who the law serves.
https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/511164-nypd-officers-surround-blm-protesters-apartment-in-standoff NYPD officers surround BLM protester's apartment in standoff >Police in New York surrounded a Black Lives Matter organizer's apartment Friday morning for an imminent arrest before a protest group showed up in defense of the organizer, leading to a standoff and causing law enforcement to leave the scene. I must be dreaming. Did those libs just uncuck themselves???
>>755638 Holy shit, they actually de-arrested a person. Maybe there is hope after all? Maybe.
>>755638 oh shit
>>755231 Hellworld shit
>>755231 Also, if you make minor acts like this life sentences, you’re just asking for ppl to start shooting; if the lvl of punishment is the same, why give af?
>>755638 fizzle posters have always been wrong. Anyone with any experience organizing can tell you that "the libs", and these protests are a massive step forward. You internet-afflicted idiots would call the civil rights movements protestors libs, cucks, glownyggers, "bad optics", etc etc etc. I've tried telling you. You don't listen. Organize one (1) day, and stop being fizzle posters.
>>755781 > civil rights movements protestors libs, cucks, glownyggers... I mean...a lot of them were though and it was the ones who weren’t that made it worthwhile.
>>755781 Big brain post. Agitate, organize, and educate
>>755781 Malcom X would have also whined about the civil rights movement. le Overton window and tough guyism is funny tbh
Today I will remind them... https://invidio.us/watch?v=FrsMbpt5ix0
>>755638 neeed video of this happening plox
>>755824 >Malcom X would have also whined about the civil rights movement. He did pretty extensively IIRC since he saw them as half-hearted and spineless
(14.95 KB 220x308 based.jpg)
>>755638 wtf the radlibs are becoming based
>>756041 the idea of abolishing racism under capitalism is a contradiction given that racism is inherent to a class system that evolves from colonialism. It was only a matter of time.
>>755781 >>755794 >>755824 >>756039 hot take: the civil rights movement largely failed, the system just re-oriented itself to deprive blacks through indirect methods instead of direct legal methods and who gives a fuck if some poor whites get thrown in with them.
>>755781 >the civil rights movements protestors libs, cucks, glownyggers, "bad optics", etc etc etc. They were. Rashid, Malcom X and even MLK (later in his life) realized this <In his Nov 10, 1963 speech, “Message to the grassroots,” Malcolm X gave a blistering description of how MLK was used to subvert the 1963 siege on DC and contain mass unrest with a one-day government-choreographed march >Malcolm describes how MLK and several civil rights leaders who were struggling for funds were confronted by president John F. Kennedy, who became aware of the planned siege on D C, where hundreds of thousands of Blacks were expected to descend on the capital [...] and not leave until the government solved persistent problems of racism, pervasive poverty, police murders and brutality in Black communities, and so on. At the time Blacks were also active in the streets defending themselves against racial violence. <Kennedy wanted a halt to the resistence in the streets and to head off the planned siege. So he and his financial backers offered MLK and the other civil rights leaders huge sums of money, a seat at the table with the previously anti-Black Democratic Party and coverage in the mass media, if they agreed to take over the siege and convert it into a government-controlled one-day march. <MLK and his circle agreed to the sellout, and it went over without a hitch. <toward the end of his life MLK came to realize he’d been used by the establishment to undermine the struggle of the people against its abuses. So he planned a Poor People’s Encampment to occur during the summer of 1968, to lay siege to the capital, much as the 1963 grassroots movement originally planned to do. But the pigs murdered him only months before the encampment was set to happen.
The point isn't so much that these protesters are libs and therefor we must dismiss them, but rather, we as communists must INSERT OURSELVES IN THIS STRUGGLE, and turn that immature form of class consciousness whatever form it takes in and turn it into revolutionary consciousness
>>756436 As much as I appreciate Rashid for a variety of different articles that he has written this has got to be one of his weakest ones. I have no reason to doubt Rashid's recounting of Malcolm X's speech or the rattery of Al Sharpton either, but his criticisms of BLM is rather bad if not dishonest. The statements regarding BLM mishandling has not very good sources. The Reddit AMA he references implies something fishy at best but doesn't confirm anything regarding BLM being an explicit front organization co-opted by the Feds. The article regarding the "inquries" made towards BLM mishandling funds is literally the one writer of that article makes a massive assumption assuming this without concrete evidence of it occurring. There's no references of this happening online either with the only stories regarding any potential scandal of BLM stealing money is from what seems to be scam operation trying to siphon money from donators because of their similiar name. The article he references saying BLM led protesters into a trap doesn't even mention that at all WHATSOEVER. The protest the article mentions that was organized by NA-BPP apparently only consisted of 60 people and was completely peaceful. I'd like to add as well that from my own personal experience having gone to local protests led by BLM that HAS gone violent as well as witnessed their public statements that are very much anti-cop and capitalism, this is very contrary to Rashid's narrative that BLM is a pacifying org. There were communist and socialist org that marched in solidarity with BLM of every stripe so the situation isn't monolithic like Rashid suggests.
>>756923 This.


no cookies?