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(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
🦅 /USApol/ 🗽 United States Politics 🏈 Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727
Edited last time by zulveta on 10/23/2020 (Fri) 21:59:24.
>>1039552 Yes, but only because the Democrats don't actually want to win. If they get the Senate they could pack the courts and abolish the electoral college which would guarantee Republicans never win again. They won't because it will cause a new party to appear to their left they will lose in the future, and its also not in their donors interest for them to pass anything they campaign on.
(762.25 KB 259x259 obama_ball.gif)
trump just won boys, time for the dems to collapse
>>1039551 I wrote in Hunter Biden lol
>>1039500 >>1039500 >Unless the necocons are pulling a deng and just saying 'we must do capitalism a little longer', i suppose this is possible. But to adopt the stance that its 'good' is not. That shit would be hilarious to see. How would you play that? <All along, we wanted communism we American characteristics, we tried to stop the USSR and China because they got the wrong material concept from Marx.
>>1039588 Gorbachev couldn't even be called a revisionist.
>>1039587 Are you talking about the same belarus that's flirting with war against poland?
>>1039576 True to an extent but given America's anti-commie stance I doubt Trump's autocracy will be much different in function from Mussolini's/Hitler's fascism which took a completely different form. Trump doesn't even really have a solid ideology other than himself.
>>1039590 Is it official?
>>1039596 What alternate universe is that?
(152.97 KB 730x1024 acb_montage.jpg)
>>1039586 The cominterns resolutions and history of the development of 20th century fascism clearly show that the modern american mainstream left is essentially in a proto-fascist state. We are witnessing the battle between liberals and fascists here, there is no socialist presence at all. There is either hard capitalism (liberals) or class collaboration with idealist windowdressing (fascism) being presented.
>>1039582 *Biden more fascist. Hes to the right of Reagan.
>>1039551 If trump did end up being an actual fascist like he was "hiding his power level" for the first four years so he could become two termer and begin doing whatever the fuck he wants thats actually better for the left. If he's just some generic BoomerCon like he acts like the only people who are going to be actually taking direct action and rising up against his government are tiny lefty micro parties, Anarchist smashies and just lib NGO's holding signs. If he was actually a Fascist in the classic political sense and began like building permanent internment camps or something that would probably trigger actual popular resistance of which basically everyone to the left of him would support. And if the left acted approporiatly they could make themselves the forefront of it November/October 1917 started off with the Bolsheviks being a microparty that barely had any influence on the social revolutionary movement. After basically everyone began protesting only then did they begin picking up steam
>>1039602 based
(110.48 KB 1080x1334 FB_IMG_1603760102378.jpg)
Meanwhile in Qanon land
>>1039604 this but also I don't think the entire thing is real.
>>1039602 this retarded shit really gives me the lols
(40.83 KB 480x960 trump rape.jpg)
>>1039610 Reminds me of this
>>1039610 Very based.
(143.04 KB 2000x1126 Dollman.jpg)
>>1039602 Why does RBG look like a Robot Chicken character?
>Biden is going to Make Healthcare Free! >Biden is going to cancel student debt! >Biden is going to make college free! >Biden is going to raise the minimum wage to $15! >Biden is going to do a Green New Deal! >Biden is going to Tax Carbon! >Biden is going to get rid of Private Prisons! >Biden is going to get rid of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing! >Biden is going to Abolish the Death Penalty! >Biden is going to get rid of Cash Bail! >Biden is going to make Abortion Federal Law! >Biden is going to fund free Pre-K Childcare! >Biden is going to give paid Maternal Leave! >Biden is going to introduce Mandatory Paid Sick Leave! >Biden is going to Abolish the Electoral College! >Biden is going to Pack the Supreme Court! >Biden is going to ban Campaign Financing! >Biden is going to Legalize Weed!
(598.86 KB 996x868 AU.png)
>>1039602 >John Mccain in hell >Scalia being like the "I'll watch the skies" meme >We love our Hamburger president dont we folks
(102.61 KB 483x676 1603421215826.jpg)
>>1039557 >since they will all be fired/retroactively investigated No they won't. That too would wreck the American gestalt. >>1039521 On the other hand, Democrats might finally do it this time seeing as they're gunning for the GOP's place. In fact, Trump would be the perfect escapegoat for this rule being broken because they could point to him as the flaw on the otherwise perfect neoliberal order.
>>1039616 ok retard
>>1039622 It also has a subtle Merrick Garland in heaven
(69.26 KB 609x653 ElSvxPtXgAAhakG.png)
Majority of the supreme court now saying they get final say on election law. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOO https://twitter.com/mjs_DC/status/1320873994032205824
>>1039620 Which is why he couped Bernie
>>1039610 Wasn't JFK jr. ready to return and run as Donald VP?
(1.19 MB 406x720 1603676300053.webm)
>>1039610 something needs to be done about these degenerates
>>1039602 >Biden in the Bottom right sniffing best girl
(97.82 KB 720x720 coup2.jpg)
we're seeing an unironic coup happen boys. the funny thing is, just like in Bush v Gore, nothing will happen and we'll just see another 4-8 years of neoliberal hell
Dems won't do shit if Trump steals the election just like they didn't do shit when Bush stole it.
>>1039614 >he raped a child for the greater good kekekekek oh wow
>>1039632 >warns about war is translated in your brain to >flirts with war >totally not a retard
(53.91 KB 434x359 zoomer-smikring.jpg)
>>1039632 Nice meme
>>1039629 A C C E L E R A T E
>>1039589 Better for the left, but what about me and my Mexican family???! What about my Muslim neighbors?? You guys are actual sociopaths if you would inflict fascism on minorities for your political ends... delusional political ends at that, because it literally rests on blind faith. Leftists have no power at all in America, so if anyone will get into power after a collapse it will be right wingers.
>>1039643 >literal larry I'm sorry for confusing you comrade :^(
>>1039598 yes ACB tips scotus in trumps favor, will vote to overturn all mail in ballots
>>1039650 What about them? You think Biden is going to let all the kids out of the cages?
Twitter right now is making me thing Dems let in ACB as an election tactic to increase voter turnout.
>>1039650 oops meant to reply to this dude>>1039607
>>1039638 no one will anymore dare say we live in a democracy or that electoralism matters. True organizing will be possible.
>>1039568 now this guy doing praxis like in 3020 >>1039588 that cursed tweet can't be real, can it I mean the bullshit statement was enough, but actually citing wikipedia as a source of information makes this sound like a troll >>1039610 <normalizing incest to own the libs
>>1039650 Dude are you reading the thread rn, Trump is getting a coup in place, no vote that anyone casts for any party is gonna matter anymore. And still, Trump is not a fascist, what is it you don't understand about this?
>>1039654 Absolutely. And I don't want to hear about muh Obama. Biden is not Obama. And it's not 2008-2016 anymore.
>>1039655 Voter turnout doesn't matter if Trump can steal the election
>>1039651 I'm not your comrade, spook. Go back where you belong with your fascist propaganda, little shit.
>>1039654 lol I'm not a Biden voter but you have to be legitimately retarded to think that fascist treatment of ethnic minorities is even remotely comparable to neoliberal mismanagement
>>1039650 >fascism >fascism >fascism This word should be filtered. Completely delusional bullshit. It's like a bunch of right-wingers whining about muh Marxism.
>>1039658 >that cursed tweet can't be real, can it It is absolutely 100% real.
DON'T PANIC LADS, THE NEW YORKER HAS PROVIDED US SAGE ADVICE IN CASE THERE'S A COUP >One tip, from the civil-rights movement: “When in doubt, sit down. It’s counterintuitive. But it has been used in multiple cultures, and it works.” (Except with tear gas. Then, he said, “walking slowly would be best.”) >If things do get ugly, he noted, it could be useful for the cause. “Get your smartphone and expose what happened. Offer yourself for interviews,” he said. The key is to draw a contrast between the violent regime and the peaceful protesters
(2.30 MB 297x229 1491314542280.gif)
(65.36 KB 658x507 tomorrow.png)
guys we already know Trump won, shut up and take it like the good cucks you are
>>1039629 hahahaha they're gloating about stealing the election a week before it happens god bless you, Ginsburg
>>1039666 >neoliberal mismanagement >mismanagement >mismanagement >mismanagement >mismanagement >mismanagement hahaha oh wow. nice devil-trips tho
>>1039650 >but what about me and my Mexican family Bruh, tons of Latinos support Trump. You'll be fine ethnicity wise but good luck coming as a leftist AND a minority. That's what will actually put a target on your back. As a fellow minority I don't think there's good enough cause to freak out about pogroms just yet. And if they actually go insane and try it, I also don't think even libs could stand by. At the very least, buy a gun and learn to shoot, preferably with both eyes open.
>>1039662 >I don't want to hear This is why you lose. >>1039666 Literally what fascist treatment, Satan? It's the same shit Obama did with the mask off. The fact that Blumpf is so openly retarded is why anybody cares about the heckin kidderinos in the freakin cagies. As soon as Biden gets it you'll never hear about it again.
>>1039671 Man, what could have stopped the Nazis is if the communists got their skulls bashed in EVEN HARDER
>>1039671 Liberals need to die
>>1039630 Let's be real, he probably wouldn't be in this race had he not been prodded into it because of his use as a hail-mary pass by the same high porkies who shafted Bernie. He's barely cognizant of which year he's living in.
>>1039664 >implying democrats can into 2D checkers
>>1039680 >gomrades, BURN EVERYTHING
>>1039684 this but unironically
(127.46 KB 1225x1950 365611717.jpg)
>>1039650 Too obvious. But this is Bunkerchan so you're like a master troll. You have won... but at what cost?
In a way this feels like a huge relief. As the outcome is already fait-accompli we can vote for whatever the fuck we want and noone can shame us for it, and we can also stop pretending that the elections matter holy shit thank god this old meme is dying
>>1039651 So anything you can say because "well, it's not literal brooo"
>>1039671 >>If things do get ugly, he noted, it could be useful for the cause. “Get your smartphone and expose what happened. Offer yourself for interviews,” he said. The key is to draw a contrast between the violent regime and the peaceful protesters Sending video to china daily and RT like "XI AND PUTIN PLEASE SPEAK ON MY PEOPLES BEHALF AT THE UN OUR DICTATOR IS KILLING US!!!!"
