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(20.32 KB 1280x640 7h8624v4e4n11.png)
AusCom General Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 08:24:12 No. 537472
Do we have many Australians on /leftypol/? Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if not, this country is beyond reactionary.
We're around...
>>537472 Yeah shit's fucked. But while you're at it, come join us on the USA thread. We're having a blast.
>>537538 >>537545 I'll come have a look, but I'd like to start something here. I admit I don't much about organisations here - we have an opportunity to share information in an AusCom general.
I'm not an australian but I am a kiwi so close enough I guess
>>537472 there's plenty and they're all fucking awful.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-28/sa-police-officer-hong-kong-photo/12297560 >Hong Kong pro-democracy group, Australia-Hong Kong Link, said they had relied on the police to keep them safe at protests in South Australia from pro-Beijing counter protesters. >Charlotte* a Hong Konger in Adelaide from the Australia-Hong Kong Link group said she was shocked to see the image. >"SAPOL have been a tremendous source of security in our past rallies," Charlotte said. >"They have actively, provided aid and contact in case it was necessary and have met with some of our members to discuss safety measures.
>>537938 Comrade, you are part of the struggle. As long as you're not one of those autists that posts >morrison bad >jacinda good
>>538026 Unfortunately the Coronavirus seems to have accelerated the existing problems Australia has with China. I couldn't care less about the Coalition shitting the diplomatic bed, but the average Australian seems to be reaching China levels of xenophobia China now. I mean, I'm not pretending China is some kind of utopia in the slightest, but fuck sake, the existing xenophobia and fear of anything not American is a struggle already. We have a lot of work ahead of us.
>>538132 hurr durr fucking durr I meant America level of xenophobia to China
https://www.auscp.org.au/ is it worth joining? i'm in WA
>>538275 It's the youth wing split from the CPA with all the upsides and downsides that implies
>>538308 Generation war soon.
>>538315 Grandpa is too busy playing solitary to care about that right now son
>>538334 *solitare
>>537627 Yeah, the last general was pretty good before it died. Not sure if there's an archive of it though. Pretty much confirmed Labor if fucking dead as is the ACTU unless both change dramatically. My heart says they can be saved, but pragmatically I don't think they can.
>>538358 Oh, and it had a short list of orgs and groups that one could join (though a number of them contain sexual pests).
>>538371 I haven't heard of sex pests in ACP in WA fwiw
>>538275 Yes. Counter to what some might say, the ACP isn't an ignorant Stalin loving cult. From what I have seen, they're trying to actually do shit.
Daily reminder that we literally have people in gov who believe in like Germatria and shit and think they can literally change the world subliminally by WrItIng LiKe THiS in all their documents to make the numbers add up right or some psychotic shit Our minister for the environment literally added Another S to her name (Her name went from Susan to Sussan) because she thought the added Germatrical value or whatever would bring her good luck Which i guess it clearly did because she became minister for the environment shortly after?
Massline https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/dec/29/family-of-indigenous-man-who-died-in-custody-confront-guards >Dungay’s mother, Leetona Dungay, demanded to know why she had been told there was no CCTV footage to show whether her son was OK the day before the altercation. >“Watch your children,” she yelled to several visitors waiting at the entrance to see inmates. “This is what they did to my son.” >Dungay said every time she attended a march or rally it stirred up grief but being at the prison on the second anniversary was especially tough. >“Once I get through the coroner’s court and get justice, I’ll feel much better,” she said. >Dungay wants to see more safeguards in all prisons to make sure deaths in custody are stopped. “Our people aren’t sent in there to be apes and animals and treated unfairly,” she said. >“That goes for every nationality – we all deserve to be treated like a human being, not like an ape. We’re not guinea pigs for them.”
>>538122 Shush Jacinda good Morrison bad
Honest Government Ad | Economic Recovery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CMUtKWubxg
>>537472 Yeah mate
>>538122 The Jacinda circlejerk is unreal
>>538132 Understanding China requires nuance and an understanding of the last 100 years of their history. Can't even get a nuanced understanding of Australian history out of most Australians and the inherent insecurity etc. just leads people down the sad xenophobia and repetition of anti-Asian sentiment that was present at Federation just occasionally jazzed up with some new shit like freaking out about middle-class Mainlanders buying up property or...just boring kids hanging out in the CBD buying bubble tea.
http://archive.is/wy3H3#selection-433.0-433.382 >In July 1967, when I was nine, my hometown of Detroit exploded in what was then the worst urban riot in American history. Some 43 people were killed, mostly shot by police or jittery national guard troops sent in to quell the unrest. More than 1,000 were injured and property worth tens of millions of dollars was damaged. Most of the neighbourhood stores were burned to the ground. Comrades our national security establishment has been infiltrated by burgertards http://archive.is/wy3H3#selection-477.0-477.482 >In Hong Kong, which has been wracked by pro-democracy protests for a year, I have regularly decried police violence against largely peaceful demonstrators—firing tens of thousands of rounds of tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets, and beating and stomping on the hands of unarmed activists, most of them already handcuffed and subdued. Now I’m seeing the same kind of violent police behaviour in dozens of American cities, and it’s even more shocking because I expected better. Worse they are unbearably naive burgertards >>593925 Shush Jacinda good Morrison bad
>>593925 Lived under a rock for the past decade. Can someone Catch me up on who tf Jacinda is?
I fucking hate the way young aussie men sound. Literally nothing is more obnoxious.
>>537472 I know at least one Aussie from here who posts on 4/int/
(368.98 KB 618x532 notagrift.png)
>>538026 >Hong Kong pro-democracy group >pro beijing counter protestors >SAPOL have actively, provided aid and contact in case it was necessary and have met with some of our members >Aus cop bought into the "muh law and order" narrative, and voices support for HK police >disciplinary investigation underway Funny how the cops just incestuously meet with and protect NATO assets like that huh. Reminder to not let uncle tom pro-rioter HK gusanos feel safe or welcome, even in casual interactions. Microaggressions are effective, passive aggressive behavior is permissible.
>>597512 lived here my whole life and I still hate and refuse to learn Australian slang
>>605077 absolutely uncultured
>>602786 >be pro hong kong with idiots who are against police violence, slyly state how our police are a billion times worse. cite a lot. >be anti hong kong with left wing, accuse them of racism, burning chinese civilians alive, also being against china, accusing liberals of being reductionists and privileged >actual me, I have no idea what the fuck is going on in HK or China
>>593925 Tbf NZ is the only country that is over its Cov-19, although it is playing on easy mode with being in the corner of the world.
(675.56 KB 1194x671 EatYecLXsAAJdXZ.png)
Are there any orgs worth joining?
(135.03 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
This is incredibly cringy. How do trot conferences get so popular? They are spammed everywhere. https://invidio.us/watch?v=xxtt3D1eiso >>620298 Either AusCP or IWW. https://www.auscp.org.au/ https://iww.org.au/
(14.52 KB 298x266 Left_Renewal_logo.png)
What is everyone's thoughts on Left Renewal? The Greens are the most left party that actually gets elected, so it would be much easier to just take over from their success than building a left wing party from scratch. From what I've seen, Left Renewal are radlibs, but I know little about them and hope I'm wrong.
Perth commie reporting in >>630155 Because SAlt are the most militant group in Aus. All they focus on is recruiting the 1% of people that listen to them and never letting go.
>>630159 Useless radlibs & controlled opposition. Greens are the "left wing" of the CIA controlled political front in Australia, with libs/nats as the "right wing". Their so called "lefty" politics are meaningless radlib social policy window dressing derived of any even socdem "meat and bones" economic policies, shilling fossil fuel controlled "green" energy policies which attacking the only viable and sustainable energy sources - nuclear and hydro. Not going to expend energy defending labor because they're useless, but it's absolutely the case that the primary function of the greens is to siphon middle class "lefty" votes and keep the libs in power. They're a controlled opposition - just tune into ABC. 50% of their coverage is overtly pro liberal, 50% is pro greens. Unfortunately there is no solid, well formed communist party in Australia. Salt are useless trotskyist muppets who parrot US state department/CIA policy, Seq lack a solid coherent political line, CPA also lack any solid line and have been hijacked by useless inner city radlibs, CPA-ML don't seem to have any real presence and are stuck parroting Dinosaur RIM-ite delusions, ACP I know less about - they probably have the most potential but seem confined largely to social media. There isn't going to be any much potential to organize until conditions get much worse in Aus. Even then, any successful organizing is probably going to take the form of dual power projects rather than traditional leninist party building - think Hezbollah rather than the Bolsheviks.
>>630155 Burgerland here who went to one Trot conference (for a group that no longer exists) because it was held at the university in my town it was just boring and pretentious and a way to sell books. Also these particular Trots focused almost entirely on recruiting college students.
>>538275 i contacted them to ask. They told me i had to take classes and do an interview before i could join. I didnt want to give a rando my phone number and so asked if i could meet in person. They never responded. im in bris
>>630155 IWW in bris has been corrupted by idpol. They are still alive and kicking though.
>>630379 Maybe go to the kitchen food thingo they run? Probably the best way to get in contact if you wanna do it in person.
