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(143.14 KB 675x311 apm1yxire3x31.png)
/leftybritpol/ - Normans Out edition Anonymous 05/20/2020 (Wed) 21:39:22 No. 516349
Was there a worse thing to happen to this nation, than W*lliam the Bastard winning at Hastings?
> Even though the Christian chroniclers complained about the Viking invasions and written and archaeological sources confirm that the Vikings came in large numbers, with modern eyes and evidence, it seems that the Viking invasion was not as massive as the Anglo-Saxon invasion, 400 years earlier. > First, they did not take over the entire country of England, neither linguistically, materially, nor genetically. > Second, all analyses show that the present population of the East of England has more in common with the peoples on the North Sea coast (Northern Germany and Netherlands), one of the places of origin of the Anglo-Saxons, than they do with the present day population of Scandinavia. This is supported by all sources, including DNA. > Finally, the same study suggests that the flow of Anglo-Saxon immigration must have been so massive that they came to consist of up to 40 per cent of the population in England at the time. The Vikings did not come close to that. And where the earlier Anglo-Saxons apparently did not mix with the native Britons, the Vikings did exactly that with the now Anglo-Saxon English. By these measures, the Vikings were not as bad as the name and the written sources suggest. https://sciencenordic.com/denmark-forskerzonen-history/the-anglo-saxons-were-worse-than-the-vikings/1460824 Reminder that the Anglo is a product of multiple pirate and raider cultures. After centuries of being invaded and ethnicly cleansed and re-invaded by more bloodthirsty and murderous groups of non settled non agrarian nordic raider type societies the Anglo has become a perfect weapon of sea based hit and run warfare piracy and the general pillaging of peace loving defenseless socieites this elwould characterize his entire history and foreign policy
>>516362 >Science Nordic Fukin heathen propaganda t'at is.
>>516362 Typical anglo behaviour to revise history to paint themselves as the victims. The Northmen only reluctantly invaded the Shit-ish Isles after constant anglo-saxon provocations, such as sending missionaries and funding monestaries and churches to covertly spread their evil desert religion in Scandinavia.
>>516374 t. Caleb "Odin is my God" Maupin
>>516349 W*lliam winning the Battle of the B*yne obviously and we're not a fucking nation, you're holding six counties hostage
>>516493 t. burgersperg
>>516374 t. seething scandie
>>516349 the existence of your shitty island as a "nation" is itself a disgrace.
>>516362 Raiders: The Mythology of the Anglo-Saxon Proletariat
the YCL cucks
>>516362 >sciencenordic The Anglo-Saxons did not constitute "40%" of the British population, that's absurd.
>>516619 And yet we've been one of the most important nations in the history of nations. Cope more
>>516666 How much then
>>517140 8th or 9th at best
(64.82 KB 640x370 ssss.jpeg)
>>517185 The modern world is a product of Anglo culture. It sucks but its true COPE HARDER
>>517204 that is the biggest possible indictment you could lay at the doors of anglo culture.
>>517207 Literal liberalism
>>517247 baffling post
>>517140 nationalism is cringe
>>517270 >>516493 Imperialist* nationalism is cringe. Tiocfaidh ar la!
>>517273 Bourgeois nationalism*
>>517275 Yeah alright I'll allow it.
(564.42 KB 800x430 1486353308256.gif)
>>516627 Top tier post
(1.56 MB 2974x2974 WilliamTheConqueror.jpg)
>Be William >Get Born to some peasant girl living on the second floor of her dad's tannery >Illegitimate Son of the Duke that hooked up with your mom while passing through the village one night >Everyone makes fun of you and your mother during your whole childhood because "LOL YO MOMMA BEEN WITH SO MANY GUYS WHO EVEN KNOWS WHO'S YO DADDY!!!11!!!" >Find out that your father is literally the fucking duke and move in with him >All the other members of your family like your cousins and your half brothers and sisters spend all day every day trying to put acid in your wine and snakes in your bed survive all of it. >Duke dies and your Half-Brother becomes duke >King of England dies >Because feudalism etc your Half-Brother is now meant to be King of England >He sails over but gets his eyes gouged out by a rebellious noble (Godwin) and is forced to abdicate >You take over <SEND MEN TO THE VILLAGE YOU AND YOUR MOM CAME FROM TO RAZE ALL THEIR HOUSES AND CHOP THEIR ARMS OFF BECAUSE OF HOW THEY TREATED YOU AND HER <SAIL TO ENGLAND WITH A BLESSING FROM THE POPE AND WITH THE HELP OF A BORDERLINE MIRACULOUS WIND CHANGE AND DEFEAT THE ENGLISH FORCES >King of England >People revolting in the north? <JUST FUCKING KILL THEM >Nobles are revolting? <JUST FUCKING KILL THEM >More Norsemen show up? <JUST FUCKING KILL THEM >Introduce a Census >Spend the rest of your reign building castles towns statues dams and other big dick monuments that also serve as public infrastructure >Switch Anglo's from speaking grug-speak >Die >Dynasty and its offshots will continue to rule parts of england and france for centuries Was he one of the perfect chads?
>>517288 He was a real Stalin of his time ;_;
>>517273 Yank larping is even more cringe.
>>517288 He's a failson. Being a bastard doesn't matter he was born into degenerate n*rse "culture" they love bastards.
(356.70 KB 598x654 eire.png)
>>516356 boris johnson
>>516356 are these the guys that walk around with pictures of Stalin next to Jeremy Corbyn so the media can take a useful snapshot?
>>517333 They don't shill for socdems like Corbyn.
(151.81 KB 1299x775 events.PNG)
(101.69 KB 1137x553 action.PNG)
>>516356 They will never achieve anything. Their "events" are just studying and film viewings. Absolutely nothing about serving the people.
>>517364 Not CPGB but obviously this poster has never organised in a physical org, managed a party calendar, etc. and learned to deal with the intense ambiguities involved. Also why would you put "serve the people" events on a public calendar like this, you don't want people's first engagement with your org to be at an event with more time spent chopping vegetables than talking Marxism
>>517403 >you don't want people's first engagement with your org to be at an event with more time spent chopping vegetables than talking Marxism Yes you do. The day to day grind is as important as theory. To many people want to do all the speeches and soap boxing, rather than the actual work that is important to the workers. Most people when they join a party envision themselves in front of projectors and in office meetings: that can't happen. Like the peasants in China said "where are our cadre's hammers?"
>>517409 Admittedly perhaps it was my bad phrasing. STP events are good for that kind of spontaneous contact with the people (I don't disagree about the need to exclude the gloryseeker wankers, and emphasise the hard work), but putting STP events on your google calendar in the hope that the kind of people who browse google calendars will rock up to them -- asking to help, to participate -- is silly. At the very least, you want the actual STP severs to undergo a conversation worth of vetting (to make sure they won't shout FUCK NIGGERS etc. while serving mashed potatoes). So listing only the theoretical, "introductory", getting-to-know-you events on googlemaps makes sense. [Dunno why I'm arguing this hard, I have no particular connection to rug merchants either way.]
>>517364 how come nothing in the east midlands?
>>517364 By studying Marxism you serve the people.
On one hand I despise the rampant opportunist racism prevalent in the British working class. On the other hand, the journo media class is really showing their true colours with this whole "pick for Britain" and hiring British nurses thing. Like they keep saying "hurrr make duh racist Brexiters do it!" and "hah racist British people, now YOU have to do those jobs!", as if being a part of production is some hell the likes of Owen Jones can't fathom, when in reality, the British working class *want* to work and be a part of production again. They cannot comprehend that, they think everyone aspires to be a useless pencil pushing intellectual like them.
>>517545 >when in reality, the British working class *want* to work and be a part of production again. Do they though? Like are there more local applicants for nursing now?
>>517548 Of course they do, where do you the main crux of racism in this country comes from? People want their industrial proletarian jobs back. Now obviously that's not going to happen, and that is narrow opportunism, but if they didn't want to work they wouldn't care about Eastern Europeans taking their jobs. Also, the Pick for Britain campaign had so many offers the website shut down. I dunno, I just feel like it really reveals the extent to how far detatched from the working class Owen Jones and the Labourati in general are from the working class.
>>517545 Wheres the source on this 'journos hate the workers' thing, seems like the usual whining.
>>517556 I can't give a "source" on something so prevelent. Literally just look at Owen Jones and Ash Sakar's twitter or facebook.
>>517551 But picking fruits and vegetables is easy and doesn't require that much training or constant commitment like nursing and industry. How do you know this desire to work is permanent and they won't want the foreigners to come back and do it when the pandemic is over and they get their old job/welfare checks back?
>>517562 Because that has literally never happened? A job has never stopped existing in Britain or anywhere because "no-one wants to do it".
>>517561 >Ash Sakar https://twitter.com/thehuwdavies/status/1262661023565328384 https://twitter.com/AyoCaesar/status/1262644786357510144 Whining about how underpaid the job is and spooking people out to muh crown to do it isn't exactly 'hating the workers'
>>517563 I meant no one wants to do it at such a low wages. I mean I can believe that right now that people wanna do it because this kind of work is only ones available now and they can do it for "Queen and country" but when things go back to normal, would they really stick around to pick fruits and their low wages, maybe even organize for better wages and working conditions?
>>517573 >I meant no one wants to do it at such a low wages. Not to mention the shitty working conditions
Wiston Churchill caused the Bengal Famine
>>516627 Gonna write this for real.
>>517561 Okay I just checked Owen twitter feed and he never mentioned anything about this campaign so you better cough something up to back this up
(24.99 KB 633x758 ack.jpg)
>>517580 Would it just be about labour supporting colonialism?
(332.73 KB 1200x1027 Dieu_et_mon_droit.svg.png)
>>516349 Si tu ne veux pas un roi français, il faut que tu apprends gagner la guerre pour son île, mon petit breton.
>>517580 No point. Black people are now applying Settlers to the UK and want white people are the culture gone. They think BAME should be the rightful owners of the UK.
>>517651 Proofs
>>517651 BASED
>>517609 Mais les gens du R-U ne sont pas des Breton ? C'est des Britanniques.
