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(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
🦅🗽 /USApol/ - United States Politics 💵🏈 Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727
Edited last time by krates on 09/30/2020 (Wed) 13:49:01.
>>920106 You could say Biden squeezed out a win, but it was only because Trump did so bad. In general, it was a clusterfuck.
>>920081 The only thing is not wrong about nazism is whenever you guys have a bullet between your eyes.
>>920116 The white race is a ruling class social control formation. You’ve been duped.
>>920108 Engels was merely writing about where the family came from historically, and mused for a bit about what might happen under socialism and where the family was heading.
>>920115 Thanks comrade missed it because I was at a pottery class. some zoomer white chick told a cop that walked in to wear a mask. Got excited and talked to her about it, she said she supported the riots. Thought Id found a comrade, but later told her I wasnt going to vote and got the vote biden spiel, how he would make the us rejoin thr climate accord and she ended by saying 'what else can you do?' I just nodded and ended the conversation, fucking radlibs and succdems ruined the ceramics peace
>>920106 Trump's basically locked himself in to the "appeal to fascist paramilitaries" strategy, offering absolutely nothing to anyone outside of his faggot movement. Biden's brain melted. Easily the most humiliating "debate" in presidential history.
>>920130 No, because the white race isn’t real. You’re probably a parole and hate other proles. That’s what is real sad.
>>920126 >You could say Biden squeezed out a win, but it was only because Trump did so bad. I'd say the opposite. I think Biden was the favorite hear with the non MAGApedes. But Trump managed to force a draw from the reactions I'm seeing everywhere. "I can't believe we have to choose between these TWO idiots," etc.
>>920130 at least we will be staying alive, unlike you
>>920134 wow what a cuck, giving up so easily you could have easily converted her and had free leftist gf pussy
>>920023 >they have to acknowledge fascist agitation - which they have systematically refused to do, even though it would be popular with large parts of the country Honestly, with the way they have been trying to set themselves as the new GOP, I wouldn't put it past them to refuse to acknowledge fashie bullshit because they hope their whole imperialist revival will attract the fashies who thought he was a Mussolini despite him never been anything but a Berlusconi.
>>920139 Theodore W. Allen renounced his whiteness lel
>>920144 We already know what your endgame is, and we're nipping the problem in the bud accordingly.
>>920144 you haven't explained why loving your race is good without appealing to some sort of vague naturalistic fallacy
>>920047 >We just want to live a nice life with a big family. I hadn't seen a motte-and-bailey this big since the SJW screeches of 2016.
>>920132 Imagine being so devoid of meaning in life you resort to skin color supremacy to compensate. Too bad for you im actually a national girthist only the big dick race should survive
>>920150 >my people spook
>>920144 Hey, you know what good reaction for all those scary commies that want to eat western civilization would be? To fucking neck yourself, seriusly lad, just end yourself. And stop shitting this board with your autism. :^)))))
(764.27 KB 2936x2408 Anton_Dostler_1945_a.jpg)
>>920144 >why do leftists threat us with violence so much? y It's not a threat, it's a promise.
>>920150 >it benefits my people how? what actual tangible differences will be made in their living conditions?
>>920148 Because race was never predominantly based around skin until the ruling class carefully taught proles to think that way. The Irish and the Anglo were both white but hated each other vehemently.
>>920141 Wasnt gonna happen she was a smug radlib type and was real shocked i wasnt buying into her electoral politics spiel. She was structurally brainwashed, no redpill was gonna happen there.
>>920148 Jews have white skin, are they white? Also, irish lads when they came to burgerland had white skin but weren't considered whites, why is this? How can you define something like race just by "seeing it". Sounds pseudo sciense to be honest.
>>920151 why are you replying to yourself?
>>920159 still could've fucked her
>>920158 separate "races" technically. the english used to say things like some irish had tails and ireland's culture also had certain elements that the english were not willing to respect. they were also different religions at a time when literally every nation state on the continent was involved in religious war
>>920161 Also Benjamin Franklin thought Germans were "swarthy" lmao
>>920148 >Muh white skin
>>920163 No my pottery skills werent good enough either lol
(153.37 KB 610x732 Swarthy Swedes.png)
(309.82 KB 1320x742 swedes.jpg)
>>920167 >Also Benjamin Franklin thought Germans were "swarthy" lmao Don't get me started on the Swarthy Swedes.
Regardless what happens, I'm so glad to live in one of the most boring parts of NYC. Won't have to deal with whatever boogaloo shit /pol/ ends up doing.
(1.20 MB 498x304 Ghost Clay.gif)
>>920171 >No my pottery skills werent good enough either lol What kind of pottery are you doing anon? Throwing things on a wheel or what?
>>920074 Really, it can only go downhill from the magnificence that was the DNC. That was the climax. The RNC was the disappointing ending which couldn't possibly live up to the climax, and these debates are the outtakes. The election will be the last "secret" scene, and 2021 will be THE END
>>920170 Q haplogroup gang
>>920172 >Whining about German migrants replacing the native Anglos Lmao fucking pottery
>>920170 The reason I bring this up btw is because comparing a light skinned man in the Caucasus and another in Germany as if they were the same due to skin color is laughable.
>>920167 but Germans are swarthy
>>920139 When loving your race inevitably translates into the genocide of billions of non-whites. Why do your dress up your brutal fantasies in such cowardly language? You’re all fucking cowards. We don’t spare verbiage with what we’ll do to you, yet in the fruition of our revolutionary goals you still have the opportunity to live a decent life if you discard your schizophrenic fantasies. In your white utopia billions have no choice but to die in camps in miserable conditions. That is the the culmination of your fascist spookery, your rhetoric about every race getting their own ethnostate if bullshit and if you actually believe it you’re even dumber than you sound.
Must've been a pretty boring debate if all leftypol is talking about is spooky biology.
>>920160 >pony That makes me nostalgic
>>920184 It got real stupid real fast
>>920184 It was pretty pathetic tbh
>>920187 you aren't a person tho
>>920187 Because race is a spook. Class matters more.
>>920183 since the left has political superiority why not have a higher political culture and refrain from acting like monkeys tbh
>>920187 you guys were responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of whites during wwii
>>920187 Why should it?
(88.78 KB 750x608 Return to monke.jpg)
>>920193 >since the left has political superiority why not have a higher political culture and refrain from acting like monkeys tbh
>>920196 Blessed monke post. We will return one day
(1.15 MB 2330x1428 Pol Reading core.png)
>>920193 >since the left has political superiority schizo detected
>>920196 >>920183 i'm not trying to down you freal. i respect what you do just like i respect others, just in terms of appearing to be the antagonist better to be civilized and conduct onself as a gentleman imo. better to fight with virtue than with slinging feces at everybody
>>920187 >why shouldn't the white race do what is necessary in order to preserve itself? <Proceeds to purposefully kill "whites" for land
>TFW your shitty ideology gets 50 million whites killed but it's totally da jooz who hate white people
>>920199 They mean Germans fighting for Nazi Germany in WW2.
>>920199 lmao good luck, you have killed 0 actual leftists so far and each time you light up some bidenbros it radicalizes thousands against you
>>920199 >who gets to decide what matters more? Me? Because I get to decide what is in my interest. I’m not going to die for the ruling class so I can chase some spook called whiteness. I have too much affinity with the proles.
>>920200 kek, but pol doesn't read
>>920203 that land had a lot of escaping jews heh.
(208.97 KB 922x724 1601413666640.png)
(1.34 MB 400x253 Eat Shit.gif)
>>920202 >better to be civilized and conduct onself as a gentleman imo. better to fight with virtue than with slinging feces at everybody Nah, I'm good fam.
>>920205 Nazis always project. They always talk about how their race is threatened by extermination but proceed to try and exterminate others, like when the German Nazis tried to exterminate the Slavs.
(328.01 KB 426x509 almj6w8dbmd11.png)
It must get lonely in 4cuck to have /pol/acks to pay us a vidit
>>920218 *visit
>>920214 based and apepilled
>>920199 seriously my grandmother was growing up in france during wwii and shes still fucked up today bc she almost starved during the occupation. she wasnt a jew or anything either, but one of muh trad whyte women that these retards constantly jack off to
>>920214 Based
(10.46 KB 224x197 911.jpg)
>>920222 >she wuz a traiter to da white race
>>920222 >>920222 ah bro if they did your grandma wrong that's a different story
>>920218 They try to “shill” everywhere they can to spread their mind virus. Im sure their are a few who base their whole life around trying to get niche internet communities on board with them. Sad, honestly.
>>920199 >All the self hating whites will also perish Most whites killed in WW2 were Eastern Europeans, who the Nazis fucking despised. If they were really "self hating" they would have just bent over and let the Nazis slaughter them all. But someone like you who "loves" white people would prefer if that happened for some reason
Any predictions for the Vice President debate next week on Oct 7th? Kamala will go full Idpol, probably trot out "Yes Slay Queen Reparations", throw a few bones with "Defund the police". Would be nice if she had a few gaffes saying "I'll jail the blacks, i'll make millions from slave labour" and " I can't believe you fucking morons fall for this woke shit". If Biden said "Planned Parenthood is great and supported by Democrats because they kill black babies, and their founder knew that blacks are stupid and criminal". Biden threw BLM under a bus by saying he won't defund the police, and he doesn't support a "green new deal". His gaffe about Antifa doesn't get much support, unless it's from the anarkiddies.
