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(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727
FRATERNAL RIOT PORN WATCHING AND FRIENDLY CIRCLEJERK HERE: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt Thread theme: FREE RASHID BASARA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWyB447vNjg 100,000 deaths edition https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ What's Next: Democratic National Convention - August 17th Republican National Convention - August 24th Ongoing - Democratic veepstakes Now with livestreams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE Last thread >>373171
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>>646395 what is transmission loss alex?
>>646530 >closed system >earth I know what you mean but dumb terminology. We could do space mining and shit but that's obviously far off.
>>646525 >An alternative to uranium is thorium which is three times more common than uranium. Fast breeder reactors are not needed. Compared to conventional uranium reactors, thorium reactors using the thorium fuel cycle may produce some 40 times the amount of energy per unit of mass. 1.9MT of thorium would produce as much energy as about 76 MT of Uranium, so it could last for about 200 years or so, but either way yeah it would be unsustainable long term.
>>646533 in the sense of sustainability it makes perfect sense, there are hard limits due to limited resources on the planet and we're going to start hitting them or have already started to hit them over the next decade or two we could have absolutely been doing space mining a while back, but investment into space beyond low-mid earth orbit wasn't profitable so it never happened and probably won't happen under capitalism
I like how the "movement" has been reduced to Having a Conversation™ about cartoon voice actors
>>646523 that's ignoring the context of his actions. I agree he was shit to the injuns but he was by far the best to them in that he actually protected them to an extent. But yeah I certainly had a more rosey view of his policies than was actually correct, regardless.
>>646542 in that case it's perfectly reasonable. I was thinking of it in the sense of a closed system in physics.
>>646413 >breeders are experimental unproven Nup, the Soviets had reliable portable lead cooled breeder reactors which were used in production for military purposes
>>646532 7.5% to go 1300km, and keep in mind while "power the entire planet from the Sahara", while certainly doable, certainly isn't necessary given the location of inhospitable or despoiled land suitable for solar all over the world. https://saharawind.com/en/sahara-wind-project-5gw-hvdc-line >>646536 >three times more common than uranium But nearly none of that in viable concentrations >produce as much energy as about 76 MT of Uranium Like I said, only in a breeder. >>646555 Which were not electrical generators. Unlike, for instance, the experimental SuperPhenix generator that hobbled on and offline through sodium fires for years before being decommissioned.
>>646432 Is she Cat Alunya?
>>646575 >Which were not electrical generators. Hahaha turbines still go brrr when hooked up to an alternator
>>646432 Is she Cat Alunya?
>>646584 >>646587 no she's Sans Undertale
>>645327 >There's no real Never Biden momentum on the Bernie Bro side anymore Says who?
>>646586 >turbines Which they didn't have, being designed for weapons manufacturing, if they're the ones I suspect you're referring to.
>>645951 Introducing TrumpCare a.k.a. IDon'tCare
(91.39 KB 680x675 tags.jpg)
>>646546 All according to porkakku.
(383.52 KB 660x588 fizzle.png)
>>646753 What do you think this means exactly?
>>646755 That FizzleChads won
>>646759 >That FizzleChads won Us fizzlechads sure did.
>>646762 >t. AssHURT anarkiddie claiming anyone who didn't support their radlib #PeacefulProtests backed by Woke™ corporations is a porky keep =C O P I N G==
>>646759 >>646753 >muh cartoons Show me where ppl were on the street protesting about cartoons?
>>646768 Yes. All proles should be anti-protester. It's too distracting from the important work they need to do for me. I'm all aboard FIZZLEGANG Awoo!
Trump is launching the big attacks on Biden
>>646823 >Trump is launching the big attacks on Biden Haha he posted the hairleg video 2m ago. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1276991332461039618
>>646279 > There are very few people who bother to vote who don't have some sort of ideology guiding their decision, either consciously or at a cruder level. If that were true, the 2nd choice would be all over the place.
>>646832 the public isn't in the mood for this stuff right now. bad timing.
>Nancy Pelosi And chuck Schumer mistakingly refer to George Floyd as ‘George Taylor’ and ‘George Kirby’
>>647348 >George Jefferson could have been worse
Should American leftists support DC statehood? Is there a case for it?
(78.25 KB 700x800 etdlrqaw91m41.jpg)
>>647381 You should support D.C.'s secession.
>>647381 50 states / 100 senators is just A E S T H E T I C Let's delete Florida then I'll be on board with it.
(206.54 KB 946x2048 Ebjz__QUEAAeXXv.jpg)
(115.30 KB 537x881 EbkNMi3UMAAg3XB.png)
Apparently Sasha Baron Cohen pretended to represent a fictitious right-wing PAC at some rightard event in WA, paying for a stage and security as a "donation". He then went up there and performed some sort of mocking song, and used the security to keep the original organizers off the stage. https://mobile.twitter.com/djgrumblepuff/status/1277031411724120064 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5ryIztqI5g
>>647576 >muh rooskies Cringe & blueballed
(772.16 KB 320x240 tenorrrrrrrrr.gif)
>>647552 You got yourself a deal.
>>647576 >after the crowd realized what he was saying Sounds like it took them a while to think there was something off with all the racist shit.
(31.54 KB 300x300 acorn pimp.jpg)
>>647677 >>647576 >Sounds like it took them a while to think there was something off with all the racist shit. It's such a rehash. Literally just Throw The Jew Down The Well 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb3IMTJjzfo >>647648 >muh rooskies >Cringe & blueballed I've said it before, and I'll say it again, only liberals and conservatives have the patience to do all this prank shit. That's because politics is all pageantry to them.
US Senators introduce bill to FORCE all device and software providers in the US to build backdoors into their products. Bill would make encryption illegal for American-made Android software unless it had a backdoor for the US government Article: https://www.androidauthority.com/lawful-access-to-encrypted-data-1132922/ Full Bill: Click here https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/hh0527/us_senators_introduce_bill_to_force_all_device/
>>647862 >complain about use of chinkware in critical infrastructure because of potential botnet >publicly mandate botnet in your own stuff making it totally unsalable to any foreign government Sasuga burgers
>>647868 Even better was that story that came out this year? About that CIA run Swiss data security firm. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/11/crypto-ag-cia-bnd-germany-intelligence-report Seems like god has been trying to immediately show America's hypocrisy at every turn these days. Of course a cheater always suspects their partner of infidelity.
(54.60 KB 720x869 1593349379948.jpg)
>>648206 MIGA 2020
(90.56 KB 1069x678 42374623864873.png)
Stupid fascist country
Again, everybody, wait for the eviction crisis to really hit
>>648302 are they really dumb enough to let this happen?
>>648286 I mean, we warned you that Trump was going to bring Nazism... that's his function, to get Burgers fired up for some of the old Hitlerism, and the fuckers have ate it up every step of the way. >>648487 They were dumb enough - or more accurately, evil enough - to let the worst of both worlds happen with coronavirus. Of course they're going to evict poor people, all while keeping the dumbass progressives distracted with woke politics (which includes tearing down statues of the Union now, because history is bunk or something).
>>648598 The hitlerism was there already and growing since gaymergate. Trump is just a grifter opportunist and took advantage of those people. Imagine if those fuckers had gotten some real fuhrer had political connections to the military. Instead they are donating money to some flamboyent New York fancy lad t.v game show host. Who got to lazy and bored to carry out a coup in Venezuela.
>>647862 No fucking way a bill would do all this. There has to be some exaggeration into this. Otherwise, it's easily the most flagrant violation of privacy in human history, without a joke. For all talk there is of "Echelon" systems automatically monitoring however many people's phonecalls, e-mails and shit, these were built around an existing structure, adapted to it, and thus likely to never be as effective as it could be. This is a game-changer, it would make hardware itself rigged from the start. It would be easy to automatize this to spy on literally everyone's communications for literally 24/7. You Burgers better hope to God this news is sensationalism, because otherwise, this is it. This is the big one, the thing cranks and paranoiacs have been raving all along. America has long been a strange "police democratic State", but this is something else. >>647868 Case in point, this infamous propaganda piece at Bloomberg: http://archive.is/3oe9J I think this is a historical piece, because I don't know of any other time when a mainstream media outlet lied so clearly and on such an immense scale. Shit like "remember the Maine" or muh Uyghur death camps at least can be attributed to fog of war or some other source of misinterpretation. This here was built from the ground up. I guess it might have been testing the waters, in a sense, to see how much the porky media can get away with. Well it turns out they can make shit up on the spot and there's not a damn thing the accused parties, even when it's an entire fucking country, can do about it. This is the complete bankruptcy of the liberal paradigm of information regulation, which had always been lax to say the least, and it's of one of the many ways in which bourgeoisie democracy has just hit rock-bottom. >>647872 The big problem here is that they can expose their own bullshit for the world to see, and it won't matter at all. That's the weaponized infocalypse about which I have been talking. There's hardly the need for secrecy when the public itself never gets to hear of it amidst the barrage of worthless information they're fed, or, even worse, the public dopes get to know about it but doesn't care. Well the latter merits some explanation. It's not so much that someone won't care, I mean this news about Uncle Sam's botnet is likely to raise an alarm in the minds of everyone who know about it, but them they look around at the "mediaspace" and at the topics talked about their immediate society and notice no one caring about it, and that's all it takes. That's omninormalization. The biggest outrages committed in broad daylight fly because there isn't a collective sense of indignation about it, only a million isolated alarm bells in a million minds, and no one raising an alarm in real life. This plays on our nature as social animals and the immense importance that social cues have for us. It's subversion in its most raw form, and of course only reactionaries could have the inhumanityn to enact this.
>>648613 It's not so much about cultivating the NAMBLA shits that constitute /pol (that has been a long term project for decades), but mainstreaming fascism in order to build a large enough base to stage a coup, or at least use the threat of a coup to push liberals into accepting more fascism. Trump himself is just a fucking idiot. The people behind him are considerably more dangerous, and they have been around for a while (plus, the neoconservative goose-steppers are still very much at it, and they're still running the MIGA strategy).
>>648635 >to push liberals into accepting more fascism. Under President Hillary >>648618 this would happen exactly the same You're in a one party state kid stop buying into the spectacle In fact youse'd probably be supporting it to go after teh Hitlerite Trump supporting deplorable right now
>>648613 Also, the coup failed because the coup was a harebrained State Department scheme from the start, not because Trump had any say in events. The US can't afford another war (especially when they remain committed to Bush's quagmire) and can't rely on proxies to fight Venezuela. Their only option is to prop up shitheads like Guaido or Anez in Bolivia and hope that it sticks. It worked in the latter case, but the Chavistas aren't going anywhere without an invasion.
>>648613 >The hitlerism was there already and growing since gaymergate. stahp
>>648648 If it's a one party state, the narrative called for Trump to win and they made sure of it. Even the ruling class and elitest of elites weren't going to support Lady Macbeth when push came to shove. Trump is their way to galvanize the base of paleo-conseratives in support of the regime, and enough dumb snowniggers buy into it. That's why the Republicans did a lot to prop up Trump, manufacture this retarded "anti-establishment" narrative to convince dumbasses that their faggotry is actually some sort of rebellion, when Trump is a truly banal figure.
(189.13 KB 549x960 Viewpoints SMBC.PNG)
>>648618 >he big problem here is that they can expose their own bullshit for the world to see, and it won't matter at all. That's the weaponized infocalypse about which I have been talking Reminds me of this comic >>648635 I agree for the most part, but I just think Trump was a miscalculation for these people. He didn't mainstream fascism as hoped and just ended up radicalized liberals. Pushing the movement underground. Honestly gaymergate was likely a miscalculation on their part to since it tied the kekistane, bronies, and other internet weirdos around the neck of the fascist project.The neo-cons were gonna neo-con no matter who won in 2016. The more competent ones that actually understood the importance of strategic alliances beyond Israel and the Saudis would be in charge. NATO wouldn't wouldn't be falling about and the plans for a new cold war would be laid out. Instead it's the wacko Dominionist trying to collect the 11 dragonballs for Israel to kick start the apocalypse. 100% I believe Mike pence and Pompeo have troops look for the lost ark of the covenant right now.