(27.67 KB 601x508 iamfinenoiamnotcrying.jpg)
I really cant wait for Labour to lose Victoria next Federal / state election because of this absolute fucking nothing burger Murdoch Media inc has cooked up about this demented boomer swearing and being corrupt somehow means that Daniel Andrews is like corrupt or some shit. Cant wait for the liberal takeover to be complete and irreversible woooooooooooooo Everyone thought that IRL blade runner would be in China but no it will be right here in OOOOOOOZZZZZZZ
>>635850 >Murdoch Media inc has cooked up about this demented boomer swearing and being corrupt somehow means that Daniel Andrews is like corrupt or some shit. Maybe he is corrupt. Still, the Murdoch media was quite lenient towards the LNP. In NSW they reduced corruption to just "receiving a wine bottle" even though they changed premiers, still LNP. >Cant wait for the liberal takeover to be complete and irreversible woooooooooooooo As for socdems losing electorates: As I was visiting a certain area and observing the changes that area underwent, I started to think about socdems and the way they lose their electorate(s). In area X or say socdemtown (which includes other socdemvilles) which has been held by socdems since the late 1940s. This area was mostly an industrial area: manufacturing, workshops, materials, parts, warehousing and distribution (if we observe economic activity) with other sectors being ancillary and complementary to it. As outsourcing to China became more prominent those industrial plants, workshops and outlets had dwindled as they closed and abandoned the premises with few still remaining in the form of "pockets" and vestiges. Those abandoned premises could have become parks, swimming pools, miniature forests (essentially reforesting somewhat), community gardens, hospitals, clinics, police stations, fire brigades, libraries etc. Socdemtown it seems was approached (maybe they themselves even approached) real estate agents to construct apartments, cafes and restaurants while doing none of the foregoing. While other economic factors contributed to property prices increasing in country, socdemtown was among the first "towns" to experience that from the proposal of apartments, cafes and restaurants. People that were renting in socdemtown moved away as the rent was too much from their pay, people that wanted to move into socdemtown were wary of the price spike as it was known to be affordable and very simple (generic at worst) for years. To those that could afford it signaled "growth" and "its-better-now" which became increasingly a mixture of kids deserting the "pretentious" life, "investors" and "international students". It does seem to indicate gentrification. The socdems would have been thrilled by the economic activity and less "social ills" (mainly the discontented youth that were denied part time jobs by the newly emerging boomer HR and management; and recreational gambling, moderate consumption of alcohol as well as smoking by the adults). Those "social ills" could have been fixed or at least been drastically lessened and economic activity reinvigorated by new manufacturing alas the socdems in socdemtown opted for the a neoliberal model, they too were the emerging boomers in cabinets. So, socdemtown appears more "presentable" and "modern"; a small selection of expensive clothing brands opened and three "luxury" and "high end" car dealers opened (the opening of the Ferrari dealership on the fringe of a fairly dilapidated by offshoring location was exciting for the youth and nevertheless foreboding of the incoming gentrification; Lexus and Porsche followed by opening at the fringes of the industrial vestiges on different ends). The electorate has changed and was nearly tilted three federal elections ago. That electorate from being about 20% to 30% since 1966 in favour of socdems in socdemtown. Three federal elections ago if it wasnt for the two party preferred socdems would have lost an electorate they have held since the late 1940s which at that time they won by 3% with a close call of 1% in 1951 (the very next federal election after 1949) and from about 5% to 10% until 1966. The margin since 2001, except for 2007 as the Prime Minister was despised for industrial relations reform which was a 19% margin for the socdems in socdemtown, has been 1% to 10%. "Here" its similar just far less pronounced as it wasnt much of an industrial area and it does contain industry, just buildings approved for "development", international students, visa workers, "share" accommodation and kids fleeing "pretentious" lifestyle in bubbleville. The socdems in Socdemtown are not done yet, ever since the amalgamation of councils "here"ville has been more or less integrated with socdemtown and they have been proposing to make socdemtown and "here"ville into a tourist hub. Already there have been applications for hostels (basically slums and filth) to councils dating since two years ago (it would appear that the applicants were tipped off). Socdemvilles have been concerned about Socdemtown fortunately Socdemvilles have been spared from being collateralised by socdemtown. If Socdemtown votes LNP or other the socdemvilles would insulated. Nevertheless federal policies of increasing visa workers, visa investors and international students gradually reduced the margin of victory by socdems.
>>597482 Shes the whore queen of NZ that everyone here wants to fuck obviously
Jordie posting quality Aussie Maoist AgitProp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65MCWzZLYKc
>>597482 Absolute C tier NeoLib who makes a vaguely SocDem motion on a good day. The Aus SocDem's Salivate over her because NZ pretty much seems like everything they want but cant have
>>657063 Jordies literally deleted my comment on yt after calling someone a cuck for talking his girlfriend to a nudist beach and being outraged by the perverts there. The second part of that selected comment was an exclamation at the Sydney nudist beaches being having the worst behaviour.
So, Scotty's new hawkish gambit?
>>657189 >Huh durr we need to start a fucking Naval arms race with China because of our completely nonexistent and fucking stupid “long history of friendship with the US and Malaysia” or some shit Epic Liberal moment Either way defence spending is pretty much what is in America at this point as in its pretty much just a gigantic albatross made out of metal designed to sink the economic program of whatever Labour goverment tries to cut it
>>657398 >Either way defence spending is pretty much what is in America at this point You must be joking
>>657625 Not the actual amount of money spent but basically a literal make-work scheme and an excuse not to fund public services cuz "DEBT!!!!"
>>657189 Shit's crazy.
>>537472 Aussie Jucheist here
>>630155 >>538465 Isn't the leader of AusCP known to be a TERF/SWERF? I heard people say. Just wanted to conform if this is true.
>>538465 >>630155 There are rumors circulating around that the leader is a transphobe*
I moved to Australia from Britain 4 months ago and holy shit, I didn't realise how bad things were here. And yes, I know that as an anglo, I'm part of the problem. I'll volunteer to get up against the wall.
>>658334 >>658345 From my interactions with him, no. I cannot say that he, or any other member of the ACP, has ever voiced or written any anti-trans stuff (to my knowledge). Even if he was, he has no real power to just boot or prevent the participation of a trans comrade. Ontop of all that, he's pretty anti-idpol (as is practically the entire party) so even if he was anti-trans, it wouldn't really amount to much as it falls under the purview of reactionary idpol (that would probably see him recalled as GenSec). As far as I know, these rumors are exactly that, rumors. If, of course, you have any evidence to the contrary, I'd like to see it. t. auscp adjacent anon
(45.64 KB 1280x720 Clive palmer is juche.jpg)
>>658367 >And yes, I know that as an anglo, I'm part of the problem. I'll volunteer to get up against the wall. Based. Yellow Australia policy when?
(151.79 KB 820x678 Pepeshrug.png)
I feel like burgers and Euros dont really get how Australian Right-Wingers act compared to their own In Europe and America Right-Wingers get elected on dumb culture war bullshit and schizo shit like immigrants and family values or some shit The Australian right-wing dosent even pretend to care about that stuff and literally is just like "Were cutting the funding for hospitals we're cutting the funding for sciences we're cutting the funding for education we're giving a billion dollar bailout to companies we want more poor people paying higher rents!" And we still just vote for them consistently anyway!
>>657189 There no way to organise or even raise awareness about this shit thats happening. We dont even have a pub culture because the alcohol taxes are so fucking high. >>658345 Good. Sounds like my kinda party. >>660280 Watch century of the self. Australians are so ground into the dirt the only thing that determines our election are the swing voters who who offers the larger tax cut come election time. All australians are a-political and get their politics from the vibe of media coverage rather than information. A phrase heard whilst they flip through radio channels is the most influential which is wjhy slogans are so important.
>>658367 >>658372 Kim, you know what to do to the dengists...
>>597512 Just jealous we get all the ladies
>>660280 cucked media + cucked politicians = cucked country. Any /vicbros/ here? What's gonna be the outcome for this branch-stacking business? Also lmao at the fact that we're too horny for quarantine
>>660441 >We dont even have a pub culture because the alcohol taxes are so fucking high. Maybe that could be the far left's route to electoral victory? Just campaign to slash taxes on booze and people would vote for us sight unseen. The rest of our program could be whatever we want, as long as we're the cheap booze party we'd be able to pass it all easily. We'd have both houses of parliament on lock.
>>662547 The media will drag you over the coals for enabling alcohol fuelled violence and domestic violence. I actually had discussion with someone's abouts forming a micro party on to campaign on this issue. The problem is we have no way to get out message out
>>662547 The thing is, Is that Australia relative to the rest of the world genuinely does still have an abnormal amount of Alco's and smokers and shit. So getting elected by promising that you will allow people to get drunk quicker for less is probably not a good long term ideal. Im still opposed to alcohol / Tobaco / GST taxes as those are basically the most Anti-Prole taxes out there
(225.37 KB 600x718 44432222.jpg)
>We've reached a stage of Americanisation where 'You cant badmouth Berijiklian because that makes people think women cant be politicans and its sexist racist kkk cuz she's a girl boss premier!'
>>665642 not true tho...
>>665715 I've seen many people either bluccheck or just uninformed rubes repeating those basic points on a regular basis recently.
>>662852 >probably not a good long term ideal Who said anything about long term ideals? It'd just be the policy you run on to get votes. If you were a communist your first order of business upon getting elected would be eliminating poverty & inequality, proven to be the two main root causes of substance abuse. Presumably 'eliminate poverty surprisingly easily' would just get your party memory-holed by the IPA-run media, 'cheap durries and vb' can't be combated without losing sacrificing their small-government credentials. Think Hunter Thompson shaving his head and running against the crew-cut "my long-haired opponent" cop. >>662843 >The problem is we have no way to get out message out This is the larger, more fundamental problem with the Left today. The material conditions for actual, honest-to-god global no-money-no-wage-labour communism have existed for at least half a century, and production for exchange has been a state-subsidised fiction for even longer. Despite those facts, we can't seem to convince anybody to stop Weekend-at-Bernie's-ing capitalism's corpse and take the extremely obvious next step of abolishing the prices and wages system. Half of us are stuck parroting century-old political lines intended for building military-industrial complexes in peasant economies. The other half of us waste our effort fetishising various superstructural elements. Meanwhile the world's states continue incinerating their own productivity to keep their long-outmoded system solvent for one more quarter, at the expense of literally all that is good in the world. Seriously, how are we so bad at this? All the infrastructure needed to support decoupling labour from consumption has been built for us. The material wealth to support general abundance definitely exists. The Bolsheviks won half the world on the distant promise of these things, while we have to scrape and beg for a few local council seats despite being able to sort it all out tomorrow. Materially communism's close enough to taste, but politically we're as far away as we've ever been. What are we doing wrong here? I didn't intend for this to turn out long. I'll have a double cheeseburger, a medium fries and a large chocolate shake, thanks.
>>665750 freak power!
https://nitter.net/VicUnions/status/1279346449570922496#m >Thank you to everyone who reached out asking for ways you can support public housing residents in lockdown. Here’s a fundraising page where you can make a donation. >supportpublichousingresident >We will work in solidarity to get people through this. https://supportpublichousingresidents.raisely.com/ >Residents of 9 public housing towers in Flemington and Kensington are locked down. >The Victorian union movement will do whatever is needed to support residents. >Be it employment advice, representation or financial support, we will work in solidarity to get people through. >Donate today to support public housing residents.
(44.53 KB 1035x669 2020-07-04_21-42.png)
pointless byelection
>>665750 >What are we doing wrong here? The entire movement lacks vision.
>>665836 >Even after everything thats fucking happened these last two years there's only a less then 5% swing in Labours favour Libs are gonna win again lmao
>>667493 yeah lab only won off shooters fishers farmers preference flows i think
(34.76 KB 720x772 if-you-move-far-enough-left.jpg)
>>667498 Most leftist party in Australia
>>661642 >nor would I ever encourage people to go and vote for them why
>>630384 That's the feeling I got from the one person I spoke to about IWW in Brisbane. Fuck me why can't we just have a normal commie organisation.