>>920227 nah apparently a 4 year old girl was somehow a self hating white so its fine
>>920231 "muh people" You realize under socialism white birth rates would raise and death rates would lower..right?
>>920231 Mine is less dumb though. That’s the difference
>>920231 the red army should have raped every single german woman and killed all the men in order to exterminate that group forever
>>920232 Copmala will blow it and pander heavily to the Democrats, thinking the typical Democrat voter is dumb as rocks (which they are, frankly). It'll be a repeat of Pence/Kaine where the disdain Kaine held for his own voters was screamingly obvious, and Pence managed to look good beside that. Maybe Copmala has the ability to not suck, but we didn't see any indication of that when she was on the stage, and since she's nursing her own alcoholism I'm not expecting much.
If Trump has component advisors, they'll tear his ass for his Proud Boys comment, because that kills any support from independents, women and blacks. Either Trump will sign an executive order targeting both the KKK and the Proud Boys, launch the 'Platinum Plan', or he'll lose the election. The proud boys are a much smaller demographic compared to the black population. His worst fuckup tonight.
>>920242 He said Germans not white people you fucking idiot
>>920202 We don't respect our enemies one iota, they're a menace, a plague to the human race.
>>920242 exist
>>920193 In a world dominated by capital, the left somehow dominates the political narrative. You know, maybe if you Nazi fucks could lucidly analyze geopolitical, social, and economic realities you’d be a lot more effective in achieving your goals, neoliberals have far more to do with ushering the supposed ills you whine about than “post-modern neo Marxist’s”. Also I’ve been to the toilets you filth hang around in for the sake of morbid curiosity and it certainly isn’t “high political culture“ which again is just window dressing for your delusional fantasies anyway. Circlejerk about the superiority of the white race somewhere else. We all know you Nazi imageboard lepers look like Goebbels anyways.
>>920242 they made you for one
>>920243 I think she might do some damage control for Biden's "I won't defund police" comment.
>>920240 Okay, 1: Skin color and culture aren't the same thing which you obviously don't get because of your immense brainrot but yeah please explain how a Black British person who was born there isn't British. 2: Imperialism leads to high immigration from completely looted countries. If this stops immigration will drastically lower. Also off yourself please. People who actually whine about "muh race" need to read a book.
(418.50 KB 680x677 EaOukEoXsAEk2Sc.png)
>>920238 Based
(617.10 KB 685x705 MHudson.png)
https://youtu.be/67RFX8T_-MA?t=80 thoughts skip to 1:20 if it doesn't automatically
>>920244 It's too late for damage control. You can't walk back "fascist gangs are good people" if it is said repeatedly and loudly to sell to the part of the country that loves such faggotry. Pretty obvious this is Trump's marketing instincts rather than a re-election campaign. Trump is all but openly saying he expects to rig the election in his favor and dare the courts to do anything about it, or at least that's what he's running with. Trump probably knows he is fucked in any sort of legitimate election, especially at this point, so he has nothing else to roll with.
(183.08 KB 462x533 1585258552533.jpg)
>>920238 HOLY BASED
>>920244 >>920256 You're both delusional. Debates have no bearing on anything.
>>920245 But Germonkeys aren't white, only pure Anglo-Saxons are.
>"Muh whites" Reminder he has yet to define white
>>920260 Sorry bro but only people living in the most northern fringes of Norway are wh*te
>>920250 Why would she need to? Most Democrat voters don't support defunding the police, Democrat politicians have largely stood by not defunding the police, and so has Kamala. The "defund the police" crowd, so far as it exists, will either vote Biden or they were lost long ago. No one would take the Democrats seriously if they proposed defunding police, anyway - the only way that talking point even started is because the liberals needed to do something that sounded radical but really wasn't (and was going to be rolled back / never implemented anyway). It was a slogan invented as the George Floyd riots exploded and the Ford Foundation people needed a line that would appeal to "radlibs".
>>920263 Nah, those are all Slavs and Mongols.
>>920261 >Are you a self hating white or a non white by any chance I'm a proud non-white. 100% Germanic.
>>920262 Middle Eastern people were considered racially white for a while so he should have no problem with them all migrating to Europe lmao
/pol/bros these are the genes we're preserving? ...damn think we got too cocky
>>920269 Definite white faggot
>>920263 fuck you and saged, im icelandic
(39.15 KB 279x420 asdfasd.jpg)
>>920261 I don’t identify as white, I identify as European. White is a ruling class mechanism to divide the working class in America.
>>920259 I never said the debates had bearing. People don't change their opinions on a dime because someone said the magic words at the podium. But it is indicative of Trump's strategy when he was given an opportunity to distance himself from fascist gangs agitating violence and chose to support those fascist gangs. If Trump was trying to win, he would of course say that he seeks peace, and that the Boogaloo people need to be shut down, and then Trump would distance himself from that group and say this HIS supporters are the good ones who don't want to escalate violence, unlike that small group of Atomwaffen types who are all about starting a civil war. I know you're a pigger trying to carry water for Trump, but no one who knows anything would think Trump wins a legitimate election. It's all fascist faggotry.
>>920196 Get mental help you fucking schizo, if your going to put me in a gas chamber than giving me a handjob and sticking a finger in my ass along the way with your gentlemanly discourse doesn’t provide much comfort. You literally want to be that nazifuck in Inglorious Bastars don’t you? I bet your degenerate ass came to Schindlers list you irredeemable fucking degenerate.
Can you stop chimping out at a /pol/ troll? Create a new thread, don't pollute this one.
>>920272 Sorry bro but Iceland belongs to the Inuit BVLL
>>920268 What race is this?
>>920268 Eugenics in action, friends. They got the look.
>>920279 The jannies should just wake up already and ban him
I heard a rumour saying the military told Trump they won't tolerate any "I don't accept the election" bullshit. There's a possibility the military could drag him out of the white house in handcuffs.
>>920264 They're not focused on capturing a traditional Democratic base.
(68.94 KB 445x378 Caucasians.jpg)
>>920267 >Middle Eastern people were considered racially white for a while so he should have no problem with them all migrating to Europe lmao In the USA they're officially Caucasians.
(125.74 KB 700x467 zoroastrian winter festival.jpg)
>>920267 BASED Aryans!
(211.55 KB 1196x636 1589642298869.png)
Hey wh*Te, pay up
>>920286 i hope he tries to stay because that would be hilarious to watch, almost would make his entire shitshow of a presidency worth it
(109.45 KB 450x743 red rape it can happen here.jpg)
>>920286 God I want this to happen just to see the right shit themselves
>>920287 So how can they appeal to both Radlibs and rednecks? You need rednecks in order to win the election, and Radlibs view Rednecks as some demonic race. The two blows for Biden, especially coming from "Progressives", is when Trump cleverly baited Biden into saying he won't defund the police or support a 'Green New Deal'. Pundits and other party hacks could sell it as "We need to win the election", but I can see people getting demoralized over no one in power addressing it.
>>920271 You aren't white unless you have red eyes. Scandinavians are fucking posers just like the Germanics, Japs and Jews.
>>920286 I hope they shell the white house with tanks, like the white house in Moscow '93. It would be so fitting.
>>920213 Why the red face tho, their greasy faces can't even change tone like that.
>>920298 oy vey
If Trump wins, what do you think he'll do in the next 4 years?
all the rightoids are now going after the moderator saying that he was extremely biased against Trump these people have mind rot. I can't imagine this type of stuff with Nixon or Kennedy. Now it's squabbling over the most petty of petty shit
>>920254 Hudson on point as usual, though I still don't quite believe that the democratic party not being bothered by most of trump's policies means there actively trying to lose.
(59.19 KB 1137x419 White Mongols.png)
(54.84 KB 662x420 Kalmyks.jpg)
>>920265 >Nah, those are all Slavs and Mongols. Mongols are also White.
>>920286 Why would Trump physically try and stay in the White House? What is this retardation? Stop fantasising.
>>920286 ok random guy on the internet
>>920287 Right, the Democrats want to be moderates, who are even more averse to "defund the police" talk. No one who is interested in defund talk is going to believe Biden, author of the 1994 Crime Bill, is going to defund any police, and it's a waste of time to pretend otherwise. All the Democrats need to get narcholib voots is to say Trump is a fascist (because Trump is a fascist), anyway. Biden made a shit ton of mistakes in this travesty they call a debate, but sticking to the police state was not one of them for what Biden wanted to accomplish. And it looks better if the Democrats are smarter with their spin, because it looks like Trump is stoking the riots for his own purposes (something Biden was sober enough to say outright was Trump's strategy), and Trump willfully played to his hardcore base instead of trying to keep a Republican tent together. The whole exchange there worked very much to Biden's favor, as bad as Biden's performance was at pretty much everything else.
>>920305 Define white
>>920303 All the libs are shitting on him too. I don't understand why.
>>920309 >because Trump is a fascist He's really not.
>>920253 >baited Biden into saying he won't defund the police Did he say that? My stream was shit (thanks obama) but I thought he just said he wouldn't remove law and order.