>>648662 The cultivation of online fascist faggotry has little to do with Trump. The work there was done in the 1980s and especially the 1990s. Shit, it wasn't subtle to see what South Park was intended to do. But media narratives don't matter so much. The ascension of Trump - or more importantly, the ascension of the extremely evil lot of people in Trump's government - is more about expanding the tendrils of American Fascism beyond its natural base. The base for American Fascism has been screaming for a long time now, eager for payback after they were suppressed in WW2. The point of Trump is to rehabilitate Nazi collaboration as a legitimate political position, and to drag more normal people into passive support for a fascist coup. It's pretty clear they've given up on salvaging the appearance of liberal republicanism.
>>648286 >>648598 better vooote blooo, fascism is right around the corner!!!!!
>>648686 What was South Park intended to do?
>>648686 Again I'm not disagree with you. I'm just saying they've done a terrible job at normalizing American Fascism, specifically Nazism. They've gotten all the polices they've wanted since the 1980's for the most part. They just haven't been able to reshape the culture away from liberalism like they truly want. The last ditch effort was for storm front to colonize the gaming community and chans. Then they saw trump, started doing nazi salutes and going mask off. This didn't awaken a great fascistic movement and cause all the white people to rise up. It just normalized extreme politics in general. Tied them down to trump who's been a completely incompetent leader and only surrounded himself around incompetent people. I do think it's possible the U.S goes fascist, maybe even likely. It just won't be Nazism, it'll be some schizo shit like Qanon. The propaganda and culture will be less triumph of the will and more like bad tom Clancy novels.
>>647865 Listening to the senate conference currently. From a perspective of the status quo they are making a good argument right now. They are playing the "middle ground" line and claiming that what they are demanding is equivalent to securing a search warrant for a home. https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/encryption-and-lawful-access-evaluating-benefits-and-risks-to-public-safety-and-privacy
>>648724 to hypernormalize further by presenting the most insane imaginable scenarios as entirely lacking consequence. the show's point is that no matter what happens, everything always returns to normal, therefore all complaints are mere whining and all attempts at resistance are laughable at best
(289.04 KB 898x1102 1457848974692.png)
>>648739 How can this genuine Big Brother shit be a "middle ground" between anything?
>>648749 It's not, but, to the perspective of our senate it is and that's what matters to these people. Watch the video. >Muh chomos >muh can't get in cuz my encryption >We are just le good guys Senators are going to eat that shit up.
>>648749 He's not saying it is in reality. Just that they are presenting it in convincing fashion that has more persuasive power over brainrot liberals
>>648755 ^this
>>648755 >>648758 >>648762 I got it, but what is he presenting as a bogeyman to make this seem okay? >muh chomos What?
>>648755 Whats the over under on this passing the house? I really don't like that we have to trust in Nancy Pelosi to stop this bill. I got some hope since they've been trying to get something like this through since the clipper chip in the 1990's. We have to trust big tech has bribed enough congressmen to prevent this.
>>648775 Child molesters
(265.52 KB 326x264 externasdfsdfsdfsdfm.gif)
You're (apple) going to find a way to do this or we are going to do it for you I don't want people hiding behind this stuff to abuse children....or possibly do harm to the country itself. Y'all (Facebook, Apple) Better get on this or, if not, by this time next year, we are gonna have to figure it out. - Mr. Graham The good news is, they are really, really, freaking out over this handwringing over the "Costs" of decyption. Cyrusd R. Vance said that encryption has made their work exponentially more difficult. These certainly are interesting times we are living in people. Stay sharp. We truly do live in a clown world.
>>648783 Which big tech spent more money capturing the senate. We might still have net neutrality if they cared to bribe some senators. Fuck.
>>646395 This is ignoring the costs of actually installing and maintaining that many solar panels - not to mention the enormous power banks such infrastructure would require. It's a lot easier to say "let's cover 1/18th of the Sahara in glass, steel, and/or rare earth metals" than it is to actually do it. While solar is definitely the best option in the very long term, aside from experimental nuclear power sources like fusion, we need a much more diversified power infrastructure to solve our current crisis. This includes "unsustainable" but mostly CO2-neutral energy sources like nuclear fission, as well as less-polluting hydrocarbons like natural gas to cover energy needs that can't be covered by electricity with the current infrastructure.
>>648776 >>648792 Why would they be against this? At first sight, yes it's bad for business, but the greater class interest far surpasses it, especially considering that, these days, anyone with an inch of power can quite literally get away with murder.
>>648801 That's true, big tech has been pretty intertwined with the Military industrial complex for awhile. As well as the NASA. Sadly their opposition is likely just theatrics to make it look like they put up a fight before the big bad government forced their hand.
>>645997 Sorry for divert the main topic, but is it Alunya banned? I used a pic-post of her, nothing NSFW, and was deleted.
>>648811 No I can see it, sometimes the site eats pics. You have to refresh your browser.
(160.56 KB 740x418 IMG_20200612_205519.jpg)
>>648811 You only got vibe-checked
>>648811 >>648815 It's still up. Besides the site occasionally eating images, there are times when the pic you post doesn't show up by auto-refresh but it will be there if you manually refresh. The annoying thing is that you can't tell which one happened until you refresh.
>>648815 The post was deleted, too. Not banned, so I assumed Alunya is banned (which TBH I hope she's not).
>>648831 The post is still up. Maybe it's being blocked by one of your own filters?
>>648737 For fuck's sake, the vast majority of Americans and an even larger majority of the world doesn't care about online narratives. I'm talking about the re-normalization of eugenics, the rehabilitation of literal Nazis especially in Europe. This has been carried out in the mainstream, through the most aggressive propaganda campaign even seen in history. There is a vocal opposition and vocal advocates, but the purpose of the propaganda push is to beat the majority of mostly apathetic people into submission. A healthy society doesn't produce a Trump, would have rightly ridiculed Trump as a con man, but we live in an era of ultimate degeneracy.
>>648834 I am not talking about this thread. I am not even that alunya poster, kek. Sorry the confusion.
>>648856 You're correct but I still think that they might have overplayed their cards, or maybe even more frighten/amazingly that no matter what card or trick that they try to pull off, there is simply nothing that would stop the collapse of American society from happening. All of the flaws of the 50-80's got postponed and then around the 2000's or so you started to see the whiplash
>>648856 What the Obama administration did in Ukraine etc etc has more to do with that than orangeman or gamergay
(30.99 KB 310x325 1368267328285.jpg)
>>648856 >A healthy society doesn't produce a Trump, would have rightly ridiculed Trump as a con man, but we live in an era of ultimate degeneracy. The more I think about it, the deeper the nature of this crisis seems to be. Not just America's problems, not just capitalism's contradictions, but entire paradigms which emerged with liberalism but aren't usually thought of as being liberal because they seem so "common sensical" or lack opposing theories. Things like the tripartite State, the adversarial and inquisitorial systems (which are just different ways of enacting the same paradigm), the boundaries between opinion and fact in social relations and a gorillion other pic related.
(636.46 KB 620x636 1585312649045.png)
>>648856 >Degeneracy
>>647862 welp. I'd rather be spied on by the Chinese than by the CIA.
>>648742 I saw South Park as an attempt to shape the mentality of white middle-class office workers who lived out in the suburbs but would commute into their office job alongside dudes named Patel and so on. If those white guys want that fat, white office paycheck they're going to be under orders from their boss to get along with the Patels of the office. Anyways the message of South Park is that racist jokes are okay provided it's ironic so when they go home on Wednesday night they can turn on South Park and laugh at the Patel jokes and let off some steam but it's okay because they don't really mean it. >>649016 I'd say "decadence" is more accurate. Really it's the fact that left-liberals or the right-conservatives are both trying to find ways out of the crisis but neither have a path out of it, either through more technocratic imperialism (the liberal solution) or by turning against the tools that have sustained the American system of which capitalism worldwide depends as its hegemonic actor (the right-conservative/populist solution that wants to pull out of multilateral trade agreements, the WTO, NAFTA, etc.). "According to Vladimir Lenin, capitalism had reached its highest stage and could no longer provide for the general development of society. He expected reduced vigor in economic activity and a growth in unhealthy economic phenomena, reflecting capitalism's gradually decreasing capacity to provide for social needs and preparing the ground for socialist revolution in the West. Politically, World War I proved the decadent nature of the advanced capitalist countries to Lenin, that capitalism had reached the stage where it would destroy its own prior achievements more than it would advance." Now, I have no idea whether there will be a "socialist revolution in the West" but that description fits. Trump's own vulgar luxury, "get-rich-quick" boosterism, proto-fascist impulsiveness and general P.T. Barnum carnival barker personality could probably be symptoms of a general decadence in society -- he's a symptom as much as a cause of it.
>>647862 Seems redundant considering everyone already sends everything to google's servers where the feds can get a copy.
(82.99 KB 1280x720 abby martin.jpg)
>>648929 Obviously, the move towards overt Hitlerism has been in the works for a while. Trump is the salesman to sell it, just as Obama's job was to sell the neocon ideology to liberals. We don't actually have a political system any more, not even in the meager way it existed historically. Still, the system does have to sell its ideology, convince large numbers of people that this country is still actually a thing. In that, Trump has been successful, when a sane society would have refused to regard the retard as a legitimate ruler (because he isn't ruling shit all). Any time someone even pretends the Trump narrative is real, it rots the brains of all of us with pure retardation.
>>649044 Nah, it's pure degeneracy. Why else would the fascist right be so preoccupied with sexualism and whatever gayass media narrative / commodified ideology they follow at the moment? This shit isn't even the cool kind of homosexuality that gets a certain kind of man to shoot his cum powerfully. It's just banal faggotry.
>>649046 It's about removing even the remote possibility of technology being purposed against the regime, by mandating that every piece of hardware transmit data to the government. Ultimately, end users won't even be allowed the simplest of processing units, except those that they can fashion themselves out of crude materials or scavenge from old computers. It would be remarkably easy to make use of primitive processors to build drones and shit, if in the hands of rebels that could amplify their reach considerably. Controlling the masses, forcing everyone to bend over for Bill Gates, that already happens and most people are oblivious or simply don't care. There are those degenerates who proclaimed after the Snowden leaks that anyone who was worried was retarded and stupid, the same sort who suck up to any center of power habitually.
>>649048 She is officially a MILF now
>>649048 great video, as always
>>649110 Bruh I might need to study computer engineering because I don't know shit.
>>649110 I'm kind of surprised civilian drones haven't been weaponized yet. Save for that flopped "suicide droning" attack on Maduro, there seems to be nothing. Military sniper drones already exist, so ghetto-rigged versions shouldn't be far behind.
>>649126 Not even weapons, necessarily, just drones for recon and tracking regime troop movements. Those exist, but the dream would be for the regime to be able to shut down or hijack any computer not under their control, and to promote technological illiteracy among the populace. They already succeeded in mystifying biology and getting people to believe in patently untrue falsehoods as dogma, and they shit up physics really well. But they've not been able to get away from their need for computer programmers, electronics knowledge being commonplace, etc. Simply the idea of a computer not being under regime control is anathema to some of the basic principles these rulers hold.
>>649126 It could happen here pod talked about ISIS using gas powered drones to fight the Kurds. Insurgent airforce is entirely possible. I couldn't find the blog that had the pics. If I remember it seems like they were launched by a catapult system and would follow a simple program to maintain a certain height and drop its payload over a GPS tracker. I think they just used raspberry pis and old cell phones.
>>649126 There is a video from either syria or iraq where a drone drops a light mortar grenade on top of a humvee to devastating effect.
For anyone who thinks Biden would be any better, you realise russiagate would become part of US strategy?
(219.93 KB 828x824 2020-06-28 17.24.50.jpg)
(134.74 KB 750x940 2020-06-28 17.25.01.jpg)
>>649194 I just wonder if NATO will be stable enough go forward with russian antagonism.
>>649212 The way things are going, NATO will be refitted to antagonize America.