>>1039589 The conservatives are way too large a faction to not have a party, and they aren't going to join the Democrats unless the avowedly liberal Democrats (or what counts as such) broke off to a different party, which they would never do. They won't pack the courts because very soon, elections won't matter and the political system as we know it won't exist in any recognizable form. The liberals as of late are more inclined to dictatorial methods than anyone. This talk of pretending the US political system can survive much longer is just indulging in the idealist belief that nothing ever really changes until someone writes a theory telling you it has changed.
(5.41 MB 854x480 1587432028-0.mp4)
>>1039689 I already said I was vewy sowwy:^[
(29.67 KB 499x474 5c2.jpg)
The fact that we're debating whether or not Trump is a fascist instead of organizing for the betterment of the material conditions of the proletariat is literally proof that a Biden presidency is better for the left. How much of our time has Trump wasted? How many people could we be talking to about policy right now if they weren't so distracted by Trump's every erratic move? Trump derangement syndrome is real and we're all suffering from it.
>>1039655 Either that, or they're setting the trap to usurp the GOP's place. >>1039624 >>1039664 It does tho. There's only so much disparity you can cover up.
>>1039604 This, but I also think since leftism has been thoroughly stamped out in America, only fascism is able to spring from the crises of capitalism, and yet paradoxically, cannot take power without its socialist counterpart to spook the liberal establishment into allying with the fascists. Their only recourse is to invent a socialist boogeyman out of whole cloth, which unfortunately might actually work.
>>1039695 >The fact that we're debating whether or not Trump is a fascist instead of organizing for the betterment of the material conditions of the proletariat is literally proof that a Biden presidency is better for the left. Who? Bunkerchan, or the left or the american public in general?
Bernie ran on policy. A lot of the Democrats electorate were all for it, but that all took a back seat because of a fear of Trump. Everything was about Trump in the debates, and ultimately people chose Biden because while they liked Bernie and his policies they thought he was a liability to run against Trump. Trump is a distraction we need to get rid of.
>>1039695 Where are you coming from? This is clearly a psyop. You're not a leftist. Where are you coming from friend? I'm genuinely curious.
(51.57 KB 718x960 FB_IMG_1603761474671.jpg)
What the fuck did Jimmy dore see in her?
>>1039669 But Republicans were already a majority even with Ginsburg. >>1039671 >When in doubt, sit down. Why yes, make your head an easier target for cops who will be acquitted after murdering you. >>1039671 >Get your smartphone and expose what happened. This was a viable tactic once, but no longer. After media lost control of hyperreality, not even video evidence of a crime is worth anything anymore. The courts dictate what is real and what isn't.
>>1039696 >It does tho. There's only so much disparity you can cover up. Buddy, if he's nixing the early votes and the surpreme court say it has final say, we'll need a FUCKING BLOWOUT for them not to be able to cover it. The polls don't reflect that. It doesn't matter, it's over dude. Stop coping.
>>1039539 >U.S., the year is 2050, no revolution has started, no national constituency from the grassroots movements has started. The GOP decided to nominate the candidate that would expand the SCOTUS to 250 seats, after a blatant defeat from the last democrat president that proposed the civil right act that would allow transhumanist black dogs to abort transhumans cats and was approved as constitutional. >The GOP plans this time to bring a brand new neo-neoconservative that would strip your dog inbreed-transhumanist cat utopia to happen.
>>1039702 She's retarded. Who cares about ballot harvesting? Why are we talking about this right now?
>>1039700 You sound like a COINTELPRO glowie tbh. I agree with the other guy. Biden is best for the left, liberals will become disenchanted and can be radicalized after material conditions continue to deteriorate under Biden. They won't be able to just say "orange man bad".
>>1039702 Fugg, I used to simp for her too
>>1039700 Shut up schizo
>>1039705 Republicans had the majority but Roberts sometimes votes with democrats.
>>1039702 >What the fuck did Jimmy dore see in her? A fantasy of him getting lucky and Tulsi letting him hit?
>>1039604 >>1039611 >>1039697 Glowies gather round
>>1039705 Republicans had a formal majority but Roberts was considered like a fucking traitor basically because he refused to take the stupid / bullshit cases that the GOP and fundies threw his way during the Obama years to outlaw abortion or may being gay illegal again or whatever the fuck
>>1039718 What's so glowie about it?
>>1039711 >They won't be able to just say "orange man bad". This is actually a fair point, but as we've seen with Russiagate, some libs will quadruple down on blaming white nationalist militias or something and use that as the excuse to never lift a finger to help the damn poors.
(42.61 KB 671x444 EhVZEZJU8AI_oB_.jpg)
(50.34 KB 679x429 EhVZCOgVgAE_rPG.jpg)
>>1039650 oh no won't someone think of the muslims?!?
>>1039695 If you expect /leftypol/ to be more than a place to shitpost about current events and occasional talk on theory you are deluded beyond recovery. Imageboards are a terrible place to organize anything, at best you can find advice usable to IRL organization in one in a thousand post.
(56.94 KB 640x480 1603744543123.jpg)
>ITT: Schizos calling other schizos "schizo".
>>1039708 >Take your meds <gif anon... >>1039711 Our votes don't matter. We're like 200 users and half of them don't live in the US. A large portion of users don't monitor this thread. >>1039713 What is schizo about calling out pro-bourgeois electoralism? This REEKS of glow.
Amy Koby Bryant is such a hypocritical cunt, they're all liars and hypocrites, talking about how private beliefs, or congress, or president, won't influence them. I'm getting triggered by this retarded sideshow, god dammit.
>>1039650 >me and my Mexican family sure thing gringo
>>1039727 ><gif >newfag
>>1039660 >Trump is getting a coup in place >Trump is not a fascist Pick one
>>1039722 You can't win em all.
>>1039728 Trump choosing her was a bit of a genuine owning the libs moment though. Because their massive rallying cry had always been that once RBG kicked the bucket they needed a new women on the supreme court. So trump basically said ok and choose like this Catholic-Fascist psychopath / Falange women basically
(55.99 KB 1199x673 EkxoHPmUUAAguzD.jpg)
>>1039650 >>1039723 oh no won't someone think of the mexicans?
>>1039708 Thanks doc But this is a work safe board Next time spoiler plz
>>1039733 >Fascism is when there is a dictator What, are monarchies fascism now? Pls, get out of here. Trump is Erdogan, not Hitler.
(6.09 KB 329x302 1591243704888.gif)
>>1039743 Sorry broski
>>1039744 >Trump is Erdogan, not Hitler. Trump is Trump. And under the Trump admin the USA is actively committing genocide in Yemen.
>>1039695 Jesus fucking Christ, give it a break, you sorry excuse for a troll. >>1039702 >What the fuck did Jimmy dore see in her? Her feet. >>1039706 Well duh, of course the degree of disparity that can be covered depends on each case.
>>1039750 >inb4 le lib I doubt Biden president would stop the Yemen war (he called for the US war on Iraq after all) or any of the other imperial ventures currently occurring under Trump, but that doesn't make Trump not a fascist. It just makes both of them fascists and imperialists.
>>1039755 >troll Do you have any valid arguments against that?
(222.05 KB 600x598 CryingRedditWojak.png)
>>1039758 >i'm leftist >le voting for neolib is praxis >shilling this retarded idea in a peruvian moth collecting forum if praxis >i'm not a troll lol
>>1039648 Based redline gif.
>>1039756 Holy shit, can you people even dialectic? Biden has evolved. He's literally a different person right now. The world is literally different right now. What he did nearly 2 decades ago has no bearing on what he will do today.
So we have the official confirmation that the Holy Roma Empire is way more advance than the Us in terms of democracy lol.
>>1039708 I need something much stronger, doc. Give me all you got, I don't want to feel anymore.
>>1039763 Biden is fucking dead in the water. First literal uighur president
>>1039749 Thanks doc
>>1039749 This generic crap is too weak.
(212.86 KB 690x467 1591990692837.png)
>>1039765 You cannot handle my strongest potion
>>1039750 >>1039756 Fascism is a very speciffic thing usually marked by a cult of action and some sort of revivalist total war expanisionist ideology. Fascism doesn't even require a dictator. Trumpism quite frankly has very little of this - He's a 19th century conservative, he and Bismarck would have seen eye to eye. That doesn't make him a fascist tho
>FBI foils second Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot. Bomb components seized from culprits home. If the current mood in this thread is wrong and Trump dosen't win the election will we literally see an american years of lead
>>1039776 HE literally cannot lose
>Trump is not a fascist What do you call it when >he calls for literal nazi flag waving militia groups to beat down antifascist protestors >sends police infiltrators to false flag leftist protest with violence >kidnaps random protestors into unmarked vans and detain them indefinitely >openly refuses to accept results of democratic election
>>1039772 Yeah, that's the idea.
>>1039781 Get a load of this groyper
>>1039779 The dream scenario as of now would be if the libs take back the Senate. That would bring everything grinding to a halt, wouldn't it?
>>1039776 Supposedly the first one was just the FBI entrapping weekend warriors, don't if this one was legit.
>>1039781 that's just liberalism
>>1039781 normal america
>>1039776 >tfw fellow Americans are such massive degenerated shambling heaps of pure autism that they're literally willing to bomb state government over measures designed to curb a global pandemic no one can convince me this country is anything but utterly doomed
Oh shit just found this as well >Pro-Trump activist in Ohio allegedly tried to put together a "Patriot Posse" which would "perform a citizens arrest" on the governor of Ohio and sentence him to either "Exile or execution"
(104.07 KB 663x491 aqhbrf.jpg)
>>1039699 >as if the DNC won't always filter out berniecrats
>>1039791 Thats from today as well and yep it was over lockdowns lmao
>>1039790 They self describe as "boogs" so I'd guess they just wanted chaos
4 more years of Trump = All communists/antifa will be imprisoned and tortured.