(22.12 KB 151x193 Enlightened.png)
>>920267 >Arabs? Aryan >Hindustanis? Aryan >Persians? Aryan >Jews? Aryan >Scandinavians? Filthy sub 100IQ untermench
>>920306 Hory mory
>>920306 Who cares? Imagine being a Greek God and looking down at humanity, essentially semi evolved apes arguing over "racial purity".
Dumb snow uighur. Turks are KARA BOGA. This is why wh*te people fear them. God created them to protect the KARA BOGA in Africa from the wh*toid scum . Turks are the attack force of the BLACK race. This is why TÜRKS conquered Europe around the same time the BLACK KANGZ were attacked in Afrika. They destroyed the wh7te capital of CONSTANTINOPLE and replaced it with ISTANBULL, to honour our BLACK BULL (KARA BOGA) nature.
>>920315 Based
Nazioid has yet to define white Almost like it's a meaningless term just used to divide the working class
>>920296 There is no such thing as a "radlib", you dolt. The Demoshits' strategy is getting wealthy suburbanite voots. The BLM people are team #FuckTrump already, and a good number of rednecks are sick of Trump's faggotry / not excited about Trump now that Trump made it clear he's taking away grandma's social security check. The ways piggers try to invent spin to make Trump seem relevant are fucking blatant now. I could have told you months ago but I can definitely confirm now, there is no way Trump can legitimately win at this point - Trump has fucked over too many people. I'm sure Trump's campaign managers are well aware that Trump has no chance of victory, and that may be why Parscale was ready to off himself recently.
Hey thing noticer you like RWBY? You seem like the type that would like RWBY. Can you tell me why Robots are proof of Jewish-Transhumanism and which characters are based or not lmao?
>>920315 We should whitify all the pale colored people of the world, and blackify all the dark skinned people of the world.
>muh "radical islamic terrorism" >muh "law and order" what is it with rightoids and insisting their opponent say an extremely loaded phrase they coined and act like they actually support said thing if they don't? seems like a recurring strategy
>>920171 Fuck, so pottery is what I needed to have learned to get laid? Alas, too late. >>920311 Because it was such an unrelenting shitshow that it's impossible to say who "won", so both sides are totally withc-hunting. Very unfair.
(24.82 KB 432x288 shoot-them-in-the-leg-biden.jpg)
>>920313 No, he specifically opposed defund which TBQH is a buttfucking retarded strawman motte and bailey for the utopian bullshit of abolition, and then went FURTHER into back-and-forth one-upsmanship argument about who could INCREASE police budgets more and crack down on protests harder.
>>920329 And I'm a gay retard, your point?
>>920327 >We should whitify all the pale colored people of the world, and blackify all the dark skinned people of the world. You know, life isn't so simple anon, things aren't black and white. Except people.
>>920325 >why Parscale was ready to off himself recently. Another victim of the k-pop mob.
>>920330 >biden throws a few jabs and interrupts infrequently mostly to say "that's not true" >trump acts like a giant baby the whole time and frequently just completely talks over biden and the moderator i'm not a biden fan but holy shit the fact that people are equivocating the two and saying "see, both sides bad!" for this particular reason is so stupid
(514.44 KB 634x599 AVE DISCORDIA.png)
>>920320 I'm having a great time, actually.
>>920337 i agreee Bidencuck, the more you talk over people the better it is.
>>920312 Trump's base is the classical fascist formation of industrialists, middle class managers, arms manufacturers. He is courting the support of fascist groupings, who are proud of being fascists and all but use the fascist name. You can argue whether the system Trump advances is fascism of the sort Mussolini pushed, but the base of support for Trump's movement is the same base for fascism that has existed in America since the 1930s. They even took the name of that fascist grouping, "America First".
>>920339 i don't care who wins i'm just pointing out how retarded burgers are
(75.42 KB 999x963 KARA_BOĞA_pepe.jpg)
KARA BOGA...my ancestors...Albania is BLACK...Africa...my homeland...Tengri...
>>920306 fun fact Lenin was part Kalmyk
>>920331 Defund doesn't even mean completely cutting funding. Defund means reduce their funding and give it to a variety of other social services instead.
(25.30 KB 401x596 jr-bob-dobbs.jpg)
>>920338 420PRAISEIT
>>920341 Then he's failing stupendously at capturing a significant portion of them.
>>920345 virgin ChristCom vs chad TengriCom
>>920349 Sure, supposedly. But use of the AMBIGUOUS term "defund" or "cut", instead of UNAMBIGUOUS phrasing such as "reduce", is a blatant motte and bailey by anyone who isn't a disingenuous retard.
>>920302 cut/privatize medicare, stage more color revolutions that inevitably fail, try to save the banks but fail, try to use cops/feds to suppress civil unrest but fail, die 7 mounts in his term due to heart disease
>>920358 who exactly is hunting these alt-righters? Their moms asking for their laundry?
(104.83 KB 592x861 1601441179676.jpg)
>>920361 No dude Biden is going to literally commit white genocide if he get's elected this is serious
>>920359 So same as Biden, but minus successful color revolutions and being a fatass instead of just senile.
>>920363 Sometimes, ya miss the cuck
>>920363 2016 Bernie was substantially better than 2020 Bernie All those years of simping for Russiagaters took their toll real bad
>>920341 That doesn't mean Trump is capable of using that base, nor that the base is sufficiently 'fascist', nor that Trump is ideologically fascist. Trump's ideology is business.
>>920365 I don't know if the democrat brand would allow the same kind of suppression that trump could perpetrate. I know Obama called the Baltimore protesters thugs and criminals, but don't think black bagging would fly for joe. Though the might just not reported it. On the other hand every sign points towards Joe's administration being a puppet regime with Khan holding the strings so who knows. I'm betting economic collapse by December anyway
>>920358 you are being hunted but only for your bussy
>Stand by, stand back Trump is literally laying the groundwork for civil war lmao holy shit.
>>920381 "B-but Trump isn't accelerationist"
If Trump wins, I see more QE with the Federal Reserve, leading to a potential crisis of the US as the world reserve currency. More protests, especially if unemployment doesn't improve. Maybe some wins with Antitrust, such as that big Anti Trust case against Google next year. Maybe free speech protections, and enforced due process on universities? More Superfunds will be cleaned up, leading to more development in the USA. Would like to see Trump win against Amazon. More fights against China, and tariffs.
>>920381 proudsoys have gotten btfo every single time they went into portland, if he tells them to try and enact day of the rope that might be good for us in some ways, they could probably get a few people but they would all get killed
>>920381 The media has been prepping everyone for the last 4 years. The race riots will lead to a far right backlash, especially since Porky keeps shoving the "All white are evil" bullshit down proles throats. Expect some people to say "Well i'm a racist because my life is shit, my community is crumbling and all the money is going to SJW's? So be it".
>>920383 What makes you think QE won't happen under Biden?
>>920380 Yeah, Obama/Biden did everything Trump has promised against BLM (not to mention OWS) in round 1.
>>920383 >If Trump wins, I see more QE with the Federal Reserve Why wouldn't this happen with Biden? Why wouldn't any of this stuff happen with Biden? I doubt even the protests will calm down.
>>920389 It will. I don't think it really matters who is President.
>>920373 Oh, that 20ish% of the voting population is definitely fascist. They're ready for swastikas and all the Hitlerite faggotry, would enthusiastically support a fascist seizure of power if it happened. This fascist grouping has considerable power within the police state apparatus Bush built (which was the intended function of DHS, literally named after a Nazi-era department). The question isn't if, but when, and I think it will happen soon regardless of whether Trump wins. Rightoids always, ALWAYS downplay the prevalence of fascism in America, to deny what is obvious to those who have been alive for long enough and see where this has been heading. When they cannot deny the creeping Hitlerism, they say "both sides", obfuscate and attempt to destroy any possible objectivity. So long as their faggotry is enabled by a massive media machine and the tacit approval of liberals, they'll keep throwing the same garbage until it sticks.
>>920393 Yep. It's already happened under Biden as VP, really.
>>920390 Biden and Kamala will drag Antifa, BLM and Anarkiddies, beat them into their dog kennels (Prison, black sits), until they are needed again.
>>920394 I'd say it's gotten worse because of neoliberal austerity combined with Idpol. Idpol leads to a far right backlash, combine that with austerity, and no wonder why fascism is reemerging.
>>920374 I can’t tell if you’re posting these ironically or not now
>>920383 >If Trump wins Give up. It's over.
>>920363 Ah, what a waste
>>920350 Praise Bob!
>>920383 >leading to a potential crisis of the US as the world reserve currency Didn't happen last time, won't happen this time. Don't swallow the Autistrian School "muh petrodollar" goldbuggery crank line about why USD is the global reserve currency, oil trade in dollars is merely a side-effect of the real reason. The real reason is two things: 1. The US economy is gigantic 2. The USD's exchange policy and US economy is highly liberalized, granting foreign dollars full access to the entire US economy. No other currency meets both those criteria. Maybe the EU or China will liberalize enough to make them viable reserve currencies, but that isn't happening yet.
>>920394 I fully agree. those 20% are precisely the pathological reactionaries, and tho it can be more or less severe in terms of lack of self-control, ultimately all of them will descend to the same depths if given the opportunity.
>>920406 Will you eat those words if he wins?