>>649126 >I'm kind of surprised civilian drones haven't been weaponized yet. Syria and Iraq
>>647862 You Americans should start calling regimen your own government now on. If someone asks you why, share the link.
>>649257 It is funny calling America stuff like the US regime or Trump regime. Sends Americans mental. I've started doing it for all the NATO countries since they won't shut the fuck up calling it everyone else.
>>649236 That's another thing, most countries are starting to get over covid. America has only accelerated in cases. I think it very likely we'll see travel restrictions imposed on the U.S. Countries might start implementing a quarantine once America is the only country left with covid cases. We could be seeing sanctions against the U.S under the pretext of human right abuses and the rest of the world not wanting to be re-infected by covid.
>>649262 >That's another thing, most countries are starting to get over covid. This only true for Europe and not the rest of the world.
>>649249 What was their impact? Valuable or just a novelty?
>>649263 Well according to John Hopkins the U.S has more cases of covid than the next highest three countries combined. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html And also double the amount of deaths as the next highest country Brazil. Most countries will recover by next year. Outside of Brazil I don't theres any other countries that have their leader actively telling people to pretend covid doesn't exist, and telling them not to wear mask. We still have 4 more months in till the next election. And so far only 1 of the states resisting against quarantine and mask has only just started re-implementing half ass measures to reverse course. We're going into next year with possible 10 million people infected, a shame election just taking place. We're the winner will be a demented old man regardless of who wins. An active political movement that is coughing and sneezing on people. Not to mention the collapse of the supply chain, food shortages, the eviction crisis. America isn't going to just be washed over with a plague. It's going to be incredibly politically unstable. I just don't see a future were the U.S won't be sanctions and quarantined by the rest of the world.
>>649292 Covid-19 infections are unfortunately on the rise in most countries (sans Europe and some part of East Asia). This is very much a global problem still.
(104.61 KB 1030x641 Capture.PNG)
Post your maps
>>649262 >most countries are starting to get over covid I HIGHLY doubt it. My country recently got an uptick of over a thousand new infections thanks to our politicians treating companies with kiddie gloves, and said outbreak hasn't stopped them from trying to send children back to school or people back to work. Shit might not be as bad as in the US, but we will continue to suffer as well, just in circles.
(119.14 KB 1050x670 Roadto270.png)
>>649311 My prediction. It could end up being even more of a lop-sided landslide for Joe Biden actually. Biden could take Texas. I see Biden winning all the swing states aside from that one district in Nebraska.
>>649319 South America is particularly badly hit right now. It's not only Brasil.
>>649321 I wasn't actually talking about Brazil, but Germany. A major meat producer called Tönnies acted against safety measures and kept herding guest workers together, causing over 1000 infected, some of them already bailed back to their home countries in the east and 2 cities in complete lockdown.
>>649326 I heard that story and you have sympathies. But Germany still one of the better countries to live in when it comes to corona. You would want to be, for instance. t. bitter Swede
Sundown Joe has just been having too much luck lately. Surely something has to happen...something has to turn against him. He's so pathetically weak as a candidate.
>>649329 >Swede Ouch, sorry to hear. And yeah you're absolutely right, we're still (relatively) well off (for now), but still, seeing everyone being driven towards the abyss isn't fun no matter how fast the driver goes.
(201.25 KB 1440x1208 Screenshot_20200628_194953.jpg)
>>649292 I wouldn't believe any regime's official statistics. US losses are much, much higher than the official corona losses, and most of the third world is going to get rekt. There's no way I believe China immediately flatlined coronavirus cases. The dirty secret is that this is it. The US is in its death throes. It's Gorbachev-begging-the-IMF tier. Maybe something will survive without a civil war (in fact I think a civil war highly unlikely, as no faction is remotely close to challenging the present regime and the closest to a viable faction is already getting much of what they want with liberal collusion). But we're talking about a death toll in the tens of millions over the next several years, and there is no way a government survives such a disaster, especially without another world power to prop it up. Maybe the Atlanticists on the other side of the pond will try, but they're going to get fucked pretty bad too and they're already getting propped up by the US.
>>649340 I think they're just gonna elect Joe Biden and trot on. Who cares about a million dead proles, it was necessary to save the economy.
>>649340 The 3 Gorges dam was collapsing until they reinforced it with the corpses of the gorillion coronavirus deaths.
>>649336 Actually being a strong candidate would hurt you in this environment. Actually demonstrating independent political competence would upset the powers that be, even if you were an orthodox liberal with all the right ideas. The future of American leadership will be empty suits and the most ridiculous platitudes imaginable thrown in our collective faces. All the regime has left are lies and threats.
>>649347 The economy isn't going to be saved. We didn't even have a shutdown until capitalism shit the bed yet again and the bankers had to get another pound of flesh from us. One would think the whole point of the half-assed shutdown was to present a pretext for this power grab. The whole thing smells rotten. The obvious thing to do would have been to focus efforts of the international travel ports that are likely to get corona first, but their response was to exacerbate the crisis in those cities and tell small town America they had to sacrifice now now now even though few would be sick there. There was a period of two fucking months to prepare, even. During February, liberal press was gloating over China's misfortune instead of pressing the government to do the bare minimum. They were quick to whip up a panic, but stubbornly refused to do anything that would significant help. Of course, when shit went down, the usual suspects brayed about humans being the actual virus and how corona was going to help Gaia or someshit, but that was so monstrously unpopular that it got shouted down on the internets real fast.
>>649351 Yeah, the future of liberal democracy is a hollow liturgy masking a complete lack of political agency. Assuming it doesn't collapse into itself before. >>649361 Everything which happened this year sounds off. It really does read like a bad script.
are there plans for dnc/rnc protest? any radical orgs worth bookmarking on nitter that are organizing?
>>649401 The way the PSL has been acting it seems they are trying to build power outside of the DNC and actually making gains. The DSA, and progs have already bent the new to Biden because Trump is spooking them lately. Anyone who would have agitated the DNC has already left. As for the RNC, they are doing what they always do. Integrate the far right into the mix. Claim this is the new center and continue on without much backlash outside of a few pundits calling someone a RINO
(120.90 KB 305x412 9jnv17vhjo751.png)
Liquidation Of Landlords
>>649445 Rent pay strike when?
>>649445 >charged for it Excuse me?
>>649463 It would have already started if only a tenth of the unemployed people were aware of the extent of this trainwreck. Now more than ever, before any eventual conflict, information is the weapon. We have an overwhelmingly vast arsenal, but no one to wield these arms. I hate to toot my own horn, but I sincerely see the revangelism gimmick being a genuinely valuable tactic right now.
>>647862 Daily reminder that they have literally been doing this for literal decades already. PROMIS and PRISM already give the US goverment all the tools it needs to spy on any electronic device on planet fucking earth. This is just to further cover their asses if people ever complain ("It was all legal")
>>648783 I wonder how long it will take after Mr. Graham's KFC heart explodes for it to turn out he was a Paedophile
>>648618 >it's easily the most flagrant violation of privacy in human history Civilian use of crypto was supposedly regulated or even outright illegal in a surprising number of countries clear into the '00s, but people simply ignored it: http://www.cryptolaw.org/cls2.htm As >>648776 sez even something somewhat resembling this legislation existed in the US during the early '90s, Clipper, which was also derided and ignored. >>648635 >that has been a long term project for decades No, white nationalism in the form of various KKK spinoffs like Stormfront and Aryan Nation stewed in obscurity, mostly overshadowed within the still fringe politics of the survivalist/militia/lolbert movement, for decades. Only when Stormfront happened to coup /pol/ in 2011 with "Swarmfront" did they gain any relevance whatsoever and set the aut-right into motion. >>648650 >not because Trump had any say in events I dunno. I haven't read much about his Venezualan adventures, but in the case of Syria, Iran, Best Korea, etc., Trump's indecisive fickleness and tendency to repeatedly approve and withdraw permission for military actions in rapidly evolving situations has directly resulted in various otherwise workable imperialist schemes during his administration fizzling embarassingly. >>648660 >the narrative called for Trump to win and they made sure of it This isn't what happened, it's totally disproven. Relevant passages of the Secret Protocols of the Elders of Neolib have been published about this. The Clinton campaign literally pushed their shills in the media to promote Trump as an easily defeated strawman candidate for the Republicans, ignored campaigning in key rustbelt states, then concocted Russiagate out of thin air as a rushed cope when their dumbass memos leaked, and were sincerely blown away when Trump actually won both the nomination and the general. >>648856 >muh snowflake definition of "eugenics" and "fascism" that has nothing to do with selective breeding, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, etc. Read a book Eugene, maybe a dictionary. >>648794 >This is ignoring the costs of actually installing and maintaining that many solar panels No it isn't. At current prices, even with matching grid storage, solar (and wind/marine/geothermal/etc.) have for years been competitive with (or lower than) coal/nuclear/etc.: https://www.lazard.com/perspective/lcoe2019/
>>641997 Libya had nukes? (zoomer)
>>649465 In the U.S. it is common that there is an application fee when you apply to rent, usually around $75-$150
>>649542 Had, and was their worst mistake. Giving them up to 'normalize relationships' with western warmongers. The cunts who destroyed Lybia will never repair in life for what they've done.
>>649494 Did they already have backdoors built into the hardware itself?
>>649567 And how much do you have to tip your landlord?
(35.31 KB 542x269 3287368127637812.png)
Big news everyone
(28.35 KB 700x700 mt871st8ffi31.jpg)
>>649611 >Secretary of state complaining about MLs because they 'serve the state.'
>>649611 the United States of America is a liberal organization... individuals do not have inherent value under liberalism, they exist to serve the market!
>>649618 He's signaling that there's a coup against Trump brewing
>>642245 More like old news: >>649611 We stay up to date in order to better serve the State. Hail Marx, and Lenin (pbuh) his prophet.
(120.04 KB 1050x670 7DEjb.png)
(147.17 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(75.04 KB 766x516 Capture.PNG)
>>649311 I expect a repeat of 2016, not that trumpnigger or bidenigger winning means anything besides 4 more years of neolib ass rape.
>>649728 nah cmon trump can't win. the us is on fire.
>>649737 he didn't win last time either, just jewed the electoral college so shillary couldn't win. I would VOOT trump because anti abortion but my vote doesn't matter since I live in massajewsetts.
>>649746 go back
>>649716 A better fit for this meme than Jeb tbh >>649737 Remember when they said Bush couldn't possibly be reelected?
>>649793 >thinking any of us like obunga fuck off back to r/thedonald redditard
>>649793 boy wouldn't it be such a shame if ebola broke out in america in 17 august 2020? >>649801 he doesn't seem to be implying we like him tho
>>649737 which will inspire more people to vote for him to stop the antifa terrorism
(177.92 KB 720x730 2020.jpg)
Does anyone else find the calls on the right to designate Antifa a “terrorist organization” rather worrying? I’m sure some might argue that it’s just political posturing since the notion is ridiculous for several reasons, mainly because Antifa is just a bunch of anarchists who share information with each other and not a cohesive organization. But I fear that in turn could make it all the more dangerous. If what constitutes Antifa is vaguely defined by the feds, what’s to stop them from labelling any left-wing activist a member of Antifa? I feel like this could unleash a major wave of political repression perhaps even greater than the heyday of COINTELPRO. And sure some people claim that such a designation would be prohibited by the First Amendment but I really wouldn’t put my fate in the hands of the Supreme Court to be honest.
>>649737 >nah cmon Trump can't beat Hillary, it's just common sense Imagine falling for this twice in a row
>>650164 The US was not on fire last time. There is the difference. Trump would have gotten a second term if 2020 didn't happen.
>>650187 Prepare to look like a moron, again.
>>650207 I won't. Biden is going to win and Berniefags need to find some way to cope with that.
>>650214 I'm not a berniefag, I'm just able to think more than a day into the future
>>650224 Press X to doubt.
>>650226 >grog see bad thing happen in June >grog think poll same in November
>>650246 Looking at how the coronavirus situation unfolds, I would be very surprised if the conditions wasn't at least somewhat similar (if not worse) than they are now. There is no way Trump is getting reelected now.
starting a new job today highest I've ever earned, basically a labor aristocrat now! gonna make $12.50! the days of $7-10 slave wages are behind me. look out world I'm bad and bourge now.