>>1039763 Biden is going to start a war.
>>1039774 Trump is becoming more and more undesirable to a large portion of americans, especially the younger ones. A Trump victory will make young teens turn harder and harder left. We need more riots, more protests, more dissent, more communists. Trump is the road to that reality, not Biden. Biden will not rally leftists and liberals against Trump, by the simple evidence that liberals and pseudo leftists are advocating for a Biden vote. Good job promoting a Biden vote, then turning around and saying, "wait no, this is actually bad and we need to riot". With Trump, all libs and leftist know it's bad. There's no flip flopping of positions.
>>1039800 >Trump being dictator means that the legislative branch and the constitution goes away no
(6.41 MB 720x480 perfect_world.mp4)
>>1039763 >implying biden will have any power over anything harris and co will do everything, it's bush/cheney all over again
>>1039805 >dictators follow the rules oh nononononono
(365.47 KB 486x720 eerrr9.png)
>>1039779 >HE literally cannot lose You damn right HE can't.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Trump_administration_dismissals_and_resignations kek just found this article Do they have revolving doors at the White House?
>>1039792 broken clock
>>1039792 Incredibly based. >>1039810 >he thinks Trump can become a dictator >he thinks a dictator is when someone is in power more than 8 years libs get out.
>>1039810 How would he circumvent the rules bud?
>>1039791 I'm surrounded by these people at work, they're like that episode of King of the Hill where Bill has the giant flag brought to life.
>>1039602 A glass of Cola and a Burger as a scepter and Imperial Orb of America, nice
(12.45 KB 434x389 Riseandfall1.png)
Do we have any older UK anons that lived through the collapse of the british empire? I keep hearing comparisons to the USA and Wiemar or Rome but I think the UK would be a closer comparison. The US basically inherited their responsibilities. What was it like?
>>1039602 based
THE ACCELERATION BEGINS! threadtheme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3rGO2WhZGg
>>1039816 He's right most of the time,
Reminder that the only dictator America ever had was Lincoln
um chile, anyways so...
(390.61 KB 1000x708 75463294_p0.jpg)
>>1039791 O SAY CAN YOU
(367.09 KB 573x953 stronger-together.png)
(129.65 KB 1200x685 fasces2.jpg)
(182.65 KB 1560x1080 fasces1.jpg)
(2.66 MB 2438x3150 ElQwegTXEAAVmX3.jpg)
>>1039792 I'm not trying to defend the dems here more trying to indict the american system, they managed 58 senators not a super majority and they were completely paralyzed to do anything. Any policy that has to get by the fillebuster is going to be at the whims of at least 10 republicans who think single payer is gommunism.
>>1039819 Is it that one where that D U M B B I T C H peggy burns bill flag by accident while trying to neurotically micromanage her sons life at the talent show or whatever?
So what's the plan now that other 4 years for Trump are in the bag? What will happen?
(128.85 KB 2500x1250 ilana-glazer.jpg)
>>1039817 >he thinks a dictator is when someone is in power more than 8 years If Trump succeeds with a coup what the fuck makes you think he won't try to reverse term limits?
(71.62 KB 752x490 DNC_Protests_0-752x490.jpg)
(508.05 KB 2000x1365 img.jpg)
>>1039781 Authoritarian capitalism Probably conservatism.
>>1039833 Nazis (and fascist Italy) were funded by Wall Street. And Nazis took eugenics concept from USA and Generalplan Ost from USA's Manifest Destiny against Native Americans and Mexicans.
>>1039823 I really can't see a parallel to America's insane downwards spiral. I see the informational aspect of this crisis as a new and unique factor. We're failing to organize information as a civilization.
>>1039841 >If Trump succeeds with a coup You need to NOT be in power to execute a coup Trump is IN power. Unironically read a book
Trumps a bit like Honorious. Literally a complete fuck up who somehow stays in power purely because of everyone elses incompetence and somehow ends up surviving for 30s years in the world of cut throat roman politics while living standards and political normacy just collapse around him
(529.17 KB 200x136 elmo-for-the-love-of-satan.gif)
>>1039841 What he points is that this coup is gonna do nothing is terms of Trumps legislative and executive power, It just cancels the election essentially, everything else will be the same
>>1039845 >Nazis (and fascist Italy) were funded by Wall Street. Not a nazi, but that's probably on the same tier as "Russian revolution was funded by American Jews".
>>1039451 Dayum. I want to bust in her real bad, ngl
>>1039852 Both are true, what's the issue?
(99.54 KB 288x288 death is certain.jpg)
(29.88 KB 300x400 heehee.jpg)
>>1039847 >Unironically read a book No
>>1039836 at least 1*
(3.43 MB 3084x3195 1593386920150.jpg)
>>1039834 Is this a mr. robot reference? Wtf? lel
>>1039848 My layman's ass couldn't think of a Roman emperor to compare to Trump. Thanks, yugoposter. >>1039868 >PROIDE
>>1039853 >>1039844 yes we're aware
(70.50 KB 788x442 ElSl7gPX0AMqOk8.jpg)
>>1039834 "We're going to hack the 1% of the 1% Mr. Xiping. This is what FSociety is about."
(2.93 MB 500x438 1602723293444.webm)
>>1039848 Barron is Augustus
>>1039691 Genuinely elections already don't matter. I know it is a corny kind of juvenile thing to say, that teenagers say it, but it is true. We live in an insanely undemocratic country. Obviously the Supreme Court is an undemocratic institution, obviously the Senate has acted to make it fucking impossible to do anything without the consent of unpopulous rural states that are represented by psychos, and even if the Dems get majorities they don't want to do anything anyways because they're a thoroughly bourgeois party. And if you want to move outside of this and create an independent mass dues-based party, many states create ridiculous hurdles for 3rd parties. And people just take that shit for granted, they don't seem to get the implications of it at all. Everybody just acts like it is a nuisance that there are a hundred institutional barriers to any kind of mass, popular, let alone working class politics, rather than acknowledging it for truly what it is. This isn't a democracy. I know Marxists get that but I'm blown away how much abuse radlibs can take while still thinking they're going to just vote all of this away. Look at what happened in Chile. Look at what happened in Bolivia. Why can't Americans get it? BLM happened right? Police stations were burned down and shit? How about doing that for a real demand, like a constitutional convention or some shit? There is such a lack of imagination man. People are fucking voting for Joe Biden and saying it will buy time. BUY TIME FOR WHAT BITCH? For you and your socdem friends to get more city councilors in the Democratic party? Christ.
>>1039852 Look up JP Morgan, Chase, Ford etc and what they were doing before and during WW2 http://coat.ncf.ca/our_magazine/links/53/morgan.html
>>1039878 kid must've been so exhausted
>>1039868 so what? Capitalists will commodify anything That doesn't mean that there isn't a struggle to be non-heterosexual in the West.
>>1039880 >Lack of imagination Imagination is actively despised here.
Trump could go full hitler in his second term and faggots here will still say he isn't a fascist.
>>1039887 its just /pol/yps in denial who are too ashamed of their chinless brethren to wear the swastika anymore
>>1039852 >>1039883 (me) Also, look up the Bank of International Settlements and their funding of fascist powers both before, during and most likely also after WW2 (the rat lines for instance)
(1.21 MB 386x360 1603228763577.webm)
>>1039872 Everyone likes to compare him to either Caligula or Commodus. But that makes little sense since they were in power for such a short (relative) amount of time and their "damage" was superficial enough it was quite easily patched over after they died. Honorious represents a genuine turning point where the tribal kingdoms basically got like "ASSR" tier status over entire parts of the Roman empire and the players that would be on the stage for the final collapse began to enter the scene >>1039878 Baron is gonna be Romulus Augustus who gets deposed when the Russo-Sino coalition force enters DC >"When Odoacer entered Rome he did not find a great warrior-poet emperor leading his people like in the time of Octavian. Nor a senate and consul like under Pompeii, Cato or Caesar or even a noble king appointed by the gods protecting his people like Romulus. He found an empire of ruins ruled by a scared and confused child."
>>1039888 Nah I mean in the united states, not in /leftypol/
>>1039891 cool but i dont see how this propaganda piece is relevant
>>1039887 So you are complaining that in a hypothetical scenario where Trump is doing things differently from the way he is doing them now we would not call him fascist. How did you conclude this?
>>1039896 sneed
>>1039891 based?
(166.45 KB 1200x675 Dakota_protest_2016.jpg)
(166.63 KB 900x500 DAPL_2016_OBAMA.jpg)
>>1039874 >1968 >1996 >2016 Under Democratic President
>>1039887 If he went full hitler I would, but he isn't. Actual fascism is not usually seen in empires which haven't collapsed
>>1039891 >le ebin commies are falsely calling us Nazis or fascists as baseless propaganda! Lol this dude said this with a straight face at the same time that USA was actively recruiting Nazis and Fascists en masse for their military-intelligence apparatus via Project Paperclip.
>>1039781 This is liberalism, dude, but, and I’m sorry to get into this, the difference is that trump is willing to do it to white Americans. Trump has made the inhumane machinery of persecution against nonwhites and the poor in general crueler and crasser, but there’s no real development beyond the institutions simply going mask off this time.
(77.24 KB 260x200 fuck everybody.gif)
>>1039897 >How did you conclude this? Math, BITCH!
>>1039894 o rite, sorry
>>1039887 Name one thing fascist he has done the Clinton or Obama didn't.
>>1039880 All those civics classes bro. They literally taught us the two party sustem and the constitution are the most perfect documents to ever exist and the founding fathers were demi gods who constructed the perfect balanced political system to contain human nature and greed.
>>1039908 Share with me your calculations anon.
>>1039833 America has always been fascist.
Y'all ready for the ween?
>>1039887 He's not a fascist in the right term, but he's close as fuck, and the neocons seducing him...