>>657063 Jordie is a fucking idiot who thinks trade unions and voting will emancipate workers
>>681121 He's also the most likeable non-right wing eceleb.
>>681145 i coudn't give less of a fuck about that. every apolitical retard in australia sees that shit and thinks oh man im gonna vote so hard in the next election for labour because I'm a left radical and the only way to change is to voooooottteeee
>>681205 >>681121 >Hey kids! Protesting against the goverment basically slow motion nuking the planet is fine and all but have you tried vooting for labour and putting your minuscule supers into a “Sustainable superfund”???? >”Come on guys we need to vote Labour gladys is L I T E R A L L Y destroying Australia!”
>>681229 I'M.... I'M GONNA... I'M GONNA VO-... I'M GONNA VOOOOOOOOOOOTE and join a trade union to own the libs :)
Any of you lads ever interacted with ACP members and if so, what are they like?
>>695579 Their used to be a long time regular poster here (who ironically was not a communist but a self described “technocrat”) who I believe had a lot of interactions with the ACP or the CPA whichever it was during his “Communist phase”
Nzposter here. What the fu k is going on in Australia, I went to melboirne in 2019 and its like Baudrillards fucking playground. Full Japan bubble economy optimism early cyberpunk shit going on. Are you guys OK??
>>681121 >Jordie is a fucking idiot who thinks trade unions and voting will emancipate workers True, nevertheless he is not the only one of this opinion. Despite ideology the proles would like their work rights, work health and safety, and decent public services like medicare, centrelink etc. So voting and joining unions is good, despite the inner city virtue signalling and pearl clutching of Sydney and Melbourne. Unions and voting would help considerably for this. Its just that jordies is an avid defender of cuckolds. Given his exposure to "life coaching" material in 3-4 years he might unironically support the LNP. >>696526 Liberals, and not the LNP but actual liberals which some socialists, communists and anarchists have been involved vicariously as they can talk "technicalities" with liberals and fostered "adjuncts". The liberals like their aesthetics and printing presses. Daniel Andrews and his administration's handling of the virus along with treasonous deals with China and without the Federal government could call for an early election. They (state government and federal oversight) might try to call it soon in respect to public outrage and sheep sodomiser exacerbating the climate through the papers as a gambit to advocate for a liberal state government.
https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12470424 >Residents in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire will soon be required to wear face coverings in public or risk a fine, as Victoria extends its state of emergency by another four weeks. >The new rule will come into effect from 11:59pm on Wednesday, and the fine for not wearing one will be $200.
>>696526 Yeah the LNP/Nationals/Libs with the ALP as collaborators have pretty much spent their time in power successfully turning Australia into 1988 Japan. Gigantic empty apartment buildings and office towers that only have value via speculation and that are used mainly as monopoly pieces between companies rather then to actually house people or host businesses. News stories about Speculation capitalists and landlords buying a new stretch Limo and Minx coat with the money they earned from their "Air BNB empire" as the vast majority of the population are entrapped in Service sector wage enslavement
>>696526 >Full Japan bubble economy optimism early cyberpunk shit going on. I KNOW AND I FUCKING HATE IT
(108.30 KB 398x384 80m australia.png)
Don't mind me i'm just posting this here to see what you guys think with your whole "the country is burning" thing going on.
>>703774 cunt what the fuck is this
>>704253 >>704258 You gotta admit, just the murray-darling basin lake would be enough to turn half the outback green.
>https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-22/australian-soldiers-signal-with-confederate-flag-in-afghanistan/12476530 >A video shows SAS soldiers using the Confederate flag to signal to a US helicopter >The flag has since been effectively banned by the US military >Australian troops were previously seen flying a Nazi flag, and now the SAS is being accused of a lack of leadership
>>708511 why are australian troops particularly retarded? they're on par with burger troops
>>708858 >why are australian troops particularly retarded? Because you have to be a special kind of nazi to willingly go fight in conflicts that are explicitly about trading military support for foreign policy objectives. Australia's shit to live in, but it's a better life than getting shot by an Afghan goatherd as a quid pro quo to the Americans so that the Australian government can rely on US intelligence backup when it fucks Indonesia out of Timorese oil.
>Face masks made with allegedly forced Uighur labour in China are being sold in Australia https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/22/face-masks-made-with-allegedly-forced-uighur-labour-in-china-are-being-sold-in-australia
>>709238 They manufacture their stories and then they themselves don't even behave like it's real. If wigger genocide was real, the least the west could do is not purchase slave products. They're delegitimizing their own propaganda.
>>695579 I’m thinking of joining, apparently gotta do like a phone interview or something
>>709502 I wouldn't be surprised if ya gotta do more. Apparently they are stricter on recruitment than the CPA because the CPA has issues with radlibs and/or real obvious infiltrators (or at least that's what I've heard). Good to see them actually vetting people instead of letting just whoever into the party.
i just wanna say that bat'ko fucking sucks
https://www.aida.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Indigenous-doctors-call-for-public-protest-to-be-postponed-.pdf >RELEASEAustralian Indigenous Doctors’ AssociationThursday, 23 July 2020Indigenous doctors call for public protest to be postponedThe Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA) unreservedly supports peoples’ right to protest and acknowledges the historic and ongoing role that protest has played in changing laws and practices that have discriminated against Indigenous peoples. From the 1938 Day of Mourning and the Freedom Rides to the Wave Hill Walk Off, the AIDA remembers those who stood up for equality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. We also understand the historic devastation that unchecked viral contagions can bring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.For the sake of our Elders and most vulnerable, AIDA urges people not to attend the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest marches in Sydney this weekend until the risks of further spread of COVID-19 can be mitigated.We acknowledge the work of Black Lives Matter protest organisers in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in protests held so far, and do not link existing cases of COVID-19 to previous protests. Despite this, as doctors we are bound to remind everyone that social distancing is still the best way to prevent the further spread of this potentially deadly new virus. COVID-19 is currently spreading through communities in Victoria and in New South Wales, and restrictions on mass gatherings need to be respected.
What's the best way to get up to date and have your finger on the pulse with Australian politics? I (embarrassingly) seem to know more about what's going in the U.S compared to here.
>>537472 The only reactionary here is you Oskar. And no it's not who you think this is. You're that predictable.
How the fuck can we ever radicalise the working class when i cant even bring myself to talk to the bogan downstairs neighbours and ask them to be more considerate during the wee hours of the morning? >>717161 yeah. Thats very normal. i just developed an rss feed of australian sites worth following. Also like all the pages of your local and state politicians and see what it is they are talking about and what people are saying to them. Local politics matters and is the easiest to break into. crikey the best if you can afford it new matilda the conversation independant australia club troppo AIMN overland the monthly the saturday paper wsws.org has some aus articles new politics the failed estate grogs gamutt matt cowgill social journalism john menadue no fibs talking point australia the fifth estate links.org.au https://theindependents.org.au/ https://www.theautomaticearth.com/ https://www.quarterlyessay.com.au/ canberra times Sometimes an interesting new source will pop up on /r/australianpolitics
>>717206 Thanks for this. I live in Victoria so I'm guessing there's gonna be a shitstorm of anti-mask/COVID trash once I like all the pages I need to like. I'll do it anyway though. Time to eat up my hyperreal soup of information.
also https://www.greenleft.org.au/ is useful I sure as hell dont follow every politician. But a few on the left and my local reps on the right just to see what shit they are talking.
>>717206 link rss
(20.70 KB 400x400 batko.jpg)
>>537472 Well that depends is Bat'ko still here?
>>738496 It's should of happened earlier at the start of the this month tbh
>>738539 yeah i really don't get their "wait until it gets worse before we lockdown" attitude, just lockdown from the start like china did
>>738513 Bat'ko announced he was retiring from leftism. He always had a whiff of rich kid about him. He probably graduated and has moved into being a liberal leftist. He probably doesn't even remember bunkerchan is the backup board. He'll probably end his days supervising a young liberals chapter
>>738562 It's the economy stupid
(8.79 KB 472x472 gematria.jpg1.gif)
>>547034 >Which i guess it clearly did because she became minister for the environment shortly after? You can't argue with results.
>>741373 would be better for the economy and thus LNP's election chances (not that they need help) if they locked down properly - they wouldn't have the stop-start shit
Is fighting anti-Asian racism one of the biggest tasks? I keep hearing about Asians being targeted by racist boomer Aussies
>>741362 when did this happen?
Anything happening in Tasmania?
>>741704 yes it would be but i was being faecetious. theyarent stewards of the economy they are responsive to individual business interests, who want to stay open. They see people being sent out to work to death in the u.s and are asking why not here?
>>751291 When will the levee break? Neo-liberalism has wreaked this country (thanks labor) but no one seems even remotely close to class consciousness.
>>751810 It's too hot to think properly.