>>650368 We expect you to bankroll the revolution now.
>>650157 >what’s to stop them from labelling any left-wing activist a member of Antifa? Don't they already do that? I went to a protest once with the DSA and saw some footage of some right-wing / "Patriot" dude who was filming it and posted it online. And the DSA were wearing red shirts and the right-wing dude was like "we have 40 Red Guards out here!!!" And I was like "Red Guards!?! Don't you idiots know anything about the left!!!" IMO there are some slippery problems for them here since even "left-wing activist" is a pretty vague term. I remember this one clerical/fundie-fascist state representative from Washington by the name of Matt Shea recently getting into trouble (and I mean legal trouble) because he apparently was conspiring with some right-wing militia people to "go after antifa" in his neighborhood which meant harassing the local Indivisible chapter -- and if you know anything about Indivisible the extent of their radicalism is getting hot and steamy over pictures of Beto O'Rourke.
>>650187 >>650250 Yeah, it's still possible Trump can bullshit his way out with some sort of "muh line go up" flimflam combined with short attention spans, but it would be an uphill battle. Right now, unless things change massively, Biden or whoever replaces him when Trump demands a face-to-face debate and Biden's mummified remains are exhumed from the basement of Democratic Campaign HQ's fuhrerbunker has it in the bag.
(77.16 KB 1024x914 1593430526028m.jpg)
>>650533 Imagine if interpol actually did something. Wouldn't that be funny?
>>650551 Aren't there already standing arrest warrants out for warmongers like Kissinger and Rove in countries on every continent including Europe, so such people have simply avoided visiting any of those countries?
>>650533 OH YES.
>>650551 They're sending a cyborg agent to capture trump as we speak
>>649777 I remember 2004 well enough. Kerry wasn't going to win shit and even liberals recognized that. Bush had the whole country hyped up in war fever and normie America didn't hurt too much from what he was doing yet (at least not any more than they were hurting under Bill Clinton and the whole neoliberal order). Kerry was also a signal that the whole political system was committed to Bush's fascist push, and we were going to get it whether we wanted it or not. Try harder, Trumpnigger.
(69.02 KB 1125x688 sexist anti-imperialism.jpg)
>>651075 >sexist "anti-imperialism" This must be a joke right?
>>651075 >Rod ham
>>651089 No shit that's a parody account
>>650458 >wagie us neets need you to bankroll the revolution, were out of trumpbux!
>>651075 literally who
(57.71 KB 400x525 soylent dean.jpg)
>>650825 Dean would've won.
(1.05 MB 714x960 nyerere.png)
(24.08 KB 1137x146 E.U - U.S travel ban.PNG)
We need to stop the flow of radical burgers into the E.U >Travelers from the United States are "unlikely" to be allowed into the European Union, as ambassadors of the 27 members states have agreed "in principle" to criteria as the bloc begins to open up to international travel, several EU diplomats told CNN on Friday. >The agreement is not final, as the ambassadors will need to consult with their respective governments. >Under the current criteria -- which, among other parameters, takes into account the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people in the past 14 days -- US travelers would likely be excluded. >The development was first reported by The New York Times. The US has the highest number of coronavirus deaths and infections in the world. As of Friday afternoon, at least 2.4 million had been infected in the country and 124,891 people had died, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.
>>651891 lol I was wondering if this would happen. On the one hand, the USA's incompetent COVID-19 response should make it an international pariah, but I also wasn't sure if other countries would actually have the balls to tell Americans to fuck off. The next question is which countries will cuck out and let disease ridden burgers into their countries. Britain and Israel, certainly.
any post yet on the amazon warehouse shooting?
>>652214 Bezos promptly filed a patent for a bulletproof wagie cagie.
>>652324 why waste the money on bulletproof cagies when you can just get new wagies
>>650368 You’re basically PMC and a class traitor colonialist now. Prepare to be euthanized.
(486.96 KB 250x230 pig-6a2.gif)
>>652412 There will be a cagie regardless, so making it bulletproof in large numbers will cost less than the downtime ensuing from a wagie bleeding to death inside one of them.
>>651075 Ah yes, Hillary Clinton, the beacon of anti-imperialism. Fucking Radlibs
>>642245 I bet this nigga doesnt even know or care about the Sino-soviet split.
>>651740 BASED
(328.18 KB 927x750 42938478932749837.png)
(190.19 KB 776x648 42387489237487328943.png)
>>652705 The ware group is still watching over us.
>>650496 >>650250 The real question is if people get more mad at the deaths or more mad at the quaruntine. So basically the election will be a vote between quaruntine to save lives or reopen to save jobs. Also to consider is most of the deaths from Corona have hit Democrat areas and a Democrat leaning demographics, (urban areas, minorities etc.) This whole election is going to rest on the "swing states" so, in my mind, the thing to watch, is how reaction to the quaruntine goes in these key states.
>>652738 Don't follow this shit until we get the final results tomorrow. No point riding the rollercoaster.
>>649048 Whew lad
What are the odds Trump complains about websites banning his supporters?
Imagine if Biden wins the presidency but Republicans hold the Senate. Absolutely fucking nothing would get done over the next 2-4 years. Even Biden's cabinet picks like Secretary of State wouldn't be confirmed.
>>652738 Why do so many people care about this race? McConnell's getting re-elected either way.
>>653401 It would suck because at least if the dems get the senate they have to jump through more hoops to blame doing nothing on the Republicans
>>653403 Because Chuck Schumer and the DCCC poured tens of millions into Amy McGrath despite her never having won a race and so people want the Left to flex its muscles by BTFOing her. That said I have previously cautioned in this thread that Booker will just get held up as another example of "Leftists can't win". But that's true whenever a Leftist loses, what are we going to do, not run anyone?
>>653333 Here for the ebin quads
(165.66 KB 1160x629 download.jpeg)
It's not too late #Dukakis2020
(552.62 KB 712x595 dukakis2020.png)
>>653956 Personally, I'm hoping Jimmy Carter runs for a second term since he's technically eligible.
I've been to antifa headquarters. My grandfather was in the KGB and he joined the jewish illuminati when he immigrated to america. Anyways working for antifa is sort of the family business so soros himself personally oversaw my antifa training graduation ceremony to make sure i was a good candidate for the job. Anyways, antifa hq (by the way it's located in east palm beach florida, san francisco bay/hollywood for pacific members, downtown washington dc, and long island new york city) is a pretty nice place. Fancy. They give free wine to everybody. My wine glass had an lgbt stain so it was a rainbow once you finished drinking. The building itself is beautiful - all stone, underground, it's got an indoor water fountain surrounded on all sides by a jacuzzi. There are pictures on the wall of mao zedong, george soros, president barack obama, josef stalin, robert mugabe, nelson mandela, and chuck schumer. There are big drapes and curtains with pictures of the radfem fist, the queen of spades symbol, the chinese flag, the east german flag, and even embroidery of the flag of ISIS. Long story short, i met plenty of white people who were inexplicably bent on forcing all women to convert to jewish communist islam and forcing children to dress in drag using subliminal messages on television and in rap music. It's an exclusive club folks. Don't plan on getting in there without good connections.
>>643965 You gotta admit the calligraphy is impeccable
>>654269 oops accidental quote
going from neet to having to be up at 5 am. has me missing the land of tendies boys!
>>654548 >going from neet to having to be up at 5 am. has me missing the land of tendies boys! You'll like the paycheck.
anyone here on disability? i'm getting it soon and i am already dreading on being questioned on it and classcucks getting pissed off at me because they think the reason money gets taken from their checks is that the government makes them fund luscious lifestyles of disabled people. cant cope with the guilt lads even though its the bare minimum i need to survive
>>654555 I have in the past (anon isn't a live long neet) but this my first up and early 1st shift job. its construction so hell office cucks can suck it!
>>654647 do it, anon. the economic is getting looted by the rich anyways, don't feel bad for taking your share that is impossibly insignificant compared to Bezos and friends.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzSYZcvuqR0 >Economic Update: The Pandemic's Lesson About Capitalism
>>654647 I've been on it for like 7 years. My main advice is, if they ever turn you down for it, or try to kick you off, get a lawyer, it's the only way I was able to get on it. The law firm I used basically just took a cut of all the backpay I got when they gave me SSI, so it doesn't cost you out of pocket. I just don't tell people I'm not friends with that I'm on SSI to try and avoid cucks getting mad. Disability is serious, stay strong anon, do what it takes to survive in this system.
MCGRATH WINS KY SENATE PRIMARY Mass suppression on same-day voting, spoiler candidate, 6000 votes thrown out and 50-to-1 money disadvantage and Booker ended up losing by 2 points. Fuck this bitch but realistically neither of them was winning the general anyway.
What a surprise, Booker in KY got ratfucked by the "centrist" (literally just undercover Republican) machine. Even the slightest, most inconsequential hint of resistance must be crushed.
>>655603 Again, neither have a rat's chance in hell of beating McConnell. They're 20 or more points behind in polls and it's an election year. It's an obscene result and McGrath is disgusting, but it's not worth getting depressed by. We know how the machine operates. Every loss cannot be another weight on your shoulders. It's just a confirmation of what you already knew. It shouldn't affect your resolve.
>>655603 Most likely it's just going to be Booker vs Mcgrath round 2 in 2022 against Rand Paul, but McGrath will have the added disadvantage of having lost against McConnell, and Booker will already have recognition when he begins. So in a way this is not a bad result.
>>655235 >by 2 points Fuck that shit, it’s rigged
>>655671 Of course it's expected, what's frustrating is that people aren't learning anything from this. Liberals are backing a far-right candidate and somehow don't see anything wrong with that. What is it going to take to make them realize we live under a one-party state?
>>655684 Nothing will. They didn't learn after 2016. They're terminally brain-dead.
RT made a video with a compilatory of stupid comments on a Florida debate whether face masks should be worn or not: https://www.facebook.com/ActualidadRT/posts/10159645511228273
Hi comrades from Burgerland. What are your thoughs on this column. Or what media should one check to know about the state of burgerstan? <Trump's presidency is like a dead man golfing. So will he drop out of the election? <By Arwa Mahdawi, The Guardian >I don’t want to be nice or unnice, OK? But Donald Trump has never looked so pathetic. There’s an air of defeat about the president; the master of puff seems deflated. It has been another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week for Trump. Unless something radical happens, the president is a dead man golfing. >Trump is mired in a number of potentially presidency-ending crises. First, there are the bombshell allegations that Russia offered cash bounties to Taliban-linked fighters for successful attacks on American troops in Afghanistan. According to the New York Times, Trump was briefed on this but did nothing – apart from offering to invite Vladimir Putin to a G7 summit. An allegation like this, as house speaker Nancy Pelosi has noted, is about “as bad it gets”. If Trump was told about the bounties, he betrayed US soldiers; if he wasn’t told, then his administration is murderously incompetent. >Trump has responded to the crisis in his usual manner: outraged tweets. On Sunday night, Trump called the story “another fabricated Russia hoax” and claimed he hadn’t been briefed on the bounties claim because it wasn’t “credible”. How, one might ask, did he ascertain the information wasn’t credible if it was never reported to him? His incredible intuition? >White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempted to clarify matters on Monday. Trump hadn’t been briefed, she told reporters, because there were “dissenting opinions” about the veracity of the information. Which is a very different excuse from the one proffered by Trump. But consistency isn’t something the Trump administration seems acquainted with. >White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempted to clarify matters on Monday. Trump hadn’t been briefed, she told reporters, because there were “dissenting opinions” about the veracity of the information. Which is a very different excuse from the one proffered by Trump. But consistency isn’t something the Trump administration seems acquainted with. >White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempted to clarify matters on Monday. Trump hadn’t been briefed, she told reporters, because there were “dissenting opinions” about the veracity of the information. Which is a very different excuse from the one proffered by Trump. But consistency isn’t something the Trump administration seems acquainted with. Trump doesn’t seem to care about Americans dying. He certainly doesn’t care about racism or police brutality. But he does care about his ratings – and these are abysmal. >Trump is polling so badly that even he, a raving narcissist, seems to realise he might lose. Last week he told Fox News that Joe Biden was “going to be president because some people don’t love me, maybe”. Trump went on to belittle Biden: “I don’t want to be nice or unnice, OK? The man can’t speak.” >Things are so dire that the possibility has been floated that Trump might not stick around for the election. A recent Fox News report claimed some (anonymous) GOP operatives reckon Trump’s current psyche is “fragile” and he could drop out of the 2020 race “if his poll numbers don’t rebound”. >I doubt Trump will throw in the towel: he would rather drink bleach than be seen as a loser. He may be trailing in the polls but he will do whatever it takes to win. While it is tempting to hope so, this is not the end of the Trump presidency. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
(28.88 KB 567x114 Screenshot_20200701_005412.png)
>>656514 >Fuck up >saber rattle agains chinaman bad >rinse >repeat
>>656519 Not sure how well that will work. His base and the pundits seem to be blaming the democrats. Which less sense than blaming china. I saw this early on and no con could answer me "If china warned us two months earlier would Trump or the GOP actually have done anything? Would they have not called it fake news?" and I never got an answer.