>>517651 And thats a good thing
cpgb-ml <this upsets the socdem shill
21/05/2020 Imagine still supporting labour. Lol.
>>517668 >Imagine not being a labour councilor, grifting 10k of turning up to weekly meetings.
>>517668 Imagine ever supporting a colonialist party.
(669.66 KB 1452x884 momentum.png)
labour will win
>>517651 based and cheesepilled
>>517676 Im votin labour
>>517654 Black people are saying white people are gentrifiers no matter what class they are and that black and brown people built Britain and therefore white british people cannot be workers and we owe them Britain as reparations. They're also erasing British culture by attacking our food and calling it "white people food" even though it is British food. They think they're American.
>>517677 But people talking about Bolivia were telling me that man is white
>>517651 BASED
>>517678 based
(33.12 KB 500x540 marx-falmethrower.png)
>>517651 >applying Settlers damn, we seriously need to colonize the minds of people with science, and class consciousness
>>517664 plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
>>517692 Doesn't matter if you're English working class now, you're not allowed a culture anymore. Only rich Asians and BAME people are.
>>517702 Reminded East Asians vote tory at a higher rate than any other group over 90%!
>>517702 literally who cares about muh british food
>>517706 Is this a meme or has anyone actually gone to one of their meetings?
>>517707 Pasties are nice tucker
>>517702 we will all mourn the loss of the deep fried snickers bar
>>517717 Where does Amerika fall on this chart of bad food nations?
>>517717 >After Finland Kek, why Finland?
Traditional British food is good. Meat 2 vegatables good produce
>>517707 What the fuck do you think we're going to be eating when the revolution comes? Ain't no fucking spice, avocado, cloves, coriander imports during a revolution. What annoys me the most is that I'm a Manchester working class and my family have lived here for many generations, there's a high chance some of my ancestors died during the Lancashire cotton famine refusing to pick cotton picked by slaves or to make uniforms for the Confederates, and for what? So some rich foreign comprador can call me a coloniser? A lot of these foreigners forget their ancestors aren't the only ones who suffered.
>>517723 mämmi :-DDDDDDDD
>>517727 i used to be on the Sakaist decolonial shit, and I sympathise with them but they're taking it way too far.
>>517727 >What the fuck do you think we're going to be eating when the revolution comes? Ok, you're correct. But why is this the thing people are talking about? Don't we have bigger issues right now?
>>517733 Because some rich twitterati 282K likes yas slay queen people read Settlers and now they're spreading their stupid hamfisted genuinely idpol nonsense everywhere.
>>517717 >>517718 >>517723 objective list of food culutures From worst to best UK Northern Europe Eastern Europe and European Russia Unites states, Canada other former English colonies made up mostly of whites west African, west European Turkish + central asian Mexican Ethiopian + somali Japanese South American Indian subcontinent Arab and North African Ethiopian + somali South East Asian China
>>517743 UK has the best food culture.
>>517744 But then obviously I'm going to think that because I grew up in Britain. But all these foreign sakai people are like "gurrrl, wypipo have no spices!" STFU you stupid bitch before I shove a table spoon of Colmans down your throat.
>>517743 But Italian food is superior to Chinese food
greggs pastie is the height of food. anyone who disagrees is being sent to the falklands gulag
>>517731 dont fuck with mämmi! JUMALAUTA
wypipo mad
Also the only thing Japan has as "food culture" that Westerners like is sushi which is a Japan-US fast food corporate invention for the Western Market Sushi was originally a dish for fishermen and dockworkers and its not eaten in Japan nearly to the degree that its associated with being Japanese food in the West
recolonize your mind
>>517756 Socalism will never work in Britain till "Socalists" start eating like the British
(471.84 KB 2448x3264 9stbp2dcocxz.jpg)
>>517747 Motherfucker how the fuck can you eat that bland shit without spices? You go to nordic countries and they have only heard of two spices, dill and salt. English people are content will eating shit that looks like this. Dont give be shit that its "a real working mans food innit" other working people in other countries to subject themself to this trash. Anglos are true self hating masochists.
>>517666 Nonsensical post
>>517676 >>517678 >>517683 Will it ever end
>>517766 Jellied Eals was a creation of the massively impoverished in London to deal with hard shifts in the factories. Its there to be cheap and last throughout the day. They had to eat eals cause they couldn't afford anything else. Your a bourgeois elites FUCK YOU
>>517708 They talk about Marxism which would confuse posters here too much
>>517774 Have you actually been to a meeting tho?
>>517761 Going to move to Algeria to own the decol people swag style.
(216.86 KB 1074x1074 1074x1074_5730-background.jpg)
(241.41 KB 600x437 porkfaggot-copy.jpg)
>>517771 What french working class people eat vs english working class people
>>517789 Looks good, what's the French dish called? I want to make it.
(12.79 KB 235x214 download.jpg)
anglos mad about pork faggots
>>517794 i'd rather be a cunt fucker than a pork faggot, no offence
(3.88 KB 225x225 images.jpeg-11.jpg)
Reminder that white imperialism doesn't exist its just imperialism All those European Empires that conquered and controlled the world in the 19th Centrury where not white. They were just human beings. Its the rich capitlaist states whose bourgois benefitted and not the workers. Also Japan existed so that alone should invalidate the theory of white imperialism. All those empires exploiting and occupying the entire world was not due to "racism" but due to the need to take something away from those other non white people not because they are non white not for racial reasons but because they had things that could be taken. And taking things from other people is not racist.Thats just rational behavior with clear materialistic incentive. Taking things from other people because you have classified them as separate other people from normal human beings is racist however unless you first explicitly make yourself clear and explain to them that you are taking things because you want the things and not because you have classified those people as separate and inferior to you biologically. Because there are no divisions between people. The fact that so many things were taken over such a large period of time has absolutely no relation to current material reality because they were just things being taken from other people and not things being taken from other people because they were considered biologically inferior.
(1009.22 KB 2000x1333 they took this from you uk.jpg)
>>517800 L'Anglais a peur du grenouille.
>>517809 Da la*
>>517803 >They were just human beings. They became white through imperialism making that distinction to justify itself. Imperialist conquest needs to be racist to justify itself and remained racist throughout its entire existence. Europeans realized they COULD steal from Africa and Asia and America, then invented and propped up a reason for why they should. This reason was real enough for the people actually doing it, they didn't secretly think "well I know black people aren't inferior, I'm just using that as an excuse to take their stuff", they really and totally believed it.
(196.09 KB 320x569 shakespeare is my spice.png)
>>517815 >/pol/ actually thinks this hahahahah holy shit
>>517815 The fuck has that cracka been smokin'?
>>517802 Too bad your both fagggot borgeous asshole love
(4.00 MB 1171x1517 roo.png)
>>517761 mmmm myes pet kangarooe
>>517789 Can someone please tell me what the top dish is.
>>517799 >>517849 ya shit in the pot after a hearty british fry up and roast beef sandwhich
>>517789 Of all the french dishes you chose something that looks like it could be english
Daily reminder anglosaxon society was more egalitarian than norman feudalism. Also normans destroyed english culture.
>>517747 >>517766 >Bourgeois empires built n the spice trade >retards do spice memes
>>517743 T.Ahmed Leshawn Sanchez II
>>517857 > >Bourgeois empires built n the spice trade Yeah wypipo conveniently ignore the fact that millions were butchered and exploited so they can add Paprika and Peppers to their Shepphards Pie and Fish and Chips and whatever the fuck else they typically eat
Even American settlers are getting in on the Brit bashing now! Remember, don't retaliate or you're a "social chauvinist"!
(22.19 KB 611x285 settler.PNG)
>>516349 The descendants of William's goons still control the majority of the wealth in england as the peerage.
>>517865 lul dont irish call football soccer as well
In fact without the ingredients imported from elsewhere wypipo food would just be peasant gruel potatoes and roasted pieces of pig
>>517879 potahtoes are enslaved from the americas though, so it actually would just be the pig pieces. :(
>>517886 >when you enslave a vegetable based
Thats a good meal you retard.
wait so as part of my new ideology (imperial preference. hopefully mods will add a British Empire flag soon) what should i be eating? which is more colonialist? a greggs pastie, or an indian takeaway with loads of spices? the first one is obviously more british and local which is sort of nationalist, but the second has more connection to the empire as a whole. which one should i eat to recolonize my mind? or should i put the pastie into my curry, rejecting the thesis and antithesis in favour of the antithesis? that's what communists like right?
>>517895 Ok so first take a potato from America, mash it up, butter it up, then place next to it a nice healthy kangaroo steak grilled to perfection using Canadian lumber. Sprinkle on a little bit of Turmeric, Cumin and a healthy sprinkling of black pepper all imported from India. Then prepare a slice of Jamaican coco bread, line up a line of south american cocaine on your Chinese jade mirror, pour yourself a cup of coffee and fill your pipe with hearty tobacco and get eating!
>>517868 Is that because they have garlic football?
>>517886 Black american cuisine can be boiled down to "put sum hot sauce in da chitlinz in shieet". West African cuisine is extremely bland, more bland than European cuisine. Ironically south Chinese cantonese regions also have fairly bland cuisine with little to no spices because their cooking philosophy directly states that the feeling the pure flavor of ingredients is important, the same philosophy of late French cuisine. I'd rather be eating something like Shepard pie than congee though. North European cuisine in the Middle ages used a large variety of vegetables and herbs such as mustard, kale, turnips, parsnips, kohlrabi, salsify, watercress, horseradish, dill, tarragon, cabbage, sorrel, etc. They used imported herbs and spices from the middle east and Mediterranean. European pastries are much more complex than Asian, African Indian and East Asian ones. Ik you're a troll but readers need to stop buying retarded ignorance regarding cuisines from Twitter radlibs.
>>517666 cheers for that geoff.
Lotta people complaining here about bad british food, but your mum loved my meat and two veg last night.
>>517743 This is wrong. Georgian food is the best.