>>741704 >Is fighting anti-Asian racism one of the biggest tasks? 1. shitlib take 2. Other East Asian and South East Asians been virtually spared as they are not Chinese despite dengist nationalism of "your base are belong to us just dont call it lebensraum, its impolite" 3. boomers wish they were born as Chinese and love them more than their own kids and grandkids - finished >>751291 >Workforce casualisation is part of a wider move towards increasing “labour flexibility”. This is touted as a way for workers to enjoy more control over their lives It started in hospitality, retail and distribution (it seems) during the Howard years culminating into the Industrial Relations "Work Choices" which in 2007 Labor won a considerable victory. Boomers it would seem became uneasy with the neoliberal acceleration by Howard and "The Political Philosophy of Kerry Packer" began with the Keating reforms. It was part of the early symptoms of wage stagnation while other professionals enjoyed most of the remaining work rights and freedoms. Retail and hospitality workers (working for le small business) had suffered as their pay was reduced had to resort to Centrelink double dipping to cover their expenses and protect their savings . The fallout, it appears, that some stopped working in hospitality and retail (le small business), joined franchises (be it working for them or acquiring on), worked a lot less than before, opened their own shop etc. The workers at the time became distrustful towards small business and stopped supporting them (they themselves have been affected, their friend, their relative etc.) and small retailers, while clinging on the market more or less and supplemented by underpaid labour, have dwindled and dread the oncoming of another big retailer like Amazon. Hospitality had been different, in some respect, as they began first to profile by gender (thanks in part to the wives of the business which consider themselves to be not just advisors without liability but high priests just because): men at the back (handling and preparing); women at the front (service and cash handling). The next phase coincided with the visa flood from approximately 1998-2000 (still a Howard LNP federal government) whereby the locals in hospitality were shunned for the visa workers. The visa workers, mostly ultra-reactionaries, were paid far less in an already dubious hospitality sector and afforded those business owners a sense of superiority and that they were doing a community service by "building the lives" of those visa workers while pointing to the locals (usually via radio and word of mouth) "why cant you be like them?" thereby having increased their demands on them yet again aside from casualisation. Even recently, small business owners in hospitality had more or less banded in an unofficial eulogy of visa workers for sustaining the hospitality sector while still lambasting locals for being "too lazy to work" for less than $18 p.h despite business owners having specifically profiled for visa workers. As liberals and boomers could savour mentioning that their spagbol was served by a rather not Italian named worker by any stretch of the imagination, as some kind of wit and oxymoron, small businesses in hospitality have suffered. Now, the visa workers have been opening their own pasta restaurants, for instance, and undercutting Mario's pasta restaurant, Peter's chicken shop, Steve's Fish and Chips as well as Bruce's and Sheila's lunch shop. In addition, the Millennials have been shunning their shops which have been sustained by boomers and Gen X as their shops outreach was minimal to them as the Millennials knew they would be disregarded working there (or their friends, relatives, acquaintances) and carry grievances. UberEats seems to be both a protest and convenience reducing hospitality businesses to mere kitchens; at the same time millennials have been increasingly cooking their food at home. The retail sector suffered similarly with ecommerce (eBay, Amazon etc) as Millennials were purchasing their items from online as again there was no community outreach to Millennials being disregarded in retail as well (retail and hospitality had been go-to jobs for people of all ages) and with the laundry list of requirements by the newly emerged boomer HR and management. eCommerce had mitigated the impact Millennials were facing and explained much later the conundrum that baffled boomers and Early to Mid GenX witnessing Millennials sporting the clothing, gadgetry and other items which in their estimation were not supposed to have. As such, Millennials have become relatively accustomed without retail. The newly voted LNP government in 2013 passed legislation which made eCommerce sites liable for GST (as pushed by retailers) while still doing little to prefer retailers over eCommerce sites. Perhaps the politicians with the increasingly invigorated unions would be encouraged to fix the neoliberal mess. The socdems would be more encouraged instead of being neoliberals with a human face and LNP with a direct line to mining companies to send them the message that maybe they were being unreasonable and egregious.
>>667491 >The entire movement lacks vision. Too fuckin right. Everyone spends all their time hyper-focused on the smallest, dumbest possible things. Literally 100% of their time is spent 'resisting' shit and getting fucking nowhere with it. Where's the strategy? All I see is 'marxist' cunts jumping from issue to issue, attaching themselves to shit with no sense of why they're doing anything, draining it of life and moving on to the next thing. >>741437 That implies that they have the capacity or willingness to look more than a few weeks ahead. They have neither.
(108.41 KB 398x384 80m australia.png)
>imagine being australian and not wanting to fill lake eyre basin up with freshwater
>>752368 we should cover the nullarbor with trees while we're at it forest will bring rainfall, which will make the desert in the middle of the country usable add in some artificial canal-rivers running the length of the country and australia would have all the geographical advantages of the usa allowing us to impose the pax australiana and eventualy communism with strayan characteristics
(1.08 MB 1280x1424 20200807_004054.jpg)
>>752368 Aussies in 20 years after all the crops die be like: "yeah he's a fascist and we're all starving but at least he lets us drink water and eat food he grows on top of a mountain doe"
>>752368 >t. I want the 8 variations of the 8 main cuisines and I am definitely not a property speculator and if I was I would be doing it together with the Chinese government to develop productive forces
(229.64 KB 640x360 drake costanza.png)
>>752374 <...and eventualy communism with strayan characteristics Sooo Bat'koism liberalism?
>>752415 from those that flew here according to their ability, to those that grew here according to their need
>>752402 This but unironically.
Why is Australia so reactionary?
>>752712 Too geopolitically aligned with US.
For a long time, it looked like Australia would avoid a serious coronavirus outbreak. Thanks to brainlet socdems, now we have an outbreak, and the way they fucked up is so fucking dumb. Overseas arrivals have a two week quarantine. In most states, the quarantine was in hotels guarded by the police or military. In Victoria, they were guarded by private security guards... So they awarded contracts to companies to hire security guards. Not just any security guards, but ones chosen for diversity and social inclusion bullshit. So the contractors hired international students and refugees to guard the quarantine places. These guards literally had sex with the people they were supposed to be guarding. They also took them out to restaurants and crap. Socdems are fucking stupid and should never be trusted. https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/security-guards-hired-for-hotel-quarantine-in-an-attempt-at-social-inclusion-20200807-p55jlz.html?btis
>>537472 reporting in cob
>>630155 what do you expect from m*lbournites
>>657398 not to mention we’ve already got a ship or two in dry dock from want of sailors.
>>660970 fuck all’s gonna happen mate. it’ll be forgotten just like the section fourteen shit, but labor’s in the firing line so it’ll get more attention from murdoch’s cumrags election time.
>>752712 highly monopolised media, lack of any piecemeal coherence, idpol and non issues taking centre stage dragging our name in the mud.
>>757687 Is that your new hobby or something?
(446.13 KB 800x1545 skeletonjewelry1.png)
>>757705 I sometimes get obsessed with things, like being obsessed with wanting to turn ronald reagan's and augusto pinochet's bones into jewelry.
>>755257 >Spotless refused, seeking instead to limit the closure to one small section of the plant. So keen was the company to continue production, it offered $50 gift vouchers to those who kept working after about half the shift, or 35 workers, walked off the job. Then it took the employees' union to the Fair Work Commission to try to get the workers back. Wtf
>>755257 Rural vic here, the amount of workplaces doing similar shit is astounding. We're gonna be Melbourne soon cuz some fuckwit wanted to pocket jobkeeper instead of handing it out.
Is there any point joining a party in Australia? Young anon here, wondering about the CPA or ACP.
>>774644 That depends. Do you want a cult to hand-hold you through misreading basic marxist theory? Do you really like handing money over to 'organisers' who do fuck all for the communist cause? Would you like to spend your days standing on street corners shilling the most unsalable commodity in existence? If so, life in a 'communist' organisation might be for you! While I'd love to recommend you get out there and start doing shit immediately, the fact is that every single communist organisation existing today has serious, foundational defects, both in theory and in practice. I would suggest that you do your own reading first, get a solid handle on Marx's argument, subsequent historical developments, and at least an overview-level understanding of the various branches of communist thought. The last thing you want to do is immerse yourself in the cult-like environment of an organisation without a clear idea of what's what, thoery-wise - you run the risk of uncritically absorbing some seriously defective revisions developed by the organisation in order to justify its own dwindling existence.
>>776377 No him, but are there any orgs even close? Or should I sit in with the young labor careerists or the radlib greens?
Hey guys check out this funny video I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB1HkzC5uV4
>>776395 depends what state you are in. In my state both the greens and labor have communist factions
>>779609 You need to slide corporate cock out of your throat for us to understand what you're saying champ
(21.81 KB 512x512 1400219871963.jpg)
>literally only one other commie I know in my town, Filipino fella who shares most of my music tastes >all typical reactionary white boomers and zoomers otherwise with maybe a few libs here and there I'm not sure whether to consider myself blessed that there's at least one other commie here or be annoyed that most of the town are thick-headed twits who would rather blame 'MUH FOREIGNERS' for their shortcomings than take a good hard long look at their parasitic bosses I know this is the struggle of any leftist living in a non-metropolitan area but it doesn't make it any easier when your family will spend an hour ranting about <<<the Chinese>>> invading our country and creating the coronavirus
>>537472 ive had some cringe experiences with other leftists in my city of brisbane so im often a bit put off going into orgs atm.
(56.72 KB 652x289 2020-08-17_22-23.png)
God this cunt is unsufferable. Getting deserved hate in the replies. Shame that one of the most prominent """leftist""" Australian YouTubers is ALP scum. https://twitter.com/friendlyjordies/status/1295312870729609216
(99.85 KB 604x604 1tp5z2.jpg)
>>780011 This reeks of neoliberalism. Which isn't surprising considering how much he adores neolib icons like Hawke and Rudd. I know that he at least brings an otherwise politically blind populace to the table of politics, but he's always serving a buffet of electoralist shite.
>>774644 Is there any point joining a party in Australia? Young anon here, wondering about the CPA or ACP. Join the ACP nigga fuck SAlt t. ACP For real though, the advice here >>776377 is sound. >The last thing you want to do is immerse yourself in the cult-like environment of an organisation without a clear idea of what's what, thoery-wise - you run the risk of uncritically absorbing some seriously defective revisions developed by the organisation in order to justify its own dwindling existence. 100%
>>779835 Lmao what org were they from.
>>780011 >The defender of cucks speaks
https://www.reddit.com/r/AustralianPolitics/comments/ibqe28/hammer_and_sickle_sparks_anger_during_act/ These cunts honestly see it fit to equate the hammer and sickle with the swastika. Complete, unbridled ahistoricism and stupidity, as if the USSR was not a factor in WWII and they didn't liberate any concentration camps. This shit is disgusting. Also a nice touch by the ABC to interview a Trot and see his thoughts. What a joke.
>>780239 not exactly org types but ive been following the protests in kangaroo point and jesus dude some of these people are so fucking stupid. for example one guy assaulted an independent journalist who was live streaming and also just these fucking radlib types who just poison any type of movement.
>>780011 get a real job like being a male model or youtuber for example.
>>537472 This is one of the most surreal documentaries I've ever watched. WTF is wrong with Australians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LVeqqBZTQ4
>>537472 Any rades half decent orgs operating in rural western Vic?
>>788812 you're pretty new, huh
(286.41 KB 750x461 aussie mcdonalds.png)
(35.77 KB 636x397 mcdonalds australia.jpg)
>>789189 Based Broncos; he would have been off his head p*ss drunk anyway...
No jab, no JobSeeker: Govt could link Covid-19 vaccine to welfarehttps://au.news.yahoo.com/jobseeker-link-covid-19-vaccine-005219908.html They let in the Ruby Princess and rushed to reopen state boarders and the politicians have not been fined, hmmm.
going to a socialist alternative meeting tomorrow afternoon i expect it to be deeply cringe.