>>920404 First as tragedy then as farce
(113.01 KB 1125x1121 corona big gal.jpeg)
>>920416 TBH, Coronachan puts any incumbent on the ropes, so Trump vs. Biden is kinda' secondary to how this will probably play out. Trump could win, sure, but the deck is stacked real high in Biden's favor this time around.
>>920404 kill yourself
>>920401 It's more than that, but it's a long story to explain how we went from the 1930s to now. I don't think you would have had neoliberal austerity the way it happened under Reagan if the Hitlerite faction hadn't already creeped into a few vital positions. Reagan's neoliberalism was always predictated on an expansion of state power and militarism, and the suppression of any popular will with brute force. It was never something you actually got to vote on, but the middle managers who bought into Milton Friedman's bullshit were able to assist in violently suppressing labor, had perfected new methods to break labor and the poor and any solidarity in society. And this was made possible by changes in society initiated during the New Deal era. The thing of the New Deal is that it was always going to be temporary, it was a reaction of liberalism to the crisis of its day, built with the intention of raising a middle educated class. Once that middle class was of sufficient size, the ladder was withdrawn and a new social ordering has, over the past 50 years, been violently asserted, culminating in Obama making a lot of upper-middle class managers very wealthy with his numerous schemes. I don't think Trump resembles "fascism" in the classical sense of Mussolini - a new fascism would look very different due to the conditions of America now, compared to Italy or Germany then. But it is definitely the same base, and would support the kind of measures a fascist would approve of. >>920414 The formation has always been present in American society, though the strength of its expression has varied. They don't acquire this ideology because it is genetically inborn, but because it has been cultivated (and was cultivated during the rise of the original fascists), and it has always been allowed to simmer because it is useful. The degeneracy on display today with Trumpism is the success of social engineering; before, faggotry like Trump's would have been laughed away, but because the capture of society has reached a far higher stage today, we are put through this theater to re-enact Weimar so that liberals can play-act and enabled the creeping Hitlerism to take hold. At any time, the liberals could put a stop to this madness, or at least present like they are going to put a stop to it. But no one wants to.
ron paul maek anime real :(
>>919919 owned
>>920429 >a new fascism would look very different due to the conditions of America now a la china ""communism"" and russia ""fascism""?
>>919919 Three years later, the internet has moved on to another fad. Go with the time, gramps.
>>920081 The white "race" doesn't fucjing exist and the fact that you keep changing the fucking definition of what "white" means ought to fucking tell you that Retard
>>920429 >And this was made possible by changes in society initiated during the New Deal era. What do you mean by this? I've heard this a few times but I'm not familiar with the argument.
(564.38 KB 500x732 20200803_132857.png)
>>919919 Don't worry grandpa I won't stick you in a nursing home, I'll stick you in a coffin and float it down the rapids
>>920446 >*br /**br /* WTF level of incompetence is this?
>>920437 I think it would be something hitherto unknown. America needs to find a way to reduce living standards to that of most Latin American countries, while maintaining class stratification and enough of a base for their tech sector (unless they're going to give up and ask Europe and China and India to do all their technology going forward). It isn't something that has historically happened, where a world hegemon regresses and contorts its society into an unwieldly shape. Nazism was predicated on a pure plunder economy and putting Europe under its dominion. The CCP is about the party ruling with an iron fist, but America is ill-suited to the one-party state led by the Party or any of the mechanisms China uses to justify its rule to their population. Russia is just using oil and gas resources to maintain some global relevance, and Putin is a gangster keeping the other gangsters in line, so not quite the same as what America is trying to be (although America reduced to a resource extraction colony is one of the possible fates - but America's geographic isolation and the strength of its mass brainwashing of the public probably mean a very different outcome).
>>920449 Don't ask me
>>920449 only a leftoid would read the bottom text anyway
>>920450 >It isn't something that has historically happened, where a world hegemon regresses and contorts its society into an unwieldly shape Ottomans
>>920337 I reckon Trump did end up looking worse, bu at the same time, Biden just... I dunno, there was so little information imparted in the entire event that it feels like it would gone exactly the same if he hadn't gone there and Trump had been told to pretend that a stage prop was Biden. Trump looked bad, but there was hardly anything there to look good by comparison.
(129.81 KB 1537x1335 1593916845057.jpg)
>>920456 I suppose that's a parallel. Don't know enough about the Turkish political system though, and their empire was largely chopped up and turned into a bunch of countries, with Turkey proper being one of them and modernizing, becoming more European-like.
>>919919 Yeah, good. Okay.
>>920410 You're missing a key aspect here: the US government is, bar none, the entity on Earth most trusted to honor its debts and titles. This has multiple factors, such as the sheer size of the economy as you mention, but also the remarkable safety of its homeland from foreign attack, the old Fortress America. It's not, however, impervious to civil strife, and if it scalates to the point where debtors start worrying about that capacity to honor their deals, it's all ogre.
>>920336 what? explain
>>920471 Just 'aving a giggle m8. Trump was so buttimperialized at his Tulsa flop that his crew blamed k-pop stans on Tiktok for overbooking the event.
>>920199 Kill yourself subhuman
>>920305 Well, kek, I hope that vpn/vps subscription worth the bucks you spend, prefessing in here an ideology from someone that suicided when his 'race' couldn't do shit.
>>919782 >>919791 >>919756 fucking seeething burgertards can't handle the embarassment that is their country and lash out at muh chynah. Pretty sad really
>>920329 We don't even have Yous on this site moron right wing parasites can't even seek attention efficiently
>>920487 I fuck you
(33.37 KB 737x353 dgs10.png)
>>920470 Yeah, T-bills certainly help on the reserve currency front. But in spite of rates dropping continuously, those bonds still sell out from as fast as they're BRRR'd onto the auction block. We'll see if investors ever tire of buying our NIRP "debt" in coming years, but I see no indication so far. >>920489 Careful, you'll get siph.
>>920470 >>920490 Oh, also, I should emphasize that in no way am advocating for other large economies to liberalize enough to take the US's place as a global reserve/trade/peg currency, nor am I endorsing the US's having done so. The liberalization necessary for this system to work from the US has done TERRIBLE harm to Americans, to the sole benefit of porky, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. What I DO advocate as the simplest and fastest solution to this problem, is to implement Keynes' ICU proposal, of an international "clearing only" currency, the Monero. This is something a few European and Chinese economic scholars have mooted, but sadly both countries economics establishments are dominated by neolibs, so both governments have mostly been following in the US's footsteps and liberalizing instead.
>>920492 What are you besides being a larper
>>920490 Not just T-bills, but anything which might be considered an investment, including the dollar itself. Foreigners would have little reason to own currency reserves of a country at civil war, let alone using it for international trading. I suppose there's an unusual factor here, in that the American success has been so yuge that the country has become severely overleveraged over time, and the immense public debt is the more glaring part of it but not all of it.
>>920498 A huge big black cock faggot sucker.
So, have there been any funny senile brain damage moments from Biden? Didn't watch.
>>920497 >Monero I meant Bancor, sorry.
>>920508 Surprisingly not many. He did simultaneously advocate for and decry the GND within the same breath, for instance. Overall, this is by far the most lucid he's been for months, which combined with Trump's lackluster energy made the debate as a whole quite mediocre.
>>920508 Nah it's just depressing, old man who is kind of half-there, trips over his words sometimes but no real pants shitting.
>>920508 Nah, it was pretty boring. I mean, in itself, it was boring. As the supposed clash of ideas between the two men set to become the most powerful on Earth, it was a tragedy which the Ancient Greeks couldn't possibly hope to surpass.
>>920516 He admitted he isn't Left wing at all, that he doesn't give a shit about defunding the police, medicare for all or a green new deal. He sperged out over Hunter, and that was Trump's golden bullet. Also Biden sperged over the police, but it will piss off BLM, they'll probably vote for him, even if Biden said he'll quadruple police budgets. I wish Biden cracked at the beginning and went full mask off Porky, but overplayed it like some drunk supervillian.
>>920511 Trump might freshen up. I bet Pence was taking notes, his advisers might be finding out ways to sink Kamala. If I was Pence, i'd go after Kamala's incarceration record.
(666.49 KB 1920x1080 meetings & managers session.jpg)
Also, the number of soundbytes worth meme-ing was pretty low. Just a few like "European forest cities" and "I am the party".
>>920502 r/WallStreetBets is betting on a huge selloff after the election. You might see a massive deleveraging after the election, and if it's political instability, the US economy will crash, China could benefit. Don't invest now until after the election.
(852.48 KB 648x648 tyjtyjty.png)
Oh, it was boring but at least we got bingo.
>>920509 Are you the one who named dropped theodore w. allen? I thought you might screwing around.
>>920482 I'll never understand it. If I want to Larp, i'd LARP as an Arrancar from Bleach, and laugh at humans thinking one is superior for having slightly different genes and melamine. Being a Bount would be exciting as well. Being quarter Bount, quarter Arrancar, quarter soul reaper, and quarter human would be interesting. Bount's are like energy vampires that are immortal, control familiars called "dolls" that individually have unique powers.
>>920527 False alarm, image was corrupted.