>>517863 >>517879 Also black american cuisine despite its reputation has a relatively small selection of spices: just garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, maybe black pepper Compare that to indian cuisine eat shit nigga lmao
(194.10 KB 700x466 khachapuri.jpg)
(1.07 MB 1000x667 inspr_image.jpg)
You fucking idiots will argue about anything huh? Only good "British" (I.e. English) foods are Lancashire hotpot, Fish and Chips and Sausage rolls All other good British Islands Archipelago food is the heritage and property of Celt gang, now and forever
>>518085 Looks peng m8
>Norman invasion of England bad >English invasion of Britain good
>The polaris warhead I have buried under hull that will go off on the Centennary of Ireland's independence very good
>>518098 What about a full english tho?
>>518101 Georgian food is made by the gods. I can see why the russians invaded it 4 times. Like legit if you ever get the chance to try it, do so.
>>518109 t. mad roman Seethe harder, the Saxon and Celt pushed you out.
>>518186 A full English is just an Ulster Fry but worse
(23.57 KB 460x288 john-prescott-punc_1567937c.jpg)
>>518192 >Ulster Fry literally the same thing
>>518195 Aren't they both an imitation of a scotch breakfast?
>>517799 its beef borgingnon
(13.43 KB 400x400 new_yoker.png)
imagine still vooting labour
>>518375 Probably means wolves, anyway times was different
>>517702 Wait your proof of this trend a twitter exchange between literal whos months ago. What is with workerists ITT always crying about the working class(TM) being under attacked but barely or never comes up with good examples?
>>518051 In their defense, they were literally the lowest of the low in their region so they had to make do with scraps. Compared that with Europeans who literally had access to all the shit in the world.
>>518051 This stupid ass nigga don't known that the wypipo went to India specifically for the purpose of stealing the spices that were made in India
>>518015 >I'd rather be eating something like Shepard pie than congee though Nigga it is what you eat with the congee that matters. Thats like comparing any cuisine with regular bread.
>>518419 >with regular bread with high class bread or porridge.
>>518414 Nigger compensating fr his lack of spices
>blacks say brits have no spices >go to africa >get the spices >leave them a big railway >this is somehow unfair No winning with these people.
thinking about how the powerpuff girls were literally the most imperialist little girls ever to have lived sugar (from the colonized caribbean by companies still dripping with the blood money of slavery) spice (from neocolonized india, formerly merely colonized india.) and everything nice (made in a factory in bangladesh that has probably fallen down by now) these were the ingredients to create the perfect little girl. but professor utonium (a white man of eurocentric science) accidentally added an EXTRA ingredient to the concoction: Chemical X. ( DETAILS REDACTED BY IMPERIALIST CIA. ) thus the powerpuff girls were born. using their ultra super powers, blossom, bubbles and buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting the lumpenproletariat on behalf of the bourgeoisie state. also monkeys, there was definitely a monkey in this show. and of course they were on the american television which is part of the engineering of consent for imperialist capitalism, and also the spectacle.
>>518454 ITT: /leftybritpol/ - Food and Cooking
(11.53 KB 320x240 nayirah.jpg)
>>518484 >literally the most imperialist little girls ever to have lived https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nayirah_testimony Gonna have to stop you there m8
>>518484 Holy cow, it's a dialectical analysis of imperialism in children's media! Somebody! Call the Powerpuff girls!
>>518454 >get (steal) their spices >leave them a big railway >slaughter their people >leave their own shitty system and shitty language in place >"Why do they hate us!"
>>518454 > builds railway to transport spices to port to be consumed in Britain > One day decides that maintaining a colonial garrison and administration cuts too deep into the bottom line > leaves administration and colonial flag > removes portrait of Queen (doesn't even go this far in most cases) > keeps the spice company that extracts and transports the spices to port operational > sometimes decides to sell this operation to the yanks or any other pro Anglo entity > Sends the navy if the locals happen to disagree with this setup
(53.24 KB 340x272 download.png)
>>518484 Was Mojo Jojo a representation of colonised peoples?
>>518593 haha monky
>>518593 Hi, welcome lefties! Today on (b)re(a)dtube we are talking about the intersectional theory of the powderpuff girls. There is a gay demon and a monkey meant to clearly blacks because idk
>>518616 >1hr20min
>>516493 Aren't the provisional IRA and sinn fein neoliberal petty bourgeois ethno-nationalists with a paper thin faux-marxist 3rd worldist veneer?
>>518188 the chance to try invading Georgia?
(80.94 KB 680x680 NEVER FORGET LEE RIGBY.jpg)
RIP are lad :'(
>>517743 I wanna try yibin burning noodles so much
>>518934 >lol murdering soldiers is the solution let's joke about terrorists murdering soldiers Imagine thinking this smug unappealing liberalism is revolutionary
>>517815 That's an american lad
>>518973 I'm just making sure the thread never forgettis
>>518973 I mean, you're going to have to fight soldiers if we're going to have a revolution.
>>518983 In any successful revolution some of them defect to the revolutionaries, not achieved by treating them all like subhumans
>>518986 It won't be achieved by treating them like anything. Whether they defect or not depends on their class ties, consciousness ect.
>>518986 LIBERAL
>>518015 >>517815 you are just a more well spoken version of this guy
>>518489 /leftyck/
I spit upon all the troops, especially the dog known as Lee R*gby. He and the rest of the colonisers get what they deserve.
>>519018 /leftycanzuk/
(23.25 KB 578x421 bana.jpg)
>>519024 >you will live to see the Alabeds thrown into Sednaya Finally, some good news.
>>518015 Who the fuck gives a shit about pastries hahaha do anglos eat fucking cake for dinner? Also "dill" is objectively the worst fucking spice/herb ever used in cooking.
>>519040 Dare you to say that to the Poles, their national dish is a plate of dill or some shit.
Thoughts on Wetherspoons? Should they be boycotted for how they've handled COVID or would it be a useless gesture?
>>519040 The you haven't tried the godly combination of hummus, lemon and dill.
>>519124 Boycotting is dumb and ineffective unless you do it to Israel in which case it makes them have a giant spergout.
>>519018 Just had a cheese and mushroom omelette. It was nice but its sad how quickly omelettes disappear, there's never enough.
(26.19 KB 400x353 2011-02-28__int02.jpg)
>>519040 >Imagine people enjoying things
>>519163 Nobody in the UK enjoys dill, don't think I've ever been served anything with it.
(55.21 KB 898x640 322302-898x640.jpg)
>>519164 It was more the pastries thing, who the fuck hates pastries?
god fucking damn i am wasting my life i must spend an hour a day tabbing through fucking imageboard threads going "nah there's nothing good here". at least with TV i'd be picking something up as i channel hopped, there's fucking nothing. what an almighty waste of fucking time. fuck me. my attention span is fucking ruined. i can't play games and i can barely get through a 30min tv show episode without having to stop the minute the credits begin to do something with my web browser, anything at all. i've always had (diagnosed) ADD but it wasn't this bad back before i was permanently online. i'm never going to get anything done. and of course our wonderful NHS (clap clap clap clap clap) doesn't prescribe adderall at all and although they do give out ritalin they won't give it to me. isn't it great how if you just describe your symptoms they'll do fuck all other than hum and haw about how that's a shame but you're already diagnosed so what the fuck do you want, but if you outright say "for fuck sakes let me see if drugs fix this" they'll mark you down as some cunt chasing a high or trying to make some money on the side? you can't win.
(56.92 KB 537x256 1486351451028.jpg)
>Out of all the Non-US generals, the /britpol/ thread is the /ck/ colony Top ten twists (Europe Edition)
>>519176 Post more food
>>517815 >the greatest seasoning to the white is classic stories of Shakespeare Lel. Only anglos would agree with him on that.
>>517815 Imagine thinking anyone under the age of 95> gives a fuck about and / or has even read Shakespeare outside of like...Macbeth which they just read a novelisation of in high school
>>519174 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/leechblock-ng/ Block youtube, limit this site to a certain time period Put your phone away somewhere on a shelf But most importantly, get a hobby that takes a lot of time and could fill your entire day. Make sure you always have something you need to do. If possible, just get a hobby that doesnt involve computers. Like go outside without your phone and take an hour walk. Go outside with a sketchbook and just draw incredibly bad drawings. Work out. Woodwork. Pick something that you can sink a ton of time into, that you can get better at and that gives you some enjoyment from doing it The most important thing is remembering that will power is not an infinite resource. Its been scientifically proven that it erodes every time you have to deny yourself. Dont make it harder for yourself. Dont be on your pc if you dont need to, dont have your phone nearby if you dont need to, dont have a cabin filled with junkfood. If youre really far down, watch this video series on a "dopamine detox", which serves as a proof to yourself that you CAN control yourself, you CAN focus and be a master of your own impulses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vcGF3HqZXg&list=PLoxRG0tZiah9dfTgJmqFFW9HXBoAwSkB- After that you should focus your time on the things you do want to do. The one thing that helped me a lot was his advice "think of a ghost image of yourself, like the ghost you race in a video game, but imagine it to be the version of yourself if you didnt watch that youtube video, if you didnt eat that icecream, if you instead spend your time doing the long term goal you wish you could. The key concept if that all things in modern life, including your phone, your messenger apps, discord etc, are made to give you a ton of mental rewards and create a dependence loops. If you have ever had water after a long hot day without any drinks, or food after being super hungry, you will know how much better it tasted. That is caused by the baseline. The more rewards you get the more you crave more intense ones or more immediate ones. Short term rewards are more reinforcing than long term ones, and your lizard brain is evolved to seek them out as much as possible. The more short term rewards you get (browsing bunkerchan every 5 minutes, watch youtube, checking messenges), the less impactfull each reward will feel, and the less impactfull the reward you get for long term things will be. So your brain seeks out more short term rewards to compensate. You need to forcibly stop yourself from getting short term rewards. If you take my advice (no phone etc), you will feel on edge for a while, antsy and longing for any stimulation or phone, but that is good. That means its worth it. If you keep it up you will start to reinforce neurological pathways to rewards from activities you chose, rather than short term. You will also build discipline because you will no longer long so much for short term rewards. This is also the only benefit that things like nofap has. It stops you from getting too much easy short term rewards (jacking off) and you build discipline by reinforcing alternate pathways (ie the "if you feel like jacking off go for a run" type advice). There is no other benefits, the masturbation part of it doesn't play part in it, your sexual drive will eventually normalize again after 4 weeks of nofap (from personal experience). Good luck. I and the rest of this community would you rather stop posting here and get your life back into your hands, so you can both be happier and further the cause, than you wasting your life being terminally online here.