>>791846 sorry for your loss
Qantas responds to baffling conspiracy theory https://au.yahoo.com/news/qantas-responds-after-linked-secret-societies-122153174.html Nothing to see here folks its just yellow tape and Da Vinci Code homage - just an inside joke mate!
>>792738 “Yeah we like art so we’re going to let engineers draw shit on the side of the plane that makes people incredibly paranoid or scared lol” Reminds me of how Denver airport has all those posters up like. “If you see Dwayne (The Grey alien) walking around just ignore him. One of our agents will pacify him and take him back to the tunnels momentarily”
>>791846 Everyone has gone at least once.
>>780011 God, he’s such a faggot.
>>792738 the alternative is that it's somehow critical to the global illuminati/freemason conspiracy that a plane under maintenance in a middling imperialist backwater has their symbols displayed not particularly prominently like, maybe there is a global secret cabal of world-running elites extracting childrens' pituitary glands as a sex thing or whatever but even so, why put their symbols in such a random and irrlelvant place? how does that serve agenda 21 or whatever? honestly you conspiracy theorist types are all just some flavour of schizo, trying to draw connections that are tenuous at best meanwhile there's all sorts of actual bad shit that the actually existing rich do that gets ignored in favour of fever dreams about murals done presumably by someone suffering mild hypoxia (denver airport's like a k and a half above sea level, it's pretty much higher than all of aus)
>>780011 This guys ideology is basically “Arbeit Macht Frei” If you fit the stereotype of a “TRUE BLUE AUSSIE BATTLER” your cool but if your any sort of other downtrodden of the earth your fucked.
>>796410 t. ex private school inner city drug fiend
>>620298 Socialist Equality Party
>>806785 Based?
>>806814 My reaction too >>806785 The Labor party is currently a vestige of a workers party, they need a kick up the arse and they need it bad. The activist membership they once had is now almost dead (mainly because of their own reforms). The labor left needs show that they're more than just ex-prefect careerists and reach out and help unions like the CFMMEU or they will continue to fail. But I hope and pray to god that this isn't over some coal and gas bullshit, you're better off putting a bullet in a workers head than slotting them into a dying industry.
>>755120 Fucking good. the way they we have treated them is shameful >These guards literally had sex with the people they were supposed to be guarding. reactionary lies. And stop calling state governments run by centrist neolibs "socdem" >>779835 yeah sorry, i cant help being creepy. We should start a leftypol faction in an existing party, and maybe then grow big enough to branch off >>806837 Go with your most cynical instinct. Itll never fail you. Although ive met some actual fossil fuel union workers and they are aware that its contentious and they know they have to find a way to co-operate with other comrades.
>>796759 t. friendlyjordie's wank stain
>>755120 <dandrews is socdem
>>807422 The fossil fuel workers are caught between a rock and a hard place and I feel for them. But coal mines should be treated like asbestos mines imho. Ideally, a German-style just transition should be prioritised. The problem with that is the Asian market (whom has softer climate targets) and the garbage state of industrial relations. Couple that with a Neoliberal Labor party who tries to appeal to Greens voters by parading as cultural (rather than economic) environmentalists and it's no wonder that One Nation or even the Liberal party is a more attractive alternative for a Coal Worker. >One of the men who has led this transition is Michael Mersmann, director of global affairs with German mining union IG BCE. Mersmann is well travelled, charismatic and blunt. >Asked if he thinks that Australia could manage such a transition when and if the time comes he says “No”. >"One of the biggest problems Australia has is there is no existing relationship between employers, trade unions and states," he said. >"In your country you are rather heading towards a conflict, not a consensus. What we are trying to do here is have softer negotiations and find a solution at an earlier point." https://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/how-germany-closed-its-coal-industry-without-sacking-a-single-miner-20190711-p526ez.html It would be interesting to see how the upcoming cycles of Bushfires will impact politics, but so long as Labor remains milquetoast - and the power of the worker remains crippled - everyone loses.
>>792738 >Reminds me of how Denver airport has all those posters up like. “If you see Dwayne (The Grey alien) walking around just ignore him. One of our agents will pacify him and take him back to the tunnels momentarily” That Denver airport was something... Is Dwayne (the gray alien) a POW? Lab rat? Tourist? I wonder... >>796173 Conspiracy theories affect libruls the most, maybe because they may be the next to be exposed. >>817300 >The problem with that is the Asian market (whom has softer climate targets) Not to mention the African market, once the Asian market has been saturated Africa would be next. The media of the trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific sensationalism and virtue signalling have been done to garner favour with the African market. The African diaspora would be bargained and name dropped in meetings for market access in Africa: be it by FTA, tariff, duty reductions and even appeal. That could partially explain fossil fuel industries being fixed on fossil fuels while the populace remains baffled. >Couple that with a Neoliberal Labor party who tries to appeal to Greens voters by parading as cultural (rather than economic) environmentalists Paul Keating. Paul Keating has emerged as the party elder (of the ALP) and has excused and pretensed the Neoliberal reforms, often abbreviated as "the reforms of the early 1990's (and late 1980's)", as saving Australia from being like Greece. Well, it seems that those reforms, unless the situation changes, have prepared Australia to be like Greece. As far as the environment is concerned and the ALP appealing to Green voters, perhaps the ALP has been emerging as a more liberal party to vouch for the "green" private sector and gather votes in LNP electorates. >and it's no wonder that One Nation or even the Liberal party is a more attractive alternative for a Coal Worker. Mining towns proverbially have put all their eggs in one basket and have established their identity as such in an otherwise barren environment. Also they prefer strongly to remain towns and be spared of even semi-urbanisation which the ALP more or less hints for them and rural towns as well.
CIAempanada attacked friendlyjordies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdD0K3kLlps
(27.47 KB 518x550 trust no one.jpg)
>>820585 Obviously badempanada > friendlyjordies but i feel like BE doesn't understand ALP or its history. ALP is shit, but its not shit because its filled with porky, its shit because its filled third-way social democrats who let capitalism realism rot their brain. Like Jesus christ can't these radlibs understand that not everything bad in the world is porky Pic.related state of labor
>>813914 He may have reconsidered his wasted life recently after outsourcing quarantine failed so miserably https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-01/why-more-covid-19-cases-in-private-aged-care-than-public-sector/12503212 >The private-public divide was thrust into the spotlight after Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews responded to a journalist who asked whether he would want his mother in a private aged care home. >"Some of the stories we've seen are unacceptable and I wouldn't want my mum in some of those places," he said.
>>821551 aged-care is federal, not state
>>821540 I feel you. I feel like Australia is the result of a failed democratic socialist project. We had strong union membership and a workers party, but it all got eroded away over time. Tragic really. Also tragic is that Labor pretty much absorbed communists in the past (apart from a few die hards) so now we are left with a Liberal-lite party and some useless satellite Trots.
>>821540 I actually remember a post from old /leftypol/ where someone (I think it was the house technocrat) actually talked about him by chance actually meeting “His local MP from Labour” and having a chance to talk to him about politics. The guy basically agreed with the anon on 90% of shit (Class war, Exploitation, Marxs critique of capital being fundamentally correct etc) but then copped out by just saying “Yeah well ALP and the ACTU are our best chance at fixing all this!”
>>796410 Note: I now sorta retract this statement. It has now come to my attention that the people he is targeting genuinely are RadLib LARPers that just call people pedos and whores on twitter.
>>821540 Relevant
>>821673 Whoever he's targeting is irrelevant.
>>820412 What I don’t get is that the last time that we had a (sorta) based ALP PM (Rudd) we literally became the opposite of Greece. In the face of the entire worlds fucking economy imploding we were still going strong (In all the ways Libs and NeoLib right-Labor care about) and now with green line going up into the fucking sky and a liberal goverment in power our entire nation is imploding
>>821583 100% agree. I think Australia is the best argument against democratic socialism. Trying to achieve socialism solely through bougiouris democracies leads to compromising with porky(social democracy). compromising with porky leads to collaboration with porky (third-way), and collaboration leads to the death of the movement(pasokification). But according to lenin, ALP have also been libs >In Australia the Labour Party has done what in other countries was done by the Liberals, namely, introduced a uniform tariff for the whole country, a uniform educational law, a uniform land tax and uniform factory legislation. https://www.marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1913/jun/13.htm
>>821795 Damn dude why would you NOT quote this line? >The Australian Labour Party does not even call itself a socialist party. Actually it is a liberal-bourgeois party, while the so-called Liberals in Australia are really Conservatives. This quote has aged like fine fucking wine. It's also weird to see how he ends the article by claiming that "Europeans and Russians claiming Australia to be an example of a nation overcoming class struggle is dumb because A. B. C." Was that an actual "THIS is real socialism!" used by Kautskyites of the day?
What the deal with this china university shit? Is this a real issue or is this just a bit of manufactured consent for a cold war with china? Link for those out of the know: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/queensland/pavlou-lights-a-cigar-for-new-inquiry-into-foreign-interference-at-universities-20200831-p55qzz.html
>>825432 >Read the article >Supported by fucking Katter and the LNP >It's over some uni student getting b8nned because he kept spamming the China Bad copypasta IRL on campus and was harassing people >Smug ass looking libtards owned face in the article. >This somehow means fucking Xi told the university to suspend him (NOT EVEN KICK HIM OUT) for HARASSING PEOPLE Gee wiz what do you think?
>>825432 >"We need basically every student to be politicised, woken up. We need students to stop being sheep and go back to the days where students on campus would be fighting against the Vietnam War," he said. >"We need to go back to more radical days on campuses where students actually have the balls to stand up to these villains and vampires." Man he's totally fucken clueless isn't he?