>>920528 bottom left is wrong biden made some weird argument about how covid actually impacts women more because they get pregnant or something like that
(272.72 KB 663x1758 perishthethought.png)
>>920526 Now that you brought it up, I'm reminded of a way in which things might get verrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting if Trump loses. I know we joke a lot about him going ballistic, but he actually could get away with it by blaming antifa, corona, Democrats and whomever else. Ironically, only because the liberal media is going easy on him so as to not let the proles know the scope of the crisis.
trump won
>>919959 how do you take care of bunny poop?
>>920538 I hope he wins. Also to see which next ghoul he appoints into a position.
(113.96 KB 1200x900 stock-ownership-cotd.png)
(32.62 KB 545x363 stock-ownership2.jpg)
(23.60 KB 400x327 personal income sources.jpeg)
>>920537 The impact of plebs on the stock market, whether directly or through funds like 401k, is microscopic. Of course, being able to fuck some seniors out of their savings is always a plus for porky.
>>920537 so is Biden the accelerationist candidate? His base is crazy and outrageous enough to support him if he tries to stay in power. Even if he doesn't, I could see them throwing a fit and getting violent.
>>920545 Hmm, might be small peanuts to the market, but apparently it's over 9000 9 trillion. For the people to lose that much right now when they're already broke would really A C C E L E R A T E things for a Biden regime.
>>920521 Why would a Republican ever say shit about the police being bad?
>>920559 Yeah, that's ridiculous. If anything comes from them watching this debate, Pence & Kamala are going to go all in on trying to one-up each others' BLUE LIVES MATTER and MUH RIOTS simping.
>>920537 >I'm reminded of a way in which things might get verrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting if Trump loses. The WaPotraphouse fan has logged on lol, do you guys ever get tired of this 'Trump is a retard that's going to make ID HAPPEN' schtick? I thought after the fervid predictions of him sending tanks to "retake" Portland you'd knock this shit off.
>>920565 I'd rather support Pence. Would be funny if Kamala and Pence both got struck by lightning for mysterious reasons.
>>920572 Sorry, I should have said if Kamala and Biden were both struck by lightning. With Pence in the background, in a priest uniform. Do you think Pence would make a decent theocratic emperor?
hello ameribros are trump's male adult children as dumb as they say or is that just liberal cope? Trump JR doesn't look like the brightest I say
>>920576 Trump is the retarded son of a rich guy. Trump's kids are the next level of retardation
>>920577 Trump is very lucky. Hopefully his luck doesn't fail him in this election.
>>920577 They did get an injection of Slavic peasant genes, so that might help.
(135.21 KB 220x247 1327810491507.png)
>>920577 The chances that any of his kids is dumber than him are vanishingly small.
Brit here, who 'won' the debate, or at least seemed more 'presidential'?
>>920590 so you haven't heard them speak? Trump at least has some smarts
>>920594 Trump. He treated Biden, like a wolf eating a deer caught in the headlights. Biden kept fucking up with "Muh masks" and "shut up", had no policy proposals, and Trump baited him into admitting that he doesn't support a "green new deal" or "defund the police" or "medicare for all". I suspect Radlibs will attack Biden very soon. The DNC will go in damage control. Trump might soften his attitude towards minorities and maybe walk back his comments on the 'Proud Boys'.
>>920594 Watch it, it's only an hour and a half long. Biden looked old and slow and didn't know how to deal with trump. People keep bashing trump for calling biden a socialist but it does two things: pleases his christfag retard base and gets biden to say NO ACTUALLY I'M JUST LIKE YOU!!!
Biden could end up like the primaries where he finished off strong. I wonder if tonight's debate has pushed Trump to do more about corona. I think there will be more gaffe's from Biden. But Trump has to offer more. Night anons.
>>920601 It also demoralizes most people, especially if Biden admits that nothing will change. Trump should have replied "Then if nothing will change under you, why should anyone vote for you as President"?
Just woke up you yankee fucks. How did the debate go?
>>920600 >I suspect Radlibs will attack Biden very soon. Why? They DNC goons. >and maybe walk back his comments on the 'Proud Boys' Why? This isn't even the first time he has refused to condemn fashies >>920601 >Watch it, No, don't.
>>920606 This. Trump just needs to get Biden confused by his questions. It fucks up Biden's "weeks of prep" tactic.
>>920606 exactly, big brained comrade. I'm seeing a lot of parallels to trump vs hillary. They kept saying Hillary won the debates but looking back they will realise that trump's campaign was much more thought out in their attacks. >>920607 read
>>920608 >No, don't. why not? it's hilarious
>>920610 I'm not scrolling up I'm too tired, tell me before I waste an hour watching the whole thing.
>>920613 What do you want us to say? A dozen people have asked your question anyway.
>>920614 repeat
>>920611 It's one of those events which evokes something which isn't quite cringe yet makes me desperately anxious for it to never have existed. I don't know quite how to describe it.
(104.00 KB 828x808 west wang.jpg)
>>920601 >Watch it, it's only an hour and a half long. No, bad advice. This was a 4/10 debate. No WWE cagematch circus, just two old dementia patients incoherently gabbling at each other. Biden was just coherent enough to be mediocre, and Trump completely failed to buli him due to low energy. It was mostly just sad and boring
>>920594 It was such a shitshow that you could see the utter disgust in Chris Wallace's voice at the end of that debacle. Neither of these people are fit to run anything let alone a country. If I had to pick a "winner", Biden probably comes out better from this than Trump, but that was a foregone conclusion given what Trump has made his campaign about. Trump is not trying to win a legitimate election, he is trying to craft a narrative for the boogaloo shitters. But it won't matter, beyond Trump's marketing and the attempt to make OANN a bigger thing. Crucially though, Biden failed to land any critical blows against Trump and didn't seem to know where he was during the whole debacle. Compare to Hillary, who was in command of her faculties and left Trump looking like the fool that he is (not that she really "won" either, but that was more Hillary's failure than Trump presenting a single reason why anyone should vote for him). Biden came out worse than anything Hillary lost from the debates (frankly they didn't matter, just as these don't matter, because almost everyone knows what they think of the presidential race by now, and anyone who is going to show up isn't going to be motivated at the last hour). Biden confirmed what everyone thought, that Biden is senile and would probably abdicate. But people aren't voting for Biden, they're voting for NotTrump.
Fuck you then I'm going to watch the whole thing and you can't stop me.
>>920604 Trump will absolutely refuse to do a single thing, and will try to tell you that Trump's response is the greatest and most tremendous response to coronavirus. Trump, in fact, has not done a single thing, even the obvious things that you would expect an executive to do as a bare minimum. Pretty much every response from the government to corona, good or ill, comes from Congress, state governors, or whatever was cobbled together by Rethug advisors to at least appear like the government was on the case. Trump's contribution is to pick fights with every governor and petty official, including subordinates in his own executive that he can't get rid of (since playing musical chairs and removing Fauci would add even more chaos, as utterly awful as Fauci is).
>>920618 I was waiting all year for it and wasn't disappointed. Trump getting pissed off at chris wallace destroyed my sides >>920616 It's answered literally a few posts above yours you blind idiot
(93.10 KB 750x1005 d4ie5o53z6w41.jpg)
>>920619 Is that pic from their "headquarters"?
I immediately regret my decision
>>920621 >Trump is not trying to win a legitimate election, he is trying to craft a narrative for the boogaloo shitters. >yfw he's running expecting to lose and ends up winning again
>>920622 Grab a drink.
>>920607 cuckmf and pooden both drank each other's piss live on stage
The debate was literally just Biden talking about women and fucking healthcare and Trump going "thats not what you said" and "thats kinda socialist" over and over again
>>920590 trump at least was raised by a guy who managed to become rich, his children have been raised by trump
>>920576 What I'm about to say is all theoretical. Apparently one of the younger brats likes to play nerf wars with some military boys and will ask them questions, questions like "have you killed a man, what did it feel like?" And that kind of shit. Source, a dude who is a people of college that gets constant job offers from the president, take that as you will
>>920672 >people of college Right, that. fucking Jannies
>>920646 Holy Moses. >While researching for In the Loop, he said he encountered people in their 20s who had helped to draw up the constitution of Iraq. >“None of them had bought a car, or organised a mortgage before – but they were brought in to help tell an entire country how to run itself,” he said. “That was the frightening thing.” This system can't end soon enough.
>Cry, the beloved country. Donald Trump ensured Tuesday’s first US presidential debate was the worst in American history, a national humiliation. The rest of the world – and future historians – will presumably look at it and weep. Damn, burgers are the cringiest of narcissists.
>>920672 >inb4 got/joffrey memes Yes I know that's painfully lib, but so is the post I'm responding to.
>>920688 >Yes I know that's painfully lib, Don't care dude, make all the references you want >but so is the post I'm responding to I resent that shit you asshole, like I said it's all theoretical, I dunno if what the dude says is true. He also claims his unit got dispatched to "deal with the protesters" while making excuses that he "didn't know they were loaded with rubber" and that he "was trained to fire first". You can call me a fag, a retard and a fucking uighur all you want, but I'm no liberal
>>920187 because, as long as there isnt any sort of violence or forced sterilization, it literally makes no difference if it goes on existing, it doesnt affect anyone in any tangible way, except for the feels of some weirdoes
>>920690 I'm only half joking, didn't mean it to come across too hostile. But anyone posting "my dad works at Nintendo" stories should expect at least some light bullying.