>>1039906 >the difference is that trump is willing to do it to white Americans This is so obvious in hindsight, yet I hadn't considered it. It does help explain the mouth-foaming behavior of Democrats.
>>1039908 If he is a fascist it's easier to get upset and move people to the left. He will be an incompetent fascist.
(108.81 KB 907x1360 understanding the f-word.jpg)
>>1039915 Based and Dave-pilled
Also totally off topic but talking about Rome, After reading Majorian and Eastern Emperor Leo i have a newly found and fuelled hatred for the """"Roman"""" (If they even deserve that name) N*Vy
>>1039910 Never said they weren't also fascist
>>1039844 >"Instead of nice young people ringing doorbells, the public saw the image of mobs shouting obscenities and disrupting the city". Brown stated the demonstrations at Chicago had been a disaster for the anti-war movement, as the American people saw the protesters as the trouble-makers and the heavy-handed police response as justified. it's pretty funny that they've been using the same tired narrative for at least this long
>>1039903 you do realize we're not democrats, right?
>>1039926 If you believe they were fascists you honestly are using that term incorrectly
>>1039887 If he was fascist why do you need to conjure up an imaginary timeline where he acts life hitler? Either he takes hitlerian actions or he doesnt. And he does not have anythinf resembling hitlers historical trajectory
(7.50 KB 188x268 download (9).jpg)
(278.76 KB 800x779 fasces.jpg)
>>1039915 >E pluribus unum – Latin for "Out of many, one" – is a traditional motto of the United States On the podium of the Emancipation Memorial in Washington D.C., beneath Abraham Lincoln's right hand. The reverse of the Mercury Dime, the design used until the adoption of the current FDR dime in 1945, features a fasces. On the obverse of the 1896 $1 Educational Series note there is a fasces leaning against the wall behind the youth. In the Oval Office, above the door leading to the exterior walkway, and above the corresponding door on the opposite wall, which leads to the president's private office; note: the fasces depicted have no axes, possibly because in the Roman Republic, the blade was always removed from the bundle whenever the fasces were carried inside the city, in order to symbolize the rights of citizens against arbitrary state power (see above) Two fasces appear on either side of the flag of the United States behind the podium in the United States House of Representatives, with bronze examples replacing the previous gilded iron installments during the remodeling project of 1950.[9] The Mace of the United States House of Representatives resembles fasces and consists of thirteen ebony rods bound together in the same fashion as the fasces, topped by a silver eagle on a globe The official seal of the United States Senate has as one component a pair of crossed fasces Fasces ring the base of the Statue of Freedom atop the United States Capitol building A frieze on the facade of the United States Supreme Court building depicts the figure of a Roman centurion holding a fasces, to represent "order"[10] The National Guard uses the fasces on the seal of the National Guard Bureau, and it appears in the insignia of Regular Army officers assigned to National Guard liaison and in the insignia and unit symbols of National Guard units themselves; for instance, the regimental crest of the 71st Infantry Regiment (New York) of the New York National Guard consisted of a gold fasces set on a blue background At the Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln's seat of state bears the fasces—without axes—on the fronts of its arms; fasces also appear on the pylons flanking the main staircase leading into the memorial The official seal of the United States Tax Court bears the fasces at its center Four fasces flank the two bronze plaques on either side of the bust of Lincoln memorializing his Gettysburg Address at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania The seal of the United States Courts Administrative Office includes a fasces behind crossed quill and scroll In the Washington Monument, there is a statue of George Washington leaning on a fasces A fasces is a common element in US Army Military Police heraldry, most visibly on the shoulder sleeve insignia of the 18th Military Police Brigade and the 42nd Military Police Brigade A fasces also appears shoulder sleeve insignia of the US Army Reserve Legal Command Seated beside George Washington, a figure holds a fasces as part of The Apotheosis of Washington, a fresco mural suspended above the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building. State, local and other fasces iconography
(128.68 KB 375x225 pepe yotsuba.gif)
>>1039926 Based Homer poster seeing the Multi-Headed Hydra for what it really is.
>>1039903 Ok, are you going to upload those when a republican was president?
>>1039933 >And he does not have anythinf resembling hitlers historical trajectory i mean his collaboration with oligarchs and nationalization of private industries through cabinet positions and assigned positions does resemble the nationalization efforts of hitler
>>1039928 righties see everything that isn't them as some horrid agglomeration of everything they don't like
>>1039846 Late Roman Republic is definitely the best analogy. USSR was Carthage
>>1039934 >notice how trump doesn't hold fasces >notice how trump cannot dictate his will and it will be done
>>1039833 Prior to the fasces becoming the symbol of fascism, it was used by republicans (as in those who are opposed to monarchy) because of muh Roman Republic. The fasces can be found all over American and post-revolutionary French buildings and art. It's nothing.
(112.17 KB 319x561 Moloch_the_god.gif)
>>1039934 Old Italian dude in my area had like one of these things on the wall in the restaurant along with like a black flag with a fasces on the middle. Not sure what its from.
>>1039903 >1st pic that an arm or a leg
>>1039930 > a far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy hm sounds like america
>>1039948 >Not sure what its from. anon, i...
(476.75 KB 700x394 8811354-16x9-700x394.png)
>>1039913 Well you see, I took the year Trump was elected (2016) minus his current age (74) giving us 1942 the same year around 160k people have been killed in the camps. Then I added 2020 (the year of his most likely second election) which gives us 3962. Subtract the year I had my tonsils removed and we get 1962. Plus 6 equal 1968. Subtract the average age of a /pol/ user (60) and you get 1908 then subtract Hitler's birthday (420) and you get our final number 1488. Therefore Trump is indeed a fascist and will ruin this already shitty country.
>>1039930 fascism on this board = things I don't like. It's lazy, emotional bullshit. Niggas need to read some Roger Griffin. https://youtu.be/sq0aD10C6zg
>>1039953 Where did you pull this definition from?
>>1039958 and you sound like a chud
(10.20 KB 497x272 defin.png)
>>1039959 not him but it's literally google's definition fwiw
>>1039954 Let me guess its literally like Mussolini's Italy's flag or whatever right? Should not come as a suprise. Croatians in my countey unironically fly the Independent state of croatia flag and have pictures of Ante-Pavelic with shit like "First president of Croatia" written on it
>>1039946 Indeed. Just like the Romans defamed Baal, the USA defamed Stalin.
(17.36 KB 336x336 1_zB4st701-6Ys3rjfDNHOzA.jpeg)
>>1039958 >Using "MUH TRANNIEZ" as an argument. My hypothesis is correct. Many faggots here are closet trumpsters
(136.43 KB 1440x960 biden confused.jpg)
>>1039911 It's true but it is so crazy when you think about it. We were all taught this basic bullshit about checks and balances, and against what? Like, what the fuck is the Supreme Court a check against, except the democratic will of the people as supposedly represented in the legislature and the presidency? What fucking tyranny is the legislature of elected representatives going to commit that the president needs to check with his veto? Why the fuck do states need disproportionate representation? What are the coasts going to do, enslave everyone in Kansas? Everything was just designed to hamper democracy. We should have burned the fucking constitution in the 30s and started over. Literally just have a parliament and fix the electoral system. We have what is it, 465 representatives in the house? Doesn't the UK have like a 1,000 fucking MPs? I think Germany has like 800 or something. I could be getting my European parliaments mixed up, but point is this is fucking obviously stupid. Even in Japan, which is a effectively a one party state, they have regional parties that dominate places like Osaka. They have a huge communist party (I know it isn't a revolutionary communist party). The US is a god-damned joke, and everybody sincerely just acts like its fucking normal.
>>1039962 It's the dictionary definitions. You guys should know that when we talk political theory dictionary definitions often aren't very helpful, especially because by this definition, both France and Germany was fascist in the 1870's and that's long before the rise of what we today call fascism.
>>1039946 I mean geopolitically ISSR filled the same position as Carthage, as a rival regional power
>>1039335 What did he mean by this?
>>1039953 Fuck off already.
>>1039963 >Let me guess its literally like Mussolini's Italy's flag or whatever right? seems like it <The National Fascist Party (Italian: Partito Nazionale Fascista, PNF) was an Italian political party, created by Benito Mussolini as the political expression of Italian Fascism and as a reorganization of the previous Italian Fasces of Combat.
>>1039968 Tramies aren't people and should be the first ones on the trains
choo-choo motherfucker
>>1039972 >>1039946 >>1039941 Please stop these ham-fisted comparisons that barely fit
>>1039961 And you are a Chapotard. Chapotards need to be purged from every online space, rounded up and shot. Imagine thinking “Chud” is an insult, mongoloid.
>>1039963 Tito should have gone full Stalinist tbh
(89.55 KB 1405x940 nike trainers.jpg)
(33.85 KB 620x387 trainspotter_2721193b.jpg)
>>1039978 trainies? trainers? ???
(89.36 KB 645x1158 (you).png)
>>1039956 If those calculations are like when you decided to predict when the end was coming...
>>1039969 Yep the problem is the emperor has no clothes. Everyone is too afraid to pull away the fantasy of the hegemon of the world being a joke of a political system so they try to put ornaments on its political circus and treat it lime it os the be all and end all of free and fair democratic competition
>>1039990 Well tbf everyone outside the US sees our system for the joke it is. I mean to say its our own citizenry for which the illusion is the steongest
>>1039818 Do you think that there aren’t people enabling him?
(508.62 KB 893x585 nodavid.png)
>>1039993 What people would allow him to overrule the constitution and the courts?
>>1039996 literally the entire senate, various governors, the military, and the supreme court of course
>>1039995 obsessed
>>1039981 Fuck off with that sectarian bullshit. They are not the best, but they are leftist.
>>1039998 >literally the entire senate, various governors, the military, and the supreme court of course None of those can overrule the constitution or the courts, bud. This is why a lot of Trump's proposed legislation hasn't gone through, because the courts have stricken them down
(19.13 KB 112x112 chud.gif)
>>1040003 >the christcuck onion how compelling
>>1039979 Explain why its hamfisted? Anyway its fun to do historical speculation. Late Republican Rome broke down as soon as Carthage got destroyed in 146. In 130s and 120s you have the gracchi which are the first real signs of something awry in the political and economic system festering for decades. Then you have a 75 year period of political breakdown various periods of bloody civil discord, civil war and a breakdown in social mores.