>>825471 Maybe he's genuinely just very stupid and actually believes who ever the fuck conceived this whole grift actually gives a fuck about "Freedom of speech" or whatever
Imagine if the Chinese philosophy classes and history classes at Uni actually were CCP recruiting tools and not just basically a tourism advertisement by china. Like Australia just has an active clandestine communist cell in every major city lmao
>>825432 There's some pushback against it from Labor (Left?) apparently, which is a good thing I guess. >Federal Labor politicians have called on the party to tread carefully before supporting the Morrison government’s planned laws to tear up universities’ global deals, with one saying the opposition should resist a “McCarthyist campaign”. >The concerns within Labor ranks came as tensions between Australia and China deepened on Monday when Beijing broadened its trade investigation into Australian wine imports to include claims the sector had unfairly benefited from government subsidies. >Victorian Labor senator Kim Carr told Guardian Australia the party should be wary about the government’s legislation to review and scrap agreements between universities and foreign governments. He saw the move as part of “a half-baked campaign against our scientists and researchers for partisan political reasons”. >Graham Perrett, Labor’s assistant education and training spokesman, said universities felt they were in the government’s crosshairs and he believed there was “a lot of cheap politics in this … with a little soupçon of xenophobia thrown in”. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/aug/31/coalition-plan-to-end-global-deals-by-universities-smacks-of-mccarthyist-campaign-says-labor
>>821682 To be fair for national policy the ALP/LNP have interchangeably abolished and instated policies for neoliberalism (Hawke to Keating to Howard - one hand washed the other). The Kevin Rudd administration was faced with the GFC and thankfully, it would seem, there were individuals that knew the period of the Great Depression and the way the USA minted more money and arranged infrastructure projects (interestingly at that time unions more or less compelled the American government to do as such). The Rudd administration sought to adapt that policy in Australia for the then current year and period. Greece by contrast further instated neoliberalism (including privitisation) by supposed well meaning and "parental" figures of the ECB, IMF and World Bank. Paul Keating is now the ALP elder and GenX'ers perhaps remember him goading at them to "get a job" and ushered Australia into neoliberalism. Of course GenX very likely is a split generation between the early and late which the early got to enjoy the post-WW2 rally. Millennials, very unlikely to be a split generation as they merely tasted and smelled the post WW2 rally. The ALP has been appealing to early GenX and Boomers lately; Millennials have been disregarded after the 2019 election. There would be more neoliberalism from the ALP too with better aesthetics. The liberals believe that they are "life coaches in chief" and if only sheep shagger and jabba the hut "contribute" to the policies there would be another mining boom like rally.
>>825486 without the Confucious institute funding this shit most unis will no longer have a Mandarin program. The Spanish government also funds Spanish classes all over Australia but apparently that's fine.
(46.37 KB 729x335 jsdj.png)
no thanks
>>821671 It's actually really easy to talk to MPs. They have an office that's probably a walk from your house. Once my local mp literally challenged me to come to his office and debate him because I called him shit on facebook. Non cabinet MPs are pathetic people with nothing to do really.
A rule of thumb to tell whether a union is based or shit is looking at what international federation they belong to. ITUC = shit neoliberal federation WFTU = based socialist federation Most ACTU unions belong to the ITUC. There is one exception: the CFMEU belongs to the WFTU. If these new unions, like RAFFWU and the unemployed union want solidarity, they should look at joining the WFTU. They will join the likes of the CFMEU and solidarity with real unions all over the world.
>Victorian legislature likely to pass what some call “Modern enabling act” for Andrews. Giving him broad sweeping power and authorities.
>>827628 Doesn't he already have the power? Isn't this just extending it?
>>828569 He could just renew the state of disaster instead of the state of emergency so this is a relenquishment of power in the face of the disaster ebbing I think All effective power is at the chief medical officer not andrews anyway innit?
>>828599 Nah DIKTATOR DAN wants to implement ARTICLE 48 in COMMIE POZZBOURNE
https://indaily.com.au/news/2020/09/01/low-income-rental-market-lockout-despite-centrelink-boost/ >“Rent deferrals and eviction moratoriums are ending soon, and some people are in arrears for thousands of dollars.
>>832275 No way! If its like that in Adelaide then Sydney and Melbourne would likely be worse. Queue the life coaches and the LNP/ALP referencing them Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Radio Commercials (Mike Andrews #1 (The Yin And The Yang) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-iqkb4rmkA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Radio Commercials (Mike Andrews #2 (USA! USA!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqZLnCRmVZk Perhaps if it wasnt for the unions the ALP would have been the LNP with better aesthetics.
>>832275 So glad that no one in my family bought the defferal shit and actually believed the banks were actually going to be reasonable / fair and just kept paying their bills on time. So many people are going to be out on their ass or end up falling into an endless debt spiral when this shit expires
>>834114 There'll be a march to the right thats for sure. Why by tickets to fly to America when you can just wait 3-5 years and see your country become America.
>>821671 Ive spoken to labor politicians and i can tell you they are very good at sounding like they agree with you without saying anything concrete or commital. >>821673 AUWU is good and IDGAF about the shortcomings of its members. >>825432 Its student politics being broadcast onto the international stage for months on end and you have to ask if its legit? >>825483 He's a liberal philosophy student, so yeah. >>825486 dont laugh. Certain members of the CPA were brought to china to receive guerilla warfare training back when china was still based. >>825550 And the Alliance francaise. Its expensive as hell though.
>Daniel Andrews will never turn into a tankie from being sick of Murdoch lies and antimasker mutt shit. I really wish there was a socdem to tankie pipeline.
So this fucking YouTube channel called “epoch times” which is literally just “CHINA BAD CHYNA BAD CHYNA BAD CHUNA BAD” released a video where it’s like “over a thousand Australian Scientists have accepted offers to work for the CCP Goverments evil science program!” Or what the fuck ever Funnily enough ignoring that most of these guys stated reason for moving to China was because it was literally more we’ll paying and secure then working for the Australian goverment.
>>836355 We really do need to make the Labor party Red again
>>837393 SocDems cuck to the libruls (not the LNP per se, unless Albo) so the unions keep them in check.
>>847144 >dictator dan I fucking wish. Jesus Christ I hate how god damn spineless dan and lab are acting in the face of this bullshit. When will social liberals and suc dems learn playing defensive in politics will ALWAYS lead to you losing. If Labor had any balls they’d match Dan out there in military fatigues and a comically oversized Brezhnev cap and have him announce we’re sending the “globalist pedophiles” and foreign agents/traitors straight to the god damn salt mines when they win the next election. “Yep I’m the big bad AUSTRALIA FIRST patriot far left radical dictator and we’re bring gonna so many jobs and so much healthcare you’re gonna drown in it.” But they won’t because succdems are fucking spineless big hearted/small headed dweebs who can’t stop guzzling faggot middle class cock long enough to see the writings on the wall for liberal democratic/enlightenment values and that the same professional managerial human rats whose assholes they can’t stop eating out are gonna stab them in the god damn back and vote for a reject store trump in a heart beat.
>>847144 That wont happen. Nothing will happen. >Andrews will be totally dickless as usual and order the police to handle the retards literally coughing on people as a form of protest with kid gloves. The Retards wont care and will still claim andrews is running them over with tanks and considering their current Anti-Chyna angle we will probably here some "LITERALLY TIENANMEN SQUARES" If even one person is injured. >The MSM will continue to paint Andrews as a literal dictator + an incompetent bureaucrat + Part of the fucking Illuminati enacting the planademic to implement Agenda-21 etc >All these people in the most infected part of the state protesting will lead to even more outbreaks. Andrews will then be blamed for not stopping the protests they started. >Andrews will lose the next election. >Labour loses the next federal election. >Queensland Labour probably runs out of time and loses their election. And then yeah probably just one more election cycle after that for the LNP to sweep up the NT and WA and yeah we will be living in Russia 1991-2000 or Thatchers northern england.
>>847188 >me Pressed enter too soon. In a heart beat when their shit throne of Pety bourgeois air conditioned office social peace is threatened by re-proletarianization/lumpenization as the global crisis intensifies**
>>847191 Yeah it fucking blows but you’re spot on comrade. Our best hope at this point IMO is that Trump wins in the US then go full acceleration toward civil war/collapse, and as a result the libs are forced to awkwardly pivot to China with the national bourgeois/moderate wing of their party seizing power and either labor shifting toward orthodox social democracy and away from the middle class or the libs under the mining/Nat-bourgeois/moderate wing having the foresight to enact bare minimal survival policies to deal with catastrophic climate change. I’m slightly optimistic that is at least a possibility, but in all our country is probably fucked.
>>847188 >“Yep I’m the big bad AUSTRALIA FIRST patriot far left radical dictator and we’re bring gonna so many jobs and so much healthcare you’re gonna drown in it.” The thing is. I believe that the vast majority of us (Australians) in general when you strip away the several decades of actual psyops level media brainwashing are basically Social-Democrats when it comes to the economic position. But Communism and socialism as concepts seem to be the final wall that cant be broken and if you try to push it to them they just shut down instantly So yeah if you could just find some Ex-Soldier or some shit who can walk around in his fatigues all day and just phrase radical policies as just "Australian Nationalism" or "Taking Australia back" that probably could be a winning policy. >"Im gonna stop the great Australian self off! (By privatising natural resources and infrastructure)" >"Were gonna take our independence back! (By closing pine gap and shilling a republic)" >"Were gonna make sure every aussie has a job that pays them enough food on the table to eat! (via a goverment jobs program that ensures guaranteed employment in the public sector)" etc etc
>>847197 >*By nationalising resources and infrastructure glaring error
>>847197 Yeah that’s my line of thought too. Aussies are absolutely not like yanks in that we tend towards orthodox social democratic positions. Eg most aussies are not opposed to nationalising natural resources/utilities or basic socialist programs so long as you don’t ever say the S or C words. A genuine left wing government would have to ride on strong nationalist rhetoric. Ideally you’d present it in such a way that distances with the idea of shared values with the yanks (“ We have no shared values with people who rape kids and shoot up churches and kindergartens for sport”. You’d need a strong personality though. Either ex military or some kind of national icon who can play strong man. Ideal set up would be a tanned bogan ex military type with a broad accent + perpetual stubby in his hands and his running mate, an aboriginal bloke named Daryl. Even with that though it’s be an up hill battle trying to pre-empt and avoid having the narrative stolen by murdoch’s Goons.
>>847202 By running mate I ofc mean deputy PM. I forget I’m not always talking with septos.
>>847195 Yeah the collapse of the US would probably at the very least trigger a small paradigm shift here as well. Imagine it like a colonial holding (Which honestly you dont even have to imagine) waking up one day and getting the news over the phone the motherland has collapsed into insane civil war / isolationism / chaos. I imagine the L-N response to seeing the US go up in flames would be something like >"Oh...W...What do we do now??????" Followed by an embarrassing attempt to reach a new Detente with China after burning literally every bridge Rudd first built. But then again knowing the L-N there is really no guarantee they just wont go full UK mode and just be like "We are sticking with the US NO. MATTER. WHAT." And put fucking PM Dutton or Mathias Cormann in charge to run things. Im literally not sure how that would even look though considering how fucked up that could make things
>>847204 I’m generally of a mind that civil war in the US would be a kind of Syria on steroids. In which case it’s hard to align with the US when there may be a dozen groups claiming to be the US. For all their sucking up to Murdoch, Libs and labor both are more closely aligned with the Democrats than the republicans, which complicates things further. Honestly I see the only course of action being detente with China. The only other option is Europe and they’re just too far/don’t have the ability to project power. With Brexit coming up, US civil war IMO would crush Britain to the point of geopolitical irrelevancy, so I don’t see any genuine attempt at a CAZNUK fantasy. I think it’d be fucking hilarious, after all their retarded shit flinging and yipping the libs desperately scrambling to align themselves with China and somehow create a narrative internally to justify this. I think that’s be the only rational option, although it does need to be stressed that the libs are legitimately retarded. If any group of idiots in the world are stupid enough to double down in that kind of catastrophe it’d Be them.