>>655603 I notice when people get rat fucked, it’s always by 2 points.
>>656530 It’s not going to work. At this rate he’s going to lose to our corpse vice president.
(157.34 KB 1875x342 The degenerate Bougie.PNG)
>>641709 Underrated effort post, screencapped
(411.93 KB 1481x1077 12795862397258346943075034969348.png)
>>656432 >he could drop out of the 2020 race “if his poll numbers don’t rebound”. While i doubt he'll go that far the butthurt would be glorious.
>>654009 underrated post >>656238 And this is the result of a society being deliberately dumbed down so its elite classes can remain unchallanged. The fact that it backfires to the point of threatening the society itself is textbook hubris and nemesis. Except the guilty people won't get the nemesis part. We simply can't afford to let reactionarism be an acceptable political position anymore, because the bastards are literally a health hazard now.
I have a theory that the reason that "based" took off is because it can be easily typed by the left hand without moving your hand from the mouse as a quick reply.
>>656514 This will go down in history as the American flu. Cap this post.
>>656569 I just don't see trump publicly humiliating himself like that. I mean not on purpose. What would his exit speech even look like?
Do you support me being shot?
>>656946 LMFAO. Hilarious tweet.
>broke through another ceiling today 50k cases/day next week
>>656954 Deaths are still going down though.
>>657056 Isn't there a 1-3 week lag from infection to death? Meaning our deaths should match up with the slight decline in cases we saw a few weeks ago, but this surge will not show up as death for another few weeks
>>657083 It may not be quite proportionate because the new cases are mainly young. But yes, deaths are sure to rise.
(29.78 KB 1549x207 lolberg1.png)
why do americans..
>>657194 he's not exactly wrong tbh, but he needs to ask himself what creates the kind of unemployment for this type of "horizontal" expansion to be possible in the first place.
All the semi-good lefty candidates got destroyed by centrist libs in the primaries today. Fuck.
>>656238 I used to think rt was "epic anti-American media" now I can't stand the reactionary bullshit they push.
>>657252 I told you dog! I told you about bourgeois democracy.
(379.85 KB 1800x800 WorkingClassIndustry.jpg)
What would you describe exactly to be the "Sub-classes" of the Working class in the USA? There's Urban workers - Service, Retail, Warehousing etc "the precariat" Office workers - Finance, Tech Employed farmers/pickers - Mexican or Black temp workers, working on farms and fields that they don't own Self-employed or owning farmers - Usually White, conservacuck etc Dispossessed/Former workers - Many categories, mixes of Black, White and Latin through the Rust belt, the South, New York etc etc What do you guys think? I'm trying to look at discussing a multi pronged strategy by appealing to the different groups, for example Farmers being appealed to by lobbying against Monsanto or getting Tractor fixing/self-repair and left-wing gun rights. Or for example, promises of employ for Coal miners, and industry jobs for the Rust belt types; For Urbans you could promise better and more robust infrastructure like subways/trains/trams especially in places like New York
>>657450 >What do you guys think? Looks good
>>657252 it sucks but see >>655678
(55.22 KB 1000x1000 not smug brah.png)
>>657194 >implying gains to labor efficiency can be conflated with gains to efficiency made elsewhere >implying supplies/space/ventures/etc. aren't already accounted separately on ledgars and tax filings alike from value added strictly by labor >picrel on that last one Sorry, I can't even memetext that it's so mindbendingly retarded. Like, not hiring more employees, not increasing your hours, not giving you new benefits, but simply paying you more in cash for the same work somehow imposes overhead? >>657450 >or Black Blacks have been basically nonexistent in agriculture for many decades. Too lazy to look it up, but I vaguely recall current racial makeup for fieldworkers (not even agriculture as a whole, JUST fieldworkers) is 2/3rd beaner, 1/3rd honkie, maybe 2% everything else.
Is there any data out yet on whether the re-openings or protests have caused more corona infections yet? I hope it's not the protestors and there's research to prove it but I'm not gonna jump that gun.
>>657806 how is this possible? has immunity just gotten that much better?
>>657846 A large proportion of the protestors wore masks and all the protests happened outside. These are favorable conditions for gatherings not to be accompanied by many infections.
>>657846 No, it's just that the vast majority of protesters are covering their faces both because of COVID and to avoid identification. https://medium.com/@Cancerwarrior/covid-19-why-we-should-all-wear-masks-there-is-new-scientific-rationale-280e08ceee71
>>657893 >>657910 Also probably because more of the protesters are AntiFa supersoldiers physically active healthy youth, whereas the people screeching the loudest to have their hair did or whatever are wheezing flabby QBoomers
>>656946 What's this I hear about another purge of the subhuman ghouls called reactionaries? >>657252 It looks like the DNC legitimately killed off the last vestiges of democracy in the party. The imperial decay keeps on mounting.
(130.66 KB 610x526 office-worker-21819.png)
>>657450 The best group of office workers to appeal too is call center employees. Often under payed and are the back bone of corporations. Not only their customer service facing side but also their own internal bureaucracy. For instance homedepot has a technical/bureaucrat call center that supports all their stores and other corporate offices. They fix technical issues, order supplies and generally help employees navigate the daunting corporate bureaucracy. These call centers used to be in India but all the GMS across the nation organized their workers in order to get the call centers to move back to the states because the service was so poor. Many corporations have these massive internal call centers that are critical for workers. Radicalizing them can radicalize all workers in the corporate structure since nearly every worker interacts with this internal call center structure. These internal call centers are also critical for logistics to the corporate structure.
(31.79 KB 1024x638 1592499985460.jpg)
what do you guys think about zizek endorsing biden because of covid19?
>>659024 Zizek has always been an anti-communist
>>659024 A retarded attempt to compensate for his stupid pro-Trump accelerationism last time. And it ignores the impotent position a Biden win will put the Left in for the foreseeable future, which is why no Leftist with a brain wants a Biden victory. Zizek makes clear in his books that he doesn't actually see a path to communism, so he's embraced unironic lesser evilism. I don't think his position is very helpful to those who want the Left to gain strategic strength and achieve a socdem stage. Zizek is not a revolutionary but ironically his view here seems most compatible with those who do not believe in incrementalism and therefore believe that lesser evilism is the best you can do until the climate crisis or whatever genuinely destabilizes the present establishment.
>>659024 Liberal once, liberal forever.
>>659385 >his stupid pro-Trump accelerationism shiggy diggy, bro No single person in history has inflicted as much damage to the American empire as Trump.
>>659385 From a radical enough perspective, it really doesn't matter who's in the White House. Progressive liberals and socialists will be shut out of power regardless of which team is in charge. The lack of an organized social base within the working class will continue to frustrate any attempt at a radical anti-capitalist movement capable of wielding power. At this point it's really down to which post-election media regime would be less annoying to listen to, and which incompetent figurehead/party would be more advantageous to organize under.
>>659458 interesting because isn't he just a teeny little bit less of a warhawk than the establishment which is the reason why they want him gone? genuinely asking. >>659385 i wondered if he is compensating for the backlash he faced in 2016. because i was also told he probably thinks of stalin more favorably than he lets on? but i don't know. curious why you say that >>659552 >At this point it's really down to which post-election media regime would be less annoying to listen to, and which incompetent figurehead/party would be more advantageous to organize under. what do you say to his claim that he endorses biden pretty much solely because of covid? has he just written off human progress or humanity not going into the dark ages for the next few generations? and he just thinks well maybe the hillary/biden/illuminati is better than various alternatives like chinese domination or world war? genuinely trying to understand
>>657450 At this point, there is no "working class" as a unified thing. There is a category of people who are forced to sell their labor or depend on charity, but the working class proper has been so thoroughly split along well-known dividing lines such as education, entry in labor aristocracy, the scale of worker disposability, racialization, and of course the big ones - the separation of two very distinct subclasses, migrant workers and prison slaves. It is difficult to imagine a neoliberal polity without the extensive migrant and slave labor competing with "free" wageslavery. Reaganism couldn't work without the threat of replacing all the native workers with illegal immigrants who have few or no legal rights as such in the system, or with the threat of mass incarceration creating a slave labor army. But even among the "free" workers, there are stark divisions; and of course, the educated professions in a Marxian sense are almost always petit bourgeois or higher, either because they were extracted from that class or because it's unlikely to receive that salary and not spend it on some skin in the property game. Contrast this to the situation in the 19th century, where public schooling was in its infancy and the vast majority of the working class were not even expected to graduate or amount to anything. The Prussian schooling system was basically built to destroy the foundations of democratic thought and condition masses for conscription without the problems that a republic or democracy would entail for the rulers of Prussia/Germany. The American system was built for similar purposes, though they also had the task of imposing an "American" identity and culture on a population that arrived from all parts of the world in great numbers, and to make sure that nothing like the Civil War would happen again. The school isn't the only factor in this division of workers into distinct social and political classes, but it is a fundamental part of the division. In the 1970s and onward, this political division became increasingly stark, since the neoliberal state didn't really need large masses of free workers or large masses of soldiers to maintain its empire, and the greatest turn came in the 1990s when the last sobering influence on neoliberal states was removed, and consequently schools wrote off large numbers of people as complete invalids, instituted large-scale drugging and generally saw the kids as lab rats in social experiments more than anything else. I don't believe, in such an environment, that you could arrive at the kind of solidarity that existed in the 1930s and certainly any alliance between labor and the educated professions has been destroyed. Even at its peak, labor solidarity was not incredibly strong, otherwise the United States would have had to either go fascist to crush the working classes utterly or communist (or at the very least, it would have to be very social-democratic and heading towards a socialist goal).
>>659552 >At this point it's really down to which post-election media regime would be less annoying to listen to, and which incompetent figurehead/party would be more advantageous to organize under. And I think we all know which one that is. >>659629 >has he just written off human progress or humanity not going into the dark ages for the next few generations? when he says it's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism, he's being facetious, but I also take him at his word. Mostly though I think he's just looking for an excuse to, like I said, compensate for the stance he took in 2016 which got him a lot of backlash.
>>659024 He thinks it will save lives, I am inclined to agree with him, unless it's already too late...
>>659024 Zizek should not be talking about current events or contemporary politics because he always just makes an ass out of himself. He should stick to reviewing movies he has never watched. >>659867 >unless it's already too late Even if you don't think it is too late now, I don't know how you can deny that by January 2021 it will be.
>>659867 so you think he's done a calculation and he thinks the number of people who will die of covid under trump is more than the number of people who will die from ww3/etc under biden? i mean considering USA killed like 1+million humans in iraq with sanctions under GW bush? so does zizek think that millions will die from covid under trump? or does he see biden's badness as limited (im not mentioning trumps badness because i feel its understood?)? this is what i am trying to figure out. what exactly does he believe? he is not afraid of 'the establishment'? i know trump is also establishment but clearly the media monopoly hates him so isn't it going to be very bad if every single power structure is the hillary/biden/illuminati rather than every single power structure except for the oval office? where can i find this discussed since no one here seems interested in discussing it?