>>1040008 >headpats How lewd
>>1039995 Gotta love how this started out as people arguing if Trump is a fascist or not (he isnt. He's just a retard who panders to them) and then it devolves into /pol/ posting. As said before, a lot of people here are trump supporters masquerading as leftists.
(39.11 KB 526x526 1603737118462.jpg)
>>1040008 If you need Jesus to tell you touching kids is wrong, I don't know what to say bud
(184.83 KB 490x752 1992_US_Senate.png)
>The Atlas Aegis Private Security firm has been sued by the council of American Islamic relations for hiring former special operations officers to "patrol and search for illegal activity in regards to the election" at polling stations in majority muslim neighbourhood of Minnesota What would have happened if one of the operator psychos had a PTSD episode and shot up a polling place because he thought he was back on the ridge in Afghan with hadjis shooting at him?
(34.46 KB 615x461 321.jpg)
>>1040011 >As said before, a lot of people here are trump supporters masquerading as leftists. Big if true
Can't wait til she's president bros.
>>1040012 cringe
>>1039969 i remember when i was a kid, i was like uhh, what if they decide to just not follow the rules
>>1040003 >The Babylon bee Oh your just an actual Boomer. Oh ok.
>>1040011 The most annoying thing about Trump allegedly being a fascist is that the CPUSA, the one old communist organization who is supposed to tell us who is a fascist and who isn't, is going along with this unfounded hystericism that Trump is a fascist. Literally everything that Trump threatens to pull here was already done by Bush.
>>1040009 Because there are a thousand ways these aren't comparable to the current situation, and most one-to-one comparisions to antiquity don't go over well. Like, the "decline" of the republic wasn't an actual decline. Rome expanded MASSIVELY in this period and things were look up for nearly everyone but the Rural Plebians. Also, this period is one of 150 years. That's almost as long as the US has existed in total.
>>1040003 >we are no homoz, we zwearz. Don't you have a plastic horsecock to cuck tonight?
Religious people are all mentally ill.
lol at the trump defense force ITT, you should all catch a ban tbh
https://twitter.com/mjs_DC/status/1320873994032205824 >Trump got his SC appointment >Literally their first act in office was for her, Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas and other GOP shills to release a letter saying (Basically) "We will get the final say who becomes president" for reference, the only way they could broker the deal was to make a ruling that, in the ruling itself, said the ruling should never be used again spoiler to the retarded democrats who accepted it would never be used again: it is now going to be used again!
>Supreme court website announces they will hear case from Mississippi seeking to ban all abortions past the 15'th week HERE WE FUCKING GO
(111.20 KB 680x728 944.png)
>>1040020 Get better marital
>>1040027 Who's defending Trump?
(57.32 KB 500x667 lqv5nrueptx11.jpg)
>>1039969 Now you're getting it. The birth of modern politics was the entrance of the masses in the political arena, and the logical conclusion is their total control, followed by, one hopes, the abolishment of class. Ultimately, modern politics is the fight between the people and all groups which constitute power, and reactionarism is, at the best of times, delaying the inevitable while causing utterly pointless human suffering in the process.
>>1040031 have sex
>>1040030 Frankly Roe v. Wade was a retarded way to guarantee abortion rights. They had the supreme court rule it unconstitutional to ban it on VERY shaky legal grounds, thus creating a guarantee that could have been swatted away like nothing, as it soon will. The better way would honestly have been a constitutional amendment, hard as it would have been. But that'd require actual work you know, so...
>>1039969 >We should have burned the fucking constitution in the 30s and started over. One day I pray that my people are free and we become a modern democracy like Chile.
>>1040024 America has expanded too tbh and also the time scale is accelerates by industrial revolution and technology accelerating political and social developments. Also youre writing off the giant population of landless farmers and proles forming massive slums in Rome. Mass enslavement depopulation of gaul and norther africa and spain die to warfare is not exactly a success, at least initially. Even so yes the analogy is a bit strained but Republican Rome also had really ahitty political institutions that made for sclerotic decision making (and was an inspiration for the founding fathers through montesqueiue) so the political system is creating a similar outcome of increasing political deadlock and elite competition that broke down political stability in the late republic
>>1040034 dilate
>>1040035 Can the SC even do anything to states like California re abortion? Wasn't it already defacto illegal in like Pence Indiana? Seems a little bit like coastal liberal fear mongering.
>>1039969 The Constitution should have been torn up after the fucking Civil War, in the same way that the Articles of Confederation were torn up after Shays Rebellion showed they were retarded and inefficient
>>1040022 They're were almost no transhumanists online 10-15 years ago. transhumanistism is a meme spread by Tumblr and Something Awful that has nothing to do with leftism or Marxism. before then, the internet was full of "otherkin" and retards who claimed to be dragons and shit, all of whom mysteriously disappeared when the trans meme became prolific. Ban me if you must, but stop trying to pass this shit as normal or healthy. It is alienating to any normal, sane person.
>>1040042 They can rescind Roe v Wade, but that's pretty much it. The Supreme Court has no legal case to ban abortion on the national level. So yeah, shitty red states will probably get to ban abortion, but if you live in Cali you're going to be fine.
>>1040042 Roe v. Wade simply means abortion is De-Jure legal nation wide. Most GOP states still keep abortion De-Facto illegal in their own state by allocating like 1$ to planned parenthood out of the state budget or whatever. What this new decision that the GOP seems to angling for would cause would ironically be a subversion of states rights since all abortion clinics all over the country would be unable to perform their service on a women whose more then 15 weeks through her presidency.
Who here is /DEUS EX GANG/? https://youtu.be/46oDDnE1Z6o
>>1040046 Transgender people were a thing WAAAAAAAAAAAY before otherkin was a thing. Do you actually live inside the internet somehow?
>>1040023 >the one old communist organization who is supposed to tell us who is a fascist and who isn't Then maybe he is?
>>1040041 sneed
>tfw end of the american dream >tfw the last waltz of europe >tfw the blitz for africa >tfw the blood-won red tide of south america >tfw the final fight for free india >tfw the Chinese century >tfw the great trial approaches
When will the people finally wake the fuck up and kill every single nazi they see?
>>1040056 When the people become concieness
>>1040046 >cute girls didn't say they were cute girls in my goon chats and ircs so they didn't exist take your meds
>>1040056 Wow, so much for the tolerant left
>>1040057 Kek Watching incel kermit crying over his own genius is some of the best cringe out there
>>1040057 god he's such a dork
(268.82 KB 500x354 20200316_053200.png)
>>1040060 >muh tolerant left
>>1040057 What a bitch baby
>>1040057 Why is he crying, regardless?
>>1040057 >A close reading of 20th century nigga that is not what "close reading" means god damn is psychology an intellectually destitute field...
>>1040068 I almost forgot how this debate went. Thank you for posting.
>>1040070 Because he gets moved by his own genius. He's that euphoric. Yes, I am serious.
>>1039880 You're not getting it. They're tired of even pretending elections matter, so in the near future there will be no more elections, or at least none that are at all relevant. They would be reduced to popularity contests while any real power, even formal, moves to unelected stations. Because of that, making demands anywhere - on the street, at the ballot box - is irrelevant. Like any fascism, the current ruling system can only be violently snuffed out in total defeat, and that isn't happening any time soon.
Why does everyone in Burgerstan seems even more retarded than usual after reading about dialetical materialism
(7.18 KB 348x46 interesting times.jpg)
>>1040068 Zizek didn't have to flex that hard on Peterson, but I'm glad he did
(438.86 KB 1000x1000 kot.png)
(52.93 KB 640x360 NoMalarkey.jpg)
>>1040070 >>1040074 Well, actually it's because he's shaken in his own faith in what he's saying. Peterson generally believes in bootstraps and that only the individual can cure himself, but he is himself a GIANT testament to that not working at all. He's a giant waste, a huge loser, and thus he is directly confronted with his own inadequacy and how far away the ideal seems. It's existential dread and depression that is making him cry.
>>1039782 Is this the little sister from Solatarobo? Who the fuck draws this obscure shit??
>>1039920 It's more that the US is essentially a fascist construction since WW2, except that it superficially appears liberal. The fascist current in America has been quite large but we're not allowed to call it what it is, not allowed to declare that a good 20% of the population should be violently suppressed for our collective safety.
>>1040084 America is not yet fascist. Wait until America collapses and is humiliated. THEN you will see fascism
>>1039991 >Well tbf everyone outside the US sees our system for the joke it is. If only. The ruling classes of the 3rd world have an eternal chip on their shoulder for not having been born in America, and their affinity towards it is more primal than class solidarity. You know how reactionaries seem to be unable and unwilling to think of a word which isn't structured in hierarchies? The comprador elites treat their own people like shit for the same reason they lick AMerica's boots, out of this Freudian obsession with dominating and being dominated.
>>1040057 How did he still have followers after this?
>>1040008 how adorable
(55.69 KB 522x686 1603166299807.jpg)
>>1040082 Leaving religion and learning Marxist theory made me stop hating myself and blaming myself for everything. Now I'm never depressed, just annoyed at society. More people need to do as I did.
>>1040049 $1 to Planned Parenthood, the arch-Porkiest of institutions, is $1 too much. The real way abortion is "illegal" is by making ridiculous requirements for abortion providers, but this is only possible because of the threat of terrorist attacks against abortionists if they are very particular about pushing abortion in certain areas. Without that, the might of money and the demands for population control would override whatever petty shit the fundies put up. None of those people have any interest in ending population control.
>>1040077 Maybe it's because dialectical materialism is stupid?
>>1040082 didn't Peterson basically fuck himself up though, if anything that kind of underlines how important personal responsibility
>>1040093 I never understood shippers until i saw /pol/jak and that transgirl
>>1040059 > cute girls in my goon chats and ircs must have been in the wrong irc
>>1040098 This. Dialectical materialism isn't even Marx's theory.