>>519198 >Put your phone away somewhere on a shelf What if pussy calls
>>519174 Yeah GPs are the most useless cunts alive. Not sure what their purpose is besides overcharging you for OTC shit.
>>519201 >Implying you get any pussy Your choice. Waiting for the mystical pussy like a simp and waste your life away or get your life back into your own hands. Also if you expect phone calls you can just buy an old flipphone with a prepaid SIM card and have your phone reroute calls there when you put it in airplane mode of whatever.
Based and avant garde pilled
>>519203 >Yeah GPs are the most useless cunts alive Is this really the quality of leftypol posters?
>>519220 Most of my GPs have been useless wankers
>>519174 Ask the GP for a referral to a psychiatrist for your ADD and get the psychiatrist to prescribe the Ritalin tard
>>519231 Magic words to tell the GP <The ADD is making me nonfunctional. I need to see a psychiatrist to treat my condition, can you give me a referral
they should but they have drinks for reasonable prices
>>519220 They are useless cunts though. I tried getting melatonin tablets off them for insomnia and after much of the previously mentioning umming and ahhing they gave me a load of old shitty anti-depressants that supposedly induce sleepiness at lower doses. Melatonin capsules are available at vitamin stores. They are useless cunts.
>>519231 >le magic NHS psychiatrist tree Based and disconnected from reality pilled.
>>519241 This is not true. You're either a burger or grossly misinformed. There is only one melatonin drug available in the UK, and it requires a prescription. That's why people stockpile melatonin products when they go to the USA
>>519247 Good job on both being full of shit and not being able to read.
>>519250 What I said is 100% correct sweaty xx
>>519241 Don't take those antidepressants comrade
(13.07 KB 631x147 Capture.PNG)
>>519247 Wait wtf did they restrict the OTC? I'm sure I bought some from Holland and Barrett ages ago.
>>519245 If you don't get the referal you'll never get to see the shrink to get the amphetamine script Squeaky wheel gets the grease lad hop to it now chop chop Be assertive your ADD is making you nonfunctional you need a referral to a specialist for treatment and you understand that if it's going to have to be Ritalin you'll need a psychiatric specialist supervising your treatment
>>519257 ADD causes you to defend Labour
>>519255 >Melatonin banned in UK >30-10-1995 Huh, maybe I got some from Europe over the internet or something, it was like 8 years ago so hazy memory of it. I remember my GP being a useless fucker though and preferring to give me anti-depressants instead of melatonin because "a bloo bloo bloo we only give that to 60+ because fuck you". You're better off getting whatever you want off the darkweb they're that much of a total waste of time engaging with. Who needs melatonin when you have morphine and valium. The other anon should just buy black market ritalin and save himself the time and money, since it's typically cheaper than that prescription they're never going to give you.
>>519263 You know Stalin was a nutter when he did away with doctors, right? It's not a leftist ideal. If you actually think morphine and valium are substitutes for melatonin, you should probably join the other anon in seeking a psychiatrist referral
>>519277 >Anon A: Gets prescribed drug with grogginess and ideations of suicide as side effects over a drug with grogginess as a side effect because m-muh paperwork >Anon B: Gets put on a drug seekers list for attempting to get a prescription for his diagnosed condition, told to totally circumvent his GP via psychiatrist with a 6 month+ waiting time to get said prescription "Why do people not like our esteemed GPs!? They must be mad like Stalin or something."
>>519277 >You know Stalin was a nutter when he did away with doctors Fuck off liberal
(229.29 KB 481x811 Insomnia Preview.PNG)
>>519284 You are a genuine, full-blown retard. >Anon A: Wants drug that isn't typically prescribed, according to the national published guidance, and resorts to dangerous drugs that are barely related to their problem - wholeheartedly believes self-prescribing through the dark web (morphine and a benzo for fucking insomnia) is better than having doctors >Anon B: Is hopefully not too stupid to know that getting a referral to a specialist is not "circumventing a GP" but is instead a major reason why GPs are there, to provide primary care in the community so that those who need specialist help will be able to get it when needed
Only in /brit/pol would people namedrop Stalin when talking about getting medication lmao
>>519040 >He doesn't know the power of the sosig roll
>>519218 >Appealing to Boris' sense of gratitude and empathy. Does anyone really think that would work?
>>519324 It's for liberals to retweet on twitter and feel good, not him
>>519312 >only on /brit/pol would people casually say shite like "Stalin was muh insane dictator" as though anyone who's not a spooked liberal agrees that's "common knowledge"
>>519301 Want to apologise to the anon, was probably too harsh here. I appreciate that doctors don't always get things right, or don't do what you'd like, and that can be very frustrating. However, thinking they aren't needed and that you know exactly what you need is a very dangerous belief.
>>519324 The only good counter to this is that he's a narcissist, and they are often quite concerned about (external) perception and shame. It's still a longshot but it might just work. Narcissists like BJ are often very worried about shame that they can't deflect.
https://youtu.be/op3ib79WYoY Music reminds me of Britain tbh, what ya think gove’na?
>>519301 I'm not saying morphine or benzos are the proper treatment for insomnia, they're just fun and it's my money and if you're not giving me treatment or a proper prescription I'm getting what I fucking well fancy. Anon B should ignore your shitty GPcuck advice and get what he wants and knows is the standard prescription for his diagnosis anyway, rather than be cunted around for months on end by overpaid moralising nerds terrified he might be lying to them and having fun instead. >>519340 I trust doctors, but a GP is a total waste of time with mental health concerns. I would obviously trust them with something more physical but they're totally untrustworthy with anything else.
>>518189 The Saxons didn't push the Romans out, they left to defend their continental provinces And the Saxon invasion of Britain displaced the Celts
>>516356 Yep it's a based from me
join my new party: the communist party of marxist leninists (great britain)
>>519549 Do I get to do things other than voting?
>>519557 >thinking that anything but voting for Starmer will bring us socialism
>>519557 you can split and make your own party (communist party of great britain - trotskyist) subject to a democratic vote and proof of a personality cult
>>519560 Starmer has cancelled the rent... to your head.
>>519563 What's the point of posting on an obscure communist imageboard if all you do is share normie views on socialists? Just use Twitter or reddit
>>519573 to make obscure jokes about tony cliff
In this post I act like a member of the YCL and associates >comrades come quick to my defence, a 14 year old has disagreed with my interpretation of the immortal science on twitter >arm yourselves brothers, to facebook, instagram, anything you can access with a keyboard my warriors >no its not sad i'm 35 and engaging in twitter beef in a gang with a bunch of kids, directed at another bunch of kids this goddam RADLIB is WRONG on TWITTER >you're not a real communist if you aren't part of my REAL communist club >no WE are the true communist party and THEY are all revisionists
>>519646 yes we understand they're shit
In this post I act like a poster on /leftybritpol/ >hurrrr durrrr >hur dur hur >herp derp >im a fag >dont insult jade goody shes a working class hero you smug liberal
>>519658 you forgot - vote labour - cpgb-ml - pasties - spices
>>519655 Oh no but you don’t >>519658 Lol seething YCL can’t even talk sense, Jade Goody...what?
>>519658 Oi but you didnt post a single recipe or discuss cooking, this can't be real
Join CPGB-ML or WPB. They are unironically full of nice people that you can talk to about socialism and study with. I don't understand why that's considered a waste of time to people here, you act like your time is more valuable than diamonds while you spend hours of your life posting here, lmao. Want to work within trade/tenants unions because you think that's the way to get progress? Well CPGB-ML won't stop you doing that. They even let you join them if you're a member of another party, so you can still stay in Labour if you really insist that the membership of Labour are the revolutionary proletariat-in-waiting. And before you say "but muh Stalin flag waving", it's not like you're forced to do that.
>>519810 All of this is fine, the problem with CPGB-ML is I’ve never, in all my several years on the left, actually seen examples of you organising the proletariat into revolutionary structures. Now maybe this is unfair cos I don’t live in London, but when was the last time CPGB-ML was involved in workplace, tenant, anti imperial, anti fascist organising that was effective and made gains for the working class. I’m sure you’re all lovely people, but unfortunately that doesn’t make a revolutionary party. What are CPGB-ML giving us that nobody else is giving? Why is your line and your organising model the one that will bring us victory over all the others?
(71.40 KB 1387x702 frens.jpeg)
>>519816 this is what I don't understand about your criticisms. What alternative do you propose that is making huge gains into workplace, tenant, and anti-imperial organising? What is the huge taboo around joining a group of people whom you agree with? In terms of communist parties, no one else compares imo. They're either insane weirdos who change their beliefs with the wind (revolutionary communist party) or they're simply limpets for Labour (CPB/YCL). The funny thing is, I imagine a lot of people here have joined Labour largely to seek out others that have communist views, but no one thinks to join up with those people and continue being frens elsewhere.
(52.62 KB 457x459 maga.jpg)
honest question here lads. im from Argentina;is there support for the Malvinas returning to us among the british left?
>>516349 CHEH LES ANGLAIS DANS VOS GUEULES "England is just a french colony that turned wrong" -georges clemenceau
Jade Goody now that's a fucking throwback.
>>519958 >georges clemenceau Cuck opinion for a cuck of a man
>>519882 The British left are generally to the right of the US republican party. Its still pretty much a imperialist fedual shithole.
>>519990 people defend GPs but even the best paid GP in the country couldn't tell whether you made this post because you're seething or if you made it because you're suffering from irony poisoning.