>>659629 >interesting because isn't he just a teeny little bit less of a warhawk than the establishment which is the reason why they want him gone? genuinely asking. Honestly, it's a bit difficult to judge Trump on a... human scale. It's a known fact that he was whining to his staff "why don't we invade Venezuela" because muh oil, but he obviously has more respect for Maduro than fucking Guaidó. Considering his BFF Kim, it's entirely possible that Trump would declare Venezuela as America's greatest ally if Maduro were to charm him in person. Regardless of his intentions tho, his results definitely can be compared to those of other presidents, and he has mismanaged the imperial establishment magnificently. Alienated Western Europe for no particular reason, removed America from many treaties out of knee-jerk jingoism, ignored standing foreign policies pretty much completely and just did whatever he wanted, ended radical islamists -- who have long been an invaluable if unreliable asset -- as an international force (I have a feeling this will turn out to be the most important factor), wrecked the world's popular opinions of America just by being himself and sho on and sho on. I'm honestly surprised that the much famed deep State has let him get away with it all. It's amusing to imagine it being tempted to just flip the democratic table like they have always instructed tinpot dictators to do, like when Trump had a shouting match with the chairman of the JCoS.
(5.79 MB comradetrump.mp4)
Libshits got #comradetrump trending.
>>659638 So what are the political implications? Choose one strata of the working class that has the most potential and prioritize them?
>>659867 >>659889 what do you mean by 'too late'? wouldn't that imply the pandemic would be over by then? or not covid at all?
>>660382 It means you're going to have to pick which class you're with, because the class interests are antagonistic. University graduates are inherently antagonistic with factory workers and the uneducated plebs, far too much for there to be any sort of permanent alliance unless they are class collaborated by another, typically more powerful class (such as the capitalists). And if you want a revolution of the university graduates - and that's the only class that has any real standing to pull off a revolution - great, but the vast majority of proles have no reason to trust those people or expect that the revolution would mean anything other than being thrust down into servitude, perhaps under even worse conditions. (Just imagine if their lower status were made permanent by the revolution, that they for the rest of their lives are, forever, subject to some expert who would be given constitutionally the freedom to live off the back of lower labor.) It's easy for me, because I'm not a believer in revolution. I'm just trying to survive in this hellworld. Maybe, it's possible to build something better, or at least something without the stupidity of capitalism. It would likely have to arise from a hitherto unknown place. Marxism as far as I can tell is a spent force, and it really took Lenin and Mao being incredible forces in their time and place for Marxism to even be the language of revolution. It should be noted that they took root in what were predominantly peasant societies, where there was basically no liberal tradition to speak of, and the communist revolutions essentially took the place of liberal revolutions in other countries and built rapidly the conditions for state capitalism. I don't think Marx predicted capitalists would go full retard in the 1920s though. Anyway I find the whole business of scheming to foment a revolution distasteful, and a large reason why a lot of normies do not want socialism or communism. The conditions are here already - we know that socialism is technologically possible, we know that it is politically feasible (there is no good reason why private capital should be allowed to exist, and the state could at any time forcibly nationalize a lot of this shit). We also know that this neoliberal capitalist system is utterly fucking terrible and has accomplished nothing but bad things for nations and peoples who adopt the ideology. The problem of the socialists isn't that they need to cajole people or trick them into liking socialism, but that socialism needs to have relevant answers to the wreckage normal people see in capitalist society. For the longest time, I did dismiss socialists until socialists were the people speaking the most sense about present conditions, but the ultraleft middle class elements have done their damndest to squander any chance they would have to reach the masses. There is value in agitation and propaganda, but such a strategy is inherently limited and the agitation I often see from left elements actively damages their cause, especially when the left carries water for anti-worker, anti-masses measures like eco-austerity.
>>660370 It's been a while since I've tasted that particular flavor of retardation.
(215.49 KB 1041x929 CommunistTrump.jpg)
>>660422 >It's been a while since I've tasted that particular flavor of retardation. They're like that chronically abused dweeb that still wants to be liked by his abusers and internalizes the abuse, like the house negro stereotype. >Fuck Democrats, THIS IS AMERICA, WE don't want no godgang communism! <YEAH?! Well you're the REAL COMMUNIST.
>>660370 Speaking of "muh rooskies", thoughts on the story of Pootin paying Taliban to murk 'merkins?
>>660772 I think there's a 70% chance it's a CIA fabrication and a 30% chance Putin is based enough to do that.
seeing video's like this makes me just want 2050 to be here already, so I can tell everyone I told you so and die in peace! https://youtu.be/aIDRSOw-ATE read them comments smh.
>>660772 complete bullshit, much like the "muh russian nerve gas attacks against the uk" a few years ago
also, more on the Russian-Taliban thing, it's pretty clearly an attempt to prevent US withdraw from Afghanistan, Armed Forces Committee is already pushing for a bipartisan bill to prevent Trump with withdrawing any troops from the country until impossible standards are met
>>660772 The dem reaction to this plus Bush people endorsing Biden really just highlights how fucked we are if Biden gets in, more so than if the Dang Cheeto wins again
>>660981 I hope he wins. It will BTFO the chapocels with their whining about how the democratic party needs to be more left and progressive to win.
>>660981 we're fucked either way. sleepy joe will be slightly better on most domestic policy and worse on foreign policy and trade. there's no outcome that isn't shit.
>>659024 Zizek believes large, national/international institutions are necessary to deal with current social and ecological problems. He used to praise China for rapidly cutting air pollution after the CCP deemed it necessary. Zizek prefers to throw his lot in with the WHO and existing bourgeois states for dealing with disease pandemics, rather than whatever clusterfuck would emerge from a global insurrection against capitalism.
>>660989 I don't even think he'll be better domestically. The go to democrat move is to shrug their shoulders and say "We just can't get republicans to work with us in the senate". Even though thats what they fucking ran on doing.
>>660370 This is so fucking stupid
>>660984 The way things are going over the past couple weeks, it will be too late to change course by January 2021. Depending on doubling rate, the majority of Americans might be infected with COVID-19 by January.
>>660370 What the fuck I love Trump now.
>>660772 So is the NYT trying to pitch ideas to Putin or what ?
>>660370 >>660422 >>660438 It's from the Never Trumpers. This is the logical consequence of calling every Dem policy in the last 50 years "socialism". I am only offended by showing Gorbie's mug when talking about great leaders.
>>659889 >>659889 >He should stick to reviewing movies he has never watched. kek
>>660772 Pure bullshit. Even Taliban leadership came out to say that's bullshit. That's from the weak and corrupt Afghani country that couldn't survive one single day without U.S. military support.
>>661134 Way more based than harrasing some upper class literal whos.
GOOD DAMNIT COVID! back in the day the occasional faking sick to get out of work, used to be effective. now my work place wants all this testing... dudes I think I'm fucked.
>Republican Senators are advocating for removing Columbus Day and replacing it with Junteenth LMAO how will /pol/ cope with this one?
>>660772 I saw some checkmark on Twitter going on about how Trump knowing about it and doing nothing is the lowest point in American history and I'm like, nigga it probably wasn't the worst thing about America that day.
(702.80 KB 913x1200 2017_12_trump_s_revolution_med.jpg)
(287.04 KB 620x412 steve_bannon_illustration.jpg)
(12.34 KB 199x253 fffffffx.jpg)
>>660370 found some more of that shit
>>660370 How embarrassing.
>>661945 Oh boy, july is off to a great start. I'm still baffled by how far the Epstein investigation got. Here you have an actual ring of child prostitutes serving the most wealthy and powerful people in America. How wasn't every investigator involved not suicided before the operation even became public?? I know that one of the aspects of a democracy, even one as debased as the bourgeois one, is that various parts of the government are supposed to act independently from each other to avoid conflicts of interest, so occasionally a megaporky gets shafted, but the stakes with Epstein are insanely high. You would think The Man would have an instakill order on anyone looking into Epstein.
CHAZ wasn't real communism tbh
>>662097 CHAZ wasn't realy LARP tbh
CHAZ was real communism, and it was good.
>>661945 I called this shit. The neoliberal aligned CIA fabricates that Russia shit so the neocon aligned FBI return the favor to discredit the CIA as sex traffickers.
>>662122 Liberals and conservatives aren't the same as neocons and neolibs
>>662125 I know, what I said is correct.
>>662125 I know, what I said is correct.
Russians regurgitating CIA propaganda. What a world. http://polit.reactor.cc/post/4413650 If any of you speaks Vodka, do tell them what fucking morons they are, if you please.
(36.11 KB 720x551 qvp60m2rqp751.jpg)
Thoughts on the Texas senate race? Both dem candidates seemed shit but I couldn't find that much substantial about them. Thoughts?
(120.33 KB 1200x675 3vq8quqftzs31.jpg)
>>662929 I actually think that if Beto didn't run for president, didn't say that retarded line about the AR-15, he probably could've stood a chance in the race
>>662943 Wasn't he also the one that spoke up for troon abortion rights?
Are the George Floyd protests still going on? The threads on it aren't popular anymore.
>>663014 Sporadically, yes. At least 14,000 arrests so far.
>>663014 Nope, not even any coherent demands to show for it, same as every past race riot. We /fizzlegang/ nao. That said, until the record-breaking unemployment from Coronachan subsides, expect another probably even bigger protest in 2-3 months.
I don't know which meltdown I want to see more. The MAGA morons melting down over their daddy losing re-election to a senile old fuck, or the libs melting down over their chosen candidate losing to a game show host for a second time.
>>661977 Because it would be counter-productive if suddenly dozens of people connected to the case disappear. What will probably happen is that several broken lower rungs on the ladder will be sacrificed to stop people from asking.
>>663055 Honestly either would be fine, but I'd rather we didn't resume the process of competently manufacturing more Libyas.
>>663055 the shitlib meltdown would be way more epic. they are convinced now they're going to win and are so crazed by trump, if he wins again they will completely lose it. and they deserve it anyway. Magatards didn't really expect him to win last time, and are being primed to expect him to lose again this time, but I just don't see the same meltdown level happening on their side. Both sides deserve to lose really, but one will be rewarded for being awful. I'm with this guy: >>663071 Biden will be all the Obama people back and they'll jump right in to ramping up the Syria proxy war and doing more Libya's. Trump is actually trying to draw down troops in Afghanistan, and with Bolton now gone, there should be less crazy shit from him on the foreign policy front. And with Trump a lame duck, and the Dems without an obvious front-runner, the field will be wide open to actually try for someone good in 2024. If Biden wins, 2024 is completely closed off, and probably beyond. All that plus the shitlib meltdown would be way more enjoyable. So maybe it would be better if the Trump lightning somehow strikes twice.
Can someone explain how the ceasar sanctions work on syria? It's not like an embargo yeah?
>>661942 Based Trump accelerates the destruction of the Murican empire. How is he not a based comrade for that? I'm joking by the way.
>>661134 Cooooming!
>>662929 >Thoughts on the Texas senate race? Both dem candidates seemed shit but I couldn't find that much substantial about them. Thoughts? Definitely Royce. You seriously are considering Hagar? The fucking "muh helecopter crash," army bitch? Literally every other candidate that was running in the first round has endorsed West. No one wants that Hagar bitch.
>>662929 >>663318 >Vooooooting Do you believe the many anti-police concessions made so far in plenty of Murican cities could have ever been achieved with bourgeois vooooot? You'd do more good by going out, rioting, looting corporation plus petty booj and punshing pigs!
>>663336 >leverage applied through direct action >mutually exclusive with politicians more pliable to your aims >implying Also >anti-police concessions Looks like retarded austerity so far TBH, but I guess I'll withhold judgement until they're implemented.
>>663336 >Whiiiinnnnnning Do you believe the many anti-police concessions made so far in plenty of Murican cities could have ever been achieved with lumpen whining on the internet? You'd do more good by going out, rioting, looting corporation plus petty booj and punshing pigs!