>>1040096 >Joining religion and learning Marxist theory made me stop hating myself and blaming myself for everything. Now I'm never depressed, just annoyed at society. More people need to do as I did.
>>1040103 You cannot be religious and a Marxist. Period. By definition, you must be an atheist to be a Marxist.
>>1040102 >Marxist theory was complete in 1880. It needs no further advancement.
>>1040015 What's special about this? >>1040017 >Atlas Aegis 100% chances the owner is an activist shitter in the same manner as the Kochs. >>1040019 >FARTed AOC bro... >>1040021 tbh this rightwing global chimpout is more or less that, it's the more reactionary porkies abandoning their own charade of a democracy -- not openly, of course, because reactionaries are almost all cowards
>>1040093 Bros... even /pol/cel can fuck and have a family...what about us?
>>1040019 ABOLISH the court. Fuck the Supreme Court. No more judicial review, it is fucking stupid.
>>1040108 I have a family. You. No, really, I have sons, a wife, etc.
>>1040019 Biden will cuck out like Obama did
>>1040092 >>1040093 >fascists <ever deserving happiness
>>1040085 Americans are humiliated daily. We've taken the Anglo tendency of self-deprecation and turned it into a form of abuse. Collectively, the country has been primed for fascism for some time now. They will accept any barbarity presented to them, or at least they will accept that there is no ability to fight it or stop it. Already, the neocons of Bush have been actively at work rehabilitating literal Hitlerites because muh commies. The theory behind America's wars - as in the story they tell themselves - is basically a recasting of the race war Hitler envisioned. America inflicts a Hitlerian death toll on the world, so if fascism is merely about being bad, we're pretty well there already. But fascism isn't about doing bad or mean stuff, and you can always make apologies for every horrible thing your country does and say it's not fascism / it's not evil. Krauts were in spectacular denial of Nazi atrocities right up until the bitter end, where after they were totally defeated they were marched at gunpoint to concentration camps to see what their rulers had done. It will probably take something like that, if it ever happens, to put a stop to the "it's not REAL fascism" bullshitters. People often forget how relatively tame the Nazis were, compared to what is technologically possible or the worst case scenario. If you were German, you could get by and pretend it wasn't ruined, until fascism shit the bed late in the war. It is merely a matter of degrees to see how bad America will get. There simply won't be a comparison to how bad it's going to get. You'll see executions on the street, to the thunderous applause of the state/corporate mass media. It would be like the most nightmarish conceptions one could have of the Roman Empire at its worst, except with modern technology and no way out whatsoever.
(88.92 KB 452x446 it hasn't even begun.png)
>>1040122 >It will probably take something like that, if it ever happens, to put a stop to the "it's not REAL fascism" bullshitters. this lol, half the nigggers itt unironically subscribe to trump's "obama did it first" bullshit
>>1040122 >People often forget how relatively tame the Nazis were The Nazis blew up a half-track in front of my grandfather's vehicle during a strafing run.
>>1040122 it amazes me how mucho texto people will put into being doomerist retards and how little equivalent effort they do in organizing irl
>>1040125 >t. too young to remember 9/11
>>1040129 (me) Also the whole "marched German civilians through camps to see what they had done," my grandfather took part in that too.
(21.98 KB 297x223 Barack Osama.jpeg)
>>1040131 Obama did 911?
>>1040122 Murricans have already been on some truly hellish levels of barbarism before though, it's just a question of how much more widespread and in the open it will be https://afro.com/vertus-hardiman-a-man-with-courage/
(21.10 KB 376x172 nemo.png)
>>1040048 >>1040049 whats gonna happen is this >SC rescinds Roe v Wade, leaves it up to the states >nothing will happen, if you live in a shithole you still live in a shithole lmao get fucked
>>1040105 >You cannot be religious and a Marxist. It is the complete opposite. You cannot be a Marxist without being religious.
>>1040144 What's the most leftist religion? I want to say liberation theology but apparently it's just a really niche heresy? I can't find any churches that practice it.
>>1040035 >The better way would honestly have been a constitutional amendment, hard as it would have been. Bruh it took a civil war for black people to be considered people, abortion will never ever make it into the constitution >>1040042 Other anons have given more legalese answers, but they're kind of conditional on whether the system is working in a halfway civilized manner. At the end of the day, the judiciary does whatever it wants to do, because it's their job to twist any set of words into having any meaning. And given that society has come to rely on government, and especially the courts, as the ultimate arbiters of what is true and what isn't, the SCOTUS pretty much can do whatever it wants to do, with the only democratic pretense in their way being the need to bring a judicial case which will allow them to do so. And as it happens, Trump got to appoint a fuckload of federal judges. In times past, you could expect them to have some sort of civic mindedness, but that's completely gone. >>1040050 everyone is deus ex gang there is no choice
(38.05 KB 610x420 puffl.jpeg)
>>1040144 but religion is just a tool of porky to keep you submissive
>>1040140 As an American shit like this makes me want this country to fail completely, and soon.
>>1040122 Fascism takes total mobilization. fascism is a militant death-cult that arises in the ashes of a colonial empire to commit suicide-by-enemy under the excuse that they're trying to revive the empire That is not where the US is right now. Trump is leading the US tomwards the collapse that makes stuff like that possible, but that's not where we are in the US, especially not 20 years ago and before that.
(60.10 KB 482x471 1551754679329.jpg)
Should I join the DSA lads? The local chapter near me seems to actually know theory and not be super into the radlib shit, only thing is that they still believe in electoralism and are against violent revolution. I'm a shutin and I need to find SOME social group you feel me...
>>1040152 IS this real? pls no meme
>>1040150 Capitalism is only a couple hundred years old anon. Religion is quite prior to it and to porky. It is a necessary precondition to communism.
>>1040155 Join the green party tbh
>>1040152 kek, no way.
(388.26 KB 800x771 society.png)
>>1040158 yea bro a scripture telling me to beat women and stone gays surely will help us achieve social progress right???
>>1040148 >What's the most leftist religion? Islam, of course, seeing how almost all Islamic countries sided with the USSR for no apparent reason, or had a strong red movement.
>>1040023 The CPUSA says there is a fascist movement in the US that has rallied behind Trump, not that Trump himself is necessarily a fascist. I see way too many communists on the internet that only think of this election in terms of the individual candidates, which they then project onto the positions held by the various American communist parties. Stop caring so much about the individual candidates and focus on the greater context of this election. In general, Trump is backed by the most reactionary sections of the bourgeoisie while Biden is backed by the pre-2016 neoliberal establishment. Neither faction of the ruling class is "good" for us, but one of them has far more potential to establish a new status quo that is far more reactionary/fascistic.
>>1040152 hes watchin homoseschual pornography.
>>1040159 literally 0 presence in my city, which is embarrassing since it's a huge city...
>>1040155 Sure. But if you wanted to join a group that advocated violent revolution, either explicitly or implicitly, I probably wouldn't join one that met at the public library. You know what I mean
(5.55 MB 1280x720 balkanized.webm)
>>1040164 >one of them has far more potential to establish a new status quo that is far more reactionary/fascistic. Trump has pushed this country towards fascism, no sane person would deny this. The next GOP candidate will run on the reactionary populism platform that Bannon/Trump executed on and won't accept some milquetoast neocon.
>>1040161 Be honest anon, you've never read a religious text.
>>1040169 how the FUCK >>1040173 im a Muslim
>>1040169 I'm not going to your church
>>1040168 I just want to learn theory and make some friends breh Probably shouldn't have dropped "revolution" multiple times at the book club like a sperg lmao
(870.72 KB 220x164 1603759867274.gif)
>>1040172 >trump made me do this 4 more years
>>1040075 >or at least none that are at all relevant. You're kind of missing the point here, because they already don't matter. The doomsday you're decrying is already true. >>1039730 >>1040089 I take it you're too young to remember Rush Limbaugh's oxycontin fiasco. Pathological reactionaries will believe what they want to believe, and I say this as a matter of fact. That's how they function. The sociopath who makes a living by shouting that drug addicts should be executed turned out to be a drug addict, but his case is different, they said. He didn't want to get addicted they said (seriously). On that note: https://www.theatlantic.com/daily-dish/archive/2007/05/-the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/228662/
>>1040154 America has been "totally mobilized" since the 1930s. There is less in-your-face propaganda, unlike the propaganda news reels of that decade, but America has been kept in a state of permanent emergency ever since, with the justification of nuclear war preparation or the War on Terror. There are no "liberal" empires, only liberal countries (and nation-states can only be part of large blocs, it is more appropriate to think of the American Empire as America and all of its allies that are taking orders from global Porky). Part of the big lie was telling people that fascism was inherently nationalistic, and that nation-states still mattered. They were of some relevance in the Cold War, as the nation-state was the piece of territory being exchanged between the great powers, but none of the supposed "countries" in Europe amount to piss or shit, and America itself is little more than the home base for the empire of capitalism. Fascism exhorts people to subordinate themselves to some collective, and to the state, but the nation-state was in its time just the most expedient vehicle for state power. You can quibble about whether it's "technically" fascism, because the operation of America Fascism is quite different from what the Nazis were doing. But all the parts about subordination to the state, the intense anti-democratic design of the ideology, that never stopped since the OG Fascists.
>>1040177 Kill yourself retard.
>>1039650 >what about me and my Mexican family???! >What about my Muslim neighbors?? Same thing that'll happen under Biden
>>1040153 yeah I hate it here I'm not even white so I never really felt like I had any stake in this trainwreck https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmudiyah_rape_and_killings
>>1040176 Oh, well then. They absolutely think you're a glowie now.
>>1040175 Pray in private, also remove women's rights and gay marriage
>>1040180 You will never pass
(228.88 KB 1920x1080 OmgIts100percentReal.JPG)
>>1040162 Holy shit, it's real
>>1040176 Well sure. You can meet some cool people that way. But you want to compartmentalize that stuff.