>>847144 They are trying to put Dan Andrews in a catch-22 situation. ALP in Victoria has botched it with the virus quarantine, social distancing etc. Add that to extrajudicial signing to the one belt one neolibrul waistline the ALP would be toiling to keep Dan Andrews as premier - ALP in Victoria minimum. Its seems that there would be an ALP reshuffle and resignation again. Dan Andrews is trending right now.
>>847212 This is what you get by playing “higher ground” respectability bullshit. He was fucked either way, if they were always going to call him big evil Hong Kong dictator then he was better off playing hardline and bashing in some skulls early to get things under control. You can’t have your fucking cake and eat it too. He tried to damage control Murdoch’s fuckery AND get the pandemic under wraps and as a result, he’s fucked up both fronts. If these whingey clowns want a Tiananmen so bad then fucking give them one.
(353.57 KB 1400x1400 GettyImages-158581520.0.0.jpg)
This is unrelated to all the covid stuff thats going on but I'm curious to know: What is your opinion on guns? Do you think Australian laws are too strict? Did Howard make the right call? Why/ why not?
>>847231 No. The “right to bear arms” is one of the few “rights” (a mystical bourgeois construct) worth defending. The only socialist or “left wing” policy on guns is universal mandatory armament. Whether this is done by individually distributing guns to households (Eg an Albanian/Chinese style mandatory 1 rifle per family policy) or via mandatory universal conscription + organisation of non & post conscripts into paramilitary workers militias (eg Venezuela, DPRK or east Germany) is debatable. Either way though, the Proletariat as a class must be armed to the maximum reasonable extent possible. Given transition to socialism is unlikely to take place any time remotely soon, and in the absence of any kind of even reformist left with a hint of testosterone, one of the few single issues worth backing is gun rights. I’m probably going to toss my vote to the shooters party for that reason. If you’re buttfuck regional, it’s slightly preferable to blank balloting.
>>847231 Banning funs was pretty ngl. And the fact that it was done by one of the Rights favourite PM's makes it odd to me the Left has never bothered to capitalise more off of it. In the case of Australia we genuinely only really had one (1) mass shooting that was severe enough that public consciousness views it as such ad it was a genuine outlier that basically no amount of fun control would have stopped anyway
>>847237 The Labor party or even the Greens can make an argument for guns, but its pretty clear they're too focused on the middle class voter who'll probably change their mind at the ballot box anyway. I agree that a well-armed and well-trained populace is the backbone to any democratic society, but where I hesitate is if we're culturally prepared to accept guns back. The great fear is that we end might up like America, where mass murder is routine - which isn't a fault of the guns itself, but because they have a culture that enables and glorifies it. I guess my point is that there is a laundry list of problems to solve before the ban on guns is lifted (media saturation, party funding by interest groups, union empowerment, etc.). Of course, this is from a reformist perspective - for the revolutionary, if he wants guns then there are ways of getting them.
>>847245 Of course a revolutionary can aquire guns when needed, but for me arming for revolution isn’t really a concern. Being able to legally turn up to a large protest armed with AR’s or Kalishnakovs is advantageous even when working within the confines of the bourgeois legal system. It’s better that we have comrades who are armed, and trained those arms now than to wait for a hypothetical catastrophe to try to attain arms and train people to use them. Besides that, and on a strictly personal level, I’d like if some fashy thugs break into my house and threaten my family to be able to legally put a bullet in their heads. That would of course require “castle laws” which again, are useful so long as we have to live under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. I think you’re correct in your assessment that legalisation of guns now would lead to problems - namely mass violence. Australian culture and society have degenerated strongly from the 1990’s.. in my opinion though US style gun violence taking off is preferable to the bourgeois state possessing a total monopoly on arms.
>>847251 Can't disagree with you there comrade
Coronavirus: Victoria exposed in ADF assistance documents | 9News Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C82CQyFmjY8 --------------- Also, why are ambulances not covered by medicare!? Like what!?
>>854752 You just know this is because some property manager wanted to cut costs, privatisation is going to run us into the ground.
We're heading into fire season again comrades https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/true-story-china-using-artillery-and-tanks-put-out-forest-fires-53952 This looks handy Good way to re-establish good ties with China the idiots in charge have tucked up Apologise on behalf of those idiots and ask for help
>>855200 The severity of the last round of fires (Which it can not be understated how apocalyptic they were) are directly linked to the choice of NSW Liberals to gut the fire service. I can only fucking imagine what its going to be like this year with even more austerity and more climate change.
>>855242 I wouldnt be surprised if NSW was a zombie state (they squandered the treasury on frivolities and "favours" and hardly any public services thanks to privitisations) and they deliberately cut forestry and fire services so the could plead to the federal government for funds.
>>855242 Anyone recommend any gas masks? No I am not being ironic
>>855262 unissued, surplus israeli m15 - still used by most israeli units, I believe. the nbc-rated butyl rubber lasts forever and the charcoal filter in the supplied canister is all you need. don't worry about the expiration date if it's for corona - don't use if the seal has already been broken.
>>855272 what about for fires
>>855339 g2g for short term exposure (e.g., grocery run, leaving an area, etc.). any serious ppe for that purpose will have some closed-circuit breathing apparatus way out of reach for the average person. most of the canister's weight and expense comes from shit you will never encounter
>NSW Berejiklian government in chaos as Nationals quit over koala protection policy Gladys Berejiklian’s NSW government has effectively been plunged into minority government after the NSW Nationals withdrew their support for government legislation over their objections to koala protections, which came into force in March. The Nationals leader and deputy premier, John Barilaro, says the Liberals will need “to earn their votes” on legislation, rather than having guaranteed support. Barilaro said his party would be abstaining from voting on government legislation except when it is legislation that affects the regions or which the Nationals deem important. Barilaro has ruled out voting with Labor to bring down the government or block supply. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/sep/10/nsw-nationals-withdraw-support-for-government-bills-over-koala-protection-policy
>>855474 Idk what to think of this other than the NSW govt is in more shambles than the Victoria govt
>>855474 National-Labour NAZLAB
>>855517 We bringing back the Farmer and Labour party?
I'm noticing the kulaks are sooking about lack of farm labour and claiming it earns $3000 a week and people are lazy I've been applying for that work for years with no response, not even a "thank you but ..." My phone number hasn't changed, so why isn't my phone ringing? Well cunts?
>>855474 BREAKING: Barilaro backs down The NSW Deputy Premier has reneged on his threat to stop supporting Government legislation. The Premier Gladys Berejiklian this morning asked John Barilaro for a commitment that the Nationals would stay in the state’s Coalition Government Mr Barilaro agreed to that and says his MPs will support Government legislation. He asked the Premier to convene a special meeting on koalas on September 21 and it is understood that Premier refused. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-11/live-blog-nsw-government-liberal-national-stoush-over-koalas/12652672
I have an easy idea to get you on your local council. If we all do this, then we can make entire local councils communist. Businesses can vote in local council elections. So just make 10000 ABNs (it is free) and make sure all of these "businesses" are registered to vote. In the next council election, just vote 10000 times with these "businesses" and win the election.
>>537472 >Australian Yes. >reactionary Only a little bit.
>>855581 >Farmer and Labour A single party representing both sweat & soil!
>>857528 What an absolute fucking weak cunt. >>856987 Same sort of non logic i experience. I tell people that iv'e applied to break my back stacking shelves at coles upwards of 50 times and got nothing back and all i get is "umm ok sweety maybe try acting more willing to work in the interview :)" Like WHAT FUCKING INTERVIEW????? I NEVER GET TO THE INTERVIEW! Anyway im genuinely considering i may inquire into being a fruit picker in a couple more months if things dont pick up.
Have you guys noticed that like all thats on Australian TV is period pad ads and Incontent adult diapers for women? Like wtf? Women are disgusting!
>>859057 Why submit yourself to the torture of Australian television? Yes, girls are gross (except the ones that like me :^) )
>>859057 What's even the point of advertising for things that half the population isn't going to ever buy for themselves, and the other half of the population will naturally buy? "Who knows what would happen if we weren't advertising houses. Nobody would buy them without ads!"
>>857528 piss weak
>>859057 <What's even the point of advertising for things that half the population isn't going to ever buy for themselves only boomers watch telly
Somebody told me negative gearing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negative_gearing_in_Australia Is the biggest reason for antipode politics going down the crapper. How accurate is this?
>>863153 Negative gearing = buy a house as an investment property and get a tax break It's not the biggest reason, not being socialist is of course a bigger issue sure but It's driving house prices and rent through the roof
>Hoi4 >This mod i really like. (TNO : Last days of Europe) >Looks at Australia. >"Oh its not generic its got its special modifiers." >RECESSION OF 1962 >It's safe to say the Labour party has well and truly ruined Australia's economy. The endless debt. Promises and policies that couldn't be kept. Endless cronyism. and checks that couldn't be cashed. >Then in 1962 it all collapsed leaving the new liberal government to pick up the pieces. Coping Lib-Nat fingers typed all this.
>>863824 >M-M-Menzies was totally based you guys! They do love ol' Pig Iron Bobby Read comments if you want to burn your eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhvmsV9bnxQ
>>863534 It seems that making median income isnt that feasible as it was in Australia (le lucky country days) due to wage stagnation and a rigged economy (socialism for the few but neoliberalism for the rest) among other factors. LNP and ALP would just "import" median income people, dispatch a census and: "our median income has grown". >>863153 Negative gearing has involved the banking, finance and real estate sector. It had been packaged as a get rich quick scheme (at least get rich quick in terms of relative "worth"). Those three sectors had marketed the slogan of Australian property doubling every 8 years often being repeated by boomers and to a lesser extent early GenX. It was considered to be a retirement scheme whereby they would dump/sell the properties to settle/pay off the mortgage once they have doubled a few times already. When the "foreign investor visas" were drafted and later granted the negative gearing investors were thrilled; likewise when student visas and work visas were expanded (le room sharing, le 20 people in bunk beds). The banking royal commission made plenty of the negative gearing investors very anxious, spared momentarily at least, by the LNP politically intervening on the matter and assigning a "change of culture". The trail reaches to the real estate sector and parliament.