>>660772 Here's a protip. 25% Of Russia's population (mostly living in their most economically worse off areas) are Muslim. Russia does not fucking want Muslim Democratic Kampuchea basically on the border of their power base ready to spread their ideology and god knows how many terrorists to their own country and their allies in the region
(56.95 KB 800x442 shutthefuckup.jpg)
>>660370 >Unironically comparing these fucking monstrous mutant US congressmen to Zhukov and the rest of the red army commanders >Unironically putting Gorbs in the same set of shots as Lenin Stalin and Cornman and comparing all of them to trump >"POOtin is literally a communist Ya'll Folks you know fam?" >The Lincoln Project
>>663014 near where I live there are still big protests, still tons of arrests and shit. none of it is on this news tho
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L9GI1bGuG4 >Global Class War & The American Socialist Awakening
(76.75 KB 500x399 jovian presidency.png)
>>660370 >>663391 >The Lincoln Project Didn't bother watching the video all the way through until you mentioned this. Heard a lib today talking up The Lincoln Project as a means of turning Republicans centrist, didn't bother reading about them yet. That vid.... That is direct merger between the CIA/NSA/DoD/DoS wings of both parties, some straight up nightmarish fishhook theory shit.
(40.10 KB 935x966 DyIrCsjXcAA8ir6.jpeg)
I liked The Lincoln Project's trolling of Drumpf untill they started attacking him from the right.
(507.00 KB 1754x950 John-Brown.jpg)
(154.50 KB 1000x786 cpusa 1938.jpg)
>>663600 Also watching deranged libs piss all over Lincoln's party and John Brown's grave with their inane redbaiting warmongering hottakes is absolutely sickening.
>>662884 And now we can't believe Scoop-Axios reports.
>>662884 I wrote this, I am 90% sure I wrote it down right: Это ложная операция Центрального разведывательного управления. Осторожно, эта ложь распространяется чтобы подорвать союз Китай-Россия. Basically saying is a CIA operation and is done to undermine China-Russia relationship.
So here's one thing I don't get How did people expect Bernie to get anything done when he has only perhaps a dozen allies in Congress?
>>660772 it's bullshit, but I wish a nigga would honestly
(65.48 KB 947x1073 370207081355721392280.gif)
(56.07 KB 470x315 trillion-dollar-coin.jpg)
>>663860 By ruthlessly abusing executive powers I always envisioned gigachad-tier trolling like FDR's court packing threat, or the Obama-era "trillion dollar coin" proposal.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1nnOmrrn7Q >US files suit to seize Iranian tankers headed for Venezuela
>>663906 The guy who can't even be assed to call out the records of his primary opponents or run a negative ad suddenly growing the balls to go full FDR? Yeah, good luck with that.
At risk of sounding like those right wingers who protested for Applebees to open up...but all this speak of "new normal" makes me think they want to make all the changes we have made in our wack response to COVID-19 (which is not deadly enough to warrant this, if we actually prevented the spread we could actually return to normal soonee) permanent as a form of social control.
>>663906 Expecting Bernie Sanders to do anything "ruthlessly" is setting yourself up for failure
>>664137 >do not feed the trolls Sure, sure. But this did remind me of a blog series linked from old /leftypol/ I've been struggling to find, describing the Nazis' economic policy as basically a struggle between a generic Keynesian inherited from Weimar whose policies actually worked, and an economically illiterate Nazi who stripmined everything to feed the war machine, with Hitler swapping between the two as his desire to smash Germany against Europe conflicted with the need to keep his economy from imploding. Also the usual of kekworthy stuff about borrowing from DA JUICE with MEFOs
(132.61 KB 1185x315 vlad trump.png)
(1.40 MB 1000x3750 chairman trump.png)
>>663304 <I'm joking by the way. Are you though?
https://theintercept.com/2020/07/02/kamala-harris-wikipedia/ >There’s a War Going On Over Kamala Harris’s Wikipedia Page, with Unflattering Elements Vanishing
>>663676 Well it's not directly aimed at Russian spectators. >>664180 It's probably just a bot who occasionally posts "polite propaganda".
I just cant imagine Biden surviving the debates
>>664555 Well, at least he's being paid for it. As a side note, do notice how much more powerful any given statement on the internet can be depending on the source. A Wikipedo page is far more trustworthy than Hariss' attorney, yet there's absolutely zero ways to prevent these two from conflicting. This source falsification is also the core of the ongoing bot-driven infocalypse.
(98.92 KB 828x815 EcCCfzyXkAECv21.jpg)
>>664626 Why would a few televised debates change peoples' political position?
>>664626 I'm not entirely sure he's still alive tbh
We are watching Mount Rushmore right now: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp
Might unironically vote Trump to keep the Biden idpol libs at bay. President Copmala will be a nightmare.
>>664633 This market needs to be exploited
Not really related to anything but how does this make you feel? https://twitter.com/USArmyesports/status/1267542718630289409
>>664862 because a good chunk of the public is persuadable to one side or another by events. A few months ago polling had the election close, now it's swung hard toward Biden. That newfound support is not solid, could change back if Biden looks like a wreck in the debates. I don't think the debates will be enough though unless Biden really faceplants. The economy needs to rebound a lot by November for Trump to have a chance. Or he has to just start throwing relief money at people to win them back over. Otherwise he's probably done.
>>664633 I can't even tell if it's ironic. >>664862 Ideally, debates would be vital to any democratic decision. After 2016, they have fully become a liturgy, a ceremony: devoid of its original substance, yet still capable of affecting people's ideas because that's what everyone is told they do. >>664889 When is the deadline for picking a running mate anyway? Biden's pick might be the most important factor of this election.
>>664907 Apparently he'll announce it by August 1
>>664555 >um doxxing is against wiki policy lmao
>Trump is late again SHOCKER
(43.62 KB 335x500 weekend-at-bernies.jpg)
>>664907 >When is the deadline for picking a running mate anyway? When his staffers aren't able to pretend the CGI puppet on Zoom is Biden any longer
>>665431 There were so many jokes about those movies and Bernie being the oldest of the main contenders. And now he's not only the healthiest, but the only one not displaying cognitive decline. Let that be a lesson for posterity regarding socialism >implying being the only sane choice, and how Porky preferred to guarantee one out of two brian-damaged pedophiles will win rather than allow the sane choice to be on the ballot at all.
(45.94 KB 474x674 baby keks.jpeg)
>>664555 >>665079 >dat vidya streamer being autocensored while arguing against ever-expanding shitlib redefinitions of "doxxing"
If trump loses he should run for senate or to be governor somewhere in 2022 for the lulz
>>666002 He barely seems to want to be president, governor would be way too smalltime for him.
>>664905 Biden already proved that he can be cogent in a debate as long as they hop him up on drugs first. And the debates are so overhyped at this point that it will be disappointing no matter what.
>>666043 >yfw they both shit their pants on international television
A Biden loss would've yielded the tastier salt mine but it is what it is, I guess.
>>666043 He could pull a Boris Johnson and refuse to come out to debate even. It works!
>>666043 Someone sounds nervous, biden shill
>>666056 Boris refused to debate on channel 4 where they did that ice sculpture stunt and ended up looking like smug wankers. He won every other debate with Corbyn. May refused to debate and it made her look bad.
>>666002 He should end his term in office by refusing to leave office and calling on the boomers to do a coup.
>>666013 Also his fanboiz' ideology casts presidency or anything else involving teh gubmint as a step down from Billionaire Corporate Entrepreneur™, selflessly taken for free advertising and ban immunity on Twatter the benefit of the burgerstani people.
(62.24 KB 500x472 voot.jpg)
>>531727 daily reminder
>>666088 What if Trump actually just doesn't step down even if he loses? He just calls the election "rigged" thanks to mail-in ballots. Either way, if Biden or Trump wins there will be massive unrest.
>>666002 He'll probably just run in 2024
>>666171 I hope for a trumpist military coup. Unironically I would support it because accelerationism and anti-abortion
>>666184 there are rumors that a Trump victory in 2020 could see a secession of the west coast
>>666171 I dunno if the dude even wants it anymore. There's no way he doesn't realize the amount of power he'll still wield outside of office. The "book" deals, the tours, starting his own "news" network: i mean the guy's set for the rest of his life, responsibility free.
>>666192 >i mean the guy's set for the rest of his life, responsibility free. He was already set for life
(158.27 KB 915x665 1241.png)
>>666192 He'll be permabanned from Twatter the moment he leaves office
>>666195 I guess I mean power wise: he'll have a devoted, manic political base for the rest of his life, and being out of power frees of him of any responsibility to even do anything to satisfy that base. And if his politics of shown anything it's that new political power dynamics no longer rely on material power, just pure spectacle.
So did the new york police strike eventuate? I havent heard anything about it.
Louis Farrakhan is talking right now. https://youtu.be/Vdgn_Nxoe6c https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt I know he's reactionary but he has a lot of good things to say imo.
(239.11 KB 809x455 Masks-1.jpg)
You have joined a party and are organizing, right anons?
(74.96 KB 813x587 bada_bing.png)
>>666171 aight here's my prediction >november 8, 2020 >turnout is 17% >trump wins the popular vote >electoral college is 269-269 >recounts called in PA, WI >polling stations attacked by right-wing militias, police do nothing >republican governors sanction covert ballot-stuffing, rig electronic voting machines >trump holds PA, flips WI >disgruntled faithless electors across red states flip the electoral college for biden >trump refuses to leave office >the democrats rally establishment forces, military supporters recreate moscow 1993 >trump dragged from the rubble, arrested, entire cabinet summarily imprisoned >before he can be inaugurated, biden killed by silvercorps >democrats and "moderate" republicans in congress pass bipartisan bill declaring state of emergency, martial law, suspending democracy >states with republican governors begin to secede >presidential succession act means that the vice president is automatically sworn in and that's how hillary clinton will become the next president
>>666322 >republican governors should have said republican officials/police, forgot both states have demonrat govs
>>666322 1993 Moscow were anti-Yeltsin protests and they failed to get rid of him.
(311.00 KB 675x450 0m7n8fyzp2m21.jpg)
>>666343 American protesters don't have tankys shelling the White House
Happy Independence Day! The USA will outlive you all!
>>666171 that would be pedal to the metal acceleration to US collapse, so probably too good to come true
(63.26 KB 1900x1000 ussa flag.png)
(23.97 KB 713x809 country-balls-borders.png)
>>666362 That cope...enjoy the coof
>>666322 >trump >winning popular vote top kek
>>666048 A fitting criterium for picking the manager of collapsing capitalism. Also fitting for the boomer voters. "That guy has my vote, he~s the kinda guy I could shit my adult diapers with."
>>666362 its got 5 more years tops
>>666493 >wasting hard earned burgerbux on diapers >not just sharting in the mart and leaving it for wagies to mop up
>>666191 even more reason to v00t trump
>>666322 okay nostradumbass
>>666587 Not really. If Trump wins a lot of people will drop support for the left, because they won't want to deal with the consequences of his campaign pledge to use the domestic terrorist prevention apparatus against leftists. Why would any laborer with kids want to be black bagged to support a cause saturated with a bunch of accelerationist larpers? It's far easier to just play the hand your given, go to work and wait for Biden 2.0 in 2020 than to stick your neck out for some leftypol shit posters shitting away in a prison. Just saying, you count your chickens before they hatch.
>>666728 If Biden wins all receptiveness to leftist ideas is lost as everyone will think every issue was just caused by Trump who was just a glitch in a perfect world that doesn't need to be protested.
(126.35 KB 610x606 pepe mildly outstretched neck.png)
>Trump calls Cancel Culture "totalitarianism" and "an attack on our liberties" in his Rushmore remarks >implying it has any relevance outside twitter beyond parody at this point
(47.17 KB 843x365 UntitledStatesofAmerica.jpg)
just googled this because I was genuinely curious what kind of results I would get, I was not disappointed.