(23.17 KB 458x345 quranScience.jpg)
>>1040174 Very good then this meme ought to resonate with you.
>>1040183 it was in context of a book so maybe I'm OK
>>1040184 k die then
>>1040184 I'm gay and no
(114.81 KB 640x480 even hitler had a girlfriend.jpg)
>>1040173 bruh I was raised Catholic and went to church school and I have no idea how any rational person can't immediately see how religion is just a method of social control
>>1040187 lol at those browser tabs
>>1040187 lmao @ the tabs
>>1040187 >those tabs kek
>>1040193 >>1040194 Without women's rights you faggots wouldn't want to be them, thus raising the white population. Help me help you, you dense mother fuckers. TRUMP 2020
>>1040191 how? the Quran is horribly dated and I'm not sad to admit it, even Nasser realized we needed to progress past sharia
(458.74 KB 651x675 1572492014089.png)
The real redpill is to read the Bible yourself, identify the good shit (love your neighbor, help the poor, etc.), filter out the retarded shit (muh burn homos), and don't bother with organized religion. God is with us comrades.
>>1040207 Based and chillpilled
>>1040204 >the Quran is horribly dated Are you a Muslim? Go and tell followers of abrahamic religions that the literal word of god is "dated"
>>1040143 >if you live in a shithole you still live in a shithole lmao get fucked Biden: Nothing will change. Yup
>>1040179 >America has been "totally mobilized" since the 1930s. Don't be delusional. It just hasn't, not to any degree that is even slightly reminiscent of 20th century fascist states. Fascism always comes after a failed empire. What we're looking at right now is just plain old imperialism.
>>1040148 Gnosticism.
>>1040204 Exactly; the job of the scientist is to study the Quran in detail and determine how to use its teachings to bring about a caliphate of the proletariat.
(2.96 MB 400x400 1602014676694.webm)
>>1040172 >Trump has pushed this country towards fascism
>>1040207 cringe
>>1040172 tbh, whatever happens to the US (I don't think elections will matter soon), I don't see "economic nationalism" surviving Trump. They have electoral wins now, and what do these "nationalists" do except serve global capitalism even more profusely than the technocratic liberals before them? There's no there there, as far as the Bannon types presenting any actual alternative. The only thing Trump has is the culture war faggotry, which is why Trump has been running exclusively on that and meme magic in an attempt to re-do 2016. I expect, barring a blatant theft, that the results will be a substantial Demoshit win and Republicans will take the opportunity to denounce the whole Trump phenomenon, going back to their old well of basic bitch conservatism. Since the Democrats are likely to preside over more disaster, and Biden/Harris show an amazing indifference to anything the vast majority of the country wants, it would translate to a bounce back for the Rethugs no matter how dogshit they become. But most likely, things will get so bad that they're going to do away with the whole election thing.
>>1040130 Well obviously. Almost no one has no idea how to organize. >>1040155 Join literally as many organizations as possible. It's time to network them all. >>1040187 ayy Bunkerchan is gonna resurrect this meme What was the Reddit tab named tho? >>1040204 man can't you spot bait that obvious
>>1040224 The biggest impact of Trump will be rhetorical, every Republican will be trying to copy his "style". It's blatantly clear that that's what his supporters are attracted to, not any substantive policy (they can just lie).
>>1040229 >What was the Reddit tab named tho? It was a completely random page. I just needed to have a reddit tab up there.
>>1040232 Lol imagine how ridiculous a nihilistic republican Pete Buttigieg figure who tries to copy Trump's mannerisms but in his early-40's would be.
(105.38 KB 844x843 ffvii-aerith-hmph.jpg)
>>1040187 >How to screenshot Now we know you are trolling with those tabs, my comraderino.
>>1040187 >>1040187 >>1040162 >>1040156 >>1040152 CAN CONFIRM, IT'S REAL. SOMEONE, PLEASE ARCHIVE THIS THREAD.
>>1040240 It's an obvious meme even without that
(653.63 KB 1280x720 1506572294860.webm)
>>1040240 >>1040243 Is it anime hour?
>>1040207 Are you a women?
>>1040234 I'm pretty confident Tucker Carlson is going to run in 2024 no matter what happens this year. He could pick up the populist mantle from Trump very easily.
>>1040174 Don't resonate with a fucking troll, kek.
>>1040240 >being this new Or am I just old? Fuck.
>>1040262 Well it's not the oldest of memes but it has been dead for the better part of a decade.
>>1040253 Why would Tucker give up his 8 figures to lose to dem?
>>1039981 Imagine thinking "mongoloid" is an insult, bitch. I'd shoot stupidpolers first then give the chapos a lashing. This post made by /mongolgang/
(242.54 KB 1440x1440 Alunya-cat--3.png)
>>1040262 It can be more subtle, kek.
>>1040172 what song is this?
>>1040243 irl photo for posterity
>>1040281 Please, use Shazam before asking.
>>1040287 >No meme-tabs
>>1040281 plenka - nightmare
(34.69 MB 2821x4298 jessee lee beterson.bmp)
>>1040287 just to get a second one in on this anon's irlphoto
>>1040310 I tried googling this, it seems like we're the only ones aware right now QUICK BUNKERCHAN TWITTER, POST THIS AND GET LOTS OF EYEBALLS
Is it time to move to Canada?
>>1039199 And hold a majority of SC seats. And Trump who lost the vote appointed a full third of them. I wonder if liberals will ever understand how utterly ridiculous our government and constitution is
>>1040417 Why? Things are just starting to get exciting. Worst case scenario, maybe one of the new regional governments after the collapse will pass a homesteading act and I can have some land.
>>1040417 this is objectively the most interesting time to live in the USA since the 1960s
>>1039199 >>1040423 It's debatable whether they won that single popular vote as well, it seems.
>>1040417 Canada will be really sooner than later the U.S. V.2.0 once all liberals go north.
(123.63 KB 1920x1080 COVID192020_1920x1080.jpg)
>>1040417 fuck off we're full
https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hblog20170808.061398/full/ >Despite these recommendations, HUD does not require pre-rental lead hazard risk assessments in the Housing Choice Voucher program or project-based Section 8 housing for units receiving less than $5,000 in assistance. For Lanice Walker and Tolanda McMullen, Housing Choice Voucher program participants in Chicago, the lack of primary prevention resulted in lead poisoning and numerous disabilities for their once healthy children. Their pre-1978 units did not undergo a lead hazard risk assessment and still passed the housing authority’s “housing quality standards” inspection. Both mothers believed the “pass” result meant the home was safe for their children. They are not alone. Between 2010 and 2016, more than $5.6 million in federal funds were used to subsidize Housing Choice Voucher program units with known and uncontrolled lead hazards in Chicago alone. As a result, children in 187 homes were lead poisoned at levels above the CDC reference value, suffering permanent neurological damage. “My baby had been healthy,” Ms. McMullen told the Chicago Tribune, then “one day it seemed like the light in his eyes had just gone out.” >Lead hazard risk assessments and abatement are required in public housing and project-based Section 8 housing for units receiving more than $5,000 in assistance. However, enforcement of these rules is hampered by a lack of coordination between agencies. Federal investigators recently determined that the New York City Housing Authority falsely certified that it had inspected thousands of apartments for lead paint, exposing children in more than 4,700 federally assisted housing units to toxic lead paint. In East Chicago, Indiana, Stephanie King recently vacated the West Calumet Housing Complex due to hazardous levels of arsenic and lead surpassing 228 times the maximum permitted levels. Like all of the complex’s 1,100 residents, Ms. King was informed of the health hazards in her environment in August 2016, eight years after the area was designated a Superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Generations of families and thousands of people have suffered prolonged exposure to neurotoxins and carcinogens since the complex was first erected in 1966 on the former site of the US Smelter and Lead (USS Lead) Refinery and near other smaller smelting plants. West Calumet is not an isolated incident. Approximately 70 percent of the nation’s federally assisted housing is located near one of the country’s 1,400 Superfund sites.
>>1040207 Don't know if you know this, but the original translation of the bible relating to "sleeping with another man is a sin" was actually a strange translation that only popped up in the 1940's. The text from which it draws from is either in relation to "you won't sleep with male sex slaves" or "don't be a pedophile" https://www.patheos.com/blogs/keithgiles/2018/06/the-word-homosexual-does-not-appear-in-the-bible-pre-1946/
>>1040417 Fuck no!
>>1040465 Lead poisoning affects a lot of black children. I once tried to argue this on 4chan and some dude legit said that lead has little to no effect on your brain. His source was Alternative Hypothesis.
>>1040472 Sounds like something a lead poisoned black child would say
(25.51 KB 339x419 1600817656401.jpg)
>>1040472 >there are still people who believe in race-realist pseudo-science. On a related note, you should probably take a gander at this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pioneer_Fund#Criticism
>>1040207 >The real redpill is to read the Bible yourself Why though? If you ought to filter the bible for "good shit" and "bad shit", wouldn't it mean that it can teach you nothing of value and a waste of time?
>>1040465 Doesn't lead exposure make you more aggressive and prone to violence? It would explain a lot. Hunters Point, a predominantly black neighborhood in SF used to be a dismantling yard for the Navy. Couple slow neurological poisoning with extreme poverty and it's no wonder they constantly kill each other
>>1040481 >He doesn't know how to read critically anon, you are disabusing me of my earlier prejudices regarding tankies.
(37.17 KB 500x639 Euphoric.jpg)
>>1040478 One thing I've always found funny about /pol/smokers is how they want to claim black people are innately stupid/violent bc of genes that cant be changed. Yet also complain about "accountability" and how they're "always blaming whites" couldnt a person just use "muh violent genes" as an excuse?
>>1040481 I mean a broken clock is right twice a day. Should we discredit Engels because he had a hatred for Slavic people or Bakunin because of his vehement anti-semitism? Hell let's just cast aside any good takes that Hoxha had owing to his views on Islam. Like I don't want to sound like I'm arguing in bad faith and I understand that a theological text doesn't compare much to a philosophical/ economic one, but owing to the fact that the Bible has gone through hundreds of translations, had segments from the dead sea scrolls purposefully left out, while also having to account for the centuries of schisms between Christian sects you can't just discard every text because it doesn't align to your beliefs.
