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(241.16 KB 1920x1080 cTizUBN.jpg)
Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 07:22:15 No. 521055
I did my fist video meme, what do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFX8c5tlq-k
>>521055 I don't think you understand memetics. What point are you even trying to make here?
I don't get it
>>521058 well if you arent familiar with American Football then the video is gonna seem empty. the song is the meme, is what I'm saying
>>521059 Never Meant is a song that is often used as a meme, I took it and Strasserized it. it's probably too niche tbh
>>521055 why would you choose a meme ideology that is only adopted by nazis who finally did 23 and me? american football is nice though.
>>521073 because it was Never Meant, and strasserists werent hitlerianists. there was a deep ideological divide between the strasser brothers and hitler. modern strasserists, or those who proclaim to be, are actually anti-hitlerian and it is by no means a meme.
>>521055 I don't get it...
>Music+Montage Theory=Meme Is Lenin Is Love Lenin is Life finally desperate enough to make a channel pandering to retarded Nazi types for ad shekels?
strasser looks lika a homosexual Just saying
>>521112 well i mean rohm was a raging fag and many SA leaders were too, they also represented the socialist wing of the Party. coindence? i think not.
>>521105 i feel like no one actually clicked the link and are instead focused on the pic lmao
>>521131 I watched the video and i dont get it.
As someone who loves emo music... OP posted cringe
This is memes now? A slideshow set to music?
>>523391 quick question, do you know of the never meant meme? If no, then the video would be nothing to you tbh
>>523449 the song Never Meant is the meme, anon
>>523432 am I autistic if i genuinely enjoyed making that video?
>>523574 Probably, but it's ok lad we're on an image board, everybody here is autistic Especially the ones that aren't
>>523589 based and spectrumpilled, thanks anon


no cookies?