>>920528 What brand did trump shill?
(469.01 KB 508x686 1.png)
(219.91 KB 776x767 30b17kx8g4l41.jpg)
>>920692 Like I said, not me, a dude I know and fair enough. Honestly I think he is P/M/C but mainly makes shit up. Not that it matters cause the real circus is the U.S. falling apart
(36.00 KB 647x659 87f.jpg)
>>920700 is that movieblob?
>>920703 it's a "blob" for sure (aka. american), dunno about the "movie" part, tho
(86.98 KB 720x405 trump_kim.jpg)
>>920701 >>920700 Man, if Biden wins, I'm gonna expect a WILD RIDE from the MSM-slurping boomers, comrades.
>>920388 Shit tier stupidpol ANALysis
>>920388 You stick out like a sore thumb, retard.
Yo, so I missed the live debate and I'm watching it right now, and my initial thought is that Trump fucked up by not letting Biden talk more and let his senility speak for itself. What was this thread's conclusion about the debate?
(234.85 KB 710x943 Trump_AIPAC.0.jpg)
Do not forget No matter who wins or loses Israel will allways stay on top
>>920718 I think it was ultimately a win for biden. He didn't shit his pants or do anything to fuck up the balance he has with white/black lib boomers. He can still fall back on the strategy of letting covid win the election for him.
>>920720 okay, /pol/
>>920718 It was a complete shitshow, Trump was just a bully and biden was senile, but not in any way as bad as fox makes you believe.
>>920720 And yet, while both parties are behind AIPAC overall, if you look at politicians OPPOSED to Israel policy, 100% are Democrats. /pol/ are a century out of date
(1.43 MB bunker.webm)
get out of yer bunker
>>920720 Israel is a burger puppet
>>920725 >if you look at politicians OPPOSED to Israel policy, 100% are Democrats They all bow to the chosen eventually.
>>920732 okay, /pol/
>>920730 In what way? They have their own ally network, defence industry and shit. They are in no way dependent on burgers. Look at the shit they to in the caucasian, trump won't do shit.
>>920737 Do you think you're on facebook?
>>920732 Ironic, considering that the presidential candidate likeliest to have reigned in Israel, is literally a Jew.
>>920732 >They all bow to the chosen eventually Correct sasanach
(2.46 MB smart.webm)
Did you just use the word "smart"? I graduated top of my class...
>>920746 I fucking kek'd so hard.
>>920388 Is this what stupidpol actually believes?
>>920746 whats with joe and "gimme a break", NO trump will not give you a break you actually need to go out and counter him ya absolute fool
>>920751 Lol, as far as countering goes, joe actually did a pretty good job during the debate. Though, I think him (and the dems) need to stop being a bunch of fucking pussies and start playing the game like the republican party does.
>>920746 "Says the retard who denies environmental and medical scientists" How bad would it be if you used the word 'retard' ? I think twitter would go wild.
>>920746 >year of our Christcuck lord 2020 >still using webms
what do they think?
>I think him (and the dems) need to stop being a bunch of fucking pussies What do you expect them do to? Trump is a gigantic asshole bully and his supporters don't give a single fuck, dem voters on the other hand do give fuck. No matter what you do, you'll never convince trump-voters to change their mind. Trump could rape children, lynch blacks and torture women on video, and they would still take the ballot close their else ands say to themselfs "Still voting trump!"
>>920758 Sadly, this site doesn't support HEVC in MP4, so the best CODEC we can use is still VP9 in WebM.
>>920756 He did call him a clown
>>920701 >hammer and sickle tie >Dixie shirt What did he mean by this? Do Russia-gaters really believe Trump and present day Russia are communists?
>>920771 I think he's depicting him as a punk. You know how punk rockers always had like commie and nazi shit on them despite them of course not being nazis or commies.
(45.96 KB 900x900 FB_IMG_1601464961328.jpg)
(40.22 KB 822x822 FB_IMG_1601464969711.jpg)
(15.99 KB 680x680 FB_IMG_1601464972771.jpg)
What this in trumps hair? Is that the Elon musk brain chip?
>>920679 But it's true. We are all laffing at burgers.
>>920774 Something to keep his quaff intact.
(2.12 MB clownperson.mp4)
This clown... excuse me, this person! what the actual fuck, Joe?
>>920782 Have you watched the debate? Joe showed incredible restraint
>>920771 The image is a depection of trump as "Violator" from the 80's comic book "Spawn." What I think the artist is trying to convey is that Trump is the embodiment of chaos and through this chaos the "worst" elements of society are taking advantage of the situation.
>>920782 >But Joe is a clown, also. The whole debate could of been honking noises and armpit farts and it would of still made the same impact.
(1.03 MB 1600x1146 EjHx_gOXYAAZD7c.jpg)
>>920782 Based Joe
>>920786 I fucking hate that character. Watched that movie as a kid and had an existential crisis for an year
>>920793 Yeah, I was not to fond of him as a child, either, lol.
>>920774 cyborg
Maybe this shit is normal for you Amerimutts, but the rest of the world is LAUGHING THEIR ASSES off at this shit. This is the worst political discussion I have ever seen, and I'm a Middle Eastern guy who has seen MEMRI-TV-tier television debates run in my parent's living room nearly all my life. America has lost any "moral authority" they have ever supposedly had, and only the most embarassingly cucked nations still approve of you knowingly, like Evangelicucks in Brazil or Catholics in the Phillippines. The rest are more or less getting blackmailed.
>>920756 Clown is funnier just because of the clown world meme.
>>920802 >Coca-Cola accused of funding Colombian Death Squad Everytime.
>>920810 >accused of *proven to be
>>920726 How dare Joe Biden say this about Enver Hoxha
(5.79 MB comradetrump.mp4)
>>920771 >Do Russia-gaters really believe Trump and present day Russia are communists?
>>920789 Did he really say something to the effect of "shooting them in the legs?" I know he said that once in regard to excessive force.
So did anyone record the cytube chat last night?
>>920828 >the Lincoln project Of course. This almost makes me wanna vote for him.
>>920796 lol was it the comic or movie that freaked you out? >maggot eating clown, rich people creating pandemics to profit, people set on fire, getting cucked by your friend,death, concept of after life doesn't seem so fucked up now but at 12... oh boy I understand the importance of age ratings now
>>920837 was it good?
(8.64 KB 480x360 bill hicks.jpg)
>>920827 >Guy in the blue shirt with the glasses looks like he can't wait for someone to rob his house so he can shoot them lel
(860.37 KB 1650x705 hes the party.png)
>>920841 It was fucking bonkers. Guess I'll record the next one.
>>920801 Hey retard, I would like to remind you that if America goes you will see a decline in the living standards of the global population. America is the #1 Consumers of imported goods. The middle east specifically is so teathered to the united states at this point that the collapse of the US economy would probably out right destroy the middle east at this point. I think everyone here wants America to go, but, let's be real about the implications of the collapse of the American empire. I mean, we are talking globe spanning famines and die offs of massive swaths of the population
>>920850 If the relatively small amounts of suffering endured by us burgers in the neolib era has caused this much "BURN IT ALL DOWN AND DANCE IN THE ASHES" doomerism, I can only imagine what people in a perpetual disaster area like the MENA feel like.
>>920850 Shut the fuck up you retarded Americuck glowuighur
>>920850 Lmao a worthy tradeoff if I say so myself
>>920841 no, it was cringey as hell to watch and I want bother watching any more, two old dementive men fighting just isn't to fun for me.
>>920832 not at the debate but several times on campaign
>>920856 >Millions of working people across the planet should die so I can be a vengeful asshole. This is some autistic, anti-materialistic, anti-marxist bullshit.
>>920869 >people will die because less americans will import goods Only a retarded amerimutt can come up with this
>>920869 yes, people will die cuz america will stop taking their food and water
>>920607 It was a clown show fitting of a crumbling empire. It started off boring but it quickly devolved into them talking over each other. Biden flashed his grin every few seconds when Trump attacked him, laughing. He told Trump to shut up, and that he was a liar and a clown. Trump meanwhile badmouthed Biden’s dead son, and called his other son a drug addict. Biden got pretty pissed off there, for a moment it looked like he would walk over and duke it out. Trump refused to condemn white nationalism and told the Proud Boys to “stand back and standby”, and told his voters to go to guard the polling sites. He also said he wouldn’t accept the election results if they were unfair because of fake ballots. Biden said he would prosecute protestors, and that he would accept it Trump won. Media first reactions include “shitshow”, “dumpster fire” and “back alley abortion”.
(49.88 KB 440x500 CRYING ALUNYA2.jpg)
>>920847 Why are the debates schedules so anti-YEUROfags
>>920872 >thinking mutts import that shit they import shit like minerals and computers. But sure, the worlds largest economy collapsing totally will make everybody rich and happy and end starvation because amerimutt bad.
>>920878 literally not worth watching, but since it started at 9 EST you could just wake up at five or later to watch it depending here in Eurocuckland you live.