>>519882 What is this Malvinas you speak of? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malvinas
>>519985 he fucked over every strike against him, fucked the curches, created his own secret police and won the war. even if he's a bastard, he is far from being a cuck
>>520017 Corbyn wouldn't give Argentina the Malvinas.
>>516349 j'ai oublié mais VIVE LA NORMANDIE §§§§
>>520039 if the republicans wanted argentina to have those islands then they'd be in argentine hands before the british PM could slavishly bend over and lick their boots.
>>520046 Why would they have solidarity with Argentina and not their Anglo blooded cousins?
>>520050 they wouldn't (although america often fucks over britain just for the fun of it. asserting dominance, perhaps.) but you can't say the UK left are to the right of the republicans on the basis that they have the same foreign policy. (even if that were true.)
>>520065 But they do have the same foreign policy in practice
>>520068 so they're equally right wing, not more or less.
>>520079 They're both right wing anglo imperialists
>>520092 you've yet to substantiate the idea that the british left are the more right wing of the two gangs of anglo-imperialists.
>>520102 In every instance of the Labor party being in power in the last 30 years they supported US imperialism either they were bullied into supporting US imperialism (they weren't) or they had an interest in supporting US imperialism so that means the people they represent (UK laborers) support US imperialism whereas the Republicans represent concrete business interests corporations and not laborers so while the Republican party is right wing its only because it represents the business interests and not the voters and workers while the UK laborer is further to the right of the republican party
>>519882 Argentina literally has no historical claim to the Falklands, and even if they did, the fact that the residents want to be British is still more important.
>>520135 You seem to be confusing the British left with neoliberalism
>>520155 So whenever the British left is in power and does imperialism its neoliberlaism and not leftism. When the British left is not in power its not imperialism and neoliberlaism because its not currently in power.
>>520172 >>520155 The British left have never "been in power". We still have a landed gentry for fucks sake. Labour has been socdem social chauvinist since like 1910.
>>520182 Which was my original point >>519990
> but muh NHS Saudi Arabia also has an NHS and its government provides even more social welfare to the citizenry so its more left wing than the UK
>>520200 Their feudal lords value their peasants more
>>516349 The Normans civilized the Anglo-Saxon savages and ended your practice of slavery.
>>517548 No because you need to do courses for this shit that won't be affordable to the majority of the working class, so the state compensated for this by essentially importing foreign trained workers Now for the tories to figure out how to blame the immigrants for this particular failure
>>519825 Because it is my sincere belief that the party is yet to come, but will develop out of recent conditions, primarily through these new tenant formations and a renewed vigour to trade unionism. New, young, energetic, switched on people who are aware of the zeitgeist will capture it.
(383.85 KB 616x825 black invaders.PNG)
English wypipos religion is false and made up while colonised people have a third eye that tells them everything. SIT DOWN, BE HUMBLE, DO WHATEVER BLACK PIPO TELL YOU ENGLISH WHITE WORMS BECAUSE WE HAVE 'RA BEHIND US!
>>519882 Ignore the soc dem shills, the Malvinas belong to Argentina, as does Gibraltar to Spain, Ulster to Ireland and so on. The British nation comprises the British Isles excluding Ireland (which is a nation in its own right) , anyone saying otherwise doesn't have the first clue about communism in Britain.
>>520355 Whomstve did the anglo saxons enslave?
Culture is overrated and is often an actual hindrance to revolution.
>>520548 What matters the most to English revolution is discipline and martial might. Everything else is just a speck of dust.
>>520552 English or British? England isn't a nation.
>>520639 England is a nation. England, Cymru and Scotland have been separate nations before there even was an England, Cymru and Scotland. English people have no say over Scotland and Cyrmu. They can do what they want.
>>520514 Why would you give up Ulster to a right-wing government entirely dependent on the EU rather than use it to encourage a socialist link between the UK and Ireland?
>>520667 Because its their choice. Also, the UK will not exist in socialism.
>>520514 >scotland isn't its own nation utterly retarded.
>>520514 There were never be communism in that ballsack nation.
lads i think its time we accepted fully the fact that the UK is literally just a third world tin pot regime. We live in a fucking dump, our champion is apparently Keir fucking Starmer. Fuck that guy.
>>520805 Don't insult the third world like that, anglo.
>>520648 >>520798 Not marxists
>>520521 Criminals, prisoners of war, and their descendants regardless of whether they were Celtic or Germanic. By the time of the Norman conquest they were 10% of the population.
I don't like having Marxism inside the mind of an Anglo knowing Anglo history. It must be just unfeeling mechanical nihilistic Borg like acquisition of resources and expansion of control.
>>520865 >if you don't believe in the self-determination of a people, you're not a Marxist!
>>520865 dumb reactionary unionist
(1.63 MB 700x9058 1590033709496.jpg)
>>521030 This is the wholesome hetero content I come here for.
>>521030 awwwwww :3
>>521030 I feel happy and yet sad. Fuck.
>>521030 >gays are sensitive,intellectuals >gays are all victims of bullying >gays all want a stable,loving monogamous relationship >gays make good parents What a complete denial of actual reality. I don't care if people are gay but radlib idpol fetishisation,cloying adulation and celebration of gays and how "absolutely fabulous" they are is bizarre and unhealthy. Also gays and lesbians make terrible parents.
>>521053 >radlib idpol fetishisation,cloying adulation and celebration of gays and how "absolutely fabulous"
>>521062 What if we didn't indulge in gay pandering? Then noone would care. Being gay would be considered a personal matter and not a big deal. But no - instead it's constant histrionics and attention seeking 24/7.
>>521066 Where are any of the things you're shitting your pants over happening? Seems like you're the one engaging in histrionics and attention seeking.
>>521066 The only one being histrionic is you
>>521069 >Where are any of the things you're shitting your pants over happening? The media Constant overbearing obnoxious lgbt activism pushing the boundaries to idiotic extremes One month of muh gay pride with every global corporation waving their rainbow flag logos about Goldman Sachs floats at "gay pride" Sort yourselves out.
>>521072 Okay, what does this have to do with the comic snowflake?
>>521072 >Captial appropriating lgbt culture for its own ends means the comic is gay pandering
>>521072 Capital is not "LGBT+". What happened is that capital cannot get away with open violence against LGBT+ people anymore, so it chooses the next best thing - appropriating them for profit, whether that's marketing or forcing them into sex work.
>>521069 >>521071 For the first time since records began,toleration of lgbt people in the 18-30 age demographic has decreased. Why do you think that is? But no - deny and double down with your bullshit. Just don't be surprised at the growing intolerance.
>>521079 What does that have to do with the comic?
>>521078 >capital cannot get away with open violence against LGBT+ Wtf are you on?Capital doesnt gaf about lgbt either way >open violence against LGBT+ histrionic horseshit Capital wants shallow,materialist,vain,consumers and lgbt types fulfill that role quite nicely
>>521081 The comic was well done.Heartwarming even. But it was also a far cry from the lifestyle of most gays who are ridiculously promiscuous and prone to excessive drug use
>>521084 Thank you for finally bringing something DEEP to the discussion, you really do have something to say about life. Not like those other vapid metropolitan elites, the luvvies, the looney left in the mainstream media.
>>521087 >the lifestyle of most gays who are ridiculously promiscuous and prone to excessive drug use Proof?
>>521088 I'll take your satire for a genuine compliment instead
>>521084 >Capital doesnt gaf about lgbt either way >Capital wants shallow,materialist,vain,consumers and lgbt types fulfill that role quite nicely What a wild ride.
>>521091 Govt stats mainly Huge 5 of people with stds are gay men
>>521094 Post them.
>>521093 Where's the lie?
>>521096 Self contradiction. If Captial doesn't care about lgbt why would they want them as shallow materialist,vain,consumers
>>521095 Go look it up yourself if you're genuinely interested. I'm not your secretary faggot.
>>521097 >If Captial doesn't care about lgbt why would they want them as shallow materialist,vain,consumers Noone can be this stupid kek
>>521098 >it is another poster starts making wild claims but won't cough up evidence for them Just another sperg in the /brit/pol general.
>>521100 Where's the lie?
>>521102 >>capital must care about people to sell them shit Moronic
>>521103 Yes? How can you pander to a certain demographic if you don't even bother to understand their needs.
>>521030 Wow this comic has really made me very angry about capitalism and degeneracy.
>>521106 >pandering = caring ok brainlet
>>521084 >Capital wants shallow,materialist,vain,consumers and lgbt types fulfill that role quite nicely Why do you single out LGBT+ as shallow and materialistic? Straight cis white men will go out and buy fucking anything as long as you brand it as "masculine". LGBT+ people are not uniquely "materialistic" and I'd say they're one of the least materialistic segments of society.
>>521053 Dude, not all gays are promiscuous or the boogeymen of your small mind. This comic doesn’t display ALL gays. Grow a fucking pair you dumbass
>>521066 The comic wasn’t made for heteros, was it? It was made for gay people. It isn’t “pandering”, it’s a gay guy making a comic for gay people.
>>521109 I never implied that. I said that if Capital doesn't bother about LGBT wants and need they wouldn't be able to pander to them.
>>521111 >Straight cis white men They are more frugal than any other demographic >LGBT+ people are not uniquely "materialistic" and I'd say they're one of the least materialistic segments of society. Kek
The rambling of you anglos are the living proof that communism can never work in Britain.
>>521114 I don't care about gays. Neither pro or anti.I treat them as individuals. I do hate radlib idpol and constant gay pandering though
>>521117 Half of homeless people are gay. The “promiscuous” gays you see on Ben Shapiro’s channel or whatever are as bourgeois as the gay millionaires promoted by liberals.
(20.21 KB 200x172 Capture.PNG)
>>521119 >I don't care about gays >Capital wants shallow,materialist,vain,consumers and lgbt types fulfill that role quite nicely >the lifestyle of most gays who are ridiculously promiscuous and prone to excessive drug use >Also gays and lesbians make terrible parents. For someone who doesnt care you seem to have a lot of generalizations about them...