>>1040488 The bible isn't meant to be read critically. It is meant to be implanted as a moral compass. In fact, a source of all morals and ethics in the world, and its' most complete and final form.
>>1040491 >Should we discredit Engels no because he was correct >or Bakunin yes because he was incorrect but it is unclear what this has to do with the remainder of your argument since holy texts are not argumentative
>>1040481 don't bother, the bible is total nonsense and should only be read if you are a /lit/izen as you will greatly benefit from biblical knowledge in the context of exploring philosophy and literature
>>1039836 Thing is the filibuster was supposed to be a guy standing up there talking constantly, no piss breaks, no bullshit and didn't last forever. Now it's just I DECLARE FILIBUSTER and the Dems go gee golly gosh I guess we can't do anything now. Interesting that there were no filibusters while trump had both houses
>>1040491 >I mean a broken clock is right twice a day. Should we discredit Engels because he had a hatred for Slavic people or Bakunin because of his vehement anti-semitism? Hell let's just cast aside any good takes that Hoxha had owing to his views on Islam. The essential quality of the Bible is it being the Word of God. If you equate it with Engels and Bakunin, you annihilate its' worth to begin with. You're basically saying that it's something like the Greek mythology - which isn't really a must read.
(116.45 KB 1024x576 devilmaykek.jpg)
>>1040489 Personally I found the whole "racists are found to have lower IQs" study to be a pretty hearty chuckle (though keep in mind I think IQ itself is a fucking stupid metric to measure intelligence). I will say this anon, there's no point in arguing with /pol/yps on race-realism. >>1040496 >engels >correct So he was correct on Slavic people not being capable of achieving communism? Are you telling me that these prejudiced views towards the Slavic people actually holds weight? I know the source is from reddit, but bear with me it does have citations. https://www.reddit.com/r/russia/comments/7bbk13/karl_marx_and_friedrich_engels_about_the/
>>1040495 >The bible isn't meant to be read critically. Lmfao. The extent of your uninformed presumption is astonishing. What is it do you suppose they do in schools of divinity? Are you suggesting that Christian Theology is categorically heretical? I welcome you to speak with a student of divinity sometime. You'll probably find they're up to more than you give them credit for.
>>1040501 >Greek mythology - which isn't really a must read. yes especially now that we have the Marvel Cinematic Universe and can play games on the Nintendo Switch, the Greeks are totally dispensable.
>>1040035 Constitutional amendments require 2/3 of both senate and house or state legislatures to even go up for a vote. Then they require 3/4 of state legislatures to approve. Find 12 shithole tiny red states and see how an amendment is never going to do anything worthwhile
>>1040495 >>1040495 >The essential quality of the Bible is it being the Word of God. If you equate it with Engels and Bakunin, you annihilate its' worth to begin with. You're basically saying that it's something like the Greek mythology - which isn't really a must read. Fair point, but my argument was that you can at least engage with a text critically, and given that we know that the world wasn't made in seven days, and owing to the various mistranslations as seen here >>1040466 are you telling me that the study of theology, especially in places where Abrahamic faiths are still practiced, we should outright not engage with them? >The bible isn't meant to be read critically. It is meant to be implanted as a moral compass. In fact, a source of all morals and ethics in the world, and its' most complete and final form. And thus you're telling us we shouldn't critically engage with it nonetheless? Are you telling me that Liberation Theology should be cast aside? Again not trying to argue in bad faith here, but let's be honest, (and I'm going to play devils advocate here) you could make the argument that philosophers such as Marx made moralistic arguments, especially if we're looking into his manuscripts on alienation. Like the man is making an argument that alienation in it of itself is a wretched device spurred on by capitalism to divide us, rob us of our labour, and have us reduced to nothing more but animals.
>>1040417 Better get in early.
>>1040483 A lot of places have it in the soil from being in high traffic urban areas during the leaded gasoline era, as well as paint chips that wear off buildings and become particularized in the wind, then they get in the water supply. Lots of places have lead pipes, and lead paint on the interior walls that was simply painted over instead of paying the costs for proper removal.
(299.94 KB 1440x1703 Screenshot_20201027_014255.jpg)
>>1040502 Without even looking at the links, I know exactly what articles you are talking about. Engels in this case is not making a racial argument about inferiority here, but a political one. At that time these Southern Slavs in particular were divided into small nations. These nationalities were considered to be fleeting by Marx and Engels in the sense that they thought that they would be incorporated into a broader nation-state. They doubted that these "relics of a nation" would actually be able to form a nation themselves in the long term. Many of them in fact at that time were trying to form some kind of pan-slavic union. So when they said that these people would disappear in the course of the revolution of 1848, they are simply talking about the disappearance of an independent national identity, not genocide. Of course, in the end this prediction turned out to be wrong. So you can definitely criticize them for getting it wrong, but you cannot say that they were racist against the Southern Slavs.
>>1040483 I wouldn't be surprised if the deep State has a program to deliberately put health hazards like that in low-income housing projects. It's not even a step beyond the crack epidemic, it's just a lateral move, really. >>1040502 >"racists are found to have lower IQs" study Link me, please. I want to gather as many of these as possible. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-human-beast/201104/conservatives-big-fear-brain-study-finds https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282421724_The_Association_of_Cognitive_Ability_with_Right-wing_Ideological_Attitudes_and_Prejudice_A_Meta-analytic_Review https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/beautiful-minds/how-does-iq-relate-to-personality/ >Consistent with prior research, IQ was most strongly related to openness to experience. Out of 9 dimensions of openness to experience, 8 out of 9 were positively related to IQ: intellectual engagement, intellectual creativity, mental quickness, intellectual competence, introspection, ingenuity, intellectual depth, and imagination. Interestingly, IQ was much more strongly related to intellectual engagement and mental quickness than imagination, ingenuity, or intellectual depth, and IQ was not related to sensitivity to beauty. >>1040511 This but unironically. Superheroes are literally the modern incarnations of myths. Yeah, I know, most of the output is crap, but our knowledge of, say, Ancient Greek mythology has been filtered throughout millenia to the best and most authoritative sources, so we are mercifully spared the mountains of bullshit written by the Grecian equivalents of Whedon and Bendis, to say nothing of the equivalent of amateur authors. >>1040495 >The bible isn't meant to be read critically. It is meant to be implanted as a moral compass. This but unironically too. It's not even a criticism, it's a statement of fact. That was the whole point of those tribal moral codes, even if, as in Christianism's case, it was mish-mashed with a gorillion other texts and myths.
>>1040483 >>1040540 >Since then the site has been part of a superfund cleanup effort to remediate the leftovers of decades of industrial and radiological use. Parcels have been sold off as they were cleaned up, mostly for condominium development. >The key fissile components of the first atomic bomb were loaded onto USS Indianapolis in July 1945 at Hunters Point for transfer to Tinian. After World War II and until 1969, the Hunters Point shipyard was the site of the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory, the US military's largest facility for applied nuclear research.[2] The yard was used after the war to decontaminate ships from Operation Crossroads. Because of all the testing, there is widespread radiological contamination of the site. After the war, with an influx of blue collar industry, the area remained a naval base and commercial shipyard. >The Navy closed the shipyard and Naval base in 1994 as part of the next round of BRAC recommendations. Besides radioactive contamination, Hunter's Point had a succession of coal- and oil-fired power generation facilities which left a legacy of pollution, both from smokestack effluvium and leftover byproducts that were dumped in the vicinity. The BRAC program has managed the majority of the site's numerous pollution remediation projects. >In September 2016 the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) halted the transfer of additional land at Hunters Point from the Navy to the city and to real estate developers.[23] Per a letter sent from the EPA to the Navy, the process was placed on hold until "the actual potential public exposure to radioactive material at and near" the shipyard can be "clarified."[24] Pretty sure they washed all the boats from the Bikini Atoll tests there, which carcinogenic detergents of course.
>>1040536 One of the first things Biden will do if he's president is to grant universal absolute immunity to Trump and his family as act of "reconciliation".
>>1040568 How would libs cope with reality if that happened?
>>1040540 proudest pseud on leftypol, well done mate
>>1040536 If this happened i would unironically kill myself
>>1040593 Libs went off the deep end when they joined the Obama cult of personality. Everything since then has been nonstop losing and finding justifications for it, as Democrats surrender any independent program beyond "Trump bad" and invite literal active Republicans into their government. It's all so disgusting.
>Biden wins election. Not by much but still a noticeable enough amount that Trump cant pull any SC antics. >Trump rants and raves and continues to rile up his base but on January 20th shakes Bidens hand leaves the white house. >Bidens never trump republican cabinet picks immediately vote to declare him incompetent and the GOP senate moves to impeach Harris. >Senate Pro-Tempure Grassley becomes president What level of acceleration would this result in?
(15.11 KB 189x255 irish mask.jpg)
Begorrah. What if the elite over-react to /pol/ talking about the Jewish conspiracy, as a form of reverse-psychology, so you focus on it, meanwhile ignoring the Hibernian conspiracy because it's too powerful to address, and reacting to it in the form of bans and ostracizing would only lend it more power? This is how Donald Trump was rocketed into the position of President. They pretended to oppose him hard so the "anti-establishment" would support him. Crafty paddies... they know how to trick the coimhthíoch.
>>1039806 holy shit this is such sublime fucking charicature. rotation around a cone. as an artist i'm losing my fucking mind. thanks for posting.
(65.67 KB 477x358 CarlPickOfTheWeekUpset.jpg)
>Donald Trump said today to a Truck driver who was a fan of his at his rally >"By the way, nice trucks. You think I could hop into one of them and drive it away? I'd love to do it. Just drive the hell outta here. Just get the hell out of this. I had such a good life. My life was great." Reminds me of a week or two back when he just randomly ended his speech early with "No one even wants me anymore..." and then walked off stage


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