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Is a collapse of India incoming? Anonymous 05/21/2020 (Thu) 13:09:17 No. 517445
In the last few years we had in the order: Devastating heatwaves becoming more and more frequent (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_heat_wave_in_India_and_Pakistan) Communal violence rising fast (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Delhi_riots) Covid pandemic spreading (except for the comrades in kerala), and now a cyclone that has prompted the evacuation of 2 million people and threatens to accelerate the spread of the virus (https://www.businessinsider.com/photos-show-millions-people-flee-cyclone-damage-southeast-asia-2020-5) What's your thought on the matter anons? What will happen in India in the next few years? Will it rise to superpower status? Will it collapse?
Socialist revolution
>Will it rise to superpower status? I don't think there is much that would hint at that happening. They have nukes and a huge population, and that's about it. Their political system is so riddled with corruption and inefficiences that they seem to need a revolution just to have the capability to transform themselves into a proper superpower. And before that happens, climate change will likely fuck them.
>>517448 Maoists have been running around the Red Corner for 60 years, spending a good amount of time killing each other. The corridor itself has only shrunk since Operation Green Hunt, I don´t see a situation where they make a big comeback and take the rest of the country, not without something like a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.
Their population density is probably the most dangerous force multiplier for all of their issues. There is just no sustaining that massive of a population in such a small area with any reasonable standard of living
>>517478 Of course you can. It's just a matter of politics, but the way 'democracy' works in India is even more retarded than in the US. If they built commie blocks, upgraded mass-transit systems, and generally made a massive effort in building up infrastructure, they could become a superpower with a relatively high standard of living for their admittedly huge population. China did it. But unlike China, India's system of governance (and political culture) is too retarded to allow such a massive long-term effort.
Let's hope so, for China's sake.
>>517445 most likely their key concern is water shortages actually, which could easily lead to a new war with Pakistan over head waters
>>517448 A socialist revolution in India can only succeed after there is a merger of Pakistan and India into one single nation again.
>>517509 partition has done too much sectarian damage to both sides to really make that work
>>517510 But it is necessary to have a de-partitioned India because otherwise there will problems and issues unsolved. The Kashmir issue is an “issue” because it allows for extraction of resources from the valley. This is why there hasn’t been a official plebiscite in Kashmir regarding whether they wish to be in Pakistan, India or exist as a separate state. Kashmir cannot exist as a separate landlocked state because it will suffer. Also, the same people who say that India was “divided” even before 1947 have no idea of the strikes or revolutionary battles the people fought. The 1946 Naval strike was the largest naval strike in India which was supported by the CPI and fought against the British while also broadcasting their efforts via a hijacked radio. The whole strike encompassed around 78 ships and 20,000 sailors who were on the side of the Communist “Royal Indian Navy” whose leaders fought sectarianism via electing both Muslims, Sikh and Hindus. This strike was the reason why the British left early. Then came the police and worker strikes, construction worker strikes, etc. All condemned by the national bourgeois parties of Congress and the Muslim League (both collaborated with Lord Mountbatten and practiced no “revolution” other than Gandhi, Jinnah and Patel stuffing themselves at a British banquet. Partition can be reversed if there is a popular vanguard party in both India and Pakistan. There has yet to be a party as powerful as the old CPI in either nation, with the Pakistan People’s Party now degenerating into a liberal party and the communist parties in India degenerating into social-democratic parties. The genocide of Muslims by Sikhs/Hindus and of Sikhs/Hindus by Muslims during the 1947 refugee crisis was directly caused by the secrecy of the British in defining the boundaries. Their wrongdoings caused sectarian violence to occur due to a shortage of transportation and directly caused 2 million of my people to die. I can say as a Pakistani that there is sectarianism in both India and Pakistan because of a lack of a communist alternative. People flock to Hindu or Muslim nationalist parties because they have no communist alternative. Pakistani people despise American imperialism, but because they don’t have a communist alternative, they have to support Islamist parties who use populism and anti-americanism to get into office, and when they do the people who voted for them are the ones who resent them the most.
>>517445 when was india non collapsed exactly?
(78.53 KB 220x220 headwobble-c.gif)
>>517445 2 million people is actually very small compared to India's population, so no that's not going to cause a collapse Also it's unlikely that that they'll become a super-power, their are unable to get rid of even their most retarded culturally backwards praxis. Their cast system is so backwards that it even prevent parts of the countries from using sanitation measures like latrines, because only the untouchables handle poo. India does have some domestic technological base that will prevent them from getting blown over, but Climate Change will dramatically reduce the free habitat services that are provided by nature, they will have to technologically produce freshwater at considerable scales. That maybe makes their future a bit wobbly.
>>517537 I believe in you paki bro. If the party reconstitute in both coutries your subcontinent not only could archieve peace. But a predominant place in the whole world, no more need to waste money in militarization (but nukes are okay) and all the efforts can be put in a infrastructure effort across the subcontinent. A socialist united subcontinent by 2050
>>517603 And i’ll be able to visit my ancestral city
>>517537 I wonder why Communist parties were able to be so popular cross peoples’ then, but have shifted into larger irrelevance since. With the end of communism as a world power it feels like the issues that once inspired people to fight are again rearing themselves.
>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Delhi_riots Wtf is going on in this country? Why the fuck is the media completely silent about it while they bombard us about CHYNA to the point that the soy guzzlers on leddit want to preemptively nuke Beijing?
>>520411 Once a country is a reliable US proxy it falls out of the news for the most part
>>517570 >Their cast system is so backwards that it even prevent parts of the countries from using sanitation measures like latrines, because only the untouchables handle poo. god damn bootlickerism really is a mental illness. So degenerate literal scat fetishists
>>520777 I thought US threw their lot in with Pakistan?
>>520799 Pakistan oscillates between China and the US
>>517570 >Their cast system is so backwards that it even prevent parts of the countries from using sanitation measures like latrines, because only the untouchables handle poo. Damn, VS Naipaul was right
>>520799 They supported Zia-ul-Haq's government during the Cold War, however after he started becoming "too much" for them, they planned an espionage in a deliberate plane crash. The US still supports Pakistan as a frontier in Afghanistan, it has done so since the Cold War. Though Pakistanis hate US imperialism the most (together with Serbia, Pakistan has the most negative view of the US). India is more of an ally of the US as Pakistan and China have been allied ever since India and China were at war.


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