>>521115 Fair enough >>521116 >I never implied that. No you explicitly asserted it. > Capital doesn't bother about LGBT wants and need they wouldn't be able to pander to them. How does that equate to "caring" moron? >>521120 >Half of homeless people are gay Citation needed
>>521117 >They are more frugal than any other demographic Frugal? lol no.
>>521123 Generalisations based on stats. I approve of lgb having all the same rights as everyone else except 1 - they shouldn't be parents
>>521125 >No you explicitly asserted it. Post proof of it then. >How does that equate to "caring" moron? If your threshold for caring is that high then sure it isn't, but it is at least shows that Capital gives a fuck about it.
>>521130 >Generalisations based on stats. Proof? Regardless of validity, you still have a lot of opinions despite claiming to not care about them.
>>521133 Proof:>>521097 >at least shows that Capital gives a fuck about it Gays are pro capital radlibs confirmed
>>521135 Nowhere did I say caring = pandering lmao.
>>521134 I am opinionated By caring in this context I mean that I'm not anti-gay in some frothing at the mouth puritanical sense. Gays have always existed and I have no problem with that. The healthiest attitude is indifference - not this fawning praise and adulation which is simply a means of lib virtue signalling That stated - alot of gays do have rather unhealthy hedonistic lifestyles and should sort their shit out This of course is considered hate as is anything short of uncritical adulation
>>521140 No you asserted that capital must "care" about lgbt people in reaction to my post that capital dgaf about lgbt people - or anyone else for that matter. It cares about profit.This was in relation to the histrionic moron who thinks capital hates lgbt and wants to commit open violence against them
>>521141 The fact you couldn't even practiced your "healthiest attitude is indifference" at a comic and starting ranting about idpol and unfounded generalization of gays, while fixating on their behavior that other groups have too means it is something pathological you have against them.
>>520667 Because it's a colony and serves as a training ground for British military tactics and power base for the British booj. >But the downfall of the English aristocracy in Ireland implies and has as a necessary consequence its downfall in England. And this would provide the preliminary condition for the proletarian revolution in England. https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1870/letters/70_04_09.htm >>520798 Correct. https://youtu.be/TPNwl6tcjxo
>>521148 Kek if you say so
>>521145 Reread my post nigga, I said that IF Capital wants lgbt as consumers is true then you can't say that Captial doesn't give a fuck about them. I never assert or deny those two statements' validity, only showing how they are mutually exclusive.
>>521148 Why are gay love story comics appropriate content for leftypol? If some cringe hetero love comic was posted I'd also be questioning the purpose or relevance.
>>521154 So in one city then You should have specified that In any case this only bolsters my case about unhealthy lifestyles and drug abuse among gays
>>521155 This is a semantic issue
>>521156 You haven't actually addressed the comic once you've just used it as an excuse to chat shit.
>>521156 By going to a tirade about idpol and hetero pandering too? Don't hide your anti-idpol shit with puritianism
>>519882 they're culturally british, what claim beyond superficial nationalism is there to them for Argentina?
>>521155 >capital hates lgbt - but can't commit violence against them <wut no - capital dgaf about lgbt ie neither loves nor hates >you: hurr durr they must "care" about them so they can pander and sell them shit zzzzzz
(37.13 KB 268x251 pretty boy.PNG)
>>521166 How can they pander and sell shit to people they are apathetic towards? Really makes me think.
>>521163 I said it was well done and heartwarming >used it as an excuse to chat shit Yes >>521164 >hetero pandering no such thing.But I would absolutely call cringe
Stop shitposting and use idpol as an excuse
>>521171 >I said it was well done and heartwarming Now who is pandering to fags lmao
>>521170 >capital cares about me Not too bright there are you lad?
>>521175 I don't know? Who
(57.50 KB 1317x461 screenshot.PNG)
>>521171 Okay if you actually thought it was heartwarming which of the four responses is yours?
>>521176 I never dispute or affirm whether captial cares about others moron
>>521179 The last one. I conceded that the comic actually was well done a bit later on
>>521183 Just comes across like you said that because you realised you look fucking deranged.
>>521165 It being settled by British colonists at gunpoint means nothing. It's an excuse for Britain to steal Argentine oil. https://en.mercopress.com/2016/11/28/malvinas-argentine-sovereignty-was-always-promoted-by-fidel-castro
>>521185 >colonised in the 1700s >by gunpoint >an empty island >for oil Lelnin moment
>>521189 >motivations can't change over time
>>521170 Does capital love straight people? No. Capital is apathetic to every aspect of people, only consumers matter.
>>521197 Not an argument.
>>521198 It cares about how much money you have and the value of your labour power.
>>521189 Originally it was a naval base, now it is kept to steal oil and it is still important for British imperialism to project power. https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2017/03/07/britain-beefs-up-defenses-in-the-falkland-islands/
>>521212 Wtf I love Argentinian apartheid now
>>520671 >Because its their choice. We are able to have a border poll and there has not been enough interest of the public to have one. >Also, the UK will not exist in socialism. Why not? >>521150 Do you really think that Marx quote from 1870 is of much relevance to the north of Ireland when it was before: 1. The War for Independence 2. The Irish Civil War 3. The Troubles 4. Good Friday Agreement The idea of the north of Ireland being different to the rest of the island, and being settled by a large number of people from the rest of the UK, was not even a thing at the time Marx wrote it.
>>521228 Ireland is still occupied by Britain just as it was 150 years ago. The partition of Ireland was carried out by Britain to retain a loyal territory of colonists around the industrial areas of Ulster, the "Troubles" was really a national liberation struggle and the Good Friday Agreement changes very little, it's only succeeded in making Irish revolutionaries abandon the struggle to sit in a meaningless Assembly. Moreover, the Dublin government is really a puppet of Britain and without socialism in both countries Ireland will likely remain divided.
>>521243 >and without socialism in both countries Ireland will likely remain divided. But this was what my original post was saying. Why would you be adamant to have Ulster given back to the south, entitely dependent on the EU and run by a right-wing government with no real left-wing presence with any modicum of suport, when Ulster is a perfect excuse to have Ireland and the rest of the UK come together to propagate socialism?
ulster has always been a pain in the arse and the funniest thing to do would be to give it to ireland and see how they handle such an economic dead weight
>>521249 Because Irish unity will sharpen the class antagonisms in both nations. In Ireland it will bring the class question to the fore, and in Britain, deprived of its Irish colony, the British ruling class will be weakened. Only when both Britain and Ireland are unified, socialist states can they come together to propagate socialism. Sinn Fein has a great deal of support and is supported by the CPGB-ML for good reason, they are far more advanced than the Labour Party this general shills for (which sent troops to the six counties in 1969), even if they are not communists. National liberation of Ireland from both British and EU rule is a necessity for scoialism in either country. The Brexit vote was a step towards this, loosening the grip of Britain on Ireland and also showing the weakness of the EU. Irish communists are firmly against the EU as their British comrades are. https://www.communistpartyofireland.ie/c-2017-03-20.html >>521269 "Ulstermen" are colonists from Britain who created a racial, linguistic and religious supremacy and robbed the natives of their land. They are by far the most reactionary people in the British Isles, little different to the Afrikaners in South Africa, a privileged gang of colonists desperate to uphold their supremacy and willing to inflict brutal fascistic terror on Irish workers. There will never be a revolution in Britain until British workers learn to ignore and reject the chauvinism and division fostered by our rulers, and that starts with Ireland. https://www.revolutionarycommunist.org/images/pdf/IKBR_2016_IA.pdf Many in this general are the stereotype of what Marx and Engels said about British workers identifying with their own ruling class over their fellow proletarians in Ireland. Fact is that even if the Irish national movement were dominated by right wingers it would still be necessary to support it. The fact that this general cannot even recognise that Northern Ireland and the Falklands are colonies says it all about the abject idiocy and arrogance of the "British left", and why after 170 years it has never once come close to socialism. Too many people think it's the job of the enlightened British socialist to uplift the rest of the world. In reality, the only thing British communists should focus on is achieving socialism in Britain and helping the colonies of Britain achieve independence.
(253.40 KB 964x1094 falklands penguins.jpg)
>>521185 >settled by British colonists at gunpoint PENGUINS RISE UP
>>521295 >in Britain, deprived of its Irish colony, the British ruling class will be weakened lol, nornireland is nothing but a drain on the british finances
>>521295 >National liberation of Ireland from both British and EU rule is a necessity for scoialism in either country. Which brings things back to my point <adamant to have Ulster given back to the south, entitely dependent on the EU and run by a right-wing government with no real left-wing presence with any modicum of suport You bring up Sinn-Fein who are not left-wing and are in fact pro-EU
>>521300 According to the official booj statistics only 3 regions of the United Kingdom are net contributors, London, east England and southeast England (England itself is a net "taker") https://factcheckni.org/fact-checks/are-only-3-out-of-12-regions-net-contributors-to-the-uk-treasury/ In reality this doesn't accurately reflect things like wages and costs.
>>521295 >a privileged gang of colonists desperate to uphold their supremacy and willing to inflict brutal fascistic terror on Irish workers. Are you living 50 years in the past? This is not the case anymore, and hasn't been for well over 20 years
>>521301 > Sinn-Fein who are not left-wing and are in fact pro-EU oh shit here we go again
>>521301 Sinn Fein are somewhat socialist, even if they are pro-EU (they've always been sceptical of it and voted against the Lisbon Treaty) they should still be supported in the struggle for a united Ireland. >>521303 Republicans are still targeted by the neo-RUC, the Irish language does not have equal status, there are still British troops in northern Ireland, the UVF is still around. Just because there is equality on paper means jack shit.
>>521309 How is it not true? Sinn-Fein supporters are some of the most obnoxious people, regarding politics, I have ever met. So adamant that everyone else are bootlickers, whilst so desperately bending over to kiss the feet of the EU. Imagine thinking you're left wing but support Sinn-Fein over a party like People Before Profit.
>>521312 >they should still be supported in the struggle for a united Ireland. They should come up with a detailed plan of how a united Ireland can be transitioned to first, which they have currently failed to do after how many years now? Talk of a united Ireland is just that. People sound so determined for it to happen without any idea of how it will happen or what it will look like.