>>666831 Another important thing for the Left if Biden loses is that the neoliberal "line of succession" would be broken. With both Biden and Hillary BTFO'd (and Nancy likely retiring in 2024), the Democratic party doesn't have clear leadership, and they have extraordinarily little in the way of fresh new faces -- the best they have is the blindingly artificial Mayor Pete, who will never get elected to anything. This will accelerate the ideological crisis within the party. Something similar was true of the Repubs in 2016 and we saw how that went.
(61.49 KB 1292x344 evil.jpg)
(162.75 KB 500x448 Eb9UfzzUMAAmikA.png)
>>664904 >Not really related to anything but how does this make you feel? uwu
(25.80 KB 604x131 Capture.JPG)
>>666907 >>666868 i was gonna make a joke of my own but found this instead
>>666912 >Cutesy imperialist military of global homicidal empire Fuck Just how many levels of dystopia is the US on rn?
>>666916 Lyrics bursting with revolutionary potential, alright.
>>666831 I think that illusion will last 2 months. I can't be assed to give that much of a shit about American electoral politics.
>>666587 Trump winning is going to drive people right, not left. The message from on high will be they need to unify and compromise with "moderate, anti-Trump" Republicans to prevent their complete domination in the coming years
I'm not even watching this shit, but I have the sound on in the background but the announcer and music are hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDOnmRzllOc
>>666927 I very much doubt it. The Obama administration broke something in the system. Besides becoming 100% symbiotic with government foreign policy independently of who is in the Oval Office, look how much it pushed liberals rightwards, simply by whitewashing (o the irony) everything the White House black king did. Those doomsday predictions by Frankfurters, situationists, Baudrillard et all became true. The media isn't just manufacturing consent, but reality itself. (A brief parenthetical. I think media itself has lost control of hyperreality and can no longer properly craft it -- that's the result of the weaponized infocalypse, which is a victory for the most reactionary porkies and a defeat for the liberal ones. However, even if a single hyperreality can solidify and become the generally accepted one, it suffices, for the immediate goals of both the ractionary and liberal sectors, that everyone is nhabiting their own bubble of bullshit. That's enough to keep everyone alienated, and, in fact, it may be more efective at it than a single, carefully crafted hyperreality.) They have been successfully hiding the biggest economic implosion in history, and now they're doing the same thing to the protests and police reprisals. The implosion requires jumping through hoops to hide away, but the protests, not so much. Simply blacking them out can be enough to kill them. Ask youself, would you bother going out and demanding serious change if you thought you were the only one wanting it? No you wouldn't, not wouldn't the other millions who might have tagged along, if only they knew each other. Instead, you and your million potential colleagues are alone and miserable, incapable of seeing a way to change it. Alienation keeps increasing, but Porky doesn't give a shit because a million proles an heroing is preferrable to any number of them getting together and organizing. And right now, his means of communication finally have the power to do exactly that. The only unknown factor here being the unparalleled material pressure for people to revolt regardless of the media media manipulation. Can the sheer scale of this catastrophe overpower the capacity of omnipresent media and Spectacle to obscure and falsify reality?
>>666952 On the other hand, Obama's victory drove people right, although by a different mechanism, the media's full complicity in whitewashing everything. Biden's victory will ensure the exact same thing happens again. A victorious Trump won't have the media incessantly parroting that message about unifying behind him tho. America is so far down the rabbit hole that a Republican victory seems to be less likely to drive the country rightwards.
habby birthgay :DDDD
America and Britain, the kings of the pedophile world.
(1.73 MB truuuuuuuuuump.mp4)
>>667059 what is he trying to do lmao
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzRjsVaqREI[Embed] >NFAC at Stone Mountain GA were the KKK was found. 🔴⚫🟢 The black militia.
>>667059 The biden debates are just going to be incomprehensible babbling
>>667084 Glad to see the NBPP is still being retarded
https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1279575273365594112 YE JOINING THE RACE TRUMP AND BIDEN ARE FUCKING DONE #KanYe020
>>667099 Burgers have their election in November, isn’t it a little late?
>>666968 Sure. I think both see people pushing right by default, but with Biden you can actually try to push people left without the trump bogeyman hanging over their heads
>>667088 You expect too much. It'll probably be just drooling.
Just watched this guy Adolph Reed interviewed by Matt Taibi. He seems pretty cool for a succdem, any one got any info on him. His wiki entry seems rather threadbare...
Did trump happen already? WHENS TRUMP?
>>667099 Seems stupid I think he could have genuinely won 2024 (sue me) this is just bipolar only question is whether it adds to his 2024 chances or detracts from them
>>667099 he shouldn't have given up earlier, it would have at least made things funnier if he was running the whole time.
>>667183 Adolph Reed is not a socdum and he's been around for a while. He has some good critiques of identity politics, race, and intersectionalism.
Aight lads, was voting Green now imma have to vote YEEZY Pour one out for Karl then let's get lit
>>667183 Bumping cause i'm also interested
>>667221 from what I know he's just an anti idpol succdem. better than most i guess.
>>667217 Eh. Wouldn't have really worked while Bernie was in the race and Trump still looked strong. Then Coronavirus and BLM the country was too preoccupied. Now is not actually a bad time to announce because everyone is bored and tense and wants something to happen. Problem is it's just too late.
(83.35 KB 1280x720 maxresfffffdefault.jpg)
>>667185 ALWAYS
>>667221 He'd talked about working w/Bernie campaign and maybe Obama 2008 campaign, if I heard correctly. Wikipedia lists him as a founding member of American Labour Party, so I just figured... He did bring up Marx's Brumaire essay, in passing, but he didn't come off as more than radlib at most. He's obviously anti-idpol, and class conscious though. Here's the podcast, interview proper starts about an hour in...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kFTtR34cek
>>667251 >Problem is it's just too late If he runs as an independent, the filing deadline for most states isn't until August. He just has to get enough signatures, which usually amounts to at least several thousand per state.
(181.82 KB 1240x1754 3dpyorr181801.jpg)
What party would Kanye even run under? Like would he just pull a Macron?
I have a feeling fucking President West would be worse than either Biden or Trump. The latter two are sociopaths, but Kanye West might be literally psychopathic.
>>667346 Kanye is the true r/acc candidate, he'd have half of SV behind him, and most importantly all the NRx CEOs and VCs.
>>667183 Adolph Reed was a panther
>>667099 elect kanye disenfranchise the state
>>666322 Can trump reallllly pull off winning? who thinks he actually has a shot of rigging it or whatever?
(260.28 KB 1417x912 1593917421000.jpg)
What went wrong?
>>667374 He's running out of time. The virus needs to be at northeast levels countrywide, unemployment needs to go down heavily or monthly trumpbux needs to happen, and the stock market needs to beat the 2020 yearly high for him to win outright. Assuming the dems can keep Biden locked in the basement so he doesn't do anything stupid. Of course the proprietary insecure voting machines can always be rigged, but would 💵💵💵they💵💵💵 bother/risk it just to keep out Biden, who will be just as much their friend? Doubtful
>>667310 Have you seen all the states where it's past due? Filing deadlines aside, there is obviously no chance of him winning. It's just about whether this helps or hurts his prospects in 2024. (However far he actually goes with it this time.)
>>667384 Too many burger
>>667384 Too stupid to pass recurring trumpbux
>>667392 TFW Psl has actual ballot access in New Mexico and Kanye doesn't
(104.48 KB 1200x675 ENiyDaSXYAAWw53.jpg)
>>667384 Nothing.
>>667384 Those long hairs are shooped, surely?
Shit they got him lads >>667422
>>666728 >Why would any laborer with kids want to be black bagged to support a cause saturated with a bunch of accelerationist larpers? As opposed to renewal of the 100% CIA-branded regime Obama was running? >>666835 >implying [cancel culture] has any relevance outside twitter Point me to one single (ostensibly) leftist anything it hasn't had its tentacles sunken deep in for the last decade >>666952 >The message from on high will be they need to unify and compromise with "moderate, anti-Trump" Republicans to prevent their complete domination in the coming years Quite possible, but this hasn't happened in 4 years of Trump so far. To the contrary, it's forced shitlibs to pretend they care about countless "Trump policies" that date from Obama, Clinton, or earlier. >>667391 >monthly trumpbux needs to happen >>667397 >Too stupid to pass recurring trumpbux Serious question: Why are both Reps & Dems still opposed to doing this? Even yuropeenz funnel their Coronabuxeuroz quasi-UBI through some retarded employer subsidy.
>>667099 So, is it a rule now to run for POTUS you have to be obviously and clearly mentally impaired?
>>667470 Did you quote the right post?
>>667509 By 2024 presidential debates will be replaced with WWE PPV cagematches, with partisan political affiliation decided by a candidate's signature move.
(1.55 MB 2039x2048 1593919189127.png)
Was his guilt what caused him to accused diver guy?
Don't know about y'all but I'm supporting Kanye this election.
>>667518 We can only hope. That'd honestly be more democratic than how we do it now.
>>667384 What went right?
just when you thought amerilard politics couldn't get more retarded
>>667059 >a swiiipe and sw--a swift... [10 minutes] it was sweeping folks kek
I'm unabashed in thinking a Trump victory is best for the Left long term so Kanye playing spoiler would be a W
(105.12 KB 1440x781 Screenshot_20200705_023953.jpg)
(189.36 KB 900x1200 average_computer_user.jpg)
>>667620 >phoneposting
>>667346 >le sociopath psychopath are different meme Are you 10 years old
>>666961 > (A brief parenthetical. I think media itself has lost control of hyperreality and can no longer properly craft it -- that's the result of the weaponized infocalypse, which is a victory for the most reactionary porkies and a defeat for the liberal ones. However, even if a single hyperreality can solidify and become the generally accepted one, it suffices, for the immediate goals of both the ractionary and liberal sectors, that everyone is nhabiting their own bubble of bullshit. That's enough to keep everyone alienated, and, in fact, it may be more efective at it than a single, carefully crafted hyperreality.) Does anyone else think this might be, in some sense, the death of the "Information age"? Just look at coronavirus: the disinformation campaigns (plural!) have genuinely taken root and they are having very real consequences. The ease with which information is transferred that has made the information age possible is now also making mass disinformation possible that seems to be the first thing genuinely capable of taking down the massive information network
(45.90 KB 635x353 doubt-is-our-product.jpg)
>>667733 AGW denialism is many decades old classic example of this "tail wagging the dog" effect in propaganda: https://insideclimatenews.org/news/22122017/big-oil-heartland-climate-science-misinformation-campaign-koch-api-trump-infographic https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/global-warming/exxon-and-the-oil-industry-knew-about-climate-change/exxons-climate-denial-history-a-timeline/ It isn't new, but I agree it's becoming more common with the increasing size of the advertising sector relative to the rest of civilization.
>>667088 either that or they'll both be pumped with enough ritalin to kill a kobe cow
>>667305 >maybe Obama 2008 campaign Adolph reed, the man well known for shitting on obama since the 90s worked with him in 2008?
>>667183 He's an interesting dude. Ignore people whining about what special snowflake political identity he does or doesn't have, the critiques he make are solid, mostly informed by observations about class distinctions within black communities, and how idpol papers over those. IIRC he is descended of an old family of black intelligentsia and petit bourgs, giving him a front row seat to that phenomenon.
>>667672 It is the objectively superior way of browsing chans. I'll sit at my pc and still browse with phone Don't @ me
Trump must win because the left will be forever silenced by neoliberals if he loses
>>667775 "The left"
(1.99 MB 400x400 lifepoints.gif)
>>667768 >chans
(27.37 KB 400x266 toothpaste.jpg)
>>667775 TBH this isn't as grim as what would've happened if Shrillary had won. So much damage has been done to the post-'70s neolib/neocon bi"partisan" "radical centrist" "new economy" pseudoconsensus by populism in the last 4 years, I don't think there's any realistic chance of Biden being able to plaster everything back up. Trump winning again is still desirable, simply because his antics impede the establishment's agenda on war and trade as well as utterly humiliating the DNC again, but Biden "winning" still falls within the range of acceptability for our agenda.
(121.95 KB 241x250 nojoe.png)
>>667224 >>667351 >>667370 >>667522 If you aren't voting for kanye then you ain't black.


no cookies?