Government to use $52.9m funding to unlock more gas for domestic market https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/government-to-use-dollar529m-funding-to-unlock-more-gas-for-domestic-market/ar-BB191Rxx?ocid=BingHPC >The current heads of agreement is due to expire later this year. The government is wary of massive pushback from the industry to a domestic gas reservation, and concerned about the risk of capital flight. >A leaked report from the manufacturing taskforce attached to the commission headed by Andrew Liveris, a former Dow Chemical executive and current Saudi Aramco board member, recommended the government underwrite an increased national gas supply and that government agencies partner with companies to accelerate development of new fields such as Beetaloo Basin, and that states introduce subsidy schemes for gas-fired power plants. >That report, revealed by Guardian Australia, (here https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/may/21/leaked-covid-19-commission-report-calls-for-australian-taxpayers-to-underwrite-gas-industry-expansion) also proposed a role for government in helping develop gas pipelines between eastern states and the north, and potentially a $6bn trans-Australian pipeline between the east and west, by either taking an equity position, minority share or underwriting investments. In a statement issued ahead of Tuesday’s speech, Morrison said the initiatives over the coming months were about “making Australia’s gas work for all Australians”. >“Gas is a critical enabler of Australia’s economy,” Morrison said. “Our competitive advantage has always been based on affordable, reliable energy. >“As we turn to our economic recovery from Covid-19, affordable gas will play a central role in re-establishing the strong economy we need for jobs growth, funding government services and opportunities for all.” >Taking the cue from the government’s positive signalling, the gas industry is lobbying Canberra to adopt a range of changes in the budget, including making wages and salary costs tax deductible, creating a new investment allowance for the industry, extending roll-over relief from the capital gains tax, amending environmental regulations to streamline new development and remove the water trigger, and providing loan guarantees.
>>868624 Looking forward to the speeches Scomo gives in support of gas while in a fog of bush fire smoke
>>863862 Actually in the mod it seems Menzies is never elected or is never relevant in politics at all and Holt is just the permanent (Neo)Liberal Anti-Communist
Jobkeeper and the stupid way it works is just the expansion of the broken ass Australian employment system that was previously just used to exploit the reserve army of labour at like centrelink or whatever. Everyone who is a NEET and is using shit like Seek or going to a job network through centrelink knows that the only places that even advertise publicly for jobs want you to work like only "5 HOURS A WEEK" and having another job is basically a disqualifying factor because all these people want these subsidies for hiring a bunch of workers through centrelink or whatever. And then if / when the subsidy is cut or after a certain period of time they just make up some excuse to fire you so they can hire someone else to keep getting it
Seniors could be asked to sell family home under death tax Baby Boomers could be asked to sell the family home when they die to pay for aged care costs under a new plan to slap a death tax on seniors. https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/tax/seniors-could-be-asked-to-sell-family-home-under-death-tax/news-story/5a4ff412e013eb5a9787cc5f6cb8f4ff >LOL millennials are lazy. Why cant you be like those hard working visa workers that sleep in bunk beds and work less than minimum wage? >We dont employ millennials unless they have 5 billion years experience, LOL. >I love foreign investors and we show them around the neighbourhood, we dont want millennials out here! >NOOoooooooo! Noooooo my retirerino! Karma.
Pretty much done with this country lads I don't care if you call me a coward, where should I flee to once this virus is sorted?
>>875773 unironically north korea
>>741362 I think he said he used to be a nationalist or someshit, Typical anarchist tbh
>>863824 the liberals governed literally since 1949. what is this
I would like to mention three Australian co-operatives CBH Group https://careers.cbh.com.au/content/More-about-harvest/?locale=en_GB Norco https://www.norco.com.au/careers-application_form.php https://www.norco.com.au/historical-events.php Bank Australia (formerly CSIRO Cooperative Credit Society) https://www.bankaust.com.au/about-us Feel free to mention the ones you know (something) about.
Who is right, and why does Keating want to raise super contributions anyway? I never really understood super, it just seems like a way to force workers into propping up financial markets. >Paul Keating has accused the Reserve Bank of Australia governor, Philip Lowe, of failing to comprehend “the key income facts of the last eight years” when he argued that lifting the super guarantee would create lower wages growth. >Keating was responding to comments Lowe made to a parliamentary committee in the middle of August. The governor said if the Morrison government proceeded with lifting the guarantee from 9.5% to 12%: “I would expect wage growth to be even lower than it otherwise would be.” >Lowe said the planned increase would result in “less current income and if there is less income, there may be less spending, and if there is less spending, there may be less jobs”. >Keating said there had been “zero” wages growth since 2012. “The governor talks about wages growth and the need of it, but there is none. >“But there has also been no increase in superannuation since 2013, since the Hockey budget of that time,” he said. >“It is possible to make a case in the very long run, over 30 or 50 years, that the allocation of superannuation may come at a cost of cash wages, but it is impossible to argue that now.” https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/sep/17/paul-keating-savages-reserve-bank-governors-superannuation-comments
How are Australian communists going to deal with the inevitable accusation of being a Chinese fifth column?
>>884259 Thought about this recently, consent seems to be getting manufactured for a new cold war against China. My guess is that you distance yourself from "Dengists" (at risk of being accused of the "not real gommunism" excuse) - highlighting how capitalist and complicated China is (possibly bringing up the some of the neoliberal roots of the Tiananmen square protests and the economic reasons for the persecution of Uyghurs), highlighting the plight of the Chinese proletariat and how it is similar to the plight of the Australian proletariat. Then you could go on from there (about media manipulation, counter some of the usual Anti-Communist arguments, etc.) Probably the worst part about being any sort of leftist is having to wade through the monumental amount of Anti-Communist trash that infects any western country; you don't have to know everything, but you have to be men (and women) with answers. /end blog
>>884231 >I never really understood super, it just seems like a way to force workers into propping up financial markets. Sounds like you understand super perfectly mate
>>884314 Yeah that makes sense to me, I'm just confused as to what Labour and Australian "leftists" see of value in super.
>>884259 just don't do a dastayari
>>884231 >Who is right, and why does Keating want to raise super contributions anyway? Both are right, nevertheless they may know something that most do not. The Paul Keating administration instated the superannuation scheme as they had forecasted the unprecedented amount of boomers entering retirement in latter years. It would seem that it was too much for their liking and incomparable to such an amount of retirees (le boomers) applying for the aged pension. It appears that superannuation was to "alleviate" the social programs budgets for neoliberal projects. The Reserve Bank while being a crypto-Rothchild bank (oh but its independant, pft!) tends to be less susceptible to librul (as in libruls not LNP) skullduggery and thanks to Australia being relatively a backwater it can function as a bank to its purpose (security and prosperity of all Australian iirc) and not be a rig. Still, if the superannuation guarantee is raised workers (Pre-retirement Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ) would call for higher wages to compensate and businesses referring to their "legitimate" reports as not being feasible arguing against it (the Reserve Bank has public and corporate people on the boards). And again, that extra money could have been allocated to consumption which would appear on the Reserve Banks reports for each quarter. >I never really understood super, it just seems like a way to force workers into propping up financial markets. Superannuation tends to be mutual, having said that sending your superannuation to a financial institution (like ANZ) procures lower funds than an industry Superfund. Its lower as much more of the yields get paid to financial institution shareholders and financial advisors; industry superfunds reinvest the yields to members ie "you". There are also Self Managed Superfunds delegated to financial advisors and customising allocation of funds. Mark Blythe suggested (or forecasted) that Superannuation funds could be used to fund public companies, they already are more or less. Perhaps by consolidating industry superfunds there could be a sovereign wealth fund. imho there ought to be a jubilee and job market fluidity for GenX, Millennials and GenZ (hurr durr you want the dumbest guy to get a better job by 4pm - YES! Hurr durr you want some NEET to waltz into a well payiung job after playing vidya and cooming - YES!) among other things. Australia tends to be one of those countries that if you had it "easy" its going to be hard later and if you had it hard its going to be easy later. Boomers had it easy for 30-40 years and now with pension freezes and tanked markets its going to be hard and dissonant for them, like mental breakdown kind of thing. >>884259 This guy >>884313 also quote the refutations of Dengists/China and absolutely insist that you refuse to be a useful idiot and 5th column for China. If you argue with rabid boomer just tell him something like 'I want to join a union! Not a billionaires club who think they own me!' and mean it.
>>884571 And this
>>886748 >neoliberal projects Which?
(2.85 MB 268x200 200.gif)
I have FUCKING HAD IT with Trots >post some shit about "myths of the Russian revolution" >people respond with the usual dogshit anti-communist remarks >trots refuse to engage meaningfully and fail to rebut >rinse and repeat (x infinity) why the FUCK are they like this? I understand that it's largely online discourse bullshit but even the fucking youth schism of the CPA seems to be doing good shit like offering free food. All SAlt does is drag the name of socialism and leftism through the mud.
>>875659 >Everything that people said would happen under dah dah dah has dah dah dah under capitalism etc
I feel constantly reminding people that shit like Manus / Nauru and the fucking "Refugee asylum hearings over skype" shit actually happened within the last decade in this country is a good reality check for people in regards to the prospects of "Building socialism in australia" or whatever. Like we live in a country where 55-60% of the population pretty much supported the gov basically killing or ruining the lives of several thousand people who did literally nothing legally wrong and then basically just all agreed to forget about it when the news told them it wasn't important anymore.
>>875843 how does one flee to north korea
https://thediplomat.com/2020/09/chinas-new-carbon-neutrality-commitment-will-affect-global-energy-security/ >Carbon neutrality refers to a state wherein an entity has a net zero carbon footprint. This means that its carbon dioxide emissions are offset or balanced by creation of carbon sinks, or through the use of fuel efficient technologies, or that they are simply eliminated through replacement by zero-emission sources. Carbon neutrality for China points toward a scenario where the country will replace all of its fuel-guzzling and CO2 emitting systems with energy efficient technologies, push for greater electrification of its economy, and rapidly increase the use of renewable energy. This would also imply China cutting down on its consumption of conventional energy sources like coal and petroleum. The rampant electrification of China’s economy is being viewed by observers as China’s attempts at becoming an “electro-state.”
>>889945 Trots are just edgy green voters Honestly, fuck it, lets use a new word and shed all these assholes.


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