>>521314 >>People Before Profit >trots
>>521314 >Sinn Fein? Pfft, real socialists(TM) choose PBP
>>521320 At least they are a left-wing party actually running candidates - in both the north and the south might I add
>>521295 >"Ulstermen" are colonists from Britain who created a racial, linguistic and religious supremacy and robbed the natives of their land. Anglo-Saxons are colonists from Europe who created an ethnic, linguistic and religious supremacy and robbed the natives of their land.
It could be an United Irland but a capitalist, EU loving Irland. In fact, that is probably what a United Irland will be in the end.
>>521321 Imagine thinking otherwise
broke: scotland is a nation joke: northern ireland should be given to ireland woke: cornwall is a nation bespoke: orkney and shetland are a nation
>>521330 Imagine being obsessed with purity politics
>>521335 I remember during 2014 that Orkney and Shetland threatened to break away from Scotland in case of a Yes vote to join the UK as Crown Dependencies. Really sent some Scotsnats seething.
>>521341 it makes me seethe a little because of how transparently opportunist it was, even though the idea of them attaining full independence would be cool as fuck.
>>521340 >Being a socialist means voting for the party supporting the world's largest neoliberal block because the actual socialist party is of a different sect to the one I like because of memes
>>521347 irony is that they'd lose an MP if they had gone that route (Or they'd force WEstminster to give the rest of the crown dependencies an MP, which we should really).
>>521350 >Ignoring nuances of policies with regards to EU ala soft euroscepticism just so you can shame others for not being a cool enough socialist as you.
>>521351 >>521335 Man federalism would solve this shit or Corbyn's devolution policy
irish rug, irish rug, don't be a mug buy an irish rug
>>521360 Enlighten me on the nuances and why they are preferrable for socialism than campaigning to leave the EU
>>521341 Weren't at one point them together with northern Ireland be their own independent nation?
>>521341 Breaking up Britain into little capitalist petty states is clearly reactionary. What we need is a centralised Republic of Britain.
(77.91 KB 640x951 5r0hm58l3ii41.jpg)
>>521364 Because leaving the EU without achieving a popular desire for socialism now is trying to eat your desert without finishing your appetizer. Far better to expose the EU's failings by getting into power and doing things EU doesn't want you to do than campaigning to leave EU with porkies in charge ready to exploit the situation for their own gains.
>>521367 In what way exactly is it reactionary? Do you even know what the word reactionary means? Because shockingly enough breaking up the last remnants of the british empire is not going to bring about a return to feudalism.
>>521370 highly enlightened post
>>521364 Yes leaving the EU will clearly lead to spontaneous socialism and not just getting controlled even harder by Amerifascism and direct ruled from Washington
>>521367 Britain is a reactionary project in itself.
for me it's a united irish free state within a reconstituted british empire
>>521374 Not an argument >>521370 I asked for the nuances of Sinn-Fein's position. Do they have the plan you're proposing?
>>521378 yea I guess they do, the EU group they are under is soft eurosceptic too.
>>521363 CPIRE-ML
>>521378 In what way is that not an argument? Are you implying the tories aren't in discussion with the americans to implement a trade deal that will explicitly fuck over what remains of public infrastructure and consumer rights in this shithole? Or are you going to LARP that a communist revolution is happening literally tomorrow?
>>521380 You're not explaining the nuance, and seem to be suggesting you don't even know what Sinn-Fein are after. Sinn-Fein are NOT eurosceptic, they are pro-EU and consider support for it crucial
>>521378 How is it not an argument to ask what the plan is after actually leaving the EU lol. Britain is going to get fucked even harder now while Europe might at least retain some form of corporate-social democracy
>>521385 1. Tories can easily be ousted, and there will be a chance to do that in a few years time - in fact leaving the EU is going to lead to tough times for any country that does so, so if the Tories take the brunt of the blame that is actually favourable 2. American politics has ibfluenced us for a long time 3. Why is the imperialism of the EU somehow preferrable to imperialism of America. Your argument is effectively "don't do that shit, stick with this shit".
>>521376 No, it is a nation and emerged over centuries.
>>521387 >We must not become bound by a common EU foreign policy decided in Brussels. Sinn Féin is committed to an independent and progressive Irish international relations policy, one that will prioritise neutrality, human rights, conflict resolution, mutually beneficial trade, development, international law, and equality. >We will lead efforts to reform and democratise the EU, we will oppose any efforts to further federalise and militarise the EU. We will also oppose trade agreements, like CETA and Mercosur, which will undermine democracy, our legal system, undermine environmental regulations, workers’ rights, our agriculture industry and damage Small Medium Enterprises Is this enough?
>>521393 >How is it not an argument to ask what the plan is after actually leaving the EU lol. That's not what the post says. The post says socialism will not spontaneously form once you leave the EU, something which was never even implied and is an obvious, obvious strawman
>>521397 A colonialist, imperialist nation.
(295.24 KB 479x376 laughing counterstrike whores.png)
>>521394 >Tories can easily be ousted, and there will be a chance to do that in a few years time
>>521409 Yes, Britain engaged in colonialism and imperialism, as did France, Germany and many other nations. It is still a nation, and anyone arguing for a division of Britain is as bad as those ITT arguing to retain the divided Ireland
>>521394 > in fact leaving the EU is going to lead to tough times for any country that does so, so if the Tories take the brunt of the blame that is actually favourable And to think a year ago Labour Leavers/workerists were shaming the Labour Remainers for treating the working class's lives as if it were a piece in their game. What an ironic twist.
>>521406 This is just the same nonsense remainers were spouting. It gives no indication they are eurosceptic or are planning on showing the EU is preventing us from doing things, which makes the case for leaving - as you suggested. Hell that position is the same as Diem25's leader Yanis Varoufakis, only he has now said he has completely lost faith in the EU and no longer advocates for remain
>>521417 >Labour Leavers/workerists Yes it's a good job the Labour Remainers saved us all and have given us an ideologically pure Tory government and Brexit, averting the Labour Brexit completely.
>>521420 Yea and? That is basically what soft euroscepticism is about. Try to make efforts to fix the EU to showcase its flaws. Diem25 is playing the same trick too.
(14.33 KB 400x265 lold.jpg)
>>521394 >1. Tories can easily be ousted, and there will be a chance to do that in a few years time Let me first laugh at you for this statement assuming that we can change shit in the UK through electoral politics. Ok, now that is over. In a few years time the trade deal will be signed and there will be NO OPT OUT you delusional tard. Not without full scale revolution anyway, for which we have no favourable conditions here right now. >2. American politics has ibfluenced us for a long time Guess its all right to let it influence us even more now, that can only work out well >3. Why is the imperialism of the EU somehow preferrable to imperialism of America. Your argument is effectively "don't do that shit, stick with this shit". Yea and you seepees are effectively arguing for american imperialism over european one. Very nice, so much for your top notch arguments. At least the EU is soft left on non economic issues as opposed to the complete psychosis of american politics and especially foreign policy.
>>521425 The people who refused to play ball last year were not the Labour Remainers. Don't try to rewrite history.
>>521417 Nobody said there will be absolutely nothing but positives from leaving the EU - not even the right-wing leave campaigns. It is obvious leaving something so significant will have drastic effects on the population. Just like revolutions do not sudeenly make things better. There is an adjustment period. Are you really so simple-minded you think major political shifts can just happen without any consequences?
(102.40 KB 1024x768 daily reminder.jpg)
>>521431 You're the one rewriting history like your cretinous Europhile faction didn't destroy the Corbyn project over EU membership. Remember when images like this were shoved in your faces for years?
>>521438 the 2nd referdumn was an olive branch that the Leavers rejected. I am not even a Europhile and do favour leaving but it is obvious from the election results and data which side forsaken Corbyn >>521433 >Are you really so simple-minded you think major political shifts can just happen without any consequences? I never thought but mocking the irony of how those that did advocate Remain were shamed by Leavers for treating the working class as pawns only to have this person say that the suffering from Brexit is justified if it can be blamed on tories, which is treating the working class as pawns.
>>521394 >Tories can easily be ousted, and there will be a chance to do that in a few years time laffo >American politics has ibfluenced us for a long time and that's a bad thing >Why is the imperialism of the EU somehow preferrable to imperialism of America 1. because Europe isn't the dominant world power. 2. because European standards and norms are better than American ones 3. because Europe hasn't fucked us over half as much as America has. An abused dog should attack its master, not a stranger. but there is a good case that leaving the EU is good for Europe. Britain has always been an American mole in the project. France has always been better than Britain on the yank question (except during the american revolution obviously.) France has a genuinely independent nuclear deterrent and partially withdrew from NATO during the cold war. Where Britain was doomed to become an atomic crater the moment things got hot, France had the option of survival. France could take the position that while the warring superpowers could obliterate France in an instant, they would pay much too heavy a price for it to be worthwhile. By contrast the Lockheed Martin logo on every British missile was there as a guarantee that those missiles would do less than zero to protect the British people if WW3 had kicked off. Invade Britain, don't invade Britain, either way the American missiles stationed on British submarines will rain down on you.
>>521426 You're changing your position. Do Sinn-Fein want to remain in the EU and reform it, or do they want to expose its flaws to gather support for leaving it? I brought up Diem25 because their organiser, Yanis Varoufakis, has now decided reforming the EU is a futile gesture >At least the EU is soft left on non economic issues as opposed to the complete psychosis of american politics and especially foreign policy Of course, the EU is not known to be organising its own army (opposed by People Before Profit in their manifesto, for your interest) and its members have never launched 'interventions' in foreign countries. The EU also does not exploit the third-world for profit, never.
>>521362 We really don't need federalism on such a small island
>>521467 >we really don't need federalism in russia on such a small world unbased and reactionpilled
>>521452 >the 2nd referdumn was an olive branch that the Leavers rejected. I am not even a Europhile and do favour leaving but it is obvious from the election results and data which side forsaken Corbyn You are so fucking transparent. Cope harder and enjoy the fruits of your labour, PV wrecker.