>>920879 So you're seriously claiming the USA is a net positive on the world? Lmfao go overdose on Xanax you americuck
>>920872 >>920871 Do you think America doesn't trade in the agriculture sector? America exports MORE FOOD than ANY other country on earth. Our Agricultural sector is responsible for holdup, like, 75% of the global economy you fucking retards. All that shit and feed and shit that feeds cows and chickens all that soy; all of that shit comes from the united states. You retards should be banned for being this fucking retarded. You literally do not understand the implications of a collapse of the american empire. That's why we are communists so we can REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER, but, retards like you who have never read a lick of theory in your entire lives just wanna sit here and be fucking cheerleaders for the worst global economic collapse we will ever witness in the history of mankind. You all, literally, do not understand how retarded you, truly, are.
>>920828 >>Do Russia-gaters really believe Trump and present day Russia are communists? Yes, most westerners still think the soviet union still exists for some reason. At least that is what people seem to think when I say I am a Marxist in a conversation.
>>920885 >Our Agricultural sector is responsible for holdup, like, 75% of the global economy you fucking retards.
>>920888 boomers live in a perpetual state of still thinking it's the mid-20th century, interrupted only when something reminds them that it isn't, at which point they will be angered and demand to return
>>920884 'm not you fucking autist, I'm saying a breakdown in the largest fucking market would wreak havoc on the economy. Do you not fucking know how trade works? hint, mutts importing stuff isn't fucking tribute, they actually pay for it (at very low prices)
(22.64 KB 474x518 russians.jpg)
>>920885 boo hoo nigga I don't care fuck america
>>920884 What do you mean by net positive? Yes burgerland holds a big chunk of global capital, of course it would destabilize the world. Same goes for any big country. Don't be such a moralist
>>920889 The glow is the guy trying to explain that American collapse will be devistating for global population as supply lines break down not the dude sitting hre trying to kill hundreds of millions of people through cheerleading a global famine. Ok pal
>>920897 >Global famine Yes the entirety of the world depends on your corn and corn derived products for survival
>>920896 So lets keep capitalism so nothing destabilizes! Great idea Amerimutt.
>>920895 >Glowing
>>920898 >decrease food prodction massively <lol just eat something else (you)
>>920898 They literally do you fucking retard, lmfao. The next best exporter of staples LIKE SOY is china and china only has 1/5th the economic strength of the united states.
(496.56 KB 250x188 1601374311693.gif)
Real piss baby hours rn
>>920901 Despite what you believe, the USA is not the breadbasket of the world.
>>920902 Wow, less soy for meat will mean everybody worldwide dies! Thank you America for saving us! Thank you! God bless!
>>920896 You, literally, do not understand how wide the gap between America and every other country is economically. You, literally, cannot compare the collapse of the American empire to any other country the gap is so wide. It's apples and oranges.
>>920899 I'm explaining something that a kid with Down syndrome would understand, if you want to engage in your edgelord fantasies rather than look at the real world then go ahead. And I'm not american you absolute retard
Nuke America now
>>920912 >>920914 Nah nigga you're just a retard
>>920911 >Everyone can just go vegan over night. It will all be perfectly fine :DDD >Wait....what do you mean soy is a staple of a vegan diet?
(40.08 KB 289x250 disperse the are pls.png)
>getting baited by an ameritard
>>920904 https://www.countriesnow.com/top-10-agricultural-export-countries-in-the-world/#:~:text=Top%2010%20Agricultural%20Export%20Countries%20in%20the%20World,%20%20%2479%20%206%20more%20rows%20 >The USA is the second largest agricultural nation when it comes to total production after China. The USA is the largest producer of corn and among the largest producers of soybean, wheat, oats, tomatoes and other produce including some of the spices. cope
>it's another butthurt third worlder whining while burgers are asleep episode
>>920919 You're in the Amerimutt thread, lmao. If you don't like it GET OUT!
>>920923 >sleeping >at 8 AM
(657.66 KB 500x678 20200926_222951.png)
>taking bait that is obvious in its design as bait
Undecided voters describe Trump as a 'crackhead,' 'arrogant' in post-debate focus group >The first presidential debate left undecided American voters in agreement about at least one thing: President Trump's negativity. >Republican consultant and pollster Frank Luntz asked his focus group to use one word to describe the president and basically "every single word was negative," observed Politico's Tim Alberta. One respondent from Wisconsin called Trump obnoxious and un-presidential, <while a Pennsylvania voter said he behaved like a "crackhead." >Others described the president as being "un-American" and "arrogant." Dog Bless America
>>920925 Fuck off coastie
>>920920 >>920923 Lmao you can be as chauvinistic as you want, your empire is declining and your quality of life will seriously decrease in your lifetime, have fun Ameritard
>>920841 It was flooded by dumbass uighurs and you couldn't get a word in during the show. Fucking jannies didn't do their job.
>>920931 lol cope harder westernfag New England master race
>>920920 US corn is being turned into fuel. They're not meant for eating and have no impact on the world agricultural market
>>920925 yes? what are you a 86 year old farmer brown waking up at the crack of dawn every day?
>>920933 >be a retard >think america just sucks up resources like a black hole >get btfo'd by basic shit even most mutts know >haha but ur country sucks :) gigacope
>>920935 >new England >master race Masters of inbreeding and fetus alcohol syndrome maybe
>>920938 I wake up at 6 negro and thats fucking late
>>920945 We're talking about 6am
>>920933 Just remember,for every rung Americans drop you uighurs drop thrice. Unironically, though, the answer is >>920928 only an organized union of laborers that is globe spanning in nature can help us over come the issues we face under capitalism. But, you aren't interested in that, are you? Does it pay well to be glowing?
>>920943 you're thinking of the South bro, we're masters of drunk driving, irresponsible driving, alcoholism and feeling superior to New Yorkers
>>920947 yeah, late.
>>920924 >you say you hate America but you're posting in /burgerpol/
>>920950 Weird flex but k
>>920949 Well it doesn't matter since it's all shite no matter where we are
>>920948 >>920940 >The collapse of the USA will happen overnight and the rest of the world cannot prepare and everybody will starve so support USA! USA USA USA! Good job Officer Johnson the boss is pleased with your performance
(100.46 KB 1080x715 FB_IMG_1601348215753.jpg)
>>920930 Biden did better deeper into the debate. The 2 minutes no interruption did not work in trumps favor. Trump was saying retarded shit like that people were finding ballots with his name on in fron 2016 in creeks and waste bins. Biden did an okay job of selling "hey Jack this guy is crazy and drinks bleach"
>>920956 >u-ur glowing for stating basic facts!!11!1!1 cope harder faggot
>>920955 fair enough
(93.72 KB 1082x609 Screenshot_20200930_143718.png)
(64.85 KB 1078x609 Screenshot_20200930_143500.png)
>>920885 The collapse of American imperialism would be a net positive for the countries under imperialist domination, it will allow the economical development of countries that today see part of the value they create extracted by the US and its allies principally through unequal exchange barring those subjugated countries from reinvesting it in the development of their productive forces. No amount of gaslighting on your part would be able to hide that fact.
>everyone who disagrees with me is CIA >the performative edgelord's guide to political discussion
>>920962 >thinking China and Europe won't just fill the void idealism
It's all fucked lest we band together
>>920966 >implying anything can even be fucking done at this point
>>920966 >trot >banding together
(328.01 KB 426x509 almj6w8dbmd11.png)
>>920970 >dooming If it's pointless why not kill yourself
>>920972 Theres no global communism flag so I made do with a piece of garbage, ice pick me
>>920956 Prepare? Do you even know how collapses work? Do you even understand the most fundamental concepts of economics? There is no definitive point "America started collapsing here." Things start slowly, like, for example, the service sector experiencing contractions (which we already have bene for 10 years) or, production contracting. When there's no industries supporting the agricultural sector then you start seeing the Ag sector contract, because, again, if no one is working no one can buy food and if no one can buy food the prices bottom out and supplies shrink up. After that, it's oger. Shit starts SLOWLY, you have X Ag company start selling off and then others follow suit and before you know it the global economy is in a tail spin. There is no "preparing" you fucking retard. That isn't how market economics work.
>>920973 because we won't all die from it faggot, I'm just saying its irreversible, at least as far as anyone alive right now is concerned. even if we stopped all emissions today we'd still have double the natural amount of C02 earth has even at its highest
>>920978 Okay, and this stops the revolution how?
>>920962 Yeah, retard, AFTER EVERYONE DIES.
>>920975 Yes there is, its called the red flag.
>>920979 red herring, i was saying even if there was your magically revolution which has always been around the corner for the last 150 years did come, even if it stopped all emissions tomorrow, we'd still see massive famines, desertification, a refugee crisis the likes of which has never been seen, and hundreds of thousands of acres of land flooded by rising sea levels.
>>920977 >When there's no industries supporting the agricultural sector then you start seeing the Ag sector contract, because, again, if no one is working no one can buy food You are fucking delusional if you think this is how the rest of the world handles their food security policies, throwing up their hands in their air if the USA produces less and giving up. Just stop embarrassing yourself.
>>920992 So where are you gonna get your soybeans in that infertile ass European land then faggot? Enjoy eating turnips. It, literally, does not matter what the fuck your gay ass government does or says it does on paper because the economy, always, succeeds the interests of the government. That isn't even mentioning, again, that America is the major supplier of most of the worlds Ag resources. cope
>>920980 Do you seriously think that human civilization would collapse with the fall of US as an imperial hegemony? Why then did this not happen in 2020 when the US for the most part went in lockdown and the US Q2 GDP contracted by 30%, if we follow your logic 100 of millions at the very least would have starved then which clearly did not happen.