>>521452 >I never thought but mocking the irony of how those that did advocate Remain were shamed by Leavers for treating the working class as pawns only to have this person say that the suffering from Brexit is justified if it can be blamed on tories, which is treating the working class as pawns. If your idea of treating people as pawns is to enforce a new policy that in any way has negative effects on people, you must be the biggest status quo-er to exist.
>>521454 >France has always been better than Britain on the yank question You talk of France being better than Britain during the Cold War, but I don't remember Britain fighting in Vietnam
most agree that ireland is a colonized nation, but is ireland also imperialist itself? is her prosperity not built on the blood and broken bones of the third world?
>>521463 Do Sinn-Fein want to remain in the EU and reform it, or do they want to expose its flaws to gather support for leaving it? This isn't a mutually exclusive choice. > has now decided reforming the EU is a futile gesture And I am saying this arc is soft euroscepticism working as intended.
>>521492 Soft eurospecticism is reforming the EU. You are not a soft eurosceptic if you think it's unsalvagable
>>521483 that's true but my understanding is that technically they were different conflicts (first indochina war vs second/vietnam war) with the US only getting involved once the french buggered off.
>>521471 Seethe more with your insults. The blood and tears of the suffering that is to come is on your shoulders. >>521477 >If your idea of treating people as pawns is to enforce a new policy that in any way has negative effects on people, you must be the biggest status quo-er to exist. >implying I think treating the working class as pawns is a bad thing. You are confusing calling out hypocrisy with shaming.
>>521496 Yes and the point is to show it is unsalvagable by tring and failing to reform it like what Yanis did.
>>521503 Yanis did not fail to reform the EU to show it is unsalvageable, he actually wanted to reform it but has become disillusioned. You cannot earnestly want to reform the EU whilst wanting reform to fail to show we should leave. They are clearly different ideologies.
>>521498 >The blood and tears of the suffering that is to come is on your shoulders. Oh no, it's all yours. Coping remainer revisionism won't shift this blame. Everything that happens from COVID to Brexit after 2019 is squarely on your PV faction and yours alone.
>>521518 >it is the people who campaigned and voted for Labour and not those who for Tory or BXP that is to be blamed for Tory abuse Now this is real cope.
>>521527 >it's not my fault I pushed for the one policy that destroyed Labour as an """"olive branch"""" >it's actually the consequences that are to blame for my actions! What a cope.
>>521527 You should reflect on why people did not feel the Labour party had their best interests at heart, or respected their decision
>>521528 Still try to cope by pretending I am a Remainer. What helps you feel better of the suffering that is to come >>521529 >respected their decision Oh I do, that is why I refuse to let people like >>521528 blame Labour. The people rejected the most left wing manifesto in decades because they wanted Brexit their way. Time to reap what they sow.
>>521541 >Still try to cope by pretending I am a Remainer. What helps you feel better of the suffering that is to come Right, not a Remainer, but the PV was an olive branch to leavers, and the Lexiters are the real cause of the mess. >The people rejected the most left wing manifesto in decades because they wanted Brexit their way. Time to reap what they sow. Maybe you could have just given them Brexit rather than pandering to a bunch of libs.
>>521541 You keep saying you're not a remainer yet you seem to bend over backwards to condemn those who want to leave the EU. Very odd. You can, and should, be critical of your own ideology but it is not convincing this is what you're doing.
>>521415 Only thing that has been proven here is that you're an anti-communist who wants to perpetuate the British division of Ireland. Nice job, puts you right up there with socialist giants like Lloyd George, Churchill and Thatcher. >NPC sperglord You could just not be a coward and say "subhuman" rather than hiding behind cool Mongolian throat singing forum phrases.
>>521407 So then what, exactly, is fucking leftist about leaving the EU when it means the proles will get fucked even harder?
>>521549 Where did I condemn Leavers? At worst I pointed out the irony of a Leavers treating the working class as pawns. I do think leaving EU is a faster and easier to establish socialism and I rue the day Stramer didn’t accept May’s terms to leave. I still think a Leaver like Lavery be Leader. I am just not delusional enough to let >>521548 and Lexiters pretend Brexit is all sunshine and roses or is it Corbyn and the Labour Remainers’ fault. Leavers got what they wanted, time to own what comes later.
>>521560 Actually the PV faction did get what they wanted since it was a confirmed plot to destroy Corbyn. Several people from the wrecker's dossier went on to work for PV.
>>521561 Just because there are other wreckers (fuck British zionists btw) doesn’t absolve what the Labour Leavers did.
>EU good >Labour good >Northern Ireland good >Communism bad >Ireland bad >CPGB-ML bad /leftybritpol/
>>521568 insulted that you neglected >empire good
>>521568 Don't forget >british cuisine good
>>521517 >Yanis did not fail to reform the EU to show it is unsalvageable He did, he said so so many in his appearances, of how EU is fundamentally broken but Europe is dope. Thats why he claimed he was Remain to Reform in Brexit.
>>521567 >doesn’t absolve what the Labour Leavers did It is funny how you keep insisting you didn't want to remain but also insist "Labour Leavers" didn't vote Labour. It's almost as if you are one of the hiding resident Remainers too ashamed to admit it. I'd honestly be pretty embarrassed too if in my attempts to stop something I had destroyed my political faction in my futile attempts, resulting in both the original thing and even worse things happening.
>521312 >Republicans are still targeted by the neo-RUC, the Irish language does not have equal status, there are still British troops in northern Ireland, the UVF is still around. Just because there is equality on paper means jack shit. These are all very different to the British government systematically discriminating against Irish workers. Like really? You think the Irish langauage debaccle is that serious? Almost no one speaks Irish as their primary language and many people who identify as Irish, myself included, cannot speak much a lot. It is hardly of significance and should not be the focus of political discourse. Not even tangentially related to class. Remember when an IRA knockoff killed a journalist and there was public outrage? That is very real terror the population has witnessed, and certainly don't want.
>>521586 Oh don't get me wrong, there is plenty of blame to go around, including the Remaining wreckers inside the party. But let's not pretend the Leavers got what they wanted with the wreckers and shit like >>521370 is all on them. Leave won. Remain lost. Simple as
>>521594 >pretend the Leavers got what they wanted pretend the Leavers didn't get what they wanted
>>521593 Of you think the Irish people don’t know the difference between the IRA and it’s knock offs you would be wrong
>>521568 >EU bad >labour all we’ve got >sorry would you like the empire to continue? >most people here are communists >CPgB-ml totally irrelevant
>>521594 >>521597 I didn't get what I wanted, I would rather remain in the EU and have Corbyn than leave under the Tories tbqh.
>>521604 Same. But more Leavers than Remainers thought otherwise, especially in seats that Corbyn needed to win.
(31.18 KB 128x125 agony.png)
>>521607 >especially in seats that Corbyn needed to win This is what I was trying to say the whole time
>>521613 Yes and they get whats coming to them. I only wish I was so heartless that I could go to Barrow and tell the 106 families in poverty that they and none of the urban elites that they despise voted for this.
>>521619 They did when the PV brigade chose the EU over socialism. It should have been a closed issue by that point.
>>521630 Bullshit. Both sides wanted to have their cake (socialism) and eat it (Leave/Remain) and PV was the only possible compromise (or a soft/May's Brexit but Leavers would probably cry BINO). In the end only one side chickened out.
>>521641 PV wasn't a compromise, it was a do over by sore losers.
>>521641 People’s vote are you fucking joking. A campaign lead by blairites and funded by all the usuals. Come on mate don’t be so wet
>>517288 compelling story, but smells of bullshit (according to wiki he didn't have any "half brothers and sisters", just one half sister)
>>517815 I thought it couldn't get more OTT and then came the "I have a phrase" line
>>521670 >>521664 What compromise is possible between Remainers and Leavers then?
>>521737 BINO or something, not rerunning it and hoping nobody will notice all the people behind it want nothing more than to change the result.
>>521746 Leavers explicitly rejected BINO, in fact BINO is what they were crying at Labour or May's Leave plan. I do agree though, not as if UK cant leave even further after the BINO anyway
Anglos are spooky arent they?
>>521766 That's inside parliament, the primary concern should have been the voting booth.
>>521786 The howling came from inside and out of parliament. Everyone hated May's Leave plan.
>>521792 Well it was fucking shit.
>>521795 The fact that everyone thought it was shit meant it was the best plan to go through. Better to make everyone mildly unhappy than half of the country extremely unhappy. Too bad everyone was too high on muh British/Europe idpol to realize that.
>>521907 Centrism brains. Sometimes something can just be shit that nobody likes.
>>521995 >centrism is when you compromise on a wedge issue to try to further common goals Realpolitk is all about getting something everyone hates the least.
>>522063 Yeah too bad everyone despised it.
>>521452 >the 2nd referdumn was an olive branch that the Leavers rejected. <BRINO vs remain is an olive branch I think you belong in prison for this attitude, not even kidding.
>>521578 >>521578 >>521578 were all in here
>>521072 >One month Isn't there some kind of international LGBT day like every 2 weeks?
>>521370 >>521373 This is just a last-minute excuse to keep us in the EU at all costs. Don't think you can keep making these pathetic arguments, we've heard the Novara types use them endlessly.
>>521619 That's because you're a left-liberal who does things like vote shame, it's what smug morons like you tend to do. >muh trump is going to buy the NHS!!!! <ignoring the decades of privatisation that have happened within the EU just admit you're clueless, you've been btfo multiple times on this issue by voters and the fact you are STILL endlessly harping on about how stupid everyone is for not choosing remain just shows you to be an embarrassing out of touch middle class liberal
>>523078 there is literally nothing wrong with mocking people for who they voted for (unless you're a party member and that fact can be linked to your mockery in which case you're a retard.)
>>523093 nooooo insulting my voting habits is liberalism! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!
(208.42 KB 496x569 da.PNG)
(370.99 KB 1535x2048 EYuyZYyWsAYjqpw.jpg)
(28.16 KB 410x510 _98633918_blair-card-464.jpg)
>>523715 who would win
Cummings is about to say he's sowwy on TV


no cookies?