>>920356 Ah yes, I'm absolutely certain people really want to rally around the catchy phrase of "reduce police funding so that other public social services can have increases in funding". Just rolls right off the tongue.
>>921000 uighur, we aren't talking a few months span of time. The collapse of the America empire will take decades.
>>920977 This shithole country is going to implode, and none of your petulant winging here will do anything to stop billions of people the world over from dancing on its grave. You were already told why this was bullshit the last time you brought it up. It should be considered spam at this point.
>>920999 >infertile ass European land You have no idea what you are talking about, autist.
>this thread rn
And what do you think other countries would do during those decades, retard, stare at the walls and starve to death or develop their agriculture while finding other supply chains to compensate?
>>921023 Of course I don't think that, but, that still doesn't change the fact that that type of economic growth doesn't happen over night and there is still going to be an economic gap that a large majority of the earths population are going to fall through.
>>921000 Not to mention, supply chains wern't shut off. America was still getting imports from china. The america economy was only, actually, locked down for a month before the mutts started crying about haircuts.
Reminder that the vast majority of US ag exports are literally just soybeans and corn
>>921027 Even then the end of imperialist value extraction would be a net positive especially for South America and Asia as a whole see >>920962
>>921031 Reminder that, like, 85% of this goes to sustaining animal Agriculture.
>>921031 >tfw america is the soyboy of countries
>>921037 Animal agriculture that, should we move away from a profit motive economy, could easily feed the entire U.S. population with food to spare
>>921023 Without US Sorghum exports modern civilization would literally disappear overnight killing 100 gorillions little babies, thus, as true communists, we must defend American imperial hegemony at all cost.
>>921045 You aren't incorrect, but, killing people isn't how we get to that point, kek.
>>921048 Glowing cope.
>>921064 it was joek
>>921031 You live by the soy you die by the soy
>>921064 the joke -----------------> (You)
>>921037 > they need our soy cope > Now Brazil is the second biggest soybean producer in the world, and it's where China's farmers have been getting a lot of their soybeans since Beijing imposed retaliatory tariffs on US agriculture. > Last year was an "extraordinary one for Brazilian soybean producers," according to a recent report from the US Department of Agriculture. Demand from China grow by more than 20%. > Before Beijing targeted US-grown agricultural products with tariffs, China was the biggest market for American soybean growers. Some US farmers, who have been some of those hardest hit by the trade war, are worried they won't ever get the Chinese market back. > "I don't think, from an agricultural perspective, that we'll be a primary supplier to China again," said Grant Kimberley, who grows soybeans and corn in Iowa and is the director of market development at the Iowa Soybean Association. > "I think the Chinese are pouring money into South America right now," he added. Brazil can't meet all the soybean demand in China, which typically buys a majority of the world's production. But Argentina, India and Russia could be other options if relations with the US don't improve. > Beijing essentially stopped buying soybeans from the United States last year. Heading into the spring planting season, farmers had a record number of soybeans in storage. Earlier this year, long-term forecasts from the Department of Agriculture projected that the American soybean export market won't recover to 2017 levels until 2024. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/14/politics/china-us-soybeans-brazil-nixon/index.html
>>920885 >75% of the global economy >agriculture is this american arrogance?? It doesnt even make 10% of the worlds agriculturally generated GDP here in europe all the feed comes from places like brazil the collapse of the american empire will be a net good for everyone outside of north america
(125.47 KB 1320x742 soy.jpg)
reminder the US is the more powerful soy based economy
(121.32 KB 420x774 5bae53d84b208.jpeg)
I enjoy cooking soy in all its forms, it's nutritious and while a little bland it goes along with nearly everything.
>>920930 Lmao he's still going to win
>>921083 >Brazlin just recently over took us production in 2020 <Therefore the global economy will not feel a loss from the us what so ever.
>>921158 You said people would starve without US soy. China is not starving. Your argument is retarded.
>>921158 Even as the US collapses the soy will still flow
>>921160 >one country isn't starving so a collapse in the worlds largest market will have literally no effects whatsoever
>>921164 the soy must flow
>>921166 >One country You mean the US's #1 soybean consumer just a year ago? Yeah, if even the #1 dependent doesn't feel a dent, then it's likely the rest won't either.
The US collapse is when countries stop using the dollar as a reserve currency and the US withdraws its troops and loses it's financial power and just farms its soy peacefully. The US can't devalue the dollar and make its manufacturing competitive for this reason. And countries aren't interested in them doing it because it's currently a big consumer dumping ground for all their goods.
>>921158 Look, we have to remain realistic ofcourse: The World would feel a hit, a pretty big one in fact, purely by the fact that the US is the main importer in the world. Expect economic crisis and unemployment while economies are restructured. What is completely absurd is to claim that we will be seeing world wide famines due to the US collapse. At worst we will see a moderate increase in meat prices in some areas of the world (depending on how quickly the soy market can rebound), generally increasing food prices in East Asia and Canada, and food shortages in Mexico and Central america. Central America is the only place which would actually be at risk of famines if several factors coincide.
(339.05 KB 865x400 EjIg02jXYAA-mQX.png)
>>921223 What a fucking Clown Country.
>>921223 Figured as much, Trump's shitty coronavirus response made Biden look better
>>921236 >Good luck
>>920850 Europe will go full ethnonationalist and remove all the post WW2 immigrants without the USA enforcing liberal norms. Any lefties opposing this get a one way ticket to Larkhill
>>921247 Good luck with that.
>>921247 Europe will be ruled by Cybermerkel and her ordoliberal real will last for a thousand years.
(20.45 KB 766x502 firefox_A758sFAKTt.png)
reminder: a huge amount of US corn doesn't even go into food. It goes into plastics production and ethanol for gasoline. >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_ethanol >Compared to 2018, out of 14.62 billions of bushels of corn produced, 5.60 billions of bushels were used to produce corn ethanol, reported by the United States Department of Energy. Overall, 95% of ethanol is produced from corn.[5] >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_production_in_the_United_States > The US is the largest corn producer in the world, with 96,000,000 acres (39,000,000 ha) of land reserved for corn production. Corn growth is dominated by west/north central Iowa and east central Illinois. Approximately 13% of its annual yield is exported.[1] >The total production of corn in the US for the year 2019 is reported to be 13.016 billion bushels, of which the major use is for manufacture of ethanol and its co-product (Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles), accounting for 37% (27% + 10%), or 4,845 million bushels (3,552 + 1,293). <inb4 >wikipedia American corn is by no means a small business, but the world is not all going to starve with disruptions to it, contrary to the blatant glowies who keep harping on that.
>>921295 Oh, and one other thing. Remember how the Maoist-Third-Worldists like to harp on about america giving its populace the spoils of imperialism? I dunno about you guys, but it looks to me like this is a pretty obvious means by which it happens. Oh, and most of that money goes to major businesses anyway.
>>921247 >Europe will go full ethnonationalist and remove all the post WW2 immigrants without the USA enforcing liberal norms weird american cope. Burgerland isnt the protector of liberal democracy anymore for a while now. Most of Europe is more liberal and more democratic than the US already. There is no reason for european porky to go down that route. What is going to happen is that the main European powers will double down on their neoliberalism and add a touch of "Militarism for freedom and democracy". there will be brutal austerity in the "peripheries" of the EU and we will see it "liberate" Nations in Northern Africa and maybe the levant using either a full fledged EU army or some sort of evolved Frontex on steroids. Britain will turn into a boring dystopia as it slowly collapses in the next 100 years under non-stop tory rule.
>>921305 What does imperialism have to do with domestic corn?
>>921319 children of the corn
>>921317 It's a means of distributing excess wealth gained in imperialism through the government in the form of necessary liquidity. In order for imperialism to work, the spoils have to be properly worked through the market one way or another. Running this through the agribusiness ensures that american farming corporations are capable of holding extremely competitive prices worldwide and gives them massive advantages in the market.
>>921321 >It's a means of distributing excess wealth gained in imperialism through the government The government doesn't gain any wealth though, the MIC does. The point of modern imperialism is to enrich defense contractors at the expense of the people.
>>921321 subsidies just mean an absence of taxes, any country can do that
(37.94 KB 848x472 mullen trainspot.JPG)
>>921306 >weird american cope not a septic bby >Burgerland isnt the protector of liberal democracy anymore for a while now. Most of Europe is more liberal and more democratic than the US already. Euro-liberalism, in the political sense, is a mile wide & an inch deep. If the US implodes the Euro elites have no cop of last resort to put down illiberal moves. Remember the GDR right wing cells that keep popping up? Imagine them but bigger, better organised & with Russian backing in return for a free hand in kebab removal
>>921338 The US agricultural subsidies actually include quite a fair amount of cash payments. You can go live off them right now if you get some farmland and then tell the department of agriculture you're not going to grow anything on it. >>921333 You're not wrong, but the US government gets in on the spoils through the way it prints money effectively on everyone else's expense. The money doesn't stay with the government, mind, but the whole point is to leverage the public government to act as a money laundering scheme for private institutions. The thing I really don't agree with MTW's on is that it really does damage the public rather than enrich them. None of this is good for anyone except megaporkies.


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